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Volume 13, Issue 03

16 - 31 October 2013


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British Embassy Changes Retirement Rules T

he Bangkok-based British Embassy has announced that British nationals need no longer use its services to obtain an income verification letter in connection with their one-year visa applications at Thai immigration.

In an email communication, a spokesman said that British nationals, if they wish, may use any other embassy or consulate to obtain their income letter provided the alternative agency and the immigration bureau will accept the documentation. Bangkok consul Michael Hancock explained that the embassy was reducing its notarial work and concentrating on trying to assist British nationals in need. He added that the loss of income did not concern the embassy. Since the closure of the British

honorary consulate in Jomtien in October 2012, British nationals have travelled to Bangkok to obtain an income verification letter or applied by post or given their paperwork to a local visa agent to submit the documentation on their behalf. British nationals may continue to do this or, as an alternative, they may contact other consulates in Pattaya to produce the letter to show to immigration. However, British nationals must continue to utilize only the British embassy in Bangkok for any matters connected with births, marriages and deaths. Obviously other consulates and embassies do not possess the records or the authority for these matters. The new ruling concerns only income and address confirmation required by the Thai authorities, usually immigration.

Barry Kenyon, a former British honorary consul in Pattaya, said, “The British embassy has long complained about the nonsense of income verification as nobody knows whether the details provided by the applicant are true or not. It is an open secret which other European consulates in Pattaya will do the substitution for a fee but Brits can easily find out by asking friends or their local friendly visa agent.” He added, “Because the British embassy fees historically are much more expensive than those of other European Union countries, I imagine that more and more Brits will seek to bypass the British embassy for their income letters. It’s surprising that the embassy has no problem with the loss of income in a time of financial cuts, but life in Thailand is full of oddities.”


16 - 31 October 2013

News Butter Gang strikes again

A group of ladyboys known as the Butter Gang robbed seven victims in a single day during a remarkable crime spree. Amongst those reporting losses at the police station was a 72-yearold Maltese man who lost more than US$3,000 in an attack on his trouser pockets. He said he was approached in the Royal Garden Plaza by people

offering a sex. When he turned away, the gang robbed his money. In a separate incident, two Indian men were driven round in circles on a motorbike until they were too dizzy to protect themselves as their pockets were picked and their jewelry snatched by nimble fingers. They told police later that the ladyboy driver told them she was

trying to find a particular massage parlour which seemed to have moved. A larger group of Indians also visited the police station to report that they had been offered free sex but, as it turned out, it cost them everything they had with them—more than 70,000 baht. Police said the gang had now likely dispersed as their criminal activities had become well known.

Theft at vegetable Omani drugged seller’s house by transvestite

Unknown varlets waited until a house was unoccupied in Sukhumvit 69 before breaking into a residence and stealing a 100 kilogram safe with cash, gold and sensitive documents. They left behind damage to doors, windows and household items that were scattered about. A neighbour telephoned the owner to say report that his house had been robbed. Police at the scene said it was likely there were at least two criminals involved as the safe was very heavy.

Vietnamese flower sellers plucked

Thirty illegal immigrants from Vietnam were arrested in Banglamung. Police went in force to inspect the premises when it was learned that the immigrants were eking out a living by selling flowers. They were found living in squalid conditions. Investigators said that the group would be checked for documentation and probably deported. Police confiscated several bunches of roses to use as prime evidence.

Shirtless Ahed Hamdaen, a 33-year-old tourist from Oman, reported to police that he had been drugged and robbed by a ladyboy. He explained that he had met the katoey near Walking Street but had no idea that he was speaking to a man. The pair proceeded to a short-time room where the tourist sipped a drink prepared for him by the charming and polite transvestite. Once the drug took effect, the Omani fell asleep and awoke to find himself with a headache and without his wallet and its contents.

Deadly quarrel

A man was beaten so savagely with a wooden stake that he died on the spot in Soi Potisan. Samran Phianketkit, a 41– year-old electrician, was accosted by an angry gang of seven, according to a bystander who said Samran had previously beaten up one of the gang members. The attack took place outside a snooker hall. The attackers seeking revenge fled before the police arrived.


16 - 31 October 2013

News Sheraton Pattaya announces raffle winners The top four winners of the Sheraton Pattaya Resort’s anniversary drawing were Carol C., who won a 3-night stay at Sheraton Saigon; Grant G., 2 nights at W Retreat Koh Samui; Windingstad D., 2 nights at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, and Pansawan N., 2 nights at Sheraton Pattaya. Seen in photo at announcement ceremony are Tomo Kuriyama, genaral manager, (2nd from left); Khanitha Singtothong, executive assistant manager (2nd from right); Jantana Soncharoen, executive housekeeping (left), and Phinyo Thanbunphairach, F&B manager (right).

The Return of MOKE: Bringing Back the 60’s with its Hip Design MOKE International thrilled Pattaya tourists with the return of MOKE--a world-famous car from the 60s--at Pullman Pattaya Hotel G. The designer car turned heads on its first appearance in Thailand, assisted by Danielle Peters from the Australian company. The newest incarnation of this classic vehicle, after production stopped in 1992, features the

same classic look with modern engineering and construction. Interior and exterior features were designed by British designer Michael Young. The new engine was built by China’s Chery. Danielle described MOKE as “a recreational vehicle that is perfect for warm locations full of warm people that like to enjoy life. We believe that the Thai people, tourists and expats will fall in love with this special, fun car. The MOKE makes people smile and so does the hospitality this gorgeous country Thailand has on offer.” She also explained that the MOKE audience are those who have a passion for classic cars, love a relaxed beach lifestyle and traveling in style – the wind and sun in their hair. Car rental companies are also a MOKE target. MOKE will be available in Thailand early next year.


16 - 31 October 2013

News POLI CE SUMMARY OF THAI VISAS FOR FOREIGNERS No Visa Required Tourists from many countries - including US, UK, Australia, Russia and most of Europe – do not need a visa to enter Thailand for up to 30 days if arriving by air, or two weeks if entering by a land border. Both these stamps can be extended by a further seven days at a Thai Immigration Office. Nationals of several countries, mainly in Latin America, automatically receive three months on arrival. Visitors from other countries, India and China for example, require a visa-on-arrival at the airport or in other cases a prior visa obtained in their country of origin. Longer Stays Visitors from all countries requiring a longer stay can apply for a 60-day tourist visa or 90-day non-immigrant visa at a Thai consulate or embassy overseas, usually but not necessarily in their home country. These visas can be extended – one month for tourist visas and one week for non immigrant visas – and are sometimes issued as double or multiple entries for a specified time period. Thai consulates and embassies worldwide have some discretion; enquiries should be made directly. 0/A Visas Some Thai embassies, especially in Europe and US, issue yearly visas with multiple re-entry permits attached. It is necessary to show substantial income or bank deposits in the home country (typically at least 800,000 baht equivalent), and police clearance there may also be necessary. Enquiries about the 0/A visa must be made at the Thai embassy or consulate in your own country. Retirement Visa The Thai Immigration Office can issue a one-year, renewable visa to men and women 50 years and older who have an annual income or cash reserves of at least 800,000 baht. Those wishing to leave Thailand during the life of any long-term visa must obtain a re-entry permit available in single or multiple form. Spouse Visa A foreigner formally married to a Thai person can apply for a renewable one-year spouse visa. The formal income or cash-in-the-bank requirement is a minimum of 400,000 baht, but there are several other conditions. Many foreigners over 50 elect to choose the retirement visa which requires less bureaucracy. Education Visa This renewable one-year visa is usually available to foreigners who wish to learn the Thai language by attending formal classes. This visa-commonly sought by foreigners under 50 or without a Thai spouse--allows them to live in the country whilst they study. Work Permit Work permits are issued by the Department of Labour and require a lot of paperwork. Basically foreigners must have made an investment of at least 2 million baht and set up a company or have been offered a post by a registered employer. Once the work permit has been issued, holders can apply at the Immigration Bureau for a one-year visa. Overstay Overstaying a Thai visa is a serious offence. The fine is 500 baht a day up to a maximum of 20,000 baht. Very long overstays without good reason (such as serious and documented ill-health) can result in prosecution, imprisonment and deportation. Other immigration services The Immigration Bureau can issue letters confirming the foreigner’s address in Thailand which are needed for some purposes, including a Thai driver’s licence and opening a Thai bank account. The bureau is also responsible for the “90 days report”, a requirement for long-term visitors to Thailand to confirm their Thai address every three months if they have not left the Kingdom. The Immigration Bureau also maintains a criminal investigation section to examine breaches of the Kingdom’s immigration rules.

Chinese tourist laments iPhone loss

When Liw Feng Un could not find his iPhone, which he had left only for a couple of minutes in a fast food outlet in South Pattaya, the 32-yearold man from Shanghai became distressed. He told police that he had dashed back to the eatery, but his tray had disappeared from the table, along with his personal property. Staff said they could shed no light on the matter even though the double disappearance of the tray and the iPhone at the same time suggested somebody might know something. Police said they had examined the CCTV footage bit the camera was not positioned to include Liw’s table. He was advised to contact the Chinese embassy for assistance.

Russian injured after Accident victim losing key card looks for saviour

A Russian woman suffered injuries to her face and legs when she fell from an apartment window. Police were summoned to the scene on Thepprasit Road and arranged for the woman to be taken to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. A noodle vendor at the site said she heard a thud and saw the victim on the ground and in great pain. She could not understand what had happened, however, because the injured woman spoke no Thai. Investigators believe the foreigner had lost her electronic key card and could not enter her apartment, so she tried to climb through a window and lost her balance.

A British man involved in an accident in January 2004 has returned to Thailand to locate the Thai man who saved his life. Ronan Bradley, 35, was pulled from a car wreck on South Pattaya Road by a Thai man eight years ago. Bradley said he was driving a motorbike along the road when he crashed into a jeep which burst into flame. The Brit initially was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, and subsequently underwent 12 more operations in UK. He has now returned to Pattaya and hopes to find the Good Samaritan. His search began at Pattaya Memorial where he hoped to glean some information from their records.

Brazilian tourist beaten with pipe An argument about parking led to a foreign tourist being struck with a metal strip and a confrontation requiring police intervention. A 33year-old woman from Brazil, Eponina Coutinho, said she and a group of tourists found that their parked car had a flat tyre. Wannapong, a shopkeeper on Second Road, expressed anger that the car remained in front of his shop and told them to move it. The visitors explained that they could not move the vehicle because it had a flat tyre, and said they would return soon with the necessary tools. When the group returned, Wannapong again confronted them, ignoring their earlier explanation. During the resulting squabble, Eponina said she was hit on the head and arm and required seven stitches in her head. Wannapong denied having

hit anyone, claiming that somebody else must have done it during the confused melee witnessed by several

Man sets motorbike on fire South Pattaya residents summoned police when they witnessed a Thai man setting fire to a motorbike. By the time officers arrived, the arsonist had fled into a neighbouring bar complex and was nowhere to be seen. The man’s girlfriend, Pikul, said the two frequently quarreled over their respective sex lives and third parties. On this occasion, she suggested, her boyfriend, Sakorn, was so angry that he destroyed his own property in frustration.

of his friends and supporters. Police said they would view CCTV footage.


16 - 31 October 2013

News Two Centara Spa Cenvaree outlets awarded Pasit Poomchusri (right), deputy director general of the Department of Tourism, presented a trophy to Elaine Chua (centre), corporate director of Spa Operations, Centara Hotels & Resorts, at the Thailand Spa & Well-Being Awards 2013. Two branches of Spa Cenvaree, Centara’s luxury brand, won awards. Spa Cenvaree at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld won in the People’s Choice Traditional Thai Experience category, and Spa Cenvaree at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya won in the People’s Choice Amazing Hotel Spa category. Manager of Spa Cenvaree in Bangkok, Sinee Chutinavee, is seen at left.

Another new condo in Pattaya The Moroc Condo on Sukhumvit Road was opened at a ceremony involving chief executives of the sponsoring company. The condo is currently in the pre-construction stages. For further details go to


16 - 31 October 2013

News Assisting the Pattaya tourist police Newly appointed group leader Wayne Walton (right) outlined the latest developments in the Foreign Tourist Police Assistants (FTPA) in a talk to Pattaya City Expats Club. Wayne, formerly of the UK Metropolitan police, was promoted to his new position by Lieutenant Colonel Aroon Promphan (left), commander of the Tourist Police Division in Pattaya. Wayne relocated to Thailand when he retired two years ago. The security expert said that FTPA has about 45 foreigners and, among them, speak more than a dozen languages. Most of the volunteers are stationed on Walking Street offering tourists advice and assisting them when they are involved in robberies, assaults, drunkenness and problems with bar tabs. There is now a lengthy induction period of FTPA applicants as well as ongoing training for all members. Wayne said that the duties are now being diversified to include motorbike patrols in Naklua and Jomtien as well as some

daytime beach patrols. He stressed that the foreign volunteers always work under the overall supervision of regular Thai Tourist Police officers. As Pattaya’s tourist profile continues to change with the influx of more and more Russians and Asians, the FTPA has sought to include members conversant in Russian, Farsi and Chinese. “There is an ongoing need for us to speak to the new generation of tourists in their own language, as they often speak neither English nor Thai,” Wayne pointed out. He noted that people with Android and iPhone phones can download a “tourist buddy” application to contact the Tourist Police in an emergency. The technology allows officers to pinpoint the location of the caller. “The use of new technology is another example of how we are trying to move with the times.” Those wishing to know more about FTPA or considering an application to join should refer to Barry Kenyon, FTPA press officer, said

criteria for joining the group included a one-year visa in Thailand, proof of a clean criminal record in the country of origin, and relevant experience such as police, military, or legal service, linguistic abilities, or a diplomatic background.

Thailand named Best Golf Destination

Thailand has been named the “Best Golf Destination” at the Safari India National Tourism Awards 2013, and Runjuan Tongrut, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), New Delhi office, was named “Best Professional in Marketing.” Runjuan expressed her gratitude to the editors and management of Safari India, saying the golf award is the recognition of efforts made towards promoting the increasingly popular sport as Thailand has become a natural attraction for golfers thanks to its modern facilities, internationally-designed championship courses, cost competitiveness, unmatched

hospitality and excellent infrastructure. “We are also very delighted to have Gaganjeet Bhullar on board as our golf brand ambassador as he is India’s most promising golfer and we believe he will be a huge inspiration to golfers in India. He has often been to Thailand, and enjoys playing golf there,” she added. Thailand has more than 250 world-class golf courses, ranging from locations from cosmopolitan Bangkok to beach destinations such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Koh Samui and Phuket, as well as in the highland areas of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Khao Yai.

Golf has been played in Thailand for 100 years now, with matches reported at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club as early as 1905. The first recognised 18-hole course, Royal Hua Hin, was built by a Scottish engineer in 1924. Thailand hosts many

globally recognised golf tournaments, such as the Honda LPGA Thailand and the Royal Trophy – Europe vs. Asia Golf Championship. Thailand also hosted the Asia Golf Tourism Convention last April and the Yatra Tournament in June.

Miss Mimosa Queen seeking contestants Mimosa invites ladyboys to join the first Miss Mimosa Queen Thailand 2013 competition. Mimosa Pattaya owner and president Jirachote Kaewsathean, together with Pattaya Deputy Mayor Weerawat Kakhai and TAT Pattaya Director Autthaphol Wannakij, announced that the pageant is in celebration of the annual Loi Krathong festival. More than 700,000 baht in cash and prizes await winning contestants at the Nov. 14 to 17 event. Organizers seek to provide a platform for beautiful ladyboys with great personalities to promote the role of ladyboys in society. The winner will receive 100,000 baht cash and will be the ambassador of Mimosa Pattaya. Applications are available until Nov. 13 at Mimosa Pattaya’s office opposite Ambassador City Jomtien. For more details, go to, or call 038 237319.

Women’s volleyball filmed in Pattaya Usa Pookpant, public relations manager of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, seen here with the Thailand Women Beach Volleyball team and coach Petch Pootsorn, in town for a movie and TV filming of the well-known sporting group.


16 - 31 October 2013

News Vegetarian Festival a hearty success Pattaya’s annual Vegetarian Festival, the biggest in the Kingdom, attracted a record number of Thais and foreigners earlier this month to the exciting celebrations under the direction of the Sawang Boriboon Foundation. There was a much bigger selection of non-meat and non-fish dishes this year. The city’s vegetarian restaurants reported a roaring trade. The price of raw vegetables rose appreciably in stores and shops during the Chinese-orientated festivities.

Getting ready for ASEAN start

Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome presented certificates of proficiency in English to staff in tourist businesses that had passed the examinations. This is part of the training for the arrival of the free-trade area of 10 Southeast Asian countries in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) beginning at the end of 2015. The economic union is expected to boost trade and tourism in the region; Thailand’s role is seen as a transit hub. English will be the official language of the AEC.

Charity bowling competition

SF Strike Bowl at Central Festival Pattaya Beach was the venue for a charity event for the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn trophy. Organized by the Lions Club, more than 160 teams participated. Contributions were donated to cancer and education charities.

Senator visits Pattaya City Bangkok Senator Surachai Chairakultong, who currently serves as Senate president, visited the Eastern Seaboard city to observe the workforce and the city’s progress in developing tourist services. He was shown a video of the management of Pattaya and the achievements as regards the implementation of the government’s 300-baht a day minimum-wage policy and the 15,000-baht a month starting salary for new graduates.

From Russia with love

by Derek Franklin

Following the success of Pattaya’s Russian Cultural Festival earlier this year, a second festival is planned for next month. The recent influx of Russian nationals into Pattaya has seen a shift in the expatriate population of our city. Russians come a close second to the Chinese when it comes to people arriving on package holidays. Russian language newspapers as well as radio and TV outlets now outnumber those in English. It has been said that Russian nationals are keeping the property market buoyant. Restaurants serving traditional Russian food and theme bars have sprung up all over the city from Jomtien to Naklua, including Walking Street in between.

Many long-term residents complain bitterly on popular internet forums of how the Russians are taking over and ruining the image of the city, and yet it would be fair to ask if any of these complaining expats have ever met anyone from Russia. Have they ever taken the time to start up a conversation with a Russian, eaten Russian food, listened to Russian music or know anything about Russian culture? First the Americans came to Pattaya, followed by the Brits, the Germans and the Scandinavians. And now the Russians are enjoying Pattaya. But instead of complaining about the Russian invasion, surely it is time to learn something about these people

who ‘are ruining our city’. Well, now is your chance. The Our World Cultural & Educational Center, based in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok, is hosting the second Russian Cultural Festival at 6 p.m., Sunday Nov. 3 at the Father Ray Foundation on Sukhumvit Road. Participants from all over Russia will participate, including several groups from northern Siberia. The organizers invite everyone to

come and learn—Russians and non-Russians alike. Performances will include ethnic traditional, contemporary and ballroom dancing, as well as folk, pop, jazz and choral vocalists. Local singers, dancers and artists, individuals and groups, are all invited to participate, learn about a new culture and also teach visitors about local Thai culture. For more details, email Alexander at nightguest@


16 - 31 October 2013


Fireworks at Cape Dara Resort Pattaya

Chinese trait Local tourism authorities are having to remind the many Chinese guests these days to avoid spitting in public and to observe the niceties of queuing when awaiting their turn at the supermarket checkout. But, strangest of all, it seems the Chinese visitors have been stealing the life jackets under their seats on flights. Let’s hope this naughty aircraft habit only happens in cattle class and doesn’t spread to business passengers. Well-kept secret The grill room at the Royal Cliff, near Pattaya, currently offers a table d’hote menu and two glasses of passable red or white wine for 1,300 baht--before extras that is. Given the excellent quality of the food there, this is really good value for money in one of the very top eateries in Pattaya. Last week the menu included amuse bouche, salad, firstclass cod, and a rich dessert--all served with the usual Royal Cliff elite standards of service and care. Stock up with wine After recent duty increases--on wine in particular, the price of imported bottles is set to skyrocket by 100 baht or even more on better brands. It’ll be best to stock up now at the old price, although it may be too late by the time you read this snippet of news. Thailand certainly loves to penalise wine drinkers. It’s now more than double the price you’d expect to pay in Cambodia, India, and most other Asian countries. Tourism strategy ahead The prime minister has assigned the Tourism Ministry to collect indepth information in each province to chart out a clear strategy for growth in the medium term. She wants a plan to achieve 2.2 billion baht in revenue by finding out the exact number of visitors, their per capita spending, their length of stay, numbers of staff and what the foreigners spend their time doing. As regards Pattaya, that should make interesting reading. As the policeman said all those years ago, “Few people come to Pattaya to admire the waterfalls”. Selling police promotions It’s good to see the prime minister ordering the police to stop selling provincial senior positions to the highest bidder. Although corruption in the police doesn’t seem to be getting better, and maybe worse, it’s good to see the top government official openly addressing the issue. It remains to be seen what will change in practice other than promises to get tough on officers found to be breaking the law. Vegetarian festival The 2013 Pattaya vegetarian festival, hosted essentially by the Sawangboriboon Foundation, has just finished. It has become one of the most popular annual tourist attractions in the city. But let’s be clear: vegetarian food can be healthy but is remarkably fattening if the dishes are fried in rich oil and followed by high-calorie desserts. It’s not a question of whether you go veggie for healthy eating, but what exactly you choose to consume. Floods on schedule As usual at this time of the year, Pattaya has been hit by flash flooding. The worst affected area as ever was Sukhumvit Road between the South and Central intersections, together with other selected districts of South Pattaya, including Soi Buakhao. Every year we hear that flood prevention measures have been put in place and every year it happens again. The reality is that most Pattaya drains are too small to deal with heavy deluges--even if short-lived. Halloween upcoming Stores and supermarkets are now offering all the things you need to scare your friends or the family cat on October 31. These include witches’ hats, pirate costumes, vampire teeth and zombie masks. Nonetheless, we were a little confused on Second Road to see a store offering imitation ruby slippers (the Wizard of Oz ones) for sale in the middle of the collection of nightmare material. We never knew Judy Garland was into that sort of thing. Odd sign Seen outside a bar on Third Road. “Dear Patrons, Although Happy Hour is from noon to 6 p.m., please note that we will open at 7 p.m. for the next month.” Maybe it’s a conundrum.

The editor and management of Pattaya Today don’t necessarily share the views expressed in this column

Cape Dara Resort will feature a BBQ seafood buffet offering diners a front row view of the annual fireworks competition on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 29 and 30. The special packages on offer include BBQ buffet and

drinks 2,700 baht net per person, buffet only at 1,800 baht net per person and drinks only at 900 baht net per person. The room package starts from 9,590 baht net. Call (038) 933 888 or visit

Siam Bayshore hosts Pattaya Classical Guitar Festival & Competition The fifth annual Pattaya Classical Guitar Festival & Competition gets underway at Siam Bayshore Oct. 27, presented by Sukosol Hotels, the Thailand Guitar Society, Pattaya People Media Group and the city of Pattaya. Showcasing the world’s top guitar makers and musicians, the festival is open to the public, including collectors, musicians, and students. The program boasts an impressive list of artists, luthiers and students from Japan, Germany, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Switzerland, America, Poland, Indonesia and Thailand. This all-day event kicks off with adult and junior guitar competitions at 9 a.m., followed by a world-class guitar exhibition at 1 p.m. The Thailand Guitar Society student concert starts at 2, followed at 4 by the “Finest Young Guitarists” a performance starring Natdanai Phuaphanprasong and The Juggajee Guitar Duo (both from Thailand), and Ouo Jeli (Indonesia). Competition winner in the adult competition then will be awarded a

concert guitar valued at US$4,500, made by the world renowned Indonesian luthier Hanief Palopo. At 6 pm, the Master Concert gets underway with performances by Thai musicians Woratep Rattanaumpawan and Sakol Siripipattanakul, Pongpat Pongpradit, and Santi Kaewjai, and a guitar duo. The day closes with a concert at 8 pm featuring Pia Gazarek Offermann (Germany), Paul Cesarczyk (USA/ Polish), Leon Koudelak (Swiss/ Czech), Tomonori Arai (Japan) and

Hitoshi Miyashita (Japan/Thailand), Maria Duo (Japan) and an Award ceremony. Proceeds from the festival will go to the Father Ray Foundation. Admission is 500 baht for adults and 400 baht for students with I.D. Tickets are on sale at Siam Bayshore. Call 038–428–678 to make a booking. Accommodation including breakfast, is available for 3,500 baht (single/twin) at Siam Bayshore.

Martial arts strike Pattaya in force The first major MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event, called “Cage Wars”, at the Pattaya Boxing World Stadium got off to a fighting start on October 5. MMA, a full-contact combat sport, allows a combination of techniques such as Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wrestling to be used in competition. They are designed for all skill levels and abilities and a perfect choice for those interested in competing professionally, learning self-defence, improving self-confidence or simply getting into shape. City Hall indicated strong support for the venture, believing that there is a big demand for the sport which could be a positive feature in attracting more tourists to the Eastern Seaboard. Cage Wars—conceived as the

Ultimate Fighting Championship® 20 years ago in Denver, Colorado by Rorion Gracie of the world renown Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family in Rio de Genero, involves competitors from many countries including Thailand,

Egypt, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Lithuania. MMA events will continue on the first Saturday of each month at the Pattaya Stadium in front of Mini Siam in North Pattaya.

Pattaya Today's lifestyle, travel and culture guide

Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

L iv I N G

i n

stY L e

The All New Proton PrevĂŠ

Koh Phi Phi

Acqua Italian restaurant

automotive L15

explore L7

dining out L8

at Amari Orchid Pattaya

Germany’s greatest tradition, Oktoberfest, will be celebrated at Amari Orchid Pattaya Oct. 25 and 26. The buffet features German specialties, seafood, and one 50 cl. Oktoberfestbier, plus a souvenir beer mug, for only 1,400 baht net per person. Die Bayrische3 will entertain, with festivities starting at 7 p.m. To book, contact Amari Orchid Pattaya at 038 418 418, or ABC Group of Companies at 087 045 7823,



Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

Holiday Inn Pattaya turns four

eve n t s cal en d ar SOUTH AFRICAN WINE DINNER Date: 2 November 2013, Saturday Venue: Cape Dara Resort Pattaya Activities: Cape Dara Resort and Jabulani invite you to join South African winemaker Reni Hildenbrand for a fabulous food and wine pairing in an elegant beach resort atmosphere in Pattaya. Welcome drinks served at 6:30 pm and first course served at 7 pm. The fourcourse wine dinner including canapes is priced at 2,900 baht per person. Special reduced rate of deluxe sea view room with breakfast available at 4,500 baht.

Holiday Inn Pattaya is now four years old. To celebrate, nine monks were invited to merit-making and blessings ceremonies at the Beach Road resort. The monks were offered food at the hotel’s entrance, and they provided blessings at the Havana Bar. On hand for the events were Tash Tobias, general manager of Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park and area general manager for Bangkok, Garth Solly, general manager of Holiday Inn Pattaya, and hotel staff. Throughout the day, guests were greeted with green cupcakes and postcards upon check in and departure.

BMW introduces Thai-assembled MINI Countryman

For more information: Cape Dara Resort Pattaya Tel: 038 933 888 ext 390 E-mail:


Date: 2 November 2013, Saturday Venue: Hard Rock Pattaya Beach Hall of Fame Activities: Rayong-Pattaya Ladies Circle together with Women With a Mission present Red Carpet Pattaya Charity Dinner Dance featuring dance music, art exhibit, fashion show, dance show, award ceremony, photo shoot and much more. Red carpet rolls out at 7:00 pm, carriages at midnight. Buy your tickets now for 2,200 baht. The charity event supports access to education for all children.

Five MINI enthusiasts took the first deliveries of the locally-assembled MINI Countryman, born and bred in Thailand. Management of BMW Group Thailand and Millennium Auto Group were on hand for the event. The MINI Cooper Countryman, Cooper D Countryman and Cooper SD ALL4 Countryman--the most popular MINI models in the Kingdom, are assembled at the state-of-the-art BMW Manufacturing Thailand plant in Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong Province.

For more information: RLC – Michelle: 082 179 1037 WWM – Kylie: 087 482 3520, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya Box Office: 038 428 755

BELOVED ANNUAL PLOENCHIT FAIR Date: 23 November 2013, Saturday Venue: Bangkok Patana School Ploenchit Fair is organized annually by the British Community in Thailand Foundation for the Needy (BCTFN) and supports a range of diverse charity projects in all regions of Thailand, promoting self-sufficiency and improving the lives of the needy.

Wine tasting at Pullman Pattaya G The Pullman Pattaya’s G Wine Club held their third wine tasting at The Beach Club Restaurant to savour the delights of a fleet of wines from the De Chansac Winery in south-west France. Vintages presented were De Chansac Carignan Vieilles Vignes and De Chansac Ugni Blanc Vielilles Vignes, Fat Bastard Chardonnay and Fat Bastard Shiraz. Wine tastings are free for G Wine Club members who can also purchase the wine of the month with a special 10% discount. Details on how to join the wine club are available from email: info@pullmanpattayahotelG. com or visit their website www. Due to popular demand the weekend seafood BBQ is back at The Beach Club Restaurant until Nov. 30. This special buffet offers a plethora of seafood--from crab legs to rock lobster to prawns, plus the luxurious

Activities: The Ploenchit Fair 2013 will feature outdoor attractions and entertainment for a fun-filled day with family and friends. Kids will enjoy riding the HSBC Ferris Wheel, Bangkok Hospital’s Hands Spin Boats, Transpo’s Giant Wave Slide, Shooting Gallery, King of the Mountain, Water Roller Ball and the Bungy, as well as many games stalls, and Bumrungrad’s Father Christmas will be paying an early visit to the fair for our younger members. While adults will enjoy over 60 shopping outlets at the Petticoat Lane that has charity stalls selling a vast assortment of treasures ranging from clothes, gifts, and cosmetic products to an amazing variety of international cuisines such as Sunrise Tacos, British Fish & Chips, Masala Art and all sorts of exotic Thai food. For more information: BCTFN Tel: 02 204 1587 E-mail:


Date: 24 November – 1 December 2013 Venue: Laguna Phuket French Fine de Claire No. 4 oysters, plus a full accompaniment of salads, hot and cold entrees, desserts, pastries and a spectacular chocolate fountain. Enjoy the fruits of the sea while listening to the exciting repertoire of Spanish guitarist Santos.

Weekend Seafood BBQ is every Friday and Saturday from 6.30 to 10 pm for only B.990 net for food, or B.1,690 net for food, free flow wine, beer and selected spirits. Pullman Pattaya Hotel G is on Wong Amat Beach, Soi 16, Naklua Road. Tel: (038) 411 940.

Activities: A week-long carnival of multisport fun and tri-related activities to enjoy. Join the 20th Laguna Phuket Triathlon (24 Nov) and the Challenge Laguna Phuket (1 Dec). Between these world-class back-to-back triathlons take in the excitement of the Challenge Laguna Phuket Tri-Fest experience and rub shoulders with the pros at events. For more information:


events Prost! it’s Oktoberfest Hilton Pattaya and Paulaner German beer celebrated the second annual Oktoberfest By The Sea with an extraordinary evening including German cuisine, cool beers and traditional German music at Seaboard Ballroom. The event was opened by Chanyut Hengtrakool, secretary to the Minister of Education, and Markus Hesse, assistant food & beverage manager, Hilton Pattaya, with a traditional ‘Beer keg hammering’ followed by a night of celebration, games and competitions. Entertainment was hosted by the German/Austrian troupe Anton & The Funny Guys and Bangkok entertainer Art Suppawat.

Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013


rendezvous HOT SUMMER PROMOTION 20% off everything except set menu

Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

Level 34, Hilton Pattaya

F&B workshop at Centara Wuthisak Pichayagan (front row, center), executive assistant manager, Food and Beverage, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya welcomes the hotel chain’s F&B managers to a seminar led by Winfried Hancke (front row, right), corporate director of Operations of Centara Hotels & Resorts. Participants included heads of Thailand operations divisions and executive chefs.

Laureen Quoh named Ms. Hard Rock Southeast Asia

Laureen Quoh (middle), selected as this year’s Ms. Hard Rock Penang, also won the title Ms. Hard Rock Southeast Asia 2013. Also in photo are Patrick Ng (left), executive assistant manager of Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, and Cattaleeya Schulze (right), Ms. Hard Rock Southeast Asia 2012.

Anantara honored at World Travel Awards

Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas won multiple awards at the World Travel Awards Asia & Australasia. Anantara Lawana in Koh Samui was named Asia’s Most Romantic Resort, Anantara Hua Hin was awarded Asia’s Leading Green Resort, and Anantara Bangkok Sathorn was named Thailand’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel. William E. Heinecke, chairman and chief executive, Minor Hotel Group, Anantara’s holding company, was honoured as Asia’s Leading Travel Personality.

Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort named best for families The Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort has been voted the Best Family Resort in Thailand in the Holidays with Kids magazine's 2013 Readers' Choice Survey. "Enjoy a game of golf or a spa treatment...while the kids are entertained with special programs at Koh Kids,” said the Australian publication. “They'll also love the extensive water park, featuring waterfalls and a waterslide for watery family fun. Outrigger's stylish new rooms combine the best of contemporary décor with Thai accents for a truly unique beachside holiday." Tony Pedroni, the resort’s general manager, said: "With our water slide, wide-spread water features, numerous supervised activities at the Koh Kids Club, and visits by Candy the baby elephant, children can be entertained for hours on end while parents relax. It's an ideal set up with all the attractions and activities of Phuket at hand." More than 4,000 Holiday with Kids readers voted in the survey. The publication noted, "These [award winning] hotels and resorts have managed to exceed the expectations of their guests in just about every area. Whether for outstanding customer service, facilities that

are a cut above, the high standard of accommodation or the range of family-friendly activities on offer, each resort stands out from the pack and offers an experience that families love enough to rave about."

Centara seminar in Pattaya George Kenton (2nd row, 2nd left), executive assistant manager for rooms of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya, hosted a dinner at Acqua welcoming corporate senior executives and heads of rooms to Centara’s Rooms Division Workshop Seminar 2013. Focus of the seminar, led by operations manager Paul Snow (2nd row, left), was excellent operation standards and customer services at the five-star Centara Grand properties in Thailand.





Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

Australian Ambassador at Amari Orchid Pattaya

Earth at Centara Grand Mirage Pattaya

His Excellency James Wise, Australia’s Ambassador to Thailand, seen at Amari Orchid Pattaya where he attended the Austcham - Australian Business Forum Luncheon. Brendan Daly, hotel general manager, also is in photo.

DJ and TV host Earth (San Eittisukkhanan, centre) during his stay at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya with George Kenton (left), EAM for rooms, and Alberto Bruni (right), chef. Earth was at the resort with the crew from the television program Tee Ded Muang Thai.

Teams celebrate second annual Hilton Service

In celebration of Hilton Worldwide’s second annual Global Week of Service, more than 120 volunteers from Hilton Pattaya are supporting underprivileged children here through the Father Ray Foundation, the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities (Mahatai), and the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC). Hilton Pattaya will extend its unique brand of hospitality where volunteers organize fun games with gifts for the kids as well as create ‘Hilton Moments’ sessions to engage and train the children in hospitality skills and tasks. These include a DIY bakery and Thai dessert session, a mixology and juggling showcase, a day at Hilton Front Desk and Housekeeping, and a talk with Hilton Pattaya’s F&B gurus, to name a few.

Apart from supporting the social development and wellbeing of Pattaya’s community, this service project enables team members at Hilton Pattaya to share their skills, resources and passion with children in need, and provide opportunities to learn about hotel operations, as well as useful tips on life. “We are delighted to take the lead on this community project and support Hilton Worldwide’s Global Week of Service,” said Montree Sattham, director of human resources at Hilton Pattaya. “Every day, our team members come up with great ideas to make this a special and memorable week with the kids and as Hilton ambassadors, we’ll try our best to be their ‘sunshine’ at the three foundations

A-One hotel welcomes disabled Koreans

Somkiet Rattanaopath, managing director, A-One Hotel, seen here with An Jin Hwan, director, Korea Federation of Centers for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities, as group from Korea arrives at the hotel in wheelchairs.

SATURDAY 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM CALL 038 933 888


escapades Situated right at the heart of the city, Bangkok has a state-of-the-art convention centre, fully integrated with a five-star hotel and world-class shopping and entertainment facilities.

Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld text KHUN DEE photos Courtesy of CENTARA GRAND & BANGKOK CONVENTION CENTRE AT CENTRALWORLD

The Bangkok Convention Centre and the Centara Grand together make a stunning landmark on the city skyline. Inspired by the shape of a blooming lotus and its symbolic theme of the four elements of life: water, earth, air and fire, Bangkok has a new icon. Connected to CentralWorld, Bangkok’s world-class shopping centre which incorporates hundreds of retail and dining outlets including leading brand names such as Isetan department store and 15 movie theatres, the whole development constitutes a unique combination of meeting, business, accommodation, entertainment and shopping facilities in the heart of Bangkok’s business district. The location, 30 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport, provides easy access to Bangkok’s rapid transit system the nearby expressway. Ideal for international and regional conventions, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, social events and concerts, Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld has a wide variety of function spaces, a fully integrated support system and a dedicated team of meeting-industry professionals. The convention centre can accommodate 10 to 6,000 seats in boardroom or theatre style. The adjacent five-star Centara Grand hotel features 505 luxurious rooms and suites ranging from deluxe, superior, premium, executive rooms and suites. All accommodation is provided with individually controlled air conditioning, control panel, high-speed internet, satellite TV, PPV, games, radio, mini bar, refrigerator, safe box, IDD phone line, smoke detector and sprinkler. The World Exclusive Club Lounge covers the entire 51st floor, serving breakfast, afternoon tea, evening canapés and drinks. Internet facilities and private meeting rooms with butler service are available.

Additional facilities include outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and sauna, tennis courts, Spa Cenvaree, shopping arcade, and limousine services, among others. Centara Grand has a wide range of restaurants and bars ranging from RedSky, a sky bar with 360-degree panoramic views with urban chic bistro cuisine, to Ginger, which serves modern Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine, and The World, which serves international cuisine. The hotel also has a steakhouse called 55 along with Zing and Lobby Lounge serving light refreshments, coffee and sweet and savoury snacks. Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld 999/99 Rama 1 Road Pathumwan, Bangkok Tel: +66 (0) 2100 1234 Fax: +66 (0) 2100 1235 Email: Website: centaragrand

Hotel Promotions Spooky Halloween Night 2 styles with Centara Grand Mirage Pattaya

Your choice in Chiang Mai, with Khum Phaya Resort and Spa’s new short break options

On Thursday, 31st October 2013 the ghosts and ghouls will enjoy their annual gathering and there are two styles of Halloween celebration being held at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. At the hotel’s Zulu Jungle Bar at the lobby area you can enjoy bloody good Halloween drink specials all night long and a brain-blowing live performance by the house DJ will make your fright night complete! Or enjoy Brazilian Trendy Halloween style at Zico’s Sky Bar at Central Festival Pattya Beach. Brazilian Samba Queens perform with an ensemble of amazing. Enjoy the ghostly funky shows plus the lucky draw. Dress up as the spookiest ghost ever. Your improvised costumes should make you look so scary that you have people jumping out of their skins. The Absolutely awards are waiting for you. Don't spend Halloween alone, it's too scary! Come and join the funky party with Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya! Tickets are priced only Baht 345++ including 2 drinks.

Two separate value-added offers are available to couples at Khum Phaya Resort & Spa, the garden resort in Chiang Mai that is part of the Centara Boutique Collection, and are available between now and 31 October 2013. The Great Escape Discover Chiang Mai package is priced from 6,000 baht per couple, plus service and tax, and is for a two-night/three-day stay in a Lanna Deluxe room with daily breakfast at Khaem Saen Restaurant. Couples choosing the package will also enjoy a half-day excursion with four options available. The second offer, Chiang Mai Breakaway is available for anyone booking a Lanna Deluxe Pool Access room for a minimum of one night, and applicable for both singles and couples. The programme is priced from 3,400 baht per night, plus service and tax, with breakfast at Kham Saen Restaurant and one set lunch at the restaurant for two persons per stay.

For more information or reservations, please call (038) 301 234 ext. 4397

For more information and reservations, please contact tel. +66 53 415 555 or e-mail: to

For hotel promotions please email press release at



Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

Koh Phi Phi

Set within the crystal clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea and hugged by teeming coral reefs, Koh Phi Phi is one of those places everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime. Famed for its stunning white-sand beaches and verdant tropical greenery, Koh Phi Phi is also recognised as one of the oldest communities in the whole of Thailand. The name Phi Phi originates from the original Malay name for the islands, which refers to the mangrove woods found there. Like the rest of Krabi, Phi Phi is home to a cultural melting point of Buddhists, Thai-Chinese, Muslims and even sea gypsies, who all coexist together in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Koh Phi Phi itself is a collection of six islands and is home to the world famous Maya Bay National Park, famous as the beautiful setting for the iconic film ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo di Caprio. Tourism on Phi Phi, like the rest of Krabi province, has been a relatively recent phenomenon, as prior to the early 1990s, only the most adventurous travellers visited the island. With its tropical climate, Phi Phi is a destination for all seasons, though the best time to visit is between January and April when tropical downpours are less prolonged and intense. Whether you are looking to chill out with the backpacking crowd in the island’s numerous clubs and bars or simply want to relax on your own on a stunning white-sand beach, Phi Phi is a destination you cannot afford to miss. DO Koh Phi Phi is renowned for being home to some of the world’s most beautiful and famous beaches. Visitors can hire a longtail boat and visit Maya Bay – the ‘secret beach’ where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed. Visitors should also take a trip to the nearby KhaoTapoo Island, also known as ‘James Bond Island’ as it was used as a setting in the 007 film, ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’, and remains beautifully unspoiled to this day. Koh Phi Phi has long been renowned as a top-class destination for those seeking to explore the underwater world. There are two rocks within swimming distance of Long Beach known as Shark Point, where harmless blacktip reef sharks can be seen. The snorkelling off Bamboo and Mosquito Islands is also good, though the reefs can be a long way below you at high tide. For scuba diving enthusiasts, Phi Phi is most certainly paradise on earth. Even though the island was badly damaged by the tsunami disaster in 2004, the dive sites were almost unaffected and divers are

returning in droves. There are many dive shops in Tonsai Bay within walking distance of each other, and they can organise all diving and accommodation for you. Prices are regulated, so expect to pay the same everywhere. When sea conditions are favourable, the Hin Daeng site is well worth visiting, with depths of 60m plus and a rich array of sea life, including manta rays and whale sharks. The beautiful Tonsai Bay is also worth visiting, not only for its scenery and diving but (for the adventurous) also for cliff jumping. There are cliffs from six to 16 meters high that are ideal for this, given the depth of the water below. Organised tours can be found, but please note that this is not a particularly well-regulated activity and you should choose with care. Another activity to try is rock climbing on the stunning limestone cliffs around the coast. There are several climbing shops on Koh Phi Phi where you can rent equipment, find a guide or take basic lessons. Phi Phi’s dramatic scenery also makes it an ideal location for kayaking. You can either go it alone or with an organised package. Kayaks can be hired either by the hour or the day. Phi Phi is also a good place to go if you are interested in bird watching, particularly between January to April. Many rare birds are to be seen there, including gurneys, finfoots, brown kingfishers, egrets, bitterns and herons. For sailing enthusiasts, anchorages in the Phi Phi region abound, are usually deserted and all very beautiful. There are many charter sailing boats available and some even offer ‘join-in’ day trips for two or more people. Longtailed boats can be hired for sunset tours and island excursions and would-be fishermen can enjoy fishing for marlin, sailfish, barracuda and tuna. SHOP Up until a few years ago it seemed that all you could buy on Phi Phi was beer and hippy jewellery, but in the recent past shopping opportunities have blossomed. It can be somewhat unorthodox at times, but shopping on Phi Phi can be a fun and original experience. The best place to shop on the island is central Ton-

sai. Check out P.P. Marijuana; it may sound hippy-centric, but this shop sells a broad and interesting range of quality hand-made jewellery and souvenirs. Kun Va is great for fashion items, sarongs, beach bags and other accessories. The quality of goods sets this place apart, so expect slightly higher prices. Tonsai East is also a good place to buy souvenirs. Halfway between the Chukit Resort and the end of Tonsai East is an alley lined with stalls selling home-made beads, T-shirts, sarongs, shorts and lots of holiday knick-knacks. EAT In general, Southern Thai food is renowned for its spiciness. Much of the cuisine has its origins in Malay, Indonesian and Indian food. Favourite dishes from the South include Indian-style Muslim curry (massaman), rice noodles in fish curry sauce (khanomjeen), and chicken with yellow rice. If you’re looking for a professionally-cooked Thai meal in charming surroundings you have to try Pum (+66 (0) 8 1521 8904) in Tonsai Village. With a striking orange colour theme, Pum is part of a threebranch cooking school business and serves top quality Thai cuisine. Those seeking western options should consider visiting Tonsai’s French restaurant Le Grand Bleu (+66 (0) 8 1979 9739), located towards the pier, which offers an eclectic variety of Thai and French cuisine along with a 15-label wine list, and is reputed to be the best stand-alone restaurant on the island. PLAY Increasingly popular with the young backpacking crowd but without the sleaze factor you get elsewhere, Koh Phi Phi is certainly not short of options for a good night out. The island’s many pubs and bars generally stay open for as long as they have customers. One of Tonsai Bay’s resident institutions is Carpe Diem--by day the restaurant for the Phi Phi Village resort, by night a spiritual home for party goers who congregate to have fun by the surf. For a more chilled out experience, visit Deco, located close to the pier, where you can enjoy a conversation uninterrupted by decibel-bursting music, along with a good selection of wines, beers and spirits.


Happy Hour at our pool bars BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

top tables

Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

SUNDAY - THURSDAY 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM CALL 038 933 888

Mick & Di Acqua Italian restaurant The Food Lovers

Delivers La Dolce Vita Centara Grand Mirage is extraordinary and Pattaya’s first unique themed hotel combining a remarkable feat of architectural engineering and innovative design concepts. It is built as two soaring18storey towers connected by sky bridges and set on the fine sands of Wong Amat Beach. The exterior boasts its own jungle, water park, river, waterfalls, water sports, boating, fishing and kayaking while the interior décor is a dwarfing experience of towering wooden columns, rock clad walls and colossal contemporary works of art. The design is truly titanic in its conception and yes, we were blown away! Centara Mirage prides itself on its coterie of speciality restaurants and bars. Flames is a beachfront BBQ and grill, Ginger and Lime serves Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine while Zulu is a trendy party bar complete with DJ and private karaoke rooms. On this occasion Mick and I had been invited to Acqua, their signature contemporary Italian restaurant.

The restaurant is situated off the main lobby and the eponymous “water” theme is exploited throughout the remarkable décor. Undulating wooden mobiles and fibrous sculptures represent the theme with imaginary wooden coral and artistic embellishments. The force behind this up-market restaurant is well-known culinary celebrity Alberto Bruni. Hailing from the Liguria region of Italy, he gained an enviable reputation with his tenure at Don Giovanni’s in the Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok and is undoubtedly repeating the culinary success here in Pattaya. After being seated chef Alberto recommended that we kick off the proceedings with an extravagant signature starter dish, carpaccio of Trento Carne Salada with rocket and Crutin truffle cheese (B.720++). All the Italian imported produce here at Acqua is extraordinary not only in its provenance but also in chef’s tireless sourcing for premium deluxe ingredients. Trento Carne Salada is a case in point. This famous

traditionally cured meat from Trentino in the northern most region of Italy is produced using only the best cuts of beef and is primarily used raw to make the famous carpaccio. Served with a crumbly Crutin truffle cheese it was superb. The unmistakable flavour of the black truffle pervading the cheese, the rich peppery taste of the rocket and that melt-in-the- mouth marbled beef was a true delight – it was hard not to eat it open-mouthed. The next dish we sampled was half moon ravioli of spinach and ricotta with burrata and Pachino tomatoes. Again, the impeccable attention to detail with the mining for those gourmet Sicilian tomatoes topped with the world-class burrata mozzarella to accompany the handmade ravioli was inspirational. The accompanying wine was a Collavini Turian from the yellow Ribolla

grape widely planted in the north-eastern Italian province of Friuli. The result is a striking wine, straw coloured with a very fresh, floral nose with notes of white peach and grapefruit. We loved it and it paired very well with our pageant of dishes. Next up was another of chef’s signature dishes, Canadian lobster with pasta. For a quick route to heaven this is a must. An eye-stunner of a dish, inspired by the sea it was another standout recipe of the evening. Al dente long fine strands of spaghettini (the diminutive sister of spaghetti) were lavishly presented with the lobster head and tail. Its middle section offered the glistening pasta which had been tossed with the luscious, sweet lobster meat and escorted by two lush juicy claws. The meat course produced a veal rack cutlet on potato frittata with a Morel mushroom port wine infused salsa (B.1, 390++). Slices of this veal were butter soft and juicy and the salsa was wonderful lavishly laden with those luxury fungus nuggets. Morel mushrooms have been called the aristocrats of the forest and with their prized earthy taste make for an exceptional sauce. With this course we were drinking another winner this time a Schiopettini grape red wine again from the eastern hills of Friuli. We passed on dessert but just couldn’t resist tasting some of chef Alberto’s artisan cheeses. He has gathered together 10-12 cheeses in his exclusive portfolio and as expected they were exceptional.

Wine Cellar Pattaya

Famous Restaurant & Wine Bar - An exceptional selection of over 300 wines from around the world - Finest beverages at the lowest prices - Large selection of imported cheese and cold cuts - Premium single malt whiskeys and Cuban cigars

Truffle cheeses, Gorgonzola with berries, Cusie wrapped in chestnut leaves and Testun al Barolo - we were in cheese heaven. Masterly cheeses all and if you love your Italian cheeses there is only one place in Pattaya to savour these masterpieces. The wine cellar is unswervingly Italian all having been meticulously selected personally by chef. For a unique experience and maximum privacy the cellar is available for private parties. Chef Alberto has carved out a special niche for Acqua. He choreographs the restaurant with professionalism and style and his signature dishes dazzle with contemporary chefery. The abundance of impeccably-sourced luxury ingredients contributes to place this stylish restaurant firmly in Pattaya’s upper culinary circle.

Acqua Italian restaurant

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya Soi 18, Naklua, Pattaya Open daily (except Mondays) from 6 till 11:30 p.m. Tel: 038 301 234

Open Monday-Saturday 09:00-22:00 Happy Hour! 17:00-19:00

Two glasses of house wine for the price of one when order with the cheese & cold cuts platter

555/32 Moo 5, Naklua Rd. Soi 12, Pattaya City, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Tel.: 038 22 60 54, Fax: 038 22 60 55, Email:, Wine Cellar Pattaya is a venture of FOOD COM (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,


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Level 34, Hilton Pattaya

Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

F&B Promotions Eastern Promise

Alaskan King Crab

at Flames restaurant, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

at Mantra Restaurant this October

Throughout the month of October, chef Praput is bringing a taste of Orient to Flames restaurant of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. Come and discover the joys of Chineseinspired grills such as Chinese BBQ pork tenderloin, Szechwan BBQ chicken thigh, five-spice lamb chop, or Chinese BBQ mixed grill (combination of all three). Price starts from 450++ baht only (subject to service charge & VAT). The large salad bar where the freshest and crispest greens and vegetables are included. Flames is located on the beachfront of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya.The restaurant opens daily from 19:00-22:30 hrs. Call to reserve at (038) 301 234 ext. 4272.

“I Love Banana” monthly dessert on October 2013

Alaskan King Crab is prized and revered by both crab connoisseurs and gourmets alike, all around the world. King Crab fishing is carried out in the waters off the coast of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. The season is very short with 11,000 tons of red king crab being landed annually – a very rare delicacy. This month enjoy fresh King Crab @ Mantra Brunch or from the special a la carte menu set by Executive Chef Leo and Mantra culinary team. Not to be missed, King Crab & Wagyu beef medallion, King Crab tempura “Kakyagi’ with Tentsuyu dip, king Crab lasagna and King Crab curry to only mention a few! Enjoy a range of classic Chardonnay’s, Sauvignon Blanc’s or indeed some beautifully rounded crisp Alsace Rieslings, be it by the glass or the bottle, to accompany this extravaganza

at Elements Restaurant, Sheraton Pattaya Resort

For more information or table reservations, please contact (038) 429 591 or E-mail:

at Zulu Jungle Bar, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya

Let’s Rum & Roll

Tuscany’s Finest Pork

at Infiniti & Latitude lounge, Sheraton Pattaya Resort

at Acqua restaurant

Let’s Rum & Roll with amazing panoramic sea view at Infiniti and Latitude lounge, Sheraton Pattaya Resort. Enjoy special cocktails with Dream Girl, Orange Mojito, Blue Dolphin, Kick Boxing during October and November 2013 with price of 290++ baht per glass.

Throughout the month of October, Chef Alberto Bruni at “Acqua” Italian Restaurant, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya has sourced the world’s tastiest pork and will be presenting gourmet dishes incorporating the noble breed of "Cinta Senese" from the woodlands of Tuscany Sensational cured meats, pasta and lamb will truly delight the Italian food lovers. Prices start from THB 280++ (subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT).

For more information or reservations, please dial 038 259 888 or website: www. or facebook : sheratonpattayaresort

Oktoberfest stages every Friday night until end of October

For more information or reservations, please dial 038 259 888 or website: or facebook:

It’s Martini Time Throughout the month of October 2013 is the month for Martini lovers at “Zulu” Bar, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya. Their bartenders have put together some original cocktails such as an Elder Flower Martini, Apple Martini and a Lychee Martini to invigorate your taste buds and excite your senses. Prices started at only THB 220++ (subject to service charge and VAT). ‘Zulu’ jungle bar is located adjacent to the lobby of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, and opens daily from 5.00pm - 01.00am. Should you fancy some privacy, our two fully sound proofed karaoke rooms will certainly cater for such needs. Resident DJ’s serve you up with the coolest rhythms in town… chill out pure! For more information or reservations, please contact (038) 301 234 ext. 4283.

Acqua Italian restaurant is located in the Main Lobby of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, and opens daily from 18.30-22.30 hrs. Call now for reservations, at (038) 301 234 ext. 4266

Starry Night Anniversary Teppanyaki Buffet at Benihana, Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa

Fit for your set

at The World, Centara Grand at CentralWorld

at Cabin Grill, A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya

The World restaurant at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, in the heart of Bangkok, is offering an authentic Oktoberfest themed buffet every Friday night. Specialties include suckling pig, pork knuckle, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, Bavarian bratwurst and pork schnitzel, along with a selection of Bavarian desserts and cheeses and a free flow of Paulaner Draught Beer. Price is 1,490++ baht per person, and you can also enjoy the Chinese and Japanese Buffet at Ginger restaurant valued at the same price. This promotion will last from now until 31 October 2013.

Throughout the month of October, Cabin Grill Restaurant offers you a special ‘fit for your set’ with the selected food of crispy salad and kinu tofu with sesame dressing, thick tuna steak burgundy style and a glass of mocktail ‘Surf Rider’. Price is only 599 baht net per person. Chill out your valuable meal with the stunning view of Pattaya Beach 180 degree from the place you eat! Cabin Grill is located on the 2nd floor of Royal Wing in the A-One Royal Cruise Hotel between soi 2 and soi 3 on Pattaya Beach Road. Open daily from 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact the hotel at 02 100 1234 or e-mail to

A banana lover as you will enjoy our four wonderful, innovative and modern creations: Banana Parfait, Banana Cheesecake, Choco Banana, and Banana Caramel Bar. Enjoy a tasty promotion all day and every day at Elements Restaurant, Sheraton Pattaya Resort with price of 280++ baht per dish.

For more information please call (038) 259 555 ext 4232.

To celebrate Benihana's 18th Anniversary on Friday 18th October 2013 we are staging a special "All you can eat" Starry Night themed Teppanyaki Buffet. Apart from the delicious Teppanyaki such as Scallop, Dory, Salmon, Red Snapper, Saba, Chicken, Pork, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Lamb Chop and Foie Gras, there will be a selection of Food Stations featuring a sumptuous selection of Salad, Seafood on Ice, Sushi and Sashimi, Cheese, Bread , Fruit and Desserts. The price is just Baht 1,999 net per person and includes a complimentary carafe of Sake! And if you're really in the mood to have a party we're also offering an optional Wine Buffet, featuring free flow of Wines for just Baht 1,499 net per person. So come and join us celebrate our 18th birthday - we guarantee you a Starry Night to remember. For more information and reservations please contact Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa 038 412 120 ext.1395.

For food promotions please email press release at


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

MIXOLOGIST Tivakorn “Dream” Pochai SIGNATURE DRINK Berry Fizz BIO A full-time hostess but an aspiring bartender at Horizon.


INGREDIENTS 2 oz Gordon’s gin 1 oz syrup 1/2 oz lime juice fresh lemon wedge fresh mix berry soda water GARNISH Strawberry

HOW TO MIX Gently muddle fresh berry and lemon in the bottom of the glass. Instantly add Gordon’s gin, syrup and lime juice. Shake all ingredients for a few seconds in a shaker with ice. Strain into Hiball

V420 glass. Softly float with soda. Garnish with strawberry. GLASS TYPE Hiball V420 CATEGORY Cocktail Available at Horizon restaurant & bar on Level 34, Hilton Pattaya


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Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

THE GLASS HOUSE A cocooning, comfy, culinary experience

If you haven’t already visited The Glass House you really owe it to yourself to rectify that soon; it is a most extraordinary place. Situated on the quiet stretch of Na Jomtien Beach it just oozes with charm and comfort offering so many relaxed seating zones. Lean back and sink into the Jim Thompson comfy cushions and gaze out onto the pine tree lined beach onto the ocean beyond. Actually from wherever you choose to sit, on the upper or lower terrace, the platformed green house gazebo or the beach itself you will experience unparalleled comfy, cozy cocooning in an only-one-in-the-world setting. The menu is on-trend Thai with an extensive selection of western choices. Prices are extraordinarily reasonable for this class of venue. The Glass House presents a wonderful selection of fresh seafood and a wine cellar to make any oenophile’s eyes boggle with plenty of trophy bottles from around the world. Not only can you wander at leisure through this astonishing collection of global wines you can hold a private party in it.

Mick and I chose to sit in the newly built elevated gazebo where we could enjoy uninterrupted views of the sea. The cocktailgentsia are more than catered for with a copious collection of the mixologists creations. Top notch spirits, including the golden El Jimador Reposa Tequilla, two Brazilian Cachacas and even two brands of the infamous Absinthe contribute to make this one serious list of alcoholic potions. Tanya, the charming manager, had already suggested some signature dishes from the menu so we ordered a glass of the Chilean house Sauvignon Blanc Santa Helena and browsed the menu whilst enjoying the sounds of soft jazz and Bossa Nova permeating out over the beach. Spicy Thai salads are a speciality here and come in a variety of guises including the indispensible green papaya salad with chef’s twist of incorporating marinated crab, shrimp, salmon or seafood with prices from B.95. Fish dishes are prominent offering cat fish, crab, crisp fried white Perch with sweetened fish or

soybean sauce, fresh water prawn with young pepper (B.380), crayfish with garlic, soft shelled crab and various squid options. Our dishes had now started to appear. First up was fried marinated chicken in pandan leaves (B.190). The screwpine leaf keeps the chicken soft and juicy and also imparts a floral-like taste. Served with a sweetened soy and sesame seed sauce we enjoyed them immensely. This was quickly followed by a shrimp and pomelo salad. One of our favourite salads, the citrus sweetness, liberally laced with chillis and topped with prawns proved another winner. Chef’s signature fried shrimp with tamarind sauce arrived next; shrimps as big as baby lobsters were butterflied, delicately fried and served with a tangy tamarind sauce. Grill items are can be ordered by weight. The likes of steamed small shrimp or blue crab coming in at B.60 with grilled shrimp at B.95. Oodles of noodles and rice dishes are on offer with a good selection of soups and curries.

Western style dishes include grilled Australian sirloin, roasted duck with orange sauce, many spaghetti options, hamburgers, baked New Zealand mussels and much more. However for us it was now time to indulge in the items produced at the restaurant’s in-house pattiserie. That villainous temptation, chocolate fondant, was served as well as a strawberry mousse presented inside a white chocolate conch shell. Yes, the hot molten chocolate emerged beautifully from inside the chocolate sponge and was enjoyed with spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream it was indeed a quick road to heaven. The artistry involved in presenting the strawberry mouse in its white chocolate sanctuary was exceptional and on leaving we just had to congratulate the pastissiere/ chocolatier on his artistry.

The Glass House is open from 11 am till midnight every day of the year making it one of the area’s very best life style destinations. During day-light hours lounging on one of the rattan sofas with your toes in the sand is a quintessential experience, the sunsets are spectacular visionary events and once darkness falls and the stars peep through the inky black sky - romance is definitely in the air. How to get there: Head out on Sukhumvit Road towards Ambassador City. Take the first U-turn after the Shell petrol station and then look out for the big blue sign advertising The Glass House on your left hand side. The Glass House Beachfront Restaurant and Bar Na Jomtien Beach Tel: 086 815 6600

What's Cooking?

Japanese Izakaya at The Zuk Bar, The Sukhothai Bangkok

Exclusive Wine Dinner with Italian Michelin Star Chef

The Zuk Bar at The Sukhothai Bangkok has introduced a Japanese Izakaya menu at which you can sample handcrafted sushi and fresh sashimi, accompanied by your favourite cold beverages. Japanese Izakaya offers a wide selection of Japanese delicacies personally prepared by the chef, with tastefully selected ingredients and the freshest of fish delivered to your table. Japanese Izakaya’s menu provides an array of á la carte sushi and sashimi, including Maguro or Yellow Fin Tuna, Shake or Salmon and Hamachi or Yellow Tail, plus tempura and yakitori such as Wagyu Sirloin, Scallops in Bacon and Australian Sirloin. Bento sets include a sashimi set, nigiri sushi and tempura sets. Thursdays and Fridays in particular will be extra special,

as the Japanese counter will be set up to serve you the freshest sushi, sashimi and other exquisite Japanese dishes prepared by the talented Japanese chefs. Enjoy this experience while sipping your favourite drinks from 18.30 – 22.00 hrs. Come along, chill out in an elegant dining atmosphere and the taste of appetizing Japanese cuisine at The Zuk Bar. The Zuk Bar at The Sukhothai opens daily: Monday Saturday: 17:00 - 01:00 hrs. Sunday: 12:00 - 24:00 hrs.

at Fifty Five Restaurant, Centara Grand at CentralWorld

For reservations, please call 66 (0) 2 344 8888, email:

For more information or reservation please contact dining reservations at 02-100-6255 or email at

Fifty Five Restaurant, at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, will present Norbert Niederkofler, the Italian 2 Michelin Star chef, preparing his special dishes and pairing them with the finest Cantina Terlan wines during an exclusive wine dinner on 6 November 2013 from 18:30 hrs at Fifty Five Restaurant on the 54th floor. The price per person including wines is only 7,555 baht subject to service charge and government tax. American Express cardholders exclusively will receive a 15 percent discount.


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THB 1,500.- free THB 2,200 .free flow soft drinks flow drinks & wines Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

SUNDAY 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM CALL 038 933 888

Crispy salmon with green mango salad (Salmon foo) I ngredient S 120 grams salmon fillet 20 grams bread crumbs 1 L cooking oil 50 grams cabbage 1 pc green mango 10 grams chili bird

M ethod o f cooking Steam salmon slices until cooked, then mash with bread

30 grams shallot

crumbs and oil together.

10 grams coriander

Preheat oil until boiling then fry mashed salmon until becomes

30 grams sugar

golden brown. Remove from the pan, place on the drainer until

20 grams fish sauce

oil free.

20 grams tamarind juice

Mix sugar, fish sauce and tamarind juice together, cook until it

30 grams cashew nuts

becomes sticky. Place it away to cool down.

sit Phianpra h t u y g n o e: Y Full nam tive Chef : Execu t Specialty ara Resor : Cape D @ g in Perform Pattaya with py salmon alad is r C : h is d ngo s Featured green ma o) fo (Salmon

Slice green mango into small pieces then sprinkle on the sauce and add chili bird, shallot and coriander together. Slice cabbage into small pieces, and then place the salmon on

Radius Restaurant is open daily for lunch from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm and dinner from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. For more information and table reservation, please call 038 933 888.

top and sprinkle cashew nuts and dried chili and coriander. Serve with the mango sauce.

Cheesecake Spring Rolls with Banana Caramel Sauce cheesecake SPR I N G RO LLS Turon is a Filipino dessert stuffed with bananas and jack fruit, fried with brown sugar, and the starting point for this luscious creation. This recipe is really close to my heart, since its inception was with a few of my favorite pastry chefs. It has evolved and changed through the restaurants I’ve been a part of including a serving vessel that I personally made especially for it, but one thing stays the same, guests that follows me from one restaurant to another are still asking for it!

1 1/8 teaspoon cornstarch ½ vanilla sugar 1 lb cream cheese, room temp 1 egg 1 ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1/3 cup heavy cream crushed pecan crushed walnuts egg wash spring roll wrapper cinnamon sugar Combine sugar and cornstarch in mixing bowl using a paddle attachment, add cream cheese and beat on 1st speed until smooth. Scrape the bowl and the paddle using a spatula. Beat on 2nd speed for 8 minutes or until soft and light in color. Scrape the bowl again. Add the egg. Slowly add the heavy cream and vanilla. Once all together, spread evenly onto a parchment paper lined sheet pan and bake at 200 degrees F, approximately 20 to 25 minutes on light blower. Cheesecake should be light and fluffy.

B anana C aramel Sau ce 1 cup granulated sugar juice of half a lemon water 1 cup heavy cream 5 tablespoons banana puree Combine sugar, lemon juice and water in a large pot. Dissolve the sugar slowly over medium low heat. Increase heat to medium and caramelize the sugar to medium amber (whatever color you see at this point will be the color of the caramel sauce). Slowly add the cream. Let the pot remain over the heat for approximately a minute. Then remove from the heat and whisk in the banana puree. Strain and keep warm.

Place the cheesecake in a piping bag and pipe it in a spring roll wrapper. Sprinkle the nuts and roll, sealing with the egg wash. Put in a freezer. Fry at medium heat fryer. Roll in the cinnamon sugar, and serve with the banana caramel dipping sauce.



Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

Promotions Nicha Clinic Special Promotion Get free facial spa with any laser treatment worth 3,000 baht until 31 October 2013. For more information and to book a FREE consultation, call Tel: 038-411190, 038-411-990 or visit Nicha Clinic on Pattaya Second Road (opposite View Talay Beach Condo and Central Festival Pattaya). Website:, facebook: Nicha Clinic Beauty and Beyond.

Royal Garden Spa Feel Transformed by Unique Seasonal Spa Retreat Look and feel your most radiant and relaxed in the build up to the festive holiday, with the Unique Seasonal Spa Retreat special package Baht 6,500 net at Royal Garden Spa, Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa. Unwind into a 90 minute Deep Tissue Muscle Massage which offers deep rhythmic pressure to alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses. A luxurious 60 minute Skin Specific Facial then delivers deep cleansing and active aromatherapy for all skin types. Choose between Herbal Lavender Repair to heal and balance combination and oily skin and Exotic Moisture Dew for dry and dehydrated skin. After your treatment, take away a free Elemis Bath or Shower Gel worth Baht 1,890. For more information and reservations please contact Royal Garden Spa 038 412 120 ext:1711 or e-mail:

Oasis Spa Free 1-Hour Body Scrub with any 2-Hour Signature Massage Purchase any Oasis Signature Massage (2 hours) and received a 1-hour KIN Celebration Body Scrub valued at 1,500++ baht free. KIN Celebration Body Scrub contains shea butter and pure organic argan oil that nourishes and naturally moisturizes with anti-aging properties. Active charcoal powder made from the ashes of coconut shells detoxifies your skin by absorbing and eliminating toxins along with deep-rooted impurities. In addition, the fresh scent of grapefruit, mandarin orange, lavender and lemongrass invigorates your senses. Offer only available from now to 31 October 2013 at any Oasis Spa. For more information and reservation please contact Bangkok: +66 2 262 2122, Chiang Mai: +66 53 920 111, Phuket: +66 76 337 777, Pattaya: +66 38 364 070, Email:,

Spa Cenvaree, Centara Grand at Central World Heavenly treats with new privilege card Spa Cenvaree at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld is offering Heavenly Care category spa memberships, with a host of benefits from now until 31 December 2013. Membership fee for a 12month period is 18,000 baht, payable in advance and including service and tax. Members will receive over the course of the year ten 60-minute oil massages, two 60-minute facials, five 60-minute body scrubs and two 60-minute pedicures or manicures. They will also receive a special member’s welcome gift set of four bottles of essential oils, 10 complimentary vouchers for the juice bar, and a complimentary birthday cake. There is a 30 percent discount on further spa treatments upon fully utilising the treatments in the benefits. Upon the spa treatment booking, members will have unlimited use of facilities including the infrared sauna for general detox and weight loss (only in the female facility), the herbal steam room, the plunge pool, the hot-air sauna (only in the male facility), the outdoor Jacuzzi in the sala garden, and the swimming pool. There is also free access to group exercise classes, including tai chi, Thai boxing, yoga, and zuma. Members wishing to bring their friends will have five fitness guest passes free of charge, and there is a 25 percent preferential discount on a la carte treatments for members’ guests. Members will also enjoy 25 percent discount on Spa Cenvaree retail products, and a 20 percent discount on food purchased at The World restaurant. Six-month Heavenly Care memberships are also available at 9,500 baht, inclusive of service and tax, with a reduced range of benefits. For more information or reservation, please contact Spa Cenvaree on 02 100 1234 ext 6511, 6516 or email

5 Common Causes of Back Pain in Women (And What You Can Do About It) by Gwen Vazquez,

If you have experienced bad back pain, you know the many ways in which it can affect your quality of life. This common debilitating condition causes endless hours of work to be lost. Not only that, because of the excruciating pain that you may sometimes experience, you may be forced to miss out on important social occasions. The causes of back pain are numerous and can be complicated. To establish what is the best treatment for your back pain, a diagnosis of what is causing the pain is vital. In this article, let us take a look at 5 of the most common causes of back pain… 1. Excess Body Weight There is no easy way to say this, but if you are overweight you will greatly increase your risk of back pain. This statement is especially true for individuals who carry an extra weight around their midriff, as the extra weight pulls the pelvis forward, and places extra stress on their lower back. Other than suffering from back pain, individuals who are overweight are also more prone to suffering from a herniated disc or have an increased risk of being diagnosed with osteoarthritis as they get older. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep to a healthy body weight by maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly to reduce any existing back pain, as well as to prevent other types of back pain in the future. 2. Too Little Exercise in Your Lifestyle Little or no exercise is likely to increase back pain as it causes increased body stiffness. It also means that you have weaker muscles. People leading a sedentary lifestyle do not reap the benefits of regular physical exercise, including the regular nourishment of spinal column discs, ligaments & soft tissues in the back. As a result, the discs in your back will be malnourished and begin to degenerate. Therefore, to alleviate back pain problems and to have a healthier spine, you should incorporate 30-minutes of exercise that includes stretching, core strengthening, as well as low impact aerobic exercises, into your daily “to do” routine. 3. How You Sit Sitting in an office chair for several hours every day with the wrong posture will eventually lead to one having lower back pain (for non-sufferers) or for those who have back pain, they’ll notice their condition worsening. The reason is because, when you sit forward or slouch down in your chair, you will overstretch your spinal ligaments, putting strain on the discs and the surrounding areas in your

back. If left unchecked, poor sitting posture and desk ergonomics will cause long term back pain. The best position to sit in for good back posture is to align your back up to the chair back. Do not slouch or lean forward, and try and keep your knees level with your hips or just above them. 4. Stress in Any Form Most individuals placed under stress do not manage it correctly and will sleep badly, eat poorly and take no exercise. Throw stress-related muscle tightness into the mixing pot, and you will end up with all sorts of back problems. By taking good care of your body when you find yourself under stress, you can prevent long term back problems by doing exercises to aid relaxation such as breathing exercises and taking time to exercise daily. Even taking a 10 to 15 minute walk can prevent future back problems. 5. Bad Lifting Techniques It doesn’t matter if you lift every day or once in a while, if you know how to lift properly, especially if you’re not fit, then it will greatly reduce your chances of a back injury.

Here is how you should lift correctly: Always bend your knees, whilst keeping your back perfectly straight. At the same time, you’ll want to tighten your abdominal muscles as you lift. Also, you’ll want to make sure you keep your shoulders lined up with your hips, so as not to twist. And finally, you’ll want to keep the weight held close to your body. Last but not least, do not attempt to lift very heavy objects without help or mechanical assistance. For additional information on health, fitness, skin care, beauty, romance, hair care and more, go to

Have Trouble Sleeping? >>>

Ginseng increases energy, vitality and sexual vigor, improves skin and muscle tone, and helps build resistance to stress— when used regularly. Adding to such benefits, it was reported last month that a small study from Korea found that ginseng can also improve sleep quality. Researchers at Kwandong University recruited 15 healthy males, ages 15-37, and instructed them to take 1,500 mg of red ginseng by mouth three times a day for seven days to see whether it affected their sleep quality. One day before, and seven days after the participants took the ginseng, the investigators used overnight polysomnography to monitor their sleep. Sensors were attached to the head, chest and legs to measure brain waves, the oxygen level in blood, heart rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements. The research team reported that the participants slept longer

and more efficiently after they had taken the ginseng. Larger studies are needed to confirm these findings.




Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

eforea spa at Hilton Pattaya

please dial 038 253 000 for inquiries and reservations

Thermage® Total Tip 3.0 Thermage® has introduced a new tool for the Thermage CPT™ System which reports improved results. Let’s take a look at the overview of Thermage, its optimized technology, and the new Thermage Total Tip 3.0. Thermage is a complex radiofrequency system that employs a reverse thermal gradient to non-invasively help smooth, contour and remodel skin, as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite, in a single treatment with little or no downtime. It also treats wrinkles and rhytids, including by Dr. Natnicha Loichuen the upper and lower eyelids While the treatment is safe and effective, it is not recommended for those with pacemakers, defibrillators or other electronic implants. One of the benefits of Thermage Bulk Heating is that it denatures collagen, as a function of temperature and time, delivering volumetric bulk heating, uniform and deep distribution of heat, superior heating and cooling efficiency and uniformity. Thermage Total Tip 3.0 is the latest tool for the CPT system. Harnessing the CPT system’s superior volumetric heating, Thermage Total Tip 3.0 delivers as much as two times greater bulk heating volume. This latest pulse technology offers superior comfort as well as efficacy in achieving visible, natural skin improvement immediately. Each treatment is tailored to your needs and desired outcomes—on your face, neck and body.

Call 038-411-190 or visit Nicha Clinic on Pattaya Second Road (opposite View Talay Beach Condo and Central Festival Pattaya) for more information and to book a FREE consultation.

Present this coupon and get


discount on all laser treatments



Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

upcoming movies Escape Plan


Ender’s Game

Bluelounge Rolio

Lead Actors Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 Cent Director Mikael Hafstrom Genre Action | Mystery | Thriller Release Date October 18, 2013 Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.

Lead Actors

Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook, Stacy Keach

Lead Actors

Director Genre Release Date

Klay Hall Animation | Adventure | Comedy October 23, 2013

Director Gavin Hood Genre Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi Release Date October 31, 2013

Dusty Crophopper is a little cropduster plane with a fear of heights and a crazy dream of being a racer. While his friends need convincing, Dusty gets the training he needs from Skipper, a veteran fighter, and qualifies for the Wings Across the World race. In the event, Dusty finds competitors who soon learn that there is something special about this underdog as he is tested to his physical and emotional limits. In doing so, Dusty soon finds enemies, and more importantly friends, who are inspired by his dream. In the face of all obstacles, the winner of this air race will be anyone's guess.

music / new release

Katy Perry – Prism Prism (stylized as PRISM) is the upcoming fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry. It is scheduled to be released on October 18, 2013 by Capitol Records. Recording for the album began in 2012, following the March 2012 re-release of her August 2010 album Teenage Dream, subtitled The Complete Confection, and continued into the following year. The album's composition was largely inspired by Swedish dance music artists such as Robyn. In order to create her desired sound, Perry worked heavily with Swedish producer Max Martin, while also enlisting past collaborators Dr. Luke, Cirkut, Greg Wells, Benny Blanco, and StarGate, as well as new collaborators Klas Ahlund, Bloodshy, and Greg Kurstin.

1. Roar 2. Legendary Lovers 3. Birthday 4. Walking On Air 5. Unconditionally

6. Dark Horse 7. This Is How We Do 8. International Smile 9. Ghost 10. Love Me

11. This Moment 12. Double Rainbow 13. By The Grace Of God

Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld

The Earth was ravaged twice by the Buggers, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in orbit around earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise himself as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family.

You could be like every other knuckle dragger in the airport terminal and scrounge for an available outlet, only to lay your iPhone on the floor, or you could spring for this nifty little guy and never again expose your precious pocket supercomputer to grease and grime. Simply thread your lightning cable through, wrap the excess cable around, attach to the little white brick and plug it in. Voilà: instant wall outlet iPhone dock.

HP Envy Leap Motion SE Notebook Computer How many times have you wanted to go Obi Wan on your laptop? Countless times? Perfect. HP has integrated their gesture control feature into this Envy, so now you can control apps and games with a simple wave of your hand. There’s also a 17.3-inch 1080p screen, Haswell processor, Nvidia graphics stuff, 8+ gigs of RAM and a terabyte hard drive.

Optimus Popularis Keyboard The Art Lebedev Studio churns out hi-tech art pieces that would make the writers at SyFy blush. This board has customizable keys– there’s a small display behind each one, so users can literally design their own layout, or drop in different languages. What’s more, the area between the F keys and numeral keys is also customizable, and can display any manner of pertinent info.



Vol. 01 No. 20 | Oct 16-31 2013

The All New Proton Prevé “Drive it to believe it” - reads the tagline of the new Malaysian Proton. The Proton is a four-door, compact sedan developed by the Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton a Malay. Proton is an acronym by John Lindgren for Perusahaan Editor-in-chief: Otomobil Nasional Sendirian Berhad. (English: National Automobile Company Private Limited). According to the manufacturer, the word Prevé is pronounced 'prae-veh', which means 'to prove' or ‘proof’. Here Proton proves that the Southeast Asian automotive brand established three decades ago has arrived and is a

player that deserves recognition. The new “PP” is the successor to the Proton Persona sedan and is powered by a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder, turbo charged, automatic seven-speed transmission. Price: 759,000 baht. Just one look at the all-new Proton Prevé reveals a clean, simple and modern design with aerodynamic, slippery, wedge-shape curves promising a low drag-coefficient. Proton has collaborated with Italian automotive design company Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A, which created iconic sport cars like the Maserati Quattroporte. The vehicle’s side view boasts a high waistline which accentuates the Prevé's modern, tight looks and sporty

character. Smart LED headlights and chrome band join the large Proton emblem and grille, giving it a distinct and a tad aggressive look. Inside this Proton there's soft touch plastics, fabric upholstery, welldesigned seats and a padded console between the front seats which offers additional storage space and comfort for the driver and front passenger. If you have kids there's ample space for wet wipes, bottles and various necessities. For the driver, there’s a sturdy, three-spoke steering wheel, push-start button and a functional layout of the cockpit area. The rear seats are roomy, and behind the backrest lies a large 508-liter trunk with space for two suitcases. More luggage? Use the 60:40 splitfolding rear seat feature to expand the cargo hold. Our range-topping Proton Prevé comes with all the bells and whistles including stability and traction control, cruise control, auto wipers, auto headlights, paddle shifters, and GPS navigation. For the in-

car entertainment system, a premium German Blaupunkt audio system with AM/FM and iPod/iPhone USB connectivity. In the engine room sits a CamPro CFE power pack developed both by Lotus and Proton engineers. A four cylinder, 1.6L fuel efficient, light pressure, turbocharged motor pumps out 138hp and 205Nm of torque. For smooth up and down shifting there's a 7-speed CVT automatic transmission. Plus a tip-tronic 'manual' when you are in the mood for sporty driving. On our test-drive around Bangkok and Chonburi, this new Proton accelerated quickly and effortlessly. And it was pleasingly quiet at motorway speeds. Overall ride quality and handling was sharp, almost like a sport sedan. (This must be the Lotus sport car engineering DNA). What about the all so important fuel consumption? We managed 14 to 16 km/liter using only 91 gasohol based on active city and highway driving mode. Finally safety. The Proton Prevé is the first Malaysian car to be awarded the full 5-star safety rating by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

Never tested a Malaysian car before? Now is the time to test drive the new Proton because ASEAN – Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the ASEAN Economic Community, AEC--will be established in 2015. Malaysia was one of the founding members in 1967. And the meaning, to prove or proof… well, 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'. A Proton Prevé test drive is recommended. Proton Prevé CFE 1.6

Engine: 4 cylinder turbocharged 1.6L Power: 138 bhp Torque: 205 Nm Transmission: Automatic CVT Top speed: 190 km/h Fuel consumption: 14-16 kpl (combined) Price: 759,000 baht

For advertising please call (089) 607 9850 E-mail: SEE US ONLINE at

GM Outlook: “To know what your business plans are and to have the drive and enthusiasm to implement them.”

— Suppachai Rattanaopath Assistant Managing Director

A-ONE The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya

page P8/32 >> Volume 2

Issue 19 16-31 october 2013

The 9th Thailand Tourism Awards The Thailand Tourism Awards seeks to instill awareness and promote responsible management in tourism among tourism entrepreneurs, ultimately leading to sustainable tourism. TAT initiated the biannual awards project in 1996. TAT says that the awards “signify quality and excellence in tourism and hospitality operations. They demonstrate readiness to support and strengthen Thailand’s tourism industry so that it may compete globally in the future.” At the award ceremony at IMPACT Convention Center Muang Thong Thani, organized by TAT, Tourism and Sports Minister Somsak Pureesrisak presented the following awards: Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Award of Excellence: Health Tourism

Oasis Spa Bangkok & Oasis Spa Lanna Awards of Outstanding Performance: Health Tourism

The Bangkok Hospital Pattaya won the Award of Excellence in Health Tourism. Dr. Pichit Kangwolkij, deputy CEO Group 3 and hospital director, accepted the award. BHP was recognized as the hospital with the ability to provide the highest possible standard of healthcare, using state-of-the-art-technology.

Pakin Ployphicha and Toby Allen, managing directors of Oasis Spa (Thailand) received two Outstanding Day Spa awards for branches in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

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Business News

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World Bank trims Thailand growth to 4%

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Marriage Visa in Thailand

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Shelter from the Storm

Baan Plai Haad Condominium by Sansiri

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Volume 2

Issue 19

16-31 october 2013

Special Feature The 9th Thailand Tourism Awards Continued from page P1/25

Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa Hall of Fame: Tourist Accommodation

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin Award of Outstanding Performance: Tourist Accommodation

Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa was selected for the Award of Excellence for City Hotel Tourist Accommodation, with more than 80 rooms. It was the third consecutive win for the property, elevating the Beach Road resort to the TAT Hall of Fame. Accepting the award on behalf of the Pattaya Marriott team was general manager Somsak Tanruengsri.

Somsak Pureesrisak (third from left) presents the Outstanding Performance Award for Resort Hotel Tourism Accommodation (80 Rooms and Over) to Supatra Chirathivat (second from left), senior vice president for corporate affairs and social responsibilities, Centara Hotels & Resorts. Supatra accepted the award on behalf of Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin. Also in photo are Suraphon Svetasreni (third from right), TAT governor; Jacques Mury (second from right), general manager of the cited resort; Kanokros Sakdanares (left), corporate director of marketing communications, and Prachliur Pinkarn (right), analysis and strategy manager, Centara Hotels. Dusit Thani Pattaya Award of Excellence: Tourist Accommodation Hotel GM Chatchawal Supachayanont accepted the Award of Excellence trophy in the Tourist Accommodation category. The resort received its first recognition at the 6th Thailand Tourism Awards and repeated the victory in 2008 and 2010.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group Award of Outstanding Performance: Tourist Accommodation Royal Cliff Hotels Group once again received an outstanding award for Convention HotelThailand, signifying the company’s dedication and relentless commitment to business excellence in providing quality service and top of the line facilities.

Other Award Recipients Award of Outstanding Performance: Health Tourism Mandara Spa (Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel Bangkok) Tria Integrative Wellness Centre Award of Outstanding Performance: Innovations for Thai Tourism Promotions Andaman 365° Digital Magazine on iPad (Siri Media Co., ltd.) Tiffany’s Show Pattaya Award of Excellence: Tour Programmes 3-day 2-night package tour, Ko Surin - Ko Ta Chai (Barracuda Diving Company Limited) Thailand Family Adventure (Intrepid (Thailand) Company Limited)

Historic Bangrak Food Testing & Cultural Walking Tour (Navatas Hospitality Company Limited) Award of Outstanding Performance: Tourism Support and Promotion Organisations Drum-making Village, Ekarat Community (Ekarat Sub-district Administrative Organisation) Tree Bank and Learning Tourism Activity at Ban Tham Suea (ธนาค ารต้นไม้กับกิจกรรมท่องเที่ยวเรียนรู้บ้านถ้ำเสือ) Ma Rayong Long Pai Prasae Hi (Office of Tambon Pak Nam Prasae Municipality)

Award of Outstanding Performance: Tourist Accommodation Amari Watergate Hotel Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort and Spa Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel Baan Talay Dao Hotel Siam Bayshore Pattaya Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort Chiang Mai Phu Na Come Resort Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket Resort Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa Andaman Cannacia Resort and Spa For complete list of award recipients, go to www.tourismawards.

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Volume 2

Issue 19

Business News World Bank trims Thailand growth to 4% by Bahar Karaman,

The World Bank has reduced its Thai economic growth projection from 5 percent to 4 percent this year given the slower-than-expected global economic recovery and economic slowdown in China, its senior economist Kirida Bhaopichitr said. She said the global impacts have plunged Thailand’s exports in the first half the year to expand at only 1.2 percent, and it is predicted that export growth for the entire year would be 2.5 percent. Thai exports in the four remaining months should increase at least 4 to 5 percent, while imports will rise 6 percent, she said, adding that domestic consumption has been slowed to only 2.5 percent due to ending the government’s tax incentives for first-time car buyers. Kirida predicted a positive trend for the Thai economy next year, saying it should grow 4 to 5 percent given signals of a strengthened global

economy and the government’s planned investment on mega infrastructure projects. However, the government should be wary of delayed disbursements of the 2014 budget which will have an impact on state projects, especially water management and the 2-trillion baht infrastructure development. Higher household debt could also deter private consumption and result in less-thantargeted economic growth, she said. Regarding the US economy, Kirida noted that the World Bank predicted that the US hiccup in its economic stimulus would lower its gross domestic product (GDP) growth by 2 percent, and the impact could be felt globally, including East Asia. If the US GDP declines by 1 percent, it will lower East Asia’s GDP by 0.5 percent, but the World Bank could not evaluate the coming impact in light of the debt ceiling quandary in Washington. The economist predicted that foreign capital would flow out of Asia after the US reduces its economic stimulus through quantitative easing, and the outflows could affect the bond and stock markets in the region as well as weaken the Thai currency. She suspects that the Thai economy will remain strong and Thai financial institutions will be able to cope with the capital outflows. Kirida said Thailand will lose 200 billion baht, or 2 percent of GDP, if the government carries on with the rice pledging scheme, pointing out that two years of rice subsidies has cost the Kingdom 400 billion baht.

16-31 october 2013

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Volume 2

Issue 19

16-31 october 2013

Legal & Expat Money

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Marriage Visa in Thailand by: Magna Carta Law Office

What is Thailand Marriage Visa? A Thailand marriage visa is the type of visa granted to the foreign spouse of Thai citizens wherein the holder is entitled to stay in Thailand for one calendar year. How do I qualify for a Marriage Visa? You can qualify to be granted a Marriage Visa if you are: 1. Legally married to a Thai national, and 2. Able to satisfy either of the following financial requirements: • savings of 400,000 baht deposited in a Thai bank account two months prior to visa application, or • monthly income of at least 40,000 baht. What are the required documents in applying for a Marriage Visa? - Passport with validity of not less than 18 months - Completed visa application forms - Three passport-sized photos (4x6cm) of the applicant taken within the last six months - Evidence of the spouse’s Thai nationality: Thai ID Card and House Registration Book - Family picture of the applicant with the Thai spouse and child/children - Map to the applicant’s residence in Thailand - Certificate of Marriage - A letter from the foreigner’s embassy verifying the foreigner’s monthly income or monthly pension of at least 40,000 baht, or - Original bank statement and a Letter of Guarantee from a Thai bank reflecting a bank deposit totalling not less than 400,000 baht, or - A valid work permit and a letter from the Thai employer evidencing a monthly income of at least 40,000 baht. Is a one-year Marriage Visa renewable? A Marriage Visa may be renewed annually at the Thai Immigration Office by showing the same documents as required in your first application except that the funds in the Thai Bank must be reflected for three consecutive months prior to the visa renewal. What restrictions must I consider while holding a Marriage Visa? As a Marriage Visa holder, you will be permitted to stay in Thailand for one year from the date your marriage visa is granted. You must report to the Immigration officer in your area of residence every

90 days during your stay in Thailand. During this period, if you wish to leave and re-enter the country, you are required to apply for and obtain a re-entry permit (single or multiple) at the Immigration Office before leaving the country. If you leave without a re-entry permit, the permit for you to stay for the rest of the marriage visa duration will become invalid. Can I apply for this Visa outside Thailand? You can start the Marriage Visa procedure outside Thailand, preferably from your home country, by obtaining a Non-Immigrant Visa which will be valid for 90 days from the date of entry. A Non-Immigrant Visa can be extended or converted to a One Year Visa Extension of Stay Based on Marriage in Thailand during the last 30 days of your permitted stay. The 90-day validity of your Non-Immigrant Visa shall give you enough time to deposit in a Thai bank the required amount of money which must be reflected for two months in the bank transaction certificate upon your visa application. Will I be allowed to work if I am holding a Marriage Visa? Marriage Visa holders are allowed to work in Thailand by obtaining a valid work permit before starting to work. This is considered an advantage to any foreigner’s employment prospects as they would only have to deal with securing a work permit. What happens to my Marriage Visa in the event of a divorce? In the event of a divorce, your marriage visa becomes invalid on the divorce date. However, in some cases, the visa holder may be allowed to stay in the country until the expiration of the current marriage visa. So if you expect to divorce, consult a good law firm well in advance.

MAGNA CARTA LAW OFFICE 193/126-8 South Pattaya Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150, Thailand Telephone : 038 373735 - 6, MOBILE NO. : 082 479 1204 Fax : 038 373672 Email :

Expat Money Corner by Tim Whiteley

Shelter from the Storm No one would pretend that the world’s stock markets are the most stable of places at the best of times, but there was an old adage that, given 10 years, whichever of the main index tracker funds you selected, you would be better off than when you started, even if you bought at a peak and sold in a trough. There are still instances when this is true but, for example, using the MSCI, formerly Morgan Stanley Capital International Index, which is often used as a common benchmark for 'world' or 'global' stock funds, had you invested in an MSCI ‘tracker’ fund during August 2000, by August 2010 you would, a decade later, still be down; something almost unheard of previously. The general malaise of the markets since the ‘sub-prime’ debacle in the United States starting in 2006 has left many wondering where they can find any degree of predictability, away from all the downbeat news from Europe and the subsequent slowing down of the so-called ‘drivers’ for the recovery of the world’s economies, such as China and other Asian economies. In fact, since 2008, when the financial crisis struck with full force, there has been almost unprecedented volatility, and with historically low interest rates, the banks offer little solace with deposit rates unable to match even relatively low rates of inflation, let alone provide any growth. During this period, there has been a significant increase in funds set up covering ‘niche’ sectors, capitalising on the high level of demand that still prevails in such markets, and the attraction is simply that. Economics 101, for those of us that initially studied using Hanson’ textbooks, rams home the point that when demand exceeds supply, prices will rise and any such market will remain buoyant. The proliferation of such funds is an indication that demand is mushrooming for alternatives that offer sensible and consistent returns with proper security. When all is said and done, most of us want the same thing when looking for somewhere to place our nest egg: a reasonable return with little or no risk! To be frank, that aspiration has always been a tricky match, however, the advent of specialist funds concentrating on arenas where high levels of demand can be seen well into the middle distance, has opened up a number of worthwhile possibilities with a genuine likelihood of fulfilling that promise. Our experience shows that 95 percent of those who receive a 6 or 8 percent steady return are happy, particularly in these times. Those looking for higher profits should also remember another old adage which still remains true – ‘reward is commensurate with risk’. Actually, the fact is that many looking for more are young with 15+ years to waste aiming for bigger figures. For those of us that haven’t got that sort of time to throw away and require income, a secure 6 or 8 percent is very attractive. There are several sectors enjoying the benefits of burgeoning demand in this developing market place. Nonetheless, careful selection is still required. Of prime importance are the fund’s custodians (the safe-keepers of investors’ money). It should be a major international bank. Also, who are the auditors? Again, we should be looking for major international firms. Then, there is the question of where is the fund domiciled; it should be a jurisdiction that is financially well regulated and has a correspondingly high degree of investor protection. Important Note - This article contains general information only and is not intended to be taken as specific financial, investment, or tax advice. A personal analysis should always be obtained. Tim Whiteley of IFA International has over 25 years as an IFA, advising international investors and expatriates, both onshore UK, and offshore in Asia. With offices in Bangkok, and regular client visits to Pattaya, IFA specialises in wealth protection services, offshore trusts, QROPS UK Pension Transfers and QNUPS, creating tailor made investment solutions for individuals around the world. IFAInternational does NOT provide discretionary portfolio management, securities advice, forex trading, or local brokerage/insurance products. The services that IFA International Group provides are for expatriates and international investors only and are not applicable to local nationals. This is NOT a solicitation to sell or market securities. Questions to the author can be directed to:

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Volume 2

Issue 19

16-31 october 2013

Business News Tourist arrivals up 23% this year by Akanksha Singh,

International tourist arrivals in Thailand between January and September 2013 represented an increase of 23 percent over the same period of 2012. Suwat Sidthilaw, Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sports, reported that 19.67 million international tourists visited Thailand during the ninemonth period. Out of this number, China was the largest group of tourist arrivals, with an increase of 92.9 percent, followed by Malaysia, with an increase of 19.9 percent, and Japan, with a rise of 15.4 percent. International tourist arrivals during the period brought in 863.12 million baht in tourism income. The minister believes that Thailand would be able to welcome 26 million foreign visitors throughout 2013, compared with 22.3 last year, when Chinese tourists formed the largest group, followed

by Malaysians, Russians, Japanese, Koreans, British, and Germans. Participants at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra discussed ways of promoting tourism growth through granting tourist visas of a long-term duration and by encouraging film-makers to shoot here. The meeting was told that although Thailand welcomed more visitors, most of them were concentrated mainly in the provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Chon Buri, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Surat Thani, Phang-nga, Phuket, Krabi, and Songkhla. The prime minister proposed that tourists from the mass and niche markets should be handled differently, since their demands differed. Services for visitors from the niche group should be further developed to encourage longer stays in Thailand.

She also proposed that foreign investors in theme parks be invited to invest in building more man-made tourism attractions. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance was assigned to study tax incentives for investment promotion. Moreover, the meeting discussed efforts to enhance the potential of Thailand’s film industry and post-production. Related industries should also be promoted to provide fullcycle services for foreign filmmakers, so that more of them will choose Thailand as

their shooting locations. The prime minister also instructed the Ministry of Transport to ease congestion at both Suvanrnabhumi and Phuket airports. The Tourist Police and the Ministry of Public Health were told to focus on the safety of tourists. She wanted each province to combine local culture and products with tourism. The Community Development Department was asked to develop “One Tambon, One Product� (OTOP) programs in response to the market demand.

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Volume 2

Issue 19

16-31 october 2013


Baan Plai Haad Condominium by Sansiri Over the past 10 years the Eastern Seaboard has seen innovations and advancements in the luxury condominium sector, but nothing like the condominium lifestyle that the highly acclaimed Sansiri Public Company Limited offers with its flagship Wongamat beach development, Baan Plai Haad Condominium. The transformations in condominium construction and design on the Eastern Seaboard in recent years have been impressive, with huge strides in terms of innovative building design and highly creative interior design, but Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard hadn't quite hit the mark until Sansiri entered the area's property development arena. To guarantee excellence, Sansiri brought in Stephen J. Leach and his global awardwinning architectural design studio, while adding to the quality appeal, Sansiri created the first condominium in Pattaya that boasts units exclusively furnished by Calvin Klein. InbuildingBaanPlaiHaadCondominium, Sansiri is bringing much more than simply a

world class designed building or even 'six star' furnished interiors to Pattaya. It offers buyers an ensemble of lifestyle enhancements based on the Sansiri credo to ensure their residents of that perfect living experience. The Baan Plai development follows more than 257 Sansiri projects all over the Kingdom – townhomes, houses and condominiums of the highest standards and quality that have become Sansiri's trademark since 1984 when the San Samran Holding Company Limited was established. Today, Sansiri's development expertise and success reaches out over almost every corner of Thailand, including Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin, Khon Kaen, Khao Yai and now Pattaya.

Why should a discerning buyer purchase a Baan Plai Haad Condominium? When purchasing a unit here, you are making the most dependable investment available on the entire Eastern Seaboard. From the economic woes in the late 1980's through the Asian economic crisis in 1997, and even the recent world economic crisis, nothing has shaken Sansiri's resilience as a respected brand throughout Thailand. Starting with Sansiri's first premium holiday condominium in Hua Hin back in 1988, they have continued building and selling with a strength and commitment that has made them widely known to their throng of repeat purchasers as the most dependable name to be found in the Thai property market. Is now a good time to be investing in a Baan Plai Haad Condominium? With the incredible development of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the future in Pattaya and Thailand as a whole

couldn't look better. The ASEAN nations are dedicated to accelerating each other's economic growth and this development progress is destined to affect the Pattaya property market with its fast-paced highway and road infrastructure, proximity to both Suvarnabhumi and U Tapao International airports, and the plans for a high-speed train link in the near future. Now is a great time to be purchasing a Baan Plai Haad Condominium whether for your family's enjoyment while your investment grows or to rent to the many expats pouring into the Eastern Seaboard's booming industrial complexes north, south and east of Pattaya. The ASEAN Economic Community's positive effect will only grow as borders open for trade, tourism and regional economic integration by 2015. Baan Plai Haad's magnificent 31-storey resort style condominium features 353 units of one bedroom, one bathroom to three bedroom, three bathroom luxury units ranging in sizes from 40 to 154 sqm, with each unit furnished with European kitchens, built in cabinets and air conditioners. The uniquely designed floor plans allow for the flexibility to modify living areas and bedrooms to your own lifestyle needs. Project Details Baan Plai Haad features a large swimming pool, separate children's pool, a Jacuzzi, with lush tropical gardens on the ground floor and on the 30th floor's roof top garden. Residents will marvel at the 360 degree views of the sea, sunsets and islands as they lounge at the roof top party deck or swim laps in the spectacular infinity swimming pool while enjoying the amazing panoramic views. The Baan Plai Haad Condominium is affordable luxury at its very best with unit prices and sizes that are sure to satisfy your investment needs and lifestyle goals. Pattaya's Wongamat beach now has a new crown to wear, and it's Baan Plai Haad Condominium by Sansiri.

by Clayton Wade Managing Director

Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Our very special thanks to Clayton Wade, managing director of Pattaya’s Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. for preparing this Pattaya Today column. Clayton Wade has been running Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd., with his wife, Khun Supap, for more than 17 years. He himself has been in the real estate industry going on 27 years, having started his career in the United States where he was licensed and practiced both real estate sales and property management in Seattle, Washington. Clayton personally was responsible

for bringing in the first 53 General Motors executives for the start-up phase of Thailand’s General Motors manufacturing facility and had a three-year exclusive with the company. Following that experience, he placed most of the start-up executives for the Eastern Seaboard’s BMW manufacturing facility. Clayton Wade is a Council Member with the Gerson Lehrman Group, the New York based international research and consulting firm, and has been a national panel judge with the Thailand Property Awards for many years. The American-born entrepreneur is

known throughout the Asia-Pacific region for his writing, public speaking and television presentations. His many accomplishments in promoting real estate on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard include having been a guest speaker with several of Thailand’s top political and business figures on CNBC’s Managing Asia. Premier Homes is Pattaya’s leader in exclusive property sales and rentals, which may be seen by visiting their website at: Clayton Wade may be contacted at +(66) (81) 634-2915 or at:

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Volume 2

Issue 19

16-31 october 2013

GM Outlook

Full Steam Ahead with

A-One The Royal Cruise It’s a long-term family tradition in Pattaya

At the quieter end of Pattaya’s Beach Road, overlooking the majestic sea view, stands the unique A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel. A four star gem, it has become famous over the years for its distinct naval theme most obviously represented in the shape of the building which mimics an ocean liner. by Barry Kenyon


he maritime ethos also pervades the interior with all staff in quasinaval uniform, the various rooms and suites having naval decoration and the main lobby displaying models of ocean liners of the past. Even the several restaurants and leisure facilities remind you of the same theme with such names as The Cabin Grill, The Boat Music Place, Compass Karaoke, Harbour Restaurant and Blue Wave Poolside Bar. The assistant managing director is Suppachai Rattanaopath (popularly known as “E”), a young Thai entrepreneur who is typical of the rising stars of the

To know what your business plans are and to have the drive and enthusiasm to implement them.

Thai hospitality industry. Suppachai is the son of Somchai Rattanaopath, the president of A-One Hotels, and a third generation member in the family business. “Actually my grandfather thought of the maritime theme more than 25 years ago and it has certainly made the A-One enterprise in Pattaya very famous,” says Suppachai. “It’s one of the best known landmarks on beach road.” Still in his 20s, Suppachai gained a bachelor degree from the commerce and accountancy faculty at Bangkok’s prestigious

Chulalongkorn University and a master's degree in international hospitality and service industries management with marketing in Switzerland. He gained management experience at the Ritz Carlton in Singapore and at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Bangkok before joining the family hospitality business in both Bangkok and Pattaya. There are grand plans ahead for the family enterprise in Pattaya. The current A-One The Royal Cruise has 518 rooms and suites of various sizes. This November the new A-One Star Hotel with 142 rooms will open literally next door, a budget and package three star hotel which will cater for the booming budget traveller market in Thailand’s most popular beach resort city. A future plan now unfolding envisages a luxury five-star addition, the A-One Grand Marina, also in an adjoining location, which will likely become the jewel in the crown of A-One hotels. Suppachai is very confident about Pattaya’s future. “The city has changed such a lot and continues to evolve on an annual basis,” he says. “But there is still tremendous scope for the advancement of Pattaya as instanced by the increase in

P9 / 33

Volume 2

Issue 19

16-31 october 2013

GM Outlook a great choice of reception and conference rooms which can cater for up to 600 people. Although much remains to be done in the Pattaya area about improving infrastructure and communications, Suppachai is pleased with the most recent City Hall initiative to widen Pattaya’s Beach Road from the northern end to Walking Street. “It should enable four-lane

foreign visitor numbers, principally from Russia and Asia, and the growing business market in MICE (Meetings Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions). Both the elite tourist market and the package vacationers are both showing steady increases year on year.” Suppachai points to the Tourist Authority of Thailand figures which suggest that the country will exceed its own target of 22 million foreign visitors in the calendar year 2013. “We have always had very good occupancy figures at the A-One The Royal Cruise, but I want to concentrate now on raising the quality of all our services and facilities on an ongoing basis,” announces Suppachai. “We already receive lots of customer feedback from our one-line questionnaire for guests and I would like to incorporate the findings in what I’ll call the future hotel strategy, not only for the current hotel but for the three and five star additions which haven’t opened yet.” He adds that answering customer expectations and even surpassing them is what the hospitality industry is all about these days. The location of A-One The Royal Cruise certainly helps to explain its success: the popular beach area is literally just steps away. Visitors also have a large choice of superior, deluxe, executive deluxe and suite accommodation, all with a private terrace, LCD TV with cable channels, high speed internet access and all expected room facilities. The leisure options in the hotel include a swimming pool, several restaurants and bars, a karaoke lounge, spa, large fitness centre and

driving once the authorities have cracked down on illegal parking.” He adds that the palm trees, brought in from Nong Nooch, have actually improved the appearance of Beach Road as the early predictions that the changes would spoil the environmental image have been proved wrong. The Rattanaopath family has already made a significant contribution to the hospitality

industry in Pattaya. Suppachai Rattanaopath has many years of professional working life ahead and seems set to achieve his expansionist goals. Asked if he has any spare time to pursue hobbies or interests, he says “Yes I love music and thoroughly enjoy being a DJ.” Well, they do say that knowing how to relax is one of the ingredients of business success.

Suppachai Rattanaopath Assistant Managing Director

10 ZZ/34

16 - 31 October 2013

Articles for Sale

(ptmas-e0009)Mobility Scooters -- Free test ride at your home! Portable mobility scooters, latest models.  Full s e r v i c e f r o m T h a i l a n d ’s mobility scooter specialist. Call 081 875 0860 or 02 964 8405-07, www.ecobrand. net, for prices and brochures. Contact us now for your free test ride at your home!

Business Opportunities

(ptmbo-J0313) A big property on 2000 m2 of land will be up for lease as of March 2014. On the property, you have; Your living, a restaurant/ bar, courts for petanque and badminton as well as leisure activities like pool and dart. All inside and outside on the property being fully equipped and in good standing.  The inventory inside as well as outside up for sale, and this if second hand prices being agreed upon. The rental fee is to be paid by the lease 12 months in advance, or three years (price lower), if the ‘lease’ so prefers. To get the first idea, take a look on http:// com For visit, phone 66 (0)806182831 (Thai/English) or 66(0)852807182 if you prefer English, French, German or Scandinavian. A Leading English Language Magazine for sale, 2 Million baht. Call 089 607 9850 for more details (ptmpt-bo00)For Sale or Lease. 23 Nice Two Room Apar tments located in 3 buildings on a one rai land parcel in a very central location south Pattaya. Within 5 min walking distance to walking street, however still a quiet and secure area. For more info contact 081 9099098, No agents please Office and Commercial Retail Space: For Lease in a Busy Location on Thrappaya Road near beach with Clear Glass around improvements includes Kitchen/ensuite bathroom 65 sqm THB deposit 3 mo’s / 30K THB rent per month call: 085-910-5124 Restaurant f or Sale in Prime Location Jomtien (Thappraya Road) rent 25K THB p/m. 3+3 year lease. Sale Price: 1,690,000 THB includes everything furniture, fixtures stock-good cash flow please call 0823440822 Email to


Sk y View Penthouse Restaurant for Sale/Lease: Stunning views of Pattaya and Jomtien Bay Decorated in Vietnamese and French Style. 500 sqm Rent 45k THB p/m. SALE PRICE: 4,950,000 THB includes everything please call 0823440822 Email to dew@ Guest House/Coffee Shop Soi Buakhao: 6 rooms Leasehold: 3+3 Rent: 30,000 Baht/Month. 19% cash return annually SALE PRICE: 2,100,000 THB please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email todew@ Guest House/Pub Dongtan Beach: 4 rooms Leasehold: 3+3 Rent: 23,000 Baht/ Month. Fully occupied SALE PRICE: 1,499,000 THB please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email todew@ French Restaurant for Sale/ Lease: Established 11 years in the same location in Jomtien rent 25K THB p/m. 6 year lease. Sale Price: 3,950,000 THB includes ever ything please call 0823440822 Email BUSY INTERNET & TRAVEL AGENTS IN A ‘5-STAR’ LOCATION Single four-storey building in the busiest foot traffic location in Jomtien and near to several hotels and guesthouses. Ground floor internet and travel office with 3 rooms and small office above. Can convert to massage or retail premises. For sale: Only 375,000 Bt including computers and furniture, monthly rent of 25,000 Bt and 100,000 Bt key money. Website Ref: BUSS031. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: www. T H A I R E S TA U R A N T WITH ROOMS IN BUSY LOCATION - Single threestorey building in Soi 5 Immigration the busiest foot traffic location in Jomtien. Presently a small Thai restaurant with 4 rooms above, easy to convert to office, massage or retail premises. For sale leasehold: Reduced to 700,000 Bt, monthly rent of 20,000 Bt and no key money. Website Ref: BUSS026. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:

OFFICE – RETAIL WITH ROOMS – Ideally located on a highly visible corner location in Soi Korpai. A single unit 4 storey building with ground floor office and furniture plus 3 rooms on the upper floors, in a really great traffic location in this busy Soi. For Sale Leasehold: Only 175,000 Bt (this includes security deposit) and a monthly rent of just 12,000 Bt and no key money. Website Ref: COMS027. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: RESTAURANT – FINE DINING - A great opportunity to take over this leasehold fine dining restaurant in a quiet location between South Pattaya and Jomtien. The restaurant, with a well fitted commercial kitchen, offers 40 seats in the ambiance of the intimate interior with a further 30 seats available for those who desire to dine alfresco on the spacious garden terrace. There are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and living room on the 1st floor and a private pool that are at the moment used by the owners for their own living accommodation. The business is being sold leasehold this includes company with one Work Permit, a monthly rent of 40,000 Bt and NO key money. For Sale: 2.9m Bt. Website Ref: BUSS028. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: GUESTHOUSE & BAR -Ideally located profitable 10 room guesthouse and bar. Located in a busy Soi in Central Jomtien and close to the beach is this 3 unit building with the ground floor running as a bar with pool table, music system and large flat screen TV. There is ample room to install a kitchen to offer breakfast and food to the guests and customers. The upper floors contain 10 renovated and fully furnished guest rooms with new AC units, a store room and maid’s room. An established business. For Sale: Leasehold 3.3m Bt, monthly rent 30,000 Bt and key money. Website Ref: BUSS019. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: GUESTHOUSE – 6 ROOMS & GROUND FLOOR RETAIL UNIT. A single unit guesthouse in a central location in Jomtien, 4 storey, 6 bedroom recently been renovated and furnished. The ground floor is suitable for office, massage, beauty salon etc. the upper floors have either one very spacious bedroom with AC, en-suite bathrooms with showers, large LCD TV, fridge, kitchenette and balcony or 2 smaller bedrooms with AC, en-suite bathrooms with shower, large LCD TV, fridge, kitchenette and balcony. For Sale 6.9m Bt . Website Ref: BUSS026. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

Services Provided

Magna Carta Law Office can assist you in securing loans from a minimum 700,000 up to a maximum of 50 Million Baht through various financial institutions with no credit checks or black marks and no penalty for a bad credit history. All loans are secured against either land or property and we are able to lend you up to 50% of the appraised valuation of your asset.   The funds will be available around 10 days from the start of the application.   Loans can be for a period of 6 months to 1 year and can be extended for longer if needed. Call either 038-373735 or 081-9833620 to make an appointment. Home Maid Service &Design. Cleaning Services, Built-in Furniture and Kitchen, Curtains Wall Paper, Renovations and General Maintenance. “One Call for All Service”. Tel: 081 657 5972, 089 9957078; E-mail: homemaidpattaya@ PAC Co., Ltd. Can renovate your condo at a very reasonable price with very good standard of work. Ring 087 139 1539 for estimates Eng, 087 150 4845 Thai If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software or hardware, please phone 0868202577 or 0812951310 (Thai &Eng). I will go to service at your place. If you are Looking for a Computer Graphic Designer, Web designer or would like to make some printed matters at reasonable price, please phone 0868202577 (Thai) or 0812951310 (Thai &Eng)

Education & Training

Learn Fruit and Vegetables Carving from a Professional teacher with more than 18 years experience. For inquiries contact Yui at tel no. 0863209569 and/ or 0852385453 or email at (pta-tk0008)Do you want to Study Thai Language or Thai Culture in Fun & Easy Way? Come to Thankful Knowledge Learning Center. Learn with the native professional teachers. Affordable price & friendly environment call 038 373 175 or 038 416 493. We speak Thai, English, German & Deutsch.

Apartment for Sale

Life’s a Beach – and you could be Living this Privileged Life Style Tomorrow. Two spectacular beach side apartments have just come on the market. Situated on Na Jomtien’s sandy quiet beach they both offer a piece of paradise. The Penthouse is a 240 sq/m, 2-storey (4th& 5th floors), 3 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms, 3 toilets with extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Semi furnished. Price: 55,000 Baht/month on yearly contract (other terms can be arranged).Apartment 1 is 140 sq/m, 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms/showers. Semi furnished. Extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Price: 34,000 Baht/month on 1 year basis (other terms can be arranged).Contact: Tony Trail – Drifters Café and Apartments – Tel: (Thai) 0877432319 or (Eng) 0816198626.

HOUSES FOR SALE Charming Tropical Bangsarey Home! Selling Price 12.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/183 TLW. (PR2799) Beautiful Home in Jomtien Yacht Club!! Selling Price 29 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/4+1 Bathrooms, 390 Sqm/212 TLW. (PR5846) Great Phoenix Lakeside Family Home! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 180 Sqm/200 TLW. (PR5035) Spectacular 7 Bedrooms Luxury Resort Style Residence on 3 Rai ! Selling Price 39 Million Baht and 7 Bedrooms/4+2 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/3 Rai. (PR6004) Amazing Pratamnak Luxury Estate! Selling Price 60 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 634 Sqm/330 TLW. (PR5946) Great Family Home Near Town! Selling Price 24 Million Baht, 5+1 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1 Rai/660 Sqm. (PR6363) Stunning Townhome on Jomtien’s Dongtan Beachfront! Selling Price 22 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/4 Bathrooms, 25 TLW/400 Sqm. (PR6083) Charming Detached House with swimming pool and lovely gardens in Wongamat Location! Selling Price 25 Million Baht, Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathrooms, 300 TLW/300 Sqm. (PR6075)

HOUSES FOR RENT Fantastic Home in Great Developement! Rental Price 110,000 Baht/ Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 440 Sqm/300 TLW. (PR2184) Gorgeous and Brand New Marina Home! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/ Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. (PR3982) Impressive Lakeside Estate Home! Rental Price 125,000 Baht/ Month, 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 650 Sqm/600 TLW. This is an absolutely fantastic family home right on a lake next to Phoenix Golf Club and in the country just minutes from town. (PR5679) Resort Living just 50 meters from the Beach in Jomtien! Rental Price 75,000 Baht / Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/25 TLW. (PR2977) Wonderful Beachside Homes! Rental Price 80,000-110,000 Baht/ Month, 3-5 Bedrooms/4-5 Bathrooms, 188-280 Sqm./75-100 TLW. (PRH133) Nice Rental Home in Phoenix Golf Course Area! Rental Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/600 TLW. (PR5230) Fantastic Home in the Mabprachan Lake Area! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/Month, 5 Bedrooms/3+1 Bathrooms, 360 Sqm/400 TLW. (PR0193) Stunning and Gorgeous Home for Rent! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/ Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. (PR3982) Beachfront Villa with Impressive Interior Design! Rental Price 130,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 350 Sqm/400 TLW. (PR6017)

CONDOS FOR SALE Spectacular Penthouse For Sale! Selling Price 23.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/4 Bathroom, 363 Sqm. (PR5414) Wonderfully Designed Luxury Apartment! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 134 Sqm. (PR5559) Beautiful Apartment with Sea Views! Selling Price 12.6 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 135 Sqm. (PR4136) Foreigner Ownership in Jomtien’s La Royale! Selling Price 11.95 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 148 Sqm. (PR4015) Great Sea Views and In Town Location! Selling Price 29.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 268 Sqm. (PR5786) Great Jomtien Beach Area Apartment! Selling Price 3.5 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/2 Bathrooms, 80 Sqm. (PR5084) High Floor View Talay III Condo Apartment!! Selling Price 14.4 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 198 Sqm. (PR5075) Nicely Decorated Apartment in Town at Northshore! Selling Price 9 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 67 Sqm. (PR4990) Great Sea Views and Stunning Décor in North Pattaya! Selling Price 7.474 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 74 Sqm. (PR4862) Wongamat Bay Sea View Apartment....This Month Huge Reduction! Selling Price is 13.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 210 Sqm. (PR3390) Best priced Apartment in Na Jomtien’s Pine Shore Condo! Selling Price is 8 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 91 Sqm. (PR4987) Sea, Sunset and Island Views at Jomtien Beach! Selling Price 10 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 165 Sqm, (PR6410)

CONDOS FOR RENT Very Impressive Sea View Apartment!! Rental Price is 40,000 Baht/ Month, 1 Bedrooms/1 Bathrooms, 64 Sqm. (PR5045) Beachfront Living at its Best for Rent! Rental Price is 42,000-227,500 Baht/Month, 2-5 Bedrooms/2-5 Bathrooms, 77-450 Sqm. (PRC084) Beachfront Life Style for Rent! Rental Price is 85,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 266 Sqm. (PR0737) North Pattaya Beachfront Apartment....Definitely a 5 Star Lifestyle! Rental Price is 100,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 311 Sqm. (PR4262) Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price is 48,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 101 Sqm. (PR5423) Stunning Apartment for Rent in Northshore! Rental Price 40,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 64 Sqm. (PR4570) Fantastically Designed Apartment at Grand Condotel! Rental Price 42,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 95 Sqm. (PR4187) Luxury Suite Condominium on Pratamnak Hill! Rental Price 50,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 115 Sqm. (PR6391) Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price 60,000 Baht/ Month, 2+1 Bedroom/3 Bathroom. 214 Sqm, (PR5166) Beautiful Apartment with Spacious Living Area! Rental Price 55,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 340 Sqm. (PR5491)

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Apartment for Rent

(ptmafr-R1413)AROMDEE APARTMENTS, quiet, clean, well maintained, with European management. Fan/Ac rooms for rent start from 4000, baht monthly. Free Wi-Fi, CableTV, Gym, and Car park. Inside Minimart, breakfast dishes, coffee bar/bar, 24 h laundry, and CCTV security coverage. Within walking distance of Big C, Tesco Lotus, and BKK Bus Station North Pattaya. Phone Thai/Eng.: 082-3043907, Phone Norwegian/ Eng.: 087-329-0300, Office/ Fax: 038-370-861 Web: www. Email: aromdeeapartment@

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(ptmhfs-O0413)Beautiful ‘new’ 3 bed 2 bath house near Mabprachan Lake on 1 rai 45 TW of land with fruit trees/private water well. House 165 sqm. Internet/cable connected. 7-11 and Lotus Express only 1 km from the house and 6-8 mins to Central Pattaya on highway. Reduced price for quick sale 5.7 million. 0831029293 (ptmhfs-P0513)BANG SARAY, NEW 2 BEDROOM, TWO BATH HOME WITH MOUNTAIN VIEW Great location, The house size is 158 square meters and the property size is 458 square meters backing on navy land for complete privacy. The property offers a lovely mountain view and only minutes to the beach. The price includes a fully western kitchen and air conditioning. Construction time is three months giving you lots of time to pick your own colours. Price: 3.1 million 0852872957 email: paul@ Located Inside an Exclusive and Gated Village Prouximate to Sukhumvit Road and Thepprasit Road.Built of Thai-Bali architecture sitting on more than 500 square meters of prime land in the resort city.Resort-type swimming pool and landscaped gardens, 3 bedrooms, entertainment room, living room and dining area, European kitchen, staff quarter with own toilet (or office) and bath and separate entrance. All internal areas fixed with split-type air conditioners. Spacious balconies (lounge) areas.Covered garage spacious for two (2) vehicles. For Sale 13 Million Baht or for Rent 60,000 baht per month. Call 089 607 9850.

Pool Villa For Sale – Jomtien - A very nice renovation, the detached single storey villa, land area 248 sqm, living area 130 sqm. Stylishly furnished throughout with top quality fittings, 3 bedrooms, 2 luxurious bathrooms, full European white kitchen with oven and microwave, dining area, living room, flat screen LCD TV in every room, small private pool, pool side terrace, water features, remote closing gates, communal pool, 24/7 security and just 600m to Jomtien Night Plaza, food market, restaurants, shops and bars. Great value. Price: Reduced to 4.99mBt. Website Ref: PLVS142. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Pool Villa For Sale – East Jomtien. Single storey 140 sqm villa in a quiet secluded small development on land plot 280 sqm, stylishly finished and furnished throughout, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, European kitchen, living room, dining area, covered terrace, sun deck, lagoon style private pool, covered parking, 24/7 security, less than a 5 minute drive to Sukhumvit Road. Sale Price: 4.5m Bt. Website Ref: PLVS169. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House For Sale –Bang Saray - Nicely designed new single storey house, Living area 132sqm, Land area 400sqm, in this popular area of Bang Saray. The property is built to European standards offering 2 bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms, European kitchen with oven, spacious living room, dining area, patio terrace, car parking and landscaped gardens. Really great value for money and less than 5 minutes to the beautiful beach, shops, restaurants, bars and 20 minutes from Jomtien.. Price: 2.95m Bt. Website Ref: HSES092. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House For Sale –East Pattaya - Located on a spacious corner plot in this popular, quiet and secure village less than 5 minutes from Sukhumvit Road and Central Pattaya, the single storey property is offered living area 150 sqm, land area 390 sqm, unfurnished with 3 bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms, European kitchen, living room, dining area, landscaped tropical gardens, communal pool and clubhouse, 24/7 security. An ideal property for those looking for a quiet and secure village yet near to all amenities.. Price: 4.99m Bt. Website Ref: HSES096. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:

16 - 31 October 2013

11 ZZ/35


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House For Sale –East Pattaya - Two storey semi-detached houses in a very quiet secure development just a 5 minute drive from Sukhumvit Road. Very spacious, well furnished and offering 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open plan lounge, dining area, European kitchen w i t h ove n , c a r p a r k i n g , clubhouse, communal pool and 24/7 security. Outstanding value for such large family homes. The seller has in total six of these rental properties, five with tenants in place, that are rented for between 17,000 Bt and 20,000 Bt per month on medium to long term leases bringing in a return of 8%. Only for sale because of the owners continued ill health problems. They can be purchased individually from 1.99m Bt to 2.2m Bt each or all six houses together for 11.9m Bt. Website Ref: HSES071. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: C h a r m i n g Tr o p i c a l Bangsarey Home! Selling Price 12.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/183 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR2799)

Beautiful Home in Jomtien Yacht Club!! Selling Price 29 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/4+1 Bathrooms, 390 Sqm/212 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR5846) Great Phoenix Lakeside Family Home! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 180 Sqm/200 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR5035) Spectacular 7 Bedrooms Luxur y Resor t Style Residence on 3 Rai! Selling Price 39 Million Baht and 7 Bedrooms/4+2 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/3 Rai. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6004)


12 ZZ/36

16 - 31 October 2013

House for Sale

Amazing Pratamnak Luxury Estate! Selling Price 60 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 634 Sqm/330 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR5946) Great Family Home Near Town! Selling Price 24 Million Baht, 5+1 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1Rai/660 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6363) S t u n n i n g To w n h o m e o n Jo m t i e n â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s D o n g t a n Beachfront! Selling Price 22 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/4 Bathrooms, 25 TLW/400 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR6083)


Charming Detached House with swimming pool and lovely gardens in Wongamat Location! Selling Price 25 Million Baht, Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathrooms, 300 TLW/300 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR6075) Beautiful Home in Tadarawadi Village For Sale! Selling Price 42,075,000 Million Baht, 4 Bedroom /4 Bathrooms, 526 TLW/769 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR5758) Great Jomtien Park Villa with Ver y Nice Moder n Furniture! Selling Price 34 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 238 TLW/500 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR4176)

Gorgeous Lake View Thabali Home! Selling Price 7.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 90 TLW/206 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR4465) Great Home in the ver y popular Siam Royal View! Selling Price 29.9 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 1 Rai/360 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com. (PR4211) A Really Unique Estate on One Rai of Land! Selling Price 50 Million Baht, 6 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1000 Sqm/440 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email:premier@loxinfo. co.thor visit our website at (PR5052) Great Home in View Talay Villas! Selling Price 12.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/72 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. co.thor visit our website at (PR4854) Great Private Estate Home! Selling Price 14.9 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 375 Sqm/500 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5365) Fantastic Estate Home For Sale! Selling Price 39 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/6+1 Bathrooms, 600 Sqm/291 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4516) Great Home in Town! Selling Price 6.9 Million Baht, 3+1 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms, 280 Sqm/70 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6394) Tropical Jomtien Villa with Private Swimming Pool: Thai-Bali Style, 3 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms, And 524 Sqm Sale Price: 8,250,000 THB. (Co Name) Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email to

J O M T I E N PA L A C E ESTATES- Modern style 6 bedrooms home, 3 bath, and 3 beds upstairs and downstairs. Living Area 280 SQM 10.9 million (Co name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email to dew@ View Talay Villas with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 1 bed 1 bath 4.49 mil (thai name) Freehold. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email to dew@ Nice House 2 Bed 2 Bath for Sale off Soi KhaoTalo: 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living Room, Total Size 156 Sqm 1,899,000 THB. (Freehold) Thai Name Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email todew@ Pob Choke Garden Hill â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Just Built - New House 2 Bed 2 Bath. Located in Bangsaray just off hwy. 331. Sale Price: 1,699, 000 THB (Freehold) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email Nir vana Pool Villas 1 3 Bed 3 Bath House with Private Pool/Fully Furnished/ Enclosed Garage 364 SQM. Sale Price: 5.9 Million THB co. name (Freehold) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email todew@ Baan Suay Mai NgamNewer 3 Bed 4 Bath House/ fully furnished/private pool/ owner must sell 3.25 Million Thai name. (Freehold) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email todew@ View Talay Villa with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 2 bed 2 bath 7.9 million (co name) Freehold. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email to dew@

House for Rent

(ptmhfr-n0313) OCCASION! Beautiful townhouse (South Pattaya), just 2 minutes to city or beach, green environment, superbly fully fur nished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, ADSL, garage. Must have seen! Contact: 089248 8484 (ptmhfs-C0313) House 3 Bed3 Bathr./Shr, big living in-/ outside kitchen, 2 air-con. Carport, garden, furnished, 15,000 BHT/month Tel 038 42 55 32 Mobile 086 511 1532 Located Inside an Exclusive and Gated Village Proximate to Sukhumvit Road and Thepprasit Road. Built of Thai-Bali architecture sitting on more than 500 square meters of prime land in the resort city. Resort-type swimming pool and landscaped gardens, 3 bedrooms, entertainment room, living room and dining area, European kitchen, staff quarter with own toilet (or office) and bath and separate entrance. All internal areas fixed with split-type air conditioners. Spacious balconies (lounge) areas. Covered garage spacious for two (2) vehicles. For Longterm rent 60,000 baht per month. Call 089 607 9850.

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

House for Rent

J O M T I E N PA L A C E HOME- 3 Bdr m 3 Baths m o der n 1 4 0 SQ M F ully furnished with private Jacuzzi, towels, and linens. 30,000 per month for (1 year lease) please call 085-910-5124 Email Park Lane Resort Jomtien1 bedroom 1 bath 36 sqm.15,000 per month. (1 year Lease) Fully furnished linens, cooking utensils and are Pool View please call 085-910-5124 Email to View Talay Villas with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 2 bed 2 bath 35,000 THB/Month (1 Year Lease) Fully Equipped Please call 085-910-5124 Email to dew@ House For Rent – Jomtien Spacious furnished two storey property in this popular village just a minutes’ drive to Jomtien Beach. The property offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, open plan lounge, living area 300 sqm ,land area 324 sqm, covered parking, communal pool, 24/7 security and just 5 minutes from Tesco and downtown Pattaya. Minimum rental period of 6 months applies. Rent 38,000 Bt per month. Website Ref: HSER046. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House For Rent – East Pattaya - A two storey semidetached house in a very quiet secure development just a 5 minute drive from Sukhumvit Road. Very spacious, furnished and offering 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open plan lounge, dining area, European kitchen w i t h ove n , c a r p a r k i n g , clubhouse, communal pool and 24/7 security. Outstanding value for a large family home. A minimum rental period of 6 months applies at 17,000 Bt per month. Website Ref: HSER011. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House for Rent – Ban Amphur - A really spacious 340 sqm 4 storey semi-detached town house, stylishly finished and furnished in a modern ThaiBali style offering 3 en-suite bedrooms, 1 guest bedroom (presently used as an office), 4 luxurious bathrooms, fully fitted European kitchen complete

with oven and washing machine, dining room, open plan living room, snooker room, top floor lounge-TV room leading onto a large balcony with great views over the sea and Ocean Marina. A really great value rental, 200m to the beach, offering great views from the higher floors. Minimum rental period of 1 year applies at 40,000 Bt per month. Website Ref: HSER011. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Pool Villa For Rent – Jomtien - Stylishly finished and furnished pool villa, living area 80 sqm, land area 240 sqm, ideally located just 250m from Jomtien Beach offering 1 bedroom, 1 luxurious bathroom, European kitchen, living room, private pool, sun terrace, communal pool, restaurant, 24/7 security, 100m to numerous restaurants, shops, bars in Jomtien Night Plaza. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies at 40,000 Bt. Website Ref: PLVR300. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Pool Villa For Rent – Jomtien - Ideally located 250m from the beach and just 100m from Jomtien Night Plaza. The 140 sqm villa offers 2 en-suite bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms, European kitchen, living room and dining area, private pool with poolside terrace and sun deck, landscaped garden, communal pool, restaurant, 24/7 security. Monthly rates are 75,000 Bt (excluding utilities) in low season from 1st April through to 31st October but excluding August and high season 1st November to 31st March and August 90,000 Bt per month (excluding utilities). Also available for weekly leases contact us for details.Website Ref: PLVR314. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: www. Fantastic Home in Great Development! Rental Price 110,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 440 Sqm/300 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR2184)


Gorgeous and Brand New Marina Home! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (PR3982) Impressive Lakeside Estate Home! Rental Price 125,000 Baht/Month, 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 650 Sqm/600 TLW. This is an absolutely fantastic family home right on a lake next to Phoenix Golf Club and in the country just minutes from town. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5679) R e s o r t L iv i n g j u s t 5 0 meters from the Beach in Jomtien! Rental Price 75,000 Baht / Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/25 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR2977) Wo n d e r f u l B e a c h s i d e Homes! Rental Price 80,000110,000 Baht/Month, 3-5 Bedrooms/4-5 Bathrooms, 188-280 Sqm./75-100 TLW For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: p r e m i e r @ l o x i n f o. c o. t h o r v i s i t o u r we b s i t e a t (PRH133) Nice Rental Home in Phoenix Golf Course Area! Rental Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/600 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email:premier@loxinfo. co.thor visit our website at (PR5230)

Fantastic Home in the Mabprachan Lake Area! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/ Month, 5 Bedrooms/3+1 Bathrooms, 360 Sqm/400 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR0193) Stunning and Gorgeous Home for Rent! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR3982)

16 - 31 October 2013

Beachfront Villa with Impressive Interior Design! Rental Price 130,000 Baht/ Month, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 350 Sqm/400 T LW. Fo r a p p o i n t m e n t and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6017)

Condo for Sale

T h e Re s i d e n c e – T h i s executive low rise building is one of the most popular in the area, located in a quiet non-tourist location just 1km from Jomtien Beach. This 52 sqm pool facing studio offers 1 luxurious bathroom, small European style kitchen, open plan living area, large balcony overlooking the exclusive lagoon style pool, fitness, hotel style reception, car parking, 24/7 security, 800m to Jomtien Night Plaza and fresh food

13 ZZ/37

market. For Sale: 1.79m Bt in foreign name. Website Ref: CDOS700. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Avatara - With great sea views from Koh Larn down to Bang Saray and just 40m back from the beach, this high floor unit is superbly finished and stylishly furnished throughout with a stunning interior offering 68sqm 1 bedroom with fitted wardrobes and large balcony, 1 luxurious bathroom with open shower, fully fitted European kitchen with breakfast bar, open plan living room with large balcony, roof top infinity pool, Jacuzzi, fitness, key card entry, 24/7 security, Wifi and just 40m walk to the beach, numerous fish restaurants, shops, and taxis. For Sale: 6.9m Bt in foreign name. Website Ref: CDOS582. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:

14 ZZ/38


16 - 31 October 2013

Wo n d e r f u l l y D e s i g n e d Luxury Apartment! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 134 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5559) Beautiful Apartment with Sea Views! Selling Price 12.6 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 135 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4136) Foreigner Ownership in Jomtien’s La Royale! Selling Price 11.95 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 148 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4015) Great Sea Views and In Town Location! Selling Price 29.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 268 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5786)

Condo for Sale

The Gallery - Very popular new modern low rise buildings ideally located in Central Jomtien, just 150m from the new Night Plaza and the beach. This high floor sea view studio, 26 sqm has been stylishly and expensively furnished throughout with fitted wardrobe and LCD TV, luxurious bathroom, European kitchen, roof top infinity edge communal pool, sundeck, fitness, key card entry, reception, 24/7 security. For Sale: 2.1m Bt in foreign name. Website Ref: CDOS128. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: View Talay Residence Superbly finished and stylishly furnished throughout, this new 101 sqm one bedroom mid floor condo has white UPVC double glazed windows and doors, European kitchen, huge luxury bathroom with shower and bath tub, open plan lounge and dining area, large wrap round corner balcony overlooking the communal pool, sauna, excellent security. These new stylish low rise buildings are extremely popular, ideally located in the heart of Jomtien near Jomtien 2nd Road and just 150m from Jomtien Beach and numerous restaurants, shops, bars and taxis... This unit is priced to sell, in foreign name. For Sale: 4.3m Bt. Website Ref: CDOS069. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Spectacular Penthouse For Sale! Selling Price 23.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/4 Bathroom, 363 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5414)

Solution Sudoku Issue 03

94 4 1 5 8 6 7 3 2

8 3 2 9 18 7 41 6 5

5 6 71 36 4 2 17 8 9

3 12 4 2 56 9 6 7 83

23 8 9 6 7 1 3 5 44

68 7 5 8 32 4 9 29 1

7 2 66 4 9 57 85 1 3

4 5 39 1 64 8 2 9 7

1 9 2 7 2 3 5 4 68

Great Jomtien Beach Area Apartment! Selling Price 3.5 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/2 Bathrooms, 80 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5084) High Floor View Talay III Condo Apartment!! Selling Price 14.4 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 198 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website atwww.premierinternational. com(PR5075) Nicely Decorated Apartment in Town at Nor thshore! Selling Price 9 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 67 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR4990) Great Sea Views and Stunning Décor in Nor th Pattaya! Selling Price 7.474 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 74 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4862) Wongamat Bay Sea View Apartment....This Month Huge Reduction! Selling Price is 13.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 210Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR3990) Best priced Apartment in Na Jomtien’s Pine Shore Condo! Selling Price is 8 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 91Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4987) Sea, Sunset and Island Views at Jomtien Beach! Selling Price 10 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 165 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6410z) A D C o n d o Wo n g a m a t – Studio 36 sqm 4th f loor with view (Foreign Name). SALE PRICE: 899,000 THB. Please call 0823440822 (en g ) 0 8 5 9 1 0 5 1 2 4 (T h a i ) Email Park Lane Resort – Reduced 200,000 now1.29 million++ THB. 1 bedroom 1 bath (Thai name). Pool Side 6th Floorplease call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email todew@

View Talay 5C – 2 bed / 2 bath 146 sqm direct ocean front corner unit cool side, fully fitted and furnished 5.95 Million THB (foreign name) Floorplease call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email Sunset Boulevard Residence I, Corner Unit 1 Bedroom-1 Bathroom, Total Size 52 Sqm (co. name)Sale Price: 2,995,000THB++Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email to dew@ Sunset Boulevard Residence I,(2) Studio Rooms, Total Size 36 Sqm each. Side by side 5th floor units with sea views Sale Price: 1,995,000 THB. Each++. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email to Jomtien Condotel – 81 sq meter 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom 3.59 million THB (Foreign Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email to V i e w Ta l a y 2 B - 1 0 t h f loor Jomtien Seaview 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 76 (Sqm): 2.890.000 THB. (Thai Name) please call 0823440822 (en g ) 0 8 5 9 1 0 5 1 2 4 (T h a i ) Email

Condo for Rent

For Rent in Soi 6.2 bedroom, 1 living room, 84sqm apartment with two balconies. Fully furnished, 3 TVs, kitchen, 2 AC’s. Excellent location. 24,000 baht permonth.Call: 087 139 1539 For Rent in Soi 6 Pratamnak Jomtien.42 sqm studio with big balconyfor sea views. Fully furnished, kitchen. Everything you need. Excellent location. 12,000 baht per month.Call: 087 139 1539 SEA-VIEW APARTMENT. Newly remodeled, fully furnished unit on high floor in Center Condo.Nicely appointed. 15,000 baht per month with minimum three-month lease.Call 081 493 5454 (English only) between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Park Lane Resort Jomtien1 bedroom 1 bath 36 sqm.15,000 per month. (1 year Lease) Fully furnished linens, cooking utensils and are Pool View please call 085-910-5124 Email at Avatara - With great sea views from Koh Larn down to Bang Saray and just 40m back from the beach, this high floor unit offers great sea and beach views, 68sqm superbly finished and stylishly furnished throughout with a stunning interior offering 1 bedroom with fitted wardrobes and large balcony, 1 luxurious bathroom with open shower, fully fitted European kitchen with breakfast bar, open plan living room with large balcony, roof top infinity pool, Jacuzzi, fitness, key card entry, 24/7 security, Wifi and just 40m walk to the beach, numerous fish restaurants, shops, and taxis. Rent: 40,000 Bt per month on 3 month lease and 38,000 Bt on long term lease. Website Ref: CDOR392. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

Condo for Rent

Thip Condotel - A newly renovated and stylishly furnished 30 sqm studio with European kitchen, luxur y bathroom, washing machine, balcony, communal pool, 24/7 security and a minutes walk to numerous restaurants, shops, bars, Jomtien Night Plaza, taxis and 150m to the beach. Rent: 12,000 Bt per month. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies..Website Ref: CDOR344. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: The Gallery - A very stylish studio 28 sqm, in these new buildings ideally located just 100m from Jomtien Beach. The unit has a European style kitchen, luxur y bathroom, well furnished living area with LCD TV, rooftop infinity edge swimming pool, fitness, key card entry, 24/7 security. Rent: 13,000 Bt month. Minimum of 6 month lease applies..Website Ref: CDOR309. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Very Impressive Sea View Apar tment!! Rental Price is 40,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedrooms/1 Bathrooms, 64Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5045) Beachfront Living at its Best for Rent! Rental Price is 42,000227,500 Baht/Month, 2-5 Bedrooms/2-5 Bathrooms, 77450 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PRC084) Beachfront Life Style for Rent! Rental Price is 85,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 266Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR0737) North Pattaya Beachfront Apartment....Definitely a 5 Star Lifestyle! Rental Price is 100,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 311Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR4262) Modern Designed Beachfront Apar tment! Rental Price is 48,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 101Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5423)

Stunning Apar tment for Rent in Northshore! Rental Price 40,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 64 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4570) Fa n t a s t i c a l l y D e s i g n e d Apartment at Grand Condotel! Rental Price 42,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 95 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com(PR4187) Luxury Suite Condominium on Pratamnak Hill! Rental Price 50,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 115 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com(PR6391) Modern Designed Beachfront Apar tment! Rental Price 60,000 Baht/Month, 2+1 Bedroom/3 Bathroom. 214 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com(PR5166) Beautiful Apartment with Spacious Living Area! Rental Price 55,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 340 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-6342915 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com(PR5491)

Land for Sale

(ptm-lfs0012)Land for sale. 3.2 Rai 49 TLW, Close to Jomtien 2nd Road. Call: 084 754 4214

Job Vacancies

A leading Irish Pub in Pattaya is looking for a Pub Manager. Qualifications: College degree in Hotel Management or related field; At least 5 years experience in Food & Beverage, or Pub & Restaurant Management role; Strong commercial/business acumen; understanding of finance; Proficiency in English, and computer literate; Strong inter-personality, leadership, and creative skills; Passion for operation excellence; Strong in driving results; people management and development. Interested candidates please send your comprehensive resume with recent photo to: supakhun_ch@minornet. com Centara Hotel & Resorts. Will be opening its fourth property in Pattaya, the five-star Centara Grand Phratamnak Pattaya, located at Phratamnak Hill on the East side of the city. Now we are seeking candidates for many position; - Food &Beverage


16 - 31 October 2013

15 ZZ/39

D e p a r t m e n t ( Re s t a u r a n t Manager, Server, Bartender, Supervisor, Chefs, Commis...) - Front Office Department (Reser vation Manag er, Night Manager, Front Desk Supervisor, Front Desk Clerk, Bell Man...) - Housekeeping Department (Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Floor / Public Area Supervisor, Room / Public Area Attendant, Order Taker...) - Finance & Accounting Depar tment (Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Purchasing Manager, Cost Controller,  AR/ AP Supervisor, Night Auditor...) - Spa & Sports Recreation Department (Spa Manager, Therapist, Spa Receptionist, F i t n e s s S u p e r v i s o r, Po o l Attendant...) - Engineering Department (Technicians). I f yo u a r e a n e n e r g e t i c, organised and result-driven team player who is looking for challenge at the highest level of standards, send your resume or walk-in interview:  Human Resources Department Preopening Office Phratamnak Soi 5, NongPrue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150Mb: 081861 4505, T: 038-306 337 E: Ju n i o r G r a p h i c , Ju n i o r Accountant at True North, Production Manager at URS’s behalf. Requirements: Secondary 6/Vocational - Salary based on ability - Full-time; Sr. Account Representative John.- No age limit. Requirements: Bachelor Degree- Salary based on abilityFull-time- The experience will be an advantage. Call: K. Nid 082 478 6444, email: nidjarin@ Assistant to Condominium Manager Wanted. We are looking for a female who is interested in working with property management. Job description: customer service to the condo community residents, property inspections of the common areas, building’s accounting and more. Requirements: Good written and spoken English, independent, well organize, good computer and accountant skills. Experience is a plus. Salary according to skills. CV with photo to allott25@ Urgent! Experienced Waitress Wanted for Inter national restaurant. Must speak English. Good salary + tips. Call 091 240 4331.

Vehicles for Sale

Audi A4 1.8 Automatic 1996. Colour Red, 17” BBS Genuine alloy wheels, C.D., alar m. Excellent all round condition. Thai owner. Only 186,000 baht. Call 086-820-2577, 086383-6853 2005 NISSAN TEANA 230JM- Diamond Black/ Cream Leather interior, all options, new paint, serviced by Nissan, low miles, 599,000 call 0841580785 REAL BARGAIN! PROTON EXORA1.6 CPS automatic highline, reg 2012, 7-seater, top model.Full spec with rear TV.1 farang owner. 33,000 km, full service history. Immaculate condition cost new: 840,000 baht. Absolute giveaway at 490,000 baht.For full details: Call 087 139 1539 (Eng), 081 004 6497 (Thai)

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16 - 31 October 2013

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Disgraceful parking It is a total mystery to me how Pattaya can even begin to aspire to world tourism fame while it allows vehicles to park anywhere they like. Since my last visit to Pattaya in 2011, I am absolutely flabbergasted by what goes on here. Coaches park at will on Third Road, reducing the space for travelling vehicles, whilst minibuses going to Bangkok park in heaps on red and yellow lines. On South Road there is a clear instruction to forbid parking on one side or the other on odd and even dates, but nobody takes any notice. The new Beach Road is also a laugh. It is beginning to look as if the city council has completed a road widening scheme only to please drivers who are delighted to find an extra parking lane fort their convenience. I very much get the impression that anything goes in Pattaya just so long as tourist numbers keep increasing. Well, I rather suspect that the city is reaching breaking point. Unless the police start enforcing the traffic laws immediately, visitor numbers are going to drop as the perception grows that we are Chaos City. Doncaster John Canine property prices I am writing to complain about the behavior of the dog which sits watching near the entrance to the land office at Suksabai Villa. It is dark brown

Your Visa

Queries Answered Mr. Chang @ VISA SERVICE IN PATTAYA E-MAIL: 183/27 M.10 Soi 13/2 Nongpure, Banglamung Chonburi 20150 Mobile: 66 81 7549342 Tel: 66 38 711 145

Fax: 66 38 710 163

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Date question Q: I have a double entry 60-day tourist visa and the second entry has to be used by October 30. Actually the wording on the visa issued in Liverpool reads, “before” October 30. So is October 29 the last day I can re-enter the country to obtain my second 60 days? A: You are not the first person to ask this question! Custom and practice in the Immigration Bureau have dictated that you are allowed to enter on the last date (October 30 in your case) as long as the time is before midnight (i.e. not the early hours of October 31). Same sex marriage Q: I have been reading on the internet that two men will shortly be able to get married in Thailand. I am very anxious to do this as I have had a Thai boyfriend for five years and we don’t want to live in Ireland. Where can I read more about this development? A: You are galloping along when the starting pistol hasn’t been fired. There is a proposal to allow same sex contracts in Thailand, but it is likely to fall short of marriage. More like a civil partnership. However, there is no time-scale for the proposal and it is not even sure that the idea will pass the House of Representatives at this stage. Map question Q: I have long been intrigued by the requirement that applicants for the one-year marriage visa in

and obviously a soi dog with a problem. As I was trying to visit the land office last Wednesday, this wretched animal started to snarl viciously at me so that I had to turn back to avoid being savaged. I waited for 10 minutes and then tried again but with the same threatening result. I hope that the powers-that-be realize that this wild animal is a major obstacle to the Pattaya property market. What is the point of buying a condominium if you cannot register it? Cyril Horrocks Transferring visa Please inform your readers that the Immigration Bureau will no longer transfer your visa to your new passport when your old one is full or you lose it. I have a one-year retirement visa but was unable to transfer it to my new passport which was necessary because the old one was full. Instead I had to go through the whole procedure again–a letter from the bank or embassy or both–with considerable further expenditure being incurred by myself. I do find it irritating in Thailand that the authorities are forever saying how important foreign tourism is whilst always dreaming up new rules to make living here as stressful as possible. I recommend all long-stay farang to exchange their passport for a new one when it has less than 18 months to go. Jomtien Jock

Thailand must provide a map of where the family home is located. Since nobody has visited me in the six years I have been obtaining this visa, I assume the exercise is a waste of everybody’s time. A: In the early days, when numbers were fewer, the Immigration Police did indeed visit the family home to check that the facts in the application really were true. But they do still visit a small number of homes and like to have the details on file. The map, by the way, should be hand-drawn and indicate the best route in the locality. Expiry of work permit Q: My work permit expires in about two weeks and it won’t be renewed. I understand that my visa collapses the same day the work permit expires, but I need to remain in Thailand a further few days. Is that possible? A: You need to appear at Immigration with your passport, work permit and the tor tor 10 – the cancellation of work permit form obtained from the labour office which granted the permit in the first place. It is possible for you to request a seven-day extension of stay at Immigration for the usual 1,900 baht fee. Sickness extension Q: I am soon going into hospital and am likely to be bed-ridden for at least two months. I have only a short-stay visa and need a medical extension. What is the procedure for that? A: A friend or relative can do it on your behalf at Immigration. He or she must take your passport, a letter in Thai from the hospital outlining the problem and stating the length of time you won’t be able to leave the country, and a passport-size photo of you. The normal extension form, TM7, also has to be completed and submitted. Some private hospitals may do this bureaucracy on your behalf. How long the extension is for is at Immigration’s discretion. They may allow one month and ask you to repeat the procedure later on.

Snap Judgment For Those in Peril Jet Ski and parasailing accidents apparently are a growing menace in the resort. Apart from the misery inflicted on tourists, sometimes leading to a mortuary trip, the damage to Pattaya’s reputation is another big minus. Obviously alert to this threat, the transport ministry has now declared Chonburi’s coast a “safety zone,” although there is no sign of any extra measures or policies to bring about the desired improvement. The list of unwelcome and serious accidents is rising. A Polish woman was killed when she was hit by a speedboat propeller earlier this year, whilst 20 people, mostly South Korean, were injured in a speedboat collision off Koh Larn; one of the victims needed to have a leg amputated. In August of this year two Chinese tourists were killed when their speedboat rammed an anchored craft, whilst an Indian woman died this month after a parasailing mishap. Many of the non-fatal injuries in accidents have been serious with huge hospital bills for dozens of victims mounting. City Hall’s response has been to suggest the establishment of a new tourist and marine police station on the site of the former Korean information booth on Pattaya’s Beach Road near Walking Street. When this new office, intended to coordinate the main police sections likely to be involved in emergencies, actually will open remains shrouded in mystery. Estimates range from a couple of months to several years. There are two main reasons why these and other accidents occur too frequently. The first is seaworthiness--or rather, the lack of it. Although local officials have the power to inspect craft, there is too little evidence that this occurs regularly. Some boat operators claim their craft have not been inspected for years or that they deliver a brown envelope to anyone in authority who does show up. As a result, engines are sometimes not properly serviced, leaks not repaired, minor damage not attended to, and routine maintenance ignored. An allied problem is that vessels are commonly overloaded, Bangladesh-style, with occasional results that are only too well known. The second problem concerns the drivers, a minority of whom behave recklessly by speeding, cutting corners (sometimes literally) and ignoring the proximity of other craft. It appears that there is no reliable bureaucracy to test drivers or to train them in good practice. As is often the case in Pattaya, the thrust of business is to make as much money as possible in the shortest time scale. As regards health and safety, well, you just hope for the best. There have been occasions when drivers involved in minor accidents have fled the scene once back on dry land, a solution all too familiar on Thailand’s roads. There is an impression around town that the new tourist court will be able to sort out all these problems in double-quick time. But Pattaya’s tourist court is not a super-arching agency to try and punish criminals, rather, it is a mechanism to bring two parties together who are in a legal dispute. In the recent case of the two Chinese tourists killed in a sea accident, the tourist court was able to agree to compensate the families – a settlement accepted by the relatives and the boat owners, but the trial of the driver accused of carelessness and negligence will need to take place in the regular criminal court. No date has yet been set for that trial. The tourist court concept is useful, but is not a deus ex machina” (God out of a machine or miracle answer). Meanwhile, in spite of much hype, complaints continue from tourists who have been charged extravagant amounts by Jet Ski operators for non-existent or very small damage to rented craft. It is true that, provided both parties agree, a settlement could be made by the tourist court or at the police station. Of course, the problem is that many tourists, especially Indians and Chinese, are totally unaware of their rights in these matters and completely overawed by the pressure of some unscrupulous boat operators to pay up now and leave straightaway. In other words, the whole business of tourists and water travel is still being managed by ad hoc policies and “new” ideas which create good instant publicity for embassies and the international media. It is estimated that 10 million foreign tourists or so will visit Pattaya next year, more than 25 percent of them Chinese. Collectively they deserve something better to protect them when they venture out on the tempting blue waters of Pattaya bay.


16 - 31 October 2013

Local Sports Local and International Motorsports Report Recent Race Updates:

FORMULA 1: Korean Grand Prix: Victory to Vettel who keeps marching forward-

Not even two safety cars or an errant fire Marshall’s vehicle unexpectedly coming out on a live racetrack could get in the way of his victory, Raikkonen gets the hard charger award for starting ninth to finish in second place. Fully story www. 06 Oct 2013 INDYCAR: Houston GP Doubleheader: Race 1: Scott Dixon's 2013 championship stays alive with victory in the first race. Race 2: Will Power clinched race 2 ahead of Scott Dixon and claimed his second victory of the season. Franchitti has horrific last lap crash in Race 2, following Takuma Sato who slid his cars back end Franchitti with nowhere went over the back of Sato launching Franchitti up into the air and into the catch fence, fully story 06 October 2013 NASCAR: Kansas Kevin Harvick takes the pole and win in Sunday afternoon's Hollywood Casino 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the fourth race of the 2013 Chase, full story 06 October 2013 MOTOGP: Aragon MotoGP: Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez claims his sixth victory to open up a 39 point lead over Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa falls as a result of contact with team-mate Marquez. full story 29 September 2013 2013 FIA Formula One World Calendar 2013 FORMULA 1 AIRTEL INDIAN GRAND PRIX (New Delhi) 25 - 27 Oct 2013 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX (Yas Marina) 01 - 03 Nov 2013 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX (Austin) 15 - 17 Nov FORMULA 1 GRANDE PRÊMIO DO BRASIL 2013 (São Paulo) 22 - 24 Nov (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (Sept-Nov) Date Day Race Site Location 10/20/13 Sun Talladega Superspeedway 10/27/13 Sun Martinsville Speedway 11/03/13 Sun Texas Motor Speedway 11/10/13 Sun Phoenix International Raceway 11/17/13 Sun Homestead-Miami Speedway (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia


Start ET 2:00 PM 1:30 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM

Monza Formula 3 drama for Sandy Stuvik The RP Motorsport Team looked dominant during Friday testing at the Monza Circuit in Italy, with Thailand’s Sandy Stuvik setting the fastest time during the three test sessions. By Saturday qualification for the first race, the Italian circuit was wet with a steady drizzle. The compromised wet set up used by the team on the F3 cars would not be enough, as

all the RP cars finished down the order. Stuvik could only manage a P6, his lowest this season, as the start position for the first race. The first race eventually started on an almost dry Monza circuit and all the

2013 Indy Car Schedule (Sept-Nov) October 19 American Real TV 500 IndyCar World Championships Fontana, California (free live timing and scoring online)

2013 MotoGP Grand Prix (Sept-Nov) Australia Phillip Island Japan Motegi Valencia Ricardo Tormo

20 October 27 October 10 November (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

Top 3 IndyCar Drivers' Championship after round 18 of 19 1 Scott Dixon 546 2 Helio Castroneves 521 3 Simon Pagenaud 491 Top 3 NASCAR Drivers' Championship after round 30 of 36 Joe Gibbs Racing Hendrick Motorsports Richard Childress Racing

2,183 2,180 2,158

Top 3 MotoGP Drivers’ Championship after round 12 of 18 1 Marc Marquez Repsol Honda Team 2 Dani Pedrosa R epsol Honda Team 3 Jorge Lorenzo Factory Yamaha Racing

253 219 219

**Local Thailand Motorsports Schedules 2013** Thailand Super Series Round 5-6 was held at Bira Race Circuit on Oct 5-6. SUPER CAR CLASS 1 RESULTS Saturday RACE 1 - 1st PLACE Cayenne Poowadee-Porsche 2nd PLACE Paisan Lathouras-Ferrari Sunday RACE 2 - 1st PLACE Cayenne Poowadee-Porsche 2nd PLACE Morning Chnms ASSAVASOPEE-Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 For all racing results go to:

Thailand Super Series Schedule (TSS) 2013 October 5-6 Pattaya Bira Circuit December 13-15 Bang Saen Street Circuit, Chonburi

Nitto 3K Racing Series Schedule 2013 Bonanza Speedway 1-3 November Pattaya’s Bira Circuit 6-8 December

Pro Series Schedule 2013 September 28-29 - Kaeng Krachan Circuit October 26-27, 2013 - Kaeng Krachan Circuit

OMP Challenge Series Schedule 2013 November 17 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit December 22 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit

By lap 4 Stuvik was in second place and would swap positions virtually every lap until lap 9 when he took the lead. Four different drivers led the race at one time or another, but on the final lap it was the Thai driver who intelligently planned his overtake and stormed ahead-- building a gap around the sweeping Parabolica curve to take the checkered flag 1.2 seconds ahead of his French teammate Alexandre Caugnaud in second. With the Monza victory, Thailand’s Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik moves back into the lead of the championship with 239 points over Ed Jones’ 219 points, as the European Formula 3 Open grid moves on to Spain for the final showdown of the 2013 season in Barcelona November 9 and 10. Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik races for the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand and is sponsored by The Pizza Company, Singha Corporation, Dacon Inspection Services and Sports Authority of Thailand. Please cheer Sandy from the live TV broadcast on the official website: www.

Beware The Wounded Golfer! by Peter Blackburn

Top 3 F1 Drivers' Championship 2013 after round 14 of 19 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 272 2 Fernando Alonso Ferrari-Ferrari 195 3 Kimi Räikkönen Lotus-Renault 167

1 Matt Kenseth 2 Jimmie Johnson 3 Kevin Harvick

European Formula 3 cars were on slick tires. The Thai driver had a good start

and moved from sixth to third after the first corner; on the following lap he moved up to second position. He managed to catch up to the leader, Ed Jones from the UAE, before his tires started fading. He was eventually was overtaken in the final stages, ending the race in fourth position. Stuvik lost the championship lead to Ed Jones by 5 points, the first time this season that Stuvik has not lead the championship. The Sunday morning qualifying was again on a dry track and it would only be by slip-streaming other cars around the 5.8 km long Monza circuit and the RP team drivers managed the technique to perfection as the locked out 1-2-3 places, with Stuvik in the end securing P3, behind Uruguay’s Urrutia in second and France’s Cougnaud taking his first pole position this season. Rain fell again and a wet but drying track invited the Formula 3 grid for the second race, leaving everyone to gamble between wet or dry tires. Stuvik opted to start with slick tires although a light rain was falling, while his strongest rival, Jones, opted for wet tires. As the red lights went out the Thai driver again had a characteristic fast start and managed to stay with his team mates safely through the first round, then the positions started changing lap by lap as the drivers took advantage of Monza long straights to pass one another.

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Mountain Shadow – Stableford It had been raining constantly all weekend and as I arrived at The Growling Swan it was still bucketing down so things were not looking good. It wasn’t long before the phone calls started coming and the day’s golf came very close to being cancelled, but the determination and resolve of the 9 “true” golfers that had braved the rain to assemble at the bar prompted me to take a vote and it was unanimous – “let’s go to Mountain Shadow and check it out”. I personally was especially keen to play as I had been out for two weeks with a crook leg so we cancelled one of the two mini vans and proceeded up No. 7 in fairly steady rain which abated when we were about half way there. It was a slower than normal journey because of the wet roads and heavy traffic but we arrived at the course 50 minutes later and as we arrived there were several caddies jumping up and down, obviously delighted at the prospect of earning some money because we were soon to find out that at that point we were the only ones there to play golf. There were 10 of us including the driver so it was two three balls followed by one four ball and as our first group hit off at 9.55 a.m. we were surprised to see that the course appeared to have stood up to the rain extremely well. The golf course was indeed in very good “nick” considering the huge recent rainfall and we found it wet in parts but perfectly playable with the greens in immaculate condition. We did get a bit of rain during our round of three hours and 45 minutes but were very thankful that we had made the decision

to make the trip as we love our golf and once more the Growling Swan Rain Gods had shone down on us! Many thanks to all who showed up and I’m please that they were rewarded with an uninterrupted round of golf. Due to the low numbers we had just the one grade with four places. There were also rewards for nearest the pins on the par-three 5th and 17th , and for longest first putt on the18th green. Your writer, Peter “Blacky” Blackburn, was ecstatic at finding a bit of form after a two-week layoff and managed to win the day with a score of 37 points, 2 points ahead of Brad “Bad” Todd in second spot. A count-back was required to determine third and fourth with two players on 32 points and it was Ebrahim (15 point back nine and 10 points on the last 6 holes) who took third from Mike “Hunter” Gosden (15 point back nine and 8 points on the last 6 holes) in fourth place. Results for Mountain Shadow: 1st – Peter Blackburn (11) – 37 points 2nd – Brad Todd (19) – 35 points 3rd – Ebrahim (17) – 32 points 4th – Mike Gosden (13) – 32 points NTP’s 5th – John Anderson 17th – No-one good enough LFP’s 18th – Peter Blackburn The Growling Swan NAGA Award

(to the golfer with the worst score) went to newcomer John Anderson and he accepted the award in very good spirit. Max then paraded Deefa the Dog and e collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya from our generous Growling Swan Golfers. We then retired to The Growling Swan for some low-priced, Aussie cold beers and chatted away for a few hours while celebrating the fact that we had beaten the rain once again. Growling Swan Golf, the home of friendly golf in Pattaya, welcomes golfers of any persuasion – low and high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays, meeting at The Growling Swan on Soi Chaiyapoon at 8 a.m. with transport departing at 8.30 For bookings or more information, contact Peter: 0806 351 386 or email petermalcolmblackburn@ We also play bowls out of the Growling Swan every Wednesday and Sunday. Sunday is Lawn Bowls and Wednesday is Indoor Bowls. All are welcome. Transport leaves The Growling Swan at 10 a.m. on each of those mornings. For more information contact Paul Rennison: 0843 454 005.


16 - 31 October 2013

Tips & Advice QUICK TIP

Defrost food in the fridge or microwave rather than in a sink full of water.

Coke and Acid Is there any easy and inexpensive way to remove rust from metal furniture, Andy? I tried a commercial product and was less than satisfied. Barbara Forget those expensive rust removers, Barbara. Just saturate an abrasive sponge with CocaCola and scrub the rust stain. The phosphoric acid in the Coke usually gets the job done. Hard Wood Task I would like to restore the wood floor of my house. However, the previous owners apparently used black adhesive to attach tiles on top of the wood floor, and I am having trouble removing the adhesive. What can I do? Stoble Not an easy project, Stoble, but then again, neither is restoring a wood floor. If you’re up to the task, here’s what you can do: buy a liter or two of solvent that contains no oil. Apply the solvent to the adhesive and let stand until adhesive softens. Scrape off as much adhesive as possible, and then repeat the entire process as necessary. Once you’ve removed almost all of it, sand the floor to remove any remaining residue. A word of caution: this work not only is hard and time consuming, it also is dangerous. If the solvent is flammable, be very sure there is

no flame or spark in the room or in any adjoining rooms (fumes travel). Also, before uncapping and using the solvent, open all windows for ventilation. Joe Cool—Not! I recently bought a house that has central air conditioning, but it doesn’t cool as well now as it did at first. I don’t have an owner’s manual explaining if it needs periodic servicing or what I can or should be doing to ensure proper cooling. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated. Joe Contact the manufacturer for an owner’s manual, Joe, or look for one you can download from the Internet. Meanwhile, there are things you can do. The air conditioning system should be checked every year or two by a professional cooling expert. If you want to try a few things yourself: *Check the sight glass to ensure adequate refrigerant level, i.e., no bubbles present. If there is no sight glass, check the low pressure refrigerant line for frost. If the refrigerant is low, have it topped up. You might also want to check the system for leaks. *Clean the central air conditioner condensing unit (the pan located outside the house) of insects, dirt, and leaves. Most such matter can simply be hosed out. *Oil the blower motor and fan on both the condensing and the

evaporation units. *Check the tension on the fan belts of the condensing and evaporation unit blowers. Adjust the belts if they give more than a couple centimeters. *Inspect the ducts carrying cooled air for leaks or openings in the joints and for insulation slippage. Rejoin leaking ducts with duct tape. Reposition insulation. *Clean or replace air filters (this should be done about every three months). Springtime for Hilda Thanks for some good suggestions in your last column for doing away with odors around the house, Andy. But my biggest odor problem is our dog Hilda coming in soaking wet from the rain or after she’s been playing in puddles. She stinks to high heaven. Drying her off doesn’t help, and we can’t bathe her every day. Any ideas? Mamen Next time Hilda comes in soaking wet, Mamen, simply wipe her down with a sheet of fabric softener. The dryer sheet will instantly make your dog smell springtime fresh. The Mayo Gambit We just had a large number of people over for a dinner party and now we need your help with how to remove ugly white heat marks and water rings from our wood furniture. Next time (if there is a next time) we’ll provide guests with an ample number of coasters and doilies; this time we turn to you. Albert

Frank, Forthright & Frigid Dear Agony Ivy, Interrupting husband I made a dreadful mistake two years ago when I married this really awful man. I was 38 at the time, looking older, and feeling I ought to take the opportunity whilst it was on offer. I now realize that Bert (his name) had already been rejected by most of the human race. His worst fault is that he constantly interrupts when I am talking. It doesn’t make any difference whether I am on the phone or speaking to someone, he will butt in with some stupid remark as sure as eggs are eggs. Just to give one recent example, I was trying to make

an appointment at my hairdresser on the phone when he shouted out, “Why bother as you are going bald anyway”? When I told him to keep quiet, the abuse just got worse. I am absolutely at my wits’ end. Is there any way I can deal with this nauseating oaf? Frustrated Freda Agony Ivy writes: The usual advice is to stop talking when he starts and refuse to speak another syllable. However I am from the more radical wing of the counseling sector and believe you should get your own back. I suggest you make a pretend phone call to the police.

If the wood has a good finish (don't try this on bare wood), mix equal parts of baking soda and regular white (non-gel) toothpaste. Lightly dampen the corner of a clean, soft white cloth with water and dip into the paste. With a circular motion, gently buff the marks for a few minutes. Wipe the area clean, then buff to a shine. Repeat as necessary, and then follow up with furniture polish. If that doesn't work, dip a cloth in vegetable oil, then in cigarette ashes, and then rub over the marks. As a final gambit, reach for the mayo. Rub real mayonnaise onto the stain, allow the mayo to sit overnight, then wipe with a dry towel. Anchors Away I’ve used toggle-type anchors to suspend shelve units on our walls, but now we are redecorating and want to do away with the shelves. How do I remove the toggle bolts? Chai-chaan

the designation “ceiling fan”). But if you need me to be more specific, I’d suggest that you mount each fan in the center of each room where they will have the greatest effect. More importantly, make certain that the blade tips are at least a half meter from walls or sloped ceilings and at least two meters from the floor. The fans may be either mounted flush or suspended from a down-rod. Strong support is required for all ceiling fans. Their heavy weight and centrifugal motion strains hangers (they must not be mounted to conventional ceiling light-fixture boxes). Some types mount directly to a ceiling box that has been screwed to the wooden ceiling framing; others utilize hooks, metal crossbars or special hangers. If your condo is air conditioned, you may be able to set your thermostat 5 degrees higher because even the slight breeze created by a ceiling fan makes a room that much more comfortable.

Toggles are the easiest anchors to detach. Just remove the screw, which causes the toggle wing to drop into the wall. You’ll be left with a hole in the wall, so allow for repair as part of your redecorating plans.

Polish the Screws My problem not about house but maybe you can help. For my eyeglass the stem fall off many time. How I can make screw not to come out? Noi

Fan Mail I’m thinking about buying a ceiling fan or two for my condo. Is there something I should know about where and how to install them? Ronnie

To prevent eyeglass screws from falling out, loosen or remove the screws and apply a small drop of clear nail polish to the threads, then tighten the screws.

The ceiling would be a good place to install them, Ronnie, (thus

Closing Line Never buy a car you can't push. --Handy Andy

When he starts ridiculing you, you simply say, “It’s the police on the phone. You have been accused of downloading child pornography”. If that doesn’t shut him up, nothing will.

pack of chocolate digestives. Divorce or separation are out of the question as she is very rich and I’m not. For goodness sake, help me with this one. Nauseated Norman

Dear Agony Ivy, Sexual turn-off My wife and I had a wonderful sex life for four years, but then she started to put on weight. She is so fat now that the scales are broken, but I’m sure she weighs in at 120 kilos. She never stops eating all the wrong things such as salt-n-vinegar crisps, ice cream and salted nuts by the wholesale pack. I rather assumed that she would lose interest in sex but that is far from being the case. I really dread Monday nights because that is when she puts on this black negligee, specially imported from the USA and resembling a bin bag, and lies there expecting me to perform as she finishes off another

Agony Ivy writes: Thank you for the photo you sent me which was taken at 00.27 last Monday night. I can certainly see what you mean and, to make matters even more gruesome, your wife seems to have taken off the negligee. When all else fails, it’s best to fall back on feigned illness. You will have to tell her that you have a serious skin condition which requires some particularly smelly ointment. Human contact is banned as this very itchy condition spreads between people very easily. In the meantime, do encourage her to eat more and more of the wrong foods. There is no surer way to bring your marriage to an early conclusion.


16 - 31 October 2013

Our Community Banyan Tree Gallery supports annual drive Banyan Tree Gallery is commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by unveiling Embracing Hope, a limited-edition pink, lavender-scented eye pillow. The international campaign each October is aimed at raising awareness and raising funds for the prevention, treatment and cure of breast cancer.

Perfume House Football Tournament by Derek Franklin Planet Football was the location for the Perfume House Football Tournament, where 28 teams from Bangkok, Chonburi and the Pattaya area competed in three age groups: under 9, 11 and 13.

This third annual competition, organised by Jeremy Akoum of The Perfume House, a nationwide chain of shops selling perfume and scents, seeks to allow youngsters to participate in a prestigious tournament, improve their playing and team-building skills, and win a trophy, medals and cash prizes.

Net proceeds go to the Father Ray Foundation, represented by a team from the Father Ray Children’s Home and a second team from the Children’s Village. Every player was presented with a football shirt, sponsored by SOHO Townhouse and the Pattaya Sports Club. A Bangkok Glass FC shirt, signed by Thai Premier League player Teeratep, auctioned off to the highest bidder was claimed by local businessman Martin Kinsella. While the local teams played well, and several players showed skills that may see them playing

in the Thai Premier League in years to come, the teams from Chonburi FC dominated. They won the under 11 and under 13 competitions, while the youngsters from Darasamuth School carried the winners trophy home after winning the under 9 competition. The day was a long one for many of the players, especially those who reached the final stages of the competition, but at the same time it was a great experience for all. Many local tournaments are organised for older teenagers, but this tournament has shown that there are hundreds of youngsters who not only enjoy playing football, but who also want to play competitively.

Pattaya Sports Club, Jesters and YWCA help children see the light by William Macey It is difficult to imagine the problems that children face when they are unable to read a noticeboard or signpost or clearly see approaching traffic. They are unable to cross the road safely - a problem that we have all experienced in Pattaya when trying to cross Second Road, for example. Yet that is the situation faced by many underprivileged children. It is estimated that up to 33 percent of children in Thailand have visual problems such as short sightedness and, perhaps unknowingly to themselves or family, need urgent help in this area.

Of particular concern is the fact that poor eyesight effects a child’s learning ability and can lead to headaches and fatigue; many are embarrassed to admit that they are unable to see what the teacher has written on the board. The child falls behind other students, does not want to go to school, and eventually fails to complete his or her education. Many families cannot afford to have their children’s eyes tested and certainly cannot afford to buy prescription glasses. Thus, the problem does not go away but gets steadily worse. In 1993, Dr Panat set up

the Eye Glass Bank and has since been followed locally by retired American pilot Dave Anderson to provide children with free eye glasses. In the last two years Pattaya Sports Club, Jesters and YWCA have accepted this responsibility and arranged for the children at four schools, each year, to have their eyes tested and be given glasses when needed. Again free of charge. Teachers select students who show signs of requiring an eye test, and out of 400 children tested this year, 274 needed glasses, some urgently. The glasses vary in design and colour and are suitable for both boys

and girls. Receiving the glasses is eagerly anticipated by the children, and the presentation is enjoyed by representatives of Pattaya Sports Club, Jesters and YWCA. So off we went in a convoy of cars to these remote schools set apart from the activities around Pattaya. We all had a happy sense of achievement and were rewarded with broad grins when the children used their glasses for the first time and realised what they have been missing and how much easier life will be in the future. More children will benefit next year.


16 - 31 October 2013

Youth Focus Music and Movement

by Edward Emmett

Music and movement are both important in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of young children. Research has shown that music improves body movement, rhythm and awareness. What are the benefits of music and movement? l Children are geared towards learning language which is easy to process through song. l Music encourages movement, teaching them different body positions. l Music stimulates the brain's neural pathways, improving empathy and mathematics. l Music develops rhythm and tempo, which helps with memory. l Music trains listening skills, which help improve school achievement. l Music is a creative experience that expresses emotion. l Music teaches children cultural awareness. l Music is a social activity which involves family and the community.

Music and movement have a huge impact in early cognitive development. This will provide longterm benefits of cognitive functions in a child and encourages connections between the brain's neural pathways. Listening to music actively engages both sides of the brain. The leftside of the brain is used for language functions such as

grammar and vocabulary and the right side of the brain is used for intonation, emphasis and processing of audio stimulation. Music is a great tool to educate the whole child. Learning-style researchers have found that as many as 85 percent of people are kinaesthetic learners, in which learning takes place by the student carrying out

a physical activity, rather than listening to speech or watching a demonstration. Children interact with music on a daily basis and encouraging music at home will only help a child’s development more. Musical activities prepare the brain for more difficult tasks needed later in life. Music is a tool that helps wire the brain to reach this higher

level of thinking. Music and movement are both very important in building self esteem and developing a child’s social skills. Activities using music and movement are fun for children, which will help them feel more engaged. Most children in early years’ development respond very well to a kinaesthetic learning style. Music and movement

GIS students score top grades by Paul Chesters More than half the Garden International School class of 15 students who took their IGCSE Mathematics a year early achieved an A or A* grade, three students earned a B grade and three a C grade. Hui Eun achieved an unprecedented result for a GIS student, scoring 99 per cent. Khing also gained an A* and achieved another first--the highest scored by a Thai student at GIS, which is based in Ban Chang. A third A* student was Pauline, who joined the mathematics group in Year 9 from the Philippines. She showed a natural ability for the subject and studied conscientiously. This is the first time a GIS student from the Philippines has gained an A* a year early. Arpan missed out on his A* by just one mark (out of 200). Jason, Vishal and Tak achieved A grades. Tak, from California, also joined the

accelerated group a year late and was always a step behind the other top students. However, he worked hard and attended extra classes, ultimately showing fellow students what can be achieved when you work hard—even without a private tutor. Boat, a native Thai student, came within 3 marks of achieving an A*. B grades were earned by Pume (a native Thai), Polin (French/Thai), and John (Spanish/Thai). Those achieving C grades were Pooh (New Zealand/Thai), Akihiro (Japanese/Thai), and

Kevin Olive (French/Thai). This was truly an international class! Mathematics teacher Paul Chesters said, "These were extremely pleasing results as the two examination papers were overall the most difficult that Cambridge has ever produced. This is based on this year’s tests having the lowest ever grade boundary scores. I feel that this fact makes the Year 10 results even more remarkable because it shows their maturity in being able to handle such examinations." For more on GIS visit www.

are very important in the classroom. Singing and dancing have always been used in early learning, for example, singing the alphabet or everyday nursery rhymes. Children learn music and movement at school, but this can also be used as an important development tool at home. Parents could have music playing in the

background at home, play music in the car to and from school, or parents can encourage their child to learn a musical instrument, which brings music and movement together. Songs that use actions are a great way to teach children new movements, helping them broaden their vocabulary and stay healthy physically and mentally.


16 - 31 October 2013

You & Your Pets Little friends offer big benefits


o you share your home with pet? If not, why not? Sure, having a little friend will cost you a few baht and add a few tasks to your daily schedule (what else do you have to do?), but not having a pet means you're missing out on all the emotional and health benefits they offer, particularly if you live alone. Sharing your home with a pet can help reduce your blood pressure. For older people, a pet can lift your spirits, add playtime to your day, and help recapture your youth. Caring for a dog, a cat, a rabbit or even a bird or

Cat Falls

Cats for You in Pattaya

Cats for You is a great and much needed service in our area, but Paul and Sandra point out that adopting a cat or kitten is a longterm commitment with costs such as feeding and veterinary fees. Many adopters find it’s a good idea to adopt two animals so that they can enjoy each others’ company as well as yours. Contact Paul and Sandra on 0852875004 or look at their useful website

Gracie and the Kids

hamster has been shown to decrease the likelihood of depression, promote higher self-esteem, and engender a sense of well-being as we age. And if your pet of choice happens to be a dog, that will provide motivation to take daily walks, which is good for the creatures on both ends of the leash. Dogs also can lead to new friendships, encourage you to socialize with other dog owners on walks in your neighborhood, and give you something to brag about at the local pub. If you’re inspired to share your life with an appreciative pet of any kind, opt for adoption rather than buying from a pet mill, pet shop, or vendor at local markets. Then please take time to learn more about being a responsible owner.

This lovely ready-made family of three would love to go to a home together if possible. They are happy to stay indoors and would be suitable in a safe and secure condo environment. For anyone taking these beauties, you’ll get lots of cuddles in return.

Ginnie and Family

You will remember Ginnie was pregnant when we first met her on this page. She now has four babies to rear and they will be ready for adoption at the beginning of November. Give us a call if you’d like to reserve one or more.

Cucko and Bilbo

Surprisingly these two little boys are still with us. They are the best of friends and would love to entertain you too. Like most naughty boys they can get up to a bit of mischief now and then.

Dolphin Data Minnie

She was literally at death’s door when she came to us a while back: a walking skeleton with virtually no fur. However she is now a happy and healthy puss who is looking for pastures new, perhaps at your home.

Many cats have survived falls of more than 20 meters, due largely to their “righting reflex.” The eyes and balance organs in their inner ears tell them where they are in space, enabling the cats to land on their feet. Even cats without a tail have this ability. The cat that holds the record for the longest non-fatal fall is Andy. He fell from the 16th floor of an apartment building (more than half a kilometer) and survived.

Dogs have three eyelids. The third lid, called a nictitating membrane or “haw,” keeps the eye lubricated and protected.

Cat Corner Tip While most wild animals avoid contact with humans, wild dolphins are known to play and associate with humans, especially children.

Some Siamese cats appear cross-eyed because the nerves from the left side of the brain go mostly to the right eye, and the nerves from the right side of the brain go mostly to the left eye. This causes some double vision, which the cat tries to correct by “crossing” its eyes.

by Dr. RJ Peters to Pattaya’s cat lovers It's mostly a myth that you can stop a male cat from spraying by having him neutered. If he's already started the behavior, neutering seldom, if ever, stops it. The best time to neuter is while the kitten is still young--at about 4 to 6 months. Check with your vet. It's best to stop the possibility of spraying by eliminating the hormones that make them think of it...before they do it! Dr. Peters’ informative and entertaining book, Our Amazing Cats, and her newest feline publication, Our Amazing Cats Vol. 2, are now available from Amazon Books and at Even more recently The Cat Lady has penned a compelling book on our canine friends, “Our Amazing Dogs.” To download ebook versions of any or all of the three books (only about 200 baht each), go to http://youniquesolutions. com/3Books.htm. For additional tips, or to subscribe to Dr. Peter’s FREE newsletter, The Kitty Times, go to:


16 - 31 October 2013


CROSSWORD Across 1. 4. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 16. 18. 20. 21. 24. 25. 26. 27.

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Solution Issue 02

Brain Tester

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Identify the movie: 1. Size Does Matter 2. When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth 3. Whoever wins we lose 4. Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude 5. Earth – It was fun while it lasted 6. It all goes down June 28 7. Here’s looking at you kid 8. There’s no place like home 9. I see dead people 10. At my signal, unleash hell 11. You are going out a youngster & must come back a star


12. Houston we have a problem 13. My understanding of women goes only so far as the pleasures 14. Every man dies. Not every man lives 15. Yo Adrienne 16. We’re bigger than US Steel 17. Poor Catherine tick tock tick tock 18. To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human 19. I once heard a wise man say – there are no perfect men only perfect intentions 20. Life with a Bengal tiger

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Sudoku 4




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Solution on Page 38



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1. Godzilla; 2. Dawn of the Dead/Zombie Flesh Eaters; 3. Alien v Predator; 4. Arachnaphobia; 5. Armageddon; 6. White House Down; 7. Casablanca; 8. Wizard of Oz; 9. Sixth Sense; 10. Gladiator; 11. 42nd Street; 12. Apollo Thirteen; 13. Alfie; 14. Braveheart; 15. Rocky; 16. The Godfather; 17. Silence of the Lambs; 18. The Matrix; 19. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves; 20. Life of Pi.


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