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16 - 31 August 2013


New tourist centre to be built in Pattaya


new 24-hour tourist information office and joint police station will be built on Beach Road, according to City Hall. The current building, next the pumping station near the entrance of Walking Street, houses a Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) information booth, a sub-station of the Pattaya Tourist Police and a former Korean information kiosk. These will be razed to make way for the new structure. No firm date has been scheduled for the new building, but a City Hall source said that construction would likely begin later this year as “there is already budgetary provision�. The idea of the new venture is to create a single unit for general tourist information

and for the various sections of the Thai police (city, tourist and marine) to maintain a strong presence in a busy area of the city. The current TAT office and Tourist Police headquarters are located somewhat remotely on Buddha Hill, near to the Fitness Park, and there is general agreement that a large, allpurpose unit on Beach Road would be a useful addition since many tourists congregate for shopping and entertainment in that area. City Hall is known to be keen to build a new unit to enable the police to respond rapidly to crisis situations, such as speedboat accidents and boat sinkings, which have occurred several times already this year.

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This tourist information and police centre on Beach Road is to close for rebuilding


16 - 31 August 2013

News Tourist Police clean up Nearly 50 locals were apprehended by Pattaya Tourist Police in a round-up of undesirable characters who are said to besmirch the image of the city. These detained included 22 transvestites ostensibly soliciting tourists for sex whilst in reality preparing to rob them, and a large number of beggars, mostly Cambodian, who are illegal aliens believed to handicap a good tourist environment.

Swiss pensioner accused of indecency Robert Nonstantine, 69year-old former owner of a gay bar in Pattaya, was arrested for alleged offences involving young boys at his Banglamung home. Officers said they found incriminating photos and computer clips of the Swiss man harassing pre-pubescent boys. Nonstantine allegedly used Thai accomplices to lure 10- to 13-year-old boys to his home, and arranged for his gay friends to meet with the youths. The youngsters were paid up to 300 baht and told not to tell anyone about the incidents. The suspect said that the boys simply came to his house to swim and he denied any wrongdoing.

Bag snatcher pleads poverty A man confessed that he couldn’t find a job and was so short of money that he snatched bags from tourists to fund a better lifestyle. Purin Boonkuer, 31, was accused of robbing a purse from Russian visitor Natalie Shipilova, who said he was just leaving a convenience store when the alleged snatch occurred. Several people gave chase and made a citizens’ arrest.

Chips down in a poker game Police raided a house on Pratumnak Road where several men and women were playing poker for highstakes. Police seized the poker table, playing cards, poker chips and, of course, piles of cash--reportedly about 300,000 baht. Officers also discovered an account book revealing that the illegal gambling had been going on for several months. American Matthew Mortensen was said to be one of the organizers, whilst two Cambodians in the den were assistants earning around 2,000 baht a time. Seven people were taken into custody; others managed to escape through side exits and windows.

The Chinese aren’t all that bad The international media are awash with tales of Chinese tourists behaving badly whilst on holiday. Hardly a day goes by without a report of boorish or culturally insensitive behavior on the part of visitors from China, whose numbers are doubling every three years. It was recently stated that only one percent of the Chinese population had ever visited Thailand but that 50 percent were keen to follow suit. The label “tourons” (tourist + moron) has even been invented for Chinese package tourists who are always anxious to take photos to prove to relatives

back home that they were actually here. However, some commentators are rising to the defence of Chinese visitors. They point out that unlike westerners, the Chinese do not have long vacations and must pack a lot of sightseeing and shopping into a few days. Moreover, luxury goods abroad are cheap compared with the high import duties and high taxes in China. “We have to remember that the Chinese tourist these days is helping to butter the bread of many businesses in Pattaya now that the number of Europeans is shrinking,” admitted one supermarket owner.

Motorbike taxi driver killed in accident

A 27-year-old taxi man, Somchai Nokpueak, was killed when his motorbike collided with a car at the junction of Third Road and Soi Lenkee. The driver of the car, Warawat Phosajunt, said he was en route to a local hospital with an 80year-old woman when the motorbike appeared at high speed and attempted to overtake her car resulting in an unavoidable accident.


16 - 31 August 2013

News To Be Number One Teen Aerobics & Dancercise

Royal Garden Plaza hosted a dance and aerobics competition for children and young people divided into age brackets. The underlying aim was to encourage the area’s youth to engage in wholesome and meaningful activities and to become role models for other children in the Pattaya area.

Dine ‘n’ Fly winner at Hilton Pattaya Angila Lampiam (2nd from right) won two round-trip airfares to Beijing and two nights at Hilton Beijing Wangfuing in the ‘Dine ‘n’ Fly with Hilton Pattaya’ campaign. Also in photo, from left, are Hilton’s Markus Hesse, assistant food & beverage manager, Philippe Kronberg, general manager, and Peta Ruiter, director of business development. Until Nov. 30, guests who spend 3,000 baht at the hotel’s restaurants, eforea: spa at Hilton, or on in-room dining are eligible to win a holiday for two.


16 - 31 August 2013

News POLI CE Reforming the prisons It’s well known that the 140 or so institutions operated by the Thai Corrections Department aren’t exactly holiday camps. A number of books have been written by foreigners incarcerated in them to make the point strongly. Of these the most powerful are probably Warren Fellows’ The Damage Done and Colin Martin’s Welcome to Hell, respectively Australian and Irish, who both have written international best sellers describing their ordeals. The nationwide prison population is in the region of 265,000 persons, with about five percent being foreigners, most of whom are there for drugs offences and many of whom can’t afford bail whilst on remand. Most are street dealers who are caught and punished whilst the big fish continue to go free. The number of inmates in most prisons vastly exceeds the notional capacity and serious overcrowding and disease are commonplace. It is sometimes argued that deterrence requires people to suffer in this way, yet the system arguably simply turns petty criminals into more serious villains once they are put back on the streets. Some of the worst excesses may have disappeared. It is no longer automatic that prisoners on capital charges are kept permanently in chains and leg irons weighing several kilos until such time as they are convicted in a court, and there are signs that some first-offence parolees, on a pilot basis, may soon be tagged electronically subject to certain conditions. In due course, more first-time offenders, the elderly and the sick may be added to the list. Such a system would be subject to court approval in each and every case, but there is no reason why the positive experience in some other countries can’t be applied to Thailand. Certainly almost anything would be better than the bureaucratic system of deprivation and violence which surrounds the current system. In his book, Colin Martin describes the large number of suicides in Thai prisons, induced by the overall atmosphere of beatings and helplessness and abuse of authority by trusty-prisoners on younger and more vulnerable inmates. It’s no secret that to survive at all tolerably in a Thai prison you need access to cash funds. Without them life can be unbelievably gruesome. A sensible medium-term solution would be for the criminal code to be restructured so that, for certain crimes, appropriate fines or community service could replace automatic jail sentences. This already happens to some extent and even applies to foreigners. In recent years, Pattaya court has included some form of community service in the sentence for offences including drunken driving or possession (not trafficking) of illegal substances. They are then deported under the normal immigration procedures. Supervised work-release schemes for Thai convicts should also be considered. The recent drugs rehabilitation act allows the courts to treat minor drug offenders as addicts rather than as hardened criminals and allows judges to be more compassionate in dealing with genuinely contrite offenders. What’s really required is more flexibility in sentencing policy amongst Thai judges. At present the punishment doesn’t always fit the crime, and light offenders are being turned into criminals for life by excessive sentences whose only function is far removed from rehabilitation. Another positive move would be for the Thai Parliament to abolish capital punishment. Since modifying the method of execution from shooting in the back to lethal injection, there have been in this country only a handful of death sentences actually carried out. But there are many dozens of convicted criminals under the threat of having the court sentence carried out, sometimes living for years in the shadow of the gurney. This is not the place to consider all the arguments for and against the death penalty in civilized societies. Suffice it to note that Thailand’s last machine-gun executioner made clear in his memoirs that, whilst there are many despicable people in the world, there is no proof whatsoever that killing criminals under the law achieves the slightest benefit to society or reduces the incidence of serious criminal behaviour. Interestingly, Albert Pierrepoint, one of the last hangmen of England, came to precisely the same conclusion in his post-career autobiography. Both men also draw attention to the ever-present danger of executing innocent people. It is timely for Thailand to have a serious debate about all aspects of criminal justice and its penalties. This is especially true as 10 regional countries come closer together socially and economically with the imminent arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community. Thailand, which prides itself as being at the centre of ASEAN, has the opportunity to become a trendsetter in the whole issue of prison reform.

Top investigators plan Pattaya crime office The Department of Special Investigation (DSI), having recently opened a branch at Phuket airport, has promised later to extend its presence to Pattaya. DSI is serving as the lead agency for the new Centre for Preventing and Suppressing Organised Crimes Targeting Tourists. It also plans to open an office in Phuket town. The government was goaded into action earlier this year when a group of European diplomats visited Phuket and issued a public demand for better protection of their nationals. Complaints in Phuket have abounded for years about crooked taxi operators and others who cheat tourists on the holiday island. The

rip-offs include the notorious Jet Ski scammers who make suspicious accusations that renters have damaged their craft and must pay extortionate sums of money. DSI says it believes that there are similar problems in Pattaya, although there is no sign yet of diplomatic pressure to hold a meeting with civic authorities in the Eastern Seaboard city to register embassy concerns. Tourism and Sports Minister Somsak Pureesrisak said that the DSI premises would be an opportunity to take action against those who are damaging the reputation of foreign tourism in the country. They will also crackdown on foreigners operating underground and in scam businesses.

Russians, Koreans and Chinese recently have been found to be active in several Thai resorts. Some use Thai nominees to set up firms to trick tourists, according to the minister.

Bullying goes ballistic Foreigners strain A 10-year-old student bullied a kindergarten pupil, forcing the younger girl to eat faeces and toilet cleaner at their Najomtien school. The incident arose when the three-yearold was unable or unwilling to provide the older girl with “protection money.” The father and grandmother of the abused child took her to hospital for x-rays and treatment. Parents of the 10-year-old said their daughter had not shown violent tendencies at home, but they apologized for the grisly incident. The abusing child has since been moved from the school. The Ministry of Social Development announced that the school in question had been ordered to put CCTV cameras in some classrooms and in the restrooms at the front and back of the building.

Crowd control training in Banglamung Banglamung police station organized a demonstration of crowd control in the event that civil disorder should break out locally. The precaution came in the wake of the imposition of emergency police powers in Bangkok-which ultimately were not needed--in the event of large-scale demonstrations against the current government.

Bali Hai pier under repair Owing to damage to the dock area, Bali Hai pier is currently out of action as regards vehicles planning to bring passengers for the onward sea journey to Koh Larn. For the moment, buses and cars are requested to use the trash-docking pier to offload those wishing to proceed to neighboring islands.

Thai hospitals

Yet another report, this time from 7News Corporation in Australia, is complaining that public hospitals in Thailand face increasing financial burdens as more and more Australians, mostly male and under 30, are travelling without proper insurance. One public hospital in Phuket says last year there was an accumulation of 4 million baht in unpaid debts. Public hospitals tend to become dumping grounds for sick foreigners who cannot afford to pay the high tariffs in top-notch

private institutions. A similar story was reported by public hospitals in Chonburi Province last year. The government reportedly is looking at imposing compulsory insurance packages for all expats and tourists to Thailand, although the complexity of the detail is said to be stalling implementation. One obvious problem is that elderly tourists and expats may be excluded from becoming insured because of pre-existing conditions or prohibitively-expensive premiums.


16 - 31 August 2013

News City donates to Suan Kaew Foundation

Wuttisak Leamkitjakarn, deputy mayor, hosted a Buddhist ceremony at Pattaya School Number 7 to collect recycled clothes, supplies, books, electronic goods, computers and furniture on behalf of the Suan Kaew Foundation. The charity helps destitute families to make ends meet.

Mitsubishi launches sales campaign Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has introduced “Mitsubishi Big Time,� a campaign featuring car loans at zero percent interest and payable over four years. As an option, buyers may accept fuel coupons valued at 65,000 baht, or a reduced down payment of 5 percent, or loan repayments over 84 months. Buyers of any Mitsubishi model will receive free first-class insurance and have a chance to win a vacation in Japan. The campaign at Mitsubishi showrooms runs through Sept. 30.


16 - 31 August 2013

News New tourist centre to be built in Pattaya Continued from page 1

Another advantage of the new centre would be to assist the Tourist Police who maintain a mobile unit in a minibus on Walking Street from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily, led by Thai Tourist Police officers and run mainly by Thai volunteers and foreign assistants. Barry Kenyon, press officer for the Foreign Tourist Police Assistants said, “A brand-new crisis centre would

be very welcome as there is no privacy on Walking Street and many matters have to be referred to the Soi 9 Pattaya police headquarters. These problems would likely subside if the new unit has officers from all police sections on duty.” It’s also hoped that the new centre will act as a ‘clearing house’ for Jet Ski problems which continue to bedevil the

resort. In spite of official denials, there are still regular reports of a small number of owners charging foreign tourists extortionate sums for minor damage to craft. Previous promises by police and civic officials that compulsory insurance and registration schemes for Jet Ski operators would be introduced have so far been unfulfilled.

Flooding on the agenda

New satellite to monitor coastal weather

Veerawat Kakhai, deputy Pattaya mayor, hosted a conference at City Hall to consider solutions to the annual flooding problem in the rainy season, apparently caused by alternating high and low atmospheric pressure. It was decided to set up a working board which will divide Pattaya, Jomtien and Naklua into five areas with officials knowledgeable about pumping stations, drainage and likely trouble spots.

A new computer system and radar station GISTDA has been installed to help predict monsoons and storms arriving via the Gulf of Thailand. The system proved especially useful during the recent oil-slick spread near Koh Samet, when the satellite was able to check weather changes which would affect the movement of the oil. That enabled local defence teams to make the best preparations in anticipation of the pollution.

Traffic woes on the agenda

Pedroni named GM of Outrigger® Laguna Phuket Beach Resort

The area’s ever-increasing traffic jams were on the agenda at a meeting of the Social Advisory Board of the Tourism Industry at the Natural Park Resort in Pattaya. Proposed solutions ranged from posting more and clearer road signs and increasing the level of public transportation to improving rubbish collections from public areas. The finger of blame for Pattaya traffic problems was pointed at the ever-rising popularity of Pattaya as a resort destination.

Darren Edmonstone, Outrigger® Hotels and Resorts executive vice president and managing director, AsiaPacific, has appointed Tony Pedroni general manager of the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort. Pedroni, an Irish national, had been general manager of the JW Marriott Resort, Phuket, prior to which he was with The Renaissance Seoul Hotel in South Korea. He has held hotel management positions in Kuwait, UK and Washington D.C. He has also been a general manager and director of operations at two Hawaii beach resorts for Marriott. Pedroni is a graduate of Newbridge College, County Kildare, Ireland, and Hotel and Tourism College in Leysin, Switzerland.

Boutique Hotel again threatened with demolition Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome ordered the demolition of the Boutique Hotel unless the Soi 17 hotel begins reconstruction within seven days. Four previous notices served on the owners had been ignored and the matter had been in dispute in Pattaya court. The building has too many storeys and had illegally expanded onto an adjacent public road. Nearby residents have been complaining for months.


16 - 31 August 2013

News Auto fashion show kick-starts The 2013 Pattaya Motor Show hit the road at Central Festival Pattaya Beach. The event featured all the latest hitech models such as the Porsche Boxster and the supercar Lamborghini LP 560-4, as well as many others. Spectacular auto sights included the newest models from Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Ford and many more. The show sought to promote Pattaya as a quality and highspending tourist destination.

Hearty Smile for Isuzu happy family day

Isuzu Chonburi Sales team organized a family day for its customers and their families as part of their Hearty Smile campaign. Families gathered at Isuzu Service Center Pattaya for a series of activities for the entire family. Drivers were given tips on car maintenance, while the Isuzu team checked the

condition of the family vehicles. A caravan to Nong Nooch Garden & Resort followed, and families were treated to buffet lunch, games with prizes, and a tour of the resort—a perfect Sunday for a family bonding. All went home with hearty smiles thanks to Isuzu’s Hearty Smile team.


16 - 31 August 2013

News Up the flag pole Coup or no coup You have to smile at Thailand’s obsession with looking for clues about the next military coup. One minute we are told that a coup is impossible because the military leadership is now tomato-red. The next minute, ordinary tank manoeuvres and the return to Hua Hin of Their Majesties are heralded as signs of an upcoming political incident. There’s no coup in the offing. Look at the mess they made of it in 2006. Not only in Thailand In preparation for the 10 nation free trade AEC, other ASEAN countries have been examining the problem of whether foreigners should be allowed to own property (apart from condominiums) in their own names. Indonesia says “yes they may”, subject to certain conditions. One condition is that the buyer must sell the land back to the government--and the government only. As Juvenal asked, “Who’s watching the watchers?” Thai Kiss Matt Carrell’s latest novel about Pattaya, Thai Kiss, is now on bookshelves. It’s about Paul Murphy, who desperately wants to be a big shot but realises that the pursuit of fortune comes with a heavy price. He flees to Pattaya after his best friend is murdered by drug barons and soon discovers that his life is on the line here. Visit the website Some Excuse This sounds like a difficult defence. A former Pattaya bar owner is discovered with piles of underage boy porn, and police suggest that youngsters have been visiting him and his friends for paid sexual encounters. Apparently, he has claimed that the swimming pool in his house, where boys congregated, was only to permit them to go swimming. Cultural Difference According to Thai-born and US-raised Tony Ratjatawan, a psychologist by profession, addressing Pattaya City expats some weeks ago, “In America you can say anything you want as long as you don’t DO it. In Thailand you can do anything you want, but don’t SAY it.” The more you think about Tony’s remarks, the truer they seem to be. Shrinking Bookshops You must have noticed that the number of retail outlets selling books, newspapers and magazines is shrinking in our fair city. Several Bookazines have disappeared and, in a huge mall like Royal Garden, you can’t find a single outlet. The trend is a good example of how the internet is affecting the newspaper and book market. Increasingly people are turning to online solutions. Pattaya Bridge Club They now play in Alto’s restaurant and bar, vaguely opposite Mr Mac’s Apartments, Pratumnak Road going up the hill, upstairs room, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 p.m. sharp. The organizers will likely find a partner for you at the duplicate sessions. The general standard is high these days and some international-standard players attend when in town. Breakfast Opportunities There are many places claiming to offer the best English breakfast in Pattaya. Personally we’d put on the list the several options, including the trencherman outsize portions, at the Jomtien Pig and Whistle, at the bottom of the hill on Thappraya Road. It’s on your left-hand side going to Pattaya. From 8.30 a.m. The worst might be a cafeteria on Jomtien Beach Road apologising that they don’t have sausages or bacon. Glaucoma Precautions Many medical tests on older guys and gals tend to miss the “puff” test, which measures pressure behind the eyes to detect glaucoma. The trouble with this eye disease is that it frequently offers no warning signs. When you start to see a dark area on a clear day or notice peripheral vision for the first time, then permanent damage may have been done. Many opticians can give the test, which need not be expensive. Meatless Cookbook Martha Stewart’s Meatless contains 200 of the very best vegetarian recipes from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living. It’s a great way to find out that there’s more to vegetarian cuisine than a handful of birdseed or a special burger at McDonald’s. It’s available now at Asia Books for 675 baht or online from Amazon and other providers.

The editor and management of Pattaya Today don’t necessarily share the views expressed in this column

The Lions Club Pattaya-Taksin donated 120,000 baht to Pattaya School Number 11 to provide additional trees and to erect a new podium for the flag pole in the interest of making the school environment appear more pleasant.

Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok names new GM With more than 17 years in hospitality– over a decade of which within the Kempinski, Alejandro Bernabé is now heading the team at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. With a career path that has taken him from his native Spain to the USA, Switzerland, South Africa, France, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Malta, Kuwait, Jordan and Dubai, Bernabé is now back at one of Kempinski’s flagship properties. Bernabé returned from Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, where was general manager. He attained multiple bachelor’s degrees from Spain and America, a hotel management degree from the Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland, and an MBA from Reims Management School, France.

Support Thai youth to WorldSkills 2013

Wuthisak Pichayagan (second from left), executive assistant manager for food & beverage, and George Kenton (right), executive assistant manager for rooms at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, seen here with Wisanu Panaworn (third from right), deputy director-general, Department of Skill Development, and Jirapong Weeraseni (third from left), with Thailand’s Youth. The guests were in Pattaya to generate support for the 42nd WorldSkills Competition 2013 on Restaurant Service in Leipzig, Germany. Also in photo are Sukiti Thongkram (left), Skill Development technical officer, and Chanatphim Treephopphokkasap, (second from right), silver medal winner at WorldSkills ASEAN 2012.

TFI created to plan fun charity events TFI is a new initiative to create ‘Fun Events For Charity’ hosted at different venues every 6 weeks. From the venues to the event themes to the sponsorship, the approach is to be different; it not another networking event, but a social gathering to have fun and raise money for selected charities. In terms of the charity angle, the team behind TFI have experienced many events in Pattaya and are thoroughly aware of the need for transparency when dealing with monies raised. To this end they will listen to the sponsors and the attending guests regarding needy causes in and around Pattaya. TFI will not be handing over any money but will rather furnish a wish list for the beneficiaries. All transactions will be clearly noted on the website The team that make up TFI are a group of local businessman, Paul Strachan, Matt O’Sullivan, Nigel Quennell, Joe Cox and Earl Brown, who are all well known in the community. All their work is done on a voluntary

basis with any expenses fully tabled on the accounts. TFI Charity Events is a registered limited company with a branded bank account that allows them to issue invoices to sponsors, be it for cash or for services that the sponsors provide. The first event for TFI will be an 80s music night at the Access Inn on Third Road on Saturday, 31 August. This is not a networking night; it’s a night of fun and a chance to rewind to the sounds of the eighties. Free flow drinks until stocks last will be San Miguel Light and Heineken bottled beers, a selection of cider, red and white wine plus soft drinks are all included in the entry fee which is 400 baht. DJ Brooksy from Pattaya 105fm will play classic tunes from the 80s. The party is at 7:30 pm until 10pm and all of the door money will go to charity. The charities nominated for this event include Operation Smile which assists children born with cleft lips and palates and other facial deformities. TFI will also assist Rotary International with their

Water for Life campaign, helping bring clean and safe drinking water to impoverished communities in Thailand. They will also work with established organizations such as the Pattaya Sports Club and Jesters Care for Kids in helping the local community with food and clothes drops. The response prior to the first events from the business community has been outstanding. Sponsors for the 80s night event are: - Apple Honey Co Ltd., - Trade Frames Pattaya - Real Estate Magazine - - The Cube - Pattaya Property Auctions - CEA Projects - AKA Traders - CSP Tropical Construction - The Booze Lounge - Thai Business Help - San Miguel - Heineken Visit their website tfi-events. com or email for information regarding tickets, events, charities or sponsorship.

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Sheraton Pattaya Resort celebrates 8th anniversary Sheraton Pattaya Resort is celebrating its eighth anniversary by offering restaurant guests a chance to win free stays at Starwood Hotels & Resorts. >> continued on L6



Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Oktoberfest by the sea at Hilton Pattaya Hilton Pattaya and Paulaner will host ‘Oktoberfest by the sea’ featuring authentic German cuisine, cool beer and traditional German music, all at Seaboard Ballroom Sept. 27 and 28 from 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available now for 1,500 baht nett, which includes a beer, a commemorative t-shirt, full buffet and free flow soft drinks. For more information, call 038 253 008, email or visit

East Meets West wine tasting at Havana Bar

Havana Bar, the Holiday Inn Pattaya’s signature bar and restaurant, recently hosted another successful wine-tasting event. Under the heading ‘East Meets West’, they presented specially-selected vintages from Australia to Italy and Chile to France. Group general manager Sarawut Jansangiam of Wine Dee Dee Co. Ltd., hosted the evening explaining the various characteristics of his skillfully-chosen vintages for the special event. A Garfish Pinot Grigio from Adelaide Hills, Australia was the first pouring of the evening, and with its bright, refreshing flavours and light finish, it was an ideal opener. To complement this wine, we found nesting amongst the canapés a tasty prawn and avocado cocktail which made the perfect partner. An Italian Pinot Grigio followed which, although a cousin of the Australian vintage, carried a slightly broader flavour with its straw-yellow colour and velvety fruit bouquet. Two further whites followed: a Stonefish Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River, Western Australia, and a Turpin Bordeaux Blanc from France. It was now time for the red wine to be served. First up was a Hugo Casanova Reserva, Maule Valley, Chile--a ruby-red wine, mature and complex with a long finish. As a “Reserva” wine it has spent 10 months aging in French oak barrels. Paired with the scrumptious cheeses, it was the perfect companion. Sensi Collezione Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Tuscany, Italy, proved another delightful cohort to the beefy canapés and roasted vegetable bruschettas. The star wines of the evening were then served, a Cru Bourgeois Medoc, Bordeaux, France, and another from the Hugo Casanova Family Reserva, Chateau La Gorce, Chile. Both were excellent examples of their vintage and ensured that Havana Bar’s latest ‘East Meets West’ wine event was finishing on a high note. To conclude the evening two dessert wines were the final pouring. A Garfish Moscato, McLaren Vale, Australia, and a Tenuta San Giorgio “Bizzarro” Manzoni guaranteed a sweet finale to another successful wine tasting from Pattaya’s Holiday Inn. The Havana Bar is on the ground floor of the Holiday Inn, Beach Sarawut Jansangiam Road. It is open daily from 11 a.m. till 1 a.m. Tel: (038) 725 555.

eve n ts c al end ar 2013 HUA HIN GOLF FESTIVAL Date: August and September 2013 Venue: Hua Hin and Cha Am The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s offices in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan provinces in cooperation with the PhetchaburiPrachuap Khiri Khan Golf Course Association have organized the Hua Hin Golf Festivals for a number of years. This now annual event supports tourism and promotes golf in the region and provides a valuable boost to business during the traditional low season. Activities: In 2013 the participating golf courses are Royal Hua Hin, Palm Hills, Imperial Lake View, Springfield Royal, Majestic Creek, The Eagle Milford, Sea Pine, Sawang Resort and Kaeng Krachan Country Club. All are offering green fees at 999 baht per round. Also available are Hua Hin Golf Festival packages (include caddie fee and transfers to and from the courses) and Hua Hin Golf Tours inclusive packages. For more information:

By Mick and Di The Food Lovers

THAILAND’S PREMIERE DJs AT HORIZON Date: 17 & 31 August, 14 & 28 September 2013 Venue: Horizon restaurant and bar, Hilton Pattaya Activities: Hilton Pattaya presents its latest DJ events throughout August and September 2013 at Horizon restaurant and bar. It has enlisted an eclectic DJ line-up, who will play various famous tunes from a mix genre of disco, jazz, electro, soul and house upbeat to the hottest music trends, including DJ Ska, DJ Eddy, DJ Deejai and DJ Zomzii. Guests can indulge in style with a twist or simply relax in the Infinity Bar and enjoy the gentle sea breeze and romance sunset in a comfortable and relaxed entertainment venue. For more information: Hilton Pattaya Tel: 038 253 000 Email:



Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Mirage Bridal Show & Wedding Fair Ronakit Ekasingh, deputy mayor of Pattaya, presided over the opening ceremony of Mirage Bridal Show and Wedding Fair 2013 in the Mirage Grand Ballroom, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. The weddingtheme party featured shows of virtually everything for a perfect wedding at Lost World, including a variety of themes ranging from Thai and Western to a wedding on the beach. Arrangements include bridal gowns, caterers, photographers, florists, cake, jewelry and more.



Date: 19 October 2013 Venue: Amari Watergate Bangkok






Date: 2 November 2013 Venue: Hall of Fame, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya







Date: 17 November 2013 Venue: Sanam Chai Road, in front of the Grand Palace, Bangkok


Activities: Start and finish at Amari Watergate Bangkok with distance of 6 km and 12 km. Application fee of 400 baht and 1,000 baht. Participants who make an entry donation of 1,000 baht will be entered into the grand raffle. All participants with an entry ticket are entitled to a free T-shirt and finisher’s medal, while stocks last. For more information: Amari Watergate Bangkok Tel: 02-653-9000

Activities: Rayong-Pattaya Ladies Circle together $%$&'%!()*$#(++"!$#%+&"$ with Women With a Mission present Red Carpet Pattaya, A Charity %4" )'" %)" Dinner Dance supporting ,%)-!#%*$3$+/4"56"!7$389:$ access to education for !"#!"#$%&'!$())*!(+'!#'!,%-! $ all children. Sparkle like a starlet and party like a rock star. Red ;'%22$/1$1%5"<$ Carpet rolls out at 7pm. Sponsorship opportunities available. .#$/!$("0!.('&)1!%#''#2#!!





! !"#$%&'()'*&()$)"+$%'(+))

For more information: ,)#$%+-)'*&()$)%./&)"+$%01) Kylie: 087-482-3520 | ,./+,/!,'(.$/../!)-+()(",$%4%(2%62"$ Tata: 085-800-8030 | ) )

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Activities: Open for online registration on until 20 September 2013. Course along the streets of the capital, passing a large selection of historical sites and impressive landmarks. The Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the National Museum and the Chao Phraya River are in the vicinity. Race Course is officially sanctioned by AIMS and The Amateur Athletic Association of Thailand. For more information:


events HOT SUMMER PROMOTION 20% off everything except set menu

Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Level 34, Hilton Pattaya

Wine tasting on Catamaran ICE Wine aficionados boarded the Catamaran “ICE” for a Swiss wine tasting while cruising Pattaya Bay. Wine Cellar Pattaya provide six wines from different regions of Switzerland: white wines Edelweiss Chasselas and Fendant Cave St. Pierre AOC Valais 2011, Rose Oeil de perdrix Cave St. Pierre AOC Valais 2011, red wines Edelweiss Pinot Noir, Domaine des Alouettes Noir Plaisir AOC 2011, and Dole Cave St. Pierre AOC Valais 2009. Guests were served appetizers and other treats for Wine Cellar members. The 1,000-baht membership package includes a bottle of wine and a 50 percent discount at monthly wine tastings. The next tasting is September 6. For inquiries, call 038 226 054 or visit

Hotel Promotions Perfect Pattaya getaway at Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa has created a room package that offers one night’s accommodation in a Deluxe room, including breakfast. This special deal offers a complimentary room upgrade to Deluxe Premier Garden View room and a choice of a buffet lunch at Benihana Japanese restaurant or a home-style buffet dinner at the Garden Cafe for two people. Soak up the town’s vibrant nightlife and create an exceptional beach break at just 4,200++ baht. For more information and reservations please contact Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa 038 412 120 E-mail:

Resort Dreams at Dusit Thani Pattaya Beach getaway with breakfast and dinner Experience absolute relaxation in a tranquil resort setting with luxurious rooms overlooking lush gardens or the panoramic vista of Pattaya Bay. Rates start from 4,350++ baht per night. Privileges: • Daily buffet breakfast for two • One set dinner for two per stay or one seafood dinner for two on a Saturday • A 15% discount on food at any of our restaurants • Daily fresh fruit in the room • Complimentary welcome drink upon arrival Terms and conditions apply. Valid until 20 December 2013. For inquiries, contact Dusit Thani Pattaya at tel: +66 (0) 38 425 611-7, fax: +66 (0) 38 428 239, email:, website:

For hotel promotions please email press release at

Pullman Pattaya Hotel G wine tasting By Mick and Di The Food Lovers

Pullman Pattaya Hotel G hosted an exclusive wine tasting recently for guests to enjoy specially-selected vintages from the Chilean house of Sanama from the Rapel Valley and Tierra Buena wines from the Finca Flichman vineyards in Barrancas, Mendoza, Argentina. The event was at the Beach Club Restaurant, Pullman Pattaya Hotel G’s all-day dining outlet with stunning views out over the private beach and sea. The occasion was also to initiate the new G Wine Privilege card which enables members to enjoy monthly wine offers at favourable prices. The evening commenced with a flute of Prosecco

David Contu Salis

flavoured with a Fragoli Toschi liqueur from Italy. This innovative liqueur is infused with hand-picked small whole wild strawberries that added the most delicious injection of flavours into the sparkling wine. David Contu Salis, sales and marketing executive from G Four Fine Wines, was on hand to advise and inform on his selections. These included a 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot Reserva 2011, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva from Sanama; vintages from Tierra Buena featured a 2012 Chardonnay, Malbec 2012. Pullman Pattaya Hotel G is on Wong Amat Beach (off Sois 16 or 18), Naklua Road. Tel: (038) 411 940-8 or visit




at our pool bars

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya awards scholarships Bangkok Hospital Pattaya presented scholarships to the children of hospital employees. Dr. Pichit Kangwolkij, deputy CEO of Bangkok Hospital Eastern Group, presented 50 scholarships valued at 275,000 baht.

Ben Chalai at Cape Dara Resort Pattaya

Prime Minister Yingluck holidays in Pattaya

Thai singer Ben Chalai Thantiwut (right) seen during his stay at Cape Dara Resort. On left is Pattamon Mekavarakul, hotel assistant general manager.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra seen here during her vacation at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya with the hotel’s Wuthisak Pichayagan (left), executive assistant manager for food and beverage, and George Kenton (right), executive assistant manager for rooms.

Krungthai AXA reps at PEACH Krungthai AXA Life Insurance Public Company Ltd. held their Agency Leader Midyear Plan and Centurion at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH). With almost 2,000 delegates at the three-day event, PEACH was abuzz with business sessions, informative presentations, networking events as well as education and relationship building workshops for the company’s top agents and managers from seven regions of Thailand. In attendance were the company’s top executives including chief executive officer, David Kuronic, chief distribution officer, Roger Thomas Deacon, and chief agency officer, Vithaya Charmpanich.

Fam Trip for Indian wedding planners

Wedding planners from across India seen here at Dusit Thani Pattaya with Neoh Kean Boon (second from right) and other hotel management-team members. The Indian delegation was in Thailand to familiarize themselves with the resort as a potential wedding destination. Dusit Thani Pattaya is a favorite for many of the more than 100 Indian weddings annually in Thailand.

SUNDAY - THURSDAY 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM More information, please call 038 933 888


escapades Sheraton Pattaya Resort celebrates 8th anniversary


A variety of fresh seafood, international cuisine, and desserts


Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

SATURDAY 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM More information, please call 038 933 888

>> from L1

Customers earn an entry stamp for every 1,000 baht spent at Saturday Aroy Seafood Market buffet in Elements restaurant, at Infiniti, which offers contemporary cuisine, or on drinks at Latitude Lounge. Those who collect five stamps may win: • 3 nights in Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers • 2 nights in W Retreat Koh Samui • 2 nights in Sheraton Pattaya Resort • 2 nights in Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, A Luxury Collection Hotel. Winners will be announced on sheratonpattayaresort on Tuesday, 1 October 2013.

Officially opened on 1 August 2005, Sheraton Pattaya Resort is owned by Amburaya Resort, Thailand and managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts. The resort enjoys a beachfront location on Phra Tamnak Hill with unsurpassed views to Koh Larn (Coral Island) and amazing panoramic sunset view. Sheraton Pattaya Resort is more like a private country club than a typical resort, catering to upscale leisure and business travelers with an appealing selection of restaurants and bar. Sheraton Pattaya Resort 437 Phra Tamnak Road, Pattaya Tel: 038 259 888

Hotel Promotions

Conrad Koh Samui’s Ocean view Three Bedroom Pool Villa Conrad Koh Samui introduces its newest residence, the Ocean view Three Bedroom Pool Villa. This luxury residence will create a memorable experience for those who appreciate the finest in resort living. Located at the top of the resort, the luxuriously appointed Ocean view Three Bedroom Pool Villa is set over two levels with 829 square meters of indoor and outdoor living space, perfect for families or friends who wish to share the ultimate vacation experience. The upper level entrance opens onto a private outdoor lawn terrace, perfect for pre-dinner cocktails while taking in the ocean views and exquisite Samui sunsets. This level also includes an open-plan living and dining area, contemporary bar, private kitchen and a spacious sundeck with an al fresco dining area. The master suite, two junior suites, private pool and outdoor deck are located on the lower level. This luxurious villa is priced at THB 198,800 plus applicable tax and service charge. This rate is per villa, per night inclusive of breakfast for up to nine guests, round-trip airport transfers, complimentary laundry service (excluding dry cleaning), inflatable toys for the pool, 24-hour butler service. Also, a private chef and grocery shopping service is available on request. For reservations and information on Conrad Koh Samui, please visit or send enquiries to

For hotel promotions please email press release at



Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Bangkok tops Asian destinations among foreign tourists Asia, the world’s largest and most densely populated continent, consists of 49 countries, each with its own set of cultures, religions, languages, beliefs and set of values. Selecting a single destination to visit becomes tricky, but some stand out in terms of their attractions. Countries like China, Thailand, India, Singapore and Japan attract many millions of tourists--record numbers in recent years. And according to the website, the topmost travel destination in Asia is Bangkok, luring more than 11 million tourists every year. Known for its nightlife, the City of Angels has a variety of attractions such as Buddhist

Universal Studios Singapore temples, the floating market, etc. Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan area, welcomes 4.81 million tourists annually. Beijing and Shanghai are the other two favorite Asia travel destinations, thanks to nightlife, shopping, Buddhist temples. Cambodia’s Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat and the famous floating village, attracts 3 million visitors a

Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok

year. Chiang Mai and Hong Kong, rank next with 2 million and 3.8 million visitors, respectively. Known for Universal Studios and Marina Bay Sands resort, Singapore is also on the list, followed by Kyoto, Japan; Male, Maldives, and Ubud, Indonesia. Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and New Delhi round out the 16 top vacation spots in Asia.

Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha, Hong Kong

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Male, Maldives ranks the leading destinations in Asia as: 1. Bangkok 2. Tokyo 3. Beijing 4. Shanghai 5. Siem Reap 6. Chiang Mai 7. Hong Kong 8. Singapore

9. Kyoto 10. Male (Maldives) 11. Ubud (Indonesia) 12. Seoul 13. Taipei 14. Hanoi 15. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) 16. New Delhi

Yi Peng Festival at Chiang Mai

Grand Texan style “Eat all you can” Bar-b-q, Every Saturday and Sunday from 6 pm. Only 395 ß +vat

All other days open for International and Thai Cuisine from 8.00 am - 11:30 pm


top tables

Salad+Noodle selections +Dimsum+Desserts


Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

EVERYDAY 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM More information, please call 038 933 888

Mick & Di The Food Lovers

The deVine Wine Club Gala Dinner

Featuring the wines of Baron Philippe de Rothschild Pattaya’s foodiegentsia and oenophiles gathered recently in the opulence of the Royal Cliff Resort’s Grill Room and Wine Cellar to enjoy the latest deVine Wine Club dinner. The wines served were from the prestigious wine company of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. This famous estate is located in the village of Pauillac in the Haut-Medoc district, 50 km northwest of the city of Bordeaux, France. Its red wine is regarded as one of the world’s greatest clarets. To accompany these stellar wines, the executive chef, Walter Thenisch, had meticulously crafted a fivecourse culinary romp to perfectly complement the selected vintages. Representative and guest speaker from Baron Philippe de Rothschild was wine expert Alice Agnellet from their Tokyo office. Graciously presiding over the evening was Panga Vathanakul, managing director of Royal Cliff Hotels Group. Guests mingled in the reception area where we were served mouthwatering appetizers of foie gras with fresh figs paired with a delightful, chilled Mouton Cadet Rose. We then made our way into Pattaya’s famed

gastronomic destination, The Royal Grill Room, to enjoy the evening’s menu and the carefully-selected wines from this legendary estate. The premier course was a spring salad accompanied by shrimp and salmon rillettes, tuna crab-meat sandwich with pink ginger and roasted beetroot foam. Delicate flowers mingled with the leaves, providing a grassy bed for the graceful salmon pate and prawn, attended by a neatly-made square of crab meat sandwiched between the finest tuna with a flash of beetroot foam providing the required acidity. It was well complemented by a 2011 vintage of Mouton Cadet Sauvignon Blanc. With its tropical fruit roundness and citrus notes, it made very good friends indeed with the softlyseasoned fish. Baked cod loin wrapped in Parma ham set on a couch of ratatouille with an intense grapey sauce verjus was served next. Probably our favourite course and marrying well with the Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rouge 2011, it was superb. The vintage portrays a distinctive blend of classic Merlot, Cabernet

Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, and with its ripe fruit flavours and light tannins, this expertly-weaved Bordeaux was a winner. The pre-main course of the evening was chef Walter’s veal fricassee with spring vegetables, served with a pouring of Mouton Cadet Reserve Medoc 2011. Deeply dark in colour with a violet tint, again it was a delightful wine pairing well with the flavours of the meat. The celebrity vino-star of the evening was then scheduled to appear. To accompany this celebrated wine, chef had prepared slow-roasted premium beef tenderloin with chanterelle mushrooms, new potatoes and a rosemary jus. The cork having been pulled sometime earlier, it was now time to taste the famous Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac vintage 2007. Hugely anticipated, this wine did not disappoint. Eightyone percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 19 percent Merlot, its full intensity, dark-purple colour and concentrated aromas produced a superlative vini-gourmet experience. A passionate climax of historic wine and premium beef

doesn’t get any better than this, but there was more in store with the promise of a 17-year-old dessert wine to come. To end an already fabulous dinner, chef Walter presented a classic French dessert, poire Helene with vanilla ice cream. Immaculately paired with a Chateau Raymond Lafon Sauternes 1976, this course surpassed all our expectations. This vibrant sweet wine with its taste of exotic fruits and saffron resonated with expertise and passion; sweet as a goodbye kiss, this wine gracefully

lowered the curtain on another extraordinary deVine Wine Dinner. The Royal Cliff Resort is famous as one of the premier gastronomic destinations in Pattaya. Famed for its award-winning wine list and leading culinary prowess, it never fails to deliver. However, on this occasion it totally excelled itself with its immaculately- devised gourmet menu perfectly complementing the legendary wines. Impeccable service, world-class wines and wonderful food; this certainly was a memorable occasion and one that Mick and I will be talking about for some time to come. For details about membership to the deVine Wine Club, email

The Royal Grill Room and Wine Cellar

is located in The Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Pratanmak Road, Pattaya. Tel: (038) 250 421 Open from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. (last orders) and closed on Tuesdays. Amex, Visa and MasterCard accepted. Dress code applies.

Wine Cellar Pattaya

Famous Restaurant & Wine Bar - An exceptional selection of over 300 wines from around the world - Finest beverages at the lowest prices - Large selection of imported cheese and cold cuts - Premium single malt whiskeys and Cuban cigars

Open Monday-Saturday 09:00-22:00 Happy Hour! 17:00-19:00

Two glasses of house wine for the price of one when order with the cheese & cold cuts platter

555/32 Moo 5, Naklua Rd. Soi 12, Pattaya City, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Tel.: 038 22 60 54, Fax: 038 22 60 55, Email:, Wine Cellar Pattaya is a venture of FOOD COM (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,


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Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Level 34, Hilton Pattaya

F&B Promotions The World of Beef

Japanese Cooking Class

at Acqua Italian restaurant

Noodle Affairs at Ming Xing Noodle lovers: Be prepared for the upcoming noodle affairs at Ming Xing Restaurant, Cape Dara Resort with 24 noodle selections to fill up your appetite during lunchtime. The meal would start with salad appetizer followed by unlimited servings of noodle of your choice, then wrap up the meal with a dessert. Noodle Affairs runs daily until 30 December 2013 from 11:00 pm – 2:00pm for only THB 390 nett/person.

at Benihana Take a hands-on journey as you learn to make perfect sushi like a chef. Inclusive of an apron, bamboo roller, recipe book and Benihana cap. Baht 1,499 per person. Bookings in advance required.

Throughout the month of August, Chef Alberto Bruni from Acqua Italian restaurant of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya has sourced some of the finest beef from around the world, notably Australia and the USA, served as carpaccio, striploin, tenderloin and rib eye. Savour your cut with three special salts to accentuate their individual flavour – Himalayan pink, Cyprus black or Murray River. Prices start from 790++ baht (subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT). Acqua Italian restaurant is located in the Main Lobby of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya and opens daily from 18:3022:30.

For more information and reservations please contact Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa 038 412 120 ext.1395

For private room or table reservation, please call 038-933-888.

Romantic Dinner on the Beach

at Millennium Hilton Bangkok

at Pullman Pattaya Hotel G

The month of August comes with a Chinese tradition well-loved and celebrated here in the Kingdom. The MidAutumn Festival brings not only an auspicious occasion and a chance to gather with family, but also that revered delicacy, the mooncake. Classic range featuring silky egg yolk combined with custard, durian, lotus seed paste, mixed fruit and nut, red bean, or Chinese jujube. To spoil traditional lovers, premium box include 4 pieces at THB 588+ per box and THB 788+ per silk box. Mooncakes are available at Yuan and The Lantern, Millennium Hilton Bangkok, until 19 September 2013. Special discount up to 10% - 25% when you purchase 20 boxes or more. Early-bird: Additional 5% discount for orders confirmed before 31 August 2013.

Squid Fiesta is here! Throughout the month of August 2013, Radius Restaurant proudly serves special squid promotion with tasty dishes that has been cooked in different styles. Come and try out our chef ’s recommended dishes and enjoy the taste of fresh squid from the sea. Available every day from 6:00 to 22:00 hrs.

From now until 30 September, share the ultimate romantic evening with the one you love, with the sea as your backdrop while the sun dips sublimely over the horizon and the flames of tiki torches flicker around your sunset dinner under the stars. Dinner on the Beach at The Beach Club in Pullman Pattaya Hotel G can be customized to your pleasure, from candle preferences to the music of your choice. The chefs have created a delectable fivecourse menu to complement this passionate rendezvous. The Romantic Dinner on the Beach, including one bottle of sparkling wine, is priced at only 3,600 baht net for 2 persons. Please note that at least 1 day advanced reservation is necessary.

For more information please call 038 933 888 or

For more information or reservations, contact 0 3841 1940-8 or email: or thepullmanpattayahotelG

Call now for reservations at (038) 301 234 ext. 4266

Squid Fiesta at Radius Restaurant

Mooncake Festival

For more information, please call: 02 442 2000

Exclusive Dinner with Chef Sylvain Royer

Special deal in August for mum

at The Beach Club Restaurant Pullman Pattaya Hotel G invites you to join an exclusive dinner with Chef Sylvain Royer at The Beach Club Restaurant on Tuesday, 20 August at 6:30 p.m. Chef Sylvain from Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant is presenting an exclusive set menu of appetizer, main course, cheese and dessert for THB 1,300 net. Seats are limited.

Show your appreciation to please your mother with many special deals for food and drink at the A-One Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya throughout the month of August. All regular meals offer a 20% discount; Asian buffet lunch is now only THB 280 net/person, International buffet dinner is only THB 296 net/person and Seafood BBQ buffet is only THB 640 net/person. Food and beverage in a la carte have a 20% discount together with all outlets in the hotel. The A-One Royal Cruise Hotel is located at Pattaya Beach Road between Soi 2 and Soi 3.

For reservation, call +66 (0) 38 411 940-8.

For more information please call (038) 259 555 ext 4232

at A-One Pattaya

For food promotions please email press release at


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

MIXOLOGIST Naruemol “ Noi” Kaewngam SIGNATURE DRINK L 34 BIO Experienced as FB guru from Parrot Cay Resort & Spa, Turks and Caicos Island, British West Indies, she became a full-time restaurant manager and professional bartender at Horizon in 2011.

L 34

INGREDIENTS 5 oz Sparkling wine (Prosecco Gold) 1 oz Smirnoff vodka 2 oz Cranberry juice GARNISH Blackberry HOW TO MIX Mix vodka and cranberry juice into a shaker with ice. Strain directly into a chilled champagne glass. Gently top with sparkling wine. Add blackberry as a garnish.

GLASS TYPE Champagne Glass CATEGORY Cocktail Available at Horizon restaurant & bar on Level 34, Hilton Pattaya


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Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Belgian specialties and hospitality

Step inside this stylish pub/ restaurant and you are immediately whisked the 9,000 km or so to a Belgian resto in any region of this country known for its liberal, bon vivant attitude. This is one big, friendly place with a garden, pool table, cosy bar and lots of well-spaced tables for laid-back dining. Décor is classic modern continental-style with colourful bar neons and upholstered bench seating, but the real eyecatcher is the most extraordinary chandelier we had ever seen. Hundreds of sparkling glass beer mugs have been hung on a seventiered extravaganza of a light fixture to produce a locally-manufactured piece of amazing contemporary art. Aroi is owned by chef Edwin and his business partner and master baker Alain. These Belgian gentlemen fuse

together their years of expertise in the global world of hospitality and catering, resulting in an establishment wedded not only to professionalism but also to their passion for international culinary flair. Open from 10 a.m., breakfasts are extremely popular as is the everyday three-course lunch menu for only B.195, and the snack menu featuring the famous croquet-monsieur (ham and cheese sandwich baked in the oven with cheese on top) or the croquet-madame (identical except with the addition of a fried egg on top). Baguettes are fresh daily from their own bakery, as well as crusty, country-style loafs, muffins, chocolate cupcakes, brownies and all kinds of wonderful bakery items, including the most luscious cream cakes and pastries.

Belgium, of course, is famous for its beer, with its nationals imbibing 150 litres per person per year. So, naturally this patriotic bar is a firm proponent of their amber nectar. Over a dozen beers are on offer, ranging from Leffe Blond or Dark, Hoegaarden--the famous white beer with an aroma of orange peel, coriander and spice, to Kasteel Bier with an alcoholic content of 11 percent, to the mysterious monastery beer from the Trappist monks of Rochefort. Mick and I were here to taste their weekend mussels that had received so many complimentary comments from friends and acquaintances. We enjoyed a glass of their house (Mont Clair) chilled white wine while we awaited the arrival of this shellfish phenomenon that has now become the national dish of Belgium. We were excited at the prospect of enjoying these marvelous molluscs prepared with white wine, Provencale or with a creamy garlic or curry sauce. Prices start at B.290, with the Provencale version coming in at B.325. A big pot of these steaming lovelies hit the table accompanied by French fries (which of course should be called Belgium fries as they originated there and not in France), and the obligatory bowl of mayonnaise. These big, squashy moules smothered in Provencale sauce were delicious, especially with Alain‘s crunchy bread to mop up all the juices.

Aroi Pub & Resto

Other starters on offer are shrimps with garlic butter, a signature scampi “Aroi”, crispy cheese croquettes (B.195), chicken nuggets, chicken wings or a mixed platter of deep fried items. The other dish that people are talking about is the speciality of the house: brochettes. Served fashionably on a suspended rack, these huge, grilled brochettes offer tender chunks of chicken, pork, beef or whole shrimp. Tenderloin or rib-eye steaks, pork or lamb chops, are flamed to order with a choice of cream sauces featuring mushroom, pepper, mustard, blue cheese of four mixed cheeses. Mick by now had decided to try the Greek specialty, souvlaki, while I only had to glance over at the “Specials Board” for the sole meuniere to leap to my attention. In my opinion, this dish is a star when it comes to French food, and to taste real sole here in S.E. Asia is a true treat. It arrived beautifully browned in its luscious butter sauce dotted with capers and chopped parsley. Elegant in its simplicity, it was a delight, and cooked on the bone in the classic manner, the flavours were intensified to scrumptiousness. The souvlaki proved an excellent choice for Mick. Tender, marinated pork accompanied by a Greek salad and sautéed potatoes more than satisfied his expectations. For a taste of Belgium try the beef stew (prepared with Belgium beer) or the chicken stew, known as waterzooi, which actually translates

as “watery mess” but, of course, is nothing of the kind as it’s a national treasure and is, in fact, chicken layered with vegetables, poached in wine and broth, and then thickened with egg yolks and cream. There’s so much on this menu. We haven’t even mentioned the big, beefy burgers, the pastas, with the lasagna de la casa having also received lots of kudos, or their pizzas or, indeed, the full Thai menu. Do not leave Aroi without tasting one of Alain’s delectable desserts. Chocolate mousse and cream oozes with decadent joy, while the cherry or lemon tart would put a sunny smile on any sweet-toothed diner. Pancakes are another specialty, with the queen of pancakes–Suzette– getting the royal flambé treatment. Aroi is the friendliest pub/diner around. The extensive menu offers quality produce at reasonable prices, with specialities from Belgium taking pride of place, especially those splendid mussels, hand-crafted beers, home-baked breads, and perfect pastries. Aroi Pub Restaurant is situated on Soi 89, Sukhumvit Road. Continue on Sukhumvit (after Tesco Lotus) heading south towards Sattahip, and take the Soi (89) with the 7-11 on the corner. Drive over the railway track and Aroi Pub is about 200 metres on your right. Tel: 087 0433 227. Party bookings accepted and catering service is available.


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LUNCH SET 4 course meal

THB 490 NETT Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

EVERYDAY 11:00AM – 2:00PM More information, please call 038 933 888

Pizza Chinelino INGREDIENTS Pizza Dough


1½ cup plain flour

tomato sauce

pinch salt

mozzarella cheese

1 teaspoon yeast powder

parmesan cheese

150 ml warm water

Chinese XO sauce

1 tablespoon olive oil

New Zealand mussel squid fish fillet dry chili

METHOD Pizza Dough


Sift flour in the plate, and then sprinkle a pinch of salt

Stir fry Chinese XO sauce in the pan for

on top around the corner.

a few minutes.

Add yeast powder in the middle and mix it together.

Layer tomato sauce on the pizza

Add warm water gently then add olive oil.

dough and put mozzarella cheese and

Combine everything together and begin kneading.

parmesan cheese.

Once you have kneaded the dough, shape it into a ball

Pour Chinese XO sauce on top and the

and then you will leave the dough for 2 hours as the

rest of the ingredients.

yeast will improve the texture, flavor and elasticity of

Preheat the oven at 250°C then put the

the dough.

pizza into the oven and bake for 3-5

Sprinkle some flour on the dough and cover the dough


with plastic wrap then place it in a warm place.

Cape Dara Resort Pattaya is located at 266 Dara Beach, Soi 20, Pattaya-Naklua Road, Pattaya 20160 Tel: 038-933-888

Tip: Do not mix the yeast and salt together directly as the salt will inhibit yeast action.

Special Feature Brazilian Food Festival @ Zico’s Brazilian Grill & Bar Prominent Brazilian chefs Paulo and Thiago created a full buffet menu to celebrate the cuisine of their homeland at Zico’s Brazilian Grill & Bar recently. H.E. Paulo Cesar Meira De Vasconcellos, Brazilian ambassador, presided over the opening ceremony. The event was organized by the Brazilian Embassy and Centara Hotels & Resorts to promote their cuisine in Zico’s restaurants in Pattaya, Bangkok and Koh Samui. The opening ceremony was held at the Sky Bar, where Robert John Lohrmann, general manager of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, welcomed media and dignitaries including Jose Mario Filho, minister of Brazilian Embassy; Ronakit Ekasingh, Pattaya deputy mayor; Attaphol Wannakij, director of TAT Pattaya; Col. Suwan Cheaonawinthawat, Pattaya Police chief, and Teeraporn Jitnawa, general manager of Central Festival Pattaya Beach. The event included a Brazilian-themed cocktail, canapé reception, a spectacular Brazilian samba dance show and concluded with a bartender show. Zico’s Brazilian Bar & Grill is on Pattaya Beach Road in front of Central Festival. Tel: (038) 043 516 or visit

nu ungrat Ju

e: R a Full nam asta, pizz p , d o o f i : Tha food Specialty Mexican

and a Resort r a D e p a ing @: C Perform Pattaya no za Chineli dish: Piz Featured

By Mick and Di The Food Lovers



Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Stop Thinning Hair: 7 Tips For Thicker, Lustrous-Looking Locks!

Promotions Nicha Clinic Mother’s Day promotion

by Elizabeth Smith,

· Facial spa + peeling at 999 baht (regular price 2,500 baht) · With botox on 2 areas at 10,000 baht, get free microdermabrasion + mask · 3-time underarm laser hair removal at 3,500 baht (regular price 18,000 baht) · With Thermage at 80,000 baht, get free botox on 1 area · If you come with your mom, you will get 15% discount on first face or body treatment (except: botox, filler, Thermage) Promo valid until end of August. Nicha Clinic is on Pattaya Second Road (opposite View Talay Beach Condo and Central Festival Pattaya). Call 038-411-190 or visit for more information and to book a FREE consultation.

Luminous Spa Pay for one spa treatment and get the second at 50% off at Luminous Spa

1. Heat Styling Products – Limit Their Use If you use hair straighteners, curling irons, or blow dryers, hair breakage can occur and the condition can get worse. Overexposure in the sun can also cause hair damage. As such, whenever you go outdoors, you should wear a hat. You can also use sunscreen on your hair using specially formulated gels that are meant for this purpose. 2. Stress Levels Need To Go Down!

For more information, please call 038 933 888 or visit

Spa Cenvaree Spa Retreat Package for Your Beloved Mom Spa Cenvaree at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya presents for the month of August the Beloved Mom package created specially to pamper her from head to toe. The luxurious package includes Jasmine Tea Floral Scrub, Hot Oil Massage, Signature Radiant Facial, Cooling Soy & Orange Mask and Mulberry Sesame Facial Compress. “Beloved Mom” spa retreat package is available throughout August 2013 at Spa Cenvaree, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya. Package prices at 2,595++ baht for single and 5,000++ baht for couple. For more information or reservations, please contact (038) 301 234 ext. 4333 or email:

Devarana Spa Jasmine Gold Ritual for Mom Devarana Spa makes this upcoming Mother’s day even more special by blending the aromatic jasmine oil together with fresh jasmine blooms and precious pure gold in the glamour pampering spa treatment called “Jasmine Gold Ritual.” The glittering pure gold extract is generously applied for the whole treatment process starting from Jasmine Bloom & Gold Body Scrub and ending the ritual with Jasmine & Pure Gold Aromatic Oil Massage. This divine shimmering experience for mom is available throughout August 2013 at all Devarana Spas in Thailand.

6. Super Hold Hairsprays – Avoid Them!

3. Intensive Daily Treatments

7. Condition Your Hair Daily

One of the best hair care products you can use are intensive treatments that contain humectants like panthenol (a derivative of vitamin B5) as part of the ingredients, which can help to retain moisture in your hair. Plus, by massaging the intensive treatment into your scalp, you can actually help to stimulate blood circulation. This action also helps to exfoliate and cleanse your scalp, thus maintaining your hair’s health, as well as stimulating natural hair growth. 4. Use a Volumizing Shampoo When You Wash Your Hair If you want to plump your hair up, making it look thicker than it actually is, treating your thinning hair with a volumizing shampoo that contains wheat and rice proteins can help you achieve this overall effect.

Carbs got you jonesing for junk food? Cookies, potato chips, cake and other refined carbohydrates not only are fattening, they also spur cravings for more junk food even hours later. Consequently, a new study suggests that avoiding refined carbohydrates might be a good weight-loss strategy. The findings, reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, imply that the quick spike and subsequent crash in blood sugar that comes after eating things like sugar, corn syrup and white flour, activates reward and addiction centers in the brain, similar to what happens when addicts take drugs. “The problem is when the modern, highly processed

5. Taking Certain Vitamins Hair loss can sometimes be caused by nutritional deficiencies. If you increase your intake of certain vitamins like B6, it can activate hair production to some degree, making it stronger and helping it to grow faster than it typically does.

If you have a lot of stress in your life, you can experience hair loss. Reducing your stress levels is definitely something you need to do (if you don’t want to suffer from thinning hair). By taking yoga classes, or simply relaxing or meditating each day can help you get your stress under control.


Receive a 50% discount on your second body or facial treatment such as foot massage, body scrub and facial treatment at the Luminous Spa, which will be of the same or lesser value as the first.

For more information, please visit

Thinning hair, along with hair loss, is one of the most commonly discussed topics amongst women of all ages. There are many reasons as to why women suffer from thinning hair, and some of the most common reasons include: change in their hormonal condition, as well as thyroid disease. Here’s the good news though – there are many ways to stop hair thinning, and even re-grow new hair, and in this article, we’re going to look at 7 of the most effective tips.

carbohydrates can hijack the highly evolutionary based rewards system, putting it, in effect, in overdrive,” said study co-author David Ludwig. “To put it simply, we didn’t evolve to eat low-fat Twinkies for breakfast.” These carbohydrates seem to “provoke food cravings many hours after consumption, at least in susceptible people,” said Ludwig, director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center in Boston. “Limiting these foods could help overweight people avoid overeating.” It’s suspected that the sharp drop in blood sugar spurred by cookies, chips or cake, stimulates hunger and also makes the idea of eating seem more rewarding and pleasurable to the brain.

One way you can get thin hair to break easily is to use super-hold hairsprays which can break your hair at the shaft, causing it to get thin very quickly. You should use a flexible hold hairspray instead, which will reduce the possibility of breaking or damaging your hair.

You can cause your hair to break or fall out by using chemical treatments and heated styling tools. However, there are amino acids in certain conditioners that can help protect your hair from this type of damage in most cases. Using the tips presented in this article, you may see a noticeable difference in the thickness of your hair, or at least prevent more of it from falling out. Hopefully these suggestions will help you get back on track to having that thick full head of hair that you have always had. For additional information on hair care, beauty, health, fitness, romance, skin care and more, go to


STRONGER, BRIGHTER, FITTER. eforea spa at Hilton Pattaya


Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

Chemical Peels A chemical peel, also known as dermapeeling, is most often used for cosmetic reasons as it improves and smoothens the skin’s surface. In this procedure, a chemical application is used by Dr. Natnicha on the skin which Loichuen causes the top layer or the damaged skin to slough off and gradually peel away. This procedure destroys parts of the skin in a controlled way so that new skin can grow in its place. Regeneration of skin occurs and the new skin appears smoother, clearer and less wrinkled. Chemical peels can be helpful as they improve skin damage by overexposure to sun, pigmentation issues, acne and scarring of the skin. The types of chemical peels differ based on how deeply the chemical penetrates and what type of chemical solution is used. Factors that may affect the depth of a peel include the acid concentration in the peeling agent, the number of coats applied, and the amount of time allowed before the acid is neutralized. Deeper peels result in more dramatic effects as well as higher risks, increased pain, and longer healing time. There are three basic types of peels: • Superficial peels are the mildest type of chemical peels and can be used on all skin types. Superficial peels usually use liquid containing a mild acid, most often glycolic acid. • Medium peels penetrate the skin more deeply than superficial peels and cause a second-degree burn of the

skin. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is the main peeling agent used for medium peels, though the peel may also be done in several steps using a different chemical solution followed by TCA. • Deep peels penetrate several layers of skin and cause a second-degree burn of the skin. They are used only on the face. A chemical called phenol is usually used for a deep peel. Deep peels may not be used on darker skin types because they tend to bleach the skin. Even in lighterskinned people, phenol peels--or any type of deep resurfacing--may bleach the skin. A deep peel can be done only once in most cases. Good Candidate for Chemical Peels Any individual who is experiencing low self-esteem and psychological issues because of premature ageing of skin or suffering from various skin problems can undergo this treatment. Skin issues such as fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage or ageing, scarring due to accidents, acne scars, and uneven pigmentation can be treated with the help of chemical peels. Possible Side Effects A chemical peel procedure is a relatively safe treatment if performed by a qualified, experienced doctor. However, like all cosmetic treatments, it may have

please dial 038 253 000 for inquiries and reservations

side effects. Depending on the type of chemical peel used and the strength of the peel, certain side effects may arise and they include: • Redness in the treated area • Blisters • Swelling • Scaling or crusting • Skin pigmentation variation which may be temporary or permanent • Scarring Precautions Certain precautions must be taken before the treatment . For example, do not irritate the skin by shaving, waxing, bleaching or doing any other hair removal techniques for at least five days before the treatment. Avoid scrubbing the skin, and do not schedule treatment if you have any active skin infections. After the procedure, the doctor will provide guidelines to follow; certain medications may also be prescribed. Some post-treatment precautions include avoiding exposure of the skin to sun rays, as the new skin is extremely sensitive and prone to sun burns. Avoid hot showers. Do not scratch the flaking skin as it may cause scarring and negate the efficacy of treatment. Aftercare Depending on the type of chemical peel used, aftercare routine may vary from each treatment. Superficial chemical peels need only basic aftercare, while deep peeling can mean more recovery time and more care. The basic guideline to follow after any chemical peel is to avoid exposure to the sun.

To quicken the healing process, protect the skin from sun exposure. Keep the treated skin moist and rinse with cold water followed by application of any prescribed ointment. Call 038-411-190 or visit Nicha Clinic on Pattaya Second Road (opposite View Talay Beach Condo and Central Festival Pattaya) for more information and to book a FREE consultation.


diversions Book


Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

upcoming movies Kick-Ass 2

The Conjuring

Vehicle 19

Lead Actors

Lead Actors Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor

Lead Actors

Director James Wan Genre Biography | Horror | Thriller Release Date August 2013

Director Mukunda Michael Dewil Genre Thriller Release Date 29 August 2013

In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Parren move their family into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm house and soon strange things start happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the noted paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to examine the house. What the Warrens discover is a whole area steeped in a satanic haunting that is now targeting the Parren family wherever they go. To stop this evil, the Warrens will have to call upon all their skills and spiritual strength to defeat this spectral menace at its source that threatens to destroy everyone involved.

A parolee (Paul Walker) becomes the target of a massive police manhunt after inadvertently picking up a rental car with a female whistleblower tied up in the trunk. Now, as the police attempt to silence the woman before she can testify about the city's rampant corruption, the ex-con who just regained his freedom must defend her life, and clear his own name.

Dog lovers of the world, read on… R.J. Peters, Pattaya Today’s resident cat expert, is expanding her horizons, having written yet another book--this time devoting her love and attention to the warm and wonderful world of our canine friends. The life-long rescuer of thousands of stray and injured cats and dogs has compiled a compelling volume of entertaining, informative and funfilled stories in Our Amazing Dogs. Authors range from professional trainers and nurses to shelter founders and everyday animal lovers like Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky, who introduces us to Cheech—his intelligent mutt who could obey commands in three languages…and even had her own newspaper column. All write from the heart about their own amazing dogs. Be prepared to laugh and cry, as you are likely to find your own heart indelibly stamped on an emotional par with the book’s contributors. And get ready to be wonderfully entertained by these heartfelt stories of depth, love and admiration for these ordinary--yet amazing—animals that are born to please. Our Amazing Dogs: The Canine Connection to Our Hearts is available from Amazon Books. The ebook version (only about 200 baht) may be downloaded immediately at

Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System Anyone who hunts with dogs knows how helpful they can be — and what a pain it can be to keep track of them. The Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System (approximately 15,900 baht) lets you track up to ten sporting dogs at once, with the convenience of a customizable GPS device. It has a range of up to nine miles, thanks to a steel VHF antenna. The topmounted GPS/GLONASS receiver gives it excellent location performance. Bark detection lets you know when your dog has spotted something, even if he's out of range. A rescue mode helps preserve battery for a longer period of time, in case you and your dog get separated.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloë Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey

Director Jeff Wadlow Genre Action | Comedy | Crime Release Date 22 August 2013 After Kick-Ass' insane bravery inspires a new wave of self-made masked crusaders, led by the badass Colonel Stars and Stripes, our hero joins them on patrol. When these amateur superheroes are hunted down by Red Mist -- reborn as The Mother F%&*^r -- only the blade-wielding Hit Girl can prevent their annihilation. When we last saw junior assassin Hit Girl and young vigilante Kick-Ass, they were trying to live as normal teenagers Mindy and Dave. With graduation looming and uncertain what to do, Dave decides to start the world's first superhero team with Mindy.

Paul Walker, Naima McLean, Gys de Villiers

music / new release

ASHANTI BRAVEHEART Ashanti‘s new album ‘Braveheart’ has seen more pushbacks than Stevie Wonder‘s hairline. But 30 July is the very day fans will be able to walk into a store and pick up the album. The LP is preceded by promo track ‘The Woman You Love’ and latest single ‘Never Should Have’. On 19 June, she will perform on ‘The Katie Couric Show’ to promote the project.

1. Intro Braveheart

7. Perfect So Far

2. The Wait Is Over

8. 3 Words

3. Woman You Love

9. Never Should Have

4. Mine

10. That’s What We

5. No One Greater

Do (feat. R. Kelly)

(feat. French Montana

11. R.I.P.

& Meek Mill)

12. Bonefied Survivor

6. She Can’t

13. Outro



Vol. 01 No. 16 | Aug 16-31 2013

BMW begins assembly of MINI Countryman in Rayong The BMW Group has begun assembly of the MINI Countryman at its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Amata Industrial Estate. Three models of the popular car will be manufactured at the Rayong Province plant. The first unit rolled off the assembly line at a ceremony attended by Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, deputy permanent secretary, Ministry of Industry, as well as the media and BMW personnel. BMW Group Thailand aims to supersede the record-high 501 units in 2012 and to support the steady MINI volume growth in coming years. “BMW Group Thailand’s decision to begin assembly of the hugely popular MINI Countryman here in Thailand is in line with our product strategy,” said Matthias Pfalz, president BMW Group Thailand. “Commencing local assembly of the MINI Countryman in Thailand is in response to the growing

interest within the country in innovative and high-quality vehicle concepts. It is also a concrete demonstration of the ongoing commitment that BMW Group has to Thailand, and our continued belief in Thailand’s strong fundamentals as an automotive hub for ASEAN.”

Prices for MINI Cooper Countryman start from 1.84 million baht, reduced from 2.59 million baht. Delivery, depending on the engine, is October to November. The MINI Cooper Countryman will be introduced to the public at a three-day event from August 16 to 18 at Siam Paragon.

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GM Outlook:

“My goal is not to change the world but to teach the children enough to hold their heads high, to earn their own rice and to have a good human life.” — Father Raymond A. Brennan Founder Father Ray Foundation

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Volume 2

Issue 15 16-31 AUGUST 2013

Universal Group to market Pattaya projects abroad by Universal Group Thailand are about to promote their two Pattaya projects internationally. The local developer plans to introduce the world to Seven Seas Condo Resort and Savanna Sands Condo Resort through exhibits at real estate events in Singapore and Moscow. These exhibitions will include the Smart Investments & International Property Expo at Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, Sept. 28 and 29, and at the 21st Moscow International Property Show, Nov. 15 and 16. The Universal Group of Companies has had an eye on the international market since its founding in 1972 as an import/export company. Over the past four decades it has

diversified into an international conglomerate under Narayan Pagarani, company founder and chairman. Today, the company’s portfolio of businesses covers everything from manufacturing to hospitality in markets across Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific Region. Universal Group has been in property development and construction since 1995. In 2012, the company saw the opportunities that existed in the booming Pattaya market and founded Universal Group Thailand. To maximize the success of their projects, they selected a team of partners including LH Bank, which is providing financial support; Compass Real Estate, which handles all sales and marketing activities, and Samsung, Universal’s home electronics partner, which will be providing all of the electrical items for the completed apartments. Continued on page P2/26

What's Inside:


Thai tourists' budgets expected to more than double

Child Custody and Child Legitimation in Thailand

Asian institutions seen stepping up global real estate investments

The Papaya 'Som Tam' Salad Index!

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Volume 2

Issue 15

16-31 AUGUST 2013

Business Feature Continued from page P1/25

Seven Seas Condo Resort Jomtien Seven Seas Condo Resort, one of Pattaya’s largest projects, occupies a 15-rai site on Chaiyapruek Road, walking distance from Jomtien Beach. Seven Seas will consist of 1,450 units. The development, so named because the eight buildings will surround seven interconnecting lagoon pools, will feature a landscaped ‘adventure island’ at the centre of each sea, and each island will have a different theme and name, providing a variety of facilities. With prices for fully-furnished units starting at 999,000 baht for a 26-sqm studio apartment, or 1,299,000 baht for a 36.5-sqm one-bedroom apartment, sales were reportedly brisk from the start. A year later the project is already more than half sold out. It’s not just sales that have been rapid at Seven Seas; construction also is racing ahead due to the project’s having received EIA approval three months ahead of schedule. As a result, piling work started on the project last March.

Savanna Sands Condo Resort Jomtien Following the launch of Seven Seas, Universal Group were keen to replicate their success by launching a second project, Savanna Sands Condo Resort, in March 2012. The project in Jomtien offers a variety of facilities at affordable prices. Whereas Universal are building ‘wide’ with Seven Seas, at Savanna Sands they are building ‘high.’ Savanna Sands features three 27-storey towers with sea views from a large proportion of the apartments. As is the case with Seven Seas, Savanna Sands benefit from a unique theme which runs through the entire resort. At Savanna Sands, the theme is the sweeping plains of Africa which will feature heavily in the design of the large lagoon pool at the centre of the development and surrounding landscaped gardens. Once again, Universal are offering buyers what it calls “exceptional value for money.” Unit sizes consist of 26to 31-sqm studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments of 35- to 44-sqm, and two-bedroom apartments of 56-

999 Prize Draw winners at Savanna Sands Grand Sale Event 1. Brendan Copeland 2. Michael Forga 3. Svetlana Mivzoeva 4. Vimal Kaushik 5. Thanakorn Rungseroj 6. Pisit Kietkaijompan 7. Thamasak Prakraiwan 8. Wichan Wanchaeam 9. Nisara Somcharoen

to 62-sqm. There also are some penthouses available for those who seeking luxury. Again, as with Seven Seas, all apartments at Savanna Sands are sold on a full turnkey basis. Prices on this development start from just over 50,000 baht per square metre. However, recently Universal is offering buyers the chance to grab 999,999-baht fully furnished units at the project’s showroom in Soi Wat Boonkanjanaram (Soi Wat Boon). Those who registered on August 9 were entitled to the grand draw, where nine of the 26-sqm studio apartments were given away for the promotional price of 999,999 baht. Buyers and guests enjoyed the evening with BBQ and drinks.

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Volume 2

Issue 15

16-31 AUGUST 2013

Business News Thai tourists’ budgets expected to more than double Study discovered that Thai travel behaviors are beginning to change as more go online to book their trips, and use Visa payment cards on-the-go.”

The latest Visa Global Travel Intentions Study revealed that Thai travelers are likely to increase their budgets more than 52 percent on their next trip. The study also indicated Thais’ travel budgets will jump to US $2,501 from the US $1,304 spent on their last trip. Visa’s regular barometer of travel trends also uncovered Thais’ top travel destinations will remain in APAC for the next year. Japan emerged as the top destination, with Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China rounding out the top five destinations. Somboon Krobteeranon, Visa country manager, Myanmar and Thailand, said that it is “clear that Thais love to travel– whether domestically or abroad. This year’s Visa Global Travel Intentions

Profile of the Thai tourist Travel is very much a group affair, says Visa, noting that 71 percent of Thais travel with their family or spouses; 38 percent (vs. 19 percent global average) travel with their friends or colleagues, and their travel group sizes can go up to six or more people (23 percent vs. 10 percent global average). The study also said: • Since most travel is to nearby countries, short haul flights (53 percent) are more common. With the strong presence of budget airlines in the country, most prefer either economy or budget flights. • As their trips are usually short getaways, most extend their weekends and public holidays to escape from the city. • While most would go for cheaper options of travel, consumers are willing to spend on more comfortable lodging– choosing 1-3 stars or 4 stars and above accommodation. International visitors plan to spend more in the Kingdom The good news is that visitors

to Thailand plan to travel more and spend more. Among travelers across the four global regions (APAC, the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Europe), 77 percent of respondents from APAC indicated a strong intention to travel more in the future–with residents from nine of the region’s markets stating a higher intention to travel more than the global average. • Much of this increased travel is expected to take place within the region, where 80 percent of Asian travelers have chosen to take trips in the last two years. • These travelers are also spending more. For those who have traveled within the region, they spend an average of US $273 per day, higher than both the global average (US $239) and any other region. Krobteeranon added, “This year marks our 15th year of partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and we are committed to ensuring the Kingdom maintains its position as a top travel destination. At Visa, a key focus is to introduce more tourist payment cards that enhance the payment experience for travelers across all major tourist hubs. That’s why programs like the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale are important in driving economic growth for the country.”

Quille bullish on Thailand property at Kingdom round table

Kingdom Property launched the first in a series of round-table dinner talks at Grand Hyatt Erawan Ballroom drawing luminaries from leading property, banking and investment companies. Keynote speaker was fund manager and investor James Quille, chairman of Macquarie Global Property Advisors (MGPA). The Bermuda-based firm, which manages assets of US $12 billion, recently agreed to be taken over by BlackRock, the asset manager with US $3.9 trillion in assets under management. "The Thai real estate industry over the next five to 10 years is in a very good place," Quille told his audience. "Thailand has a balanced economy with good demographics which is good for investment flows including real estate, and like most of Asia has the potential to enter a sweet spot in terms of its ability to attract investment by institutional capital." "There is a growing trend towards

institutional investors allocating a higher proportion of their portfolio into real estate funds, which will certainly benefit the market with the emergence of REITs [Real Estate Investment Trusts] in Thailand." Quille however cautioned against excessive capital controls adding, "if you put up barriers restricting capital's access to the market, you risk losing that capital to markets that are more open offering more returns and less risk". The dinner was the first in a series of round-table discussions planned by Kingdom Property. Speakers will include real estate experts who will cover topics such as global financing, asset management, property development and marketing. Nigel Cornick, Kingdom Property chief executive officer, said Quille's experience and vision in the funding of prominent real estate developments in Asia and Thailand made him the ideal choice to begin the series.

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Volume 2

Issue 15

16-31 AUGUST 2013

Legal & Expat Money


Child Custody and Child Legitimation in Thailand by: Magna Carta Law Office Which parent will have primary child custody after divorce? This can be decided either by the parents or by the court. If the parents are able to negotiate or make an agreement without the court’s decision, they can keep better control over present and future decisions made in behalf of the child. Both parents may discuss the child’s living situation, visitation rights, daily financial responsibility, education plans and other important needs.

a son or daughter of the man who made the notification of the birth, or who consented to such notification - where the father had sexual intercourse with the mother during the period when conception could have taken place, and there are grounds to believe that the child is not that of another man - where there has been continuous common repute of being a legitimate child.

Can I obtain child custody through uncontested divorce or mutual agreement? In an uncontested divorce, an agreement can be created to specify how custody will be shared between parents. For unmarried couples, the mother shall have sole custody unless the father registers the legitimation of the child at the local district office. This procedure of legitimizing the child as your own is necessary before a father can enter into a custody agreement with the mother.

How is common repute of being a legitimate child established? The status resulting from continuous common repute of being a legitimate child is established by means of facts showing the relationship of father and child, as evidenced by the child's connection with the family to which he claims to belong, such as the fact that the father has provided the child's education or maintenance, or that he has allowed the child to use his family name, or other facts.

I am not married to the mother of my child, but my name is recorded in the child’s birth certificate as the father; does that mean I and the mother have equal legal rights? Even if you are named on the birth certificate as the biological father, you are not recognized as the legal father under Thai law. In Thailand, a child born out of wedlock is deemed to be the legitimate child of the birth mother. The biological father is not considered the legitimate father and shall have no legal rights over the child.

Can a registration of legitimation be revoked? Once the registration of legitimation has been made, it cannot be revoked. However, any interested person may, within three months from the date when he or she has been notified of the registration, apply to the court for cancellation of the registration on the ground that the person who insisted the legitimation be registered is not the father of the child. In any case no such action may be entered after ten years from the date of registration. In the case where there is an objection to the applicant for registration of legitimation on account of not being the child’s father, if the applicant for registration of legitimation has brought an action to the court for an order effecting him to be the child’s father, the child or the mother may apply to the court in the same case for an order effecting that the applicant for registration of legitimation is not a suitable person for exercising in part or whole the parental power, even if he is the real father of the child.

What options do I have to legitimize my child? According to the Civil and Commercial Code Section 1547, a father’s rights to a child can be legitimized if: - there is a subsequent marriage between the father and the mother - there is a registration of legitimation made at the local district office or Amphur on application by the father - there is a judgment by the court. What are the grounds for legitimizing my child if marriage is not a preference? According to the Civil and Commercial Code Section 1555, an action for legitimation may be entered ONLY in the following cases: - where there is a rape, abduction or illegal confinement of the mother during the period when conception could have taken place - where there has been elopement or seduction of the mother during the period where conception could have taken place - where there is a document emanating from the father and acknowledging that the child is his - where it appears on the birth register that the child is

Does a new spouse have parental rights over the spouse’s child from a previous marriage? Marriage does not grant the spouse any rights over the children of their new husband or wife. Parental power over such child is exercised by the previous partner. What are the rights of a person with parental power? A person exercising parental power has the right to: - determine the child’s residence - punish the child in a reasonable manner for disciplinary purposes - require the child to undertake work as may be reasonable for his ability and condition in life - demand the return of the child from any person who unlawfully detains him.

MAGNA CARTA LAW OFFICE 193/126-8 South Pattaya Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150, Thailand Telephone : 038 373735 - 6, MOBILE NO. : 082 479 1204 Fax : 038 373672 Email :

Expat Money Corner by Tim Whiteley

Are portfolio bonds right for you? If you haven’t heard of portfolio bonds, chances are it’s only because you haven’t spoken to a financial adviser. Simply defined, they are structures within which multiple savings and investment solutions can be housed, states Rhiannon Davies. They are also referred to as "wrappers", because all your investment choices are basically "wrapped up" inside the one account. Portfolio bonds are available from leading, well-known financial institutions. Within these secure structures, provided by major institutions, you can hold virtually any asset that’s not physical property. Pros and cons of portfolio bonds The potential benefits and disadvantages of these bonds depend on an individual’s circumstances, and anyone contemplating their options should certainly seek expert advice. However, let’s start with the pros of portfolio bonds: Pros: • Because anti-money laundering and "know your customer" due diligence has to be done only once when you establish the portfolio bond, from then on you can swap and change how you invest very easily. This avoids a great deal of red tape, which can have time- and stress-saving benefits. • As you can hold such a wide array of assets within a portfolio bond, you have maximum investment choice and maximum portfolio diversification benefits. • An individual’s portfolio bond should be personally tailored to suit his or her investment objectives, risk profile and financial goals. What’s more, you can maintain such a structure for as long as you like; they are not close-ended. • You can start, stop or alter income, as required. •Accordingly, portfolio bonds can be utilised by those seeking an income from their investments, or those concentrating on capital growth. • Administrative simplicity. Usually a fax or email dealing form is sufficient to move and change how and where your money is invested. • Wrappers generally are as near as 100 per cent secure as possible, with no tax deducted from capital or income withdrawals for those UK nationals who are non-resident for tax purposes and many other expatriates not resident in their home country. • Portfolio bonds have been heavily utilised by those expatriates adversely affected by the European Savings Tax Directive (chiefly, they can help you avoid being signed up to either automatic exchange of information about your savings income between your country of residence and your home country, or withholding tax). • For Britons considering moving back to the UK one day, it is possible to take five percent income tax-free for 20 years from a portfolio bond–meaning that expats who repatriate aren’t necessarily caught out by their assets offshore. • Due to the scale of their operations, institutional discounts are available through some portfolio bond providers offering significant savings on management fees normally charged by major investment houses on individual investors. • Bonds can also form the investment vehicle inside an ‘offshore trust’. Because the above list identifies a great number of potential positives, it’s easy to see why so many of these solutions have been successfully sold to expatriates. However, there are downsides to portfolio bonds that should not be overlooked. Cons: • If you’re likely to need access to more than 90 percent of your underlying assets in the short-term, you should not opt for a portfolio bond. • There is an additional layer of charging with a portfolio bond that you wouldn’t be subjected to if you held the wrapped assets individually, i.e., you have to pay for the management and maintenance of the portfolio bond structure. • Depending on where the assets are invested within the wrapper (marketrelated holdings), the value of a portfolio bond and any income taken from it can go down as well as up and may not be guaranteed; meaning you may not get back all the money you invested. • There are minimum limits on the amount of money you need to have to invest within portfolio bonds. Generally that figure is 50,000 GBP, US $75,000, and 75,000 euros. Who can benefit from, and who should avoid portfolio bonds? Many expatriate financial advisers hold portfolio bonds in high regard. And yes, they may well be beneficial for you. However, there are circumstances that may make them inappropriate. Ensure you consider your tax status, including residency and the charges associated with a portfolio bond, and keep back any short-term requirement for capital, prior to opting for one of these solutions. Taking expert financial advice is key to ensuring the decision is right for you and your investments.

Important Note - This article contains general information only and is not intended to be taken as specific financial, investment, or tax advice. A personal analysis should always be obtained. Tim Whiteley of IFA International has over 25 years as an IFA, advising international investors and expatriates, both onshore UK, and offshore in Asia. With offices in Bangkok, and regular client visits to Pattaya, IFA specialises in wealth protection services, offshore trusts, QROPS UK pension transfers and QNUPS, creating tailor made investment solutions for individuals around the world. IFA International does NOT provide discretionary portfolio management, securities advice, forex trading, or local brokerage/insurance products. The services that IFA International Group provides are for expatriates and international investors only and are not applicable to local nationals. This is NOT a solicitation to sell or market securities. Questions to the author can be directed to:

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Volume 2

Issue 15

16-31 AUGUST 2013


Asian institutions seen Centara Grand stepping up global real expands in Phuket estate investments by Asian institutional investors could look to invest in excess of US $150 billion in real estate over the next five years, but with limited investable stock available in Asia will seek opportunities in London, New York, Sydney and other gateway cities, according to the latest research from CBRE. Cash-rich Asian institutional investors now control a fifth of global institutional capital, however, the current low interest rate environment and weak stock market performance means they face significant challenges in maintaining adequate returns on investments, says the global real estate services provider. “Many of these investors have begun to recognise the benefits of adding real estate assets to their portfolios, but despite a sharp increase in investment activity in recent years, presently allocate just 1.7 percent of their assets to real estate, compared to 6 to 8 percent among institutional investors in North America and Europe.” The lack of overseas investment experience, regulatory restrictions, limited investable stock and aggressive pricing have posed significant challenges for investors seeking to expand their portfolios within the Asian Pacific region, CBRE notes. This has prompted Asian institutional investors to seek opportunities overseas, with core assets in gateway cities the most sought-after asset class. Acquisitions by Asian investors outside the region surged from $2 billion in 2008 to almost $9 billion in 2012, with Asian institutions accounting for a large portion of the purchases. Europe is currently the major focus for Asian investors followed by North America and Australia. As Asian institutional investors

diversify into low-risk alternative asset classes, more are expected to increase their allocation to real estate. A conservative estimate of increasing their allocation to real estate to 2.5-3.5 percent in the next five years–allowing for a steady increase of asset size at 4 to 6 percent per annum--would translate into a potential inflow of in excess of $150 billion (including direct and indirect real estate investment) into the global real estate investment market. The large volume of prime commercial property currently in the development pipeline in Asia Pacific will partly alleviate this pressure; however, this new stock will still be insufficient to meet the demand of the large volume of institutional capital earmarked to be invested in real estate. In addition, other investors such as REITs and end-users will also be competing to acquire new properties, a situation which may result in a prolonged period of structurally low yields for core assets in Asia. Chris Ludeman, president of Global Capital Markets, CBRE, said, “Asian institutional investors are already beginning to acquire assets overseas, with core assets in

gateway cities being the most soughtafter asset class. Given the numerous challenges they face domestically, most groups are likely to target other major markets, particularly in Europe and North America.” “While investors that have already had exposure in global markets will continue to acquire new assets, the next few years will see a number of new entrants to leading global real estate markets such as London and New York. Japanese institutions, which to date have largely been absent from the global scene, as well as Taiwanese and Chinese insurance companies will be the first groups to emerge.” The past year has seen several markets make progress towards liberalising outbound investment in the insurance sector. In October 2012, the Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission relaxed its restrictions on overseas investment by domestic insurance companies. Chinese insurers are now permitted to invest in completed commercial properties in the gateway cities of 45 designated countries. In Taiwan, discussions about permitting domestic insurance companies to invest in real estate offshore are ongoing. Marc Giuffrida, executive director, Global Capital Markets, CBRE, commented, “We are seeing an acceleration in enquiry levels and deals closed in just about every global gateway market. We initially advised a handful of the larger pension and sovereign funds, and now these first-movers have started harvesting their 2009 vintage assets. The market has seen how successful they have been in both protecting capital and exceeding their investment hurdle rates. These positive results provide tangible evidence and confidence for the more cautious or skeptical that global real estate can add value and most importantly is accessible.”

Completing inspection of the final stages of Centara Grand West Sands Resort & Villas Phuket are (from left) the hotel's Dechanont Wangthong, executive assistant manager; Axel Jehangir, assistant director of sales; Derek Beck, project director, and Andreas Korf, general manager. The resort will have an additional 158 rooms by the end of October, bringing its total to 432 rooms.

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Volume 2

Issue 15

16-31 AUGUST 2013


The Papaya ‘Som Tam’ Salad Index! It was just recently in an article I wrote about scams, face lifts and ‘Bursting Russians’ that we went over the economic theory and a technique known as the purchasing power parity (PPP), which is used to determine the relative value of currencies from one country to another. Purchasing power parity is one of the most useful and accurate ways of establishing a comparative valuation of how the world’s currencies relate to one another and what their comparative values are in our everyday lives. Simply speaking, what can my Thai baht get me when I travel to different parts of the world? I went on to say that here in Pattaya we certainly don’t need any fancy theories or technical formulas to see that Russians have more money than they used to. We simply need to look down the street at the throngs of Russian tourists and residents who are enjoying their lives while spending that disposable income each and every day. I also continued by saying that, in my opinion, some pretty dramatic events scheduled for ‘parts’ of our real estate sector are no doubt going to be surfacing over the coming year. All the more reason why we need all the help we can get in evaluating our own finances and getting the very best for our hard-earned money. I recently read a clever and most enjoyable article in The Nation by Achara Deboonme, a 20-year journalist with that Bangkok newspaper. She is one of The Nation’s leading staff writers and one for whom I have enormous respect, not only for her research and writing skills, but even more so for her keen eye and insight. Achara recently wrote an article that just pushed the international standard PPP index clear back to the Stone Age with her innovative look at even better and acutely accurate criteria to indicate purchasing power via her very own Thai-style pricing parity index. Now, before unveiling the name of that index, we must give credit to those shoulders she stands on, such as the famous American standard known as the Big Mac Index (BMI), introduced in The Economist in September 1986; it was a hilarious parody by Pam Woodall. Her tongue-in-cheek illustration was so well received that The Economist has reprinted an updated version of the article every year since it first appeared. You may not have heard of Pam Woodall, but I’ll bet you’ve heard of ‘Burgernomics’!

by Clayton Wade Managing Director

The Big Mac Index

Thailand's Issan Som Tam Salad Index

Yes, Achara Deboonme, you may be standing on the shoulders of some giants of economic parody, but you are head-andshoulders above them all with your own pricing parity index for Thailand. According to Achara’s interpretation of the Big Mac Index, the average price of a Big Mac in America in July 2013 was US $4.56, while in Thailand, at 89 baht--or $2.85 at the exchange rate of 31.27 per dollar, the Big Mac Index suggests that the Thai baht is undervalued by 37.5 per cent. Whereas the Big Mac Index allows economists the world over to compare international currencies and their relative strengths, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of purchasing powers from one country to the next by the price that particular country charges for a Big Mac in its own currency compared to the exchange rate of another country’s currency, Achara’s pricing index has unveiled a clever insight into the pricing parity within the Magic Kingdom of Thailand: Achara’s very own Issan Som Tam Index (ISI). She has recently proposed a brand-new metric in determining the purchasing power

Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd.

parity of the Thai people, and she has chosen the price of som tam, known to most foreigners as papaya salad. In using the same formula in comparing the price of som tam from one province to another, she has unveiled the purchasing power of Thais from one province to the next. Based upon her tried-and-true pricing index, Anchara announced that ‘som tam prices in the provinces lead to the assumption that the cost of living in Phuket is the highest in Thailand’. That brings us back to Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard, home of some of the best priced and best tasting som tam in Thailand, but what about real estate property prices? I have always preached the virtues of buying properties in top locations and from seasoned and trusted developers, especially in times like we are facing today. There’s a very good reason that developers here like Sansiri, LPN, Raimon Land and the Nova Group, just to mention a few, are continuously selling out their developments in record time. People know who they are, and they know what they are going to get when such quality

Our very special thanks to Clayton Wade, managing director of Pattaya’s Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. for preparing this Pattaya Today column. Clayton Wade has been running Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd., with his wife, Khun Supap, for more than 17 years. He himself has been in the real estate industry going on 27 years, having started his career in the United States where he was licensed and practiced both real estate sales and property management in Seattle, Washington. Clayton personally was responsible

for bringing in the first 53 General Motors executives for the start-up phase of Thailand’s General Motors manufacturing facility and had a three-year exclusive with the company. Following that experience, he placed most of the start-up executives for the Eastern Seaboard’s BMW manufacturing facility. Clayton Wade is a council member with the Gerson Lehrman Group, the New Yorkbased international research and consulting firm, and has been a national panel judge with the Thailand Property Awards for many years. The American-born entrepreneur is

developers complete their award-winning condominium projects. We have recently gone through our own ‘Fast and Furious’ condo boom, and many Thais and foreigners got caught up in the euphoria and spells cast by slick and colorful brochures and amazing and hypnotic 3-D media presentations, not to mention the promotions generated by the throngs of silvertongued property agents throughout the Eastern Seaboard. But did we get what we bargained for? Did we even bargain? Do we even remember what happened just before we signed on the dotted line? Yes, it was a magic time and all that glittered…glittered. Where’s the glitter now? If you want to maintain that glitter in your property-purchasing decisions and the spice in your salad, it’s all about location, location, location, and there’s hardly a better location in Pattaya than Wongamat Bay. Take a drive down Wongamat Beach Road today and check out the Northpoint Condominium by Raimon Land and The Palm Condominium by the Nova Group, and the Sansiri Group are definitely going to do an amazing job with their Baan Plai Haad Condominium, with its luxury lifestyle and private beach access! Yes, in Pattaya’s Wongamat Bay area you can see some of the finest condominium projects in Thailand, and on your way home turn up North Pattaya Road to the SomTam Na Muang Restaurant--across the street and just below Pattaya City Hall--for the best papaya salad in Thailand!

known throughout the Asia-Pacific region for his writing, public speaking and television presentations. His many accomplishments in promoting real estate on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard include having been a guest speaker with several of Thailand’s top political and business figures on CNBC’s Managing Asia. Premier Homes is Pattaya’s leader in exclusive property sales and rentals, which may be seen by visiting their website at: Clayton Wade may be contacted at +(66) (81) 634-2915 or at:

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Volume 2

Issue 15

16-31 AUGUST 2013

GM Outlook


RayBrennan 10 Years On It’s exactly one decade since the largest Pattaya funeral ever seen took place at St Nikolaus’ church on Sukhumvit Road. The remarkable thing is that Father Ray’s influence now is even stronger than when he was alive. His death did not mark the end of an inspirational leadership but rather the beginning of an expanding network to help orphans, needy youngsters and those with disabilities and special needs.


ather Raymond Brennan, C.Ss.R (1932-2003), grew up as the second of three children of an Irish-American family in a tough area of Chicago. Enrolled at a seminary in Indiana, the young Ray went on to join the Redemptorist order and, even before his ordination, discovered he was to be sent to Thailand. “I’m the only one in our family to like rice!” he is said to have quipped at the time.

Originally posted to Sri Racha, then a small village, and later to the Isaan region, Father Ray was next assigned to Pattaya which at the time was a popular rest-andrecreation spot for American servicemen

by Barry Kenyon

serving in the Vietnam war, a conflict which soon spread to Laos and Cambodia. In 1974 he began his mission to work tirelessly to provide a home, food, education and security for homeless babies and youngsters. The Father Ray Foundation had been born. But it was just a beginning. The president of the Foundation is currently Rev. Pattarapong (Peter) Srivorakul, C.Ss.R., who was assigned to Pattaya in April 2010, right in the midst of the Songkran water splashing. “My new post was a total surprise and certainly an awesome challenge,” recalls Father Peter. “Actually I had first met Father Ray when I was 12 years old and, after my ordination, I was in contact with him every Christmas at carol services in Pattaya.” Father Peter’s previous post was as school director at Ruamrudee International School.

In total, the Foundation is now responsible for 850 young students which, with staff and volunteers included, means cooking for 1,000 people daily. “We use 60 tons of rice per year, so you can understand our constant need for donations and support from local Rotary and Lion's clubs and charitable organizations.” Reflecting the changing tourist and expat profile in Pattaya, an increasing number of volunteers are from China, Japan and Russia. “Most are young people often doing charity work on a break from full-time study,” Father Peter adds. A number of important innovations in social care and outreach provision have occurred in the years since Father Ray’s death and are ongoing. They include the Father Ray Day Care Center, located on

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Volume 2

Issue 15

16-31 AUGUST 2013

GM Outlook to further the work. “Outside sponsors such as the Tom Vincent Foundation, Van Oosterom, Sophie Daems Scholarship Program, Thai Children's Trust, Les Amis France and the Rotary Clubs support individual students at university, even as we maintain our good record in providing computing and electronic repair to enable our students to find local employment in small and large organizations.” Pattaya Today itself provides a good illustration of that output as three of the newspaper’s

Sukhumvit Road, which opened its doors in 2008 and offers underprivileged children a safe environment to spend their days whilst preparing for government schooling. The Father Ray Children’s Village, located in the Siam Country Club area, exists to offer a home to neglected, orphaned and abandoned children to live with their “brothers and sisters” with the support and encouragement of their “mother”. A dream of Father Ray’s was to help children with special needs. During his 30 years in Pattaya he founded facilities for orphaned, abused, abandoned and neglected children. He opened schools for deaf toddlers, blind children and young adults with a disability. But he never had the time or the financial resources to help those individuals with autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and other intellectual disabilities. In the Pattaya area there is nowhere for these children to go as schools routinely reject them for lack of the proper resources or even, in some cases, out of embarrassment. At the present time a fundraising campaign is underway to help these forgotten children of the resort. The Father Ray Center for Children with Special Needs is planning to offer intervention therapy for toddlers, education in early years, vocational training to teens and support for the families. The Father Ray network is also spreading beyond Chonburi province. The Nong Khai Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities, located in the city center, offers education and training for special needs students and plans to include young people from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in its target catchment. With the ASEAN Economic Community coming on stream in just over two years, it’s a fair assumption that in years to come the Father Ray Foundation will assume a significant regional role in the 10-nation ASEAN community. Father Ray’s dream is only just beginning. Current president Rev. Peter adds that the Foundation is becoming increasingly involved with other organizations and trusts

data-input staff were trained at the Foundation. The Father Ray story was written by Jerry Hopkins under the title In The Name of the Boss Upstairs. It traces the story of the Pattaya orphanage and its associated facilities from the day in the 1970s when Father Ray first accepted custody of a newborn fatherless baby whose mother was too poor to look after her child. Jerry quotes Father Ray as having said, “My goal is not to change the world ... but to teach the children

enough to hold their heads high, to earn their own rice and to have a good human life.” In 2013 Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome hosted a ceremony in which Father Ray Brennan was made an honorary citizen of Pattaya, the first foreigner to be awarded this distinction. The award hangs proudly in the reception area of the headquarters of the Father Ray Foundation. It’s hard to think of a more fitting tribute to a remarkable social pioneer.

Rev. Pattarapong (Peter) Srivorakul President Father Ray Foundation

“My goal is not to change the world but to teach the children enough to hold their heads high, to earn their own rice and to have a good human life” - Father Ray Brennan

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16 - 31 August 2013


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Learn Fruit and Vegetables Carving from a Professional teacher with more than 18 years experience. For inquiries contact Yui at tel no. 0863209569 and/or 085 238 5453 or email at yuibua@ (pta-tk0008)Do you want to Study Thai Language or Thai Culture in Fun & Easy Way? Come to Thankful Knowledge Learning Center. Learn with the native professional teachers. Affordable price & friendly environment call 038 373 175 or 038 416 493. We speak Thai, English, German & Deutsch.

Apartment for Sale

Life’s a Beach – and you could be Living this P r iv i l e g e d L i f e S t y l e Tomorrow. Two spectacular beach side apartments have just come on the market. Situated on Na Jomtien’s sandy quiet beach they both offer a piece of paradise. The Penthouse is a 240 sq/m, 2-storey (4th& 5th floors), 3 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms, 3 toilets with extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Semi furnished. Price: 55,000 Baht/month on yearly contract (other terms can be arranged). Apartment 1 is 140 sq/m, 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms/ showers. Semi furnished. Extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Price: 34,000 Baht/month on 1 year basis (other terms can be arranged). Contact: Tony Trail – Drifters Café and Apartments – Tel: (Thai) 087-743 2319 or (Eng) 081 619 8626. info@

House for Sale

(ptmhfs-O2312)Beautiful – New – 3 Bed 2 Bathroom House on 1 Rai 45 TW with fruit trees and own water well, internet and cable connected. Near Mabprachan Lake. A real bargain for the discerning buyer. 6.9 million 083 102 9293

Pool Villa For Sale – Jomtien - A very nice renovation, the detached single storey villa, land area 248 sqm , living area 130 sqm. Stylishly furnished throughout with top quality fittings, 3 bedrooms, 2 luxurious bathrooms, full European white kitchen with oven and microwave, dining area, living room, flat screen LCD TV in every room, small private pool, pool side terrace, water features, remote closing gates, communal pool, 24/7 security and just 600m to Jomtien Night Plaza, food market, restaurants, shops and bars. Great value. Price: Reduced to 4.99m Bt.Website Ref: PLVS142. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Pool Villa For Sale – East Jomtien. Single storey 140 sqm villa in a quiet secluded small development on land plot 280 sqm, stylishly finished and furnished throughout, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, European kitchen, living room, dining area, covered terrace, sun deck, lagoon style private pool, covered parking, 24/7 security, less than a 5 minute drive to Sukhumvit Road.Sale Price: 4.5m Bt. Website Ref: PLVS169. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House For Sale – Bang Saray - Nicely designed new single storey house, Living area 132sqm, Land area 400sqm, in this popular area of Bang Saray. The property is built to European standards offering 2 bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms, European kitchen with oven, spacious living room, dining area, patio terrace, car parking and landscaped gardens. Really great value for money and less than 5 minutes to the beautiful beach, shops, restaurants, bars and 20 minutes from Jomtien. . Price: 2.95m Bt. Website Ref: HSES092. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: l a m @

16 - 31 August 2013

House For Sale – East Pattaya - An ideal starter home in a quiet established village just 3 minutes from Sukhumvit Road offering 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room with dining area, laundry and storage area, covered patio terrace, covered car parking and alarm system. Price: 1.8m Bt. Website Ref: HSES098. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House For Sale – East Pattaya - Located on a spacious corner plot in this popular, quiet and secure village less than 5 minutes from Sukhumvit Road and Central Pattaya, the single storey property is offered living area 150 sqm , land area 390 sqm ,unfurnished with 3 bedrooms, 2 luxury b a t h r o o m s, E u r o p e a n kitchen, living room, dining area, landscaped tropical gardens, communal pool and clubhouse, 24/7 security. An ideal property for those looking for a quiet and secure village yet near to all amenities. .Price: 4.99m Bt. Website Ref: HSES096.

11 ZZ/35

Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House For Sale – East Pattaya - Two storey semidetached houses in a very quiet secure development just a 5 minute drive from Sukhumvit Road. Very spacious, well furnished and offering 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open plan lounge, dining area, European kitchen with oven, car parking, clubhouse, communal pool and 24/7 security. Outstanding value for such large family homes. The seller has in total six of these rental properties, some with tenants in place, that are rented for between 17,000 Bt and 20,000 Bt per month on medium to long term leases bringing in a return of 8%. Only for sale because of the owners continued ill health problems. They can be purchased individually from 1.99m Bt to 2.2m Bt each or all six houses together for 11.9m Bt. Website Ref: HSES071. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:

12 ZZ/36

16 - 31 August 2013

House for Sale

C h a r m i n g Tr o p i c a l Bangsarey Home! Selling Price 12.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/183 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR2799) Beautiful Home in Jomtien Yacht Club!! Selling Price 29 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/4+1 Bathrooms, 390 Sqm/212 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5846) Great Phoenix Lakeside Family Home! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 180 Sqm/200 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5035)


Spectacular 7 Bedrooms Luxur y Resor t Style Residence on 3 Rai ! Selling Price 39 Million Baht and 7 Bedrooms/4+2 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/3 Rai. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6004) Amazing Pratamnak Luxur y Estate! Selling Price 60 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 634 Sqm/330 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5946) Great Family Home Near Town! Selling Price 24 Million Baht, 5+1 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1 Rai/660 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6363)


Established manufacturer and supplier of cleaning solutions and chemicals are looking for an exclusive distributor/franchisee within Pattaya for their complete product range. A solid sales base has already been built up within area with a turnover in excess of THB 3 million. Interested parties must be motivated to grow sales.

Franchise For Sale THB 1 million

For further information contact Sven on 087 283 5349 or email

S t u n n i n g To w n h o m e on Jomtienâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dongtan Beachfront! Selling Price 22 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/4 Bathrooms, 25 TLW/400 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6083) Char ming Detached House with swimming pool and lovely gardens in Wongamat Location! Selling Price 25 Million Baht, Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathrooms, 300 TLW/300 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6075) Beautiful Home in Tadarawadi Village For Sale! Selling Price 42,075,000 Million Baht, 4 Bedroom /4 Bathrooms, 526 TLW/769 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5758) Great Jomtien Park Villa with Very Nice Modern Furniture! Selling Price 34 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 238 TLW/500 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4176) Gorgeou s L ake Vi ew Thabali Home! Selling Price 7.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 90 TLW/206 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4465) Great Home in the very popular Siam Royal View! Selling Price 29.9 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 1 Rai/360 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4211)

A Really Unique Estate on One Rai of Land! Selling Price 50 Million Baht, 6 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1000 Sqm/440 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5052) Great Home in View Talay Villas! Selling Price 12.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/72 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4854) Great Private Estate Home! Selling Price 14.9 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 375 Sqm/500 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5365) Stunning House at Santa Maria For Sale! Selling Price 37.5 Million Baht, 4+2 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 900 Sqm/650 TLW. This is an exceptional home built with the best of materials furnished with only the best. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5790) Great Home in Town! Selling Price 6.5 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms, 300 Sqm/80 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6394) Tropical Jomtien Villa with Private Swimming Pool: Thai-Bali Style, 3 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms, And 524 Sqm Sale Price: 8,695,000 THB. (Co Name) Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

House for Sale

J O M T I E N PA L A C E ESTATES- Modern style 6 bedrooms home, 3 bath, and 3 beds upstairs and downstairs. Living Area 280 SQM 10.9 million (Co name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at View Talay Villas with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 1 bed 1 bath 4.59 mil (co name) Freehold. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email to Nice House 2 Bed 2 Bath for Sale off Soi Khao Talo: 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living Room, Total Size 156 Sqm 1,899,000 THB. (Freehold) Thai Name Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085910-5124 (Thai) Email at Pob Choke Garden Hill – Just Built - New House 2 Bed 2 Bath. Located in Bangsaray just off hwy. 331. Sale Price: 1,699, 000 THB (Freehold) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at Nirvana Pool Villas 1 - 3 Bed 3 Bath House with Private Pool/Fully Fur nished/ Enclosed Garage 364 SQM. Sale Price: 5.99 Million THB co. name (Freehold) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085910-5124 (Thai) Email at Baan Suay Mai NgamNewer 2 Bed 4 Bath House/ fully furnished/private pool/ owner must sell 3.25 Million Thai name. (Freehold) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085910-5124 (Thai) Email at View Talay Villa with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 3 bed 4 bath 10.5 million (co name) Freehold. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email to

House for Rent

(ptmhfr-n0313) OCCASION! Beautiful townhouse (South Pattaya), just 2 minutes to city or beach, green environment, superbly fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, ADSL, garage. Must have seen! Contact: 089 248 8484 EAKMONGKOL 4. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 A/C, fully fur nished European Standard. Corner lot. 12,000 baht per month. Call 089 607 9850 Wat Nongkete Noi. 2 Bed, 2 Bath, 3 AIR-CON. Fully furnished, quiet area, 24hour security. Long-term rent only. 10,000 baht per month. 081 782 1164 Mooban Ponthep 2. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fully furnished. 24-hour security. 18,000 baht per month. 081 782 1164 J O M T I E N PA L A C E HOME- 3 Bdrm 3 Baths modern 140 SQM Fully fur nished with private Jacuzzi, towels, and linens. 25,000 per month for (1 year lease) please call 085910-5124 Email at admin@ View Talay Villas with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 2 bed 2 bath 35,000 THB/Month (1 Year Lease) Fully Equipped Please call 085-910-5124 Email to House For Rent – Spacious fur nished two storey property in this exclusive development just a 2 minutes drive to Jomtien Beach. The property offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, open plan lounge, living area 300 sqm ,land area 324 sqm, covered parking, communal pool, 24/7 security and just 5 minutes from Tesco and downtown Pattaya. Minimum rental period of 6 months applies. Rent 38,000 Bt per month. Website Ref: HSER046. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:


House For Rent – East Pattaya - A two storey semidetached house in a very quiet secure development just a 5 minute drive from Sukhumvit R o a d . Ve r y s p a c i o u s, furnished and offering 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open plan lounge, dining area, European kitchen with oven, car parking, clubhouse, communal pool and 24/7 security. Outstanding value for a large family home. A minimum rental period of 6 months applies at 17,000 Bt per month. Website Ref: HSER011. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Pool Villa For Rent – Jomtien - Stylishly finished and furnished pool villa, living area 80 sqm, land area 240 sqm, ideally located just 250m from Jomtien Beach offering 1 bedroom, 1 luxurious bathroom, European kitchen, living room, private pool, sun terrace, communal pool, restaurant, 24/7 security, 100m to numerous restaurants, shops, bars in Jomtien Night Plaza. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies at 40,000 Bt. Website Ref: PLVR300. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. Pool Villa For Rent – Jomtien - Ideally located 250m from the beach and just 100m from Jomtien Night Plaza. The 140 sqm villa offers 2 en-suite bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms, European kitchen, living room and dining area, private pool with poolside terrace and sun deck, landscaped garden, communal pool, restaurant, 24/7 security. Monthly rates are 75,000 Bt (excluding utilities) in low season from 1st April through to 31st October but excluding August and high season 1st November to 31st March and August 90,000 Bt per month (excluding utilities). Also available for weekly leases contact us for details.

Website Ref: PLVR314. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Fantastic Home in Great Developement! Rental Price 110,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 440 Sqm/300 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR2184) Gorgeous and Brand New Marina Home! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR3982) I m p r e s s ive L a ke s i d e E s t a t e H o m e ! Re n t a l Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 650 Sqm/600 TLW. This is an absolutely fantastic family home right on a lake next to Phoenix Golf Club and in the country just minutes from town. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR5679) Resor t Living just 50 meters from the Beach in Jomtien! Rental Price 75,000 Baht / Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/25 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR2977)

16 - 31 August 2013

Wonderful Beachside Homes! Rental Price 80,000110,000 Baht/Month, 3-5 Bedrooms/4-5 Bathrooms, 188-280 Sqm./75-100 TLW For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PRH133) Nice Rental Home in Phoenix Golf Cour se Area! Rental Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/600 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5230) Fantastic Home in the Mabprachan Lake Area! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/ Month, 5 Bedrooms/3+1 Bathrooms, 360 Sqm/400 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR0193) Stunning and Gorgeous Home for Rent! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR3982)

13 ZZ/37

Beachfront Villa with Impressive Interior Design! Rental Price 130,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 350 Sqm/400 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6017)

Condo for Sale

Avatara - With great sea views from Koh Larn down to Bang Saray and just 40m back from the beach, this high floor unit is superbly finished and stylishly furnished throughout with a stunning interior renovation by one Pattayas leading interior designers offering 68sqm 1 bedroom with fitted wardrobes and large balcony, 1 luxurious bathroom with open shower, fully fitted European kitchen with breakfast bar, open plan living room with large balcony, roof top infinity pool, Jacuzzi, fitness, key card entry, 24/7 security, Wifi and just 40m walk to the beach, numerous fish restaurants, shops, and taxis. A contemporary building, which does set it aside, in a quiet secluded location. This is a ‘must view’ , to fully appreciate this beautiful beachfront location and the extensive interior design..For Sale: 6.9m Bt in foreign name. Website Ref: CDOS582. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email:

14 ZZ/38

16 - 31 August 2013

Condo for Sale

The Gallery - Very popular new moder n low rise buildings ideally located in Central Jomtien, just 150m from the new Night Plaza and the beach. This high floor sea view studio, 26 sqm has been stylishly and expensively furnished throughout with fitted wardrobe and LCD TV, luxurious bathroom, European kitchen, roof top infinity edge communal pool, sundeck, fitness, key card entry, reception, 24/7 security. For Sale : 2.1m Bt in foreign name. Website Ref: CDOS128. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: View Talay Residence Superbly finished and stylishly furnished throughout, this new 101 sqm one bedroom mid floor condo has white UPVC double glazed windows and doors, offering European kitchen, huge luxury bathroom with shower and bath tub, open plan lounge and dining area, large wrap round corner balcony overlooking the communal pool, sauna, excellent security. These new stylish low rise buildings are extremely popular, ideally located in the heart of Jomtien near Jomtien 2 nd Road and just 150m from Jomtien Beach and numerous restaurants, shops, bars and taxis... This unit is priced


to sell, in foreign name. For Sale : 4.3m Bt. Website Ref: CDOS069. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Spectacular Penthouse For Sale! Selling Price 23.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/4 Bathroom, 363 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5414) Wonderfully Designed Luxury Apartment! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 134 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5559) Beautiful Apartment with Sea Views! Selling Price 12.6 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 135 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4136)

FOR SALE - MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER OF CLEANING SOLUTIONS AND CHEMICALS The company manufactures and supplies cleaning materials to the commercial market – hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and numerous other businesses under a brand name. The hard work has been done in setting up the business and establishing a good customer base. Last year the business turnover was in excess of THB 5 million. The owner has to reluctantly sell due to personal reasons, however is willing to stay on for period of time to oversee the transfer of the business to a new owner.

Sale Price THB 7.9 million

For further information contact Sven on 087 283 5349 or email

Foreigner Ownership in Jomtien’s La Royale! Selling Price 11.95 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 148 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4015) Great Sea Views and In Town Location! Selling Price 29.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 268 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5786) Gr eat Jomtien Beach Area Apartment! Selling Price 3.5 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/2 Bathrooms, 80 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5084) High Floor View Talay III Condo Apartment!! Selling Price 14.4 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 198 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5075) Nicely Decorated Apartment in Town at Northshore! Selling Price 9 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 67 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4990) Gr eat Sea Views and Stunning Décor in North Pattaya! Selling Price 7.474 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 74 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4862)

Wongamat Bay Sea View Apartment....This Month Huge Reduction! Selling Price is 13.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 210 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR3990) Best priced Apartment in Na Jomtien’s Pine Shore Condo! Selling Price is 8 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 91 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4987) Sea, Sunset and Island Views at Jomtien Beach! Selling Price 10 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 165 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6410) Jomtien Beach Condo – Studio 32 sqm mid floor with Beach access (Foreign Name). SALE PRICE: 1,100,000 THB. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at Park Lane Resort – Reduced 200,000 now 1.35 million++ THB. 1 bedroom 1 bath (co name). Outside park view please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at Sunset Boulevard Residence I, Corner Unit 1 Bedroom-1 Bathroom, Total Size 52 Sqm (co. name) Sale Price: 2,595,000 THB++ Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at Sunset Boulevard Residence I, (2) Studio Rooms, Total Size 36 Sqm each. Side by side 5th floor units with sea views Sale Price: 1,795,000 THB. Each++. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at The Gallery Condo for Sale in Jomtien Beach: Studio, Total Size 26 Sqm. SALE PRICE: 1,890,000 THB. (Foreign name) Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085910-5124 (Thai) Email at

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

machine, balcony, communal pool, 24/7 security and a minutes walk to numerous restaurants, shops, bars, Jomtien Night Plaza, taxis and 150m to the beach. Price : 12,000 Bt per month. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies. Website Ref: CDOR344. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. The Gallery - A very stylish studio 28 sqm,in these new buildings ideally located just 100m from Jomtien Beach. The unit has a European style kitchen, luxury bathroom, well furnished living area with LCD TV, rooftop infinity edge swimming pool, fitness, key card entry, 24/7 security. 13,000 Bt monthly rent. Minimum of 6 month lease applies. . Website Ref: CDOR309. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: l a m @ p a t t ay a - j o m t i e n Very Impressive Sea View Apartment!! Rental Price is 40,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedrooms/1 Bathrooms, 64 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR5045) Beachfront Living at its Best for Rent! Rental Price is 42,000-227,500 Baht/ Month, 2-5 Bedrooms/2-5 Bathrooms, 77-450 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PRC084)

Jomtien Condotel – 81 sq meter 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom 3.8 million THB (Foreign Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at LK Legend Condo - 1 Bed 1 Bath Nicest unit available in Central Pattaya. Total Size 86 Sqm. 5.900.000 THB (Foreign Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at View Talay 2B - 10th floor Jomtien Seaview 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 76 (Sqm): 2.890.000 THB. (Thai Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at

Condo for Rent

For Rent in Soi 6. 2 bedroom, 1 livingroom, 84sqm apar tment with t w o b a l c o n i e s. F u l l y furnished, 3 TVs, kitchen, 2 AC’s. Excellent location. 24,000 baht per month.Call: 087 139 1539 For Rent in Soi 6 Pratamnak Jomtien.42 sqm studio with big balconyfor sea views. Fully furnished, kitchen. Everything you need. Excellent location. 12,000 baht per month.Call: 087 139 1539 S E A - V I E W APARTMENT. Newly remodeled, fully furnished unit on high floor in Center Condo.Nicely appointed. 15,000 baht per month with minimum three-month lease. Call 081 493 5454 (English only) between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Park Lane Resort Jomtien 1 bedroom 1 bath 36 sqm. 12,000 per month. (1 year Lease) Fully furnished linens, cooking utensils and are City Side View please call 085-910-5124 Email at Thip Condotel - A newly renovated and stylishly furnished 30 sqm studio with European kitchen, luxury bathroom, washing

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Beachfront Life Style for Rent! Rental Price is 85,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 266 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR0737) North Pattaya Beachfront Apartment....Definitely a 5 Star Lifestyle! Rental Price is 100,000 Baht/ Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 311 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR4262) Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price is 48,000 Baht/ Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 101 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5423) Stunning Apar tment for Rent in Northshore! Rental Price 40,000 Baht/ Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 64 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR4570)

Fantastically Designed A p a r tmen t a t G ra n d Condotel! Rental Price 42,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 95 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR4187) Luxur y Suite Condominium on Pratamnak Hill! Rental Price 50,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 115 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6391) Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price 60,000 Baht/ Month, 2+1 Bedroom/3 Bathroom. 214 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5166) Beautiful Apartment with Spacious Living Area! Rental Price 55,000 Baht/ Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 340 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5491)


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(ptm-lfs0012)Land for sale. 3.2 Rai 49 TLW, Close to Jomtien 2nd Road. Call: 084 754 4214

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A leading Irish Pub in Pattaya is looking for a Pub Manager. Qualifications: College degree in Hotel Management or related field; At least 5 years experience in Food & Beverage, or Pub & Restaurant Management role; Strong commercial/ business acumen; understanding of finance; Proficiency in English, and computer literate; Strong inter-personality, leadership, and creative skills; Passion for operation excellence; Strong in driving results; people management and development. Interested candidates please send yo u r c o m p r e h e n s ive resume with recent photo to: supakhun_ch@ Housekeeper in Naklua. Full-time 5-6 days a week. Limited cooking, drivers l i c e n s e a p l u s. G o o d references, prefer age 3045. Generous pay relating to experience. Please email to: with full details including education, past experience, age, marital status and residence location or call (Thai) Karuna at 086 1106674. Centara Hotel & Resorts. Will be opening its fourth property in Pattaya, the five-star Centara Grand Phratamnak Pattaya, located at Phratamnak Hill on the East side of the city. Now we are seeking candidates for many position; - Food & Beverage Department (Restaurant Manager, Server, Bartender, Supervisor, Chefs, Commis...) - Front Office Department (Reservation Manager, Night Manager,

Front Desk Super visor, Front Desk Clerk, Bell Man...) - Housekeeping Department (Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Floor / Public Area Supervisor, Room / Public Area Attendant, Order Taker...) - Finance & Accounting Department (Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Purchasing Manager, Cost Controller,  AR/AP Supervisor, Night Auditor...) - Spa & Sports Recreation Department (Spa Manager, Therapist, Spa Receptionist, Fitness Supervisor, Pool Attendant...) - Engineering Department (Technicians). If you are an energetic, organised and result-driven team player who is looking for challenge at the highest level of standards, send your resume or walk-in interview:  Human Resources Department Pre-opening Office PhratamnakSoi 5, NongPrue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150Mb: 081861 4505, T: 038-306 337 E: Junior Graphic, Junior A c c o u n t a n t a t Tr u e North, Production Manager at URS’s behalf. Requirements: Secondary 6/Vocational - Salary based on ability - Full-time; Sr. Account Representative John.- No age limit. Requirements: Bachelor Degree- Salary based on ability- Full-timeThe experience will be an advantage.Call: K. Nid 082 478 6444, email: nidjarin@ Assistant to Condominium Manager Wanted. We are looking for a female who is interested in working with property management. Job description: customer service to the condo community residents, proper ty inspections of the common areas, building’s accounting

16 - 31 August 2013

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Land for sale 3.2 Rai 49 TLW,

Close to Jomtien 2nd Road

Call: 084 754 4214

and more. Requirements: Good written and spoken English, independent, well organize, good computer and accountant skills. Experience is a plus. Salary according to skills. CV with photo to allott25@ Urgent! Experienced Waitr ess Wanted for International restaurant.

Must speak English. Good salary + tips. Call 091 240 4331.

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Toyota Vigo 3.0 Turbo. 4-door, manual, first reg 2008. Loaded with extra service history, A1 insurance. Looks and drives superb. Only 490,000 baht. Call 087 139 1539.

Deadline Issue September 1-15 Please Forward Your Classifieds by 5:00 PM August 23 E-mail : Fax : 038 - 374 535 Or drop off at our office 221/3 Moo 11 Sukhumvit Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

Tel : 038 - 374 534


16 - 31 August 2013

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10 Pattaya gripes and grumbles We asked a random selection of foreigners vacationing or living in Pattaya what they liked least about the resort. There was a surprisingly diverse response: Traffic woes (Pedro from Spain) I simply cannot understand why the city council spends a fortune on widening Beach Road, only to allow double parking on the same stretch. I also notice that there are more and more motorbikes parked in rows outside the renters’ shops. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that there are fewer international tourists at this time of the year. Jet Ski menace (Bill from UK) I am very disappointed to see that, in spite of all the promises by the police and the local authorities, there are still daily incidents of tourists being ripped off over false accusations of serious damage by the Jet Ski operators. What happened to all that talk about compulsory insurance taken out by the companies? Seafood buffets (Jane from Ireland) I cringe every time I see one of those eat-all-you-can seafood buffets. Marine life round the planet is being decimated by overfishing, seabed hovering and human waste. All the blurb about saving the planet is just insincere hype in my opinion. Ladyboys too much (Frank from UK) I’m not antigay by nature but I do object to all those transvestites hanging around the streets at night. There are simply too many. You have only to read the local papers or look at the internet to see that many of them are nothing more than conmen and thieves. Let them all perform in drag shows is my solution.

Your Visa

Queries Answered Mr. Chang @ VISA SERVICE IN PATTAYA E-MAIL: 183/27 M.10 Soi 13/2 Nongpure, Banglamung Chonburi 20150 Mobile: 66 81 7549342 Tel: 66 38 711 145

Fax: 66 38 710 163

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One day over Q: I am scheduled to leave Thailand by air on a 1 a.m. flight on August 26. But my current visa expires on August 24. How much overstay will I need to pay? A: Likely nothing. There is a discretion that a one-day overstay is given “gratis” or for free. It looks from your email as though you will be checking in on the evening of August 25 in preparation for your flight early on the 26th. It is the time you check in and proceed through immigration which determines the fine, if any, and not the departure time of your flight. Indian visa in Bangkok Q: I am a British citizen but I want to know if I can apply for an Indian tourist visa at their embassy in Bangkok. Someone told me this is difficult. Also I want to go to India twice and I have been told there must be a two-month gap between journeys. A: There should be no problem for a British tourist. But the embassy in Bangkok will require an additional form to be filled in – especially for tourists who are not applying in their home country. This form does not appear on the website application form and is handed out when you visit the embassy to apply. There is no two-month gap requirement any more for British tourists (although there is for some nationalities). Cambodia limits Q: Is there a limit on the number of times I can fly into Thailand from Cambodia in any one year? I work in Cambodia but visit Thailand around ten times a year. I noticed that on my last entry at Suvarnabhumi airport, the officer seemed to be counting the number of trips.

Traffic lights sequence (Bill from Ireland) No wonder the traffic is bad in Pattaya. What they need here is a properly-run system of red, green and amber at the traffic lights on the congested roads. The worst are at the junction of Third Road and South Pattaya Road where south-bound traffic is given a ridiculously short time. Electric parasailing (Virgil from Philippines) I was astonished on my first visit here to see parasailing is still not banned here. I read a few years ago about one luckless guy in a strong wind who landed in a group of electric pylons with fatal results. Double-pricing again (Dave from US) The problem of charging overseas visitors a lot more than Thais at the resort’s major tourist attractions seems to be getting worse rather than better. Some of them even parade the price differences on their websites and marketing material as if it was something to be proud of. Not very sure (Chan from Vietnam) It’s hard for us to say, as we have been in Pattaya only two days. I like most of what we see but tend to think this is a town with too many sexual opportunities. In this regard it is very unlike my village near Hanoi. Night dramas (Heather from UK) I am surprised there aren’t more policemen out and about at night to safeguard the public from snatch thieves of one sort and another. I agree that Walking Street is well-policed with both Thai officers and foreign volunteers, but that’s only one area out of many where misdeeds occur. Cost of living (Pierre from France) Since my last visit ten months ago, the price of everything has gone up a lot. I don’t think it’s just the decline of the euro, as many business people are taking advantage of the tourists.

A: There is no limit. An old rule about “not more than three entries in six months” was briefly in operation in 2006 but was soon discarded as impractical. It’s not uncommon for Immigration officials to check through passports in some detail, especially if they are not too busy. Presumably it was just routine. Thai and Laos visitors Q: I am Thai and my friend is from Laos. We are both going to New Zealand but transiting through Australia on the way, without leaving the airport. Can I assume the visa rules are the same for us both? A: No, you can’t presume that. The requirements for Laos citizens are more restrictive than for Thais. For example, a Laos national needs a transit visa even to visit in the airport in Australia. You need to check the official website in some detail. Same-sex marriage Q: When does same sex marriage become legal in Thailand? I have heard that Thailand is passing a new law. I am a Canadian man who is very keen to marry his Thai boyfriend in Bangkok or Pattaya. A: You are jumping the gun a bit here. The Thai parliament will likely look at a gay rights bill of sometime in the current parliamentary session. But it’s far too early to predict what will be in it or even if it will pass. As you are no doubt aware, there are other preoccupations in government circles at the present time. Reasons for refusal Q: Could you summarize the reasons why some Thais fail to obtain a tourist Schengen or UK visa? A: It’s a big subject. They mainly fail because they cannot prove in depth good reasons why they would return to Thailand after their stay rather than “jumping ship” abroad. They need proof of income from a job with employer’s permission to leave temporarily, or assets here such as property or cash in the bank. The other group of reasons covers weakness in the sponsor – he has not shown clear proof of good income or been unable to show how he keeps in touch with the Thai partner when he’s back home. But this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Snap Judgment Phuket shows the trend The latest evidence suggests that a quarter of all foreign visitors to Thailand are now Chinese, especially from Shanghai, Chongqing and Changshu. The Phuket-based research and consultancy company C9 Hotelworks says, “For the first time travelers from traditional markets such as Western Europe are no longer present in the top five arrival nationalities”. What has replaced them are regional Asian and Chinese visitors and the emerging Russian sector. According to C9, nearly half a million Chinese travelers visited the resort island of Phuket in the first half of 2013 compared with fewer than 40,000 as recently as 2007. It’s estimated that almost half of Phuket’s foreign visitors this year will be Chinese or Russian nationals. One of the effects of this astounding change is that room rates in Phuket’s hotels, especially budget and mid-range, are escalating at around eight percent a year. It’s true that there are significant differences between Phuket’s situation and that of Pattaya. Nearly all Phuket’s international visitors arrive by air and are easy to track statistically. Most international arrivals in Pattaya, save for a handful of charter flights at U-tapao, land at Bangkok and continue on to the Eastern Seaboard city by road. This means that it’s much harder to determine the precise nationalities of Pattaya visitors, although common sense suggests that the general direction is towards more Asian and Russian nationals as a total percentage. Real estate agencies in both Phuket and Pattaya already appreciate that the growth areas, apart from the domestic market of the newly-emerging middle class of affluent Bangkokians, are potential buyers from Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China and eastern Europe including Russia. In Pattaya a handful of fluent Chinese translators, reflecting the Russian ones of 10 years ago, are overwhelmed with work, laboring to translate restaurant menus and hotel tariffs into Mandarin and Cantonese. The implications for the Pattaya tourist industry are potentially enormous too. Although Pattaya will lag behind Phuket unless and until U-tapao airport becomes Bangkok’s “third” hub, which seems unlikely in the short term, tourist numbers to the Eastern Seaboard may well double within the next few years, barring political accidents or unusual natural disasters. A new hi-speed rail link between Pattaya and Bangkok would put a further upward pressure on numbers, especially if an expanded U-tapao were part of the project. We shan’t know the precise answer to these questions for a long time, current governmental promises notwithstanding. It’s noteworthy that the big increase in air travelers to Thailand is assisted by the fact that time spent in the air is six hours or less. In the airline industry this limit is known as “sweet” time or acceptably short trips spent in the cramped conditions of economy class in modern aircraft. The economic malaise of western Europe adds to the Asian trend as flights from London, Paris or Berlin have become proportionately more expensive. Most British holidaymakers now spend their vacations in countries of the European Union. The worry for Thailand is that the boom in new arrivals, especially Asian package tours, will be an added threat to the environment. You have only to look at Pattaya today, with its uncollected rubbish piles in some areas and chronic traffic jams everywhere, to appreciate that City Hall’s aim to transform Pattaya into a Riviera-style resort by the end of the decade simply has to take account of the carbon footprint impact of all these extra people. The Thai tourist industry and the government of the day really do need to get their heads together to consider whether “growth or bust” is the only policy to hand. We used to hear a lot in the past about “quality rather than quantity” tourism. But the debate seems to have subsided in the ongoing lust to make a fast buck now.


16 - 31 August 2013

Local Sports Local and International Motorsports Report Recent Race Updates: FORMULA 1: Hungarian Grand Prix: Hamilton claims first his win for Mercedes, in doing so; Hamilton clinched his first win for his new team Petronas Mercedes at the same time equaling Michael Schumacher's record of four wins at the Hungaroring and earned his 22nd career Grand Prix victory. Next race: Belgian Grand Prix 25 August 2013 INDYCAR: Mid-Ohio: Charlie Kimball claims maiden win in IndyCar. Often overlooked as ‘The other Ganassi driver' after the more famous Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon, Kimball started to make people sit up and notice when he put in a robust showing at Toronto in 2012. Next race: Grand Prix of Sonoma, California 25 August 2013 NASCAR: Local boy Ryan Newman claims NASCAR Brickyard 400. Ryan Newman is no stranger to these parts, growing up close enough to Indianapolis Motor Speedway to have racing in his blood. The local boy came home and made good by winning the Brickyard 400, one of NASCAR biggest trophy events. Next race: Michigan International 400, 18 August 2013 MOTOGP: 'Productive' MotoGP test for Casey Stoner: “It felt good to get back on the bike, and I'm happy with testing, but it doesn't change my mind about returning to MotoGP - this is not something I am planning to do,” he declared. Next race: Indianapolis MotoGP, 18 August 2013 12 FORMULA 1 SHELL BELGIAN GRAND PRIX (Spa-Francorchamps) 23 - 25 Aug 13 FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D'ITALIA 2013 (Monza) 06 - 08 Sep 14 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX (Singapore) 20 - 22 Sep (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (July- Sept) Date Day Race Site Location 8/18/13 Sun Michigan International Speedway 8/24/13 Sat Bristol Motor Speedway 9/1/13 Sun Atlanta Motor Speedway 9/7/13 Sat Richmond International Raceway 9/15/13 Sun Chicagoland Speedway 9/22/13 Sun New Hampshire Motor Speedway 9/29/13 Sun Dover International Speedway (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

TV Race Start ET ESPN 1:00 PM ABC 7:30 PM ESPN 7:30 PM ABC 7:30 PM ESPN 2:00 PM ESPN 2:00 PM ESPN 2:00 PM

2013 Indy Car Schedule (July- Sept) August 25 GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma Sonoma, California September 1 Grand Prix of Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland (free live timing and scoring online)

2013 MotoGP Grand Prix (July-Sept) 18 August Indianapolis 25 August Czech Republic 01 September Great Britain 15 September San Marino & Riviera di 29 September Aragón (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

Indianapolis Brno Silverstone Marco Simoncelli MotorLand Aragón

Top 3 F1 Drivers' Championship 2013 after round 10 of 19 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 3 Kimi Räikkönen Lotus-Renault Fernando Alonso Ferrari-Ferrari

172 134 133

Top 3 IndyCar Drivers' Championship after round 14 of 19 1 Helio Castroneves 2 Scott Dixon 3 Ryan Hunter-Reay

453 422 388

Top 3 NASCAR Drivers' Championship after round 19 of 36 1 Jimmie Johnson Hendrick Motorsports 2 Clint Bowyer Michael Waltrip Racing 3 Carl Edwards Roush Fenway Racing

772 695 688

Top 3 MotoGP Drivers’ Championship after round 9 of 19 1 Marc Marquez Repsol Honda Team 2 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda Team 3 Jorge Lorenzo Factory Yamaha Racing

163 147 137

PSC Golf from The Growling Swan - 2013 by Peter Blackburn Crystal Bay, A & B – Stableford They came out of the woodwork for this one as after a late withdrawal we had a great low season number of 33 golfers ready to take the journey to the ever popular Crystal Bay Golf Course. The weather was great as we assembled at The Growling Swan and we were happy to hand out welcomes to Bill Hewitt and his lady Samorn Tanamsri, Gerd Riedler, Peter Rooke and Alex Field – all from Pattaya. It was also good to have with us once more Paul Sharples from Oman. The golf course was practically deserted, so we naturally were invited to tee off as soon as we were ready. As mentioned earlier the weather was excellent and there was a fairly stiff breeze to cool things down a touch but also make the golf a bit tricky at times. The course was in excellent condition with well-maintained fairways and greens, which at times were quite quick and posed a few problems for some but, all in all, the course was presented beautifully. With no one ahead of us we maintained a steady pace and managed to complete our full round in four hours and 15 minutes. We had two Grades - A Grade for handicaps 0 to 22 and B Grade for handicaps 23 and over, with 6 places in each grade. There were also rewards for nearest-the-pins on the four par-threes and longest first putts on the 9th and 18th greens. With a gross score of 69, which equated to 41 Stableford points, it was once again Mike Allidi who showed his class and won the A Grade section. Two golfers were tied on 39 points, so a count-back was necessary for second and third places. It was Gerd Riedler (22 point back nine) who just pipped Stu “Heineken” Rifkin (21 point back nine). In fourth place came Paul Sharples with 36 points, and another count-back was required to determine fifth and sixth places. Alain “Inspector Clouseau” Taddei (17 point back nine, 11 points on the last 6 holes and 6 points on the last 3 holes) prevailed ahead of Peter “Blacky” Blackburn (17 point back nine, 11 points on the last 6 holes and

4 points on the last 3 holes), with both having 35 points. Russell Calcutt was victorious in the B Grade with 40 points, last start NAGA winner Tiziano Dal Pastro finished in second place with 38 points, and Shane “Jockey” Young was third with 37 points. In fourth on a count-back with 35 points was Alex Field (18 point back nine, 12 points on the last 6 holes and 6 points on the last 3 holes),with regular NAGA winner Nolan Wise (18 point back nine, 12 points on the last 6 holes and 4 points on the last 3 holes) finishing fifth. Yet another count-back was needed to decide sixth place with 2 on 34 points, and it was Fred Dineley (15 point back nine) who shaded Mark Stapleton (13 point back nine). Results for Crystal Bay: A Grade – 0 to 22 1st – Mike Allidi (2) – 41 points 2nd – Gerd Riedler (6) – 39 points 3rd – Stu Rifkin (15) – 39 points 4th – Paul Sharples (10) – 36 points 5th – Alain Taddei (17) – 35 points 6th – Peter Blackburn (11) – 35 points B Grade – 23 and over 1st – Russell Calcutt (36) – 40 points 2nd – Tiziano Dal Pastro (25) – 38 points 3rd – Shane Young (30) – 37 points 4th – Alex Field (27) – 35 points 5th – Nolan Wise (36) – 35 points 6th – Fred Dineley (26) – 34 points NTP’s A5 – Ken Hole A8 – Peter Rooke B4 – Paul Moloney B6 – Mike Allidi LFP’s A9 – Andrew Allen B9 – Alain Taddei

The Growling Swan NAGA Award (to the golfer with the day’s worst score—which is not made public) was won by good sport Vince Romero. He accepted and wore the award with pride for a long time back at the bar. Toddy then read out the many fines, and then Max paraded Deefa the Dog and, of course, collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya from our generous Growling Swan Golfers. Then it was time to go back to The Growling Swan where many of us enjoyed the excellent facilities and discussed the day’s events for quite some time. Mine host Peter Grey had a huge smile as he had avoided having to wear the NAGA cap once again. Another great day with lots of people and lots of fun. Growling Swan Golf, the home of friendly golf in Pattaya, welcomes golfers of any persuasion–low and high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays, meeting at The Growling Swan (formerly The Bunker Bar) in Soi Chaiyapoon at 8 a.m. For bookings or more information contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to We also play bowls out of the Growling Swan every Wednesday and Sunday. Sunday is Lawn Bowls and Wednesday is Indoor Bowls. All are welcome and for anyone that is interested the transport leaves The Growling Swan at 10 a.m. on each of those mornings. For more information call Paul Rennison: 0843 454 005.

Sandy testing at Monza Circuit in Italy

**Local Thailand Motorsports Schedules 2013** ####Please be sure to head out to Bira this upcoming weekend to watch the inaugural Thailand Super Series race event in Thailand. Plenty of new cars, drivers from around Asia and Europe with high-end machinery wheel to wheel at its best here in Pattaya.

Thailand Super Series Schedule (TSS) 2013 17-18 August Pattaya Bira Circuit - Full race report in Next issue: October 5-6 Pattaya Bira Circuit December 13-15 Bang Saen Street Circuit, Chonburi

Nitto 3K Racing Series Schedule 2013 Pattaya’s Bira Circuit 6-8 September Bonanza Speedway 1-3 November Pattaya’s Bira Circuit 6-8 December

Pro Series Schedule 2013 September 28-29 - Kaeng Krachan Circuit October 26-27, 2013 - Kaeng Krachan Circuit

OMP Challenge Series Schedule 2013 November 17 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit December 22 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit

Bobby Brooks™ Follow me on Twitter: @racebobby

After showing excellent performance in the fifth round of the European Formula 3 Open Championship at Silverstone, Thai race-car driver Sandy Stuvik holds a healthy championship lead with 157 points.

There are only more three rounds before the title is secured. The sixth round, at Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, will be 7-8 September. See it live at The seventh race, at Spa in Belgium and Monza circuit

in Italy, will be the first time Sandy has driven on this historic circuit. Sandy races for Thailand and is sponsored by The Pizza Company, Singha Corporation, and Dacon Inspection Services.


16 - 31 August 2013

Tips & Advice ry). Anyway, the hairspray has left residue on the bathroom mirror, on the vanity, even on our tile floors, and it just won’t come off. What to do? Jack

QUICK TIP Running out of storage space? Install a tension rod under a sink or in a cabinet or closet to hang spray bottles. It saves floor space and keeps the bottles out of the way and in one spot.

Ink Spots Refrain Khun Andy, you tell before about how take away many stain but how about ink. You can tell to me how I can do for ink. Khap Khun Kha, Tik

Ready for Market As high season approaches, we are thinking about selling our house. What quick and inexpensive improvements can you recommend that might spur a sale and maybe provide a good return on investment? Harold

trees and plants, mow the lawn if you have one. If you can spend a bit more, consider working on the condition of your home; do what you can to make it look new, inside and out. Take an objective look at your house from the street. Are fences, doors, windows and everything else appealing? If not, do what it takes to enhance their appearance. Clean, replace, repair, and upgrade as necessary. Another cost-effective approach is painting, again, inside and out. Paint is the cheapest, yet most effective way to give a house a face lift. Finally, deep cleaning will cost you next to nothing. Vacuum, dust, wash, scour, wax, polish. Invite friends over for a deepcleaning party or hire a cleaning crew. Don’t forget to clean the windows. Even if the house looks great from the inside, if prospects can't look outside because of the dusty film, they may not be prospects for long.

Landscaping is probably your most economical option, Harold. It’s a key to increasing curb appeal—the potential buyer’s first impression. To that end, plant shrubs, neatly trim all

Hairspray Hazards Andy, unlike most Thai women, my wife uses hairspray. Lots and lots of hairspray (giving new definition to the term “hard headed”, but that’s another sto-

Sure, Tik, the best way I have found to get ink stains out of clothing--and fabrics in general--is to put rubbing alcohol on the stain. The ink stains usually disappear immediately. This must be done before washing. On the other hand, if the ink is on walls, wipe it with bleach. Again, the stain should vanish before your very eyes.

Off comes the residue with this simple solution. Prepare a mixture of 1/3 liquid fabric softener and 2/3 water in a spray bottle. Spray on the surface to be cleaned, then wipe. It should remove hairspray residue from any hard surface--mirrors, vanities, wood or tile floors, walls, etc. Not only does it remove hairspray, it also acts as a dust repellent and shines vanities beautifully. Light on Crime With the rising crime rate in Pattaya, notwithstanding the press releases being issued by the local police and those promoting tourism to unsuspecting farang, I am thinking about installing security lighting outside of my house. One option is using solar lighting. Do you have any thoughts on solar? Bobby It’s an excellent idea, Bobby, particularly here in Pattaya where sunshine is abundant, albeit not so much this time of year. As you no doubt know, solar lighting uses the light of day to power the security lights of night; many homeowners enjoy such benefits for outdoor security. During the day the batteries store up energy from the sun’s radiation, and that is converted to a direct current for lighting in the night. It is proving to be a welcome and effective alternative for many in place of the usual electric-powered security lights, which are sometimes dark given our common power

failures. The only negative I can think of is the brightness factor of solar-powered lights. They are not as bright as electric lights, and the dim lighting may not be satisfactory to some. Outweighing that disadvantage are the many pluses: you can count on lower energy costs with solar lighting. Since the energy provided by the sun is free, there is no bill for the energy used. You also save money on installation; no wiring is necessary for the lights to function. This makes installation a quicker, easier and cheaper process. Furthermore, fewer fixtures and fittings are needed to sustain solar lighting, which reduces maintenance requirements. All of which add to your overall savings. Lack of wiring also increases the versatility of solar security lights. You can install the lights just about anywhere you choose to in your yard since wiring isn’t a prerequisite. As a renewable resource, solar power is more dependable than electricity, oil or coal powered lighting. Which is an environmental plus. Dependability for solar energy is also realized in that supply cannot be disrupted by power outages or other disruptions. You can count on its availability throughout. Most solar security lights incorporate darkness sensors to enable easy turning on and off. This feature adds to the convenience of the lights. Motion sensors are also integrated in many solar lighting systems. These are designed to activate the light when someone walks in the path of the sensor. It makes a great deterrent for burglars and adds to your home security. Finally, there’s no risk of electrocution or lights getting too hot with solar lights. This makes them safer for use than electrical lights.

swimming or have an intimate encounter, but there is a limit to the common sense advice I can offer in this column.

Frank, Forthright & Frigid

Troubling tattoo I made the terrible mistake of getting friendly with a female tattoo artist which I now bitterly regret. From the very beginning she just used me and tried to milk me of all my resources. I have been a fool, as I readily admit, and we have now broken up the relationship which was a complete waste of time. But an even bigger problem now presents itself. On the last night we slept in the same house, she took advantage of the fact I was drunk and made a tattoo on my forehead which states, “Bugger Off”, and it is written in both English and Thai. I’m sure you have guessed my embarrassment by now. I want to know how to remove this awful tattoo that is completely ruining my social life. Party invitations have dropped to zero, and I

was even turned away at the funeral of a dear friend. Please help. Tattooed Tammy Dear Tattooed Tammy, I think your request isn’t quite within the parameters of what I can counsel. However, I have shown the photo you provided to a well-known tattooist who says that removal would create a scar almost as embarrassing as the tattoo slogan you so abhor. Two solutions offer themselves at this stage. You could go to another tattooist with a request to extend slightly the slogan to read, “Bugger Off Please”. This would at least put an element of courtesy into the rather bald instruction to any you meet. The alternative is to start wearing a hat or cap pulled down over your eyes. This might be rather embarrassing when you go

Dear Agony Ivy, Sex with lettuce Until last week I was a 28-year-old male semi-virgin and had built up in my mind how wonderful the first experience would be. I should explain I am an Englishman living in a small village in Cumbria where opportunities for “you know what” aren’t exactly numerous. I did once meet a prostitute in Carlisle and we went to a dark street where she told me I could do something standing up. However, the whole incident was very disappointing as she insisted on eating a burger during the proceedings which resulted in a lot of chili sauce and lettuce bots falling onto my shoulder. I decided to try my luck in Thailand, as I read on Twitter that this was the best place to become an expert in matters of the heart. On arrival I walked into this bar and a woman immediately told me to sit down and order a drink for myself and her. We were soon surrounded by several others who also

Case of the Shingles G’day, Andy, and I should begin by asking if you respond to questions from abroad? I live in Australia but I read Pattaya Today regularly, and always your column. My question has to do with shingles. I don’t know if they are used in Thailand, but here my roof is shingled and it seems that at least once a year I must have some of them replaced. It’s an expensive ordeal when I have to hire a roofer to do that job—even if just repairing a few loose or tattered shingles. So my question is this: Is that a project I might undertake and, if so, what is the proper way to replace damaged shingles myself? Coby G’day, Coby, and yes, I do answer questions from abroad. In essence, replacing roof shingles yourself should be no problem…unless you’re afraid of heights. Begin by carefully lifting the torn or damaged shingle and slide a pry bar underneath it. Remove the nails holding the shingle--usually three nails for asphalt and two nails for shakes. Remove the old shingle. Now fit a replacement shingle into the spot. Gently lift the shingle above it so that you can nail down the replacement. Avoid nailing at any tab spaces where the nail would be exposed and prone to leak. Once it's nailed down, cover the heads of the nails with roofing cement. Also put some cement under the bottom edges of the upper and replacement shingles to avoid curling. Closing Line Safe wiring is not something to be learned after the fire trucks have left. --Handy Andy

claimed they were very thirsty indeed. I was informed that a nude show would be starting at midnight, but by closing time all we had seen was a Frank Sinatra look-a-like singing My Way. Feeling the need to break the ice sexually, I did invite one of the women back to my hotel room but can’t remember a thing. I woke up with a terrible headache, not to mention the fact that my wallet disappeared. All this is just ridiculous. I am a reasonably good-looking guy of 28, so where can I find sex in Pattaya? Baffled Barry Dear Baffled Barry, Some people are just a complete disaster when it comes to sex, and I suspect you are in this particular grouping. It’s a pity, I know, but the unvarnished truth is sometimes uncomfortable to bear. I am sending you under plain cover my useful pamphlet, Ten Ways to Alleviate Tedium (TWAT), and I particularly draw to your attention page 4, item 2, which has garnered much good publicity. But you would need a ping pong ball and several miniature darts to bring the best result. Photos are available if you get stuck.


16 - 31 August 2013

Our Community Centara staff and local volunteers clean Cosy Beach

Dominique Ronge, GM of Centara Grand Phratamnak Resort & Spa, more than 80 of his staff, and a number of beach vendors recently took part in an exercise to clean litter from Cosy Beach and surrounding areas where the luxury hotel will open in October. The five-star resort is owned by Pattaya property developer Tulip Group. Designed to reflect the up-market ambience of the locality, Centara Grand Phratamnak Resort Pattaya features a dramatic entrance area that creates an underwater world with two large aquariums, Fendi furniture in the lobby, and a signature restaurant on the rooftop branded Ruffino.

Each of the 165 guestrooms and suites has a private balcony, top-quality furnishings and fittings-- including the finest cotton sheets, Jim Thompson pillowcases, and Harnn bathroom amenities, as well as Nespresso coffee makers and premium tea selections, LED flat-screen TV with DVD player, and free Wi-Fi. Phratamnak Hill is home to many luxury condominiums and villas. Centara is at the foot of the hill with direct access to the beach, where there will be a beach house serving light meals, tapas, refreshments and cocktails. It also will feature Spa Cenvaree.

Central supports fourth CSR project at Wat Nong Ket Noi The fourth CSR project, renovating restrooms in local temples and communities, has been initiated with support from local organizations. Sponsors seeking to pay back the community include Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Central Center Pattaya, Pattaya City, Provincial Waterworks Authority Pattaya Branch, Nong Nooch Garden & Resort, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, and Central Retail Corporation Pattaya Branch.

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit hosts UNICEF fund raiser Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit is hosting a fund-raising event for UNICEF—the United Nations Children’s Fund-featuring five initiatives. All money raised—100 percent— will go to providing help to underprivileged children around the world. “Last year, our events at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit succeeded in raising 1 million baht for UNICEF. This year, I am confident that with the generous support of our guests we can make an even greater contribution…”, said Richard Chapman, the hotel’s general manager. “Our target is 1.5 million baht, so I urge everyone to please visit the hotel over the next two months and take part in one or more of our activities, knowing that you will be making a positive contribution to an extremely worthy cause.” Throughout August and September, during every Sunday Jazzy Brunch, there will be a special auction where guests can bid for stays at luxurious Starwood properties throughout the Asia Pacific, including The Westin Tokyo, The St. Regis Singapore, W Hong Kong, Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran, Sheraton Seoul D Cube City, W Retreat & Spa Maldives, Sheraton Saigon, and others, as well as stays at all

17 Starwood hotels in Thailand. Additionally, Rossini’s will host fund raising wine auctions on August 23 and 30, with Michelin chef Alfredo Russo, and in September with chef Paride Noviello. The public may bid in weekly online auctions of second-hand items donated by Thailand’s celebrities. The items can be seen from 9 p.m. Fridays; silent bids remain open until 6 p.m. Mondays. Visit the hotel’s website: www. or Facebook, Instagram, Twittter and Flyer Talk. Next month Sheraton Grand’s BarSu will feature, “50 Years On and Still Going Strong Charity Concert,” with the Beatles tribute band, The Betters, and female vocalist and guitarist, Aika. The concert begins at 5 p.m., Sept. 29. In addition, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit will make a 100-baht donation for every membership of The Grande Club sold until September 30. For further information, call 02 649 8368, email, or go to www.sheraton


16 - 31 August 2013

Youth Focus A year of hard work and new experiences in Primary Year 3 by Rob Cable It has been a fun and enjoyable year at Mooltripakdee International School, and the children in Primary Year 3 have progressed well over the course of each term. Together, we have improved our knowledge and gained a better understanding of the National Curriculum in lower Key Stage 2. I would like to share some of our wonderful work and experiences with you. In our English Literacy classes we read a range of interesting fiction and non-fiction texts, and answered comprehension questions to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Every week we revised a new unit based on a different topic. Each unit was divided into comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction and writing exercises. The children particularly enjoyed learning about fairy tales, animal homes, magic tricks, ancient Greek myths and the weather.

scientific phenomena and discussed how they affect the world. We took a close look at the human digestion system and considered the importance of healthy foods and balanced diets. We also grew plants and recorded our results to determine how photosynthesis occurs and why we need plants to survive. The six science modules we covered this year were attracting and stretching, eating, growth of plants, material properties, rocks and soils, and sun and shadows. Our theme classes consisted of history, geography, art and design technology. The Hamilton Trust website provides a fantastic collection of topics and resources specifically graded into Key Stages. In term one we studied rainforests and the rise of the robots. In term two we reviewed the ancient Egyptians and explored the weird and wonderful world of mini beasts! We ventured into outer space and researched the

Year 3 have established a strong understanding of the mathematics studied this year. They are beginning to grasp and retain the basic methods required to solve and process a variety of mathematical concepts. We reviewed addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, counting and rounding, place value, shapes and symmetry, length and decimals, frequency tables, pictograms and bar graphs. Later in the year we examined time, fractions, weight and capacity, angles, direction and position, money, Venn and Carroll diagrams. The class displayed positive signs of confidence and independence in their work. In science, we analysed a selection of materials and conducted a range of experiments to discover their properties. We observed

terrible Tudors in term three. The children particularly enjoyed these activities because they were predominantly group-based and team orientated. As part of our learning we visited Art in Paradise and Mimosa on class field trips. M.I.S. celebrated a number of annual festivals throughout the year to recognise the different cultures and religions of our students from around the world. The children dressed-up in costumes and participated in performances on such occasions as Halloween, Loy Krathong, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Sports Day and International Day. Each event was a huge success and the parents were very supportive and delighted with our efforts. Overall, it has been a very positive year at

M.I.S. and I am incredibly proud of my Year 3 class. I am sad to see them leave and I wish them all the very best of luck in Year 4.

Rob Cable is a Primary Year 3 homeroom teacher at the Mooltripakdee International School.

IB students set new records at Garden School by Mark Beales

Garden International School (GIS) students achieved record-breaking results following their International Baccalaureate (IB) studies. Average score was 34 points out of 45, the bestever result in the history of the school and far above the global average of 29.8. Ben Bartlett (photo) was awarded a remarkable 44 points--GIS's best-ever score; he had studied at GIS since Year 8, excelling in every subject. Ben also is a talented composer and musician. GIS had 19 students taking the IB course, and the majority of these achieved the full diploma. The average grade per subject for the successful diploma students was an impressive 5.37 out of a possible 7. Ian Fraser, IB coordinator at GIS, said,"These fantastic results are the endproduct of the excellent work put in by our IB2 students and are also a timely reflection of the high teaching standards we aim for at

Garden. The IB Diploma Programme is a really tough course but our students have responded magnificently. It was a pleasure to watch these students mature into internationally-minded young men and women, and meet all the challenges that IB presented to them." The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is the world's premier preuniversity course and begins in Year 12. Students have to study across a range of six subjects and also complete community-based activities and other tasks. The IB Diploma Programme is ideal for students who aim to further their studies at leading universities worldwide, including Thailand. Founded in 1968, there are around 1 million IB students at 3,440 schools in 141 countries across the world. Garden International School, in Ban Chang, began offering the IB Diploma in 1998.


16 - 31 August 2013

You & Your Pets

Keep your dog healthy by Thonglor Pet Hospital All good dog owners want to keep their dogs healthy. You love your dog, and you want her to be healthy and happy. Help keep your dog on the path to wellness with these dog-health guidelines. Expert veterinary care High-quality veterinary care sets the foundation for your dog’s overall health. Find a veterinarian you can trust and visit regularly. Ideally, routine wellness examinations should be performed by your vet twice a year. Puppies and senior dogs should be seen even

more frequently. If your dog has special needs, a chronic health condition or other illness, comply with your vet’s recommendations. Because your dog ages at a faster rate than you, many subtle changes can develop over a six- to 12-month period. Routine visits allow your vet to closely monitor changes before your dog’s health gets out of control. Learn how to effectively communicate with your vet and you can expect the same in return. If you can develop a good connection with your vet, it can lead to long-term benefit for you and your dog. Optimum nutrition Proper nutrition is a fundamental for keeping all dogs healthy. Diet directly affects your dog’s skin and coat, weight, energy level, and gastrointestinal function. If a problem occurs in one of these areas, it may be linked to improper diet. Choose a high-quality dog food made by a reputable company, or learn about homemade diets. Once you find the right food for your dog, use that food consistently. Watch your dog’s response to the diet over 4-8 weeks. How does her coat look? It should be shiny and free of flakes, but not greasy. Have you noticed a change in her energy level? A decrease in energy could indicate a problem. Has she lost or gained weight? Obesity in dogs is a very common problem which can often be reversed with proper diet and exercise. Excess weight loss may occur if your dog does not find the food palatable. If her response to the diet is poor, it may be time to look into other foods. A sudden change in dog foods can cause gastrointestinal upset, so switch over gradually unless otherwise directed by your vet. Routine exercise Many dog owners underestimate their dogs’ exercise needs in relation to keeping their dogs healthy. Destructive behavior may lead to a diagnosis of separation anxiety or other behavioral problems. While these conditions truly exist, in many cases the behavior is actually the result of an energy surplus. If you feed your dog a healthy diet, it should give her plenty of energy. However, if your dog can’t release that energy with exercise, it may be released on your furniture,

carpet, doorways, or even your prized collection of rare books. Before you blame your dog for the damage, ask yourself if she’s getting enough exercise. In general, dogs need at least 1 to 2 hours of exercise per day, but this varies by breed, size and age. Over time, determine the ideal exercise regimen for your dog and establish a routine. You might even notice an improvement in your own health in the meantime. Dental care It can be all too easy to forget about your dog's teeth until you get a whiff of bad breath. Plaque and tartar build-up can lead to serious health problems. Don't wait until dental disease is present--start focusing on dental care right now, if you have not already. You can brush your dog's teeth, use oral rinses, feed dental treats, or all of the above--just do something. And don't forget to talk to your vet about your dog's teeth. Professional cleanings may be necessary from time to time.

Cats for You in Pattaya

Cats for You is a great and much needed service in our area, but Paul and Sandra point out that adopting a cat or kitten is a longterm commitment with costs such as feeding and veterinary fees. Many adopters find it’s a good idea to adopt two animals so that they can enjoy each others’ company as well as yours. Contact Paul and Sandra on 0852875004 or look at their useful website


Madge has been with us for a couple of years now and we are surprised nobody has yet chosen her. Although no longer a kitten, you should watch her run and play and you would think she is six months old still.


Gina came to us with her three babies, mostly now re-homed. Gina now is looking for a nice, quiet home where she would be happy to be the only cat in residence. She loves to be the centre of attention and to be spoilt rotten. Wouldn’t we all?

Regular grooming Grooming is not just for “fancy” dogs. All dogs need some degree of basic physical upkeep. In general, your dog’s grooming needs will be based on her breed. However, your dog may have special needs due to health conditions such as allergies. The average shorthaired dog will benefit from a monthly nail trim, bath

Pebbles is lost!

Pebbles went to a great new home in the Mabprachan area of Banglamung with her brother Colin, but sadly managed to get out after a few days and has disappeared. If anyone has seen Pebbles, we don’t mind if she has moved elsewhere, but we need to know she is safe.


This lovely three-year old girl went to a new home but the owners have moved and could not take her with them. She is very loving and friendly and is looking forward to a new home with new people. She was previously an indoor puss so she is suitable for a safe apartment or condo.

and brushing. Long-haired dogs should be brushed out daily. Dogs with continuously growing hair may need a haircut every week or two. Once you determine your dog’s grooming needs, decide if you will be doing it yourself, or if you need to hire a professional. Either way, schedule grooming sessions for your dog on a regular basis. Watch for warning signs Because our dogs cannot speak in words, we must rely on the signs they give us when it comes to analyzing their health. Your dog may exhibit a variety of signs that indicate a health problem. Just like you, your dog can develop a mild illness that resolves on its own, so not all signs are cause for alarm. However, many dogs will instinctively try to conceal signs of serious illness. Learn what to watch for and how to act appropriately before the illness becomes out of control. If your dog is displaying signs of illness, contact your vet right away.

A cat can’t climb head first down a tree because every

claw on a cat’s paw points the

same way. To get down from a tree, a cat must back down.

Cat Corner Tip by Dr. RJ Peters to Pattaya’s cat lovers

Here’s another Cat Tip from Dr. R.J. Peters to Pattaya’s cat lovers… If you have more than one cat, be sure that each has its own food dish. If your cats are friendly and don't mind sharing, it might not be a problem. However, cats are territorial and that often includes the food. Dominant cats may push the shy ones away, denying them their fair share. Individual dishes are also good policy because it helps prevent the spreading of infections such as a 24-hour bug or a temporary cold. Dr. Peters’ informative and entertaining book, Our Amazing Cats, and her newest feline publication, Our Amazing Cats Vol. 2, are now available from Amazon Books and at www.ouramazingcats. com. To download ebook versions (only about 200 baht), go to For additional tips, or to subscribe to her free newsletter, The Kitty Times, go to: http://www.


16 - 31 August 2013


CROSSWORD Across 1. 4. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 16. 18. 20. 21. 24. 25. 26. 27.

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Down (5) (6) (7) (5) (4) (7) (3) (4) (4) (3) (7) (4) (5) (7) (6) (5)

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Solution Issue 22

Brain Tester

b l 2 a n 3d e n i 9 n o n p l u i u l 11 gu l l 13 n c r 14 15 s p a r 17 c e o 20 ho l i d a e y e 24 r o m a n y e c 26 l a r g e r

12. Reclusive Syd Barrett was a founder of which supergroup? 13. In which state was Elvis Presley born? 14. Which Abba title had a French title? 15. Which female singer wrote I Will Always Love You? 16. Which superstar produced music for the 1989 Batman film? 17. Which Gibb brother’s song gave Diana Ross a number one? 18. Who recorded the album Sleeping with a Past? 19. What’s the name of Mick Jagger’s daughter by Bianca? 20. Who was In A Different Corner in 1986?

c 5h e 10 l i a p o 16 r o t



This week’s special subject is POP MUSIC 1. The Four Tops only had one British No 1, what was it? 2. Who was the boss of Tamla Motown? 3. Who sang with Sam on the hit Soul Man? 4. Who was sitting on the dock of the bay? 5. Who is known as the Godfather of Soul? 6. Which soul singer died in 1984 after an eight-year coma? 7. Which group featured Cindy Birdsong? 8. Who became known as the Wicked Pickett in the 1960s? 9. Who fronted with the All Stars? 10. Who had a Tamla hit with Wars? 11. In which year did Elvis Presley appear in a coffin?


u s u 12 r y 8

o 6r a a t i p o n i s

l 21 y a 23 r c 25 e l a p s p 27 e n



r i s k s


a 7l a e x i r t y e 19 p e a d e d l u e

Solution on Page 38

63 78 4





8 11 66 9 6 9 6 6 2 4 5 7 8 7 9 8 1 5 7 75 8 6 3 49 8 3 53 24

1. Reach Out and I’ll be There; 2. Berry Gordy; 3. Dave; 4. Otis Redding; 5. James Brown; 6. Jackie Wilson; 7. The Supremes; 8. Wilson Pickett; 9. Junior Walker; 10. Edwin Starr; 11. 1977; 12. Pink Floyd; 13. Mississippi; 14. Voulez Vous; 15. Dolly Parton; 16. Prince; 17. Chain Reaction; 18. Elton John; 19. Jade; 20. George Michael.


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