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Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Volume 7, Issue 20

1 - 15 July 2008

Pattaya pluses and minuses

What future for the resort? MEMBERS of the local business and tourism association held their monthly meeting at Ravindra beach resort and spa to discuss the pros and cons of the rapid growth of Pattaya in recent years. Chaiwat Jaroensuk from the Thai tourism authority, region three, sought to give an international perspective noting that France was the most popular tourist destination of all with 60 million visitors a year, followed by Italy with around 40 million. Currently Thailand attracts around 14 million visitors annually, each year showing an increase on the last, and roughly a third of them spent some time in the Pattaya area. Several members at the meeting said that the image of the resort over the


excellent shopping and entertainment facilities and unusually good sports facilities. In matters such as these, Pattaya was now on an equal footing with Bangkok. In some ways Pattaya had surpassed the metropolis. It was encouraging that there was no let-up in the big international names which were intent on providing a presence in Pattaya. Continued on page 3

Pattaya beach resort has both roses and thorns, say businessmen

years had been spoiled by environmental degradation and by prostitution in various forms. Attempts had been made of late to combat both these problems. Several environmentally friendly projects had been started, especially on Koh Samui, and the worst excesses of prostitution, especially

involving children, had been combated by a police crackdown involving bodies such as the Chonburi child welfare bureau and overseas embassies. In overall terms, the resort had moved upmarket as instanced by the huge selection of top class hotels and condos,

High food prices are here to stay A spokesman for Thailand’s national food institute has predicted that the days of cheap food are over. Mr Yuthasak Supasorn said that the escalating price of fuel was pushing up food prices too as fuel was involved in every level of food

production, including transportation. Given that the world is bound to run out of fossil fuels in the next 50 years or so, food prices could well soar by 20 to 50 times in the lifetimes of many people alive today. Continued on page 6



Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Pattaya Windsurf a real tonic PATTAYA mayor Ittiphol Kunplome, who is also president of the windsurfing association of Thailand, officially opened the 2008 championship at Jomtien beach, held June 1315. Sponsors included the airports authority, Thai airways and the sports authority of Thailand. Many windsurfers from a dozen or so countries took part to make the whole venture its traditional summer success. The participants were divided into five categories of Imgo Overall, RSX male and female youth, Slalom, Formula

and Young Windsurfer. The emphasis was on the young and the all importance of providing healthy and energetic activity to keep at bay more dubious

Cable TV moves office

BANGLAMUNG cable TV company’s main branch has moved to a new location. The

opening ceremony was made by owner Sommai Thipmanee in front of an invited audience.

pursuits such as drugs and gang warfare. Some participants were gearing up to join the 2008 Olympics which will be held in China. Guests included the mayor of Nongprue municipality Mr Mai Chaiyanit, who helped with the cutting of the ribbon, before the religious rites and sprinkling of holy water were performed by monks. The new head office is located centrally on Soi Nernplabwan, in front of Mabyailia, soi 8, which is much more convenient than its earlier location several kilometres further away. It’s open every day from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Other subbranches of the company are Nongket Noy and Khaotalo.

Pattaya’s youthful ambassadors PATTAYA City Hall held a special test programme for children studying at Pattaya schools so that they could take part in the next Young Ambassador campaign. A special examination had been organized by city hall for boys and girls to participate and show their talents. Since Pattaya City Hall organizes a similar campaign every year to select the finest youths in Pattaya into the program and train them to be marketing specialists, it was agreed that they should also give new recruits a chance. A total of 175 students from different Pattaya schools entered the program. The judges had an extremely difficult time

choosing a total of only 60 students. They were then whittled down to 20, and then to 10, the final contestants being chosen to impress foreign visitors, show them the sights

and generally be promoters of the eastern seaboard. Mayor Ittiphol Kunplome, who has wide international experience, gave the youths some tips on how to sell Pattaya’s attractions.

Boxing your way to success A PRESS conference was recently chaired by Mayor Mai Chaiyanit of Nongprue Municipality, with many delegates and distinguished folk taking part. It was noted that on June 27, from 3-5 p.m., boxing would be aired on channel 7 TV as a way of showing how well supported and popular is this sport on the eastern seaboard. The event was called Asia Box World Boxing Championship. There are several pairs of boxers performing on the night, but this could be a historical boxing event as it features Mr. Saddam Kietiyongyut and JR Solano from the Philippines in a

special bout. In recent years, the Pattaya local authority has promoted sports in general, and

boxing in particular, with facilities for both competitors and visitors.

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Pattaya pluses and minuses The business and tourism association set up a committee with a brief to devise strategies to promote Pattaya events at international travel shows, notably upcoming ones in the middle east and in Europe. Research had shown that the best selling point was the excellent scope of sports opportunities, particularly golf with 20 courses within striking distance of the city, and the high standard of lifestyle malls and evening entertainment. Discounted package deals were also popular especially in the

newer tourism markets such as China and India where group travel is still the norm. Members pointed out that disincentives for Pattaya at the moment were the political crisis going on nationally and a perceived high level of opportunistic crime. The police and civic authorities were addressing the crime issue by more regular patrols, particularly at night, use of military and personnel volunteers to supplement the main police force and improved street lighting in vulnerable districts. A campaign also needed to be launched to advise visitors on simple precautions such as not wearing expensive

Not quite the laughing policeman at Ripleys Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum Pattaya is once again displaying something unusual to surprise and delight the general populace. This time they are holding an “International Laughing Contest” in town, hopefully to assist promote tourism to the world and encourage more tourists to come visit the continually effervescent Pattaya. The press conference was presented by Ripley’s general manager Somporn Narksuetrong with minister of sports and

tourism Weerasak Khowsurat in attendance. It was made clear that all nationalities are welcome to participate. The concept of the event is to try and laugh the longest, loudest, and in the funniest way possible. To add more colour to the event, contestants must dress in their country’s national costume in order to win the prize of a hundred thousand baht - plus a golden Ripley’s Believe It Or Not certificate which is indeed a rare prize. There is no

PATTAYA TODAY 3 jewellery at night and avoiding putting valuable items in handbags which might be a target for motorbike thieves. In general, members felt that the image of Pattaya internationally had improved over recent years as the resort had diversified and expanded in so many ways, attracting enormous sums for investment and infrastructure improvement. But there was unlikely to be a further surge in development until the political situation nationally calmed down and there was government clarification on issues such as the foreign business act and foreign ownership of property.

application fee, which means that you can enter for free. There are so many prizes to win – including the best national costume award as well. On Sunday 29th June, challengers must perform their best laughs at Ripley’s believe it or not Pattaya. The judges will choose only one contestant as the representative from each country as the finalists. On Saturday 5th July, the chosen contestants will then battle out their laughs in front of the audience and judges at the water-fountain, located on the ground floor of Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya. It will be no laughing matter.



Problems persist at Pattaya pier No action for far too long

CITY hall committee chairman Sanit Boonmarchai opened a serious meeting about the sorry

state of Pattaya pier on June 19. He explained that the committee responsible for

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008 administrative matters had many duties and responsibilities including sea rescue, fire fighting, municipal officers, traffic and even gardening to create a good and healthy environment. He added that Pattaya Bali Hai pier worried him a lot as the rules had remained the same since 2006. Vendors and business people had been granted permission to perform their trades, but there was often chaos and a clear lack of direction amongst those responsible for local travellers’ boats, craft for hire, boat ticketing, speed boats and sightseeing trips. Mr Sanit went on to say that some vendors were allowing illegal parking of vehicles or renting out government space to other

vendors which is also against the law. There were also suggestions of overcharging the public, especially foreigners, and miscellaneous breaches of health and safety regulations. The members of the committee were asked to bring their suggestions about creating order out of chaos to the next meeting in July.

Koh Larn MTB Cleaning windows on the 55th floor International 2008 Management wants you to see out

PATTAYA Park Beach Hotel has engaged the services of Property Care Service Thailand to clean the glass windows at the top of the building after complaints from the public that they couldn’t see much. Mr Nopadol Bua-thong, executive assistant manager, gave a press conference to outline the many attractions of the hotel, including bungee jumping and dare-devil sports for those inclined, the panoramic views of the city which are breathtaking and the revolving restaurant for those wanting to try a new dining experience. The property care company has 20 years experience of

cleaning windows high-up and their brief was to polish up floors 52 to 55 to provide a clear view for those who had taken the trouble to reach the very top of what is the highest tower of its type in all Thailand. Mr Sebastian Power, general manager in the eastern region for Property Care Company Thailand, said that there had been a substantial growth in high rise buildings, including the Pattaya area, and consequently the service had expanded a lot. So far, he added, customers had expressed satisfaction with the level of service which was gratifying indeed.

A VIP birthday treat


British nationals are asked to note that only the British embassy may issue official,

embassy documentation on their behalf. Any such documents issued by other parties are neither authorised nor valid. British nationals are requested to show any such illicit documentation to a British embassy official for examination.

A SPECIAl party took place at the Town in Town Hotel throughout the night of Sunday 22nd June, for Mr. Surasak

Tumanon, also known as SakSee-Chang. He is the owner of Siam Newspaper, which is one of the popular Thai

Mr. Rattanachai Sutthidechanai, president of the tourism and sports Pattaya association, opened the Koh Larn Mountain Bike International 2008 in the afternoon of Sunday 15th June on Sam Beach, Koh Larn Island. Many delegates including members of city hall, Mr. Watchirawit Kudklang, Koh Larn island district chief, and miscellaneous athlete were present at the event. At the end of the two category event, the winners’ prizes were handed over by Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome. He first handed out prizes to the top three winners in the first category “A”, being male professional (open). The first prize was an award of 4,000 baht in cash and the prestigious Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn trophy went to Thailand’s 2007 mountain bike champ Mr. newspapers here in the eastern seaboard, and that night was the celebration to its 5th anniversary. In addition to the joyful success, it was also the owner’s birthday. The party to celebrate two joyful events was attended by many delegates including former Chonburi MP Mr. Charnyut Hengtrakool, Pattaya council member Mr. Fahrut Wongborisut, and well known business and media people from the entire eastern seaboard. The bubbly occasion continued until dawn, we are reliably told

Keerati Sukprasart from the Royal Thai Navy One Two Call Bike Net team. Mr. Thongchai Biadnork received a 3,000 baht reward and a certificate from Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome for coming in second place, whilst Mr. Worawut Neelakoop got a 2,000 baht reward together with a certificate from Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome for coming in third. The second category was the “Downhill” Male Non Specific (open). The first prize of another 4,000 baht and another prestigious Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn trophy went to Mr. Thannaphol Jarupheng from the Chainart Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) teaam. The second place of 3,000 baht and a certificate from Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome went to Mr. Sitthichai Ketkaewmanee from Cona Bike Net, and the third place’s reward of 2,000 baht and certificate from Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome went to Mr. Tinnaphob Wiyaparn who is also from the Cona Bike Net team. The race took place throughout Saturday 14th Sunday 15th June, and received a lot of interests from many because of the adventurous new tracks introduced, which helped encourage people to come over during the low season. This year 2008 is now the 4th popular year that the event has been held.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Bicycles and global warming

A BICYCLE rally to encourage youths to stay away from drugs and show more importance about solving global warming issues was held on Wednesday 25th June. The event was opened by Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome, and started with a concert performed by students from Sripathum University. The big teamwork effort between Pattaya City Hall, public, and private organizations wish to raise more awareness on the community’s

problems and also finding it important to promote general health issues. The 8.6 km distance rally was divided into two categories being children aged 12 yrs onwards, and the “non specific” local residents’ category to make sure that the message can be passed through to everyone of all ages. The rally was open to over a hundred teams - each having two members. The theme of the race was for participants to bond by working together but also

focused on fun and included useful knowledge. The rally started from in front of Pattaya city hall and participants then had to make their way down to beach road, up south Pattaya road, onto third road, and then back to Pattaya city hall. It wasn’t all that easy when the participants had to help each other find the hidden answers provided at various points along the way. The event was all about joy and exercise, so winning and losing wasn’t supposed to be the point. All participants got a Tshirt and souvenir no matter what their result was, and the top three winners were awarded with trophies from mayor Itthiphol Khunplome. He was at pains to stress that cycling is good for general health and doesn’t use up any fossil fuels, both vital issues in the new century.




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High food prices here to stay Other factors included decreasing farmland caused by urban expansion and an increasing world population which exercised an upwards pressure on commodities. “As the kitchen of the world, Thailand should enjoy the current situation as farm products are in high demand

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008 with better prices,” he stated. But critics said that profit margins in fact were being squeezed by high fuel prices. The exception might be rice production as better profits there have not been accompanied by other inflationary pressures. Thailand is the world’s 15th largest food provider and the second largest provider in the Asia Pacific region after China. Food exports from Thailand this year are expected to reach 650 billion baht. Pattaya business people

were unanimous that they were facing higher food prices. This in turn was having an effect on restaurants where the owners are under pressure to chalk up increases. “A plate of khao pat in my street kitchen has gone up from 15 baht to 30 baht in the past eight years. But we could well see another doubling over the next two years.,” said a food hawker on Central Road. Some restaurants have been cutting portion sizes as a way of reducing overall costs.

Campaign to raise aids awareness

Crazed woman speeds around Pattaya Bizarrely she has a baby in tow

AT approximately noon on 19th June, Pattaya police were informed by the traffic cop that a Thai woman was driving a bronze Toyota Vios car at extremely high speed, going through red lights and proceeding on the wrong side of the road. She refused to stop even though many people were waving their arms at her. A quick plan was made. Officers formed a team to stop the crazed lady on Pattaya beach road when she was heading to south Pattaya. The

first attempt was unsuccessful since she was unexpectedly too fast and nearly knocked down a doughty officer, but the second attempt further on worked and they were able to force her to crash into a police car at the junction to Soi Khaotalo, Sukhumvit road. When looking closely, residents and the team were surprised to find that a young 7 year old girl was sitting in the car passenger’s front seat. She looked very frightened indeed which is no big surprise really.

The woman was being very difficult in her attitude and a car window had to be broken to make much progress. More difficulties were there for the police to face when they opened the car door as the woman grabbed her daughter, put the child onto her lap and held on to her frantically. It was a while before they got hold of the girl and locked the adult down. The disturbed woman was later identified as Mrs Orasa Khositcharoenkul aged 48 from Pathumthani province. The young girl was her 7 year old daughter, who was studying at one of the popular schools in Bangkok which has high status as well as steep fees. It was found that they came to Pattaya on holiday and were staying at the Royal Cliff Hotel. This was all they could get from her because she then refused to give any reasons or explanations on her insane speeding. This whole situation led the police to believe that the woman must have some kind of a mental problem or had consumed some illegal substance or other. The girl was taken to the hospital for a checkup and Mrs Orasa was escorted to the station to get more details before allowing her to be on the dangerous loose once again. Attempts were being made to contact the family which was clearly a well to do one.

DEPUTY mayor Wutthisak Ruemkitjakarn chaired a meeting at Pattaya city hall in the morning of Tuesday 24th June with representatives from the public relations department, national health security office and the aids prevention sub-committee to discuss an upcoming event that all three divisions are cooperating on

together: to wit the “Know How to Love and Keep Safe from Aids” campaign. This campaign is hoped by all three organizers to raise more awareness in people about aids and also provide more information to students reaching the early stage of wanting to be loved. It was agreed in the meeting that the

Extravaganza rescue skills on display Faked accidents part of the drill

ON the afternoon of Tuesday 24th June, an extravaganza sea rescue demonstration with helico- pters, sky-diving, rescue speed boats, and fire in risky situations were made at Bali Hai Pier Pattaya. Guests included mayor Itthiphol Khunplome, navy commander in chief Vice Admiral Phairat Phukarat, and Vice Governor of Chonburi Mr.

Khomsan Ekkachai. All the demonstrations proved that Thailand’s land, sea, and air rescue services offered are up to an international level since the teams receive constant update training and practice with trainers from Queen Sirikit Navy Hospital, the Royal Thai Navy, and the Water

“Know How to Love and Keep Safe from Aids” campaign will take place at Pattaya beach road soi 4 on Saturday 5th July. There will be stage performances related to the concept of the campaign performed by different school and organizations to the public (express danger on aids), all attendants can participate in the many games and activities offered at the event for various prizes. Then you can join the “prevent aids” parade that will pass through the city of Pattaya. Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome will perform the grand opening together with Mr. Meechai Weerawaithaya chairman of the aids prevention sub-committee, Mr. Nimit Thian-Udom director of the aids foundation, and other representatives of note. Transportation Department. Now Pattaya sea rescue officers also offer an extensive rescue kit that includes the GPS global positioning, hovercrafts, etc. The display caught a lot of attention, which meant success since the whole purpose of the event was made with the intention of building up more confidence for residents and tourists in Pattaya. Two very successful set-up scenes received a lot of interest from the crowd. There was a demonstration of faked people drowning and a successfully rescue by two life boat. Then there was a second display showing off the air rescue’s work by faking an incident of a boat crash with floating victims surrounded by fire waiting for help. In the end they were successfully rescued by a team of five men who jumped out of the helicopter to save them.

Allowance for poor groups agreed PATTAYA city fathers are mindful of the financial needs of some of the disabled, the elderly and those suffering from hiv/aids infection. A meeting was called to consider payments of between 300 and 500 baht per qualifying individual per month.

Deputy mayor Wuthisak Rermgijakarn said that the human social development ministry had allocated a budget of 1,900,000 baht for the financial year 2008 in this context. Those registered as eligible persons totalled 114, including 88 elderly, 18

physically challenged and 8 aids-hiv sufferers. It was agreed that the elderly would receive 300 baht per month and that the other two groups would get 500 baht. A support team was set up to monitor and advise on the scheme.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Pattaya’s huge yaba heist A large gang netted by specialists

POLICE Colonel Nopphadon Wongnorm, superintendent of Pattaya police station, and his team held a press conference at the station in the evening of Tuesday 24th June to announce their success of drug suppression according to the strict orders from Chonburi provincial police. There were five suspects apprehended in the heist being three separate operations. The first two alleged bad guys were Mr. Surak Phanuan (Bird) aged 19 and Mr. Kwan Tandaeng (Toei) aged 25 together with the evidence of 2,000 Yaba tablets and two mobile phones. The next person was Miss Sawitree Karbkhon aged 25 originally from Khonkaen province who alone was caught with the evidence of 36,000 Yaba tablets and a Isuzu pickup truck. The last two suspects were Mr. Pholthorn Sornkruea (Nong)

aged 39 and his girlfriend Miss Parinee Banthao (Au) aged 32 who were arrested with the evidence of 200 Yaba tablets, a motorbike, and a mobile phone. Pol. Col. Nopphadon revealed that their continuous investigations on the drug network in Pattaya led them to find the contact information of a dealer so they organized a sting operation to buy a thousand Yaba tablets from Mr. Surak. When Mr. Surak showed up at their exchange destination at the entrance to north Pattaya, Sukhumvit road, to make his delivery, he was arrested. Questioning Mr. Surak then led the police to his fellow dealer in the network - Mr. Kwan who was staying in Saensuk sub-district in Chonburi. There the police found another thousand yaba tablets. Both suspects spilt out that they had continuously been dealing with

a Mr. Thanongsak Maenman (nickname A) who stays in Huaykwang area in Bangkok. Pattaya police did not let the chance pass by and quickly cooperated with the provincial police and local officers of Huaykwang area in Bangkok for backup and another sting operation was made. Mr. Kwan who usually orders the drugs called Mr. Thanongsak as he always did and ordered the amount of 6,000 tablets to be delivered to him at the parking lot of Carrefour Shopping Center, Ratchada branch, Bangkok. At the time of appointment, the suspected pickup truck arrived to make the delivery but instead was made by Mr. Thanongsak’s girlfriend; Miss Sawitree Karbkhon aged only 25. Miss Sawitree was captured with the six thousand tablets and escorted the police back to the residence where she stayed with her boyfriend in Florence building Nathong Soi 4, Huaykwang area. There, at room 63 on the 6th floor, the police did not find Mr. Thanongsak who they were looking for but got the bonus of discovering another 30,000 Yaba tablets. The last couple was arrested in Pattaya by the same team of police only a few days later after finding out that they were selling the drugs to teens around the town. Undercover cops contacted Mr. Pholthorn, the

Grand Isuzu Festival in Pattaya ISUZU Chonburi Sales Company in cooperation with Isuzu Treepetch Sales Company has organized a big Isuzu Festival for the benefit of all. A successful crowd of residents attended the event and got the chance to meet and greet many famous Thai celebrities as well as enjoying the games, activities and special promotions whilst viewing the folk dancing and karaoke singing. The event closed with an extravaganza live performance by famous Thai folk song singer Mr. Got Jakkraphan.

dealer, to deliver 200 tablets to north Pattaya road, in front of Good View Bungalows and he arrived shortly after together with his girlfriend Miss Parinee. As soon as the police identified themselves and the suspect realized that he was surrounded, he decided to swallow the entire pack of drugs. The police had to rush the guy to Banglamung Hospital for medication and a flushing out. Both Mr. Pholthorn and Miss Parinee were taken back to the police station with 200 yaba tablets, the motorbike which they used, and the mobile phone that they had for making their contacts.




Real estate company robbed PATTAYA police were informed on June 16 that a real estate company in south Pattaya had experienced a burglary: it was the four storey building housing Town and Country. The mess was discovered by the cleaner, arriving at 7 a.m., who was shocked to discover papers strewn everywhere. She contacted the manager who informed the police. Investigators at the scene rapidly deduced that that the thief or thieves had cut the wire fence at the back and climbed

up a ladder beside the building before drilling a big hole in the wall. All this suggested it had been a well planned operation. The joint owners of the company, Mr Cornilus Ziodorus Kuifer, from Belgium, and Mr Therman Van Gucht, a Dutch national, had lost around 70,000 baht in the robbery but also three hard drives which contained private information. Police recorded a lot of evidence and discovered fingerprints which could lead to an arrest of the vandals.

British teacher arrested for underage sex

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

“Act of God” kills Briton

THE Pattaya police was informed at approximately 3am on 19th June that a foreigner walking along the street had been struck by lightening and was unconscious. Police and rescuers, with reporters in tow, arrived at a completely flooded area of soi 17, near Pratumnak Road. Apparently, the visitor was walking with his girlfriend in the area of Wat Chaimongkhol temple, south Pattaya, and was electrocuted by the lightning which unusually struck the flooded area. The man was

taken to Memorial Hospital and was found to be dead, being identified as Scott Mitchinson, a British man of 31 hailing from the Sunderland area. The lightning may well have struck or impaired an electric cable which then produced contact with rainwater which Mr Mitchinson’s body touched accidentally. The tragic incident has given rise to many complaints that the city infrastructure has many weaknesses which can occasionally cause horrendous accidents.

Shopping mall chosen to end it all

Keeping calm in mid 2008 It’s no secret that 2008 so far has not been good for tourism in Pattaya, or Thailand as a whole come to that. The government, barely five months in office, is widely seen as having been dominated by political agendas rather than economic ones culminating in the mass demonstrations in Bangkok whose consequences are still unclear on the world stage. Although a new military coup is unlikely, if only because the last one in 2006 was so lacklustre, it can’t be ruled out altogether. One thing is for sure about coups – they don’t improve tourist numbers. No siree. Thailand has also been hit by world problems such as the escalating cost of oil and spiked food prices. Although these developments may benefit a few in the short term, the rice millers for example, there’s no doubt that a 50% increase in pump prices and inflationary pressures all round are not encouraging signs for mass tourism. Although the newer markets for Thai tourism, notably Russia, the mid east and China, have held up well, the traditional sources from western Europe have dipped in the last few months. Ask almost any bar owner who relies on vacationing Brits to earn his bread and butter. Or look at the increasing number of for sale signs on businesses downtown. On the other hand, there are some encouraging signs. The high end condo market is holding up well on the purchase front and the overall numbers arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport are still rising slightly, even though the nationalities may be changing a bit. The tourist authority of Thailand is trying hard to overcome international diffidence by attendance at tourism marketing road shows where Thailand’s holiday delights are paraded. Some quality hotels in Pattaya report similar occupancy rates to last year. Although the Thai baht zoomed upwards in the early part of the year, again putting off some vacationers no doubt, it has settled somewhat in recent weeks. The main reason throughout, of course, has been the weakness of the US currency. On the other hand, the euro has gained ground against the baht and even the British pound has improved against the baht by almost 9% in the weeks which have just gone by. This steadying of the baht is particularly good news for the property market as European investors are looking for a favourable exchange rate before committing themselves. What’s important is to stay cool in the current climate of problems and imponderables. Pattaya, for all its worries, still offers a whole host of attractions which are being added to almost daily. Whether you are looking for value for money accommodation, five star luxury suites, cheap drinking dens, the poshest night clubs, ten pin bowling, golf at 20 local courses, cheap discount stores, truly amazing malls and lifestyle centres, street kitchens or quality restaurants offering every national cuisine – then Pattaya has it on offer. To quote a British TV advert of the 1980s – “It’s Got The Lot”. It has indeed.

POLICE colonel Nopodol Wongnorm, Pattaya police superintendent, arrested a former higher education lecturer on June 18 for having illicit sex with an underage boy. Police had an arrest warrant dating back several months after the parents of a 12 year old filed a complaint that the boy had been lured into a toilet in Sunee Plaza where an obscene act had allegedly occurred last December. Mr Malcolm Falkus, aged 68, was arrested at his home in Thappraya Road following a tip-off about his current whereabouts. Police said they had been keeping Mr Falkus under

observation for many months last year and discovered that he was in the habit of seeking out the company of youngsters in circumstances which could be deemed suspicious. Mr Falkus declared he was a retired lecturer who spoke good Thai and had lived in Pattaya for four years. He denied being either gay or a pedophile and stated categorically he never lured young boys anywhere and for any purpose and would so testify in court. Police said they would pass their file to the Chonburi prosecutor and Mr Falkus was given bail on a surety of 200,000 baht.

Green home & green product

Homeworks Company Thailand have always been committed to after sales services and giving something back to the community but also never forgetting to do something for a better environment. At present the home and work environment accounts for about a quarter of all energy, water and materials consumption, and generates similar proportions of pollution, which is why changing the type of materials we use to construct buildings is everyone’s responsibility. The mission of Green Home Green Products is to raise the awareness of what people use on a daily basis. Homeworks for instance tries to encourage people to use paper bags instead of plastic ones and Green Products act by bringing bio-based product innovations from the farm to the lab and then to the home and work place. This is all to help reduce environmental pollution. Homeworks Company Thailand in cooperation with Green Products are also offering customers a “Green Product Guide” for free, including over a hundred home facility items with special discount prices. The promotional Green products items are divided into 3 categories being the energy saving products, the eco friendly products and the water saving products. The Green Home Green Products event was launched on 5th of June and will continue until the 31st of August to make sure that everyone gets a try at every single Homeworks branch in Thailand.

A WELL known shopping mall in Pattaya was once again the venue of another suicide case in which a foreign tourist chose to use to end it all. Pattaya police were informed at around 6.30pm on Monday 23rd June that a tourist had leaped out of the tenth floor of Mike Shopping Mall Pattaya on second road, and though the informant confirmed that the jumper had already died, police went at full speed to hopefully clear the scene and prevent public over-reaction. Only some months ago, the same place was used by an Austrian resident for his self destruction. Both suicides were from the tenth floor of the venue, which is the swimming pool area provided for anyone to use for exercise on payment of the admission charge of 20 baht. On arrival at the scene, police found the body of a male Caucasian, aged around 40, lying face down on the ground. He was believed to have died instantly from the impact to the ground from the high fall since his entire body sustained numerous injuries. The team

could not identify who the man was since he did not carry any form of identification and from questioning around the area, no one knew him either. Officers are continuing their investigations to identify the man and are working with the immigration department and find the answer to the identity mystery. The deceased had a shaved haircut, was wearing black sandals, a dark blue t-shirt, and grey shorts. Talking about choosing high rise buildings in Pattaya for suicide scenes; earlier during the middle of June there was another similar case. A British national who has been living in Pattaya for more than seven years, Mr. Roy Norton aged 75, committed suicide and decided to end it all by jumping from the third floor of a large residence in Soi Buakhao that he was staying in. He was living alone and was in poor health, intending to return to UK. . Police did their duty of transferring the body for an autopsy and informed the British Embassy in Bangkok for further action.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Wansar outdoor furniture outlet opens in Pattaya

ON Jomtien’s Thappraya Road close to Chateau Dale Plaza the new Wansar Furniture Store has opened, initiated by two Englishmen, Stuart Watson and Peter Croxton. They were both originally involved in the business of sourcing products on a worldwide basis, so when they could not find any outdoor furniture to their liking they opened their own shops in Hua Hin and Pattaya. Furthermore, they started their own furniture manufacturing factory at Jepara in Indonesia, and brought in a wide range of highly durable outdoor products. These include umbrellas, tables, trolleys and

a huge range of seating, which is all made from genuine high quality teak, with any fabrics, required being made in Thailand, at very competitive prices, especially for clients such as hoteliers and builders. So what other enterprises are Stuart and Peter involved with? Well here is a big surprise, because they also have a big business supplying railway depot equipment, with such important clients as Singapore’s railway system and Bangkok’s Sky Train. The next contract is even bigger, as they are supplying train washing plant in China, which is indeed a massive engineering project.

Grand Opening of Thanakorn Furniture DEPUTY Mayor Weerawat Kharkhai was chairman at the grand opening ceremony of Thanakorn Furniture shop on Thepprasit Road opposite soi 15. The owner Mr. Thanakorn Punpan was there to give everyone a warm welcome. Khun Thanakorn, a local lawyer and barrister, has extended his range of business interests away from real estate to include even a flower shop. He has

now discovered another niche market, supplying low cost furniture in the Pattaya area via Thanakorn furniture

DOOR 2 DOOR July's triple promotion from Taj Indian Restaurant, 2nd Road, Opposite X-Zyte Disco, receive free poppadom's (2 pieces) with every 500 Baht of food Ordered plus also receive a 10% discount from Casa Pascal Restaurant, 485/4, 2nd Road, opposite Soi Post Office &10% discount from the Continental Restaurant, 315/158, Thappraya Road. To receive your free Door 2 Door Menu (2008 Edition) just simply call 038 7... & one of their friendly drivers will deliver a free copy toyou or visit them on

Condo with a fabulous sea view, overlooking Koh Larn Island. 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, kitchen, big balcony, 2 bathrooms. Fitted with high quality furniture. 110 sq.m. Looking for long ter rent. Only 35,000 baht per month Call: 081 334 5291


The real Thai taste cuisine

THE Central Festival Pattaya department store has been holding continuous festivals and promotions throughout the year to attract both local Thai residents and foreign tourists to the venue. The teamwork had to put an extra effort into all their work especially during this low season. One successful event that had just recently been held was the “Real Thai Taste Cuisine” festival. Apart from the display of delightful food and homemade sweets, shoppers were also welcomed to take part in various activities, quizzes, and games. On the 20th June a cooking contest was arranged before the audience in the heart of the festival. Shoppers were invited to take part in voting for the best team they liked out of the six participants with the concept of best taste, technique, creativity, and cleanliness. General manager of Central

shop, situated on the eastern side of Thepprasit Road. Khun Tanakorn is also active in the Real Estate Brokers’ Association.

Festival Pattaya, Mr. Saran Tantijamnan, presided over the competition and handed over the rewards to the Super Girl team which won the first prize of 5,000 baht and a certificate. The Food Fair Seafood team won the second place of 3,000 baht and a certificate, and the Talay-Dued (boiling sea) team who won the third prize of 2,000 baht and also received a certificate. The “Real Thai Taste Cuisine” festival that was held at the promotion area on the ground floor of Central Festival Pattaya from 16th – 27th June succeeded on mainly attracting foreign tourists in the city because they had the chance to taste and experience original Thai recipes.




Jazzy Du at Ocean Tower

JAZZY Du, now regularly performing at "Ice" the stylishly cool bar at Ocean Tower, Amari Orchid Resort and Tower, brings together the soulful sounds of Monika Petra Rottman and the skilful nimble fingers of pianist Thana Timaporn. Their repertoire includes the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday and many more.

New computer for farang administration

A GROUP of foreign businessmen recently bought a new computer and printer to assist Khun Tao, the police officer at soi 9 headquarters responsible for the processing of the administration of arrested and deported foreigners. The presentation of the equipment was made by Khun Sasamon Kempookeaw, consular assistant in Pattaya for the British embassy. The donation is aimed at speeding up administrative processes affecting farangs at the police station.

Brokers on the rise

THE last Real Estate Brokers Association (REBA Eastern Seaboard) meeting at the Diana Driving Range Hotel Resort saw a huge increase of potential new members and other visitors from the real estate industry, over twice the normal numbers of attendees.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

JB @ HJB - new golden age in Pattaya

WITH alluring soul, pop, Latin, jazz and disco, the JB Band now perform live at Henry J. Bean's Bar & Grill, a unique, relaxed and friendly meeting, eating and drinking venue, on the Beach Road in Pattaya. The band, with its broad-spectrum repertoire, sets the pace for a new golden age of show bands in the region.

Eileen & Norman found a new charity THE popular proprietors of Yorkies Restaurant have established a new charity to help an impoverished school in Yasothon, Northeastern Thailand. Many charitable events and projects are in place such as a voluntary contributors’ cookery book for which all recipes are gratefully received. Those wishing to help can contact Eileen on (038) 231 918 or email

Lions Club International Conference 2008

THE Lions Club of Pattaya was honoured to be selected this year to be the host of the Lions Club International Conference 2008, June 18-22, which they organized and held spectacularly at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort Pattaya. The 91st such conference attracted members from 200 countries worldwide

Kids’ Beach Volleyball

First aiders get that training

STEVE Bright, international coordinator at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for first aid, gave training to 30 students from the International School of the Regents, grade 11. You can’t start too early with knowing about this vital subject.

OVER the last few weekends, there have been some serious volleyball championships in progress at Jomtien beach, involving teams of young children from various Pattaya schools to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst the children. Winning trophies were presented by Mayor Itthipol and other city officials.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

International Ladies to the rescue


Car museum now open in Ban Chang THE Charity Club of Pattaya was invited to the opening of John Richardson’s classic car museum in Ban Chang. John Richardson, director of U.T.S. in Ban Chang, has had a lifelong interest in restoring classic cars to their former glory but needed to build a museum to house them. John donated 100,000 baht to the Charity Club, matched by Ann and Frank Lawton from Australia in a very generous gesture.

MEMBERS of the Pattaya International Ladies Club initiated regular food “drops” to poor Thai people now suffering with the escalating costs of commodity prices. The sort and packing centre was Naklua’s Fountain of Life and many younger children joined in the packing for onward despatch to needy families.

Culinary treat for US Navy

Commendation for Bobby Brooks LUIS Rodrigo Zamora (5th from left front row), executive chef of Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa, arranged a special treat for the US Navy, Cobra Gold Group 2008. The visitors were given an opportunity to gain hands on experience of popular Thai dishes such as tom yum soup.

Windsurfing Champs THE U.S. Embassy recently commended Mr. Bobby Brooks, resident of Jomtien and President of the U.S. Navy League Thailand. This was for outstanding support in security of visiting U.S. Naval Forces. Pictured right to left: United States Ambassador Eric G. John and Bobby Brooks

Immigration limbers up

THE first round of the Thai National Windsurfing championship was recently held at Jomtien beach. Strong winds and rough seas towards the end of the last day did not affect the participants’ spirit of winning.

FEMALE officers of Pattaya immigration bureau (left) and staff of the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (right) enjoyed a friendly basketball competition. Immigration won!

Katesiri beauty school

Birthday Celebrations

ON the morning of 18th June, a big party was held at the Redemptorist School for the Blind, located in Naklua, Pattaya, for the 57th birthday party of Mr Banlue Kunavanitch who decided to make merit. There was a surprise party for 130 delighted children.

ADMINISTRATORS of Katesiri Beauty School, Khun Siriwan Thongamphai and Khun Somchai Janjaroen, invited over many of Pattaya delegates such as Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome, former mayor Niran Wattanasartsatorn, and former MP of Chonburi Mr. Charnyut Hengtrakool to preside over and help hand out certificates in one of the school’s very special occasions. Katesiri beauty school’s certificate presentation ceremony was held at Pattaya Center Hotel, having 51 students out of 79 graduating officially that night. A flower-in-the-hair fashion show was held and then a small party to congratulate everyone was put together.


Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


by Peter Lloyd

I HAVE been back in Pattaya for two weeks, and I can’t help noticing a few things have changed around the town during my two months absence. The other night, at 9pm, I stood at Wat Chai junction, and walked up Second Road to Royal Garden Plaza. I was struck by how bright but dead the city was. It reminded me of a big Isaan town like Ubon Ratchathani rather than the Pattaya we are used to. There seemed to be very few tourists around and not many Thais either.

Being back My arrival in Thailand was inauspicious. My taxi was stopped as it exited Bangkok airport by on the take uniformed police looking for any backhander they could

Quieter Than Ever

from my taxi driver. Of course, I am used to this brazen highway robbery, but what a deplorable first impression it creates for new

visitors to this country, to see such behaviour at its international airport, especially as Thailand continues to slide into chaos. Even I complained to the police about it. They just smiled. When I got to Pattaya I immediately noticed the almost complete absence of Russians, all enjoying their own summer, no doubt. But it did make me realise how few other tourists are around, and how dead the city is now Thailand has booted out all the Western visa-run longstay residents who were

always around during low season, supporting a large segment of the Thai economy in Pattaya. Empty and struggling restaurants, hotels, rental apartment blocks, bars, laundries, travel agents, estate agents, motorbike taxi drivers and a whole retail and services industry which thrived on the much-needed visa-runners’ baht prove that the loss of our impecunious friends has had a detrimental impact on many Thai-owned businesses in Pattaya. Business closures, financial hardship and an increase in crime will all be the likely consequences. But who cares. Thailand didn’t need them anyway, eh.

Bangkok Woes ONE definition of a failed state is a weak government with little effective control over its own territory. That definition seemed relevant recently when, after months of inept and lame mismanagement, the present government in Bangkok found itself unable to carry on even its usual negligible amount of business as it was physically surrounded and blocked into Government house by PAD demonstrators. The army and police seemed intent on not getting in the way of the demonstrators, leaving the government physically and psychologically isolated. I have no sympathy for the government, led by a marionette who somehow believes, with all the pressing problems of recession and inflation, a 13% decline in Thailand’s stock market, shrivelling foreign direct investment, high oil and food prices and the southern insurrection, that the government’s main object of business should be reforming the constitution to exonerate its backers and mates, and in pursuing its own turf war. To believe this is more pressing than the business of diligently running the country in the best interests of all Thais in these difficult times is shameful. Nor do I have any sympathy

with the equally manipulated supporters of PAD. Bringing down the junta with street protests was one thing, but, like it or not, this lame duck self-serving government was democratically elected by a majority of Thais, under the “normal” election conditions in this country. Trying to unseat it by street protests is another step back for Thailand. Whilst the Bangkok elites continue to wage a proxy war in the streets of the capital, Thailand slides into regional and international irrelevance. Already some neighbouring countries have issued travel advisories to their citizens about travel to Thailand, and even government agencies are worried that tourism will be greatly affected this year. Unfortunately I cannot see an end to Thailand’s woes for the next few years. In fact I think it will get a lot worse before it gets a lot better, so we may as well all get used to it. Remarkably, when looked at in the context of the problems in Bangkok, Pattaya is not only well run, but it is still a great place to live, whatever happens nationally. Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines The recent political problems

have increased international press attention on Thailand. Almost all of it is negative, and it’s not just putting off tourists, but investors as well. A government official recently said that Thailand was fast disappearing from foreign investors’ radars, having just tried and failed to drum up interest with an investors roadshow around the world. A recent article in the Economist lumped Thailand together with the Philippines, as being politically unstable and badly run economically, which is a reflection on how the past few years of bickering and incompetent government have dragged the country down almost every regional and global economic table. Meanwhile, Vietnam is on the up, being hailed as one of Asia’s fastest growing countries, with growth averaging 7.5% per annum over the past 10 years. It has made big strides in reducing poverty across the country (Thailand take note), with its social and economic progress making it attractive to multilateral institutions such as the World bank and multinational companies wishing to relocate and invest there. Some are comparing Vietnam’s future status to present-day Singapore, as it fights against endemic

corruption, streamlines government bureaucracy and makes itself more attractive to international capital. Vietnam has also become one of the world’s biggest food exporters. Believe it or not, once the Philippines was one of Asia’s wealthiest countries, and also a big producer of food. As if we didn’t know just how fast times can change in Asia, look at it now, and bear in mind that the Philippines recently had to beg Vietnam to sell it some rice. From the evidence of my own eyes when I am in the Philippines, and when I read about its economic development, it seems to be slowly coming off the canvas, where it has been rolling around through many years of political incompetence and economic mismanagement. Punch drunk, staggering, but lurching in the right direction, it would be a shame to see Thailand replace it on the deck as it beats itself senseless, unnoticed, in the corner. But I think that is already happening. Pattaya Ghost Website Billing itself as “News, Views & Things to Do in Pattaya’s Most Popular Beach Resort” the website blog Pattaya Ghost (

New mayor THE mayoral election was fought and decided whilst I was away. I was not surprised at the result, and

only fully paid after proper inspections of the quality of their work; 2. Wage a campaigna gainst

Modern Art, Pattaya Style

I know some people who I respect who believe the new mayor could be excellent for the city, so I am happy to give him time and to wish him luck in sorting out the grave problems facing Pattaya. Here is my list of my priorities if I were the mayor. 1. Sort out corruption in City hall and reform the tendering process, so contractors and sub contractors are not paid huge sums in advance, and that they are

incompetence, negligence and lack of accountability in City Hall; 3. Fix Thappraya Road, quickly. I think we may be surprised at how efficiently the new mayor deals with the hold-outs who refuse to give up land outside their properties to allow the Thappraya road widening scheme to proceed. How quickly he secures their agreement will be interesting to see.

has stormed up my favourite sites list these past 2 weeks. It is very well written, mixes scurrilous rumour (hotly protested by bar owners as inaccurate, but highly entertaining nonetheless), observational articles, and also has excellent links to

other blogs and articles. If you haven’t already logged onto it, give it a try. And no, I have no idea who writes it, but they are doing a great job. Contact me at pattayatoday

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Daft booze rules

I AM a working expat who spends 6 months a year at my abode in Pattaya, but out of town. I have my favourite watering holes which are run by good friends who take good care of the social requirements of both myself and my family. I am due back this week and find that my “locals” have been closed down for a month by the boys in brown for being open 20 minutes after midnight. No warnings for first time offenders? No friendly advice from the boys in brown? What exactly are the laws in Thailand appertaining to licensing hours outside the so called entertainment zone. Can the bars still serve alcohol after midnight provided the music and the lights are off? Are residents who live out of town expected to travel into the centre of town for an after midnight drink? Can anything be done to overturn this type of decision as I want to help my friends and their currently out of work staff? P.O’Leary Ed: Your questions are fair enough but answering them is rather like deciding how long is a piece of string. Effectively, it is up to the local chief of police to decide on policy within often vague national guidelines. It’s not a question of all for one, and one for all, throughout the country. Police instructions in Pattaya have been passed onto to bar owners largely through mass meetings at city hall and, less obviously, via press releases. The general closing time at the moment is two o’clock in the morning and it makes no difference whether the lights are on or off as regards the legal position. However, whether and where this “rule” is enforced is a matter for the police. They tend to have occasional crackdowns as is also the case with not wearing seat belts or helmets. We have not come across bars, inside or outside the entertainment zone, being fined for serving after midnight. There was a sort of rule several years ago that alcohol selling businesses near schools, temples or residential areas were not to serve after midnight, but this may or may not apply to your friend. It is always open to them to consult a lawyer who could check if the one month’s closure had been reported to the Chonburi governor’s office.

I’m dumbfounded IT amazes me how every day we are confronted with deaths and injuries due to bikes and cars here in Pattaya and, no doubt, Bangkok as well. The most amazing thing is that nobody seems to learn the lessons. The government isn’t about to do anything because there’s no monetary reward if they do. They only care about things which fatten their wallets. What really made me shake my head the other day was when I was driving along and, in front of me on the one side, was a Rescue volunteer without head protection (he had the logo on his jacket) and on the other side was a policeman with a helmet which was not strapped on. You would think that the number of accidents on our roads would lead these officials to understand just how easily a person’s head can be squashed in. Maybe they think that an amulet or other neck paraphernalia may actually protect the individual? When I first bought a motorbike for my girlfriend, she argued with me for 2 months about wearing a helmet. Now she always does. If I can teach my partner – who always thinks she’s in the right anyway – then surely the Thai government can do better. Proper protection does save lives! Dumbfounded


Nonsensical cigarettes THE latest batch of no smoking regulations in Pattaya are just about the last thing that the resort needs just now. Look around you, this is the quietest June I can remember. The first problem is that nobody really understands where you can and cannot light up. OK to ban smoking in all inside and air conditioned rooms. Everybody understands this is a worldwide trend. But is it really necessary to ban it in outside areas of businesses too? I am told that the proprietors in Boyztown have been told that no smoking is allowed on the terraces of the bars and restaurants, yet it is all right to light up just by the water tanks at the corner of Boyz Boyz Boyz. However, if people congregate in the street smoking in a group may be considered an offence. I was in Bangkok last weekend and nobody there seemed to be taking any notice at all of the new regulations. A few nights ago I sauntered down the Walking Street at night and people were smoking, apparently without any problem and in sight of the tourist police, whilst sat at bars enjoying a drink or watching football on the TV. On another recent occasion I entered an Indian restaurant near the VC Hotel and customers were smoking inside with ash trays willingly provided by staff. It is as plain as the nose on your face that we now have a ridiculously tight set of anti-smoking regulations which are both ambiguous and apparently being ignored for the most part by the powers that be and the police. A combination of silly rules that nobody understands and nobody else is enforcing is just plain daft. And dangerous – as sales slumps may well demonstrate. Ben Richards

On pleading guilty I’D be grateful if you could shed any light on what happened to my farang friend who was arrested several months ago in Thailand for driving under the influence of drink and causing an accident in which somebody was physically injured. His so-called lawyer told him it was best to plead guilty but then never turned up at the trial as he said he had not been paid enough. In the event, the sentence last week was four years which is a lot longer than my friend expected from listening to people. I understand that, because he pleaded guilty in court, he cannot now appeal which seems very severe. He had a good defence case that the accident was not his fault but never got the chance to explain as his lawyer deserted him and the judge didn’t understand English. Liverpool Hugh Ed: The judicial system here is “pay as you go”. Except perhaps in capital crimes, where the court will appoint a defence lawyer if you have no money, the trial goes ahead irrespective of whether you have legal representation or not. What you can do now, if you can pay a lawyer, is to lodge on appeal on the specific grounds of the severity of the sentence. However, the intention to lodge an appeal must be recorded in the court not later than 30 days after sentence. So you need to get a move on. The lawyer can then ask for an extension of 30 further days before the documentation outlining the reasons for the appealare required.



Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Estate planning for children who hold our future

By: Mr. Ponthep Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Mrs. Darunee Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Accountant of WERACHON LAW OFFICE, 448/17 Thepprasit Rd, Pattaya, (038) 300967, (081)4234255, e-mail:thai@, Reading room about Thai laws “EVERY family has a destiny”, these words of wisdom remind us to do our best to uphold the future of our beloved ones. The destiny of foreigners in Pattaya is different from the destiny of ones in other parts of the country. In Samui or Phuket, many high profile foreign investors buy properties for speculation or conspicuous consumption while most foreigners in Pattaya buy properties for retreat of their families. The speculation for them is the happiness in the sufficiency economy. However, some of them end up in a dilemma where “Hell hath no fury than their women scorned”. There is no legend for the ones who are blind by love. Please use your wisdom instead of heart in the road which may lead you to perdition. “Every child holds the future for its father” can be the

contemporary solution for many baby boomers who become fathers in Pattaya. In the world of maternal preponderance, the group of “fathers 4 justice” can be the last crusader who fights against the “gender injustice” in the UK which is paradoxically deemed the mother of world democracy. How about expatriate fathers in Pattaya? Some of them came to see us with tears in their eyes. This social phenomenon should be the alert for all of us to ascertain the appropriate solution for these unfortunate foreigners. The interim Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2006 states clearly in the preamble that the Kingdom shall strive to promote and protect right and liberty of the people, to pursue UN Charters, International Treaties and Agreements and relationship with other countries. Our interim prime minister is very ideally keen on the national reconciliation based upon social diversity, pluralism and multiculturalism. We have never heard any xenophobic policy from this interim government. About the strict implementation of visa regulations which is consecutive from the last government, if you are foreigners having Thai legitimate families or over 50 years old, you do not have to scare any effects from these visa regulations. We are going to talk about two groups of expatriate fathers. The first group, we focus on foreigners registered

marriage with their Thai women. In this case, their children will become legitimate descendents. The marriage under Thai laws can be either registered in Thailand at the District Office, or overseas at the Royal Thai Embassy. However, the overseas marriage can be recognized in Thailand at the District Office. Under the Act on Conflicts of Law,

King of Rock “Elvis of Pattaya” and his son “Elvis Jr” posted with King of Torts “Solicitor Ponthep” and his daughter “Tirana” both marriages either in Thailand or overseas with Thai recognition are legally enforceable in Thailand. For the non property right, they are quite equal with their Thai spouses, e.g., guardian right for their children. Some expatriate husbands who have suspicious minds may worry about alimony commitments once they separate in the future. Sir Paul McCartney who is suffering from his most expensive divorce in the UK shows many Brits for his mistake. Some foreigners were advised by their compatriot


Journeys, transports, people and places TOWARD this summer holiday, Preschool B1 at the Montessori Children’s Center International has been having lots of fun with our “Journeys, Transports, People and Places” theme. We explored the world, the ways we travel and cultural differences. The children enjoyed talking about their favorite holidays and how they traveled to see their friends and family. We made maps and flags, dressed in national costumes, and cooked international food. Best of all, was our trip to the local post office where everyone got to post their postcard (paintings of our imaginative holidays) to their families and peeping into the dark mail slot of the post box at our cards. We looked at markets from around the world, learned about fruits, traditions, and experimented with lots of

math and science activities. The historical and the modern architecture of buildings were interesting to the children which help to develop their recognition skills. We had fun with lots of dramatic play, suchas a “train ride”, “marketstall” and “post office”. We created fantastic art productions including our ‘‘Yellow Submarine” exhibition, hot air balloons and recycled pull-along toys. Along side our

solicitors to arrange for a prenuptial agreement with Thai wives. However, Thai laws do not really accept the concept of prenuptial agreement in other countries as it is clearly mentioned in Section 1465.- the Civil and Commercial Code of the Kingdom of Thailand “Where the husband and wife have not, previous to their marriage, concluded a special

academic skills development, we have been getting ready for our “ Global Warming” theme for this summer school program, which we will enjoy learning about our environment, growing plants, collecting fallen leaves and flowers for art, recycling things and the importance of keeping our environment clean. Miss Anne Maree Grant MCCI PB1 Teacher

agreement concerning heir properties, the relationship between them as regards their properties shall be governed by the provision of this Chapter. Any clause in the prenuptial agreement contrary to public order or good morals, or providing that the relationship between them as regards such properties is to be governed by foreign law shall be voided” In the society of consumerism, women are victimized by the advertising to burn their money for their faces. Grace to His Majesty the King, the

doctrine of the “Self Sufficiency Economy” is introduced to save the country from the enemy at our gate which is our “Greed”. Many foreigners become reluctant to put the ownership of property under the name of their Thai wives or common law partners. The conspicuous consumption seems to be the main culture shock between foreigners who are educated with the strict financial discipline and their Thai wives. Money can devalue the human nature! Can these prudent foreign fathers create a trustee in Thailand for their children? The answer is in Section 1686.of the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand “Trusts created whether directly or indirectly by will or any juristic act producing effect during lifetime or after death shall have no effect whatever” The solution for foreign fathers is to put the ownership of properties under the name of their children. “My child is just only one month, how can I put the ownership of land under his name?” Can a juvenile own a property? The answer is “Yes” because there is no restriction even your child has a foreign name or double nationality. If you put the ownership of property under the name of your child, you or your Thai wife cannot dispose of that land without the order of the Family Court in Chonburi. It means that your Thai wife cannot go to the Family Court alone without you to get the

judicial order to sell the property. In case that you have not registered marriage with your common law Thai wife, you may register the legitimacy of your child under 6 years old with the Family Court in Chonburi. If your child is over 6 years old, you just go to the District Office with your Thai common law wife. In the worst situation that your Thai common law wife denies to cooperate with you, you will have to sue her in the Family Court to seek for the justice. Once your child is born, you should put your name as a father in a Birth Certificate (Bai Kerd) and house register book (Tabien Ban). The Thai spelling of your name must be full and correct. These documents can be the good evidence for the case in court. If you do not have any evidentiary documents, you may prove your paternity or fatherhood by forensic science of DNA. It can be the first “Test Case” in Pattaya for “fathers4justice” to prove that “Paternity” is not always weaker than “Maternity”. If you become legitimate father of your child, you may stay for good in Thailand with a family visa by showing a bank account of at least 400,000 baht per year without requirement to register marriage with your common law Thai wife. In addition, you can inherit land from your child if your child predeceases you. Nobody can deny that “Blood is thicker than water!”

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



Talk of the Town

Heat up at Ravindra Resort on vacation RAVINDRA beach resort and spa gets even hotter when Jui Waruttaya Nilkuha and Kratae Supaksaon

The following Saturday, September 20, sees the party night at Jameson’s Irish pub. Details of how you can

The two TV girls at Ravindra Resort

Chaimongkol, the TV idols, visited Pattaya’s classy Ravindra Resort. Both stars say they love the resort and its beautiful scenery and have a special soft spot for the Reva restaurant. """""" Talking of restaurants, try the Madras Darbar Indian eatery on Second Road and vaguely opposite soi 9 – but look right and across the road from the Central under construction. It’s not luxurious by any manner of means, but they do offer some Indian dishes not generally available elsewhere, including Dosa Sambar (a kind of pancake with potato filling and served with chutney and a piquant curry sauce). """""" Ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a firm believer in astrology, says the realignment of the stars in early July will help defuse political tension. Apparently Mars is too close to Saturn at the moment, but is scheduled to move away soon. Hmm! """""" Advance notice that Jesters Care for Kids will hold its annual fair on Sunday September 14 at Pattaya’s Diana Garden Resort and Driving Range.

help in this worthy cause on """""" In Venezuela filling up your car’s tank is cheaper than buying water but in Turkey a full tank can cost more than a domestic plane ticket. Still, come to think of it, that’s also true of Thailand where an empty pickup truck costs at least 2,500 baht to fill. """""" No public discussion we know of, but YouTube in Thailand seems to be managed by the powers that be so that you have to strain to hear the sound accompanying the videos. Anyone got any information on this? """""" Former PILC president Roseanne Diamente is now organising help for the distressed people of Burma in areas badly hit by the cyclone. She needs both clothes and money and, if you are willing to help her, please contact on 081 865 0714. """""" We are used to thinking the baht is too high and a currency which can only go on rising. But much of the hype is because of the slide in the American currency. Looked at another

way, the Thai baht has lost 8% of its value against the euro in the last few months. """""" Pattaya Today did a bit of private research by asking 40 volunteer readers which regular column in the newspaper they most liked and which one they never even looked at. The results are now in. Most popular was Peter Lloyd’s peregrinations which is a well deserved accolade. And the least popular? The bridge column! Several readers did not even know we have one and that included three bridge players. """""" If you lose your adored pet or need one straight away, don’t forget there’s a great selection of pups and kittens which have been rescued by Scad (formerly Soi Dog Rescue). Just call 084 535 1452 or look at the website to view adorable cats and dogs online. """""" The first non stop all business class flights between Asia and USA have now started on a daily basis: Singapore to New York with a promise that the seats are the most spacious business class seats you ever sat in. The luxury is by Singapore Airlines. """""" LOCATE is the new online service by Britain’s foreign office to register your whereabouts when you are abroad. So if you are caught in a crisis, consular staff can more easily contact you and hopefully reassure friends and relatives. Brits can sign up to this new and vastly improved service by visiting www.fco. and clicking on LOCATE. """""" Jack the Ripper fans may like to know there’s a display of weapons, letters, photographs and films now on display at London’s Docklands museum. So amateur detectives can now make up their minds who murdered those prostitutes in London in 1888. Nobody will ever know for sure. Looked at another way, Jack the Ripper drew

to public attention the absolute poverty of the East End in those times. So he arguably did a better service than many a philanthropist. There’s even a Thailand connection to the gruesome murders. One of the lesser known candidates to be the Ripper, a Russian count, is said to have fled after killing the women and ended his days in Bangkok. A likely story. """""" Finally, here’s a selection of letters sent to housing associations in UK: - I wish to complain that my father hurt his ankle very badly when he put his foot in the hole in the back passage. - I wish to report that the tiles are missing from the outside toilet roof. I think it was the bad wind the other

night that blew them off. - I am writing on behalf of my sink which is coming away from the wall. - The toilet is blocked and we cannot bath the children until it’s cleared. - Our lavatory seat is broken in half and is now in three pieces. - The man next door has a large erection in the garden which is very unsightly indeed. - I am a single woman living in a downstairs flat and would you please do

something about the noise made by the man on top of me every night? - I have had the clerk of works down on the floor six times but there’s still no satisfaction. - Will you please send a man to look at my water? It’s a funny colour and not fit to drink. - Our kitchen floor is damp. We have two small children and would like a third so please send somebody round to do something about it.



Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Weight watching for dummies

by Bee McConville WE’VE all been there! We’ve all looked in the mirror and thought, ‘Oh oh,’ as we’ve seen Mrs Blobby staring back at us. The realization that waist bands are getting a tad too snug and buttons are being strained is immediately followed by the ‘panic diet.’ Everybody, seemingly, has a friend who knows just the right miracle diet that is guaranteed to make you lose your lumps and bumps practically overnight. And the sillier the better. When you read about some of these bizarre tricks to ‘help’ the fat disappear you soon realise that there are a whole lot of weird and highly gullible people out there. Certainly, if the media are to be believed then it would appear that celebrities have the most ‘magic’ weight loss tricks and have managed to lose post-baby fat by eating chocolate – forget breast feeding as a way to use up those calories, just eat chocolate and watch those love handles disappear! Or, we are told, these new mums are actually eating the baby food that they’ve bought for their bundles of joy in a desperate attempt to get back into their skinny jeans. It’s all really rather sad isn’t it? But mention the word ‘diet’ out there in the big wide world and you will be buried under myriad ways to lose weight other than by eating sensibly and limiting calorie intake. Take the ‘Hallelujah Diet’ for example. Needless to say this was developed by a man of the cloth – one Reverend George Malkmus – who declared that if we ate the diet God decreed for mankind, then we would all be healthy, disease free and not fat. Sounds good to me, but the downside is that you have to order all the ingredients for the diet from the good god-fearing man himself. Then there is the tapeworm diet. No, you don’t actually eat nothing but tapeworms, but you do swallow tapeworm eggs in the hope that they will hatch inside of you and then little Tommy

tapeworm will start to gorge on the calorific mess you have on your insides. When you reach your ideal weight, you just swallow tapeworm poison to kill off all the wrigglies that have been living in your gut, and voila! Best not to bond with your pet worms though, as you

Diet’ which matches your blood type to your food type? Apparently, if your blood type is ‘O’, then you are a hunter so need to eat dead animals (bought and prepared by the local butcher, I hope). On the other hand, if you have type ‘A’ blood then you are designated a cultivator

will, at some point, need to commit mass murder in order to get them out of your system. If the idea of worms doesn’t really appeal to you, then how about the ‘pee from a pregnant woman’ diet?Unfortunately you don’t get to drink the pee, it is actually injected into you. All you need for this diet is a pregnant woman, who is willing to empty her bladder into a cup, and a syringe. I’m not sure how much weight you are supposed to lose and for how long you are supposed to follow this diet, but I’m guessing it should last for no more than nine months. Don’t like needles? Then you could try the magnetic diet. This is based on the idea that all food is magnetic and attracts either good health or bad health, so you have to eat only those foods that attract good health with ‘invigorating magnetism.’ And guess what? These foods tend to be fruit, vegetables and whole grains. It doesn’t take many brain cells to work out that the foods that attract bad health or ‘resonatingnegativity’ can generally be found in the local MacDonalds and Mr Donut! Or how about the ‘Blood

and therefore should eat only vegetables. This rather worrying as I happen to have type ‘O’ blood but have been a vegetarian for over twenty years so, according to this diet philosophy, I should be morbidly obese and very unhealthy! And the list goes on and on: Subway Diet (eating only Subway sandwiches), Cookie Diet, Cereal Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet (aka Russian Peasant Diet), Russian Air Force Diet, Hot-Dog Diet, Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, Coconut Oil Diet……..and do any of these diets work? Yes, many of them do inasmuch

as you will lose weight. If you opt to eat nothing but cabbage soup for a week then of course you will shed kilos, but you will also make yourself weak, lacking in concentration, lacking in vital vitamins and minerals….. in fact, you will end up looking and feeling like an impoverished and disadvantaged Russian peasant who generally looks many years older than she actually is. So what’s the point? The main problem with all these weird and wonderful diets is that as soon as you start eating your normal diet again, then the weight will return. It is a fact that the only way to successfully maintain a healthy body weight is to eat sensibly and in moderation, and to exercise regularly. Weight stays consistent if calorie input is in balance with energy output. That is all there is to it and there are no magic miracle diets that will do anything to help you in the long term. But if you are looking to lose a few kilos, and you do live in the Land of Smiles then there is a pretty successful diet available to you. Just follow the habits of your Thai sisters and eat what they eat, when they eat. Consuming regular meals of tasty Thai dishes is one of the most healthy diets you will encounter. But be careful, don’t use as your example one of those roly-poly Thai jumbo mamas that we are starting to see more of!

Bloody show-offs! SO I read all that stuff about the Hot Yoga, didn’t I, and pootled off to have a go, seeing as how I think it’s high time that I attempted to have a more ‘my body is my temple’ attitude. Now I have done a bit of yoga in my time so can do some of the bendy stuff and I felt pretty confident as I donned my old trackie bottoms and baggy t-shirt and turned up at the local yoga studio. But that’s when things started to look a little dodgy. You see, most of the other people who had turned up were not exactly dressed in the same ‘comfy and sensible and typically English loose cotton knit’ attire. It

was more lycra city with even a few bare midriffs here and there and everyone, but everyone, was wearing skin tight hip and thigh hugging ‘proper’

yoga garb. The ladies were all Asian, petite and cellulite free with dinky ponytails. The men were in sweatbands, lycra, bump hugging, shorts and tight t-shirts and were

looking deadly serious. So, we went in and the session got underway. It all started well with the downward doggie doodoo, and the dying swan and dead pigeon pose but then things just got downright silly. I don’t remember ever having to squat on one leg, lean out sideways and stick my legs out and off the floor while balancing on one elbow. I thought that was called break dancing! And what about the wheel where you walk your hands backwards to your ankles and then start sticking your leg in the air? Wheel pose? Mine was more like the flamin’ flat tyre pose! But what got me really mad

was that all and sundry were actually doing perfect poses and looking like the pictures in a yoga book. Every time I copped a peek through my legs or with my head under my elbow there they all were, doing everything without a murmur and with typically inscrutable expressions. Talk about jai yen yen!! What a bunch of bloody show-offs. I mean it’s just not on is it, making me look like a wobbling tub of lard while they do their posy asanas without even a grunt or a wobble. Yoga poses? More like bloody yoga poseurs if you ask me! I say it like I see it! Moaning Minnie

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


have all the power.” I’ve been saying that for years. There are many light sides to their arguments, like the step-by-step logic they use to prove that Monica Lewinski’s ‘smoking’ episode with former President Bill “will raise the temperature of the entire planet by 6.9 degrees!” They further imply that Gutenberg only invented the printing press in order to produce newspapers thus “creating a pastime for men that required quiet surroundings and concentration.” The authors also use humorous quotes to support their ideas, such as one from John Barrymore: “The way to fight a woman is with your hat – grab it and run.” But the most poignant chapter for me was the one headed “On Being Late”. I suffered from this all my married life, with the most common cause being exactly the one they cite in the book: “… when some buddies or a group of co-workers have an unplanned after-work function and suck their married-to-Mommy buddy into joining them. He agrees to “just one” and

suddenly it’s past the time he’s expected home. This realization usually occurs just as the waitress has brought another fresh one.” Like every other male in that situation, I was faced with two choices, neither of them palatable. The first was to call the wife, explain everything, apologise and give her a revised expected time of arrival. The result was always a demand I immediately leave wherever I was followed by a barrage of verbal abuse with the words “inconsiderate”, “uncaring” and “useless” used with maximum volume and effect. It also meant hearing that oft-quoted criticism, “you prefer to be with your idiot mates rather than with me!” That was one accusation I never dare answer truthfully. The alternative, and the one I always chose, was to leave whenever I was ready and suffer the consequences once I arrived home. This usually resulted in the front door being locked, the bedroom door being locked and a minimum two days of the ‘silent treatment’. Still, I figured it was better to be punished just the once for

my ‘crime’, even if that punishment lasted longer, than to be punished twice with no guarantee the cumulative retribution would be less severe. It’s too late for me now, but I wish I had read Married To Mommy? at the time because these guys come up with more cunning plans than Baldrick on speed. I admit that, as insane as they may first sound, some of them might actually work. Their best advice on ‘being late’was: “Never, under any circumstances, agree to be home at a specific time. There is no upside to this.” When asked “When will you be home?” by his wife, a man should respond something like: “Hard to say. Probably not before midnight, I’m afraid.” This is a brilliant tactic because, as the authors point out, he hasn’t really answered her question. “She’s asked when he will be home and he’s told her when he won’t.” If he subsequently arrives home before midnight, she is happy. If he arrives home after midnight she can’t be angry because he told her the truth.

In a chapter about work, the authors present a funny and very politically INcorrect case condemning the feminists and the sexual equality movement which began in the 1960’s. Specifically, they blame JFK who “secretly promoted feminism” to put more women in the workforce as a way to enlarge the tax base and thus increase government revenue. True or not, it makes an interesting argument. Finally, I loved the chapter on ‘Imaginary Friends’. The suggestion is that married men should all have at least one imaginary male friend; a “Mommy-approved friend you can go out with” from time to time. This friend must be about five years older than you (more mature), married (but you’ve never met his wife) with two children (family man), live out of town (too far to visit) and have a job that keeps him travelling (no set schedule). He can be used as an excuse for some free time, blamed when you stuff up and borrow money from you when your wife discovers an inexplicable shortfall in your pay packet. “Imaginary friends are limited only by your boldness and imagination.” I don’t think Married to Mommy? is available in Thailand but the authors have a website www.marriedto I’d love to tell you more about it but unfortunately I have to take my good mate Al to the hospital and I probably won’t be home before midnight.

pleasant surprise came in the form of Pattaya Beer Garden, situated out over the water and far enough

one is modelled on the same principle; that is, a freelancer bar where single guys and single girls can meet, chat, fall in love and not have to pay bar fines. And what a perfect setting! I arrived at around 6:30pm to take a table looking directly over Pattaya bay. As the sun set below the ocean I felt I had the best

excellent without being overpriced. I counted five television screens strategically placed so at least one can be seen from any direction. They played music videos, at background sound level, from a time when music was music, not that modern day computer-generated noise backing some badly-dressed

away from the twenty or so small beer bars in The Pier complex to miss all their noise. I enjoy the Beer Garden on Sukhimvit Soi 7 in Bangkok and I’m guessing this Pattaya

seat in town. It was so romantic I was wishing I had brought someone with me. The Beer Garden is very large, they serve draught Tiger beer for 45 baht and the meals are

moron who couldn’t carry a bucket let alone a tune. While there I watched The Beatles, Meatloaf, Bruce Springsteen, Queen and Split Enz. It was heaven, but I digress.

The Pattaya Beer Garden is the perfect place to bring your date or your friends for a meal, especially before a night out in Walking Street. I didn’t see many freelance girls decorating the bar stools but it was only early and perhaps they come later. The authorities are continually trying to move the working girls off Beach Road and the ladies sometimes suffer the indignity of being hauled off to the monkey house to pay a small fine. If I was the owner I would have small pamphlets advertising the Beer Garden written in Thai and have someone hand them out the length and breadth of Beach Road. The Pier Bar complex, including Thai boxing ring, looked and felt the same as it did two years ago. Enough said. Upstairs has been revamped to house a half dozen new bars with Woogie’s Bar and

Highway Star A Go Go looking the pick of those. At the entrance to Walking Street itself, I took a photo of what will be the new sign and compared it to one of the original sign taken a year ago. (I apologise for the quality of the photos but my camera is crap.) Whatever the new one is going to look like, I hope it is as bright and inviting as the previous one. On the right is Casnovy A Go Go which is relatively new and advertises Happy Hour from 8-9:30pm when all drinks are 60 baht. Next door is Tankay Seafood and Steak Restaurant. Across the street, happy to seeBeaver’s is still going strong. It used to be a favourite of mine in my younger days. In fact, that’s where I’ll take a break to see if the quality of undress hasn’t slid down the slippery chrome pole. See you next time Up Your Skirt, sorry, Soi!

Fool in Paradise Married to Mommy? NO, this is not a story about a guy with a massive Oedipus complex or some backwoods Kentuckian adolescent’s wet dream. It is the title of a book written by Jeff Bakeman & Brian Krinbring and published by Citadel Press, Kensington, USA. I’ve finished reading it for the second time and just have to tell someone about it. The 148-page book subtitled ‘A Survival Guide for Married Guys’ is about marriage from a purely male perspective and is written totally tongue-in-cheek. If it wasn’t, the Politically Correct SWAT Team would have had the authors hung, drawn and quartered by now. Both from Seattle, Washington, the authors purport to being ‘Professors of Matrimony’ and refer to their own ‘scientific studies’ and ‘research’ to back up their arguments, but I’m guessing most of the material for their book came after the two of them sat around many quickly emptying beer bottles. The first line of the Introduction got me hooked


by Frank Thring

THIS week I will begin my investigation of Walking Street, starting at the Beach Road end and heading all the way to Bali Hai Pier. Before skipping off with my bottle of water, Google map and ‘I’m a sexy man’ t-shirt, I checked what I had last written about Walking Street back in 2006. My idea is to make comparisons between then and now and highlight the changes that have occurred in the intervening two years. I also wanted to focus on the new attractions which make Pattaya’s centrepiece the exciting stretch of real estate that it is. Just outside the entrance to Walking Street, my first

to read further: “She was different. He’d never met a woman like her before.” Does that sound familiar? I’d like one baht for every guy who has uttered similar words here in Pattaya. But this book has nothing to do with Pattaya; it is all about the situation in the United States. And yet, the similarities are unmistakable. The prevailing theories are that “Puberty pretty well establishes the limits of the male personality.” I’ll drink to that! In contrast, once a man marries his sweet, loving, ‘different’ girlfriend, she turns into his ‘mommy’: “The transformation is programmed, and pre-meditated. In fact, it isn’t really a transformation at all. When young women reach the predator stage of their development they suppress their real selves, and certainly their agendas. Wolves do not talk to pigs of pork chops and ham.” The scariest part of the theory is also the most profound: “… any woman can get a man, anytime she likes … Contrary to what the feminists may say, it’s women – not men – who

Your Soi

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Sunday quiz ends Pattaya’s Sunday (bar) quiz league ends permanently in mid July. From Monday July 28, the brand new, improved Monday quiz league takes its place. Quizzes start at 8.30 p.m. and the sessions are friendly and non threatening as it were. If you would like further information, please contact International Ladies The next Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC) luncheon will be at Hard Rock Hotel on Tuesday July 1 from 10.30 a.m. For reservations contact Alvi (081 864 5754) or Brooke (085 698 1733). The coffee morning will be on Tuesday July 15 at 10.30 a.m. at Woodlands Resort, beyond Dolphin roundabout. Members and guests welcome and no reservations required. Manhattans’ charity dinner Manhattans Steakhouse will be hosting a charity dinner and auction on July 4 in favour of the Mercy Center. Tickets are 2,000

baht per diner and include a five course menu with complimentary glasses of Prosecco. For each ticket sold, 500 baht will be donated to Mercy Center. Bookings and further information from Kavita Lamba on or 087 618 5117 or 038 659 793 (Mark or Pepsi.) Manhattans early dining menu From 5 pm – 7 pm diners can enjoy a menu of extra ordinary quality and value. The two course option is 795 baht or three courses for 895 baht – both inclusive. There are 12 dishes to choose from, one example being a starter of grilled pork sate, a main course of 200 gr. New York strip with all the extras, followed by a dessert of chocolate brownie and ice cream. The a la carte menu is available from 6 pm to 10.30 pm. The restaurant is closed Mondays. More details on the website Bristol music bar Every Sunday Jammin/

’Session from 7.30 pm, Jomtien beachroad, soi 6. Allowing foreigners to play and sing live music to raise funds for the Camillion Centre in Rayong. Anyone who can play or just wants to listen to good music is welcome. Call 087 610 8700 (Mr Ron). Dance academy workshops Steps and Rhythm Dance Academy holds regular workshops in Salsa at beginner/intermediate/ advanced level on weekdays. Please call Stephanie Moorhouse on 089 544 4842 or email at or see the website or come and meet the instructors at 247/ 37-38 Moo 11, Nongprue, Banglamung. Also consider holding your children’s party here – fun with a difference! Luxury facility at Amari Lavish luxury and ultimate comfort for the discerning executive traveller with the launch of the Horizon Club at Amari Orchid Resort and Tower, Beach Road in North Pattaya. Located on the top floor of the brand new 5 star Ocean Tower, the Horizon Club offers a new level of personalised service and the latest audio-visual technology plus a picturesque view of the bay.

British embassy in Pattaya Brits requiring letters for immigration purposes or other British consular matters can visit the Meesen restaurant (immigration car park, Jomtien soi 5) Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays) from 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. only and without appointment. Phone contacts 081 782 7363 and 089 203 1646. Please note we cannot offer advice to Thai nationals seeking entry visas to UK. Pattaya bridge club Pattaya bridge club meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1.00 p.m. at the Bowling Green, Soi Xyte Disco. More details on the website www.pattaya or phone 038 422924 or 038 42409 or email Terry Quested on Royal British Legion Thailand’s first branch (Chonburi) is now up and running at Tropical Bert’s, opposite Bangkok Bank and adjacent to soi Yodsak. You do not need to have served in HM armed services to join, but must support the principles of the Legion. There’s a get together every Sunday with free food, discounts at the bar and organized visits. Phone Bert on 089 807 2335.

Private Posts by Kris & Noi Do you have a question about customs, culture or life in Thailand? Send it to Kris & Noi at:

Dear Kris & Noi, When I’m out prowling bars for female company, I always end up with a real good looker. That’s not difficult, as there are so many to choose from. What I don’t understand then, is why I see so many expats with awful looking Thai wives, and as old as them! And don’t tell me that beauty is only skin deep. If a man wants a wife as old and rough looking as him, why doesn’t he stay in his own country and get one? Come on, an expat has enough money to attract the best looking girls. He doesn’t have to be young or handsome either; being wealthy, by Thai standards, he can

take his pick of the young, beautiful girls that are all around. Thailand is a country where aging bachelors like me are considered a catch for a younger woman and the age gap doesn’t matter, so when I decide to marry, I’ll go for a young, sexy beauty, who will keep me feeling young and sexy too. Woodstock When looking for a bride, you have to consider much more than just age and looks, or you, and her, are in for a lousy marriage. It isn’t the same as barfining the prettiest girl on offer, who only has to tolerate you for a couple of hours. Talking so badly about wives of other expats is arrogant and disrespectful—who the hell are you to sneer at these people? The woman that you say is “awful looking” —in your sex-mongering eyes— may well be a loving

wife and mother; what on earth does the shape of her face have to do with that? However, it is true that in Thailand it is considered perfectly acceptable for an older man to marry a much younger woman. If you choose a bride purely on age and beauty, you may discover that your sweet young thing doesn’t like cooking or cleaning, and her conversation is limited to the latest Thai soap or singer. And age difference does matter if she likes to shake her booty at the late night disco while you are too knackered to get off the couch, which is what you will be, if you try to keep up with your “young, sexy beauty”. Dear Kris & Noi, In Pattaya there seem to be more opticians than there are those annoying tailor shops. Expats like to buy here, as their prices are usually far cheaper than in many western countries,

but if only expats and wealthier Thais can afford them, how do they all manage to survive? It’s hard to see where there are enough customers to go round, but you never see one closing down. With so many opticians competing for customers, it could explain why some shops are often staffed by some of the loveliest ladies you will see anywhere in Pattaya. Are they there to attract people’s attention, like the pretty girls stationed outside bars? N. Spackman Pattaya isn’t unique in having an abundance of opticians. Some of the largest in Pattaya are chain stores, with branches in every decent sized town throughout Thailand, and every town also has its own local opticians. Many villagers could never afford glasses, so it was quite common for the elderly to either wear

Seven Seas bar Located in Soi Happy, off Walking Street, Seven Seas bar offers a good opportunity to meet your friends without hassle. Located right in the heart of Pattaya’s entertainment centre, Seven Seas offers fair price drinks and a relaxed setting. AA meetings The Pattaya group meets daily in Soi Skaw Beach, Satree Pattana Center. Phone contacts are Jim 087 927 0437, Howard 087 171 9641, Somchai 081 445 3302. The Jomtien group meets daily at Jomtien Long hand-me-downs, irrespective of whether or not they were really suitable, or just go without. But the new generation of Thais is more conscious of eye-care, and has regular checks. Local expats and even first-time tourists are attracted by the high quality of service, the range of lenses and frames available, and the prices. The shops are bright and welcoming, that is why people are prepared to enter and look around. And the girls, although very attractive in their uniforms, are not eyecandy; they are there to assist and to sell items— no doubt some, if not all, are qualified optical assistants too. Even the most desperate monger is unlikely to buy expensive glasses just so that he can stand close to a pretty girl. Dear Kris & Noi, I’ve been reading your letters about eating Thai food, and how it is popular with expats, but what about durian? I’ve never seen an expat eating it. My girlfriend goes crazy

Stay Hotel. Contacts are Chicago Mike 087 143 0497, Jerry 086 141 7748, Bob 087 085 3356. Legal help line Mackenzie Smith Law has instituted a 24/7 national, emergency legal helpline on 02 655 3535. It’s for emergencies only such as serious road traffic accidents and criminal charges at the police station. Only the initial telephone contact is free. There are call out charges for lawyers to attend the police station and legal services are then charged at market rates. for it, and has put on weight from eating too much. She made me try, but I didn’t like it, the smell of the outer skin completely put me off. I know the Thais love it, I’ve seen durian-flavoured chips, ice-cream, toffee, even condoms, but I don’t think you will find any expats who enjoy eating it. Mango Lover To western expats, durian is—like caviar, truffles, and Justin Timberlake— considered to be vastly over hyped. Thailand produces so many delicious fruits that it’s silly to claim that any one fruit is supreme, but that’s what durian-lovers, and the sellers, claim. The smell is off-putting at first, but less squeamish expats have persevered, and actually have come to like it. You may not see them eating outside, as those with Thai wives or girlfriends generally eat at home, although not to the extent that Thais do. As for the condoms, if you can have strawberry flavour why not durian; who knows how it may inspire a durian-loving lady?

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

PATTAYA TODAY 19 Ha-Kao (Puppy Love)

Wanted 25-year-old Wes (James McAvoy) was the most disaffected, cube-dwelling drone the planet had ever know. His boss chewed him out hourly, his girlfriend ignored him routinely and his life plodded on interminably. Everyone was certain this disengaged slacker would amount to nothing. There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die in his slow, clock-punching rut.Until he met a woman named Fox (Angelina Jolie). Hellboy II: The Golden Army Hellboy II: The Golden Army is a 2008 film directed by Guillermo Del Toro, which is a sequel to 2004’s Hellboy, also directed by Del Toro. Saving the world is a hell of a job. Believe it or not he’s thegood guy. The mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so Hellboy and his team must save the world from the rebellious creatures. Now, as the creatures who inhabit the spiritual realm gear-up for an all out attack on the human plane, the only one capable of saving the Earth is a tough-talking hell spawn rejected by both worlds. With a signature blend of action, humor and character-based spectacle, the saga of the world’s toughest, kitten-loving hero from Hell continues to unfold in Hellboy II: The Golden Army starring Ron Perlman as Hellboy and Selma Blair as Liz Sherman. Kung Fu Panda “Kung Fu Panda” features Jack Black as Po the Panda, a lowly waiter in a noodle restaurant, who is a kung fu fanatic but whose shape doesn’t exactly lend itself to kung fu fighting. In fact, Po’s defining characteristic appears to be that he is the laziest of all the animals in ancient China.

Haakao is the story about memory and friendship of BaiMhon (Wattaporn Aiumsinthorn) a charming tomboy and her rough-aroundthe-edges buddy, Boong (Pongpisut Piewoan) who doesn’t know what love is. They are like each other’s shadow, there will be no BaiMhon without Moong and the rest of the gang is Wan (Sidtipong Visalasorn), Pee Konk (Chalerm Yamkamuang), Kung Fu (Nuttapong Chatpong) and Paris (Narong Chainam). They always find something fun to mess around with. The most popular member of the group is BaiMhon. She always comes up with girl troubles and uses Boong as her mentor. The Incredible Hulk Geneticist Bruce Banner (Norton) takes flight in order to understand — and hopefully cure — that the condition that turns him into a monster. Complicating his situation is the military initiative that wants him captured and controlled, as well as the arrival of a more-deadly nemesis: The Abomination. Hancock Hancock is an upcoming comedy superhero film directed by Peter Berg and starring Will Smith, Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron. Meet the superhero everybody loves to hate. He is saving the world whether we like it or not. Bad Behaviour. Bad Attitude. Real Hero. A hard-living superhero who has fallen out of favor with the public enters into a questionable relationship with the wife of the public relations professional who’s trying to repair his image. In this film, Will Smith portrays an alcoholic superhero named Hancock who is despised by the public. When he saves the life of PR executive Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), the latter helps rehabilitate Hancock. He starts having an affair with Ray’s wife Mary (Charlize Theron).

Drillbit Taylor is a 2008 comedy film starring Owen Wilson as the title character and based on an original idea by John Hughes. You get what you pay for. Budget Bodyguard. The best bodyguard pocket money can buy. In this comedy film, three kids hire a low-budget bodyguard to protect them from the playground bully since they were embarrassed on their very first day at school. Get Smart Bungling secret agent Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86 for CONTROL, is on a mission to battle the forces of their evil crime nemesis known as KAOS with his more-competent partner Agent 99, (whose real name is never revealed) at his side. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its agents compromised, the Chief has no choice but to promote his evereager analyst Maxwell Smart, who has always dreams of working in the field alongside stalwart superstar Agent 23. Smart will do whatever it takes to thwart the latest plot for world domination by KAOS.

Kevin Bacon is Nick Hume, a successful businessman withtwo children and a lovely wife (Kelly Preston). While driving home from his son’s hockey game, Nick must pull into a gas station in a tough part of town. When the boy goes into the store to buy a drink, his throat is slit during a bloody robbery attempt. Nick identifies the killer, but with him as the only witness, the case is unable to go to trial. Mamma Mia! A mother. A daughter. Three possible fathers. Take a trip down the aisle you’ll never forget. The story of a bride-to-be trying to find her real father told using hit songs by the popular ’70s group ABBA. 18 year old Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) has a problem. It’s almost her wedding day and she doesn’t know who her father is. It could be any of 3 of her mother’s (Meryl Streep) *past* suitors. The only way to find out is to invite all three to her wedding and see what happens. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan You Don’t Mess with the Zohan is a 2008 comedy film. The story was written by Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, Robert Smigel and was directed by Dennis Dugan. Sandler’s production company Happy Madison produced the film, and Sony Pictures Entertainment distributed it. The movie stars Adam Sandler as Zohan Dvir, an Israeli anti-terrorism commando who fakes his own death in order to pursuehis dream: becoming a hairstylist in New York. The movie begins with Zohan on a beach in Israel, attracting several women and capturing the attention of every beach-goer with his Hacky Sack prowess. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan grossed $14,850,000 on its opening day,and went on to gross $38.5 million on its opening weekend,ranked second behind Kung Fu Panda in the US. My Sassy Girl (Eng)

The Happening A family is on the run after natural disaster threatens the entire planet. f tinfoil hats shield people from the effects of electromagnetic fields, alien mind control and watching Lady in the Water, then Shyamalan fans have nothing to worry about here. ‘Cause aside from the alleged troubles he faced trying to get this script off the ground, M. Night’s bigger obstacle may be getting audiences to forget about those silly scants and snarfs.

Drillbit Taylor

Death Sentence

The Love Guru The latest Mike Myers comedy; “The Love Guru”, which also stars Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Alba is a comedy film about an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus. He moves back to the U.S. to seek fame and fortune in the world of self-help and spirituality. His unorthodox methods are put to the test when he must settle a rift between Toronto Maple Leaf’s star hockey player Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) and his estranged wife. After the split, Roanoke’s wife starts dating L.A. Kings star Jacques Grande (Justin Timberlake) out of revenge, sending her husband into a major professional skid - to the horror of the teams’ owner Jane Bullard (Jessica Alba) and Coach Cherkov (Verne Troyer). Pitka must return the couple to marital nirvana and get Roanoke back on his game so the team can break the 40-year-old “Bullard Curse” and win the Stanley Cup.

A conservative-minded Midwesterner finds his wellmapped-out life taking an unexpected detour when he falls for a reckless girl with a rash wanton wild streak in director Yann Samuell’s stateside adaptation of the 2001 South Korean hit. Jesse Bradford stars as the hapless young man who can’t help but falling in love with the titular mischief maker (played by Elisha Cuthbert) despite her brazenways. Good Morning Luang Prabang A romantic road movie about a young journalist who grows up in Australia and falls in love with a beautiful Lao girl during a visit to his father’s hometown, Luang Prabang. Directed by Anusorn Sirisakda and Sakchai Deena. Starring Ananda Everingham and Khamlek Pallawong. Sorn (Ananda Everingham), a multiracial photographer, is assigned by his editor to take a picture of Laos, where he’s reluctant to go. Even though, Sorn is half-Laotian, going back to his homeland is never in his mind. Sorn arrives at Pak-Cher town where he hires a guide, Noi (Khamlek Pallawong) to take him out to the best picture spot in Laos. They go from LeePee waterfall, Korn-Papeang , all the way to See-Pun hill, which is branch island of the Mae Khong River. Unfortunately, it’s Noi’s first time being a tour guide. She keeps taking them to the wrong direction. They have to ride and cruise uneasily everywhere. As a result, Sorn have to go back to his childhood home. By the time he gets there, Sorn finds out that his distance family for over 10 years still remembers him and welcomes him with open arms. Sorn gradually see Laos as his own home.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


SHORT HAULS FESTIVALS in the offing include the Ubon Ratchathani Candle festival featuring wonderful candle carving (until July 19) and for those who don’t care to eat meat the Phuket Vegetarian Festival (September 28-October 7). Details: THAI Airways is offering “two for one” Twice the Fun deals to five Asian destinations – Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Bali and Hanoi. Departures are on Fridays and Saturdays. Details: KEEN on golf holidays? In the 14th Annual World Travel Awards (the industry’s ‘Oscars’) China’s Mission Hills complex of courses was voted No 1 in Asia. Tops for golf in Thailand was the Sheraton Grande Laguna in Phuket. THAILAND’S leading spa resort in the above awards was the Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

There are places I remember WHEN it comes to vacations I’m very much a “when in Rome...” type of tourist. So, when I visit a country or city, I like to indulge in whatever that particular spot is famous for. A instance? Well, I once visited Monte Carlo with friends. They were happy enough to take pictures of the casino, but I insisted on going inside. Ten minutes later and 10 francs lighter (euros hadn’t been thought of then) we were out again. I had lost a little money but, no matter, I could claim to have gambled in Monte Carlo. Okay, my hopes of becoming “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo” as the song goes, didn’t get past two miserable hands of Black Jack. But, in my estimation, I had done the thing Monte Carlo is famous for, apart from maybe be a spectator at its F1 Grand Prix. Try visiting Paris without going up the Eiffel Tower; London without seeing the Houses of Parliament; Athens without taking in the Parthenon; Bangkok without ... okay maybe that’s enough examples. On second thoughts, let’s try just a few more. I’ve visited Amsterdam in my youth and taken a boat ride on its canals and toured its red light district – just for a little window shopping, you understand. In San Francisco I’ve toured the Alcatraz jail and ridden in a cable car; in Los Angeles it was the Chinese theatre where all the stars leave foot or handprints in

the paving stones plus a, thankfully, inexpensive wander down Rodeo Drive; in New York, a boat ride past the Statue of Liberty and a trip to the viewing platform of th‘e Empire State Building were a must. Also, my time in journalism has been good to me in terms of getting around. Sorry to gloat, but, seeing the world while someone else is footing the bill, really is a delight. Everyone should try it. With others picking up the tab I have been to Romania (in the Ceausescu era) and seen the castle of Vlad the Impailer (many think he was the inspiration for the Dracula stories). I have also freeloaded in the Champagne region of France and consumed several glasses of bubbly in the process. But, without doubt, my best non-paying visit was to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Now

that group of islands really is special. Maybe I’ll get the chance to tell you more about it in a future column. All that said there are still numerous destinations that remain unvisited – sadly. High on my wanted list is to visit Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The thought of sipping one of its famous gin slings while idly tossing peanut shells on the floor of the bar has distinct appeal. Add to that a visit to Australia to see an Ashes Test match. I’ve always felt an affinity with Aussies. Maybe it’s because, like many of them, I hate losing at just about anything. Now if any of my Aussie friends are thinking about taking umbrage at that remark, please don’t. It’s intended as a compliment even if a back-handed one. Anyway, you don’t lose that often at sport. Do you?

The Eiffel Tower and the Parthenon – who would visit Paris or Athens without seeing them?

It’s not unusual-or is it ? IN a previous travel column I issued a plea to travel agents asking them to alert me to any good deals or unusual packages. Well, at the time of writing, I can’t say heart-on heart that I’ve been deluged in response. Of course, it’s true that what appears a good deal to one might be expensive in the eyes of another. Though sometimes a package that sounds costly can be the reverse. For example, I recently received a distinctly tonguein-cheek round-robin email from a friend spelling out how it could be cheaper for a pensioner to live 365 days a year on a cruise ship than stay in a home for the elderly. Space prevents me going into all the detail but, essentially, on a cruise ship guests receive their meals and certain drinks included in

the price, have a “roof” over their heads and a bed to sleep in, be entertained and, if taken ill on board, they will be treated without extra payment. Cost out all the above in a home for the elderly and it’s a close call in terms of value for money. In addition, on a cruise ship you get to see places you’ve always promised yourself that you would visit. Well, maybe it’s not for everyone – especially if you suffer from sea sickness. But it did make me think! As for unusual packages, again, we enter the debate of what is unusual. Cue bad joke ... woman patient is told she is suffering from Tom Jones syndrome. She asks the doctor if the complaint is a common one. “Well,” he replies, “it’s not unusual.” Pause for groans. Blame my friend Howard for that one.

So what is unusual? It’s a terrible cop out, I know, but I can only tell you what I think is unusual when I hear about it. But I’ll try to give an example. I see many Thai hotels advertising cookery courses in which farang guests can learn how to cook Thai food. But not once have I seen a hotel offering to teach Thai nationals how to cook farang style. “No demand for it,” may be the reply. But, is that necessarily true? I would be tempted to visit a hotel offering such a course to my wife.

Odd dish of spaghetti bolognaise.

Now don’t misunderstand, my wife is a very good cook of Thai dishes. No complaints whatsoever. But her efforts with western food are pretty much restricted to steaks, chops or readymade pies, all with standard veg or salad. I get the odd tentative spaghetti bolognaise – and I use the word odd advisedly. Mashed potato is something of a lottery, either lumpy or watery. How is it that with mortar and pestle in hand she can make great som tham but still manages to leave lumps in potatoes? I think I may have hit upon something for hotels here. Their chefs must have the skills, otherwise how could they cook for their foreign guests? They could advertise it as a Cooks tour. Enough bad jokes for one issue!

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



The joy of flying

by Alan S. Brown

FLY-BY-NIGHT AIRLINES; CAN I HELP YOU? Yes, Thanks. I’d like to book a ticket from Bangkok to New York for 5 August. I can do that. What class are you flying? I’ll be flying Economy. OK. No problem. Did you want a seat or will you be standing? Huh? Sir; I’m sure you are aware that the airlines have had to add fees and institute austerity measures due to the high cost of fuel. Now, in economy class, there’s a surcharge for those customers who would like a seat. The basic fare only offers you standing room; but, we do have straps for you to hold on to, similar to those you would find on the Bangkok Sky Train. Well, seventeen hours is a bit long to stand. I’ll go for a seat. OK. Would you like window or aisle?

I’ll take a window seat, please. Sir, I must inform you that all guests taking a window seat will be required to stick

their arm out of a specially designed portal and flap in order to keep the plane flying. This is a fuel saving measure. Wow. I think the outside air is pretty cold at that altitude. I hope I don’t get frostbite. For an extra charge, we can supply gloves. If your arm snaps off, though, we cannot be held responsible.

OK. That sounds reasonable. May I ask what you will be wearing on the flight?

I don’t understand. Is there a dress code? We allow one pair of underwear, pants, a shirt, socks and lightweight shoes or sandals. There’s a surcharge for heavy shoes, sport jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, hats or any other superfluous garments. Bear in mind, in order to keep the weight down, we no longer supply blankets or pillows on the flight.

Well, I think I’ll probably bring a sweatshirt. OK. I’ll add that to your fare. Sir, also, please be aware that we now charge for checked baggage. No problem. I’ll only be bringing carry-on. We also charge for carry-on. You didn’t think we’d allow you to bring anything on board for free, did you? Well, now that you mention it, how silly am I? By the way, do you still have in-flight entertainment, movies and so on? Sir, you’re welcome to bring your mp-3 player or laptop; but… Yes, I know, they’ll be a charge for me to use my own equipment. I think I get the picture. What about food and drink? Are you nuts? There aren’t any nuts or any other edibles. That’s a frill we had to eliminate. You can go seventeen hours without eating, can’t you? You probably need to lose weight anyway.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008 If you absolutely insist on bringing your own, it’s allowed. Of course, there’ll be a “corkage” fee for bottled water and whatnot and a fee for solid food, as well. Well, what other extra fees are there? Let’s see. Of course, there’s the fuel surcharge.

That seems to increase by the second. So, you’ll have to settle that up at check-in. There’s the departure tax, entering the airport tax, the check-in service fee, the boarding fee. Plan to use the toilet on the plane? You need to pay to enter the facility, pay to use the toilet; and then there’s the water usage charge if you plan to wash up. Oh yeah. You don’t think the toilet paper is free, do you? And, let’s not forget the landing fee,

the debarkation fee and the use of JFK Airport fee if you plan to enter the terminal after we land. There are also miscellaneous fees for charges we haven’t thought up yet. And, for all these fees, charges and surcharges, what, exactly do I get? Basically, you get to fly in a tuna fish can without the tuna. That would be extra. Well, this, c e r t a i n l y, s o u n d s delightful. Let’s book it. Sir, I need to disclose another fee. You have been speaking to me for seventeen minutes. At $3.99 per minute, that comes to $67.83 in addition to the $100 booking fee. What if I say screw this and just hang up? Your phone bill will still contain the $67.83 charge; and I must say, sir, I don’t like your tone. OK. Sorry. Just total it up. Yes, thanks. And, thank you for flying on FLYBY-NIGHTAIRLINES.

Royal British Legion in Malaysia by Bert Elson

AS members of the Royal British Legion Thailand we are well used to attending Remembrance Services on the 11th November every year, however we should also remember that there were other smaller conflicts where young men and women gave their lives and shed their blood just as they did in the first or second world war. One of these was the Malay Emergency, starting on 16th June 1948 when 3 Communist Terrorist shot and killed 3 planters, Allison, Christian and Walker. This led to a 12 year intense jungle war fought by British, Commonwealth and Malay forces against the army of the Malay Communist Party led by fanatic Chin Peng. It cost the lives of 6710 Terrorists, 2478 Civilians ( with 810 missing ), 1346 Malay Troops and 519 British. It came to an end when the newly formed Malaysian Government declared the Emergency over in July 1960 the Chinese Year of the Rat. So why an Emergency and not a War well that was down to the fact that had it

been a War the Planters and Tin Miners would not have received insurance, however as far as those

young men fighting in dense jungle were conerned it was a War just like any other and one that they

won. This was our second visit to Malaysia but the first under the banner of the Legion, we attended 4 parades, lowered our Standard 4 times and listened to prayers in 4 faiths Christian, Hindu, Islam and Buddhist, we met friends old and new and even found time to visit the Cameron Highlands for Tea andScones (along with a few beers!!). I did not serve in Malaysia but my Regiment did so it was an honour for me when the Coldstream Guards asked me to lay a wreath on their behalf, many of those who served are now through age, illness or costs unable to unable so as members of the Legion we are proud to represent them all. The Kohima Epitaph reads “ When you go home, tell them of us and say, For your tomorrow we gave our today “. That today in Malaysia see’s a thriving, prosperous and stable country fast becoming the tourist hub of Asia. We sampled this ourselves in Penang for “Duty’s Done” it was now time to relax and remember those young lads

as they would like to be remembered; with a few more beers. We had 2 days in Penang and were welcomed wherever we went with open arms as indeed we were throughout Malaysia. We will return

next year and maybe add a day or two on the agenda for we must never ever forget. The Royal British Legion Thailand meets in Tropical Bert’s every Sunday Lunch from 2pm, all welcome.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Quality outdoor teak furniture now in Pattaya Wansar offers the gold standard at good prices TEAK IS excellent for outdoor furniture because of its natural durability and resistance to the elements, both driving rain and hot sun. The hardwood is also something of a status symbol and its furniture is even passed to future generations as a family heirloom. But the greatest news is that teak does not need to be protected. Uniquely, the wood in its natural state is virtually maintenance free. Wansar, the hugely popular teak furniture manufacturer and showroom in Hua Hin, has just recently opened in Pattaya. You can find them on Thappraya Road, just before CB Richard Ellis and Bruno’s restaurant as you near the traffic lights with Thepprasit Road. The name Wansar is derived from the two directors’ wives just in case you wondered. Director Peter Croxton, who has substantial business interests in both UK and China, said, “All the products displayed in our shop are

kept in stock which means you can buy your furniture in the morning and sit on it in the evening.” He adds that the furniture is manufactured in the Java region of Indonesia, famed for its craftsmen. The real secret of Wansar’s success is that the company works from an “in-stock position” from the large stockholding in Thailand. There’s no waiting at Wansar whilst your order is processed. Immediate delivery is guaranteed. The range includes dining sets, garden tables and chairs, recliners, sunloungers and condo friendly products. Fellow director Stuart Watson, also a Brit who runs several engineering companies back home, explains, “We opened in Hua Hin only last year but have been so successful that we have opened up in Pattaya too. We welcome trade enquiries from hotels and interior designers as well as from the general public.” As an example, he cites the company’s success in being the suppliers of the outdoor furniture at the new Sony/Erickson conference centre in Hua Hin. Special designs are in fact a house speciality. The original idea to form Wansar formed after the two UK business partners built several villas in Hua Hin yet were unable to find really good quality teak furniture at affordable prices. “We found ourselves either being astonished by the ridiculously high prices in the high street or the need to order in advance and wait two months for delivery,” recalls Peter. In fact all the furniture is kiln dried to make it especially durable and weather resistant. Stuart reminds lovers of teak products that the wood is regarded as the gold standard for outdoor furniture. The wood is protected by its own natural oils that migrate to the surface of the wood and make it virtually impervious to water. As such the use of varnish, water sealers and oil on teak

furniture is not recommended. Products such as varnish and polyurethane will peel and chip and are difficult to remove without vigorous sanding. Oiling teak will not prevent the wood from graying and can result in mold and mildew. So the great beauty of teak is that it is best left alone 12 months a year. The wood itself is taken from special, environmentally friendly plantations in Indonesia. Wansar held its grand opening on June 19 with the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon and gifts of flowers from many well-wishers and supporters. Don’t be too surprised in the near future if you hear they have opened in Ko Samui or Phuket or Bangkok. This business has a real market niche. The telephone contact number for Wansar in Pattaya is 038 251129 and for the Hua Hin branch 032 523001. There are many examples of the high quality products at

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Tourism still driving upmarket condo market Pattaya projects inland as well as beachfront THE TOURISM industry continues to be the main driver behind foreigners’ interest in the Thai condominium market, according to Raimon Land’s managing director Nigel Cornick. He explains that those resorts which are near to Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin in particular, benefit from their geographical position. Since 2003, Thailand’s seaside resorts – Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui and Hua Hin – have experienced a 9% annual growth in numbers, so it’s no surprise that 30% of Thailand’s luxury condominium inventory is now located there. It’s the strong influx figures which are continuing to support property expansion. Mr Cornick points out that, after a slowdown in 2006, there were many new starts in 2007 in condominium developments to provide 2,415 new units. Of these, 67% were located

in Pattaya, 26% in Hua Hun, 4% in Phuket and 3% in Koh Samui. Pattaya’s strong performance was boosted by impressive economic expansion along the eastern seaboard as well as its proximity to the metropolis and to the new Suvarnabumi international airport.

Pattaya’s transition with its sleazy reputation to a much more sophisticated resort catering for family and luxury orientated travellers is now well under way. There are now many top

class hotels and leisure and sports opportunities which underpin the continued popularity of luxury condos for foreign purchase and investment. The launches in Pattaya now include inland projects with sea views as well as beachfront locations, a reflection of buyers seeking affordable properties regardless of whether they are yards from the waterfront. Located three hours southwest of Bangkok, Hua Hin remains attractive due to its relaxing atmosphere, more affordable prices, appeal to Thai buyers and faster development schedules. Hua Hin was notable in 2007 for the introduction of 640 units from prominent Bangkok developers, many of whom continue to launch new projects in 2008. Lacklustre performance in Phuket and Koh Samui, according to Raimon Land, has been linked to factors such as

currency exchange rates and possible amendments to the foreign business act, both matters of concern to non-Thais. In Pattaya, which has remained vibrant in the luxury market, Pattaya’s top end condominiums sold 544 units worth 6.6 billion baht in 2007, compared to 1,609 launched at an averaging selling price of 12.3 million baht. The average price per square metre in Pattaya climbed 10% over 2006 to 96,332 baht, the highest amongst all resort areas. This was closely followed by Phuket at 95,181 baht per sqm, Samui at 87,420 baht and Hua Hin at 72,063 baht. Of the total resort condo sales last year, 27% of the units sold were priced over 100,000 baht per square metre and 21% between 80,000 and 100,000 baht. Units in the 60,000 to 80,000 baht range commanded 29%, whilst units priced under 60,000 baht per square metre made up just 23%. Very few beachfront or

seaview developments are now priced under 100,000 baht per sqm with the very top 10% of the market selling at an average of 123,715 baht. The situation overall has lifted resale prices in the most desirable condos, allowing developers to increase the prices of units in new projects whilst opening the door for investors seeking impressive, short term capital gains. Some shrewd investors buying at preconstruction prices have been very happy indeed to re-sell their holdings with double digit profits in a short time scale. Although foreign buyers account for a significant number of condominium purchases, the most active markets have changed. Russians rose from outside the top 10 to head Raimon Land’s 2007 buyer chart, followed by Thais, British, Australians, Germans and Chinese. The US and Swedish markets in this survey began to slide. In Pattaya specifically Russians, Thais and

British lead the property market whereas Phuket is commanded by Russians, British and Australians. Hua Hin remains a predominantly Thai destination, although emerging international interest now amounts to about a quarter of all new acquisitions. Raimon Land concludes its report by predicting that demand in Pattaya will remain strong, with new markets playing a part in top end developments, whilst prices in Hua Hin will continue to increase for both resale and off-plan projects. The main action in Phuket will be in new areas adjacent to the mainland, now being referred to as Greater Phuket, whilst Koh Samui will remain a niche market leaning towards branded real estate.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


D Nan home service D NAN Home Service offers repairs of home electrical items like TV, DVD, computer, water heater, projectors, washing machine, microwaves, car stereo, etc. It also provides air conditioners as well as giving door to door home repair services when needed. Mr. Thoitkorn Sitthirattanachai and Mrs. Nosdang Akka (husband and wife) decided to open this one stop repair service branch in Pattaya three years ago (2006) after obtaining 25 years of experience together. Many people might find Dnan Home Service a familiar name, of course it already exists in

almost 76 provinces of Thailand. This is why all work is guaranteed for quality by professional teams that you can trust. Telephone 038 – 416347, 085 – 083 9194

Dnan Home Service is open from 9 am – 8 pm, and is located on third road south Pattaya, at the intersection of Sophon market (opposite 7-eleven Soi 17 – Land Office).



AFTER a three week trip around North-Western Europe, I now must be back in Thailand? I pose this rhetorical question, as it seems things have changed in the Land of Smiles. Baggage reclaim was very quick. I am uncertain as to this being Thailand as immigration was very quick too. My exit from the airport was painless, despite being briefly pulled over in customs. This efficiency is unsettling. Could it just be that after Europe, where anything involving the word ‘service’ is destined for disaster, disappointment and delay, but not necessarily in that order, that my expectations are now so low, that even surly Thai immigration and customs staff seem courteous and helpful. I went to the Arrivals set down point and bagged a taxi to Pattaya. 1,000bt to Jomtien. This is the

cheapest ride yet from the airport and this despite rising fuel prices. They must be hungry for work. The taxi was plastered with I speak English and I love farang. The driver didn’t do either. Ahh, I am back in Thailand. ***** The possible threats of global warming has changed within Europe to the actual effects of just how the climate is changing and what this actually means, rather than if and when. Generally it is seen as greater variations in weather (except for colder). Namely, hotter, wetter and drier. These effects are the worries of malaria in humans and blue tongue in farm animals in NW Europe. Something that has caused little concern in Thailand, as yet. I hope in Pattaya this does not mean we will lose the micro climate that we have. Europe sees the environment as a hot issue,


with even the number of plastic bags at supermarkets being sold rather than thrown at you to do your own packing. ***** I am told that there are a number of Hungarian property buyers stalking around town snapping

Driving down a small soi off Prattamnak I came across a large (and I mean mouth wateringly large sumptuous meal large) wild boar trotting down the road. It’s certainly bigger than the average pig on a spit outside a bar size. Amazing in an area which has so many builders and who would see this as a provider of many prize meals. ***** Once again, a natural disaster has contributed indirectly to the finances of the bars of Pattaya. The

The good looking Westfield at Bira. No cheap innuendo or smarmy comment here. The birds look good too

up a few deals. That’s a new one on me.

combination of Cobra Gold and the Burma Typhoon

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008 relief effort, with American and British naval ships off Burma having been supplied from Utapao at Sattahip has put a large Marine contingent in Walking Street. The marines stationed nearby have undoubtedly been a lifeline for many bars. The bars had a surge of customers immediately after the Tsunami with visitors directed away from resorts on the Andaman Sea. ***** I stumbled upon ‘Tims Place’ restaurant near the traffic lights on Chaipraya Road. It’s not cheap, but the food is quite excellent and therefore offers great value for money. My highly critical girlfriend thought the Thai food was exceptional too. For me, there is nothing more expensive than lousy inedible food. With great ambience and excellent food, Tims Place has a repeat customer in me. I am the Jomtien HotMale and can be contacted at I find the use of child labour on Walking Street, whether to entertain or trying to coax money for flowers or out of sympathy to be something that is

really quite sad. I am amazed that there is no proper clampdown on this. Seeing 5 or 6 years old peddling flowers at 11.30 at night is not cute or endearing. It’s tragically sad. In addition, it is not a welcome picture that Thailand wants to paint in such an environment. Don’t tip them. Don’t support it. Don’t buy the flowers. Don’t support child labour of 5 or 6 year olds in any shape or form. Thailand has received criticism by the UNCHR (United Nations Commission of Human Rights) on its treatment of refugees. It was singled out as one of the worst offenders for failing in the standards of care for refugees. In particular, of the Hmong refugees from Laos. The Hmong fought with the US (as did the Thais) against the communists during what is known as the Vietnam War. It is estimated 8,000 Hmong refugees are in Thailand. I wrote in the last issue that I found Europe incredibly depressing after not visiting for over two and half years. I find being back in Thailand two weeks to be: Great.

A mixed Year for Thailand by Stu Sutton I SUPPOSE being a part of a public consumer driven industry I’m privy to a lot of chit-chat and opinions from all walks. Usually there’s a general sentiment floating around, but I’m hearing a lot of vastly different takes on things at the moment. We’ll always have the chronic complainers and negative soothsayers in Pattaya. I know we all have our Basil Fawlty moments at times, and that’s fine. A friend of mine calls it the ‘balloon effect’ – where you try and contain the frustration and it keeps filling up inside you until – pop! But it’s these constant complainers that drive me nuts (yes, I understand the hypocrisy in making that statement). There’s always going to be an element here that thrives on predicting doom and gloom. But surprisingly, given the potential for another upheaval within the Thailand government, a lot people seem quite positive about things. It’s been a very muddled

year so far for Thailand in general. There have been a couple of positive steps forward with regard to increasing interest in foreign investment (repealing the withholding tax on foreign monies coming in, massive reductions in property transfer fees), yet the current political climate could scare off even the most confident investor. Having said this, for those of us fortunate to have lived here for many a year,

blip on the radar. I’ve written at length in the past on Thailand’s resilient property market – when you take into account the turbulence of the past seven years (9/11, SARS, Avian bird flu, Tsunami, the coup, tightened visa regulations, the now defunct withholding tax on foreign transfers, an unclear Foreign Business Act) it’s amazing people are still investing. If this had been virtually any other country

none of this uncertainty seems to really phase us. While it’s true that on paper Thailand seems to be in a bit of a crisis at the moment, in reality, this is just another

in the world, most investors would have jumped ship years ago. Yet this is Thailand. We seem to be the exception to the rule here. Other countries can

see their property markets tumble with just a slight adjustment in the interest rates. I think a big difference between Thailand and say, Canada, is that people move here and buy here because they WANT to live here. Most people buy in Canada because they HAVE to (I’m not knocking Canada – I think everyone wants to live in sub-arctic temperatures 8 months a year). While we do deal with a lot of investment buyers in our office, there are still a large number of people who are looking beyond the monthly returns or yearly gains and are simply seeking a nice home to lay their hat and enjoy the rest of their lives – and this really does transcend political instability or other ‘local’ problems. What I do find quite funny is everyone saying how slow it seems around town at the moment – probably because I hear this EVERY YEAR AT THIS TIME! There’s really nothing shocking about it being quiet in the low season, nor can 150 real estate

companies expect to be busy all year round. I think the market is actually quite healthy right now. There are still some speculative buyers gobbling up multiple units off-plan with hopes of flipping before too many payments are due, but it’s not creating the false market I think we had a few years ago. There are a lot of new buyers around – real buyers – who still see Pattaya as both a nice place to settle and a sound investment for the future. For any and all property sales/rentals enquiries, please visit Jomtien Property on Thappraya Road, call 038 303 243 or 086 108 6575, visit our website at www.jomtien-, or check out the new Thailand Property – Pattaya Branch office on the 3 rd floor of The Avenue Shopping Mall on Pattaya Second Road, call 038 05 20 20 or 084 872 7668 or visit our website at

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Luxury condominium in central Pattaya

Legends are made at LK Group LK Group, owners of first class hotels and serviced apartments in Pattaya, are now putting their concept style and designs into LK Legend, a condominium with all the comforts of a five star hotel. Situated across from Carrefour megastore on Soi Aruunthai, LK Legend is designed to be a 7 storey low rise condominium built as four blocks around a huge lagoon pool. The units range from 41 sqm to palatial 230 sqm duplex, three bedroomed apartments. The internal finish of the buildings, both the living space and the communal areas, are beautifully finished and also spacious and elegant. The units come with luxurious

bathrooms, suspended ceilings, concealed lighting and the highest quality floor finishes. The communal facilities not only include a 1,000 sqm lagoon pool but also a clubhouse with pool and restaurant, a state of the art gymnasium and associated steam rooms. The clubhouse and lobby reception areas will be fitted with free WiFi internet. Other key attractions of the development are the LK brand name, the central location and the highly competitive pricing – meaning luxury for less than mid-market price.




Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Real Estate Companies

ACI Enterprise 115/2 M.5 Naklua, Banglamung Tel: 038-416060 Fax: 038-416061 E-mail: aci@ Sawan Land & House 164/6 Woodlands Shopping Arcade Naklua Rd., Naklua Tel: 038-415161 Fax: 038415160

North Thai Legal & Associates Co.,Ltd. 266/9 Pattaya Bazaar, 2 nd R d . , N o r t h P a t t a y a (opposite BestSupermarket) Tel: 038-410163 Fax: 038410073

The German Thai Group Real Estate 157/142-3 M. 5 Naklua Rd., Naklua Tel: 038-42736-4 to 5 Fax: 038-426339 E-mail: VIP Property 148/3 M.6 Sukhumvit Rd., Naklua Mobile: 081-8613499 or 081-6934489 Tel: 038-727424 to 5 Fax:038-727426 E-mail:


Evans Marketing 448/9 & 10 M 12 Thepprasit Road Jomtien-Pattaya, Banglamung, Chonburi. Tel: 038-301-090-2 Fax: 038-301093 Mobile: 081-864-7751 Atchara Evans E-Mail: Atchara or, & Fair Properties 316/26 Thappraya Rd. (Beside View Talay 1), Jomtien Tel: 038-303418, 038-303177 or 038-25235-1 to 2 Fax: 038303198 or 038-252262 Email: Farang Services 189/12-14 Thepprasit Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-941 6769 or 081-8615153 Tel: 038300618, 038-300174 or 038300946 Fax:038-300261 Email: Jomtien Homefinders 316/24 ThapprayaRd., Nongprue Tel: 038-303339 or 038-303340 E-mail: jomtien Jomtien Property 315/185-186 Thappraya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 084-793 5236 Tel: 038-303243 Fax: 038-303073 E-mail:

Bang Saray Country Properties Land & Development Co,. Ltd 98/15 M9 Sukhumvitrd, Bang Saray,

Jomtien Magenta Estate Agents 337/5 Moo 12 Thappraya Soi 12 (Soi Pattaya Park) Tel: 081974-4387, 038-250-310Email: Nick Real Estate 75 M.12 Jomtien Beach Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-443 5211 Tel: 038-756466 or 038232000 Fax: 038-231709 Email: North Shore Real Estate 315/183-184 M.12 Thappraya Rd., Jomtien Tel: 038-30382-5 to 6 Fax: 038-303827 E-mail: Location Location Location Property Consultants 306/71-72 M.12, Chateau Dale Plaza, Thappraya Road, Jomtien, Chonburi Tel: 038252491 to 2 Fax: 038-252720, 089 988 7023 PAL Property and Land Group 460/354 Thappraya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 086 150 8673 Tel: 038-233744 Fax: 038233743 Pappa Co., Ltd 448/21 Keha Bldg. Tower 1, M.12 Soi 3 Thepprasit Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 086-314 2361 Tel: 038-3010-48 to 50 Fax: 038-301045 E-mail: or Chonburi, 20250. Office Tel. 038-737018, (Thai) 089-0475604,( E n g l i s h )

Blue Star Business Co., Ltd. 310/2 M.10 Central Pattaya Beach Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-2400531 Tel: 038488004 Fax; Heritage Real Estate 340/27 3rd Rd., NongprueMobile: 089-8073576 Tel: 038-410554 PAT Properties & Services 64/70 Thepprasit Rd., Nongprue Tel: 038-301019 Fax: 038301079, 038-301013 E-mail: Pattaya Properties 315/170-171 M.12 Thappraya Rd., Jomtien Tel: 038-30351-5 to 7 Fax: 038-303520 E-mail: PBRL Pattaya Business & Real Estate Law Office 413/150 M.12 Jomtien Complex Condo Tel: 038-252222 or 038252159 Fax: 038-303533Email: Premier Homes Exclusive Property Sales & Rentals 240/21 Jomtien Beach Rd., Jomtien Tel: 038-231931 Fax: 038-231519 E-mail: premier@ Property Today 433/19 View Talay 2 Condo Building B, Thappraya Rd. Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung Tel/Fax: 038-267049, 0899384163, 081-9401872 E-mail: Tippys Property Limited Partnership 477/36 View Talay 5 Condo Building C, Thappraya Rd. Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung Tel/Fax: 038-333003, 0819405181, 081-7584257 E-mail: Wandee Group 162/220-222 M.10 Thappraya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081 8631786 Tel: 038-364829 Fax: 038-252507 E-mail:

East Coast Real Estate 388/193 M.10 Soi Pattaya 17, Banglamung Tel: 038-72361-5 to 6 Fax: 038-426193 E-mail: eastcoast@thai East Coast Real Estate Golden Homes Real Estate 33/39 M.9 Soi Diana Inn, Nongprue Mobile: 086-8268821 Tel: 038-72089-2 to 3 Fax: 038-720894 E-mail: info@ goldenhomes Exotiq Real Estate 3rd Road, opposite the fire stationTel: 038-720980 or 0831206042 E-mail: pattaya@ Website: pattaya

ISS Exclusive Properties 194/18 Central Pattaya Rd., NongprueTel: 038-428929 or 038-428910 Fax: 038360334 E-mail: info@ Paradise City Property 116/27 Moo 9, Central Pattaya,Nongprue,Banglamung (opposite Carrefour) 038-373966, 081-761 3238 Royal Siam Property

South Northern Thai Realty & export 215/15-18 2 nd.Rd (opposite Royal Garden) South Pattaya, NongprueTel: 038-426242 or 038-425836 Fax: 038-426243 One Stop Real Estate & Legal Services 219/14 M.10 Soi 13/1 (Yamoto)Pattaya Beach Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-7044619 Tel: 038-710699 or 038-710725 Fax: 038-710529 E-mail: onestop@ Siam Business Services 193/427 Tony’s trade center,3rd rd. South Pattaya, Nongprue Tel. 038-416891 to 2 Fax.

42/92-93 Sukhumvit Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 087-1252131 or 01-0026517 Tel: 038-423311

East BB Lets 21/14-15 Moo 5 Soi Sukhumvit 53East Pattaya Mobile: 0831 125 910 Fax: 038 730 104 E-mail: website: 038-416893 E-mail: info@ Siam Properties 313/27 M.10 South Pattaya Rd.(close to 3rd Rd.), Nongprue Tel: 038-415490 Fax: 038-414693 Town & Country Property 63/10-11 M.10 South Pattaya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 0895453631Tel: 038-374136 Fax: 038-374137E-mail: info@ towncountrypro Winnie’s Property Service Co., Ltd. 253/62-63 M.10 Soi 18, Pratamnak Rd., South Pattaya, Nongprue Mobile: 081-8021467 or 086-5519248 Tel: 038422986 Fax: 038-713589

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Cambodia’s property boom truly amazing First high rise condo under construction AFTER a truly tragic history under the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s, Cambodia is now undergoing a real estate boom which locals can scarcely believe. In the capital Phnom Penh, there’s a 42 storey residential block going up in Monivong avenue funded by money from South Korea. It’s called Gold Tower 42 and is already 80% sold out at the preconstruction phase. A few kilometres away, there’s an even bigger one with 52 storeys being considered. Fifteen years ago, Phnom Penh lacked even a working set of traffic lights and its

pavements were littered at night with hordes of the urban penniless. But now it’s a very different tale with land speculators raking in profits and old buildings being bulldozed to make way for office buildings, apartment blocks, shopping malls and villas. It’s a similar story in Siem Reap, the town hosting the famous ruins at Angkor Wat. Not everybody thinks the skyscrapers make sense. Some businessmen take the view that there’s certainly a pent up demand in Phnom Penh which has lacked high quality housing

The Phnom Penh as everybody remembers it

and office space for decades. But it’s arguable that the demand for new construction is actually limited. “They say it’s going to be a success,” says the head of a leading realty company, “but I don’t know. It may not all come true.” But the government is convinced of a bright future on the construction front. Prime minister Hun Sen likes the skyscrapers and wants more of them. No big contracts are signed in Cambodia without his sayso. Yet Cambodia is actually a poor country which has little experience of huge investment, much of it coming from abroad rather than by way of local bank loans. Much of the cash currently comes from South Korea and it’s no coincidence that several downtown hotels cater just for Koreans, even in their restaurants. But other big time investors are now coming forward to invest in

casinos, malls and golf courses. One of them is ousted Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra. There are still legal hurdles for foreign investors to tackle. Foreigners are not allowed to own real estate outright in Cambodia but, as usual, there are loopholes knocking around. Foreign investors can set up a joint venture with Cambodian partners, use long term leases or even put the land in the name of the Cambodian partners. There’s even the possibility of becoming Cambodian. You just have to invest around a million dollars, or so rumour has it, and to know the right people. Some assemblymen urge caution, pointing out that there are many fake deeds and that many land deals are shady. Cambodia is awash with illegal cash plundered from the sale of national assets including illegal logging and sale of public

The IT Guru by Richard Bunch Q. currently have TOT DSL, ‘Gold Cyber”, for 1,000 Baht per month. I am pretty dissatisfied with this service. The speed is much slower than advertised. Viewing streaming videos, for example, isn’t even an option. Worse, the service is extremely unreliable. Service disconnections occur almost daily. I inquired at TT&T but they said that they don’t service my area. Are there any other options for reliable broadband service at a reasonable price? Thanks. Alan Jomtien A. Unfortunately you have not given your location other than Jomtien so it is difficult to be specific. I can however give you some general advice which should help you. This is based on our experience although naturally there will be exceptions. We find TOT to be the worst of the local providers, in terms of service quality and problem ownership / resolution. TT&T tend to fair much better in both areas and generally if

there is a problem they will accept ownership and try to provide a resolution. Of all the local media providers CAT comes out on top on all counts. They run their own cables to the installation; clearly this is desirable given the general state of the infrastructure. The service only provides an Internet connection though, so if you need a land line telephone you will still need a TT&T or TOT line. Generally, most providers utilize shared bandwidth; the number of subscribers attached to a pool varies between plans and providers, but the cheaper the plan the more subscribers for sure! Also the status and availability constantly changes, each node having limited capacity, so if the provider tells you it is available at your location, that is at that time so in areas where demand is high and capacity near full, the watchword is move quickly. If you want to proceed along the CAT route, you should go to their office on Pattaya Tai, (same entrance as for paying International

Telephone bills). They will initially do a survey and if it is available you will need to produce the usual paperwork. Q. For some reason, my desktop icon for Skype has turned into or “mutated” into some other symbol other then Skype (a blue background with a large letter “S”). It is now a flower with a spyglass or magnifying glass. Looks sort of like a search icon? I use Windows Vista on a laptop if this will help. Thanks for any suggestions on how to recover the regular Skype icon. Jim A. There are a number of reasons why this can happen; fortunately the solution is normally fairly straightforward. If the icon is showing correctly in the Program Group then often just deleting the destktop icon and remaking the shortcut will do the trick. Right click > Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut). If this fails then it select the executable (.exe) in the Program Files directory normally C:\Program Files\ Skype\Phone\Skype.exe then create the shortcut as previously described; right click > Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut); if the icon is still mutated then right click and select Properties, then the Change

Icon button, you should be presented with a plethora of choices. Q. My niece is coming to stay with us for the summer. She is twelve and pretty computer savvy, probably more so than me. With that in mind I wondered what you thought about letting her use my computer which is a three year old notebook running Windows XP. I don’t mind her using it but even though I only use it for pleasure, there are hours and hours of work on it including my family tree and I would hate to think that these may be lost. Kathy What should I do? A. The first thing to do is go to Control Panel and Users and make a new user ID for her and give her standard permissions, that way she won’t be able to install programs or alter system files etc. Then ensure that all your data is stored under your profile which will prevent her accessing it. Having done that, assuming that you don’t leave yourself logged in; you should be fairly safe. I maybe jumping to conclusions, but do I detect that all your precious work is on one hard disk and not backed up? If so, please take the time to do some backup now.

Artist’s impression of Phnom Penh’s first hi-rise

land whose titles of ownership can be changed “for a consideration”. It’s said that the actual legal problems are a major consideration why international brand names, such as MacDonalds, haven’t moved in yet. There’s a downside too for the poor. The scramble for prime land has led to mass evictions and considerable confusion about who owns what. A human rights group stated in 2007 that at least 50,000 people had been evicted in Phnom Penh to make way for development. There’s no balance in Cambodia between the

big developments and the rights of the common folk. Is it all a property bubble about to burst? Certainly at the moment land prices continue to skyrocket, to what heights nobody can be sure. But with world problems now weighing heavily on developing countries – particularly rising oil and food prices – anything could happen. “If oil hits 200 dollars a barrel, international travel is going to shrink like mad and Cambodia isn’t a popular destination by world standards.” So spoke one Korean businessman who preferred to remain anonymous.

The choices are virtually limitless, ranging from CD/ DVD to external hard drives, check out the Buffalo range Also bear in mind that crime seems to be on the increase and notebook PC’s are easy to ‘lift’ consider adding some physical security by using a ‘Kensington’ lock which will tether it to an immovable object, a quality one will be in the region of 1-1,500 Baht. If you need any further

information, you’re welcome to call into my Office located on Sukhumvit Road (next door to Pattaya Today Newspaper). I am also happy to see you personally, but to avoid a wasted journey it is best to telephone me first on 08 3540 5220 as I am often out at client sites these days. Send your questions and to contact me by e-mail i t guru@ its th a ila n d .o r g , you can also visit our website



Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Apar tment for Rent in Jomtien Apartment

Call 081 936 2722 for more details. Condo with a fabulous sea view, overlooking Koh Larn Island. 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, kitchen, big balcony, 2 bathrooms. Fitted with high quality furniture. 110 sq.m. Looking for long ter rent. Only 35,000 baht per month Call: 081 334 5291, 089 607 9850

Big bathroom, nice bathroom, 2 aircon with huge living room and kitchen, only 10,000 baht per month. Another room for only 5,000 baht per month.

Beach front condo for sale

Beach front condo for sale. Fantastic sea view and private beach in North Pattaya, 137 sqm, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, with large balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool, not furnished. Price at 12 Million Baht . Tel 081 8618538, 089 607 9850


Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Big Bargain at 1.3 million baht

First to see will buy Khieng Talay Condo 5th floor

Call 089 607 9850

k o k g n a B

For Sale Duplex Penthouse Condo Tel: 089-4990600 224+ sq.mts (Evergreen Tower View) Bang Na Trad Road. 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. Complete new refit and renovation Superb Panoramic views. Very convenient Location. (Airport/City/Expressway) Only Baht 13 mill.

House Bargain! Baan Suan Lalana Now 4 million baht For quick sale! Company and title deeds included 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Euro kitchen, Teak furniture Marble floors, Good security Comm. pool Call 085 284 7731


Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



Pay off the mortgage or add to pension?

by Simon Philbrook CLEARING the mortgage and a healthy retirement pot are two of the most common financial goals, but if you get a lump sum should you pay off your home or put it in a pension? Common sense dictates that there is no point in saving until debts are cleared, especially when it comes to money owed on credit cards and personal loans. But when it comes to saving for retirement, it would seem futile to wait 25 years until your mortgage is paid off, before you start saving into a pension. But here’s a thought – if you come into a lump sum of cash, say via an annual bonus, in the long run are you better off using it to pay off your mortgage or investing it into your pension? The gut reaction from most provided they don’t intend to splurge, or more sensibly use it to pay off other debts such credit cards and personal loans, is to probably tackle the home loan. But research shows that you could be financially better off putting the money towards

Latest news Commencing 30th June 2008 the visa fees for Thai nationals traveling to the U.K. will increase due to currency fluctuation all the new fees are listed on the British Embassy Bangkok website. Settlement headache Q. I am an Australian national and I am preparing a settlement visa application for my wife, do I need a criminal clearance report and what is the Form 888 needed for the application? A. The answer is, yes, you do need a criminal clearance report from the police in Australia for a settlement visa application and your wife or fiancee also has to obtain a police clearance in Thailand too. The form 888 has to be completed for the application and you preferably require two sets and these must be filled out and signed by witnesses in Australia stating they are aware of your relationship. They also have to have these

your retirement pot instead. But, this strategy runs contrary to the natural instinct of paying off debt and as fast as possible. For example a lump sum £1,000 invested in a pension returns £548 more than the same amount paying off a 6% interest rate mortgage. However, the strategy of contributing to your pension instead of paying down your mortgage should only be considered if you have a substantial level of equity in your property, in order to provide a buffer against price falls. There are two factors which cause a pension to outperform mortgage savings – namely tax relief and inflation. Each £1,000 invested in a pension has £250 basic rate tax relief added to it and higher rate taxpayers can also claim up to a further £250 back through their tax return. Furthermore, a mortgage is a fixed payment, therefore over time both the interest payments and the final capital repayment fall in value in real terms – as a result of inflationary erosion. Meanwhile a pension investment should experience fund growth, thereby offsetting the effects of inflation. The lower the interest rate you are paying, the less interest you will save by paying back some of your mortgage. If you had a mortgage with an interest rate of 6%, the total value in

terms of the lump sum paid off and interest saved over 25 years of overpaying £1,000 would be £1,568, assuming inflation of 3%. But had you paid that sum into a pension with annual average growth of 6%, after 25 years it would be worth £2,116 for basic rate taxpayers, assuming the same inflation. For higher rate taxpayers the investment would be worth £2,366. This leaves the basic rate taxpayer who had invested in the pension £548 better off and the higher rate taxpayer £798 better off. A basic rate payer would need to be paying more than 9% interest and a higher rate taxpayer, more than 10.5% - to make the home loan payment a superior financial bet. If your mortgage rate was 5%, a £1,000 payment after 25 years would be worth £1,389 off the loan but the same amount into a pension would be worth £727 more (£2,116) for lower rate payers and £977 more for higher rate payers (£2,336) - the bottom line being, the cheaper the debt, the less it pays to reduce it. Under present conditions it may make sense to invest rather than pay off mortgage debt, but if interest rates rise significantly in the future then you will lose the benefit. Depending on the interest rate you are paying on your mortgage there is a certain investment return your pension

must make to beat it, dubbed a ‘hurdle rate’. So if your mortgage interest rate is 6%, the basic rate taxpayer needs to be reaching at least 4.2% average annual investment returns, while the higher rate taxpayers need his investment to achieve a yearly average of just 2.6%. Of course past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but the above investment growth assumptions appear fair. According to the Barclays 2008 Equity Gilt Study, over the past 20 years stock markets have returned 6.7% on average per year above inflation, and annual management fees are typically circa 1.5%, so you might reasonably expect a pension to comfortably achieve the above hurdle rates. In addition, the longer the investment horizon the better the pension pans out because it has more time to grow and the mortgage debt is also further eroded by inflation over time. For example a lump sum £1,000 paid into a 6% mortgage, over 10 years means a £1,294 reduction in the loan but a £1,376 pension value. Over 25 years this rises to £1,568 and £2,116 respectively. We assume in all cases the investor is a basic rate taxpayer in retirement. In order to be a higher rate taxpayer in 2008/09 you would need to be receiving an income of above £41,435. In

this event, £1,000 invested in your pension would return £1,993. This tactic may make good sense if you are a buy-to-let investor because your mortgage payments can actually be used to offset the tax on rental profits. Many mortgage providers also charge you for repaying your mortgage early above a certain level, which would reduce the return you get from doing so. There are, however, a number of reasons why you wouldn’t put the cash in to your pension, even though the pension gains are, in most cases, going to finish ahead of the mortgage repayments. As already mentioned, having a decent amount of equity in your property is a prerequisite. But in addition if you reduce your home loan and lower your loan-to-value ration, you are more likely to receive a more competitive rate of interest when you come to re-mortgage. A 0.25% cut from 6% to 5.75% would mean that over 25 years, £1,000 paid off your mortgage would save you £9,594, of which £9,102 would be an interest saving. Overpaying a mortgage can also bring earlier returns. Pension funds cannot be accessed until age 50 (55 from 2010), and then 75% of the value must ultimately be turned into an income (if you live in Thailand, or plan on doing so

and have not discussed QROPS yet, them please contact me!). When you pay down a mortgage the interest saving starts almost immediately and value of the capital repayment is realised at the end of the term. Some individuals may already have sufficient pension provision, perhaps from final salary schemes or through generous employer contributions so additional contributions maybe inappropriate if it nudges investors into the higher rate tax bracket, or if it puts them in danger of exceeding the Lifetime Allowance, presently £1.65m. Whatever your circumstances, it is vitally important to seek professional advise before making any financial decision, particularly in these troubled and turbulent times. """"""" For those wanting more information on this or other financial topics then please contact Simon on simon@ The above data and research was compiled from sources believed to be reliable, however, neither Hamptons International Mortgages (Thailand) Ltd nor its officers can accept any liability for an errors or omissions in the above article nor bear responsibility for any losses achieved as a result of any actions taken or not taken as a consequence of reading the above article

forms countersigned by a professional person and the full list is on the Form 888 on the Australian Embassy website.

then save any receipts or evidence of the relationship. When you live in Thailand you tend to throw all the receipts away. Save them!

But she lives with me!! Q. I have just been refused a visa for my Thai girlfriend to go on holiday to the U.K. I have lived in Thailand for over 3 years with my girlfriend and the reason for refusal was because we could not prove our relationship in Thailand. A. Well unfortunately I have also seen this kind of refusal before. It is quite difficult to prove your relationship whilst you are living together in Thailand I would not imagine couples just sit on the sofa together and e-mail each other. My advice is try to enhance the application by maybe giving them some witness statements from people who are aware you live together and have done for a period of time; it is also good to make sure your photographs together are dated and if you are planning a trip in the future

I promise 3 years Q. I am very upset as I have been refused a tourist visa for my Thai girlfriend to go to Australia for three months. I

known your partner for a period of three years then prove it! The clearing officer has to ascertain the length of relationship you claim with evidence provided in the application, so if you have had a relationship over a period of time and you state that, then back it up with proof.

of heartache at your embassy when applying for a new passport; if you call in at one of my offices for a small fee we can produce a credit card sized laminated copy of your passport which you can carry with you at all times with ease.

“Does anyone know what form 888 is anyway?” have known her for three years and have visited her several times and the Embassy have refused her on the grounds that I have not shown sufficient evidence!!. A. This is a very standard reason for refusal. In my business on a daily basis we are confronted with clients holding a refusal notice. If you are to make a statement to a clearing officer then back it up: if you state you have

Identification blues Q. I have been recently stopped by the police whilst driving my motorbike and I have been fined because I did not have a copy of my passport on my person. Is this correct? A. Yes it is correct. Like most countries Thailand law is that a foreigner should carry at least a copy of their passport showing the details page and your latest entry visa stamp and the white departure card that is placed in your passport when you enter Thailand. It can be for your own safety . Also I always advise having a copy of your passport because if the eventuality arose where you lost your original passport it will save you a lot

professional capacity, I am asked by my clients what part of my job do I enjoy the most and I answer obtaining a visa for Thai nationals to go overseas because no single application is the same as the next which helps keep you on your toes. ##### This regular column is written by Darren McGarry, managing director of Key Visa, based in Jomtien at the Hanuman statue and in central Pattaya at soi L.K. Metro. He heads a team of upto-date consultants advising foreign residents here about their visa status and also clients wishing to take their Thai partners overseas. The questions presented here are typical of those raised at Key Visa on a daily basis but are discussed here only for general information and interest. Neither Key Visa nor Pattaya Today can enter into correspondence or debate about the particular replies in this column.

As young as you feel Q. Darren, I live in Thailand and I wish to take my Thai partner to the U.K. in the summer for a short holiday. I am 73 years old and my partner is 25 years old, but many people have told me this could be a problem when trying to obtain a visa. A. This is a very common question asked by my clients when having a consultation. I can re-assure you that there is no age discrimination when applying for your Thai partner to go to the U.K., but it is always imperative with this type of application to get professional help. Get it right first time and save yourself heartache. In my

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

PATTAYA TODAY PROPERTY 12/34 34 PATTAYA TODAY is here and here to stay! GINGERASIA.COM is a radical new online phenomenon – a massive information portal yet with a personal touch. There are many reasons why it is so different and why you should take a look at it and here we describe just a few. It is set to become a major and huge Asian-wide website portal so you owe it to yourself to go to and browse the site. Essentially, it is a lifestyle experience online. Akin to walking through a virtual shopping mall with a lot more things thrown in, you can look for and find pretty much anything you want. You can buy, sell or rent property, book hotels, see travel guides, check the weather, find a date, get restaurant reviews, see the news, buy a book, rent a car, find a job, chat, see the sports results and much, much more! In fact, everything you’ll ever need online in Thailand is now in one place. Despite its enormous size, is remarkably easy to use. The whole site is powered by LoungePortal Technology, a proprietary software, that lets you choose the information you want,

where you want it and when you want it. No more jumping around ads and forgetting the reference numbers later, you simply log in, view anything you fancy and then drag and drop each item to your GingerJournal, which is in fact your own personal homepage. Once you have finished browsing the thousands of ads in different areas of the site, you will have chosen your favourites and will have dragged them to your GingerJournal. Open your GingerJournal at any time to see all the ads and reviews you saved which you can then organise alongside your favourite news, email, sport and weather reports. It

together with the same fresh and clean feel. These 12 sections have 3 main areas: GingerTrades: Property, Motoring, Marine, General (household), GingerLifestyles: Entertainment, Travel, Health & Beauty, Forum, GingerConnects: B2B (business listings), Business (opportunities, franchises etc.), Jobs, Dating For those wishing to post ads, the good news is that they are free once you have gone through the simple registration process. Then it is simply a case of uploading pictures and some text. This is

no fussy pull-down menus to negotiate, just upload the information with a couple of clicks. There is even the option to buy and sell via the GingerAuction and receive

really is that simple and the choice of information is astonishing spanning 12 different sections all inked

simple too as the system will automatically re-size any pictures for you and extract the key words from your text so

the GingerSeal to endorse your item further. is a one-stop online lifestyle experience that

will change the way you surf the web. There are powerful built-in search features too as well as a host of innovative features, competitions, useful tips, prize draws and much more so it really has to be where you set your browser home page. Equally important is the fact it looks really cool. In an age where so many websites are cold and functional, has a clear and easy feel to it but it also has great design and powerful imagery. The big orange dragon looks great and is never far away and there are also some lovely other design features like the black GingerJournal that follows you around. The

coverage and content is for all of Thailand, not just Bangkok and other cities and from here it will extend further across Asia shortly making it an even more powerful experience. The best news is that right now you can still sign up for free as a Founder Member and get amazing benefits like free ads for life so visit today and getting a free membership while you can. There are only a limited number of these Founder Memberships available but they are worth getting, not least because you are automatically entered into the weekly GingerDraw with great prizes to be won such as two night hotel stays!

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



Internet and real estate agents to the rescue By Khun Dee NEWCOMERS to Pattaya usually approach the home buying process with fear and intimidation. But let’s face it, virtually all homeowners here— Thais and foreigners alike— were new to the local real estate market at some point. And most admit to having being at least somewhat uncertain about how to proceed; others feared being taken advantage of or even ripped off. A home purchase anywhere is the single largest single expense most people ever make. So anxiety is understandable. After all, no one is born with home-buying knowledge and experience, so everyone is bound to feel some degree of discomfort at the start— particularly in a foreign country. In the past, all such concerns often deterred farang from buying homes of their own here. Many long-term tenants allowed the unknown to forestall a home purchase until they realized their rental payments were helping to enrich the landlord or at least make his mortgage

payments, or when they recognized they were missing out on rising property values while their rents were climbing, or when they finally grasped that they were wasting hundreds of thousands of baht—often millions of baht—on rental housing with nothing to show for it in return. If any of those motivations ring true for you, or if you simply are a neophyte with immobilizing questions and concerns, there is more help than ever available to you—thanks primarily to the Internet and to professional real estate agents now serving the Pattaya market. These days, no one need postpone the home-buying process. The Internet is the perfect, non-confrontational, impersonal starting place for gathering information to begin the exciting journey from tenant to home owner. Consumers seeking on-line advice about real estate will find the pros and cons of all aspects of the process discussed, dissected, and analyzed somewhere on the Web. Whatever your question or concern, you can post it online and expect

a cogent, impartial response from an industry expert or an experienced home buyer who can relate to your anxiety. You can quickly and confidentially determine: - Do you qualify for a home loan in Thailand? - Where do you apply? - What records are needed? - How do you bring in funds for a cash purchase? - Where should you look for a house or condo? - How do you choose the right real estate agent? - How long will the process take? - Do you need a lawyer? If you have a question, the Web has an answer. From the Internet you can quickly and easily gather all the facts and encouragement you will need, from comprehensive Web sites that outline laws, rules, regulations, and procedures, to numerous forums—both worldwide and Pattaya specific— devoted to the home-buying experience. You are offered a thorough education and indoctrination. Each day new Web sites with expanded services in the real estate field come on-line,

Moving To Thailand ARE YOU contemplating joining the Pattaya - Jomtien expat community? You will find a wonderful crosssection of people here and making great new friends is easy. Pattaya - Jomtien has many quality clubs you can join ranging from expat clubs, a wine tasting group to the Rotary Club and veterans organizations. Regardless of which country you are from, what gender your sex or what interests you have, you will find a group or organization that matches your needs. Now that you are serious about living in Thailand inexpensively year around while enjoying the beautiful weather, there are a few things best to consider before making the move. Prior to shipping your belongings, do a little research. 1. To start with, read The Pattaya Today newspaper front to back. You will discover pertinent information about living in Pattaya - Jomtien as well as Thailand in general.

2. Determine the type of long-term visa you qualify for and whether you can obtain it here or if you must acquire it at a Thai Consulate or Embassy in your country prior to moving here. 3. Do you need immunizations? Various immunizations are required or recommended depending on what country you come from as well as countries you have visited. 4. Find out what items you may NOT ship into Thailand (like guns and certain substances). 5. Considering the difficulty and liability of driving in Thailand, whether to drive or not is worth serious deliberation. It isn’t necessary since Thailand has plenty of public transportation. If you must, importing any type of vehicle is expensive and not recommended. Check out custom regulations. 6. For all family members; bring birth certificates, immunization records, driver’s licenses, passports, naturalization papers,

adoption papers, school records and any other important legal documents, either personal or required, and hand carry them with you. 7. Converting an International Drivers License (IDL) is the quickest and easiest way to get a Thai Drivers License. Obtain an IDL in your home country before moving to Thailand. An IDL is for temporary driving while on vacation or business and is valid in Thailand for only one month regardless of its expiration date. 8. Can you afford to live in Thailand? Rather than move here on a romantic whim and discover you are broke within a couple of years with nothing to go back home to, visit a few more years and get your finances in order. (i) If you are not retired, jobs for foreigners are few and difficult to get in Thailand. (ii) Be familiar with the currency exchange rate and be prepared if it changes downward. (iii) Determine

adding to the already significant role the Internet plays in the home-buying process. Even more vital to conducting and successfully concluding a home purchase is the role played by real estate agents. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of local agents. An agent worth his or her salt not only knows the property market better than you, they also know property values, where the deals are, which neighborhoods are more desirable, how to negotiate the purchase, how to process the paperwork, etc. Be warned: not all agents are equal. Chose carefully. He or she will be instrumental in protecting your interests, so you want someone who is trustworthy. Get referrals from friends and interview several agents to confirm their credentials and expertise. This is particularly important if you are new to the Pattaya real estate market and you are preparing to make a substantial investment. Before seeking out an agent there are two essential issues every potential buyer

must consider. First, determine how much you are willing to pay for a home. Set a reasonable price range based on what you can afford, keeping in mind that you will most probably have to pay the purchase price in cash. Few foreigners qualify for a home loan in Thailand. Second, think long and hard about what you absolutely must have in a home, what you’d like to have and what you can do without. Make a list and share the information with your agent. Being clear about your objectives will save you and your agent considerable time and effort. However, don’t get emotionally locked into your list because your agent may have other ideas, advice and suggestions. For example, while you might feel that a one-bedroom home is ideal to suit your current needs, your agent might advise you to opt for an extra bedroom—mainly for resale value. When preparing your list of what is important in selecting a new home, consider things such as public transportation in the area. Do you need a location convenient to shopping,

schools or nightlife? Must you have a yard or an indoor kitchen or two baths? In Thailand, you cannot take for granted that a home will have those features or any number of other amenities considered standard in the West. Discuss all such details with your agent to ensure he will help find exactly what you want and need. You no doubt will have more questions than those raised above, but you now have a starting point for beginning your search for a home in Pattaya. And perhaps you will feel more comfortable in that search. A trusted real estate agent can provide even more comfort as well as the assurance that your home purchase will be easier, faster and more successful with his or her professional assistance. A seasoned agent with an excellent reputation will have the connections you need to complete the transaction, and he or she will stand by you during and after the home-buying process. You do not have to enter the unknown alone. And thanks to the Internet, you need not remain in the dark.

the least expensive way to move your money to Thailand. (iiii) Set up a realistic budget based on Thai currency, not in terms of what things cost you back home. (iiiii) If you own a home, before you sell it talk with your banker about the possibility of a reverse mortgage on it. 9. Check with PattayaJomtien real estate companies about housing, know what is available and what housing sells or rents for. There are many choices: shop houses, townhouses, condos and single family homes of all sizes both new and existing. Research the methods you can legally own, what it will cost and in what area of town you feel comfortable living in. 10. If you have pets, do you bring them or leave them? If you leave them, be humane and find the critters good homes. If you bring them, check the health and entry requirements as well as shipping costs. 11. Many electrical appliances and equipment back home may not work on Thai 220 volt electricity plus you may have to pay customs duty. Appliances that need

current converters are better sold and new ones purchased in Thailand. 12. If you have school age children, they may need to go to an international school and the expense must definitely be factored into your budget. Find out what school and health records are required to get your children enrolled? 13. Know your health care options. Will your current health insurance cover you in Thailand? If you cancel it and later on become in poor health and decide you prefer to go back to your country for health care, you won’t be able to reinstate your policy. You must become familiar with the level of health care that is available and decide whether you feel this health care acceptable. This is especially true if you already suffer a health problem that requires medical maintenance,. 14. Don’t bring everything you own. Most items can be repurchased in Thailand at a very reasonable cost. You might be able to sell some of your belongings at a used price back home and then purchase it new in Thailand

for the same or less cost. 15. Ready for a smooth, trouble free move? There is one more very important thing. Realize that you will be changing roles from a native citizen to a non-citizen living in a foreign country. Residency is considerably different than visiting. It can become tedious for some people when they have to constantly interact with different attitudes, a different culture, a different language and many other differences that require them to adjust, not the Thais. Regardless of whether the Thais do things differently than how you do it back in your country, Thailand is their country and you, the foreigner, must adapt. Be honest with yourself and determine if you have the character and personality to accept and adjust. If you do, then welcome to your new home.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


World Karate Championships 2007-2008

ON the 6th of June 2008 21 of Thailand’s best Bare fist Karate fighters traveled to Japan to compete in one of the most grueling forms of karate tournament fighting. Last year the S.E Asia International School of Martial Arts started sending its black belts around the world to compete in some of the world most competitive Karate tournaments held. First in November. With the help of Sifu McInnes an 8th Dan Master and trainer of many world Champions and veteran tournament fighter Si Suk (Sensei) Judd Reid a 4th Dan Instructor at the International School of Martial Arts and fellow Black Belt Mongkon Kaled , The picked the top Blackbelts in the country, Christina Smith then a 2nd Dan black Belt, Olivia Lambert 1st Dan, Suwepa Desil, a provisional Black belt at 15 years old , along with Natchaporn Ratanakosol also a provisional black belt at 15 years old. Along with 10 yr old Junior Robert McInnes also a provisional Black belt and in 6 weeks they prepared for the fight of their lives ,as they are going to fight in the Biggest Karate tournament in the world for Women and Children. “THE WORLD KYOKUSHIN UNION MASTERS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN” Nobody believed they would have a chance against the world champs especially because it was their first tournament. To get to this event normally you need to win many tournaments before.

Well all the critics were wrong. The minute little junior stepped on the Mat with the Japanese Champion he never stopped. Junior completely over powered the Japanese fighter with non stop punching and kicks, he looked like he was a pro and there was going to stop him. Natchaporn Rattanakosal also took the fight to the Winner of the 2007 all Japan championships under 18 yrs old. Christina Smith did the same with precision kicking totally

run rings around her opponent only to end up meeting the All Japan Champion for her next fight. Again Christina gave the champ the fight of her life; she dropped the champ to her knees not once but twice going to a split decision. Olivia was up next, a little steam train. She had a very had fight but no matter what the Japanese fighter through at her Olivia was in her face. Olivia lost to the Number 3 winner of the day on a split point.Suwepa well she was just awesome a machine .She had two of the hardest draws, first she drew the Japan Champion from the previous year, and the odds were 10 to 1 ..Well its obvious nobody informed young Suwepa about the odds being stacked against her. She just turned it on and wiped the mat clean of the Japanese fighter, this little power house never took a single step back all the way to victory. She then drew the veteran Australian Fighter 30 years old with 10 years of experience in tournaments and the current Australian champion. The little 15 year hold Suwepa stepped on the mat with no fear….She to the fight to 2 two minute extensions powering into the Australian champion, her uniform covered in blood from the bare-knuckle strikes to only lose on a split decision. Bare Knuckle Karate at its best There were no losers on this day, the heart and determination these fighters showed excelled all expectations. They new as outsiders this would be a battle, a battle they one, Pattaya should be proud of their champions. Due to these epic battles Thailand was invited once more to compete, but this time it was for the big boys. The team returned home to prepare for the battle of their lives Sifu told them now its time for them to step up and be counted, a phrase he likes to use. Mongkol and Judd you two are going to Japan to fight in the Kyukoshin Karate world cup held only once every 4 years. The best fighters from all over the world come to see who the best is; no foreigner other than Andy Hugg has ever got past 6th place in this event. For the past 50 years the first 6 places has been reserved for the Japanese only. Well on January 20th 2008 that changed. Sifu took his Instructors Judd Reid to 5 th place putting him up there with the likes of legends such as Adimer Da Costa who once made it to 2 nd place and Mongkong Kaled all the way through to the finals. A feat un heard of in the history of this tournament. Not one but two fighters from the same school

this was un heard of. This is one of the most grueling competitions in Martial Arts today, bare knuckle, no protectors for the feet or head, head kicks, full punching to the body, with sweeps and throws. Judd Reid stood next to one opponent whom towered above him at over 2meters in height, only to be chopped

heart out, he knew he was not only fighting the Best of the Best but the Judges too. Toe to toe with damaging blows to the body, devastating kicks to the legs and head. TIME the gong sounds, both go to center ring, surrounded by 4 judges. The first calls it a draw, the second calls it a draw, the third gives it to the Japanese, the fourth low

down like a tree by Judd’s powerful leg kicks. Fighting for 4th place Judd was picking his shots with power and precision, the Japanese all Japan open Champ was being taken apart systematically by Judd. The Japanese fighter starting to realize it was all overbearing to resort to bad sportsmanship and fouled Judd with conceptive groin kicks. The Japanese referee would not step in to top the fight and warn the Japanese fighter for the foal; instead while Judd was holding his jewels and turning to the referee for assistance the Japanese fighter put yet another knee in to Judd Reid’s face dropping him to the mat…. With in 3 seconds Judd was up on his feet steaming with anger and ready to fight when out of the blue the referee stops the fight and declares the Japanese Champion the winner,,,,what more can be said. However just to get to 5th place is a feat not many can lay claim to. Now the fate of the school is in one mans hands, the black belt from Pattaya Mongkong Kaled. Well not much to say here accept he broke every record in the history books that day. He not only defeated all who stepped before him but he annihilated his opponents leaving most on their backs wondering what just happened. With a broken foot and fractured thumb Mong stepped on the mat for the very last time, Sifu said “You don’t have to do this you have broken every record now, you can give the last fight a pass”. Woops this does not sound like Sifu…Mong looked at his teacher, then from Sifu’s mouth came one more sentence “BUT if you really want to impress me get up there and fight your heart out” Mong got on his knees before Sifu asking for his blessing, Sifu gave it…..Mong climbed up on the mat in front of thousands, and fought his

and behold gives the fight to Mong. In all books this is a full draw and they should have fought one more time, we were ready for it but suddenly the center referee awards the fight to the Japanese. The crowd was in shock, but following the path of Budo, Mong accepted the decision and bowed to the judges and masters, then raised his hands in victory to the crowed that cheered loud and long for the Small town Man from Pattaya. Mongkong goes down in history, he is the first non Japanese in the history of these tournaments to get this far…Hats off for a true champion. June 8th 2008 All Japan Byakuran WKO Championships The Japanese masters were so impressed with the fighters from Sifu’s Dojo that The school was invited to compete once more on the 8th of July 2008 in the All Japan Byakaran Full contact Knockdown Karate Tournament. The school with the help of local sponsors took a team of fighters from 6 yrs old to up to 1st dan black belt seniors. Well the competition was fierce. Weight went out the window the tables were stacked against the little town of Pattaya. The three young girls were up first in the kids division, it was there first fight so they had to get past all the nerves first. They were defeated on points. You could see the stress on Sifu and Judd’s face. Up next was little Junior. His (Sifu) dad pulled him aside, “ you have to fight your heart out, if you lose this the children wont get a placing. You can do this!!!!” Well that’s just what he did. He went like a little steam train. Then there was silence for some reason the judges from Japan gave it a draw. That mean with out a rest he had to fight another round.

This time he went even harder to claim a clear victory. Which put him up to 5 th place. Normally he would have a 40 minute rest before the next fight. Well it was obvious the tables were against us because with no rest he was pushed back on the mat running on empty, not even having time to get a drink of water. Not only that junior weighed 43 kilos and his new fresh opponent was 65 kilos. This proved to much for the littler 11 yr old who was out of gas from giving 100% in his 1st fight and he lost on points after a gallant battle. TK was up next a brown belt from Korea who is 14 yrs old and weighs 51 kilos well did he go off like a rocket he totally obliterated his first opponent, he didn’t stop for a single second. After the victory in this bout TK was then called up 30 minutes later for his second bout. WOW what a fight!!!! First here is the odds.. TK 14 yrs 51 kilos, 156cm brown belt first time fighter, His Opponent also brown belt with numerous tournament experience, oh and I forgot to mention 95 kilos and 179 cm tall . This was a true David and Goliath battle . Lttle TK gave the Japanese fighter the hardest run for his money I think he ever had in his life. TK lasted the round only to lose on points. Man that was a great effort. Christina was up next in the senior black belt division. This was a strong fight and Tina lost to the Japan tournament winner on points. Isabel (Suwipa) was next as usual she was a power house taking the number 2 ranked to an extension. Suwipa was having problems with her weight to make it under 55 kilos. Her strong punching kept the Japanese fighter at bay however the time extensions wore her down and in the final round she lost on points. The fights of the day was really Rasim Solivic and Somchai ……. These too really stepped up to the plate . Rusim who weighs 110kilos was flying through the air like a 75 kilo fighter with aerial kicks and flying kicks which secured him all the way to 3rd place after 5 hard fights. His powerful punching and strong kicks made it extra hard for the other fighters to stand their ground. Somchai Smashed through all his opponents until the final for the championship. Then his opponent stepped on the matt . WOW what a sight 124 kilos 6 feet tall and Somchai 73 kilos 5 feet 6 inches. Everyone thought it was over for Somchai. Well the were wrong. He dazzled the crowd with fast foot work and evaded the onslaught of the Japanese champion only to come back with precision counters to secure Thailand’s Victory in 1st

place. Other great fights of the day was Dave Campbell and Damen Newby both first time fighters from the New Zealand branch of the S.E International School of Martial Arts Thailand. The trained here in Thailand for the fight and were sponsored solely By Martian Joiner. Both boys dug deep and preformed very well for their first fights. Or though the experience of the seasoned Japanese fighters was more the Kiwi boys gave them a real run for there money. Dean booth From Australia whom also resides in Pattaya and trains at the S.E Asian International School of Martial arts. Also had a tough fight. This was a very technical battle which in the end went to the Japanese. All in all The little school from Pattaya made a big mark in the world of full contact bare knuckle Karate over the past year. Not many schools in the world have the caliber and standard of fighter that The S.E.A International School of Martial Arts has in Thailand. All this is due to the hard work of Sifu McInnes and Sensei Judd Reid.

The World Kumite Championships is coming

Be prepared, Thailand is hosting for the first time ever out side of Japan and Hongkong the world Kumite Organization bare knuckle Karate Championships. This is to be held on the 29th and 30th of August 2008 and it fetures only the best Karate and Kung Fu fighters in the world. Representing their respective countries. Get This there is No Door sales it’s a closed door event only privileged people can obtain tickets from the WKO head Quarters on Pattaya Klang Road. For more Information please contact Believe me this is a once in a life time one. If you can get your hands on a VIP ticket, this is like gold. So far there are fighters from Brizil, Canada, USA ,Iran, Australia, New Zealand, Gana, Japan, China, U.A.E , Lebonon, Iraq, England, Korea, Pakistan, Russia, and Thailand, so don’t miss out it televised to 150 country’s through out the world. For More Information on the World Kumite Organization and the S.E.Asian International School of Martial Arts contact

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



Ask Andy Looking for a solution to problems in or around your house? Email questions to: Mosquito Breath I recently got a dubious email claiming that bugs were biting everyone at a garden party, and the host saved the day by spraying his lawn and deck with Listerine. The message said the mouthwash not only kills mosquitoes, it also repels them and other bugs around the house, and at picnics and in areas of standing water. Any comments, Andy? Shane Sounds great, Shane, but spraying Listerine in the air is unlikely to have much affect, except maybe getting rid of bad breath in bugs. There are no scientific studies to confirm the claims made in that email. Laboratory tests have shown that standard chemical-based mosquito repellents are generally more effective and longerlasting than botanicalbased alternatives. Listerine’s primary active ingredient is eucalyptol, the main component of eucalyptus oil— often an ingredient in botanical repellents. In tests, eucalyptol did repel mosquitoes but only when applied topically, not simply sprayed in the air or on surrounding objects. Furthermore, the solution tested contained a much higher concentration of eucalyptol than that found in Listerine (e.g., 40% to 75% concentrations as opposed to Listerine’s .092%). Finally, because Listerine is mostly water and alcohol, it would evaporate quickly whether sprayed in the air or on surfaces, thereby reducing its effectiveness. The claims made in that email are questionable at best. #####

Tile Care My upstairs shower is leaking into the bathroom below, Andy. My guess is the water is escaping through the caulking where the tiles and the shower module meet. The caulking is starting to waste and mildew away. I had the bathroom floor retiled and I recaulked the walls about two years ago but neither job was top quality workmanship or material. Or do you think there is some

other reason the shower would be leaking to the floor below? The amount of water is not great and damage is minimal, but I would like to resolve the problem. Any suggestions on recaulking? Thanks. Phillip Yours is a common problem when dealing with tiled walls and prefabricated shower stalls. To answer one of your questions, Phillip, yes there might be another reason for the leak. Maybe the putty used by the plumber when he installed the faucet has cracked and broken apart, allowing water to soak through. Maybe the drainage fitting needs to be adjusted. But more likely it’s the grouting, and that needs regular maintenance. If well maintained your tiles will adhere to the wall for a long time. If you ignore it, they will loosen and begin to fall as the wallboard behind them becomes wet and breaks down. To recaulk, take an old screwdriver (one you don’t plan on using for a screwdriver anymore) and scratch away at the existing caulk and grout. Break out any loose grout and any remaining caulk that you might have used 2 years ago. Then clean out the entire area. Let dry completely (at least two hours). Then apply new caulking, preferably a water based product. True, it will not last as long as some petroleum/silicone based products, but it’s easy to apply and clean up after. Squeeze the caulking from the tube into the grooves between the tiles and the tub, then use a wet finger to force the product deeper into the groove and provide a finished look. It is tricky, but with practice it will look good. Make sure your finger is wet, so it slides along without adhering to the product. Once done, allow 24 hours for the product to completely dry before taking a shower. This will ensure that no water gets behind the caulk. #####

Foiled Again I’ve been using aluminum foil for more years than I care to remember, Andy. Great stuff, but sometimes it can

be a pain. You know, like when you are in the middle of doing something and you try to pull some foil out and the roll comes out of the box. Then you have to put the roll back in the box and start over. The darn roll always comes out at the wrong time. Any suggestions for how to better manage the foil? Florence Have you ever noticed, Margaret, that most foil boxes have tabs on each end that correspond to the ends of the foil roll? In fact, the box usually has instructions that tell you to ‘press’ the tab in from the outside; that locks the roll in place. Even after affixing the tabs, you should still avoid handling the foil roughly. Unfurl it from its roll gently and evenly. BTW, most film wrap packages also provide end tabs for securing rolls. #####

Warning Signs Do you know anything about cars, Andy? I bought my first car here, a late model Japanese pick-up, and the previous owner did not have an English-language owner’s manual. So I am stuck. Most at issue now are these lights on the dash board. There’s a red light that comes on from time to time (I don’t know why or what it means). And there’s like a yellow light about

which I’m equally confused. Can you shed any light on the subject? Mildred from Montreal The red light on the dash is probably the brake lamp. It lights up to tell you the park brake is on; it should turn out when you release the brake. Sometimes the light will come on to warn of possible failures. If the lamp is lit when driving, the

park brakes may be dragging or there may be even more serious problems such as loss of some of the brakes on the vehicle. Never ignore a red warning lamp. As to the yellow—or amber—light, it should be marked ‘ABS’ or ‘AntiLock.’ In vehicles with antilock brake systems, the amber light comes on when you first turn on the ignition. That’s standard

and no problem; it should go out almost immediately. But be aware that the light also comes on when the ABS computer detects a malfunction. If the ABS lamp is lit when driving, the computer has probably shut down the system. Drive as though you do not have ABS and have the system serviced. —Handy Andy


Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Bunker July golf sched

Three Sisters Golf by Herbert Ishinaga IT WAS another good day for golf - the only trouble it was the same winner. Bob Benda has been on a hot streak and has not let up even after he

has been cut a couple of times. I believe he has won about 4 weeks in a row which is a record. Bob shot 39 points to win the day and posted another win. It was a close race for

second as Paul Kraft and Sus Ige fought it out. Paul had a tremendous front nine. He scored 23 points on the first nine but crashed on the second half of his ruond. Paul came in with 37 points to take second as Sus faltered on the 16th and 17th to come in third with 36 points.

Latest golf report from The Bunker by Mick Siam Plantation 1st PJ Redmond (19) 37 points 2nd Reg Smart (25) 34 points 3rd John McDonald (6) 30 points The Bunker Boy’s were playing the new Siam Plantation course for the first time since it opened, well most of them were anyway. Playing a Stableford competition the fast sloping greens caught a lot of players out but PJ Redmond didn’t have too much trouble as he came into the clubhouse a winner with a very credible 37 points, Reg Smart who has made a good recovery from some recent surgery took second spot and John McDonald finished third with 30 points. All the others had pretty poor scores going all the

way down to a miserable 15 points but we won’t embarrass the poor soul who managed that. Only three par three greens were hit so the prizes were shared between Takeshi Hakozaki, Arnold Van De Graaf and John McDonald. Greenwood 1st Mick Benton (20) net 67 2nd Paul Smith (3) net 69 3rd Richard Baldotto (27) net 70 Some good rounds were played in the Medal competition at Greenwood where Mick Benton took the honours with a superb five under par net 67 beating the disappointed Paul Smith who shot a level par gross 72 (net 69) to only finish second and Richard Baldotto finally got his game together during this brief visit to card a two under par

net 70 to finish third. Paul Smith rounded of a good day by taking two near pin prizes and the only other one went to John McDonald. Green Valley 1st John Graham (11) 40 points 2nd PJ Redmond (19) 37 points 3rd Damian Trant (10) 35 points. Playing another Stableford comp today at Green Valley PJ Redmond had another good round scoring 37 points again but today it only got him second place because John Graham had the best round of the day to win with 40 points and Damian Trant finished third with 35 points. Near pin prizes went to Tony Berry, John McDonald and two went to Koji Yamada.

PSC 79th Members Open Eastern Star by Derek Brook ONCE AGAIN the test for the Members Open was to be a 4 Ball Florida Scramble, and if you have never played one you really have to try it, even if to say it is too tough and you will not play it again. The main difference from the conventional Scramble, as played in most areas, is that all players have to take 4 drives and the ball that is taken, that player cannot play the next shot. If the next ball is not on the green then only the three again who’s ball was not taken can play. Of course once you are on the green all 4 players can put. Now we all understand, do we not?. The day started as normal, all being greeted by a happy smiling Tim, then into the changing rooms and onto the start. With limited numbers, we had 60 players, the tee off was quite gentlemanly and the speed around was quite quick. The Course at present is in good condition, however in their continued need to improve, the Course has laid in some temporary tees while extensive work is carried out on the regular tees. In fact the general consensus was that the temporary greens were every bit as good as the normal greens. On the day the winds were very strong all through the 18 holes, however on several of the holes the winds approached gale force and all the players were blasted. The players who were not good wind players were blown totally off their

Team in 2nd

game and all players suffered. I wondered how the scores would be as this was surely a leveller. Back in the Clubhouse as I handed in the card to Tim, Tony said I should get showered as soon as possible as they were ready to go, this is the advantage of a scramble where the results can be sorted out very quickly. Shower over and down to the dining area, indeed the prizes were laid out, and I just had time for a sip of coke, before it was time to find the microphone did not word. The

Team in 1st best laid etc. That was finally sorted out and it was on with the show. It does not take long these days. This was to be Tony Oakes last Members Open as Golf Chairman, as he will be not running for the position at next Saturdays A.G.M. Tony had some thanks to say. Firstly to the Eastern Star Course, then he thanked the people who had provided help during his tenure as Golf Chairman, to all he gave a bottle of Whisky from him personally. Mine is in the drink cabinet now, thanks Tony. Nigel Cannon, Alan Pearce and Tim were all thanked publicly and presented with their Whisky. Then to the results.

Tony Presents to Alan In fourth place was the team of Henry O’Brien, Kevin Dinan, Ebrahim and Kris Helgasson and they came in with a fine net 60.3 not a bad score in the strong wind. In third place we had the team of Paul Smith, John McDonald, John Hughes and Alan Sullivan who beat the team in fourth place by .2 of a shot when they scored a fine net 60.1. It was tight at the top and in second place was the team of Geoff King, Michael Gray, Norman Best and Ian Halfpenny with a score of net 59.3. So to the winners, and it was fitting that on his final Tournament the Golf Chairman, Tony Oakes, lead a team that included Dennis Willett The PSC President, Larry Willett and Sus Ige to a fine win with a net 58.4. Tony says this is his first win at a Monthly Tournament and his timing was indeed fine. All was not over as we then had the part most of us like best, ‘The Lucky Draw’. Then ‘Home James’ and another year was finished. T.T.F.N. Long Drive 0 to 18 Tony Oakes 19 to 36 Nigel Cannon Near Pin Graham Ramsey Geoff King Greg Richie Steve Hamstad Donald Wilson Keith Hodges

Team in 3rd

Team in 4th



Golf Reports by Jack BURAPHA Monday 16 th June Any number over 40 is generally enough to warrant an overall winner for the day. Today was no exception and with 45 Outbackers playing on their favorite home course, there was a second place prize as well. A & B from the blues did not deter Neil Hughes shooting the round of his life, with a brilliant 76 off the stick. His playing partner, Jeff North, who was full of admiration about his game, said,” he played like a real single handicapper, fairway, green and two putts”. Later, back at the ranch, Neil, who couldn’t hide his joy at beating his previous best of 80 by four clear shots, punched the air when the result was announced and rang the bell to enjoy a good drink with many of his fellow Outbackers. Well played Neil! There were plenty of other good rounds, as the three month long summer eclectic hots up, and they came from Campbell Potts, aka Pottsy, (39), Dave Porter (38), Bernie Segrave (38), Kevin Moraghan (38), and two 36s from Barry Chadbourn & Rosco; all pretty good stuff! Overall Winners Overall H’cap Score 1st Neil Hughes 11 43 2nd Dave Porter 13 39 Div A ( 0 - 12) 15 players H’cap Score 1st Bernie Segrave 8 38 2nd Jon Pratt 7 33 3rd Steve Nowell 9 33 Div B (13- 19) 16 players h’cap score 1st Kevin Moraghan 18 38 2nd Barry Chadbourn 19 36 3rd Rosco 16 36 Div C (20+) 14 players h’cap score 1st Pottsy 20 39 2nd Paul Quodomine 24 35 3rd Bill Mooney 20 35 There were 6 Two’s today from Jack Moseley, Pottsy, Ken Little, Bruce Milner, Neil Hughes and Junior PHOENIX Tues. 17th June Five of the usual ‘early risers’ were joined by five new faces (including Ampan North - proving that ladies can also rise early). Some of the regulars were away on ‘match play duty’. So Phoenix Mountain and Lake on a perfect day for golf and a round that took just four hours! Then into the Clubhouse for a beer (at a sensible price!) and the presentation and off by 1 pm to wherever....? Bob Pearce was once again in the frame but this time losing

on count-back to Nigel Cannon. They were followed by Ray Dell in third. So early risers join us on a Tuesday at Phoenix at 8 am (max 20) sign-up at the Outback Golf Bar or call Bob, enjoy the game and have a free afternoon!’ 10 Players H’cap Score 1st Nigel Cannon 24 33 (c/b 19) 2nd Bob Pearce 11 33 (c/b 16) 3rd Ray Dell 12 31 There were no twos today. MOUNTAIN SHADOW Weds 18th June Although it was a relatively small field of 18 Outbackers that braved this tough track, there were two outstanding results. The first came from Geoff Doody with a score of 38 points, as he flexed his muscles ahead of the Outback Golf Bar’s first overseas tournament, taking place in Bintan, Indonesia. The second from Ken Little with a mediocre 10 pts on the front only to return an amazing 25pts on the back, 2 under gross for the back nine. Well played you guy’s, particularly round this course! Div A ( 0 – 17) 9 players H’cap Score 1st Ken Little 10 35 2nd Bruce Milner 12 32 3rd Bob Lindborg 15 29 Div B ( 18+) 9 players H’cap Score 1st Geoff Doody 22 38 2nd Murray Hart 18 28 3rd Barry Rothberg 20 26 There was only one Two today from Ken Little. GREENVALLEY Fri 20th June The Outback Golf Bar recognises that not everybody wants to play a course like Siam Plantation every week and is providing an alternate course on most Fridays. It will usually be one of four:- Emerald, Navy, Eastern Star or Green Valley, if you’re interested just ring Bob. The ever popular Green Valley was the alternative venue choice this week, and 17 Outbackers made the trip. Bernie Segrave took the Div A prize with his 37 points, from Dave Evans & Roy Thornton, who had been quickly diverted here from Plantation, as they were not allowing blue flags today. Pimusa & Jan rejoined us today, much to the demise of a fine round of 39 pts by Barry Rothberg, who was beaten on count-back by an equally fine round by Pimusa, to take Div B. A big thank you goes out today from the Outback to our

organizer for the day, Barry Chadbourn, thanks Chad! Div A ( 0 – 18) 7 players H’cap Score 1st Bernie Segrave 8 37 2nd Dave Evans 13 35 3rd Roy Thornton 12 35 Div B ( 19+) 10 players H’cap Score 1st Pimusa 20 39 2nd Barry Rothberg 20 39 3rd Kathy Doody 19 34 There were three 2’s today from Kathy Doody, Roy Thornton & Pimusa. SIAM PLANTATION Friday 20th June Although it does not help the confusion at the start of a competition, when the management advise us that there is only a one tee start, instead of the two tees planned the day before, please be assured they did extend their utmost apologies. So it was a bit of a mess as Bob & Jack juggled things around to make it all work, which of course it did! 56 Outbackers here today, and Dave Arrowsmith stood head & shoulders above the rest with an excellent gross 76. Afterwards he said, “last week was my first round here, I knew where I was going this time.” Anything in the low 30s is good on this course, so there was some good golf out there also from Jon Pratt, Noel Pittard, Simon Kendall and Graham Faithfull. Capt’ Bob managed his best round here to date in spite of all the cofuffle. Course facts:- Sugarcane (A) 5 white & 4 yellow tees 3273yds & Pineapple (C) 7 white & 2 yellow tees – 3293yds, giving a total length of 6566yds. For those of you who maybe wondering when cards will be submitted for handicap purposes for this course, it is hoped to be able to give a temporary rating and slope early in July. Overall Winners Overall H’cap Score 1st Arrowsmith, David 4 36 2nd Pratt, Jon 8 34 Div A ( 0 - 9) 18 players H’cap Score 1st Pittard, Noel 4 34 2nd Kendall, Simon 9 33 3rd Philp, Bob 7 32 Di v B (10- 16) 18 players h’cap score 1st Faithful, Graham 14 33 2nd Worboys, Keith 16 32 3rd Payne, Nick 14 31 Div C (17+) 15 players h’cap score 1st Moraghan, Kevin 19 35 2nd Mordacz, John 21 32 3rd Hart Murray 18 31 There were 2 Two’s today from Bob Philp and Rick Evans

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

P.S.C. from the Cafe Kronborg by Derek Brook TREASURE Hill ( Stableford) The Treasure Hill Golf and Country Club was host for a Stableford Competition in one Flight. The Course on the day was in fair condition but there is extensive manual weeding going on at the present time. Just back from the ‘Land of Midnight Golf ’, Kris Helgasson took the win with 36 points ahead of Neil Skilton in second with 35 points. In third was Volker Buley with 34 points and in fourth was Kevin Dinan with 33 points.

Kris Helgasson Phoenix ( Medal- Monthly Mug) The phone rang early in the morning, 0615 hrs to precise, and Tim was on the line asking if we would be able to play golf as it had been chucking it down all night. Me, never heard a thing, but a look out of the window showed all the streets flooded and rain still coming down. the answer was easy, ’Of course we will be able to play Tim, see you at the Kronborg’. It takes a lot to stop a golfer. Now if the Kronborg

had been washed out like last week with the road knee deep in water, that would have been different. Getting to the Cafe Kronborg, all was wet and the staff were mopping the floors, but nearly all the players turned up and off we went to Phoenix, after all Phoenix does drain quickly. The road down to Phoenix had several areas where we had to drive through deep floods, but golfers are tough and finally we arrived at a waterlogged golf course. What next?. Well, next was no carts allowed at all, this was going to be a problem for ‘The Goldie’s, and in fact we did have withdrawals. Surely this would only help the young ones in their fifties, and what about poor Old Arthur Bailey at 80 years young. So, changed, off we went on foot on soggy wet ground playing the Mountain and Lakes Nines. At least this 18 holes is fairly flat.It was a struggle, and Bob Benda, who has recently had a hip replacement soldiered bravely on to get around. We were all beat when we finished, and our scores showed it. The lowest ever score Dave or I can remember that won the Mug, being net 73, maybe this could be a first, but usually someone comes out of the woodwork. Changed and back at the Cafe

P.S. Basi Kronborg it was noticeably that all the players thought they had no chance, but they did. The winner of The Flight was P.S. Basi with, yes, a net 77 ahead of Joe Vanderwegan in second with a net 78 beating Walter Bachli in third on countback. In fourth was Tony Berry with a net 79 ahead of Koji on countback. Really ‘Grate Scores’ and yes the spelling is correct. So to the winner, and not beating the highest ever Net score of 73 was 80 Year Old Arthur Bailey with a net score of 75, a new high. Arthur did all that was required and triumphed when all the young 40, 50 and 60 year olds failed in the conditions. Well done indeed Arthur. T.T.F.N.

Arthur wins the Mug, presented by Bjarne

Golf from the Travellers Rest by Barry Hooper Alan steps up to the Tee Many of my readers will not recognise the name of Alan Evans. Alan was a regular player with TRGG and a member of the organising committee but had a freak accident some four months ago when preparing for his day of golf at his home. The sink in his bathroom came away from the wall and landed on his feet causing a great deal of damage which required major treatment at a local hospital. Well I am happy to report that Alan is back and in his winning ways again. On Saturday he took on the field at Eastern Star and came home as the winner with a count back win (eighteen on the back nine and this despite much aggravation being caused by the antics of a fellow player) over Mod Chaviraksa with only fifteen on the count back. Nice to see you back on form Alan. Monday 16th was an outing to Green Valley G.C. It was a lady day with a win for Mod Chaviraksa who is proving that practise and training pays off with a thirty five point win over Roger Wilkinson with thirty three and third Ray Allison on

thirty two. Steve Gould claimed the two’s at the sixteenth hole. Tuesday 17th and off to Phoenix (mountain and lakes) This again was a ladies day with two in the top three. The win this time went to Orowan Sodok again with a count back thirty eight and twenty one on the back nine. Second was Fergus Brennan with the same score but only nineteen on the back nine. Third yet another lady this time Mod Chaviraksa with thirty six. Paul Challis cleaned out the two’s pot all on his own. Thursday 19th June was a visit to Plutaluang. Again we had a large turn out. This course is very popular with the members and I have it reported that the course was in great condition. Dave Snell rose to the top of the pile with a clear thirty six point win. Fergus was second again with thirty three and Paul Challis third with a thirty two point count back win over George Bishop. Donald Pearson was fourth. Two’s went to Bob Short. Saturday the 21st June and off we went to Eastern Star But as I reported at the start of my report Alan Evans found form after his forced lay off with a push on the back nine of eighteen points to win and this despite much distress caused

by the antics of a fellow player who was reprimanded after the event. This beat Mod Chaviraksa with the same score but only fifteen on the back nine. Paul Challis a fellow player of Alan came third with thirty again beating Harold Roenquist on count back. No two’s so the bell was rang back at the bar. Results for the week – Monday 16th June at Green Valley Mod Chaviraksa 35 hc 13 Roger Wilkinson 33 hc 15 Ray Allison 32 hc 12 Twos- Steven Gould Tuesday 17th June at Phoenix (mountain and lakes) Orowan Sodok 38 hc 26 c/b Fergus Brennan 38 hc 9 c/b Mod Chaviraksa 36 hc 13 Two’s – Paul Challis Thursday 19 th June @ Plutaluang North & South David Snell 36 hc 13 Fergus Brennan 33 hc 09 Paul Challis 32 hc 30 c/b George Bishop 32 hc 16 c/b Donald Pearson 31 hc 36 2’s – Bob Short Saturday 21st June @ Eastern Star Alan Evans 31 hc 24 c/b Mod Chaviraksa 31 hc 13 c/b Paul Challis 30 hc 30 c/b Harold Roequist 30 hc 19 c/b No 2’s – bell rang at Travellers Rest

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



Pattaya Sports Club Lawn Bowls Pattaya Challenge - Round Two Annual General Meeting by Barry Hooper This is a follow up report for the second round of the challenge between the Bowling Green and the Retreat Bowls Clubs and follows up that published two weeks ago. The first round took place at the Bowling Green. Over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd the second round was played at the Retreat. The Retreat had won the previous round fourteen points to ten. On Saturday the Bowling Green lost four matches to two and on Sunday the result was three and a half to the Retreat and two and a half to the Bowling Green all this

converted into points means that the Retreat had a fourteen and a half points to nine and a half points win which was not unlike the first round result. So the overall result of the full event was Retreat 28.5 Bowling Green 19.5 The top team of the weekend were three Thai ladies Naree Seanarid, Orowan Sodok and Thong Oomed and they were presented with their trophy at the presentation which took place after a fabulous buffet supplied by the Retreat management. Thank you to all involved in putting the event together. I am very happy to report that the involvement of players in the sport is continuing in its

by Derek Brook THE ELECTIVE Members of the Pattaya Sports Club gathered at The Town in Town at 10.00 hrs on the 21st June to revue the past year, make decisions for the coming year and to elect the Executive

The Ladies Weekend Winning Team with Alec (Inset) Team Captains, Alec and Dave with Albert handing over the Challenge Trophy revival. It is hoped that many such matches can be arranged in the future.

Quiz League Results

Committee Members made their reports to the members including the Charity Chairman who said we had helped many of the poor in the local community and intended to help more in the coming year especially with a special interest in the aged. The Golf Chairman

Golf Chairman Perry McNeely Charity Chairman Bernie Tuppin Public Relations Tony Oakes Registrar Bjarne Neilson Social Mike Gerrard Election of officials over, James Montgomery and Len

The new Committee President, Treasurer and Secretary Committee for the coming year. informed all that Golf was still Banfield were voted in as Life The President addressed the continuing to expand and the Members for their many years members and informed them outlook was still good for the of support for The Pattaya that the past year had been a golfers of Pattaya. Sports Club. good one and that the P.S.C. was A spirited discussion then The Elective Members then continuing to progress and voted in the Office Bearers for took place over the proposal contributing to the Community. the coming year. of the Executive Committee to Total Membership was up, all raise the Membership Fees. President Dennis Willet the various Sports were doing Vice President Derek Brook After some discussion a minor well and we could look forward increase was agreed. Secretary Paul Donoghue to a good year ahead. The Meeting was then Treasurer Ron Herbert All the outgoing Executive closed. Founder Fred Hornung

Mickey Mouse Friday Night Dart League Results Table

Golf from Tropical Bert’s by Derek Brook PATTANA (Stableford) This was one of those weird days when some of the players were involved in Matchplay and the rest played the Competition. Both were played at Pattana with the Competition going off first as Matchplay does tend to be a little slower.

place. The greens were also difficult on the day, with the wind, and proved unpredictable, at least that is my excuse. Back at Bert’s all the players congregated and thanks go to Pu for providing food for all the golfers. We will not go too deeply into the Matchplay, I am certain

The two Captains in The Matchplay

The Course on the day was in good condition and we played the B & C Nines, however there was a strong wind that blew many of the players all over the

it will be reported on in depth elsewhere, suffice to say, The Outback 4. Tropical Bert’s 3, however a good night was had by all at Bert’s.

The Competition also went well except with the wet conditions carts were not allowed on the fairways. This obviously caused some difficulty as apart from one score, the rest were mediocre to say the least. So the winner with 36 points was Neil Skilton with Mark Brenton coming second with 28 points on

The winning duo

countback over Al Laurie. T.T.F.N. Near Pin Neil Skilton (2) Bill Knight Steve Hamstad

THE TOP three continued their recent good form taking games and beer legs from their respective opposition. The Bunker jumped two places beating a depleted Chaplins side all ends up. Cheers remain a steady mid-table winning both down at the OK Corral from another old timer!? But nothing this week for Bullseye, Londoner or Blue Mountain. WEEK 9 FIXTURES ; Blue Mountain v Helicopter, Bullseye v OK Corral, Bunker v Rising Sun, Chaplins v Londoner, Lucky Time v Cheers, Stars In You Eyes v Palmers

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



ou Could at Yeast Make an Effort: PLEASE DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVE JUST EATEN, ARE EATING, OR SUFFER FROM A WEAK STOMACH. Although the following refers to an incident involving a dancer from the Paris ogling den (Soi Diamond), I would think the end result is something that may well happen in many boozers where basically self-employed women of loose virtue offer their physical charms for monetary recompense and the owners/managers are primarily Thai, or just plain stupid. I received an email from a disgruntled patron of the chrome pole palace mentioned above who claimed he paid the 600 baht bar fine for a dancer after she agreed to accompany him to a nearby sleeping palace where rooms can be rented by the hour and she would accept a grey note as her reward for any physical services rendered. After the pair had showered they were preparing to engage in activities of an intimate nature when the customer noted, and I quote, ‘the girl had the worst Yeast infection I have ever seen. While I am not a doctor I am fairly sure cottage cheese should not be coming out of a woman’s vagina.’ The sight proved a turn-off, possibly because he is a vegan and doesn’t indulge in dairy products, but more than likely because a yeast infection leads to a condition known as brewer’s droop. The man said he immediately took the girl back to Paris (the ogling den, not the City of Lights) and asked to speak with the mamasan. A hostess claimed the den didn’t have such a creature, so he explained the damsel’s physical limitations and asked for a refund of his bar fine. You already know the answer: a two-letter word beginning with N and ending with O. He claimed he argued his case, politely, for about a minute before realising it was a waste of time, and promptly left. Needless to say the Paris ogling den now has one less customer and is going to accrue plenty of negative publicity within his circle of friends and acquaintances,

all for the sake of 600 baht. Clearly, it is impossible for the owners/managers of boozers to physically check every single damsel in their employ, every night, to see if they are carrying some kind of infection. I can see it now: a new ritual is begun each night as the bar-finable dancers come into the den, strip to their birthday suits, move to a nearby wall and stand on their heads while the manager and mamasan stroll down the line inspecting each and every exposed minge for traces of contamination. A sensible management would have checked the girl, confirmed

shot. Party Hard: In recent times the Sisterz ogling den (Walking Street) has undergone some serious managerial changes which have led to a mixed reaction about the quality, or otherwise, of the play palace. For example, in mid-June I received an email from a guy who said he was disappointed with the change stating, ‘the dancers were bored and boring, the price for a SMALL glass of draught beer was 100+ baht and to add insult to injury the beer was the WORST tasting stuff I have ever tasted in my entire life

HAIR APPARENT: The Casino Club den of the shake-your-booty (Soi Diamond) held a very late night dance contest yet this lady looks as though she is fresh out the shower. (Photo by DAK)

the allegation, and not only paid back the money with a smile, but offered the customer a free drink and an apology. Then again, as any regular knows, sensible management are an all but extinct species here in Fun Town. Undressed for Success: One of the features -if this really is the right term- of the Sakura 69 ogling den (Soi 15, off Walking Street) is the way the dancing damsels are attired after they come off stage. Apparently the management has a rule that however a dancer is attired onstage is how she must remain when offstage. I’m not sure if this has resulted in a number of chest infections or even pneumonia among resting damsels, but I do know some customers appreciate being able to inspect a potential bar fine up close, and very personal, and yeast infections would probably be the least of their worries. Draught amber nectar is the preferred promotion at 55 baht a glass all night. Lady drinks are over the odds at 110 baht and the standard libation is a tequila

ever (and I’m 55).’ Just a few days later I had an email from one of the owners claiming Sisterz ‘has more than doubled the number of dancing gals to more than 50+ and has 10 showgirls. An ample amount for the 4 stages that are now being fully utilized. When the stages are not full of top totty dancing their socks off – and often everything else as well, there are a range of choreographed (and not) shows. Shows start just after 9pm and have stepped up a notch...The bar has moved on to melodic dance music. Definitely not ear shattering car alarm torture. We have happy hour from 7 – 10pm (yes we open at 7!) for only 45b for house spirits, large glasses of draft Chang and bottles of Tiger, Singha and Chang.’ Naturally, with such conflicting accounts coming just days apart the only way to decide what was really happening in the den was to wander in and check it out in person. I did this on a lazy Monday night and immediately had a chuckle with the sign out front which

reads: ‘4 stages, 70 dancers and 5 dodgy guys out front’. Yes, it’s derivative of the old ‘60 gorgeous dancers, and two ugly ones’ sign from the defunct Club Electric Blue but I liked it. Inside, I counted about 30 dancers all up, but this was about 9:00PM on a Monday, so I didn’t expect to see a full complement. What was noticeable, apart from plenty of damsels with tattoos in hard-to-reach places, was the general quality was good. Most looked as though they could supply a detailed resume of employment in more than a few play palaces, veterans in chrome pole molesting but not in age. The music might not be everyone’s taste but suited the style of the den. Lady drinks are reasonable at 99 baht while the bar fine structure is novel with a sensible 350 baht for punters taking a lady for a mere Sierra Tango mattress inspection to 600 baht for dancers, 700 baht for showgirls and 1,500 baht -before the witching hourand 1,000 baht after for damsels classified as ‘superstars’. Just what kind of a creature a ‘superstar’ is I don’t know but would imagine it has a minimum three tattoos, four body piercings, five overseas sponsors, and thinks its rectal eructations are akin to the aroma of a Chanel 5 perfume. I didn’t try the draught amber fluid so I don’t know if it’s crap or not; what did make me laugh was the attempt by the serving wench to charge me 105 baht for a house liver waster when it was still happy hour. When I pointed out the error she quickly rectified the mistake, if that’s what it really was. I say this because when it came time to pay the bill I proffered a 100-baht note and the change amounted to just 45 baht, 10 baht light. One could be forgiven for thinking they had the attitude if they couldn’t snip me coming in then they would do so going out. Sisterz is going to have what they are calling a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ party on Thursday 3 July so I suggest anyone confused about all of the above and wondering whether the place is worthy

of a visit should go along. Around the Swill: Already the word on the street is this is by far the worst business has been for most operators, even outstripping the pallor of 2007. While some places continue to do well I doubt there are many owners, be they of ogling dens, beer boozers, or nosheries who are not looking forward with any relish to the next few months. Then again, this is reflected across the city in all kinds of businesses, many not remotely associated with night entertainment. About the only certainty is that there will be quite a few more places dispensing alcoholic refreshments that will be closed before we reach November. It’s hard to see how some places can classify their operations as true chrome pole palaces. For example, the Pook boozer in Soi 6 classes itself as an ogling den, yet it is open to passers-

by and those damsels cavorting about the internal poles are attired in a more coyote-style fashion and more than a few appear to have grown up wearing trousers rather than dresses. Down the road, classifying Mandarin as an ogling den is at least more realistic: closed doors and dancers in bikinis. My two most recent inspections of the place have been a disappointment, the first time there were just three ladies inside, although to be fair this was late at night and the joint is a typical Soi 6 afternoon operation. The second time was earlier in the evening and the ladies waiting out front looked as though they had been employed on the basis of rough, rougher, and roughest. Piece of (Aging) Pith: Once you’re over 50: You can live without sex but not your glasses (except in Pattaya).


Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Pattaya Today’ s Brainy Fortnightly Crossword








8 9


by Mr Mick




12 13

(6) (5) (4) (8) (7) (6) (5) (8) (7) (6) (5) (6) (5) (4)












Solution Issue 19 A



Sudoku Puzzle

Find the word which, when placed after the first word & before the second word, To solve the puzzle, each row, column and will form two more words. box must contain each of the numbers 1 Example Field....Trap Answer Mouse




8 3





4 6


9 7









4 9

2 8

YOU WOULD imagine that with such a name this puzzle originated in Japan, but it has been around for many years in the UK. However, the Japanese found an example under the title ‘Number Place’ in an American magazine and translated it as something quite different: su meaning number; doku which translates as single or bachelor. It immediately caught an in Japan, where number puzzles are much more prevalent than word puzzles. Crosswords don’t work well in the Japanese language:

The sudoku puzzle reached craze status in Japan in 2004 and the craze spread to the UK through the puzzle pages of national newspapers. The Daily Tetegraph uses the name Sudoku, but you may see it called su doku elsewhere. However, there is no doubt that the word has been adopted into modern parlance, much like’ erossword’. Sudoku is not a mathematical or arithmetical puzzle. It works just as well if the numbers are substituted with letters or some other symbols, but numbers work best.

Depends on the scoring

and the opener’s partner too. So what do you do? At rubber bridge or IMP scoring, you ought to pass. Although your partner is certainly marked with values – maybe including a heart suit in view of your singleton – you are too weak to intervene in the bidding. For example, if you doubled for take-out, you would be showing a rather better hand than nine high

SOMETIMES, the decision whether to bid or not depends on the scoring system, in use. In today’s deal you are dealt ♠ A 7 5 2, ♥ 6, ♦ Q 7 5 2, ♣ K 8 6 3 which is a modest reckoning by any standards. The dealer, at your left, opens one heart which is passed out by both your partner

Form a word from the Jumbled Letters

1. TRAIPSE 2. MA AT LEO 3. RAG CHIN 4. RIO CARS 5. REPS SIT 6. NOT C DUC 7. DENT LES 8. ELF RUST 9. LET SIR G 10.SIR PHEW card points. You might save a few points, but would risk getting into difficulties. However, at matchpoint duplicate, you would need to double for take-out. You can’t afford to sell out cheaply when your side may have a makeable part score to your credit. So it’s not just a question of the cards you hold, but a fine decision may also hinge on the scoring system at your session. You need to discuss with a regular partner, in a quiet moment somewhere, how and why the scoring may affect your collective decisions during the auction.

ANSWERS ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................





























































































Last week’s solutions 1. Cat 2. Key 3. Ground 4. Hand 5. Gun 6. Rot 7. Cock 8. Neck 9. Head 10.Bird

Folk Room Shy One Place Fold Back Ration Width Bird

ANSWER Kin Board Work Some Fire Ten Tail Lace Band Cage

Last week’s solutions 1. JOY REIN 2. HITS LEW 3. BAR A LEG 4. IN GRAVE 5. SET RIGS 6. NO LESS I 7. COP MEET 8. CON MOLE 9. TRAQUER 10.DOLE CAT

Q Q u u i i z c z k Around the World Easy questions 1. What is the capital of Haiti? 2. What was the former name of Thailand? 3. In which country do you find Pondicherry? 4. What is the English term for La Manche? 5. What was the capital of West Germany before 1989?


Hard questions 6. Which Asian city had the largest population in AD 1000? 7. What is Cambodia’s own local currency? 8. Which Scots hero took York by siege? 9. Which US county saw Custer’s last stand? 10. What is Russia’s principal ice free port?

Answers 1. Port au Prince; 2. Siam; 3. India; 4. English Channel; 5. Bonn; 6. Angor Wat; 7. Riel;



...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................


8. William Wallace or Braveheart; 9. Montana; 10. Vladivostok.


Mason Fall Chair Mate Lore Mason Pin Hand Tight Lifting




1. Mill 2. Cock 3. Fly 4. Staff 5. Kin 6. Lime 7. Tic 8. Throw 9. Snake 10.Light




to 9. Solution on page 55.




Pattaya Cookery School Take home the essence of Thailand! By Mick and Di The Food Lovers KANLAYA Samatong is the driving force behind this unique cookery school which has, for four years, been training and sending out its students to spread the word about the sensational flavours of Thai cuisine. It is only really the last decade that people have become familiar with Thai food, before then they tended to confuse it with Chinese cuisine and many would have found it difficult to find Thailand on a map! Now Thai restaurants have mushroomed in all parts of the world and supermarkets carry Thai produce as a matter of course. Learning how to cook Thai food is an art that everyone can master. A proper Thai meal should consist of a soup, curry dish with condiments and a dip with accompanying fish and vegetables. A spiced salad may replace the curry dish. The soup can also be spicy but if so then the curry should be replaced by non spicy dishes. There must

always be a harmony of tastes and textures which effortlessly compliment each other. Recognised by The Ministry of Education, The Pattaya Cookery School offers courses for foreigners (Thai, English and German spoken) in a myriad of interesting subjects. Practical Thai cookery is one of the most popular classes and offers an intense three hours in which to get the basics of cooking this most intriguing of South East Asian cuisines. Dishes covered in the course include red and green curries, delicious prawn soups, savoury pork salads, steamed fish, fried chicken, stir fried pork with holy basil leaves to name just a few. More than enough to impress your friends and family with your newly acquired skill. Baking, fruit carving, Thai desserts, and a colourful cocktail course are all on offer at attractive

prices. The Professioal Thai Cookery course is obviously more rigorous and

concentrated with 240 hours of first rate instruction to provide a solid grounding for would-be chefs. Thai chefs wishing to learn European cooking can attend a 30 hour class. Pattaya Cookery School is located on North Pattaya Road (just before Tesco Lotus). and is open from 09.00 to 20.00. Tel: 038 371 197. Email: admin@ or visit www.pattaya

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


The Rice Mill Memories of China

By Mick and Di The Food Lovers ONE OF the bevy of restaurants in the Marriott Hotel Resort and Spa is the premier Chinese restaurant, The Rice Mill. The interior has received extensive renovation and has emerged with a richly traditional decor with dark polished teak panels and cinnabar coloured walls blending yin and yang, east and west. Mick and I were invited recently to sample their new promotional menu and were astounded by the diversity, choice and reasonableness of price. This latest promotion is the debut of their remarkable “all-you-can-eat” 5-course Cantonese degustation for only B.490 ++. This is not ubiquitous buffet-style eating. It is luxury fine dining cooked to order from an assortment of creative and vibrant dishes.

chefs in this kitchen. Our special favourite was the fresh slippery jelly fish experted impregnated with the zesty chili and pungent sesame oil – delicious! Soup is de rigueur at a Chinese establishment and Mick elected to sip the hot and sour Schezwan style while the double broiled fish maw in brown sauce was my choice. Both were truly delicious with a soft, velvety texture and subtle comforting flavours.

From the six appetisers we ordered the deep fried shrimp wonton and radish pancakes plus the marinated jelly fish with chili and sesame oil. (You could, of course, order all of them!) Dishes not sampled this time, were the marinated chicken with Chinese wine, chilled pork leg or deep fried vegetable spring rolls. The ones we did try were exceptional and clearly demonstrated the skill of the

From the main courses (you can order all eight!), fish fillets with sweet and sour sauce, stir fried sliced beef with pepper sauce and supreme four vegetables with bamboo pith were selected. Noodles or rice are offered as the accompaniment, and our option of fried rice with crab meat proved a perfect conclusion to our Chinese repast. This is undoubtedly a “must-try” promotion

offering imperial quality (and quantity) in the extreme. The presentation is a delight, and the ingredients and expertise in the kitchen exemplary. Of course you can always order from their a la carte menu which is a joy to read and spotlights time honoured dishes from the oriental world. For the adventurous there are a myriad of dishes to excite the taste buds, such as birds nest soup, abalone, steamed pigeons plus the more usual and popular Cantonese favourites. We spotted an intriguing soup called “monk jump over the wall” which consists of black chicken steeped with a profusion of extravagant ingredients. This out of the ordinary recipe requires 6 hours notice and is served at B.1380 per person. Dim sum is a timehonoured day-time treat which has come to mean little eats but literally translated means “light the heart”. I counted over thirty different varieties from delicate dumplings stuffed with shrimp (B.80) to steamed buns filled with sweet roast pork, deep fried won ton and many more. To sum up, The Rice Mill is a top flight restaurant with great oriental charm offering new generation Chinese dining from the modest to the luxurious thus catering to all pockets and preferences. Its ambiance is serene and peaceful providing a perfect haven of tranquility from the hurly burly of downtown Pattaya. Located in the Ground Floor of Marriott Hotel & Spa on Second Road, Pattaya. Tel: (038) 412 120 or visit their website on Open daily for lunch and dinner. All credit cards accepted. Underground car parking


Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Business Opportunities

Articles for Sale

Quick & Easy. We buy/sell used goods. We pay instant CASH. TVs, HiFis, Watches, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Phones, CD Players, Electrical Appliances & more. Home/office clearances. Large item pickup. All goods must be in working condition. Bring your I.D. Visit our 300m2 store 2nd Floor Pattaya Klang. Tel 038 488 240 Fax 038 488 249

(ptm-2007)Electric Bicycles – Economical and environmentally friendly. Ride 40 km between battery recharges. Each recharge costs only 4 baht. Quiet. No pollution. For catalogues & prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 965 6291-3, Visit their website, (ptm-2007)Mobility Scooters - Portable 3 wheels, 4 wheels, latest models. Full service by distributor. For catalogues and prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 965 6291-3, Visit their website, (ptfas-2007)20 German books (17x Karl May) Winnetou,Old Shatterhand, for a nice price, 950 baht. Tel:087 100 5726 (ptfas-2007)Golf Membership for sale. Burapha. Life membership. No Yearly Green Fees. John 081 376 1773 Baht 180,000 (ptfas-2007)Wedding Dress for Sale will fit 40 - 50 kg person, fully adjustable, creme colour, Classic Style, replacement. Cost baht 50,000 sell baht 18,000, or rent baht 6,000 also men’s Silk jacket. Prem 089 002 3493 (ptm-1607)19" LCD Touchgames: 17" LCD Bar top machines; electronic Dart for 8 Player; Football table; second hand or brand new incl. 1Y warranty and support, sale-rent-lease-finance! Call 089 545 9440 or 038 248 000 Mail:, Web: (ptm-2007)Large Collection of Table games including “Trivial Persuit” with many extras, mah-jong, tarot cards, dominoes (double six & double nines), playing cards etc. Please phone 038 421 502 (ptm-2007)Good Quality “Matiko” 12 x 50. Binoculars mounted (removeable) on Deawa tripod, 1,400 baht. Astronomical Telescope mounted on heavy duty tripod with extra lenses, 1,400 baht or 2,500 baht for both. 038 421 502


(ptm-0108)An Installed Concrete and Tile Pool adds value to your home, making it easier to sell. Completed/ready to use in 30 days cost under 300,000bt. With no hidden extras. Pool Guy 086 149 4279 (ptfas-1907)Cooktop, Stainless Steel, 4 burner like new, purchased and can’t use. Paid 9,800 baht sell for 3,500. 089 803 0388 (ptfas-1907)Antique Wooden Bench hand carved family Heirloom, solid wood 152W x 60D must see 6,500 baht 089 803 0388 (ptfas-1907)DVD Series Sopranos Season 5 & 6 like new 12 discs 600 baht for both 089 803 0388

Articles Wanted (ptm-1807)Pool Table Wanted, (not coin operated) in good condition at reasonable price. Call 086 112 0988

Boat for Sale (ptm-0007)Quick sale Chaparral Speed Boat 22 ft. excellent condition, Yamaha 250 HP V6 engine. Price: 750,000 Eng : 081 003 3703 Thai : 081 295 7928 (ptm-1407)Imported Used Boat Years 2005 to 2008. Cabin Cruiser Bow Rider ….. start from 24 feet up to your dream. Available today in Pattaya or under order. 3 month delivery with registration and complete check up. Bargain Prices. Mortgage available for every one to suit any budget. Call Today for information 086 702 3611 (ptm-1107)15 Foot Fibre Glass Metal Trailer 70,000 baht. Many extras to be sold separately, fish finder and compass, jackets, 4 boat rods with Penn Reels, 5 HP engine. Best offer for everything, illness forces sale. 038 406 791 (ptfb-2406)33 Foot Long, 7 Foot Beam, 6 Cylinder StraitSix Diesel, in-board, shaft driven, wooden hull, Licensed for 10 persons, diving/swimming platform, scuba tank racks, head (marine toilet), 8-10 knots cruising speed. Suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling or trolling for fish. Very economical, approximately 10 litres per hour. Asking price 200,000 Bahts. Call 086 844 8088 for quick sale.

(ptm-0408)We Supply and Service Game Machines. Free of charge! We supply the machine, you provide the location. Call 081 762 8379 (ptm-sp1808)Pool Tables Brand New (coin operated). Profit sharing, you provide the location, we provide the pool table for free and all maintenance costs. We will also consider buying your old pool table. For more information, please call: 081 762 8379 (ptm-2007)Long Established Golfing Bar Available for Sale or Rent. Long contract – No key money. Contact 086 002 6762 (ptm-L2107)Viable Business Venture for Sale. Promoting a ‘comprehensive’ range of ‘Expatriate’ related advisory and consultancy services over the WWW, on a Global, Regional & Country wide basis. Having proven ten (10) year history of ‘satisfied’ Clients and Customer in Manpower Placement, Company Formations and Visa Assistance/Migration to SEA. For either a joint venture, partnership or total buy-out arrangement, contact Lyle at 084 346 6902 (ptm-2307)Great Opportunity to Own this 175 sq.m. Walking St. Bar. 3 pool tables, Plasma TV’s, UBC, all music + drinks licenses in place. Long lease. 2.2 mil. Baht. Tel. 089 932 6716 Pattaya B-O-C, Bars – Restaurants – Mini Marts – Beauty Saloons – Guest Houses – Hotels – Go Go Bars – Caf½’s – Coffee Shops – Launderettes for sale in and around Pattaya. All work carried out in strictest confidence. Prices range from 400k Baht up. Contact Mike 086 303 1708 or visit New to business in Pattaya? Let us guide you through the minefield. We can walk you through the process of buying and setting up a business in Thailand legally and without headache. B.O.C Pattaya. Tel Mike: 086 303 1708 or visit (ptm-2207)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-2007)No Agency is looking for bar/restaurant/guesthouse or partnership. Please contact Bars – Restaurants – Mini Marts – Beauty Saloons – Guest Houses – Hotels – Go Go Bars – Cafe’s – Coffee Shops – Launderettes for sale in and around Pattaya. All work carried out in strictest confidence. Prices range from 400k Baht up. Contact Mike 0863031708 New to business in Pattaya? Let us guide you through the minefield. We can walk you through the process of buying and setting up a business in Thailand legally and without headache. B.O.C Pattaya. Tel Mike : 0863031708 12909 Shop Unit Double unit in famous Pattaya mall. Always busy. Small investment needed. Perfect for wife or girlfriend. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8

12780 Guesthouse And Bar 4 storeys, 160 sq.m. near Soi Buakhao in Pattaya. 5 rooms, an office & owner accommodation. Leasehold, profitable. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8 13037 Catering Company Plus restaurant. Poor health forces sale. Close to Sukhumvit Highway in Pattaya. Caters to parties etc. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/ 8 12936 Commercial Building 3 storeys close to Pattaya Third Road. Floor space of 300 sq.m. 5 rooms to rent plus 2 vacant shop units. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8 13146 Soi Buakhao Guesthouse Surrounded by bars, restaurants etc. 4 floors with 10 rooms, restaurant. Long stay tenants. Sunbelt Asia 038-412 827/8 13140 Large Guesthouse Busy Soi Buakhao location in Pattaya. Daily & monthly rates. Attractive long lease. 5 storeys. Profitable. 28 rooms, some with a/c. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/ 8 13168 Furnished Office Rent for 20,000 baht per month in office block on a main road in Pattaya. One and a half floors plus shared reception area. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8 13005 Profitable Guesthouse Plus restaurant & bar. Est. 3 years. 5 storey double shop house. Well patronised. Owner retiring. Near S. Pattaya Road. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8 13124 Nail Design Salon New Pattaya based shop available as owner now based in Bangkok. Good early results. High class. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8 12998 Brand New Laundry Turnkey, but only recently opened. Everything like new. 2 storey property near Soi Buakhao in Pattaya. Long lease until 2015. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8 12966 Second Road Shop Near large nightlife venue, 200 m. from beach. Perfect for office or retail outlet. Rent for 16,000 per month. 20 sq.m. Sunbelt Asia 038-412827/8 We Sell Going Concerns! If You Want Expert Professional Advice on Buying or Selling a Business in Pattaya TSBA Have a large selection of businesses available. Call Craig 087 077 0475 Go Go Bars! We have a large selection in some of the best locations in Pattaya from walking st to Soi 6 all are well staffed with long leases. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Bar / Guest House – This luxury appointed, Irish themed guest house specializes in golf tours so is fully booked most of the year. There are 12 rooms with all the trimmings you would expect from this first class establishment. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Soi 6 Bargain. This well established bar located on this busy soi has a great reputation, and at this price it will not be for sale for long. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email:

Fax: (038) 374535

Making your Business our Business ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!!!.........We have for sale the most famous hotel/guesthouse in Central Pattaya! A live time opportunity to become the owner of this 3 ½ star guesthouse near Carfour. 78 Rooms, 3 buildings, prime land, bars, etc. All the accounting is available. 165 Million Baht. Shophouses excellent high-end tourist area for Sale or Rent 5.5 mil or 20,000 per month! Four storey and incredible Sea View from top level can add additional levels. Shell space ready for you to move-in. Perfect for Restaurant Guesthouse Business. Can buy one or both. Buyer is very motivated. Quick Sale Opportunity! Guesthouse and restaurant only 150 meters to the beach. Only 13.2 million Freehold or 3 Million Leasehold! The guesthouse construction is not even complete and the rooms are booked solid for four months. The restaurant is a local favorite. The construction craftsmanship is quality European with many extras, including; Staff quarters, and Garden Courtyard. This is an excellent opportunity “Freehold” Ocean view luxury Hotel- Great Buy at 65 million. 5 floors of beautiful newly refurnished rooms. Also a top floor penthouse that is amazing. FOUR SHOPHOUSES Sea View quick sale, fast growing area. Excellent for convenience store only 3.1 million each. “Freehold”. Perfect for beach oriented business, 30 meters to the sand. Across from major resort development and very large and busy Seafood restaurant. Shophouse in busiest retail location of South Pattaya only 20,000 baht per month on flexible lease terms. Four floors each 16 sq. wah. This space is directly across from the most frequently visited mall in Pattaya. Also in nightlife area. Could be excellent location for any business. You want traffic check this place out. One of A Kind. Large Restaurant and 9 room guesthouse-3.5 million. Four studios, 3 one bedrooms, 1 two bedroom, and one Three bedroom 2 bath with kitchen apartment. Rooms furnished and equip. w/ linens, TVs, cable, and internet. Lease.3X3-No Key Money, Rent only 130,000 baht mo. No use restrictions on building. Excellent location, owner highly motivated. Beautiful Spa-17 million invested, must sell for 7 million – Averages 1000 customers per month. Excellent location, Owner will consult or consider partnership. First Class Design and D½cor. Must see to believe. You can own this business now with existing staff of 40 and steady customer flow, creating over 1 million in monthly revenue from the very beginning. An investors dream. Office Space in a very central location for all the coastal activities of Pattaya and Jomtien. Space sizes vary from small “one man operation” up to 240 sq. m. There is extremely high traffic to this business location and the visitors here are the ex-pats who have some discretionary funds to spend. As well this space is on and clearly visible from the heaviest travelled road by the tourist on holiday. Guesthouse and Restaurant central location, priced to sell 6.5 million. This is a very good price for a double shophouse business and has several ground-floor areas that are sub-lease ready. 16 furnished rooms on 4 floors. Very close to the main shopping areas, the night life areas and schools, as you can imagine these rooms stay rented. The furniture and fixtures valued at over 7.5 million. Owner wants to move to Northern Thailand. Guesthouse in an extremely busy location next to very popular market and priced to sell at 8 million. This successful business has 5 floors and 11 furnished rooms in a very high demand location. You could have the number one business of any kind with this location. Restaurant, bar, beauty salon, or retail this can be an immediate good volume business for you, call today. RESTAURANT-Fantastic opportunity- established very successful Italian Restaurant, also has large 2 Bedroom Residence above. All for only 2.5 million baht. Owner is relocating wants fast sale. Instant profits, has stable staff regular customers, 5 years remaining on excellent lease, perfect location great parking. If you want to walk in to an immediate turnkey winning operation, do not miss this one. Bakery & Gourmet Coffee shop Sale or Lease. Established business ready and waiting for you. Furnished with very high quality chairs, tables, stools. Excellent location on lobby level of Condo-Resort across from very high end beach. This location will be an only better and better in the next year as several flagship properties are completed. Owner has several other commitments and must sell. Walking Street- the best high volume location in Pattaya can be your new business location. Several locations available from only 30,000 baht per month on a lease for only one year or up to 15 years with even better terms per sq. m. Make the contract now and you’re in business ready for high season. Want a Fabulous Luxury Hotel, restaurant for only 20 million, act quickly. Great location large restaurant and spa facilities as well as one of the best locations in all Pattaya . Rooms are exceptionally equipped and furnished in a very impressive style. Call soon this will not last. Pattaya Apartment “Freehold” only 19 million baht. 44 units on 58 sq wah. Rooms are furnished and rented and stay rented. Several sub-lease spaces on property ready for mini-mart and small restaurant. This is an excellent location Resort Hotel all inclusive property, Baht 90 million. New constructionYour own private Eden. Owner will finance. 35 luxury rooms, complete restaurant and sports bar, incredible pool, complete gym, theatre, spa, sauna, vehicle fleet, staff quarters, extremely well conceived property and business design. Seller can receive purchase monies in any country. Three house compound with pool and staff quarters. Excellent corporate housing or private spa. 6 Connected Shophouses 400 meters to beach only 15k per building. Perfect for guesthouse/hotel. #1 Pattaya Publication for Sale Baht 12 million, will pay for itself in one year. Owner ready to retire. Mercy Center Orphanage needs investor to buy and lease back orphanage property. Good land investment secured by Deed/ Chenote.

Call-Premier Business Brokers 038-231-931

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

E-mail :


Classified Business Opportunities

0243/SLN - Bar & Restaurant with Rooms - Two storey shop house located just off 3rd Road. Ground floor bar with seperate kitchen. Two bedrooms on the upper floor. Rent only 20,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 325,000 baht. 0234/SLN – Open Beer Bar – Located in beer bar complex on 2nd Road. Rent only 12,000 baht per month & No Key Money. Sale Price: 350,000 baht. 0255/SLN – Bar – Located in busy ‘night life’ area of Central Pattaya. Above the bar is a single room with en suite bathroom. Profitable business and easy to manage. Rent only 6,000 baht per month and annual key money of 150,000 baht which has been pre paid till Sept. 2008. Sale Price: 900,000 baht 0249/SLN - Bar with Rooms - Single shop house located in busy ‘foot traffic’ area of South Pattaya. On the ground floor is a busy bar with pool table. On the upper floors there is 7 rooms. Rent 25,000 baht per month and Key Money of 300,000 baht every 3 years. Sale Price: 1.3 million baht. 0264/SLN – Beer Bar – Located in the busiest area of town – ‘Walking Street’. Rent 30,000 baht per month and Key Money has been pre-paid till September 2009. Sale Price: 1.3 million baht. 0254/SLN – Go Go Bar – 4 storey single shop house, located in busy ‘foot traffic’ area of South Pattaya. Monthly rent is 30,000 baht and Key Money has been pre-paid till October 2009. Sale Price: 1.8 million baht 0263/SLN - Hotel & Bar - 15 room hotel with ground floor bar and kitchen. Located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of South Pattaya. All rooms have en suite bathroom, air con and safety box. Rent only 60,000 baht and No Key Money. Sale Price 2.3 million baht. 0200/SLN Bar with Rooms. Ground floor bar with 2 large rental apartments above. Located in good ‘foot traffic’ area of Jomtien. Earning good profits, which current owner can verify. Sale Price: 2.4 million Baht. 0236/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey single shop house located in good ‘foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya, with 6 rental rooms above the ground floor bar. The business has been earning good profits for the last 3 years, which the current owner can verify. Sale Price: 3 million baht. 0257/SLN - Bar and Restaurant with Rooms - 2 storey double shop house, located in busy night life area of North Pattaya. Large bar and restaurant on the ground floor. On the 2nd floor is 4 rental rooms all with en suite bathroom and air-con. Monthly rent of only 20,000 baht and NO KEY MONEY. Profitable business. Sale Price: 4 million baht. 0218/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey double shop house located in a busy ‘foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya. There are 8 rental rooms and a large ground floor bar with pool table. Included in the sale price is 12 months pre paid rent till May 2009. NO KEY MONEY. Sale Price: 4 million baht. 0269/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey double shop house, located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of North Pattaya. Large ground floor bar with external seating area and 7 rental rooms above. The business generates good turnover & profits. Low rent and no Key Money. Sale Price: 4.9 million baht. 0265/SLN- Bar with Rooms – 3 storey double shop house located in North Pattaya. Large ground floor bar with internal and external seating area generating good turnover and profits. Rent only 30,000 baht per month and No Key Money. Sale Price: 5.5 million baht. 0241/SLN - Bar & Restaurant - ‘Well known’, profitable business located in a ‘busy foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya. Low rent. Sale Price: 6 million baht. 0154/SLN - Restaurant - Well established Restaurant located in North Pattaya - seating capacity for nearly 100 customers. Have enjoyed good profits over the last two years. Key Money has been paid till February 2010 and is transferable. Sale Price: 6.5 million baht. 0259/SLN – Specialist Technology Company – Well established business distributing hi-tech product range to rapidly expanding market throughout Thailand – seeking partner. Partner must be from a proven sales background and self motivated. Sale Price: 7 million baht for 40% share of business. 0270/SLN - Furniture & Interior Decor shop - Incorporating a retail shop, which also offers interior decor project design for clients. The sale price includes in excess of 5 million bahts worth of stock and a Limited company which would enable any prospective buyer to obtain 2 foreign work permits. ‘Walk into’ a well established, extremely profitable business. There is also a seperate entrance with 12 rental rooms above the retail shop. Sale Price: 8 million baht. 0237/SLN - Bar with Rooms above - Extremely profitable bar (which current owner can verify), with 4 rental rooms above, located in a very busy ‘foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya. The bar has been fitted out to a very high standard. Low rent and NO KEY MONEY. Included in the sale of the business is a Limited Company. Sale Price: 10 million baht. (the current owner will provide financing if required). 0247/SLN - Bar/Restaurant and Guesthouse - Located in South Pattaya. Extremely profitable business which the current owner can verify. On the ground floor is a large bar and restaurant. Included in the sale price is the land and buildings. Sale Price: 25 million baht. 0217/SLN - Resort - Located in East Pattaya on 2.5 Rai of land. 8 number two bedroom bungalows, 7 number one bedroom bungalows, 4 number single rooms and 1 number double room. Swimming pool and well looked after garden all within a secured area. Built to a very high standard. The current owner has benefited from full occupancy of all the bungalows since opening in 2004. Profitable business and very easy to manage. Included in the selling price is the land, buildings and all the fixtures and fittings. Sale Price: 40 million Baht 0238/SLN - Hotel - Located in Central Pattaya. The hotel comprises of 20 guestrooms on 6 floors, which were all totally refurbished during 2007 to a very high standard. There is also an Owner penthouse suite on the top floor. The business has also enjoyed virtual full occupancy since opening in September 2007. Included in the selling price is the land, building and all the fixture and fittings which are in a Company name. Sale Price: 45 million baht.

To list your business free or further information on the Services TBAC Offer. Contact us today on: Tel: 038 489 074-5, 087 283 5349 (English) Fax: 038 489 076 E-mail TBAC:

Soi 7 Bar –This busy beer bar located right in the heart of the action. The bar has been established for many years and has always made good profits. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Motorcycle Hire – An opportunity has arisen to purchase one of Pattaya most established and most profitable hire businesses. There are 100 bikes in this impressive fleet which are included in the purchase price. Call Craig 087 077 0475 e mail: Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Hotel Units and Villas for Sale and Rent Back. Fantastic investment for speculators requiring security. Call Barry 089 933 3583 (ptfbo-2007)Active Partner Needed: For a new concept in business. Very small investment. Please call Sol 038 231 999 before 11 am or after 6 pm. Jomtien Plaza Condotel, building unit A, apt 406/282 #2601 Jomtien beach rd. Warehouse / Factory Building. Approx. 450m2 on 2052 square metres of land, 20 minutes by car from Pattaya city, close to Highway 36. The premises can be bought, rented or taken over on a hire purchase agreement. Sales price (Land and Building) only THB 4,900,000. Please call George: 081 855 75 20 (English, Deutsch, Fran½ais, Italiano) Selling Flourishing Business in Pattaya. We are the leading Shop for antiques Chinese furniture. Our business is located in the centre of Pattaya. We sell mostly antique Chinese cabinets and other small furniture from the Qing Dynasty but also gifts and decorative items. On three floors -a combined sales area of approx. 250 square metres- our customers find a very large and well presented assortment of goods. We can sincerely claim to be the Number One in the region of the Eastern Seaboard. Thanks to the continuing boom in the housing market in Pattaya and its surroundings, a strong increase in turnover can be expected. The only reason for the sale of the business: The already elderly owner wishes to retire. We will be more than glad to give you detailed and relevant information. Please call Tel. 081 833 82 24 Shop for Rent. Be where the action is! Factory City Outlet is opening on the second floor above Tops in Central Pattaya. Rent shop space for 17,500 baht per month.Open your new business or brqanch here. Shop space available includes Air Con, security, parking, bathrooms and lots of customers from new outlet

Fax: (038) 374535

store and bowling alley on 3rd floor and Tops supermarket on ground floor. Come by PAPPA Co., Ltd. office on second floor or call 084.111.7999. E-mail: Office Space for Rent. Completely furnished, two storey office in busy area of Thepprasit Road. Near Sukhumvit, Next to Evans Marketing. Phone lines, air con, high speed internet, security system, PBX, desks, chairs, etc. all included. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. Email: Business Opportunities. Office and nine nearby rental properties for sale. Completely furnished, two storey office in busy area of Thepprasit Road. Near Sukhumvit, Next to Evans Marketing. Phone lines, air con, high speed internet, security system, PBX, desks, chairs, etc. all included. Four condos Furnished or unfurnished and air 60 square meters with one or two bedrooms, air con, cable TV and phone lines. Five condos 30 squre meters. Sea View. Near Sukhumvit on Thepprasit Road. Fifteen Million Baht. Own in foreigner name. Financing available to the right person. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. E-mail: Office for Sale. Completely furnished, two storey office in busy area of Thepprasit Road. Near Sukhumvit, Next to Evans Marketing. Phone lines, air con, high speed internet, security system, PBX, desks, chairs, etc. all included. Five Million Baht. Own in foreigner name. Financing available to the right person. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. E-mail: Retail Space/Shophouses 50 M. from Beach Road. Sale or Rent. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Hotel – Owner wants fast sale will finance. Baht 70 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Hotel – Owner wants fast sale. Baht 6 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Dongtan Beachfront Boutique Hotel Baht 23 million. . Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Restaurant well known Brand directly on Thappraya Road in front of large Condominium Project, ready for new owner. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

Lounge bar restaurant, the most comfortable d cor in Pattaya. The owner has moved to Bangkok. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to New Hotel on Thappraya already has 500,000 Baht in subleases. Owner wants fast sale. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Hotel 142 rooms well established reputation one minute from Mike’s Shopping Mall. Owner wants to retire. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to premier@loxinfo. New walking street many new retail locations. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land 2 Rai across from new factory 1.2 mil per Rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@ Hotel Lobby retail spaces Brand New Hotel. Excellent for Beauty Salon, Clothing Boutique, etc. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Boutique Hotel Prime Location B 150 million with long term contracts guaranteeing over B 30 million in annual revenue. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to New Condominium Project, ground floor commercial space available now. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Antique Furniture Store for sale, very profitable, owner wants to retire and will consider financing, and will train new owner. Very exciting business opportunity. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

Building for sale or lease close to Regent’s School excellent for factory or storage. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Wandee : Wandee Studio for monthly rental, Bht 18,000/ month. Fully and well decorated. FREE Wireless internet and cable TV. Located on Tappraya Rd. Easy to access Pattaya and Jomtien. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Education & Training Learn to Speak, Write and Read Thai ?!! Learn to understand what people are saying around you !! With a professional and experienced Thai teacher. Contact 081 466 7478, 086 150 6793 (pta-0406)TEFL Intercontinental, we are specialist in teacher training, a full 120 hours TEFL certificate course, we offer Guaranteed job & Work permit, Earn 36,000 Baht while you practice teaching for 2 Months. Please contact us at: 086 841 5976 or 038 406 640 (pta-0406)Foreign Ladies: Speak and write ‘Beautiful English’ in the comfort of your own home or office, at your own speed, learning the social or business English you need. Training from English professor now retiring to Pattaya. Tel: 081 838 8163 for first discussion Pro Language we offer a variety of effective and enjoyable language courses. English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Thai course. For foreigner from beginner to advance including a preparation for the Grade 6 examination by ministry of education. 3 year ED Visa for full time students. Please call for Free Trial Lesson. Opposite Carrefour, Central Pattaya Rd. Tel. 038-489 -225-7 Fax. 038-489-228 Fruit & vegetable carving courses. If you are looking for fruit & vegetable carving course, we are offering cheap price by professional teacher and we service to teach at your place. Contact Yui 085 238 5453 or 038 377 195 email.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Education & Training (pta-0406)PROGRESS Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified By Ministry of Education) Thai (speak Thai confidently in 60 hours)-English-Dutch-GermanItalian-French-JapaneseChinese-Russian-KoreanSpanish-Computer-Internet—— Free Trial Thai & English lessons 1 period—Qualified and Experienced Teachers— Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 038 370 263, 038 423 639, 081 577 2967 (pta-0406)PRO becomes PROGRESS. Please note that PRO Language & Computer School has now been renamed PROGRESS Language & Computer School. It still offers excellent quality course in language and computer skills. Progress Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified by The Ministry of Education) Thai (Speak Thai confidently in 60 hours) -English-Dutch-GermanItalian-French-JapaneseChinese-Russian-KoreanSpanish-Computer-Internet—— Free Trial Thai & English lessons 1 period—Qualified and Experienced Teachers— Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 038 370 263, 038 423 639, 081 577 2967

House for Sale (ptm-c2007)Bargain Opportunity. Luxury Bungalow Completed January 2007. Good location, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, aircon, etc. 24 hours security. Cost 4 million baht will sell for 3 million baht. Parking several cars. Tel. Thai 089 669 1507, Tel. English 085 934 5411 (ptm-s2007)New! New! New! Large Family Villas, Huay Yai, 4 bed, 5 bath, office, choice of kitchen, maid room, stores, double carport, private pool, sala, private well. Garden etc. etc. etc. 12.5 M Baht. Tel: 087 905 8190 (Eng), 087 905 8188 (Thai) or e-mail for more details/pics. (ptm-2207)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-m2107)New House, Euro Style, 48 tw, A/C, artesian well, close to town, +++must see. 2.1 million only. Maew 081 942 8680 (ptm-o2007)House in Jomtien in Co. Ltd Name for Sale by Owner, 2 storey, 3 bed/bath on 2nd floor and 1 independent bed/ bath on 1st floor, office, living room and TV room, kitchen built-in, new decoration, and furniture, A/C, car park and automatic gate, private swimming pool. Fish pool and beautiful small garden. 800m from the sea, secure estate. 8.5 MB included fees. Call 084 945 7248 (French-English)

Classified Are You an Expatriate Who Wants a Home in Paradise? Is your equity Locked in property and Blocking your dream? Let us unleash your money through ‘Bridging Finance’. Other services offered BVI company registration, BVI yacht registration, property/land for sale in Koh Samui/Pattaya and other parts of Thailand, offshore bank A/C’s, asset protection. Call today for further information Watson Associates :02-6642622/email: Spectacular Town home for sale. Pratamnuk Hill. Very nice and quiet area, very close to Cozy Beach, 205 Sqm for living space. 2 big bedrooms and 2 huge bathrooms-(master with Jacuzzi) 2 big balconies, beautifully decorated throughout with quality furniture. Hi-spec. European kitchen, hi- speed internet, satellite dish, 3 televisions, 3 a/c’s, garage. Also, equipped with alarm system. Bt: 6 Million for quick sale. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 HS1147:2 bed, 2 bath Bungalow East Pattaya close to market & shops, interior size 125 Sqm, very clean house, for sale at 2.65 Million Baht inclusive of company. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HS GFV3 Brand new 3 bed townhouses 5 mins from Central, from only 1.99 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-49442541 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity HS1143: SP2 Village, private pool, 500 Sqm land, interior 250 Sqm, 3 bed, 3 bath, modern furniture, sell with company, 8.9 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity (pta-0007)In Proximity of the Most Beautiful Golf Courses and the Best Known Polo Clubs, we sell our Beautiful Villa a Symbiosis in Luxury and Nature Amidst wonderful nature, you have all the quality and comfort you can imagine. Generous living room, state of the art and custom-made European kitchen, 3 bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms surpassing your imagination, office, maid quarters, generous

terrace to pamper all your friends, a spectacular private infinite edge pool with whirl pool and manicured garden, top construction quality. Size: approx. 440m2, Land approx. 1.5 Rai (2400m2). 4.5 km. east of Pattaya-City. Good access to all directions. Sales price only: THB 18,500,000. There is plenty more to say, just have a look. Please call George: Tel. 081 8557520 (EnglishDeutsch-Fran ais-Italiano) (ptvf-0007)Superb 3 bedroom villa for sale!! This excellent under construction villa in Nong Plalai Pattaya, only 7 minutes from international hospital and school, has 254 square meters living area. Land area is 1 rai = 1600 square meter. Land is big enough for one swimming pool 6 x16 meter. You must see!! The new owner can finish according your taste!! Sale Price is only 6,500,000 Baht. Tel.: 081 893 0864 or for more information E-Mail: BM4579 Wonderful family home with large private swimming pool for sale located at the ISR area and only short drive to city, land area approx. 1,000 sq.m., 4 bed, 5 bath, European kitchen, large lounge, office, t.v. room, separated maid’s house, fully furnished, A/ C, ready to live in. Great offer 7.9 million baht. Please contact us to view the place. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: Unique in Thailand, guaranteed MORTGAGE for everyone! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Stunning House For only 10.5 Million Baht! Four extra large bedrooms, four Bathrooms with separate Guest bungalow and a huge swimming pool. The house is built on a 1200 m2 plot in the very prestigious area of Phoenix Golf Course. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Investment opportunity in a 5-star Village between 9-14 Million Baht! 25% Downpayment! Six year Mortgage! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Quick Sale Opportunity! A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Selling price lowered again from 15.9 Million Baht to 12.8 Million Baht! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house has a lap-pool, big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. Also a nice investment as the house is rented for 80,000 BHT/Month for the next two years. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2587)

Fax: (038) 374535

Most incredible sea views from a designer 4 bedroom home for 19.9 Million Baht! Situated high in the Bangsarey Hills, this gorgeous four bedroom four bathroom home was completely decorated by one of the areas most noted interior designers, which makes it both beautifully appointed as well as being a very comfortable family home. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2424) Want a Thabali House? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Very tastefully designed and decorated modern Balinese style homes right in the heart of Jomtien. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Several View Talay Villas for Sale from 7.9 Million to 50 Million Baht! Live in one of these highly sought after villas in this exclusive development! For appointment and private showing call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Immaculate Beach House next to the Dusit Hotel for sale at 27.5 Million Baht! Each room in this extremely well laid out home has been designed and decorated to a very high standard. The location and sea views are to die for…..this is luxury! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2258) An Absolutely Stunning Home For 60 Million Baht! With over 3,000 square meters of living space all done in the finest hardwoods, marble and granite this is a grand and very impressive estate home. The estate has seven master suites and four separate lounge areas with a cinema room, games room and three kitchens all built around an outdoor lounging area and swimming pool. To put it simply, this is luxury! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2152)

Gorgeous and Very Large Estate Home For Sale at 25 Million Baht! This is luxury on a large scale, with five bedrooms five bathrooms and a lovely swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The interior design work is very tasteful. There is not a better address, as this is in the areas best Expat development. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Beautifully Designed Bali Style home for 15.5 Million Baht! This very nice three bedroom home is in one of the finest villages in Pattaya for foreigners wishing to have a familiar and safe environment, make sure to see this fine home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Act Quick…..we have the last remaining house in a 5star development for 14 Million Baht. This stunning house is located 200 meters from the beach and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 280 m2 living space on 400m2 land. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at We have several Mortgage opportunities! We have seven houses available with a mortgage. All houses are located in the 5-star village Paradise Villas. For more information about the mortgages Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Want a Fabulous Home in Paradise Villa? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Great home layouts and designs in these spectacular and modern homes at Pattaya’s ‘Number One’ development. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Beautiful Regent Village four Bedroom, five bathroom Home For Sale at 14 Million Baht! Absolutely stunning interior design. This five bedroom plus home is a must see. Fantastic fully equipped European kitchen and you will love the wonderful landscaping and finishing work, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2685)

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

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House for Sale We have houses for sale in the range of 3-130 Million Baht!! We have by far the most listings……examples are houses in Siam Royal View, Paradise Villa 1 and 2, Nagawari, Thabali, Park Villas, View Talay Villas, Little Hill, Phu Tara, etc, etc. We are known for the best listings and the best prices. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Large four bedrooms, four bathrooms house with swimming pool in Siam Executive Estates on Siam Country Club Road only 7,950,000 Baht. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. 038.301.050 or Drew at 084.111.7999. E-mail Two or Three bedroom, three bathroom Bali-style house Executive Estates on Siam Country Club Road only 4,950,000 Baht. Financing available. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. 038.301.050 or Drew at 084.111.7999. E-mail

House for Rent (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful New Townhouse for Rent: On Pratumnak Hill (near Cosy Beach Hotel) 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with Jacuzzi. Fully furnished, Euro kitchen, telephone + ADSL, communal pool. 30,000 baht/month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful New Townhouse for Rent: On Pratumnak Rd. Soi 5, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, communal pool. Bt:25,000/ month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful, Large 3 Bedrooms, 2 Storey House on Soi 6, Pratumnak Road on the hill. Fully furnished, large private swimming pool and garden. Telephone and ADSL. Rent 50,000 baht. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)2 Bedroom House at Ban Am-Phur. Fully furnished, 10,000 B/month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 If you are Looking for a House for Rent in Pattaya / Jomtien, look no further. We have a big selection. All price ranges. Call 086 368 4975 or visit

(ptm-2007)Occasion! New, beautiful townhouse (South Pattaya), 2 minutes to city or beach, peaceful and green environment, superbly fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, garage. Must have seen! Contact 081 862 9710 (ptfhr-nan2207)House for rent Sirinda Village on Sukhumvit Rd. end of Pattaya to Sattahip, 66 sqm., 2 storey, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths water heaters, 3 A/C water pump & tank 8,500 baht per month. Please call Ning 081 350 2111, 086 385 6670 HR1051: 3 bed house with private pool in East Pattaya all furniture included, internet and satellite 45,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-4944 2541 or by E-mail: pattaya@ HR:NAM: Town house for rent Close Cozy beach, 2 bed, 3 bath, car port, Euro kitchen ready to go! 30,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-49442541 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity HR1076: MANSION for rent, close to Regents School & H/ ways, 5 bedroom, 4 baths separate guest bungalow with kitchen, 1228 sq m of land, large outdoor terrace area & lap pool, 100,000 Baht P/M. Call for more info 038-373966or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity HR1073: 2 bed, 1 bath house in East Pattaya, fully furnished, communal pool, 11,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-4944 2541 or by E-mail: pattaya@ NW3325 Nicely detached house located in Soi Nernplubwarn quiet road but convenient to everything, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, living, nice European kitchen, cover parking, nice furnished, telephone line, ready to live in, long contract required. Good offer 25,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: MP3250 Superb family home with private swimming pool in a nice development at Mabprachan Lake for rent, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Jacuzzi, large living sapce, Euro pean kitchen, nice furnished, ADSL, ready to live in, 1 year contract required. Great offer 50,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/ Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website:



Spectacular Family Home at 80,000 Baht per month! A luxurious four bedroom, six bathroom home with a lovely swimming pool. The house is built on a 2400 m2 plot with an enormous landscaped garden. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3765) Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Family Home for 100,000 Baht per month! Located in one of South East Pattaya quietest and most beautiful villages with a large and gorgeous swimming pool! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3761) Luxurious Homes for Rent at Phoenix Golf Course Ranging from 40,000 – 130,000 Baht per month! Only fifteen minutes from the city, live in luxury at one of the area’s best golf courses. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Great Mediterranean style villa for rent at 60,000 Baht per month! This superbly finished four bedroom four bathroom home with swimming pool is a must see for those wishing to rent a great home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3716) Executive Class Rentals In and Around Pattaya from 15,000 – 150,000 Baht per month! A very rare opportunity awaits those discerning home hunters looking for both a luxurious quality home and with it a lifestyle most all would love to have. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Magnificent House in Grange Park Village. Three Bedrooms, Three Bathrooms for 80,000 Baht per Month! The decoration and design are from a high standard! This house you really need to see to appreciate its beauty. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3703) A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Renting price 200,000 Baht/month! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house has an enormous-pool and stunning furniture. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3700) Very Nice Two Bedroom Plus Office with Private Pool Only 45,000 THB per Month! This is a brand new house with full European kitchen, lovely pool, two large bedrooms (both ensuite), fully furnished, large office and more! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Awesome Three Bedroom + Office in View Talay Villas only 80,000 THB per month! This is a great house which would be ideal for both a family or as a party pad…lots of space (over 300 sqm house plus 640 sqm of land), private rooms, private pool, lots more… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Fax: (038) 374535

Three Bedroom House for Rent in Jomtien only 25,000 p/m! A great price for a three bedroom in Jomtien… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Lovely Two Bedroom Bungalow in Pratumnak only 30,000 THB p/m! Located in a secure development, this very nice two bedroom bungalow comes with ADSL, UBC, IDD, full furniture, LCD TV, shared pool and more… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at House for rent at Chaiyapruk silver bell East Pattaya (260 Sq.m.) Offer 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Part furniture, European kitchen, Air–Con, Hot water, Communal pool price at 20,000 Baht per month , 6-12 month lease. Call 038-3038256, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail: House for rent at Mapprachan lake location (115 Sq.wah.). Two storey house 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, Air –con, Hot water, Fully furnished and decorated, Private swimming pool Price at 59,000 baht per month, 6 -12 month lease only. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail:

House for rent at Far Rim hard Jomtien location (80 Sq.wah.) Two storey house 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, Air –con, Hot water, Fully furnished and decorated, Communal swimming pool Price at 35,000 baht per month, 6 -12 month lease only. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail:

Apartment/ Rooms for Rent (ptm-w1907)Aromdee Apartments has availability for rent. Fully furnished apartments with balcony, cable, telephone and also private internet lines available. It is quiet and clean with in house laundry and supermarket by European management. Only 5 minutes walk to the Big C and Lotus Supercenter in North Pattaya. Furnished standard apartments 3,000 baht/month. Furnished air conditioned apartments 3,700 baht/month. Call 089 938 6022 (ptm-1907)Royal Park Luxury Apartment Near Jomtien Beach. If you want to feel like a king, try our luxury penthouses. Monthly/Daily. Check out our website at Tel: 038 250 301 Mobile: 086 111 7414 (ptm-1907)Royal Park Luxury Apartment Near Jomtien Beach. 56 sqm. 1 bed room, kitchen, living room. Start from 15,000/month. Tel: 038 250 301 Mobile: 086 111 7414, Website:

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Apartment/ Rooms for Rent Apartment for Rent in Jomtien. Big bathroom, nice bathroom, with living room and kitchen, only 10,000 baht per month. Another room for only 5,000 baht per month. Call 081 936 2722 for more details. (ptm-1807)Carina Mansion. Large fully furnished apartment. 48 sq.m., cable TV, aircon, fridge, sofa, king-size bed, wardrobe, kitchen and large bathroom with hot shower. All rooms have Wi-Fi, internet. 500 baht daily and 6,000 baht per month. Best value in town!! Our mansion also includes a large restaurant and a bar. Contact 081 829 2285(English), 081 311 7856(Thai).

Condo for Sale Angket Condominium (Jomtien Beach), 47 sqm, Empty Studio 11th Floor. Magnificent view of Koh Larn Island and Sattahip & beyond. 2 balconies. Ideal for renovation. Must see! Only 1.3 mil. Baht (in Foreigner’s name).

Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Angket Condominium (Jomtien Beach), 39 sqm, Empty Studio 11th Floor. Lovely sea views. Big balcony. Ideal for renovation. Only 1.1 mil. Baht (in Foreigner’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website We Have Several Sea View Condos for Sale in Angket Condominium. 500 meters from Jomtien Beach. Refurbished and original rooms from 36 sqm up to 78 sqm. In foreigner’s name. From 800,000 baht, you won’t find sea view condos anywhere in Pattaya at these prices. Be quick! Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Many Condos for Sale for Under a Million Baht in Jomtien Area. All in Foreigner’s Name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website


Fantastic Bargain, 39 sqm, 8th floor condo. Beautiful Jomtien Beach Sea View, big balcony, furnished with AC, just been decorated. 500 meters from beach, swimming pool, shop 24 hrs, security, etc. Must see. Only 990,000 Baht. In foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Khiang Talay Condominium, 100 meters from Jomtien’s Best Beach. 84 sqm, 1 bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen, safety box, quality furniture. 2 balconies, lovely Koh Larn Island. Sea View. Renovated to a very high standard. Only 4.3 mil. Baht. In foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Angket Condominium 500 meters from beach, 39 sq.m Studio, 8th Floor, Big Balcony with Nice Breeze and Lovely Sea Views of Jomtien Beach. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high standard, stoned

pictured walls, marble shower room and new European kitchen, fridge freezer, microwave, new air conditioning, safety box, TV, DVD. Now only 1,690,000 baht. Angket will be repainted and refurbished this year with new swimming pool and lobby, therefore prices will rise. Good investment. (In foreigner ’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Excellent Location, 100 meters from Pattaya’s Best Beach (Jomtien). A magnificent 42 sq.m studio on the 12th floor with lovely seaviews of Jomtien Beach in the Khiang Talay Condominium. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high European standard. Separate marbled kitchen, fridge, freezer, microwave, marbled bathroom with water heater. Matching quality furniture, beautiful stoned picture walls, lovely cornice ceilings with dimmer lights. TV, DVD, surround system, safety box, remote control aircon, etc, etc. 24 hour guard securities with entry card, big swimming pool,

Fax: (038) 374535

snooker room, fitness centre, shop, and laundry. Viewing essential. Only 2.2 mil. Baht. In Foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539, 087 150 4845. For appointment to view. For more details and pictures, visit our website Many Condos for Sale in Majestic Jomtien Condominium, 500 meters from beach. From only 650,000 baht. In foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website (ptm-L0208)Foreign Name Cheap Price -View Talay 6 Condominiums, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya. I have 8 prime, 48 Sq Meter Studio units on high floors 18-22 at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street, with many units adjoining to make 96 sq meters. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street.

3.4 million each. Units available are 1804, 1805, 1806 (all 3 side by side), 1906, 2005, 2104, 2205 and 2206 (side by side). Purchase option 1: Cash 3.4 Million; or Installment Option 2: 1,000,000 to seller upon signing contract, 1,000,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 1,000,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date, final payment 400,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! (ptm-2108)Pattaya Hill Resort, Pratumnak Hill: 95 sq. m. corner condo, one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, diner, spacious, newly furnished, 3 balconies with picturesque view to temple and sea view, 3 air-conditioners, 3rd floor hotel facilities, pool, gym, restaurants, shop (In Foreign Name) Priced to Sell 4.2 million Baht. Interested call Tony 085 060 5297. Ideal for living or investment.

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

E-mail :

Condo for Sale Prime, Prime, Jomtien Locations. 3 Condos Offered For Sale at Bargain Prices. 1) 24th Floor Jomtien Complex 67 sq. mtr. 1 Bedroom. Fully Furnished, Kitchen etc. Only 3 million Baht !! 2) 4th Floor Shining Star Condominium. 38 sq. mtr. Studio. Fully furnished. Only 1.3 million Baht!! 3) 5th Floor A Building. Jomtien Plaza 48.4 sq. mtr. Unfurnished Studio. Only 1.8 Million Baht!! We also Buy Condos – Instant Cash!! Tele. David 086 150 8673 (ptm-L0208)Northshore Beachfront Condominium, Foreign Name. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, #2101, 21st floor, overlooking pool and beach. Facing Walking Street. 64 sq. meters. Foreign name. Fully luxury Furnished, Safe, Washer, Immaculate Condition, 100% equipped. Soi 5 and Beach Rd. 8.4 million.Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Realtors Welcome! Key at the Northshore office. (ptm-b2107)A.D. Condominium Wang Amat Beach Area: 1 bedroom 72 sqm. foreign ownership 3.2 million baht Contract Mrs. Ballard 081 782 2617 e-mail : lekkitty230@ (ptm-b2107)Jomtien Plaza Studio 23 floor 54 sqm. ocean view on foreign ownership 3.6 million baht Contract Mrs. Ballard 081 782 2617 e-mail : (ptm-b2107)Ananya Beach Front Condos Naklua Soi 4: beach front condo 2 bedrooms on 2 floor 140 sqm. foreign ownership 14.5 million baht Contract Mrs. Ballard 081 782 2617 e-mail : lekkitty230@ (ptm-b2107)Nova Mirage Project 2 & 3 Wang Amat Area ocean view every unit on foreign ownership price start on 1.6 million Contract Mrs. Ballard 081 782 2617 e-mail : Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% Deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 First to View Will Buy - New Completed Unit. Pattaya “Down Town” location. 1 Bed57.20 sqm, fully furnished 2.8 Million. 2 Bed- 99 sqm, fully furnished 4.8 Million. Call Barry 089 933 3583 “Trade Up To a Better Lifestyle”. We will “trade in “your property, as part payment on any of our luxury pool villa and condominium projects. Call: Peter 081 982 6145. “Penthouse Style” over looking Pattaya Bay, 180SQ.M. Fully finished and furnished, best value in town 10,340,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Jomtien “Foreign Ownership” Pre-Construction discounts and easy payment plans, 150 metres to Jomtien Beach from 3,500,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Foreign Ownership, 2 Bedroom Corner Unit. Fully furnished and fitted by a quality developer. Central Pattaya. Special deal for 60 days completion. Call: Peter at 081 982 6145.

The Best Location in Town Near Royal Garden & Behind the Avenue Mall. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom from 1.5 Million Baht. Phone: 038 -711017 Mobile: 084 866 9644, E-mail:, Studio Condo for Sale. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain views). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Bargain at Bt:1.3 mil.). Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 JC BH: Jomtien ground floor unit, ideal office/business in a busy condominium, 48 Sq m. Nicely decorated, 1.8 Million Baht. Call for more info 038-373966 or by E-mail: CS1139: A superb 220 Sq m 2 bedroom apartment located in Pratumnak, outstanding sea views from most of the six balconies! This is a top end condo with only 14 units in the entire building, 16 Million Baht. Call for more info 038-373 966 or by E-mail: pattaya@ CS1152: North Shore 80 Sq m, 1 bedroom apartment, 25th floor, Naklua side, foreign name 10.8 (also available for rent @ 50 k P/M) Million Baht. Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ Nova Park Executive Sevice Apartment. For rent Luxury Studios 1or 2 bedrooms fully furnished from 16,000 Baht / Month, Free Internet, Pool & Gym. Tel: 038 415 304-8, Email:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723, www.novagroup, E-mail: (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 25th floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya. Completely finished, tiled, granite counter tops, kitchen, cabinets, appliances, furnished, TV, DVD, 48 Sq Meter Studio units on 25th floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 3.9 million each. Units available are 2506 and 2507(side by side). Purchase option 1: Cash 3.9 Million; or Installment Option 2: 1,300,000 to seller upon signing contract, 1,300,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 1,300,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-7978055 USA or email hovelots@ Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome!


Classified (ptfcs-1007)Nova Atrium 80 sq.m. with BigTerrace. Brand new. Fully furnished high standarad (Decorum). Between Carrefour and Big C. Huge swimming pool. Fitness center. Internet. 4.5 Million. Tel. 081 863 1076 PH1152 Pattaya Hill Condo superb One bedroom corner unit 83 Sq.m., high floor with wonderful sea view, 1 bathroom, European kitchen, living room, fully furnished and finished, 2 A/ C, telephone line, ADSL foreign ownership, ready to live in. Best buy 5.3 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: RS1127 The Residence Jomtien Spacious and brand new studio for sale, 53 sq.m., European kitchen, fully furnished with high standard, ready to live in, foreign ownership. Great offer 2.65 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT1133 Viewtalay Condo 2B One bedroom condo 78 Sq.m., European kitchen, living room, fully furnished, 2 A/C, tile floor, foreign ownership, ready to live in, 3.45 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: V12199 Hot sale one bedroom condo 64 sqm., 2 baths, living area, partly furnished, high floor, Jomtien bay view only 1.99 million baht. Interested person please contact us. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: RS3388 Brand new luxury apartment Jomtein Beach area for sale and rent, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, European kitchen, 112 sq.m., fully furnished and finished very high standard, foreign ownership, ready to live in. Well price at 5.1 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: Condos for Sale. Four condos Furnished or unfurnished and air 60 square meters each (600 SQ. FT.) with one or two bedrooms, air con, cable TV and phone lines. Five condos 30 square meters. Sea View. Near Sukhumvit on Thepprasit Road. 700,000 to 1.5 Million Baht each.All nine condos for 9 million baht. Own in foreigner name. Financing available to the right person. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. Email (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 18th Floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya, 144 Sq Meter Studio unit on 18th floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely

100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 10.2 million. Purchase Option 1: Cash 10.2 Million; or Installment Option 2: 3,400,000 to seller upon signing contract, 3,400,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 3,400,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! Offer of the Month, The Park Condominium, Developers Price 55,000 Baht/sqm, Selling Price 54,000 Baht/ sqm, Two beautiful units, both 117 sqm, Type A, Building A and B, Foreign Ownership. We also have a 167 sqm unit on a high floor in building A. Act Quick, foreign ownership not available anymore from the developer. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ High Floor, Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Apartment for 27 Million Baht! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier

Fax: (038) 374535

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


Condo for Sale Special Promotion in La Royal Condominium! We have several units far under the developers price. 106 sqm, 145 and 268 sqm units. Take this opportunity to purchase a high-end unit in a fivestar beach front condominium. We not only have everything far under the developers price but we even have an owner who gives a car for free. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Northshore Unit for sale! 80 sqm front unit for only 8.9 Million Baht! Buy this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Northshore is the only 5-star Condominium on the Pattaya beach Road. High Floor! This is not the only unit we have for sale……..we have almost all the different Northshore units available on all the high floors….. prices range from 7.5-30 Million THB. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Splendid investment opportunity! For sale Tip-Condo for 1.8 Million Baht. Steady rental-income of 13,000 Baht/ Month. The best quality renovation money can buy. 42” LCD TV is only one of the many features in this condo. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014 Act quick we have the TopCorner View Talay 5 facing Jomtien. 270 sqm for 18 million Baht. Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. This must be the best corner unit in town. Also available a 239 sqm View Talay 6 corner on the 22nd floor facing Walking Street for 16 Million Baht. Call the Premier

Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting just under 1 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at View Talay 5 High Floor 46 sqm beautifully renovated Studio apartment for only 2.6 Million Baht. Just a 50 meter walk to the beach. Panoramic views over the ocean and the Jomtien Boulevard. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We have the best selection of Ananya Condos Available on the Market Today! We have the last two units available on the penthouse floor of Ananya (5th floor, Phase 3) two bedroom, 155 sqm. Ananya the best location on the best beach of Pattaya, Wongamat Beach. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Two Bedroom Condo at Jomtien Beach’s Best location for 7.9 Million Baht! This has been very nicely renovated and has two bedrooms two bathrooms all within 126 square meters of comfort and security. Priced to sell, make sure that you see this apartment soon. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2402)

Classified Grand Condo 3 Bedroom Apartment for 13.5 Million Baht! Directly on Jomtien Beach! Completely renovated with a spacious living room and ready to move in. Features two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3077) Na-Jomtien 3 Bedroom Sea View Apartment for 11.8! A beautifully renovated 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. Thai Bali Style interior design, 178 sqm, high floor and huge balcony with Fantastic Sea view. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3091) Investment Possibility in La Royale Starting from 8.9 Million Baht! 1 Million under the developers prices! We have the best units on the highest floors in the new 5 star condominium La Royale. Pattaya side, two bedroom corner units, 148 sqm and Pattaya side, two bedroom units, 106 sqm. The corner units are not available anymore. Guaranteed high investment return. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PRD111) Act quick we have a front corner unit, A building, View Talay 3 facing Pattaya (cool side). 137 sqm for 7.4 million Baht on a high floor!! Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Spectacular Sea View unit in the new project in front of La royale! Only with us is this rare opportunity to purchase something special for only 10.5 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

We Have Several Studio units in Popular Seafront Jomtien Condo with Amazing Seaviews Available from only 1.1 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Northshore Condominium for 30 Million Baht! This is a great opportunity to purchase a great 268 square meter unit in a foreigners own name at a great ‘downtown’ location. If you are looking to live in a dream, be sure to take a look at this popular building. We have the same kind of unit in Thai name for 26 Million Baht! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at INVESTORS: For the latest and most Exclusive Condominium Developments... Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Beautiful Condo in the Low Rice condominium of Grand Condotel for 12,5 Million Baht!. Just 1 minute walk to Jomtien Beach with a really spacious living area and an enormous balcony. The condo is completely renovated, ready to move in. A lot of facilities are available, two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court are just examples. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR2975) Pattaya’s Hottest New Five Star Condo Still Has Units left! Yes Nirvana Place Condo does have a few one and two bedroom apartments available. The very best in security, construction and location between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. You will love the interior design motifs available and will love the fine dining and socializing at the Matahari Restaurant downstairs. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit ou=r website at (Property PRD099)

Fax: (038) 374535

Gorgeous Sea View Condominium Apartments on Wongamat Beach! Starting as low as 1.8 Million Baht, you may want to take a look at these brand new units that are being completed with beautiful interior designs and will be ready for occupancy very soon. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PRD111) We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting at under 2 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. 103sqm in View Talay 5 for 4.1 Million Baht! High floor with beautiful sea-views. The unit is made out of one 48sqm unit and one 55sqm unit. Bare Shell! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at We Have a lot of units in the new Popular Seafront View Talay 6 with Amazing Seaviews. We have all the units available on all the floors for the best prices in town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Investment opportunity! We have two units for sale in the new spectacular building ‘Jomtien Residence’ with a guaranteed rental return for three years. No work and a steady monthly income! 50sqm for 3.3 Million Baht with 16,000 Baht/Month guaranteed three year income and 80sqm for 4.8 Million Baht with 25,000 Baht/Month guaranteed income! Together for 7.5 Million Baht with 41,000 Baht/ Month three year guaranteed rental return. Call Jan at 087021-7014

Pattaya’s New Five Star Condominium, NORTH POINT, is sold out! We have a re-sale on a very high floor, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, 103 sqm for 19.1 Million THB Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3769) (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 22nd Floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya, 96 Sq Meter Studio unit on 22nd floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 6.8 million. Purchase option 1: Cash 6.8 Million; or Installment Option 2: 2,300,000 to seller upon signing contract, 2,300,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 2,200,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! Huge New 143 sqm One Bedroom Condo On The 22nd Floor of View Talay 5 Building (VT5C0048). Finished to the highest of standards, this large one bedroom condo has fantastic seaviews, a great kitchen and full furniture. This condo must be viewed to fully appreciate what’s on offer for only 9.6m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Two Bedroom Jomtien Condo Overlooking Jomtien Bay (ROHI0008). This extremely well finished 92 sqm two bedroom condo on the 7th floor of a newly developed popular condominium with 24 hour security, communal swimming pool, fitness suite, restaurant, and easy access to the centers of both Jomtien and Pattaya. For sale at 5.9m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

E-mail :

Condo for Sale Jomtien Beach Road Studio Condo Just 200m From The Beach (JBCO0043) Ideal for investment, this 30 sqm studio on the 13th floor of this ever popular condominium which boasts great facilities including swimming pool, fully equipped gym, sauna, internet, convenience store, laundry and 24 hour security. For sale at a knockdown price of 1.65m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Resales at Spanish Condo Under Developer’s Price! We have two studio and two onebedroom units starting at 895,000 THB fully renovated… that’s almost 200,000 THB under the off-plan price! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at 103 sqm High Floor Condo at Metro a Steal at only 5 Million THB! Superb seaviews and an easy to renovate floorplan make this a renovator/ investor’s dream! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at 45 sqm High Floor Studio at Metro Waiting For Some TLC Only 2.3 Million THB! Great building positioning overlooking Pattaya and Jomtien with breathtaking view…this price will only go up!!! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Luxuriously Renovated One Bedroom Plus Office (102 sqm) in View Talay 3 Only 5.9 Million THB! This is one of the best designed/renovated units we’ve seen! Excellent Euro kitchen, top notch furniture & d½cor, plus great seaviews! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Double Unit (60 sqm) in S1 Building in Jomtien Beach Condo on Top Floor Only 2.9 Million THB! There aren’t many double units left in JBC, especially in the best building and on the top floor! This is very well priced for such a rare unit! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at We Have a Great Selection of the Best Units in the Area’s Newest Boutique Buildings! Check out the best available units (both off-plan and resale) in Hyde Park, Pattaya Heights and

Mayfair Residence. Very attractive payment plans available. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Buy Off-Plan With Us! We’ll find you the best possible prices, terms and units available at all of the area’s best new condo developments (including Northpoint and Ocean 1 Tower)… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Wandee : VIP CONDO, Baan Amphor area, Beautiful Sea view, CORNER Unit, 104 sq.m., 2 bedrooms, Furnished. Sale for 5,300,000.- Baht Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Ocean Marina, High floor, 179 sq.m. (Type B) Panoramic Sea view. Direct on the beach. 3 bedrooms, original built-in furniture. Sale for Bht 9,300,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate: 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, a studio in the front building S1, 32 sq.m. on the high floor. Sea view, Pattya side. Fully renovated. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 1,200,000. GOOD VALUE Call Wandeegroup Real Estate: 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, 2 STUDIOS side by side, in the front building S2, total 64 sq.m. on the high floor. Sattahip side. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. Total Price Sale for Bht 2,500,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, a CORNER UNIT, 33 sq.m in the front building S2. Sea view, Sattahip side, High floor. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 1,250,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, 2 STUDIOS side by side, , 58 sq.m in A3 Building, Sea view and Garden view. High floor. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. GOOD VALUE. Total Sale for Bht 2,000,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : View Talay Condo Project 1, SHOP HOUSES, Building A , 120 sq.m., ground floor and 1st floor. 2 front shop houses with two rooms direct upper floor. Good for business. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 2,800,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate: 081-8631786 (Nittaya)



Wandee : Pattaya Condotel Chain, Soi Jomtien 16. 2 bedrooms and 1 living room with 3 BALCONIES FOR BEAUTIFUL SEA VIEW. Appoximately 78 sq.m. Fully furnished. Foreign ownership. Sale for Bht 3,200,000.- Just a few minutes walk to the beach. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Pattaya Condotel Chain, Soi Jomtien 16. a studio, 26 sq.m Fully furnished, Sea view. High floor. Foreign ownership. Sale for Bht 1,200,000.- Near the beach. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Condotel, a studio. Original decoration. Building B, 36 sq.m. Private access to the Dongtan beach. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 1,450,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Coconut Beach Condo, Jomtien Beach. 255 sq.m., panoramic sea view. 4 bedrooms. Fully-furnished. Sale for Bht 12,500,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Metro Condo, Jomtien. Soi 19. One studio on the high floor, 48 sq.m. Big balcony for beautiful seaview. Fully furnished. Sale for Bht 2,200,000.Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Thip, Soi 7 Jomtien. A studio 30 sq.m., original condition. Sattahip side. Sale for Bht 850,000 Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Katalina Condo, Soi 7 Jomtien, a new branded condo, 58 sq.m. One bedroom. European kitchen. Laminate floor. Fully furnished. Convenient for public transport. Just a few minutes walk to Jomtien beach, nearby local market, shops and restaurants. Sale for Bht 2,350,000.Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Condo for Rent If you are Looking for a Condo for Rent in Pattaya / Jomtien, look no further. We have a big selection. All price ranges. Call 086 368 4975 or visit (ptm-n1807)A Luxury Condo for Rent on Pratamnak Hill. 1 and 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, UBC and WiFi internet. From 25,000 baht per month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful 2 Bedroom Condo in View Talay 2. Fully furnished with top quality furniture, must be seen to be believed. Rent 30,000 baht per month. Minimum 6month contract. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920

(ptm-jy2107)View Talay 2 Studios. Long & short term. 087 803 3329 (ptm-1807)View Talay 5 Sea View Condo 96 sqm,1 bedroom/ living room European kitchen,UBC, walk-in wardrobes, 29"T.V. & DVD fully furnished 35,000 baht/month. Please contact Tip 081 940 5181 or (ptm-b2107)Jomtien Plaza Studio for Rent 23 floor 54 sqm. ocean view 18,000 per month Contract Mrs. Ballard 081 782 2617 e-mail : Prime, Prime, Jomtien Locations. 3 Condos Offered For Rent at Bargain Prices. 1) 24th Floor Jomtien Complex 67 sq. mtr. 1 Bedroom. Fully Furnished, Kitchen etc. Rent 20K per month!! 2) 4th Floor Shining Star Condominium. 38 sq. mtr. Studio. Fully furnished. Rent 12K per month!! 3) 5th Floor A Building. Jomtien Plaza 48.4 sq. mtr. Unfurnished Studio. Rent 18K per month!! We also Buy Condos – Instant Cash!! Tele. David 086 150 8673 Nova Park Executive Sevice Apartment. For rent Luxury Studios 1or 2 bedrooms fully furnished from 16,000 Baht / Month, Free Internet, Pool & Gym. Tel: 038 415 304-8, Email:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht/m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723,,

Fax: (038) 374535

Studio Condo for Rent. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain view). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Only 13,000 baht per month. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 CR1080: Central Pattaya location, Studios 30 Sqm, communal pool/ restaurant, various rooms available all for only 12,000 P/M. Call for more info 038- 373966 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity CR1072: GREAT VALUE, 48 Sq m ground floor condo in View Talay 6, idea for business, 25,000 P/M. Call for more info 0849442541 or by E-mail: CR 1083: 15th Floor 48 Sq m fully furnished condo in View Talay 5D, great sea views bargain price 16,000 per month. Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PH2235 Fully renovated modern 2 bedroom condo for rent, Pattaya Hill, high floor, lovely sea view, large balcony, 2 bathroom, 95 sq.m., European kitchen, fully furnished , hotel facilities, ready to live in, long contract required. Good offer 35,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT1125 Nicely One bedroom condo located at the convenient location of Jomtien Beach living area 74 Sq.m., European kitchen,

living room, fully furnished, 2 A/C, tile floor, ready to live in, 23,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT1115 Several lovely studios convenient located to Jomtien Beach and shopping area. Living space from 37- 48 Sq.m., cooking corner, fully furnished, A/C, ready to live in, Price start from 13,000-20,000 baht/ month. Available for short long term contract. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT2240 Superb two bedroom condo located at the convenient location of Jomtien Beach for rent, living area 148 Sq.m., 2 ensuite bedroom, European kitchen, large living room, fully furnished, 4 A/C, ADSL connection, ready to live in, 40,000 baht/month. Long term contract required. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT582 Superb one bedroom condo for rent Tappraya Road, Jomtien, 101sqm. 2 bathroom, living room, kitchen, high floor, ocean view and over looking the pool, nicely furnished. Available for short-long term rent. Good offer 30,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website:

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008



Condo for Rent Condos for Rent. Furnished or unfurnished 60 square meter, one or two bedroom condos with air con, cable TV and phone lines. 8,900 Baht to 12,000 Baht per month. Sea View. Near Sukhumvit on Thepprasit Road. Call 084.111.7999. Email Sensational View Talay 3 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 80,000 Baht/ Month! Sensational views over Jomtien Bay. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Jacuzzi, huge balconies and private beach. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Royal Cliff ‘A Building’ Double View Four Bedroom Apartment for 90,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier

View Talay 2 Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! This is a masterpiece in condo design and comfort, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The condo has a big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Pratamnak 3 Bedroom for Sale and Rent 7.35 Million Baht, 45,000 Baht/Month! A beautifully 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. 128 sqm, beautifully furnished and decorated. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR1362) We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Northshore Sea View Condominium for 65,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished 112 square meter unit with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Our Northshore rentals are starting from 42,000 Baht/ Month. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3036) Beautifully Renovated Three Bedroom Condo in Jomtien For Rent at 55,000 Baht per month! Great three bedroom, three bathroom furnished apartment. Ready to move in, this is a great way to live! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Great Two Bedroom Condos for rent from 20,000 to 45,000 Baht per month! We have a number of very nice condominium apartments available for rent in this price range. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

Fax: (038) 374535

Sensational View Talay 5 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 55,000 Baht/ Month! Private access to the best beach of Pattaya (Dongtan Beach), On the Baht-Bus route. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge balconies. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Very nice Royal Cliff Two Bedroom Plus Apartment for 55,000 Baht per month! Those that know the ‘Cliff’, know that it is one of the most sought after places to live. Enjoy this two bedroom plus office apartment with fantastic sunsets and seaviews. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Three Bedroom Suite For 50,00 Baht per month! What more can you say? If you would like a ‘Five Star’ lifestyle with the yachts and all….this is your apartment. There are no better building amenities anywhere. Two swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, weight training gym, the list goes on and on…..and don’t forget their first class gourmet restaurant with Dim Sum on Sundays! This is just one of our listings in Ocean Marina. For a total overview of our listings contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Incredible Sea View Three Bedroom Apartment for 65,000 Baht per month! A very sharp building right on the beach with gorgeous beachfront swimming pool and roof top pool as well….what a view from the top! This apartment has 198 square meters of comfort and style with sunset and Jomtien Beach views to die for. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ Double View Three Bedroom Apartment for 70,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Northshore Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many Northshore rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier View Talay V Sea View Condominium for 20,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at 112 Sqm Two Bedroom on High Floor for Rent at Northshore only 55,000 THB P/M! Very nicely finished large two bedroom with smashing views, great amenities and excellent location. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Lots of Studio Units for Rent at View Talay 2, Thip Condo & Jomtien Beach Condominium! We have a great selection of studios for rent starting at only 8,000 THB per month! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Awesome Two & Three Bedroom Duplex Penthouses For Rent in Metro Jomtien! These are excellent rental units at great prices (55,000 for the two bdr and 65,000 for the three bdr) finished in a very modern, clean style with great kitchens, lots of outdoor space, Jacuzzis and killer views. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Luxurious Large Two Bedroom Condo at Executive Residence 2 For Rent! This condo is finished to an impeccable standard with luxurious bathrooms, great furniture and electronics, huge kitchen and great seaview. Only 65,000 THB per month… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

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Fax: (038) 374535

Condo for Rent Condo for Rent at Chateau dale condo on 3 floor (74 Sq.m.) 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, European kitchen, Air–con, Hot water, Fully furnished and decorated, Communal pool and 24 hr security, Price at 25,000 baht per month, rent 3-12 month lease. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail: Condo for Rent at Chateau dale condo on 1 floor (92 Sq.m.). 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, European kitchen, Air–Con, Hot water, Direct telephone , Cable T.V., Fully furnished, Decorated, Communal pool, 24 hr security, Price at 35,000 baht per month, rent 3-12 month lease. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail: Wandee : Wandee Studio for monthly rental, Bht 18,000/ month. Fully and well decorated. FREE Wireless internet and cable TV. Located on Tappraya Rd. Easy to access Pattaya and Jomtien. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Land for Sale (ptm-2407)Land for Sale between Phoenix Golf Club and Highway 331. 7.5 Rai in one piece or you can buy in 7 separate plots. Call 089 457 3209 (Thai/German), 089 487 2704 (English/German). Fed Up With Crime, Congestion & Pollution!!! Country Properties as the Solution!!! Mountain views. 100 TLW 400,000. 200 TLW 750,000. 1 rai 1.2 million. 3 rai 7.5 million. 3 rai 291 TLW full of mango’s + river 3.8 million. 19 rai 164 TLW 360 degree mountains 39 million. Beach Side 301 TLW beach 400 metres 7 million. 365 TLW beach 240 metres 9 million, 2 rai 175 TLW 4 million, 5 rai 354 TLW + river 5 million, 3 rai can obtain 30+ storey condo permit 30 million, 1 rai 334 TLW beach 400 metres permit for 44 unit seaview condo 30 million. Seaviews 200 TLW 850,000. 1 rai 39 TLW 1.4 million. 3 rai 317 TLW with 2 seaviews 12 million, 8 rai 144 TLW with seaviews 24 million. Many more exclusive plots available. Tel 081 576 0035 Email:, (ptm-0608)18, one Rai plots for sale. All plots with own lake water front beside Phoenix Golf course. Cost 4 million/Rai. Call John 081 919 1120 (ptm-n1807)Land for Sale. 1,430 sq wah on Eastern Star Golf Course: 9,000 per sq wah. Phone 081 782 0206 or 089 249 1364 (ptm-2107)Let Rosegate Consultants turn your dream home into a reality. Tel: 038 406 519, 081 864 6285 http://

(ptm-2207)Bangsaray – Close Beach – 1 rai – chanote – cleared /filled. 4 million 087 901 5229 (Eng.), 084 105 4533 (Thai) (ptm- w1907)27 Rai Rayong Bangphe, with chanot. Only 800 meters from the beach and with sea view to Koh Samet Island. 250,000 baht/rai. Altogether, sell at 6.75 million baht. Tel. 089 938 6022 (ptm-2007)Huai Yai, 12 Rai of Land for Sale. Only 700,000 Baht per rai. Exceptional value for money. Prime upcoming location between Phoenix Golf course and the prestigious new Chomwana Resort & Horse Club. Beautiful, flat, clean land, currently farmed. Reluctant sale by owner. Guaranteed investment opportunity or ready now for development. One title deed (cha nod). 8.4 million baht for the whole plot. Call 089 938 6075 (Thai) or 086 143 6214 (English) PL 024 Land for sale in Soi Watboonjankana, close to Sukhumvit and 600 Meters from the Beach, Various plots available, land filled ready to build! From 19,000 per Sq w. Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 025 Land located in Central Pattaya behind Walking street, great plot for apartments, 272 Sq w, 45 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity PL 037 Land for sale in the Pong area, close to the H/Way 36, 2x 1 Rai plots on separate deeds, easy access road, electric & water available, building permission in place, ready to start! Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: PL 028 Land for sale in Soi Bua Khao, close to the Avenue shopping centre 4 Rai, 127 million baht. Call 08-4944 5141 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 029 Land for sale on Pratumnak Hill, 191 Sq w, top of the hill location, ideal for house, 35,000 Baht per Sq w. Call today 08-17613238 or by E-mail:pattaya@paradisecity PL 030 Land for sale South Pattaya road close to Big C, 4 Rai 200 S q w, 40,000 baht per Sq w. Call for full details 08-49445141 or by E-mail: PL 031 Land for sale on the Sukhumvit road, great road front exposure , 2 Rai 36 Million Baht, Please call 08-49445141 or by E-mail: pattaya@

PL 032 Land for sale Located in Wongamat, ideal for 7 storey condominium 2 Rai 46 Sq w 80 Million. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: PL 033 100 S q w land plot Ideal for house in a quite location off Siam country club. Already in a company name 800,000 THB. Please call 08-49445141 or by E-mail: PL 034 Direct Beach Land located opposite to Nong Nuch Tropical Gardens,11 Rai, 220 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail:pattaya@paradisecity PL 038, Land located in Bang Sarae, Close to beach, 2x 1 Rai Plots 10,000 Baht per Sq w, call today 08-49445141 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity PL 036 Land in Maprachan lake area, already has perimeter wall on 275 Sq w, great mountain views , Thai name, 2.2 million B. Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ In Proximity of The Most Beautiful Golf Courses and The Best Known Polo Clubs, we sell residential land in Pattaya. Approx. 4 Rais, situated on a hill with unlimited beautiful views that can never be obstructed. By car about 15 minutes from Pattaya. Sales price only: THB 2,100,000 / Rai. Please call George: 081 8557520 (English, Deutsch, Fran ais, Italiano) SB140 Bangsaray Beachfront Land 7 Rais for sale 20 million baht/rai. Interested person please contact us. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: Beachfront Land Jomtien 23 Rai at 16 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beautiful located plots of Land! A few examples are stunning plots on the Prathamnak Hill (1 Rai up), 21 Rai of beachfront near the Ambassador Hotel and 7 Rai of Land on the beach in Bangsaray. Our database contains over a 100 exclusive plots of land in and around Pattaya. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Looking for Beach front land? We have prime beach front land parcels available. For appointments and private tours contact Premier Land and Development (038) 231-931 or (01) 634-2915 Email: premier@ or visit us online at

Land next to the Polo Club in the Mabrachan area! 8 Rai at 1.2 million Baht/Rai, 23 Rai at 920,000 Baht/Rai, the whole plot (31 Rai) at 920,000 Baht/ Rai. Owner motivated to sell quickly. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 23 Rai at 13.5 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 2 times 5 Rai at 20 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Incredible 35 Rai of Land perfect for Development includes designs for 160 Unit Condo project 2 Rai lake and area for 20 homes. Priced to sell. Property is in a fast growing area only 10 minutes to the beach and covered in mature coconut trees-absolutely beautiful. Good flat ready to build condition with three road frontages. Smart money buy- call to take a look. Making your Business our Business – Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land Parcels all locations Starting Baht 300,000 per Rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to 274.4 Rai Prime Master Plan Development Land- Baht 570 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to 20 Rai- Bang Saray 4 mil per Rai, sea view, ready to build. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Corner Plot for Sale 293 TLW for 9000 Baht/TLW. Just of Chaiyapruk Two. Ideal to build a house on or buy as an investment. The roads, water and electricity are already there. No extra investments needed. Call now because this piece of land will not be on the market for long. Jan 087-021-7014. Wandee : LAND plots in Tappraya Soi 15, size 100-150 talangwah, Suitable for your private home, near town and beach. Just 10 minutes drive to Pattaya town or Jomtien beach. Near Chateaudale condominium project. Sale for 25,000 Baht/ talangwah. Call us for appointment. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Wandee : LAND 50 talangwah, just about 300 meters from the Jomtien beach. on the village road. Sale for 1,400,000 Baht. Call us for appointment. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : LAND in Pratumnak area. Soi 4-5, ~200 Talangwah, Sale at 28,000.- Baht per talangwah. Call us for appointment. Wandeegroup Real Estate: 081-8631786 (Nittaya) We Have Many Plots On Pratumnak Hill.

Are You an Expatriate Who Wants a Home in Paradise? Is your equity Locked in property and Blocking your dream? Let us unleash your money through ‘Bridging Finance’. Other services offered BVI company registration, BVI yacht registration, property/land for sale in Koh Samui/Pattaya and other parts of Thailand, offshore bank A/C’s, asset protection. Call today for further information Watson Associates : 02 664 2622 / email: Ski Blind. For blinds, sunshade, retractable awning, canopy, folding doors. PVC strip doors, wallpapers, canvas, umbrellas, curtains, partitions, window shutter, and tents. Call Mr. Kiat at 081 307 7732 or e-mail Visit their website Need a sports massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) (ptm-0408)We Supply and Service Game Machines. Free of charge! We supply the machine, you provide the location. Call 081 762 8379 (ptm-0108)An Installed Concrete and Tile Pool adds value to your home, making it easier to sell. Completed/ready to use in 30 days cost under 300,000bt. With no hidden extras. Pool Guy 086 149 4279 Do you have questions about your visa for Thailand? Call 0863684971 If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software and hardware, please phone 086 820 2577 or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng). I will go to service at your place. If you are Looking for a Computer Graphic Designer, Web designer or would like to make some printed matters in reasonable price, please phone 086 820 2577 (Thai) or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng) or email:

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Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008


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Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

E-mail :


Classified -Russian-Korean-Spanish, Thai Teachers to teach Thai and English for Foreigners, Marketing. Please call K. Jerry and K. Nutcharee to arrange an appointment. Tel. 02-250-0072 LC International languages and Computer School is looking for Native of Japanese, German French, Chinese and English speaking teacher. Interested person please call: 038 361 948 - 9 or contact us by


Job Vacancies (ptfj-1907)Admin Assistant for Real Estate Company, University graduate, English speaking, MS office, front Page, corel draw, photoshop, customer orientated, CV to: K. Mark, One Stop Real Estate, 038-710699, Mob 0819454845, email: (ptfj-1907)Graphic Designer (Thai) Needed by English Language Magazine. Must be able to lay out a magazine and put into correct format for printer. Also must be able to use In-Design as well as illustrator, Photoshop etc. Good English skills needed. Good basic salary and working conditions. Apply by telephone to 038 40 6519 (office hours) and ask for Khun John. (ptfj-1907)Wanted, Wanted, Wanted. 2x (can be married couple). Honest, reliable, hard working staff. Must be able to speak English and work unattended. Good starting salary. Company vehicle. Tel. 081 427 8256 (ptfj-1907)New Restaurant Looks for Thai Staff for the following positions: Manager, Cooks experienced in German, French and Italian, Waitresses. Knowledge of English needed. 085 432 1894 (ptfj-1907)Secretary Wanted. Located at Ocean Marina. Must be able to speak/read/write English, computer skill and be service minded. Please call 038 235 061 or 087 512 7035 or send CV to adminpattaya@ (ptfj-1707)Thaiboliger Co., Ltd. Seeks Thai Sales Staff. Excellent English language skills are essential. Good commission please call Ronnie 081 761 6910 or (ptfj-1907)Off-shore Oil & Gas Personnel for Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia required. Call ECO Thai Group Co., Ltd., 038 682 097, 087 140 5199 (ptfj-2007)Lady Needed to Live Rent Free in beautiful condo at Jomtien beach overlooking the ocean and beach, can be student, in exchange for very light house keeping and to cook Thai dinner for retired healthy, non smoker or drinker American. Jomtien Plaza Condotel Building Unit A, Apt. 406/282 #2601, Jomtien Beach Rd. 038 231 999. Please call before 11 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

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(ptm-c2107)Toyota Hi Ace 12 Seater VIP. Mini bus 1998/9, 2.8 litre diesel, 5 speed, power steering, ‘metallic’ blue. Front & rear A.C., front & rear chrome bumpers, side steps, CD, TV, alloy wheels. Ideal for golfing, outings etc. Loads of money spent. Only 340,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845. (ptfv-c2107)Toyota Corona Turbo Diesel 4 Door Saloon Gold. Very fast car. Power steering, alloy wheels, CD, air con, 5 speed, rare car in good condition. Loads of money spent . Must see! Only 120,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845 (ptfvs-1807)Expat Offers: Honda 1,800cc VTX 2-CYL. – muscle-bike. Very rare, 2006 low km, a huge torque naked/cruiser, just serviced with green book and private insurance policy. 440,000 baht, well below book value. For info call Rudolf 086 315 9505 or 087 825 7200. (ptm-1807)A Solid Gold Longines Watch, valuation $14,000 – new $20,000. Swap for auto car 4x4 or jet ski to value of $8,000. 086 006 8390 (ptfvs-1807)Toyota, Tiger, Pick up, bld y. 2003, silver, 129,000kms, new tires, radio CD, falang owned, 320,000 bht. Call 086 142 8038 Mr Claus, 081 894 7881 Mr Uli (ptfvs-r1807)2003 Nissan NV 69,000 km. Automatic – Rear Cap – Clean. 230,000 baht or best offer. 087 892 6271 (ptm-1607)Honda Wave. 2 years old, serviced. Low km’s excellent condition. 19,900 baht O.N.O. Tel. 080 641 9974 English, 089 044 6885 Thai (ptm-1607)Honda Phantom. 1 year old, 5,000 km, many extras, cost 110,000 baht. Will sell 65,000 O.N.O. Tel. 080 641 9974 English, 089 044 6885 Thai (ptfvs-1807)Almost Pristine Condition, having travelled only 67,000 klms. Daewoo Nexia 1.5 GL, 3 door, 5 speed. Full years tax & insurance. 135,000 baht. No dreamers or time waster please. 038 421 502 (ptfv-1707)Honda Accord 2,4 - metallic black, year 03. Top model, like new and only 26 000 km. Price 695 000 baht. Mobile 087 108 0995. (ptm-1207)Kawasaki KR 150 Motorcycle Racing. Green completely overhauled last year. In new condition. Very fast. Only 18,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845

Fax: (038) 374535



Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

PILC successful charity quiz night

Quiz mistress Jillian& Ingrid present a certificate to Paul Wilkins of AGS 4-Winds Co.

After the first quiz round the AGS 4-winds team were in the lead

PILC ladies Jillian & Ingrid, presented a certificate of appreciation to Maike

THE Bangkok Hospital Pattaya made the 10th Floor of its ‘D-Wing’ available for a Charity Quiz Night, which was organized by the Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC), to raise funds for Pattaya’s Mercy Center which provides full time care for children with no parents or no family support. A delicious buffet dinner complete with staff was provided by South Pattaya’s Cafe New Orleans and other sponsors who made major contributions included Ursula’s Antiques, AGS Four-Winds freight removalist company and Jamesons Pub. Well over eighty keen quiz contestants attended, and found that they had to have their brains well in gear for some of the questions, such as “What insect can lift fifty times its own body weight and always falls on its right side when drunk?” There were four rounds and after the first round the six person team at the AGS Four-Winds Company table were leading, and yes, we almost forgot to tell you, that the answer to the insect question is “an ant.” This highly successful event finished up raising an excellent amount of money in excess of 100,000 baht for chosen charities.

Optimists’ club extends help

Big benefactor Brian & Captain Bill (left) who donated a complete water filtering system

Club Officials Max Rommel, President Drew Noyes, Phil Webb & Hawaii Bob

Brian and his wife Noon were the instigators of the first Optimist Club charity project

THE new Optimist International Club of Thailand is based in Pattaya, and although it has only been operating for a few months, it has made a good start in charity work. Two of their members Brian and ‘Noon’ Wright, traveled south to a remote mountain area, because ‘Noon’ wanted to spend her birthday with the children at the Ngo School in Petchaburi, (2-1/2 hours south of Bangkok). She took some gifts and even decided that she wanted to cook lunch for the kids, who range from 3 - 16 years of age. Later the Optimist Club members made a trip to the school, with ‘Noon’ generously paying for the transportation vans. They found that the children were not getting enough food, did not have clean drinking water and lacked shoes, plus other essential items, so the club has now adopted this needy school as their charity project. The Optimist Club help included 8x50 kg. bags of rice (needed monthly), clothes, shoes, balls, books & pencils, and recently club member Capt. John Downing generously donated an 8,000 baht water filter. This charity service club meets regularly at the Hard Rock Hotel restaurant, and new members are welcome, (Phone Mr. Drew Noyes on 084 111 7999).

Rotarians Rugby for charity AN EXCITING Saturday of Rugby was held at the Horseshoe Point Country Club & Resort, and this was preceded by fun on the night before at the More Grill & Bar on Pattaya Second Road. The Thai Royal Marine Team and the Pattaya Panthers received new T-shirts for this great match, known as the “Southern Initiative” and was organised by the Thaksin-Pattaya Rotary Club plus many other sponsors to help school children in one of southern Thailand’s strife ridden regions. After the official welcome the following Saturday afternoon by Pattaya’s Nai Amphur Khun Mongkol Thumakitikun, the brawny rugby boys battled it out for some nice looking trophies, and some great rugby action, which referee David Viccars said was a good game with excellent scoring. The younger and fitter Royal Thai Marines won, with many of their members coming from the Thai National Rugby Team, but our mainly English Pattaya Panthers also put up a very creditable performance. That evening everyone met at Jamesons Pub for some well earned relaxation and a big party, which was sponsored by Jamesons themselves.

The Royal Thai Marines fly high to gain control of the ball from the Pattaya Panthers

Main organiser Rotary VIP Peter Thorand (left) with Nai Amphur Khun Mongkol (right)

Red shirts were presented to the Thai Royal Marines Team the night before the match

The Captain of the Royal Thai Marines Rugby Team graciously accepts the winning trophy

Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008




Monks at mayor’s home

Mayor Itthiphol's ceremony included his wife Khun Ratchada (2nd left) and his mother (centre)

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome tends to the Monks with some tasty food

Vanquished & Victor, Mayoral contender Khun Surat (Mike) presents flowers to Mayor Itthiphol

Pattaya Police Chief Noppadol Wongnom was in attendance to congratulate Khun Itthiphol

OUR new Pattaya city mayor, Khun Itthiphol Kunplome, held a huge function at his residence recently, but this was not just one big party, as there was no alcohol served, only snacks and soft drinks. Khun Itthiphol is a devout Buddhist, and the entire time was taken up by Buddhist blessings, in spite of the fact that around 1,000 guests attended. Even though it was held in the morning, a large contingent of guests came from areas as far away as Bangkok, and eagerly took part in the blessing ceremonies. Most local government officials and dignitaries attended this prestigious ceremony, with the meticulous planning showing exactly what can be done by Khun Itthiphol’s very professional team. Many of Khun Itthiphol’s family were present and everyone was impressed by the fine example set by Itthiphol Kunplome and his wife Ratchada who showed themselves to be a great couple to lead the local community.

Mercy Centre gets AFT help

Dianne Doell had a great evening with her Mercy Centre children

Malinee & Estella are stalwart supporters of AFT charity events

AN innovative way of giving help to one of our local charities was provided by Pattaya’s Association of Filipinos in Thailand, when they organised a very friendly dinner party at the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital recently. This also celebrated the Philippine Independence Day, so it was attended by many visitors from Bangkok, including their Ambassador, Antonio V. Rodriguez, and was an entertaining night of singers, dancers, games and fine food supplied by the Cafe New Orleans. In addition to this there were a huge number of raffle prizes donated by scores of local business people, and the small underprivileged children from the Mercy Centre even put on some well rehearsed dance routines. There was some very welcome support from San Miguel Beer Company, and there was non-stop entertainment until late into the night, which was made even more pleasant by the Filipino host’s friendly manner.

Event organisers Maike & Sisa with emcees Maria & Chem

Reception during military exercises

Philippine Ambassador Mr Rodriguez & his wife (left) with Litta, Sattichai and Mercy Centre's Fred Doell

AustCham – ESB charity golf

ACCT member Jesper Pederson is welcomed by Asst. F & B Manager Sebastian Kleinsman

Local Businessmen Robert Watson, Wim Scheggetman, Maurice Bromley & Killian Jones

Winners were the Birdie Boys team, pictured with ACCT's Martin Kyle (rear) and President Shane Torr (right)

THE Australian Chamber of Commerce were very grateful for all the sponsors, who helped them stage their annual 2008 Eastern Seaboard Golf Charity event in the area with 144 keen golfers making up four person teams for a great day of sport. Later in the evening they retired to the More Grill & Bar on Pattaya Second Road, for the prize giving, which was combined with another regular ACCT ‘Sun-downer’ with fine food and drinks being consumed in considerable quantities. There were many prizes, such as ‘closest to the pin,’ and the provisional winners were declared as the Mickey Mouse team who, as luck would have it, were not present. However, surprise, surprise, a recount revealed that the Birdie Boys team were the eventual winners. Funds raised went to the Camillian Centre in Rayong.

Commodore Mike Selby, Rear Admiral Nora Tyson, James Copulos, CSI Homeland Security, Bobby Brooks Pres. United States Navy League-Thailand

The U.S. NAVY recently hosted a reception aboard the USS JARRETT based in Sattahip during the CARAT exercises 2008. The United States Navy League in turn hosted a reception for the Officers and Crew at the Marriott Resort and Spa Pattaya. Awards and plaques were exchanged at the event. CARAT is a sequential series of bilateral exercises held annually with six Southeast Asia nations and the United States to enhance regional cooperation, promote understanding between participating military forces and continue to develop operational readiness of participating forces. The U.S. ships participating in the exercise are the amphibious docking ship USS Tortuga (LSD 46), the guided missile frigates USS Jarrett (FFG 33), USS Ford (FFG 54), and the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Morgenthau (WHEC 722). A fifth U.S. ship participating in CARAT is the rescue and salvage ship USNS Safeguard (T-ARS 50)with an embarked mobile diving and salvage unit that is participating in training and salvage activities with their host nation counterparts. Approximately 1400 U.S. personnel took part in CARAT 2008.


Vol.7 No.20 ! 1 - 15 July 2008

Pattaya Today is published & edited by Visa Chimdee for Siamese Vision Media Co., Ltd. Printed at Print 87 Co., Ltd. Naklua, Pattaya City. Office : 42/91-93 Sukhumvit Rd. T. Nongprue, Banglamung Pattaya City 20150. Tel: (038) 410-077 Fax: (038) 374-535 E-mail :

Pattaya Today  

Volume 7, Issue 20 / 1 - 15 July 2008 Pattaya Today is a local newspaper published each fortnight for residents and tourists in the Pattaya...

Pattaya Today  

Volume 7, Issue 20 / 1 - 15 July 2008 Pattaya Today is a local newspaper published each fortnight for residents and tourists in the Pattaya...