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16-30 november 2013

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interestingly, by a seven-year spell in the Middle East working directly with members of the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Dubai. He has lived in Jomtien since 2004 and was previously a director in one of the area’s Big Four real estate offices. Kevin formally set up his current company in 2010 and was joined by his Thai wife and co-director, Chanram, who herself has wide experience of the area’s real estate business. “I first visited Thailand as a tourist,� says Kevin, “and like so many others soon fell in love with the place. As of today’s market I’m concerned that the resort may soon have a surplus of properties in what I would class B-grade locations, especially tiny condominium units, but I’m extremely confident there is a bright future for top-grade properties in prime locations whether it be near the beach, with easy access to the area’s facilities, or a well-run gated community in an attractive environment.�

He adds that with so many sites already occupied in other districts, the resort’s principal expansion will be in Jomtien, especially along Jomtien Two Road and south to Na Jomtien and Bang Saray. “These are going to be the popular, valuefor-money areas for the remainder of this decade, and that’s especially true for expat families.� Pattaya Jomtien Property lays a lot of emphasis on internet marketing and now boasts one of the most popular independent websites on the Eastern Seaboard by Alexa ratings. Additional and ongoing marketing on a selection of global real estate portals means the company is able to connect with an increasing number of international clients. Kevin’s

“We give independent property advice by presenting the customer with a range of intelligent choices.� portfolio now includes large international PLC groups from India, Britain, Russia, Singapore and Indonesia with specialist interests in residential properties, industrial land and factories, and upscale hotels and resorts.

Asked about the changing visitor profile to Pattaya, Kevin agrees that the trend to more Russians and Asians is having an effect. “Eight years ago most customers in the real estate market were Europeans in general and Brits in particular, but especially since 2008 that has been changing. Our company has seen more clients from Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia in particular, whilst the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community from the end of 2015 will see more integration with the ten ASEAN partners in the medium term. Chinese buyers are now beginning to enter the Pattaya property market, but I do think the larger impact is still some years down the road.� What then has been the secret of Pattaya’s remarkable success story? Kevin points firstly to the resort’s cosmopolitan nature. “There really is something for everybody here,� he muses. “But large scale property purchases require a good infrastructure, including quality schools, hospitals and leisure pursuits. People want to work or retire in a place where the services are readily available and that is where Pattaya scores very highly. Expats are now actively looking at the whole range of the Eastern Seaboard from Sattahip to Chonburi, which is reflected in our vast portfolio of properties of all types, both residential and commercial.� Kevin and his professional staff clearly have a very firm grasp of the local property market and are certainly committed to giving independent and

qualified advice about the range of options, which can be bewildering to the newcomer. It is that confidence which lies at the heart of the company’s success. The managing director concludes, “There are larger real estate companies in the city, but being the biggest does not always mean the best.�

Kevin Hurst

Managing Director

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Vol 13 issue 05 16 30 november 2013  
Vol 13 issue 05 16 30 november 2013