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Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Volume 8, Issue 2


1 - 15 October 2008

Pattaya Tourism Needs Stability


Coups and elite rule not the solution intractable, thus making SEVERAL international reanother coup more likely. ports published late last ISG said the crisis in month claim that tourism in Bangkok was damaging the Thailand will recover only economy and diverting when a peaceful and demoattention from vital issues cratic solution emerges to such as the insurgency in step back from the current the south and Thailand’s crisis. A group of British chairmanship of Asean. travel agents said that the John Virgoe, ICG’s soutmain reason why their Prime minister Somchai has much on heast Asia project director, customers were staying away from Pattaya and his mind apart from Pattaya’s problems said Thailand was often a other Thai beach resorts was the airports, such as Koh Samui and bell-weather for the state of danger that violence in street Phuket, are thought to have demonstrations could escalate. fared worse. But several pieces “There’s just no way of know- of research have stressed that ing and that’s the key concern,” foreigners will return once they feel confident about the overall said one. Most commentators agree stability of the country. The International Crisis CITY hall has been bombarded that tourism in Pattaya is down by about 30% since demonstra- Group (ICG) stated last week by foreign and Thai business tors took over the compound in a report that the standoff people angry that the new at government house in between the People’s Alliance Thappraya Road under conBangkok on August 26. Other for Democracy (PAD) and struction is taking so long that beach resorts which are the government was making their investments are now at risk. dependent on provincial political problems more There have also been concerns

democracy in the region and that the international community should be deeply concerned about either a military coup or elite rule based on some MPs being appointed rather than elected. He added that the priority now was to restore the rule of law and the authority of the government – not because it is perfect but for the sake of stability and democracy. Continued on page 2

Thappraya roadworks cause complaints about the health and safety and environmental aspects of crumbling pavements and stagnant pools during the recent rains. Complainants say that their businesses have been seriously damaged by the long delays - the

road widening was agreed three years ago - as customers are fighting shy of the area and drivers are not satisfied with the safety aspects. Estimates are that the drop in business in the popular retail outlets and restaurants are down by 20% at least with city hall apparently unconcerned by the grim scenario. Continued on page 2



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Pattaya tourism needs stability The report also said that the replacement of Samak Sundaravej with Somsak Wongsawat, brother in law of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra, as the country’s 26th prime minister was unlikely to defuse tensions. “Senior establishment and army figures should stop sending mixed signals and make clear their

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 -15 October 2008 support for the elected government and the rule of law,” it said. “Complaints of government incompetence and corruption should be pursued through the courts and parliament, not by appealing to new politics in which only a minority of MPs would be elected.” Meanwhile, there is hope at ground level that the upcoming “high” season in Pattaya might be better than some doomsayers believe. Several airlines from Europe and Australia report

bookings over Christmas and New Year at a similar level to last year. Some five star Pattaya hotels report that bookings are starting to recover from recent doldrums. “Tourists are sensible people,” said one marketing director. “They understand Thai politics are a difficult subject. But what kills tourism are pictures of violence on the TV. That would be a complete no-no scenario for us.”

Pattaya motorbike taxi boys get hard hats Locals debate the current dilemmas of Thailand

DIANA Garden Resort Hotel, part of the Diana Group, cooperated with the local mass media club to arrange a special debate about “adapting the economy 2009” in view of the present economic difficulties and the apparent slide in tourism revenues. Various people who know something about the subject were in attendance to give their

own opinions and ideas. Miss Arisa Pansak, former member of the constitution drafting committee, said that Pattaya businesses had got used to a story of annual growth and improvement in recent times, yet 2008 had shown that the good times were no longer rolling. She felt that there would be little progress until the political situation became

calmer. She suggested all businesses needed to “draw in their horns” by increasing efficiency and cutting out all unnecessary expense. Mr Jamroon Wisavachaipan pointed out that Pattaya tourism had increased in numbers by 10% a year all through the present decade but 2008 had witnessed a 33% dip. He was worried that if economic problems and political discontent continued – mentioning petrol prices and street demos in Bangkok in particular – Pattaya’s recovery would be delayed. He urged all business professionals to maintain high standards during the crisis and keep down prices so as not to disenchant the visitors who were coming here in spite of all.

IT WAS gift day at city hall when officials distributed 800 free helmets for the

drivers of Pattaya’s motorbike taxi throng. These had been donated by the Hutch company

management led by Mr Paiboon Srisawasamphai, assistant marketing director. Pattaya city hall had announced a policy of no tolerance for drivers without helmets as early as last July as research has shown that those without hard hats on two wheels risk grave bodily injury or even death. Therefore, Hutch company had decided to help the situation as many motorbike taxi drivers are quite poor and, sometimes, a rogue has even stolen their helmet or the spare one they keep for passengers.

“Poison Ivy” wins cocktail competition 2008

THE annual Pattaya and eastern seaboard bartender contest was held this year at

the Dusit Thani Pattaya Hotel and presided over by Chatchawal Sunchayanon,

president of the local hotels’ association. Many hotels sent their bartending staff to compete in the contest and the event witnessed the arrival of many civic dignitaries and celebrities. Staff from Hard Rock Hotel won the “graceful” bartender section with a cocktail known as Poison Ivy. The “classic” section was won by Long Beach Garden Hotel and Spa, whilst the “wedding flower” was won by The Sign Hotel. Each section won 15,000 baht in prize money and the congratulations of Pattaya mayor Ittiphol Kunplome.

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from government funds, for reconstruction of seven and a half kilometers. Pattaya city set aside 300 million baht for compensation for affected tenants and owners, and there have been 500 cases lodged. City engineers said that current plans are to finish the project in 2009. What is delaying the progress at the moment, they said, is the

establishment of a budget for next year to see the job through to completion. There are also believed to be some unresolved land ownership issues. When finished, the new road will have six lanes, working traffic lights, proper footpaths and effective drainage. Admittedly, that seems a distant dream at the moment.

Thappraya roadworks cause complaints Local authority officials say that Jomtien Second Road (Thappraya Road is part of the overall project) received a budget of 600 million baht in the year 2006, principally

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008




Training programme for the disabled cited

Princess Somsawalee gives generously to flood victims

THE Pattaya mayor chaired a big press conference to open a database training programme for physically challenged persons in the conference room of the PraMahatai Foundation on Sukhumvit Road. Similar schemes are in operation in the country’s 76 provinces, established by the Office of Life’s Quality Development and Promotion which is well known in the right circles. The idea is to compile a national data base of the social, educational and personal

needs of handicapped persons to inform better decision taking at a local and national level.

Cleanup Pattaya waters campaign badly needed PRINCESS Somsawalee presented 1,000 emergency bags of supplies from the Puen Pung Pha Yarm Yak foundation (Red Cross), to assist those people who had been made homeless or in distress after the recent flooding in Ayuthaya and Lopburi. The emergency supplies (food and clothing) were transferred from U Tapao airport on September 14, Rayong preovince, for onward despatch to the affected areas. Mrs Somjai Thongjaruensuk,

president of the Tai Chi Foundation in Sattahip, led 25 navy personnel to load all the items and to ensure the stuff reached its destination as quickly as possible. Princess Somsawalee would appoint a local representative in the provinces to oversee the presentation of the bags to needy people. Mrs Somjai said that there had been extensive flooding in Udonthani province after heavy rains, thus prompting the royal initiative.

Nongprue municipality celebrates status

ON the occasion of the second anniversary of Nongprue’s elevation from a plain region to a municipality, the mayor Mai Chaiyanit organised a thanksgiving ceremony. He explained that the transfer of status came about because there are so many more things to do these days. Nongprue municipality is within Banglamung district and is 45.54 square kilometres in area with a registered population of 60,000 as well as 70,000

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 -15 October 2008

unregistered ones. Monks from Wat Khao Thongthong provided the blessings on this auspicious day and were treated to a free lunch. The mayor also requested a new municipal office number which is now no. 111, Moo 7, Nongprue, which everyone agreed is very easy to remember. However, it can’t be used yet as the building is not completed. Nongprue was declared a municipality on September 11 2006.

by Nana

Crab condo built to increase numbers Crustaceans migrated to save their lives

FOLLOWING a planning meeting at the Siam Bayshore Hotel, volunteers and local authority sponsored staff took to the beaches and the neighbouring waters on September 20 as part of the COBSEA project (Coordinating Body for the Seas of East Asia). Deputy mayor Apichart Puechphan said that there was no doubt the local waters were deteriorating in the environmental sense, but little research had been done on the subject. He added that the eastern

seaboard was a crowded place which bore its share of the 6.4 million tons of rubbish dumped in the seas off Thailand every year. It was thought that 100,000 species of sea birds and mammals were threatened by the trash which included countless plastic bags which were a death trap to many of them. The cleanup on September 20 produced a load of rubbish dragged up from the coastal areas. Not only plastic bags were dredged, but old tires, weapons, tin cans, broken glass and even batteries turned up in gigantic quantities.

The house that’s protected by good guardian angels And there’s never, ever a burglar in sight

NOTICE TO BRITISH NATIONALS British nationals are asked to note that only the British embassy may issue official, embassy documentation on their behalf. Any such documents issued by other parties are neither authorised nor valid. British nationals are requested to show any such illicit documentation to a British embassy official for examination.

For example, it’s commonly assumed that wheelchair access to buildings is a commonly cited

need, but more detail is really required on this mammoth subject. Chonburi province has been chosen as the pilot to find out the real facts.

REPORTERS from the intrepid Pattaya media were invited to look round a house in Sattahip, called Baan Devapitak or Residence Under Angels’ Protection, after hints

from local residents that something wonderful was going on there. The house owner told reporters that his hobby was collecting broken angel statues

RECENTLY Sattahip gulf has been facing a shortage of Horse Crabs as too many have been collected to make a guest appearance on hungry diners’ tables. As a result, the cost of buying crabs has rocketed much to the chagrin of non-vegetarians in the area. For this reason Chonburi provincial authority had given a budget of 200,000 baht to build a retreat or crab condo to increase the numbers substantially and naturally. Senior local administrators had opened the crab condo in the Bangsaray district in the company of many local fishermen and members of the community. It was stated that the natural balance of the sea

had been disturbed of late by a combination of environmental deterioration and human avarice. As a result, the crab population had decided to move out to non inhabited areas with the consequence that nobody could find them any more. The idea of the crab condo is to create a safe haven where they could produce young and multiply to their hearts’ content. Later, they could be released into the sea just so long as numbers went on rising. Anyone found trying to cheat – by raiding the safe haven condo to be precise – would be subject to the harshest penalties allowed under the law.

which he then restored and painted before arranging them round the dwelling place enhanced by lighted candles and incense sticks. Reporters arrived at the house in Soi Yang-gnam and, lo and behold, the house stood there exactly as portrayed. It was both colourful and beautiful and there was a positively wonderful selection of statues. The owners Mr Adisak Tassanametee, aged 60 and a former post office employee, and his wife explained that most of the statues had been donated or thrown away by third parties because they were damaged or thrown out by bored owners. It was believed that the angels for their part

protected their new found abode by making sure no harm came that way. Mr Adisak said that, unusually amongst his neighbours, he had never been robbed at home and that this rescue was down to both good luck and the angels. In any case, any intended burglar would need to scramble over the angels to get inside and this obstacle race was a deterrent of the most persuasive kind. It had also been suggested that strangers in Indian costume were sometimes to be seen in the house, maybe a supernatural phenomenon, but Mr Adisak said that this part was not true. If strangers had seen guests in colourful costumes they must have been hallucinating.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Long boat racing returns to Mabprachan Lake

THE conference room of city hall was the setting for a planning meeting for Long Boat Racing at Mabprachan which is scheduled to be November 22-23. The water sport is a long tradition in Thai history

which goes back to when Ayutthaya was the capital city in the days of yore. Traditionally it is held towards the end of the rainy season which, this year, has been very rainy indeed.


Nongprue and Pong municipalities are to host the event in 2008 to keep the tradition alive once again. Additional attractions will be buffalo racing (of course these will be on land), a tom tom competition and participation in the Long Boat racing by other Asian countries including Mynamar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Singapore. The winning team on the water will receive a royally sponsored trophy and money prize. Pattaya city will give a budget of one million baht and Chonburi authority will kick in two million baht. This cash will be used for marketing, travel and to ensure all is hunky dory on the actual weekend, one of the most popular in the Pattaya sporting calendar.




Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Annual vegetarian Bicycles can save the Thai army seminar world say campaigners reviews border policy festival is upon us again

ON September 20, Wuthisak Ruemkijkarn, deputy mayor, officially launched the project “Green Earth In Our Hands” at Pattaya Muang School number 7. Also in attendance were Mr Manas Kongwattthana, director of the educational establishment, and Ms Nittaya Patimasongklaur of the YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya. The purpose of the project

was to encourage everyone to use bicycles to get around rather than relying on transport which uses fossil fuels. It was stressed that the young could play a big part by setting the right example about muscle power. To show good faith, seven bicycles were donated to the school to encourage ever more pedalling to produce good health and to save the planet.

Electrical problem caused out of control fire Passengers escape the burning inferno

A vehicle with six people inside suddenly caught fire but, as luck would have it, they all scrambled to safety even as bangs and smoke surrounded them in a near tragedy. Mr Wathit Chatkotch, aged 24, was driving a Bangkok registered Nissan Cefiro on third road, near the fishing park, when smoke billowed everywhere and it certainly was not from a pipe or cigarette. Firemen were on the scene within minutes and began squirting on arrival, but the process took all of 10 minutes. The engine was completely burned out, so there was no chance of resuming the journey. Mr Wathit explained

to police that he had bought the car three years ago from a friend and had modified the engine so that the vehicle would go faster. He added that he was bringing a carload of friendly folk for a fun day out, but events conspired otherwise to make a near disaster. The cost of the damage was estimated to be 300,000 baht. The most likely cause of the incident was an electrical fault maybe brought on by overheating of the engine. Fire investigators said there wasn’t much they could do now as the engine was an empty shell, so to speak. The group of friends travelled back to Bangkok on the bus.

Callous neighbours rape helpless victim ON September 23, police received a shock report that a 17 year old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been raped by two nasty folk who invaded her bedroom in the Inchat Apartments, Soi Sunee. Police arrested Mr Watchara Ruengjan, aged 21, who confessed the awful offence but did point out he was a former boyfriend. Also arrested was a Mr Boonchoo in a neighbouring room. He also confessed to aiding and abetting before joining in.

The girl gave evidence that she worked in a karaoke bar and had gone out with a female friend before the dreadful incident. Later, alone in her room, she heard a knock on the door and assumed it was the very same friend. However, it was Mr Boonchoo wearing a helmet who went into the attack before being joined by the other male. At length, she said she became unconscious. The men were charged with invading the premises of another person, malicious attack and sex without consent.

MAJOR general Worawit Darunchu, deputy director of the field army department, chaired a seminar at the Sea Breeze Jomtien Resort to examine under a microscope, so to speak, the policy of the armed forces as regards protecting the country’s porous borders, both land and by water. For example, the army has to be ready for any emergency situation as a sudden incursion which did indeed use to

happen as regards Burma in the days of yore. Another problem was to build a barrier by means of regular patrols to lessen the impact of nefarious persons including those trafficking drugs or selling arms illegally. It was suggested that Thai nationals living near border areas should form a “wall” with the soldiers in order to keep out the miscellaneous unpleasantness which is plain to see.

Jesters Care for Kids a big success

PATTAYA mayor Ittiphol Kunplome and other dignitaries and business professionals formally opened the 2008 Jesters Care for Kids fund raising at Diana Garden Resort on September 14. There were many sponsors and supporters from government sources and from the private sector. There were various shows including musical harmony from the Pramahatai blind school, food and delicacies on

80 stalls and many activities for kids of all ages. All income from ticket sales after unavoidable expenses was donated to worthy causes for children including schools for the handicapped, street children and others who are considered vulnerable in today’s society. The charity held its first field day in 1997 and has continued ever since, raising many millions of baht in the process.

Planning official fatally shot in baffling mystery

THE Pattaya mayor and officials of the Sawangboriboon foundation, led by Mr Wisit Chawalitnititham, held a press conference to announce the formal opening of Pattaya’s vegetarian festival which this year is being held from September 28 to October 8. It was stated that Pattaya is a city of many cultures and traditions and the annual vegetarian celebration is certainly one of the oldest. This year there will be special fried noodles in the largest pan you ever did see as well as Siew Tor which translates as “plums from heaven” all laid on at the Sawangboriboon headquarters

in Naklua. The colour white is strongly associated with the festival as it suggests purity of mind and good health from abstaining from both meat and fish. As the years have gone by, the vegetarian festival has become very large and is now actively anticipated by many foreigners as well as Thais. The city now has a number of dedicated vegetarian restaurants and others have a special section on their menus. During the festival, it is a tradition for stall holders to offer vegetarian options even to people who normally do consume the flesh of animals.

Dramatic contest for Thai youth at restaurant

THE Lake View restaurant was the setting for Pattaya mayor Ittiphol Kunplome to launch a contest about language, culture, wisdom and similar traits. Twenty teams of youths from around Chonburi were in the lists and there was no shortage of adoring parents to witness the proceedings. The idea of the competition was to encourage love amongst the youths for their home town

or district (Rak Ban Kerd as that is known). There were several levels from primary to high school with various themes including dancing around, arts and craft, sports skills and public speaking. If youths learn to love their home town, then they will be able to pass on this enthusiasm even to foreign visitors. Prizes of up to 10,000 baht were awarded to the winners in each section.

nobody had seen the gunmen and there was no obvious reason for the vicious actions. Investigators were working on two theories – firstly that the deceased had made enemies at work (he was in a high

position and grade) and secondly that they may have been an adulterous relationship. But there is no evidence to substantiate either theory at the present moment.

Relatives rush out but the gunmen have fled ON September 21, police in Sattahip received a report about a shooting incident in Soi Huayai and lost not a second in speeding to a tragic scene. They found the body of 47 year old Sanit Nilkam, a civil engineer level seven with the office of public works in Pattaya. He had been shot twice and, near his body, was his Toyota Vios with the engine still running. The dead guy’s niece Miss Utumporn Thongser, aged 22, said she was relaxing in the

house around midnight when she heard the gate of her home open, followed by two shots which seemed to reverberate all round. She said she did not catch sight of the murderers. The dead man’s wife, Mrs Pongpan Nilkam, gave testimony that her husband had gone out quite early but that was not unusual as he worked hard, including evenings. She had no idea who would want to kill him as he had no enemies. Police said the death was a baffling case until now as

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008




Cross dresser’s clinch Lurching pickup truck kills construction worker results in near bankruptcy Terrified Finnish driver awaits police arrival

A MOTOR BIKE driver, a construction worker by occupation, was bounced to his death after a pickup truck driven by a foreigner hit him before colliding with an electric power pole. The awesome accident occurred on Sukhumvit Road on September 13 in the morning, Bangsaray area, according to the police. The deceased man was Mr Pichai Boonkongthon, aged 34, who lived locally in Bangsaray. His rider Mrs Prathana Sansern (who was actually in a sidecar) was sent to Sattahip naval hospital suffering from very nasty scrapes indeed. The golden

bronze Chevoret Colorado pickup truck was totally wrecked and broken into two pieces. The farang driver was Finnish national Mr Sami Petteri Pilkez, aged 35, who was awaiting the police in a traumatised and petrified state of mind. Witnesses said that the dead guy and his girlfriend were returning home after visiting Bangsaray market. They surmised that the pickup truck was coming along far too fast and that the driver seemed to lose control with ungodly consequences to follow. Police inquiries are continuing.

You can’t be too careful these days

INVESTIGATORS were soon on the scene after a Turkish tourist reported he had suffered a pick pocketing incident which had left him in dire distress indeed. Waiting at the Royal Garden were Saowarak Riya, 29, and her Turkish boyfriend Mr Hakki Ikiz who was 44. They said that they were walking along happily when two obvious men in drag rushed up to them in an excited state. One of these wannabe villains, described as unusually tall, skinny and with whitish skin, gave Mr Hakki a deep hug. He did not seem at all aroused and pushed off the guy. The two katoeys then boarded a standing motorbike

and roared off into the night. Mr Hakki then discovered that his wallet had decided to accompany the getaways with the result that he was 500 euros and 1,000 US dollars the poorer. He then gave as detailed a description as he could about the two unspeakable miscreants and police said they would do their best to apprehend them. The best advice, if you can’t avoid such pests, is to keep your hand on your valuables whatever they may be. Also it’s not a good idea to carry around too much cash for obvious reasons. Stop press – The dastardly crossdressers were later arrested!

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Fake monk caught in Aladdin’s cave of loot

POLICE from Banglamung went to arrest Mr Komen Ashwork, aged just 19, after it was discovered sadly that he had been using a temple in Pattaya to keep a store of stolen treasures which included a game player, a TV, mobile phones, a DVD player and several computers which monks had discovered to their horror. It came out that Mr Komen had a string of previous offences, including six jail terms for thieving and drug taking. Investigators learned that

kind hearted clergy had let Mr Komen live in the temple grounds until they discovered he was using them and the premises at Chai Mongkol in the South Pattaya Road as a cover story. He would sneak out at night on yet another marauding expedition which brought the whole religious community into disrespect. After his arrest Mr Komen stated that he had chosen a temple for his nefarious activities as nobody would be suspicious. Or so he assumed at least.

Hotel staff woman in tragic doom jump

Elderly security leader Korean businessman has fatal stumble leaps to his doom

A tale of business success and booze

POLICE lieutenant colonel Anan led a squad of eager officers to Soi Roiland, Naklua Road, only to find that Mr Prasong Kamluang, aged 72, had already moved on to another existence. He had evidently fallen down the steps outside his room and broken his neck as he fell in a disordered fashion. He had 400 baht still in his brown trousers. Neighbours said that Mr Prasong was head of a small security team in that soi and

usually worked nights as he kept the peace and dissuaded snoopers from hanging around. He stayed alone in a room on the second floor of the Sooksom Apartments which were also his work base. A nearby tenant heard some thumps and called the Sawangboriboon rescuers. But it was too late for mortal intervention. The body was taken to Banglamung mortuary and the relatives invited to prepare Mr Prasong for prayers and hygienic disposal.

Ex British cop on illicit drugs charge On September 22, Pattaya immigration police arrested British national Raymond Pearson for drugs trafficking offences, following a request from the narcotics suppression bureau in Bangkok. Officers, armed with a warrant, searched a room at Pattaya Plaza condominium where it was found out that Mr Pearson had been in hiding. He was taken

to the immigration police office in Jomtien where it was brought to his attention he would be charged with allegedly sending ganja by post to overseas customers. Mr Pearson denied the charges saying that he had retired from his job as a police officer in UK because of ill health and now lived in Thailand with his Thai wife.

ON September 22, in the early morning, police journeyed to the Summer Spring Hotel, Pattaya beach road, to find that Korean national Kim Chang Hyon, aged 41, had fallen to total oblivion from an upstairs room. He had suffered extensive injuries and there was blood everywhere as it were. In the room, officers found some evidence of struggling including pieces of broken glass and a bloodstained towel which they duly sent on to forensics. Miss Amornrat, the 25 year old girlfriend, said that Mr Kim with associates had recently finalised a land deal as a broker to build an hotel in Na Jomtien. Then the whole group had Following a report from the immigration police office, Mr Pearson was sent to the narcotics headquarters in Bangkok for further interrogation and to make his initial appearance in court.

adjourned to a Naklua Road disco for fun times, but Miss Amornrat stated she had gone alone to a bowling club. Later that night, she had received a phone call from Mr Kim asking her to drive him back to the hotel as he was feeling rather groggy. At the hotel, an argument had then broken out but, according to Miss Amornrat, it was fairly pointless as Mr Kim was frankly drunk. Mr Kim at one moment had attacked her with a glass and so she had decided to exit the room of violence as quickly as she could, packing her bag in a great hurry. Mr Kim had passed urine on this bag before walking out onto the balcony and hurtling to his macabre destiny. Mr Kim had business connections in Thailand going back many years and spoke Thai well. Police investigations are still continuing. They want to check whose blood was found in the room.

Police rushed to the Markland Hotel and Spa where a 20 year old staff member had jumped from the 27th floor. She was identified as Miss Amornrat Jandaharn (nickname Nong Dao) who was wearing her staff uniform. Her body was dreadfully mutilated as she had crashed onto the metal roof of the hotel storage room. Her colleagues and friends stood around crying as the Sawangboriboon volunteers took her remains to Banglamung hospital’s local authority

mortuary. Police investigators interviewed her older sister Miss Amporn Jandaharn, aged 22, who said she shared the same working hours but in a different location. She explained that her sister had had her troubles recently in her private life, but the prospect of suicide had never entered anybody’s mind. Officials are still making inquiries before a final decision is made whether this was a deliberate suicide or whether, by contrast, it was not.

Highly unusual screw accident injures sailor The Sawangboriboon radio centre received an unusual call that a screw sticking up from the floor had become lodged in the foot of a boatman. The incident occurred at Bali Hai pier which has more than 30 vessels moored there. Rescue teams and a doctor from the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya found Mr Jakkrit Prasurat, aged 16 and from Nong Kai province, stuck on a boat known as Jao Khun 016 and with a 2.5 inch screw embedded in his left foot. He

was bleeding profusely. The victim’s dad said that the boat was being repainted to be ready once again for tourist adventures and that Jakkrit did not notice the screw poking up from the floor as both were the same red colour. He was screaming out in pain even as the rescue team took forty minutes to release him and take him to hospital for further treatment and care in this highly unusual human encounter with a small metal object.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


A Successful Pattaya Bartender Contest 2008 THUNDEROUS applause and enthusiastic cheers have echoed in the entire Napalai Convention Hall of Dusit Thani Pattaya as contestants in the Pattaya Bartender Contest 2008 strutted their stuff on stage while creating their cocktail concoctions, alongside a dancing partner vying for the Miss Bartender title. The 24th Food & Beverage competition with this year’s theme, “Luk Thung Fantasia” (upcountry fantasia) proved to be another resounding success that brought a multitude of spectators from the participating hotels in Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard who cheered their respective contenders on. The whole-day affair that started at 9 am and ended just before midnight highlighted categories such as Wedding Flower Board, Thai Glory themed Coffee Break and Table Set Up, Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Classic

Bartender and much more. Dusit Thani Pattaya grabbed a total of five prizes: Somchai Kumpoo and Suradetch Stratonghon- 2nd prize in the Coffee Break Set-up; Manit Ngasakul and Weerapon Yaoondee- 1 st prize in the Table Set-up; Chatchai Saetai- 2nd prize Classic Bartender competition; Suwanna Janphae- 2nd prize in the Miss Bartender category and Panya Inkhongngam- 2nd place in the Bartender title. The Best Bartender award was given

to Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya’s Yutawanit Munkong whose cocktail was named “Poison Ivy”. All the winners received a cash prize, trophy and certificate. The competition is held annually in the Eastern Seaboard and gathers F&B staff including bartenders from various hotels in the region to showcase their professional knowledge and flair in their field. Pattaya City Mayor Ittiphol Khunplome led local government officials and a host

of VIP’s from different sectors in making the F&B extravaganza a night to remember. The event was organized by the Chonburi Provincial Organization, Pattaya City, Tourism Authority of Thailand with the cooperation of Thai Hotels Association-Eastern Chapter, F&B Management Association of Thailand and many others. Photo shows all the winners in the recently concluded Pattaya Bartender Contest 2008 posing with the organizers and sponsors of the event.

Chonburi travel fair is Boxing champion opens car care centre launched in December

JAKKRIT Car Care, based at Rongpo Market in Banglamung, invited distinguished Olympic gold boxer Somjit Jongjohor to their grand opening at their Mobil 1 Centre. There were various well known guests in attendance including Mr Nut Wirojpoca, the marketing manager for Esso, and administrative members of Banglamung council. Mr Nut explained that Jakkrit Car Care was their first

branch on the eastern seaboard and provided a full range of services to four wheeled customers. It was envisaged that, by the end of the year, there would be eight more car centres in operation with a plan to launch 300 more within a three year time scale. Somjit Jongjohor, the aforementioned boxer, signed his name umpteen times for fans and allowed a veritable host of photographs to be taken.

Thailand-Israel friendship award

IN the celebration of Israel’s 60 th Anniversary, Israeli Ambassador Yael Rubinstein presented the Thailand - Israel Friendship Award, with cooperation with Israeli Embassy to build a bilateral relationship in the fields of art, culture, education, administration, information distribution, technical cooperation, security

and economics at Kamolthip Room, Siam City Hotel, Si Ayuthaya Rd., Bangkok. Picture shows from seated are, Mr. Michael Gerson, President of the Jewish Community of Thailand, Kamala Sukosol; M.L. Anong Nilubol; Vira Rojpochanarat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture; Israeli Ambassador;

THE Thai tourist association and the Chonburi tourist attraction association have announced to tour operators and others that the Travel Fair will be held from December 5 to 7 at Central Festival in the north Pattaya road. There will be a large number of booths to promote the local attractions which include Khao Kiew open zoo, Sri Racha tiger zoo, Nong Nooch tropical gardens, Alcazar show, Alangkarn theatre, Mini Siam, Tiffany’s show, Underwater World, the Million Stone Park and crocodile farm, the sea science institute of Burapha university, Underwater World and others of this excellent standard. Amongst the attractions will be tiger cubs and other wild animals which don’t mind Mom Dusadee Paribhatra, Assistant Professor Somporn Rodboon Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University and Secretary General to the Chaipattana Foundation Dr.Sumet Tantivejakul. Standing 2 nd row are, M.L. Sirichalerm Svasti, gastronomic expert, founder and president of Thanadsri & Son Consulting Co., Ltd.(5 th left), Mr. Nat Yontararak pianist, composer and founder of Nat Music School (2nd right) looks on.

having their picture taken with prospective visitors. There will also be on hand artists who can design miniature art in bottles as well as skilled sculptors from the Sanctuary of Truth. The courtyard will host special shows including Open Eyes Magic, Nong Nooch cultural displays and the Tuxedo Magic Castle extravaganza. As a further incentive, there will be at the travel fair special deals for booking at hotels and spas and on golf courses. Many companies and businesses are putting on a special effort this year because the high season may have been compromised by high fuel charges for airplane seats and negative publicity about the Thai political situation. DOOR 2 DOOR October’s double promotion receive 10% Discount from the Paradise Restaurant, 215/ 62-63, Second Road & also another 10% Discount from the Continental Restaurant, 315/ 158, Thappraya Road. To receive your free Door 2 Door Menu (2008 Edition) just simply call 038 720 222 & one of their friendly drivers will deliver a free copy to you or visit them on



Ravindra Beach Resort sponsors Ambassadors

RAVINDRA Beach Resort and Spa welcomed the contestants of the Seventeenth Ambassador Competition 2008 prior to the finals in Bangkok. Each competitor is encouraged to express their special talents such as dancing, singing, designing clothes or introducing Thailand to visitors to persuade the judges they can be that number one "ambassador" for the kingdom.

Raimon Land helps with water project

RAIMON Land's social corporate responsibility programme recently embraced Pongsaket School, near Pattaya, to support the Bangkok South and Pattaya Rotary Clubs clean drinking water project by donating a water treatment plant. Shown in the photograph are Raimon Land's Rajneeporn Bishop, director of operations locally, and five students who won Rotary scholarships.

US navy visits Camillian Centre

PETER Thorand arranged for US navy volunteers from USS Lincoln to visit Rayong’s Camillian Centre which specialises in HIV infection amongst children. The sailors took them a bounty of toys, books and kids’ orientated snacks which delighted everyone present.

Hotel association promotes sports

A meeting was held at the Dusit Thani Hotel on September 18 to announce the holding of a hotel association sponsored sports day on November 2. The event will be held at Pattaya School 7, Baan Nongpankae. As a special feature, there will be a football match between the local hotels and the Pattaya media to see who is the top dog in sport. This will be followed a prize presentation and a sumptuous evening banquet.


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Quiz raises 35,000 Token of appreciation from US navy head baht for Thais4Life

A WELL attended quiz in Oscar's bar raised a total of 35,000 baht for the Pattaya based charity Thais4Life. Ken from Belfast (right) is shown here with bar owner David after Ken donated 25,000 baht to funds and also brought with him a fine selection of football and other sporting memorabilia including signed footballs from Rangers and Manchester United. These items will be raffled later. The next quiz at Oscar's, Pattayaland soi 3, is scheduled for Tuesday October 14 at 9.30 p.m.

Festival of Dance and Music

MORE than 1,200 artists from 11 countries have gathered in Thailand for the tenth Bangkok international festival of dance and music, dedicated to HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, until mid October at the Thailand Cultural Centre.

Father Ray care centre open

FATHER Worawut Sarapan and other dignitaries hosted a ceremony to declare up and running the Father Ray Day Care Centre on Sukhumvit, a daytime service to look after the very young children of poor parents during daylight hours.

AustCham Thailand supports Jesters

AustCham Thailand led by its Vice president Mr Peter Emblin (standing back row-far left), helped orphans from The Camillian Social Centre Rayong enjoy a day out at the 11th Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive in Pattaya. AustCham Thailand helped the children participate in the day with games, gifts, toys, snacks and luncheon together with assistance from their member companies, including AGS Four Wings and AA Insurance Brokers.

COMMANDER, Carrier Strike Force (CSG) 9, Rear Admiral Scott Van Buskirk presented Peter Thorand with an engraved shell casing from a 5 inch gun round as a token of appreciation during a Navy League reception at the Mooore bar and grill. Peter is president of the Thailand Eastern Seaboard Council of the US Navy League.

Blind school is visited by US sailors

A VISIT to Pattaya school for the blind by American navy personnel from USS Lincoln was arranged by Peter Thorand. The sailors took many gifts and were entertained by the brave youngsters.

Sawangboriboon sports day

PRASIT Thongtitcharoen, the chairman, declared open the 7th Sawangboriboon games held at a school in Soi Nern Plabwan to encourage healthy bodies amongst the younger brigade who took part in four colours – purple, blue, pink and green.

US mariners spend about 10 million baht

THE recent visit by the USS Abraham Lincoln, with 7,000 sailors on shore leave, is thought to have contributed around 10 million baht to the city’s economy, mainly in malls and beer halls.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Young pianist at special recital


Pattaya Today meets Hard Rock

ISRAELI ambassador Yael Rubinstein (left) and Mrs Kamala Sukosol, president of Siam City Hotels and Resorts, jointly presented a bouquet of flowers to pianist Tom Zalmanov from Israel at a recital concert organised by the embassy and Siam City Hotel.

Fab Food Congratulations

PETER Read, director (1st left) and Kathy Reyes from Pattaya Today, met the management of Hard Rock Hotel, Beach Road,on a familiarization visit.

Diamonds Are Forever

THE kitchen team at Amari Orchid Resort & Tower recently secured the 1st runner up prize at the Pattaya Food & Hoteliers Expo 2008 for their talented culinary skills. Pictured above with the winning team with Mr. Dominik Stamm, General Manager (centre)

New look in hotel bedrooms SOMSAK Martin (left) shows off his huge diamond ring to all comers at a special gourmet dinner at the newly opened Grappa Ristorane Italiano and Wine Bar, soi 22 Naklua Road. Also pictured is the Woodland Resort resident manager Mark Chaiyaboon

Peter Storrow turns 50 THE Marriott Resort and Spa in Pattaya is experiencing a facelift and the latest bedrooms to look even more spruce and luxurious are now ready for guests.

Two fatties on sponsored diet PORKIES David Kerridge (right) and Barry Kenyon get weighed at the start of their three months' sponsored diet to raise cash for Heartt2000 and other PGF assisted local charities. Their combined weight was 238 kilos, without shoes, so they shouldn't find it difficult to raise a few baht to put it mildly. The telling time will be in Oscar's bar on December 24.

Law enforcers make merit

RONNAKIT Ekasingh, deputy mayor with responsibility for city hall police officers, joined with nine monks to make merit at a Buddhist ceremony to express gratitude for the ongoing peaceful state of Pattaya

PATTAYA based businessman Peter Storrow, left, celebrated his recent birthday party at his newly renovated cabaret Copa Club, Pattayaland soi three, seen here with his business partner Glen Campbell. Peter’s age is a secret but is at least 50. The Copa Club, formerly Throb and Splash, has had a total and luxurious refit and was packed out for the occasion.

Khun Darunee Kritboonyalai chooses Amari

THE famous Khun Darunee Kritboonyalai (holding flowers) and her family were warmly welcomed at the exclusive executive Horizon Club in the 5-Star Ocean Tower of Amari Orchid Resort & Tower. General manager Dominik Stamm is centre.


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Walking Street kids and cop(out)s by Peter Lloyd

NOBODY really gives a toss in city hall, the police or child protection agencies, it would seem, but the presence of children under 5, almost exclusively girls, being forced to beg and sell flowers on Walking Street continues to irritate tourists of every description, especially when these kids run up, hugging legs and waists of males and making inappropriate, sometimes overtly sexual physical contact with them, as they try to sell flowers. What naive promoters of the ‘New Five Star SleazeFree” City of Pattaya fail to understand is that these child slaves and their adult handlers give the city and its premier tourist street a

shameful image for innocent tourists to take back to their home countries. I see more street kids here than in Vietnam or Cambodia. If a British tabloid journalist got a photo of the nightly

There are now literally swarms of tiny children selling flowers and the like on Walking Street. It took me 2 minutes to identify the controllers of these kids, so why nobody in authority

More than just neon on Walking Street

goings on with these underage street kids, it would be another international blow for the (Old Pattaya) city’s image.

bothers to clamp down on them, I have no idea. Surely nobody can be protecting them as the tea money from

this pathetic business enterprise must be miniscule and certainly outweighed by the terrible impression these activities create in the minds of visitors to the city. I noticed the last time I was out around 2am that beggars with really small babies are also in abundance down the passageway to Marine Plaza. It is a depressing end to a night out to walk past these sleeping (drugged?) child slaves with their adult beggars. I feel like I’m in a Charles Dickens novel. Are these kids abducted from Isaan villages, sold into slavery by poor Thais or trafficked from Cambodia or Burma? I suspect we will never know as nobody seems to care about the problem and it gets worse each year.

Last night (a Sunday night), baffled, I went up to one of the 14 Tourist Police Volunteers ( TPVs ) loitering by the van around 11pm and asked one of them who was responsible for preventing these kids from being abused, and from illegally selling on the street and also who was responsible for their general welfare. I was told that the proper police and city Hall child agencies are responsible and to enquire further of these bodies if I had further problems. Fair enough. The TPV are basically toothless and powerless to act in cases of general illegality and wrongdoing. They are there as a glorified, uniformed tourist information service,

and I am not knocking them as they do what they do well. But this also made me think the whole policy of policing Walking Street is wrong. Filling the street with hordes of TPVs, who are unable to act in cases of general (non-tourist) illegality, somehow feels like an abrogation of proper policing. TPVs are unable to intervene in many cases where proper police can, and the increasing use of both TPV and Thai volunteer police (who are disturbingly frequently arrested themselves for wrongdoing) is a worrying development in one of Asia’s allegedly premier resorts, on its premier street. Where are all the proper coppers at night?

In praise of backpackers I HAD to laugh when I read a recent press release from the Ministry for Tourism and Sport, which has dispatched a “roadshow” (read: junket) to clarify what it calls the real political situation in Thailand (I sincerely hope not, as it will result in more cancellations) to countries who presumably “misunderstand” the real situation. What really made me smile was reading their insistence on (yet again) wanting to focus on high end tourists “who are more desirable visitors”. Does the tourism ministry think high end tourists are lobotomized, or that they don’t read the papers, or that they don’t make rational decisions on where to spend their precious hard earned holidays? If the relevant people who constantly wish for high end tourists to flock to the Kingdom took the trouble to journey in their own country they would soon find out that Thailand is frequented more by low end tourists, and they should be thankful for that, as the high end tourists have deserted them in droves. Eerily silent high end malls lie empty, whilst those low class, low end tourists known as

backpackers are still prepared to come by the planeful, with a sense of adventure and danger entirely absent from the high end tourist who doesn’t want to spend his high end holidays in a economically and politically mismanaged war zone. And so it was last week when I was in Bangkok and

end” ones, charging 5,000 – 10,000 baht per night where I went to ask about their prices and room availability. Similarly, in Bangkok the high end malls were deserted, yet the low end malls like Platinum, Panthip and especially MBK were very busy and I was surprised how many foreign tourists

High end tourists run riot in Paragon

then down on the islands of Ko Tao and Ko Phangan that I was amused to see how absolutely packed the islands were, the buses to and from Chumpon, servicing the backpacker economy, were full, loading and disgorging on Khaosan Road, most resorts on the beaches of Ko Tao were full, inter-island boats were packed, and dive shops, restaurants and bars were rocking on both islands late into the night. The only quiet resorts were the “high

I saw in them, even when they had just opened. I would respectfully submit to the Tourism ministry that they should cultivate the backpacker tourist more than the high enders, for the time being, because they are at least loyal, they are resistant to civil strife, and they spend money. And there are a lot of them. Unlike the elusive High enders who are nowhere to be seen.

The Russians ARE(‘nt) coming The Russians probable are coming if you live in a former Soviet Republic or Baltic State, but with tanks and guns, following their invasion of Georgia and their other mischief-making in the region. But as far as Pattaya and tourism is concerned, it’s best to assume they won’t be coming back in such numbers as previously, anytime soon. And this has nothing to do with the mess in Bangkok. In part it is because the Russian economy has been devastated. Their invasion of Georgia and Russian threats to regulate the supply of oil and gas to Western Europe as an economic weapon, as well as their intimidation of foreign firms such as BP operating massive oil fields in Russia have all meant foreign firms have panicked and pulled a lot of money out from the country. Inward investment has also slowed to a trickle, and international business confidence in Russia is at an all time low, which really is saying something. Further, the global economic meltdown hit the already teetering Russian economy hard, and their stock market

was recently suspended after massive losses on consecutive days. The falling price of commodities has also delivered a serious blow to their exports and income. All this translates into a population who may be more worried about their jobs and livelihoods than blubbering around, drunk on

litter strewn beaches in December. My travel agency contacts in Bangkok and Pattaya continue to report big Russian cancellations for high season flights and hotels, as Russians continue to feel the ill winds of their faltering economy. Contact me at pattaya

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Thai politics mystify farangs Open letter to the mayor

Outrageous pornography

I KNOW you have a lot of business and social engagements but, in between, do you think you could spare a little time to take a few of your staff responsible for road works and visit the area from the flyer along Thappraya Road to the Monkey Statue (often known as the Hanuman) and on as far as you can go down the new road? It has been in a chaotic state for two years now and in some places is just plain dangerous, especially the sides of the road up to Mata Hari. Have you ever spared a thought for the businesses along that stretch? After heavy rains potholes appear, especially from the courthouse to the Statue. Even if they are filled in, they appear again in a matter of days bigger than ever. Why can’t you at least complete the roadworks to the top of the hill and further down past the courthouse? Also, I’ll be very interested to see what improvements are in the pipeline for when Thappraya Road hits Pratumnak going into Pattaya, as there’s always heavy congestion especially near Soi VC and the area generally into town from the flyover. Even in the low season, it can take twenty minutes to arrive at the traffic lights at the South Road traffic lights intersection.

I WAS walking down the Beach Road the other day with my 13 year old son and was absolutely disgusted by what I saw at one of the street seller’s tables. There were 50 or so DVD titles laid out in full colour and at least half a dozen were hard core pornography showing women and men in explicit poses. I could hardly believe my eyes and had a closer look. One was entitled “Shower Power” and seemed to be taking place in a sports area. Another was called “Deirdre’s Night Out” and revealed her to need several men to keep her quiet. Then there was a homosexual one with the gruesome title “Vaseline for Life” with graphic portrayal indeed. I am neither a prude nor a narrow minded bigot, but I feel absolutely outraged by this display of indecency the likes of which I have seldom seen before in public. My son wishes to be associated with this letter and says he will never return to Pattaya under any circumstances whatsoever.

Confused in Jomtien

On returning to Pattaya I READ your front page story (September 1), but I think you will have to wait for some time yet before the international holidaymakers return to Thailand, or Pattaya, in any numbers. The idea of the local authority writing a letter to tourist associations, advising them that all is back to normal strikes me as a fairly desperate move. I suppose travel shows in foreign countries are all right so far as they go, but I can’t see them radically altering the position. It seems to me that a lot of nonsense is talked about Pattaya. It may have diversified to a certain degree, and become more upmarket. I read about this all the time in your publication and some others too. But look around you. The resort still needs all those traditional holidaymakers who come to Pattaya to have a good time and, yes, even enjoy sex. Take a stroll down the Walking Street if you don’t believe me, or even down Soi Yodsak which is literally teeming with available women. The customers there are the ones in short supply. One restaurant on second road told me this was his worst season ever! If Pattaya is serious about getting its traditional customer base back again, the authorities should do three things. Firstly, cut street crime by better policing. Second, stop messing around with the licensing laws and telling people what they can and can’t do. Thirdly, advertise the fact that Pattaya is a fun city rather than a haven for millionaire expats living behind high gates. Then you might get some life back into Pattaya and stop the business closures. David Humphries

Name and address withheld

Stray animals everywhere It really is time that Pattaya gets down to dealing with the ever expanding problem of stray animals left to fend for themselves. The hospitals will confirm that the mumber of dog bites is also escalating. I recently had to pay 11,000 baht for treatment caused by animals attacking me without any provocation whatsoever. There are many stray dogs all over the place. I was bitten on Jomtien beach road, but a friend of mine had his leg damaged near the soi nine police headquarters. When he stumbled into the police station to make a complaint, the officers more or less told him to get lost. I agree that cats are not so dangerous, but some of the estates in town are crawling with unwanted ones. If you take Suksabai Villa as an example, you will find colonies established in some of the vacant housing lots. At night they come out in packs looking for food and they terrorise the properly domesticated cats I might add. My friend has an elderly cat which now has to use a scratch tray inside as it used to get attacked when it ventured outside. Herbert Grover

Resailing on the Lusitania I DISAGREE strongly with your review (September 1) about the sinking of the Lusitania in May 1915. There is indeed a lot of evidence to show that Winston Churchill deliberately allowed the liner to be sunk in order to bring America into the war on the allied side. Thus the Admiralty did not warn captain Turner to zigzag as a useful precaution against submarine attack. Furthermore, no escort vessel was provided on this voyage on the final run in the Irish Channel to Liverpool even though this was the norm. To cap it all, the ship was carrying an illegal cargo of arms to use on the western front. If Germany had the first world war, Churchill would have been in the dock for sure! Philip Denham Ed: If you are right, and we disagree anyway, then Churchill’s policy hardly met with success. The Lusitania went down in May 1915 and it was two years later before American joined in the fray. A great deal happened in the meantime! Incidentally, the type of small arms fire carried by the Lusitania in her cargo was probably not illegal under international law at the time.

IF it’s true that the Orient is inscrutable to foreigners’ eyes, then Thai politics in the last two years most surely top the bill. In September 2006 there was a military coup and the military apologised for the inconvenience, citing the most dreadful and pervasive government corruption. After foreigners realised that a military coup can actually be very peaceful, they started visiting the kingdom once again. After all, it’s a Thai matter. But the coup didn’t seem to improve matters much, if at all. The installed government was lacklustre and, in the subsequent general election of December 2007, the very people whom the military accused of being corrupt were returned to power in a revamped political party called The Peoples Power Party. Back to square one you might say. It was commonly said earlier this year that former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in exile since the coup, would escape all criminal charges of corruption. He did indeed return to home soil. But the Thai courts showed themselves more independent minded than many assumed they would be and caused both him and his wife to seek refuge in London, citing claims that they were the victims of political hostility. In August political opponents of the government occupied government house and, in spite of much huffing and puffing by politicians in power, they are still there. A state of emergency was declared by the government, but the military declined to move in to the compound, thus avoiding bloodshed. Then the prime minister was forced to step down after he was found guilty of taking payment for appearing on a cooking show and members of his own and coalition parties deserted him. Maybe this was a new start. But the next prime minister proved to be the brother in law of Thaksin so maybe we are back to square one once again. Time will show. So what is the poor old foreigner to make of all this confusing jumble of a tale? Did the military coup of 2006 achieve anything or was it a futile gesture by a military which would never dare try the trick again? The coup certainly failed to redraw the map of Thai politics. The military backed constitution of 2006 was devised to prevent the emergence again of a Thaksin orientated government, but it failed. On the other hand, from the standpoint of October 2008, some matters have changed. There is now a debate about the nature of parliament and whether all members of it should be elected or not. The former prime minister, like him or hate him, is firmly in exile abroad with calls by the judiciary for him to be extradited. It’s commonly assumed that the next general election will produce a PPP government again, or whatever party name replaces it. So back to square one once again. Yet Thailand has produced so many surprises over the past two years that nobody can be quite sure what the outcome will be. There were some signs of tactical voting in the December 2007 election, especially in Bangkok and the central provinces, and it’s anyone’s guess what sort of coalition will eventually assume power. The mystified farang will have to go on being mystified for a while yet.



Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

To be or not to be “nominee shareholder”, that is the question in the latest order of the Land Department dated 21st July,2008

By: Mr. Ponthep Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Mrs. Darunee Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Accountant of WERACHON LAW OFFICE, 315/304, Moo 12 Theppasit Road (Soi 12) Nongprue,Banglamung, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20260, Kingdom of Thailand Tel: (038) 304 084,(038) 251 533Fax: (038) 304 027Mobile: 081 423 4255, 089 889 6483

THE property market in Pattaya can panic again by the rumor that the Land Department will enforce a draconian policy to inspect all companies owning land. The darkness of ignorance must be pieced by the light of knowledge. In order to enlighten you, we decide to provide the readers with the first hand information as our report not opinion. We translated word-by-word the circular letter of the Land Department dated 21st July, 2008 and hope that it will be light that you will see at the end of the tunnel. The term “nominee” is business lingo in Thailand for “proxy”. You should not conflate or confuse yourself with the other type of “nominee” if you are a

farang in good faith who set up a Thai company to buy land for residential purpose. You are totally different from the spouse of our former prime minister who was found guilty of having her servant to hold her shares in the telecommunication company for tax evasion. Please read this translation before you decide to sell your castle for a horse. In every civilized country, no law will be retroactive. We can say that this inspection will not be for all existing companies. You may seek the proper advice from a real licensed lawyer who may guide you in the labyrinth of laws. Very Urgent No. Mor.Thor.0515/2227 Ministry of Interior Asdang Road, Bangkok 10200 21st July 2008 Subject: Acquisition of land by juristic persons (legal entities) having foreign shareholders Attention: All provincial governors Reference: The very urgent letter no. Mor.Thor. 0515/Vor 2530, dated 21st July 2006 Attachment: Three sets of specimen note of statement Whereas the Ministry of Interior has set forth the

practical guidance for the acquisition of land by limited companies, limited partnerships or registered ordinary partnerships (except public limited companies or juristic persons permitted by other laws to acquire land) having the objectives to carry on the business of real estate with foreign shareholders or directors, or there is a reason-

“The Master of Nominees”.

able ground to believe that Thai nationals hold shares on behalf of foreigners, whereby all land offices were instructed to investigate the source of money all Thai shareholders paid for the purchase of shares, and also money the companies paid for the purchase of land. In order that the investigation of all registrars will be standardized to prevent the evasion of law or purchase of land for foreigners, the Ministry of Interior deems itappropriate to enhance the comprehension and set forth the additional measure as the practical guidance for all registrars.

Education Hello friends always glad to meet you!!! THE Montessori School’s children are happy to come back to school for the school year 2008/2009 and meet up with new friends and similar faces from previous classes. At our Preschool, the children are bonding very quickly and are enjoying learning about ‘ourselves’ together. The exploration of our body and how it functions fascinate us in everyway, especially when we get to use our tongues to taste all the yummy things and learn about the words ‘Crunchy, chewy, sweet, sour, salty, etc’. One bite of each was not enough for our little sweet

tooth. The funny thing was when we moved on to the nose for smelling, it turned out that the smell of lime was also described as sour and our hands, when we touched a tennis ball, was sour too! The children are also exploring

1) In the case of limited companies, limited partnerships or registered ordinary partnerships applying for the ownership of land and having the business objectives of real estate have foreign shareholders, the source of money paid for the shares by the Thai shareholders will be investigated. 2)In the case of limited

the advance Montessori equipments which are new to them and enjoying the wonders of their new subjects, “Music, Art and Thai,” at the cultural centre. Miss Annemaree Grant and PB1 team teachers.

companies, limited partnerships or registered ordinary partnerships which apply for the ownership of land and do not have the registered business objectives of real estate, but there is a reason to believe that Thai nationals hold shares on behalf of foreigners, for instance, a foreigner is the authorized director, promoter, holder of preferential shares having more voting rights than the majority Thai share holders who do not directly have the occupation of investment, for instance, lawyer or broker, the source of money of Thai shareholders paid for the

shares will be investigated. 3) In cases where juristic persons purchase the land with the price higher than the registered capital without mortgage, the source of money paid by the juristic persons for the land will be investigated. The investigation of the source of money in accordance with 1), 2) and 3), will be strictly complied in accordance with the referred letter. 4) The acquisition of land by public limited companies or juristic persons permitted by other laws to acquire land, for instance, Investment Promotion Act 1977, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act 1979 is not required to comply with 1), 2) and 3). 5) In cases where foreign juristic persons take the lease or hold other rights for the long period of time, the investigation will be made about the business objective of the lease if it is the holding of land on behalf of a foreigner or in violation of the Foreign Business Act 1999. 6) All provinces are instructed to announce to public that anyone who holds land on behalf of a foreigner will be punishable under Section 113 of the Land Code for providing a false statement to the authorities having the duties to record the false statement in the

official documents under Section 137 and 267 of the Penal Code. The foreigner or juristic person will be punishable under Section 111 and 112(1) of the Land Code whereby the land must be disposed of within the period of time prescribed by the Director General which is not less than 180 days but not more than one year. If the land is not disposed of within the prescribed period of time, the Director General will be empowered to dispose of that land. However, the specimen note of statement in accordance with the referred letter must be cancelled and replaced by the new specimen because it has the contents which do not cover the criminal liabilities. In this connection, if the investigation was made and found that the application for registration of right or juristic act is to evade the law or purchase land on behalf of a foreigner in accordance with Section 74 paragraph two of the Land Code, the registrar will investigate for further details of the fact and refer the case to the Land Department for the order of the Minister. Please be informed for your strict compliance. Mr. Piraphol Taitasawith Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Head of Internal Security

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008



Talk of the Town

Taekwondo with the top There’s lots more than master Jean Pierre Berrie casinos in Koh Kong Now a new head office in Banglamung TAEKWONDO means literally foot (tae), fist (kwon) and do (way) from the Korean and is literally translated as “the way of the foot and the fist” or, less formally, “the art of kicking and punching”. Although it is taught as a martial art by the South Korean military, Taekwondo is in reality a many sided activity and combines the techniques of selfdefence, sport, exercise, meditation and philosophy. It’s now truly international in scale and scope and first appeared as an official Olympic sport at the Sydney Games in 2000. Jean Pierre Berrie, aged just 40, first took up an interest in martial arts as a teenager when he went to the gym for judo. Visiting Thailand first in 1994, and based here long term since 1997, Jean Pierre is both managing director and principal teacher of Universal Hansoo Taekwondo Company Limited. The recently opened new head office is on Sukhumvit Road,

opposite Banglamung police station, with a second location, also on Sukhumvit, by South Pattaya’s Duck Square. “We have students of all

ages from under fives to the decidedly middle aged,” says Jean Pierre, “and a good mix of both males and females. I think what appeals to them mostly is the discipline of the sport and the self control that it teaches.” He adds that its history goes back 2,000 years and that an international federation was established in 1973. Jean Pierre’s company is the only one in Thailand formally and officially part of the federation.

”Taekwondo requires considerable commitment from the start. Beginners need to practise and to learn two or three times a week, whilst those aspiring to do really well need up to five sessions,” Jean Pierre explains, adding that there are formal exams to progress to the next level. The master himself is a family man with three sons, so he doesn’t get much time for other sports or pastimes. “Taekwondo today is practised in 188 countries with over 70 million practitioners worldwide. And there are four million in dividuals with the much cherished black belt,” he enthuses. For further details, look up the two web sites www.universal and www.han The former gives international information and the latter specific address details here in Pattaya. Phone contacts are 081 383 0075 (French and English) and 086 553 5067 (Thai).

Afghan holiday spot has some surprises AFGHANISTAN’S Bamiyan Valley is famous for the former landmarks – the largest standing

find that there’s an hotel, Hotel Silk Road Bamiyan, which has no trouble filling

statues of Buddha in the world – which were blown up in 2001 by the Taliban who considered them to be un-Islamic. Yet these days the Valley, deep in the Hindu Kush mountains, has become a relatively safe enclave in an otherwise violent land. It’s certainly a surprise to

its ten rooms on a regular basis with aid workers, contractors, journalists and the occasional intrepid traveller. Each room offers comfortable beds, panoramic views of the valley and the cliffs which are honeycombed with caves for those inclined to explore. Owner Ms. Hiromi

Yasui, from Japan originally, said “I first came here in 1993 as a freelance photographer, fell in love with both the country and an Afghan who became my husband.” Thus it was that she fulfilled her lifetime ambition to open an hotel, though hardly in a location you’d expect. After four years of construction and shipping every item from mirrors to chairs and pillows over the 110 mile (180 km) unpaved road from Kabul, Yasui opened the doors of her dream hotel in May 2007 and hasn’t really looked back since. Convivial by nature, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, whipping up her favourite recipes from across Asia. “This has been a tourist area since the 5th century and I think it always will be.” If interested in a side trip (although you can’t renew your Thai visa there) look up the hotel’s website

Cambodia lessens dependence on Angkor Wat WHILST Cambodia’s Koh are inevitably investors, have been signed. Thaksin is Kong has a sleepy reputation, businessmen and gamblers said to have shown some interest howbeit with casinos, there’s turning up on a regular basis. in leasing Koh Kong Khrao, an a lot of development going Not everybody is an eco- 80 square meter island off Koh Kong, to develop on as regards tourist an entertainment complex. attractions. Tourism What is known for sure expert Mayuda Mang is that a South Korean says, “Koh Kong is company has been given home to the country’s a 99 year lease to develop largest mangrove areas hotel, entertainment and and we still have several eco-tourism businesses small, pristine islands in Koh Yo, another small eligible for eco-tourism island near the mainland. development. She added Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti that, although there have Traditional Koh Kong is on the way out investor has pledged been political tensions between Thailand and Cambodia tourist. It takes about one hour US$15 million to develop of late, the relationship between to drive to Koh Kong from Trat Cambodia into an agroKoh Kong and its Thai itself and another three hours business hub. Koh Kong’s equivalent province of Trat onwards to Cambodia’s capital efforts to attract different kinds of tourists is part of Phnom Penh. remain cordial. Former Thai prime minister Cambodia’s wider strategy to Indeed, Trat’s authorities have sent experts to help Koh Thaksin Shinawatra has develop the industry nationwide Kong villagers to preserve the reportedly done a lot of spade so that the impoverished mango forests as part of an work in the province, so to country will not continue to be environmental protection speak, and took 10 interested over dependent on its main programme. But now that parties to meet Cambodian drawing card of Angkor Wat there’s a linking bridge to prime minister Hun Sen last and Siem Reap. Anyway Thailand as well as a new road April. However, nobody has there are no casinos in linking Phnom Penh, there yet confirmed that any deals Siem Reap.

Brits are glued to their TV sets IT HAS emerged that Britons spend 14 years of their life in front of the TV and don’t care much what they are watching, according to research from Virgin Media which discovered that 29% of Brits spend 20 hours a week watching TV with three quarters saying they find themselves viewing programmes for the sake

of it. The survey also found out that 13% of people could not bear to miss their favourite show.

Moreover, if people aren’t actually watching television, then they are talking about it. Half the respondents of a total of 2,052 people said that what was on TV last night formed the basis of conversation with family and friends. No wonder there’s said to be a drop in British visitors to Thailand. They’re too busy gawping at the box.



Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Laser treatment for tattoo removal

Dr. Nantapat Supapannachart

THERE are a lot of reasons for possibly wanting a tattoo removed – the positive element of tattoo removal is that you are no longer burdened with a tattoo you seriously regret. If a tattoo is holding you back from getting a job you want or keeps you from attaining your goals, a little pain and scarring may be worth it. If you have a gang-related tattoo and are no longer associating yourself with that or any other gang, it would be in your best interests to have it removed. If you are wearing a tattoo of a past love and now you have a new

special person in your life, it would be unkind to your new love not to get rid of the old tattoo. Previous methods of tattoo removal Unfortunately, tattoo removal using most non-laser methods has significant disadvantages such as incomplete pigment removal, non-selective tissue destruction and unsatisfactory cosmetic results such as atrophic or hypertrophic scarring. Older methods of tattoo removal have involved the application of caustic chemicals such as Phenol Sulphuric acid. Slightly more refined methods of tattoo removal have included abrasion with salt (salabrasion), cryosurgery, dermabrasion, electrocoagulation, and the use of an infrared coagulator. All of these procedures are associated with significant scarring and in most instances the result of tattoo removal looks much worse than the tattoo itself. Conventional

surgical methods have been used to treat tattoos however their use is limited to the removal of small tattoos. Surgical removal of large tattoos usually yields disastrous results and therefore has been abandoned. Now, there is good news for those who have an unwanted body design. Newer laser tattoo removal techniques can eliminate your tattoo with minimal side effects. How does Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser remove tattoos? Lasers work by producing specific wavelength of light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin to be selectively absorbed by the ink. This laser energy causes the tattoo ink to break into smaller particles that are then removed by the body’s natural filtering systems. The laser selectively targets the pigment of the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin. It can remove professional, amateur, traumatic and surgical tattoos.

How many treatments will it take to remove a tattoo? On the average, a professional tattoo require 6-8 treatments, while amateur tattoo require 4-5 treatments, all spaced approximately 6-8 weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of ink used and the depth of the ink on the skin. Because each tattoo is unique, removal techniques must be tailored to suit each individual case. Black, blue and red tattoo inks will resolve the best. Orange and purple inks usually fade as well. Yellow and green inks are typically the hardest colors to remove thus additional treatments are needed. Is the process painful? The impact of the energy from the power pulse of light is similar to the snap of a rubber band. Most patients do not require any anesthesia. However, depending on the location of the tattoo and the pain threshold for the patient, the physician

may elect to use some form of anesthesia (topical anesthesia cream, painkiller injecions at

the site of the procedure). After the treatment, the area will feel similar to light sunburn.

Manners maketh man

by Bee McConville IS the age of chivalry dead? Are men no longer aware of those little things that make a huge difference? Or are they blissfully unaware of the little gestures that carry the big message and separate the gentlemen from the uncouth cads? I am lucky enough to work in an organisation where my western male colleagues will still hold a door open for me and allow me to enter the room before them. By making this small gesture, these men are not suggesting for one moment that I am a frail member of the weaker sex nor are they being arrogant in letting the ‘little woman’ go first. They are doing no more than showing good manners. And whilst my Thai colleagues will not always open doors for me, they will offer to help when I am carrying piles of papers or other clumsy items, and they will offer me their seat in a crowded room. Unfortunately, the more extreme proponents of feminism attempted to kill off male manners back in the 80s by suggesting that women were equal to men and therefore should not expect their male counterparts to give up seats or hold doors open for them. However, these fundamentally misguided attitudes did a lot of damage to women and led to a sharp decline in good etiquette as men tried to wade through the quicksand of

‘post-modern male behaviours.’ In fact, women these days put good manners well above good looks or wealth when picking their partners. I mean, what’s the point in having a George Clooney look-a-like if he barges through doors ahead of you letting them swing back in your face, doesn’t notice that he is walking yards in front of you when you go out together and constantly refuses to either lift the toilet seat or put it back when he’s finished? And if he’s doing this on his first few dates with you, can you imagine what life will be like after ten years of marriage?! Anyone who has ever read Jane Austen will understand that a lot of her novels revolved around men displaying ‘gentlemen-like behaviour’ and what was good for Jane still holds good for us in the 21st century. Poor old Mr Darcy couldn’t attract his heart’s desire just by being immensely rich and rather rude, and he only managed to win her over ultimately by displaying simple good manners in common social situations. Alas, many of our modern men folk are unlikely to have read Miss Austen so cannot learn from Mr Darcy’s mistakes. However, these days there are plenty of internet websites for men that both endorse and encourage the display of good manners. And there is nothing new to learn when it comes to etiquette in the modern age. Politeness and common courtesy come at the top of the list and displaying these traits is nothing more than common sense. Here are a few other ideas as suggested on the web: · Do not swear – this is crude, impolite and very vulgar · Do not speak loudly – it

draws negative attention · Do not lose your temper – you are showing everyone you cannot control your emotions · Do not stare – this can be seen as intimidation · Do not interrupt others – this is a sign of poor etiquette and a lack of social skills · Do not spit – this is extremely crude and a sign of a poor upbringing · Do not laugh at others’ mistakes – it is cruel and not an attractive trait · Remove your hat at the dinner table (baseball caps included!) · Wait before eating – everyone should start dining at the same time (even at McDonalds!) And three other points that I would personally like to add to the list are: · When having a conversation with a woman with great breasts, look at her face, not her cleavage, no matter how tempting it is · When in a sports bar, do not look over your partner’s shoulder to follow the football while she is attempting to engage you in conversation · Never leave skidmarks in the toilet bowl So whose fault is it that many men no longer know how to behave appropriately with their female friends? Well, in the first instance, the blame has to be leveled squarely at mothers who, we all know, are nearly always solely responsible for the raising of their sons. If mothers made it their business to instill good etiquette in their offspring from an early age, then we might see a significant improvement in their behaviour. On the other hand, we also have to blame the current generation of young women who seem to have very low

expectations of their potential life-partners, and prefer to regard them as drinking buddies rather than as responsible members of society. What’s the point of insisting on good manners when you are both so bladdered that you can’t see where the door is let alone work out who is going to stagger through it first? And if you are peeing in the wardrobe because, after sixteen Singhas, you think it’s the toilet, why worry about lifting the seat anyway? Having good manners is a timeless feature of a well-raised and civilised human being, so we would do well to ensure that chivalrous behaviour does not die a death due to the misguided notion that it is simply too anachronistic for today’s modern world – politeness will never go out of fashion!

It’s a knock-out NOW I know that wearing a crash helmet is the sensible thing to do when you are on a motor bike and I know that it saves lives and prevents serious injuries. And I would be the first to support our men in brown who have very effectively made the wearing of helmets law in the Land of Smiles. However there is a serious drawback to the wearing of helmets that I would like to share with everyone and it’s a problem that does lead to injury, although I have to admit that it’s seldom serious. You see, every time I take a motor cycle taxi when the driver is wearing his helmet I have to be very careful how and where I sit because what happens is this – whenever we

go over a bump or he brakes to avoid an on coming baht bus I get thrust forward and bang my head on the back of the driver’s helmet. And it’s not a laughing matter!! I have had a number of serious bruises in the middle of my forehead where I have connected with a very hard helmet firmly strapped to the driver in front of me. And I can’t tell him not to brake, or to drive more carefully, as that is exactly what he is doing anyway. So now, to avoid, further bruising to my forehead I try and lean back, but then the balance of the bike is compromised and, when the driver brakes, my head gains more momentum and actually hits with back of his helmet with an even greater force resulting in more extensive

bruising. I have thought of wearing a helmet as well, but then when we knock heads I risk knocking him out with a loud bang and drawing the attention of Thai by-standers who think it is really funny to see a farang on the back of a bike with a helmet on and having sanuk with the motor cycle taxi driver by playing head-conkers with him. So maybe we can ask all of these taxi drivers to tape a piece of thick foam to the back of their hard hats to ensure that customers do not undergo trauma every time they mount a motor bike! I say it like I see it! Moaning Minnie

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


a place so why would any rational person want to go to the trouble and expense of transforming it into something it is not? Why would families be attracted to Pattaya when there are already hundreds of alternative places up and running? There are thousands of better beaches in Thailand and hundreds of ‘family’ orientated resorts in other parts of the country. If all tourists want out of their holiday is to lounge on a nice beach while their rug-rats play in the sand they can go to places like Phuket or Koh Samui. And, in the meantime, what would happen to Pattaya? Visitors would quickly realize that sitting on a lesser quality beach is not all it’s cracked up to be. Once they stopped coming, Pattaya’s economy would be left in ruin. My solution is simple; leave Pattaya the way it is and advertise the other existing resorts as family destinations. Keep Pattaya for the tourists who appreciate the kind of nightlife it currently offers. Concentrate law enforcement efforts on cleaning up

street crime, muggings and drug-related offences and leave the bars alone. Which brings me to a story about a bar in a land far, far away. I stress this did not, and could not, happen in Pattaya but in a Go Go Bar on a small former French colony somewhere in the Caribbean. One of the regular customers was a retiree of uncertain nationality who, for the sake of this story, I will call Larry. Two or three times a week he would come to the bar for a few beers and to watch the scantily clad ladies dance around poles. Now Larry is en ex-lumberjack who never really lost his fondness for felling virgin forests. This passion led him to pay particular attention to the hirsuteness of the dancers, shall we say, anatomically speaking, in the region between their navel and their knees. Such was Larry’s interest that he came up with a proposition which he put to the ladies exhibiting the most growth. Bringing his own razor and soap, he offered to remove their excess foliage – in the bar –

and give them a few hundred francs for their time and effort. Not surprisingly, some of the less shy ladies accepted his offer and Larry agreed to come with all the necessary equipment upon his next visit. A few days later, Larry and a few of his friends arrived at the bar. A waitress was seconded to prepare a bucket of warm water, Larry produced his new razor and shaving cream and the first smiling volunteer fronted for her ‘shave’. She lay on the bar top and placed her ankles upon the shoulders of Larry’s two assistants who, apparently, offered their services free of charge. Then Larry produced the piece de resistance. It was one of those devices worn on the heads of miners or cave explorers. (No pun intended.) A strap fitted around his head with a strong battery-powered light protruding from his forehead. When he switched on the light it was a priceless moment and the whole bar broke into laughter. Under the watchful eyes of every customer and

dancer, Larry carried out the work with surgeon-like dedication and precision. The bar was in total uproar and, once he had finished the job to everyone’s satisfaction, both shaver and shavee received a standing ovation. The lady accepted her financial reward and skipped off to inspect Larry’s workmanship in private. The reason for recounting this anecdote is to determine what crime was committed. Everyone in the bar was over 18 years of age, nobody was harmed or injured, no participants were forced to do what they did, customers were free to leave or avert their eyes if they were offended, the laughter from those who did watch indicated universal approval, Bill Clinton would attest that Larry “did not have sexual relations with that woman,” the lady herself received a free haircut as well as financial compensation for her time and Larry felt good about himself for providing the service and the entertainment. To some moronic control

freaks trying to run the world their way, the only ‘crime’ was the morality of those present in the bar did not match their personal moral code. But surely, morality is only moral if it is voluntary. That is to say, you cannot force your own moral standards upon someone else. How would the holierthan-thou feel if the morality laws of say Saudi Arabia or the Taliban were forced upon them? Would they blindly accept it and modify their own thinking? Not a chance. As I said earlier, this incident happened on a small atoll somewhere in the Caribbean, where the people in charge understand that adults also needed a place to play. Not every square foot of this earth has to be child-friendly and conform to the highest moral code of a few. It is all about choice. Families and the righteous already have plenty of places to holiday so their choices are limitless. Those of us who enjoy adult entertainment have very few options left to us, but still, the meddlers want to destroy those few because they don’t understand the fundamentals of human nature. Their narrow minds can’t envisage anyone thinking differently to the way they think. They just don’t get it – Pattaya is successful because of the bars and nightlife, not in spite of it. Unlike Larry, they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Your Soi

used this travel agency in the past and found them helpful, fair and reasonable. Next is Chez Tudtu Bar and Restaurant, Captain Beer Bar and then two editions of Le Katai Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant. I say ‘two editions’ because the place seems to have doubled up or expanded to occupy two separate buildings. Next is Fon’s Beer Bar, the popular Juice Restaurant, Cartier Club (a Boy A Go Go and karaoke bar formerly known as Happiness Karaoke Pub

and Restaurant), Hole In One Beer Bar (for golfing enthusiasts) and Onyx bar. Onyx, offering both indoor and outdoor imbibing facilities, is probably the most famous bar in the soi, perhaps because it has the ambiance of Soi 6 about it. So I am told. Meanwhile, back on the right hand side after the 7-Eleven is a nice pizza restaurant, Internet shop, Opey De Place hotel, Pailin House hotel, New Nikom Court hotel and J&P Court

hotel. These mid-priced hotels have proven popular with frequent visitors because of their convenient location. The rest of the right hand side to the motorcycle shop at the intersection with Third Road, is taken up by the construction of a commercial complex and residence. An artist’s impression of the finished structure looks attractive and when completed it should increase business in the soi, as well as the traffic. After Onyx Bar is All Ways Travel Agency, Pranee Travel, Charlie Guesthouse and Valentine’s Guesthouse. May Travel, Tours and Guesthouse is next followed by Common Tour and Travel and The Celtic Bar (see photo) which is advertised as the “Home of Thailand’s #1 Celtic Supporters’ Club”. Going by all the sporting paraphernalia around the walls, I don’t doubt it. They are quite a friendly bunch and the beer was served nice and cold. Next to The Celtic Bar are

a couple of shophouses for rent then Le Trafalgar Bar. This beer bar is unique in Thailand (at least that was the case four years ago) because of the round pool table. Anyone wanting to play a game of pool with a difference, here is your chance, for 20 baht per game. Dolphin House is next followed by Le Style beer bar, Britannia Bar and Restaurant then a very large hardware shop (everything for the home handyman) on the corner with Third Road. Now on Third Road, I’ll just nip across the street for refreshments at one of my favourite watering holes, Boxing Roo, before heading to Soi Chaiyapoon which runs parallel to Soi Lengkee and will take me back to Soi Buakow. Good plan – apart from the ‘nip across the street’ bit. If you wish to survive, getting through the continuous stream of traffic on Third Road involves a lot of stopping, praying, ducking, dodging, weaving, hoping, retreating, sweating and cursing, but no ‘nipping’!

Fool in Paradise Can’t see the forest for the trees MUCH has been written in the press about the current poor state of Thailand’s tourism industry and, without doubt, this is the lowest I have ever seen tourist numbers in Pattaya. Many factors have contributed to the situation, not the least of which are high oil prices, world stock market woes and the Thai political turmoil. But there are other long term factors involved. Many readers will know there is an insidious move by meddling moralists to change Pattaya from what it is into something it is not. These myopic do-gooders want to remove the bars and associated adult entertainment and turn Pattaya into a ‘family’ destination. I have a lot of things to say to these people, most of which is unprintable, but my main argument is their grandiose scheme will fail. As it stands, Pattaya is a unique city which has evolved according to the law of supply and demand. High visitor numbers attest there is a demand for such

Up by Frank Thring

THIS week I am back in Central Pattaya to wander the small sois making up this congested part of the city. Last time I reported on this area was back in August 2004 so it is time to see what changes have taken place. For no particular reason I’ll begin with Soi Lengkee which begins where Soi Diana ends at Soi Buakow and forms an important link with Pattaya Third Road. The soi itself is only about 150 metres in length and I found it to be both Internet (plenty of shops changing 30 baht per hour) and travel agent friendly. The intersection with Soi Buakow is one of the busiest in town and only for the bravest of motorists and pedestrians. On the

corner, of course, is a Family Mart on one side and a 7-Eleven on the other. On the left following the Family Mart is an Internet shop, ToDay Beer Bar, Keaw Massage, another Internet shop and B.L. Travel. I have


by Kris & Noi Do you have a question about customs, culture or life in Thailand? Send it to Kris & Noi at:

Dear Kris & Noi, After reading about Pattaya, I came to check it as a place for me to live now that I’ve retired. However, this is my first and last visit, and the mates I came with feel the same. We like a good drink session together, a laugh and a joke, then take a girl. We were told they are hot stuff, but they’re a hard, miserable bunch, just like a European streetwalker. Their smiles are forced, the dancers hardly move, the bargirls are reluctant to get off their barstools to talk to us, and many of them don’t put any effort into sex either. They have got the easiest job in the world, just lie on their backs and take the money. Unless they improve their ways, the tourists won’t come, then what will they do? They seem too lazy to actually work for a living. Next time I’m off to the Philippines. Big Sammy

Private Posts At least you haven’t complained about the weather or the quality of the beer, and you weren’t run over by a motorbike or attacked by an over-zealous tailor, so it wasn’t all bad was it? Sorry that the girls didn’t appeal to you Sammy, but do you think that maybe, just maybe, you and your mates didn’t come across too well to them? Obviously they want customers, but usually the tastiest bargirls prefer punters who fancy them as sexy girls and not just something that is mandatory after boozing, like an after-drink curry. A bunch of noisy, aging drunks will put off all but the most desperate bed-warmers. And the girls don’t always just lie on their backs whilst working; with many punters being elderly or tipsy, they often have to put in a lot of physical effort, bouncing on a portly white body with the aim of finishing the work as soon as possible for payment. On your next holiday, maybe you should try travelling alone and be sober when attempting to attract a girl or you may end

up back with the European hookers. Dear Kris & Noi, An expat asked you recently why a man would send money to a girl even knowing that she continues to sell her body. Well, I’m one of those men, and these are my reasons. Dah always meets me at the airport, so straight away I feel comfortable and relaxed with a lady who knows me well—I don’t have to go looking for female company. We sometimes visit other parts of Thailand, and she looks after me like a personal tour guide, and saves me money by haggling when buying anything. During my holiday she is my girl exclusively, but when I’m gone she is free to do whatever she wants to earn money and she chooses to be a bargirl. As we do not plan marriage and I don’t understand the way of things in Thailand, I don’t tell herwhat she should do. I send her money to improve her living standard because I like her very much as a friend who guarantees me a great holiday and the amount is well within

my financial capability. Some expats won’t agree, but it works for me, and it’s my money. Happy Fool Some regular expat visitors like to arrange to meet the same girl each time, but don’t send her money when they are not here if that girl continues to work in the sex trade. They treat her the same as the holiday hotel room— pay only when in use, not before and after. However, it is your money, as you so rightly say, and if by helping her it pleases you both, and also gives you happy holidays, then good luck to you. Dear Kris & Noi, I’m suffering from the world’s economic woes, just like most Thais and expats, but I always look on the bright side of life, as Monty Python said. If it means that we will be seeing less cheapos and lowlife yobs than we do now, that’ll do for me. I feel embarrassed to be an expat when I hear a Cheap Charlie trying to lower a girl’s fee by a 100 baht or so; for crying out loud, he’s getting a young woman’s body, and he wants to save the price of

A few days in Chiang Mai by Alan S. Brown

SOME friends and I decided to take a break from Fun City and hopped an Air Asia Flight to Chiang Mai. The cost was about 2500 baht round trip, which we booked on the Internet (; and we were very impressed that both flights took off and landed on time. We prepaid for deluxe rooms, on, at the Lotus Hotel, 99/4 Huay Kaew Rd. (1100 baht per night, breakfast not included). The rooms were spacious and we were quite satisfied with the accommodations. The hotel, which has all the amenities, including a swimming pool and fitness center, is adjacent to a large Central Mall complex. You can have an “amazing” breakfast at: Amazing Sandwich, across Huay Kaew Road from the mall, for 105 baht. After freshening up, we hired a songtaew, for 500 baht, to take us up the mountain to Doi Suthep to see the famous mountaintop temple. The driver waited for us for the return trip (included)

back to our hotel. (There are also songtaews that will take you from the base of the mountain to the temple for a nominal fee.) You can climb the 309 step staircase or take a funicular to the pagodas. We had planned to descend the wide staircase, but once

we were at the top, viewing the golden chedi and the various statues and shrines, we got caught in a humongous downpour. (What a surprise: rain during rainy season!) The wide staircase turned into a waterfall, so we took the lift back down. (Lesson learned: When you remove your shoes, use the shoe lockers inside. Otherwise, you may be walking around squishing water for the rest of the day.) When it isn’t raining, the complex offers a sweeping view of the city. If you continue on the road past Doi Suthep, you can visit a Hmong hill-tribe village. On the way to Doi Suthep, you’ll

pass Pu Ping Palace, the Royal family’s winter residence. At the base of the road to Doi Suthep is the Chiang Mai Zoo, with its impressive panda display. Unfortunately, the pandas were sleeping when we arrived. The zoo is set on beautiful grounds and has a remarkable variety of exhibits. You can purchase a tram ticket and hop off and on at various attractions. They also have a monorail. We hired a driver, for the day (1200 baht), to take us to the Maetaman Elephant Camp, about an hour out of town. The 1500 baht program included: elephant riding (a lot of fun), oxcart riding (which you can skip) and bamboo rafting (very pleasant). A stop at a “hill-tribe village” was supposedly included. After the oxcart ride, we were dropped off at a market where people dressed in hill-tribe outfits sold various trinkets and souvenirs: the hill-tribe “village,” I suppose. Lunch was included and it was very tasty, indeed. The camp also has a full-day program in which you can learn to be a mahout. The more adventurous can arrange

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

overnight jungle treks and sleep in a genuine hill-tribe village. These adventures generally include elephant riding in the jungle and white water rafting. I did that once, in my younger days, and if you’re physically fit, I highly recommend it. Another day, our intrepid driver ferried us to Doi Inthanon National Park (2000 baht), where Thailand’s highest spot is located; and they have a sign to prove it. If you have a Thai driver’s license, you’ll pay the Thai admission price of 40 baht instead of the usual 400 baht charged to foreigners. We literally passed through the clouds to get to the highest point, which is 2565 meters at its summit. The temperature turns decidedly cooler as you reach the top. You can walk on beautiful trails and take stunning photos even if it’s misty. There’s a small shop selling reasonably priced souvenirs. If you go, can you pick me up a bag of locally grown coffee (250 grams for 250 baht)? Nearby are several waterfalls that you shouldn’t miss. There’s also the King and Queen

a beer! And ever since charter flights began regularly, the louts who used to ruin Spain have appeared here. Without these people, Pattaya will be a better place, that’s well worth tightening the belt for. Eric Idle’s Spirit Cheap Charlies have always been around and no doubt they will be trying even harder now to bed a girl at a discount, all the time complaining about the lack of quality available, but most residents would agree Pagodas which were quite breathtaking, with their adjoining, beautiful gardens. On the way back to the hotel, we visited Bor Sang, which is home to the local hand painted, umbrella industry. You can see the umbrellas being constructed and buy some at reasonable prices. They even sell hanging lamps fashioned

from parasols. Make sure you leave time for the central city. Within the ancient walls and moats are several temples worth visiting. You can start at Thappae Gate and you’ll discover a cluster of ancient wats, nearby. At night, a trip to the Night Bazaar is a must. Here, you’ll find all kinds of handicrafts, shoes, clothing, DVDs and almost anything else you can think of at reasonable prices. Wonderful restaurants, offering delicious, inexpensive meals, abound.

that the yob content has grown. Although some bar owners and service girls are happy to have any type of customer these days, even the Neanderthals, a bar that contains groups of them tends to lose other customers wary of flying bottles, so they hardly increase profits. Fortunately, Pattaya has more than enough bars for peaceful citizens to avoid possible trouble spots, and take their custom to better-run bars. Maybe next year the yobs will revert to wrecking Benidorm. We ate at The Riverside and the Good View, both on the banks of the River Ping. Both restaurants offer stunning views and mouthwatering food. Make sure you try the Chiang Mai hors d’oeuvres, which consist of various northern style sausage, vegetables and dipping sauce. Art Cafe, opposite Thappae Gate, is a funky, casual bistro, offering many types of cuisine. I was disappointed with my chicken parmesan (gross). However our two Thai friends were quite satisfied with their Thai food and the other farang in the group raved about his avocado salad. Nightlife choices are abundant. If you want to dance the night away, try Mandalay disco (bigger than Hollywood, according to my friend). There are all kinds of bars and music venues to choose from. By the way, tuk-tuk drivers seem to be familiar with most of the restaurants and entertainment spots. Just name the place you’re looking for and they’ll take you there. Fares shouldn’t exceed 100 baht. A wonderful time was had by all. Next time, though, I’ll allow more time for relaxing.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Self defense club Krav Maga Self Defense Club is holding a Pattaya seminar October 11-15. Find out all the details at or call 085 288 3709. Da Endorphine at Amari The famous Thai rock star Da Endorphine is performing live to celebrate the 11th anniversary of one of Pattaya’s hottest spots, Henry J. Bean’s bar and grill on north beach road. On Saturday November 1, from 7 pm, get ready to rock with Da Endorphine and DJ Ning till late. VIP party package is only 950 baht per person. More details and tickets on 038 418 418. Halloween party for kids Come and join the fancy dress party in the Haunted Dance Studio for some dance workshop, party games with prizes, Halloween treats and the rest on 1st November, 4-7 pm, at Steps and Rhythm Dance Academy. Tickets at 400 baht available from Stephanie Moorhouse on 089 544 4842 or see PGF dinner at Amor The PGF annual charity dinner at Amor restaurant is on Sunday October 19, 8 pm. Price is 1,600 baht and available from Amor (038 710 680) or Jim at Ambiance Hotel. In aid of Heartt 2000 and other PGF nominated charities in the Pattaya and Chonburi areas.

Optimist International The Optimist International Club of Thailand here in Pattaya meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 6 pm in the Star Gazers’ Room of the Hard Rock Hotel for a great buffet and a friendly meeting. The club motto is Bringing Out The Best In Children and projects to help kids in Thailand are underway. Call Drew Noyes, founding president, on 084 111 7999 or see PILC October luncheon The Pattaya International Ladies Club luncheon will be on Tuesday October 7 from 10.30 am to 2 pm at Trattoria Toscana restaurant, Beach Road Pattaya. Reservations with Alvi 081 864 5754. The October coffee morning is Tuesday October 21 at the Moore Bar and Grill near Marriott Hotel from 10.30 am. No reservations necessary. Ladies of all nationalities welcome. Charity media race Easy.Kart in conjunction with Bartercard Pattaya will hold on Sunday October 26 (8 pm to 10pm) the first ever Charity media challenge at the EasyKart Bali Hai track. This is a chance for all local media outlets on the eastern seaboard to show their true worth! Registration and further details from Laurie Muir on 089 772 6965. Liam’s Gallery Located on Pratumnak soi 4, this five storey art gallery has many

PATTAYA TODAY 19 original paintings, sculptures, antiques etc as well as the private art collection of Liam Ayudhkij who has been in Thailand 45 years and is the founder of the PSC group of companies. Exhibitions are on view 10.00 am to 7 pm daily (closed Mondays). Open house every Friday with free wine and snacks from 6.30 pm. See website www.liams or phone 038 306172. PILC Holiday Bazaar Pattaya International Ladies Club will hold their annual charity bazaar at Royal Cliff Beach Resort (Siam ballroom) on Saturday October 4, 10.00 hours to 16.00. Admission 120 baht but children under 13 free. 70 vendors from across Thailand bring their wares. Huge raffles. Excellent for xmas shopping too. All proceeds to local charities. El Duo at Cafe Royale The sensational Filipino El Duo are appearing exclusively and regularly at Cafe Royale, Pattayaland soi 3, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9.45 p.m. until 1.00 a.m. Regular bar prices and no admission extras. Come and enjoy the singing and entertainment of two of the area’s most popular duos. Manhattans Sunday lunch Manhattans top class Sunday lunch is here! A help yourself starters buffet with 20 great choices (smoked salmon, Parma ham etc) and a selection of 10 main courses (including roast beef but there’s much more too) and surprise desserts. 795 baht from 12.30 – 7pm. Great promotions on wine, beers and spirits every Sunday. Reservations on 038 259 790. Location is Nirvana Place, Thappraya Road, Jomtien. Bridge Club “Dutch” Bridge players can join the Bridge Club of the Pattaya Dutch Association

every Thursday at 10.00 a.m. (contract bridge) and Sunday at 1 p.m. (rubber bridge) in the restaurant of Chateau Dale, Thappraya Road. Entrance fee is 120 baht. Contact person is Douwe Bosma on 08 70121223. Wiggle Town open The Wiggle Town playcentre and cafe is the perfect place to bring your child whilst enjoying a book, a coffee or just being able to relax. Wiggle Town is not a child minding centre but an international play centre. More information at or phone 085 084 1626 or 087 600 5306. Locxation is on Sukhumvit Road between Thepprasit Road and South Pattaya Road. British embassy in Pattaya Brits requiring letters for immigration purposes or other British consular matters can visit the Meesen restaurant (immigration car park, Jomtien soi 5) Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays) from 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. only and without appointment. Phone contacts 081 782 7363 and 089 203 1646. Please note we cannot offer advice to Thai nationals seeking entry visas to UK. Pattaya Amateur Radio Club meeting Pattaya Amateur Radio club meeting will be held on October 10 at 18:00 at Jimbo’s bar, Sukhumvit Soi 36/3 Pattaya City. Full details of the event and the venue etc. can be found on the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) website at http:/ For more info contact HS0ZIR (Dave) on 087 131 0 818 or via email at Royal British Legion Thailand’s first branch (Chonburi) is now up and running at Tropical Bert’s, opposite Bangkok Bank and

ad jacent to soi Yodsak. You do not need to have served in HM armed services to join, but must support the principles of the Legion. There’s a get together every Sunday with free food, discounts at the bar and organized visits. Phone Bert on 089 807 2335. British Embassy Fair Ploenchit Fair will be held at Shewsbury International School in Bangkok on Saturday November 29 from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Over 150 stalls will offer activities and games such as the giant Ferris wheel, climbing wall, carousel, bingo, coconut

shy and football shoot to name but a few. Proceeds are distributed to charities throughout Thailand. More info on Manhattans early dining From 5pm to 7pm select a two course meal for 795 baht or a three course for 895 inclusive. September choices include (but there’s much, much more besides) warm pumpkin and sesame salad, creamed leek and ham/cheese tart, mixed grill, almond crusted parrot fish, hot chocolate fondue with orange brioche. Reservations at Manhattans on 038 259 790.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Water good idea I’M not against drinking water far from it. Forget all the bad taste jokes about what fish do in it, water is growing on me more and more as the years pass. I admit, there was a time when I would have thought it not very masculine to order water in a restaurant, but living here means those days are long gone. Even so, I’m no fan of bars, restaurants and hotels who seek to charge big amounts for mineral water! I don’t care how trendy the label is. So the Six Senses Resorts & Spas, which have establishments here in Thailand, should be applauded for deciding to discontinue the practice of offering a range of imported drinking waters at all their resorts. Commencing today, the choice will be either their own sparking or still water, or locally produced water. This move is in recognition of the unnecessary carbon emissions resulting from shipping drinking water great distances – often by air – and supports Six Senses’ move towards a greater use of local and seasonal produce. They carried out blindfolded taste tests with customers on the water that showed they were making the right move.

Putting the brakes on cars BERMUDA is a fascinating place –

wreck exploration with lots of

and I’m not just talking Triangles and

underwater sequences (a few too

natty pairs of shorts here!

many for my taste). Shipwrecks

It’s one of the last outposts of

are something Bermuda has in

British influence on the map and one

abundance with more than 300. The

of the world’s most remote islands,

island is surrounded by in excess

sitting in the North Atlantic some 650

of 200 square miles of coral reef,

miles off the coast of North Carolina.

forming a barrier that keeps out large

I had the good fortune to visit this

ocean waves and ill-guided ships.

delightful spot when Colin, a long-time

You can view many of these

friend who now also lives in Pattaya,

shipwrecks with withe the help of

was working on the island’s The

nothing more than a snorkel and mask. There are many snorkelling

Royal Gazette daily newspaper. The British influence is strong but, so too, is that of North America. It

Horseshoe Bay is home to one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda. such a ban would apply to them, too.

excursions that will take you to a

Bermuda” in Google and many

just hit the deck. No one else to even

wreck, while most others are

think about blaming.

accessible only to PADI-type

must be one of the few places where

Then there was a suggestion that

listings will come up. Delve deeper

both cricket and baseball attract

certain types of people – single folk,

and you will see that car hire and

similar enthusiasm.

married couples with no kids (real

Bermuda are mutually exclusive.

We must have been doing all of


10 miles per hour so physical

Beaches boast beautiful pink

Speaking of sport (and please see

social pariahs!) might be prevented

You can hire a low c.c. motorbike,

damage was limited to a few

sand and are a delight. I attended a

my golfing tale below) Bermuda has

from owning a car. Again, this doesn’t

without problem. So Harley fans

scrapes, but the blow to personal

charity beetle race (the insect kind,

the highest concentration of golf

seem to have gone far.

may need to seek different climes.

pride was much higher. I’m not sure

not VW) on the beach where they

I’ve been on a motorbike since, such

have their backs painted so you

was my shame!

can work out if “your” beetle has

courses anywhere in the world –

When I was there the limit was

When I was there my wife and I

nine within 21 square miles. When

one car per household – and a not

hired a motorbike. It was some five

travelling around it can feel like you

very big car at that, about the size of

or six years since I had ridden one

are forever passing through a

a current Honda City. Didn’t matter

and she had never done so.


who you were or how rich, if the car

Lovely scenery, but listen out for those calls of fore!

Those of you who saw the film of

won. Enormous fun and, I hope,

the Peter Brechley novel, The Deep

no long-lasting ill effects for the

Recipe for disaster. There I was

(starring Nick Nolte and Jacqueline


you wanted exceeded the size limit,

leaning into a curve in Barry Sheene

Bisset), might have wondered why

Bermuda is one of the most

tough, you couldn’t have it. So how

mode while she was trying

the two stars were chased while on

colourful places I’ve visited.

Bermuda comprises six islands.

many Rolls-Royces per head of

desperately to stay upright in the seat

a bike when all the rage at the time

Admittedly, it’s not exactly on the

From west to east, they are Ireland

population? The opposite of Hong

behind me. Combine that with a lack

was for car chases. Well now you

doorstep of anywhere and I have

Island (is that confusing, or what?),

Kong, in other words, none.

of acceleration on the bike and we

have it – visitors, they wouldn’t have

no clue about how complicated the

been allowed a car.

journey would be from here. But,

Boaz Island, Somerset Island,

To this day a tourist can’t hire a

simply fell off. No one near us, no

Hamilton Island, St George’s Island

car to drive around. Type in “car hire

road hog in a car cutting us up, we

and St David’s Island. Put together they are arranged in the shape of a fishing hook.

The film’s plot revolves around

it’s worth a visit.

Tale of the “Excalibur” golf club

Among the many things I find

I WAS sent the cartoon reproduced

interesting (and even refreshing)

alongside on email this week. I

about the island is the attitude to motor

confess that most attachments of this

cars. At one time there was even

type usually end up in my recycle

talk of banning them ... until the

bin. But I decided to hang onto this

legislators managed to work out that

one as it evokes a special memory of Bermuda for me and my friend Colin (see above). of golf – something we were mostly

enough when I went looking for

packed round of golf the two of us

Colin had hardly picked up a golf

ignorant of. We were hacking

the ball I discovered I had hit a

played while I was on holiday there.

club in his life and I was little more

around so much that good players

cow. You can make up your own

Now I know all you non-golfers

than an enthusiastic nine-hole “pitcher

following us were getting a little

jokes and puns.

are probably thinking that stories from

and putter”. We were so bad I can

impatient. So, on one hole when

And last – and far from least – is

people hitting balls with long sticks

recall taking three or four shots (make

both Colin and I were trying to get

what I call the Excalibur incident.

are probably as far-fetched as the

that four) to reach a stick in the

out of bunkers in front of the

Colin, frustrated at his play,

“one that got away” yarns of anglers.

distance that I thought was the flag.

green, we heard something

decided to lash at the ball with his

And you may have something there.

It turned out to be a direction marker

whistle past us – the ball of a pro in

six iron. The sphere moved just

But, to the best of my recall, at

and we still were only halfway to

the group behind. It landed perfectly

a few feet. However, time seemed

the green! I hope you are starting to

on the green but the situation

to stand still as the club slipped

get a sense now of just how poor

could have been dangerous. This

out of his hands and looped

we were.

prompted us to decide to let

majestically many yards further

them play through.

down the course into a water

It leads me to recall an incident-

least, this is true. To put things in context, neither my friend nor I were golfers at the time. Some unkind folk who know us might say we’re still not. We had borrowed sets of clubs from the resident golf pro and, with an absolutely stunning view of the

ocean to our left, we teed off.

But the round stays in my memory for three separate incidents

The second was a sliced drive

hazard – much like in the sword

which I recount, not necessarily in

by me that went into a clump of trees

in Arthurian legend. All it needed

the right order.

alongside the fairway. I heard what

was a hand to emerge from the

sounded awfully like a “moo”. Sure

water to claim it. Fore!

The first is to do with the etiquette

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Was sex symbol Marilyn Monroe really murdered? Self administered drugs an unlikely tale BORN Norma Jean Mortenson in 1926, Marilyn Monroe started work as a photographer’s model and rose to stardom in the 1950s in such films as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Some Like It Hot. She was for screen purposes only the archetypal dumb blonde. Her death in her Spanish style home in Los Angeles onAugust 4 1962 has sparked a controversy which is unlikely ever definitively to be settled. There are too many gaps in the evidence. For example, the police did not secure the house for some hours

after the discovery of the body. All sorts of people could come and go as they wished, maybe destroying or planting evidence.

The original autopsy report disappeared as did the phone records for the house. And so on. What is known is that she

retired early at about eight o’clock according to her housekeeper Mrs Eunice Murray. Some time later she apparently tried to call her masseur Ralph Roberts as his answering service later gave him the message that a “fuzzy voiced and troubled” woman had tried to contact him. The official version from the Los Angeles police is that Mrs Murray discovered the body in the middle of the night and the subsequent coroner’s report gave the cause of death as “acute barbiturate poisoning, ingestion of overdose.” An unofficial suicide

investigation was launched to try to determine whether the self administered overdose was accidental or intentional. It was claimed that she had tried to take her own life before and had died with a telephone in her hand, suggesting she had tried to obtain help. But many theorists have suggested murder. When the coroner examined the stomach and duodenum, he found no trace of pills or evidence that barbiturates had been ingested. Dr Sidney Weinberg, a noted forensic pathologist, has stated, “There is no way Marilyn Monroe could have orally taken the drugs without some of them being present in her digestive system.” Thus it’s probable that Marilyn died of an injected overdose of barbiturates. No syringe was found in the house and she was never known to have given herself an injection. As regards the idea that she was depressed on the day of her death, many friends testified that she had been happy and positive. She was receiving more film offer roles than she could handle and was busy

Thai Lite Most readers are probably familiar with the word “Tinglish.” It refers to a hybrid kind of English often spoken in Thailand. Just as we have Hinglish (Indian English, achhchha!), Singlish (Singaporean English, lah!), and Jinglish (Japanese English, deska!), and a host of other inglishes, so we also have Tinglish: Thai English, spoken with Thai pronunciation, intonation, and sentence patterns. It is not my purpose here to make fun of the English spoken by Thais whose mastery of the language is incomplete. Everybody has to struggle when studying a new language, and if the atrocities which we foreigners commit against the Thai language could be catalogued, they would fill a far larger volume than any that could be devoted to Tinglish. But Tinglish can cause misunderstandings which are often amusing, and I propose to list a few. My source for these anecdotes is a friend, Fardley Nerdwell, whose girlfriend, Noy, provides him with a steady supply of Tinglishisms. “Take the movie ‘Iron Eagle,’” Fardley told me one day. “Noy thought it had something to do with ironing an eagle, as you would iron a shirt. She wondered how the eagle would react.” “Probably with considerable outrage,” I surmised. “One of her favorite singers is Juttin Timmerlay. Bet you can’t guess who that is.” That was easy: Justin Timberlake. “There’s also the movie star Boot Weelit.” That was easy, too: Bruce Willis. “Shot Put,” Fardley continued. “Guess who that is.” That one stumped me. It was George Bush.

“One day she had to go to the hot peter to see a friend. It took me some time to figure that out. She meant the hospital.” “I wonder how the two of you manage to communicate at all,” I said. “It can get frustrating,” Fardley admitted. “The time I had the most trouble understanding her was when she came back from a trip to Hua Hin with her girlfriends. I asked what she had liked best about Hua Hin. She said, ‘I like hot.’” “Hot,” I echoed. “You mean she liked the warm weather?” “Nope. Guess again,” Fardley said. “Hot food,” I ventured. “She ate some spicy-hot food there and liked it.” “Nope. Try again.” I was baffled. “I like hot.” What could such a cryptic utterance possibly mean? The most sophisticated linguist, the most skilled cryptanalyst in the bowels of the CIA, would tear out his hair in frustration if he encountered this enigmatic statement in a coded message intercepted between terrorist groups. “There’s a town named Hot up around Chiang Mai, but you said Noy was in Hua Hin,” I said. “Right. Think, man! When you go down to the beach at Hua Hin, what’s the first thing you see?” I thought. “Well, you see ponies on the beach giving rides to tourists.” “Exactly. ‘Hot’ means ‘horse.’” “Ah,” I said. “So Noy liked riding the horses on the beach.” “Sometimes she inadvertently warns me against making a wrong decision,” Fardley said. “Once we were driving along and she

decorating her first permanent home. There were no financial problems. But her sex life was a different matter. It’s almost undisputed that Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with attorney general Robert Kennedy and likely had one with president John

Kennedy earlier. Robert Kennedy had tried to call off the relationship, but Marilyn refused to cooperate and even threatened to hold a press conference to expose him. There are even suggestions that Robert Kennedy actually visited her on the fateful day, having flown specially to Los Angeles from San Francisco. The Kennedy connection is

a confusing and sensitive area. It is believed her phone had been tapped through the Justice Department, but the records have suspiciously disappeared. The first police officer on the scene openly stated she had been murdered by needle injection, whilst the deputy coroner who signed the death certificate later stated the “whole thing was organized to hide the truth”. The housekeeper Mrs Murray moved out of the house the very next day and left no forwarding address. She was later reported as having “come into money” and taken an extended holiday to Europe. Inevitably, conspiracy theorists have had a field day with all these circumstances. One claimed that Cuban agents murdered Marilyn as a reprisal against the Kennedys for a CIA-initiated Mafia contract put out on Fidel Castro. Another is that the CIA killed Marilyn in an attempt to frame the Kennedy brothers. When it failed, they went on to murder the president the following year. The only sure thing is that the suicide theory is extremely unlikely.

Adventures in Tinglish by S. Tsow suddenly said, ‘One woe for life.’ I was startled. At that very moment I had been daydreaming, wondering if I should ask her to marry me. And now, like a thunderbolt, the possible consequences came crashing down around my ears. If I married Noy, quite possibly I would have ‘one woe for life.’” “Nice of her to warn you,” I said. Fardley chuckled. “Yes, but it was unintentional. She had merely been reading a sign on the back of the car in front of us. It was a Volvo, and the sign read ‘Volvo for Life.’” “That’s a new one,” I observed. “I’ve heard ‘Volvo’ pronounced ‘wowo’ before, but never ‘one woe.’” “There’s also a Khorat Hotel in Bangkok, and a famous country-and-western song called ‘Writing Bahboo.’ Bet you can’t tell what those mean.” I was stumped again. It turned out that the hotel was actually the Conrad, and the song was “Lightning Bar Blues.” “One day she was gazing into a mirror and looking disconsolate,” Fardley went on. “She sighed, ‘I am owned!’ I was puzzled. Owned? By whom, pray? Did she find our relationship confining? Had she given her heart to somebody else? Had she been sold into slavery? But no, nothing so dramatic. She meant ‘I am old!’ At the advanced age of 24 she was imagining bags under her eyes.” “Better to be old than owned,” I philosophized.

S. Tsow can be flamed, preferably in Tinglish, at

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Property investors should now take a long term view Nigel Cornick says fundamentals are strong IN an article published in the Bangkok Post on September 21, the chief executive officer of Raimon Land put into perspective the recent political and social unrest in Thailand. “Investors in the kingdom’s real estate sector need to take a long term view and acknowledge the country will continue to face challenges as it has in the past,” said Nigel Cornick. He suggested that the international media tended to exaggerate the domestic situation, but the fact was that strong long term capital gains were credible as the underlying fundamentals remained solid. “Thailand’s cycle of political and economic upheaval is moot for regional investors from Singapore and Hong Kong who have seen these issues come and go over the years whilst their investments continue to strengthen.” He added that many investors in Thailand’s condominiums had realised long ago that those with long term vision would see the price per square meter of their investments continue to strengthen. In the luxury condominium market of innercity Bangkok, the average price per square meter in 2007 rose 5.4% on a year on year basis, whilst it jumped another 8% in the first half of 2008,

providing a current average of 95,429 baht for top end apartments. In the calendar year 2007, 33% of sales were for units priced at more than 100,000 baht per square meter, again suggesting that buyers will pay a premium for the most desirable projects regardless of the political or social situation. Performance at projects launched in 2007 was especially high, with 63% being sold by December and several high priced developments selling out. Demand in Thailand’s four major beach resorts – Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket – shows a similar picture. There, after a slowdown in launches during 2006, the second half of 2007 saw the introduction of 1,503 units, almost 40% more than in any previous six months period. Pattaya condominium units reached the highest average per square meter price, climbing 10% year on year to 96,332 baht per square meter, whilst Hua Hin’s 2007 annual average jumped 14.6% to 72,063 baht. In the first half of 2008, Pattaya has been achieving 108,776 baht per square meter for the top end apartments, whilst Hua Hin has not been far behind at 92,314 baht, providing further evidence

Raimon Land’s CEO Mr Nigel Cornick of a robust market despite only a limited effect on the recent troubles. High end Thailand’s resort areas as condominium units in the four the buyers’ nationalities are principal resort areas have wide enough not to depend been priced above 100,000 on a single group. The effect of baht and account for nearly politics on Phuket and Samui a quarter of all sales. The 10 remains limited, although most exclusive developments stability is critical in driving sold for an average of 123,715 local demand outside the baht per square meter. metropolis. The overall outlook All these indicators point for Pattaya remains positive as to a positive outlook for long it is driven by the strength of term real estate investments the eastern seaboard as a whole. in Thailand. “They also show Hua Hin is also bright as local that those with negative demand is strong enough to short term views may not absorb rising supply. be cut out for Thailand’s Although there are luxury property market,” Mr doomsayers around, concludes Cornick advises. Selling prices Mr Cornick, the country’s real in the capital’s high end estate sector remains buoyant condominiums will continue in principle as proven by its to rise along with the demand robust performance from the for higher specifications now 2006 coup to today’s social being offered by developers unrest in the government as observed in the price quarter of Bangkok. Thus the records being set. The supply future for investors who are and demand situation in upscale prepared to take a long term developments is still quite view is a promising one. All balanced and there’s little risk the evidence there is strongly of oversupply in the luxury suggests a good capital return market in future. for investments in top end and As regards stumbling luxury high rise both in global economies, Mr Cornick Bangkok and in the principal believes they ought have resort beach areas.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Have you tried Grappa Restaurant and Wine Bar? Great Italian food, wine buffets & good prices THE Grappa Restaurant, based in the Woodlands Suites on soi 22 Naklua Road, has been open only four months, but is already making a big impact amongst the lovers of Italian food in the resort. With a seating capacity of 60, it’s an ideal place to dine with friends, family or business associates. It’s especially good

with its snug and friendly atmosphere for small functions and corporate parties. Open from morning until midnight, Grappa is there for breakfasts (some great delicacies can be found here) and a la carte dining for lunch, dinner or just snacks. There’s an attractive open air area near the swimming pool, or

Dr Paolo Battaglino (right), consular trustee of Italy with his lovely wife

Veal Tenderloin with Marsala sauce, Porcini Risotto & Sauteed vegetables

by the entrance area or in the air conditioned room if that’s preferred. If you believe that ambiance is an integral part of a dining experience, then Grappa certainly should be on your list of regular choices. Added to this is that prices are reasonable: pizzas start at 240 baht for instance.

Woodlands Resort Asst. MD Khun Arisa Pantusak (left) & GM Stephane Bringer (right) with Allan Riddell

Caponata cold vegetable salad with capers and green olives

A great choice of mainly Italian and French wines are available from the cellar as well as a wide range of cocktail drinks and non alcoholic choices. The house wine is really good and tasty. All foods are prepared by chef Yannis Amarantinis who used to work at the French Oriental Express, so he knows a thing or two about gourmet cooking. You may want to try his home made noodles and special risotto. Give them a call on 038 052 299. Pattaya Today visited Grappa at the end of last month and the food is certainly special. The starters and snacks include the best bruschetta margarita we have experienced (150 baht) and there’s also a delightful rocket salad with shaved Parmesan cheese and almond flakes (210 baht). For mains, the vegetarian pizza is crisp and light but plentifully loaded with top quality ingredients. Also recommended are Moussaka and the sauteed mussels in white wine, garlic and shallot broth. To conclude, there’s a mouth watering dessert menu with

Chef Yannis Amarantinis with his crew the best Italian afters and individually. But if you are a variety of flavoursome looking for a dining experience coffees. For the true lover of rather than a quick nosh, quality Italian food, Grappa Grappa is for you. Service is needs to be on your priority friendly and informal without list. Don’t expect a rapid being over zealous or invasive. arrival – each course is prepared Top marks we feel.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Exotiq expands in Koh Chang will establish a main office on the pier at Bang Bao and open three additional ‘satellite’ shops in the other main tourist areas, such as White Sand EXOTIQ Real Estate, Beach. Exotiq Koh Chang South East Asia’s largest resort focused brokerage, owner Marc Roderiguez has announced plans to explained how the open several new offices brokerage firm will focus on Thailand’s third largest on specific market segments by gearing its service to island, Koh Chang. Having opened their key nationalities visiting first office in Klong Proa the island. “We plan to earlier this year, Exotiq have one shop orientated


towards the Russian and Latvian market for example, while another will take care of German and Scandinavian clients” added Roderiguez. Exotiq believes that a large number of visitors to the island are held back investigating the property scene because of language difficulties. “In more developed destinations, such as Phuket and Samui, it is often taken for granted that every visitor can speak English” explained Exotiq’s Sales Director for Thailand Chutima Incahroen. “Our experience in less well known destinations, such as Koh Chang and Koh Lanta, is that speaking English is not so widespread amongst visitors” Roderiguez is well positioned to understand the Koh Chang market. He married into a well connected local family and has spent the past

seven years building up a tourism services company with interests in sailing, diving, catering, as well as real estate broking. “Teaming up with Exotiq this year has allowed us to bring our local knowledge onto a national and international stage and at the same time it gives Koh Chang much needed destination awareness” Exotiq Real Estate is South East Asia’s largest independent resort

focused property consultant with 11 offices in 9 paradise locations. Founded in 2002 Exotiq offers more property choices than other agents. Exotiq is not a property developer and is never involved in equity or exclusive sole agency arrangements with developers. For more information: Angus MacLachlan [M] Thailand: +66 [0] 83 116 2852, [E] amaclachlan@ [W]

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Residential projects now community centred

Changing marketing for a changing world THE community concept is a new trend amongst property projects at a time of high competition and constantly changing customer lifestyles, property experts are saying. A survey conducted by The Nation last month showed that, despite Thailand’s unpredictable political situation, property developers have not reduced their marketing activity. Homebuyers continue to visit property projects located in the central business districts. But many property developers have changed their strategy from developing residential projects to developing combined projects that include residences, community malls and commercial areas. LPN Development managing director Opas Sripayak said property developers have to think about a customer’s lifestyle when they develop residential projects, especially condominiums. Thus property company KE Land, which developed The Crystal, a detached housing project in Bangkok’s Ramindra Road, has also developed a community residential project by combining the residential units with a community mall. “We believe our customers don’t just buy residences but also buy a social lifestyle and environment. We design our projects to serve this lifestyle,”

said the company’s managing director Kaveepan Elamsakuirat. TCC Land, the property arm of tycoon Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, also plans to develop 230 acres of land on Kaset Nawamin Road into an integrated township, combining a community mall, commercial area and residential units. A company spokesman said, “We don’t develop residential projects alone now, but also communities which provide more facilities for our customers.

Pacific Star International (Thailand) has launched its second residential project at Thong Lor 8 which comprises mixed use buildings worth about four billion baht. The company said that the project focuses on an urban lifestyle, offering a residential area and a hangout place for people to relax. Following the new trend of developing residences and community centres together, community malls accounted for 44% of new retail supply in Bangkok in the first half of 2008. Another good example of community related construction is in

Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, where the 240 million US dollar Gold Tower 42, a massive high rise scheduled for completion in 2011, has a golf practice range, a karaoke and a library to complement the residential units for the super rich. Other developments in the pipeline in Phnom Penh include residential units adjacent to a shopping mall, a business park and even a school. On the outskirts of the city a South Korean company plans to build Camko City, a 294 acre site which will include residential, business and public structures said to be scheduled completion in 2018. Pattaya, a city which itself has experienced an amazing building boom over the past few years, can also expect to see more community related building projects in the future. Already many of the top projects, just completed or underway, have lavish lifestyle facilities and retail outlets. A local estate agent said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet. The new generation of residential blocks and estates will contain more and more community features. We are slowly moving to a scenario where the affluent public is going to demand an all inclusive and self-contained environment to live and not just a gated community which was the common model just a few years ago.”

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Ministry clarifies land acquisition issues What might trigger an investigation The authorities nationally have clarified the rules for acquisition of land (Interior Ministry Notification 2006). The regulations ordered land officials to investigate, upon registration of a land acquisition, the source of funds

- A foreigner is a promoter, shareholder, director or authorised person of a Thai entity. - A foreigner holds preferential shares with a majority of the voting rights in a Thai entity.

of a Thai shareholder of a domestic entity if i) a foreigner is involved and ii) the land is being acquired for real estate development. The Interior Ministry’s notification 2008 provides new grounds for land officials to consider. The following circumstances will trigger an investigation:

- The major Thai shareholder is not in the business of investment or any other related occupation. The land officials may request the submission of an employment certificate, bank statement, loan agreement, land sale and purchase agreement (if money was acquired from a

land sale), evidence of an entitlement to an estate or any other acceptable form of evidence. Both notifications empower land officials to investigate the sources of funds of Thai entities acquiring land if the price of the land is higher than the amount of registered capital of the Thai entity and where there is no mortgage on the land created as collateral over the land. If money has been borrowed from a Thai lender, a loan agreement, balance sheet, evidence showing the withdrawal of money, the board resolution of both the borrower and the lender can be requested. If the lender is a foreigner, evidence showing remittance of funds from overseas is needed. Thai shareholders of Thai entities should know that land officials are duty bound to conduct an investigation on land acquisitions if a foreigner is involved in the transaction. To speed up land registration, Thai shareholders and entities should ensure that all necessary documentary evidence, as discussed above, is in order.



BUD Abbott came from a circus family and began his career as a burlesque comic. Lou Costello had been a Hollywood stuntman who, because of his small size, doubled for both Joan Crawford and Dolores Del Rio. Slowly the two of them – Bud the tall, thin and measured one – and Lou – short,fat and impulsive – moved up to vaudeville and stardom. Then, during the 1940s, they made twenty plus hits for Universal, becoming one of the most popular comedy acts ever on screen. Near the end of the decade, it was decided controversially to revitalise the horror movie classics with the comedy duo meeting the monsters. Boris Karloff


refused to appear as the Frankenstein monster, so Glenn Strange was hired for “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” in 1948. As always, Lon Chaney played the wolf man. The film was made on the cheap with traditional makeup artist Jack Pierce being replaced by Bud Westmore. The opening shots were cadged from “Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man”. The results none the less were stupendous. “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” was Universal’s biggest hit in three years. The film, with both scares and laughs, became the favourite movie of Elvis Presley, Jerry Garcia and Quentin Tarantino. In 2001

Abbott and Costello Meet the Monsters

Arguably the bastard kids of Universal Horror the Library of Congress selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry, along with other “culturally significant” films. It was the last Universal feature featuring Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolf Man until “Van Helsing” in 2004. Because of its success, Karloff agreed to appear in a sequel the following year. Rewritten from a Bob Hope script, “Abbott and Costello Meet The Killer Boris Karloff”, the movie was more of a murder mystery than a horror film. But, once again, audiences loved it. Purists said that Abbott and Castello were bastardising the traditional horror flick, but in reality the comedy duo themselves were more of a laboratory mix of the old and the new – all to make a profit for Universal of course. Next was “Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible

Man” in 1951. With Three Stooges director Charles Lamont now calling the shots, it was a virtual remake of “The Invisible Man Returns” and cribbed long portions of the script too. Then they shot “Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” in 1953. Basil Rathbone was supposed to play the villain but Karloff did it instead, wearing monster makeup for the first time since “Son of Frankenstein”. The film, a real giggle-getter according to the Los Angeles Times, received respect for its chilling ending in which police, coming to the rescue, all turn into Mr Hyde. (An early treatment had Costello turning into Abbott). But the series was coming to an end. “Abbott and Costello Meet The Mummy” in 1955 was the last and their finale too for Universal. The comedy duo made one

The Book Review Really getting to the bottom of marriage

A history of confusion and contradiction by Barry Kenyon MARRIAGE has been with us for a very long time, maybe since the creation of the world if you believe the Adam and Eve tale. As

Susan Squire stresses in her humorously inspired “I Don’t: A Contrarian History of Marriage” (Bloomsbury, $25.99), there has never been any consensus what the arrangement is about.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Certainly, romantic love wasn’t the point in ancient and medieval times. In the Bible, Jezebel was torn to dogs because she wore her husband’s pants and nobody rushed to her defence. In Genesis we read the awesome advice to wives, “Your husband ... shall rule over you” which is certainly a clue that marriage can sometimes be a male conspiracy to keep women in chains one way and another. The ancient Israelites practised polygamy – having several at the man’s beck and call kept them in check it was felt. To the Romans, marriage again had nothing much to

do with affection – it was more to do with property inheritance and chattels. The late Roman empire even toyed with a trial marriage, the “usus”, which required no ceremony or paperwork and which some commentators have said was one of the causes of the decline and fall. The argument went that if people are not bound together in a church, they are going to become very immoral. In the middle ages, Christianity ruled triumphant in Europe. The general idea of the Church then was to put people on a sexual starvation diet. The clergy tolerated it as a necessary

appearance with one more monster, the Gill Man of Black Lagoon fame, in an episode of TV’s Colgate Comedy Hour. The team soon broke up. Costello went on to make a film by himself and to do serious roles on General Electric Theatre and Wagon Train. It was the sort of work he wanted to pursue, but fate intervened and he died at age 53 in 1959. Long retired, Abbott died at 74 in

1978. Today the Abbott and Costello films have a special appeal to the kids and serve as a benign introduction to the darker pleasures of the Universal monster films. Here’s a fitting tribute to end: “You don’t understand. Every night when the moon is full, I turn into a wolf,” says Larry Talbot as portrayed by Chaney Junior. And Wilbur, played by Lou Costello, replies, “You and twenty million other guys!”

evil to contain sin and lust to manageable proportions. In other words, you got married if you couldn’t be celibate. That said, the medieval clergy was not exactly unknown to indulge in sex and several popes fathered children. One may even have been a woman. Medieval Europe was not the place to be if you wanted sex. A husband could be flogged for seeing his wife naked on a Friday and homosexual relations could result in being murdered in slowly boiled water. The idea that married couples should actually fancy each other is quite a recent concept. Martin Luther helped a lot, according to author Squire. Luther was a monk but he married a runaway nun Katherine von Bura and bore him six children as well as incorporating four foster kids. Thus Martin Luther, as part of his campaign against corrupt Roman Catholicism, ushered in the idea of exalting companionship, procreation and fidelity. (The book exaggerates the contribution of Luther but let that pass). None the less, by the 16th century the old idea that marriage was a necessary repository for

the filth of human desire ended. At last you could marry for love.

And so to the 21st century. There’s no real shortage of candidates for marriage throughout the world. The partners start off optimistically enough, but the statistics are that almost 50% of unions collapse in ruination or divorce. As Oscar Wilde put it, “The only charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception necessary for both parties.” Speaking of Oscar Wilde, it all makes you wonder why some gays these days are so anxious to get married or have civil unions legitimised by the state. Perhaps it is to do with equal opportunities to obtain a divorce.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Look beyond the ‘cons’ of condo living by Khun Dee YOU want to own a piece of paradise but you don’t want the responsibilities that come with buying a house— maintenance, repairs, upgrades, yard work, etc. Your option: purchase a condominium. So let’s say you focus on what you want and need, conduct an extensive search, and finally settle on a moderate-size unit in a high-rise with stunning sea views. After negotiations, paperwork, fund transfers, etc., you move into your new home and that first night you breathe an audible sigh of relief. Then you hear another sound. A much louder sound of voices speaking Thai. And you realize the noise is coming from a TV set in your neighbor’s condo. So you knock and introduce yourself to your elderly neighbor only to learn that her hearing is failing, which explains the decibel level of her TV. And even if she could hear you, she wouldn’t understand your pleas because she speaks no English. Now, she must get back to her Thai soap, then she’ll watch a late-night movie which you can listen to through your bedroom wall. Welcome to condominium living. No doubt you’ve encountered similar

problems as an apartment dwellter. The major difference, of course, is that as a renter you had the option of relocating; as a homeowner you are stuck. But don’t despair just yet. The pros of condo living can far outweigh the cons if the building is secure, well maintained, and provides the right mix of residents. Such a positive conclusion is born out by the growing legions of home owners—Thai and farang alike—who have been won over by the advantages of condo ownership in this international resort city. Not to mention Phuket, Sri Racha, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and, of course, Bangkok, where developers are building luxury condominium properties with asking prices of as much as 70 million baht and higher. Pattaya prices haven’t yet reached such heights, but developers of opulent dwellings in choice locations are asking tens of millions of baht and buyers are paying it. In fact, many of these units are selling well before construction has been completed or, in some cases, before it has even begun. Contrary to the thin-wall scenario depicted above, there are in fact many pros to condominium ownership. If you have considerate

neighbors, a condominium can provide an excellent first home for someone relocating to Thailand or an excellent starter home for a young Thai buyer. A condo might also be a good way for an empty-nester couple to scale down, or for a newly-single person to make the lifestyle transition. Notwithstanding the heavy price tags of luxury units referenced earlier, condominiums can be more affordable than single-family homes—both in terms of the initial purchase price and in terms of monthly or annual maintenance expenses. Homeowner association fees are quite reasonable in Pattaya and in most other regions of Thailand. Those fees go toward maintaining the grounds and equipment that you own in common with other tenants. That might include the parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, elevators, common hallways, swimming pool, tennis courts and gymnasium, and so forth. As you no doubt know, when you purchase a condo, you’re actually purchasing the rights to the space inside your walls and partial ownership of those other areas. Ultimately, deciding if a condo is right for you must be based on your individual preferences and tolerance levels. How does communal living

conform to your lifestyle? What do you find appealing about living in a condo? What is unappealing? As mentioned earlier, condominiums require their residents to assume far less responsibility for maintenance than single-family homes. Chores such as mowing the lawn, watering outdoor plants, maintaining the landscaping, cleaning the yard and pool of debris, painting the trim on buildings, and unclogging the rain gutters all fall within the realm of responsibilities undertaken by the company that manages the property. Yes, you pay for those services through your association fees, but the cost is shared by other owners and you don’t have to worry about—or take time to arrange for— such matters. All repair work and maintenance that is covered by your monthly fee should be spelled out in writing. Make certain you get a copy in English of all condo paperwork, by laws, etc. Do not assume that all work is covered; different homeowner associations cover different aspects of maintenance. Furthermore, many management companies will skimp on services and cut corners on maintenance costs. Before committing to purchasing a unit in any complex,

The IT Guru by Richard Bunch Q. We are a small company, having three staff in the office and an increasing number of consultants who for the most part work outside the office. Up until recently our present system of using Outlook for appointments and e-mail has worked relatively well for the individual, but over the past couple of weeks we have had a new member of staff start who was not fully aware of the process required and as a result we have missed appointments. I need a cost effective way to eliminate the manual process, I know an Exchange Server would work for me, but from my recollections of this in my old company in the States, this would be too complex for us to administer and I suspect way over budget. Can you make any suggestions please? Tommy This actually is a fairly common problem which until fairly recently was a difficult one to ‘crack’ outside the Exchange scenario, thankfully there is a solution that will provide the solution you require and it’s free! I am going to suggest that you use Google Apps http:// in the Standard

Edition, this is readily available and totally free; there is a Premier Edition available too with some additional features but this costs 50 USD per year, still not unreasonable. The features and benefits you will get include, e-mail, calendar, chat, documents and more. Google Mail is quite robust now and has a number of useful features that can enhance or replace your existing mail. If you have your own domain i.e. with e-mail addresses against it like then this naming convention can be retained, you won’t end up with something non-descript like In order to do this though it requires modification of the MX record; this is done at your domain host’s website and managing the DNS settings. Be careful only to modify the MX records or you’ll make your website inaccessible. Although Google provides step-by-step instructions for this if you think this is something you don’t feel confident to tackle yourself, your hosting company may do this for you. Also some web hosting services provide Google Apps as part of the hosting package so here they definitely will do the setup for you. Bear in mind as

with any DNS change it is not immediate and typically takes 24 – 48 hours to become effective. Once the changes have taken place, you will be able to set up the e-mail accounts that you require, calendars etc. are based on the e-mail account name and will automatically populate. There are some choices that you need to make within the configuration of the e-mail when logged in at your browser. As you are already an Outlook user, it is probably easier for your staff to keep using this. In order to do this you need to go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP options. If you choose POP3 then you need to Enable this and choose the appropriate Options for leaving a copy on the Server etc. I would suggest deleting this otherwise the mailbox will fill and need to be manually emptied from the browser. Also there is a quirk of Gmail, you cannot disable the Spam filter and spam is not downloaded when accessing through the Outlook client. The workaround for this is to set up a Filter > Doesn’t Have: put a long random string like aacx7qprhlibl98 wd0wohugj018cub49twrgjy4kx3 bf8yrqe6 and Select the Action > Never Send to Spam, that way you will not need to worry about Google’s Spam inadvertently junking a mail. However, I strongly recommend that you elect the IMAP option instead of POP3. This has significant benefits, essentially it sets up a permanent two-way communication between

the server and client, the nature of this means that mail can be accessed on multiple clients and platforms like, Outlook, PDA’s and other mobile devices, with changes being replicated. The setup and choices available depend on the client/s being used and your own requirements as an individual or company. Another useful option is that the administrator can elect to share Contacts within other users of the Domain. Now the Calendar, this is where your appointments are kept within the Calendar structure, other users within your Domain will also have their own Calendars and these can be shared between the users with different permissions granted on a user by user basis, these include View and View and Modify which are the most likely choices. Google has an application called Google Calendar Sync which synchronises the Google Calendar with Outlook, there are also third party applications available for example OggSync which has the benefit of synchronising multiple calendars. Once again though the Calendar is available within Outlook and also on web enabled devices like PDA’s, with changes replicating through to Outlook. Another useful feature that you will get is Google Documents, this is an area that you can store Documents and make them available anywhere where there is web access, you can also elect to share some documents

walk around the property to ensure that the grounds are maintained and all is in order. Talk to residents and get their views and insight. If you have always wanted to have a swimming pool but could not afford one, or if you like the idea of having a nearby tennis court or fitness center, many condominium properties in Pattaya offer these recreational amenities and more. Virtually all provide 24-hour security. Some condo complexes, usually those in less congested areas, also offer small parks, playgrounds, manmade lakes and easy access

to nearby golf courses, country clubs, lakes, beaches or other recreational opportunities. Many of these more rural condominium complexes are adjacent to prime land on which single-family homes are being sold—or will be sold—for high prices. That bodes well for the future value of your condo. And if you find yourself living next door to someone who is hard-ofhearing, a warm smile and a bit of diplomacy might be effective in getting her to turn down the TV volume. If that doesn’t work, present her with a set of earphones.

with other users. There is a neat little add-on application called Google Gears which once installed allows for off-line editing and automatic synchronisation when there is an Internet connection. You will also be able to use Google Chat, though frankly this is the weakest link in the whole suite; it allows chat by typing and also by voice but only on a PC to PC basis. It does though integrate within the other applications.

If you need any further information, you’re welcome to call into my Office located on Sukhumvit Road (next door to Pattaya Today Newspaper). I am also happy to see you personally, but to avoid a wasted journey it is best to telephone me first on 08 3540 5220 as I am often out at client sites these days. Send your questions and to contact me by e-mail, you can also visit our website


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

AOT Makes Record Profit Airports of Thailand PCL (AOT) reported an eleven-fold rise in quarterly net profit on August 14, due primarily to the Bt2.7 billion compensation it received from duty-free firm King Power, after winning a case over a contract in Suvarnabhumi Airport. AOT said it made a net profit of Bt3.61 billion in the quarter to June 30. However, rising jet fuel prices are likely to reduce aircraft traffic. Raimon Land Offers Special Services For The Lofts Yennakart Property developer, Raimon Land, has signed a contract with Standard Chartered Bank to provide potential investors in Bangkok’s The Lofts Yennakart condominium with a range of complimentary services. These include a free appraisal for all The Lofts Yennakart condominiums for potential buyers and bank handling charges for any loans relating to the purchase of a Lofts condominium. The Lofts has been also chosen as the location for a new reality TV series “Superstar”. Thai Food Exports Expand Industry Minister Mingkwan Sangsuwan intends to increase the value of Thai food exports by two to three times, over the next 5 years, focusing on product quality to meet global demands, and also promoting other Thai food products, like condiments and spices such as fish sauce, garlic, chicken sauce and other seasoning items. According to the National Food Institute, Thailand’s food exports rose 28% to Bt380 billion, up to June, 2008. Brit Predicts Own Death 69-year-old, retired British engineer, Ian Beeston, was found beaten and stabbed to death in his Isarn home after apparently prophesying his own murder. He married a local woman 9 years ago and invested ?350,000 in properties, putting them in his wife’s name, but 4 months ago discovered she had cashed them all in. In a letter left with

lawyers, Mr Beest on predicted: “It is just a matter of time now. I am in real fear for my own life.” Thailand Coach To Be Paid One Million Pounds Annually Newly-appointed Thailand coach, Peter Reid, will be paid one million pounds/Bt63 million a year (“the going rate” for English coaches) to prepare the national team for the Suzuki Asean Cup, revealed the Football Association of Thailand President, Worawi Makudi, on August 15. Reid, ex-Everton star and previously manager of Sunderland, Leeds and Coventry, was appointed by the Football Association of Thailand in July. Reid will sign his contract in September. Fugitive US Paedophile Arrested In Nakhon Ratchasima After Tip Off American paedophile, Howard Earnest Pritt, 48, from Lewisville, wanted on out standing felony warrants for three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency with a child with sexual contact, who escaped to Thailand in 2002, was arrested on August 13 by the Royal Thai Police in Nakhon Ratchasima and repatriated on August 24.US police spokesman, Sgt. Roger Griggs, said the arrest was facilitated by a Crime Stoppers tip off. Thailand to Encourage E85-Compatible Vehicle Makers Thailand is to grant tax breaks to Western manufacturers of imported, E85-compatible (fuel with up to 85% ethanol) vehicles, despite a request from Japanese car manufacturers for a two-year delay until their E80-compatible export models are ready for production, according to an August 17 statement by the Thai PM. Thailand is reducing its dependence on imported fuels by promoting E85 production, using locally produced ethanol from commodities like sugar and tapioca. Worship of Rice Goddess Revived Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture revived the ceremonial worship of Mae Phosop, the Rice Goddess, to commemorate Queen Sirikit’s birthday and boost the morale of Thailand’s 3.7 million rice-farming families at a demonstration farm in

Beach front condo for sale

k o k g n a B Duplex

Ang Thong Province. Although Thailand’s main religion is Buddhism, a strong undercurrent of Hinduism and animism still pervades Thailand’s traditional belief system. The practice lapsed due to education and was last held before a royal audience in 1961. Mekong Floods Cause Chaos in Neighbouring Countries. Record high water levels of 44.8 feet in the Mekong River, on August 16, caused extensive flooding of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Isarn suffered damage to dikes and thousands of acres of farmland. Chiang Rai was also affected, as were 128,000 people in Nakhon Phanom Province. In Nong Khai Province, over 1,000 homes were flooded; two hospitals were hit and patients and medical supplies were moved to higher ground. Killer of Chiang Mai Tourist Goes On Trial A man who shot and killed a Hawaiian tourist in Thailand went on trial on August 18. In March 2008, William Douglas confessed to shooting Gary Poretsky 3 times at a Chiang Mai restaurant. Thai investigators say the two men had apparently just met and virtually immediately began arguing; a confrontation which proved fatal to Poretsky who was a medi-tourist, in Thailand to have discounted dental work. Thailand’s Economic Prospects Look Grim Thailand’s economic growth fell to 5.3% in Q2m 2008, down nearly one full point on the Q1 rate of 6.1%. Economists blamed weak domestic demand, which has overshadowed higher exports of rice and rubber, and some pundits forecast an even sharper deceleration of economic growth. “Investment has suffered, and given that political uncertainty is likely to linger, growth is likely to be depressed for quite some time”, HSBC economist Frederic Neumann opined. Report Predicts Limited Future Growth in Thai Energy Sector Research and Markets August 18 report “Market

For Sale Beach front condo for sale. Fantastic sea view and private beach in North Pattaya, 137 sqm, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, with large balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool,

Penthouse Condo Tel: 089-4990600 224+ sq.mts (Evergreen Tower View) Bang Na Trad Road. 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. Complete new refit and renovation Superb Panoramic views. Very convenient Location. (Airport/City/Expressway)


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008 Competitive Intensity (MCI): Thailand” predicted that from December 2007 to July 2010 ongoing energy market reforms will boost Thailand’s competitive intensity, with Thai power market ranking and gas metrics improving over the forecast period. The gas market is slowly evolving towards a more competitive structure; however, overall, commercial opportunities in the Thai energy sector will remain limited in the medium term. Athoc IWSAlerts Declared a Positive Military Utility The emergency alert notification system, AtHoc IWSAlerts, was declared by its manufacture, AtHoc, Inc., on August 18, to have been a complete success, not only in the recent Cobra Gold 2008 exercise in Thailand, but also in Burmese relief efforts from Cyclone Nargis. Thai participants were trained to publish alerts, create user and distribution lists, and disseminate alerts through the Internet-based alerting interface. IWSAlerts can utilize any networked system. Thailand Could Be Regional Bio-Plastics Hub The Thai Bio-plastic Industry Association declared on August 18 that Thailand’s rich supply of natural resources could enable it become a regional bio-plastics hub, helped by overseas investment. Currently, Thailand’s bio-plastics industry ranks third In the Asia-Pacific region, behind Japan and China. Thailand has plenty of raw materials and is the world’s top exporter of cassava, a component, along with sugarcane, in the manufacture of lactic acid; a key ingredient in bio-plastics production. SE Asia Rejects Gary Glitter Infamous British paedophile, Paul Francis Gadd, aka Gary Glitter was shuttlecocked around SE Asia following his release from a Vietnamese jail, sentenced for abusing 2 preteens. After first landing at Bangkok, and disinclined to return to Britain, he was sent to Hong Kong, which, in turn, refused him. He was duly returned to Bangkok on August 21 and later, showing reluctance, was finally deported to Britain as a ‘persona non grata’. Somjit Decisively Clinches Thailand’s 2nd Gold Thailand’s 2nd gold medal was won by flyweight, Somjit Jongjohor on August 23, decisively beating Cuba’s Andris Laffita, using tactics of experience. The 33-year-old former world champion was fighting in his last Olympics and the

final bout of his career. He dedicated his gold medal to his son, Kampan. Thailand’s 2nd boxing hope, light welterweight, Manus Boonjumnong, came away with a silver in his fight; the first Thai to win medals in consecutive games. Thai Light-Flyweight Boxer Bows Out Ex-prisoner, Chon Buri’s Amnat Ruenroeng, Thailand’s contender for the Olympic light-flyweight boxing championship in Beijing, failed to beat Mongolia’s Serdamba Purevdorj, on August 20, after reaching the quarter-finals. Whilst in prison, Amnat had learnt Queensbury rules boxing to augment his Muay Thai skills and represented the Corrections Department, winning gold at the National Championships in 2007. ‘’I am happy because this was beyond my expectations,’’ Amnat said after the fight. Buffaloes At Risk Of Extinction In Talay Noi Water buffalo farmers at the Talay Noi wildlife sanctuary in Khuan Khanun, Phatthalung, are concerned about their livelihood as the land they use to raise buffaloes is being encroached upon by oil palm and rice farmers, encouraged by high paddy prices. Suthin Kaewgla, one of the buffalo farmers said on August 24, “If the government does nothing to help the remaining buffaloes, they will be at risk of extinction like the Pygmy elephant.” Risks of Employing Maids in Thailand Serial thief, maid Nongnuch Tabthong, 25, was arrested in Bang Khun Non on August 19, charged with dosing the kaeng som soup of her prospective employer, Phetpaya Chotfeung, with weed-killing herbicide and then stealing her five baht gold necklace and bracelet when Ms Phetpaya lost consciousness. Previously, Tabthong had stolen a TV, two mobile phones and Bt152,000’s worth of valuables from two earlier employers, using the same poisonous method. Property Investors returning to Thailand Although Thailand’s coup undoubtedly affected investor confidence in the property market, there are significant indications that buyers are returning, said Sarah Heywood of Principal International, one of the UK’s foremost overseas property investment pundits, on August 23. Apparently, local property agents are making great efforts to entice British buyers in particular, to show that the property market, especially in resorts like Pattaya, is strong and property in Thailand remains a viable investment.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


OUR HOLE IN THE WALL Please note that this Bank is installing new Drive-Through ATM machines enabling customers to withdraw cash wilhout leaving their vehicles. Customers using this new facility are requested to use the procedures outlined below when accessing their acrounts. After months of careful research, MALE and FEMALE procedures have been developed!. Please follow the appropriate steps by your gender. MALE PROCEDURE 1. Drive up to the cash machine. 2. Open car window. 3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN. 4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw. 5. Retrieve card, cash and receipt 6. Close window.. 7. Drive off. FEMALE PROCEDURE 1. Drive up to cash machine. 2. Reverse and back up the required amount to align car window with the machine. 3. Set parking brake, put the window down. 4. Find handbag, remove all contents on to passenger seat to locate card. 5. Tell person on cel phone you will call them back and hang up. 6. Attempt to insert card into machine. 7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its

Obituary of the late Mr. Common Sense

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. inside. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

excessive distance from the car. lnsert card!. Re-insert card the right way. Dig through handbag to find diary with your PIN written on the inside back page. Enter PIN. Press cancel and re-enter correct PIN. Enter amount of cash required. Check makeup in rear view mirror. Retrieve cash and receipt. Emply handbag again to locate wallet and place cash Write debit amount in cheque register and place receipt in back of cheque book. Recheck your makeup. Drive forward 2 feet Reverse back to cash machine. Retrieve card. Re-emply handbag, locate card holder, and place card into the slot provided! Give dirty look to irate male driver waiting behind you. Restart stalled engine and pull off. Redial person on cell phone. Drive for 2 to 3 miles. Release parking brake.

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; why the early bird gets the worm: life isn't always fair; and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further

when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an Elastoplast to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten commandments became contraband; churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust; his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason. He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, I Want it Now, Someone Else is to Blame, and I'm a Victim. Not many attended his funeral because so few realised he was gone. If you still remember him, tell your friends. If not, join the majority and do nothing.'

EXAM Johnny missed his final exam due to the flu, but he'd done so well during the year that the teacher suggests to the principal they give him an oral exam to make up for the test he'd missed. The principal agrees so they called Johnny into the office and explain about the oral test. First the teacher asks, “Johnny what does a cow have four of, that I only have two of?” Johnny replies, “Legs.” So the teacher asks, “Johnny, what do you have in your pants that I don't have in my pants?”

“Pockets,” Johnny replies. Finally the teacher asks, “And Johnny, what is the capital of Italy?” “Rome” is his answer. With that the teacher turns to the principal and asks, “Well, shall we pass him?” “Better not ask me,” the principal says, “I got the first two wrong!”

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008



What and where to invest now? by Simon Philbrook LEADING men’s publication 2Magazine recently interviewed MBMG International Ltd on the subject of how the recent political turmoil here in Thailand, coupled with the rollercoaster ride being experienced by the banks and economies around the world, is causing widespread concern about the security of investments. In Thailand, concerns were prompted by a combination of the political situation and the recent passage of the Institutes of Deposits Protection Act (IDP). In simple terms, this Act places a cap, or limit, on the amount of protection bank deposits in Thailand will receive. Under this Act, the maximum amount that the IDP will guarantee per depositor per financial institution is one million Baht. In the article we reviewed the range of viable alternatives in Thailand, including money market funds, deposit funds, overnight funds and fixed deposit funds in different jurisdictions around the world. However, this also prompted us to review the various investment and deposit markets around the world and below we have summarized the issues facing investors and depositors and indeed everyone right now. Africa - the Dark Continent is coming increasingly under the investment spotlight with the increasing focus on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) funds. However, this appears to be driven more by marketing momentum rather than fundamental economic factors and we would be very wary about all forms of investment in Africa now, although commodities and resources are likely to remain

attractive and this may ensure that Chinese direct investment into Africa continues. Summary - African currencies, property and equities right now look too specialized for most investors. Asia - See below for information regarding specific markets. Investor protection is patchy throughout the region, varying dramatically from country to country, as indeed does the quality of financial institutions. Property in Asia is, in general terms, in much better shape than in the West, although, in many cases we would defer buying opportunities for the short term. Many of the region’s currencies that AREN’T completely US$ linked appear to be in reasonable shape. Summary - We wouldn’t rush in right now in most cases, but, generally we wouldn’t panic either. Australia - The worst is yet to come for the Australian economy, property markets, equity markets and financial institutions. Finance companies are falling like flies after a DDT dusting and we expect the Australian banking system to come under pressure too. The AUD remains extremely vulnerable as a result, especially against a backdrop of falling interest rates. Summary - It’s not too late to exit Aussie assets and it makes sense to move money away from ‘down under’. China - The world’s most populous nation’s inevitable progress to becoming the world’s largest economy has been cemented by the arrival of 3 Chinese banks in the list of the world’s 5 largest banking institutions. We think that the stockmarket has further to fall, that the property market is entering a major correction and that a recession is on the cards. That said, we also think that China isn’t excessively leveraged, has huge foreign currency reserves and a hugely resourceful and resilient population.

Summary - It’s hard to know how clean China’s banks are, so we would avoid keeping money in China and we would be waiting for better opportunities to invest into Chinese equities and property. RMB may not be the best performing currency over the coming 12 months, but, it won’t be the worst either. Europe - The Euro zone is battling against recessionary forces and some European countries are now openly in recession. The economic pain will be at its worse in leveraged countries, such as Ireland or Spain and this is where property and equity corrections will likely be at their most serious. The Euro isn’t without its problems, unlike those of the Sterling or AUD, but, looks expensive and may weaken to some extent. Some European banks may get caught up in the fallout of the sub-prime crisis, but, overall the European banking system is in far better shape than the US or the UK.Summary - It’s too early to buy European equities just yet, property in Ireland and Spain looks set to fall much further and the Euro is now more neutral than positive. Middle East - Strong oil revenues have created a wall of Arab money, as evidenced by the spending power of the region’s sovereign wealth funds. However, we remain very sceptical about the investment and business capabilities of the region. Summary - Arab currencies, property and equities right now look too volatile and insufficiently attractive for most investors on a risk/ reward basis. New Zealand - Plunging property market, collapsing finance companies, banks under pressures, equity markets locked into a downward spiral. There may be good reasons for keeping money in New Zealand, but, all the ones that we can think of are related to

Homes on a Budget! PATTAYA has available some of the finest new homes built anywhere. In today’s shrunken world virtually everything you could ever want in a Thai home is yours for the asking, IF you have the Baht. Unfortunately, cost is always a major deciding factor, especially when making a large purchase. Although many foreigners can plunk down four or five million Baht at the drop of a wallet, there are many others that can’t. If you are one of the less well-off, not having a Swiss bank account doesn’t mean your only choice is to rent a postage stamp sized apartment the rest of your retired life. Affordable housing is available in the Pattaya area. If the housing allowance in your budget wouldn’t last three days on Walking Street, consider one of the existing homes in

one of Pattaya’s older villages. Look around. You’ll be surprised how many decent affordable homes are available for rent or sale in good neighborhoods. Take a pad, paper and your mobile phone, and search the sois off the main thoroughfares. You will discover many homes with signs on them stating whether they are for sale, for rent, or both, along with phone numbers. These villages are throughout both sides of Sukhumvit highway from Banglamung to Jomtien. The older villages between Sukhumvit Highway and the ocean are somewhat higher in price, generally ranging from a million Baht upward, but on the East side of Sukhumvit there are some comparable yet relatively inexpensive homes. Many “For Sale” homes are also for rent, so you can rent first to see if you like the neighborhood as well as

experience the condition of the home before buying. Also, research repossessed homes and business buildings on the Internet. The Bank of Ayudhya has a website at http:// where you can sit at your computer and search through homes or business buildings in all price ranges that have been repossessed. It is quite easy. Go to the web site, look in the upper right hand corner, and click on the link for English. When the English window pops up go to the right side, scroll down, and then click on the “Krungsri Property” link in the menu. You are now at: There you’ll find links for houses, townhouses, condominiums, commercial buildings, land and other. Click on the type of property you desire. You can now further refine your search using price.

the attractive returns from agricultural investment right now. Summary - Get out while you can! Singapore - The economy seems to be slowing and this would hurt the local stock and property markets. However, the Singapore Dollar’s status as the Swiss Franc of the East remains intact, although we’d prefer to hold our SGD offshore, rather than in one of the banks in the Lion City. Summary - The currency may well be a beacon right now Thailand - Will the currency, the economy, the property market and the local bourse improve if the political situation is resolved? Maybe, but when will the political situation resolve? Fundamentals remain attractive and, therefore, there is high potential within the market. Summary - Could go any way! United Kingdom - The property market is in the throes of a major crash. The equity market is in a tailspin, the Pound remains very vulnerable, the economy is on the verge of recession; things are looking desperate. Banks, especially the smaller ones, are at significant risk of failure. The country’s largest mortgage lender HBOS has been rescued by Lloyds-TSB, but, other institutions like Bradford & Bingley remain extremely vulnerable. Summary - Sell property and equities now! Take exposure to other currencies and prefer offshore deposit funds to smaller onshore banks. USA - What did we say about the UK? - The property market is in the throes of a major crash. The equity market is in a tailspin, the Dollar remains very vulnerable, the economy is on the verge of recession; things are looking desperate. All banks and financial institutions are at extremely significant risk of failure. Money held within portfolios at investment banks is generally safe as the banks only act as custodians, although the

size of US institutions may mean that the process of transferring investors’ securities even from Lehman Brothers, which certainly wasn’t the largest institution, may take some time. We believe that it’s more secure and more re-assuring to hold assets outside the US right now. Summary - Sell property and equities now! Take exposure to other currencies and prefer offshore deposit funds to smaller onshore banks. Harvard & Yale - the endowments of these institutions have operated the most successful investment strategies of the last 2 decades. They continue to go from strength to strength. The main focus of these strategies is to reduce risk and to achieve greater consistency of investment returns resulting in higher returns over the business cycle. MBMG’s client portfolios, managed by MitonOptimal, aim to replicate this philosophy and approach and continue to generate good returns for our clients in a range of currencies. Summary - Our clients have made money, are making money and will continue to make money, whatever the markets throw at us. Offshore - Regulated respectable offshore centres will profit from the added security that they provide. Those with less stringent protections may experience chickens coming home to roost. We have long preferred keeping money in deposit or investment funds in Guernsey, a self-governing UK dependency since 1204, whose financial regulation and law enforcement standards were strongly commended by the International Monetary Fund, which found a strong level of compliance, with the highest international standards. The Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) requires that at least 90 percent of assets be held by a third party custodian to provide capital protection in the

event of a failure in the investment provider. This means that, if you choose to place your money in a Guernsey-domiciled investment provider, at least 90 percent of your money is protected even if your investment company folds completely. Summary - A regulated deposit fund in Guernsey can be very different to putting your money into, for instance, a bank in Thailand. If a Thai bank fails, then you will become just one more name on a long list of creditors. At MBMG International Ltd, we prefer to use investments vehicles like the Guernsey custodial structures described above and to use MitonOptimal’s invetsment expertise to diversify risk and achieve consistent returns. MBMG’s client portfolios, managed by MitonOptimal, aim to generate good returns for our clients in a range of currencies. Summary - Our client’s portfolios are safe and have made money, are making money and will continue to make money, whatever the markets throw at us. And finally, Zimbabwe - Recently introduced the $ 1 million banknote. Sadly, it’s worth just 80 Cents! Maybe, Zimbabwe exists to prove that things actually can be even worse than in the UK and USA!! For those wanting more information on this or other financial topics then please contact Simon on simon@ The above data and research was compiled from sources believed to be reliable, however, neither Hamptons International Mortgages (Thailand) Ltd nor its officers can accept any liability for an errors or omissions in the above article nor bear responsibility for any losses achieved as a result of any actions taken or not taken as a consequence of reading the above article

Prices range from 1 – 1,000,000 Baht, 1 – 5,000,000 Baht, 5 – 10,000,000 Baht and over 10,000,000 Baht. In addition, there are NEW housing and condo project ads listed down the page with links to full descriptions. You can even do a “Quick Search” and choose type, province or price. Each selection displays a photo of the property plus a map. Download them, print them out and then take them with you when you go out to inspect the properties. Remember, you’ll get what you pay for. I saw some good properties, but I also saw some properties that had been neglected and needed repairs. They were still worth the asking price, but in several cases they were located in a block of townhouses where ALL of the homes were in a rough, vacant, distressed condition. Some had squatters living in them. It made no sense to purchase one house in the middle of a block of bad ones regardless of how reasonable the price was. However, if you and

several friends pool together and buy up all the units in a townhouse block building, it could be one heck of a deal. You could then fix them up, live in them or sell them. Also check-out the neigh-boring towns north and south of Pattaya. To the north, Sri Racha, Chonburi and even the island of Koh Si Chang offer affordable new and existing homes. You will only be 30 minutes to one hour away from Pattaya, so visiting Pattaya’s abundant entertainment venues requires little time and effort. Also, keep in mind that Sri Racha and Chonburi are even closer to the new airport. Property values will certainly appreciate there equal to, if not more, than in fun town. If you like island living, Koh Si Chang in the bay at Sri Racha is an ideal choice. Access is a short 20 minute ferry ride across the bay and it offers many opportunities to either build or purchase an existing home. To the south, the towns of Sattahip

and Rayong offer additional affordable housing possibilities. Like Sri Racha and Chonburi, they are no more than an hour’s drive from Pattaya. Rayong is a good sized town with lots of nice beach areas, but it hasn’t been exploited by tourists yet. You’ll discover beautifully painted fishing boats cruising down the waterways to the sea, nice affordable homes in quiet villages and new highways that will quickly get you to Pattaya or Bangkok. Of ultimate importance, no matter where you find the affordable home of your dream, get competent legal help from a reputable Thai real estate lawyer. You may also wish to get a real estate firm to help you with your purchase. Even if they don’t have the property listed, they can represent you. Get the real estate firm on YOUR side and pay them directly to help you with the purchase. It can be money well spent in the end. Happy House Hunting.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Touch Me TATTOOS seem to be the essential body adornment of seasoned Go Go Bar girls. Spotting the easily read “Touch Me” tattoo, just above the G-String line on a girl’s back, surprised me more than most. I guess it was a two way thing. I was touched! ***** “If mob rule is above the law, who would dare return to Thailand?” reads a banner in Thai at Victory Monument. Not sure if the sign is about Taksin or (the lack of) tourists or foreign investment. Most Thais seem fed up and genuinely embarrassed by both the PAD and the lack of any solution. Worldwide The PAD is now becoming recognized for what it is. The Aljazeera web site succinctly describes it “The anti-government People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) – a pressure group of royalists, businessmen and union activists”. A good explanation. They are an anti democracy pressure group. Heard about the TV chef who got sacked for moonlighting as a PM? A couple of web sites worth perusing. Both quite new, but showing signs of developing well: p u b l i c p r o f i l e r. o rg / worldnames is a site that data-bases or compiles a world profile of surnames. Locally, in a very different vein, is a very personal account of his daily life in Pattaya. Wade through the site and find some superb photos taken over the last 18 years in Pattaya. He has a very educated section on fish too! ***** I do find it exceedingly odd listening to how ‘back home is now full of immigrants’. The paradox of this racist

anti-immigration from someone living in a foreign country is lost on them. Is Pattaya the perfect consumer society? Where there is no need to compete with the neighbours. Where the desire to purchase is fueled only by the actual desire itself and convenience. Where dreams are literally bought, sold and destroyed every day. For some consumers, it is a long lost chance to feel young again and carefree. Some are confused by the oldest aphrodisiac – flattery – and have left their brain at the airport. Flattery mixed with a lack of humility can be a very sour dish and court disaster. The Naked Ape Syndrome known the world over of women wanting to improve their situation and a man wanting a younger companion. However temporary. This next story, however, takes the biscuit for lost brains or worthy of an award for the mantle piece (if he had one). Stories of farang putting their new house into their loving girlfriends name are common. Not so common the story of the guy who had no girlfriend so he used the wife of a new farang friend. He returned to Pattaya 3 months later to find someone else living in his (now ex) 12m baht house. He also found a displeased friend who had recently lost his now financially independent wife. To misquote Caesar “I came, I saw, I lost”. ***** I am the Jomtien HotMale and you may contact me at jomtien The sickening sight of US Navy personal from USS Abraham Lincoln screaming at Thais, whilst

assuming they did not speak English, will not leave me in a while. “You got a career? You got a f**king career? I have a career in the Navy. You c**t. You want me smash your f***ing face in?” Regardless of being understood, the body language was enough. Even worse, more threa-tening abuse was reserved for farang non native English speakers in bars. How differently this all compared with the Marines in the extended Cobra Gold in May and June. ;Now I understand why the English Navy was banned in large numbers from Pattaya. Rumours of the similar USS Reagan visiting Pattaya soon are just that. Rumours. The ship has already past Thailand and been to KL. ***** ‘Old Recipe Camembert’ from Villa Market on French bread was easily one of the best bits of cheese I have eaten in Thailand. And continuing on a food theme, the Sunday Carvery lunch at the Sportsman on Soi 13 was superb. Probably an English thing to have a roast lunch but it was excellent. Less sobering, Scotch Whisky accounts for 25% of all UK food and drink exports!! How expectations change. The frustration of waiting 45 seconds to get served in a Go Go bar here sounds ridiculous on paper but it seemed like an age at the time Thankfully long gone are the days of walking into an empty British village pub, on a winters evening, that had a bell on the bar with a sign that read “Ring bell for service. Wait 5 minutes. If no service ring again. If no service after a further 5 minutes – please leave”!

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008



Can I save tax by going offshore and get more from my income abroad? by Craig Taunton YOU CAN read all you like about the legalities and complexities, benefits and risks of ‘going offshore’ but I’m 99% certain that what you really want to read is the definitive answer to your most pressing question which is ‘can I save tax by going offshore?’ As an expatriate (and for the purpose of today I am going to use the UK as my point of reference) with a tax-free or lower tax obligation income you have a huge opportunity to use the additional cash to establish a substantial investment and savings portfolio before you return to UK or retire elsewhere. However if you don’t get your taxes in order you could well be risking losing a significant proportion of that wealth. Selecting the savings accounts and investment vehicles that offer the highest rates is only part of the wealth building strategy that you need to follow as an expatriate. The number

one priority that should be dealt with preferably even before you leave for sunnier climbs …. Your tax situation! Here we cover what should be some of your main action points to protect yourself from paying taxes that you don’t need to pay and to ensure that you really do use your time working overseas to your maximum advantage. Remember that HM Revenue & Customs will determine you tax status and resultant liability on an individual basis so you need to make the appropriate preparation to ensure your liability is minimal. The fact of the matter is it is possible for some people to save tax by going offshore – why else do you think all your politicians, pop stars and celebrities have offshore structures in place to protect their assets? Sure, they are protecting their assets from litigation maybe but they are definitely looking after their financial nest eggs to ensure they never overpay their tax bill. That sounds obvious doesn’t it – but

many, many people do actually over pay their taxes annually. First things first, going offshore is 100% legal for the vast majority of people as long as they live in a free society. What confuses people is their obligation to report their offshore activities. So, while it is probably 100% legal for you to go offshore, what is not legal is going offshore for criminal purposes or going offshore and failing to report your activities where there exists a legal reporting requirement. If you are in any doubt whatsoever assume that a legal reporting requirement does exist! Now, back to the question at hand – can you save tax by going offshore? Possibly, because whilst tax evasion is illegal, you are still living within the letter of the law if you go offshore for tax reduction, tax deferral or even legitimate tax avoidance reasons. Firstly if you come from the UK for example you need to ensure that you are outside of the UK for one full tax

year, not just 12 months as some people think, it must include being away from 6th April to 5th April the following year. If you are planning to leave UK soon make sure to complete form P85 to help you qualify for non-resident tax status. If you are in employment abroad you will most likely qualify for non-resident status from day one at you new job overseas and this means you will cease to be liable for UK income tax on both savings and income arising from employment outside of UK. You will also not be liable to UK capital gains tax on any capital gains made on assets both brought and sold while you are non-resident. As a non-resident, you should make it one of your first priorities to open an offshore savings account within a strictly regulated offshore jurisdiction such as the Isle of Man. Keep current with the European Union Savings Tax Directive, this EU tax directive came into force in July 2005, it requires

each state of the EU to exchange information with other member states about residents who earn interest on savings and investments. There are a range of options for legitimate investment and savings vehicles that will not be affected by these EU tax regulations. While working abroad make sure you stay abroad if during a 4 year period you spend more than 3 months per year back in the UK you could well be deemed UK resident again and liable for all UK resident taxes. The dreaded Domicile and Inheritance tax debate! Domicile is a specialist tax term and it differs from residency, it’s quite simple for any of us to change our country of residence, however changing our domicile is extremely complex and most tax efficient savings solutions won’t require you to take such legal feats. Basically if you grew up in UK, have British parents and have spent a significant amount of your adult life in UK you will almost certainly

be classed as UK domicile no matter where else your residence is. Under the UK’s Self Assessment regime you are now obliged to self-assess your own residence and domicile status. It is important therefore to take accurate advice, so your records will be up to date, offshore investment planners should always provide solutions that provide taxation protection that incorporates both consideration for domicile and country of residence. And finally, leverage your wealth abroad …. If you are going to be saving money while working abroad, your best bet is to set up a full wealth management program, we recommend taking the time to see what’s available over the entire marketplace so that you can make an informed decision when speaking with a professional. Questions to the author can be directed to Craig Taunton of Haswell Pellant on 083 2921793 or email


Tel: 038422131 e-mail:

But she is loaded Q. I am a British citizen and I have been refused a tourist visa for my Thai partner to visit me in the U.K. I presumed we had fulfilled all the criteria with having a reason for return as she owns her own property and has money in the bank. She does not work and I financially support her and this was the reason for refusal. What do you think? A. Presuming too much and being overconfident are the main reasons for a refusal. A clearing officer at the Embassy can have numerous reasons to refuse a visa and in most cases that we see on a daily basis they are correct with the decision. Owing to strict tightening of immigration policies from most major embassies it is imperative to submit an application that is of professional quality and presentation. In your case I agree that your partner has

collateral that would be an when you are applying for a obviously we did not incentive for a return to tourist visa to Portugal the envisage which left my wife Thailand but maybe the copy of your wife’s passport dumbstruck and upset. Is officer is concerned what is and your Thai marriage this normal? A. This is not your partner doing unusual. In my all day whilst you experience interare working, and views are normally also taking away conducted when the bricks and the application submortar, your Thai mitted is not substpartner is solely antial and the financially depenofficer feels that dent on you. My they wish to speak advice is to try to the applicant to again but get professional help "They told me my visa application was ascertain if her knowledge of the with the reover confident and presumed too much." spouse and the application and rest assured there are certificate has to be stamped ongoing relationship is numerous pitfalls when it is and certified by the strong and clear enough to ministry of foreign affairs give an entry clearance. In your first application. in Bangkok before they will my experience we have accept the application. Many assisted numerous Thai Portugal protocol Q. I am in the process of embassies have there own nationals in the preparation obtaining a tourist visa for weird and wonderful for the barrage of questions my Thai wife to go to rules with regards to the given during an interview and being prepared. Portugal with me for a one documentation. Having the foresight and month holiday. We have Questions and questions knowledge of what may be presented the documenQ. I am a very unhappy asked is the key to success, tation to the embassy, but they keep saying we have British national because my but unfortunately most of to take my wife’s documents wife has been refused a the Thai nationals we have to be stamped. Can you settlement visa to come and seen can be timid and have live permanently in the U.K. never under gone any type help? A. I agree it can be a bit During her interview at the of interview. Get it right first complicated but what the embassy she was asked time because you are officer is trying to say is very peculiar questions that married does not entitle you

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

to a visa automatically. Transferred visas Q. I recently obtained a new passport and went to the immigration to transfer my multiple entry non immigrant ‘O’ visa in the old passport to the new one. But they said I could not transfer the multiple entries to the new passport which is irritating as the visa cost me over a hundred pounds in Europe. What is the problem with transferring the visa in any case? A. Your original non immigrant multiple entry visa was issued to your

previous passport number. It lapsed when the passport was cancelled and cannot be duplicated in the new document – this is normal practice all over the world. Our advice would be carry with you the two passports whenever you leave the country until the old visa has become redundant. Most immigration officers at airports and borders would allow you the discretion but there’s no absolute right on your part. It’s never a good idea to obtain a multiple visa when your passport is nearly full or about to expire – that’s the real lesson.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008



Ask Andy Looking for a solution to problems in or around your house? Email questions to: Crazy Dave I’m typing with one hand, Andy, because the fingers of my other hand are glued together with Krazy Glue and I don’t know how to unglue them. While repairing the cracked shell of my mobile phone, the glue leaked onto my fingers, bonding them almost immediately. I hope you read your email often, Andy, because I need help now. Dave Just soak your fingers in acetone, Dave, or in nailpolish remover that contains acetone. That should break down the bond and allow you to gently separate your fingers from one another. Then rinse thoroughly. If you have no acetone, soak your fingers in hot, soapy water for a few minutes. In any case, do not force your fingers apart or you will tear the skin. Krazy Glue, Super Glue and most instant glues create a very strong bond that’s nearly impossible to break by pulling straight up and down. Instead, you have to gently peel or roll the skin, which gradually will diminish the bonds. As an alternative, you might try to carefully slip a spoon handle between your connected digits. After rinsing and drying, you may use a nail file or sandpaper to scrape away residual glue. Wear gloves the next time you work with instant glue. """"" Plumbing 101 I was enjoying a beer at home with my mates recently when my Thai wife called out from the kitchen that the faucet was dripping. My mates shrugged it off as a small problem easily fixed by changing the washer. Of course I agreed. After they left, I confirmed that water was dripping but I couldn’t find my way to the washer. I’ve never changed a washer in my life so I don’t know where to begin. Can you help? Neville No problem, mate. Begin by removing the handle from the faucet. It usually is held on with a screw that is hidden under a decorative cap. Snap the cap up with the tip of a screwdriver, then remove the screw. Detach the valve stem by turning it

counterclockwise. You will find the rubber washer attached to the bottom of the valve stem. Remove the screw holding the washer in place and replace it with a washer that is identical in size and shape. To reassemble, read these instructions in reverse order. """"" Wood Floor We have a rented house with polished wood floors, Andy. Because we have two young children, we laid down a loose linoleumtype covering to protect a high-traffic portion of the floor. When we took up the covering last week, that area of the wood floor had become dull, and parts of it had remnants of adhesive from the linoleum underside. Can you recommend a good way to restore the finish without having to completely redo the entire floor? Thanks for any suggestions. Angelina Before attempting any Herculean efforts which might permanently discolor that section of your floor, Angelina, simply treat the dull area with some wood furniture polish. That may be all you need. """"" Light’s Out The oven pilot light in my gas range keeps going out, Andy. I’m wondering if that might be caused by the aluminum foil I use on the stovetop oven. Do you think there might be any connection? Pannii Assuming your pilot light was not going out before you began using the aluminum foil, Pannii, I would say that you have hit upon the probable cause of your problem. Foil should not be used anywhere in the oven’s baking or broiling compartments. It may be restricting air flow—interfering with proper heating distribution and air circulation. Test your theory by removing all the foil and note what happens. Be sure the foil on the outside top of the appliance does not cover or restrict the oven’s heat exhaustion vents; doing that causes airflow restrictions or blockages. The intent here is to avoid suspecting broken oven

parts until it can be determined if the foil is causing the problem. Replacing parts would not solve any problems if none existed and if the foil caused them. """"" Fly Away We’ve been invaded by fruit flies, Andy. They seem to be everywhere and we don’t know what to do. Do you have any suggestions for how to get rid of them or how to prevent them in the first place? Catharine Fruit flies are attracted to fruits and vegetables, slime in drains, garbage and damp organic materials, where they also lay their eggs. The key to controlling these fruit fly infestations is to locate and eliminate such breeding sources. Use trash receptacles that have tight fitting lids and clean these containers often. Do not allow food wastes to remain in sinks or drains— both of which should be scoured regularly. Ensure proper water drainage throughout your home and reduce moisture to a minimum. Cover, seal or refrigerate all fruits and vegetables. Spray problem areas with insecticides and hang fly paper to trap the pests. Finally, it would be a good idea to screen all doors and windows. """""

Seed Need Some months ago you referred readers to retailers in Pattaya who sell grass seed. Could you please reprint the names of those sources? Thanks. Brian Two Pattaya Today readers submitted helpful information on the topic. First there was input

from Mike Mayne, who noted that three types of grass are available in Thailand—Bermuda, Malaysia and Tropical carpet grass. He said Bermuda grass seed in 1pound containers is available for 500 baht from Kirk Garden, 668/45 Moo 5, Pattaya-Naklua Road (tel. 038424465). One pound probably would

cover 20-30 square meters. We also heard from Daniel Watson who said that American grass seed sells for 485 baht per pound at the garden center on Nern Plubwan just before Wat-Suttawas. The address is 62/142 Moo 6 Soi Nern Plubwan (tel. 081 985 2911). —Handy Andy


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Bangkok Retreat Invitational Bowls Tournament held by Barry Hooper AN invitational bowls event was held recently at “The Retreat Bowls Club” in Nongprue on the ourskirts of Pattaya. It was between an invitational team from Bangkok and the local club and invited players. Thirty two players both Farang and Thai participated over two days in a doubles format. At the start of the proceedings two groups were formed with the top four teams from each proceeding to the playoffs on the Sunday. This was however delayed due to heavy rain on the morning and no one thought that play

would be possible but I must say that the greens drainage system worked very well and with a little assistance of sqeegying and rolling play got underway on the two rinks eventually. But the format was changed to only eight end matches in the main event and six end matches in the plate event which was run for the loosers from the previous day. The Final results was in the “Plate” a win for Tannarit and Pooky six to five over Barry and Sri after an extra end was played due to a tie at five. The main prize of the day went Singha and Ned both local Thai players over the pairing from Bangkok of

Alex (Club Captain) Singha and Ned (winners) and Albert (Club Owner) Thiera and Alicia with a score talk about the if only’s on the day. The presentation followed line of ten to four. After play had finished and thanks was offered to the which was quite late due to the club and organisers for a well delays all were able to enjoy a prepared and great event. May fine array of food and drink and there be more in the future.

Stableford Competition at Pattana by Thomas Cotton Phoenix (Stableford) So off we went to Phoenix to play the Mountain and Lakes Nines. The Mountain was in it’s usual fine condition and players scored well on what is normally the hardest of the three Nines,

but once we started the Lakes Nine it became apparent why it had been closed the previous week, when we found the greens were ‘Bouncy, Bouncy. It happens but I think a few days more would have seen it in better condition. Rick Evans who was playing

First Three with one of Bert’s Finest. Fourth was behind the camera

in my fourball, after a level par first nine, the like me, found the irregular lines on the greens frustrating, and we started to leach shots. Still it is the same for every person but in these circumstances the higher handicappers have more shots to waste, so I expected the higher handicappers to come in. Back at Bert’s as the results were called we had three players on 38 points. Don Carmody won the countback from Colin Cronin in second and Norm Martin in third. In fourth place was Derek Brook with 35 points. Off a Handicap of 35, this is the first tine Don has ever shot his handicap, and we expect great things of him now. T.T.F.N. Near Pin Peter Whitehead Peter King Colin Cronin Long Put Badger Peter Whitehead

Wednesday Quiz League Results for 10th September 2008

Three Sisters Golf by Paul Donahue “THE dawn was beautiful as the first group of Three Sisters players teed off at the Pattaya Country Club, Tuesday, 23 September. Initially the moning dew kept the fairway rolls short and the putting greens a bit tough. It didn’t take long for Father Sun to do his work. The fairways rolled and the greens played fast. A nice breeze turned up around 8 am and high shots were influenced, sometimes to the good and sometimes, not so good. The regulars drifted in to Caddy Shack II for some of Herbie Ishinaga’s great Ham sandwiches and some SML (San Miguel lite). A review of the cards showed Sus Ige with 40 points followed closely by Bill Key with 39. Bill missed some key (no pun

The Bunker by Mick Ramshaw

two of the near pin prizes, John Graham and Glen Cunningham taking the other two.

Mountain Shadow Greenwood A Flight A Flight 1st Paul Smith (hcp 2) 36 1st Alan Sullivan (hcp 12) 67 points nd 2 John Graham (hcp 10) 34 nett 2nd Roger Privett (hcp 15) points 3rd David Day (hcp 15) 32 68 nett 3rd JJ Harney (hcp 11) 69 nett points B Flight B Flight 1st Lee Butler (hcp 20) 63 nett 1st Lee Butler (hcp 20) 36 2nd Jim Wooler (hcp 22) 75 nett points 3rd “Aussie” Ferdie (hcp 23) 2nd Eddie Martin (hcp 18) 30 76 nett points 3rd PJ Redmond (hcp 19) 30 points Playing Stableford at Mountain Shadow proved to be popular as there was a big turn out and the field was split into two flights with the cut at Handicap 16. The scores are never very great at Mountain Shadow Lee Butler - shot a 9 under par at because of the abundance of Greenwood coconut trees and the For some reason Greenwood lightning fast greens, however, today the greens weren’t their have been messing around with usual slick selves and gave the tee box positions which has everyone a reasonable chance been causing a bit of confusion and frustration of late so in the to make putts. Both flight winners racked up Bunker Bar before setting out 36 points to win the A flight it was decided to play a being a bit tighter than the B Stableford comp off the back flight where we had John (blue) tees. However, upon Graham only two points arrival at the first tee it was behind Paul Smith and only two noted that the blue tees were points ahead of third placed “miles” back, about 50 yards in some cases, so the plan newcomer David Day. It took a count back to settle changed again and we began second and third places in the playing a Medal round off the B flight PJ losing out to Eddie white tees (One position in but Lee Butler was well ahead front of the back tees). Now taking the kitty in the that seems simple enough until affectionately termed “Diadora it transpired that the white tees were alongside the yellow tees League”. Aussie Scotty Eaton won on every tee box making the

Sus Ige on the left, Bill Key on the right intended) putts or he could easily have reached 42 or 43 points...or not. Sus and Bill had their photo taken but as Bill Key was leaving, John Christe came drifting in with a 39 also. As it turned out Bill beat John on the count back so no new photo had to be taken. One of our long time players, James Tully, frequently seen in the papers as a “bag dragger”, having recently reached the ripe age of 80 is leaving us to return to his home, Hawaii. We hope to see Tully again in our group some morning in the future.

course a bit too short to some of the golfer’s liking! Never mind, this is Thailand (TIT)! Well, another twist in the tail was the constant drizzle that persisted throughout the day which kind of cancelled out the shortness of the holes because there was hardly any run on the ball. Play got under way and there was some cracking scores on the day with Lee Butler posting the best, his nine under par nett 63 stealing the show to win the B Flight, the nearest to him was Jim Wooler who was 12 shots behind and “Aussie Ferdie” nicked third place on a count back from Alex Kilcoyne one further shot back. Very close in the A Flight with only one shot separating them, Alan Sullivan coming out on top with Roger and JJ coming in second and third respectively. JJ and Alan won one of the near pins along with David Day and Colin Stokes. Crystal Bay 1st “Aussie” Ferdi (hcp 23) nett 67 2nd John Graham (hcp 10) nett 71 3rd Tom Wilson (hcp 10) nett 74 The regular visitors to The Bunker from “Down Under” don’t normally get on the winners podium usually blaming the amber nectar and members of the opposite sex but Ferdi came up trumps today winning with a great score of five under par. Two ten handicappers came next John Graham second and Tom Wilson third. Near pin prizes went to Mashi Kaneta, Bernie Seagrave, Gene Pleuger and John Graham.



Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Golf From The Cafe Kronborg PSC from the Outback Golf Bar and difficult,did the low handicappers have a chance at last? well we shall see. The weather of late has not been kind, and on this day it was overcast and rain was in the air, however it held off for most of the day, with only the odd outbreak to keep the players cool. The scribe started with great hopes, but a mishap when he played the wrong ball on the second hole and had a two shot penalty seemed to put paid to his chances, despite soldiering

Derek Brook through and win. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Derek Brook with a net 73 ahead of a countback on net 76 that saw Kris Helgasson in second and Mike Gerrard in third. In the B Flight, the winner was Kevin

Bjarne presents to Monte Course won again and just to on. Meanwhile many other remind all, that this is to be the players seemed to find the going site for the next Members Open. tough and very good scores Phoenix ( Stroke- Monthly were reported. Back at the Cafe Kronborg Mug) This is a Competition that usually fall to one of the as the scores were declared higher handicaps for one reason it was seen that the penalty or other, but this month with had cost the scribe the Mug, the fairways being so wet and but it was indeed a pleasure with Phoenix playing so long to see a 4 handicapper come

Kevin Dinan Dinan with a net 74 ahead of a countback for second that saw P.S. Basi in second and Daryl Evans in third. So to the winner, and as said it was a pleasure to see a low handicapper come in to win, when Monte Sykes won with a net 72. Well done Monte. T.T.F.N.

by Derek Brook SIAM Plantation ( Stableford) The Siam Plantation Course was the Host for a Stableford Competition in one Flight. The Course is still in stupendous condition and dry considering the amount of rain that has fallen in the last two weeks. Monte Sykes won the event on countbacks over Elias Magnusson in second and Kevin Dinan in third, all with 31 points. Henk De Bock was fourth with 29 points. The

by joey’s column BURAPHA Not everybody wanted to play in the Pattaya Style Ryder Cup, and the Outback Golf Bar must not forget their regular players. Sixteen of them went out in front of the Ryder Cup matches playing from the white tees and A & B.

It was Pottsy’s day to shine and he did in style, with a fantastic 41 points playing one of his best rounds for sometime. That earned him an immediate handicap cut to 17.2, good game mate! Three behind was Mike O’Brien, two more back to Paul Lavender. The rest of the pack were someway behind but Norm Martin did just enough

to pick up fifth place. There were no ‘2’s today, so the pot will be added to the prize money at Burapha next Monday. 16 Players h’cap score 1st Potts, Campbell 19 41 2nd O’Brien, Mike 20 38 3rd Lavender, Paul 15 6 4th Robinson, George 11 31 5th Martin, Norm 26 31

Sunday Softball Beer League ready to be Tapped AFTER an extremely successful tournament versus the US Navy, the Pattaya softball beer league is ready to flow. On Sunday September 28th, the inaugural beer league softball season kicks off with Leo’s Blues Bar (Naklua road and Soi 18) playing against The Golf Club (Soi LK metro, between soi Diana and Soi Buokow), followed by The Classroom 2 (Soi 2 and Second Road) versus the Pattaya Beer Garden Bar (corner of Beach road and start of Walking Street, on beach side). Incredible thanks must go out to our 4 great sponsors, who have ensured that many a good time will be had by all the players. It will no doubt, be a great

Sincerely, Darryl “Diego” Wells Softball boys enjoy bowling on a rained out Sunday. From L to R, top row: Donny, Peter, Diego, Scotty, Al; bottom row: Greg and Paco. See you on the Diamond! season, but we still are looking for a few good men. We still or call me at 0879943531 for have vacant spots in the more details. Softball is a great lineup, and any and all way to spend your Sunday softball players are invited afternoons, so come on out and to join us. Just contact me at play ball.

Pattaya softballers sink the US Navy in 3 games ON a splendid, sunny Sunday morning, with the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers wafting in the breeze, our Pattaya Phanaddicts challenged our US navy visitors to a three game softball tournament. The setting could not have been more ideal. Jimmy and his crew had spent the entire weekend cutting, cropping, and dusting the diamond and field areas. Leo, owner of Leo’s Blues Bar on Naklua road and Soi 18 brought along dogs, burgers, beers, sports drinks, and his entire staff to service (not in that way) the refreshment stand for the tournament. Even mother nature did her part, by clearing away the cloudy skies, and letting the sun do its magic. If you took away the palm trees in the background,

pudgier local boys. They youth, speed, and endurance were huge obstacles that needed to be overcome. The Phanaddicts from Pattaya would have to dig deep if they were to win this 3 game sporting event. So with a worried look in his eye, team captain and pitcher Perry took to the mound, as Jimmy balked out the familiar words, “PLAY BALL”! Game 1 started as a tight defensive affair, with neither team able to get a runner around the bases until the 3rd inning. The Navy team struck first in the bottom of the third with hits from their meat of the order (Brown, Mike and Rickard), scoring Rice to move ahead 10. Pattaya struck back in the 4th with four runs, but the tough Navy team answered back with

scored two more runs. The Navy team could only counter with one run scored by their leadoff man, Pennington. So at the end of the sixth inning it was Pattaya 7 and the US Navy 5. The last inning showed why this Pattaya team, for the most part balding, overweight and grey, is still a force to be reckoned with. Knowing they needed at least a couple of insurance runs, the boys from Pattaya put on a hitting display. Donny, Peter, Greg, Diego (who hit for the cycle), Rhys, Mick, Scotty and Tom all scored in the top of the 7th to give our boys a 15-5 lead. It was truly a wonderful spectacle to watch, as our boys found holes to hit to, with pinpoint accuracy. The US navy to their credit, never gave

hits from Bill, Jack, Scotty, Mike, Josh and Ron, to make the score respectable but the Navy crew were too tough. The end result was, US Navy 10, Pattaya Sports Club Phanaddicts 7. Game 3 was the rubber match, but it had to wait until after lunch. Burgers and dogs were served by Leo’s Blues Bar girls, and a few sports drinks and other beverages were also consumed as the fans and players eagerly awaited the final game. The US Navy were now battling the elements as well as the local team, as the sun was turning them all a darker shade of pink. With the last hot dog consumed, it was time again for umpires Jimmy and Lee to scream, “play ball” and get on with the finals.

All the happy participants, The Staff at Leo’s Blues Bar helping US Navy team, with Leo’s Blues Bar girls plus Leo’s cast of lovely ladies out at the softball tourney and Micky and James (sidekicks) Those Navy boys and girl it could just have been a typical three of their own to level the up, and managed to score two Sunday at the ball park, playing game. The turning point was in the bottom of the inning but came off the starting blocks flying, by hitting back to back softball with friends in the in the 6th inning, with teams tied lost the game 15-7. summer sun in any North 4-4 and both scheduled to have Game 2 saw the Navy team to back doubles and scoring American town. their top of the order up to bat. seek and find vengeance 4 runs in the top of the first. The US navy boys and girl Diego managed to hit a solo against the Pattaya old boys. Pattaya managed to get one (Sam, who was steady at homer that seemed to pump up They scored three in the top back when Diego blooped second base, and hit the ball the local team, and deflate the of the first and led from start a Texas leaguer to right field hard all day), were a tough visitors. Perry, Mike, Rhys and to finish. Pattaya scored 4 that scored our only Texan on match for our slightly older and Rick followed with singles that runs in the last inning through the team, Greg. Great defence

Pattaya Phanaddicts, winners of the Navy challenge cup. Bottom, from L to R: Diego, Greg, Donny, Scotty; Top L to R: Tommy, Peter, Mick, Rhys, Perry, Mike and Rick by the Pattaya team stopped us financially and supporting the Navy from scoring in the us in many other ways as well. next 4 innings, which gave the Our president John CF, and his Pattaya bats time to warm up. crew of organizers, Tommy, The homeys scored 5 runs in Alan (whose presence was the second, and 5 more in the greatly missed by all, get well third, with hot bats from soon buddy!), Perry & Scotty. Donny, Peter, Diego, Jack, Joe Special thanks must also go and Nigel (who have just to Jimmy and his crew of returned to the squad after Rocky and Lee, and John CF, several months of being abroad) as they did an outstanding leading the way. The Navy job of turning our diamond team wouldn’t quit though, into Pattaya’s own field of and they scored one in the dreams. In closing, I just want to add sixth, and two in the seventh to make it close. The final score that our Pattaya softball was, Pattaya Phanaddicts league will be starting soon, 12, the US Navy 7. For game and we are always on the details, see box scores and look out for a few more players. Even if you have little starting lineups below. In the end, the Pattaya experience playing the game, Softball mini tournament was come on out, every Sunday, a huge success. It wouldn’t have at Jimmy’s field of dreams been possible without so much in Jomtiem, for an enjoyable effort by the following people. afternoon at the ball park. I would again like to thank our For more details contact me at sponsors, the Pattaya Sports Club & Leo’s Blues Bar in or call me at 0879943531. Naklua for coming through for Darryl “Diego” Wells

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Golf from the Travellers Rest by Barry Hooper DECISIONS, Decisions. When I am compiling my weekly reports for the TRGG it is very often difficult to find something of real interest to write about besides the actual results. It was not so this week. I have been bombarded with so many interest pieces for the week I am unable to decide which to give priority. So here they are in no particular order. I am happy to report that Matt Gibbons has finally thrown off his mantle of “Mr Second” with a fine win by a clear six shots (40) at Phoenix on Thursday 18th. John Dennis took the second division when he also poured in an even higher score of 42 for the win and highest score of the week and five ahead of second placed Alun Webber. “Wasps” seem to play a large part in the game this week as well. On Tuesday at St Andrews Fergus Brennan played a shot in to a group of trees and went in search of his ball to find that he had disturbed a nest and that the residents were none to happy and proceeded to attack him leaving him with over twenty stings to arms and legs. So Golfers Beware! On Saturday at Eastern Star the winner on the day Rungratree (who by the way is a caddy at Eastern star) was also stung on her ankle by a wasp but all it did was put some buzz into her game for a fine win with forty one and four clear of the field. Billy Fitzgerald “Billy the Whiz” has put out a request that if anybody finds his “Whiz” could they please return it so he can start winning again. And one last piece of unimportant information it seems that three players out on Saturday all have the same birthday. Fergus Brennan, Alun Webber and Jim Ledwidge. How is that for a coincidence? So down to the results. First outing this week was

to St Andrews on Tuesday 16th A great turnout of over thirty players. I repeat the numbers are really on the increase. So sign up early please. Martin Zimmerman was on form and won the second division with a great thirty six and five clear of second placed Peter Morris who took it on count back from Ted Senior both at thirty one. Fourth was Rungratree. Only one two recorded from Ted Senior and the four near pins went to Amphan North (2) I must say that it is great to see her out playing again. We have missed her great smile for too long. Gunner Vangsnes,Tony

However this did not seem to deter Rungratree who caddies at the course when she is not playing. Despite her skirmish with a wasp at the second hole she fired in a fine forty one points to win and was four clear of second Ted Senior at thirty seven. Frank Kelly (who I understand uses Rungratree as his caddie when she is not playing) was third at thirty five. Forth and fifth were decided on count back between Richard Wakeling and Alun Webber at thirty three. Three two’s from Martin Solberg, Frank Kelly and Pat Robinson. Full Results for the week – Tuesday 16th September at St Andrews/Green Valley Division 1 (0-16) George Robinson 36 hc 11 Hugh Byrne 33 hc 13 Richard Wakeling 32 hc 13 c/b Fergus Brennan 32 hc 10 c/b Division 2 (17 up) Saturday’s Winnersichard Wakeling, Martin Zimmerman 36 Ted Senior, Alun Webber, hc 18 Frank Kelly and Rungratree Peter Morris 31 hc 23 c/b Ted Senior 31 hc 17 c/b Cunningham. Rungratree Chotkasens 30 On Thursday the 18th it was again back to one of our regular hc 20 2’s – Ted Senior - Near Pins visits to Phoenix (Mountain and Ocean) and again we had a Amphan North (2) Gunnar very good turnout and two Vangsnes and Tony Cunningham divisions 0-14 and 15 up. Thursday 18th at Phoenix Division one saw Matt Gibbons take a fine win with (Mountain and Ocean) Division One forty points and throw off his Matt Gibbons 40 hc 14 Mr. Second nickname. Richard Ricahrd Wakeling 34 hc 13 c/b Wakeling was second with a Hugh Byrne 34 hc 13 c/b count back thirty four over Fergus Brennan 33 hc 10 Hugh Byrne. Fergus fourth with Divison Two thirty three. In division two John Dennis 42 hc 32 John Dennis with the highest Alun Webber 37 hc 24 c/b score of the week at forty two Dean Rice 37 hc 15 c/b took the honours. Alun Webber Ted Senior 36 hc 18 and Dean Rice had to count 2’s – Martin Solberg. – Near back at thirty seven for their respective places with Ted Pins. Fergus Brennan and Jim Senior forth. Just the one two Ledwidge Saturday 20th September at on the day from Martin Solberg. Near pins for Fergus Brennan Eastern Star Rungratree Chotkasens 42 hc 20 and Jim Ledwidge. Ted Senior 37 hc 18 On Saturday the 20th we Frank Kelly 35 hc 16 went to Eastern Star. The Richard Wakeling 33 hc 13 c/b weather was kind no rain delays Alun Webber 33 hc 23 c/b but the course was found not 2’s Martin Solberg, Frank to be up to its usual form. Kelly and Pat Robinson Unsure why that was?

PSC from Tropical Bert’s by Derek Brook THE EMERALD ( Stableford) The call came on Monday, we are playing Eastern Star and it is in very bad condition, so change to another venue. After some time considering we went to The Emerald. With the rain pouring down for day after day some of the Courses are becoming waterlogged, but others come through the deluge quite well, so off to The Emerald we went. The Course was nearly empty when we got there, and a steady drizzle was in the air, but we went out to play. As we went around, at times the rain

got a little harder, but over all the day was very nice, if a little humid. Amazing that even when it rains it can get humid.

Mashi with one of Bert’s finest We could take carts but the fairways were a bit wet and boggy in places, and we could not take carts on them, but the greens were not too bad and were still quite fast. Of course

you did not want to go into the rough as it was wet and difficult to get out of. Round over we sat in the only outdoor Restaurant, and the food was in fact quite good. Mick in particular really enjoyed his food, and the value is excellent. Back at Bert’s we noted that we still had some good scores. In second was Perry McNeely with 37 points, but the winner was that tough competitor Mashi Kenata with a fine 39 points. T.T.F.N. Near Pins Badger Bill Knight Derek Brook Mashi Kenata Long Put Badger Anders Pederson


The PSC 82nd Monthly Tournament at Laem Chabang by Derek Brook THE times, they are a changing. That is the new situation at PSC as the new Golf Chairman, Perry McNeely, starts to get to grips with this most difficult of all positions in Pattaya. There is no way that a Golf Chairman can satisfy all the people here, but at present Perry is making a valiant effort to do so. One of the new initiatives is to try and select the best venues, and on this day we certainly did, also next Month will be at Siam Plantation but on a Wednesday. By judicious selection, and negotiation, we are able to play at sports day rates, on the days we want to play. One other innovation is that after the play is complete we bring back the golfers to a venue in Pattaya, where usually free food and well priced drinks are available. On this day it was Jamesons and next month it is planned to be Shannigans. Most players

on the day was the ‘2’ of Danny Larson on the 10th, as this is a par 4. The day went pretty well, and as we all know the Course is a bit special so all who played enjoyed their game despite most getting destroyed. Still all good things come to an end and it was not long until we were in the shower and up in the Restaurant, then back to Pattaya, and Jamesons,and why not?. Here I must mention our tremendous Sponsors who on this day really gave us tremendous support. Main Sponsors :- New Orleans Cafe, Shenanigans, Trattoria Italiana, Green Bottle, Moon River, Tequila Reef, Blue Parrot, Khao Kheow Country Club, Sunset Cafe, Burapha Golf and Resort Club, Apex Profound Beauty, The Golf Club, Pattaya Golf Club. Other Sponsors were Dusit Fitness rum and Monkey, Pattaya City Golf. Special thanks however must go to Kim

C&D Flight Winners

usually have a nibble at the Courses, but coming back to Pattaya means they can also have a few cold one’s. So to the day and it has been a bit wet of late, well that is it has been pouring down, and having a Golf Chairman who has contact with ‘Him’ is most useful. Thursday was atrocious, so Perry had a word and ‘Voila’ Friday was great weather. Mind the Course was still saturated and carts were not allowed on the Course, and on the Course the fairways were soaking wet, so lift, clean and place was a must. Especially as we were playing ‘C’ which is at best always a water hazard and ‘B’ which was not as bad. With 136 players the day was always going to be a little slow but after a very slow start on ‘C’ when the first two holes took 1 hour, the last 16 only took 4 hours. Swings and roundabouts. Overall the Course was as is Laem Chabang when it has thrown it down for days. Nuff said. One good feat

Winner with a net 70 was Tony Barrit ahead of Richard Garland in second with a net 71. In third was Bob Rasmusson with a net 72 ahead of Danny Larson in fourth on countback. In fifth was Ken Hale with a net 73. So to the C Flight and here we go into a Stableford Competition. Winner was Steve Ellison with 41 points, the best score of the day. In second was Kris Hodgson with 40 points ahead of Greg Ritchie in third with 34 points and a countback on 33 points saw Duncan Lee in fourth and Gary Strickleton in fifth. In the D Flight the winner was Peter Whitehead with 38 points ahead of Les Shaw in second with 36 points. In third was Al Bisset with 35 points ahead of Ray Leppard in fourth with 34 points and in fifth was Roger Kochler with 33 points. The Ladies winner was Lal Keith with 30 points. Incidentally if I have spelt anyones name incorrectly I

A&B Flight Winners

Fletcher and the staff of Jamesons and The Irish Pub and Restaurant and participation of The MLG Insurance Broker Managing Director Jack Levy. we also thank the members of P.S.C. who gave freely of their time. So golf over it was back to Jamesons and the presentation, but not before all enjoyed the fine food there. The place was packed and it seemed that all 136 players turned up there. A really good turnout and a fine night was had by all, and as a another bit of good luck our M.C. Mike Gerrard decided not to give us a song. Happy Days. The winners were , in the A Flight, a Stroke Competition, first was Jim McGovern with a net 71 ahead of Chris Holmes in second with a net 72 on countback over Kris Koswicki in third and Mike Alidi in fourth. In fifth was Al Kraft with a net 73. Quite a tight group of scores. In the B Flight the scores were similar to the A Flight.

apologise but the Cryptographer was busy and I had to decipher the names myself So to the Technical Prizes, and Long Drive winners were, Monte Sykes, Jeff King, Martin Zimmerman, Loz Shaw and La Keith Near Pins, Baccioli Giorgio, Chris Holmes, Kris Kritsmagarthy, Jim McGovern, Danny Larson Gerry Bowdon Bob Bender, Derek Brook, Kevin Hamilton, Steve Ellison, Darren Sellers, Phil Barnsley, Ed Horrocks, Russel Warner, Herbie Schweiterman, La Keith Long Put William Macey, Bob Bender, David Johnson, Roger Kochler, Mon Thong-kieres. The night went on and nearly all who had not won, came out in the Lucky Draw. All in all a tremendous day, and night, and as Kim said far beyond his expectations. Well done all the organisers. Pl note get your mane down early for next month as we are limited to 120 at Siam Plantation. T.T.F.N.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008



Long Time Coming: After leading the round for most of the way, the Boxing Roo Wednesday night quiz league team finally broke through for a series victory in the final game in mid-September. The team used to play as Fawlty Towers when that noshery and boozer was doing business down in Soi 7 (it’s now the site of the Silver Star II ogling den), and, much as they tried, failed to score a series victory. Now, after just three terms under the Boxing Roo banner they’ve recorded a welldeserved win. On Sunday 5 October the Boxing Roo will, as usual, be one of the places to be for the Australian rugby league grand final. Kick-off is generally about 3:00PM and, as is customary, management will be laying on free nosh at half-time. Uncle Kenny will be pleased to offer any advice regarding financial investments on the outcome of the event. If you happen to be in or around Walking Street, the long-running Roo boozer (next door to the lane leading to the Happy chrome pole palace) will also be showing all the action from ANZ Stadium. Schoolgirls Are Not Quite Us: On Friday night 3 October the FLB lounge lizard libation room (Walking Street) will be holding a party for a member of its web bored with the hostesses coming to work attired in school uniforms. As I’ve noted previously, the Filipino band is well worth a listen if you happen to be down in that part of town after 9:30PM. Plans are also afoot to slap a few licks of paint around FLB in upcoming weeks as the joint gears up for what everyone hopes will be a better-thanexpected high season. No Room for a Paddy Field: With a half-century of chrome pole palaces scattered the length and breadth of Walking Street and its immediate environs,

many operators are being forced to think harder and smarter about how they attract bums on seats. At this stage the year-old Sisterz ogling den is doing quite well with its regular fortnightly promotions, varying between tightlyrun dance contests and other promotions, always on a Thursday night. On 2 October they will hold a Girl’s Gone Wild Party, followed by the postponed Limbo Dance Party on Thursday night 16 October. Just what punters will expect of a Girl’s Gone Wild knees-up is anybody’s guess. I’m not expecting any unusual props such as a heavily-medicated buffalo

think they may well be employing the shortest dancer in Fun Town: she’s no taller than a garden gnome, but quite cute in a doll-like way. When is an ogling den not a chrome pole palace? The answer is simple: when it can’t be viewed from the street and the dancing damsels are attired in more material than an Egyptian mummy. Down on Third Road, opposite the longestablished Buffalo beer boozer, is Ingo’s noshery, a place catering for those usually from Nordic climes. After a period of closure for renovations it re-opened and now lays claim to being a nosh-house during the

DRESSED FOR SUCCESS: The Club Oasis chrome pole palace (Soi Buakhow) continues to rate as one of the best in Fun Town: this damsel shows why. (Photo by DAK)

wallowing in mud, or a faux paddy field populated by dancing damsels dressed as rustic peasants. I think the ‘wild’ part will more than likely be the end result of an over-indulgence in such alcoholic leg-openers like tequila shots as well as close proximity to adult sexual stimulation devices. The dance contest held on 18 September proved a winner with the joint busy throughout the night and keeping up its reputation for generally customer-friendly chrome pole molesters. I

daylight hours and a den of the chrome pole after the sun has set. I have no idea what the food is like but I do know it won’t be setting the town alight with its concept of what constitutes an ogling den. One or two overdressed ladies of dubious virtue do not a chrome pole palace make. Late Night Vibrancy: It’s no real secret the Coyotee’s ogling den (Soi Marina Plaza, off Walking Street) is a genuinely top-class place to visit, anytime after about 10:00PM. Their 1:00AM until late happy hour with most libations at about 60 baht is proving a real drawcard, but the absolute stars are the numbers and quality of the dancing damsels. Management have aimed at creating a more nightclub than ogling den feel to the vibe and it has

succeeded in spades, with the dancers really giving it all. I think shuffling is outlawed. Definitely one of Fun Town’s leading lights. Pass the Leather: Times are tough for pretty much everyone, not least the hard-pressed Thai landlords of Fun Town. So, what’s the usual trick to pull when times get tough: increase the rent on your long-term and good quality tenants by a modest one hundred percent. The long-established fetish wear manufacturer Boutique Sexy recently moved operations to a site on Third Road, opposite the Buffalo beer boozer, after their Thai landlord decided doubling the rent on their tuckedaway shopfront store was the way to make up for losses elsewhere. Perhaps he thought, given the line of goods Boutique Sexy produces -whips, chains, nipple rings, studded codpieces, self-flagellation devices- the owners are not only into masochism and self abuse (aren’t we all?) they would also appreciate a little fiscal raping. Not so. The management of Boutique Sexy declined to renew their lease and moved to Third Road. Here they may well obtain a little walkin trade, possibly from the customers at the Castle fetish den across the road. Led Zeppelin Would be Proud: A raft of new dancing damsels as well as a hard-core group of usually seductively-dressed freelancers on the busier nights of the week is keeping the stairway to Heaven Above chrome pole den (Soi Diamond) as busy as most other good quality places in Pattaya. There must be about 40 or more crowding into the space on most nights and although a few have been on the books at Heaven Above they could qualify for superannuation, there are plenty of new faces. Music is still of the car alarm variety, yet even that is of far better standard than I can ever remember, and suits the style of the den. Improving as the Water Levels Rise: It was one of the worst ogling dens in the city at one point but in recent times Wet N Wild (Center Condo, South Pattaya Road) has improved markedly. At least they now

have a reasonable number of dancing damsels and many are capable of diving into murky water in search of loose change. The pool at the rear of the den is put to similar use to what used to happen in the longdefunct Freeway den, although the shows aren’t choreographed in any way: it’s just a pure dive for the cash. Good training for any damsels who might be thinking of taking up a lucrative contract diving for abalone or pearls in some exotic South Seas location in the future. A Genuinely Good Watering Hole: Picture a Monday night in late September away from the fleshpots of Walking Street. How many dens of the chrome pole, or any other venue for that matter, are going to be doing strong business? Not many, but on a lazy Monday night the Club Oasis ogling establishment (corner of Soi Buakhow and Soi Chaiyapoom) was bursting with vibrancy and a ton of life. The music is great, prices for the average libation are spot on, there are upwards of 30-40 dancing damsels -many quite easy on the eye- and by and large they’re a friendly bunch, ever ready to shake a hand or an inflated todger. Consider this: Club Oasis first opened its doors in December 2006, just 22 months ago, and over this period it has managed to become one of the best dens in town, bar none. As of Wednesday 24 September the management began opening at 3:00PM; how much this will impact on the overall dynamic of the place is hard to say, although I

suspect it’s likely to be more positive than negative. Another, cosmetic, addition to the den is a neon erection out the front that is big enough to do some serious damage to municipal property were it ever to collapse to the pavement. The sign is so big and can be viewed from a long way away let’s hope wandering Bedouins don’t start thinking they can park their camels in the shade while they go foraging for dates. Food for a Night Out: Two places I consider well worth putting on a list of nosheries to visit prior to a night of drinking and debauchery (whatever that is) are the long-running Palmers (Pattayaland Soi 2) and Wi’s (Third Road, opposite the X-Zyte head-bangers auditorium). Palmers is great for English nosh, the fish-andchips at 160 baht, for example, being great value. The munchery does the odd catering job for dens of the chrome pole, their most recent that I am aware of was for a party at Baby Dolls (Soi 15) in mid-September. Excellent steak-and-kidney pies seem to be a staple from Palmers for these events. Wi’s used to be called Cherry’s and continues the quality and healthy servings of that highly-recommended venue, which has now moved to larger premises about 50 metres down the road. Most of Cherry’s customers have moved with it to the new place (which is also still serving great nosh), but Wi’s is still well worth a visit. Piece of (Aging) Pith: Once you’re over 50: There is nothing left to learn the hard way.


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Pattaya Today’ s Brainy Fortnightly Crossword








8 9


by Mr Mick




12 13

(6) (5) (4) (8) (7) (6) (5) (8) (7) (6) (5) (6) (5) (4)












Solution Issue 1 A



Sudoku Puzzle

Find the word which, when placed after the first word & before the second word, will form two more words. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 Example Field....Trap Answer Mouse






8 8


1 5




1 1






6 3


2 8



YOU WOULD imagine that with such a name this puzzle originated in Japan, but it has been around for many years in the UK. However, the Japanese found an example under the title ‘Number Place’ in an American magazine and translated it as something quite different: su meaning number; doku which translates as single or bachelor. It immediately caught an in Japan, where number puzzles are much more prevalent than word puzzles. Crosswords don’t work well in the Japanese language:

The sudoku puzzle reached craze status in Japan in 2004 and the craze spread to the UK through the puzzle pages of national newspapers. The Daily Tetegraph uses the name Sudoku, but you may see it called su doku elsewhere. However, there is no doubt that the word has been adopted into modern parlance, much like’ erossword’. Sudoku is not a mathematical or arithmetical puzzle. It works just as well if the numbers are substituted with letters or some other symbols, but numbers work best.

Better than you think

reply two diamonds in your particular system. Partner now bids two spades and the correct response from you is a raise to three spades. However, partner does not, as you expect, go on to four spades but instead calls four hearts. So what is your best course of action now? Partner’s four hearts is a try for slam. Clearly you have a good fit in spades and partner has

SOMETIMES even a modest collection of cards can turn out rather well. You look at your holding in today’s deal without any great expectation of high success: ♠ 10 7 5 2, ♥ 9 8, ♦ 8 7 6 2, ♣ A K 7. Against silent opposition throughout, you are delighted to hear partner open two clubs, strong and forcing, to which you

Form a word from the Jumbled Letters

ANSWERS ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................

1. CAD LIAR 2. ME A BAIL 3. NOT BARE 4. RING MAT 5. ME EXERT 6. FIL QUAY 7. ST JUICE 8. DICE LAM 9. ED MARCH 10.POT ROER a second strong suit in hearts. He is also suggesting he is short in the minor suits, probably with a singleton or void in clubs or diamonds. This all indicates he has ruffing values too. Your holding is actually very good against this bidding and your double stop in clubs is likely to be extremely helpful to him in the playing of the contract. So bid five clubs, a cue bid, and allow partner to go on to six spades as a final contract. Or even seven spades if he has the ace of diamond or a void in the suit.

Q u i c k

Q u i z z































































































Last week’s solutions 1. Light 2. Wrist 3. Such 4. Night 5. Fool 6. Tall 7. Lamp 8. Under 9. Knock 10.There

Boat Tower Wise Our Reader Hood Age Afore Point Wards

ANSWER House Watch Like Fall Proof Boy Post Pin Out After

Last week’s solutions 1. TRIP CYC 2. ROSY REC 3. CARL WOK 4. PS TRIC S 5. NIC FART 6. I C STALE 7. ILL BEAR 8. SEE MINE 9. J LEDBUM 10.DOCK LEW


General Knowledge

The following are all events in British history. Put them in the correct chronological order beginning with the earliest. 1. Abolition of slavery 2. Battle of Blenheim 3. South Sea Bubble 4. Discovery of Victoria Falls 5. Battle of Waterloo 6. Football Association publishes Laws of Football

7. End of public hangings 8. Authorized version of bible published 9. Sir Robert Walpole becomes prime minister 10. Foundation of British Broadcasting Corporation

Answers: 1. Authorized version of bible published (1611); 2. Battle of Blenheim (1704); 3. South Sea Bubble (1720); 4. Walpole becomes prime minister (1721); 5. Battle of Waterloo (1815); 6. Abolition of slavery (1833); 7. Discovery of Victoria Falls (1855); 8. Football Association publishes (1863); 9. End of public hangings (1868); 10. BBC (1927).


Able ...................... Let ...................... Less ...................... House ...................... Ware ...................... Fast ...................... Able ...................... Back ...................... Lasting ...................... Ate ......................




1. Eye 2. Fly 3. Sun 4. Day 5. Hour 6. Out 7. Knee 8. Over 9. What 10.Par




to 9. Solution on page 51.




The Ozz Bar By Mick and Di The Food Lovers COLIN and Malcolm opened this bijou bar/eatery just over a year ago and it now positively hums with neighbourliness and bonhomie. Regular patrons drop by to catch up with friends, sip a frothy coffee, bite into a tasty turkey baguette and generally enjoy the laidback ambiance and good humour that prevails around these tables. Colin is a gold medalist chef from the south coast of England who spent many years in the industry before relocating here and opening The Ozz Bar in Jomtien. His good nature and geniality have made this one of the nicest places to be in the area. Mostly al fresco seating with an enormous terrace opposite for parties, concerts, bingo and barbeques. It is the perfect party venue and recently ably accommodated over 200 party goers celebrating Colin’s 50th birthday. Popular light bites include their celebrated beef burgers or luscious jacket potatoes smothered in butter, ham, cheese or baked beans (from B.90) make a perfect brunch to fill

a hungry spot. The hot sandwiches or baguettes are mouth watering affairs filled to brimming with hot crisply fried bacon or sizzling sausages served with salad garnish and potato chips. Another most wanted snack is the healthy turkey salad sandwich which gets everyone’s thumbs up, especially as it’s not even Christmas! Lashings of creamy egg mayonnaise and bacon make for a scrumptious sandwich filling while the

Freshly prepared salads are a wholesome option and can be ordered with beef (B.130), cheese, ham

pork pies are a perennial favourite and of course come accompanied by the requisite Branston pickle.

or tuna. Tasty toasties are always a winner and the double portion serving a bargain at B.90.

The menu is available from 10.00 am till midnight and makes for the perfect snacking food while enjoying a tipple in the evening either playing a spirited game of Bingo (Wednesday nights) or taxing the brain in their fun trivial quiz on the last Sunday evening of each month. Every day a different alcoholic promotion is offered for only B.70. For example on Saturdays it’s a glass of house red or white wine, Thursdays a glass of vodka and a mixer, Fridays it’s G and T. Located in the soi which runs behind the shops on Theppraya Road opposite Shenanigans. Take the small soi on the left hand side just before the arch which leads down to Jomtien Beach.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

The Great American Rib Company King of Ribs!

“HOWDY Doodie, Folks!” Mick and I recently moseyed down to that ol’ Great American Rib Company restaurant on Thepprasit Road and indulged in a feast of smoked ribs, barbequed southern style chicken, buffalo wings, rib beef bones and much more.

Pattaya can boast of its own American eatery. The friendly backyard barbeque atmosphere is laidback, casual and happy. Hickory smoke fills the air while knives and forks are abandoned in favour of a hands on eating pleasure. The portions are huge so come hungry and expect to leave full to bursting with the best of barbequed meats, nachos, beans, quesadillas and jalapeno corn bread. When we visited we ate inside the air-conditioned area as the skies were stormy and threatening rain. Here the decor is ranch-style with the walls decorated with

Make no mistake this is the real McCoy - American style chow to get your teeth into. As is often the case, the owner/ concepteer, Wes Carroll, missed his genuine smoked barbequed favourites so much he opened his own restaurant! – and The Great American Rib Company was born. This is the third branch in the quadruplet chain; the first restaurant being in Soi 33, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok and more recently another in Ram-Intra Road. Hua Hin branch followed and now

historic black and white photographs of bygone days when men were cowboys and spent their days riding, roping and branding. Barbequing at the Great American Rib is regarded as a meaty love affair. All their barbeque specialities spend the night covered in a secret spicy dry rub and are then smoked ‘low and slow’ in the loving arms of their three sister smokers, Lucille, Maybelline and Aretha, before being kissed with heat on the charcoal grill

By Mick and Di The Food Lovers

and slathered in a rich and sassy BBQ sauce. The buffalo wings that we tried were indeed deeply flavoursome and extremely sassy! They come in three sizes of 6, 12 and 24 pieces at B.95, B.175 and B.295. We also tried the lone star Texas chilli which we all enjoyed immensely. The beef tenderloin with beans had been amped up with imported Mexican chillis and slow cooked in the spicy sauce and served with tacos. Another appetiser we tried was the el grande taco salad. This is truly a grand affair involving a super-large flour tortilla bowl stuffed with salad, cheddar cheese, fresh salsa and served with either carnitas pork or smoked chicken. We opted for the smoked chicken which provided the perfect partner for the vibrant salad. The BBQ feast for 4/5 people is an awesome sight. The huge platter is loaded with a full rack of ribs, a whole butt kickin’ chicken,

hickory smoked and cooked to perfection. For non-meat eaters there are king tiger prawns from Hua Hin barbequed buffalo style or crispy fried Key West Coconut crusted and served with corn on the cob, rice and curly fries. Creamy American style macaroni cheese is a vegetarian option and comes with smoked tomato and basil (B.195) or asparagus and mushrooms. This is the perfect place to bring the kids and they even have their own menu and play area. Recommended liquid refreshments are the pitchers of Heineken beer and Marquritas. During happy hour (3.00 pm till 6.00 pm) a liter pitcher of beer plus 6 original buffalo wings, homemade potato chips and crispy onion rings is only B.160. An interesting (and reasonable) Californian wine list completes the American experience. Come here for a seriously authentic old West smoked

a heapin’ helpin’ of pork pepper coated pastrami and pork tenderloin accompanied by beans, coleslaw, their famous curly fries, potato salad, corn on the cob and jalapeno cornbread. It costs B.1,195 for the whole feast and B.625 for the half portion. We didn’t indulge in the whole experience but ordered a separate order of a full rack of their celebrated smoked ribs. These are Texas smoked prime rib beef bones slow

barbeque bonanza where every day is a rootin’-tootin’ 4th of July party. Have fun and whoop it up eating the delicious marinated meats that have spent the night in the loving arms of Lucille, Maybelline or Aretha at The Great American Rib restaurant. Located on Theprasit Road, near Soi 11. Open daily from 3.00 pm till 11.00. Prices subject to 10 percent service charge and government tax. Credit cards accepted.


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008



Fax: (038) 374535

Articles for Sale Making your Business our Business “NEW” GO TO OUR WEBSITE WITH THE CODE “NEW” (PRT0102) This Boutique Restaurant extends out over the ocean about 50m, now being offered at 88million, this Restaurant offer’s living quarters out on the pier for over night stays. A large home across the street could also be converted into a Boutique Hotel with Ocean views. To me, it is an honor to be a part of this transaction.

Quick & Easy. We buy/sell used goods. We pay instant CASH. TVs, HiFis, Watches, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Phones, CD Players, Electrical Appliances & more. Home/office clearances. Large item pickup. All goods must be in working condition. Bring your I.D. Visit our 300m2 store 2nd Floor Pattaya Klang. Tel 038 488 240 Fax 038 488 249

(ptm-2007)Electric Bicycles – Economical and environmentally friendly. Ride 40 km between battery recharges. Each recharge costs only 4 baht. Quiet. No pollution. For catalogues & prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 965 6291-3, Visit their website, (ptm-2007)Mobility Scooters - Portable 3 wheels, 4 wheels, latest models. Full service by distributor. For catalogues and prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 965 6291-3, Visit their website, (ptm-0108)An Installed Concrete and Tile Pool adds value to your home, making it easier to sell. Completed/ready to use in 30 days cost under 300,000bt. With no hidden extras. Pool Guy 086 149 4279 (ptfas-0308)19 German Books mostly Karl May. 950 baht. 087 100 5726 (ptfas-0308)Complete Golf Set: Brand new iron clubs, putter, woods and driver. Comes with new bag and travel bag. Great grips and clubheads. Ideal as your second set (kept in Pattaya). For a super deal call 087 125 9329 as soon as possible. (ptfas-0308)Little Used Printer for Computer – model Cannon Pixmer IP 1600. 850 Bahts. Can deliver. Tel. 038 367 206 (ptfas-2307)B.B.Q. Imported Australian Billabong, includes cover, hose, regulator and gas bottle.1 year old. Replacement cost 22,000 Baht. Sell Baht 12,000 081 376 1773 (ptfas-p2407)Cheapest TV’s in Pattaya!!! I have a wide range and certain brands of TV’s that are all brand new and come with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. From LCD’s, Plasma’s to standard TV’s. All of which come in a range of sizes. Not only TV’s but many electrical Items are available for sale i.e. fridge freezers and washing machines. For further information and prices on any items please contact Alan on 084 944 2541.

Pets Must Love Cats! Two lovable, healthy junior kittens need good home. One male, one female. Please call 086 160 5835 Pocket Dog, a very beautiful Chihuahua puppy for sale, female, brown, short hair, very clean, healthy, happy, good toy dog, for 6,500 Baht, Lin 089 152 1533 (pta-mo2407)2 sweet and Lovable Kittens, one male, one female, need good home. Have been dewormed and vaccinated. Please call 086 160 5835

Boat for Sale (ptm-0208)Speed Boat for Sale including book & banana boat 230,000 baht, long 21 feet, 90 HP (excellent engine). Please call 086 841 5976 (ptm-0208)Jet Ski for Sale: 63,000 baht, 650 CC, excellent engine. Please call 086 841 5976 (ptm-r2207)Explore The Beautiful Beaches, Islands, Coral Reefs Near Pattaya or go fishing on your own fast Trimaran, for a very affordable price. A share in this sailboat cost only 3,000 US Dollars. Call Richard at 086 156 7323 or (ptm-0007)Quick sale Chaparral Speed Boat 22 ft. excellent condition, Yamaha 250 HP V6 engine. Price: 750,000 Eng : 081 003 3703 Thai : 081 295 7928 (ptm-1407)Imported Used Boat Years 2005 to 2008. Cabin Cruiser Bow Rider ….. start from 24 feet up to your dream. Available today in Pattaya or under order. 3 month delivery with registration and complete check up. Bargain Prices. Mortgage available for every one to suit any budget. Call Today for information 086 702 3611 (ptm-1107)15 Foot Fibre Glass Metal Trailer 70,000 baht. Many extras to be sold separately, fish finder and compass, jackets, 4 boat rods with Penn Reels, 5 HP engine. Best offer for everything, illness forces sale. 038 406 791 (ptfb-2406)33 Foot Long, 7 Foot Beam, 6 Cylinder Strait-Six Diesel, in-board, shaft driven, wooden hull, Licensed for 10 persons, diving/swimming platform, scuba tank racks, head (marine toilet), 8-10 knots cruising speed. Suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling or trolling for fish. Very economical, approximately 10 litres per hour. Asking price 200,000 Bahts. Call 086 844 8088 for quick sale.

Business Opportunities (ptm-0408)We Supply and Service Game Machines. Free of charge! We supply the machine, you provide the location. Call 081 762 8379 (ptm-sp1808)Pool Tables Brand New (coin operated). Profit sharing, you provide the location, we provide the pool table for free and all maintenance costs. We will also consider buying your old pool table. For more information, please call: 081 762 8379 (ptm-j0308)Arts and Crafts Village for Thai Products Opening Soon. Shops 100 per day. E-mail: Pattaya B-O-C. Bars – Restaurants – Mini Marts – Beauty Saloons – Guest Houses – Hotels – Go Go Bars – Café’s – Coffee Shops – Launderettes for sale in and around Pattaya. All work carried out in strictest confidence. Prices range from 400k Baht up. Contact 038406738 or visit

New to Business in Pattaya? Let us guide you through the minefield. We can walk you through the process of buying and setting up a business in Thailand legally and without headache. B.O.C Pattaya. Tel 038406738 or visit (ptm-m0808)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 Bars – Restaurants – Mini Marts – Beauty Saloons – Guest Houses – Hotels – Go Go Bars – Cafe’s – Coffee Shops – Launderettes for sale in and around Pattaya. All work carried out in strictest confidence. Prices range from 400k Baht up. Contact Mike 0863031708 New to business in Pattaya? Let us guide you through the minefield. We can walk you through the process of buying and setting up a business in Thailand legally and without headache. B.O.C Pattaya. Tel Mike : 0863031708 We Sell Going Concerns! If You Want Expert Professional Advice on Buying or Selling a Business in Pattaya TSBA Have a large selection of businesses available. Call Craig 087 077 0475 Pool Lounge-There are four full size American pool tables in this well established lounge. The lounge currently has 3 pool teams and runs many competitions, as well as a fully stocked bar. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Bar / Guest House – An opportunity has arisen to purchase this well appointed guest house, located on one of Pattaya’s busiest streets. There are five rooms all with air con, and a fully stocked bar offering both pool and darts with indoor and outdoor seating. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Hostess Bar- One of Pattaya most well known bars, has three years proven accounts showing a very healthy profit. This bar will not be on the market for long. Viewing is highly recommended. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Soi 7 Bar –This busy beer bar located right in the heart of the action. The bar has been established for many years and has always made good profits. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Go Go Bar – 1.2 million baht for sure the cheapest in town, owner has to return home. Must be sold this week. Call Craig 087 077 0475 e mail: Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Hotel Units and Villas for Sale and Rent Back. Fantastic investment for speculators requiring security. Call Barry 089 933 3583

(ptfbo-0308)Start Your Own Business in Thailand for less than 20.000 baht - proven concept from Bangkok: Pls. contact Peter Miller (Stone Oven) on email: Bali-Style Shops on Siam Country Club Road. Surrounded by 1,000 Homes. For Rent or Sale by owner. Perfect for Mini mart, Pizza Delivery, cafe, coffee shop/bakery, bar, deli, restaurant or retail sales business. Large outside seating and sales area. Front unit rents for 42,000 Baht per month. Back unit rents for 18,000 Baht per month. Entire building rent is 50,000 Baht. Will sell on 83 square wah, corner plot directly on main road for 8 million baht. Financing available. Includes air cons, refrigeration, cooking extractor hood, counters, displays. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail pappa@ Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Shop houses commercial store fronts for best pricing. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Investors wanted for Commercial Real Estate Ventures. Major Investments over 50million, see what the Public can’t see. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0103) Pattaya, just off Beach Front rd, with 3 sides covered it could be enclosed very easily. Great potential, for this very large bar. Over 80 seats, very large bar area with a very large stage for a live band “closed now”, needs some repairs but, for 550,000 priced way under market value 200,000 deposit 25,000 a month. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0092) 10,000 a month on this new Contract. 1,650,000, this is a giveaway at this price. This single shop house bar in a very busy soi off Jomtien beach road you won’t find a deal like this again. The owner has been there making money for the last four years, said he made a lot of money so he can sell for whatever he wants…Let someone else “ have fun”, that is what he said. (PSH009) 10,000 baht a month for this vacant shop house with Views. Needs lots of work in this hallow shell, but with beach views like this….And the price” My goodness!” it is a steal..! walk to the beach in 2 seconds . Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0126) Beer Bar & Guest House With Two balconies overlooking the bar. Pool table disc jockey both. Flat screen TV, Large Kitchen that isn’t being used 27sqm. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

(PRT0097) Restaurant in busy Soi Baukao. 600,000baht. Take over this well established restaurant, serving both Thai and European Foods. With no Key money involved. Equipment, inventory all inclusive. This is a very nice investment don’t miss out on this one. Buyer is very motivated. Walking Street GO GO Bars.. If you are a serious Investor Looking at Number 1 Go Go Bars, then you need to Call Us. I have listings on top GO GO Bars that are not for sale “But Are”. Investor must qualify for showings. (PLB0102) Walking street 2nd floor bar. View of the ocean, the road below. Plenty of room to grow sale priced at 950,000 baht. Low upfront deposits of 500,000 with 60,000 baht a month for lease. Call today. (PHG0123) Don’t take my word for it go to our web site for this once in a lifetime opportunity priced for a quick sale baht 12,500,000 this 5star classy restaurant with an all Stainless steel industrial kitchen that could be guesthouse& restaurant with lounge, very nice rooms upstairs, Dbl shop house Beach front, Views, Views, lease at 60,000 a month can buy the two shop houses next door. (PLB0099)Another Walking Street Bar Priced to sell 90% inside w/3 pool tables. Large stage for everyone to share entertainment 2,200,000 all deposits paid and included in price for the first 2.5 years (PLB0095) MAKE PAYMENTS: Very Famous GO GO Bar with 80 seats, 240 sqm, 4 rooms above this well designed floor plan, like nothing else on this very, very popular Soi. For only 8million baht and with a nice size down the owner will consider payments. He has many companies that require his attention… which makes this very busy and profitable bar”, even in low season”, to much work for him…... Buyer is very motivated. (PLM0003) Massage parlor on the back side of Walking Street, 4 star curb appeal, “very, very nice with all new furnishing, updated, renovated, store front location for only 3.3mill. Owner is ready to deal because of recent breakup. Lease is only (6,000), six thousand baht a month. Jomtien Shop houses 5 of them together with Sea Views priced at only 3.6 million each. When every one else has a price on theirs at 5million, that makes these five a steal, with great sea views. These would make a great Guest house or even a shopping centre with rooms above. Top floors have View of Bangsare. (PSH0108) Shop House in the busiest area of 2nd road, 36millon baht. Looking for a new owner to open a bar and restaurant with guest house. The building is for sale with chanold title. Owner will take everything with him making it easy to renovate at the same time lowers out of pocket expenses. Investors dream. Koh Samui Resort. One of the world’s most Famous Islands now has a Prestigious Hotel available, at 50million baht for your spot in Paradise. With only five staff members 18 rooms and two retail stores makes it easy to manage All rooms have a 5 star quality, with Tv’s, fridge, Bar A/C. Koh Chang Resort. Guys it doesn’t get any better than this. Own a piece of the Rock. To many facilities to list, owner wants to move to Northern Thailand. (PHG0017) Guesthouse in an extremely busy location priced to sell at 25 million. This successful business has 4 floors and 14 furnished rooms in a very high demand location. You could have the number one business of any kind with this location. Internet, motorcycle rental bar, restaurant, or retail this is an immediate high volume business for you, call today. (PHG0127) Soi Boukhao single shop house. Five rooms completely furnished. Main Floor waiting for your ideas and marketing strategy. Priced at 6.5million, building included with title/deed. (PLD0537) Land on Suhkumvit Road, Pattaya area. Great exposure for your business. 2 plus rai with a building. Building must be removed. (PFO0001).Deluxe East Pattaya Factory. Two New factory buildings on 6.5 rai, interior has over 3000sqm. Both buildings already leased out for 400,000 thousand baht a month or can relocate. Two story apartment building for staff, a home for owners with swimming pool. Each Factory has luxury rooms on top floor for Managers. (PHG0124) 600.000 Here is another one of those inexpensive opportunities priced to sell, this laundry and Guesthouse. Rent is only 25,000 a month with your living quarters. Complement your business with Motorcycles and you have a winner. Add a website and you have a real on going concern with these well designed rooms…should be able to very well here as the ground work is down. (PHG0122) Jomtien walking Street- the best location in Jomtien can be your new business location where your clients can walk to the beach without crossing the road Great beach front views 5rooms with lounge 24million baht and you own the building too. (PHG0113) Want a Fabulous Luxury Hotel, restaurant for only 390 million, “act quickly!”. Great location, Two Go GO Bars & restaurant with spa facilities, not too mention one of the best locations in all Pattaya. Rooms are exceptionally equipped and furnished in a very impressive style with great imagination. Call soon this will not last. (PLB0097) East Pattaya guesthouse and bar & restaurant on very busy road just needs someone that understands marketing. (PHG0033) This Hotel on Jomtien Beach is being sold under the utmost confidentiality, at 250million baht. Panoramic Sea views on all upper floors. Everything is Brand New yet, you will still enjoy immediate income from long standing client base. Fifty five rooms with Penthouse on top floor for owners or for rent. Forty Seven Staff members help you with your everyday needs. Beach front location, in the busiest area of Jomtien. In the heart of the night life. This is an excellent location for business. You want traffic check this place out.

Call-Premier Business Brokers 038-231-931

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

E-mail :


Classified Business Opportunities

0234/SLN – Open Beer Bar – Located in beer bar complex on 2nd Road. Rent only 12,000 baht per month & No Key Money. Sale Price: 250,000 baht. 0276/SLN - Lease for Sale – 3 storey single shop house located in East Pattaya. Ground floor ideal for any small business. On the upper floors are 3 rental rooms. Many extras including kitchen facilities, air – conditioning etc. Rent only 12,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 300,000 baht 0278/SLN – Bar with Rooms – 4 storey single shop house located in south Pattaya. On the ground floor is a bar area with five rental rooms above. Rent is 23,000 baht per month and 100,000 baht per year Key Money. Sale Price: 750,000 baht 0255/SLN – Bar – Located in busy ‘night life’ area of Central Pattaya. Above the bar is a single room with en suite bathroom. Profitable business and easy to manage. Rent only 6,000 baht per month and annual key money of 150,000 baht which has been pre paid till Sept. 2008. Sale Price: 900,000 baht 0268/SLN – Coffee Shop & Restaurant – Single storey shop house, located in East Pattaya, earning profit. Rent only 4,000 baht per month and Key Money has been pre-paid till May 2010. Sale Price: 950,000 baht. 0254/SLN – Go Go Bar – 4 storey single shop house, located in busy ‘foot traffic’ area of South Pattaya. Monthly rent is 30,000 baht and Key Money has been pre-paid till October 2009. Sale Price: 1.3 million baht. 0199/SLN – Laundry with Rooms above – Busy laundry business located in Central Pattaya. 4 storey single shop house with 3 large studio apartments on the upper floors for rental. Rent only 15,000 per month with Key Money of 60,000 baht per year. Sale Price: 1.5 million baht 0219/SLN – Beer Bar – Extremely profitable beer bar located in busy complex on Beach Road. Owner can verify accounts for last 3 years. Sale Price: 1.8 million baht 0266/SLN – Bar & Guesthouse – 4 Storey double shop house located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of Central Pattaya. On the ground floor is a large bar area which was refurbished within the last 12 months complete with a new light and sound system. On the upper floors are 8 rental rooms. Low rent. Sale Price: 1.85 million baht. 0271/V – Pet Shop – Single storey retail shop, located in North Pattaya. Specialising in the sale of Dogs, Cats, pet foods and accessories. Very profitable. Sale price includes a Limited Company. Sale Price: 2 million baht 0282/SLN – Bar with Rooms – 4 storey single shop house located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of Jomtien. The ground floor bar has been refurbished to a high standard. On the upper floors are 4 rental rooms and 1 large apartment. The owner has enjoyed good profits over the last 6 months. Long lease and Key Money has been prepaid till April 2010. Sale Price: 2.5 million baht 0284/SLN – Hostess Bar with Rooms - 3 storey, double shop house located in a busy Soi in the heart of the ‘nightlife‘ action. Ground floor bar recently refurbished. Rent 30,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 2.75 million baht 0269/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey double shop house, located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of North Pattaya. Large ground floor bar with external seating area and 7 rental rooms above. The business generates good turnover & profits. Low rent and no Key Money. Sale Price: 4.9 million baht. 0154/SLN - Restaurant - Well established Restaurant located in North Pattaya - seating capacity for nearly 100 customers. Have enjoyed good profits over the last two years. Key Money has been paid till February 2010 and is transferable. Sale Price: 6.5 million baht. 0270/SLN - Furniture & Interior Decor shop - Incorporating a retail shop, which also offers interior decor project design for clients. The sale price includes in excess of 5 million bahts worth of stock and a Limited company which would enable any prospective buyer to obtain 2 foreign work permits. ‘Walk into’ a well established, extremely profitable business. There is also a seperate entrance with 12 rental rooms above the retail shop. Sale Price: 8 million baht. 0237/SLN - Bar with Rooms above - Extremely profitable bar (which current owner can verify), with 4 rental rooms above, located in a very busy ‘foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya. The bar has been fitted out to a very high standard. Low rent and NO KEY MONEY. Included in the sale of the business is a Limited Company. Sale Price: 9 million baht. (the current owner will provide financing if required). 0274/SLN – Restaurant & Bar – Single storey double shop house located in South Pattaya. The lease has been fully paid up till 2023, the next 15 years. There is seating for in excess of 100 diners. Included in the sale is a sound & lighting system for live music. The business is profitable. Sale Price: 14 million baht. 0247/SLN - Bar/Restaurant and Guesthouse - Located in South Pattaya. Extremely profitable business which the current owner can verify. On the ground floor is a large bar and restaurant. Included in the sale price is the land and buildings. Sale Price: 25 million baht. 0273/SLN – Lawn Bowling Club – Located in East Pattaya on 3 rai of land. 2 International bowling greens, separate bar & restaurant, 5 en suite bedrooms & swimming pool. Foreign ownership in Company name. Viewing highly essential. Sale Price 30 million. 0217/SLN - Resort - Located in East Pattaya on 2.5 Rai of land. 8 number two bedroom bungalows, 7 number one bedroom bungalows, 4 number single rooms and 1 number double room. Swimming pool and well looked after garden all within a secured area. Built to a very high standard. The current owner has benefited from full occupancy of all the bungalows since opening in 2004. Profitable business and very easy to manage. Included in the selling price is the land, buildings and all the fixtures and fittings. Sale Price: 40 million Baht 0238/SLN - Hotel - Located in Central Pattaya. The hotel comprises of 20 guestrooms on 6 floors, which were all totally refurbished during 2007 to a very high standard. There is also an Owner penthouse suite on the top floor. The business has also enjoyed virtual full occupancy since opening in September 2007. Included in the selling price is the land, building and all the fixture and fittings which are in a Company name. Sale Price: 45 million baht.

To list your business free or further information on the Services TBAC Offer. Contact us today on: Tel: 038 489 074-5, 087 283 5349 (English) Fax: 038 489 076 E-mail TBAC:

(PHG0117) Very nice Dbl shop house Restaurant, 9rm Guest house w/pool table, 2nd one in on the sub soi with front road coverage. Perfect guesthouse for only 9.5mil @ 15,000 a month. Over 1.5 mill in profit without advertising. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0116) Five story Double shop house with 10rooms. 22million, “building included”. Very nice restaurant and bar. Over 2.5mil a year in profit. Some financing maybe available Owner ready to retire. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to premier@loxinfo. (PHG0114). Mini Mart Store with Guest house on beach front road. The mini mart collects over 600,000 a year in income, making it very easy to weather high and low season. With over 16 rooms w/beach views and a restaurant, Study Cliental, Website, Parking on the street and in the back of the building, your call, but I think this is the one. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0110) Shop House Jomtien Complex. Lower retail store already rented out which creates a positive cash flow for this 4 story building. At 5.2 million it is a steal. The owner has moved to Bangkok. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0102) 80 room Resort between Jomtien and Pattaya. 150,000,000 Make an offer, Plenty of room to make this a 5 star. Needs good management that knows what to do with this gem.. Owner wants fast sale. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0107) 150million very private Resort style Spa with Theme park swimming pool. Very large ponds, bridges and Gazebos. Four two bedroom guest homes. Separate building with Theatre, Conference room, Fitness Center. Also included is very large 2 story home. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PRT0098) Get a Pizza this. Pizza parlor with support. Long proven track record @ 2.5 million baht or can finance a new location. Your choice! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Investors wanted for projects over 100 million baht. If you are one of the few,and looking for real estate ventures, or an on going concerns, call now and find out what is really on the market. All Gold member investors must provide financial statement before viewing, “Non Public listings”. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

(PLM0002) With Beach front Exposure. Massage Parlor with Views, owners apartment Top floor. Priced to sell 1.5 mill. This dbl shop house is very nice and under priced. Very exciting business opportunity. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to INVESTMENT OPPORTUNIT This is a change for the serious investor who is looking to take over a running business with already a guaranteed net income of 20 Million Thai Baht a year with a potential net income of 100 Million Thai Baht a year. Asking price is 150 Million Baht. As the owner wants to keep the sale of his business quiet we can not give more details at this time. For more information please call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to

Education & Training Learn to Speak, Write and Read Thai ?!! Learn to understand what people are saying around you !! With a professional and experienced Thai teacher. Contact 081 466 7478, 080 635 1769 (pta-0406)TEFL Intercontinental, we are specialist in teacher training, a full 120 hours TEFL certificate course, we offer Guaranteed job & Work permit, Earn 36,000 Baht while you practice teaching for 2 Months. Please contact us at: 086 841 5976 or 038 406 640 (pta-0406)Foreign Ladies: Speak and write ‘Beautiful English’ in the comfort of your own home or office, at your own speed, learning the social or business English you need. Training from English professor now retiring to Pattaya. Tel: 081 838 8163 for first discussion Pro Language we offer a variety of effective and enjoyable language courses. English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Thai course. For foreigner from beginner to advance including a preparation for the Grade 6 examination by ministry of education. 3 year ED Visa for full time students. Please call for Free Trial Lesson. Opposite Carrefour, Central Pattaya Rd. Tel. 038-489225-7 Fax. 038-489-228 (pta-0406)PROGRESS Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified by Ministry of Education) Thai (3 Year Education Visa—Speak Thai confidently in 60 hours)-EnglishDutch- Russian- French-ItalianGerman-Japanese-ChineseKorean-Spanish-ComputerInternet——Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok) (next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 081 577 2967, 038 370 263 (pta-0406)PRO becomes PROGRESS. Please note that PRO Language & Computer School has now been renamed PROGRESS Language & Computer School. It still offers excellent quality course in language and computer skills. Progress Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified by The Ministry of Education)

Fax: (038) 374535

Thai(Speak Thai confidently in 60 hours) )-English-DutchGerman-Italian-FrenchJapanese-Chinese-RussianKorean-Spanish-ComputerInternet——Free Trial Thai & English lessons 1 period— Qualified and Experienced Teachers—Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok) (next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 038 370 263, 038 423 639, 081 577 2967

House for Sale

(ptm-r0408)New 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 2 Storey Home. Soi Kao Talo on 98 sq. wah land – community pool, 5 minutes from Tesco/Big C, 3.95 m baht. Call 086 109 0721 (ptm-r0408)New Home for Rent or Sale on Highway 36 Banglamung near Regents International School – 10 minutes from Bangkok Pattaya Hospital – 3 minutes from Motorway. Fully furnished. Beautiful. Sale 2.46 mil. Baht, Rent 20,000 baht per month. Call 086 109 0721 (ptm-2407)House for Sale near Sukhumvit rd. between South and Central Pattaya. 54 TLW, with garden, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Only 4,000,000 baht. Call 081 833 6661 (ptm-t0208)Unique Opportunity. Own an Exclusive House on the Renowned Rabbit Resort Dongtan Beach Jomtien. Your choice is to rent with an income last year of 1 million baht or live your dream beachside no high rise, complete service and maintenance available, the most friendly staff in Pattaya. Then call Terry on 086 224 7208. Company sale, paradise on the cheap. Only 9.4 million baht. View the website (ptm-d1408)Mabprachan Gardens, representative properties in top Expat location for business on the Eastern Seaboard. Sale and Lease. Call 081 636 9289,, agents welcome (ptm-vi0008)Genuine 25% discount OFF the original price. Luxury & Prestigious Beach Side Living at an unbelievable low price. Design & build your own house on any of

the last 10 remaining plots, plots range from 520 sq.m to 680 sqm. And also complete finished house that ready to move in, with kitchens & bathrooms complete with granite, Daiken Air Conditioning, Direct beach front access, stunning club house & restaurant was 5.3 mil. before and now reduced to 3.8 mil. baht only. Call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491 HS1174: 4 bed, 3 bath bungalow East Pattaya on SP village 2, interior size 280 S qm, very clean house, Part furnished, for sale at 5.5 Million Baht inclusive of company. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HS1160: 3 bed bungalow close to the Sukhumvit road, on a secure development, a reasonable price of 3.5 Million Baht Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: HS1166: Chaiyapruk 2 area, 180 S qm land, interior 100 S qm, 2 bed, 2 bath, sell with company, unfurnished, Internet installed, 2.3 Million Baht Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HS1068: REDUCED price house in Bang Saray, Dhewee park, 100 Sq w plot, 3 bed private pool, alls extras included call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: House for sale at The Regent location at pong 395 Sq.wah, 4 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom, Builtin furnished, Maid, European Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, Store, Air-Con, Balcony, Large Garden, Private swimming pool, Security. Price at 15,900,000 Baht call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail : House for sale at Mapprachan location 2 storey house land size 1 Rai and Using area 380 Sq.m. offer 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, European kitchen, Dining area, Living room, Fully furnished nice decorated, Garden and private swimming pool. Priced at 13,900,000 Baht call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail :

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


House for Sale House for sale at Grand Park, Soi Kao Talo East Pattaya offer 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, living room, dining area, 400 Sq. wah, Air conditioning, Fully furnished, Cable TV, Satellite, Large balcony, Private swimming pool. Price at 1,190,000 Baht call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : We have a re-sale in a new 5star housing project in Jomtien! Stunning two level designed house on 120TLW with 4 Bedrooms and 5 Bathrooms. Asking price 21 Million Baht,1 Million under the developer price. This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

We have for sale a stunning house in View Talay Villas! Asking price 12.5 Million Baht for this stunning 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms house! This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Stunning House For only 10.5 Million Baht! Four extra large bedrooms, four Bathrooms with separate Guest bungalow and a huge swimming pool. The house is built on a 1200 m2 plot in the very prestigious area of Phoenix Golf Course. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at The most exiting Estate on the entire Eastern Seaboard for Sale for 150 Million Thai Baht. This 7 Bedroom, 11 Bathroom on 35 Rai of land is one of the most impressive homes you will ever see. Its grounds, water features and landscaping are second to none. If you have the finances to secure a home such as must do yourself the favor of making an appointment for a private viewing. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Investment opportunity in a 5-star Village between 9-14 Million Baht! 25% Downpayment! Six year Mortgage! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Classified Quick Sale Opportunity! A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Selling price lowered again from 15.9 Million Baht to 12.8 Million Baht! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house has a lap-pool, big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. Also a nice investment as the house is rented for 80,000 BHT/Month for the next two years. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2587) Most incredible sea views from a designer 4 bedroom home for 19.9 Million Baht! Situated high in the Bangsarey Hills, this gorgeous four bedroom four bathroom home was completely decorated by one of the areas most noted interior designers, which makes it both beautifully appointed as well as being a very comfortable family home. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2424) Want a Thabali House? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Very tastefully designed and decorated modern Balinese style homes right in the heart of Jomtien. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

We Have Several View Talay Villas for Sale from 7.9 Million to 50 Million Baht! Live in one of these highly sought after villas in this exclusive development! For appointment and private showing call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Immaculate Beach House next to the Dusit Hotel for sale at 27.5 Million Baht! Each room in this extremely well laid out home has been designed and decorated to a very high standard. The location and sea views are to die for…..this is luxury! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2258) An Absolutely Stunning Home For 60 Million Baht! With over 3,000 square meters of living space all done in the finest hardwoods, marble and granite this is a grand and very impressive estate home. The estate has seven master suites and four separate lounge areas with a cinema room, games room and three kitchens all built around an outdoor lounging area and swimming pool. To put it simply, this is luxury! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2152)

Fax: (038) 374535

Gorgeous and Very Large Estate Home For Sale at 25 Million Baht! This is luxury on a large scale, with five bedrooms five bathrooms and a lovely swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The interior design work is very tasteful. There is not a better address, as this is in the areas best Expat development. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Beautifully Designed Bali Style home for 15.5 Million Baht! This very nice three bedroom home is in one of the finest villages in Pattaya for

foreigners wishing to have a familiar and safe environment, make sure to see this fine home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Act Quick…..we have the last remaining house in a 5star development for 14 Million Baht. This stunning house is located 200 meters from the beach and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 280 m2 living space on 400m2 land. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

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House for Sale We have several Mortgage opportunities! We have seven houses available with a mortgage. All houses are located in the 5-star village Paradise Villas. For more information about the mortgages Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Want a Fabulous Home in Paradise Villa? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Great home layouts and designs in these spectacular and modern homes at Pattaya’s ‘Number One’ development. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Beautiful Regent Village four Bedroom, five bathroom Home For Sale at 14 Million Baht! Absolutely stunning interior design. This five bedroom plus home is a must see. Fantastic fully equipped European kitchen and you will love the wonderful landscaping and finishing work, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2685) We have houses for sale in the range of 3-130 Million Baht!! We have by far the most listings……examples are houses in Siam Royal View, Paradise Villa 1 and 2, Nagawari, Thabali, Park Villas, View Talay Villas, Little Hill, Phu Tara, etc, etc. We are known for the best listings and the best prices. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

In Central Pattaya. 10 room house and three room house in small compound. Behind Carrefour. Near Third Road. Perfect for Bed & Breakfast or private home. Only nine million baht. Financing Available. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) Email Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Jomtien Park Villas. Superb 3 bedrooms house (all en-suite) with private pool, located near Jomtien Beach. The spacious house is well furnished and comes with built-in kitchen and 3 air cons. Priced at only 15.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Pratumnak Villa. Fantastic house with sea view from the 3rd floor terrace, comprising 4bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, Jacuzzi, barbeque, 14m private pool, double carport and large garden. Spacious and airy, a dream house in best location. Priced reduced to 21.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Wong Amat. Pool villa with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, close to the beach, built in contemporary Asian style on an 800 sq.m. plot. Price reduced from 16.5 M Baht to 10.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Pratumnak. Small compound of semi-detached pool villas with 2 bedrooms and roof top terrace (with optional Jacuzzi!). Priced at 9.48 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.



Tropical Villas Located in one of the best Jomtien areas these are 14 villas surrounding a communal pool, all with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, loft-style office, balcony and terrace. The last villa for the old price of 7.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Stunning Beach Houses. Contemporary Asian-style beach houses with breath taking design, direct access to a pristine, rockfree, sandy beach at the exclusive end of Jomtien Beach. Split-level accommodation affords views over the lush tropical garden and the ocean. Set on a guarded private road with exclusive access to the beautiful beach… this is what dreams are made of! PRICE: from 18.2 to 29.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. View Talay Villa. Fully loaded villa on 90 tw (360 sq.m.) of land with double glazed windows, kitchen in sep. room with oven and dish washer, garage with electronic gate, 2 bedrooms en-suite. Ready to move in. Priced at 12.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Absolute Beach Front. Located in a secured compound this is 5 bedrooms beach house, absolute beach front on Jomtien Beach. Price 10.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

House for Rent (ptm-n0208)A Beautiful House for Rent at Jomtien Chaiyapruk Rd. Soi 3. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fully furnished, Euro-kitchen, private pool, UBC + ADSL 30,000 baht/month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n0208)A Beautiful New House for Rent at Jomtien Chaiyapruk 1. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished, private pool. 50,000 baht/ month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n0208)A Beautiful New Townhouse for Rent: On Pratumnak Rd. Soi 5. 2 & 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, communal pool. Starts from 25,000 baht/month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n0208)2 Bedroom House at Ban Am-Phur. Fully furnished, 10,000 B/month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920

(ptm-n0708)Occasion! Beautiful Townhouse (South Pattaya), 2 minutes to city or beach, peaceful and green environment, superbly fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, garage. Must have seen! Contact 081 862 9710 If you are looking for a house for rent in Pattaya / Jomtien, look no further. We have a big selection. All price ranges. Call 086 368 4973 or visit (ptm-s0208)3 Bedroom House for Rent B16,000/month, furnished at Kratinglai, 5 mins to city, phone 081 340 6092, 085 091 6963 (ptm-a0308)Suwattana Garden Homes. 2 bedroom town house, Euro kitchen, modern decor, 24 hour security, communal pool, 18,000 per month. Long term only. 087 826 1620 Eng (ptm-0208)Huge House for Rent near Sukhumvit rd. between South and Central Pattaya. With nice garden, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 A/C’s. Fully furnished. 25,000 baht per month. Call 081 833 6661 (ptm-ta2407)House for Rent in Soi Kao Noey, not far from Sukhumvit Road, slightly furnished. Beautifully refurbished. Only 4,500 baht per month. Call 080 646 5322 (ptm-srv0208)Villas for Rent Urgent!!! Villas at Eakmongkol 4 – Sukhumvit Rd. Soi Kaotalo nearby Lotus South Pattaya and Sukhumvit Rd. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 office, 1 living, dining area, 1 kitchen and 1 car port. Please contact to Mr. Steiner 081 782 3896 (Eng/ German) or Khun Amporn 081 864 4144 (Eng/Thai) HR1072: 3 bed house with private pool in East Pattaya all furniture included, internet and satellite 45,000 P/M Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity HR1039: East Pattaya, 2 bed, 3 bath, car port, private pool, Euro kitchen ready to go! 40,000 P/M Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: HR1086: 2 storey house for rent, 3 bedroom, 4 baths, 488 sq m of land, located in Pattaya park hill, new reduced price 32,000 Baht P/M Call for more info 038-373966or by E-mail: CR1107: A selection of houses in East Pattaya on a resort type complex, fully furnished, communal pool, from 12,000 P/M Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail:

Fax: (038) 374535

House for Rent at Baan Suan Mai Gnam ,50 sq.wah, 2 Bedroom, 3 Bathrooms, European kitchen, Dining room, Living room, Air-con, Cable TV, Garden, Parking car, Communal swimming pool, Priced at 15,000 Baht per month call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail : House for rent at Classic Village location at Soi Kaotalo 80 Sq.wah, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, European kitchen, Living room, and Dining room, Furnished, 3 Air-con, Cable TV, Security 24 hr Priced at 20,000 Baht per month call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail : House for rent: Silk Road Place (240Sq.m) Land 60 T.W Single storey house. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living room, Dining area, European kitchen, nice tiled floor, Fully furnished and decorated, Air conditioned, Communal swimming pool, 24hr Security. Priced at 35,000 Baht per month call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail : Spectacular Family Home at 80,000 Baht per month! A luxurious four bedroom, six bathroom home with a lovely swimming pool. The house is built on a 2400 m2 plot with an enormous landscaped garden. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3765) Five Bedroom, Four Bathroom Family Home for 95,000 Baht per month located in Jomtien. This house has a large and gorgeous guest bungalow and a huge swimming pool! This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Great Family Three Bedroom Home for 85,000 Baht per month in Chateau Dale Villas! Located in one of Pattaya’s quietest and most beautiful villages with large and gorgeous swimming pool. This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Family Home for 100,000 Baht per month! Located in one of South East Pattaya quietest and most beautiful villages with a large and gorgeous swimming pool! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3761) Luxurious Homes for Rent at Phoenix Golf Course Ranging from 40,000 – 130,000 Baht per month! Only fifteen minutes from the city, live in luxury at one of the area’s best golf courses. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Great Mediterranean style villa for rent at 60,000 Baht per month! This superbly finished four bedroom four bathroom home with swimming pool is a must see for those wishing to rent a great home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3716) Executive Class Rentals In and Around Pattaya from 15,000 – 150,000 Baht per month! A very rare opportunity awaits those discerning home hunters looking for both a luxurious quality home and with it a lifestyle most all would love to have. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


House for Rent Magnificent House in Grange Park Village. Three Bedrooms, Three Bathrooms for 80,000 Baht per Month! The decoration and design are from a high standard! This house you really need to see to appreciate its beauty. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd.

at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3703) A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Renting price 200,000 Baht/month! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house has an enormous-pool and stunning

Classified furniture. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3700) Very Nice Two Bedroom Plus Office with Private Pool Only 45,000 THB per Month! This is a brand new house with full European kitchen, lovely pool, two large bedrooms (both ensuite), fully furnished, large office and more! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Awesome Three Bedroom + Office in View Talay Villas only 80,000 THB per month! This is a great house which would be ideal for both a family or as a party pad…lots of space (over 300 sqm house plus 640 sqm of land), private rooms, private pool, lots more… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Three Bedroom House for Rent in Jomtien only 25,000 p/m! A great price for a three bedroom in Jomtien… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Lovely Two Bedroom Bungalow in Pratumnak only 30,000 THB p/m! Located in a secure development, this very nice two bedroom bungalow comes with ADSL, UBC, IDD, full furniture, LCD TV, shared pool and more… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Apartment/ Rooms for Sale (ptm-2407)For Sale, 10 Room Apartment House North Pattaya. Nice Shape. 4,250,000 million baht O.B.O. Call 084 873 3145

Apartment/ Rooms for Rent (ptm-w2307)Aromdee Apartments has availability for rent. Fully furnished apartments with balcony, cable, telephone and also private internet lines available. It is quiet and clean with in house laundry and supermarket by European management. Only 5 minutes walk to the Big C and Lotus Supercenter in North Pattaya. Furnished standard apartments 3,000 baht/month. Furnished air conditioned apartments 3,700 baht/month. Call 089 938 6022 (ptm-2407)Carina Mansion. Large fully furnished apartment. 48 sq.m., cable TV, aircon, fridge, sofa, king size bed, wardrobe, kitchen and large bathroom with hot shower. All rooms have Wi-Fi, internet. 500

Fax: (038) 374535 baht daily and 6,000 baht per month. Best value in town!! Our mansion also includes a large restaurant and a bar. Contact 081 829 2285(English), 081 311 7856(Thai) (ptm-1907)Royal Park Luxury Apartments. Executive service apartments for rent near Jomtien Beach. 56 sqm. With 1 bed room, living room and kitchen. Luxury furnished. Starts from 15,000 per month. If you want to feel like a king, try our penthouses with roof top swimming pool. Check out our website at Tel: 038 250 301 Mobile: 086 111 7414

Condo for Sale Jomtien Angket Condominium, First to See will Buy this very impressive 11th floor, 49 sq m corner unit with the best views of Jomtien Beach and beyond. Just been refurbished and furnished to the highest European standards with Euro kitchen, marble bathroom, big plasma screen TV and massive balcony. 500 meters from beach. Only 2.2 mil. Baht, in foreign name. Call 087 150 4845 (Thai), 087 1391 539 (English) for details, e-mail: One Million Baht will get you a high floor sea view, 38 sq m studio, 500 meters from Jomtien Beach with Foreign ownership. These Prices Are For Real with no silly gimmicks. Be quick and move in tomorrow! Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, email:

Corner Condo 47 sqm, 2 Balcony 16th Floor Unit with the very best sea views of Jomtien beach. Just been renovated to the highest standard with marble floors and shower room, Euro kitchen, new A/C, stone pictures walls etc. You won’t find better anywhere at the price 1,950,000 mil. baht in Foreign name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Lovely 11th Floor 39 sqm Jomtien Sea View Condo, just been renovated with big balcony, new A/C, furniture, kitchen, fantastic bargain. Only 1,250,000 mil. baht. In Foreign name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail:

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

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Condo for Sale 38 sqm 8th Floor Sea View Studio Jomtien Beach. Furnished with A/C, TV, DVD, hot water, big balcony, 24 hrs security, big pool. You won’t find cheaper only 890,000 baht. Call Pin 087 150 4845 Jomtien Beach, 18th Floor (Top Floor), 39 sq.m. Spectacular scenic views from big balcony, refurbished and furnished with new A/C. Only 1.7 mil. baht (in Foreigner’s name). Freehold. Call 087 139 1539 (Eng.). For more details and pictures, visit our website, e-mail: Angket Condominium 500 meters from beach, 39 sq.m Studio, 8th Floor, Big Balcony with Nice Breeze and Lovely Sea Views of Jomtien Beach. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high standard, stoned pictured walls, marble shower room and new European kitchen, fridge freezer, microwave, new air conditioning, safety box, TV, DVD. Now only 1.6 mil. baht. Freehold. Angket will be repainted and refurbished this year with new swimming pool and lobby, therefore prices will rise. Good investment. (In foreigner’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 084 565 7656. For more details and pictures, visit our website, e-mail: Excellent Location, 100 meters from Pattaya’s Best Beach (Jomtien). A magnificent 42 sq.m studio on the 12th floor with lovely seaviews of Jomtien Beach in the Khiang Talay Condominium. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high European standard. Separate marbled kitchen, fridge, freezer, microwave, marbled bathroom with water heater. Matching quality furniture, beautiful stoned picture walls, lovely cornice ceilings with dimmer lights. TV, DVD, surround system, safety box, remote control aircon, etc, etc. 24 hour guard securities with entry card, big swimming pool, snooker room, fitness centre, shop, and laundry. Viewing essential. Reduced price from 2.2 mil. Baht to 1.95 mil. baht. Freehold. In Foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539, 084 565 7656. For appointment to view. For more details and pictures, visit our website, e-mail: (ptm-r0408)Condo for Sale Front Corner Unit. 16th floor – 114 sq. meters. Fantastic ocean view and location. 3rd road North of Carrefour. 5.5 m baht. Call 086 109 0721 (ptm-pat0108)Condo in Rachatee Condo and Spa, 50 meters to Naklua Road. 26 sqm, furnished, mountain views. Absolute Bargain 850,000 baht. Ph. 086 142 5719 Thai 081 158 0065 Eng.

(ptm-pat0108)Chomtalay Resort Jomtien. Condos and Town houses, for sale and rent. All with sea views, swimming pool and direct access to beach. Ph. 081 158 0065 Eng. 086 142 5719 Thai The Last 5 Remaining Condos. Location in Jomtien area, size 96 sq.m, 1 bedroom, 1 living room, all room have ARC (double-glazing), Daikin Air Conditioning, stunning bathrooms as standard, full furniture and kitchen European style. Call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491 Quick Sale!!! Rachatee Condo, Naklua, Studio Room on 6th floor, 26 sq.m. Fully furnished & decorated, balcony, magnificent views, large swimming pool, coffee shop, laundry, medical spa, excellent 24 hour security. Ready to move in! Bargain price: 950,000 baht Neg. Contact Mal: 081 158 0065(Eng), Joy: 086 142 5719(Thai), Grace: 086 338 2232(Thai). Foreign Ownership. The Urban Condo, 2 Bedroom, 5th Floor, 82 sqm.corner apartment. Wonderful location, near Avenue Shopping Centre, 5 Mins. to beach, spectacular twin swimming pools, fitness centre, bar/ restaurant etc. Price 5.2 MB. PH. Mal : 0811 580 065, Joy : 0861 425 719 (ptm-L0208)Foreign Name Cheap Price -View Talay 6 Condominiums, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya. I have 8 prime, 48 Sq Meter Studio units on high floors 18-22 at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street, with many units adjoining to make 96 sq meters. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 3.4 million each. Units available are 1804, 1805, 1806 (all 3 side by side), 1906, 2005, 2104, 2205 and 2206 (side by side). Purchase option 1: Cash 3.4 Million; or Installment Option 2: 1,000,000 to seller upon signing contract, 1,000,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 1,000,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date, final payment 400,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! (ptm-g0408)Executive Residence IV, Royal Heights Pratumnak. Luxury 108 sq m, 1 bed en-suite, large balcony, stunning sea and island views, European appliances, built in furniture, large gym, 3 pools, pitch and putt, foreign ownership, 6.8M. Priced lower than developer. 087 941 2677 Email: info/photos. (ptm-g0408)Citismart Soi 1 North Pattaya. Luxury 87 sq m, 2 bed 2 bath, large balcony, European appliances, built in furniture, Wi-Fi, keycard access, rooftop pool, 150 metres to beach or Big C, foreign ownership, 6.4M. Priced lower than developer. 087 941 2677 Email: info/photos.



(ptm-k0108)The Residence Jomtien. Lovely large 52 SQM well appointed studio under developer’s current pricing! Fully furnished. Custom European kitchen, solid wood furniture, LCD TV, stereo, well appointed bathroom, large balcony, with Foreign title. Brand new building, large pool, fitness centre, car parking, fivestar lobby, 24 hr security and only 800 mtr from beach. Price 2.95 MB. Contact ENG 081 982 1778, THAI 089 245 9494 (ptm-g0508)Hot! Condo for Sale at Jomtien Beach Paradise. Cheapest in Pattaya, 95 sqm. 1 bedroom, large living room, kitchen, diner, 2 big balconies with sea view, 2a/c., good condition, fully furnished with built-in teak wood & fully equipped with 32' LCD TV, full facilities, pool, gym, restaurant (In foreigner name). Very quick Sale only 3.39 mil.Baht. Call owner 087 971 6537, ask picture at (ptm-L0208)Northshore Beachfront Condominium, Foreign Name. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, #2101, 21st floor, overlooking pool and beach. Facing Walking Street. 64 sq. meters. Foreign name. Fully luxury Furnished, Safe, Washer, Immaculate Condition, 100% equipped. Soi 5 and Beach Rd. 8.4 million. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Realtors Welcome! Key at the Northshore office. Jomtien Complex Condotel Corner Unit. 17th floor, Building B. 123 sqm. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, furnish. Large balcony total sea view. All reasonable offer considered. 5,900,000 baht. In company’s name. Call 081 781 5054 Jomtien Complex Condotel. 17th floor, Building B. 136 sqm. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room+kitchen. Furnish. Total sea view. 5,900,000 baht. In company’s name. Call 081 781 5054 New 6 Star Condominium, Tropical Dream Pattaya located on Pratamnuk Hill close to Jomtien and south Pattaya with ultra modern design. 44 sq.m. studio, starts from 3.446 M. 1 bedroom unit, 92 sq.m, starts from 7.158 M. 2 bedroom unit, 144 sq.m, starts from 13.702 M.3 bedroom unit, 114.5-120 sq.m starts from 8.21-8.97 M. Tel : 086 150 7100 (English) 084 940 2600 (Thai) Supalai Condominium, 1st Building, Soi Paholyotil 21 or Wipawadee 30 (behind Shinnawat Building 3), Paholyotil Rd., Ladyaow, Chatuchak, Bangkok. Room 83 sq.m. floor 5, pool side view, 2 bedroom with furniture, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room. All rooms with airconditioned. Tel. 081 555 8811, 081 938 3498 Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% Deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583

First to View Will Buy - New Completed Unit. Pattaya “Down Town” location. 1 Bed57.20 sqm, fully furnished 2.8 Million. 2 Bed- 99 sqm, fully furnished 4.8 Million. Call Barry 089 933 3583 “Trade Up To a Better Lifestyle”. We will “trade in “your property, as part payment on any of our luxury pool villa and condominium projects. Call: Peter 081 982 6145. “Penthouse Style” over looking Pattaya Bay, 180SQ.M. Fully finished and furnished, best value in town 10,340,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Jomtien “Foreign Ownership” Pre-Construction discounts and easy payment plans, 150 metres to Jomtien Beach from 3,500,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Foreign Ownership, 2 Bedroom Corner Unit. Fully furnished and fitted by a quality developer. Central Pattaya. Special deal for 60 days completion. Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. CS1190: Central Pattaya Top floor apartment, new building, 61 Sq m. Nicely decorated, modern kitchen 2.5 Million Baht, Call for more info 038-373 966 or by E-mail: CS1180: A superb apartment located in Pratumnak, outstanding sea views,1 bedroom 68 Sq m, 10th floor 6.3 Million Baht or 30,000 for rent. Call for more info 08-47808457or by E-mail: CS VIC: View Talay 2A, Studio units, 2 available, foreign name 12th floor, sea views 1.75 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity Studio Condo for Sale. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain views). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Bargain at Bt: 1.3 mil.). Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 (ptm-s2307)Pattaya Beach Condo Location, Location, Location! Kitchen, Pool, Parking, Plenty more! Fully Furnish, Foreign Own, Free Hold! 2.5 million baht. Call 089 758 159, Email The Best Location in Town Near Royal Garden & Behind the Avenue Mall. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom from 1.6 Million Baht. Phone: 038 -711017 Mobile: 084 866 9644, E-mail:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, Email:,

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptfcs-1007)Nova Atrium 80 sq.m. with BigTerrace. Brand new. Fully furnished high standarad (Decorum). Between Carrefour and Big C. Huge swimming pool. Fitness center. Internet. 4.5 Million. Tel. 081 863 1076 ThaiLiving : 9 M Baht. Ocean Marina. TypeB, Sattahip side, high floor, empty unit, sea view and marina member. 2 or 3 Bedroom / 165 sqm. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 9 M Baht. Ocean Marina. TypeC, Pattaya side, empty unit, sea view and marina member. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 10 M Baht. Metro Jomtien. Fully furnished and great sea view, high floor, 165 sqm, duplex unit. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 7.5 M Baht. Tabali Condo. Tropical and resort Living, fully furnished, big 1 bed / 2 bath, perfect facility, spa, beautiful view, restaurant. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 10 M Baht. Grand Condo. Great View and good location, sea View and large balcony, 3 bed / 3 bath / need renovated, 186 sqm, 11th floor. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 5.5 M Baht. Sunrise Beach Resort. Sea View unit, nice living life style, fully furnished, 2 bed / 2 bath, 108 sqm, next to elegant restaurant. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects.

Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723,, E-mail: novamiragecondo@ View Talay 1B. 42 square meters 10th floor. One million two hundred thousand baht. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime,Thai & English) Email . Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. For sale by owner. Where the largest Night Market in Pattaya is located. Near Sukhumvit Hwy. Panoramic ocean views. Older building. Top floors. 60 square meters (600 square feet). Large swimming pool, tennis courts, near TescoLotus and Big C. Great security. Only two million baht. Fifty percent financing available. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English). Email Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 25th floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya. Completely finished, tiled, granite counter tops, kitchen, cabinets, appliances, furnished, TV, DVD, 48 Sq Meter Studio units on 25th floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 3.9 million each. Units available are 2506 and 2507(side by side). Purchase option 1: Cash 3.9 Million; or Installment Option 2: 1,300,000 to seller upon signing contract, 1,300,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 1,300,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-7978055 USA or email hovelots@ Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome!

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Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Condo for Sale ThaiLiving : 11 M Baht. Sunrise Beach Resort. Very beautiful and Sea View unit, huge balcony, 2 bed / 2 bath, fully furnished, 300 sqm. Great living lifestyle with pool, garden beach and restaurant. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 3.6 M Baht. Rim Had Condo. Sea view and beach front living, Pattaya side, CORNER UNIT, 68 sqm, 15th floor, fully furnished, kitchen, TV, pool and fitness. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : Quick sale. View Talay 2B. 800,000 Baht for Studio unit with 32 sqm. 5th floor. 1 M Baht at 12th floor, 32 sqm. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 1.4 M Baht. 9 Karat Condo. Great Location and near Carrefour, 64 sqm, 2 bed / 2 bath, 7th floor. Contact : 038 364-515 or info@thai or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 1.25 M Baht. Kieng Talay Condo. Fully furnished located at Pratamank Hill, just a few minutes walking to beach and easy reach City. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. ThaiLiving : 2.65 M Baht. View Talay 5D. Foreigner name, sea view and fully furnished, built-in euro kitchen, 48 sqm, 6th floor. Just a few step to Taxi. Contact : 038 364-515 or or visit our website at for more objects. (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 18th Floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya, 144 Sq Meter Studio unit on 18th floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 10.2 million. Purchase Option 1: Cash 10.2 Million; or Installment Option 2: 3,400,000 to seller upon signing contract, 3,400,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 3,400,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! Offer of the Month, The Park Condominium, Developers Price 55,000 Baht/sqm, Selling Price 54,000 Baht/sqm, Two beautiful units, both 117 sqm, Type A, Building A and B,

Foreign Ownership. We also have a 167 sqm unit on a high floor in building A. Act Quick, foreign ownership not available anymore from the developer. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ High Floor, Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Apartment for 27 Million Baht! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Special Promotion in La Royal Condominium! We have several units far under the developers price. 106 sqm, 145 and 268 sqm units. Take this opportunity to purchase a high-end unit in a fivestar beach front condominium. We not only have everything far under the developers price but we even have an owner who gives a car for free. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Northshore Unit for sale! 80 sqm front unit for only 8.9 Million Baht! Buy this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Northshore is the only 5-star Condominium on the Pattaya beach Road. High Floor! This is not the only unit we have for sale…….. we have almost all the different Northshore units available on all the high floors….. prices range from 7.5-30 Million THB. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Splendid investment opportunity! For sale TipCondo for 1.8 Million Baht. Steady rental-income of 13,000 Baht/Month. The best quality renovation money can buy. 42” LCD TV is only one of the many features in this condo. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014 Act quick we have the TopCorner View Talay 5 facing Jomtien. 270 sqm for 18 million Baht. Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. This must be the best corner unit in town. Also available a 239 sqm View Talay 6 corner on the 22nd floor facing Walking Street for 16 Million Baht. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier

Classified We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting just under 1 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at View Talay 5 High Floor 46 sqm beautifully renovated Studio apartment for only 2.6 Million Baht. Just a 50 meter walk to the beach. Panoramic views over the ocean and the Jomtien Boulevard. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We have the best selection of Ananya Condos Available on the Market Today! We have the last two units available on the penthouse floor of Ananya (5th floor, Phase 3) two bedroom, 155 sqm. Ananya the best location on the best beach of Pattaya, Wongamat Beach. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Two Bedroom Condo at Jomtien Beach’s Best location for 7.9 Million Baht! This has been very nicely renovated and has two bedrooms two bathrooms all within 126 square meters of comfort and security. Priced to sell, make sure that you see this apartment soon. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR2402) Grand Condo 3 Bedroom Apartment for 13.5 Million Baht! Directly on Jomtien Beach! Completely renovated with a spacious living room and ready to move in. Features two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3077) Na-Jomtien 3 Bedroom Sea View Apartment for 11.8! A beautifully renovated 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. Thai Bali Style interior design, 178 sqm, high floor and huge balcony with Fantastic Sea view. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3091) Investment Possibility in La Royale Starting from 8.9 Million Baht! 1 Million under the developers prices! We have the best units on the highest floors in the new 5 star condominium La Royale. Pattaya side, two bedroom corner units, 148 sqm and Pattaya side, two bedroom units, 106 sqm. The corner units are not available anymore. Guaranteed high investment return. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PRD111)

Act quick we have a front corner unit, A building, View Talay 3 facing Pattaya (cool side). 137 sqm for 7.4 million Baht on a high floor!! Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Spectacular Sea View unit in the new project in front of La royale! Only with us is this rare opportunity to purchase something special for only 10.5 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Several Studio units in Popular Seafront Jomtien Condo with Amazing Seaviews Available from only 1.1 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Northshore Condominium for 30 Million Baht! This is a great opportunity to purchase a great 268 square meter unit in a foreigners own name at a great ‘downtown’ location. If you are looking to live in a dream, be sure to take a look at this popular building. We have the same kind of unit in Thai name for 26 Million Baht! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at INVESTORS: For the latest and most Exclusive Condominium Developments..... Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Beautiful Condo in the Low Rice condominium of Grand Condotel for 12,25 Million Baht! LOWERED FROM 14.5 MILLION BAHT FOR A QUICK SALE!!! Just 1 minute walk to Jomtien Beach with a really spacious living area and an enormous balcony. The condo is completely renovated, ready to move in. A lot of facilities are available, two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court are just examples. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR2975) Pattaya’s Hottest New Five Star Condo Still Has Units left! Yes Nirvana Place Condo does have a few one and two bedroom apartments available. The very best in security, construction and location between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. You will love the interior design motifs available and will love the fine dining and socializing at the Matahari Restaurant downstairs. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Fax: (038) 374535

Gorgeous Sea View Condominium Apartments on Wongamat Beach! Starting as low as 1.8 Million Baht, you may want to take a look at these brand new units that are being completed with beautiful interior designs and will be ready for occupancy very soon. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting at under 2 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. 103sqm in View Talay 5 for 4.1 Million Baht! High floor with beautiful sea-views. The unit is made out of one 48sqm unit and one 55sqm unit. Bare Shell! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier We Have a lot of units in the new Popular Seafront View Talay 6 with Amazing Seaviews. We have all the units available on all the floors for the best prices in town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Investment opportunity! We have two units for sale in the new spectacular building ‘Jomtien Residence’ with a guaranteed rental return for three years. No work and a steady monthly income! 50sqm for 3.3 Million Baht with 16,000 Baht/Month guaranteed three year income and 80sqm for 4.8 Million Baht with 25,000 Baht/Month guaranteed income! Together for 7.5 Million Baht with 41,000 Baht/Month three year guaranteed rental return. Call Jan at 087-021-7014 Pattaya’s New Five Star Condominium, NORTH POINT, is sold out! We have a re-sale on a very high floor, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, 103 sqm for 19.1 Million THB Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3769) (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 22nd Floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya, 96 Sq Meter Studio unit on 22nd floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 6.8 million. Purchase option 1: Cash 6.8 Million; or

Installment Option 2: 2,300,000 to seller upon signing contract, 2,300,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 2,200,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email hovelots@ Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! Huge New 143 sqm One Bedroom Condo On The 22 nd Floor of View Talay 5 Building (VT5C0048). Finished to the highest of standards, this large one bedroom condo has fantastic seaviews, a great kitchen and full furniture. This condo must be viewed to fully appreciate what’s on offer for only 9.6m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Two Bedroom Jomtien Condo Overlooking Jomtien Bay (ROHI0008). This extremely well finished 92 sqm two bedroom condo on the 7th floor of a newly developed popular condominium with 24 hour security, communal swimming pool, fitness suite, restaurant, and easy access to the centers of both Jomtien and Pattaya. For sale at 5.9m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Jomtien Beach Road Studio Condo Just 200m From The Beach (JBCO0043) Ideal for investment, this 30 sqm studio on the 13th floor of this ever popular condominium which boasts great facilities including swimming pool, fully equipped gym, sauna, internet, convenience store, laundry and 24 hour security. For sale at a knockdown price of 1.65m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Resales at Spanish Condo Under Developer’s Price! We have two studio and two onebedroom units starting at 895,000 THB fully renovated… that’s almost 200,000 THB under the off-plan price! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at 103 sqm High Floor Condo at Metro a Steal at only 5 Million THB! Superb seaviews and an easy to renovate floorplan make this a renovator/ investor’s dream! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

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Condo for Sale 45 sqm High Floor Studio at Metro Waiting For Some TLC Only 2.3 Million THB! Great building positioning overlooking Pattaya and Jomtien with breathtaking view…this price will only go up!!! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Luxuriously Renovated One Bedroom Plus Office (102 sqm) in View Talay 3 Only 5.9 Million THB! This is one of the best designed/renovated units we’ve seen! Excellent Euro kitchen, top notch furniture & décor, plus great seaviews! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Double Unit (60 sqm) in S1 Building in Jomtien Beach Condo on Top Floor Only 2.9 Million THB! There aren’t many double units left in JBC, especially in the best building and on the top floor! This is very well priced for such a rare unit! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at We Have a Great Selection of the Best Units in the Area’s Newest Boutique Buildings! Check out the best available units (both off-plan and resale) in Hyde Park, Pattaya Heights and Mayfair Residence. Very attractive payment plans available. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Buy Off-Plan With Us! We’ll find you the best possible prices, terms and units available at all of the area’s best new condo developments (including Northpoint and Ocean 1 Tower)… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Jomtien Beach Road Spacious apartment with 4 bedrooms an tremendous sea views, 252 sq.m., for only 13.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Ocean Marina You don’t need to have a boat to live here: a 3 bedrooms corner unit with magnificent views over the marina. The building comprises 2 pools (indoor/outdoor), an excellent restaurant, covered car park, etc. You will be impressed by the lobby and then

maintenance of Ocean Marina. 178 sq.m. for 12.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. “Starter Apartments”For the first-time buyers or for customers who need just a holiday or weekend home we offer 1 bedrooms apartments from 1.5 M Baht. Very stylish, brand new, nice furniture, with air con and kitchen. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Breathtaking Views Condo shell of 232 sq.m. high over Jomtien with large terrace and balcony. It can be transformed into an exciting high end apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms. We have done several of these projects and can show them to you. Expect app. 3 M Baht for decoration. Price as it is 12.5 M Baht. . Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. High End 1 bedroom apartment Beautiful 1 bedroom apartment of 67 sq.m. with stunning views from 2 balconies. Exclusively furnished (2 flat screen TVs, 2 ACs, kitchen, builtin wardrobe, etc.) and ready to move in! The building is located in Pattaya’s most fashionable area on Pratumnak Hill and offers hotel like service: pool, fitness, sauna, restaurant, cleaning. Priced at 4.6M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Property of the month. Nice 1 bedroom apartment of 56 sq.m. with sea view in a building with hotel-like facilities (restaurant, gym, room service, mini mart). Top location on Pratumnak. Priced at 2.95 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Wong Amat Gorgeous, light and airy 1 bedroom apartment with spectacular sea view. 96 sqm . 2 air cons, phone, fastest ADSL Internet, 42 Inch-TV, Hi-Fi system, kitchenette, large balcony, tastefully and luxuriously furnished and equipped, ready to move in., gym, sauna, garage ... 5.75 Mio. Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Baan Suan LaLaNa Very nice compound just a few hundred meters away from Jomtien beach with 3 pools, restaurant and mini mart. Available are brand new decorated studios for 1.45 Mio. Baht, corner units at 2.6 M Baht and 1 bedroom apartments for 3 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

Condo for Rent If you are looking for a condo for rent in Pattaya / Jomtien, look no further. We have a big selection. All price ranges. Call 086 368 4973 or visit


Classified (ptm-n0208)A Luxury Condo for Rent on Pratamnak Hill. 1 and 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, UBC and WiFi internet. From 25,000 baht per month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n0208)Condo for Rent at Pratamnak Hill Near Cosy Beach. 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 air-cons, fully furnished 15,000 baht per month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-b0508)Condo for Rent in View Talay 3, 5 and Diana Estate from 10,000 baht per month. Contact no. Khun Bee 086 300 1394 (pta-wf2307)Studio Room for Rent, Casa Espana on Pratamnak hill, 26 sqm. with airconditioner and furnished 8,000 THB per month. Long and Short term. Call 089 6816891 View Talay 2 Studios. Quality furnished & fully equipped. Short & Long term. 087 803 3329 (ptm-pat0108)Chomtalay Resort Jomtien. Condos and Town houses, for sale and rent. All with sea views, swimming pool and direct access to beach. Ph. 081 158 0065 Eng. 086 142 5719 Thai Nova Park Executive Sevice Apartment. For rent Luxury Studios 1or 2 bedrooms fully furnished from 16,000 Baht/ Month, Free Internet, Pool & Gym. Tel: 038 415 304-8, Email:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723, www.novagroup, E-mail: Studio Condo for Rent. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain view). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Only 13,000 baht per month. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 CR1108: Central Pattaya location,60 sq m, 1 bedroom, communal pool, various rooms available all for only 15,000 P/M Call for more info 08-49442541or by E-mail: CR0388: GREAT VALUE, 82 Sq m 1 bedroom unit, 6th floor in View Talay 2B, Only 22,000 P/M Modern furniture, Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity CR 1083: 15th Floor 48 Sq m fully furnished condo in View Taly 5D, great sea views bargain price 18,000 per month Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ Condo for Rent at View Talay 2 B and at Jomtien location, Studio Living area, Air-con, Sea View, Fully furnished, Balcony, Communal swimming pool and 24 hr Security Price for rent start at 9,000 Baht -15,000 Baht per month call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail :

Fax: (038) 374535

Beautiful Sea view Large

Studio Condo at Jomtien Complex at Jomtien location 68 Sqm. on the 21 floor. Fully Furnished, European Kitchen, Dining are and Living area big Balcony, Communal Swimming Pool. Available now for rent 18,000 Baht per month call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : Rachatee condotel and spa location at 2nd road North Pattaya Naklua Studio room 26 Sq.m. price start from 950.000 Baht 1 Bedroom ( 53 Sq.m.) Price 2,500,000 Baht European kitchen, Dining area, Air-con, Hot water, Part furniture, Communal swimming pool and security call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or email: Where the largest Night Market in Pattaya is located. Near Sukhumvit Hwy. Panoramic ocean views. Older building. Top floors. 60 square meters (600 square feet). Large swimming pool, tennis courts, near Tesco-Lotus and Big C. Great security. Only 14,000 Baht per month with one year lease. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English). Email Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. View Talay 1B. 42 square meters 10th floor. Only 10,000 Baht per month with one year lease. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) Email Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Royal Cliff ‘A Building’ Double View Four Bedroom Apartment for 90,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at

View Talay 2 Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! This is a masterpiece in condo design and comfort, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The condo has a big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Pratamnak 3 Bedroom for Sale and Rent 7.35 Million Baht, 45,000 Baht/Month! A beautifully 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. 128 sqm, beautifully furnished and decorated. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR1362) We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Northshore Sea View Condominium for 65,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished 112 square meter unit with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Our Northshore rentals are starting from 42,000 Baht/Month. Contact the

Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3036) Beautifully Renovated Three Bedroom Condo in Jomtien For Rent at 55,000 Baht per month! Great three bedroom, three bathroom furnished apartment. Ready to move in, this is a great way to live! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Great Two Bedroom Condos for rent from 20,000 to 45,000 Baht per month! We have a number of very nice condominium apartments available for rent in this price range. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Sensational View Talay 5 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 55,000 Baht/Month! Private access to the best beach of Pattaya (Dongtan Beach), On the Baht-Bus route. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge balconies. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Very nice Royal Cliff Two Bedroom Plus Apartment for 55,000 Baht per month! Those that know the ‘Cliff’, know that it is one of the most sought after places to live. Enjoy this two bedroom plus office apartment with fantastic sunsets and seaviews. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Classified Condo for Rent Ocean Marina Yacht Club Three Bedroom Suite For 50,00 Baht per month! What more can you say? If you would like a ‘Five Star’ lifestyle with the yachts and all….this is your apartment. There are no better building amenities anywhere. Two swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, weight training gym, the list goes on and on…..and don’t forget their first class gourmet restaurant with Dim Sum on Sundays! This is just one of our listings in Ocean Marina. For a total overview of our listings contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Incredible Sea View Three Bedroom Apartment for 65,000 Baht per month! A very sharp building right on the beach with gorgeous beachfront swimming pool and roof top pool as well….what a view from the top! This apartment has 198 square meters of comfort and style with sunset and Jomtien Beach views to die for. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ Double View Three Bedroom Apartment for 70,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Northshore Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many Northshore rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Fax: (038) 374535 We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier View Talay V Sea View Condominium for 20,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier We are the absolute leader in rental properties in Pattaya! We have over 1000 units for rent available in all the major condominiums. Examples are units on high floors in Northshore, Royal Cliff, Chateau Dale, Saranchol, etc, etc. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at 112 Sqm Two Bedroom on High Floor for Rent at Northshore only 55,000 THB P/M! Very nicely finished large two bedroom with smashing views, great amenities and excellent location. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Lots of Studio Units for Rent at View Talay 2, Thip Condo & Jomtien Beach Condominium! We have a great selection of studios for rent starting at only 8,000 THB per month! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Awesome Two & Three Bedroom Duplex Penthouses For Rent in Metro Jomtien! These are excellent rental units at great prices (55,000 for the two bdr and 65,000 for the three bdr) finished in a very modern, clean style with great kitchens, lots of outdoor space, Jacuzzis and killer views. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Luxurious Large Two Bedroom Condo at Executive Residence 2 For Rent! This condo is finished to an impeccable standard with luxurious bathrooms, great furniture and electronics, huge kitchen and great seaview. Only 65,000 THB per month… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Land for Sale (ptm-h0208)1200 sq.m. Bang Saray Mountain; all ready to build on. 790,000 baht. Tel: 087 100 5726. Looking for the Best Views Around, Bang Saray has Something for Everyone!!! Seaviews. 200 TLW 800,000. 1 rai 39 TLW 1.2 million. 3 rai 122 TLW with two sea views 15 million, 25 rai 300 TLW can split 70 million. Beachside 301 TLW beach 400M 6 million. 365 TLW beach 240M 9 million. 8 rai 129 TLW + river can split 8.5 million. 3 rai Sukhumvit access 21 million. 1 rai 334 TLW 7FL condo permit, 24 million. Mountain Views. 200 TLW 700,000. 3 rai 291 TLW 3.3 million. 9 rai 14 million. 19 rai 164 TLW 360 degree mountains 30 million can split into 2 rai’s. Invest in land, Prices are Soaring!!! Tel: 081 576 0035 Email;, Stunning Country Mansion. 5 bed, 5 bath, 31 rai manicured lakes/gardens, too much to detail. 150 million. Tel: 081 576 0035 Email; countryproperty, (ptm-1408)18, one Rai plots for sale. All plots with own lake water front beside Phoenix Golf course. Cost 4 million/ Rai.Call John 081 919 1120 (ptm-n0207)Land for Sale. 1,430 sq wah on Eastern Star Golf Course: 9,000 per sq wah. Phone 081 782 0206 or 089 249 1364 (ptm-r0208)Let Rosegate Consultants turn your dream home into a reality. Tel: 081 864 6285, 038 406 519. E-mail:, (ptm- w2307)27 Rai Rayong Ban Phe, with chanot. Only 500 meters from the beach and with sea view to Koh Samet Island. Altogether, sell at 6.75 million baht. Tel. 089 938 6022 (ptm-e0208)Vacant Prime Land. Reduced by nearly half!! Very near Bangsaray Beach. 4.55 Rai on private Tar road near the sea. Secured vacant land in prime area! B 14.9 Million (ALL) or swap / P.X. for quality house in Jomtien. Call 081 429 4182 (Khun David), 081 865 1011 (Khun Gaye) PL 024 Land for sale in Soi Watboonjankana, close to Sukhumvit and 600 Meters from the Beach, Various plots available, land filled ready to build! From 19,000 per Sq w call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 025 Land located in central Pattaya behind Walking street, great plot for apartments, 272 Sq w, 45 Million Baht. Call for more info 0847808457 or by E-mail: PL 037 Land for sale in the Pong area, close to the H/ Way 36, 2x 1 Rai plots on separate deeds, easy access road, electric & water available, building permission in place, ready to start! Call for more info 08-47808457 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

E-mail :

Land for Sale PL 028 Land for sale in Soi Bua Khao, close to the Avenue shopping centre 4 Rai, 127 million baht Call 08-4944 5141 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 029 Land for sale on Pratumnak Hill, 191 Sq w, top of the hill location, ideal for house, 35,000 Baht per Sq w call today 08-17613238 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity PL 030 Land for sale South Pattaya road close to Big C, 4 Rai 200 S q w, 40,000 baht per Sq w call for full details 08-49445141 or by E-mail: PL 031 Land for sale on the Sukhumvit road, great road front exposure , 2 Rai 36 Million Baht, Please call 08-4944 5141 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 032 Land for sale Located in Wongamat, ideal for 7 storey condominium 2 Rai 46 Sq w 80 Million Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: PL 033 100 S q w land plot Ideal for house in a quite location off Siam country club. Already in a company name 800,000 THB. Please call 08-49445141 or by E-mail: PL 034 Direct Beach Land located opposite to Nong Nuch tropical gardens,11 Rai, 220 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity Pl 036 Land in Maprachan lake area, already has perimeter wall on 275 Sq w, great mountain views , Thai name, 2.2 million B Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ For sale by owner. Almost one rai (368 square wah) in Central Pattaya between Third Road and Motorway 7 entrance on Sukhumvit Road. Perfect for shophouses, condo building or small housing estate. 15 million baht. Call 084.111. 799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail pappa@ Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. In Proximity of The Most Beautiful Golf Courses and The Best Known Polo Clubs, we sell residential land in Pattaya. Approx. 4 Rais, situated on a hill with unlimited beautiful views that can never be obstructed. By car about 15 minutes from Pattaya. Sales price only: THB 2,100,000 / Rai. Please call George: 081 855 75 20 (English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano)

48 Rai for 5.5 Million Baht/ Rai 500 meters from La Royale condominium! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@ Land for sale next to Siam Country Club Golf Course! 36 Rai perfect for a housing project for 2.1 Million Baht/ Rai. The land is located in a beautiful landscaped area with stunning mountain views. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@ Two land plots for 1.1 Million Baht/Rai near Mabrachan Lake. 19 and 31 Rai ideal for housing developments as the whole area is already developed with other housing developments. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 16 Rai at 18 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@ Beautiful located plots of Land! A few examples are stunning plots on the Prathamnak Hill (1 Rai up), 21 Rai of beachfront near the Ambassador Hotel and 7 Rai of Land on the beach in Bangsaray. Our database contains over a 100 exclusive plots of land in and around Pattaya. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Looking for Beach front land? We have prime beach front land parcels available. For appointments and private tours contact Premier Land and Development (038) 231931 or (01) 634-2915 Email: or visit us online at www.premier Land next to the Polo Club in the Mabrachan area! 8 Rai at 1.2 million Baht/Rai, 23 Rai at 920,000 Baht/Rai, the whole plot (31 Rai) at 850,000 Baht/ Rai. Owner motivated to sell quickly. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 23 Rai at 16 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@l Beachfront Land Jomtien, 5 Rai at 27 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@



Incredible 35 Rai of Land perfect for Development includes designs for 160 Unit Condo project 2 Rai lake and area for 20 homes. Priced to sell. Property is in a fast growing area only 10 minutes to the beach and covered in mature coconut trees-absolutely beautiful. Good flat ready to build condition with three road frontages. Smart money buy- call to take a look. Making your Business our Business – Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land Parcels all locations Starting Baht 300,000 per Rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to 274.4 Rai Prime Master Plan Development Land- Baht 570 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to 20 Rai- Bang Saray 4 mil per Rai, sea view, ready to build. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to 2 Rai Beachfront land in Jomtien for 25 Million Baht/ Rai. If you are looking for land to build a beach front condominium or a small scaled up class housing project this is it! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to

Services Provided (pta-no0008)No 1 Visa behind Carrefour, Central Pattaya. Visa service for Thais to visit abroad, UK, Europe, USA and Australian Visa Specialist. The best affordable professional visa service in Thailand. Over 7 years experience. Taxi to the embassies, cheap airline tickets, travel medical insurance. Tel: 038 360 204, Mobile: 089 246 5980 (ptmsp-1308)Architect Services Plans, houses, shops, apartments, etc. Contact 081 295 8038 (ptm-sp1808)Pool Tables and Touch Screen Game Machines Coin Operated. You provide the location we provide the pool table or Touch screen game machine for free of all maintenance cost. Make good money from profit sharing. Call: 081 762 8379 (ptm-sp0408)Eden Massage. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own place. Thai massage, Oil massage, foot massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sports massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) (ptm-g0508)Travel Visas, Certified translation, interpreter, driving license, buying condo, advice? 084 105 4533

(ptm-j0308)Boarding Facilities for Cats and Dogs in East Pattaya. John 086 112 0988 Dan One Call Service. Property Services includes general household repairs, air conditioning repairs, swimming pool maintenance, gardening new and maintenance, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, cleaning. General Services includes translation, assistance for Thai driving license, immigration matters, real estate matter, driver for your own car. Call 085 163 5037 or email VDO Present Studio. We can make a presentation as VDO Presentation, Recording, Music VDO, Slide Show or special photograph in expertise skill in photographer. Please contact: Tiwa 086 787 8001 E-mail: Made to Order Cakes and Brownies, characters such as Sponge Bob, Barbie doll, Power Puff Girls, Spiderman, Christmas Bears and etc. Call 089 607 9850. Also, available Chocolate, Banana and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese. Ski Blind. For blinds, sunshade, retractable awning, canopy, folding doors. PVC strip doors, wallpapers, canvas, umbrellas, curtains, partitions, window shutter, and tents. Call Mr. Kiat at 081 307 7732 or e-mail Visit their website Need a sports massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) (ptm-0408)We Supply and Service Game Machines. Free of charge! We supply the machine, you provide the location. Call 081 762 8379 (ptm-0108)An Installed Concrete and Tile Pool adds value to your home, making it easier to sell. Completed/ready to use in 30 days cost under 300,000bt. With no hidden extras. Pool Guy 086 149 4279 Free advice about tax-free investments for Expats. Call 0813 613 642 or visit If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software and hardware, please phone 086 820 2577 or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng). I will go to service at your place. If you are Looking for a Computer Graphic Designer, Web designer or would like to make some printed matters in reasonable price, please phone 086 820 2577 (Thai) or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng) or email: (ptfsp-0108)Pattaya Secretarial Services. One Stop Service for your office needs, Client service 081 550 0885

Fax: (038) 374535

Legal and Visa services provided by American expert living in Thailand more than 10 years and English-speaking Thai lawyer.see ads in PattayaToday. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. at 084. 111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) for a free consultation. E-mail Insurance. With over 15 years experience. Northern Thai Insurance is still at the same address and can cater for all your insurance needs, be they medical, car, household etc. We are agents for all major Thai insurance companies. Northern Thai Insurances (opposite Royal Garden Shopping Plaza) Pattaya Second Road 038 723 479, 038 723 497, 081 624 6783 (Thai) or 081 861 6233 (English)

Job Vacancies (ptfjv-0408)Entertainment Company Requires Staff for their New Venture in Pattaya. PA/Secretary – Pleasant and cooperative personality, well organised, good communication & computer skills, university graduate, good command of written & spoken English. Sales/Marketing – Able to work independently, good communication & computer skills, commitment to meeting sales targets, outgoing positive personality, previous sales experience in advertising preferable, university graduate. Production / Technical – Audio production engineer, experience with Pro Tools an advantage, basic technical knowledge, creative thinking, ability to work independently, basic English language. Technical engineer, ability to maintain and oversee electronic equipment and PC’s. Music Programming – Radio experience a plus, good knowledge of music both old and new, general computer skills. DJ – Radio presenters and live DJ’s, good music knowledge,

good English language, computer literate, outgoing pleasant personality. Driver – Clean driving license, good track record, pleasant personality, English language a plus. To join our growing company’s Pattaya branch, send CV to or call 02 322 4890 to arrange an interview (ptfjv-0408) St. Andrews International School, Rayong Campus requires the following positions; 1. Teacher Assistant – Thai national, male/female. The successful applicant will work with individual children and small groups aged to eleven. A high level of both spoken and written English is essential. 2. Instrumental Music Teacher/ Teacher of Violin. The successful applicant, male or female, will work with individual children and small groups throughout the school. A high level of spoken English is required. Candidates should submit a supporting letter of application plus CV via e-mail or post by the 10th October 2008 to:- Mr. Andrew Harrison – Head of School, St. Andrews International School, Rayong, P.O. Box 54 Banchang Post Office, Banchang, Rayong 21130, e-mail: rayong@ (ptm-1408)Louis Properties Co., Ltd has vacancies for: 1. Marketing Manager, 25,000 + Bonus, 2 yrs working experience. 2. Sales Representative, 15,000+ High Commission, 1 yr experience. 3. Book Keeping/ Manager Assistant/Computer Database, 20,000 + Bonus, 2 yr experience. Must be able to speak and write English and Thai and have basic knowledge about computer operations. Also, speaking Russian urgently needed (highest salary and commission). Please send resume to or call Tony 086 8328 168, 089 585 8666

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


Classified (ptfjv-0308)Sales Staff Wanted:

Job Vacancies (ptfjv-0208)Thankful Knowledge Learning Center, 3rd road South Pattaya is looking for eligible, experienced, passionate English teacher to work 30-40 hours a week. More than bilingual will be an advantage. Attractive salary with accommodation. We will provide working permit for the best candidates. Email: Maid/Nanny wanted. Family moving to Pattaya. Call 02 3224890 (pta-0308)We are a Well Established Real Estate Company Based in Central Pattaya, looking to expand our clientele base into the Russian market, the successful applicant must be able to speak fluent Russian and English with knowledge of the Pattaya real estate Market and local area. The selected applicant will receive a commission based

salary. Please send your CV to or Call 084 780 8457 or 081 761 3238. (ptfjv-0308) Senior Sales Executive required by project Developer Company, must have excellent command of English, property sales experience. Please send CV to thiwakorn@ Tel: 083 226 7562 (ptfjv-0308)Urgent!!! Sales Executive wanted Thai female must have excellent command of English, property sales experience. Please send CV to Tel: 086 369 4882 (ptfjv-0308)Help Wanted. I am relocating to Pattaya in late October 2008. Seek female computer staff experienced with Ebay internet on-line sales in English. Excellent long term opportunity plus share of profits. Kindly contact William at e-mail: arosatradehk@

Full time, part time, must be able to speak basic English. Good salary + Commission. For more info, please contact 038 416 518, 086 838 3968 (ptfjv-0308)Urgently Needed Sales Staff in TukCom. Knowledge in computer accessories needed. Must speak and understand English. 7,000 baht per month. Contact 086 553 5067 (ptfjv-0308)Attractive, Educated, Mature (50’s/60’s) live-in housekeeper/companion, for retired English gentleman. Very little housework or cooking. Nationality not important, but must be non-smoker, speak and understand English very well. Salary rising to 15,000 baht per month. Please phone 038 421 502 (ptfjv-0208)Office Staff & Drivers needed for large car rental company. Must speak & read English. Have computer skills etc. Good salary for right persons. Contact 038 231 694, 081 808 7213 (ptfjv-0108)Manager Wanted for a Real Estate Project, Thai or foreigner, English speaking and preferably with a sales background in the Real Estate/ Hotel/Retail/Travel Industry but not compulsory, executive experience considered. Apply to with a covering letter and a full CV. (ptfjv-0108)Needed immediately secretary, receptionist, ad sales people and graphic artists for publishing company. Top pay for experienced professionals. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. at 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301. 048 (daytime, Thai & English). Send resume, CV or inquiries to

(ptfjv-0108)Heights Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Real Estate Development Company focusing on luxury residential development, looking for talented Graphic Designers who has experience in designing works e.g. brochures, leaflets, logo, etc. to join our team. Please contact K.Thong 038 364 951 or e-mail your CV to (pta-jtg2407)Looking for Staff with Knowledge in Foot Massage and Body Massage (5 position), Housekeeper (1 position). Good salary including accommodation. Please contact 081 361 5959 (ptm-p2407)Sales Staff Wanted. Part-time, full time, male and female, at least High School graduate. Please Call 086 721 6900 or email (pta-jv0108)Medium Sized Steel-Furniture Production and Export Company in Pattaya searching Thai candidates of both sexes, positioned as a General Manager. Preferably experienced in production related work, structured, cooperative, master good English both written and orally and have average computer skills. Work will be focused on general improvement both in sales and production performance. Personal management, reports and logistics will also be part of this work. Necessary training will be given. Salary up to 50,000 THB/month and possible bonus allocation,

Fax: (038) 374535

(pta-ev2307)Secretary Needed for Busy Law/Immigration Office, North Pattaya. The applicant must have very good English language/writing skills, very good computer skills, bright personality. Excellent salary and bonuses for the right person. Tel: 038 414 475, mobile: 089 092 2692 (pta-er2307)Staff Urgently Wanted. Leading Real Estate Brokerage Firm. Sales Staff / Listing Agent / Photographer, Thai national, age 20-35, Good communication skill, Good command of English (writing & speaking), Good attitude & positive, Experience preferably but not necessary, Training provided, Driver’s license. Call for more details 083 120 6042, 083 009 5214 or email your resume, specify position you apply for, and expected salary to

(pta-ph2307)Thai All Round Secretary and Website Manager Wanted! Our very busy and successful office is looking for an experienced secretary & web master. English language skills (speaking, reading, writing and typing) are essential and critical to get this job, as well as the self-confidence to use these skills. Basic computer experience is necessary and will also be a part of the job. It is also very Important that you know how to work with foreigners! Please contact us for more information and an interview at 087-0217014 (Jan Nuyten). (pta-jv2307)Driver/Office Helper Needed: For Real Estate, and Law Firm. Must speak English!! Good Salary: must be available with flexible hours. Call 084 158 0785

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008


E-mail :

Job Vacancies (pta-vj2207)Leading Thai International Construction Company. Looking for top quality personnel for major civil project in Dubai. Excellent salary & career opportunites. Project managers, Construction managers, QA/QC Engineers, AutoCad/Design Engineers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers. Age 30 – 47 years, good English. Engineer degree. Please send resume to Call 086-8169398 (ptfj-2007)Exciting Projects, Dynamic Company, great salary & bonus schemes are looking for the following positions: 2 Construction Managers (THB 100,000-150,000 tax free), 5 Section Managers (THB 60,00080,000), 10 Superintendents/ Supervisors (THB 40,000-50,000), 1 team Survey Engineers/ Technicians (THB 20,00040,000), 5 CAD Draughtsman (THB 20,000-40,000), 2 Project Planner/Co-ordinator & 4 Assistants (THB 30,00050,000), 2 Architects (THB 50,000-100,000). Only those with top ability & dynamic are required. Spoken & written English. Call 087 140 5199 or 086 816 9398

(ptfj-0308)Housekeeper, full or part time, sleep in, 7500 B – 12,500. Cook dinner, must speak some English, 038 231 999 Jomtien Plaza 2601 – 406/282 Unit A (ptfj-0308)Thai Aerobic, free form and ballroom dance instructors needed. Please call 038 231 999. Must speak some English (ptfj-1907)Off-shore Oil & Gas Personnel for Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia required. Call ECO Thai Group Co., Ltd., 038 682 097, 087 140 5199 Pro Language is language training institute based in Bangkok. Now we are opening a new office in Pattaya and seek Part-time and Full-time Teachers to join our team in Pattaya Branch. English Teachers and other Language Teacher, English-Dutch-German-ItalianFrench-Japanese-ChineseRussian-Korean-Spanish, Thai Teachers to teach Thai and English for Foreigners, Marketing. Please call K. Jerry and K. Nutcharee to arrange an appointment. Tel. 02-250-0072 LC International languages and Computer School is looking for Native of Japanese, German French, Chinese and English speaking teacher. Interested person please call: 038 361 948 - 9 or contact us by

Travel Mc Flight Travel & Visa. Cheapest Air Fares. Promotion BKK-LON, FRA,PAR, ROM, GVA Start from 10,000 O/W 20,100 R/T. Special Promotion on September AMS-BKKAMS . Start from 570 Euro’s. All the price not include tax. Visa to Europe, Vietnam, Laos, China, India, Myanmar, Indonesia; Ext Hotel Reservation, Scuba Diving, Taxi, Minibus. Tel 038 413 530, 038 724 023, Fax 038 413 540

Classified Motorbikes & Cars for Rent (ptm-t0508)Motorbikes for Rent. Nouvo, Click, Mio. 200 baht day. 1,000 baht week, 3,000 baht month. WILL DELIVER. 086 824 4910 Cheap car rental. Fully insured cars. Prices start from 800 THB / day. Call 0871 278 122 or visit (ptm-a0708)Joy & May Tour. Car Rent 24 hrs. Service to Bangkok, Airport. Taxi Minibus; Taxi Meter 790B, Private Car 1,190B, Minibus 1,490B not include express way. Call Apple at 083 705 5477, office located at Tops Supermarket Parking Side

Motorbikes & Cars Wanted (ptfvs-0308)Looking for a Second Hand Golf Car in good condition. Call 038 424 774. (ptfvs-0108)Looking for a Small Automatic-Car (Jazz, Vios, City, etc) no more than 5 years old. Tel.: 089 072 4897

Motorbikes & Cars for Sale (ptfvs-r0408)2003 Nissan NV Truck with Carryboy. Topautomatic 69,000 km. Excellent condition. 229,000 baht or best offer, tax and insured. 086 109 0721 (ptm-c0008)Yamaha Nouvo MX Special Edition. Chrome and black, 3 years old. 1 Falang owner, service history. 25,000 kms, only 25,000 baht ONO. Call 087 139 1570 (ptfvs-0108)Mitsubishi Triton 2006. Silver, 2 door, manual, 20,000 km, many extras, immaculate. Tel: 085 286 6303, Price: 399,000 Baht (ptm-c0008)Quick Sale! Toyota Hi Ace 12 Seater VIP. Mini bus 1998/9, 2.8 litre diesel, 5 speed, power steering, ‘metallic’ blue. Front & rear A.C., front & rear chrome bumpers, side steps, CD, TV, alloy wheels, electric windows. Ideal for golfing, outings etc. Loads of money spent. Service history. Beautiful all around condition! Price now reduced from 340,000 to 290,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845.

(ptfvs-0208)For Sale 06 Kawasaki KZ1000. 10,000K very fast bike. Nice shape, have book and tax and insured for one year. Call 084 873 3145. 275,000 O.B.O. (ptfvs-0208)Honda Phantom 06. 14,000 km. Farang name. English owner going home. 60,000 baht O.N.O. Tel. John 081 001 1810 (ptm-2407)Harley Davidson Sportex XL, 1200 cc, 2007. Only 445,000 baht. Harley Davidson Heritage – 100 yrs. Anniversary Edition, 2003. Only 750,000 baht. Call 089 607 9850 (ptm-2407)Toyota Tiger 3.0 Turbo Diesel 4x4 2 Door. Big Cab 1999, 5 speed, power steering. Heavy duty front and rear bumpers. Raised suspension, air bag, ABS, C.D. Big alloys, loads of extras, 130,000 kms. Full history. Falang owned. Immaculate condition. 390,000 baht. Call 087 139 1539 (ptfvs-2207)Absolutely Superb Immaculate Condition (YR 2000). Having travelled only 70,000 klms. Suzuki Vitara JLX 5 door automatic with overdrive and 4WD. Many extras, Maroon/Silver, taxed and insured for 9 months. Elderly owner is looking for smaller vehicle. All propositions considered 038 421 502. (ptfvs-a2207)Yamaha Nouvo MX Year 2005, for Sale 27,000 kms, black colour, chrome extras, alarm, in Foreigner ’s name. 30,000 baht or ONO. Call 087 139 1570. (ptm-J2207)07 Honda Phantom. 2,000k. 60,000 Baht. Call 084 873 3145 (ptm-J2207)For Sale Nov. 06 Toyota (4x4) Pick-up 5 Speed. Black, many-many extras 21,000k. 500,000 Baht. Call 084 873 3145 (ptfv-c2107)Toyota Corona Turbo Diesel 4 Door Saloon Gold. Very fast car. Power steering, alloy wheels, CD, air con, 5 speed, rare car in good condition. Loads of money spent. Must see! Must be sold quickly, hence at 99,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845

Fax: (038) 374535



Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

Miss Tiffany joins Kitchen Festival 2008

Nong Poy made the day more entertaining

A wide range of guests participated

Keen bidders attended the auction

BOONTHAVORN Pattaya, the interior design and floor specialists, invited Miss Tiffany of 2004, Khun Poy Treechada, to preside over a fun cooking contest called Mieang Tuna. There was also a bold auction of electrical equipment and decorative items for the kitchen with prices starting at one baht.

Archie Dunlop celebrates his 86th birthday

A youthful looking Archie Dunlop with his goddaughter Gillian

DFiT fitness center thank you party

Jim Lumsden (left), Glenn Campbell & Peter Storrow enjoy the champagne reception

Andrew Wood reminds everyone of Archie’s generous nature

FIFTY of Pattaya’s famous and wise attended by invitation Archie Dunlop’s champagne birthday party and regal buffet held in the sumptuous surroundings of the Royal Cliff Resort on September 20. Archie, a former military policeman decorated with the British Empire Medal and later a very successful London club owner, is now based in Spain but spends several months of the year in his favourite Thai beach resort. The evening was made special for Archie by the presence of his goddaughter Gillian. Hotelier Andrew Wood gave a short speech in which he congratulated Archie for his energy and stamina and thanked him for his many contributions to his favoured Pattaya Gay Festival and the Heartt 2000 aids charity fund. Archie commented tongue in cheek that he was planning his 90th birthday party already but wasn’t sure how many of the evening’s guests would actually make it in 2012.

US & UK War Veterans meet

Ms. Panthip Pongkieo, DFiT club manager (4th right) and her team pose with some of the fitness club members at the cocktail party

DUSIT Thani Pattaya’s DFiT Fitness Club recently hosted an informal cocktail party for its members to thank them for their loyalty and continued support despite the presence of a string of fitness clubs that has since sprung up in and around Pattaya. The night spelt fun, fabulous prizes and funky entertainment as the DFiT team put up special dance numbers while everyone enjoyed scrumptious food and drinks.

British flag bearer Rick Holmes with US flag bearer Ken Miller

VFW President Al Serato welcomes British Legion President Middy Campbell

VFW president presented the cheque to The Fountain of Life Foundation

FOR the first time ever, the American Veterans of Foreign Wars held a combined meeting with the more recently formed Royal British Legion of Thailand and both these associations gathered at the Hog’s Breath Bar & Restaurant in South Pattaya. As well as being an introductory meeting for members of both organisations, this meeting was called to commemorate former prisoners of war and combatants who are listed as ‘missing in action’. At this meeting the VFW presented a 25,000 baht Cheque to the Good Shepherd Foundation, which is part of the Fountain of Life.

B.O.Y meet & greet at Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa

RECENTLY, Ravindra Beach Resort and Live TV joined together to support the activity of the 4 young artists named B.O.Y that came along with the fan club for the Meet & Greet activities. The trip started with the course of relaxation at Ravindra Spa and a work out exercise with the beach Volley Ball and swimming. Live TV took the opportunity to interview Khun Thanet, the managing director of Ravindra Resort about the hotel’s beauty and the special service it can offer.

Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008




Happy Birthday Khun Suwatchai

With Banglamung Nai Amphur Mongkol Thammakitikul

Mr Chenyuth Hengratgool, former assembly member for Chonburi, and his wife Wirawan

Mr Bandit Siritanyong, owner of Soodtangrak restaurant and adviser to the head of the metropolitan police

Well known businessman Khun Suwatchai Achaleewiwat or “Koo Chai” recently celebrated his 64th birthday at The Garden Seaview Resort in Pattaya. The event was attended by many friends and associates and included a good luck Buddhist ceremony. Khun Suwatchai is a keen supporter of community and social events in the resort and runs a very successful hotels’ business.

The “Waterfront” is launched in style

Pattaya Real Estate Brokers Stuart Daly, David Gray and Scott Malone

Elron Team, David Jacoby, David Walton & Ido Goren

The Paragon Properties team all attended

BOT Governor at the special BCCT luncheon

Vice president of Elron Group (Asian Property Division) Daniel Jacoby

A SOFT opening party for selected real estate brokers was held on the Bali Hai site of the big Waterfront condominium, which will become a real landmark along the Pattaya waterfront. Their rooms are all ultra modern design with a spacious, uncluttered lay out, featuring stunning Pattaya Bay views and will lead to the next level of coastal living. The Waterfront is backed by the giant Middle Eastern Elron Group, with worldwide business interests, whose area vice president, Mr. Daniel Jacoby, flew into Thailand especially for this event. The show suites and marketing office are now open behind the condominium site.

Ocean environment in question

Mr. Greg Pitt - Managing Director, Mackenzie Smith Law, Mr. Trevor Allen - BCCT Board Director, Mr. Mark Devadason - BCCT Board Director & CEO, Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) pcl, Dr. Tarisa Watanagase, Mr. Rodney Bain – BCCT Chairman, Mr. Stephen Frost – BCCT Board Director, Mr. Steve Buckley – Director of Trade & Investment, British Embassy

STANDARD Chartered Bank (Thai) PCL sponsored the Special British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) luncheon with guest speaker Dr. Tarisa Watanagase, Governor, The Bank of Thailand on Wednesday 17th September 2008 at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.

Khun Wenna & Mayor Itthiphol with Dr. Cherchinda & Khun Srisuda

These foreign delegates took time out to read Pattaya Today Newspaper

UN program official Alberto Capella shows an example of beachfront pollution

MANY of the world’s leading environmental experts on ocean environmental issues gathered for a three day seminar at Pattaya’s Siam Bay Shore hotel resort, and focused on problems in the SE Asian and Pacific rim regions. This was strongly supported by our own city hall and other national bodies including the tourist association, and talks covered a wide range of specialisms on the prevention of pollution. It was disturbing to see pictures of foreshore areas in Chonburi province that were very badly polluted with garbage, so there is much clean up work to be done in this regard.

Aussie Chamber at Hard Rock

Businessmen from Pattaya and Bangkok, John, Joe, Peter & Craig

SACCT President Maurice Bromley (2nd right) with the lovely BPH ladies

Sponsors from The Clough Engineering Group & Hardrock Hotel

PATTAYA’S Hard Rock Hotel hosted the Australian Chamber in a very relaxed Sundowner evening at the reception room. One of the sponsors, the Clough Company, has been operating in Thailand for many years, and specializes in engineering projects associated with the multi-million dollar off-shore oil drilling industry. A large number of local people from a diverse variety of businesses operations attended the event which always attracts a good attendance.


Vol. 8 No. 2 ! 1 - 15 October 2008

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Volume 8, Issue 2 1st - 15th October

Pattaya Today  

Volume 8, Issue 2 1st - 15th October