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1 - 15 June 2013


Five-year visa now on offer


f you are bored with visa runs or are too young for a retirement visa, here’s a novel way of spending long periods of time in the Land of Smiles. In a bid to save the failing Elite Card scheme, Thailand Privilege Card Company (TPC) is now hoping to sell foreign membership through a major real estate developer with a five-year visa as a perk. The Elite Card, brainchild of Thaksin Shinawatra when in office 10 years ago, is believed to be the world’s first national membership card. It never really took root and has been very nearly cancelled by several governments in the last five years. Continued on page 6


1 - 15 June 2013

News Illegal drugs cause sea accidents When Pattaya undercover Tourist Police arrested Nuttapong Noilamai, 32, he admitted that he had been selling drugs to Jet Ski and speedboat drivers as well as addicts. He was caught with 112 methamphetamine tablets in his back pocket and was charged with trafficking. Lieutenant Colonel Aroon Phrompun, local Tourist Police commander, said that a great effort had to be made by law enforcement officers and the general public to end the scourge of drug abuse.

Deaf mute with tools

Villagers made a citizens’ arrest at the Ketungam shrine in North Pattaya after suspecting a man was trying to steal the contents of a donation box. Police asked for the suspect’s identity card, but he shrugged and said he was a deaf mute from Payao. He was unable to explain why he was in possession of a hammer, chisel and screw driver. Later police said they had a videotape of the man caught several months ago attempting to rob a tourist on Pattaya Beach.

Driver didn’t pay for his petrol

Plutaluang Police say they have an incident on CCTV where a man drove up to a petrol station in a Toyota pickup, received diesel fuel valued at 1,000 baht, then drove away without paying. It is not known whether this was a genuine mistake or a deliberate crime. There was a nastier incident at the same filling station two years ago when another driver, Pratya Prakobsombut, leapt from his car and shot an 18 year old employee. The case has not yet come to court as the alleged shooter failed to show up in court.

Progress made in attempted murder case Police have arrested 51-year-old Thanabodee Foitong, suspected of the attempted murder of Nikorn Krutkrai, a local village chief. Thanabodee was identified by witnesses who say they saw him try to kill the chief in front of a convenience store. Chonburi Police also announced the arrest of Akeanan Janketu, 53, who admitted he had been paid 500,000 baht to track down Nikorn. However, Akeanan said he was not aware who the shooter was because so many people were involved in the attempted assassination. Police say their inquiries are ongoing and they did not yet have the identity of the ringleader of the plot. It is believed that a land dispute in Trat was the original reason why Nikorn was targeted. He was shot in the leg, shattering the bone, in the attack.

Frenchman stabbed on beach French national Rashea Thalmaboudi, 57, reported to the Pattaya police station covered in blood. He told police that he was walking along the beach and stopped to watch a Thai woman playing the guitar. At this moment, a stranger emerged from the darkness and stabbed him before returning to the shadows. The injured man was treated at Memorial Hospital. Police suspect the attacker may have thought that the Frenchman was trying to pick up his girlfriend or wife.

Drugs hidden in straw Pattaya police stopped Sopol Lermprajong, 27, for “acting suspiciously,” peering into a plastic bag. Examining the contents, police found about a gram of crystal methamphetamine concealed in a pink straw. Sopol said he paid 2,000 baht for the illegal substance to deliver to a relative, but he had no idea of the identity of the seller who wore a trilby hat and a black bomberjacket. The young man was taken in for further questioning.


1 - 15 June 2013

News Benihana, Pattaya, awarded Certificate of Excellence Benihanas has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honours hospitality excellence, is given to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding reviews on TripAdvisor. Benihana, on the second floor of Royal Garden Plaza, is the Japanese steakhouse famous for the entertaining and culinary skills of their chefs as they prepare Teppanyaki at customers’ tables.

New company auctions condos, villas

Sophon thanks subscribers

Sophon Cable TV held a thank-you party for subscribers at Central Festival Pattaya Beach and awarded gifts ranging from a round-trip holiday for two in Singapore, to motorbikes and the latest-generation iPhones and iPads. Ratkit Hengtrakul and Suwat Ratchawattanakul represented the company; the event was opened by Ronnakit Ekasign, Pattaya deputy mayor.

Pattaya Property Auctions has been set up to allow home buyers and investors to buy local properties at auction. John Collingbourne and Paul Strachan suggest that their new company can “guarantee the very best prices.” At the initial auction, June 16, only genuine potential buyers will be allowed admission. They must first register. Pattaya Property Auctions has secured units from the Nova Group, Matrix, Global Top Group and Powerhouse. The units are in Nova Ocean View, The View, Art on the Hill, Sunset Boulevard 2, Paradise Ocean View and City Garden Pattaya. In addition, the auction will have listings from private individuals. These will include condos, houses, townhouses and plots of land. For more information and to register, go to


1 - 15 June 2013


Holiday Inn Pattaya awarded TripAdvisor certificate Holiday Inn Pattaya has received its third TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence honoring the hotel’s hospitality excellence. To qualify for the award, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on TripAdvisor. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months. Holiday Inn Pattaya achieved an overall rating of 4.5. Garth Solly, general manager, Holiday Inn Pattaya, was “overwhelmed” by the award. He said, “We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive traveler reviews on TripAdvisor.”

Search begins for Ms Hard Rock 2013 Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe Pattaya is looking for beauty and brains in candidates for the title of Ms Hard Rock Pattaya 2013. Registration begins today—and continues until the end of June—for Thai ladies aged 20 and above who possess self-confidence, talent, looks, and music knowledge to compete for the title. Winners will also compete internationally for the title of Ms. Hard Rock Southeast Asia in October. Last year, the total cash and prizes for the winner of the local competition was worth 124,700 baht; for first runnerup 97,700 baht, and for second runner-up 91,700 baht. This year the Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya preliminary selection round is July 5, and the final is July 6. Finalists will stay at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya on that weekend. For detailed information, visit Facebook page - www. or call 038 428755-9.

Bike show raises cash for military

Several stunt bikers provided an impromptu dare-devil show at Pattaya’s Walking Street. Many tourists gathered round the experts who were collecting donations for soldiers and police in the trouble-hit southern provinces of Thailand. More than 100,000 baht was raised from donations and the sale of T-shirts.

Teen slashed in gang attack Pao, a 16-year-old boy, was stabbed as he and two friends drove their bikes near Soi 17. Rushed to hospital, Pao told police that a larger group on bikes confronted him and his friends, kicking his bike for no obvious reason. When he resisted he was stabbed. The attackers then fled.


1 - 15 June 2013

News Security measures for Pattaya discussed The Minister Of Tourism and Sports, Somsak Purisrisak, summoned a meeting at City Hall following several incidents which portrayed Pattaya in a negative light, especially a recent spate of boat accidents. The meeting was adjourned to wait the drafting of a comprehensive document covering all aspects of tourist safety in the city.

Old pipes lead to water problems

Residents of Pattaya’s Soi Bongkot district are up in arms after repeated failed attempts to provide them with proper water. Hotel owner Nutawong Tortaweesup said that the water pressure was often weak or non-existent even though Water Board officials had paid many visits over the years.

Araya Yamvongvan, the Water Authority’s local manager, said that old, leaking pipes seemed to be the problem. He was confident that a short-term solution could be found to improve the pressure but the only permanent answer lay in a major investment to replace all pipes in the area.

Law Aid Society board meets

Pattaya attorneys met to elect new board members for the Law Aid Society which aims to tackle the question of violence against woman and children. Newly elected director Pornsak Tepapornsuwan said free legal advice was now being given to the vulnerable members of families where abuse occurs.

Cancer screening for women urged Wanchai Sattayawuttipong, vice director of the Chonburi Cancer Centre, organized a meeting at Pattaya’s Montien Hotel to stress the importance of early screening for women, particularly as regards breast cancer. Dr Wanchai illustrated his talk with slides to show the latest technologies in the fight against the disease.

Thailand - A World Leader in One Cuisine

Local blood drives successful

The Thai Red Cross was blessed with a needed supply of blood thanks to a blood drive at Dusit Thani Pattaya. Officers and staff of the hotel organized the blood donation campaign in honor of His Majesty the King’s 86th birthday in December. Mike Shopping Mall also organized its own blood donation day in conjunction with Baromratchatevee Na Sriracha Hospital.

Reading campaign promotion A campaign at Pattaya School 11 focused on the importance of reading books to prepare for a fulfilling adult life. Volumes which have won prizes, in particular about religion and philosophy, were recommended. Students were advised to start a reading log and to complete the reading of at least 16 books by the end of their formal education.

In Thailand and many other parts of the world, insects are an accepted part of the cuisine. Now, according to the United Nations, it would behoove Westerners to welcome bugs into their diets as well. A report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization concludes that insects are “underutilized” as food. They are good sources of protein and minerals, and their production produces fewer greenhouse gasses and is less landdependent than the raising of livestock. Increasing our dependence on insects as a highly nutritious food source could help combat world hunger and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, even help reduce obesity.


1 - 15 June 2013

News POLI CE Another round up There have been further raids in Walking Street and this time the emphasis has been on sex guides who tout for customers, which is illegal under the law. But several foreigners had a different criticism of the sex guides, namely that they were not delivering what they promised. One Russian tourist made an official complaint that he was promised a full-sex show in the upstairs room of a club starting at 11 p.m. when in fact he had to wait until after 1 a.m. By this time he was too drunk to appreciate what was happening, if anything. Secret of the cards A big group of Thais has been charged with cheating the Marina Bay Sands casino, Singapore, of around one million US dollars. Apparently they had devised a fraudulent scheme in which they knew in advance the sequence of the cards. The scam has been widely reported in the Thai and the international media. But not a single word yet on how they actually managed it. Is it still possible in this hi-tech age to cheat the casinos? Money does more than talk A Japanese tourist complained to police that two Arab men stole 100,000 yen (about 29,000 baht) in an unusual scam. He was having dinner at a Pattaya restaurant when the two fraudsters asked if they could take a look at Japanese banknotes as they had never seen them before. Wanting to be of assistance, the tourist handed them a large wad of Japanese currency which they studied with great enthusiasm and nimble fingers. They then gave back a lighter wad which contained 100,000 yen less than the man had given the Arabs. Police said they would have a look through the restaurant’s CCTV tapes for obvious reasons. One could be lucky.

Five year visa now on offer Continued from page 1

Early promises that Elite Card holders would be able to own land in their own name proved false, and various other perks--such as discounts at spas and golf courses-never lived up to their promises. The cost to foreigners was one million baht, later raised to two million, with the main attraction being a three-month renewable visa for a five year period. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), sole owner of TPC, is now selecting a real estate partner to launch the co-branded Elite membership cards. The developer will be allowed to design his own card package to sell with the units. The cost will be a oneoff one million baht plus an annual service charge of 20,000 baht. To qualify, foreigners must invest--as

individuals--in Thai real estate. The incentive is a new five-year visa, renewable on an annual basis subject to security checks, and special airport services such as fasttrack immigration. TAT believes that the Elite Card will become an interesting new marketing tool to attract foreign investors to make a stake in the Thai property business. Meanwhile, TAT will continue to sell its own regular (non-branded) Elite packages but with a fee of two million baht and a 20,000 baht annual management fee. There are currently 2,534 existing cardholders under the old regulations; their membership term has been slashed from lifetime to 20 years, a span which also applies to the new-generation cards.

Critics say that the Elite Card will still be hard to sell and that the real estate angle is probably a shotin-the-arm measure to try and revive a forlorn prospect. There is a stubborn feeling in the travel industry that there are not enough foreign visitors with mega-cash to spare to spend on a card which is yet to identify its commercial worth. A major Pattaya real estate developer said, “If the government wants to market the Elite Card on a feasible basis, they should announce that its main perk would be to allow limited working without a work permit. The My Second Home scheme in Malaysia allows foreign investors and retirees to work hassle-free for up to 20 hours a week.”

Scratch one Naked rapist more cat burglar denies charges

No marriage no sex A Thai woman who claimed she was lured into having sex with an American under the pretence he would marry her has warned other Thai women to be cautious about insincere foreigners. She said she had responded to a newspaper advertisement which claimed an American was looking for a beautiful woman to marry. However, after several sex sessions, the foreigner fled. The disappointed Thai says the incident has tarnished her dignity and she wants action from the Thai police and compensation from the US embassy. Could this be the start of a mass frenzy? Ladyboy hits jackpot A Kuwaiti tourist picked on the wrong ladyboy on Pattaya’s Walking Street. Later in his room he woke up from a Mickey Finn cocktail to find that he had literally lost a fortune - 7,000 US dollars and 100,000 baht in cash. Some khatoeys are respectable and some are not. Those found on Walking Street pouting their lips are looking for suckers. “Look don’t touch!” is a good motto to follow in that part of town. He says he’s not coming back to Thailand but, beware, she could be headed for Kuwait City. Cooking gas scam The misuse of cooking gas as vehicle fuel is keeping police busy in their investigations into illegal retailing operations at the expense of the public purse. Police had become suspicious when the energy ministry reported a mysterious jump in the demand for cooking gas. It seems that cooking gas has been siphoned into tankers and later sold as liquefied petroleum gas to roadside stations. So far about 80 vendors have been prosecuted but the Big Fish, as usual, are proving very hard to track down. Every dog has its day An encounter with a street dog has led to a marital breakup. A Pattayabased Thai couple were driving home on their motorbike when a soi dog sprang from the bushes and attempted to bite them. The husband stopped the bike and tried to beat the animal when the wife intervened and stopped him. When the couple arrived home they had a furious quarrel with the husband accusing the wife of loving animals more than him. In the ensuing struggle the wife was kicked by her husband and made a complaint at Pattaya police station where officers promised to hear the husband’s side at some future date. Electricity pole is a refuge A Thai man was so afraid of his wife that he climbed up a power cable to avoid her wrath. He had just lost a gold bracelet worth 20,000 baht and could vividly imagine the consequences when the good lady found out. So he got drunk on cheap whisky and then took up an uncomfortable position well above ground level. The wife persuaded him to come down and promised not to be full of wrath. Wasting police time A Thai wife reported to police that the family home had been robbed after two frozen chickens and a large ham had been taken from the refrigerator. When the farang husband was confronted by police and asked if he could shed any light, he admitted that he had removed the food himself to take to a stag party but had been too nervous to admit it to his wife. It was then discovered he had an overstay visa. Oh dear!

Following several break-ins at an apartment house in North Pattaya, 19-year-old Wuttichai Bungkerd made the mistake of staying too long at the scene of his crimes. He admitted stealing several watches, cameras, mobile phones and computer equipment. He was caught when the owner of one of the apartments returned unexpectedly and performed a citizen’s arrest. The accused said he was an experienced thief who sold his goods at a pawn shop.

A 39-year-old man was so drunk he had to be bound with ropes when he was found nude in a woman’s bedroom. The 45-year-old woman, Preawpun Tongpunchang, told police she was sleeping with her three-year-old niece when the accused man entered the room and ordered her to take off her clothes. She screamed for help and was rescued by relatives in the house—one of whom broke a window in order to raise the alarm amongst neighbors. The drunk, Vichit, later told police he could remember little of the incident but that the problems began when he could not find his clothes. Near the house police found his car and a collection of empty beer cans.

Pedophile tricked boy for sex Kritkacha Aukwarangkul, 24, has been arrested for an alleged sexual assault on a boy of seven after making the youngster believe he was an undercover policeman who needed to check his anus for banned drugs. The boy’s mother told investigators that her son had wandered off from a Soi Buakhao restaurant where they were having a meal.

The boy encountered his alleged abuser in a nearby thicket. The mother went looking for her son and found him in time to prevent serious harm. Kritkacha had dropped his mobile phone in the thicket and was arrested when he went back to search for it. He later told police he was turned-on by the boy’s looks.

Husband’s friend accused of rape Police patrolling the Pattaya Klang area came to an abrupt halt when they heard a woman scream for help. At the same time, 22-year-old Aoi emerged from an empty house in a state of distress with her clothing disarranged and dirty. She said she had been raped by 26-year old Sumrerng Aebkratok, a

friend of her husband’s who also lived with them. It seems that Sumrerng had promised to take Aoi to the Bali Hai pier on his motorbike but instead took her to the abandoned house and raped her. The alleged rapist managed to escape despite the police calling on the army to help in the search. A search is underway.


1 - 15 June 2013

News Sheraton Social Hour now one-year old Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Bangkok celebrates the first anniversary of its Social Hour and the global roll-out of Sheraton Hotels & Resorts’ signature wine program. More than 100 guests were on hand for the festivities including (from left): Graham Brooke, hotel director of Food & Beverage; Keith Hardie, hotel general manager; Khunying Rose Boribalburibhand; Yachitr Yuvaboon; Joshua Lee, regional director, Sales & Marketing, and Vikram Mujumdar, hotel manager. Global roll-out of the Sheraton Social Hour, now at all four Sheraton Hotels & Resorts in Thailand, was celebrated at 430 hotels around the world.

Grand opening of Surf Condominium Managing director Paisarn Booncheun formally opened Surf Condominium, Sukhumvit 54, at a media presentation late last month. It’s an eightstorey building of 135 units with 16 types of rooms and panoramic views. Starting prices for a 28- sqm studio are less than one million baht. The condominium is convenient to local attractions such as the Pattaya Floating Market. The beach is a five minute walk.


Eastern Seaboard promoted on Jomtien Beach

ข้าพเจ้าในฐานะทนายความผู้รับมอบอำนาจจาก นางสมพร อาหมัด ขอแจ้งให้เจ้า หนี้และหรือผู้มีสัญญาผูกพันธ์เกี่ยวข้องของบริษัท ทิวส์เดย์ รีสอร์ท จำกัด ทราบว่า เนื่องจาก นางสมพร อาหมัด ประสงค์จะซื้อหุ้นทั้งหมดของบริษัท ทิวส์เดย์ รีสอร์ท จำกัด ฉะนั้น จึงขอให้บุคคลหรือนิติบุคคลใดที่เป็นเจ้าหนี้และหรือผู้มีสัญญาผูกพันธ์เกี่ยวข้อง กับบริษัท ทิวส์เดย์ รีสอร์ท จำกัด ส่งหลักฐานเอกสารต่างๆ ซึ่งแสดงสิทธิ์ การเป็นเจ้าหนี้ และหรือผู้มีสัญญาผูกพันธ์เกี่ยวข้องกับ บริษัท ทิวเดย์ รีสอร์ท จำกัด ไปยังข้าพเจ้าภายใน วันที่ 5 มิถุนายน 2556 ที่จะถึงศกนี้ โดยส่งไปที่:

สำนักงานไพรัตน์ สุขม่วง ทนายความ เลขที่ 11/2 หมู่ที่ 14 ถนนกาญจนาภิเษก ซอยอู่ซ่อมรถวีเอสคาร์บอดี้ ตำบลบางม่วง อำเภอบางใหญ่ จังหวัดนนทบุรี 11140

หากพ้นกำหนดเวลาตามปรกาศนี้แล้ว นางสมพร อาหมัด จะไม่รับผิดชอบในการชำระ หนี้และหรือผู้มีสัญญาผูกพันใดๆ ทั้งสิ้น ให้กับบุคคลหรือนิติบุคคลที่อ้างว่าเป็นเจ้าหนี้และ หรือมีสัญญาผูกพันธ์ของ บริษัท ทิวส์เดย์ รีสอร์ท จำกัด ในภายหลัง จึงเรียนมาเพื่อโปรดทราบ ขอแสดงความนับถือ นายไพรัตน์ สุขม่วง (นายไพรันต์ สุขม่วง) ทนายความผู้รับมอบอำนาจ

Komsan Akachai, Chonburi governor, hosted the sixth annual fair to promote the Eastern Seaboard during the off-season. More than 400 booths were set up promoting local products and services and offering substantial discounts. There was also a lamp decoration competition with a special prize from HRH Maha Chakri Srindhorn, and a special lottery awarded a vacation for two in Seoul, South Korea, and a free mini-concert.

Breach of copyright halted again

South Korean officials visit Pattaya

Public Announcement As an authorised representative of Mrs. Somporn Ahmad hereby would like to notify the creditor (s) and/or any person (s) or corporate (s) who have financial commitments and/ or legal contracts with Tuesday Resort Company Limited be known that Mrs. Somporn Ahmad is intending to buy all the shares of Tuesday Resort Company Limited from the current owners. Therefore, any creditor (s) and/or person (s) and/or corporate (s) who have financial commitments and/or legal binding contracts please forward the same to me for claim by the 5th of June 2013 at Office of: Phairat Sukmuang Advocate 11/1 Moo 14 Kanchanapisek Road, Soi VS Carbody Garage Tambon Bangmuang Amphur Bangyai Nothaburi 11140 Any claims submitted beyond the assigned date will not be accepted by Mrs. Somporn Ahmad as the creditor (s) and/ or person (s) and/or corporate (s) as legal or binding thereof of Tuesday Resort Company Limited.

Police officers attached to the Department of Special Investigation raided six stores in Pattaya’s city center and found a large number of pirated goods including copied watches, clothes, bags and other items illegally using famous brand names. Six people were arrested on suspicion of piracy and the seized goods will be destroyed by fire according to law.

Please be informed accordingly. Yours sincerely, Phairat Sukmuang

City Council members from Inchon, South Korea, were welcomed to Pattaya by Tawit Chaisawangwong, chairman of City Hall. The visitors sought to study Pattaya’s tourist operations, according to Lee Chang Mun, who said that his country had much to learn here.

(Phairat Sukmuang) Advocate.


1 - 15 June 2013

News Nong Nooch takes Gold medal again

Hospital bills up and up Not only farang are having trouble paying their hospital bills. The government’s 30-baht “new” health scheme for Thais is running into financial trouble because the costs are rising at around 10 percent a year-double the Ministry of Health’s expectations. National health services do tend to run away with your cash – ask the British government which is fast dismantling the services. Airlines don’t fear trains The network of high-speed trains envisaged by the government is unlikely to win over passengers from budget airlines. This is because the operating costs of the trains will be higher than those of the airlines. Nok Air says that budget airlines remain popular whatever rail networks are able to offer. “Airlines simply overfly the places where the train is likely to stop,” the statement concludes.

Nong Nooch botanical gardens were again recipients of a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. Nong Nooch has won gold in each of the last four years, since it began participating in Britain’s largest annual horticultural event. This year’s exhibition from Nong Nooch focused on Buddhist imagery and was awarded a gold medal for its display of cut flowers, orchids and bromeliads.

Tesco kicks off aerobics competition

Indigo Indian restaurant There is no shortage of good Indian restaurants in town these days and new ones continue to open. A very good choice amongst the newcomers is Indigo on Second Road, just after the intersection with South Pattaya Road as you go north. It’s on the right. There’s a wide variety of tastes in the many curries on offer and lots of dishes for vegetarians too. Indigo is sensibly priced and there’s no loud music.

Tesco Lotus is hosting an aerobics competition at local stores. Teams are segregated by age. Finals will be at Bangkok’s Nimibuth Stadium June 16.

New tourist police office Don’t be surprised if you see massive repainting going on at the former tourist office, long disused, 100 yards short of Walking Street on Beach Road (close to the Siren bar complex). It is to become an additional office for the tourist police and will provide some privacy which the mobile unit on Walking Street does not. However, the mobile unit will be retained, as will the main office on Buddha Hill. Thai Spring website As Thailand’s political landscape heats up, a retired police general has opened a new website where Thais can express their disapproval of the government. Police General Vasit Dejkunchorn says he’s in favour of a democratic administration but that the current government lacks legitimacy by acting as a puppet for the de facto prime minister abroad. But what if the government blocks the site on the grounds of national security? Baht bus mafia Transport overcharging used to be the prerogative of Phuket, but sadly it’s now firmly arrived in Pattaya. Recent reports say that some baht buses waiting at the North Pattaya bus station to take arriving passengers downtown are charging 500 baht per person for the two or three kilometer ride. Of course, it’s not every driver who is on the gigantic take, but it’s ghastly overcharging given that the fare from Bangkok to Pattaya is just over 100 baht for the entire journey in air-conditioned comfort. Animal welfare A reader asks what is the best course of action, as he is concerned about the cruel treatment of animals in the zoo area of a Pattaya public attraction. He says that an approach to the management failed. Not an easy one. But City Hall says that you should take a photo of the alleged mistreatment and file a report by phoning the hotline on 1337. Well-regarded restaurant Very positive feedback about Froggy’s French Bistro. For example, prawn cocktail, seafood casserole, tasty dessert and Italian wine for two for under 1,000 baht. From Pattaya Klang, turn at the Big “C” Extra junction (passing it on your left) and keep going 1.4 kms until you see Froggy’s on your left. Or phone Gilles on 0861503481. Time for a recheck Some of Pattaya’s automated traffic lights are again out of sequence and need resetting to reflect the realities of traffic flow. Particularly irritating are those on Third Road—both at South Pattaya Road and at Soi 17 where, for some drivers, the lights are flashing green almost immediately after the change. If you are stuck there in a traffic jam, you’ll soon know what we mean. Racing to Suvarnabhumi The new motorway linking Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi airport is indeed a great feature. But some advertisers have become a bit carried away. One property brochure we saw recently claims that the journey by car takes only 45 minutes. Must have been James Bond’s Aston Martin with a police escort. On a typical day one and half hours is surely a realistic generalization.

The editor and management of Pattaya Today don’t necessarily share the views expressed in this column

Build your own plane Pattaya City organized a training program for local youths who are interested in aerodynamics and want to build small, radio-controlled planes and transmitters. More than 60 students and their teachers attended the three-day event last week at the youth center on Thepprasit Road.

Fishing competition at Floating Market No fewer than 28 fishing teams joined the Pattaya Floating Market contest to promote tourism and to increase fish stocks. The aim is to catch as many fish as possible and then to hand them over to a conservation unit for breeding before releasing them back into the sea. The winning team received 4,000 baht and a special prize of 1,000 baht went to the team that caught the heaviest marine creature.

Pattaya Today's lifestyle, travel and culture guide

L iv I N G

Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

The new Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 LTZ

i n

stY L e

Al Fresco at Oceans restaurant

automotive L15

dining out L8

Chef's Signature top tables L11

Flying Smart on Smile by John K Lindgren Photos courtesy of Thai Smile

In 1887, when Rudyard Kipling wrote Mandalay, Burma was a province of the great colonial British India, “the jewel in the crown”, and Mandalay was Burma's second largest city, which had served as the last royal capital of Burma before the British conquest of the city in 1885. In those days Bangkok, the Kingdom of Siam, was a week's travel by steamer, riverboat and horse and carriage: a long, hot and dusty journey. First one went to Rangoon and then up the muddy, meandering Irrawaddy River; 740km to Mandalay. Today Burma is called the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (pronounced: Mee-an-mar!), and Mandalay is only a 1.5-hour flight from Bangkok. The lifting of the tight lid of military rule in 2011 paved the way for direct flights from the Thai capital to the capital of Upper Burma. No more boring Rangoon airport transit stops needed. by John K. Lindgren

“For the wind is in the palm-trees, an' the temple bells they say: 'Come back, you British soldier; come you back to Mandalay!' ” -Rudyard Kipling, The Road to Mandalay (1887)

Flight TG 781 BKK-MDL The latest airline to ply the Bangkok-Mandalay route is the sister airline of Thai Airways, Thai Smile. This new carrier, established in 2013, shares the IATA reservation code - “TG” - with its big sister. A new domestic and international airline with 12 destinations is not a budget airline or LCC (low-cost carrier), but a fully-serviced premium light airline with two classes of service: Smile Plus and Smile Class. Smile Plus occupies the first five rows of the passenger cabin, with a seat pitch of 33 inches. Snack boxes and refreshments are served and luggage allowance is 30 kg. The Smile Class seats have a 28- to 31-inch pitch. Luggage allowance is 20 kg, plus you’re given a Smile “goodie bag”. In my soft snack box there was a tuna sandwich with cherry tomatoes and gherkins, a water bottle and a Kit Kat milk chocolate wafer. Hot coffee and tea are also provided. Smile's tag line is: “Trendy, Friendly and Worthy”.

>> continued on L6


events Lungarotti wine dinner at Centara Grand Mirage Regular guests of Acqua Italian restaurant at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya were treated to a special wine dinner by chef Alberto Bruni. The event, in partnership with the Lungarotti Wine and Aroi Italy companies, featured a five course meal with each course paired with six different wines from Torgiano in the Perugia region, Italy. Guest host was Chiara Lungarotti from Cantine Giorgio Lugarotti Winery.

Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

eve n t s cal en d ar Thailand Tourism Festival 2013

Date: June 5-9, 2013 Time: 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m Venue: Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Arena Exhibition and Convention Centre Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi As it prepares for the AEC, TAT has focused on building Thailand as a tourism hub for ASEAN, developing a high-quality workforce to serve the industry and promoting intra-tourism under cooperation with ASEAN members. Last year, TTF 2012 welcomed a total of 180,000 visitors. This generated revenue of 290 million Baht. For this year's TTF 2013, the projected number of visitors is at 200,000 which will generate approximately 300 million Baht. Activities: • Thailand Tourism with AEC+6 Tourism and Convention Centre Exhibition: Including Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR., Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia; + Japan, Korea, China, India, Australia, and New Zealand. • Modern Marketing Exhibition of Tourism Authority of Thailand under the theme of “Fascinating in Thailand”. • Tourism in 5 regions of Thailand Exhibition. • Presenting new tourism perspectives with Walking Streets in 5 tourism regions. • Tasting and shopping for delicious food and famous dishes from 5 tourism regions. • Performance stage of contemporary Thai and international art and culture @ the main stage. • Showcase of organisations allied with TAT; such as, TCEB, SACICT, with provinces being the tourism centre in each region. • Academic seminar relating to tourism for business alliances and educational institutions in the field of tourism. • Promoting domestic sales, especially for tourism entrepreneurs and VIP guests on 5 June, 2013, at 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. • Centre of tourism products and services with quality and special promotions For more information or reservations please contact: International Public Relations Division Tourism Authority of Thailand 1600 New Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi Bangkok 10400 Tel: 66 (0) 2250 5500 ext.4545-4548 Fax: 66 (0) 2253 7419 Email:

Latino Heat IV Date: June 8, 2013 Time: 8:00 p.m. Venue: Havana Bar, Holiday Inn Pattaya Activities: Learn basic salsa and follow the exciting Latin dance steps and routines shown by professional instructors suitable for all dance levels. Free entrance & Happy Hour (Buy 1 get 1

free drink) from 7 pm until midnight. These Latin rhythms include Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata and Zumba.

Jaguar Land Rover Showcases at Car Show Offering world-class vehicles with special price and promotion at IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani City Automobiles Co., Ltd, authorised distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover in Bangkok, exhibits the awardwinning cars and SUVs at the 4th Super Car and Import Car.

For more information or reservations please contact: Havana Bar, Holiday Inn Pattaya. Located at beach front. North Pattaya Tel.: 038 725 555 Website:

Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon Festival Date: July 10 – 12, 2013 Venue: Loei Phi Ta Khon is a type of masked procession celebrated on the first day of a three-day Buddhist merit making holiday known in Thai as “Boon PraWate”. The annual famous festival takes place on the second or third weekend in June at a village of Dan Sai, Loei Province. The festival is held to worship spirits, the protectors of the village, and to ask for plentiful rain for the coming farming season. Activities: Phi Ta Khon is paraded by young men who wear huge masks made from carved coconut-tree trunks, topped with wicker work and sticky-rice steamers, and dress as ghosts to parade a sacred Buddha image. The procession is marked by a lot of music and dancing. In addition, on the second day of the festival, the villagers gather at WatPonchai to listen to the messages of the thirteen sermons of Prince Vessandorn recited by the local monks. For more information please contact: TAT Loei office Dan Sai District Office Tel: +66 4289 1266




Inclusive of 5 course set dinner Table reservation 038 933 888 Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

A fun filled networking day for many of Pattaya’s finest real estate agents

What is the perfect Saturday afternoon? For male readers the answer is obvious. It is lounging back in an extremely comfortable chair watching live footy on a big screen TV while slurping down ice-cold beers like your life depended on them. Unfortunately, this is not always possible so when you are invited instead to a function where all the booze and food is complimentary you tend to take the disappointment on the chin. Such was the case on Saturday afternoon, when I attended the Pattaya Condo Guide Real Estate Grand Prix. First prize was the coveted Universal Cup, sponsored by Universal Group Thailand, developers of Seven Seas condo resort Jomtien & Savanna Sands.... Where dreams live... The event was held at Easy Kart, near Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier, only 200 metres from Walking Street. The occasion was to determine the “fastest real estate agent in Pattaya” through the inaugural running of the Pattaya Condo Guide Real Estate Grand Prix. I was informed that in Pattaya real estate circles the Universal Cup is the mechanisedequivalent of the equine American Kentucky Derby, Australia’s Melbourne Cup and the French Prix de l’Arc deTriomphe combined. With cold beer, wine, soft drinks and delicious finger food supplied by Pattaya’s own Sportsman Pub and Restaurant, the intelligentsia of Pattaya were there. I rubbed shoulders with people whose names I cannot even pronounce. Some of the ladies threatened to have me arrested if I didn’t stop rubbing their shoulders but most simply smiled and slapped my face. Movers and shakers I recognised included names such as RikiLauda from Jomtien, John Brabham from Mabprachan, Alan Prost from Naklua and Malcolm Schumacher of Soi Buakow.

The actual competition consisted of a series of hotlycontested races with the ten fastest drivers fighting out the 15-lap grand final. As the drivers were heading to their cars for the final race I asked one if he’d ever had a bigger thrill in his life. Surprisingly, he said yes, his biggest thrill was winning 25 million euros in the European lottery six years ago. The nine fastest drivers put on a spectacular show with all the drama, emotion and tension you would expect in Monte Carlo. But there can be only one winner and it came as no surprise that it was a lovely Thai lady, Dao, representing Vauban Real Estate, one of the many independent real estate agencies in Thailand. Coincidentally, Dao is also the wife of Easy Kart’s managing director. Fighting my way through the paparazzi I asked Dao to what did she attribute her success? She replied with a smile, “Just driving in Pattaya every day.” Second place went to Martin from Siam Properties which has many years of experience in the Pattaya real estate market. Joni from Hans Lanker Co. Ltd., your reliable partner in all matters of law and real estate, took out third spot. For an armchair sportsman like myself, the excitement of this event was unparalleled and I congratulate the Pattaya Condo Guide and Universal Group Thailand for putting on a splendid afternoon of fun and sport. As the sun set slowly in the east, tired and emotional drivers and their pit crews made their way from the battlefield, consoled by the knowledge that even though they didn’t win they had fought a good fight. And of course, the next Pattaya Condo Guide Real Estate Grand Prix will even better, with complimentary food and beverages available throughout the next event.



Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

Marriott honors associates Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa's Somsak Tanruengsri (standing, left) and his management team celebrated Associate Appreciation Week.

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine figure at Madame Tussauds Bangkok

Centara Grand Mirage welcomes 20th AIS Family Rally

Thai fans of the blockbuster X-Men movies and Marvel Super Heroes can now see Wolverine at Madame Tussauds Bangkok with the unveiling of the Hugh Jackman character at Madame Tussauds in Bangkok. Wolverine’s debut in Thailand is part of a six-city celebration called Marvel Month of May, featuring some of Marvel’s best-known and loved Super Heroes. Marvel Entertainment, with more than 8,000 characters, is a long-term partner with Madame Tussauds around the world.

Andre Brulhart (right), general manager, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, welcomes senior management of Advanced Info Service Pcl to the 20th AIS Family Rally for the Sai Jai Thai Foundation. The Lost World-themed hotel was selected as the rally's finishing point. In photo, Brulhart presents bouquet to Wilai Keangpradoo (second from right), AIS vice president of public relations, and Wuthisak Pichayagan (second from left), Centara’s executive assistant manager for food and beverage, presents bouquet to Uthai Penratana (centre), AIS vice president of legal, and Wipanee Hutachok (left), AIS advisor.

Pinky and Pang at Villa Villa

HOT SUMMER PROMOTION 20% off everything except set menu

Pinky Savika Chaiyadej (left) and Pang Nutnicha Tippayamonton (right) seen here during their visit to Villa Villa Pattaya Resort & Spa for a “Gossip Star” magazine fashion shoot. In center of photo is Chuthamas Daungsamosorn, spa director.

Hilton Pattaya’s Kronberg races in Japan

May Day is Lei Day

Bobby Brooks' business associates and friends enjoyed an Hawaiin May Day celebration held at Brooks's offices in Jomtien. Guests had Hawaiian Kona Coffee™, Macadamia Nuts™, hors d'oeuvres and a floral lei.The American businessman also spoke about his candidacy for the Hawaii House of Representatives in 2014.

Delicato wine dinner at Sheraton Pattaya

Philippe Kronberg, general manager, Hilton Pattaya, raced in the 161-kilometer 2013 Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji Race in Japan. The event, which featured participants from Hilton Worldwide, raised funds for Room to Read projects in the developing world. The project focuses on literacy and gender equality in education for children of 10 Asian and African nations. The race also aims to communicate the importance of challenging the human spirit through sports. From left in photo are Kronberg, Justin Powell, Grant Pithie (regional F&B director, Hilton Worldwide), Andrew Perkins (regional finance director – Japan, Korea and Micronesia, Hilton Worldwide), Elliott (who works in the Hilton Osaka finance department), Andreas Boettger (general manager, Hilton Melbourne on the Park), and Stephen Russell (senior director of finance, Hilton Worldwide).

An exclusive wine dinner at Sheraton Pattaya Resort was presented by Ryan Stewart, regional sales manager, Delicato Family Vineyards Wine of California. In attendance were Dieter H. Precourt (left), Rotary past president and assistant governor, and Tomo Kuriyama, hotel general manager.



Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

Wine Seminar at Conrad Bangkok The Lucaris Master of Wine Seminar at the Conrad Hotel Bangkok attracted 135 wine business professionals, sommeliers and wine connoisseurs from around the country. Seen here (from left) are Joe Sriwarin, managing director of the Wine Professional Services Co., Ltd; wine master Jeannie Choo Lee MW, who conducted the seminar; event hostSunsanee Supatravanij, managing director of Ocean Glass PCL, and Harald Feurstein, general manager of Conrad Bangkok.

AGTC cocktails at Pullman

Pullman Pattaya Hotel G, led by Sophon Vongchatchainont (1st row, 7th from right), general manager, hosted a welcome cocktail reception for 50 golf tour operator delegates from 29 countries. They were in Pattaya for the 2nd Asia Golf Tourism Convention (AGTC). Seen in photo are Peter Walton (1st row, pink shirt), president & CEO of IAGTO - The Global Golf Tourism Organization; Callum Mackie (1st row, 6th from right), managing director of Solar Tours (Thailand), and Tanes Petsuwan (1st row, 5th from right), director Europe, Africa and Middle East and representative from the Tourism Authority of Thailand .

Centara plants trees for HM the King

Thirayuth Chirathivat (standing front row, sixth from right), chief executive officer, with general managers and the management team of Centara Hotels & Resorts, have worked on a project to plant 86 teak and pasauk trees at Bueng Tung Sang Health Park in KhonKaen province in honour of the 86th birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol on 5th December 2013 as part of Centara's policy for encouraging green and sustainable tourism.

Thonglor Pet Hospital provides rabies vaccine Ariya Nontakul, quality manager of Thonglor Pet Hospital, and teams of veterinarians participate in rabies prevention campaign by vaccinating 1,000 dogs and 200 cats at the Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation.

Level 34, Hilton Pattaya



Happy Hour at our pool bars BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

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Flying Smart on Smile >> from L1

The Smile fleet will consist of ten brand new Airbus 320-200 by the end of 2013. While the low-cost carriers depart and land at the old Don Mueang runways, Thai Smile Air uses Suvarnabhumi. Our inaugural flight, TG 781, departs for Mandalay at 07:25 hrs on the dot. One hour and 30 minutes later the Smile airbus, in bright Thai Airways liveries and with 168 passengers on board, lands on time at Mandalay International Airport, which, by the way, was built in 1999 by Thai construction giant ItalianThai PCL. We step into a white, functional-looking terminal, which has a line of protruding passenger air bridges ready for the anticipated tourist onslaught. Mandalay: The Golden City Immigration and customs: piece of cake. Moments later our Chinesebuilt tour bus hits the almost deserted, pencil-straight, four-lane motorway to Mandalay. It’s 35 km

from our hotel, Mandalay Hill Resort; the best address in town. Burma's last royal capital is bestowed with maybe one of the most lyrical names in the world. ManDAH-lay! How it rolls off the tongue. The name ignites images as old as the languid Irrawaddy River. Founded as a royal capital in 1857, today it’s a bustling hub of commerce and trade. The city--sans skyscrapers--boasting a population of a million souls, is laid out like a flat grid; sprawling between the dry plains of the upper Irrawaddy district and Mandalay Hill, which is dotted with temples and pagodas. The dress here for men and women folk is the longyi, or sarong, and comfortable flip-flops or slip-on footwear. Mandalay is a metropolis where bicycles are fast disappearing and being replaced by light, Chinesemade motorbikes and scooters. In the bustling, fuming streets and intersections we also see small pickups, compact Japanese family cars and some luxury SUVs, too.

Monasteries, the Royal Palace and U Bein bridge Our Mandalay tour kicks off with Shwenandaw Monastery. This monastery is most famous for its intricate 1850s Burmese teak wood carvings, boasting of dark patina. But the devil is in the detail; the doors and the windows in particular are real masterpieces. This pre-colonial chef-d'œuvre is not to be missed by any Mandalay visitor. But respect the etiquette. Gentlemen: No shorts or sleeveless shirts. Ladies: No short skirts or spaghetti straps. Next stop: The extensive Mandalay Royal Palace: the last royal palace of the last Burmese monarch, built in 1859 as part of King Mindon's founding of the new royal capital city. It served as the primary residence of King Mindon and his successor, King Thibaw, who ruled over Myanmar until the Third AngloBurmese War in 1885, when he was forced out of his palace by British troops. Burma’s last king died in exile in India on 15 December 1916, aged 57. Although largely destroyed by British air raids at the height of World War II, the Mandalay Royal Palace has been restored to its former splendour. The impressive, rectangular complex is enclosed by four walls; each of which is 2 km long and punctuated with defence bastions and decorative spires. Surrounding the walls is a sizeable

square-shaped moat and 12 gates. An historical attraction de rigour in the heart of old Mandalay. On the bus again. Next, we stop at the township of Amarapura, meaning "City of Immortality”. We visit one of Myanmar's most photogenic sights: the U Bein teak bridge, which stretches close to 1.2 km across Taungthaman Lake and is said to be the longest teak bridge on stilts in the world. While the bridge is busy throughout the day, it sees the most activity at dusk: fishermen in the still waters; Theravada Buddhist monks streaming in their burgundy robes from one end to the other; and children and grown-ups walking and biking from shore to shore. Burmese artisans and Mandalay Hill The city is also known for its small, white marble sculptures of Buddha. Dozens of stone and wood workshops are still producing these sculptures in the way it has been done since ancient times. Mandalay artisans take pride in working with traditional methods in weaving, carving and casting. The most popular, and photographed, are the marble sculptors, bronze foundries and textile artisans. To get the lay of the land, the vantage point par excellence is the Mandalay Hill, which towers above the city and the flat plains below. Virtually all visitors and pilgrims to Mandalay climb the 1,729 steps

to the covered southern stairway with its magnificent, massive white guardian chinthe (half-lion, halfdragon) sculptures at the entry. From the top, and from several waystations along the ascent, there's a jaw dropping 360 vista of the city, the old Royal Palace, the Irrawaddy River and the distant Shan Hills. But… 1,729 steps: barefoot. Yes, there’s also a lift. Climb up and then take the elevator down; that’s my advice. Trust me. After the hot Mandalay Hill expedition a glass of cold Myanmar beer and a bowl of mohingar, the earthy-flavoured fish noodle soup that is Burma’s cherished national dish, hits the spot perfectly. Delicious. Our Mandalay sojourn has come to an end and we depart on our smart Smile flight back to Bangkok. Au revoir, La Birmanie! Remember: the changes are coming fast--politically and touristically--so now is the right time to visit this enchanting, profoundly Buddhist country and former Imperial British colony which is just a 1.5-hour flight from BKK.


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Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

SATURDAY 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM CALL 038 933 888

Mick & Di The Food Lovers

Al Fresco at Oceans restaurant

If you haven’t already visited Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort be prepared to be impressed! This extraordinary hotel is Pattaya’s first unique, themed hotel and it is a remarkable feat of architectural engineering and innovative design concepts. The hotel is created as two soaring18-storey towers connected by sky bridges and set on the fine sands of Wong Amat Beach. The exterior boasts its own jungle, water park, river, waterfalls, watersports, boating, fishing and kayaking, while the interior décor is a dwarfing experience of towering wooden columns, rock-clad walls and colossal contemporary works of art. Centara Mirage prides itself on its coterie of speciality restaurants and bars. Acqua is a stylish traditional Italian restaurant, Flames is a beachfront BBQ and grill, Ginger and Lime serves Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine while Zulu is a trendy, party bar complete with DJ and private karaoke rooms. However, Mick and I had been invited to their daytime Oceans restaurant. The restaurant is situated not only adjacent to the extravaganza

that is the swimming pool but also overlooking the white sand beach and palm-fringed ocean – the perfect spot for lunch thought Mick and I. The shaded wooden terrace offers spacious seating, an open display kitchen, a big bar and of course those spectacular views. Once seated we were introduced to the new executive chef for Centara’s Pattaya operation, Colin Grant. Hailing from Scotland, chef Colin has circumnavigated the globe many times on his gastronomic odysseys before returning to Thailand and taking up the helm of master-minding the immense culinary operation at the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya. One of chef Colin’s first undertakings had been to reinvent the menu at Oceans restaurant. Creating a menu is a fantastically underrated art and requires not only a magnitude of diverse experience but also the understanding of what the customer wants and is prepared to pay. The most important theme here at Oceans is freshness and vibrancy. Seafood is the focus with international snacks, salads and naturally Asian favourites

paniment. Seared tuna loin had been crusted with sesame seeds and served unusually with sliced sweet strawberries and crushed walnuts on a bed of baby spinach leaves. The merest glistening of the leaves with a balsamico dressing provided the finishing touch. Salads here are light and vivacious dressed with a light hand and containing only the freshest, brightest ingredients. For lamb lovers, the menu offers a warm grilled loin of lamb combined with roasted zucchini, micro leaves, flat bread chips and mustard herb dressing (B.380). There’ll always be someone at the table fancying a lunch time pizza and at Oceans they have a collection of six from which to choose. Calzone (folded) parcel filled with salami, chorizo, mushrooms, olives, chili flakes and mozzarella (B.280), Stromboli (a pizza sandwich roll) with BBQ chicken and cheese, Margarita (medium or extra large) and the one we tried, a piadina. This is a very popular Italian flat bread sandwich that is a speciality of the Emilia-Romagna region. Ours was filled with luscious smoked salmon, cream cheese, rocket leaves, high on the list. We were to be served a tasting menu and whilst sipping on one of their excellent fruit smoothies we took a moment to take in our dazzling surroundings. A perfect day surrounded us; a turquoise sparkling sea, a golden palm fringed beach and the prospect of a delicious lunch – does it get any better? We started the proceedings with a chilled avocado soup with prawn from the soup kettle (B.170) which was quickly followed by a promotional dish from the Isan menu, spicy scallops in tamarind sauce. Delicious both but the Northeast Thai dish won our vote for flavours zinging with excitement and spiciness. Snacks (or starters) from the new menu include fresh vegetable cruditee with guacamole and labneh (a soft cheese made from yoghurt), or chicken sate, fresh vegetable pakora, beer battered prawns, tuna sashimi or six imported chilled oysters served with lemon, rye bread and Tabasco sauce (B.360). Big snacks include beef burgers, club sandwiches, quesadillas and soft tacos. Our main course came from the sea with a fruity and leafy accom-

sliced onions and capers. We would have definitely polished this one off--if we had not known that more was to come. Mick and I love our seafood and we had been looking forward to the shell fish tasters that were to come. Big bowls of steaming, shimmering mussels and clams were laid before us. Redolent with garlic, parsley and white wine with a hint of butter, the aroma was wonderful. Served with either fries or super crisp garlic bread both made for the ideal dunking partners. For a luxury treat in the crustacean department, steamed Canadian lobster is available (B.1,700) and also for a taste of the sea, the seafood combo platter containing steamed prawns, slipper lobsters and mussels served with salad leaves or fries. I haven’t even mentioned the Asian favourites yet. Indian butter chicken with garlic nann, Chinese braised beef noodle soup or stir fried sweet and sour pork, Japanese noodle soups and naturally a selection of Thai dishes complete the eclectic new menu. In summing up, Oceans offers a spectacular setting with an innovative global menu to please the most discerning. Prices are very reasonable, the staff friendly and efficient, making Oceans the perfect spot to enjoy al fresco daytime dining.

Oceans Beachside Restaurant

Is in Centara Grand Mirage Resort, Soi 18, Naklua, North Pattaya. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Full take-away menu available. Tel: (038) 301 234 visit


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THB 1,500.- free THB 2,200 .free flow soft drinks flow drinks & wines Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

SUNDAY 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM CALL 038 933 888

F&B Promotions Thai Local Street Food Market

Crab Season

Garden Cafe is proud to launch the Thai Local Street Food Market in Pattaya. This talk-of-the-town spread is sure to please, featuring Phad Thai Goong Sod, Hoy Thod, Gai Yang- Som Tam, Spicy Thai Salad, Thod Mun Pla, Talay Phad Pong Karee, Look Chin Ping, Thai Desserts, Seasonal Fruits and much more. All flavors prepared using the freshest ingredients. Price starts from Baht 100 for a la carte and Baht 650 net for ‘All You Can Eat Buffet. Every Saturday 18.00-21.00 hrs. Garden Cafe – Savor international cuisine and a unique Home Style Buffet, where traditional Thai flavors are blended with a contemporary mix of western recipes.

Cape Dara Resort Pattaya a proudly presents the special promotion “Crab Season”

For more information please contact Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa 038 412 120 E-mail:

18 Jazz Classics and 5 Gourmet Courses By Mick and Di The Food Lovers

Throughout the month of June 2013, Radius restaurants serve special King Crab promotion with tasty dishes in different cooking styles. Come and try our chef recommended dishes at your favorite restaurant and enjoy the taste of the king of seafood. Available everyday from 6:00 to 22:00 hrs. For reservations or information, please contact 038 933888 Cape Dara Resort Pattaya 256 Dara Beach, Soi 20 Pattaya-Naklua Road Pattaya 20150 .,Tel 038 933888,

Oasis Going Indian at Oasis restaurant Throughout the month of June, Chef Ram of Oasis Restaurant at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya proudly present 2 Indian set menus that you should not miss! Indian set menu A (*600 Baht++ per person), starting with Tandoori Chicken” Chicken Marinated with yoghurt and Indian spice served with mint coriander Chutney”, Rice pulao “ Indian basmati rice cooked with cream, onion and Indian spice” and 3 more Indian traditional dishes. Including dessert for rainy season Rashgulla “Cottage cheese balls soaked in chilled sugar syrup”.

Indian set menu B (*650 Baht++ per person), comprising Tandoori prawn “Prawn marinated with black pepper, egg, yoghurt and Indian spice”, Chicken Tikka Butter masala “Boneless chicken cooked with onion and tomato creamy gravy, Lamb Rogan Josh “lamb shank cooked with onion tomato gravy with Indian spice and Papadum and pickle. End up with Gulab Jamun “deep fried sweet dumpling stewed in sugar syrup”. (*Subject to service charge and VAT) “Oasis” Restaurant located at lower Main Lobby near the water park of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. Open daily from 6.00-23.30 hours. Call to reserve at (038) 301 234 ext 426061.

Sunday Brunch

Blue Cheese Potato Pizza

Happy Sunday Brunch - all you can eat brunch buffet at Radius Restaurant

Holiday Inn Pattaya Introduces the Italian Style Pizza “Blue Cheese Potato”

Enjoy the timehonored tradition of a Sunday Brunch with family and friends Radius Restaurant, Cape Dara Resort Pattaya. Executive Chef Youngyuth and his culinary team have created more than 300 items for the buffet, and there is a healthy juice and vegetable bar. Brunch includes seafood buffet, grill, carving station, sashimi, dim sum, chafing dishes and much more. End the meal at dessert station, where there are cakes, tarts, and many other selections, along with ice cream, sorbet, and fresh fruits. Price is only THB 1,500 per person with free-flow soft drink or THB 2,200 with free-flow red and white wines. A discount of 50 percent is applied for children below the age of 12, and there is no charge for children below six years of age accompanied by their parents. All prices are subject to service charge and tax. Brunch is served from 11:30am to 3:00 pm.

Holiday Inn Pattaya introduces the Italian style pizza of the month in June “Blue Cheese Potato Pizza” offers potato slices cooked and blue cheese topped with red onion caramelized garlic cloves roasted and fresh rosemary leaf serve on thin and crispy pizza. Experience the Italian flavor pizza throughout June at Havana Bar & Terrazzo as THB 395 net. Receive 50% discount from 4 pm - 6 pm.

For reservation and information call 038 933 888 Or

For more information or reservation please call 038 725 555.

Happy N’ Healthy Treat At Mauve, Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit

International Restaurant A Real Southeast Asian Treat at Flavors International Restaurant Tingle your taste buds for dinner with the flavors of Malaysia, prepared by Guest Chefs Mohamed Ruzihad Muri and Zaini Bin Mohamed Noor from Renaissance Kuala Lumpur. Try a mouth-watering creations including Ikan panggang, Kerabu daging, Acer jelatah, Beef rending, Curry ayam and many more…, all prepared with the freshest of ingredients for the prices of THB. 1,390++ (Sunday - Thursday) and THB. 1,650++ (Friday Saturday). From June 7 – 21, 2013 For further details and reservations, please call Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel,Tel. 02 125 5010

Mauve restaurant presents the great taste of a well-being 4 Course set dinner, featuring health conscious foods and luscious non fattening desserts. Choose from signature dishes ‘Yam Som O’, ‘Homemade Salmon whole wheat burger’ or Pan roasted sea bass, and conclude the evening with Raspberry parfaits or Gourmet sorbet with tropical fresh fruits. Mauve is offering ‘Happy N’ Healthy Treat’ 4-course set dinner featuring one complimentary glass of freshly prepared fruit juice for THB 899 (net) per person. The promotion is available throughout the month of June from 6 pm until midnight. For more information, please contact Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit, tel: 02 645 4999., 23/2-3 Sukhumvit 13, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey Nua,Wattana, Bangkok., bangkokth_sukhumvit

For food promotions please email press release at

Another successful evening of live jazz and gourmet food wowed patrons at the popular Mantra Restaurant in North Pattaya. The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation Jazz Quartert--led bykeyboard player Bhudinant Deeswasmongkol with guest singer Karista Yenpoonsuk-delightfully entertained with a selection of timeless classic jazz numbers. An exclusive 5-course gourmet menu accompanied the Jazz evening. To the strains of “For Sentimental Reasons” we were served a succulent Maine lobster salad, avocado and salmon caviar. When a creamy potato and leek soup with pan-seared green lip mussel was presented we were enjoying the upbeat vibes of “Almost like Being in Love”. Chardonnay and lime steamed snow fish with saffron aioli and baby vegetables provided the escort to the dulcet sounds of my favourite song, “For Sentimental Reasons” while the fine selection of cheeses from the trolley made the flavoursome companions to that wonderful sentimental song, “Cry Me ARiver”. For the sweetest ending caramelized pear with a quenelle of pina colada cream chiboust (cream lightened with stiffly beaten egg white) melted in the mouth to the delightful sounds of “Quando, Quando, Quando”. Check Mantra’s website on for more musical gastronomic evenings.


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Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

Level 34, Hilton Pattaya

Delicato Wine Dinner

Sheraton wine dinners are always high flying affairs. Matching carefullyselected wines with executive chef Spencer’s innovative cuisine in a confluence of luxury overload is always going to make for a dinner to remember. The latest addition to their coterie of oenophile events was no exception. Providing the bibulous element was the Delicato Family Vineyards from California hosted by their regional sales manager for Asia, Ryan Stewart.

Latitude lounge at The Sheraton is a spectacular venue. It was here that we gathered to enjoy a glass or three of the chosen sparkling wine of the evening, Dumont Brut NV. Glasses in hand, canapés at the ready we stood and marveled at the magenta sky heralding yet another stunning sunset over the Bay of Pattaya. It was then time to ascend the staircase leading to the Papaya Restaurant where our muchanticipated dinner awaited. If we were in any doubt as to which culinary direction chef Spencer was to follow for this latest gourmet affair, the arrival of the amuse bouche left us in no doubt whatsoever. Across the room trays of misty, smoking dishes appeared advancing to the awaiting diners. An innovative green glass dish was used to serve the amuse bouche perched (almost levitating) on a bed of dry ice vapour to stimulate the senses and create a truly dramatic presentation. Diced scallops had been folded into creamy avocado and served with a tomato ceviche sauce. This course was a true eye stunner as well as a taste bud pleaser.

The first pouring of the evening was a Delicato Chardonnay 2011. Fresh, young and fruity with a medium body it was a delight. In concert with this wine we were served the star dish of the evening (for me), blue crab with truffle mashed potato and a sea urchin sauce; it was a revelation. Sparkling briny tastes of the sea from the crab and the fascinating new taste (for us) of the sea urchin sauce combined smoothly with the creamy mash with its raunchy truffle flavouring. The second course produced yet

more contemporary methods of preparing the modern day menu. The description was braised beef cheek and lobster tail, cauliflower puree with lobster sauce. So far so gastro, yes mouth watering stuff and the result? You’ve guessed it superb. The beef cheek had been cooked “sous-vide” (sealed in an airtight plastic bag and placed in a water bath for up to 72 hours) and appeared on the plate evenly cooked with a soft, juicy texture. Escorted by sweet lobster and anointed with a profound lobster-bisquesque sauce it was another triumph. A

Delicato Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 with its fruity medium body made good friends with the surf and turf elements of this course. It was now approaching time for the main event: noisette of lamb and a cassoulet of summer beans and rosemary attended by the pride of Delicato wines, a Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel 2010. Traditionally roasted lamb was accessorised with a selection of beans from fava to black-eyed Susies providing the perfect foil to the richness of the meat. The awaited Zinfandel was a wonderful weighty wine packed with blackberry, black cherry and veiled chocolate components skillfully crafted to be enjoyed with this exact type of food; we could have happily depleted the bottle. Dessert time and what a dessert it was! Picture an egg somewhere between the size of a small ostrich or large duck fashioned out of white chocolate with the top cracked ready for spoon-dunking accompanied by dark chocolate granules and a white chocolate ice cream--or you could just look at Mick’s photo! Either way the reality of this magnificent confection was eye rolling. The white of the egg

was in fact a creamy pannacotta and after a few dunks the “yolk” or a golden mango sauce was reached resulting in the sweetest sensation. White chocolate ice cream and dark crunchy granules bequeathed the final coup de grace. Stars for this dish? It should have received constellations! Keeping it sweet, this course was harmonized with a Quady Electra 2010 dessert wine. This delightful, medium to full-bodied desert wine with its sweet-tart peach and apple skin finish brought this Olympian of wine dinners to a sensational finale. The evening was a joy. Chef Spencer’s creative cuisine matched with the wines of Delicato’s sunny terrain provided Pattaya with a night to remember. Upcoming culinary events can be found on the Sheraton website. Details of Delicato wines can be found on or contact Ryan Stewart on 086 397 2984. The Sheraton Pattaya Resort Is located at 437 Pratamnak Road (next to The Royal Cliff). Tel: (038) 259 888. Website:


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Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Pizz a Sauce Ingredients

Ingredient 1 portion of Pizza dough 80 gram tomato sauce 90 gram Mozzarella cheese grated 30 gram Parmesan cheese grated 30 gram Provolone cheese sliced 100 gram Buffalo Mozzarella cheese torn 60 gram Pepperoni sliced (spicy salami) 20 gram Black Kalamata olives (stone removed)

60 ml olive oil 2 x 400 gram cans crushed tomatoes well drained 5 gram garlic crushed 5 gram fresh basil leaves torn Salt and pepper to taste Mix all ingredients together Note: no need to cook sauce

Pizza Dough Ingredients 40 ml olive oil 5 gram salt 450 gram whole meal plain flour 1 ½ teaspoons dried instant yeast 200 ml Ice cold water Place oil, salt, flours, yeast and 200ml Ice cold water in a processor. Process until. Dough just forms. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead for 5 minutes or until smooth and elastic. Place dough in a large, oiled bowl. Cover and set aside in a warm place for 40 minutes or until doubled in size. Using your fist, punch down centre of dough. Knead for 20 to 50 seconds or until smooth. Roll out to form a round base

ll name:


Cooking Method Pizza dough home made or premade Tomato sauce home made or premade Preheat oven to 230°C. Sprinkle a baking sheet with polenta or semolina, shaking off any excess. Place the dough on the baking sheet Spread the dough with the tomato sauce leaving a 1cm border. Top with the cheeses. Then top with the sliced salami and black Bake for 5 minutes or until the base is crisp. Top with fresh basil leaves and ready to serve.

n Large Chef Jaso ef,

tive Ch a : Execu @ g in nn Pattay I Perform y a d li o H i Pepperon y s e e h C : dish Featured Pizza

Grilled skirt steak kalbi with warm mushroom salad, fried leeks, truffle scented cauliflower puree and sweet soy

Part of what makes my cuisine unique is how it plays on really familiar flavors and then takes you to somewhere else totally different. Although this dish has very basic ingredients with the steak and mushrooms, we’ve taken it deep into the Asiatic flavor profile with the seasoning. People have told me that it reminds them of something they’ve had as kids, or all their life and I think how is that? This dish borrows from a Korean BBQ called kalbi, umami flavors from the Japanese sweet soy and even truffle oil and cauliflower puree from French cuisine. I guess it’s all because of how amazingly it all goes so well together.

For the skirt steak and mari nade:

For the cauliflower p u ree:

1 pound skirt steak, cleaned 4 tablespoon sesame oil 2 tablespoon chopped scallions 1 tablespoon sesame seeds 2 cups kalbi marinade Salt and pepper to taste

4 cups of cauliflower cut into florettes 6 cups water Salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon butter 1 cup heavy cream Grated nutmeg

For the Warm mu shrooms :

F or the fried lee k s :

1 ½ cup honshimeji mushrooms 1 ½ cup maitake mushrooms 3 tablespoon sweet soy sauce 4 tablespoon blended oil Truffle oil 1 table spoon chopped garlic

1 stalk of leeks, cut into thin strips Oil for frying Salt and pepper to taste Garnish: Spicy mixed micro greens

For the skirt steak, season it with salt and pepper heavily. Mix all the marinade ingredients well. Place the skirt steak in it, making sure it is submerged and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (up to 24 hours). When ready to use it, wipe the extra marinade of the meat and grill it on open fire to medium rare. Make sure to give it plenty of time to rest before slicing it straight across the grain. For the cauliflower puree, cook them in boiling water seasoned with salt and pepper until tender. Drain and place it in a food processor. Add the heavy cream and butter and pulse until desired smooth consistency is achieved. Season it with fresh ground nutmeg, salt and pepper and a little bit of truffle oil to taste. For the mushroom, heat up the oil in a sauté pan over medium heat and add the garlic, then add the mushrooms making sure not to crowd the pan so that you get a nice sear on them. Deglaze with the sweet soy and season with the salt, pepper and the truffle oil to taste. Fry the leeks strips in oil until golden brown and crispy then season with salt and pepper and a little bit of the ground nutmeg as well. To plate, spoon some of the cauliflower puree on the bottom of the plate, top it with the sautéed mushrooms and skirt steak. Place the fried leeks on top to finish it all. Drizzle some truffle oil and sweet soy on the plate. Garnish with some spicy mix micro greens.



Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

Turbocharge Your Fat Loss With These 7


Belly Fat Burning Foods!

Spa’s Indulgent Cliff Spa’s Indulgent Cocoa Scrub Indulge your senses and entire body with a warm exfoliating cocoa butter and brown sugar scrub. This rich blend of antioxidants leaves your skin feeling completely moisturize with a smooth and completely serene afterglow. Experience this truly nourishing skin booster! Duration : 45 min Price : 1500++ THB Opening Hours: 10:0022:00 hrs. Daily. For a relaxing retreat and more information on our treatments, please contact Cliff Spa Receptionist at Tel: (66 38) 250 421 ext. 2828 or Email: |

by Elizabeth Smith,

Are you aiming to get rid of a few pounds of excess belly fat for a special occasion? If you are, the chances are that you will be interested reading more of this article to find out a lot more about foods that you can eat that actually aid in burning belly fat. Such foods do exist and simply by incorporating these into your diet, then you can eat to burn fat! Clearly the first step to burning belly fat in this way is in knowing which of these ‘secret’ foods you can eat. The second step is in learning how to introduce them into your daily diet in moderation. We will now talk about the foods, that if incorporated into your daily diet, which combined with a little moderation and willpower, will help you shed pounds of unsightly belly fat very quickly indeed.

Regent Phuket Cape Panwa Regent Phuket Cape Panwa is offering spa treatments at special prices until the October 31, 2013. Regent’s Wellness Package features a wide range of massages and treatments, harmonizing Chinese and Thai traditional therapies. The selection of treatments includes the 90-minute signature Regent Wave Massage, where skilled therapists melt away pressure with soothing wave motions, and the 120-minute Traditional Thai Massage. Also included amongst the complimentary services is a choice of 25-minute Warm Bamboo Rolling, a 40-minute Chinese Abdominal Massage or a 120-minute Traditional Thai Herbal Compress. Guests are also invited to enjoy scheduled daily yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Kinetic classes, and revitalize after treatments with a healthy Japanese Bento Box and an energy boosting drink. Complimentary access to the beach, fitness centre and tennis court is also provided. Reservations can be placed directly with Resort Reservations,Tel +66 7620 0800, Fax +66 7620 0803, Email: or visit http://

Luminous Spa The “Facial Treatment by PAYOT” is now available at Luminous Spa Indulge yourself on holidays with a premium pampering programs at our Luminous Spa. Enjoy the benefit of waking up early with 30% discount for treatments and massages during 11:00am to 2:00pm, every Sunday to Thursday. Cape Dara Resort Pattaya 256 Dara Beach, Soi 20 Pattaya-Naklua Road Pattaya 20150 Tel 038 933888

1. Citrus Fruits Many fruits, as you probably already know, contain high levels of vitamin C. In particular these include tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, kiwi, cherries, strawberries, lemons and limes, which are naturally rich in vitamin C. You may or may not know that citrus fruits such as these naturally boost your bodies’ energy, this in turn increases your metabolic rate. Vitamin C has also been scientifically proven to help burn fat as it’s a vital vitamin, which helps your body's metabolism with regard to fat. 2. Nuts Nuts? Are you kidding me! Incredible as it is to believe, but a couple of portions of nuts every day can help you burn belly fat. They are actually a slow release energy food and they do not give you a ‘high’ followed by a ‘low’ like sugary snacks do. This means they make you feel fuller and less hungry for longer. Many long distance cyclists swear by them for this reason alone. Certain nuts such as pecan nuts, walnuts, and almonds are high in their level of antioxidants as well as Omega ‘3’ fatty acids, which one could call a “Healthy fat”. It’s worthwhile noting if you don’t eat healthy fats, you are actually more likely to gain weight. Nuts also contain high protein levels, and protein aids recovery after exercise as it boosts your metabolism, helping your body to recover faster. 3. Green Tea


Aqua aerobics became popular in the 1990s but somewhat fell out of favor due to concerns that the buoyancy created by water limits the exercise’s effectiveness. However, a recent study finds that performing certain exercise routines in water does in fact increase muscle strength and reduce fall risk in postmenopausal women at risk of osteoporosis. The results also suggest that the exercise regimen helps maintain bone density. The researchers hope their findings encourage postmenopausal women to consider pool-based exercise.

If you’ve never tried green tea then you may be surprised to learn that it will help you burn more calories and hence lose weight faster, due to an ingredient in it known as EGCG, which has been proven to help with weight loss by allowing your body to burn more calories whenever it is ingested. Alternatively you can buy EGCG tablets. 4. Broccoli You might not like vegetables but if you’re serious about burning belly fat fast, then be aware that it’s rich in vitamins, minerals as well as fiber. This is important

as the higher the fiber content, the more bowel movements you will have. Also, the fiber makes your stomach feel fuller for longer, and so your body burns more fat whilst taking in less calories at the same time. 5. Eggs Tests have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast actually weigh less than people eating other foods for breakfast. This is because eggs contain both high levels of protein and vitamin B; And vitamin B is key in digesting and eliminating body fat. Also, people who eat breakfast lose more weight during the day as compared to those who skip breakfast. The reason is because eating breakfast kick starts the body's metabolism in the mornings. 6. Garlic Whilst it’s not a good idea to eat garlic before going out with anyone, it’s worth noting garlic is a great belly fat burning food. Indeed it has been found that garlic contains high levels of Allicin. This is a chemical compound that has numerous health benefits, including the one we are all after, and that is helping your body get rid of excess belly fat. 7. Brown Rice Do you know what competitive cyclists eat, before and after a race? Well they don’t eat white/ polished rice, but brown rice instead. This food is one of their favorite foods as it enables them to eat well, and at the same time keep body fat to an absolute minimum. Brown rice is also very tasty, wholesome and rich in fiber, and the body uses a lot of energy in digesting it, and hence burns body fat in doing so. If you’re looking to burn belly fat fast, start introducing some or all of these fat burning foods (that we have revealed in this article) into your diet today! For additional information on weight loss, and for tips on skin and hair care, beauty, health, romance, and more, go to




Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

Eat your way to beautiful skin Whether you want to improve the health and beauty of your skin or your goal is to preserve your youthful appearance as the years go by, it is vital that your daily regimen of moisturizers, sun blocks, quality makeup and other facial products be fortified not only externally with facials and other applications, but also internally. Just as generous quantities of water are vital to your skin’s hydration, sensible selection of foods is vital to help clear your skin, and impart a young, glowing look. Here are ten foods that will naturally help you achieve healthier, cleaner and more beautiful facial skin. Avocados – Found in many beauty products, avocados are high in Vitamin B, which is important to smooth, healthy skin, and can help with the appearance of irritated, red, or puffy skin. Eat it in salads, in smoothies, or alone. You can also use it as a facial rub.

Berries – Virtually all berries are excellent for your skin as well as for overall health. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc., all have essential vitamin C for healthy skin, and work to help build collagen fibers, and provide younger looking skin. Berries also are loaded with antioxidants—necessary to fight inflammation.

Nuts – Healthy fatty acids found in walnuts, almonds, pistachios and other nuts help maintain the cell membrane and help remove harmful toxins from the body. They also help retain water in your skin, giving it a desirable plump, healthy look. A handful of nuts each day is great for overall heart health and maintaining a healthy weight. Potatoes – Boiled or baked, potatoes provide the copper that your body needs for a healthy glow. The high zinc and Vitamin C count also aid in creating more elastin in the skin, providing young, healthy, and vibrant-looking skin. Whole grains – Brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, oatmeal and other whole grain foods help keep you looking young and healthy. Make sure the whole grain food you choose is high in fiber.

Flax seed – If you do not love fish or other foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, flax seed oil is the perfect solution for you. The high omega-3 count is going to help with hydrating the body, diluting sebum levels, unclogging pores, and helping prevent and fight acne. The healthy oils found in this flax seed oil, will give the skin the natural glow, and will provide you with the health benefits you need, for young, healthy skin. Yogurt – High in protein, yogurt helps create firmer, more elastic looking skin. Greek yogurt is even more beneficial, as it is high in fiber and contains more than two times the amount of protein found in regular blends of yogurt. If you are unable to eat plain yogurt, no problem. Spice it up by adding berries, nuts, banana or even honey.

eforea spa at Hilton Pattaya

please dial 038 253 000 for inquiries and reservations

Bell peppers – Choose green, yellow, orange or red capsicum for relief from crow’s feet you might have below your eyes. Carotenoids (antioxidants in bell peppers) help with wrinkle prevention, and they can also help to reduce wrinkles, for younger, and for fine and healthy looking skin, if eaten on a regular basis.

high levels of antioxidants also help fight off free radicals, meaning you are not going to notice premature, or aging skin, at a younger age than you would hope to. Another benefit: mangos are relatively low in calories and they are a great fruit to add to your diet regime—or to your smoothies. Cottage Cheese – This dairy product is not one of the more popular foods in Thailand and often is difficult to find in markets. However, it is worth searching for inasmuch as it contains selenium and vitamin E which help fight free radicals and provide higher antioxidant counts for healthier looking skin. Some research indicates that cottage cheese can help prevent certain types of cancers.

Mango – Plentiful and inexpensive here in Pattaya, mangos are not only delicious but they also help with the overall look and health of your skin. Mangos contain more than 80 percent of the Vitamin A you need to consume during the course of the day, and it can help maintain your skin and its overall appearance. The

Eat then shop If you’re hungry, stay away from the supermarket. For years, diet gurus have been advising people not to go grocery shopping when they are hungry. New data suggests that’s sage advice. A recent study revealed that hungry shoppers bought more high-calorie food items during a virtual food shopping experience than those who had just eaten — even if it was just a snack. Additionally, the researchers observed that people buying groceries in the late afternoon and early evening purchased a higher ratio of high-calorie to low-calorie foods than those who shopped closer to lunchtime.


diversions music / new release Kelly Rowland – Talk A Good Game

Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

upcoming movies The Internship

This Is the End

Man of Steel

Lead Actors Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson Rose Byrne, Chuti Tiu, Director Shawn Levy Genre Comedy Release Date 7 June 2013

Lead Actors James Franco, Paul Rudd, SethRogen

Lead Actors

Director Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen Genre Action|Comedy Release Date 12 June 2013

Director Zack Snyder Genre Action|Adventure|Fantasy Release Date 14 June 2013

While attending a party at James Franco's house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.

A child, sent to Earth from a dying planet, is adopted by a couple in rural Kansas. Posing as a journalist, he uses his extraordinary powers to protect his new home from an insidious evil.

Talk a Good Game is the upcoming fourth studio album by American recording artist Kelly Rowland. Formerly titled Year of the Woman, Rowland's fourth album is due for release on June 18, 2013. Here is a look at the official track list for the album. It will feature guest appearances by Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Wiz Khalifa, Pusha T, The Dream and Kevin Cossom.

1. Freak 2. Kisses Down Low 3. Gone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 4. Talk a Good Game (feat. Kevin Cossom) 5.Down On Love 6. Dirty Laundry 7.You Changed (feat. BeyoncĂŠ & Michelle)

8.I Remember 9.Red Wine 10. This Is Love 11. Street Life (feat. Pusha T) 12. Stand In Front of Me 13. Sky Walker (feat. TheDream) 14. Put Your Name On It

Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital world. Trying to prove they are not obsolete, they defy the odds by talking their way into a coveted internship at Google, along with a battalion of brilliant college students. But, gaining entrance to this utopia is only half the battle. Now they must compete with a group of the nation's most elite, tech-savvy geniuses to prove that necessity really is the mother of re-invention.

Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe



Vol. 01 No. 11 | Jun 1-15 2013

The new Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 LTZ

GM's clean-burning E85 Flex-Fuel vehicle Chevy Cruze “It looks like a Chevrolet Malibu”, says my friend, international automotive designer Yasser Farook, as he stands in front of the new, black, shining, by John Lindgren facelifted Chevy Editor-in-chief: Cruze LTZ. “See the new cool front and rear bumpers, the integrated fog lights, the new front grille with a bigger Chevy bowtie. The new headlight design with chrome bezels, the new five spoke alloy wheels and the grille that makes the brand's bowtie logo stand out more prominently. This is a stylish looking four-door saloon. Does it look Japanese? No, the design is more central European,

North American, or maybe South Korean-because of the Daewoo-General Motors connection,” says Farook. E85 environmentally friendly This is the mid-life update of the GM's Cruze, Chevrolet's so called C-segment contender for Thailand. Other cool design cues include the interior trim with the new button-type ignition and digital connectivity. But the most prominent update to GM's Cruze is the 1.8-liter, E85-capable engine. This makes the Cruze a FFV (Flex-Fuel Vehicle) capable of running on regular petrol to 85 percent ethanol content in order to compete with the big Japanese marquees Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer EX and Toyota Corolla Altis, all FFV's capable of running on gasohol with maximum ethanol content

up to 85 percent. Rough estimates suggest that using E85 can yield a cost saving of some 1 baht per kilometre over E10 (ethanol content 10 percent) or gasohol. “There are currently more than 64 E85 pumps in Thailand, and more

are expected in the future as consumers realize the benefits of this type of fuel. Ethanol is renewable, and it is ideal for a country that has to import its oil," says Martin Apfel, president of General Motors Southeast Asia Operations. Pattaya Today tests the range-topping new Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 AT LTZ carrying a retail price of 998,000 baht. Again, just like Tom Cruise – this Cruze also has got the looks. Especially against its plain vanilla-looking Japanese opposition with the exception of the passion red Mitsubishi Lancer EX. Inside, the Cruze is also well-appointed compared to the aforementioned Japanese troika. The new Cruze comes with a two tone upholstery trim in delicious chocolate brown faux leather. Stop and start button. No more fiddling with the key into the ignition slot routine. That's old school! The new Chevy Cruze 1.8L comes with a circular engine start/ stop button (including keyless entry). The GM engineers have also reduced the NVH (Noise/Vibration/Harshness) with triple door seals and a five layer interior roof lining. Plus the usual bells and whistles: multifunction steering wheel, rear parking assist, cruise control, graphic info center and auxiliary Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Plus plenty of storage space and enough cup holders. Engine specs The E85 (Flex-Fuel) 1.8 liter Ecotec power train runs on pure petrol or a 85 percent ethanol mix. The four cylinder 145 horsepower engine is mated to a smooth, six-speed automatic transmission. For the enthusiastic driver there is also a five-speed manual box available. (Cruze 1.6 MT base price 750,000 baht. Cruze's safety package: the standard ABS, EDB, and ESP brake-

force, stability and anti-lock systems. Plus a five-star class-leading crash safety rating including four airbags (front and side). The drive In Bangkok, on the expressways, motorways and on the provincial highways and byways, the Cruze impressed me with good driving characteristics and ride, including adequate balance and handling, good high-speed grip and intuitive steering. Stopping power, too, with disc brakes all around. Chevrolet Cruze was launched in Thailand in November 2010. More than 20,000 units have been sold. In 2012, the compact saloon led the brand with global sales of more than 755,000 units. This made it the best-selling Chevrolet nameplate around the world with nearly 1.9 million units sold since its launch in 2009. If you're looking for a new car and prefer a non-Japanese alternative, test drive the new Chevy Cruze 1.8 FFV (flexfuel alternative). Chevrolet Cruze 1.8L LTZ

(E85 Flex-Fuel Vehicle) Engine: 1,800 cc Power: 145 horsepower Maximum torque: 177 Nm Fuel consumption (combined): 14 kpl Price: 998,000 baht

For advertising please call (089) 607 9850 E-mail: SEE US ONLINE at

GMs Outlook:

“I firmly believe that our success owes much to the creation of harmony in construction teams and to the facilitating of close communication between architect, engineer, interior designer, consultants and contractors.”

- Prab Thakral

Managing Director


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Volume 2

Issue 10 1-15 June 2013

What's Inside: Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati

Maserati’s Abarth 695 Edizione is now available in Thailand. The sleek and sophisticated sports car is limited to only 499 units worldwide.

page P3/27 Magna Carta Law Office Last Will and Testament in Thailand

page P4/28 Treetops Condominium thanks agents

Treetops invited everyone to their sales office and showroom on-site on Thappraya Road to say thank you to local agents and for their continued support.

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No Good Byes, Only Good Buys!

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See us online at www.classifieds.

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Thonglor Pet Hospital Pattaya Choose the best for your pet

The recent trend in veterinary medicine is to make humanquality care also available to pet owners. With the arrival of Thonglor Pet Hospital in Pattaya, the popular Eastern Seaboard city is celebrating another pioneering triumph as regards both facilities and technology. But this time it’s animal welfare.

by Barry Kenyon Thonglor Pet Hospital, whose Pattaya branch is on Sukhumvit Road very close to the intersection with South Pattaya Road, is an inpatient, out-patient and pet-care centre offering top-notch services. It offers treatment in ophthalmology, dermatology and allergy, cardiology, acupuncture, fertility, orthopedic

care, diabetes, dentistry and cancer, amongst other common subjects. The company was founded in 1994 in Bangkok with 14 staff and has expanded over the years to eight branches – all in the greater Bangkok area except Pattaya which opened in April 2012. They now have a staff 450 people nationwide,

including both veterinary and support personnel. The founder and owner of the Thonglor Pet Hospital is Dr. Boonchu Thongcharoenpoonporn, who is now preparing a five-year plan which will see branches opening up in all major Thai cities. “As regards Chonburi province,

Pattaya is just the start and we are planning ventures in Rayong, Chonburi city and elsewhere,” he said. “We are confident about future growth because the service we offer is exceptional and unique.” The three-storey building on Pattaya’s Sukhumvit Road is certainly impressive. There is a

P2 / 26

Volume 2 Issue 10 1-15 June 2013

Business Feature total space of 600 sqm and much of it is packed with contemporary wellness facilities, the latest x-ray and allied technologies and a caring and compassionate staff to reassure the pet owners. Incidentally, the customer profile in Pattaya is 50 percent Thai and 50 percent farang, many more foreigners than at any Bangkok area branch. The latter include Americans, Europeans, Russians and increasingly Korean and Japanese retirees and work permit holders. There is even an overnight room where anxious owners can stay whilst monitoring the progress of their pet, usually post-operation. “We are really trying to make the environment similar to a hospital catering for humans,” says the company’s marketing manager Chaipitak Trairatananusom. “Our commitment is to partnerships, teamwork and collaboration in accordance with our vision of providing collaborative care and support to patients and clients.” The model here is based in part on Banfield Pet Hospital, the largest privately-owned veterinary practice in the United States, which is based in Portland, Oregon. A subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, Banfield owns clinics in the US, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Many of the 800-plus clinics operate inside PetSmart stores. Returning from a recent visit to Banfield, Dr. Boonchu says, “Both

they and we here in Thailand have a common goal of providing highquality medicine for each pet we treat and of working alongside our clients to ensure they have the resources they need to care for their pets at home. We understand the special bond between pets and people which is the key. All our hospitals provide the finest, most convenient human-quality medical services available as well as industry-leading anesthesia protocols and equipment.” At the Pattaya branch, about three-quarters of the patients are dogs and a further 15 percent cats. The remainder include rabbits, birds, guinea-pigs, hamsters and the occasional snake too. Of course, many of the animals do not require an overnight stay or surgery. The out-patient division of the hospital is kept busy with general medicine, injections and the all-important annual physical check-up. “A lot of health problems in pets can be prevented by an annual examination and the preventive medicine which can accompany it,” explains Dr. Boonchu. There is also a pet-care store with a wide variety of pet foods and ancillaries which will delight the discerning pet owner. Separately there are facilities for grooming and showering canines as well as a holiday-home facility for you to leave your pet if you are taking

Dr. Boonchu Thongcharoenpoonporn, founder and owner of the Thonglor Pet Hospital network a vacation. The computerized records system makes use of the latest technology. “For example if you live in Pattaya but happen to be in Bangkok with your pet, the completely integrated data is instantly available at all our branches.” Thonglor Pet Hospital Pattaya in essence is the pilot for more branches to come outside the metropolis. So why Pattaya? “We did a lot of market research before deciding to come here,” explains

Dr. Boonchu, “and Pattaya has so many advantages for us. There is a large expat population from a whole range of countries whilst it is near Bangkok, especially since the opening of the new motorway to Suvarnabhumi airport. We believe Pattaya has a very bright future, perhaps even as the Thai Riviera which City Hall has suggested.” Asked about future community work in Pattaya, Dr. Boonchu is aware that there is a big problem of stray and unwanted cats and dogs

in the sois and temples. City Hall and several local animal charitable foundations are already supporting the neutering and adoption of some of these animals, although the problem is always bigger than the solution. “We shall be working with Pattaya Today and other fund-raising sponsors in coming months to assist in these ventures,” Dr. Boonchu says, “We really want Thonglor Pet Hospital Pattaya to be at the forefront of animal welfare in the city.”

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Volume 2 Issue 10 1-15 June 2013

Business News Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati Raimon Land names new CEO

Maserati’s Abarth 695 Edizione is now available in Thailand. The sleek and sophisticated sports car, limited to only 499 units worldwide, is the special edition 180 hp Bourdeaux Pontevecchio convertible with signature Maserati ‘Neptune’ style wheels, Brembo brakes, Abarth Competizione MTA semi-automatic gearbox with paddle shifting, Koni sport suspension and Poltrona Frau beige leather seats. See the Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati at Empire Motor Sport’s Viphawadee Showroom. Call 02900-5353 or email info@ Empire is the sole authorized dealer for Maserati in Thailand.

Tulip Group to focus only on hotel development Tulip Group is redirecting its prime focus on expanding its hotel portfolio. For the past three years the Pattaya property developer has concentrated on bringing branded residences to Pattaya, including Centara Avenue Residence & Suites, Waterfront Suites & Residences and Centara Grand Residence Pattaya--all mixed-use developments consisting of both hotel and residential components. Now Tulip Group will develop only stand-alone hotels, says Jason Payne, vice president. “Hotel development has always been a priority for us and we have seen this as our core business, branded residences were an ideal opportunity to bring something different to the market, with the focus being on building only in prime locations whether this be in central locations or direct beachfront,” Payne explains. “However, for the last 12 months we have had our concerns that the Pattaya property market is becoming overcrowded and congested. This has led us after taking advice from our bankers and financial advisors that developing only hotels for the immediate future was a more sensible business decision” Tulip Group will open a super luxury 5 Star Centara Grand on Phratanmak Hill in August and is in talks with three international operators to bring a further 3-5 luxury hotels to Pattaya. Payne added that “construction of our current projects will continue as planned and we are fully

committed to delivering to our buyers true world class properties, we remain very positive about these condominiums as well as the onsite hotels, however all projects that were in planning stages, or not officially launched will now be put on hold, in order that we can fully focus on expanding our hotel portfolio.” Tulip Group has four condominiums and five hotels under construction. The group expects their hotel portfolio to grow to around 15 properties within next 3 to 5 years.

Johnson Tan Chin Kwang has been named CEO of Raimon Land Pcl, the real estate developer that last week posted net profits of 142 million baht for the first quarter of 2013, compared to a net loss of 70 million baht a year earlier. The new chief executive officer joined the Raimon board last February when he helped acquire the company for Singapore-based JS Assets Management. He says he will devote his energy on the next strategic move for the company. “Our plan for Raimon Land is twopronged. As we retain our core competence in developing high-end quality properties in Thailand, we will look at diversifying our revenue base by generating recurring revenue from non-residential segments”, he said. Johnson Tan holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Social Science Economics (Honors) degree from the University of Singapore where he graduated at the top of his class and was a recipient of the Lim Tay Boh gold medal and NUS Economics Society Book Prize. He has held senior roles in his 20 years of investment banking experience spanning New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. In Thailand, he has led the recapitalization of TMB Bank, the sale of Bumrungrad’s Asia Hospital in Manila and the recent acquisition of Raimon Land.

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Volume 2 Issue 10 1-15 June 2013

Legal & Expat Money FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Last Will and Testament in Thailand by Magna Carta Law Office What is Estate Planning? Estate planning is a process of anticipating and arranging the disposal of an estate and managing an individual's asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death. As part of an estate planning, drafting a Last Will and Testament is recommended. What is a Thailand Last Will and Testament? A Last Will and Testament is a declaration of intention by will, concerning dispositions of your assets or other matters which shall take effect according to law after your demise. The document will detail your assets in Thailand, such as property, bank accounts, vehicle, and personal valuable items, designating who shall inherit and control them according to your wishes to prevent unnecessary complications and quarrels among family members. Other than assets, what does a Last Will and Testament cover? Your Last Will and Testament shall cover five important points: 1. Appointing an Executor or the person who will be in charge of settling and ensuring that your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance 2. Naming all the beneficiaries of your assets 3. Procedure on how the assets shall be transferred to your beneficiaries 4. How funeral is to be arranged What should I consider when selecting an executor for my will? Overall, the executor will administer your estate and make sure that everything is done according to the terms of your will. Appointing a trusted executor is an important decision that needs thorough consideration. The responsibilities of an executor include making sure all assets are accounted for, all existing debts and tax obligations are paid, and that remaining assets are distributed to the correct beneficiaries in accordance with your will. Conflict of interest can be avoided by selecting an executor who is not a beneficiary or a business partner. Most individuals tend to choose family members or close friends to act as an executor; it is important that he or she is someone you can trust completely. Appointing someone as executor does not mean that the chosen individual must do everything themselves. Executors are allowed to hire others to help with various aspects of the process. If you don't have a friend or family member with the necessary expertise, consider hiring a lawyer, accountant or similar type of professional to act as your executor What happens to my assets in Thailand if I don’t have a Last Will and Testament? In Thailand, when a person dies without a Last Will and Testament, the intestate’s assets must be distributed in accordance with the law. As stipulated in the Civil and Commercial Code Section 1629, there are six classes of statutory heirs in Thailand. Each class is entitled to inherit in the following order;

1. descendants 2. parents 3. brothers and sisters of full blood 4. brothers and sisters of half blood 5. grandfathers and grandmothers 6. uncles and aunts The right of a surviving spouse to share in the estate of a deceased spouse arises automatically from marital status. Spouses who are under separation do not lose the right of inheritance to one another as long as divorce between them has not been granted according to law. Ordinances awarding such rights on a surviving spouse make the spouse a statutory heir. Before any distribution of the estate to the relatives, half of the estate (Sin Somros) will belong to the spouse, if any, and the rest will be distributed accordingly. How do I make a valid Thai Will? A testator must be competent and at least 15 years of age. A will may be made in any of the following forms: • It must be in writing, dated at the time of making the will and signed by the testator before at least 2 witnesses present who shall sign their names certifying the signature of the testator; • By Holograph Document. The testator must write with his own hand the entire text of the document, the date and his signature. • By Public Document. The testator must declare to a District Officer before at least 2 witnesses what dispositions he wishes to include in his will. The District Officer must note down such declarations and read it to both the testator and witnesses, all affixing their signatures after having ascertained that the statement written down corresponds with the declaration of the testator. • Secret Document. The testator must sign his name on the document, close the document and sign across the place of closure. This document must be presented to a District Official with at least 2 witnesses and declare to them that it contains his testamentary dispositions It's very important to observe the correct legal formalities when signing, amending, or revoking your Will. If you fail to follow all of the specific formalities, then your Last Will won't be legally valid. I already have my last will and testament in my home country; do I need a different will for my assets in Thailand? Different jurisdictions usually require different formalities for the wills. Having a will drafted in your home country to cover all your assets in Thailand may be troublesome to your family, especially in the event that the will might be invalid in Thailand courts should it not conform to Thai law requirements. A Thai will should be prepared and signed on Thai territory to ensure that Thai rules regarding the form of your will apply.

MAGNA CARTA LAW OFFICE 193/126-8 South Pattaya Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150, Thailand Telephone : 038 373735 - 6, MOBILE NO. : 082 479 1204 Fax : 038 373672 Email :

Expat Money Corner by Tim Whiteley

Food Glorious Food

The world’s population is now more than 7 billion and continues to grow by 82 million a year. During the last half-century, the total number of people has more than doubled. Between 1960 and 2010, the world population rose from 3 billion to 6.8 billion. Rich harvest: As the world grows wealthier, In other words, there has demand for meat leads to massive demand been more growth in for grain feed the last 50 years than the previous 2 million years that humans have existed. Currently the rate of increase is 1.2 percent per year, which means we are on a trajectory to double again in 58 years. The extreme growth in human population – now counted by an additional billion people every 12 to 13 years — is taxing the earth and its resources. Some of that growth may be relatively less damaging than others, but none of us are without an ecological footprint. Everybody needs basic resources but almost all of us aspire to utilise significantly more resources than are required by our basic needs. These needs and aspirations are multiplied by a factor of 7 billion, affecting the stability of the planet’s ecosphere, states the Population Media Centre. Food Demand and Production Putting food on the world's tables is a serious business. The United Nations' index of global food prices hit a record high recently. There have been riots over rising food prices in Algeria and Tunisia. In Sri Lanka, the army has started buying up vegetables from producers and selling them at low prices to ensure locals can get affordable meals. And prices in our own shops are reflecting a surge in world demand for essentials ranging from beef to wheat. British food costs rose by 5.5 percent in the year to November, according to the latest official inflation figures. Some of this increase in prices reflects short-term shortages after poor harvests and the effect of commodity speculators. But there is also a longer-term trend of rising prices as consumers around the world want better, more protein-rich diets. Investing in companies that help meet a growing demand for food and farming products could prove both ethical and fertile for investors. It takes 7 pounds of grain to make 1 pound of beef and 4 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of pork. As the middle class in the emerging world gets richer, there is a greater demand for meat and hence for grain and feed. Similarly, higher wealth is boosting demand for agricultural products ranging from cotton to coffee. One option for investors is to join the speculators and try to profit directly from the growth in commodity prices, but this is risky. Many feel that following the agricultural theme by investing in shares of agricultural businesses is a better option than the unpredictable and volatile commodity futures markets. Specialist investment funds are open to investors. These funds invest in companies worldwide that are linked to agriculture such as fertiliser producers and farm machinery manufacturers. Some also invest in firms that are further down the food chain, such as processors and even consumer food companies. Farmers have to invest in higher-yielding seeds and use more machinery and fertiliser to boost production. One fund has a narrow focus on buying into companies that are directly involved with agriculture. Their fund price has returned an annualised 9.5 percent since 2007. Some like a broader base, looking to invest "from field to fork". This means the portfolio can include food processing companies and even some infrastructure investment. One fund's price is up 17.7 percent for the year ending March 31, 2013.

Important Note - This article contains general information only and is not intended to be taken as specific financial, investment, or tax advice. A personal analysis should always be obtained. Tim Whiteley of IFA International has over 25 years as an IFA, advising international investors and expatriates, both onshore UK, and offshore in Asia. With offices in Bangkok, and regular client visits to Pattaya, IFA specialises in wealth protection services, offshore trusts, QROPS UK pension transfers and QNUPS, creating tailor made investment solutions for individuals around the world. IFA International does NOT provide discretionary portfolio management, securities advice, forex trading, or local brokerage/ insurance products. The services that IFA International Group provides are for international investors and expatriates only and are not applicable to local nationals. This is NOT a solicitation to sell or market securities. Questions to the author can be directed to:

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Volume 2 Issue 10 1-15 June 2013

Property Treetops Condominium thanks agents

The Lofts Ekkamai opens showroom

Treetops invited everyone to their sales office and showroom on-site on Thappraya Road to say thank you to local agents for their continued support with sales now reaching 60 percent. Compass Real Estate, the managing agent, reminded agents of the ongoing promotions and the sea view units that are available in this 'nature meets style' development by Bangkok developer Boutique Group of Companies. Boutique announced the start of construction of retail shop houses in front of the development. For full details visit the Treetops showroom which is open 7 days a week.

Atlantis Condo Resort Jomtien continues to rise

We have all noted the rapid construction process of Atlantis Condo Resort on Jomtien Second Road.The front building closest to the Jomtien Second Road was the last of the four buildings to be started and is now taking shape with progress up to the forth floor. The long standing showroom which was one of Jomtien Second Road's first structures is scheduled to be demolished with show units being replaced with actual units within the resort building. All four buildings are now out of the ground with buildings Apollo, Jupiter, Poseidon and Venus all up to the eighth and final floors

with all exterior and interior walls completed. Rob Rowcett, managing director of Compass Real Estate and managing agent of Atlantis commented, “The showroom will continue business as usual with no down time between showrooms”. The site of the old showroom will see construction of the fifth and last building which is intended for mix usage including retail and serviced apartments. Remaining units start in price from 2,049 million baht. Construction will be completed in the second quarter of 2014. For details visit the showroom which is open 7 days a week.

Raimon Land opens its showroom and sales center next Saturday for The Lofts Ekkamai, its latest freehold residential condominium on Sukhumvit Road. Featuring what Raimon calls “an affordable home inspired by the lifestyle lofts of Manhattan, New York and central London,” the 28-storey building offers studios, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units as well as duplexes. The Lofts Ekkamai showroom and sales center will be open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. For more information call 02-651-9600 or visit

Seven Seas Condo Resort is EIA Approved

When EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) was awarded ahead of schedule, Universal Group took the opportunity to start construction ahead of schedule. Rob Rowcett, managing director of Compass Real Estate and managing agent of Seven Seas commented, “Early construction start dates are rarely heard of but this instance has come about with early sales success achieved with the help of our Compass sales staff who man the showroom and the full support of marketing solutions company Silvermover”. The construction site was cleared some time back and now piling is taking place at a steady pace with all buildings following a similar construction time line. A construction progress web-cam will go online shortly and be available on the project website at www. Seven Seas Condo Resort is in Jomtien. The on-site showroom on Soi Chiapruek is open 7 days a week.

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Volume 2 Issue 10 1-15 June 2013


No Good Byes, Only Good Buys! Several local real estate professionals were asked last week to respond to the news that a leading developer was pulling out of the condo market. One of the Eastern Seaboard’s most high profile development companies had just issued a press release saying, in part, that ‘for the last 12 months we have had our concerns that the Pattaya property market is becoming overcrowded and congested. This has led us after taking advice from our bankers and financial advisors that developing only hotels for the immediate future was a more sensible business decision.’ Well, I can’t tell you what a bombshell this was to our local real estate market, inasmuch as within a day or two of that announcement, Singapore’s Andrew Batt of called for comments from several Eastern Seaboard real estate professionals. Batt writes for Property Guru, a leading property media company, and is often quoted around the world as an authority on property in Thailand. He also is former publishing director for Ensign Media, best known for Property Report Asia Magazine and, of course, the Thailand Property Awards, and was executive director, Bloomberg Businessweek Thailand, where he helped establish the Thai language edition in 2007. This regional, if not international, big gun was taking a serious look at the Pattaya property market and he wanted local reac-

tions to the developer’s market reassessment. Those reactions varied from ‘look on the bright side,’ as Nigel Cornick offered, saying that ‘there is still a place for quality and well-built buildings in excellent locations,’ to my own ‘just wait until the hammer falls’ comment, in which I was quoted as saying, ‘If you think the last (2007-2008) Eastern Seaboard slowdown was messy, get ready, because this one’s going to get real ugly!’. In less than 48 hours one of the most explosive and negative revelations about the Pattaya real estate market hit the World Wide Web when Batt published our comments in an article with the headline: Buy Pattaya or Bye Bye Pattaya? As you can imagine, that headline angered and disappointed a number of people and, I must admit, it even caught me

by Clayton Wade Managing Director

Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd.

by surprise. How could Andrew Batt even insinuate that the Pattaya real estate market was facing a severe downturn as the growing oversupply and continuing construction lead our market towards collapse? Actually, I am glad to see him take a shot at Pattaya. We have needed a wake-up call because our entire real estate market has put all its eggs in one basket, and that basket is the plethora of ‘B Grade’ condominium projects. Well, folks, Batt’s timing was impeccable as he could say that because the current perception is that we are heading towards some sort of property developers’ hell hole. But are we? When I said that this slowdown is going to get real ugly, I meant it, but B Grade condominiums are not all of what the local market is about. There is

Our very special thanks to Clayton Wade, managing director of Pattaya’s Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. for preparing this Pattaya Today column. Clayton Wade has been running Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd., with his wife, Khun Supap, for more than 17 years. He himself has been in the real estate industry going on 27 years, having started his career in the United States where he was licensed and practiced both real estate sales and property management in Seattle, Washington. Clayton personally was responsible for bringing in the first 53 General Motors

Yes, we have some tough an array of properties out there, a number of which is doing just times ahead as the repercussions great and, as Nigel Cornick said, of having overplayed our hand ‘there is still a place for quality and in one sector are about to take well-built buildings in excellent their toll. Nevertheless, we will continue on just fine with a hotel locations.’ One such project is South- market that is absolutely astounding, a new construction detached point Condominium. Newly-constructed detached housing market that is booming, houses have also been doing ex- and commercial development tremely well for a couple of years striving to keep up with our area’s now with one major Sri Racha remarkable growth. We did it to ourselves and developer having built and sold more than 1,000 houses there can only blame ourselves, as the entire area’s magazine, newspaper just last year. Terry Collins of the Vineyards and TV programming were all in (I, II and III) has been honing his the game selling one gimmicky building and marketing skills to condo after another without an impressive degree and is now considering the consequences, off with his latest development and those consequences are most likely going to hurt, but we can collaboration, Amaya Hills. Mitch and Nancy Jacobs out take it! There’s no Bye Bye Pattaya at Sedona Villas cannot even finish a house before it is sold, here as there has never been a betand in the south end’s Wat Yan ter time to be a buyer in Pattaya’s area, Baan Dusit Pattaya housing history, and between the great development recently got a new bargains on the resale market to Russian Orthodox Church built the fine quality and prime location residential properties that are in front of it. Yes, quality surfaces at all competing for market share, Patprice levels and the real estate taya’s residential property market market will survive just fine here is becoming more and more of a Good Buy every day. in Pattaya. Our appreciation to Andrew We’ve got years and years of positive growth ahead here on the Batt of PropertyGuru for a taking Eastern Seaboard, with a resale an honest and fair shot at a resort market currently swelling like town that was getting just a little we have not seen in years. Real too cocky for its own good. We buyers in the marketplace are sincerely thank you for a wellpurchasing resale properties at a deserved wakeup call! healthy pace and that’s inspiring. We are going through a period of price adjustment in which new and resale properties are either going to have to lower their prices to be competitive or elevate their quality to meet the expectations of more discerning buyers. Andrew Batt, you took a great shot at us and we deserved it, but know one thing: Pattaya has a lot more to offer than just B Grade Clayton Wade pulls no punches Condos.

executives for the start-up phase of Thailand’s General Motors manufacturing facility and had a three-year exclusive with the company. Following that experience, he placed most of the startup executives for the Eastern Seaboard’s BMW manufacturing facility. Clayton Wade is a Council Member with the Gerson Lehrman Group, the New York based international research and consulting firm, and has been a national panel judge with the Thailand Property Awards for many years. The American-born entrepreneur is known throughout the Asia-Pacific

region for his writing, public speaking and television presentations. His many accomplishments in promoting real estate on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard include having been a guest speaker with several of Thailand’s top political and business figures on CNBC’s Managing Asia. Premier Homes is Pattaya’s leader in exclusive property sales and rentals, which may be seen by visiting their website at: www.premierinternational. com. Clayton Wade may be contacted

at +(66) (81) 634-2915 or at: clayton@

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Volume 2 Issue 10 1-15 June 2013

GMs Outlook

Nature meets Style at Treetops Condominium Still pre-construction and confidently awaiting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval, Treetops Condominium is already attracting a lot of attention including a nomination for the 2013 Thailand Property Awards. Located at the top of Pratumnak Hill, right next door to Pattaya Court, this is a prime site on the less congested side of town.


rab Thakral, managing director of the prestigious Boutique Group of Companies and a graduate of universities in UK and USA, knows an excellent opportunity when one arises. “The prime location,” he says, “allows easy access to the beaches of Jomtien and Pratumnak and is just minutes from the city centre. A high quality development like ours needs a ‘must have’ site with amazing sea views and close to some of the resort’s best restaurants and local attractions.”

by Barry Kenyon

Perhaps the biggest selling point of Treetops is that it offers the tranquility of living close to the amenities of Pattaya whilst in an environment surrounded by nature. The site offers clear and uninterrupted views of the sea from the rooftop swimming pool and gardens and many of the units on the upper floors of the building. With just 252 units in a single building of 13 floors, Treetops is a mid-scale development and therefore more exclusive than you usually expect to find in contemporary luxury living. In other words, it is a truly boutique development in a charming and chic setting. The marketing logo “Nature meets Style” sums up succinctly the sustainability features of Treetops. Much of the design considerations focused on the superb views from this location, and a feeling of space and nature. So our design was

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Volume 2 Issue 10 1-15 June 2013

GMs Outlook I firmly believe that our success owes much to the creation of harmony in construction teams and to the facilitating of close communication between architect, engineer, interior designer, consultants and contractors.

Prab Thakral

Managing Director Boutique Group of Companies

implemented to ensure that views from the units are spectacular, regardless of their position in the building. The Treetops concept refers in part to the beautiful rooftop garden and the 9-meters high lobby, which again offers incredible views but also a great space to relax and enjoy the calming sense of nature. The fully furnished apartments are available as beautifully finished studios (24 sqm) or one-bedroom units (34.5 sqm) which can be combined into 2-bedroom condominiums if desired. The tropical garden and rooftop theme throughout adds a great sense of tranquility, privacy

and fresh air. Studio prices start at a very reasonable 1.6 million baht. There are two attractively furnished and fully-fitted show apartments on site which are open to public viewing. Particularly striking is the sumptuous use of stone and wood colours to create a home which feels at one with nature. “Half of the condos have already been reserved,” points out Prab, “and we have

received very positive feedback so far.” He adds that the target is to have 55 percent Thai ownership, including Bangkok-based residents looking for a second home, and the remainder foreign owners from Europe and now, increasingly, from Asia. “With the advent of the Asian Economic Community, the 10 nation free-trade zone, coming on stream in less than three years, a large percentage of future foreign buyers will be from Asean countries and also from China, Japan and India.” Facilities include a rooftop, infinityedged swimming pool, a fully-equipped sky gymnasium, roof garden, BBQ area, stunning sea views, professional landscaping, a mediation pond with unique stepping stones and the best of contemporary levels of security. A special focal point is the 9 meter-high lobby entrance ceilings where you can notice latticed sun screens which filter the direct sunlight, thus minimizing the heat and allowing the natural sea breeze to pass through unhindered in a natural ecofriendly manner. This tall lobby area is equivalent to three floors, thus making the fourth floor the first one available for living. Boutique Group of Companies

has seen diversification as key to its success and after the Rain Hill retail development, Boutique launched the first outlet for Marugame Seimen, the No 1 Japanese Udon quick service restaurant in Thailand. Treetops is the company’s first Pattaya initiative and, later this year, there will be announcements of two further portfolios including an OZO-branded hotel. “A great strength of the company is its proven track-record of success in developing high quality hospitality real estate which includes serviced residences and hotels,” states Prab. “The Boutique Group of Companies has expanded and evolved into one of the leading real estate developers of quality real estate now owning eight premium properties in Thailand with close to 1,000 units. One of our keys to success is creating harmony and good communication between all the parties from the construction teams to the architects and the engineers.” On the future of Pattaya, Prab is understandably optimistic. “Pattaya City Hall has offered the best leadership in any of Thailand’s provinces that I know and I think their goal of creating a Thaistyle French Riviera in the next 10 years is feasible if the promised improvements in

has a tradition of delivering what they promise in Thailand. Founded in 2004 by Prab Thakral, the first two completed developments in Bangkok were Citadines Sukhumvit 16, and Oakwood Residence Sukhumvit 24. Several other projects followed in quick succession and, by 2010, the total number of serviced residences had risen to 715 across the metropolis. Other than the hospitality business, the group

infrastructure come about, including the much-heralded hi-speed train linking the resort with Bangkok.” He adds that the onset of the Asean Economic Community will make Thailand a focal point in the area. “By the end of this decade, I do believe we shall be speaking of Thailand as a developed rather than a developing nation. It follows that Pattaya will be playing a large part in a very exciting future.”

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1 - 15 June 2013

French Restaurant for Articles for Sale Sale/Lease: Established (ptmas-e0009)Mobility 11 years in the same location Scooters -- Free test ride at in Jomtien rent 25K THB your home! Portable mobility p/m. 6 year lease. Sale scooters, latest models.  Full Price: 3,950,000 THB ser vice from Thailand’s includes everything please mobility scooter specialist. call 0823440822 Email at Call 081 875 0860 or 02 964 8405-07, www.ecobrand. APARTMENT BUILDnet, ING - Easy to run business for prices and brochures.  opportunity. This new three Contact us now for your free storey 21 room apartment test ride at your home! building in a central location, not far from Siam Country Business Club Road, has been built Opportunities (ptmpt-bo00)For Sale to European standards with or Lease. 23 Nice Two 3 one bedroom apartments Room Apartments located and 18 studio apartments all in 3 buildings on a one rai with spacious bathrooms and land parcel in a very central balconies, most are furnished location south Pattaya. Within and have AC units fitted, 5 min walking distance to ideal for long stay expats and walking street,however still holiday lets. Included in the a quiet and secure area.For sales price is an adjoining plot more info contact 081 of land approx. 450sqm that can be used to extend the 9099098, No agents please Office and Commercial building and add a communal Retail Space: For Lease in a pool or to build a private Great Location on Thrappaya villa. The building has its Ro a d , i m p r o ve m e n t s own water bore and a water includes Kitchen/ensuite filtration system is in place. bathroom and street frontage Total land area 1,465 sqm. with Clear Glass around, For Sale: 12.5m Bt. Website 395,000 THB (leasehold) Ref: HOTE010. Tel: 085 20K THB rent per month 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. call: 085-910-5124 S k y Vi e w Pe n t h o u s e com. www.pattaya-jomtienRestaurant for Sale/Lease: Stunning views of Pattaya GUESTHOUSE & BAR and Jomtien Bay Decorated in Ideally located profitable Vietnamese and French Style. 10 room guesthouse and 500 sqm Rent 45k THB p/m. bar. Located in a busy Soi SALE PRICE: 4,950,000 THB in Central Jomtien and close includes everything please call to the beach is this 3 unit 0823440822 Email at admin@ building with the ground floor running as a bar with Guest House/Coffee Shop pool table, music system and Soi Buakhao: 6 rooms large flat screen TV. There Leasehold: 3+3 Rent: is ample room to install a 30,000 Baht/Month. 19% kitchen to offer breakfasts cash return annually SALE and food to the guests and PRICE: 2,200,000 THB customers, thus increasing please call 0823440822 (eng) the profits further. The upper 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at floors contain 10 renovated and fully furnished guest G u e s t H o u s e / P u b rooms, a store room and Dongtan Beach: 4 rooms maids room. An established Leasehold: 3+3 Rent: business. For Sale: Leasehold 23,000 Baht/Month. Fully 3.3m Bt, monthly rent 30,000 occupied SALE PRICE: Bt. Website Ref: BUSS019. 1,499,000 THB please call Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: 0823440822 (eng) 085-910- l a m @ p a t t a y a - j o m t i e n 5124 (Thai) Email at admin@

Solution Sudoku Issue 17

84 9 3 2 5 7 6 1 4

5 1 7 9 68 4 21 3 8

6 2 41 16 3 8 77 9 5

1 52 6 3 6 7 9 8 4 23

43 7 2 8 1 6 3 5 94

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3 8 56 6 9 27 45 7 1

7 4 19 5 84 3 9 2 6

2 6 9 7 4 1 5 8 78

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Magna Carta Law Office can assist you in securing loans from a minimum 700,000 up to a maximum of 50 Million Baht through various financial institutions with no credit checks or black marks and no penalty for a bad credit history. All loans are secured against either land or property and we are able to lend you up to 50% of the appraised valuation of your asset.  The funds will be available around 10 days from the start of the application.   Loans can be for a period of 6 months to 1 year and can be extender for longer if needed. Call either 038-373735 or 081-9833620 to make an appointment. PAC Co., Ltd. Can renovate yo u r c o n d o a t a ve r y reasonable price with very good standard of work. Ring 087 139 1539 for estimates Eng, 087 150 4845 Thai If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software orhardware, please phone 0868202577 or 0811574561 (Thai &Eng). I will go to service at your place. If you are Looking for a Computer Graphic Designer,Web designer or would like to make someprintedmatters inreasonable price, please phone 086 820 2577 (Thai) or 081 157 4561 (Thai &Eng) or e-mail:

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Life’s a Beach – and you could be Living this P r iv i l e g e d L i f e S t y l e Tomorrow. Two spectacular beach side apartments have just come on the market. Situated on Na Jomtien’s sandy quiet beach they both offer a piece of paradise. The Penthouse is a 240 sq/m, 2-storey (4th & 5th floors), 3 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms, 3 toilets with extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Semi furnished. Price: 55,000 Baht/month on

yearly contract (other terms can be arranged). Apartment 1 is 140 sq/m, 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms/ showers. Semi furnished. Extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Price: 34,000 Baht/month on 1 year basis (other terms can be arranged). Contact: Tony Trail – Drifters Café and Apartments – Tel: (Thai) 087-7432319 or (Eng) 0816198626. info@

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Pool Villa For Sale – North East Pattaya - Spacious individually designed 257 sqm family single storey pool villa offering the best value for money in the city and ideally located by the Route 36. The European style proper ty offers 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, European kitchen with oven, hob and hood, office, open plan lounge and dining area, TV room, laundry room, private pool in 1,040 sqm landscaped gardens, detached en-suite maids room, covered car parking. Price:6.9m Bt.Website Ref: PLVS096. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Pool Villa For Sale – East Jomtien. The seller has reduced the price from 7.95m Bt for a quick ‘no hassle’ sale. Single storey 185 sqm villa in a quiet secluded small development on land plot 420 sqm, stylishly finished and furnished throughout, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, living room, dining area, covered terrace, sun deck, lagoon style private pool, covered parking, 24/7 security, less than a 5 minute drive to Sukhumvit Road.Sale Price: REDUCED to 5.95m Bt. Website Ref: PLVS155. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: House For Sale – Bang Sarey - Nicely designed new single storey house, Living area 132sqm, Land area 400sqm, one of two side by side, in this popular area of Bang Saray. The properties are built to European standards offering 2 - 3 bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms, European kitchens with ovens, spacious living room, dining area, patio terrace, car parking and landscaped gardens. Really great value for money and less than 5 minutes to the beautiful beach, shops, restaurants, bars and 20 minutes from Jomtien. . Price: 2.95m Bt. Website Ref: PLVS092. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com.

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Amazing Pratamnak Luxury Estate! Selling Price 60 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 634 Sqm/330 TLW. Oriental Thai House in Jomtien Location! Selling Price 15.9 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 450 Sqm/155 TLW. Beautiful Balinese Style Estate Home with large swimming pool! Selling Price 12 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 362 TLW/280 Sqm. Great Home in the very popular Siam Royal View! Selling Price 29.9 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 1 Rai/360 Sqm. Great Private Estate Home! Selling Price 14.9 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 375 Sqm/500 TLW. Stunning House at Santa Maria For Sale! Selling Price 37.5 Million Baht, 4+2 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 900 Sqm/650 TLW. This is an exceptional home built with the best of materials furnished with only the best. Great Bungalow with wonderful interior décor on Pratamnak Hill! Selling Price 11.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 170 Sqm/100 TLW. Charming Tropical Bangsarey Home! Selling Price 12.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/183 TLW.


Gorgeous Seaview from Bang Sarey Hills! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 470 Sqm/600 TLW. Fantastic Home in the Mabprachan Lake Area! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/Month, 5 Bedrooms/3+1 Bathrooms, 360 Sqm/400 TLW. Stunning and Gorgeous Home for Rent! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. Beachfront Villa with Impressive Interior Design! Rental Price 130,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 350 Sqm/400 TLW. Exclusive Home in Family Friendly Village! Rental Price 110,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/4+1 Bathrooms, 500 Sqm/400 TLW. Resort Living just 50 meters from the Beach in Jomtien! Rental Price 75,000 Baht / Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/25 TLW. Fantastic Home in Great Developement! Rental Price 110,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 440 Sqm/300 TLW. Impressive Lakeside Estate Home! Rental Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 650 Sqm/600 TLW. This is an absolutely fantastic family home right on a lake next to Phoenix Golf Club and in the country just minutes from town.


Wonderfully Designed Luxury Apartment! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 134 Sqm. Beautiful Apartment with Sea Views! Selling Price 12.6 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 135 Sqm. Foreigner Ownership in Jomtien’s La Royale! Selling Price 11.95 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 148 Sqm. Great Sea Views and In Town Location! Selling Price 29.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 268 Sqm. Great Jomtien Beach Area Apartment! Selling Price 3.5 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/2 Bathrooms, 80 Sqm. Wongamat Bay Sea View Apartment....This Month Huge Reduction! Selling Price is 13.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 210 Sqm. Best priced Apartment in Na Jomtien’s Pine Shore Condo! Selling Price is 8 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 91 Sqm. Fabulous and Low Priced Apartment at Ocean Marina! Selling Price 19 Million Baht, 4 Bedroom/4 Bathroom, 274 Sqm. Sea, Sunset and Island Views at Ocean Marina! Selling Price 17.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/3 Bathroom. 177 Sqm.


Beachfront Life Style for Rent! Rental Price is 85,000 Baht/ Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 266 Sqm. Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price is 48,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 101 Sqm. Stunning Apartment for Rent in Northshore! Rental Price 40,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 64 Sqm. Fantastically Designed Apartment at Grand Condotel! Rental Price 42,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 95 Sqm. Stunning Apartment for Rent in Jomtien Beach Area! Rental Price 27,500 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 102 Sqm. Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price 60,000 Baht/Month, 2+1 Bedroom/3 Bathroom. 214 Sqm. Beautiful Apartment with Spacious Living Area! Rental Price 55,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 340 Sqm.

Call Premier Homes Co., Ltd. 038-231-931 and 081-64-2915


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House For Sale – East Pattaya - Two storey semidetached houses, living area 120sqm, land area 160sqm in a ver y quiet secure development just a 5 minute drive from Sukhumvit Road. Very spacious, well furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining area, European kitchen with oven, car parking, clubhouse, communal pool and 24/7 security. The seller has in total six of these rental properties, some with tenants in place, that are let for between 18,000 Bt and 20,000 Bt per month on medium to long term leases bringing in a return of almost 8%. They can be purchased individually or all six houses together, only for sale because of the owners continued ill health. Prices From: 1.99m Bt each. Website Ref: PLVS071. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. House For Sale – Jomtien - Ideally located in Central Jomtien fully furnished single storey 130sm house, land 58 Tw, offering 3 bedroom, 2 luxury bathrooms, European kitchen, living room, dining area, covered parking, small patio, 24/7 security, short stroll to restaurants, shops, bars, taxis and 1km to the beach.Price: 5.4m Bt. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com.

Charming Tropical Bangsarey Home! Selling Price 12.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/183 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR2799) Beautiful Home in Jomtien Yacht Club!! Selling Price 29 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/4+1 Bathrooms, 390 Sqm/212 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5846) Great Mabprachan Lake Family Home! Selling Price 11.9 Million Baht and Renting at 90,000 Baht/ Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 330 Sqm/350 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR2694) Nice Home with Large Swimming Pool & Garden! Selling Price 13 Million

Baht and 6 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 560 Sqm/400 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR3895) Amazing Pratamnak Luxur y Estate! Selling Price 60 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 634 Sqm/330 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5946) Oriental Thai House in Jomtien Location! Selling Price 15.9 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 450 Sqm/155 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5972) S t u n n i n g To w n h o m e on Jomtien’s Dongtan

1 - 15 June 2013

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Beachfront! Selling Price 22 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/4 Bathrooms, 25 TLW/400 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6083) Char ming Detached House with swimming pool and lovely gardens in Wongamat Location! Selling Price 25 Million Baht, Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathrooms, 300 TLW/300 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6075) Beautiful Home in Tadarawadi Village For Sale! Selling Price 42,075,000 Million Baht, 4 Bedroom /4 Bathrooms, 526 TLW/769 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5758)

12 ZZ/36

1 - 15 June 2013

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Great Jomtien Park Villa with Very Nice Modern Furniture! Selling Price 34 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 238 TLW/500 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4176) Beautiful Balinese Style Estate Home with large swimming pool! Selling Price 12 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 362 TLW/280 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4802) Great Home in the very popular Siam Royal View! Selling Price 29.9 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 1 Rai/360 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4211)


A Really Unique Estate on One Rai of Land! Selling Price 50 Million Baht, 6 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1000 Sqm/440 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5052) Great Home in View Talay Villas! Selling Price 12.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 160 Sqm/72 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4854) Great Private Estate Home! Selling Price 14.9 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 375 Sqm/500 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5365) Stunning House at Santa Maria For Sale! Selling Price 37.5 Million Baht, 4+2 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 900 Sqm/650 TLW. This is an exceptional home built with the best of materials

furnished with only the best. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5790) Great Bungalow with wonderful interior décor on Pratamnak Hill! Selling Price 11.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 170 Sqm/100 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4365) Tropical Jomtien Villa with Private Swimming Pool: Thai-Bali Style, 3 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms, And 524 Sqm Sale Price: 8,695,000 THB. (Co Name) Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at J O M T I E N PA L A C E ESTATES- Modern style 6 bedrooms home, 3 bath, and 3 beds upstairs and downstairs. Living Area 280 SQM 10.9 million (Co name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at View Talay Villas with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 2 bed 2 bath 7.99 mil (co name) Freehold. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email to admin@bobby Nice House 2 Bed 2 Bath for Sale off Soi Khao Talo: 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living Room, Total Size 156 Sqm 1,899,000 THB. (Freehold) Thai Name Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085910-5124 (Thai) Email at

Pob Choke Garden Hill – Just Built - New House 2 Bed 2 Bath. Located in Bangsaray just off hwy. 331. Sale Price: 1,699, 000 THB (Freehold) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at

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House For Rent – Jomtien - Ideally located just 800m from Jomtien Beach in a quiet and secure development, this two storey family home offers 4 bedrooms two with balconies, 3 bathrooms, fully fitted European kitchen with oven, dish washer and washing machine, open plan living room, dining area, covered patio, covered parking, garden, electronic remote garage gate, 24/7 security. Minimum rental period of 6 months applies. A minimum rental period of 6 months at 45,000 Bt or a 1 year lease at 40,000 Bt per month. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. House For Rent – East Pattaya - A two storey townhouse in a very quiet secure development just a 5 minute drive from Sukhumvit Road. Very spacious, well furnished and offering 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open plan lounge, dining area, European kitchen with oven, car parking, clubhouse, communal pool and 24/7 security. Outstanding value for this large family home. A minimum rental period of 6 months applies at 20,000 Bt per month or 18,000 Bt for a 1 years lease. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com.



Two spectacular beach side apartments have just come on the market. Situated on Na Jomtien’s sandy quiet beach they both offer a piece of paradise. The Penthouse is a 240 sq/m, 2-storey (4th & 5th floors), 3 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms, 3 toilets with extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Semi furnished. Price: 55,000 Baht/month on yearly contract (other terms can be arranged). Apartment 1 is 140 sq/m, 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms/showers. Semi furnished. Extra large balconies rear and front with full sea view. Price: 34,000 Baht/month on 1 year basis (other terms can be arranged). Contact: Tony Trail – Drifters Café and Apartments – Tel: (Thai) 087-7432319 or (Eng) 0816198626.

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

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(ptmhfr-2112) OCCASION! Beautiful townhouse (South Pattaya), 2 minutes to city or beach, peaceful and green environment, superbly full furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, garage. Must have seen! Contact: 081 862 9710 Pool Villa For Rent – Jomtien - Stylishly finished and furnished pool villa, living area 80sqm, land area 240sqm, ideally located just 250m from Jomtien Beach offering 1 bedroom, 1 luxurious bathroom, European kitchen, living room, private pool, sun terrace, communal pool, restaurant, 24/7 security, 150m to numerous restaurants, shops, bars in Jomtien Night Plaza on Jomtien 2nd Road and taxis. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies at 40,000 Bt. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Pool Villa For Rent – Silk Road - Stylishly finished and furnished throughout, single storey family home in one of Jomtiens most popular and exclusive developments. The property offers 3 ensuite bedrooms, 3 luxurious bathrooms, 350sqm ,land area 520 sqm, European kitchen, living room, dining area, detached self contained guesthouse or maids room, private pool, covered patio, landscaped gardens, double covered garage, communal pool, fitness, kiddies play area, tennis court, CCTV throughout the development, key card entry, 24/7 security, just 1 minute drive to Sukhumvit and less than 5 minutes to the beach and Tesco Lotus. 70,000 Bt for 6 month, 65,000 bt for year contract. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com.

Fantastic Home in Great Developement! Rental Price 110,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 440 Sqm/300 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR2184) Exclusive Home in Family Friendly Village! Rental Price 110,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/4+1 Bathrooms, 500 Sqm/400 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR1601) I m p r e s s ive L a ke s i d e E s t a t e H o m e ! Re n t a l Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 650 Sqm/600 TLW. This is an absolutely fantastic family home right on a lake next to Phoenix Golf Club and in the country just minutes from town. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5679) Resor t Living just 50 meters from the Beach in Jomtien! Rental Price 75,000 Baht / Month, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/25 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR2977)

Land for sale 3.2 Rai 49 TLW,

Close to Jomtien 2nd Road

Call: 084 754 4214


Gorgeous Seaview from Bang Sarey Hills! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 470 Sqm/600 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR2424) Nice Rental Home in Phoenix Golf Cour se Area! Rental Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/600 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5230) Fantastic Home in the Mabprachan Lake Area! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/ Month, 5 Bedrooms/3+1 Bathrooms, 360 Sqm/400 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR0193) Stunning and Gorgeous Home for Rent! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/Month, 3+1 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 400 Sqm/120 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR3982) Beachfront Villa with Impressive Interior Design! Rental Price 130,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 350 Sqm/400 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR6017)

J O M T I E N PA L A C E HOME- 3 Bdrm 3 Baths modern 140 SQM Fully furnished with private Jacuzzi, towels, and linens. 30,000 per month for (1 year lease) please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at View Talay Villas with Private Swimming Pool, Jomtien 2 bed 3 bath 45,000 THB/Month (1 Year Lease) Fully Equipped (Freehold) Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email to admin@bobby

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View Talay 5 D - Stylish finished and modern furnishings in this mid floor studio 48 sqm on the Pattaya side of these very popular beachfront buildings with stunning sea views over Koh Larn Island. The studio offers a truly luxurious bathroom, fitted wardrobes, a fully functional European kitchen , stylishly furnished living area, large balcony, huge communal pool, CCTV, 24/7 security, a couple of minutes stroll to the beautiful Dongtan Beach and numerous restaurants, shops, bars and taxis. For Sale 2.75m Bt in foreign name. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: Porchland - The owner has carried out a really top class and stylish finish on this 37 sqm mid floor unit in these new modern low rise buildings off Soi Chaiyapruk. Stylishly furnished throughout with expensive wall papers, modern fitted units, European kitchen, fully furnished living room, 1 bedroom, luxury bathroom, balcony, communal pool, key card entry, 24/7 security, a short stroll to restaurants, cafes, shops, bars, taxis and 900m to the beach. For Sale: 1.7m Bt in foreign name. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com.

Baan Suan Lalana - Very well renovated 2 bedroom unit in this highly popular tropical resort style development, stylishly furnished throughout offering 2 luxury bathrooms, living room, European kitchen, large balcony, communal pool, gym, sauna, tennis court, mini mart, tropical gardens, excellent 24/7 security... just 800m to Jomtien Beach. A bargain buy. For Sale: REDUCED to 2.4m Bt. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. The Gallery - Very popular new moder n low rise buildings ideally located in Central Jomtien, just 150m from the new Night Plaza and the beach. This high floor sea view studio, 26 sqm has been stylishly and expensively furnished throughout with fitted wardrobe and LCD TV, luxurious bathroom, European kitchen, roof top infinity edge communal pool, sundeck, fitness, key card entry, reception, 24/7 security. For Sale : 2.1m Bt in foreign name. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. Fabulous and Low Priced Apar tment at Ocean Marina! Selling Price 19 Million Baht, 4 Bedroom/4 Bathroom, 274 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5414)

1 - 15 June 2013

ZZ/37 13

Wonderfully Designed Luxury Apartment! Selling Price 10.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 134 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5559) Beautiful Apartment with Sea Views! Selling Price 12.6 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 135 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4136) Foreigner Ownership in Jomtien’s La Royale! Selling Price 11.95 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 148 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4015) Great Sea Views and In Town Location! Selling Price 29.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 268 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5786)

14 ZZ/38

1 - 15 June 2013

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Gr eat Jomtien Beach Area Apartment! Selling Price 3.5 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/2 Bathrooms, 80 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5084) High Floor View Talay III Condo Apartment!! Selling Price 14.4 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 198 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5075) Nicely Decorated Apartment in Town at Northshore! Selling Price 9 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 67 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call


the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4990) Gr eat Sea Views and Stunning Décor in North Pattaya! Selling Price 7.474 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 74 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4862) Wongamat Bay Sea View Apartment....This Month Huge Reduction! Selling Price is 13.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 210 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR3990)

Best priced Apartment in Na Jomtien’s Pine Shore Condo! Selling Price is 8 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 91 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR4987) Sea, Sunset and Island Views at Ocean Marina! Selling Price 17.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/3 Bathroom. 177 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR3834) View Talay 5C-Stunning Beachfront Condo 2 Bed 2 Bath for Sale on Top Floor 98 sqm: (Foreign Name). SALE PRICE: 5,690,000 THB. , Please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at Jomtien Condotel – Studio 36 sqm Pattaya Sea view mid floor with Beach access (Foreign Name). SALE PRICE: 1,990,000 THB. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at

Pa r k L a n e R e s o r t – Reduced 100,000 now 1.59 million++ THB. 1 bedroom 1 bath (Foreign name). Pool and lagoon view please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email at admin@ Sunset Boulevard Residence I, Corner Unit 1 Bedroom-1 Bathroom, Total Size 52 Sqm (co. name) Sale Price: 2,595,000 THB++ Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at Sunset Boulevard Residence 1, (2) Studio Rooms, Total Size 36 Sqm each. Side by side 5th floor units with sea views Sale Price: 1,795,000 THB. Each++. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-910-5124 (Thai) Email at View Talay 5D – (Foreign Name) Large Ocean Side Corner Unit 1 Bed 2 Bath for Sale on High Floor in Jomtien, Total Size 144 Sqm. 10,900,000 THB. Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085-9105124 (Thai) Email at admin@ The Gallery Condo for Sale in Jomtien Beach: Studio, Total Size 36 Sqm. SALE PRICE: 2,350,000 THB. (Foreign name) Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085910-5124 (Thai) Email at

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535

Jomtien Condotel – 81 sq meter 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom 3.8 million THB (Foreign Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at LK Legend Condo - 1 Bed 1 Bath Nicest unit available in Central Pattaya. Total Size 86 Sqm. 5.900.000 T H B ( Fo r e i g n N a m e ) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at View Talay 2B - 10th floor Jomtien Seaview 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 76 (Sqm): 2.890.000 THB. (Thai Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at Park Royal 1 Pratamnak – Brand New 7th floor studio fully furnished 31 sqm 1,650,000 THB (Foreign Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at admin@bobby NEO Condominium- 1 Bedroom fully furnished 40 sqm, pool view, walk to Jomtien or Dongtan Beach 2 mins. 1,650,000 THB (Foreign Name) please call 0823440822 (eng) 0859105124 (Thai) Email at

Condo for Rent

Park Lane Resort Jomtien 1 bedroom 1 bath 36 sqm. 12,000 per month. (1 year Lease) Fully furnished linens, cooking utensils and are City Side View Please call 0823440822 (eng) 085910-5124 (Thai) Email at The Galler y - Already these are very popular rental units ideally located in Central Jomtien, just 150m from the new Night Plaza and the beach. This mid floor unit has been stylishly and expensively furnished throughout offering 1 bedroom ,39sqm with fitted wardrobe and LCD TV, luxurious bathroom, living room with LCD TV and DVD player, European kitchen with breakfast bar, balcony, roof top infinity edge communal pool, sundeck, fitness, key card entr y, reception, 24/7 security. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies, 22,000 Bt high season and 18,000 Bt per month low season. Website Ref: CDOR356. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com.

View Talay 5 C - A really stylish finish and modern furnishings in this mid floor studio 48 sqm on the Pattaya side of these very popular beachfront buildings with stunning sea views over Koh Larn Island. The studio offers a truly luxurious bathroom, fitted wardrobes, a fully functional European Kitchen with hob, hood and breakfast bar, stylishly furnished living area, large balcony, huge communal pool, CCTV, 24/7 security and a couple of minutes stroll to the beautiful Dongtan Beach and numerous restaurants, shops, bars and taxis. For Rent 25,000 Bt per month or 20,000 Bt on long term lease. Minimum rental period of 1 month. Website Ref: CDOR364. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: www. pattaya-jomtien-property. com Thip Condotel - A newly renovated and stylishly furnished 30 sqm studio with European kitchen, luxury bathroom, washing machine, balcony, communal pool, 24/7 security and a minute walk to numerous restaurants, shops, bars, Jomtien Night Plaza, taxis and 150m to the beach. Price : 12,000 Bt per month. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies.. Website Ref: CDOR344. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. View Talay Residence -Spacious high floor pool facing 55sqm, studio with new stylish furnishings throughout offering European kitchen, large luxurious bathroom, large balcony, UPVC double glazed windows, tropical lagoon communal pool, fitness, 24/7 security, 75m to the Jomtien Night Plaza, numerous restaurants, shops, taxis and 150m to the beach. Minimum rental period of 1 month applies at 20,000 Bt high season and 17,000 Bt per month low season . Website Ref: CDOR357. Tel: 085 129 5657. Email: lam@ pattaya-jomtien-property. com. Very Impressive Sea View Apartment!! Rental Price is 40,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedrooms/1 Bathrooms, 64 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5045)

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 374535


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Beachfront Living at its Best for Rent! Rental Price is 42,000-227,500 Baht/ Month, 2-5 Bedrooms/2-5 Bathrooms, 77-450 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PRC084) Beachfront Life Style for Rent! Rental Price is 85,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 266 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR0737) North Pattaya Beachfront Apartment....Definitely a 5 Star Lifestyle! Rental Price is 100,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 311 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4262) Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price is 48,000 Baht/ Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 101 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5423)

Stunning Apartment for Rent in Northshore! Rental Price 40,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 64 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4570) Fantastically Designed Apartment at Grand Condotel! Rental Price 42,000 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 95 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4187) Stunning Apartment for Rent in Jomtien Beach Area! Rental Price 27,500 Baht/Month, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 102 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR4464) Modern Designed Beachfront Apartment! Rental Price 60,000 Baht/ Month, 2+1 Bedroom/3 Bathroom. 214 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (PR5166)

Established manufacturer and supplier of cleaning solutions and chemicals are looking for an exclusive distributor/franchisee within Pattaya for their complete product range. A solid sales base has already been built up within area with a turnover in excess of THB 3 million. Interested parties must be motivated to grow sales.

Land for Sale

Job Vacancies

Centara Hotel & Resorts. Will be opening its fourth property in Pattaya, the five-star Centara Grand Phratamnak Pattaya, located at Phratamnak Hill on the East side of the city. Now we are seeking candidated for many position; - Food & Beverage Department (Restaurant Manager, Server, Bartender, Supervisor, Chefs, Commis...) - Front Office Department (Reservation Manager, Night Manager, Front Desk Super visor, Front Desk Clerk, Bell Man...) - Housekeeping Depar tment (Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Floor / Public Area Supervisor, Room / Public Area Attendant, Order Taker...) - Finance &


Sale Price THB 7.9 million

For further information contact Sven on 087 283 5349 or email

(ptm-lfs0012)Land for sale. 3.2 Rai 49 TLW, Close to Jomtien 2nd Road. Call: 084 754 4214

ZZ/39 15

The company manufactures and supplies cleaning materials to the commercial market – hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and numerous other businesses under a brand name. The hard work has been done in setting up the business and establishing a good customer base. Last year the business turnover was in excess of THB 5 million. The owner has to reluctantly sell due to personal reasons, however is willing to stay on for period of time to oversee the transfer of the business to a new owner.

Franchise For Sale THB 2 million

Beautiful Apartment with Spacious Living Area! Rental Price 55,000 Baht/ Month, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom. 340 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5491)

1 - 15 June 2013

For further information contact Sven on 087 283 5349 or email

Accounting Department (Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Purchasing Manager, Cost Controller, AR/AP Supervisor, Night Auditor...) - Spa & Sports Recreation Department (Spa Manager, Therapist, Spa Recptionist, Fitness Supervisor, Pool Attendant...) - Engineering Department (Technicians). If you are an energetic, organised and result-driven team player who is looking for challenge at the highest level of standards, send your resume or walk-in interview:  Human Resources Department Pre-opening Office Phratamnak Soi 5, Nong Prue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150 Mb: 081861 4505, T: 038-306 337 E: Junior Graphic, Junior Accountant at True North, Production Manager at URS’s behalf. Requirements: Secondary 6/Vocational - Salary based on ability - Full-time; Sr. Account

Representative John. - No age limit. Requirements: Bachelor Degree- Salary based on ability - Full-timeThe experience will be an advantage. Call: K. Nid 082 478 6444, email: nidjarin@ Assistant to Condominium Manager Wanted.We are looking for a female who is interested in working with property management.Job description: customer service to the condo community residents, property inspections of the common areas, building’s accounting and more.Requirements: Good written and spoken English, independent, well organize, good computer and accountant skills. Experience is a plus.Salary according to skills. CV with photo to Urgent! Experienced Waitress Wanted for International restaurant. Must speak English. Good salary + tips. Call 091 240 4331.

Vehicles for Sale

( p t m v s - j 1 7 1 2 ) To y o t a Corolla Altis 1.6G Auto Gold, new car warranty until Jan.2013. 24,000 klm, local driving only, as new condition, lots of extras. 620,000 baht.   Will not last be quick!  Phone: English: 0811 709562; Thai: 0870 512057. (ptmvs-a1612)Honda CRV 2.0 Automatic Future Classic Blue Metallic 2001, Perfect Condition, power windows, ABS, Airbags Aloy wheels. Radio/CD. Central Alarm System and Locking. Farang owner from new, maintained by Honda dealer, 210,000km new engine by 180,000km. All bills available 365,000 baht only. Call 089 015 4072 or 089 030 8891 Email: schovol@gmail. com Nissan March, 1.2 E CVT 2012. Automatic, silver, electric windows, central locking, CD player, 16,000 kms, with ser vice book and A1 insurance. As new 420,000 baht. Call 087 139 1539. Honda Jazz Top Of The Line. Silver gray, 2009 year model. Only  21,000 kms. Expat sell for 440,000 Baht, new 700,000. Ser ved by Honda. Call 087 108 0995

Deadline Issue June 16 - 30 Please Forward Your Classifieds by 5:00 PM June 7 E-mail : Fax : 038 - 374 535 Or drop off at our office 221/3 Moo 11 Sukhumvit Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

Tel : 038 - 374 534


1 - 15 June 2013

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Price on a dog’s life (John and Gill Dalley write) The vile and unacceptable dog meat trade in Thailand can be fought but requires determination, courage, compassion and funding. There are currently over 5,000 rescued dogs in Nakhon Phanom and other livestock centres. Although doing their best for the dogs, the Livestock Development Department has no budget for them and the fund set up by the local governor two years ago has now run out of money. The Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) is currently the only NGO providing food and vaccines – 2,500 dogs were sent to Nakhon Phanom last week at a cost of 250,000 baht – as well as financing the construction of additional shelters. The total current costs are well over one million baht a month and donations are desperately needed. Please visit www.soidog. org to learn more and to see the special account set up with 100 percent of the donations going directly to help the animals. If you are able to offer one of the dogs a home, SDF will transport the dog to most locations and will desex and vaccinate free of charge. Many of the dogs are stolen pets. Prior to SDF’s intervention,

Your Visa

Queries Answered Mr. Chang @ VISA SERVICE IN PATTAYA E-MAIL: 183/27 M.10 Soi 13/2 Nongpure, Banglamung Chonburi 20150 Mobile: 66 81 7549342 Tel: 66 38 711 145

Fax: 66 38 710 163

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British embassy letter Q: Now that the British consulate in Pattaya is closed, I have heard as a Pattaya resident that you don’t have to visit personally the embassy in Bangkok to get an income letter to renew your Thai retirement visa. What is all this about? A: You can still post the application to the embassy if you wish. But many people are using the services of a visa agent in Pattaya to go to the embassy on their behalf, which is perfectly legal. You need to give the agent a copy of your passport, an indication of your address and clear evidence of your overseas income, e.g. bank statements, P60 or whatever. The agent will add a small fee to the embassy charge, but the service offered by several visa companies is cost-effective and reliable. Retirement cash query Q: My income in euros is not sufficient to reach 800,000 baht requirement for retirement here. I am short by about 200,000 baht but I don’t really want to open a bank account here as I prefer to bring over traveller’s cheques once a year when I go back to Europe. I currently have more than 200,000 baht equivalent in TQs and I’m wondering if they will satisfy the immigration authorities. A: Afraid not. The cash has to be in a Thai bank, although it is OK to open a foreign currency account if you prefer that option. You may have to try several banks in Thailand as they do vary in their rules about how much the initial deposit must be. Retiree too young

Q: I am an American who retired after I inherited a fortune from my parents. I’d love to live in Thailand but, at 44, I’m too young to qualify for a retirement visa. I am not married to a Thai and I don’t want to

more than 70 percent of intercepted dogs died of starvation, disease or injury. Pet owners should be aware that gangs are now travelling across Thailand snatching pet dogs in addition to carrying out the old fashioned method of purchasing unwanted animals in exchange for plastic buckets in the poorest parts of the country. No penalties have ever been imposed on the ring leaders who are making millions of dollars a year from what is an unimaginably cruel trade. In addition, the trade is helping to spread rabies throughout the region. Although the trade is abhorred by the vast majority of Thais, the Thai authorities appear unable or unwilling to halt the dog meat trade at its source which would prevent the suffering from continuing. Last month SDF reached the significant milestone of sterilizing the 50,000th animal since 2003. We hope to have sterilized 100,000 animals in three years time. In our first year of operation we sterilized just one thousand. SDF is discussing with the Department of Livestock in Bangkok the introduction of a national programme as Thailand has pledged to eradicate rabies by 2020 in accordance with an ASEAN agreement. work here. So how can I live in Thailand without continually leaving the country? A: Inquire at your local Immigration Office or consult a visa agent about the one- year education visa which enables you to study Thai if you wish (around 200 hours a year). You need a non-immigrant visa to start the application. As you told me you are currently in the USA, I suggest you try to obtain a single entry “O” before you visit Thailand. Explain to the Thai embassy or consulate what your plan is. Rules about working Q: I want to be absolutely clear what I can do in Thailand as regards working. For what things do I need a work permit and for what things don’t I? I have heard for example that if I marry a Thai I can do what I like. A: Your information about marriage is wrong by the way; you still need a work permit. There is no master book to answer your general question. The alien labour act is very strict and makes unlawful any work-related activity whether paid or voluntary. The Immigration Bureau or visa agents can discuss with you what is work and what isn’t in the light of your particular plans. No stamp in passport Q: I recently came into Thailand through a land border post which did not seem to be manned at the time. So I just walked through and there is no entry stamp in my passport. Someone says I will have a problem next time I want to leave Thailand. A: Yes, it needs sorting out as soon as possible. Check with your local Immigration Office to see whether you need to return to the same border post for the stamp. They might, or might not, be able to settle the matter by phone with the border post in question. Overseas bail Q: I have heard that a foreigner on bail in Thailand can apply at the court for permission to go abroad to see his or her family. There is nothing about this on the internet so I’m not sure if it is true. A: Yes there is a facility for doing what you ask. Much depends on whether the sitting judge believes you will return for the trial. Also a larger bail bond may be sought. You need legal advice on this one. You will need clear documents explaining the reason(s) for your overseas trip.

Today's Editorial Planning for the general election Although the next general election is probably two years away – unless the Pheu Thai governing party calls one early on the issue of the constitutional court’s authority – the opposition Democrats are holding lots of meetings about restructuring and moving people around internally. The ideas put forward include empowering the grassroots in the constituencies, clarifying business policies to fit the upcoming ASEAN framework, using existing personnel more professionally and, of course, rewriting their own internal rules. The question is whether it’s going to work. The signs are not hopeful. The problem is not that the Democrats can’t put their own house in order if they choose to. The underlying issue is where people live. According to the 2010 census, 22 million or so live in Isaan (40 percent in Korat, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani and Khon Kaen) and a further 12 million in the North. Added together these regions provide more than half of Thailand’s total population. Even now, when no general election is in sight, there are plentiful Pheu Thai signs and publicity all over the two regions, especially on behalf of the prime minister and her absent brother. Nowhere do you see any positive publicity on behalf of the Democrat party whose leader is anyway usually shouted down when he tries to hold a meeting in “forbidden” areas. All this is without considering the so-called Red Shirt villages which can be expected to resume their place in the headlines as a general election draws nearer. The Democrats do tend to do well in other areas, especially eastern and southern Thailand and in Bangkok and surrounding areas. But unless they make a clean sweep in these areas they can never overcome electorally the dominance of Pheu Thai in the north. But the notion of the clean sweep is doubtful. More than a million people in Bangkok voted for the Pheu Thai candidate in the recent election for the metropolitan governor’s post who was only defeated by an unusually high turnout of voters on the day. Nor is the central region obviously Democrat turf. Chonburi, for example, is clearly dominated by the resilient Phalang Chon party which is part of the current government’s coalition. So what can the Democrats do? Their reform plans might bear fruit in the longer term but it would be wellnigh impossible to make inroads in Pheu Thai-dominated regions before the next election. Their best ploy is to hope that independent or smaller parties grab enough seats in the north for a possible coalition with the Democrats. This is what happened in the period 2009-2011, though it’s far from a sure scenario. The results of the 2011 general election seem to suggest that smaller parties are being squeezed, which, incidentally, they were in the 2013 election for the Bangkok governorship. It is a truism that governments tend to lose elections rather than oppositions winning them. Electorally Pheu Thai holds most of the cards at the moment. But they could lose out if they raise the political temperature to boiling point or allow inflation to roar out of control. The Democrats have to accept that their best chance lies in Pheu Thai’s mistakes rather than in their own internal reforms.


1 - 15 June 2013

Local Sports Local and International Motorsports Report Resnt Race Results Updates Formula 1: Honda confirms F1 return-When I first reported this back in February (most people thought I was nuts).The much-hyped rumor that Honda will be returning to the F1 fold under the next generation of engine following a press conference that confirmed its return – and a reunion with McLaren. As expected, the deal will take effect from the start of the 2015 season, as McLaren has a year to run on its existing agreement with Mercedes. Honda's return not only renews an association that was one of the most successful in F1 history as Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna the combination to titles during the 1980s and '90s. – 20 May 2013 INDYCAR: Indy 500: Ed Carpenter will lead the field to the green flag in the 2013 Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 26 with rookie Carlos Munoz alongside him on the front row. Also rookies- Tristan Vautier (Schmidt-Peterson) and Conor Daly (AJ Foyt Racing) -both successfully make it into their first Indy 500. Fastest 4 laps go to 1. #20 Ed Carpenter (C) Four-lap average: 228.762mphand the slowest four lap average goes to 33. #81 Katherine Legge (H) Four-lap average: 223.176mph -20 May 2013 NASCAR: Charlotte Motor Speedway. Jimmie Johnson collects fourth All Star win - and a million dollars Johnson is a million dollars richer after winning the 2013 All-Star Race for the fourth time in his career, setting a new record in the process. – 19 May 2013 MOTOGP: Le Mans: Dani Pedrosa wins the wet and wild French MotoGP at Le Mans, Cal Crutchlow and Marc Marquez complete the podium. It was an action-packed race that also saw Cal Crutchlow claim a best yet runner-up result, Andrea Dovizioso lead for Ducati and a comeback charge by rookie Marc Marquez. - 19 May 2013

2013 FI World Calendar (May-June)

06 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2013 (Monte Carlo) 23 - 26 May 07 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2013 (Montréal) 07 - 09 Jun 08 2013 FORMULA 1 BRITISH GRAND PRIX (Silverstone) 28 - 30 Jun (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (May-June) Date

6/2/13 6/9/13 6/16/13 6/23/13 6/29/13


Sun Sun Sun Sun Sat


Dover Pocono Michigan Sonoma Kentucky

Site Location

TV Race

International Speedway FOX Raceway TNT International Speedway TNT TNT Speedway TNT (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

Start ET

1:00 PM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 7:30 PM

2013 Indy Car Schedule (May-June)

May 26 97th Indianapolis 500-Mile Race Speedway, Indiana June 1 , 2 Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit presented by Quicken Loans[34] Detroit, Michigan June 8 Firestone 550[35] Fort Worth, Texas June 15 Milwaukee IndyFest[36] West Allis, Wisconsin June 22 Iowa Corn Indy 250[37] Newton, Iowa (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

2013 MotoGP Grand Prix (May-June)

2 June Italy Mugello 16 June Catalunya 29 June Netherlands** (free live timing and scoring online) **All events will be shown on Star Sports Asia

Circuit de Catalunya TT Assen

Other International Motorsports Events of Note: Top 3 F1 Drivers' Championship 2013 after round 5 of 19

1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 2 Kimi Räikkönen Lotus-Renault 3 Fernando Alonso Ferrari-Ferrari

89 85 72

Top 3 IndyCar Drivers' Championship after round 4 of 19

1 Takuma Sato 2 Marco Andretti 3 Helio Castroneves

136 123 116

Top 3 NASCAR Drivers' Championship after round 11 of 36

1 Jimmie Johnson Hendrick Motorsports 2 Carl Edwards Roush Fenway Racing 3 Matt Kenseth Joe Gibbs Racing

423 379 364

Top 3 MotoGP Drivers’ Championship after round 4 of 19

1 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda Team 2 Marc Marquez Repsol Honda Team 3 Jorge Lorenzo Factory Yamaha Racing

83 77 66

**Local Thailand Motorsports Schedules 2013**

Beginning June 2013 it will be a busy month for Racers in Thailand, however TSS will have kicked off its first race at Sepang Malaysia on the 25-26th of May, take a short ride to Bira Pattaya Racing Circuit to see the action up close. (Calendar of Bira Races listed below)

Thailand Super Series Schedule (TSS) 2013 July 13-14 Pattaya’s Bira Circuit October 5-6 Pattaya’s Bira Circuit

December 13-15 Bang Saen Street Circuit, Chonburi Nitto 3K Racing Series Schedule 2013 Kaeng Krachan Circuit 5-7 July Pattaya’s Bira Circuit 6-8 September Bonanza Speedway 1-3 November Pattaya’s Bira Circuit 6-8 December

Pro Series Schedule 2013

June 29-30 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit July 27-28 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit September 28-29 - Kaeng Krachan Circuit October 26-27, 2013 - Kaeng Krachan Circuit

OMP Challenge Series Schedule 2013 June 16 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit November 17 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit December 22 - Pattaya’s Bira Circuit

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Alain & Fred Finish On Top!

by Peter Blackburn

Burapha, A & B – Stableford It was with great anticipation that the field of 19 assembled at The Growling Swan for a return to the classy Burapha Golf Course to take advantage of their excellent value Sports Day rate. We were happy to welcome back from overseas holidays Tom (T.C.) Cotton and Mike Allidi. We headed off from the GS 5 minutes early at 8.25 a.m. It’s such a short trip to the course and we were there in just over 30 minutes where we found plenty of activity and we had plenty of time to prepare. Most of us spent quite a bit of time on the practice putting green and some even had time for a quick visit to the driving range. Nonetheless, despite the course being naturally busy, we were able to send our first group away 15 minutes earlier than our booked time of 10 a.m. The weather was looking good and not too hot. As ever the course was in magnificent shape with the greens very quick but firm and true. We were stuck behind a Thai five ball which slowed us down somewhat, but it did not spoil anything as we took in the scenery and it gave your writer ample time to snap a few pics. It all came to a grinding halt after 12 holes as the heavens opened when we were on the fairway. Even though we could see the green flooding ahead we were confident that things would clear up. Sure enough 20 minutes later the rain stopped and we proceeded after waiting about 10 minutes for it to drain so we could putt. With the fairways draining extremely quickly and the greens not posing any further problems we proceeded and completed our full round in just over four hours and 30 minutes. It had been a super day despite the downpour and with excellent

company it reinforced our decision to make Burapha a monthly event on our calendar for the next five months or so. We were able to have two grades with three podium spots in each. A grade was for handicaps 0 to 23 and B grade for 24 and over. There were rewards for nearest the pins on all the par threes and longest first putts on the A9 and B9 greens. It was tight at the top in the A grade with two golfers having 39 points and Mike Allidi’s 71 off the stick (18 point back nine) was only good enough to get him second spot with Alain “Inspector Clouseau” Taddei (22 point back nine) finishing in first spot. Another countback was required to determine third spot with Paul “Hacky” Hack (19 point back nine) getting the chocolates over Mike “Hunter” Gosden (16 point back nine). The B grade section was very well won by Fred Dinely with 40 points, 6 points clear of Gary Monley in second place and Sandy “Leiperfrog” Leiper was third with 29 points. Results for Burapha: A Grade – 0 to 23 1st – Alain Taddei (17) - 39 points 2nd –Mike Allidi (2) - 39 points 3rd – Paul Hack (12) - 35 points B Grade – 24 and over 1st – Fred Dineley (27) - 40 points 2nd – Gary Monley (36) - 34 points 3rd – Sandy Leiper (34) - 29 points NTP’s A3 – Sal Brizzi A6 – Mike Allidi B3 – Alain Taddei B8 - Mike Allidi

LFP’s A9 – Mike Gosden B9 – Alain Taddei The Growling Swan NAGA Award (to the worst score on the day and discreetly their score is not made public) once again went to Mine Host Peter Grey who naturally accepted the award in terrific spirit. Andrew “Turtle” Allen was kind enough to parade Deefa the Dog who collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya. As ever the beer was Aussie cold and low priced and after the usual post mortem on the day’s event with everyone singing the praises of the Burapha Golf Course, the conversation turned to the upcoming Growling Swan first anniversary tournament at Crystal Bay on Monday, June 10. It will be a Fourball Stableford event with a random draw pairing an A grade golfer with a B grade golfer, the draw to be done at the course prior to commencement of play. The entry fee is 500 baht which will include terrific prizes and a sumptuous meal back at The Growling Swan where the presentations will be held. The sign-up sheet is on the board at The Growling Swan. and, although we have initially 32 spots, we can accommodate more if required. Growling Swan Golf, the home of friendly golf in Pattaya welcomes golfers of any persuasion–low and high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays, meeting at The Growling Swan (formerly The Bunker Bar) in Soi Chaiyapoon at 8 a.m. with transport departing at 8.30. For bookings or more information, contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to

Bunker Boys at the Ranch by Geoff Parker

Phoenix G.C. (Ocean & Mountain courses) Stableford The Phoenix course has new owners and refurbishments are already underway. With a newly-painted roof (presumably to deter the resident pigeon population) and lots of newly-planted palm trees and shrubs, the clubhouse has a fresher look, but it will be interesting to see how they tackle the interior, which has always had the appearance (and appeal) of an empty aircraft hanger. The course was relatively quiet so we were able to tee off a few minutes early, with no groups in sight ahead of us. The weather was bright and sunny and the course was in good condition, so conditions were near perfect for another great round of golf. We completed the outward nine in double-quick time, but unfortunately our leading group caught up to a particularly slow four ball on the twelfth hole and our progress came to a grinding halt. In the event the scores were a little disappointing with only Mashi Kaneta playing to his (somewhat higher than normal) handicap to take the honours ahead of Tony Robbins. Results: 1st Mashi Kaneta (hcp. 15) 36 points 2nd Tony Robbins (hcp. 14) 35 points 3rd Colin Jones (hcp. 23) 34 points Only two near pins were hit: Steve Durey and Tony Robbins.

Burapha G.C. (A & B courses) Stableford The higher handicap golfers got their way today, as we elected to play off the white tees which, with a course length of 6,200 yards, is somewhat shorter than we normally play. The weather was superb again and the course was also in great condition, so it was no surprise that the scores were much better than on our last visit here. The use of the compulsory buggies, and the fact that the course was quiet, meant that everyone was back in the clubhouse in well under four hours-- left pondering what to do for the rest of the day. John Graham had a great back nine, scoring 23 points (two over par gross) to record the best score of the day ahead of Steve Durey, who claimed second place on a count-back over Neil Griffin. It looked for most of the round that Neil was going to walk away with the honours but three blobs on the last four holes wrecked his card (or has he been attending the JH school of handicap management?). Results: 1st John Graham (hcp. 11) 39 points 2nd Steve Durey (hcp. 17) 38 points 3rd Neil Griffin (hcp. 23) 38 points Only three near pins were hit: Steve Durey, John Graham and Geoff Parker. Emerald G.C. (Stableford) We’ve been plagued by public holidays

on our golf days so far this year, and today was yet another (Visaka Bucha day). Being a bar closing day, that meant that the normal après-golf excursion to nearby Bang Chang had to be abandoned. We’ve already had three holidays on golf days this month, so maybe this, the lack of après golf activities, and the increased green fees contributed to the fact that only three die- hard golfers turned up at The Ranch. Yours truly would have been there but was stranded at home on the dark side with a flat battery and twiddling his thumbs all day! The die hards, however did manage to get their game, ending up with John Graham and Neil Griffin tied on 37 points. Results: 1st John Graham (hcp. 11) 37 points 2nd Neil Griffin (hcp. 23) 37 points No near pins competition today. The Bunker Boys are a PSC-affiliated golf society who play out of The Ranch bar on Pattaya Third Road (in front of the fire station opposite the Buffalo Bar). We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you enjoy a fun day out and a friendly but competitive golf competition, why not come and join us? We meet at The Ranch at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players are always welcome. Contact Buff on 086 046 5091 or 080 605 5663 for all enquiries. You can find all the news, schedules and results on our website:


1 - 15 June 2013

Tips & Advice


Would you like an easy way to refresh your smelly sponges and dish rags? Place them in a microwave safe bowl and add just enough water to cover them, then pour in about 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar. Allow to sit for several hours, or overnight. Finally, put the bowl into your microwave oven and set on high for a minute or two.

Seeing Clearly We recently bought a flatscreen monitor for our daughter’s computer, Andy, and I am not certain if I may clean it as I would ordinary glass, like windows or our TV set. May I? Helen No you may not, Helen. Flatscreen monitors—as well as laptops, tablets and LCD televisions-require special cleaning because they are more sensitive and easily scratched and damaged. To clean properly and safely, turn off the device and wipe it very gently with a dry, soft cloth. A microfiber type of cloth is perfect; do not use paper towels, tissue, etc. Remove tough spots by rubbing very lightly with a dry eraser. If the screen still is not free of smears or smudges, mix equal parts distilled water and clear vinegar. Dampen the cloth with the mixture, and again wipe the screen gently. Do not allow excess water to drip on and around the monitor. Avoid harsh cleaning products. Bright Thoughts From time to time, knowledgeable readers share their insight

with Pattaya Today. One such long-time contributor is veteran expat Blaine Brown who writes… One of your readers recently asked why light bulbs in Thailand seem to burn out so quickly. You correctly pointed out that his bulbs may be burning too hot (true) or that the voltage in his house may be too high (also true). However, you said over “125 volts” is too high. Not true. That was either a typo or you’re thinking like a Yank. [Mia culpa, Andy.] In fact, typical voltage in Thailand is 220240v. If your reader’s voltage is above 250v, he should be concerned. Beyond which, Andy, you overlooked a variety of other factors that tend to reduce a bulb’s life, ranging from the type of lighting system to the poor quality of electrical service in Thailand (most notably, excessive and frequent voltage spikes and surges). Most of the wear and tear that leads to burnouts in incandescent light bulbs is caused by turning them on and off, not by burning them. Each time the bulb is turned on and off, the filament is heated and cooled. This causes the material of the filament to expand and contract,

in turn causing tiny stress cracks to develop. The more the light is turned on and off, the larger these cracks grow, until eventually the filament breaks at some point, causing the light to burn out. Also, Thailand is humid (especially here in Pattaya), so there’s always the possibility of corrosion being a factor to consider (corrosion and heat lead to more resistance; more resistance leads to more heat; more heat leads to premature failure). Bulb mounting (base up vs. base down) is also a factor (heat rises). Low-energy florescent bulbs with electronics in the base will fail more frequently with the base up. Vibrations and shocks are another issue. Another reason for the longevity of incandescent light bulbs is the size and quality of the filament. The poor quality of components available here is another factor. I have a friend who refers to me as a professional light bulb/fixture changer. Each time he calls I’m in the process of changing bulbs/fixtures even though I mainly use lowenergy, long-lasting fluorescent bulbs! My house has over 200 light bulbs! Initially I used 25W globestyle low-energy bulbs (for appearance), but they are mounted with the base up. I find that I get longer life and more light (because the globe was diffusing some light and causing more heat to build up) by switching to 13W exposed, tubetype low-energy bulbs because the electronics in the base was getting too hot. I’m switching from halogens that had a glass diffuser to halogens that have no diffuser because the bulb doesn’t get as hot. The most common reasons I’ve noted are: 1. Excessive Heat. Lower wattage bulbs do not burn as hot and

Frank, Forthright & Frigid Dear Agony Ivy, Love times three I’m just so upset that I have to seek the advice of a shrewd and independent observer. Your name immediately came to mind. I have been married now for 10 years to Ted. Our marriage is nothing special but it’s certainly workable and we seldom resort to loud arguing. But yesterday I came home unexpectedly and found him in bed with two women. I think one of them might have been a performer as she was wearing a pointed hat with two stars on it. Ted was not at all nonplussed and simply suggested that I undress and join them. He added that he was perfectly capable of loving three women at the same time. I immediately asked him for how long this behavior had been going on and he replied “About 15 minutes.” I slammed the door and haven’t been upstairs since. Broken Barbara

Agony Ivy writes: Dear Broken Barbara, You should certainly go upstairs to check in case the threesome is still “at it” if you get my meaning. You need to know whether this was a one-off fling or a permanent state of affairs. Generally speaking it’s clear that Ted doesn’t know the difference between sex and love when he talks of satisfaction. You need to get your own back to make him see sense. I suggest if you find him in bed with two women again you politely ask him if he has forgotten about his appointment at the VD clinic. It’s amazing how mention of these places causes sexual desire to fade quickly. Dear Agony Ivy, Getting on in years I have just reached my 75th birthday and am considering inviting a woman back to spend the night with me. My wife died five years ago and since that time I have become a virgin again. So far as I know I’m in good

last longer; dimmer switches help lower wattage, thus reducing heat. Body oils (from hands and fingers) can cause glass on halogen bulbs to fracture prematurely; after installing such bulbs, wipe them with a dry, clean cloth and don’t touch them with your bare skin! It also should be noted that Thailand’s hot climate is a contributing factor to hotter burning bulbs. 2. Frequently Turning Lights Off and On. In addition to the reasoning mentioned above regarding incandescent bulbs, starters used in fluorescent fixtures often fail quicker because of this. Electronics in lowenergy bulbs and fixtures are also vulnerable to premature failure. 3. Voltage Surges - in particular to low-energy fluorescent bulbs. The electronics often fail due to voltage spikes and surges. However, I’ve seen incandescent bulbs fail from excessive (lightning) surges. 4. Poor Quality of Materials used in the manufacture of bulbs and fixtures. 5. Corrosion can lead to excessive heat in the bulb or fixture (or wiring connector/socket for halogen bulbs). 6. Vibration and Shock can weaken filaments (stock is poorly handled here in Thailand by some distributers/suppliers). I’ve seen some bulbs just thrown around. 7. Faulty Starters cause fluorescent lights to fail prematurely (excessive heat generated by the heaters in the ends of the tube; when those ends turn black, the bulb is in the process of failing). The famous ‘Centennial Light’ in Livermore, California (longest burning bulb in the US) is a 60watt bulb burning constantly at 4 watts for over 113 years! It has rarely been switched off--one time

health but I am very out of practice. I need your general advice on how to proceed and how to explain to the woman that I’m certainly not an “all-nighter”. Please don’t suggest sending me a DVD as I don’t have a machine and my eyesight isn’t good enough to watch Youtube. Thanking you in anticipation. Confident Cyril Agony Ivy writes: Dear Confident Cyril, You don’t say where you will be meeting this lucky woman but I suggest you avoid South Pattaya as so many of the ladies there have an Adam’s Apple. Please don’t use the expression “all-nighter” since this expression usually refers to the number of times men have to go to the bathroom during the night. As you say your eyesight isn’t good, I suggest you wear glasses in order for you to make sure there is actually someone in the bed with you. You could also set the alarm clock to ring every 20 minutes or so for you to check your progress without having to turn the light on to check the time. * Dear Agony Ivy, Hair today I am so very disappointed with my

when it was moved and, of course, during some rare power failures. It’s hanging from a socket, with the base up. LED devices are the longest lasting and most energy-efficient form of lighting currently available. Less heat is generated. But there are drawbacks--the color is not as natural, and they are very expensive in Thailand! Sound Splitting Hi, Andy, I just bought a pair of cordless telephones for our house. When in use there is a lot of static on the handsets and the handbook states that if this happens we should install an inline dsl/adsl filter between the wall socket and the phone base station. Where can I purchase such a filter? Ken

Any number of electronic shops on the third floor of TukCom carry the DSL or ADSL filter, which is sometimes called a splitter rather than a filter...but it serves the same purpose. The item, which sells for as little as 50 baht, is also available at most IT or electronic shops all over Pattaya. Closing Line Light travels faster than sound. That is the reason why some people seem to be bright…until you hear them speak. --Handy Andy

hairpiece which cost me a fortune. I had spent years saving up for this wig to hide the fact that I am more or less completely bald. But, having put it on at last, I find that people I know just laugh at me and say things like “Hello Mop Head” which is very damning for my personal ego. How would you like it? This disappointment thing is now starting to change my behavior and I no longer want to go out much and meet people. But what can I do? Dismal Dennis Agony Ivy writes: Dear Dismal Dennis, I always wear a hat, as you see from my picture accompanying this popular column, so I don’t have your problem even if my locks are not as strong as they once were. Your biggest problem is that you chose this wig wears ago when your hair was dark brown and you were good looking. Now you are a baldie with white tufts here and there and look your age according to the frank photo you sent me. The best advice is to burn the wig and go out and start enjoying life before you become a coffin dodger. By the way, have you noticed that your deaf aid has fallen out of your left ear?


1 - 15 June 2013

Youth Focus

Discipline Gordon Livingston, an American psychiatrist, says that nobody, irrespective of age, likes to be told what to do. Many parents, however, are caught up in the fantasy that their children are blank slates upon which they can inscribe the rules. Small children are individuals and they need scope or space where they can develop their own personality, where they can learn creativity and discover the world around them. On the other hand, the disciplining of children is based on the establishment of limits.

by Sunel Visser

Space and limits can be contradictory. Therefore, disciplining your child will not always be plain sailing. Hollywood’s Janet Lansbury, an RIE Associate (Resources for Infant Educarers), teaches parenting and child-development skills. She says that small children who express negative feelings don’t necessarily need punishing. It can be a cry for attention or a call for firmer, more consistent limits. She says that they have an overwhelming impulse to step out of bounds, while also desperately needing to know that they are securely reined in. Infant expert Magda Gerber observes, “Lack of discipline is not kindness, it is neglect.” A child needs a predictable environment and realistic expectations. Children must be able to anticipate what is expected from them. A long morning in a shopping complex is not fair or realistic for a small child. Children sometimes need to bear the consequences of their behaviour.

The consequence must relate to the behaviour. If they refuse to get dressed, you don’t take them to the park at that stage. Consequences can also be positive, like a reward for good behaviour. Sometimes it is necessary to show some empathy with children’s feelings. If they are enjoying an activity and it is time to go to bed or to have lunch, children might get upset. You can show them that you agree and that you understand their feelings, without changing your position. Lansbury emphasises the importance of unconditional love and warns against the withdrawing of affection as a form of discipline. The child needs a sense of security. She rules out spanking and refers to a study where it was proved that spanking causes aggressive behaviour in small children. There is also the possibility that disci-

plining can be overdone, especially with small children. Children want to run, jump and climb. They are explorers and this is one aspect of their development that must be stimulated. Provide safe places where they can experiment or investigate. If they want to unpack the kitchen cupboards, put your valuable crockery where they can’t reach it and the plastic or wooden articles in the lower cupboards. Livingston stresses the dangers of overdisciplining. He says that children who are constantly criticized, bullied, and lectured won’t think well of themselves and their futures. He adds that the primary goal of parenting is to convey to our children a sense that it is possible to be happy in an uncertain world and to give them hope. We do this, of course, by example more than by anything we say to them.

came in third to receive a bronze medal. For more information on Garden International School, Ban Chang, visit www.gardenrayong. com. *FOBISSEA, Federation of British

Schools in South East Asia (and East Asia), consists of 38 schools. Being a member of the federation gives students opportunities to participate in games, festivals, conferences and competitions.

Golden Garden Break Medals’ Record by Robert Edwards Garden International School’s sporting allstars brought home a record medal haul from the annual Primary FOBISSEA Games*. The GIS team, consisting of 21 students and three teachers, won dozens of medals at the event held at St Stephen’s International School in Bangkok. Having done brilliantly in swimming, athletics and other events, they came with home with the highest-ever medal tally. The three-day competition included athletics, T-ball and swimming. On the first

morning the track and field events took place at the Thai Royal Air Force Stadium; GIS students won 37 medals. In the afternoon swimming session, they took 51 medals. In T-ball, the GIS Year 4 team finished third place to claim the bronze medal. On the final day, the team participated in the football event. Garden's Year 6 girls stormed to victory to win the gold medal. The Year 5 boys played St Andrews and beat them 1-0 to secure a victory in a local derby game. Two GIS girls from Year 4 joined SIS and


1 - 15 June 2013

Our Community

Picnic in the Park by Derek Franklin Hundreds of musicians, singers and dancers from The Regents School performed for more than three hours at the Regents Picnic in the Park which this year included students from Garden International School and St. Andrews School. In the previous two years the event was held at the Father Ray Children’s Village, but this third annual incarnation was staged at the more intimate Father Ray Children’s Home. While younger children were involved in a bouncy castle, an electric car track, face painting, a soccer competition and manicures, adults relaxed under the shade of the trees with cool beers and tasty burgers. Many in the audience could not understand the lyrics of the well-known Thai songs performed by the band from the Father Ray Children’s Home, they

nevertheless cheered their approval. The band played well, but it was the drummer who drew a crowd of enthusiastic fans. Nicknamed Big, the young drummer is short in stature but big in talent. Several drummers from other bands came over just to watch him play and with each song there seemed to be an ever growing crowd of female admirers. One of the many highlights of the day was a duet between two teachers from Regents, Ms. Neufeld and Ms. Naylon, who performed a version of the Alicia Keyes’ ‘If I ain’t got you’. The crowd sat in silence and awe listening as two beautiful voices sang a beautiful song. While the afternoon was filled with lots of talent, great music, fun activities and delicious food there was a serious side to the event. The money raised from admission charges will be donated to help children with special needs and

their families, and who go to the Father Ray Foundation for help. They have nowhere else to go in the Pattaya area for needed support, therapy and education. The Foundation will always make them welcome. More information can be found at or email

Pattaya Sports Club

Make Room for Disabled Ladies by William Macey

It is just a short drive along Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya to find the Karunyawet Home in Banglamung. You know you have arrived when you see the lilac coloured wall.Karunyawet was opened in 1994 by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhom, a big supporter of charities throughout the Kingdom, in an effort to overcome the problem of the increasing numbers of disabled people needing assistance. The home now has 420 ladies between 18 and 97, all of whom have mental or physical disabilities; some have both. The aim of the centre is to provide care services to ladies that have been abandoned or neglected by their families and have no means of support. Gitra and her staff of only 22 care for the 420 women and provide a safe and caring environment. When you first visit the centre you cannot fail to be impressed by the fact that everything is spotlessly clean as a result of the hard work by the staff. The ladies are happy and always delighted to see visitors.Many are able to move around the gardens or walk to the eating area, but many are less than mobile and spend most of their day sitting and eating their meals along the walkways which provide very little room. They live in nine dormitories

and the staff are anxious to have them outside to enable them to have some fresh air but they are desperately short of space and would dearly like to build a second floor on the existing buildings but this is not possible. Gitra approached Pattaya Sports Club to help by utilizing the wasted space around the entrance to the dormitories. Existing structures need to be removed on either side of the door, levelling the area to enable tiles to be laid and install safety measures with a protective roof against the rays of the sun and torrential rains. As usual, Pattaya Sports Club are always happy to come to the aide of the underprivileged and the recommendation to proceed was a simple decision for the committee.

Alterations are complete; everybody is delighted with the improvements. If you feel you could make a donation of used clothes or even a small cash donation, please contact me, William, on 0861522754 or the PSC office, 038361167 and we will take care of everything.


1 - 15 June 2013

You & Your Pets

Dog body language by Thonglor Pet Hospital Have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you? Understanding what your dog is saying can give you a lot of useful information, such as when your dog is spooked and nervous about what is going on, or when your dog is edgy and might be ready to snap at someone. To interpret your dog’s state of mind you must look at your dog's face and his entire body. Dogs are very expressive animals. They communicate when they’re feeling happy, sad, nervous, fearful and angry, and they use their faces and bodies to convey much of this information. Dog body language is an elaborate and sophisticated system of nonverbal communication that, fortunately, we can learn to recognize and interpret. Once you learn how to “read” a dog’s postures and signals, you’ll better understand his feelings and motivations and be better able to predict what he’s likely to do. These skills will enable you to interact with dogs with greater enjoyment and safety. 1. Relaxed Approachable This dog is relaxed and reasonably content. Such a dog is unconcerned and unthreatened by any activities going on in his immediate environment and is usually approachable. 2. Alert--Checking Things Out If the dog has detected something of interest, or something unknown, these signals communicate that he is now alert and paying attention while he is assessing the situation to determine if there is any threat or if any action should be taken. 3. Dominant Aggressive This is a very dominant and confident animal. Here he is not only expressing his social dominance, but is also threatening that he will act aggressively if he is challenged. 4. Fearful and Aggressive This dog is frightened but is not submissive and may attack if pressed. A dog will generally give these

Cat Tip

by Dr. RJ Peters to Pattaya’s cat lovers

Many people say their cats do not like to ride in the car. Well, if all they ever do is go to the veterinarian's, certainly, they will not like to ride. If you train your kitty to take short rides with no consequences, then end up right back

signals when he is directly facing the individual who is threatening him. 5. Stressed and Distressed This dog is under either social or environmental stress. These signals, however, are a general "broadcast" of his state of mind and are not being specifically addressed to any other individual.

Cats for You in Pattaya

Cats for You is a great and much needed service in our area, but Paul and Sandra point out that adopting a cat or kitten is a longterm commitment with costs such as feeding and veterinary fees. Many adopters find it’s a good idea to adopt two animals so that they can enjoy each others’ company as well as yours. Contact Paul and Sandra on 0852875004 or look at their useful website


This tiny 2 day old, distressed baby was found in a garden and covered in ants. A kind neighbor took it to a local vet who removed the ants and called us to see if we could help. Hopefully this little fellow will be ready for rehoming in a couple of months’ time.


6. Fearful and Worried This dog is somewhat fearful and is offering signs of submission. These signals are designed to pacify the individual who is of higher social status or whom the dog sees as potentially threatening, in order to avoid any further challenges and prevent conflict. 7. Extreme Fear--Total Submission This dog is indicating total surrender and submission. He is trying to say that he accepts his lower status by groveling before a higher ranking or threatening individual in the hopes of avoiding a physical confrontation. 8. Playfulness Here we have the basic invitation to play. It may be accompanied by excited barking or playful attacks and retreats. This set of signals may be used as a sort of "punctuation mark" to indicate that any previous rough behaviour was not meant as a threat or challenge.

home quickly, they learn to enjoy it. We took one of our cats on a one-month vacation in our travel van. She loved it! She also learned to walk on a leash. Dr. Peters’ informative and entertaining new book, Our Amazing Cats Volume 2, is available from Amazon Books and For additional tips, or to subscribe to her free newsletter, The Kitty Times, go to:

Tigger is the last of four kittens that we had here as a family. We saw her being born and she has turned into the most beautiful lady you’d ever hope to meet. She’s friendly and playful and will make an ideal pet.


1 - 15 June 2013



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Solution Issue 17 v a 2 l i 3d a a a 9 l e m m i n i e s 11 s i d e 13 e e a 14 15 f i r m 17 f b m 20 i m p l o r l r l 24 t h i r d e n e 26 r a t i n g 1

This week’s subject MYTHS and LEGENDS 10. Which was the most famous sword in the stone? 11. In which city did Lady Godiva go naked? 12. What was the name of the female pope? 13. In which ocean was the Marie Celeste found? 14. Who was the father god of the Greeks? 15. How many sisters did Medusa have? 16. Which monster was depicted in the Surgeon’s photo? 17. Which was the island home of Odysseus? 18. Who was Helen of Love in love with? 19. Which British historian was fooled by the Hitler diaries? 20. In which country did the Pied Piper operate?

1. Legend may or may not be true, myth always false; 2. Romulus; 3. 14th century; 4. Hitler; 5. Frankenstein; 6. Titanic; 7. Cerberus; 8. Lon Cheney Jr; 9. Zombies; 10. Excalibur; 11. Coventry; 12. Joan; 13. Atlantic; 14. Zeus; 15. Two; 16. Loch Ness; 17. Ithaca; 18. Paris; 19. High Trevor-Roper; 20. Germany.

10 Unbelievable Reasons for Reporting Sick For Work



1. Wear your glasses to make sure somebody is actually with you 2. Set the right with lighting – turn all lights off 3. Set a timer for 3 minutes – you might doze off 4. Make sure you put 911 on your speed dial before you begin 5. Write down partner’s name on your hand in case you forget it 6. Use Polygrip lest your teeth fly off mid-action 7. Have smelling salts ready in case you actually complete the act 8. Make all the noise you want as other neighbors in the rest home are deaf too 9. If it works, call everyone you know with the good news 10. Try to have sex downstairs les you exhaust yourself too early




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Solution on Page 34




10 love-making tips for the elderly

a 5 p p 6e 8 e a x 10 g r e p r a o 12 e m b a s t e l 16 e n d 18 h i s 21 e o 22m 23 a e e 25 r e v e r t e i 27 r a t 4

Sudok u 4

1. I’m stuck in the house and the door won’t open 2. I have a clothes peg stuck on my tongue 3. My dog has had a terrible shock and needs company 4. A can of baked beans landed on my big toe 5. My car handbrake broke and rolled into a lamp post 6. My hamster has just broken its leg 7. I slipped on a coin and bumped my head on the shower 8. My mum has just died (second time he used this excuse) 9. I drank too much and I don’t know where I am 10.I have had a disaster with this hair dye



Brain Tester 1. What’s the difference between a myth and a legend? 2. Who was the murderer – Romulus or Remus? 3. In which century is Robin Hood first recorded? 4. Which Austrian is sometimes wrongly said to have been a house painter? 5. Who was earlier in the history of novels – Frankenstein or Dracula? 6. Which British ship was said to have sunk because of a Mummy’s curse? 7. Which dog guarded the Underworld in ancient legend? 8. Who played a werewolf most often in movies? 9. Which mythical creatures worked in the Cornish tin mines?


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