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Volume 13, Issue 19

16 - 30 June 2014


What’s Inside:

Reconciliation begins in Pattaya


nder a large banner proclaiming “Bring Happiness Back to Thais”, there was a carnival atmosphere at the joint army and police celebrations held at Pattaya police station and the adjoining basement area of Central Festival Pattaya Beach on June 3. The “Happiness” slogan is one endorsed by

military coup leader and army general Prayuth Chan-ocha as he seeks reconciliation in the country between opposing political factions. A large crowd of civilians also assembled to hear several very professional bands and singers from the army base near Sattahip who were there to entertain the public. Several nurses

were also on hand to offer blood pressure checks to passers-by. Army spokesperson Veerawut Sriboo told Pattaya Today that the event, which was attended by army and police top brass in Chonburi, was designed to show that the military and police were working together

to bring about political peace and an end to color-coded politics. “General Prayuth,” he said, “has announced that he wants genuine reconciliation and today’s event was just a first step in that process.” Also on the agenda will Continued on page 4

Vol 13 issue 19 16 30 june 2014  
Vol 13 issue 19 16 30 june 2014