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Volume 13, Issue 20

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1 - 15 July 2014


Update on thai driving license

Department of Land Transport office in Banglamung


he director-general of the Department of Land Transport, Asdsathai Rattanadilok Na Phuket, recently invited the press to see the new procedures for applying for a Thai driving license. He pointed out that all first-time applicants, both Thai and foreign, must now achieve 90 percent correct answers in a touchscreen written test of 50 questions, chosen at random from a data bank of 1,000. The test covers safety matters on road use and is available in English or Thai. All 1,000

questions and answers are provided on the website for study purposes, although some of the questions in English have clearly been set by nonnative speakers. First-time applicants for a one-year driving license must possess valid passport and non-immigrant visa (original and photocopy), proof of address provided by the Immigration Bureau or foreign embassy or provided on current work permit, medical certificate less than one-month-old and international or

home country license (translated if not in English and certified by respective embassy). Those without such a license are required to take additional practical and study tests. All applicants must pass a short eyesight (color perception, peripheral vision, depth perception) and reflex examination as part of the whole application procedure. Asdsathai stressed that the new regulations were designed to achieve fewer accidents on the roads. The Continued on page 4

Vol 13 issue 20 1 15 july 2014  
Vol 13 issue 20 1 15 july 2014