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Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Volume 8, Issue 9

16 - 31 January 2009

Pattaya Opens the Big One

Pattaya will from the 23rd of January this year lay claim to the largest beachfront lifestyle shopping complex in Asia with the opening of the much awaited Central Pattaya Festival Beach Complex. With a capital investment of 7,000 million baht on an area of 22 Rai and boasting seven floors of breathtaking shopping along with luxurious five star hotel accommodation by the world wide respected Hilton Hotel Group that hopefully will attract the high end of the tourist industry. Boasting a huge 24,000 Sq. M. shopping complex over seven floors, each

with breathtaking views over Pattaya Bay the new mall will play host to more than 200 Brand named retailers such as Zara, DKNY, A/X Diesel, Topshop, Miss Sixty, Next, Ripcurl, etc. to name just a few. Along with the great shopping you will also be able to spoil yourself in the large alfresco restaurant and food area which will offer you all your favorites from around the world. The shopping centre is hoping to attract customers from every walk of life and from a large area throughout the Eastern Seaboard, not solely from the immediate Pattaya area. They will tempt new

customers with special promotions and events throughout the year such as for Chinese New Year and new, mid and end of year sales. Not a company to set their sight low they are looking to attract in excess of 100,000 persons each day. The official opening of this new venture will take place on the 23rd of this month to coincide with the first Pattaya International Mardi Gras parade being organized by local businesses and the Pattaya Town Hall. The morning of the 23rd will start with an ‘International Fun Festival’ with entertainment from such far away places as China, Brazil and the North Pole, and from America,

there will be a Skate Court erected on the beach to entertain passers by. In the evening the Mardi Gras procession will start from Beach Road, Soi 7, and continue past the new complex before moving along Walking Street and finally returning to the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Complex where everyone will be entertained by live music and a spectacular fireworks display with the theme of ‘Unleash your Festive Spirit’. With parking for 2,000 cars I don’t think you will have any problems in that department and the opening day promises to be one of the highlights of the year. One not to be missed I think!

Pattaya United ready for Thailand Premiere League Head coach and team managers of a new soccer team “Pattaya United” presented to a group of reporters that their team was now ready to enter Thailand’s Premiere League this coming season. Until recently the team only had a nick


name, “Blue and White Dolphins”, but over the last few months both management and players have developed to the extent that a proper name and new status within the Premier League was achievable. The club will officially un-

veil itself to the general public in February 2009 before they enter the 2009 Queen’s Cup. Currently, there are many rising stars that will play for the new club this season, and many of them come from Thailand’s national soccer team who did so well at the recent Asian Cup reaching the finals. Continued on page 4

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Vol. 8 No. 9 ď ´ 16 - 31 January 2009

Chonburi disabled team off to Pitsanulok for 27th Paralympic Games

At 10.00 a.m. on January 6th, 2009 at the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disibilities, Mr. Sontaya Khunpluem, Chairman of the Sports Association of Chonburi, along with Mr. Tanee Samartkit, Deputy Governor of Chonburi, and Mr. Weerasak Rermkitjakarn, Pattaya City Deputy Mayor, gave homily speeches wishing the sportsmen and sportswomen the best of luck before they headed to Pitsanulok province to participate in the 27th Paralympic Games. There are 3 schools headed to the event: Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities, Sote Education Chonburi, and Home for Disabled People School.

There will be 237 participants who will compete in 15 sports: track and field, trakaw (a ball of woven rattan strips; the game played with several players), table-tennis, boccia (a sport for athletes with a disability, similar to bocce, it is designed to be played by

Pattaya prepared to host the 48th OSEAL Forum

At a conference room at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort Pattaya, Chonburi, Mr. Ittipol Khunpluem chaired a meeting to discuss readiness for being the host for the 48th OSEAL Forum in Pattaya. There were Lion members from South East Asian Coun-

tries and event committees attending the meeting. Mr. Somsak Lowisoot, Chairman of the 48th OSEAL Forum event committees had advised that the upcoming activity had been organized by the Thailand Lion International Region 310 Club

TOT provides free high-speed Internet Wi-Fi

PATTAYA mayor Mr. Ittipol Khunplome chaired a meeting with chief of city departments to discuss a strategy of using information and technologies to manage the urban area, as well as setting up a wireless network at the beaches. The Internet-Wi-Fi will be set up by TOT and CAT telecom along Beach Road, and there will be 40 hot-spots with a budget of 10.8 million baht. It will not cost the city even one penny as TOT will

cover all expenses. Mr. Tanin Suwankaew, Director of Marketing Shares and Supporting Sales of TOT on the east region, revealed that the company would set up wireless antennas to send and receive signal with 2.4 Ghz capability at a speed of 256 Mkb. Each antenna will have a radius of 300 feet or 100 meters coverage. The hot-spots will start from North Pattaya beach to Bali Hai Pier, and the latter has

people with cerebral palsy), petanque, soccer, archery, weightlifting, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair soccer, fencing, swimming, basketball, and badminton. The Paralympic games took place in Pitsanulok on January 17th thru 21st, 2009. and Pattaya City, and will take place on February 13th thru 15th, 2009 at a PEACE conference of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Pattaya, Chonburi. The 48th OSEAL Forum is a big conference and there will be members from 14 countries attend the meetings. The issues that will be discussed and presented are activities and works in the past year. The event will boost the image of Pattaya city to the neighboring countries proving that it is capable of hosting international conferences, conventions, or even summits. Mr. Ittipol added that to support the convention the city had allocated funds for the event to the tune of 4 million baht, as there would be at least 1,000 delegates come to Pattaya, which will stimulate the local economy. already been installed with the internet Wi-Fi, being fully operational right now. Residents or visitors could gain access and obtain a password by simply presenting his/her ID or Passport at Pattaya IT center. This free internet Wi-Fi will be evaluated after 3 months of testing. If it is popular and sucessful, all users will have access for 30 minutes for at least 1 year and the online minutes could well be increased in the future. Mr. Ittipol added that the Internet Wi-Fi service would boost tourism and the image of the town as well. It would modernize the city since computers are an essential part of modern life. In the future, there will be Internet Wi-Fi at Jomtien beach and at the beach of Larn Island. Pattaya would be the first beach town to provide a high-speed Internet Wi-Fi service without paying for the first 30 minutes. So this was an innovative scheme indeed, the mayor concluded.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

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Traffic congestion rules at Bali Hai Pier

Mr. Ronnakit Ekkasing, Pattaya City Deputy Mayor, chaired a meeting of council members and city officials to discuss local traffic problems

Pattaya Mayor asks city to provide hospitality

Mr. Ittipol Kunplome, Pattaya City Mayor, chaired a monthly meeting with city officials to make them aware of a dramatic decline of tourists, which is about 70% in real terms. Despite the fact that the political situation has resumed normally more or less, recent tourists have increased only about 10%-30%. As a result, the city has tried to woo more visitors to town by organizing road shows. The main target is the domestic market to make up the loss of the international guests.

Mr. Ittipol added that during this holiday season and the up coming year Pattaya city and Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization had allocated funds to organize the Pattaya Countdown 2009 at Bali Hai Pier during December 25th thru 31st 2008. The city hoped that the event brought more visitors to the city. In addition, the local authority is asking for co-operation from every city employee to be a good host by giving warm welcome to visitors and providing them with good hospitality.

Bully teens shoot a man who honked horn for passage

At 1.30 a.m. on January 8th, 2009, Police Major Chalermsak Tiantongsree, Pattaya Police Crime Suppressor, Chonburi, received a report of a gun shooting in soi 3, Beach road, Moo 9, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi. After receiving the report the police officer rushed to the scene only to find a pool

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

of blood on the ground. A motorbike taxi rider, who was in the vicinity, told the police that a man who was shot had been taken to Banglamung Hospital by a Good Samaritan. The police team arrived at the hospital and found the wounded man, Mr. Prasan Klampaiboon, aged 27, ad-

at Bali Hai Pier, South Pattaya. This followed complaints that many private automobile and baht bus drivers had driven their vehicles across the

Recycled costume competition at hotel

ON December 24th, 2008, at Siam Bay Shore Hotel Resort and Spa, the management organized a Christmas Costume competition and Christmas Fancy Recycling Drawing contest to raise awareness about global warming. Mrs. Pensoem Nitiboonyapan, Human Resources Manager, presided over the event. According to the policy of the hotel, the staff are encouraged to be environmentally aware. Thus, the hotel had established a Green Leaf Project to support and carry out the task to protect the world’s environment. This Green Leaf Project has been saving the global environment for 11 years now. Only recycled materials were used in these endeavours.

There were 30 contestants participating in the contest and, of course, everyone was attired in recycled dress. The winner was number 7, whose dress was Poor Santa; the first runner-up was number 2, whose was Dancing Angel, and the second runner-up was number 10, whose attire was Halloween Christmas. The painting winner was number 7, whose painting title was Shrimp, Crab, and Fish, the first runner-up was number 2, painting entitled Freedom Pattaya; the winners received cash and trophies. Siam Bay Shore staff expressed themselves as well satisfied with the performances which were fun as well as a contribution to saving the world.

dress on ID: 142, Moo 1, Tanyao, Lardkrabang, Bangkok, a Thai chef at a restaurant in the Naklua area; he had been shot in the back and there were cuts and bruises on his body, luckily, he was off the critical list. The victim said that before the incident, he was riding his motorbike on his way home after work and as he was entering soi 3, there was a group of teens, around 6 of them with 4 motorbikes blocking his way, so he sounded his vehicle horn to get through, which made the teens that were all under 18 furious and rode their motorbikes at him. The hostile youths dismounted their bikes, walked towards him,

and started a ferocious attack by throwing punches and kicking him. After he regained his composure, he ran for his life, nevertheless, only 10 meters away from the young gangsters, one of them pulled out his pistol and shot at him which caused him to land heavily on the pavement. After the shooting, the bully teens sped away immediately whilst the Good Samaritan rushed him to the hospital. The police presume that the teenagers are bullying people for their own pleasure, but do not believe they are locals as no one had seen them before. A report was made and further investigation is underway to bring the culprits to justice.

bridge, which damaged the surface, as well as creating traffic congestion especially when visiting tourists use the ferries at the bridge. Mr. Ronnakit revealed that although there were traffic rules and regulations for the pier, numerous drivers had breached the rules owing to the law that had never been enforced. As a result unnecessary traffic congestion has been caused. To ease traffic congestion around the area, the city would not allow any private cars or taxis to use the bridge from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

He believes that the plan will decrease the volume of traffic, but most importantly the law must be enforced. Several offending drivers said they did not intend to be a nuisance or a danger to the environment but merely wanted to get through the area on their way to and from town.

One-way traffic system to ease traffic congestion

PATTAYA City Deputy Mayor, Mr. Ronnakit Ekkasing, chaired a meeting with city councillors, the private sector and Pattaya traffic police to discuss solution to ease traffic congestion in and around the city due largely to an increase in the volume of traffic, which causes local residents and visitors to be stuck in traffic. It appears that the problem has grown steadily even though tourist numbers are said to be down. Mr. Ronnakit said that the problerm was that the city has just gone on growing. As a result, the traffic has become the issue for both locals and visitors, especially in the heart of the city, where there are many businesses of all descriptions. The city authorities have to find a way to solve this issue before it is out of hand. Police Lieutenant Colonel Piset Saengsong, Pattaya Police Traffic Chief, had presented a solution to alleviate traffic congestion by suggesting the city should have traffic on South

Pattaya Road, Second Road, and Beach Road travelling only one-way. The new one-way system should help the traffic to flow better, he felt. Nevertheless, Mr. Sanit Boonmachai disagreed with the traffic police chief. He said that the problem was not the system, but it was the drivers who did not want to comply with the traffic law and the police did not really enforce it as thoroughly as they might. In conclusion, the attendees at the meeting have agreed to set up a new traffic system, which will be a pilot project. The “odd and even dates” system will be introduced on South Pattaya Road early in 2009 starting from Watchai Mongkon intersection to Third Road. In addition, the road in soi Arunothai will be expanded, as well as there will be new paint on the road to make it easier to see. This work will be carried out in January 2009.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

No more U-turns at Soi Nern Plabwan

At 10:00 a.m at Pattaya City Hall, Mr. Ronnakit Ekasing, Pattaya City Deputy Mayor, chaired a meeting with council members, Department Chiefs, and representatives of the Nern Plabwan area to discuss traffic issues which are the bane of all our lives. Mr. Ronnakit said that, due largely to a U-turn in front of the main entrance of soi Nern Pubwan, there was a big traffic problem for people who traveled in and

out of the soi. Therefore, the city had changed the U-turn to be in front of soi Siam Country Club in the hope of alleviating traffic chaos as well as of reducing accident hazards. In conclusion, the local authority has agreed to terminate the U-turn opposite soi Nern Plabwan permanently and the U-turn at the main entrance of soi Siam Country club will be officially used from January 19th, 2009.

Watch and win a trip down under

Mr Kevin McQuillan (far left), manager Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam of Qantas/British Airways is seen with Mr Henry Tran (2nd left), General Manager of Twentieth Century Fox Thailand Inc; Ms Wacharaporn Wariyanantakul (centre), Brand Manager of Pernod Ricard Thailand; Mr Thongchai Wibulsaksakul (2nd from right), Manager for Thailand Office of Tourism Australia; and Ms Kamolpat Swaengkit (far right), national Sales Continued from page 1

The club is very optimistic for the coming season. The head coach and team man-

Manager of Microsoft Advertising (MSN) Thailand during the launch of “MSN-Australia the Movie” contest. The five organisations have joined hands together launching “MSN-Australia the Movie” contest to offer the opportunity for participant who correctly answered the most questions about the movie “Australia” between 25 and 31 December 2008 to jet off to Australia with Qantas on a 3-day/4-night trip for two. Pattaya United ready for Thailand Premiere League

agers added that the team has Sarayoot Chaikamdee, who is the main striker of


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Pattaya Young Talent 2009 a success

The Tiffany‘s Show Pattaya, Pattaya New Sky Group, and Siam Yamaha Music Institution, organized a Pattaya youth singing and musical band contest, and Miss Alisa Phanthusak, Assistant Managing Director of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya presided over the event, as well as being a judge to select the individuals and musical bands for the final round of the Pattaya Young Talent 2009 contest. The first round of the competition had been held at Central Festival Center’s activities ground on December 27th thru 28th, 2008 where more than 100 youths participated in this challenging event. There were 22 bands and 88 singers who entered the competition and the judges had a very hard time making a decision during the 2 days of the first round of the contest, due largely to everyone performing to the best of their talents. The final round took place on January 10th, Children’s Day 2009 at the Tiffany‘s Show Pattaya and the event started at 9.00 AM. for both categories, band and singing. Mr.Surapol Phongnitadsirikul, Chonburi Provincial Governor was the guest of honour, who gave the prize to the winner. Also, the judges for the final round were consist of knowledgeable people from Yamaha Music Institute. Here are the results: Thai country music aged under 12 years of age 1st place : Inthira Morales from Aksorn Thepprasit School 2nd place : Sarocha Wanlapa from Pattaya City School 6 3rd place : Kamolthip Pariya from Pattaya A unthe Thailand national team, Narongchai Wachiraban, a center who transferred from Provincial Electricity Authority, a Brazilian striker and an Ivory Coast player. The club will temporally use a soccer field at Nongprue Municipality until the team’s stadium is complete. Once the home field is finished it will have the capacity of serving 200,000 fans. The new stadium is Pattaya Soccer Stadium and it should be completed in the year 2010.

othai School Thai modern music, and international music aged under 12 years of age 1st place : Pantita Kongsomrit from Thammasiri sueksa School Sattaheep 2nd place : Pakjira Jirapolkul from Julthep School 3rd place : Thawanya Brander from Burapha Pattanasas School Thai country music 13 – 18 years of age 1st place : Charermwut Thimsang from Sriracha School 2nd place : Kittiya Pattana ngam from Pattaya City School 9 3rd place : Narittaya Somjit from Aksorn Pattaya School Thai modern music, and international music 13 – 18 years of age 1st place : Yvonne Sorensen from Saint Andrew School

2nd place : Kritsada Ake tasang from Pothisampan School 3rd place : Pradujporn Jirachai from Banglamung Industrial and Community Education college Band aged under 18 years of age

1st place : Lunatic band from Aksorn Technology School 2nd place : Under my skin band from Singsamut School,Sattahip Technology School, and Burapa University 3rd place: Pattaya Arunothai band from Pattaya Arunothai School.

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Xmas gifts for Suttiwat School


Crisis talk at Alangkarn Theater

PSC Committee Members Khun Nittaya, Bernie and Ron Herbert with Principal Khun Somchok, teachers and students

SANTA arrived on Xmas Eve at Wat Suttiwat School bearing gifts from the Pattaya Sports Club represented by Bernie Tuppin, Khun Nittaya and Ron Herbert. Responding to a request from School principal Khun Somchok for assistance to augment their sports equipment, Bernie visited the school some weeks back to find out what was required. The school has 1050 students and, like many schools in our growing community, the budgets just don’t stretch far enough to cover all the requirements. What was lacking was almost everything and table tennis equipment was non existent. So it was decided to give that particular priority. Eventually the list of goods grew to include 3 tables complete with nets post, bats and balls sufficient to allow for all tables to be used simultaneously. In addition 10 soccer balls 10 basketballs 10 volleyballs and

new nets for the volleyball court were donated at a cost of baht 24, 000 This is not the first occasion that this school has benefited from PSC’s commitment to promoting sport in the community. Each year PSC donates a large amount of funds to many schools for sports equipment as well as supporting sports carnivals and sponsoring trophies for many local competitions. The recent Special Olympics held at Nongprue, involving 180 disabled athletes, were funded by the Pattaya Sports Club’s donation of 200. 000 baht; the Rotary Crossbay Swim had all trophies and medals donated by PSC, the YWCA National Badminton Championships’ medals and trophies were donated by PSC and many local Golf tournaments are also supported. These examples are just part of the organization’s 30 year commitment to the community.

Intruder causes financial embarrassment to Aussie

Holiday ruined by a devastatingshock On January 2nd Police Lieutenant Colonel Norawich Joonwanich, Pattaya Police Investigator, had been informed that there was a burglary at a Thai-Italian restaurant, Planet Seafood and Guesthouse, located on Pattaya Second Road. After receiving the call, the police and a forensic expert team had rushed to the scene. The restaurant and guesthouse is a four-storey building and the burglary had occurred on the second floor in room 201. Police conducted an investigation and discovered that a safe had disappeared, one formerly attached to a wall near the TV cabinet. The room had been ransacked and was in total disarray. The windowpanes had been removed from a balcony, which indicated that the culprit might have entered the room from the balcony. Mr. Mark Edward Cebula, aged 41, an Australian national, said he had arrived in Pattaya 2 weeks ago to mark a new year here and was staying alone. Before the break-in, he had gone out for drinks to celebrate the upcoming year at his friend’s

beer bar in the South Pattaya area. He then returned to the rented room to take a shower before going back to the bar and found his room had been visited by a most unwelcome person. Most of his personal belongings were kept inside the safe, including $100 US Dollars, $ 1,500 Australian dollars and a 13,000 baht digital camera. The total loss was about 50,000 baht. Mr. Cebula added that he was absolutely crestfallen about this incident. He had intended to have a vacation but had ended up in the poorhouse due to the break-in. The police questioned the guesthouse owner and the maids but they did not have the foggiest idea who the thief might have been. Nonetheless, they expressed the opinion that it could have been one of the neighbouring guests. Mr Cebula added that he was deeply suspicious of one of the maids or one of restaurant staff. Police will question every one and will try their best to locate the burglar and bring the perpetrator to justice, no easy task everyone would undeniably agree.

Mr. Ittipol Kunplome, Pattaya City Mayor, was a guest of honor to listen to a sermon by a greatly respected monk Prappayom Galayano, on a topic of “Using Moral Precepts to Undergo Crisis”. The sermon was a part of the Sermon for Great Merit project, and this scheme has an idea to use entertainment venues to spread out basic moral precepts to communities. This event had been organized by Pattaya City, Cultural House of Chonburi, and Alangkarn Theater. There was obviously

no fee for attendees. There were booths selling food and drink, as well as religious books and CDs for the public to purchase. They could also donate their money for good karma at the event too. The main topic of the sermon was how to survive economic recession by using basic moral precepts, and about the principles of what is right and wrong behavior, and with the difference between good and evil. These are matters we should all be clear about in these turbulent days.

Imposter narcotics agent attacked and raped woman At 3.45 a.m. on January 2nd, 2009, Police Senior Sergeant Major Preecha Jitman, Chief of Toongka checkpoint, Huay Yai Police Station, Banglamung, Chonburi along with fellow officers and a patrol team received a report that a woman had been attacked and left half naked in a cassava ranch on a local road behind Neramit village, Moo 4, Huay Yai, Banglamung, Chonburi. After receiving the report, the patrol group had contacted Sawangboriboon paramedic team and rushed to the scene. At the scene, a good Samaritan, who had reported the crime, identified the injured woman, as Miss Nan or Mali Boonmak, aged 42, address on ID: 4 Moo 2, Chumsaeng, Satuek, Buriram. She was lying face down half naked on the ground wearing only a striped t-shirt, her face was covered in cuts and bruises, as well as scratches on her body and she lay unconscious until medical staff arrived and transferred her to hospital. The good Samaritan told the police that she had been riding her motorbike home to Huay Yai by way of a local road until she reached a cockfighting place, behind Neramit village, where she saw Miss Nan crawling out

of a cassava ranch and waving at her at which time she quickly checked the young lady and left no time to spare in contacting the authorities.. Later when the victim had regained consciousness, and the police were able to question her regarding the incident, Miss Nan told the police that about 1 month ago

she had had a heated argument with her husband while she was in Rayong with him, after a big quarrel, she had come to Pattaya to see her female friend who owns a rice porridge cart at Pattaya beach. She had stayed with her friend and helped her sell rice porridge while she was seeking other employment and after work, around 1.30 a.m., she had gone to the beach to celebrate the New Year alone at Pattaya beach across from soi 10. While she was bringing in the New Year drinking beer,

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Azarenka makes it 5 out of the top 20 at Pattaya tennis THE PTT Pattaya Open has attracted 5 of the world’s top 20 players, after teenager star Victoria Azarenka from Belarus ranked No 15 in the world became the latest player to confirm her participation in the tournament. The 1.80 metre tall Belarusian first came to prominence as a junior when she achieved the remarkable feat of winning all four junior Grand Slams as well as being named Junior World Champion in 2005. Since then she has made steady progress and in 2008 broke into both the singles and doubles top 20 on the back of 2 final appearances in Brisbane and Prague and 3 semifinals in Berlin, Montreal and Stuttgart. Her most outstanding performance though in 2008 was in doubles when she reached the finals of the Australian Open with partner Shahar Peer. Azarenka joins a stunning line-up of top 20 stars in Pattaya, which includes No 7 Vera Zvonereva, No

11 Nadia Petrova, No 12 Caroline Wozniacki, and No 19 Dominika Cibulkova. Despite the strong field for the 2009 PTT Pattaya Open, the organizers of the tournament will maintain ticket prices at the same level as 2008: Prices are 200 baht for 7-8 February, 300, 500 and 800 baht for 9 – 12 February and 300, 500, 800 and 1,000 baht for 13 - 15 February. For ticket bookings, please contact Pentangle Promotions Co., Ltd on 02382-3491 – 3. Website: www. The PTT Pattaya Open is part of the Sony-Ericsson WTA Tour and is supported by PTT Public Co., Ltd, Pattaya City, Sports Authority of Thailand, Chonburi Provincial Administration, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Dusit Thani Pattaya, Wilson, Yonex, the Telephone Organization of Thailand, Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital and JC Ferrero Equelite.

Very nasty collision in Nongpalai Police Lieutenant Nattapon Akaruen was notified that there had been a fatal accident on alocal road in soi Nongket Yai, Moo 9, Nongplalai, Banglamung. After receiving the report, the police and Sawangboriboon paramedic team had rushed to the scene. There they found a black Honda Wave and red Honda Sera, both motorbikes in a most damaged condition. There were 2 male bodies (names were still unknown), who both were riders of the bikes. One body was lying on the ground

and another one in the bush along the road; their heads were cracked, arms and legs were broken. There were also 2 passengers in the bush and they were in highly critical condition, they were immediately taken to a nearby hospital. The police believe that the 2 bikes were traveling at high speeds and collided head-on. Nevertheless, the police will have to wait for 2 badly injured people to recover before they could answer any questions about the tragic incident.

she was approached by a man aged between 25-30 wearing a black jacket who looked like a police officer, he was carrying a badge around his neck, which had his photo and a police symbol. He sat next to her and initiated a conversation claiming he was a narcotics agent and the reason he came to Pattaya was to get information about drug dealers and would then arrest them, he told her that if she could give him any information about the drug dealers there would be a reward for her. She got on his motorbike to lead him to Jomtien beach where she had seen working beach women buy drugs regularly, but the man did not take her to that destination instead he took her to Huay Yai

Road, where he told her that he had to get his partner first before he could perform any operation. While they were on a local road, he rode the motorbike into a cassava field, stopped the motorbike and dragged her off and started to punch her until she lost consciousness. She had no idea what he had done to her until she regained consciousness and found herself half naked, she was still very dazed from the experience but was able to crawl out of the cassava jungle until she was found by the good Samaritan. The police recorded the incident and asked a medical team to exam her body for sexual assault and will try to locate the culprit to bring him to justice as soon as possible.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

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Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Finnish man ends Ex-burglar breaks in Drunken driver collided again after recent release mortal plane by overdosing with motor bike

A head coach and team managers of a new soccer team “Pattaya United” presented to a group of reporters that their team was ready to enter Thailand’s Premiere League this new season. Until recently the team only had a nick name, “Blue and White Dolphin”, but over the last few months both management and players have developed to the extent that a proper name and new status as well as having their jersey for the players and the fans to purchase. The jersey has various designs for the games at home and the road trip matches. The club will officially unveil itself to the general public in February 2009 before they enter the 2009 Queen’s Cup. Currently, there are many rising stars

who will play for the club this season, and many of them come from Thailand national soccer team. The club is very optimistic about the final outcome of the end of the season. The head coach and team manager had added that the team has Sarayoot Chaikamdee, who is striker of Thailand national team, Narongchai Wachiraban, a center who transfered from Provincial Electricity Authority, Brazilian striker, and Ivory Coast player. The club will temporally use a soccer field of Nongprue Municipality until the team’s stadium complete. Once the home filed is finished it has capacity of serving 200,000 fans. The new stadium is Pattaya Soccer Stadium and it should be done in the year 2010.

Pakistani couple suspected of exchanging fake bills deliberately

At 8.30 p.m. on January 5th, 2009, Police Lieutenant Colonel Anant Thammachaikoon, Pattaya Police Investigator, received a report from Mr. Panuwoot Yuyen, aged 24, a member of staff of the UOB bank, who was currently on duty at a branch in front of Soi 9, Pattaya 2nd Road, Moo 9, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, who reported that he had received a number of counterfeit bills from a foreigner. At the scene, the police met Mr. Panuwoot, who presented them with two 20 pounds banknotes he believed to be forgeries, he said that he had received them from Mr. Ahtip Faruki, aged 34 and Mrs. Krola Taren aged 23, his wife, both Pakistani nationals who were still in the bank. Mr. Panuwut said Mrs. Krola Taren and her daughter had come to the bank to exchange money. She gave him 180 pounds and he had found 2 twenty pound bills which aroused his suspicion as he had inspected them thoroughly with his own eyes, as well as checked the bills with a counterfeit money detector where he had discovered they were not real. As a result, he had informed Mrs. Krola about his discovery and told her that the bank must retain them

according to its procedures and regulations. But, Mrs. Krola was not happy with his proposal and alleged that the bank had swapped her banknotes, Mr. Panuwut tried to pacify her but failed and Mrs. Krola then contacted her husband, who was the owner of a Fashion Gallery tailoring store in Mc In market on 2nd road, to come to the bank. After the phone call, the husband arrived shortly after and was giving him a good tongue-lashing for not exchanging the 2 bills. Mr. Panuwut could no longer retain his composure and decided to call the police for assistance, as he believed the couple might have known or deliberately tried to deceive him, as recently there had been many such scams, but the bank staff caught them and kept the fake bills. The Police arrived and questioned Mr. Artif faruki and Mrs. Krola Taren, who told the police that they did not know the banknotes were fakes and it was unintentional, they had received the counterfeit money from one of their customer who used it to pay for a garment. Nonetheless, the police disbelieved them and took them to the police station for further investigation.

POLICE Lieutenant Colonel Chalermkiat Sirimak received a report that a serious accident on Prathamnak road in front of Pattaya Provincial Court. After receiving the call, the police and Sawangboriboon rescue team had rushed to the scene. There they found two females, who were critically injured and rushed to hospital. They also found a black pickup truck Mitsubishi Triton, license plate PCH-3306, Chonburi and a light blue Yamaha Neo, license plate: SSNG-136, Chonburi, which was severely damaged. Not far from the accident scene, there was an American named Mr. Chris Holmes, aged 51, who was still allegedly in a drunken state and also the owner of the truck. He was then taken to a police station for questioning regarding the accident. According to eyewitness accounts, the pick-up truck was being driven very fast in

Thepprasit Road. Suddenly, there was a motorbike with two ladies coming from South Pattaya heading to Jomtien riding wrong way, causing the two vehicles to collide headon. The two females fell off the motorbike and hit the pavement heavily. The driver sped away while dragging the motorbike along as it was stuck under the truck. He was apprehended shortly afterwards by police volunteers. The police then had arrived at the Bangkok Pattaya hospital to question them. They spoke to Miss Sakorn Klabklang, aged 27, address on ID: 113, Moo 3, Tanprasat, Nonesoong, Nakorn Ratchasrima, whose arms and legs were broken and was in critical condition, and another woman whose name was still unknown and a medical team was trying to save her life. The police would have to wait until the two women recovering from the seriously injured before they could ask any questions. As for the American man, he was detained until he recovers consciousness so the police can quiz him about the accident.

around the market, she had notice her daughter’s face was turning green and suddenly blacked out. She had no clue what was happening to her child, so she called the rescue team for help. Dr. Satien Limpongpan, a Senior Advisor of Pattaya Memorial Hospital, which is a subdivision of Samittivej Hospital, revealed that the baby girl had lacked oxygen for around 10 minutes before she was admitted to the hospital. Normally, a person whose heart stops breathing for 4 minutes is highly critical. Despite the fact that the medical team had done their best to save her life, the team was able to remove the mushroom and her pulse returned normal. But she might not be able to wake up again due to she lacked oxygen for too long,

which severely damaged her brain. It would be a miracle indeed if she could get out of the comatose condition. He added that Pattaya Memorial Hospital is a private hospital and the treatment fee is quite high. Thus he had contacted Banglamung and other public sector hospitals in the area to send the girl there, but all of them had informed him that there were no beds available. It astonished him that no hospital could accommodate the girl. However, under the medical ethical standards, any hospital whether private or public must admit all critical patients. Since there were no hospitals would take her in, Pattaya Memorial Hospital would foot the bill during her stay at the hospital as a goodwill gesture. However, the baby passed away before the new year arrived.

6 year old Korean boy fell off 5th floor condo

son’s name was Kyul Kwon, aged 6 who lived with them at room 449/99 on the 5th floor. The stated they were asleep when their son fell off the building. Police presumed that while the parents were slumbering peacefully the boy must have climbed out onto the balcony, then fallen and landed heavily on the ground. Nevertheless, the police will have to ask them more question regarding this tragedy.

POLICE Lieutenant Colonel Supachai Puikaewkam, Pattaya Police Investigator, was notified that there was a foreigner who died in a hotel room at PN inn, soi White Rose near Walking Street. After receiving the report, the police and paramedic team had rushed to the scene. At the spot, room number B11 on second floor, there was a body of foreign man, whose name was Mr. Timo Olavi Kaivola, aged 39, and hailing from Finland. He was lying naked in bed and there was dry saliva around his mouth. There were no sign of violence. He might have died at least 1 hour previously. Next to his bed, there were 2 bottles of beer and a credit card. Hotel staff told the police that the deceased had shortly before rented a short time room with a Thai woman. At 3:30 a.m., which was the time to check out, a housekeeper

had knocked upon the door, but there was no answer. Therefore, she took the liberty of opening the room by using a spare key and found the dead body which was something of a shock. The police believe that the woman was a “working” woman, namely one who earns her money by spending time with male clients. The police added that Mr. Kaivola had likely taken the woman to the hotel to spend a whirlwind and horizontal romance. To increase his passionate performance, he might have taken some drug stimulants and he might have overdosed as a result. After the romantic time ended, he might have had a seizure which could well be the cause of the death. Nevertheless, the police will have to take his body for an autopsy to find the real cause of this unforeseen tragedy.

Fungus mishap caused baby’s comatose state

Public sector hospitals had “no room at the inn” THE Sawangboriboon Rescue Team had been notified that a girl had a mushroom stuck in her trachea in Sophon Maket, 3rd road, South Pattaya. After receiving the call, the rescue team rushed to the scene immediately. At the scene, there was 1 year old girl, who was unconscious in a stroller amongst numerous curious passer-bys surrounded her. Her face was turning green and there was no pulse. Mrs. Sampan Sooktawee, aged 26 and the mother of the girl, was weeping next to her daughter, while the paramedic team performing life saving techniques but all to no avail. She was then rushed to Pattaya

At 06.00 a.m. on January 3rd, 2009 Police Captain Pratipat Poomlee, of Dongtan Substation, received a report that a 6 year old boy had fallen from the 5th floor of a National Housing condo located on Thepprasit road, Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi. The police and Sawangboriboon paramedic team rushed to the scene, where the boy was found to be in a critical condition and the

Memorial Hospital. There the X-ray indicated that around the girl’s neck there was a 3 centimeter mushroom stuck in her trachea. A medical team was able to extract it and successfully restarted her heartbeat, but her breathing was very slow and shallow, and she was comatose. Mrs. Sampan had said that she had 3 children and the girl was the youngest. Together with her husband she made tarts and desserts for resale. Before the incident occurred, she had taken her daughter to the Sophon market to buy food to cook for the girl’s birthday, which was that same day. While she was walking

rescue team along with the boy’s father rushed him to Pattaya Memorial hospital by motorbike. He was admitted to the ICU shortly after and a medical team did their best to save the small boy’s life, unfortunately, the boy could not be revived due to being so badly injured. The police questioned the boy’s parents who were Korean nationals

who were crying their hearts out while trying to answer the question. They said that their

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Unborn baby found with motorbike taxi driver

Money changed hands to dump the body

POLICE Lieutenant Colonel Sumet Hanwisai, Pattaya Police Investigator, had been notified from a police volunteer that there was a premature fetus in a bush behind Lee Palm Resort in soi Thai Udom, North Pattaya Road, Moo 9, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi. After receiving the report, the police had rushed to the scene. At the scene, they found Mr. Sawet Churat, aged 35, motorbike taxi occupation in soi 5 North Pattaya, address on ID: 71/7 Moo 11, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi. He was detained by the police volunteer and next to him was his motorbike Honda Wave license plate 14292 Pattaya. He was captured with the fetus, which was about 6-7 months old and had died at least 1 hour ago. The fetus was wrapped with a towel and covered with a pool of blood in a black plastic bag, which was indeed a very grotesque sight. Mr. Sawet claimed that he was hired by a friend named Moo, who was a motorbike taxi driver, too. Mr. Moo had paid him to dump a body of the fetus which belonged to a young female aged around 20. Mr. Moo had received 1,000 baht and gave him 600

baht. He then got the girl’s phone number and called her to pick up the fetus, which was in soi Land Department, South Pattaya 17. He had added that he just took the job from Mr. Moo who took the job from some other stranger. Nevertheless, the police did not believe his story due to the fact that the fetus’ face looked similar to his, which means he could be the father. He was then taken to police station for further investigation. After the interrogation, Mr. Sawet had spilled the beans about the fetus’ mother. He was asked by the police to contact the cruel mother who lived in soi Land Department. The police was able to captured the mother, whose name was Mrs. Boonlai Pukammee, aged 22, from Vientiane, Laos, as well as Miss Saranya Laosaeng, aged 28, who was her roommate and accomplice. They were taken to police station for questioning. Mrs. Boonlai had confessed her sin that she had entered the country illegally and been living in Pattaya for some time. She had met a Thai man and they stayed together and she got pregnant. Due to her husband abusing her


American stabbed helmet stealing girl

A liking for drugs led to misdemeanour

MISS Bua Bundit, aged 19 and an exotic dancer at a-gogo bar in Walking Street, made a report to Police Lieutenant Colonel Sompon Nakkampan, Pattaya Police Investigator, Chonburi. She claimed that Mr. Bruce Alan Weaver aged 42, a hair dressing instructor, who was her boyfriend, had used a knife to attack her in soi Korpai. 4 days ago before the incident happened, she had an absolute craving for some amphetamines, but lacked funds and was afraid to ask him for the money as he might hurt her. Thus, she had taken his favorite helmet and pawned it for 300 baht to exchange for one solitary amphetamine tablet from a

local drug dealer. When Mr. Weaver found out he gave her 300 baht to get his helmet back, but the dealer had refused to return it saying the pawn ticket was out of date. She was consequently scared to face her boyfriend. Therefore, she decided to get away from him by going to her sister’s house, which was not far from where they lived. Mr. Weaver, who was very upset, had followed her, and they had a quarrel. During an argument Mr. Weaver had slapped and kicked her. He then pulled out two pocket knives and attempted to stab her, cutting her hand in the process. The police requested the Sawangboriboon paramedic

by beating her on many occasions, she could not take it anymore, which made her run away from him and stayed with Miss Saranya. She needed the money and she had to work, but she was pregnant which made her life more miserable. Thus, she had talked to her roommate about having an illegal abortion; Miss Saranya then took her to an illegal clinic in soi Potisarn, North Pattaya area to terminate a

pregnancy, and she had to pay 8,000 baht for the illegal operation. After she had had a miscarriage, she hired the motorbike taxi driver to get rid of the fetus. The police will charge Miss Saranya and Mr. Sawet with conspiring to produce an abortion. Mrs. Boonlai, the cruel mother, will be charged with conspiring to have an abortion and entering the country illegally.

suspect and had learned that he regularly bought sexual services from the underage boys in soi Sunee, South Pattaya. After the police had obtained solid evidence, they asked a court for an arrest warrant. The police received a tip off that the perpetrator lived in Jomtiem and

apprehended him at his house. Nevertheless, Mr. Meek denied all the charges and he remained silent until he would appear in court. Despite his denials, he will be charged with sexually abusing children under the age of 15 owing to investigators’ according to police sources.

American pedophile denies all charges

Said to have picked up service boys Police Colonel Anonnat Klomrat, Chief of Pattaya Police Immigration lead a police team with an arrest warrant from Pattaya Provincial Court to arrest Mr. Kent Meek, aged 64, American national. He was arrested at his home in Jomtien Nivate on the point of going out and charged with sexual molestation of children under 15. Police Colonel Anonnat revealed that Mr Meek has

been traveling back and forth many times between Thailand and the US for 10 years. Previously, he had applied for a long stay visa as a senior citizen. In June 2008, a parent of a boy named Daeng, (anonymous name), aged 14, had came to Pattaya Police station to file a report that the boy was raped by Mr. Meek at his place. The police had set up a watch with plain clothes officers to follow the

Pattaya Today 9

team to give her first aid before transfering her to a local hospital.Afterwards, the police arr- ested Mr. Weaver with the 2 pocket knives and brought him to the police station. Mr. Weaver, however, had denied that he attacked Miss Bua. Even

so he admitted that he was furious at his drug addicted girlfriend, who had sold his favorite helmet and traded it for the leisure drug. Not with standing all this, the police charged him with assault with a sharp object and the case is now before the courts.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009 NEWS Ex night club Plain clothes police capture 3 pickpockets staffer stabbed client

10 Pattaya Today

Police Lieutenant Colonel Suwan Oon-anant, Pattaya Tourist Police Chief, Police Captain Suprapan Popirom, Pattaya Tourist Police Deputy, and other tourist police officers regularly patrol the streets of Pattaya to prevent pickpocket crimes. Whilst they were on duty, they had spotted 2 suspicious men who were evidently crossdressers (make up and the like) and 1 woman. These characters were behaving in a highly shifty manner. Therefore plain clothes officers followed them and boarded a baht bus with them to check what exactly they were up to.. When the baht bus reached soi 8, 2nd Road, the trio pickpocket a European man, whose name was Mr. Fabrice Thierry Andre Oudart, aged 44 from

Blazing Inferno at fuel station

France, but the victim was well aware of what happening to him so he shouted for help in a loud voice. He knew that fondlers on a public transport vehicle were likely to be criminals. The plain clothes officers then arrested the miscreants on the spot. The 3 perpetrators were Mr. Akom Chotang who was found with 10,300 baht in cash, Mr. Somchai Kaentao, aged 22, with 2 cellular phones and 2,295 baht cash, and the last one was Mrs. U-sa or Tuk Iamsa-ad, aged 27, with 2 cellular phones and 1,210 baht cash. They were taken to Pattaya Police Station and charged with conspiring to steal. Mr Oudart thanked the police officers for being at the right place at the right time and helping him arrest the culprits and recovering his belongings.

Innocent dog dies in shooting spree

At 3:30 a.m. on January 1st, 2009, Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsawas Wongwan, Pattaya Police Investigator received a report that there was a foreigner stabbed and in a critical condition at the South of India night venue opposite New Day Night 3 hotel, close to Watchai Mongkon, South Pattaya road. After receiving the report the police had rushed to the crime scene as is their wont. There, in front of the night club, there was an injured man whose name was Mr. Ayaz Sakandar, aged 32, Pakistani national, who was the owner of Solano tailoring shop in soi Diamond. He was lying on the ground unconscious in a pool of blood having been stabbed by a sharp object in the left rib repeatedly was in a critical condition. He was immediately taken to Pattaya Memorial hospital and afterwards ceased to have a mortal existence due to severe stab wounds. The victim’s friends told the police that before the incident occurred they had come to the pub to celebrate New Year but the place shut down

early. So they then decided to go to Marine Discotheque and, suddenly, there was a Thai man, whose name was Mr. Worawoot Sreewarakoonchai, aged 35, who was a former employee of the pub. He rode a black motorbike with one female passenger and stopped in front of the bar. The victim had engaged in conversation with the suspect, and then the culprit pulled out a knife about 15 centimeters long and stabbed their friend and sped away with the female passenger. The victim’s friends had added that Mr. Sakandar had had a quarrel with Mr. Worawoot, who used to work at the bar, and Mr. Worawoot had lost his job. This could indeed be the reason why the culprit had stabbed the victim in the first place. The police stated that the attacker lived in Niran Condotel in soi Arunothai but he managed to escape the police before they arrived. Nevertheless, the police will collect more evidence and request for an arrest warrant from Pattaya Provincial Court to bring the alleged killer to justice. This sort of thing simply can’t be tolerated.

Police and Military crack down hard on crimes

On December 31st, the Pattaya Fire Department, Chonburi, had been notified that there was a fire at the PTT gas station, located at 891, Tepprasit road, Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi. After receiving the call, the firefighters with 10 fire trucks rushed to the scene along with Pattaya police and the Sawangboriboon paramedic team as is their wont.. At the scene, the big fuel station had already closed for the day, but with a 7/11 convenience store still open. The fire had started from the oil change services building and flames quickly engulfed the structure and spread to the oil dispensers. A 7/11 employee had sprayed the flames with a fire extinguisher before the

firemen arrived and brought the conflagration under control after about 30 minutes. Mr. Jaray Poomipat, aged 51, the station manager, had told the officers that the inferno occurred after the station had closed its business for the day. He had been informed by Mr. Suton Rodmanop who was (as it happens) a member of the Sawangboriboon rescue team and was on duty monitoring the area at the time. Mr. Suton had told him that the fire had been caused by an electric short circuit on the office roof, which had caused electric sparks to drop onto the engine oil and oil bucket in the office. Within minutes the whole place was ablaze. Fortunately, there was no one injured and an estimated 1 million baht was lost.

At 12:10 a.m. on January 1st, 2009, Police Lieutenant Colonel Sutham Chaosreethong, Deputy Superintendent of Crimes Suppression unit, received a report there was a gun shooting incident in front of 7/11 convenience store in soi Chaiyapruke. After receiving the report, the police had rushed to the crime scene. At the scene, they had found a wounded man, whose name was Mr. Saengchai Hanjaroen, aged 17, vocational student at Aksorn Technological University Pattaya. The 3 bullets were obliquely near his back and were just scratches really. He was then taken to Banglamung hospital for medical treatment. However an innocent dog was killed in the shooting incident, and there were 2 motorbikes with damage too. The police had also found about 10 bullet shells and collected them as

evidence. Mr. Saengchai, the lucky escapee, told police that before the incident occurred, he was waiting for his girlfriend to get off from work at the 7/11 store. Suddenly, there were 2 young boys riding a dark Honda Wave of unknown license plate and, while passing him, one of them pulled out a gun and shot at him then sped away to Sattahip. He was lucky that the bullets just grazed on his back due to the fact he was 20 meters away. The police had tried to capture the young shooters but all to no avail. Officers believe that they might just have done it for fun or have the wrong target. Some young people do act without substantial reasons. However, the police will question the victim again to get more details regarding the shooting.

On December 31st, 2008 Police Colonel Sarayut Sanguanpokai, Pattaya Police Superintendent, led a police force and a Royal Thai Army Division 14, altogether 100 officers, along with K-9 dogs to search and crack down hard on violent crimes at 5 suspicious locations in Pattaya city. The force was able to capture 3 culprits whilst they were producing fake amphetamines

by using alum as a chemical compound at a house in Naklua. The 3 suspects were Mr. Jakkarin Janjaem, aged 23, Miss Duangrat Toonklang, aged 25, and Miss Dokmai Lankampom. They were all taken to police station and charged with producing and taking illegal substances. During the raid operation, the team also arrested 10 more suspects for allegedly using drugs.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009


The Lofts Southshore’s second tower launch reflects continuing demand for affordable resort condominiums in Thailand

DESPITE the current global economic slowdown, luxury real estate developer Raimon Land remains committed to the long-term potential of the Thai property market with the launch of the 417-unit second tower at The Lofts Southshore in Pattaya. The two-tower development brings Thailand’s wellestablished “The Lofts” lifestyle concept of providing a quality modern urban design and functionality at an affordable price to the Kingdom’s most poplar beach resort. The Lofts Southshore’s central location on the Pratamnuak hillside offers an elevated platform, providing units with 360 degree views across Pattaya Bay around to Jomtien Beach. Raimon Land Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Cornick, acknowledged many developers in Thailand have been hit by financial hardships, which places several projects’ completion in doubt. However, Raimon Land views these new economic conditions as an opportunity to extend value to its customers.

“Thailand has obviously had an interesting end to the year, and the global economy’s slide has further compounded issues, but Raimon Land maintains its long-term support for the Thai property industry, particularly on the

negotiated with potential construction contractors as a result of recent falls in commodity prices and a more competitive construction industry, which will be passed on to buyers. “We have managed to op-

Eastern Seaboard,” he said. “We find there is still demand for quality condominiums in Pattaya if investors can feel 100% confident they will be constructed, finished and handed over. The launch of the second tower at The Lofts Southshore provides buyers with a competitive option where the quality of materials can be verified by inspecting our show suites.” Mr Cornick added considerable savings are being

timise value in the second tower, while maintaining the original specifications and the program is still on track for the commencement of piling by mid-2009,” he said. Prices for the 46-storey second tower start at THB50,000 per square metre (psm) or about THB1.9 million for a studio. The one-, two- and three-bedroom residences range from 58-169sqm. Duplexes are available as are spacious 259-295sqm pent-

houses with private gardens. Buyers signed up for 61 of the units released during the July 17 launch of floors 6-26 of the 37-floor first tower, for a total sales value of THB731.81 million. The Lofts Southshore sits in the centre of Pattaya’s rise as a top Asian lifestyle destination due to its diverse lifestyle options, modern infrastructure and ideal location, just 90 minutes from Bangkok’s new international airport. The complex’s Club at Southshore will provide residents with first class amenities and services such as a fully equipped fitness centre, a variety of swimming pools and management offices. The off-site choice of leisure activities includes more than 20 world-class golf courses less than 75 minutes from Central Pattaya and a growing yachting scene supported by Raimon Land, whose racing yacht, The Lofts Southshore, won the HM The King’s Platu Coronation Cup during the 2008 Top of the Gulf Regatta. The Lofts Southshore is due for completion in 2011.

Australian Chamber Thailand Dusit Thani Pattaya hosts appoints its Executive Director Honda LPGA Thailand 2009

The Executive Board of AustCham Thailand announced the appointment of Mr Brett L. Gannaway as Executive Director. An Australian professional with some 13 years experience in a wide range of businesses including sales, marketing and project management in Thailand’s manufacturing and MICE industries, Mr Gannaway brings with him multiple skills that can further develop AustCham Thailand on its day-to-day operation, as well as strengthen business relationships amongst existing members and organisations within Thailand. Prior to his appointment, Mr Gannaway, held the position of Senior Sales Manager for Corporate at Siam Ocean World Bangkok Co., Ltd. Before that he was manager for Special Projects of Asia Congress Events Co

Ltd, Marketing Manager of Creative Product Enterprise co Ltd and Marketing Manager of Austhai Sporting Goods manufacturing Co Ltd. Mr Gannaway has been living in Thailand for some 14 years. He is fluent in Thai communication, he is married and has one son. During his free time, he continues his studies and enjoys spending time with his family.

THE Honda Ladies Professional Golfers Association (LPGA) Thailand event will be held from 26 February to 1 March 2009 at the Siam Country Club, Pattaya Plantation. Preparations are underway at Dusit Thani Pattaya for the hosting of the golf spectacle that boasts a list of the best women golfers who have made quite a reputation for themselves and the sport as well. Channel 7 and Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co.,Ltd are pleased to invite you to this world class women’s tournament, featuring 60

leading professional women golfers competing over 72 holes with no cut, for a purse of US$1.45 million. Come and watch the world’s top women golfers including Lorena Ochoa and Paula Creamer battle for the title, while enjoying the interesting activities on offer. Golf fanatics should not miss the Honda LPGA 2009 !

Hard Rock appoints it’s new director HPL Hotels & Resorts recently announced Patrick Ng as the new Director of Business Development. Based in Pattaya, Patrick will be responsible for driving and growing inbound leisure and MICE business to the hotel. Patrick brings to his latest role within the Hotel Hospitality, excellent sales and business development expertise honed from more than 17 years in the hospitality industry. Prior to assuming his position at the Hard Rock Hotel

Pattaya, Patrick was Director of Sales & Marketing at Renaissance Melaka Hotel in Malaysia.

Pattaya Today 11

12 Pattaya Today

Journalists inspect Pattaya properties


TV host at Amari Orchid Resort

JOURNALISTS from different Bangkok publications recently paid a visit to Dusit Thani Pattaya, accompanied by the corporate PR manager Chutimaporn Kasemsuk (first left) and Marketing Communications manager Vanjie Lauzon (3rd left).

TV host Khun Woody Wittitorn Milintajinda (third from left) was welcomed at the exclusive Horizon Club in the 5 star Ocean Tower of Amari Resort and Tower, Pattaya. Khun Dhaninrat Klinhorn, director of PR at Amari, is second from left.

Junior Tennis star to join Pattaya Open

Musical fantasy at Montien Hotel

THAILAND’S world number one junior tennis player Noppawan Lertcheewakarn will be joining the star studded line up at the PTT Pattaya Open, to be held at the Dusit Thani Pattaya February 7-15.

Amigo Restaurant now opens

Mrs Achana Snitwongse Na Ayudhaya, managing director of the Montien Hotel in Pattaya, celebrated new year with a theme party of Musical Fantasy at the hotel’s Paradise Garden Pool.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Snowing in Pattaya at Boyztown charity event

CHRISTMAS eve saw Santa turning up, as he always does, to the main venues in Boyztown to present gifts to 200 children, including a large group from Jing Jai orphanage. It’s amazing how it always manages to snow in South Pattaya in late December.

Annual MFC Party

Mr. Surasak Pipopsirirat, Front Office Manager of The Montien Hotel Pattaya, was the guest of honor at the New Year’s party for Montien Fitness Club. Staff and invited guests joined the celebration.

Merry Christmas at the Montien

Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya New Year Celebration

SANTA Claus was dead on time at the Verandah Coffee Shop and La Mer restaurant at Pattaya’s Montien Hotel. There were presents for the kids and live music for all.

Merit making starts off the new year

The Macau based entrepreneur, Jose Cliff Cheong Vai Chai opens the first Macau-Portuguese style restaurant located in Jomtien area. It was well attended by well-known officials headed by Pol. Col. Ittipol Ittisarnronnachai. The restaurant covers an area of 1,200 sq.m. with another 3,000 sq.m. of private parking space. Also, extra 150 seats by the sea sidewalk provide more space for diners.

HARD Rock Cafe Pattaya, the City’s best music and dining venue, opened its doors for celebrating New Year 2009 with Palmy concert. Palmy, Thai Pop Artist, performed a concert to Hard Rock Cafe raving fan at their fun and dance party.

Congratulations Douglas THE management and staff of Dusit Thani Pattaya, led by general manager Chatchawai Supachayanont (standing 4th left), visited the Jittapawan Temple for prayers and blessings, followed by the serving of lunch to the monks and novices.

Peter celebrates his birthday party

Wrestling champions coming to Pattaya

THE co-owner of Oscar’s bar in Boyztown celebrated his 40th birthday at the bar which was packed as usual for the special event. So far as is known, Peter has not had a 40th birthday before.

Mr Kanokphand Chulakasem (left), Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand is seen presenting The Silver Medal of the Direkgunabhorn to Mr Douglas Latchford (right), President of Thailand Bodybuilding Association, for his dedication to Thailand sport for many years at the 2008 national Sport day ceremony organised at Sport authority of Thailand’s Hua Mark Stadium.

On January 6th at Pattaya City Hall Assistant Professor Wangsan Suchantaboot chaired a meeting of a committee for Senior Asian Wrestling Championship 2009. The event will take place on May 2 thru 7, 2009 at the Pattaya Ambassador Hotel. The event organizers expect to draw at least 1,000 visitors to the city, which will stimulate the local economy, or so we all hope.

AROUND PATTAYA Raimon Land Ocean’s Edge Reaches donates 600,000 baht Significant Milestone

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

AWARD winning luxury property developer Raimon Land has donated 600,000 baht to support the American Women’s Club of Thailand’s charitable efforts as part of the latter’s social responsibility scheme. The recent proceeds went to providing a home for orphans in Nakhon Nayok, part of the Chaiyapruk Foundation’s “Living Tree” project.

Jazz Pit souvenir CD issued

THE Ocean’s Edge team are seen enjoying the magnificent views from the roof top of Ocean’s Edge Condominium, which was completed in late December. With the structure of the four buildings now complete, work centres on infrastructure and interior finishing.

American embassy visits police chief

BOBBY Brooks (1st left), warden US embassy, visited the new Pattaya police station chief Colonel Saryoot Sangguanphokai to offer his congratulations. Also shown is Douglas Robinson, chief of naval security at the embassy.

JAZZ Pit duo Thomas and Rein recently released their souvenir CD now available at the Jazz Pit bar and restaurant in soi 5. They entertain every day except Tuesday with Rein on Vocals and Thomas on Guitar.

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Design Corner Thank You Party

Miss Kannika, Director of Design Corner Company Limited, the famous design and construction company in Pattaya, recently hosted a thank you party for 70 of her colleagues, for their excellent work in year 2008. It was held at Sampun International Buffet Restaurant.

X Mass with Take Care Kids Association Italy

Tck, the Italian non profit organization, through its President, Juergen Lusuardi, managed to organize three Christmas events. The first one took place at the three slum areas around Pattaya (Na Klua, Photisarn and Look Dod), then at the Pattaya Orphanage. Lastly, which was probably the the most emotional took place in Rayong. With his full load of presents, Santa made all the little children happy. A special thank you goes to Anna and Lhen, Albert and Adi who supported Santa in all these wonderful endeavors.

Homework’s big promotion campaign and super annual sale lasts until January 21. There are special discounts in every department up to 70% and extra concessions when using a credit card or the 1Card. The super sale is on at every Homeworks store including, of course, Pattaya!

Central Center Pattaya organised Children’s Day

Pattaya City Mayor Ittipol Khunpluem, presided over Central Center Pattaya’s “Children’s Dream Come True “. The objective of the event is to give a gift to every child who came to Central Center Pattaya on Children’s Day. The event had many interesting activities and performances such as Dance Dream Come True, Kung Fu Kids Show, Dance for Life, Born to Dance, Work Shop Activity and many others.

Pattaya Today 13

14 Pattaya Today

by Peter Lloyd Sometimes writing a column, it’s difficult to know whether anyone reads it or not, and if they do, what they think about it, although sometimes I see threads on Thai Visa or elsewhere quoting from my column (recently one on Baht buses), and sometimes friends will mention something to me. I also

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Happy “News” year Hua Hin visit them made people think the Philippines is unsafe, when it is in fact a great country to visit. I wrote back to the offended Filipina, pointed out that, unfortunately, since the original article was printed, the only global headlines coming out of the Philippines were more gun killings (one street shootout killed 16

explaining matters to me, then fining the Thai guy and helping me with my insurance claim paperwork. It left me deeply impressed. Pattaya police are often criticized for their performance, and they are an easy target, but often they provide exemplary service, which is all the more impressive when you think of the pressures

Jomtien Beach: One of the busiest police stations in the world, per square metre

get useful feed back and interesting emails from readers about items in my column. Most are complementary; some are not. The latest example of a “not” was from a Filipina, living in the USA, who slagged me off for my article on Philippine ferry disasters and gun violence in Manila, suggesting I should not write about them as they discouraged tourism. This was the whole point of my article, which said the Philippines must do something to address these issues if they wanted to attract more tourism, because global bad publicity about

people in Manila) and more tragic ferry deaths, which unhappily proved my point. So it was a pleasure to start the New Year with a cheering mail from aother reader, Dr. William H. van Ewijk, M.D., who kindly agreed to let me refer to it, as it related to something I had written about previously. Two years ago, after I had a minor car accident where the Thai driver was 100% to blame, but in a situation where contemporary Pattaya expat bar wisdom would have told me I didn’t have a leg to stand on, I wrote that the police had done a super job investigating,

on them, from increasing crime, poor training, lack of resources and lack of funds. I once suggested in this column that one of the new developments in Jomtien (one of the ones that will get built that is) would be better served, not by ridiculous, wasteful marketing junkets and parties,

but by the developer building a bigger and better police box for the Jomtien police, to replace that crappy prefabricated one they have now, which must be, per square metre, one of the busiest police offices in Asia if not in the world.

Russian boozing is it a Myth? I don’t think so There were a number of recent articles about Russian boozing in the international press, which I always find interesting to read. In one, a senior Russian medical expert called the popular image of the average Russian man as “a vodkaswilling beer lover” a myth. I think he must have been on the Myth himself, as another Russian government report revealed that the average Russian now drinks 15 litres of alcohol per year – up from 5.4 litres in 1990. Brits drink an average

of 11.2 litres and Americans 8.4 litres. Alcohol causes one in eight deaths in Russia, and is responsible for very high mortality rates in men, whose average life span is 61. Women, who are also boozing more, live to 74 on average. 1.5 percent of Russia's population can be considered alcoholics, but the expert reckons this figure is woefully too low, and that 2 percent of the Moscow population could be considered alcoholics, while 10 percent drank heavily, but hadn't yet

been diagnosed with having a problem. Some politicians worry about an escalation inboozing as the economy craters, the main concern being that as money becomes scarce, boozing increases and poorer people will end up drinking lifethreatening booze cocktails, such as those regularly made out of cleaning liquids, brake fluid, medical alcohol and shoe polish, which already lead to hundreds of deaths in Russia each year. Contact me at pattaya

Given the size of the territory over which they have jurisdiction, the dramatic increase in the Thai and foreigner population living in Jomtien, the hundreds of thousands more tourist arrivals over the past 10 years, and, of course, the annually sky rocketing number of crimes and traffic incidents they have to deal with, it is a wonder they can get by operating out of that inadequate space at all. So it was interesting to read Dr William’s email at New Year telling me of an unfortunate car crash he had on Jomtien Beach Road, after which the officers from this cramped Jomtien office had dealt with him professionally, helpfully and courteously, and had even secured the valuable items in his damaged car until the following week when they were all returned to him intact. His email reminded me that they don’t get enough praise for what they do and for the conditions in which they have to operate in this increasingly lawless city, especially from the Jomtien police box.

Camera Trickery in Hua Hin

Me and my missus went for our annual trip to Hua Hin over Christmas. We were told, like Pattaya, it was dead in the weeks leading up to the holiday, but there was a big influx of late arrivals, which had hoteliers and restaurateurs breathing a huge but maybe short-lived sigh of relief. We could tell high season was nothing like last year’s or any of the preceding 5 years we have spent there. Most hotels had vacancies and were offering discounts on

last year’s room prices, and it was easy to get a table everywhere. I noted how many real estate agencies had closed in the town centre, but noticed a few flashier ones had expanded, and some had recently opened, in prime locations, even though there were few people in them. It sounded like Hua Hin’s real estate market was as dead, if not more dead, than Pattaya’s, from the conversations I had with people in the industry over there.

No points for Norway Recently enacted Norwegian legislation making it an offence for a Norwegian to pay for sex, either in Norway or abroad, made sobering reading for Pattaya crones who are lovers of the Norwegian Krone. Of course enforcing the legislation abroad will always remain difficult or impossible, except in extreme cases where the Norwegian government want to make an example of someone. But this legislation, from a legal point of view, seems like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. And it might be followed by similar legislation in the UK in the near future. However, I don’t think you will see Pattaya working girls doing ID checks on punters’passports to ensure they are not conspiring with or aiding and abetting Norwegians to break this law, but there is one local difficulty which the legislation might increase the risk of – namely Norwegians being shaken down in honey traps where girls conspire with corrupt cops, tourist police or government officials, for a well timed raid, a tearful

confession from the girl, money fingerprinted and off to Soi 9 you go until we can work something out. Or we’ll deport you to Norway. Up to you sir. Where’s your nearest ATM?

That doesn’t bear thinking about for Norwegians, but it remains a novel scam and potential risk in the coming months, as people get more desperate for money.

Pattaya Today 15

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Tourist numbers bouncing back

Death of the tigers Your article concerning the death of the tigers at Sri Racha tiger zoo left me feeling very little sympathy for the zoo. This is one of those intensely annoying places that charges anybody who is a foreigner several times more than a native. Last time I was there I was charged the extortionate rate even though I was obviously with my Thai wife and our two children. They insisted on documentary proof of my residency before allowing me the Thai price but this sort of evidence is not normally what you carry around on a zoo trip. Our family has a number of visitors from Europe every year but I never recommend the Sri Racha tiger zoo following my own experience. Mind you, the zoo is not the only offender. My son, who visited last year, declined to pay the extra for most attractions which he thought excessive in view of the short time it takes to get round. Offenders include the National Parks and this sort of blatant racism – and that’s what it is – needs to stop if Thailand is serious about getting more tourists. The argument that foreigners can afford to pay more just doesn’t wash and, in any case, a person’s financial standing is nobody else’s business but their own. Richard Thomson

Thailand not that bad

I do get rather hot under the collar when the international press goes on about the dire social problems of Thailand. In fact, there seems to be a worldwide phenomena and let’s take a few examples. Firstly there’s drinking and driving. Yes, of course, it’s a scandal that drunk drivers cause mahem at Christmas or New Year on the roads of Pattaya or Bangkok. But, frankly, the situation is also dire in Europe and the United States. To see some newspaper reports, you’d think you would have to visit Thailand to find lunatics on the road. As a matter of fact, most of the Thai deaths are of men under 25 and riding a motorbike. In percentage terms, you won’t find this reflected in European or American statistics as there are relatively fewer motor bikes on the roads there, expressed as a percentage of traffic. Next there’s child sex. It seems to me that the Thai police can’t win. If they arrest and deport pedophiles the resulting publicity gives the impression there are peds under the beds everywhere. If the police ignore child prostitution, they are accused of condoning this vile behaviour. For the record, you will find child sex everywhere and we now know, thanks to revelations about Roman Catholic clergy worldwide, that you don’t need a Sunee Plaza and its bars to find it. What is clear is that Pattaya is of declining interest to child sex seekers simply because they no longer feel safe. Good. No matter what other problems we debate – police corruption and political instability for example – you find that they are on a global scale rather than Thai specialisms. It’s high time that we recognise that Thailand has its share of problems, yes siree, but stop the constant sniping at the country as if it were the lowest of the low. By no means. Richard Arkwright

Forget about Cambodia

Having just returned from a first time holiday in Cambodia, I can assure everyone that none of its major towns and cities are about to replace Pattaya as an expat and retiree haven. Phnom Penh is a vast and rather dreary city which, although it has a night scene of sorts, could not hold a candle to Pattaya. There is no public transport to speak of and, if you fall seriously ill, stand by for a major medical repatriation if you have the cash or the insurance. Siem Reap is a nice little town but you’ll soon get bored visiting the ancient stones of Angkor Wat and frequenting the handful of bars in the centre of the town. My judgment is that it would be far from easy to make a life there. Not enough going on there and not even an expat club to take the tedium out of Sunday mornings. Sihanoukville is the other destination often talked about. It’s a four or five hours drive from Phnom Penh (no real alternative) and the road is quite dangerous. The town itself by the sea is good for swimmers and snorkelers and that’s about your lot. There doesn’t seem to be any control over dumping rubbish which is to be found everywhere and I think the restaurants I visited left a lot to be desired on the hygiene front. Better think it out again and, most likely, stick to Pattaya and count your blessings. Alan Hutchinson

Low level Pattaya mentality I have long thought that writing coming out of Pattaya was pear shaped, mostly at the bottom end. In another local newspaper, someone pointed out that the internet makes in Pattaya journals the resort’s window to the world; some columns don’t give a good impression. In Pattaya Today, there’s a “Nightlife” column but its repeated silly lingo refers only to the writer’s opinion of the “quality” of providers of a certain financially procured service. The other column I have in mind tells any negative stories about Thai girls he can dream up, suggesting that anyone who attempts to get more out of life than he has been able to is a fool. Both these columns are as conformistin reliance on the sex trade (bottom end) as moralists are in aversion to it and both self-expose as dated victims of the sexual values they knock. What puzzles me is why editors of journals that rely on tourism employ hacks who perpetuate the sordid reputation that Pattaya has in many quarters. I wonder how many people pretend they don’t live in Pattaya (one local journalist admitted it). The assistant editor of a magazine went so far as to suggest to me in an e-mail that Pattaya doesn’t want anything better than writers who pander to low level mentality. This is countered by two books currently available with diametrically opposite styles. I understand they are sellin well. Dr Iain Corness’ Farang and Tony Crossley’s The Butterfly Circus. Former Thai government minister Mechai Viravaidya, who is said to have won the 2007 Gates Award for Global Health, is referred to in the latter writer’s new book Pattaya: the Good, the Bad and the Other. This book is the first I have read in which the cause of Pattaya’s fame or notoriety, depending how one views the sex trade, is written about positivly and sensibly rather than with “pro” adolescent innuendo or “anti” hypocrisy. The author backs up his opinions with quotes of psychologists and notables. Khun Mechai is quoted as saying, “Sex is not wrong, it’s what people do.” So true, so simple, yet so few people in high places anywhere seem to realise it. The consequences of frustration are many times exampled on a daily basis worldwide, so don’t we have to wonder why a legitimate sex trade is opposed by some people? Perhaps if the trade was legal, there would be more quality writing that would help show up and overcome the obsessions and verbosity of sexually juvenile adults that illegitimacy creates. Jack Tighe Ed: Our two columnists (paragraph two above) are more than able to reply for themselves if they are bothered about stereotypical assaults. But, just for the record, they are both widely published and very successful authors in their own right and not just “hacks” for Pattaya Today.

Too expensive in Pattaya Although I and seven friends have been on holiday to Pattaya many times in the past 10 years, we will be vacationing nearer home because it’s just too dear here now. We are British and have seen the exchange rate fluctuate wildly over the years, including 90 to the pound for a short time in early 1998. But with the pound now barely at 50 baht, obviously British tourists will be going elsewhere and this financial fact of life, in our view, is more important in the current decline of tourist numbers than the political problems which everybody talks about. Although we were certainly inconvenienced when protestors seized the airport late last year, the people I have talked to all say it’s the cash question which is the more important. Unless the currency situation changes for the better and soon, I can’t see the numbers ever coming back to what they used to be. At the end of the day, it’s the business people and vendors who are losing out. Eight farangs

Thai tourism, and that includes Pattaya, has long suffered from predictions that the end is nigh. In the 1990s it was stated by many armchair critics that the aids/hiv crisis would wipe out the holiday destinations of the kingdom. One foreign newspaper of the time went so far as to say that Pattaya would be boarded up within a year. Then came the tsunami of 2004, the bird flu crisis, the 2006 coup, the recent airport closures and the international financial meltdown of 2008. Nobody would suggest these events have been without dire consequences, in particular the last one, but the reality in 2009 is that tourist numbers are beginning to pick up in some Thai destinations. According to the Thai tourist council, the main beneficiaries so far have been the southern beach resorts, in particular Samui and Phuket, where occupancy in major hotels has reached 80% in comparison with 90% last year, a modest enough drop. Some improvement in occupancy rates has also been noted in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Even in Bangkok the situation isn’t as dire as it was two months ago as many four and five star hotels have slashed their rates or offered irresistible discounts. So where does that leave Pattaya? Whilst there has been no shortage of tourists wanting to extend their holiday visas, the resort has suffered from the non-arrival this season of some traditional visitors from western Europe, and in Britain in particular, in the supposedly festive season. What limited research there is, on the British anyway, suggests that what has put travellers off is the slump in the value of the British pound, rather than the political situation in Bangkok. What’s also true is that, year on year, Pattaya’s ongoing expansion is creating more and more hotel and condo rooms which need to be filled. As the resort has got bigger and bigger, Pattaya’s visitors are spread out thinly over a greater geographic area than ever before. The resort area is no longer circumscribed by the beach road and several thoroughfares to Sukhumvit cutting it into segments. These days, there are many holiday opportunities in Banglamung, Jomtien and points beyond that. Tourist numbers can look thinner simply because the visiting population is so diffuse. It’s doubtful if Pattaya’s city fathers can do a lot to improve the situation further for the moment. A morale boosting visit by the prime minister would be tokenistic. Production of leaflets promoting the resort and international road shows can help but have their limitations. What’s probably needed now is the return of normalcy in the political situation and, in particular, an end to street protests in the capital as they do create so much negative international publicity. The new prime minister has announced the upcoming summit of regional leaders will be moved from Bangkok to Hua Hin because of fears of disruption. It’s that sort of fear which has to be eliminated before the Pattaya tourist industry can rest easy. The tourist problem doesn’t only affect Thailand. Cambodia, especially Siem Reap, has been quieter than usual. Indeed, the only Pacific rim country which appears to have had a seasonal boom is Vietnam which reports higher than ever visitor arrivals: hotel occupancy rates in both Hanoi and erstwhile Saigon are said to be at record highs. Pattaya will indeed get back to normal. But it’s going to be a while yet before the tills start ringing again quite so enthusiastically as before.

16 Pattaya Today


Another Happy New Year!

If you are a western woman then feel smug, very smug. Christmas Day is over, the New Year has passed and, hopefully, you have

accumulated through the year. It is also used to impress the Kitchen God who watches over the family fortunes and morals and who returns to heaven each year to report on the family he has stayed with. He returns to the kitchen on the first day of New Year and is welcomed back to a clean hearth for a fresh start. However, on New Year’s day no more cleaning can

survived all the preparations, present wrapping, cooking, cracker pulling, crisis management, hang overs and ringing in 2009 without serious mishap or family falling out. How ever, if you are an oriental sister, then you have another long haul ahead of you with the arrival of Chinese New Year; there will be no peace until March! Those of you who are not familiar with what happens over Chinese New Year may think that it is just about dragon dances and fire crackers, but preparations begin weeks before and involve more detail and superstition than a mere Christmas celebration. And,

be done as it is important not to sweep away any of the new good luck that has arrived with the New Year. This is heaven for those women who are not a slave to the duster but is hell for those who are anal about the cleanliness of their living rooms! All brooms, brushes, cleaning cloths, dustpans and vacuum cleaners must be put away to avoid temptation. After the first day of the New Year floor-sweeping can resume, but it has to be carried out in a special way: beginning at the door, dust and grime are swept into the middle of the room and then placed in the corners; these little piles of dirt cannot be taken

needless to say, the responsibility of preparing and organising a successful New Year celebration falls upon the females of the family. The first actiity under taken to prepare for the New Year is a thorough cleaning of the whole house from top to bottom – rather like the western ‘spring cleaning.’ The cleaning is thought to wash away all the bad luck that has

out until the fifth day. It is believed that if you sweep the dirt out over the threshold, you will sweep one of the family away. Also, to sweep the dust and dirt out of your house by the front entrance is to sweep away the good fortune of the family; it must always be swept inwards and then carried out via the back door. On the eve of the New Year a special meal is

by Bee McConville

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

prepared which includes dumplings and seafood which signify good wishes, happiness, good luck and prosperity. Eerybody wears something red in order to ward off the evil spirit Nien who, apparently, was once frightened by a child wearing red clothes. At midnight, every door and window in the house are opened to let out the old year. Fireworks and firecrackers are let off to not only celebrate the coming of the New Year but also to scare away Nien and any other evil spirits who happen to be lurking around the house. New Year’s Day heralds the coming of the new year and brings with it another host of superstitions: hair cannot be washed on this day for fear of washing away new good luck, all debts must be paid by this day and not carried forward to the New Year and nothing must be lent on this day in case that sets a pattern for the following twelve months. Nobody is allowed to swear or mention death, dying or ghosts. Talking about the old year is forbidden as the focus is on the new, not the passe. Crying on New Year’s Day is also frowned upon so children are allowed to get away

with murder knowing that there will be no smacking in the offing. Knives and scissors can’t be used in case you cut off good luck and the first person and first words you hear on New Year’s Day are important as they determine what kind of fortune – negative or positive - the New Year will bring. On the bright side, though, ‘lucky money’ is given out to youngsters in red envelopes and can range from a few baht coins to rather larger sums in brand new notes. Now, Christmas festivities generally take up the three days of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, so occidental ladies can breath a sigh of relief after a mere few days before developing a second wind for the one night of western New Year celebrations. However, Chinese New Year can last two to three weeks, and although celebrations only take place on some of those days, our oriental sisters have to maintain the stamina to ward off bad luck and retain all the good luck necessary to get through the rest of the year for a considerable period. From personal experience I know just how hard it is to keep all family members happy for a paltry few days so I have

every admiration for those who have to keep things calm and jolly for so much longer. Chinese New Year starts on January 26th this year and brings in the Year of the Ox and, while Thailand is a Buddhist country, many

the New Year in some form or other. So if any of your friends are about to embark on the endurance testing holiday period show some solidarity by being positive and, if visiting them during this period, observing tradi tions meticulously. Thenbe

of our Thai friends will have some Chinese somewhere in their ancestry and a number of them will be celebrating

very thankful that you don’t have to think about any more family celebrations until Easter!

Now I am not an ardent feminist and have never actually burnt my bra, although in my younger days I did manage to get away with going braless until I grew from an AA into a C cup, but I do believe in female equality and I am growing increasingly bothered by the preponderance of male labeled products in our material world. I mean why is Mister Donut a Mister and not a Mrs? It is widely known that women eat far more doughnuts than men and, I might add, more women look like doughnuts than men, though I don’t mean that cruelly and am not attempting to besmirch the female of the species, I am just trying to be honest here. So why is it that the shop has a male label I mean it’s tantamount to changing the name of Victoria’s Secrets to

Stan’s Secrets isn’t it? And then there’s Mr Muscle. Now you tell me who is it that uses that particular product? Well I’d put money on the fact that it is women

is unacceptable as having the equivalent of Helga the muscle-bound Russian housewife helping me around the kitchen is a far more attractive proposition

who end up scrubbing the oven, work tops and draining boards with the help of our so-called kitchen friend Mr Muscle so why isn’t it called Mrs Muscle. It can’t be because the idea of women having muscles

for actually getting the job done than having a cartoon version of a man in a cape wafting around the kitchen. And then there’s Mr Potato the Mexican male wrapped around my tube of crisps. Well, for a start

Mister Schmister!

crisps are not a Mexican invention, and I do know that potatoes come from Peru, so why does a crisp need a male marketing ploy? And while we are on the subject, why is there a word for Mister that can be spelt properly when there is not one for Mrs that can only be spelt ‘missus’ and so reads like a Cockney or small boy is saying the word. So may I suggest that we adopt the word ‘Madam’ which is easily spelt and can be applied to all products currently using the term Mister. I mean, surely ‘Madam Donut’ is a far more attractive sounding name for a cake shop and gives the simple doughnut a certain sort of allure that a mister just cannot offer! I say it like I see it! Moaning Minnie

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Fool in Paradise

also supported her boyfriend, Somchai (Noo) Layabout, an out-of-work motorcycle taxi driver in her village who was saving up for an air pump to inflate his bike’s flat rear tyre. It had only been two years. The other star in this story is my good friend George, a man of infinite tomfoolery. George is a world traveller who, like the proverbial sailor, has a girl in every port. In the port of Pattaya he has several because he uses this city as a home base for all his Asian travel. The paths of George and Lek first crossed about six months ago when he met her at a coffee shop down town. They had a mutually beneficial liaison lasting three days then, before he had to leave, he got her phone number with the promise to call her when he was next in town. A week before Christmas, George arrived back in Pattaya and, once settled into his hotel room, kept his promise to phone Lek. To his delight

she did remember him and seemed really happy to hear from him. Unfortunately, she could not meet him that evening because she was ‘ busy’ but she was free to meet with him the following evening. George said he was staying at the same hotel andsuggested they get together in the foyer at 7:00pm. He could tell by her voice she was a little reluctant to do that and was not surprised whe she suggested it would be better if they rendez voused at the coffee shop when they first met. “Ok,” he said. “See you there at seven o’clock.” George fini shed the call and chuckled to himself. “She doesn’t remember what hotel I’m staying in,” he thought. “She’s probably been in so many hotels over the past six months the poor girl is confused. She probably doesn’t even remember me!” That night, George went out and caught up with some friends, finally retiring to his room alone at around midnight.

The following night, George was showered and ready by six thirty so, instead of just hanging around the hotel, he decided to head to the coffee shop and wait for Lek there. Down at reception, while handing in his key, he noticed a very beautiful lady sitting on a sofa alone. He gave her a smile and was delighted when she seductively returned his smile. At this point I must confess that, even though George is a very good friend of mine, he has the morals of a sewer rat. Having a thirty minute window, he saw an opportunity to strike up a new friendship. George approached the lady to say hello. She acknowledged his reptilian smile and, when he asked how she was, smiled a “Fine, thank you,” back. Taking this as a non-rejection, George threw caution to the wind and asked if he could sit down. Marginally worried by the possibility of a very jealous Russian boyfriend appearing at any

moment, he kept his opening conversation very general, not asking her name nor volunteering his. Af ter a few moments of idle chit chat, with his wealth of experience, George determined this lady would probably be agreeable to conversation in less formal surroundings. He asked if she would like to go out for dinner and, sure enough, she happily agreed. That’s when he remembered his date with Lek. He excused himself saying he needed to use the bathroom and rushed to wards the hotel’s facilities. Safely out of sight, he called Lek on his mobile and when she answered, he apologised that he was not able to go out with her that night because something urgent had come up. Lek sounded disappointed and very puzzled. He added that he would call her the following aternoon and make it up to her. She simply replied, “Ok.” George sped back out to where he and his new flame

had been sitting and was surprised to see her standing and apparently walking slowly towards the hotel entrance. He reached her before she made it to the door. “Is something wrong?” he asked. She turned to face him and that’s when George noticed the mobile phone in her right hand. “George,” she asked sadly, “why you call me .. say we can not go out? Why you not just tell me?” Reports are vague but apparently the explosion of George’s bottom jaw hitting the floor could be heard as far away as Rayong. His recollection is hazy; he merely recalls being dumbfounded, embarrassed and turning whiter than an Arctic blizzard. This girl was Lek! It turns out she had in fact remembered his hotel and decided to turn up early and meet him in the foyer, as per his initial request, rather than catch up with him later at the coffee shop. How George weaselled his way out of the situation is unclear, but it suffices to say the lovely Lek received a lot more money that evening than she had expected. Footnote: If anyone has seen George’s face around town, could you please return it to him. He hasn’t been able to shave or even see himself in the mirror since that night so has offered a big reward for its safe return.

Your Soi

and urges union with him through meditation and surrender to his will. It rejects the Hindu caste system, pries thood, image worship, asceticism and pilgrimage, although it retains the Hindu doctrines of transmigration and karma.” Don’t say you haven’t been told. I did some further research on the Internet about the history of this particular temple: In 1975 there were only a few Sikh families in Pattaya, but once Pattaya became a tourist spot many Sikhs migrated from other provinces like Ubol Ratchthani, Udon Ratchthani, Nakorn Ratchsima and Sattahip. The Sikhs were mostly businessmen and started businesses in Pattaya. The population of the Sikh community increased and finally a Gurdwara (Sikh temple) was established in a rented building. All Sikh ceremonies and religious prayers were held there on Sundays and other Sikh religious dates during the period from 1979 to 1980. The Gurdwara was moved to new locations a number of times until 1985 when the Sikh community purchased the land in South Pattaya and started construction of a permanent Gurdwara. On 28 October 1990, local Sikhs along with many other Sikhs in Thailand celebrated the opening ceremony of the magnificent new Gurdwara.

One of the more noticeable Sikh conventions is the uncut hair which, for men, is required to be covered by a turban. Sikhism does not have priests, which were abolished by Guru Gobind Singh who felt that they had become corrupt and egotistical. (Perhaps there is a lesson there for other religions.) All people of all religions are welcome to the Gurd wara where a free community kitchen can be found serving meals to all people of all faiths. Guru Nanak first started this institution which outlines

the basic Sikh principles of service, humility and equality. End of history lesson. On the other side of the temple is D and D House, a well-presented apartment building with rooms to rent and a quaint coffee shop out front. From there it is just a short walk to Second Road and the end of my journey. Next issue I’ll be back for a stroll along Beach Road, starting from Walking Street and ending at the Dolphin Roundabout. The sea breeze will do me good.

Lek and George

Lek lived with her parents and two younger brothers in a village a long way outside of Nakhon Nowhere. She went to school until she was 10 years old but was with drawn by her parents once her younger brother reached school age. The family could not afford to keep two children at school and the boy’s education took priority. Soon after her eighteenth birthday, Lek left her family for the bright lights of Pattaya where she heard the streets were paved with gold. Her parents told the neighbours she went off to work in a clothing factory in Bangkok. That saved a lot of face even though the neigh bours suspected the truth. Lek learned the ropes very quickly and the money she earned went to pay off the fifth mortgage her father took out on the family estate after gambling and drinking away their life savings along with the first four mortgages. She


Leaving Tigglebitties Tavern on Soi 17, South Pattaya, it is about 200 metres to the intersection with Pattaya Third Road. There is nothing to report in that short setion. Crossing at the traffic lights, Soi 17 continues towards Pattaya Second Road and I decided to walk it.

lot of interest (i.e. no bars). It is very typical of urban Thai sois and therefore contains the usual assortment of laundries, gold shops, beauty salons, Family Marts, 7-Elevens and small restaurants. I passed Soi Day Night 2 and Soi Day Night, both linking up with South Pattaya Road,without making a single squiggle in

block to Second Road. On the left is Ravi Da Dhaba Indian Restaurant and Ravi Indian Supermarket. Next door is Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Pattaya temple (see photo). Now, regular readers will know I’m not really a Wat, Temple or Church-type person, but this beautiful building hidden away in the backwoods of Pattaya had me intrigued. This is a Sikh Temple. Upon subsequent investigation, I learned the Sikh religion, centred in the Punjab State of north-west India, is an ethical mono the is mfusing elements of Hinduism and Islam. “It was founded by Nanak

It transpires that was not my best decision as the soi has no footpaths to speak of so is certainly not pedestrian friendly. There is also not a

my notepad. About 500 metres later I had reached the back of the South Pattaya School which takes up an entire

(1469-1539), a mystic who believed that God transcends religious distinctions. Sikhism stresses the unity, truth, and creativity of a personal God

by Frank Thring

Pattaya Today 17

18 Pattaya Today

L E G A L c o r ne r today

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

The new consumer protection law

A hammer of justice against the unscrupulous vultures By: Mr. Ponthep Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Mrs.Darunee Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Accountant of WERACHON LAW OFFICE, 315/304, Moo 12 Theppasit Road (Soi 12) Nongprue,Banglamung,Pattaya City, Chonburi 20260, Kingdom of Thailand Tel:(038)304 084,(038) 251 533Fax: (038) 304 027 Mobile: 081 423 4255,089 889 6483, Website:, e-mail: Our new prime minister who graduated from Oxford with the first class honor degree in law and politics always expresses his ideology to enforce the law without double standard. In Thailand, many laws are always in the shield without enforcement. The justice can be done only by the national ideology to enforce the laws as it is wisely said that it shall be written, it shall be done. 2009 should be the year to promote the consumer awareness which is necessary as the intangible infrastructure for many foreigners who invest their hard-earned money in Pattaya. Many high profile condominium projects fail to honor their comitments. They cannot

continue the construction due to the increasing price ofraw materials. Some delayed projects propose to return the money deposit to their buyers without penalty fine. But some unfortunate buyers cannot get even single baht. These gullible buyers have to suffer by having their hair cut even most of them have already shaved their hair to look sporty. The maxim of “caveat emptor” is quite contemporary in the world dominated by money. The Madoff’s scandal shocked us by the suicide of the gullible investor who lost his money. In Pattaya, many gullible buyers are misled or steered by the unscrupulous unlicensed professional whosefortune depends on theclosure of the deal. Most gullible buyers are misled to enter some unfair or adhesion terms in a standard contract form prepared by a developer or broker. Many buyers were advised to pay the down payment nearly or even 100%. In the sales contract which is fair, the buyer should pay only 30-40% before the completion of the project. It is the real conspiracy theory of all vultures to share the golden eggs in one basket.It is the reason you should retain your own independent lawyer who will serve you as his only one master without conflicts of interest. All unfair clauses in the adhesion contract can bevoided by the Unfair Contract Act 1997 and the Consumer Protection Act 1998.

The examples of the fair clauses in the sales contract should be that the developer will have to pay the interest including daily penalty fine and damages for delay of a construction. In case the buyer breaches the

"Sales contract, fair or not fair that is the question". contract, the developer cannot forfeit all down payments. The money deposit can be forfeited only for the amount paid on the signing date of the sales contract. About the transfer taxes, the buyer should pay only the transfer fee of 1%. For other details, you may search for the complete version in The light of justice can beseen at the end of the tunnel y the enactment of the new consumer protection law which establishes the consumer protection court. In Pattaya, the Court of Justice in Thappraya becomes the Consumer


How to help a shy child participate in school Preschool and kindergarten are a child’s first taste of school for the years of education that lie ahead. Some children find school a thrilling experience: They wave their hands in the air to answer questions, belt out songs during group sings, and are the first to sit down for snacks. Other children are less thrilled. Shy or more reserved kids can find the strangeness and activity overwhelming. They may hesitate to speak out in class, hold back from the group, or prefer to keep to themselves, playing quietly in a corner. Should I be concerned about a shy child? You want your child to be enthusiastic about his first years in school — but try not to fret too much, especially if your child’s still in preschool. During the preschool years kids are just beginning to learn how to interact with peers and participate in group activities. Many preschool-age children still feel most comfortable doing parallel play alongside other kids, observing and imitating rather than playing directly with friends. In kindergarten most children play interactively, but are still adjusting to the social environment of school. In both pre-

school and kindergarten, children are testing new ground, learning new rules of behavior. It’s a process that can take time. Just as personalities differ, kids vary tremendously, normally in how they relate in school — from eager beavers to quiet mice. Some children take longer than others to adjust to a daily classroom routine or to a new school, teacher, or class, but they eventually open up. Others stay shy — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Normal shyness is not a problem that needs fixing. Your child doesn’t need to be a gung-ho, first-in-line student to learn. But easing his fears even a little can make school a more enjoyable experience, which promotes learning and is a worthy goal. How can I encourage my shy child? Talk to the teacher. Start by comparing notes on how your child acts at school and at home. What activities does your child love at home that aren’t part of the classroom? What does your child dislike that he or she is expected to do at school? Gather information with your child’s teachers, and look for ways to help make the classroom an engaging and comfortable place.

Protection Court with the special measures and expeditious procedural process to remedy consumers who are unfairly treated by unscrupulous entrepreneurs. The Consumer Protection Act 1998 protects all condominium buyers

Bring his interests to school. For example, if your child is fascinated by bugs but bugs haven’t been talked about much at school, let him bring his collection to the classroom. Make sure the teacher doesn’t force your child to make a formal presentation, but ask her to set up an opportunity for your child to talk or answer questions. The teacher could hold a bug discussion using your child’s materials as the visual aids, or create a bug station based on your child’s supplies. Even if your child doesn’t speak up right away, just having his favorite things in class can help melt his shyness. He can participate and feel a sense of belonging without being verbal, which is a start. He may be into bugs or trains or cats, but even sharing a book or toy your child loves can help. Go to school. Your being in the classroom can help your shy child feel more comfortable at school. Your schedule may not allow regular or lengthy classroom visits, but even touching base now and then gives you a chance to observe. Most kids will consider a visit from Mom or Dad a special treat. Set him up for success. If you can visit your child’s classroom, see

by the ministerial announcement issued in 2000 requiing condominium business to use a standard contract form drafted by the Consumer Protection Office. Most of high profile condominium projects in Bangkok use this standard form contract. However, the situation in Pattaya is quite different by the lack of knowledge in these laws. Any developer intentionally ignores to use this standard contract form will be punishable under Section 57 of the Consumer Protection Act 1979 with the maximum imprisonment of one year or maximum fine of whether the games, projects, and activities there are a good match for your child, providing stimulation and opportunities for success. If many classroom activities seem above your child’s ability level, talk to the teacher about simplifying them. If your child struggles with naming all the letters of the alphabet, the teacher can help him focus on just a few. If your child isn’t well coordinated with scissors or glue, make sure painting or drawing is an option. Make sure he’s challenged. It may be that activities at school are boring your child because they’re too easy. If you suspect this is an issue, work with the teacher on ways to give your child more challenge. Maybe the teacher could borrow materials from a higher grade to have on hand for your child. Help him at home. Some children have an easier time grasping new skills in a quiet place, without the stimulation and pressures of the classroom. If your child is awkward painting with a brush, do painting projects together at home. Find out

100,000 baht or both. The consumer can raise all standard clauses which are fair for him. The violation of this standard contract form is very serious. If the developer is a foreigner, you may ask your lawyer to check if he has a work permit. The complaint about his unscrupulous behavior can be reported to the labor office to revoke his work permit. The weakness of foreigners involved with litigation in Thailand is the misconception that the Thai judicial system is bias and with red tape against foreigners. The delay of justice is the denial of justice. It can be costly for foreigners to involve themselveswith the time consuming litigation process. The Act on the Procedure of Consumer Protection Cases 2008 requires that all consumer cases must be expeditious without delay which is different from the ordinary cases in the Court of Justice which is time consuming. The Consumer Protection Court implements the inquisitorial procedure by having their officials to inspect and verify all facts and information in the cases. There are many measures to force the developer. The developer can be summoned by the Consumer Protection Court even in the pre-trial stage of investigation. The judicial injunction to stop the project

In order to protect all consumers, Section 56.- of the Act on the Procedure of Consumer Protection Cases 2008 opens the door of justice for any buyer who may act on behalf of other buyer to seek the injunction from the Consumer Protection Court to stop the project which may cause damage to many buyers. This injunction can be used as a hammer against the unscrupulous developer who must be seriously punished in this world and beyond. If you are misled by false information, you may use Section Sections 341, 342 and Section 343 of the Penal Code of Thailand with the maximum imprisonment of seven years against the person who provided you with false information. Section 341.- Whoever dishonestly deceives a person with the assertion of a falsehood or the concealment of the facts which should be revealed, and, by such deception, obtains a property from the person so deceived or a third party, or causes the person so deceived or a third person to execute, revoke or destroy a document of right is said to commit the offence of cheating and fraud. If you are wise like a serpent, you may understand the concept of these laws to knock the door of justice. However, you should not be harmless like a dove because you will become the victim of all hungry vultures in Pattaya.

what songs your child enjoys most from school, and sing them around the house or dining table. Give your child chances to practice, but try not to put on pressure. Young children master new skills at different paces, and there’s no need to turn it into work. The idea is to build your child’s confidence. Focus on his accomplishments. Don’t just pay attention to the stumbling blocks. Doing fun and easy school activities at home is a wonderful way to ease participation fears. Most classes have favourite group songs, bellowed around the classroom or at least at music or circle time. Find out which ones your child enjoys, and make them part of the evening routine. If your child gains confidence in singing at home, this can rub off in the classroom. Be his “student.” Children roleplay “school” at home with dolls and stuffed animals as a non threatening way to practice being in the classroom. Set up a school with teddy bears, and let your child act it out. You can help organize the game,

and participate as one of the “students,” but let your child steer the flow of the classroom. You may discover school fears, such as mean kids or a teasing teacher. If, as his “student,” you can play lightly at being scared of the kids or the teacher, your child will find this very funny, and his laughter will help release some of his scary feelings so that he can be more confident. Talk about what’s going on, ask your child questions, and use the information for talks with school staff. How can I tell if my child is more than just shy? What to do when he’s more than shy. Most shyness or quietness is not a serious problem, but a few red flags may indicate that your child needs professional attention. If your child cries or throws tantrums on a regular basis before or at school, is significantly withdrawn most of the time, making little eye contact, or acts violently in school, hitting other kids or teachers, talk to your pediatrician or the school psychologist.

Pattaya Today 19

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Central Center Pattaya January events Bent + Boat Happy Time (24th -25th January, 2009). Enjoy the time with Bent + Boat and friend. Many activities for children such as puppet show, cartoon (mascot), performances from different schools and fun and games. Chinese New Year 2009 (celebrate the year of Ox) 24th -26th January, 2009. Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinese lion parade, silver – gold dragon and the Chinese lucky dish with milk contest and Ox game. M Sport Hip Hop Dancercise Contest Thailand Championship. Winners will receive trophy from Princess Siriwan Warinarirat. So don’t miss it!!! Choral group starts Two expats living in the Pattaya-Jomtien area are now forming a choral group for both fun and performances. Contact Len on 087 783 5079 or email him at praglenus@ as all interested are welcome. LPGA upcoming event The Honda Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association

(LPGA) Thailand event will be held from February 26 to March 1 at Siam Country Club, Pattaya Plantation. Over 60 leading professional women golfers compete over 72 holes, including Lorena Ochoa and Paula Creamer. Preparations are underway at Dusit Thani and golf fanatics won’t want to miss Honda LPGA 2009. New Ecologies art expo A contemporary art exhibition comes to Pattaya at the Sheraton Pattaya Resort, in conjunction with Gallery Opium and art critic Brian Curtin, January 29 to April 25. Themes include globalis tion, rapid development, capitalization, cultural identity, political instability etc. Contact Brian Curtin on 089 163 8102 or Alan Kirkland Roath on 038 303040. New Ecologies challenges our perceptions of what’s going on. Valentine’s day at Mantra Love is everywhere, so share Valentine day’s evening at Mantra with the love of your life. Set dinner and a glass of champagne for 3,999 baht per couple. For reservations

and more information call 038 429 591 or visit Angus beef at Mantra Throughout January, surrender to the taste sensation of Mantra’s distintively delicious Australian Black Angus Beef: hunky top sirloin, centre-cut filet, bonelessrib-eye and many more. Just some of the secret recipesof superchef Supachai. For reservations phone 038 429 591 or visit www. Be WOWed at Hard Rock Special deluxe room rate of 3,600 baht at Hard Rock, Pattaya, but you get the second night free. Offer valid from January 5 to March 31. Conditions apply. Further information on 038 428 755 or visit Greg’s Kitchen With over 30 years experience, chef Greg Sulis has the very best of British and international cuisine at Greg’s Kitchen on Second Road (just before Bankok Bank, opposite Soi 6 or Yodsak).Generous portions and top quality menu. Said to be a favourite stopping place for British embassy staff!

Charity Club Dinner The Charity Club of Pattaya hosts its 5th dinner and grand draw on Saturday January 24 at All Seasons Hotel in Pattaya. Tickets at 1,600 baht on sale now from Malcolm 0897 441 040 or Christina 0895 454 185 or from Includes free Thai and international buffet, premium spirits, free flow beer and wine courtesy of The World of Wine. Festive season at Indian by Nature Indian by Nature is celebrating with some new dishes including Akbari Jheegha, flambed at the table; fish trio; Murgh Kashmiri; Pepper chicken masala with Pehawari Naan and Lamb Char MInar. Dine with Indian by Nature and make this holiday special for your loved ones. Isan Flowers in Pattaya A new flower shop has opened in Soi Chalermphrakiat 21, off Soi Bukao. All your flower needs arranged by professionals and at specially discounted prices. Check out their excellent website at or phone 038421773. Basketball at Tony’s Mixed age basketball – pick up games. Monday and Wednesday evenings 5 pm – 7 pm or later. Tony’s new top floor gym on 3rd Road at South Pattaya Road, across from fitness centre. Take elevator to 5th floor, covered and lighted court. Phone

086 596 0966 (Jack). British embassy office There is now an office of the British consulate in Pattaya. It’s located in the row of shop units immediately outside the Pattaya immigration bureau, Jomtien soi 5, next to the Yingchit money changer and a few steps from the Meesen coffee shop. Office hours 9.00 a.m.11.30 a.m. weekdays exc. public holidays. Liam’s Gallery Located on Pratumnak 4, this five storey art gallery has many original paintings, sculptures, antiques etc as well as Liam’s own private art gallery. Exhibitions are on view 10.00 am to 7 pm but closed Mondays. Open house from 6.30 pm every Friday with free wine and snacks. Phone 038 306 172. El Duo at Cafe The sensational Filipino El Duo appear exclusively at Cafe Royale, Pattayaland three, every Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday from 9.45 pm till late. Regular bar prices and no admission charges. The area’s most popular duo singers and entertainers. Royal British Legion The Chonburi branch meets at Tropical Bert’s, opposite the Bangkok Bank on Second Road and adjacent to Soi Yodsak. You don’t need to be ex HM services to join but must share the Legion’s principles.

There’s a get together every Sunday. Phone Bert on 089 807 2335. Krav Maga self defense Learn to defend yourself against attackers with Krav Maga self defence. There are local classes in Pattaya. Details on www.kravmaga or phone 085 288 3709. PILC ball postponed Owing to the mourning period for the late Princess, the PILC black and white ball has been postponed until Saturday January 17 2009. All other details remain the same. 3,500 baht per person. Further details from Adene on 08 6149 1771 or Jacinta on 08 6997 0671. Refunds available for those unable to attend in January. Steps and Rhythm Steps and Rhythm dance academy will hold Salsa workshops at intermediate and beginner level throughout the coming year. 550 baht per person. Further information from Stephanie on 089 544 4842 or visit Free Thai lesson The Pro Language Thai Course has been designed and structured to meet those with no or limited Thai. Covers both conversation and reading/writing. Free introductory lesson available by phoning 038 4899 225 or writing to 2 days before you wish to start.

20 Pattaya Today

by Kris & Noi Do you have a question about customs, culture or life in Thailand? Send it to Kris & Noi at: Dear Kris & Noi, I don’t think the bar owners and girls have heard that there is a world problem with money, as over the Christmas and New Year period the bar fines were much higher and the girls are charging more. They should be reducing prices, not putting them up, to help regular customers. With the lousy British pound, a night’s drinking is really expensive now, and it costs me about 50 percent more to take a girl, and it’s the same for people from other countries. If the girls would come down a few hundred that would be fairer, as they overcharge anyway. Why should they expect to get the same when it’s costing us more? The tourists will pay the crazy prices, but they will lose their resident customers. I’ll stay away until after the New Year season has finished. Sizlack

Private Posts

It isn’t the fault of the bar owners or service girls of Pattaya that your national currency is in a bad way, your complaints should be directed at your government. When sexy Lek receives one thousand baht, it has the same spending value for her irrespective of the nationality of her customer and his currency exchange rate. She doesn’t feel the need to carry the latest exchange rates and a calculator, and work out a different price for each currency. The cost of living has also risen for Thais, so the girls are feeling the pinch too. Punters staying for a long time in a bar, boozing and ogling the girls, bring better profit than money gained from a bar fine. It is difficult to attract customers if all the prettiest girls are bar fined by early evening, so they up the ante, which tends to dissuade all but the horniest or most well-endowed (financially, that is) love lusters Furthermore, people working over the holiday season for the benefit of residents and tourists are entitled to make some extra money. Dear Kris & Noi, My friend and I, middle-

aged women, had a wonderful holiday in Thailand two years ago. However, it was all organized, including transport between Bangkok and Pattaya, the two places we stayed, and sightseeing trips. Now we plan to have a long holiday, travelling around the country independently. We will stay two weeks in Pattaya, which was excellent last time (yes even grannies enjoy Pattaya), then travel on, stopping wherever we fancy. We don’t want to fly, as we like to see the people and the country, but I read that there are nationwide rail and road services; will we be able to use them armed only with phrasebook Thai, smiles and gestures? And, although we are seasoned travellers who know how to act as guests in a country, I must ask you whether it is considered safe for women travelling on these services in Thailand? Julie Cornford

Thailand’s road and rail transport systems are very good and inexpensive for travelling around the country, and used a lot by expats. When in Pattaya, buy a good map of Thailand so you know where you are on your

travels. The trains are often ancient, and sometimes slow, but they are a good way of mixing with Thais and seeing the countryside; the Thai State Railway website shows routes, prices, and seat availability, in English. Your hotel or a tourist office can provide you with details of bus companies and they are easy to use; offices in tourist areas have English-speaking staff and even upcountry you will find someone with enough English to assist if needed. Go for the airconditioned VIP services, with extra legroom and stewardess service. You will find that most of your Thai fellowtravellers are friendly, curious and helpful if you have problems. As for safety, many women travel around Thailand without trouble, so just act as you should in any country, with common sense: be friendly with the locals but be wary of over-friendly, pushy types, travel in daytime on the buses, don’t flash cash or jewellery. It’s an interesting and friendly country to tour; you should have a fine holiday. Dear Kris & Noi, It seems that there are many expats who come here and

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

expect to pay peanuts for a good time. They complain about things like being ripped off in a shop, or girls asking for too much when selling their bodies. I’m not a wealthy man, but I don’t get angry over a few extra baht here or there, life’s too pleasant here to waste time being upset. I find that, if I treat people in a friendly way, I will be rewarded fairly; if not I just move on to the next shop or bar. Don’t be a cheapo, just relax and enjoy the life. Cool Hand Luke

Well said Luke. It would be nice if all expats had your attitude, but there are some who believe that all Thais are trying to rob them. Why they remain here when they feel so persecuted is a mystery. However, the full-time whingers are in the minority. Although it is human nature to have a moan at times, most often it’s done jokingly, especially when in a group, and people laugh and feel better afterwards. Most people are like you, pleased to be here.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Pattaya Today 21

22 Pattaya Today

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Rome wasn’t built in a day… But compared to some of pattaya’s

by Alan S. Brown

It actually took eight hundred seventy years to build the ancient city-state. For that matter, New York’s Empire State Building took a mere eighteen months to complete. The Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, was finished in four years and India’s Tsaj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, got done in a meager twenty-two years. Some of the infrastructure projects now going on in Pattaya seem quite modest in comparison to the a forementioned ventures as well as many others. The Tappaya Road widening scheme commenced in 2006. Here we are in the last year of the decade, and I’m still ending up with sore (you fill in the blank) every time I drive my car or ride my motorbike down the pocked, pitted and rutted roadway. I’m thrilled to report that there have been some signs of progress on the road work

Finally, in the twilight of a misspent life, it happened. Like a sequoia falling beneath the axman’s blows, like an eagle shot from heaven by the archer’s arrow, like a stag brought down by the ravening wolfpack…I succumbed. I bought a mobile phone. Yes! The serpent in the garden, the tempter who ensnared me, the author of my fall from grace, was my “friend” (ha! With friends like this, who needs enemies?), the re-

infrastructure projects, it was built in a nanosecond

of late, but how long does it take to widen and resurface a street? Every now and then, there are reports in this fine publication in which the city fathers explain the reasons for the various delays; not enough budget (Ever hear of planning?); disputes over land ownership and compensation; blah blah blah. The bottom line is if New York City could build two new major league baseball stadiums in the time it’s taken, so far, to widen Tappaya Road, there’s something rotten in Fun City; and I don’t mean the hookers. (New, major projects in the Big Apple are not known to be approved and completed speedily to say the least.) Similarly, the new “Jomtien Second Road” has been promised for some time. The pavement was torn up causing it to seem like one is driving

through the deep jungles of northern Thailand. Happily, there have been some signs of life regarding this project. In fact, while I was at the Soi 5 Immigration office the other day, the electricity was off due to the “road construction” and everyone was sent home; a good omen of sorts. Of course I have a personal ax to grind. CAT has informed me that I can’t switch to their Internet service from the horrendous TOT until the Tappaya Road work is finished. So, I’m consigned to lousy Internet service for the foreseeable future. Speaking of Internet service, in 2007, Sophon Cable announced, with much fanfare, that they had found a way to resolve the problem of poor service using modern technology provided by a Korean company. This was

Techman Rising

doubtable Fardley Nerdwell. “Tsow,” he told me over a bottle of beer one afternoon, “you need a mobile phone.” “I don’t need any such thing,” I growled. “My father didn’t have a mobile phone. George Washington didn’t have a mobile phone. Daniel Boone didn’t have a mobile phone, and neither did Kit Carson, Davy Crockett, or Wild Bill Hickok. Why do I need a mobile phone? Nobody ever calls me.” “Maybe they would if you had a mobile phone,” Fardley observed sententiously. “All my life I’ve been fighting the mobile phone and everything it stands for,” I frothed. “The decline of moral values. The degeneration of human intelligence. The craze for every passing fad. The frenzy for frills and fripperies. The obsession with everything that is shallow, superficial, and submoronic.” “If you had a mobile phone, you could call in and vote for your favorite singer on Academy Fantasia,” Fardley suggested. With the mention of this wildly popular Thai TV show, I suddenly saw the light. “Oh,” I said. “I’ll help you pick one out,” Fardley offered. “This will be a historic event. It will mark the beginning of your transformation from Jurassic Man into Techman. You’re only 20 years behind the times, but even in your advanced stage of putrefying senility, it’s never too late to change. You’ll want a tasteful model in an elegant color. I favor mauve, lavender, or fuchsia.” And so we found ourselves surveying the vast array of mobile phones in our local department store. I eyed them with mistrust. They were dinky little things, about the size of a candy bar. I wanted something more impressive—a big black walkie-talkie, perhaps, bristling with antennas and space-age accessories, like the ones the SWAT teams carry. But all they had were the candy-bar models, all tarted up for the “Hello Kitty” generation of prepubescent bubblegum-chewers. Eventually I succumbed to a Nokia 1110. At 1,990 baht it was pricey, but I was willing to overlook this defect if it met my innermost spiritual needs. Chief among these was a ringtone that would mark me as a man of dignity and gravitas, of charisma and machismo. “I want a ringtone that plays the William Tell Overture,” I announced. “I don’t think they have that,” Fardley said. “Something splendid and soul-stirring and Wagnerian,” I declared. “The Ride of the Valkyries, perhaps.

great news, especially coming from a cable company more akin to the early days of cable in the USA in the 1970s than a provider of the twentyfirst century. The company bragged that its customers

would be able to watch Cable TV and surf the Internet at the same time. Back in the USA, our cable system provides over 1000 channels (not that there’s much worthwhile to watch on any of them), as well as, lightening fast Internet service; but, I digress. I happened to stop by the Sophon office recently to pay

The triumphal march from Aida. The crescendo from Ravel’s Bolero. At the very least, Beethoven’s Song of Joy.” “I don’t think they have any of those, either,” Fardley said. And he was right. They had only tinkly ringtones suggestive of ice-cream wagons and merry-go-rounds. “I require something more mature,” I informed Fardley, somewhat testily. “Something more stately and majestic. I cannot possibly wage war against the demons of shallowness and superficiality without a cool ringtone.” “Well, there’s more,” Fardley assured me. He pressed a few buttons, and a variety of ringtones assaulted my ears: noises that sounded like a xylophone, a cuckoo clock, a choo-choo train, and a giggling child. “We’re still in ‘Hello Kitty’ territory,” I growled. “Okay, we’ll shift into the Major Sophistication mode,” Fardley said. There followed the croaking of a bullfrog, the crowing of a rooster, and something that sounded very much like a train wreck.

my bill and inquired about the progress of this great new Internet service. “So, when can I look forward to switching to your fast Internet service?” I inquired, naively. With a totally straight face, the response given to me by the young lady behind the counter was “Never.” At least she was honest. Back in 2003, the City of Pattaya announced the allocation of 250 million baht to place the unsightly cables along Beach Road underground. The project would supposedly bury about 3.5 kilometers of the ugly telephone, electric and TV cables underground. We’re still waiting with no noticeable progress. So, where did the 250 million baht go? I don’t think I’ll try to tackle that question. Last

time I looked, the ugly jungle of overhead and dangling wires was still there in all its glory. Finally, just this month, following the disastrous siege of Bangkok’s two major airports by the thugs that should have been called the People’s Alliance Against Democracy and the pivotal role played by Utapao Airport, near Pattaya, it was announced by the Navy and the City of Pattaya that the airport would be upgraded to international standards and would be renamed Utapao-Pattaya International Airport. This is great news for Pattaya tourism, as well as, a huge convenience for those who want to avoid Suvarnabhumi Airport; and it can’t happen soon enough Who knows when the next gang of criminals, heartened by the success of their predecessors in getting their way, will close the big airports again? Let’s hope this project actually comes to fruition; but, I’m not holding my breath.

I was tempted momentarily by the bullfrog and the rooster, but wondered why the inventors of this machine couldn’t come up with something more manly: the sound of an incoming mortar round, perhaps, or a thermonuclear explosion, or a squadron of fighter jets screaming overhead. Possibly even the screams of terrorists being tortured at Guantanamo Bay. Finally Fardley found a ringtone that stole my heart. It was called “Nostalgia,” and it was the ringing of an old-fashioned telephone. At last! An umbilical cord linking me to the longdead, pre-tech past of yesteryear. I went for that ringtone like a drowning man grasping for a floating log. “That’s it!” I cried. “That’s what a telephone should sound like! Thank God! I thought that sound was extinct.” So now I’m up and running with my spiffy Nokia 1110 and its classic ringtone. Next week Fardley promises to show me what an iPod is. Bill Gates, watch out! Techman is catching up. S. Tsow, who despite his fantasies will never catch up, can be flamed at .

Pattaya Today 23 PATTAYA TODAY PROPERTY 1/23

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Sea Breeze Villa is indeed something special Location and quality are an impressive duo

Many people these days are looking for homes which are near to Pattaya without actually being part of the congested and hectic city environment. Sea Breeze Villa has a unique location,

commitment certainly shows through in the three different tropical designs all with swimming pool, the top quality materials including hard wood floors and doors, the water treatment system

just after the major Banglamung road junction and overhead bypass past Naklua as you are driving along Sukhumvit out of the Pattaya area. Even though located on the main Sukhumvit highway, many of the villas have a sea view and a

which prevents flooding, underground cabling to contemporary standards and the lush tropical gardens. “The tree lined footpaths have street lighting at both high and ground level,” explains Santana, “and we have paid special attention

private beach nearby. Sea Breeze Villa is select and small, a total of 49 units with starting prices as low as 10 million baht. When the location and quality are taken into account, the prices are very reasonable in comparison with other Sukhumvit based projects in the eastern seaboard area. There are three styles of residence to choose from. The first is a single storey breeze villa on 240 sqm floor area, with living room, kitchen, dining room, swimming pool, private party area, two car garage facility and three bedrooms plus restrooms. The second style is a one and a half storey villa with 275 sqm floor area, also with three bedrooms and total amenities. Finally, the two storey breeze villa is available on 340 sqm, designed in style for the larger family and having a gazebo pavilion of majestic proportions. All the villas can accommodate individual

private beach is anyway located handily for all householders and their guests. Managing director of Sea Breeze Villa and VSPN Property Company, Santana Phettongkam, is very proud of the new development which has a very attractive show house. “I build each house just as if it were my own home,” he says. This

to high tech security systems as well as roving patrols.” Another strong feature is the exclusive Breeze Club with its spacious swimming pool, fitness centre, restaurant and even a library. The multi purpose open space area can be used for dinner parties or any participatory group activity. There’s also direct access to the exclusive

customer requirements and interior decor and furnishings are at their personal discretion. A quality guarantee certificate accompanies every purchase. Sea Breeze Villa purchasers who intend to rent out their villa commercially will find no problem in finding customers in this attractive gated community and

Managing director of Sea Breeze Villa and VSPN Property Company, Santana Phettongkam

Santana says he can personally guarantee to find them. “Each villa has been designed to maximise living and floor space. You just have to see the show house on site to see the potential for a really sound investment.” Many Pattaya based projects claim that it’s only an hour’s driving time to the new Suvarnabhumi airport, but Sea Breeze Villa’s location means that is really true as you don’t have to negotiate Pattaya city traffic to get to and from home. The site is very close to the route 36 turn-off to Rayong and Sattahip, not to mention access to many local golf courses, again without needing to negotiate the urban traffic congestion. Even so, it’s just a matter of minutes from Sea Breeze Villa to downtown Pattaya and all its entertainment and shopping amenities. For further details, access their website The site and

show house are open daily from 10.00 a.m. and Santana is personally based there Tuesdays through Saturdays. Tel phone contact is 081 611 4262, 086 770 6754 or (office) 038 704 333. Whether for personal living in style or as an attractive investment opportunity, Sea Breeze Villa is a particularly exciting initiative.


Easy Finance!

Due to the political situation in Thailand and the economic situation worldwide, we now live in very uncertain times. As in all financial crises, there are two directions one can take. You may be conservative and choose to sit and wait to purchase your new home or you can choose to be proactive and look for financial solutions. Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. has decided

to be proactive and look for financial solutions for our customers. One of the major issues facing many of our customers, over the last few years in

Thailand, has been acquiring bank financing for their property investments. It has been almost impossible for foreigners to qualify and receive bank loans for their real estate purchases here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Premier Homes knows that the Thailand real estate sector would do very well by offering qualified foreigners the capability to invest in the Thai property market. Certainly, this would be a very positive way to stimulate the Thai property market as a whole.

Premier Homes has come up with a solution to fill this need. Premier Homes is very actively promoting the concept of Owner Financing to house and condo purchasing clients.

Premier Homes has already collected a substantial list of house and condo owners that are willing to offer Owner Financing to their costumers. As you may have already seen, Premier Homes has been advertising many of these Easy Finance properties with Owner Financing within the major magazines and newspapers in Pattaya and throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard. They have designed a special area on their website which features photos and details of all our properties with Owner Financing. Opportunities with 'Owner Financing': - A quick and easy way for you to move in to your new home now! - At your negotiated purchase price, you will be able to establish reasonable monthly payments which are within your budget and financial capabilities......with total property investment capital at rates comparable to current bank mortgage standards. - Competitive property investment capital rates, very reasonable down-payment amounts and payment periods that will make your financing

Vol. 8 No. 9 ď ´ 16 - 31 January 2009 experience comfortable...... Easy Finance! How does 'Owner Financing' work: With Owner Financing there are four critical factors: 1. Selling Price 2. Down Payment 3. Owner Finance Rate 4. Period of financing The selling price minus the down-payment is the amount to be financed. In general and in most cases, Premier Homes would like to advise a down-payment of 25% but this amount is totally up to you. It is their job and duty to assist you with the negotiations between you and the property owner. In general, it is important to get the property owner to calculate a reasonable down payment amount, keeping in mind that the down payment needs to be attractive and interesting to both parties. The Owner Finance Rate is a major factor when it comes to the final monthly payments. As important as is negotiating the selling price, purchasers seeking financing need professional assistance to negotiate attractive rates for their new homes financing. In today's market, a reasonable standard would be in the 3% to 7% range, as this is quite normal here in Thailand and would be acceptable to most property owners as an International rate standard when selling their homes here on the

Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Premier Homes understand that most purchasers would be eager to receive financing for between 10 and 30 years, if not even longer, but would advise purchasers that 3 to 10 years financing is what is most attractive to many property

and taken care of as part of the negotiation process and can be handled properly by a registered third party accounting firm, which Premier Homes will assist you with. The Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. fee is paid by the property owner and

owners. Again, that is Premier Homes job to negotiate terms that you can live your new home! Please use the following URL address mortgage-calc. com which will help you in calculating the monthly payments on the Owner Financing Table. One of the most important and critical issues when engaging in a financed property purchase transaction is the properties title deed (Chenoud) and how it is secured during the transaction period assuring the purchaser of immediate Free Hold title to the property when making their final payment. This very important security issue is completely addressed

our fee is the same as for normal full payment purchase transactions, with absolutely no additional cost to you as the purchaser. If you have any questions what so ever, please let Premier Homes know as they will be more then glad to assist you with purchasing your new home or investment property......Today! Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. is Pattaya’s leader in exclusive property sales and rentals, which may be seen by visiting their website at: www.premierinternational. com Premier Homes may be contacted by telephone at +(66) (038) 231-931 or by email at:

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009


Property prospects for Cambodia 2009

Pattaya Today 25 PATTAYA TODAY PROPERTY 3/25

Sentiment and aspirations not so hot

Politically, 2008 saw the consolidation of power in the hands of the ruling party CPP led by Hun Sen in a landslide general election victory. This success, very unlike the ongoing insecurity in Thailand, gives the CPP total control of the principal organs of state even as the traditional parties accept they have become a spent force. On the economic front, Cambodia’s aid juggernaut continued apace with foreign donors pledging more than a billion dollars, a big lift from the $300,000 pledged in 2007. This international vote of confidence in Cambodia’s ability to use donorfunds wisely now enables the kingdom to remain one of the highest per capita aid recipients in the world. The main blight in 2008 on this rosy picture were foreign problems. The dispute with Thailand about the Preah Vihear temple as a world heritage site has simmered on and remains

unresolved. Another knock on effect was the closure of Bangkok international airport in domestic disputes in late November which has had the consequence of leaving many hotels with single figure occupancy in Siem Reap. But the biggest international

Gold Tower 42 represents the Cambodia of the future

hazard has been the American led global financial and economic meltdown, the full effects of which have still to be felt worldwide. World Banke conomic growth forecasts for Cambodia have already been dropped to 4.9% for 2009.

This is in stark contrast to the average 11.1% in the last few years. With an economy so reliant on garment exports to the United States and foreign tourist arrivals, it’s by no means all plain sailing ahead. Clearly the prospects for the Cambodian property market are linked to these developments. In the last few years Cambodian property prices have skyrocketed as international property developers have planned largescale structures such as the International Finance Complex, Camko City, Gold Tower 42 and Grand Phnom Penh International City. But, in the second half of 2008, financial institutions worldwide required government bailouts in the wake of the US prime mortgage crisis. Unemployment rose, consumer spending ground to a halt, countries entered recession, emerging market currencies experienced severe drops, market liquidity dried up and banks stopped lending.

Most world property markets nosedived and Cambodia was no exception. In reflection, it’s thought that the Cambodian property market grew too fast and that planned capacity may have been overly optimistic. Cambodia, with its population of 14 million and per capita income of 600 US dollars, is materially smaller than Vietnam or Thailand, both of which have larger populations and more mature economies. Thus sentiment has soured and confidence has deteriorated. It’s estimated that property transaction volumes have declined by as much as 90% as liquidity

has become tight and the ratio of sellers to buyers has changed abruptly. No longer at Cambodia’s two main airports do you see agents handing out leaflets advertising properties for sale and “special”

A typical street scene in downtown Phnom Penh

deals for foreigners. There’s no point at the moment. Of course property prices will recover and Cambodia

will not experience the same degree of problems as in the rest of the world. That’s because only a very small proportion of property owners in Cambodia actually have borrowed. The World Bank expects the economy to go on growing in 2009 howbeit less than half the percentage points of previous years. Moreover, in Cambodia, most property investors are under no urgent need to sell and there’s no material imbalance of supply and demand for residential dwellings. So confidence and prices will eventually come back, but matters will get worse in the short term.


Smiles wear thin in Thailand A recent Bangkok survey by Abac has discovered Thais are no longer unanimous in considering this the Land of Smiles, the consensus only ranking 5.77 on a scale of 1 to 10. Economist Ammar Siamwalla declared “these past few years that smile has worn thin because we are all angry at each other and willing to show it.” Highway police have even taken to wearing smiley masks to disguise their true feelings and not frighten motorists. Tragic New Year fire in Bangkok nightclub 62 celebrants of a New Year party at the Santika Pub, a popular Ekkamai, Bangkok nightclub, died tragically and over 200 were injured in a fire believed to have been caused by sparklers (handheld fireworks) igniting inflammable roofing material. Three ironic facts are associated with the incident: the party was entitled ‘Goodbye Santika’ as the nightclub was due to relocate, the house band is called ‘Burn’ and the premises were located on the site of a Muslim graveyard. Santika victim ‘answers’ posthumously from the “Other Side” The parents of one of the six victims, charred beyond recognition in the Bangkok Santika nightclub fire, learnt the identity of their dead daughter by a bizarre form of Russian Roulette; the Vietnam War-popularised death-tempting game involving spinning a 1-bullet filled revolver, hoping to avoid the firing pin. Police transferred the SIM card of the only unidentified, damaged mobile phone found to another, asking the assembled parents to ring their offspring’s number. The couple whose call rang the mobile number learnt the phone’s owner. Merit-makers drown in New Year boating accident Five out of 11 merit-making relatives drowned in a boating accident on Siyad Reservoir in Chachoengsao Province over the New Year. Six of the passengers managed to survive by grasping onto the capsized boat or to floating barrels, but those who couldn’t find purchase or a flotation device perished. One of the women survivors, Jaruni Wadwiang, 26, tearfully exclaimed ‘They started to drown, one by one, in front of me’. Statelessness puts young at risk in North In the neighbouring provinces to Myanmar, specifically in the towns of Chiang Mai, Mae Sort and Mae Sai, where a host of stateless individuals live, young women and children as young as 12 remain at risk of becoming pawns in the human trafficking game, according to UNESCO. In Thailand, an estimated 500,000 hill-tribe and minority people, as well as illegal immigrants from Myanmar, China or Laos are stateless, lacking all political, social and economic rights.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Humanitarian American gesture thwarted by lack of funds U.S. Wisconsin University-Stevens Point’s campaign to prevent sex trafficking of stateless women in Mae Sai by progressively educating them for NGO leverage roles has been temporarily halted until sufficient funding materialises, meaning the two students, Fongtip Boonsri and Aor Saokhamnuan, of the Shan hill-tribe in Chiang Rai, the project’s first fledglings, may have to give up their Wisconsin university places. University authorities and the NGO, the Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities, hope to raise further cash to continue the project. Kate Moss turns flasher in Phuket Brit Supermodel, Kate Moss, is reported to have flashed her bare breast during a photo-shoot in Phuket. The supermodel, amongst the highest paid in the world, has also been seen sporting a seemingly pregnant stomach on a Phuket beach; an accusation she hotly denied when it was first voiced in December. Moss, famous for her skinny physique, is reportedly in Phuket to chill out after a hectic year on the catwalks. The Piv takes to Thailand for ‘therapy’ American superstud and hypochondriac Jeremy Piven – the Piv - is currently in Bangkok, undergoing medical treatment for mercury poisoning, apparently to the detriment of his new model girlfriend, Ashley Chontos. A media commentator stated “Jeremy’s doctor recommended he go to Bangkok,” while another wag remarked “There’s lots of sex to be had in Thailand. I wouldn’t be surprised if Piven’s doc told him that sex with underage Thai prostitutes was the cure for mercury poisoning. Toyota shelves plans to build new factory in Thailand Toyota, the world’s biggest car-maker, announced it was shelving plans to build a new factory in Thailand, on Jan3, due to a downturn in global demand. Last month, Toyota forecast a first-every annual operating loss, attributing it to an unremitting sales decline and sharp rise in the yen, unprecedented in its 70-year history. Car-makers worldwide face their most difficult business environment in recent memory, as the financial crisis spreads and credit dries up. Merchant of Death’s US extradition delayed Alleged Russian arms smuggler, Viktor Bout, arrested in a Bangkok sting operation in March 2008, and charged with arming Colombian rebels with the intention of killing Americans has had his extradition to the US postponed after key witnesses failed to show at his recent trial in Bangkok. Both Russia and America are eager for him to be returned to their respective countries; Russia fears he may reveal damning evidence and the Americans want to prosecute him. Top Samet resort goes green Paradee, a five-star Koh Samet resort, is embarking on an unprecedented initiative of ecological sustainability as an economic imperative, helping to maintain the island’s natural beauty. Schemes include utilizing waste products like food, recycling and minimizing rubbish, waste separation, keeping beaches clean and growing fruit and herbs for the resort group’s properties, using home-made liquid fertilizer and compost, made from wood chips, grass clippings, fallen leaves and soil. Thai gem and jewellery trade vows to weather the economic storm Despite the economic downturn, the Thai gem and jewellery trade is flourishing, with gem and jewellery exports, mainly to Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, Switzerland and Israel, increasing almost 60% in the first 10 months of 2008. The top five destinations for Thailand’s loose coloured gemstones also included India and Japan. Thailand offers a wide and high-quality product range, cheap labour, expert workmanship and manufacturing, and excellent service. Police thwart tiger smugglers Highway police confiscated the severed heads and carcasses of four tigers, worth Bt1 million apiece, in Hua Hin on Jan5. The animals were believed to be being smuggled from

Malaysia to China. According to National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department Chief, Upai Wayupat, Thailand is a major way station for wildlife smuggling, with 2,910 mammals, 15,940 birds, 941 reptiles and 10 fish being confiscated by the authorities over the past four years. Spiritually uplifting breaks by the Life Change People The ‘Life Change People’ combine holidays in carefully chosen hotels in Thailand, notably Chiang Mai, with oneto-one coaching by a small team of qualified therapists to produce a spiritually uplifting holiday alternative that guarantees to de-stress and rejuvenate the jaded. The Times travel writer Tania Cagnoni arrived in the kingdom in urgent need of a life change and found an ideal therapy, consisting of gastronomy and visiting temples, architecture, markets, and elephants. Brit holidaymakers opt for Thailand over Europe According to the UK’s Post Office’s Holiday Costs Barometer Survey, British holidaymakers will get a much better deal in Thailand, particularly in the resorts of Phuket, Hua Hin and Pattaya, than in comparable European destinations, like Spain and Italy. A combination of lower living costs and better exchange rates, along with an increase in the number of flight and accommodation discount deals has made Thailand more affordable to British travellers. Thai hotels go bananas to win back tourists In a bid to win back the estimated 50% drop in tourism produced by the Bangkok airport closures, hotels throughout Thailand are slashing the cost of holidays. Apart from considerable fare savings from Thai Airways and EVA Air, classy hotels in Bangkok, Samui, Phuket, Cha-am and Yao Noi are offering up to 50% reductions. According to UK travel specialist, Travelmood, “Those willing to travel to Thailand should have no problem finding a bargain”. Government continues to help the poor The government will continue to provide free water and electricity, as well as subsidised bus and train fares, for lowincome Thais, including farmers, labour workers, senior citizens and low-salaried employees, for another six months from the end of January, according to Deputy Prime Minister Korbsak Sabhavasu. PM Abhisit Vejjajivas has also promised substantial stimulus measures to the tune of Bt200 billion to help prevent deflation, predicted by analysts for Q1, 2009. Fifth anniversary of Muslim insurgency sees no let up On the fifth anniversary of the bloody insurgency in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south, separatist militants shot dead five people. In Pattani Province, militants attacked a military base, provoking a 10-minute gun battle killing a ranger, while a few days later a Buddhist man was killed. The following day, a Muslim defence volunteer was killed in Yala, and a police sergeant was fatally shot and a Muslim man was killed in separate incidents in Narathiwat Province. Foundation turns scrap into legs for Thailand’s amputees Thousands of people have been given free artificial limbs by the Prostheses Foundation in Nakhon Pathom, which uses unique techniques and salvaged materials, like recycled pots, cans, bottle tops and the nylon from old stockings, to provide economical prosthetics to impoverished Thais, denied orthodox alternatives. The foundation has donated 30,000 legs and once featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for producing more than 600 legs in one year. US tobacco giant allegedly infiltrates Thai research institute A University of Sydney study alleges that US tobacco giant, Philip Morris, tried to influence important scientific research and training in Thailand via the Chulabhorn Research Institute. As well as influencing the institute’s environmental research study and teaching of environmental toxicology, their scientist Walk “was also able to build relationships with government officials and scientists in Thailand to help advance the interests of Philip Morris in the country and across Asia.”

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009


Pattaya Today 27 PATTAYA TODAY PROPERTY 5/27

2008, the year that tested us all

by Simon Philbrook

This has been a tough year for many sectors of the economy and for many investors. For ourselves at MBMG Group we have been delighted to expand our Iridium Portfolio range to now also include Thai Baht and Singapore Dollar versions, both of which look set to finish 2009 with marginal gains. Also pleasing was the performance of most of the already existing classes of Iridium, Australian Dollar being the best performer being ahead by 1.52% with a couple of weeks remaining. The nail biting finish for the year is provided by the Sterling class of the portfolio which with around half of December still to run was down

by just over 3% year to date. The biggest disappointment was the US$ class which was down around 17% with 2 weeks remaining of 2009. We’ll have the final performances available as early as possible next year to update everyone. In the closing stages of 2008 MBMG’s affiliate fund manager Martin Gray of MidasCapital was named by the Daily Telegraph as fund manager of the year in the Balanced Managed Sector for his Strategic portfolio Other investment highlights this year have been the launch of the acclaimed Peak XV Ventures Fund offering excellent value investment opportunities into Asian business ventures, the expansion of the extremely successful Asian Century higher interest funds into US$, Sterling and Singapore Dollar as well as Baht and the creation of the UK Property funds designed to protect the

exposure of either owners or prospective property owners in the UK. With some UK property prices likely to be down over 20% this year, the idea that a ‘premium’ of just 5% of the property value can ‘protect’ against any falls in property value has been received as offering exceptional value for money. This year has also seen the first in the series of MBMG’s Women For Women forums and the formation of MBMG’s strategic partnership with RSM Advisory, one of the top 10 global audit and accountancy organizations, who complement our own accounting and audit services. MLG Insurance Brokers has quickly established itself as Thailand’s leading expatriate corporate and consumer insurance advisor and MBMG Law Office has forged ahead strongly with creating its own position within the legal sector. Hamptons International Mortgages

has had another record year in terms of volumes of property funding transactions for foreigners in Thailand and continues to go from strength to strength as does MBMG’s Corporate Solutions Division. One of the biggest developments this year has been the inception of the MBMG Client Service Desk, an assemblage of highly trained, very experienced professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, dedicated purely to ensuring the delivery ofprompt, efficient service to all clients and potential clients. The Service Desk have also launched Platform, a monthly production providing insight to clients on all areas of financial related topics While no-one is suggesting that things have been easy or that there aren’t some areas where there exists scope for further improvement, we would have to say that we believethat the

teams here have faced some exceptionally difficult challenges during the year and invariably have stood up to these extremely well and the directors of MBMG Group wish to place on record their appreciation of the hard work and commitment that has been required to make it possible that such a challenging year can have been one in which overall we would have to be satisfied with our performance. That is not to say that we will be resting on our laurels, another year has already started and we’re ready to go and prove ourselves all over again. Above all we’d like to thank our clients for their continued support and we look forward to serving you again in 2009 and beyond. And finally, on a more jovial note a true story. A company in Canada has launched a beer called “Bailout Bitter” with a slogan of “A Bitter Ale for

Bitter Times”. Can’t fault them and very enterprising at a time when the world has such woes I think. Regardless of what it tastes like it might be worth adding to a stock portfolio, particularly if it is a cheap pint, unlike the real bailout! Hope you all had a good New Year. For those wanting more information on this or other financial topics then please contact Simon on simon@ The above data and research was compiled from sources believed to be reliable, however, neither Hamptons International Mortgages (Thailand) Ltd nor its officers can accept any liability for an errors or omissions in the above article nor bear responsibility for any losses achieved as a result of any actions taken or not taken as a consequence of reading the above article


Between Two Worlds is a 1944 film set during the second world war, featuring John Garfield, Paul Henreid, Sydney Greenstreet and Eleanor Parker. It’s a remake of the 1930 film Outward Bound and based on a play of the same name. It isn’t, as sometimes claimed, a remake of Fritz Lang’s Destiny. A very diverse group of people in war ravaged London book for passage for the United States, but Austrian born Henry Bergner (Henreid) is unable to join them for want of an exit permit. Searching the streets for him during an air raid, his wife Ann (Eleanor Parker) witnesses an aerial bomb obliterate a vehicle full of passengers on their way to the docks. She returns to their apartment to find that Henry has turned on the gas in order to commit suicide. Despite his attempt to dissuade her, she joins him. Suddenly the pair find themselves on board a fog shrouded, mostly deserted

cruise liner together with some other passengers. Ann recognises them as the people killed in the bombing. The steward Scrubby (Edmund Gwenn) asks Henry and Ann not to tell the others they are

dead: it’s better they come to that realization on their own. The couple’s initial delight to be together for all time and to have Henry’s piano playing ability restored to him is overtaken by gloom and doom as they become acquainted with the others. Timid priest Reverend William Duke (Dennis King) years to help

The Book

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Your destination to eternal heaven or hell

An eerie introduction to life after death his fellow passengers more actively, whilst American sailor Pete Musick (George Tobias), who has survived three shipwrecks, looks forward only to seeing his infant child for the first time. A kind hearted older woman Mrs Midget (Sara All good) tells Thomas Prior (John Garfield), a cynical wisecracking newspaper man that she would be content with a little place of her own. Prior is the first to learn the truth when he eavesdrops on Henry andAnn and, spurned by his wealth seeking actress companion Maxine Russell (Faye Emerson for unscrupulous war profiteer Mr Lingley (George Coulouris), reveals all to the other passengers in a “magic show” in which he burns LIngley’s money and shots him in the chest with Lingley’s gun, the latter to absolutely no effect. Scrubby then reveals that

they are all to be judged by the Examiner and consigned to their various fates. When the Examiner arrives on board he is revealed as the deceased Reverend Tim Thompson (Sydney Green street), someone Duke had known in reallife. Dukeis given another chance in the afterlife as a trainee Examiner. One by one the other passengers are judged and sent ashore to their respec-tive fates. Wealthy Mr Lingley discovers he can neither bribe nor browbeat his way into heaven and must pay the penalty for the suffering he imposed on others in the past. Prior tries to gamble his way into heaven by rigging a deck of cards, but he is inevitably trumped by the Examiner’s powers. Prior’s fate is to carry on the afterlife much as he did on earth but without the power of deception. Musick, the sailor, bemoans not being able


Kathy staff’s story – Wrinkles and all Nora Batty the fearsome battleaxe

Kathy Staff played to perfection the role of Nora Batty, the fearsome battleaxe with the trademark wrinkled stockings in the long running television sitcom Last of the Summer Wine. Few episodes were complete without Nora emerging on to her well scrubbed doorstep, curlers in hair, armed with a broomstick and ready to chase away the unshaven Comp played by Bill Owen. She appeared in the first episode in 1973 and the most recent in August 2008, a total of 243 episodes in all. Kathy Staff died in December 2008, aged 80, and her auto biographical memoirs My Story – Wrinkles and All, originally published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1999, have recently reappeared. These show that she was

in private life very different from the female monster on TV whose favourite lines included the wish, “Will you listen to me when I’m shouting at you?” or “Get off me steps!” She became a household name and, in the narrow context of

elderly men, even a sex symbol of a kind. She was born Minnie Higgin bottom in 1928 and typically remained in the same village in Cheshire, where she was born, all of her life. She put on

no airs and graces and regularly organised the flowers in the village church and sang in the choir. This contrast between the stereotypical north of England British female tyrant and the conservative member of a small rural community is the most striking feature of this well known and well loved woman. Her first acting jobs from 1946 were as a member of a touring company in Scotland, doing different plays every week. In 1951 she married John Staff and used his name professionally for the remainder of her career. Prior to the creation of Nora Batty in Last of the Summer Wine, she appeared in the mid 1970s in several episodes ofEmmerdale Farm as Winnie

Purvis and in many adventures at the Crossroads motel from 1976. She also took three roles in Coronation Street and was Mrs Blewitt in Open All Hours, the TV series starring Ronnie Barker. But her big break came with Last of the Summer Wine. Originally the show’s producers were reluctant to cast Staff as Compo’s battleaxe neighbour. They wanted a robust and physically larger actress, but changed their minds after just one audition. She went on to play Nora Batty for the next thirty years. In real life, Staff pleaded vainly with TV bosses that Batty be allowed to show a gentler side and she was very irritated when David Frost once interviewed her and spent the whole programme asking her about her curlers and wrinkly nylons. Only inthe coffee shop in the TV series, usually in the company of other women, was she allowed

they are no longer living – they try to pay for their drinks at the bar yet there is no point in this context. They notice the cruise ship seems to have no meal times or diversionary

to see his family again but is consoled when told he’ll get to see them eventually. Henry Bergner, because he committed suicide, is doomed to remain on the ship, or one like it, for all eternity just like Scrubby. However, he and Ann manage to get back to earth after breaking glass in the London flat lets in fresh air and their suicide attempt is shown to have failed. Both rejoice at being given back the gift of life. What the couple evidently experienced was a near death experience. The interest of Between Two Worlds is that’s one of the few attempts in film to depict what the afterlife might be like, at any rate the judging bit. At first the dead don’t realise

entertainment apart from what the passengers them selves devise. Oneeven speculates where they might be in the Atlantic and whether the captain is zigzagging to avoid German submarines. Above it all, is the dominant figure of Sydney Greenstreet refereering the other characters and assigning each to an eternal destiny pleasant or unpleasant.

to show a calmer and even rueful side to her nature. In 2001 she rejoined the soap Crossroads in the role of kindly cleaner Doris Luke. But she found the episodes too epetitive and felt the storylines were just “sex for the sake of sex”. So in 2002 she was back in Last of the Summer Wine to terrorise the men folk and made her final appearance as recently as last summer. A co-star Peter Sallis said of her, “She dominated anything she was in. You could stop acting when Kathy was there because she was going to do it all for you.” Although comedy was her stock in trade, she was also

a notable character actress. Film credits included A Kind of Loving (1962), The Family Way (1966), Separate Tables (1982), The Dresser (1983) and Mary Reilly (1996) amongst others. But it is for the tyrannical Nora Batty that she is best remembered by her many British fans. Critics argued over the years that the show was becoming tired and formulaic Staff herself said she yearned to develop the part and even to yield softly to the unrelentingattentions of Comp. But she was toldto carry on playing the role ashard and implacable. Evidently that’s what the public expected and wanted.


Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

What common words, phrases and sounds actually mean, when a woman says them... Fine: This is the word we use at the end of any argument that we feel we are right about but need to shut you up. NEVER use fine to describe how a woman looks. This will cause you to have one of those arguments. Five minutes: This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so it’s an even trade. Nothing: This means something and you should be on your toes. “Nothing” is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. “Nothing” usually signifies an argument that will last “Five Minutes” and end with the word “Fine”. Go Ahead (with raised eyebrows): This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over “Nothing” and will end with the word “Fine”. Go Ahead (normal eyebrows): This means “I give up” or “do what you want because I don’t care”. You will get a raised eyebrow “Go ahead” in just a few minutes, followed by “Nothing” and “Fine” and she will talk to you in about “Five Minutes” when she cools off. Loud Sigh: This is not actually a word, but is still often a verbal statement very misunderstood by men. A “Loud Sigh” means she thinks you are an idiot at that moment and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over “Nothing”. Soft Sighs: Again, not a word, but a verbal statement. “Soft Sighs” are one of the few things that you can actually understand. She is content. Your best bet is to not move or breathe and she will stay content. Oh: This word followed by any statement is trouble. Example; “Oh, let me get that”. Or, “Oh, I talked to so and so about what you were doing last night.” If she says “Oh” before a statement, RUN, do not walk, to the nearest exit. She will tell you that she is “Fine” when she is done tossing your clothes out the window, but do not expect her to talk to you for at least 2 days. Oh (as the lead to a sentence): Usually signifies that you are caught in a lie. Do not try to lie more to get out of it, or you will get a raised eyebrows “Go ahead” followed by acts so unspeakable that we can’t bring ourselves to write about them. That’s Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can say. “That’s Okay” means that she wants to think long and hard before paying you retributions for whatever it is that you have done. “That’s Okay” is often used with the word “Fine” and used in conjunction with a raised eyebrow “Go ahead”. At some point in the near future when she has plotted and planned, you are going to be in some mighty big trouble. Please Do: This is not a statement, it is an offer. A woman is giving you the chance to come up with whatever excuse or reason you have for doing whatever it is that you have done. You have a fair chance to tell the truth, so be careful and you shouldn’t get a “That’s Okay”. Thanks: A woman is thanking you. Do not faint; just say you’re welcome. Thanks a lot: This is much different from “Thanks”. A woman will say, “Thanks a lot” when she is really ticked off at you. It signifies that you have hurt her in some callous way, and will be followed by the “Loud Sigh”. Be careful not to ask what is wrong after the “Loud Sigh”, as she will only tell you “Nothing”. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings...

Top 10 Winners in the ‘Not Playing With a Full Deck’ Contest... 1. I am a medical student currently doing a rotation in toxicology at the poison control center. Today, this woman called in very upset because she caught her little daughter eating ants. I quickly reassured her that the ants are not harmful and there would be no need to bring her daughter into the hospital. She calmed down, and at the end of the conversation happened to mention that she gave her daughter some ant poison to eat in order to kill the ants. I told her that she better bring her daughter into the Emergency Room right away. 2. Seems that a year ago, some Boeing employees on the airfield decided to steal a life raft from one of the 747s. They were successful in getting it out of the plane and home. When they took it for a float on the river, they were surprised by a Coast Guard helicopter coming towards them. It turned out that the chopper was homing in on the emergency locator that is activated when the raft is inflated. They are no longer employed there. 3. A true story out of San Francisco: A man, wanting to rob a downtown Bank of America, walked into the branch and wrote “this iz a stikkup. Put all your muny in this bag.” While standing in line, waiting to give his note to the teller, he began to worry that someone had seen him write the note and might call the police before he reached the teller window. So he left the Bank of America and crossed the street to Wells Fargo Bank. After waiting a few minutes in line, he handed his note to the Wells Fargo teller. She read it and surmising from his spelling errors that he wasn’t the brightest light in the harbor, told him that she could not accept his stickup note because it was written on a Bank of America deposit slip and that he would either have to fill out a Wells Fargo deposit slip or go back to Bank of America. Looking somewhat defeated, the man said “OK” and left. The Wells Fargo teller then called the police who arrested the man a few minutes later, as he was waiting in line back at Bank of America. 4. A motorist was unknowingly caught in an automated speed trap that measured his speed using radar and photographed his car. He later received in the mail a ticket for $40 and a photo of his car. Instead of payment, he sent the police department a photograph of $40. Several days later, he received a letter from the police that contained another picture... of handcuffs. 5. A woman was reporting her car as stolen, and mentioned that there was a car phone in it. The policeman taking the report called the phone and told the guy that he had read the ad in the newspaper and wanted to buy the car. They arranged to meet, and the thief was arrested. 6. R.C. Gaitlan, 21, walked up to two patrol officers who were showing their squad car computer equipment to children in a Detroit neighborhood. When he asked how the system worked, the officer asked him for identification. Gaitlan gave them his drivers license, they entered it into the computer, and moments later they arrested Gaitlan because information on the screen showed

Gaitlan was wanted for a two year old armed robbery in St. Louis, Missouri.

7. Guy walked into a little corner store with a shotgun and demanded all the cash from the cash drawer. After the cashier put the cash in a bag, the robber saw a bottle of scotch that he wanted behind the counter on the shelf. He told the cashier to put it in the bag as well, but he refused and said, “Because I don’t believe you are over 21.” The robber said he was, but the clerk still refused to give it to him because he didn’t believe him. At this point the robber took his driver’s license out of his wallet and gave it to the clerk. The clerk looked it over, and agreed that the man was in fact over 21 and he put the scotch in the bag. The robber then ran from the store with his loot. The cashier promptly called the police and gave the name and address of the robber that he got off the license. They arrested the robber two hours later. 8. A pair of Michigan robbers entered a record shop nervously waving revolvers. The first one shouted, “Nobody move!” When his partner moved, the startled first bandit shot him. 9. Arkansas: Seems this guy wanted some beer pretty badly. He decided that he’d just throw a cinder block through a liquor store window, grab some booze, and run. So he lifted the cinder block and heaved it over his head at the window. The cinder block bounced back and hit the would-be thief on the head, knocking him unconscious. Seems the liquor store window was made of Plexi-Glass. The whole event was caught on videotape. 10. Ann Arbor: The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a Burger King in Ypsilanti, Michigan at 12:50 am, flashed a gun and demanded cash. The clerk turned him down because he said he couldn’t open the cash register without a food order. When the man ordered onion rings, the clerk said they weren’t available for breakfast. The man, frustrated, walked away.


Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Pattaya Today 31 PATTAYA TODAY PROPERTY 9/31

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Five reasons why your home hasn’t sold yet by Khundee If you haven’t sold your home so far during this high season, take heart. You’re not alone. The majority of would-be home sellers in Pattaya are wondering why they have not yet had any takers and what they can do to make a sale before another lackluster tourist season fades into history. Many also fear that the longer their homes are on the market, the less money they likely will get when their houses or condos ultimately sell. What can you do at this point? Whatever you do, do it now while the number of potential home buyers in Pattaya is still at its peak. Start by getting as much information as you need to make wise decisions, then decide quickly. Listen to advice and observtions from real estate agents who have shown your home.They often will provide you with needed insight. Did some suggest upgrades or fixes that might be needed to attract a buyer? Then by all means make such improve ments or repairs immediately. Did agents point to

the location of your home as an obstacle? Not much you can do except to reduce your asking price. Do what needs to be done to make a sale now. Have you talked strategy with your real estate agent lately? Maybe it’s time to arrange a brainstorming session. Talk price. Talk open house. Talk Internet. He or she already may have done everything possible to sell your home. But maybe not. Find out what has been done and what other plans your agent has. On the other hand, it may be time to work with another real estate broker. Recognize that real estate marketing is different today than it was in the past. Ensure that you work with people who appreciate recent marketing advances, who exploit the Internet, and who know the new realities of how home shoppers conduct their searches. So why hasn’t your house sold yet? The five most likely reasons are alluded to above, namely: Price, Location, Condition, Marketing, and Agent. If price is the problem,

it probably is that you are asking too much rather than too little. Now would be an excellent time to revisit the question of pricing. Do not rely solely on advice from agents; do not factor in appreciation; do not be influenced by family or friends. They don’t set the price. The market sets the price. Derive an objective asking price for your home based on studying actual prices of comparable homes that sold recently in your area. That is today’s market. Do not list higher than market value because if you must later drop your price your house will be ‘market worn.’ Your final selling price will probably be lower than if you had listed it correctly in the beginning. Let’s say you list your house for 5 million baht but the market says it’s really worth 4 million. Buyers in the 4 million baht range will never see your house because they’re not looking at 5 million baht houses. And 5-million baht buyers will be comparing your house to others that are truly worth that price,

The IT Guru

Thanks very much, Clyde Stroman (on vacation in Pattaya)

by Richard Bunch Q. Dear Sir! I have COMPAQ notebook and few days ago screen of monitor became almost black. I connected another monitor to my notebook and everything was OK which means probably that light bulb burnt out. It is nothing wrong with CPU. Monitor is working too. Where should I go to change the light bulb and how much should I pay? Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Starcevic Denis A. If I understand you correctly then the notebook monitor still has some output but it is too dim to see, and if you connect an external monitor to the VGA port then you get a normal picture. The first thing to say is that there isn’t a bulb that lights the on-board screen as such and if the screen is defective then it will need to be replaced, this is a costly exercise and likely to be 30 – 50% of the purchase price of the notebook so if the notebook is getting

past its ‘use by date’ then it would be worth looking at buying a new notebook. However, since you still have some output it may be that the brightness has been accidentally turned down; this is norma ly achieved using a combination of holding down the Function (FN) Key and an F Key. Hopefully this may be the solution; I once had a very happy cli ent who found this to be the case! His cat regularly slept on the notebook and was thought to be the culprit. Q. Dear Richard, I have a problem with sending email. I am using a Lenovo T61 with XP and Office Outlook 2007 foremail. When I send a message to any address except my home office the message bounces like below (not published for confidentiality) however only if there is an attachment to the message, regardless of attachment size, large or very small. Any suggestion?

meaning those houses will sell while yours just sits there. Then there’s the question of location. Most shoppers will reject homes with filthy/ messy neighbors, high traffic volume, noise pollution (i.e. beside a market, railroad track, factory or late-night enter tainment) and in areas subject to flooding, crime, inadequate services, and so forth. If your home is in a poor location, your only option is to lower your listing price. Ask for less than what similar homes in more desirable areas have sold for. You might also consider offering favorable terms, paying all closing costs, and/ or including furnishings. A good agent will be savvy enough to recommend an effective strategy to overcome a bad location. As noted earlier, tend immediately to any necessary improvements or repairs. Meanwhile, be aware that buyers are looking for model-home conditions. The paint inside and out should be near perfect. Bring in handymen to take care of any plumbing or electrical problems. Everything must

A. A couple of things to look at here, firstly if you are using an Internet connection provided by a third party such as a hotel or condominium then they may have a policy in place that restricts what e-mail can be sent, the rationale for this is often to restrict bandwidth use and reduce the risk of viruses spreading. It would be worthwhile trying a different Internet connection; preferably that uses a different ISP and note any difference. It could also be an issue with the SMTP server that you are using; you may be able to use a different SMTP server, possibly one from the ISP instead of the one on your domain. Also some viruses display this trait so it would be prudent to do an in depth scan of your computer using a good program such as Kaspersky with up-to-date virus definitions and program engines. If all else fails then as you are using Outlook there is a solution that should get around the problem; OutDisk FTP for e-mail users from Encryptomatic Essentially after

configuring the software and setting up an FTP account, any attachments that you may want to send are uploaded to the FTP server and a link placed in the email for the recipient to click and download using a standard web browser without any additional software. Most hosting plans include one or more FTP accounts or without this a free account with a service such as SendBi can be used. Using the FTP approach has a number of advantages; it allows unlimited file size to be sent and the recipients mailbox will not be filled with your attachment, files that are somtimes restricted like .EXE, .BAT etc. can be sent with this method and best of all as there is no physical attachment the size of your .PST or .OST file doesn’t clog either. Q. Hi I am running windows vista , could you please suggest a program to enlarge images ( jpeg ) , please note these are not photographs , I have tried jasic paint shop pro with no success, all I am getting is blurred images , the images are drawings , hope you can help. Thank you Richard Regards Dave

be in proper working order and, when showing, everything must be straight and orderly. You want buyers to feel they can move into your house without doing a thing. Revisit your house as though you were a buyer. Be critical. Would you purchase a home in this condition? What could you do to make it better, more attractive? Thorough cleaning, of course, is a must. But beyond that, how could you brighten the environment, warm the setting, and at the same time depersonalize your home so that potential buyers will have no problem seeing themselves living there? If you feel you cannot be objective in your walkthrough, bring in some trusted friends or hire an interior designer to do it for you. Get suggestions on what needs to be done to prepare your house for this most important showing. Which brings us to the question of real estate agents. Has he or she been the hurdle in the sale of your home? Agents often impede sales if they are hard to get along with or difficult to work with. That’s something you can’t really anticipate and still may

not know. A poor attitude in an agent can alienate other agents, which is not good for you. Agents who are rude, arrogant, and difficult to work with will not have as many showings as someone who is cooperative and enthusiastic. Some buyers’ agents will see a certain listing agent’s name and immediately exclude that house from their showing schedules. Just because an agent is a top producer in Pattaya does not guarantee that he/she has the respect and support of other agents. Interview several agents, check out their reputations, and get personal referrals. Finally, there’s the marketing plan. If you feel your house or condo is priced right, in good condition, in a good location, and your agent is competent and affable, the marketing plan probably is the problem.Today’s agent must have an aggressive written marketing plan that makes effective use of the latest technologies. He or she also must be reachable day and night, have a qualified assistant, and have access to your property for showings virtually any time.

A. Although there are some programs that purport to do this, in practice I have not found these to be worthwhile. Essentially the small image just does not contain enough information to enlarge the image without it pixilating, software that does this tends to use a blending approach and sharpens the edges. If any readers know of a good program for this please write to me and I can pass on to Dave.

If you need any further information, you’re welcome to call into my Office located on Sukhumvit Road (next door to Pattaya Today Newspaper). I am also happy to see you personally, but to avoid a wasted journey it is best to telephone me first on 08 3540 5220 as I am often out at client sites these days. Send your questions and to contact me by e-mail itguru@itsthailand. org, you can also visit our website

PATTAYA 10/32 3 2 PatTODAY taya PROPERTY To-

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Be honest with yourself Many people visiting Pattaya desire to move here because of its carefree lifestyle, beach and sea, nightlife, the chance for companionship, quality affordable housing, golf and other forms of recreation plus the pleasant climate. If you have the finances to retire here, Pattaya is truly a paradise. If you don’t have a qualifying income from sources outside Thailand, employment possibilities are few and work permits can be costly. Starting a

easier, all were put in Chanya’s name. Derek’s first year in Thailand was total bliss, he was always smiling and telling everyone how great his life had become. Then one afternoon I found him sitting alone in a bar and observed his smile had been replaced by a look of grave concern. I grabbed the bar stool, ordered a brew and opened my ears. “I’m in trouble,” he confessed. “Do something wrong?”

business is an option, but requires serious deliberation: Have you run a business before? Do you have adequate capital to invest so your business is not under-funded? Can you afford to loose your outlay if your business fails? What about liquidation if you return to your country? Disaster strikes when a fellow becomes so infatuated with Pattaya that he moves here without a plan like my friend Derek did. Derek was totally mesmerized by Pattaya plus he fell in love with a Thai lady named Chanya. Falling in love with a Thai woman is not unusual, it’s practically expected. But Derek fell into that category of amorously confused lover and lost all sense of reason. He returned to his homeland and immediately sold his house, vehicle and most of his personal possessions netting the impressive sum of $178,000. Within thirty days he was back in Pattaya ready to start his new life. First he got back together with Chanya. She was overjoyed he had come to care for her rather than just visit her on his vacations. Next Derek purchased a home, furnishings, a car and a motorcycle. To make things

I inquired, assuming he had an Immigration or police issue. “Yeah, I did something wrong alright. I’m running out of money.” In the next hour Derek told me how his nest egg had dwindled to $5,000. He paid cash for the house, car and motorbike, and lived quite well the past year with Chanya. It never occurred to him that his money would run out. Now, with only $5,000 left, he had to sell the car, this infuriated Chanya, the car was part of her pride, face and status. How was she to explain to her family and friends that the car had to be sold so they could pay bills? Suddenly she was faced with the realization that Derek wasn’t rich and her golden goose had laid his last egg. Upset that her financial future was rapidly disappearing Chanya kicked Derek out of the house. Since the house was in her name Derek had no legal right to stay there. She also took the motorbike and what was left of the money from the sale of the car. Now Derek was spending his fast disappearing $5,000 on food, accommodation and the purchase of a one-way

plane ticket back to his country. “I don’t know what I was thinking,” confessed Derek. “I quit my job, sold everything I had, have spent all my savings and I have no choice but to move back to Europe and start all over, at my age I don’t even know what kind of a job I can get.” I knew where he was coming from. I knew of a few other expats that had taken the same shortsighted path. Not only did I feel badly that he had to go back home and start working again, I felt sorry for him having the memories of what could have been here in Thailand if he had planned better. It is hard to quit living the Pattaya lifestyle and return to the world of punching a time clock. Worse yet, it may take years (if even possible) to return to a financial level where a person can return to Thailand at all. Conversely, another friend of mine, Jack, also fell in love with Thailand. After his first visit he wanted to buy a return flight and move back but I told him, “Take is easy. Thailand will always be here.” Jack worked and saved for over two and a half more years before he moved here. During that time he paid off bills and sold his possessions the same as Derek. But he did one very important thing Derek didn’t do. He made sure he had a non-exhaustible retirement check coming every month for the rest of his life,

lifetime medical insurance, and also created a strict livable retirement budget and stuck to it. Keep in mind that no matter how dreary your life is back home and how fantastic Thailand appears to be, it is absolutely necessary to be realistic when considering relocating here. You must have a ‘guaranteed’ income throughout your

retirement, or investments or other means that will last the rest of your life. Don’t assume you can live off your savings or a business in Thailand. Failure to realize that your money will run out at some point is asking for certain failure. If you have found your paradise in Thailand and wish to move here, the expat community welcomes you.

But please don’t let infatuation triumph over reason and responsibility. Thailand isn’t going anywhere. Sure, it may go through some changes, but it won’t change that much in our lifetime. So get your ducks in order, make a ‘long term’ realistic plan, and join us when you financially can. We’ll be here for a long time and we want you to be able to do the same.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009


Ask Andy

Pattaya Today 33 PATTAYA TODAY PROPERTY 11/33

Looking for a solution to problems in or around your house? Email questions to: Chili Factor I’m new to Thai food, Andy, and I am unable to recognize the difference between mild chili peppers (those that are edible) and the killer variety that sets my mouth on fire, my heart palpitating, and my sweat glands gushing. I’ve tried drinking profuse volumes of cold beer, water and any other liquid in a futile struggle to extinguish the spontaneous combustion exploding in my mouth, but the fiery agony lingers. Please favour me with an effective antidote. Reginald in Rayong Drinking water does nothing to help, Reginald, because the burning sensation is caused by the oil in the pepper and, as you no doubt know, oil and water do not mix; ditto for beer. Experts suggest that eating yogurt or milk will relieve the pain best. If neither is handy, eat a cracker, bread or rice to absorb the oil. As a general rule, the larger the chili the milder it is (think bell pepper). Small chilies (think Thai chili) are hotter because, proportionally, they contain more seeds and veins than larger specimens. Those seeds and membranes can contain up to 80 percent of a chili’s capsaicin, the potent oil compound that gives chilies their fiery nature. 

Stink Balm I do not know what I or my husband nuke in microwave, but it leave awful stink stay 2 weeks now. There is special thing I must do to take away smell? Rhonda from Russia Sure, Rhonda. In an oven-proof cup or bowl, mix three parts water to one part lemon juice or vinegar. Put the mixture in your microwave oven for 8 to 10 minutes at a mediumhigh setting. Remove and wipe oven dry. 

Out Damned Spot I love cotton sheets, Andy, but I’ve too often been surprised at ‘that time of month’ and my bedding has been left with some large red spots that I can’t get out. Is there a secret to treat-

ing blood stains in cotton or any other fabrics? Flo Shampoo is the secret, Flo. That’s right, plain shampoo that you use on your hair. Blood can easily be removed from most washable cotton bedding by using any type of shampoo and cold water. Actually, shampoo works really well to eliminate blood stains from most washable fabrics. Immediately flush the blood stain with cold water; apply shampoo or a paste of laundry detergent and water directly on the stain, then work in gently with your fingers. Rinse and then launder as usual. For really tough stains apply a few drops of ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Fresh blood stains can be removed in seconds; older stains might require some pre-soaking. If blood stains a fabric that is dry clean only, rinse the stained area with cold water as soon as possible, then blot dry with an absorbent towel or cloth. Have the item dry-cleaned without delay. 

The Peel Deal When I grow up here, Khun Andy, never wash apple or other fruit no problem. Now husband farang tell to me must to wash all fruit and also vegetable, even watermelon, cucumber, orange. But we no eat peel. Why must to wash? You can tell to him he is wrong about that yes? Nonglak in Naklua Sorry, Nonglak, but your farang is not wrong. Whether or not you intend to eat the outer layer of a fruit or vegetable, it should be washed before you cut into it. Slicing into any fruit or veggie can draw in dirt, bacteria and/or insecticides from the surface, contaminating the inside (edible part). Always wash it first. Even better: scrub with a brush in hot, soapy water, then rinse well. No need to wash food that you will peel— such as a banana. 

Hot Flashes We recently moved into a 5-year-old house, and I'm concerned about the electric wiring. Sometimes

there's a slight flash when I plug in an appliance. Is this potentially dangerous, and should I think of rewiring? Gibraltar Gent Virtually all electrical contacts will arc, GG, whether visibly or not, and more or less depending on current levels. You may not have a problem here. More likely than not your appliances are hot (switched on) when you plug them in, so the power will arc before you get if fully set. The correct method is to turn your appliances off before you plug them in, or make sure you do it fast and follow through rather than be alarmed and hesitant-which may cause more arching as well as damage to the prongs. Cheap receptacles easily break, can offer poor contact with prongs, and sometimes burn and melt the prongs. So in the interest of safety, take a minute to check the prongs for damage, and ensure that the front of the receptacle is not hot after using the TV, vacuum cleaner, etc. If you find such flaws, replace the receptacles. 

Tile File I recently became aware of some cracks in a few roof tiles and, on closer inspection, I also saw holes

in some tiles. Can you tell me how I can repair or replace the tiles myself, or do I need to call someone? Carl S. Berg It’s advisable to hire a roofer for anything other than an occasional cracked or broken tile, Carl. However, if you want to try your hand at repairing a small

crack and maybe filling in a hole or two, begin by scrubbing the area with a wire brush. Then fill in the crack or the hole with plastic roofing cement— totally filling the gap or opening. That’s it. However, if the tile is severely cracked or broken it must be replaced. To do that, gently pry up (but do not

remove) any tiles overlapping the damaged tile (usually one or two tiles above it). Break and remove the tile that needs to be replaced. Apply roofing cement to the bottom of the replacement tile and slide it into place, then force down the tiles that you pried up. --Handy Andy


Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Pattaya Today 35

Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

Golfer of the Year 2008 PLAYING a Medal round at Greenwood with the white tees correctly positioned, unlike our last round there, we some more realistic scores with the best round of the day being a one under par nett 71. Three golfer’s scored this, in the A Flight with the cut set at handicap 17 a count back decided the winner Tony Scambler beating Dougy Crowe to win and Mike Gosden came third one shot behind. In the B Flight December’s golfer of the month PJ Redmond won with a one under par score and John Truman came runner up beating Ken Ellemore also on a count back! Results; A Flight; 1st Tony Scambler (hcp 7) nett 71 2nd Dougy Crowe (hcp 8) nett 71 3rd Mike Gosden (hcp 8) nett 72 B Flight; 1st PJ Redmond (hcp 19) nett 71 2nd John Truman (hcp 18) nett 75 3rd Ken Ellemore (hcp 18) nett 75 Near pin winners - Tony Scambler, John Truman, Peter Blackburn and Jack Robertson. Wednesday 31st December 2008 Emerald The final game of the year was on New Years Eve at the Emerald course and the

outcome of this would decide the Bunker Boy’s final golfer of the year for 2008. There were several players who were still in with a shout including Gerry Cooney, P.J. Redmond and Jan Van Spellen. The scores weren’t great coming into the clubhouse but it was P.J. who came out on top to win the B Flight with a three over par round and to win the golfer of the month title too, PJ beat Jack Robertson on a count back and Jan gave it a go but could only finish third one shot behind. Tony Robbins took the A Flight ahead of Mashi and third placed Dougy Crowe. It’s been a long time since P.J. won the golfer of the month trophy, March 2006 to be precise so well done to him! Results; A Flight: 1st Tony Robbins (hcp 13) nett 75 2nd Mashi Kaneta (hcp 11) nett 77 3rd Dougy Crowe (hcp 8) nett 78 B Flight: 1st P.J. Redmond (hcp

21) nett 75 2nd Jack Robertson (hcp 23) nett 75 3rd Jan Van Spellen (hcp 18) nett 76 Near pin winners - Koji Yamada, Tony Robbins and two went to Aussie Gary Hookey. Monday 29th December 2008 Mountain Shadow A Stableford round was played at Mountain Shadow because it’s usually tough going on this marvellous course but Mashi didn’t think so! Mashi won the A Flight with 37 points which is good going round there, Dougy Crowe came runner up a few points behind and youngster Pat Kelly came third with a very good 33 points playing off handicap 2. The B Flight was pretty close and it was Jan Van Spellen who won it beating P.J. on a count back and Ken Ellemore took third spot. Results; A Flight; 1st Mashi Kaneta (hcp 11) 37 points 2nd Dougy Crowe (hcp 8) 34 points 3rd Pat Kelly (hcp 2) 33 points B Flight; 1st Jan Van Spellen (hcp17) 31 points 2nd P.J. Redmond (hcp 21) 31 points 3rd Ken Ellemore (hcp 18) 29 points Near pin winners - Dominic Wright, Steve Durey, P.J. and William Macey.

Hailing homeruns in the holiday season softball session by Perry McNeely ON our first softball game to ring in the new year, it seemed that even the weather wanted a high scoring, action packed affair. The wind was gusting, and it was howling toward left field all day. It made the normally impossible home run wall in leftfield, and the roof above it, fair game for any hard and high hit balls. Consequently, there was a host of homeruns, with John Mchugh and Diego both dinging one off the roof, John Stockton hitting the wall, Mikey knocking one to the warning track and using his deceptive speed to earn an inside the parker, and even Bullwinkle’s buddy Rocky, smashing his first inside the park homerun. Perry, our grand poo-bah of petty provocations, wanted the weekly headline to read “Diego doesn’t matter”, but since yours truly is writing the weekly column, and the team I was traded to came within 1 one of a victory in game 2, after a 13 run defeat in game 1, I beg to differ. More accurately, it was hailing homeruns on our first Sunday Game 1

Softball game of 2009. Both games were fast paced, and fun, as today was truly a hitter’s day at the Jimmy’s field of dreams in Jomtiem. Game 1 Perry’s Pacifists were slow to start game 1, going hitless in the first two innings, and being down 7-0 to Phil’s Philanthropists with the highlight being John Mchugh’s high fly ball off the roof in left centerfield. But from the third inning on, the bats of Perry’s team got red hot. Scotty, Mark, Rick, Diego, John E, and Perry himself slugged the ball, and batted twice through the order in the fourth to break out on top 13-8. Philly’s team struck back in the bottom of the inning to tie the score, with clutch hits from Fred, John E and S, Josh and Shawn. In the end Perry’s Pacifists were just too strong, smashing 8 runs in the fifth, and 10 more in the seventh, to win going away 32-19 Game 2 One trade was made to even out the teams, Diego for Curtis, and crazily yours truly thought it would make a 13 run difference. As re-

ported above, it did not, but game 2 turned out to be a lot tighter battle. Rhys arrived late, and somehow snuck his way on to Perry’s team, and earned defensive player of the game for his diving stabs at 3rd base. Phil’s Philangthropists got off to a great start with 4 runs in the first and 5 in the second, highlighted by dingers by John Mchugh and Diego. However, it wasn’t enough as Perry’s Pacifists were relentless with their bats, scoring 10 in the third and never trailing after that inning. Shot of the game was Rocky’s rocket over the heads of the left fielders that turned into an inside the park homerun. Phil’s team fought until the end, but Singapore Tom’s blooper to right field was caught by Curtis and they came up 1 run short. Final score 21-20, and the first double header of 2009 went to Perry’s Pacifists. All however, had a blast, and we hope to see you on the diamond next Sunday at 1pm. For starting line ups and box scores, see below. By: Diego Wells

Game 2


Starting line ups and positions for game 2 (each team 3 pitched to themselves to make the game faster)

Perry’s pascifists, double header champions

by Perry McNeely

Darryl Jay “Diego” Wells

SUNDAY JAN. 4, 2009. Front row Left to Right: Mickey the mascot, Scotty, Rocky; Back Row standing Left to Right: Rhys, Rick, Mike, John E, Curtis, Mark, Perry, Nick (holding the bats).

36 Pattaya Today

Pl Note, no Golf Thursdays as Xmas Day and New Years Day by Derek Brook


PATTAYA Country Club (Stableford) We decided to give Pattaya Country Club a try after Nine Months but no improvement in the facility was noted. The greens and the bunkers were satisfactory but there seems to be a complete lack of attention to detail in the work done. It was not a great day out and was not money well spent. On the day we had a Stableford event in Two Flights with the cut at handicap 18. Brendan Byrne took


Tropical Bert’s Beach Bar by Derek Brook

St Andrews ( Stableford) The last day of the Year saw a big turnout to play the fine St Andrews Course, a

J.C. Lhoste the A Flight on a countback from Paul Huneker in second, and John Gardener in third, all with 37 points. Paul Peckstone was in fourth with 35 points. In the B Flight the winner was J.C.Lhoste with 40 points ahead of Mike Winfield in second on a countback over John Swanson, both with 39 points. In fourth was Karen Brown with 37 points. T.T.F.N. Near Pin Dave Richardson Richard Kubicki Peter Sorenson Brendan Byrne Long Put Mike Gosden Liu Gui Lan

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

for the trip across to the St Andrews 18 holes. This being a hilly course carts are compulsory, mind for the older player it makes no

win ‘The Alan Bolton Golfer of The Month’. With such a large turnout we had five winners in each Flight. In the A Flight,0 to 16, The Winner was Pierre Bietry with a fine 40 points

was in fifth. The race for golfer of the Month was really tight and any of a half dozen golfers were in the running, however with his win in the B Flight Peter Whitehead slipped in by one points. Well done Peter and the bag suites your eyes some-

Peter presented by Perry

Course that is a bit different and is very difficult. In fact it is recommended that the higher handicappers do not play it, although the biggest supporters of the Course

difference. The Course itself is in many respects a bit gimmicky, however it is well presented and when the wind blows, as it did on this day, it

First and Second B Flight

and obviously a ‘chop’ of 1 shot. In second place was a young man, Nial Higgins,

times. We were lucky that at ‘Great Expense’, we had The PSC Golf Chairman with

“Three Sisters Golf”

by Paul Donahue

Bill Knight at 70

amongst Tropical Bert’s players are amongst them. The day started with Bert’s packed out with golfers eating ‘Bert’s Breakfast’ and then into transport for the

Dave enjoys Bert’s

can become a really difficult test. The fairways are well defined and the greens are not just fast, but the designers have in my opinion, tried to be too clever. Still a test

First and Second A Flight

with also a good 37 points. In third place was Richard Kubicki with 36 points and in

us and shy as he is he was persuaded to do the presentation. Thanks Perry.

Sus Ige on the left, Bob Benda on the right

will be in “Holiday Status”, as will much of Thailand over the next five days. TIT as Bernard would say. All players retired to Caddy Shack II and enjoyed some snacks as “Grandma” took everything out of Herbie’s car EXCEPT the hot dogs. After a short wait the dogs showed up and after a quick cooking were soon devoured along with a number of San Miguel lights. Coming in again at the top of the leader board was Bob Benda (37) followed by Sus Ige with 33. As this is the end of the month, Bob’s name will be engraved on the Three Sisters trophy,

relatively short trip to the Golf Course, where it was a quick book in and into carts

“Three Sisters Golf”

Paul is always in at a Celebration

Dick Warberg helped with the organisation all Year and had a beer with Bill that you either like or hate. On the day the Course was fairly full, but we still moved fairly well except on some of the par 3’s. Round over it was a quick shower then into the German Restaurant for my favourite, ‘Currywurst mit Pommes Frittes’ or something close, although some others who tried different meals were not as complimentary. Back at Bert’s the place was packed waiting for the results, and also who would

the greenskeeper turned on the sprinklers and left them on all night. Reasonable play allowed for movement to higher and drier ground so it wasn’t too bad. Beautiful partly cloudy skies again made for a delightful golf day. It certainly worked for Walt Straub who came in with a 37. Watch your handicap come tumbling down Walt. Next was a regular at the top, Bill Key coming in with a 34. The remainder of the pack followed

on down to a lowly 20 by a “golfer?”who’s name shall not be divulged but having the initials PED. More than a few cups had their “Ball Repulse Systems” turned on as lipping the cup seemed to be the song of the day. As usual everyone retired to Caddy Shack II for some of Herbie’s finely cooked ham and San Miguel lite. Visiting us this week was Bob Clark’s son Bob who gave his dad a few examples of how to drive the ball.”

“THE usual suspects began teeing off at 0620 hours as three threesomes gave their best at the Pattaya Country Club this Dec 30th. Someone must have left the sprinklers on as several of the fairways were soaked. That did not bode well for long rolls after hits. The weather could not have been better as the sun was accompanied by a cooling breeze. Some golfers unknown must have played with flashlights as it was just light at 0620 and there was no sign of the early worms other than their footprints and tire tracks. Pattaya Country Club

by Paul Donahue

Walt Straub on the left with Bill Key on the right

“SEEMED like rainy season on the Fairways of the

Pattaya Country Club this Tuesday, 6 Jan 09. Possibly

Brian Downey celebrates Bill’s Birthday

Warning ‘The Kubicki’s are in Town’ and celebrated Bill’s birthday

fourth was Brian MacDonald with 35 points. In fifth was Derek Brook with 34 points on countback over Mashi

Presentation over we realised that it was Bill Knights 70th Birthday so of course we had to celebrate

The Browns also joined in

Kenata, which was a surprise as Mashi usually wins the countbacks. In the B Flight the winner was Peter Whitehead with 36 points ahead of Frank Pilkington with 34 points. In third place was Jack Merrick with 33 points and in a countback on 31 points Les Charles came in fourth and Joel Flor

his Birthday, Xmas, New Year and a fine Year of Golf at Bert’s. Happy New Year to all our Readers. T.T.F.N. Near Pin Frank Higgins (2) Perry McNeely Brian MacDonald Dick Warberg Joel Flor. Long Put Philippe Perret Colin Cronin Dick Kerr Jack Robertson

Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009


Top Score for Alan Evans to end 2008

by Barry Hooper

THE end of 2008 has arrived. Roll on 2009. It was an eventful year in many respects and the first full year of play for the TRGG at the Travellers Rest. Who knows what the New Year will hold. Only time will tell. One player decided to end his year with the top score of the final week. Some may remember that he was out of action for many weeks after having a


League Table

Next Fixtures (Week 11)

HAPPY New Year Darters. Everyone rushed outside into the playground to the chant of “fight fight fight” as the Posse took on the Airborne Assaulter’s from Helicopter at the Squadron Lines. The Posse, armed with six-shooters and Winchester rifles put up a good fight but the Airborne Darters repelled from above to take the game. The Posse reloaded and after some fine sharp shooting claimed the beer. This game win by Helicopter moves them into 2nd place and drops OK Corral into 3rd. The Mee Chew Crew paid a visit to Cheers (Stan was let out of the dog house for the night) and managed not only

to take the game, but to also put an end to Stan’s boys & girls free beer run, moving Mee Chew up into 4th place and dropping Cheers down into 9th. The Rising Sun played away at Stars, taking both game and beer keeping the Sunshine Boys at the top of the table, clear by 1 point. Palmers hosted the Blue Mountain, Ken (BM) scored a 180 (again), and not wanting to share the cake, the coffee shop quartet took the game. Palmers Crew proved to be the thirstier team however, and not wanting to let the Blue Mountain have everything their own way,

Pattaya Today 37

took the beer. The Bunker Boys traveled over to the dark side. Captain Brucie (out of town) handed the reigns over to yours truly for the night, Lucky Time out played the Bunker Boys scoring an eagle. Could no Captain Brucie and the return of Lucky Time’s Mojo be a mere coincidence? I also have to stick my hand up and claim Lucky Time’s under 10’s, both of them. And finely, rumor has it that Wyatt Twerp may be hanging up his spurs, placing his six-shooter away, and putting his horse out to pasture. Is the gun slinging Marshall really retiring?……….DARTS.

December we visited Emerald for our weekend outing. Great participation including a couple of class top level players who are here in Thailand to participate in the qualification events for the Asian tour in January. They did not take part in the main comp on the day but it was good for the local regulars to see them in action. Two Divisions. Division two was won by Paul Huneker with thirty-one.

Winners – Lui Gui Lan, Paul Huneker, Mod Chaviraksa and Fergus Brennan

ceramic sink collapse on to his foot in his home earlier in the year. I am of course referring to Alan Evans. Well bounce back he did after his enforced lay off and he has continued to be there about on many occasions since. But this is the best way to end any year. With a forty pointer at Bangpra on the thirtieth of December to take top honours and just beat Paul Pickston a new name in our midst by a single point. I must point out that this report has been prepared and submitted early to the press. I apologise for that but it is because I will be out of town when the year ends.Normal service will be resumed in 2009 I assure you. On Saturday the 27th

Two back on twenty nine and winning after count back was Eamonn Murtagh just beating Liu Gui Lan. Division One was won with a forty-two pointer from Mike Gosden. The boss Fergus was second at thirty-two. Third was Mod Chiviraksa. On Monday the 29th December Khao Kheow was the venue A and B courses. Again a great turnout as one would expect at this time of the year. Two Divisions. Number two went to Nijole Murtagh with the top score of the day at thirty-five. Four back in second was Bill Priestley. Third Nijole’s husband Eamonn at thirty. Div One was a count back fight for top honours between George Robinson and Guy Fraser both at thirty-three with

George edging it. Third was Ray Trembath at thirty-two. Only the one two on the day from George Robinson to take the spoils. Tuesday the 30th and final event of the year was at Bangpra. Numbers it must be said were a little down for this trip. Players must have been saving their energies for the New Year celebrations. So just one division and places down to fifth. Alun Webber took this honour with thirty-five.Third and fourth was on count back with John Merritt edging it over Eddie Townsend both at thirty-six. Second was Paul Pickston at thirty nine and as mentioned in my main report Alan Evans took top spot with a great forty pointer. Detailed Results for the week – Saturday 27th December at Emerald Div 1 Mike Gosden 34 hc 08 Fergus Brennan 32 hc 10 Mod Chaviraksa 31 hc 13 Div 2 Paul Huneke 31 hc 15 Eamonn Murtagh 29 hc 18 c/b Liu Gui Lin 29 hc 13 c/b Two’s - Fergus Brennan, Ken Lucente and Wilf Wellman Monday 29th at Khao Kheow A & B Div 1 George Robinson 3 hc 11 c/b Guy Fraser 33 hc 11 c/b Ray Trembath 32 hc 09 Div 2 Nijole Murtagh 35 hc 26 Bill Priestley 31 hc 20 Eamonn Murtagh 30 hc 18 Two’s – George Robinson Tuesday 30th at Bangpra Alan Evans 40 hc 26 Paul Pickston 39 hc 12 John Merritt 36 hc 14 c/b Eddie Townsend 36 hc 16 c/b Alun Webber 35 hc 23 No two’s - so bell rung at the bar

38 Pattaya Today


eading for a Good Cause: Down in Soi Yamato (aka Soi Nervous Clinic) the annual book sale by the longrunning Clinic enclosed beer boozer and sports emporium is under way. Anyone with spare books is asked to donate them to the Clinic. The aim is to raise money for Rotary cataract operations, a simple and not too expensive procedure from what I understand, but one that can save the precious eyesight of so many under-privileged and poor members of the community. Used paperback books can be purchased at just 100 baht each or six for 500 baht; hardback books go for 200 baht each or six for 1,000 baht. While mentioning the Clinic, mine host Deadly Derek has decided to call it quits and has put the joint up for sale. Derek is one of the longest-lasting booze bar owners in the city having operated the Clinic for almost 18 years. With a young son who will soon require a more structured education than the miscreants of Soi Yamato can give, Derek has decided it’s time to relocate to pastures a bit greener. Anyone interested in learning more should take a wander down to the Clinic and pose business questions to the man himself. Knackered B*ll**ks: According to the aforementioned Derek, the rumour on Soi Yamato is that the well-known Englishman Chris has sold his share in the Dog’s B*ll**ks beer boozer and returned home. From memory, Chris had

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

been living in Fun Town since about 1994, possibly even earlier. Certainly the Dog’s B*ll**ks is not as busy as it was during its heyday period in the mid to late 90s. Break out the Corked Hat: January 26 is celebrated as Australia Day and most Aussie-run joints around Fun Town usually do something to mark the occasion, even if it’s only making sure they drink Victoria Bitter (VB) instead of Singha. The Boxing Roo beer boozer and Monday/Wednesday quiz league participant will be turning on a party to mark the day with free traditional native food (Aussie meat pies and sausages done on a barbeque) and prizes for customers. Activities will begin in the mid-afternoon of 26 January, which is a Monday. From a Reptile to a Feline: Aussie John, the owner of the Goanna beer boozer (Soi Diana Inn), has sold out and, so I’m told, gone to live out in the wilds of Issan. The new owner has changed the name of the place to something really imaginative: the Pussy bar. That little clutch of beer boozers at the Second Road end of Soi Diana Inn does quite well with plenty of walk-past traffic and the popular revamped Papagayo house of gyrating damsels to bring customers to the area. The First Contest of 2009: The Sisterz chrome pole palace (Walking Street) not only continues to run the most amazing price discounts for libations around town (45 baht for standard thirst-quench-

ers during an extended happy hour and just 59 baht thereafter), but is also garnering a reputation for dance and so-called theme contests. The next dance contest is slated for Thursday night 29 January, with the usual start time between 9:30 and 10:00PM. While many expats and long-time regulars probably couldn’t care less about such events, there are plenty of holidaymakers who see these contests as presenting a change from the standard night-to-night fare offered in each and every den about town. Time for a shower: The Diamond ogling den (Soi Diamond) has been operational since late 1999 and in that time it has undergone changes of style as well as internal makeovers. For a period between about 2003 and 2006 it was one of the best around. Nowadays, it only seems to get busy later in the night and its best nights are when they are holding a dance contest. Then it is well worth going as the ambience-especially once the dancers have had enough alcohol poured down their collective throats- is first-class. In the last couple of months of 2008 management recruited a busload of ladies-who-tease from Bangkok. Not chrome pole molesters from the usual stables, these are Penthouse Pets and the like. Apparently, a number of them do a circuit of karaoke joints, nightclubs, and any other kind of nightlife establishment catering to males with money to spend on young ladies of dubious virtue. Although the experiment in Diamond has been largely successful, there are rumblings the teasers are willing to slake their thirsts at the expense of customers but are not prepared to accompany punters out of the den for more horizontal activities. That’s not to say they aren’t willing to arrange an out-of-hours assignation. The Bangkok damsels are an expensive experiment and it’s my understanding the den will soon be remodeled internally yet again. This time the plan is to turn it into probably the largest shower room in Fun Town. Not sure if

the management are going to offer pneumonia insurance for dancers who are likely to be soaked for much of the night. Running more cold than hot: It may present a reasonable face in the late afternoons, but by early evening the Hot and Cold ogling den (Soi Post Office) is about as exciting as having a bath with a randy hippopotamus. If anyone wants to know where at least some of the oldest, fattest, and most homely-looking dancing damsels go to work before they are finally forced into a rice-paddy retirement, then Hot and Cold is probably the place to go searching. Drinks prices are very cheap and if you use a white cane and are led around by a well-trained Labrador then it might be worth a visit to get out of the heat and not pay much for a thirst-quencher. Or perhaps you are into old, fat, and aesthetically-challenged ladies who wear next to nothing. Otherwise, a date with your hand is more appealing. So Lomantic: The Pattaya Beer Garden (Beach Road, at the rear of the Siren bar complex)- a misnomer since it has about as much shrubbery and foliage as the Simpson Desert in a drought- is becoming increasingly popular with locals and visitors. And why wouldn’t it. Drinks are reasonably priced, there’s a good menu of safe and dependable dishes (a personal favourite is the chicken curry), and the ambience is worth a million baht. It’s a terrific location: overlooking Pattaya Bay with, usually, a nice sea breeze in the evening to keep things cool. Perfect for couples and not a bad place to plan raiding party evening into the depths of Walking Street. The Beer Garden is open from 10:00AM until 2:00AM every day. The most impressive ‘set’ in Fun Town: I don’t normally indulge in catering to the base instincts of myself or my reader (I leave that to the keyboard botherers of forum-land), but given the amount of silicon-induced mammary enhancement extant in the dens of Fun Town I would like to hand praise for a natural set where I think it is due.

The winner of the Coyotee’s ogling den (Soi Marina Plaza) dance contest held at the end of November last year came from Club Insomnia, or, as it now properly known, Gentleman’s Club in Soi Diamond. Part of the reason the judges awarded her such high marks I am sure was her undoubtedly impressive chest measurements, and all natural as well. Aiming for jet fighter status: Just down the same soi from Gentleman’s Club is the Mirage ogling den. This is definitely going to do a lot better as a chrome pole palace after the revamp and remodelling than it did under the Shooters name. I wandered in very late one night about a week after it had changed format (in late November) and while it was hardly buzzing, the ambience, style (table-dancing), and layout make it far more attractive to luring bums on seats. Management are offering a good two for the price of one deal on house liver wasters, or, you can pay a smaller impost and just order a single drink. The quality of the damsels was variable, but it was very late and I would think the best lookers would have well and truly been snapped up by then. Ordinary pins: The Leg’s chrome pole palace (Pattayaland Soi 2) is the former Misty’s ogling den (now in Soi 15, off Walking Street), but a recent very short visit is not

likely to tempt me back anytime soon. Three of us went in, and while I was prepared to at least have a drink, my mates were singularly unimpressed and decided it wasn’t worth bothering with. A very quick scan of what was on offer didn’t induce me to argue with them. There were only three other people in the place when we went in, but there were plenty of dancers and, who knows, there might have a hidden gem among them. Breath of fresh air: I was asked by a reader did I know of any houses of the chrome pole that were enforcing the nosmoking law. Well, I’ve found one, and it’s a pretty good place to go. Rodeo Girls (Pattayaland Soi 2) is what might be termed a ‘proper’ dancing bar. There are no shows, the damsels keep their bikini tops and bottoms on, and, in what is a very narrow den, there are usually just five or six on stage at any one time. The music is quite good, most libations are 99 baht, although draught amber is 69 baht all night, and lady drinks are 110 baht. All told there appears to be about 20-25 dancers, and more than a few are worthy of a second look. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you want to escape the clouds of cigarette smoke in most other dens. Piece of Pith: Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much when your mouth is moving.


Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

Pattaya Today’ s Brainy Fortnightly Crossword






(5) 1. TRAILS









(5) 5. STATUS


11. BIRD

(4) 6. ASLEEP









(4) 13. TYPE OF WIND





18. CHOP

(3) 17. HOLLOW









(5) 22. VULGAR










12 13 14




18 21

7 4

1 2




5 6







9 9


3 6

You would imagine that with such a name this puzzle originated in Japan, but it has been around for many years in the UK. However, the Japanese found an example under the title ‘Number Place’ in an American magazine and translated it as something quite different: su meaning number; doku which translates as single or bachelor. It immediately caught an in Japan, where number puzzles are much more prevalent than word puzzles. Crosswords don’t work well in the Japanese language:

Not so useless

With a sigh you see you have been dealt ♠ 9 8 6 3 2, ♥ 10 9 8 7 2, ♥ 5 3, ♣ 8, with only the ten of hearts stopping the definition of a Yarborough. Still your partner as the dealer opens two spades (6 – 10 points and holding six cards in the bid suit) which causes you

2 8



The sudoku puzzle reached craze status in Japan in 2004 and the craze spread to the UK through the puzzle pages of national newspapers. The Daily Tetegraph uses the name Sudoku, but you may see it called su doku elsewhere. However, there is no doubt that the word has been adopted into modern parlance, much like’ erossword’. Sudoku is not a mathematical or arithmetical puzzle. It works just as well if the numbers are substituted with letters or some other symbols, but numbers work best.

to prick up your ears in a most unusual situation. The right hand opponent says double, obviously a take out, so what’s your best course of action now? Many people would be tempted to raise to four spades in an attempt to pre-empt the enemy out of whatever contract they surely have. However, this guy in actual

1. Out 2. Glad 3. High 4. Mass 5. Shin 6. Friend 7. Stair 8. Dead 9. Stereo 10.Back

Rid Ounce Beat Beat Shaker Ship Being Jaw Cast Coach




...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................

Solution Issue 8 Q U














































































failed by one after you made your ten of hearts. The defence took no other tricks. A sacrifice by your side of seven spades would have been too expensive because of losers in the side suits. At every other table, the opponents reached and made a contract of six hearts. Your master strategy of jumping to six spades saved the day and earned a bundle of IMPS. All goes to show that, at the bridge table, you never should despair even with a near Yarborough. The sun just might be shining.





Answers ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................




Form a word from the Jumbled Letters

play decided to raise to six spades as he felt that the enemy might have a slam in one of the other suits. Left hand opponent pondered for quite a while as he had 19 high card points and had not yet had a chance to enter the bidding even though his partner had shown opening point values with his double. Eventually, left hand opponent decided to try seven hearts as he had a void in spades and six hearts headed by the four top honours. In the event, the contract




to 9. Solution on page 47.




Find the word which, when placed after the first word & before the second To solve the puzzle, each row, column and word, will form two more words. box must contain each of the numbers 1 Example Field....Trap Answer Mouse




Sudoku Puzzle








by Mr Mick Across

Pattaya Today 39













g o u r m e t cor n e r

40 Pattaya Today

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Sam’s mexican & american grill

Gringos Listen Up! By Mick and Di The Food Lovers

FOR all you Mexican food fans out there a new cantina has arrived in Jomtien. Owned by the sociable Sam, an ex police officer from San Diego, California, his passion for Mexican food shines through his extensive menu chock-full of personal recipes and authentic spicing. Sam is an aficionado of Mexican cuisine having owned restaurants in Tijuana for many years and now that he is living in Jomtien makes the journey back several times a year to import the essential seasonings that make his food so special and authentic. The air-con restaurant

seats 18 with seats for 4 people on the terrace plus plans to extend onto the patio in the near future. The walls are atmospherically decorated with Mexican and American memorabilia plus genuine black and white photos of that

famous bandito, Pancho Villa. From the starters, we spotted an appetiser platter for B.195 which includes 4 jalapeno poppers, 80g. chicken bites, 3 spring rolls, tortilla chips plus salsa to get the taste buds jumping or just to enjoy with a beer or two. All main courses include Mexican beans and rice and feature enchiladas (cheese, ground beef or chicken) from B.160, tacos, quesadillas and of course burritos. For the first-time Mexican eaters broadly speaking, tortilla (the staple food of generations of Mexicans) when rolled and baked is an enchilada, fried for a taco or grilled for quesadillas

and served with a variety of toppings and spices. Side dishes include guacamole (B.45), sour cream, extra cheese and pico de gallo (Spanish for rooster’s beak) which is a fresh condiment made from chopped tomatoes, onion and chil-

lies. Signature dish for Sam’s Mexican restaurant (and their best seller) is the taco, enchilada combo which can be ordered with either a beef or chicken taco plus a cheese enchilada for B.180. American food is another speciality here and the hot dogs and burgers are the real McCoy. All are home made and the burgers consist of 120 grs. of 100 percent beef, charbroiled and served with coleslaw and a choice of French fries or potato salad. On the subject of potatoes, check out Sam’s unique Mojo potatoes which are sliced, breaded and then deep fried for a spudtacular dish! Daily changing four course meals are extremely popular and great value for B.199 which buys you a starter, super salad, roast dinner and a dessert. So whether you’re already a Mexican aficionado or a newbie to this cuisine why not visit Sam’s Mexican & American Grill soon and while you’re there treat yourself to one of his famous frozen Margaritas or Daiquiris for a cool experience. Tel: 0822 181518. Delivery available in the Jomtien area. Open daily from 11.30 am till 10.00 pm but closed on Sundays. Located in the soi which

runs behind the shops on Theppraya Road opposite Shenanigans. Take the small soi on the left hand side just before the arch which leads down to Jomtien Beach.

It’s Strawberry Season again at Amor and we are preparing a host of great strawberry savory dishes, desserts and cocktails to tempt your taste buds. Strawberry Pork Fillet or Chicken Breasts 390

Pan fried with a sauce of fresh strawberries and crushed black peppercorns flambéed in brandy

Strawberry Salmon Fillet 490

Pan fried with a sauce of fresh strawberries and crushed black peppercorns flambéed in brandy Strawberries and Yoghurt


Strawberries and Sour Cream


Strawberries and Cream


Strawberries and Ice Cream


French Strawberries


Irish Strawberries


Strawberry Amor


Strawberry Daiquiri Strawberry Piňa Colada

200 220

With Yoghurt and Chiang Mai Longan Honey With Sour Cream and Brown Sugar With Whipped or Pouring Cream

With a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

With Grand Marnier and Whipped cream With Jameson’s and Whipped Cream

Vodka, Crème de Cacao, White Crème de Menthe, and Fresh Strawberries

Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

dining out

Pattaya Today 41

Greg’s kitchen

12 Years of Customer Satisfaction

By Mick and Di The Food Lovers GREG’S Kitchen is an institution here in Pattaya. It would not be an exaggeration to say that probably every ex-pat in our fair city has at some time enjoyed one of Greg’s hearty, wholesome dishes. Tourists and denizens flock here for honest, nourishing food served at reasonable, even-handed prices in an atmosphere of friendliness and geniality. Greg is a power house of enthusiasm and energy; his menu is constantly changing with innovative dishes and new prices with even better value for his regulars.

He is an inveterate professional having received his catering education from the famous WestminsterKingsway College in London where another young man called Jamie Oliver began his culinary capers. Upon leaving he worked in London’s most eminent establishments including that stalwart of English food, Simpsons in the Strand and the luxurious Mayfair ho-

tel, Claridges. London’s loss is Pattaya’s gain and Greg now wields his influence over his excellent kitchen on Second Road, (close to Bangkok Bank). Mick and I took a Canadian friend there recently to let him discover for himself the satisfaction of eating from Greg’s English menu. A large terrace at the forefront affords alfresco eating while the air-conditioned restaurant is cosy, comfortable and convivial. The menu is astonishing; it runs the gamut from their famous breakfasts (served all day) through burgers, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, soups and British favourites to an array of international specialities and luscious home-made desserts. From the starters we opted for avocado prawns (B.195) and mushrooms Provencale at B.180. (Denis was saving himself for his main course!) A whole plump avocado appeared served with fat juicy prawns in a creamy mayonnaise dressing while the mushrooms

rested in a herbed tomato sauce which Mick enjoyed and scooped the plate clean with the accompanying crusty garlic bread. Other starters include homemade soups (from B.125), breadcrumbed mushrooms, homemade spring rolls, seafood cocktail or garlic bread with Mozzarella and tomato to name a few. British favourites embrace Greg’s in-house pies:

steak and mushroom, chicken and ham, mince and potato and, of course, lamb shepherds pie plus the daily traditional roasts served with a mountain of vegetables and Yorkshire pudding (from B.260). The much-loved house special is a slow oven baked beef

my choice of Norwegian poached salmon in prawn sauce while Denis applauded the New Zealand tenderloin in a pepper sauce. In fact, all of the sauces here are top notch either in their creaminess or profundity of flavour. Also the vegetables should be singled

steak cooked till tender in a rich beef sauce and at B.295 would satisfy the most discerning steak lover. Fish and chips with peas are always a winner and this one has won many a customer’s accolade. We must make mention

out for particular mention, They are perfectly cooked; crunchy, tender and full of flavour. Abundant, generous portions had left us feeling choc-full but we just managed to share a delectable home made lemon meringue pie which

here of the potatoes! Ten specialised cooking choices are on offer to enjoy with your main course; either roasted, sautéed, mashed, chipped, hunter style, garlic, jacket, boiled, cheese gratin or Lyonaise! Greg has recently introduced a new lunch-time (11.30 am – 5.30 pm) menu which features lighter dishes for day-time dining. All priced at B.220 they represent excellent value for money. Cod fish cakes, chicken pesto, goujons of fish, white snapper fillet, pork pie, chilli con carne are listed served with an array of accompaniments and sauces. For our main courses, Mick enjoyed sausage, mash and beans and I loved

evoked more than a tinge of nostalgia from our days of yore! Greg’s Kitchen is the happy valley of the best in British fare. Greg, together with his chef prodigy, Norm, oversee and cook every dish that leaves this kitchen and the staff are charming, happy and helpful. In a nutshell this is the place where good cooking, quality, stability and reliability are the by-words and have resulted in Pattaya’s ex-pats calling Greg’s Kitchen their home from home. Telephone Greg on 081 254 3624 or 038 361 227. Open daily from 8.30 am till 11.00 pm. Located on Second Road, Pattaya, opposite Soi 6.



Thank you to our readers for the tremendous response – what clever people you are! The answer was SEVRUGA CAVIAR and the lucky winner is SAMATHA WILSON. As this quiz proved so popular we will be continuing the fun with more foodie competitions in the near future.

42 Pattaya Today

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

E-mail :

Articles for Sale

Quick & Easy. We buy/sell used goods. We pay instant CASH. TVs, HiFis, Watches, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Phones, CD Players, Electrical Appliances & more. Home/office clearances. Large item pickup. All goods must be in working condition. Bring your I.D. Visit our 300m2 store 2nd Floor Pattaya Klang. Tel 038 488 240 Fax 038 488 249

Articles for Sale

(ptm-1208)Mobility Scooters Free test ride at your home! Portable mobility scooters, latest models. Full service from Thailand’s mobility scooter specialist. Please call 081 875 0860 or 02 964 8405 -07,, info@ for prices and brochures. Contact us now for your free test ride at your home! (ptm-1008) Top Quality Equipment for Sale. SeacSub Pro 2000 medium, new. SK7 Compass, new & unused. Thumb Reel, unused. Neptune II Full Face Mask Ocean Reef Int Reg, complete with instructions & shield (not shown), used twice. Scubapro MK25 & Suunto Transmitter Octopus 295, two days use only. New Suunto Vytec, unused. SaekoDive Titanium, unused. RashSuit XL (new), Shortly XL, New 3/5mm Hood unused, 12L Tank (2 days use). Full Guarantee. Everything estimated cost 180,000. Asking price 120,000 O.N.O. Contact David Meadows 086 503 1174 (ptm-a0908)Laptop 1/2 Thai Price! Acer 5920 Intel 2Cure Duo Centrino 1.8 GHZ. Only American keyboard, 9 months/ only used 3 months. 15,000 Baht. Free Cannon printer, new ink, loud speakers. /082 478 1820 (ptm-n1008)Diesel Generator for Sale. KOMATSU 4 CYD 52.2 AMP 230 VOLTS Output 12 KW on trailer 80,000 B. 081 762 7361 (ptm-0908)Satellite/Cable TV. Live Sport, Movies, News, 3,600 THB/Year. Multichoice PRG etc. Hotel, Apt, Resort Lease Welcome. E-mail: Tel: 087 609 9329

(ptfas-0908)Baby Items, Cot high chair, push chair, wheel chair, walking frame. 086 273 0731 (ptfas-0908) Books for Sale, mostly contemporary fiction, most in like new condition. 200 to choose from. Email or phone in Jomtien 082 257 9431. (ptfas-p2407) Cheapest TV’s in Pattaya!!! I have a wide range and certain brands of TV’s that are all brand new and come with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. From LCD’s, Plasma’s to standard TV’s. All of which come in a range of sizes. Not only TV’s but many electrical Items are available for sale i.e. fridge freezers and washing machines. For further information and prices on any items please contact Alan on 084 944 2541.

Articles Wanted

(ptfas-0908)Furniture Required, double bed base, TV stand, sofa,wardrobe. Garry 087 901 5229 (ptfas-0908)Mountain Bike Wanted for male adult 100 kgs, older condition ok. Garry 087 901 5229

Pets and Vets

(ptm-s0808)Top-Dog Hotel. Boarding facilities for dogs, cats, etc. Jomtien Beach. Call (English) 086 154 0377, (Thai) 085 042 8811

Business Opportunities

(ptm-m0908)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished with kitchen. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Priced at 1.9 mil. baht. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-p1108) Bargain Soi 8 – Sexy Bar for Rent – Key money 90,000 baht/year. Rent 23,000 baht per month. Fully furnished, 1 pool ta ble. Phone 086 512 4387 (ptm-p0409)Pool Tables and Touch Screen Game Machines Coin Operated. You provide the location we provide the pool table or Touch screen game machine for free of all maintenance cost. Make good money from profit sharing. Call: 081 762 8379


(ptm-k1008)Large Walking Street Bar for Sale. 3 pool tables, UBC, LCD TVs, fully licensed, long 3+3 year lease. 2.2 mil. baht. Tel. Eng 089 932 6716, Thai 081 863 5789 (ptfbo-0908)Resort for Sale. Courtyard style with 4 luxury poolside letting suites. Air Con/ fan/cable TV, hot water showers. Owner’s apartment, bar/ restaurant. 2 kitchens, fully equipped swimming pool. High quality built and furnished. Minutes from beach. Immaculate throughout. Must be viewed. 13 million baht. Tel. 084 351 1167 English (ptm-p1008)For Sale Half Share in Very Popular and Profitable Beer Bar close to Soi 7. Return to Europe forces sale. 785,000 baht for quick sale. To include all fixtures, fittings and stock. Tel: 085 324 0872 (ptm-n0908)Restaurant/Bar for Sale in Busy Area. It has everything you need to open today. Very nice, must see. Only 350,000 Baht, Low rent and key money. Call Ning 085 646 1422 (ptm-n1008)Boats Business Opportunities. Wanted joint venture partner for Steel Catamaran Charter Cruiser. 14M * 7M * 3 deck levels. Total capital investment 4.5 M baht. Hulls now completed. Nookja1985@ 081 762 7361 Two Shops are Available for Rent. Good business opportunity at the excellent locations, nearby hotel lobby area at Ocean Tower & Garden Wing in Amari Orchid Resort & Tower, North Pattaya. Please call for more information at 038 418 418 ext. 701 (Ms. Supanee, Executive office) or email: (ptm-0008)Lighthouse Restaurant & Bar for Sale. 6 year lease, 1st year’s rent already paid, no key money, newly renovated, turnkey, 5 rooms above, low price. 081 429 4507, 089 248 4909 (ptm- w0107)27 Rai Rayong Ban Phe, with chanot. Only 500 meters from the very nice beach Ban Phe, with sea view to Koh Samet Island. Sell from private altogether at 6.75 million baht. Tel. 089 938 6022 (ptm-vi0008)Shop House for Rent. Located at Royal Hill, 4 storey shop house, with well standard built-in. 3 bedrooms, 4 restrooms. Each room has their own kitchen plus microwaves, 4 air-con, ceiling fans, 3 televisions with Sophon Cable ready, 3 refrigerators, 3 water heaters, 3 safety boxes and telephone lines. The ground floor is perfect for an office. Price is only 40,000 Baht per month or pay 300,000 Baht key money and get cheaper rent at 25,000 baht. Please call : 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491.

We Sell Going Concerns! If You Want Expert Professional Advice on Buying or Selling a Business in Pattaya TSBA Have a large selection of businesses available. Call Craig 087 077 0475 Pool Lounge- There are four full size American pool tables in this well established lounge. The lounge currently has 3 pool teams and runs many competitions, as well as a fully stocked bar. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Bar / Guest House – An opportunity has arisen to purchase this well appointed guest house, located on one of pattays busiest streets. There are five rooms all with air con, and a fully stocked bar offering both pool and darts with indoor and outdoor seating. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Hostess Bar- One of Pattaya most well known bars, has three years proven accounts showing a very healthy profit. This bar will not be on the market for long. Viewing is highly recommended. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Guesthouse Lease Hold Business for Sale in Rayong, Maerampung Beaxh, on the sea. 10 rooms with A/C, fridge, TV, plus 2 apartments (one beautiful roof-top) bar, restaurant area, internet, TV-Sat, phone-fax, lease 3+3 years new contract. Rent 20,000 THB month. Bargain reduced for quick sale 1,090,000 THB. Ph 084 699 1255 Thai Living: Restaurant at Hotel venue Inn, in Jomtien. An opportunity too good to miss out on. The restaurant already have a large existing customer base from, mainly from Scandinavia and has a high turnover. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Hotel Units and Villas for Sale and Rent Back. Fantastic investment for speculators requiring security. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Bali-Style Shops on Siam Country Club Road. Surrounded by 1,000 Homes. For Rent or Sale by owner. Perfect for Mini mart, Pizza Delivery, cafe, coffee shop/ bakery, bar, deli, restaurant or retail sales business. Large outside seating and sales area. Front unit rents for 42,000 Baht per month. Back unit rents for 18,000 Baht per month. Entire building rent is 50,000 Baht. Will sell on 83 square wah, corner plot directly on main road for 8 million baht. Financing available. Includes air cons, refrigeration, cooking extractor hood, counters, displays. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038-301-048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail: Agents welcome. No time wasters, please.

Fax: (038) 374535

Pattaya Today 43

Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

E-mail :

0276/SLN - Lease for Sale – 3 storey single shop house located in East Pattaya. Ground floor ideal for any small business. On the upper floors are 3 rental rooms. Many extras including kitchen facilities, air – conditioning etc. Rent only 12,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 300,000 baht 0268/SLN – Coffee Shop & Restaurant – Single storey shop house, located in East Pattaya, earning profit. Rent only 4,000 baht per month and Key Money has been pre-paid till May 2010. Sale Price: 850,000 baht. 0296/SLN – Bakery & Shop – Located in East Pattaya with low rent on the premises. The business specializes in the baking of meat and fruit pies and has built up an excellent reputation with the local bars and restaurants around Pattaya. Sale Price: 1.1 million baht. 0199/SLN – Laundry with Rooms above – Busy laundry business located in Central Pattaya. 4 storey single shop house with 3 large studio apartments on the upper floors for rental. Rent only 15,000 per month with Key Money of 60,000 baht per year. Sale Price: 1.5 million baht 0271/V – Pet Shop – Single storey retail shop, located in North Pattaya. Specialising in the sale of Dogs, Cats, pet foods and accessories. Very profitable. Sale price includes a Limited Company. Sale Price: 2 million baht 0297/SLN – Bar & Guesthouse – Single, three storey shop house located in Central Pattaya. On the ground floor is a busy bar with pool table. On the upper floors are 5 rental rooms. Rent only 30,000 baht per month with long lease & No Key Money. Sale Price: 2 million baht. 0298/SLN – Bar with Rooms – Single, four storey shop house, located in a busy ‘foot traffic’ area, just of Beach Road. On the ground floor is a bar with 5 rental rooms on the upper floors. The current rent is 20,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 2 million baht. 0263/SLN – Hotel & Bar – 15 room hotel with ground floor bar and kitchen. Located in high ‘foot traffic’ area just off Beach Road, South Pattaya. On the upper floors are 15 rental rooms all with en suite bathroom, air-con and personal safety box. Rent only 60,000 per month and NO KEY MONEY. Sale Price: 2.3 million baht. 0286/SLN – Pool Lounge – Profitable business located in Central Pattaya with bar facilities. Currently playing in 3 local leagues. Sale Price: 2.5 million baht. 0284/SLN – Hostess Bar with Rooms - 3 storey, double shop house located in a busy Soi in the heart of the ‘nightlife‘ action. Ground floor bar recently refurbished. Rent 30,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 2.75 million baht 0291/SLN – Pub/Restaurant with Rooms – Located in East Pattaya. On the ground floor is a Pub and Restaurant with a large kitchen and seating capacity for 100 customers. On the upper floor there are 3 large rental rooms with separate entrance. Long lease and NO KEY MONEY. Sale Price: 2.9 million baht. 0269/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey double shop house, located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of North Pattaya. Large ground floor bar with external seating area and 7 rental rooms above. The business generates good turnover & profits. Low rent and no Key Money. Sale Price: 4.9 million baht. 0154/SLN - Restaurant - Well established Restaurant located in North Pattaya - seating capacity for nearly 100 customers. Have enjoyed good profits over the last two years. Key Money has been paid till February 2010 and is transferable. Sale Price: 6.5 million baht. 0300/SLN – Bar – Restaurant & Guesthouse – Double, four storey shop house located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of Central Pattaya. On the ground floor is a bar and dining area with modern kitchen facilities. On the upper floors are 16 rental rooms. Included in the sale is a motor cycle rental business. No Key Money and rent is paid annually in advance. Sale Price 7.5 million. 0301/SLN – Bar & Guesthouse – Double,, three storey shop house located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of Central Pattaya. The bar on the ground floor is unique in appearance & décor. Viewing is highly essential. On the upper floors are 7 rental rooms. Rent 55,000 baht per month payable one year in advance and No Key Money. Sale Price: 7.5 million baht. 0270/SLN - Furniture & Interior Decor shop - Incorporating a retail shop, which also offers interior decor project design for clients. The sale price includes in excess of 5 million bahts worth of stock and a Limited company which would enable any prospective buyer to obtain 2 foreign work permits. ‘Walk into’ a well established, extremely profitable business. There is also a seperate entrance with 12 rental rooms above the retail shop. Sale Price: 8 million baht. 0299/SLN – Hotel, Bar & Restaurant – Two storey building located in Central Pattaya. On the ground floor is a bar, dining area, kitchen and games room. The property is enclosed and has its own swimming pool for guests. In total there are 7 rental rooms. Included in the sale is the land and buildings registered in a company name. Viewing is highly essential. Sale Price 10 million baht. 0293/SLN – Pub & Restaurant - Profitable Pub & Restaurant located on busy main road in East Pattaya with dining facilities for over 50 people..On the upper floor is the kitchen and 3 bedrooms for employees or the new owner. Included in the sale price is the land and buildings held in a Company name. Sale Price: 12.75 million baht. 0274/SLN – Restaurant & Bar – Single storey double shop house located in South Pattaya. The lease has been fully paid up till 2023, the next 15 years. There is seating for in excess of 100 diners. Included in the sale is a sound & lighting system for live music. The business is profitable. Sale Price: 14 million baht. 0294/SLN – Go Go Bar – Extremely profitable business located in the centre of ‘Walking Street’. Good staff and excellent long lease in place with a fixed rental for the period of the lease. Sale Price: 16.5 million baht. 0247/SLN - Bar/Restaurant and Guesthouse - Located in South Pattaya. Extremely profitable business which the current owner can verify. On the ground floor is a large bar and restaurant. Included in the sale price is the land and buildings. Sale Price: 25 million baht. 0273/SLN – Lawn Bowling Club – Located in East Pattaya on 3 rai of land. 2 International bowling greens, separate bar & restaurant, 5 en suite bedrooms & swimming pool. Foreign ownership in Company name. Viewing highly essential. Sale Price 30 million.

To list your business free or further information on the Services TBAC Offer. Contact us today on: Tel: 038 489 074-5, 087 283 5349 (English) Fax: 038 489 076 E-mail TBAC:


(PRT0102) This Boutique Restaurant extends out over the ocean about 50m, now being offered at 88million, this Restaurant offer’s living quarters out on the pier for over night stays. A large home across the street could also be converted into a Boutique Hotel with Ocean views. To me, it is an honor to be a part of this transaction. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PRT0097) Restaurant in busy Soi Baukao. 600,000 baht. Take over this well established restaurant, serving both Thai and European Foods. With no Key money involved. Equipment, inventory all inclusive. This is a very nice investment don’t miss out on this one. Buyer is very motivated. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Walking Street GO GO Bars. If you are a serious Investor Looking at Number 1 Go Go Bars, then you need to Call Us. I have listings on top GO GO Bars that are not for sale “But Are”. Investor must qualify for showings. Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0102) Walking street 2nd floor bar. View of the ocean, the road below. Plenty of room to grow sale priced at 950,000 baht. Low upfront deposits of 500,000 with 60,000 baht a month for lease. Call today. Making your Business our Business-Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0123) Don’t take my word for it go to our web site for this once in a lifetime opportunity priced for a quick sale baht 12,500,000 this 5star classy restaurant with an all Stainless steel industrial kitchen that could be guesthouse& restaurant with lounge, very nice rooms upstairs, Dbl shop house Beach front, Views, Views, lease at 60,000 a month can buy the two shop houses next door. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0099) Another Walking Street Bar Priced to sell 90% inside w/3 pool tables. Large stage for everyone to share entertainment 2,200,000 all deposits paid and included in price for the first 2.5 years Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0095) MAKE PAYMENTS: Very Famous GO GO Bar with 80 seats, 240 sqm, 4 rooms above this well designed floor plan, like nothing else on this very, very popular Soi. For only 8million baht and with a nice size down the owner will consider payments. He has many companies

that require his attention… which makes this very busy and profitable bar”, even in low season”, to much work for him…... Buyer is very motivated. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLM0003) Massage parlor on the back side of Walking Street, 4 star curb appeal, “very, very nice with all new furnishing, updated, renovated, store front location for only 3.3mill. Owner is ready to deal because of recent breakup. Lease is only (6,000), six thousand baht a month. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Jomtien Shop houses 5 of them together with Sea Views priced at only 3.6 million each. When every one else has a price on theirs at 5million, that makes these five a steal, with great sea views. These would make a great Guest house or even a shopping centre with rooms above. Top floors have View of Bangsare. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PSH0108) Shop House in the busiest area of 2nd road, 36millon baht. Looking for a new owner to open a bar and restaurant with guest house. The building is for sale with chanold title. Owner will take everything with him making it easy to renovate at the same time lowers out of pocket expenses. Investors dream. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Koh Samui Resort. One of the world’s most Famous Islands now has a Prestigious Hotel available, at 50million baht for your spot in Paradise. With only five staff members 18 rooms and two retail stores makes it easy to manage All rooms have a 5 star quality, with Tv’s, fridge, Bar A/C. Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Koh Chang Resort. Guys it doesn’t get any better than this. Own a piece of the Rock. To many facilities to list, owner wants to move to Northern Thailand. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0017) Guesthouse in an extremely busy location priced to sell at 25 million. This successful business has 4 floors and 14 furnished rooms in a very high demand location. You could have the number one business of any kind with this location. Internet, motorcycle rental bar, restaurant, or retail this is an immediate high volume business for you, call today. Making your Business our BusinessPremier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038231-931 or E-mail to premier@

Fax: (038) 374535 (PHG0127) Soi Boukhao single shop house. Five rooms completely furnished. Main Floor waiting for your ideas and marketing strategy. Priced at 6.5million, building included with title/deed. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLD0537) Land on Suhkumvit Road, Pattaya area. Great exposure for your business. 2 plus rai with a building. Building must be removed. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to premier@ (PFO0001).Deluxe East Pattaya Factory. Two New factory buildings on 6.5 rai, interior has over 3000sqm. Both buildings already leased out for 400,000 thousand baht a month or can relocate. Two story apartment building for staff, a home for owners with swimming pool. Each Factory has luxury rooms on top floor for Managers. Making your Business our Business. Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0124) 600.000 Here is another one of those inexpensive opportunities priced to sell, this laundry and Guesthouse. Rent is only 25,000 a month with your living quarters. Complement your business with Motorcycles and you have a winner. Add a website and you have a real on going concern with these well designed rooms…should be able to very well here as the ground work is down. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0122) Jomtien walking Street- the best location in Jomtien can be your new business location where your clients can walk to the beach without crossing the road Great beach front views 5rooms with lounge 24million baht and you own the building too. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0113) Want a Fabulous Luxury Hotel, restaurant for only 390 million, “act quickly!”. Great location, Two Go GO Bars & restaurant with spa facilities, not too mention one of the best locations in all Pattaya. Rooms are exceptionally equipped and furnished in a very impressive style with great imagination. Call soon this will not last. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0097) East Pattaya guesthouse and bar & restaurant on very busy road just needs someone that understands marketing.

(PHG0033) This Hotel on Jomtien Beach is being sold under the utmost confidentiality, at 250million baht. Panoramic Sea views on all upper floors. Everything is Brand New yet, you will still enjoy immediate income from long standing client base. Fifty five rooms with Penthouse on top floor for owners or for rent. Forty Seven Staff members help you with your everyday needs. Beach front location, in the busiest area of Jomtien. In the heart of the night life. This is an excellent location for business. You want traffic check this place out. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Shop houses commercial store fronts for best pricing. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Investors wanted for Commercial Real Estate Ventures. Major Investments over 50million, see what the Public can’t see. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0103) Pattaya, just off Beach Front rd, with 3 sides covered it could be enclosed very easily. Great potential, for this very large bar. Over 80 seats, very large bar area with a very large stage for a live band “closed now”, needs some repairs but, for 550,000 priced way under market value 200,000 deposit 25,000 a month. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0092) 10,000 a month on this new Contract. 1,650,000, this is a giveaway at this price. This single shop house bar in a very busy soi off Jomtien beach road you won’t find a deal like this again. The owner has been there making money for the last four years, said he made a lot of money so he can sell for whatever he wants…Let someone else “ have fun”, that is what he said. (PSH009) 10,000 baht a month for this vacant shop house with Views. Needs lots of work in this hallow shell, but with beach views like this….And the price” My goodness!” it is a steal..! walk to the beach in 2 seconds . Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0126) Beer Bar & Guest House With Two balconies overlooking the bar. Pool table disc jockey both. Flat screen TV, Large Kitchen that isn’t being used 27sqm. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0117) Very nice Dbl shop house Restaurant, 9rm Guest house w/pool table, 2nd one in on the sub soi with front road coverage. Perfect guesthouse for only 9.5mil @ 15,000 a month. Over 1.5 mill in profit without advertising. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

44 Pattaya Today

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

E-mail :

(PHG0116) Five storey Double shop house with 10rooms. 22million, “building included”. Very nice restaurant and bar. Over 2.5mil a year in profit. Some financing maybe available Owner ready to retire. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0114). Mini Mart Store with Guest house on beach front road. The mini mart collects over 600,000 a year in income, making it very easy to weather high and low season. With over 16 rooms w/beach views and a restaurant, Study Cliental, Website, Parking on the street and in the back of the building, your call, but I think this is the one. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0110) Shop House Jomtien Complex. Lower retail store already rented out which creates a positive cash flow for this 4 story building. At 5.2 million it is a steal. The owner has moved to Bangkok. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

(PHG0102) 80 room Resort between Jomtien and Pattaya. 150,000,000 Make an offer, Plenty of room to make this a 5 star. Needs good management that knows what to do with this gem.. Owner wants fast sale. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0107) 150million very private Resort style Spa with Theme park swimming pool. Very large ponds, bridges and Gazebos. Four two bedroom guest homes. Separate building with Theatre, Conference room, Fitness Center. Also included is very large 2 story home. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PRT0098) Get a Pizza this. Pizza parlor with support. Long proven track record @ 2.5 million baht or can finance a new location. Your choice! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Investors wanted for projects over 100 million baht. If you are one of the few,and looking for real estate ventures, or an on going concerns, call now and find out what is really on the market. All Gold member investors must provide financial statement before viewing, “Non Public listings”. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLM0002) With Beach front Exposure. Massage Parlor with Views, owners apartment Top floor. Priced to sell 1.5 mill. This dbl shop house is very nice and under priced. Very exciting business opportunity. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to


INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY……..This is a change for the serious investor who is looking to take over a running business with already a guaranteed net income of 20 Million Thai Baht a year with a potential net income of 100 Million Thai Baht a year. Asking price is 150 Million Baht. As the owner wants to keep the sale of his business quiet we can not give more details at this time. For more information please call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

Education & ­Training

(pta-tk0008)Do you Want to Study Thai Language or Thai Culture in Fun & Easy Way? Come to Thankful Knowledge Learning Center. Learn with the native professional teachers. Affordable price & friendly environment call 038 724 239 or 038 723 324. We speak Thai, English, German & Duetsch. (ptm-h1208)English Speaking Computer Teacher Wanted for English Man and Thai Wife. Stay 2 days, 1 or 2 or two nights; 370 kms from Pattaya. Comfortable home with all facilities and good food! Must have good references. 089 058 4509 or 084 958 6569 (ptm-h1208)Thinking of Building your Own House/Swimming Pool? Save 000’s. See and learn from our disasters first! Weekend ‘teach in’ One night for two, full board, European 4-star comfort: 3,500 Baht. Details: 082 161 8563

Learn to Speak, Write and Read Thai?!! Learn to understand what people are saying around you !! With a professional and experienced Thai teacher. Contact 081 466 7478, 080 635 1769 (pta-0406)TEFL Intercontinental, we are specialist in teacher training, a full 120 hours TEFL certificate course, we offer Guaranteed job & Work permit, Earn 36,000 Baht while you practice teaching for 2 Months. Please contact us at: 086 841 5976 or 038 406 640 (pta-0406)Foreign Ladies: Speak and write ‘Beautiful English’ in the comfort of your own home or office, at your own speed, learning the social or business English you need. Training from English professor now retiring to Pattaya. Tel: 081 838 8163 for first discussion Pro Language we offer a variety of effective and enjoyable language courses. English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Thai course. For foreigner from beginner to advance including a preparation for the Grade 6 examination by ministry of education. 3 year ED Visa for full time students. Please call for Free Trial Lesson. Opposite Carrefour, Central Pattaya Rd. Tel. 038-489-225-7 Fax. 038-489-228 (pta-0708)progress language & computer school: (Licensed by the Ministry of Education) Thai (1-5 Year ED (Student) Visa Available-Speak Thai confidently in 60 hours)-English (General and Business Conversation-Grammar-IELTS Test)-Dutch (Inburgerings Examen)-German (Start Deutsch 1-A1 Test)-FrenchItalian-Spanish-Russian-ChineseJapanese-Korean-Computer: Free Trial Thai and English Lessons 1 hour-Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost opposite bus station to Bangkok) (Next to Lukdod shop) Tel. 081 577 2967, 038 370 263 Email:

House for Sale

(ptm-c1008)Bargain Opportunity. Luxury Bungalow Completed January 2007. Good location, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, aircon, etc. 24 hours security. Cost 4 million baht will sell for 3 million baht. Parking several cars. Tel. Thai 089 669 1507, Tel. English 085 934 5411 (ptm-t1008)Private Sells Bungalow. 7 rooms, 3 baths, furnished, large outside living-eating area in beautiful garden, swimming pool, double-garage. On 720 sqm land.. THB 3,700,000. 20 km South of Pattaya, off Sukhumvit Rd. Tel. 038 436 998 Thai/English/German (ptm-m0908)New Home for Sale. Chockchai Garden Home 4. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fully finished kitchen. Twin Home. 3 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Priced at 2.49 mil. baht. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-m0908)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished with kitchen. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Priced at

Fax: (038) 374535

1.9 mil. baht. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-s1208)Western Architect Designed Home, Close to Regent School Pattaya, 9 minutes from town, Perfect! 3/2 home, carport, open living, a/c and more. A MUST SEE! Call Steve 086 669 1246 (ptm-d1408)Mabprachan Gardens, representative properties in top Expat location for business on the Eastern Seaboard. Sale and Lease. Call 081 636 9289, www., agents welcome Royal Ambassador Residence. NaJomtien. 26 unique ThaiBali-style villas with private pool, Jacuzzi, tropical gardens, maids’ quarters and garage (automated door). Two, three and four bedrooms, top-quality built-in furniture, security system. Prices from Bt12.5 million. Phone: 0854 870 720 www. (ptm-vi0008)High Quality Corner Unit Designer Townhouse. 3 storey of luxury living situated near the Royal Cliff Hotel. 2 big bedrooms, 3 luxury bathrooms (master with Jacuzzi). Quality fitted Euro kitchen. Fitted with amazing wardrobes and some other built in furniture. Furnished including T.V., expensive sofa, dining table. Equipped with alarm system. Only 6 million baht. Special offer, this townhouse + a nicely decorated studio unit in Khieng Talay, both for only 6.5 mil. Baht. Call Now! 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. 11 Million Baht for Quick sale!! This spacious 90 Sq. Wah house is well furnished. 3 bedrooms, living room, European kitchen, private pool. Located in Soi Kao Talo, only 10 minutes drive from Lotus South Pattaya. To view, please call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Lovely Home for Sale & Investment. Absolute brand new houses, in a very nice, high quality and modern tropical villa project. With underground cables, private pool, furnished. Located in Naklua Area. Only a few minutes away from Pattaya, very convenient,

no hassle on driving through the city. Accessible to public transportation. Ready to move in. Price Starts From 13 Million Baht. For viewing, please call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491 (ptm-vi0008)For Quick Sale!! This spacious 90 Sq. Wah house is well furnished. 3 bedrooms, living room, European kitchen, private pool. Located in Soi Kao Talo, only 10 minutes drive from Lotus South Pattaya. Only 11 Million Baht. To view, please call: 081 3345291 or 081 357 7491 (ptm-vi0008)Genuine 25% discount OFF the original price. Luxury & Prestigious Beach Side Living at an unbelievable low price. Design & build your own house on any of the last 10 remaining plots, plots range from 520 sq.m to 680 sqm. Price starts at 7 million baht. Call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491 HS1174: 4 bed, 3 bath bungalow, interior size 280 S qm, very clean house, Part furnished, for sale at 5.5 Million. Call us 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HS1152: 3 bed bungalow, on a secure development, a reduced price of 2.8 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: HS1216: Luxury 1 bedroom villa with private pool, Located in Jomtien, inclusive of full furniture & company, Bargain Price 3.75 Million Baht, Call us 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HS1214: 2 bedroom villa with private pool, Located in View Talay Villas, 344 Sq m land area, corner plot! 9.75 Million Baht, Call us 08-47808457 or by E-mail: A real Beach Front house – 25 meters to Jomtien beach. 4 storey home with 5 bed rooms and 4 bath rooms, 280 sqm total living area, fully furnished and air-con all rooms with comm. Swimming pool. Now the price is THB 11,900,000 from THB 12,500,000. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY – Jomtien: 038 231712, Khun Kan: 084 3626963, Email:

Pattaya Today 45

Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

E-mail :

An impressive lake house. Located directly on a beautiful lake. U shape house on the land size 880 sqm., 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 1 outdoor bathroom. Basement room for water tank, pool filter system and store room. Total area app. 264 sqm. Garden design included waterfall and fish pond. Price 9,750,000 Baht. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY – Jomtien: 038 231712, Khun Kan: 084 3626963, Email: jomtien@ Special offer THB 3,550,000 for 2 beds – 2 baths house with a large private pool! 2 storeys house with 2 beds/2 baths on 440 sq.m. size of land, full stateof-the-art European Kitchen (New price THB 300,000), 3 air-cons - and fully furnished with your large private swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY – Jomtien: 038 231712, Khun Kan: 084 3626963, Email: A house for sale in Classic Villa at THB 3,850,000. A bargain price for large 3 beds/3 bahts on 100 sq.w land size, Thai and European kitchen, fully furnished, satellite and internet, comm. Swimming pool & fitness, inhouse security systems and 24/7 security guard. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY – Jomtien: 038 231712, Khun Kan: 084 3626963, Email: jomtien@ Lovely home at Eakmongkol Village 4 – 92 sqm. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, European kitchen, fully furnished, close to Lotus, Big C and Carrefour. Price at 1,550,000 Baht. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY – Jomtien: 038 231712, Khun Kan: 084 3626963, Email: jomtien@ Hot Property!!!! House at Jomtien location 210 Sq.Wah Two storey,3 Bedrooms,4 Bathrooms, European kitchen, large living room, Built in furniture, Full Air con ,Hot water, Private swimming pool, Parking car, Hot Price at 7,500,000 baht. Call North Shore Real Estate 038303825-6 or 086-3134841 E-mail:

Townhouse one storey corner unit for sale at Raviporn Garden Hill Soi Koatalo 37 Sq.Wah, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living area, European Kitchen, some furniture, air con, Hot water, Garden , Parking car, Security Price at 2,200,000 Baht, Call North Shore Real Estate 038-303825-6 or 0863134841 E-mail : Thai Living: Pratamnak Hill. Prime location residence, newly building, big pool, high standard quality, 3 storey, 3 bed / 3 bath. 6.8 M Baht. . For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Quick sale! 1 storey house in Thepprasit soi 5. 2bed/2bath, 68 sq.wah. 3.8 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364515/ Thai Living: House for sale at Pheonix Golf, 2 storey house with Bali Style, 5b/5b, 200 sq.wah. Beautiful view by Country land. 6.5 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / In Central Pattaya. 10 room house and three room house in small compound. Behind Carrefour. Near Third Road. Perfect for Bed & Breakfast or private home. Only nine million baht. Financing Available. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Gorgeous and Very Large Estate Home For Sale at 25 Million Baht! This is luxury on a large scale, with five bedrooms five bathrooms and a lovely swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The interior design work is very tasteful. There is not a better address, as this is in the areas best Expat development. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at


Beautifully Designed Bali Style home for 15.5 Million Baht! This very nice three bedroom home is in one of the finest villages in Pattaya for foreigners wishing to have a familiar and safe environment, make sure to see this fine home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Act Quick…..we have the last remaining house in a 5-star development for 14 Million Baht. This stunning house is located 200 meters from the beach and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 280 m2 living space on 400m2 land. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at We have several Owner Finance opportunities! We have houses available with Owner Finance. For more information about the finance call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Want a Fabulous Home in Paradise Villa? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Great home layouts and designs in these spectacular and modern homes at Pattaya’s ‘Number One’ development. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Beautiful Regent Village four Bedroom, five bathroom Home For Sale at 14 Million Baht! Absolutely stunning interior design. This five bedroom plus home is a must see. Fantastic fully equipped European kitchen and you will love the wonderful landscaping and finishing work, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at (Property PR2685) We have houses for sale in the range of 3-130 Million Baht!! We have by far the most listings……examples are houses in Siam Royal View, Paradise Villa 1 and 2, Nagawari, Thabali, Park Villas, View Talay Villas, Little Hill, Phu Tara, etc, etc. We are known for the best listings and the best prices. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at

Jomtien Park Villas. Superb 3 bedrooms house (all en-suite) with private pool, located near Jomtien Beach. The spacious house is well furnished and comes with builtin kitchen and 3 air cons. Priced at only 15.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Pratumnak Villa. Fantastic house with sea view from the 3rd floor terrace, comprising 4bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, Jacuzzi, barbeque, 14m private pool, double carport and large garden. Spacious and airy, a dream house in best location. Priced reduced to 19.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. 2 bedrooms house with Pool! Brand new house, top design, very stylish, only 3.9 M Baht. www., 038 415 490 or 089 499 1000. Wong Amat. Pool villa with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, close to the beach, built in contemporary Asian style on an 800 sq.m. plot. Price reduced to 10.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Brand New House with 700 sq.m. living space. Built on at 300 sq.m. plot of land large pool with waterfall, 2living rooms, sp, Guest house, 2 kitchen, barbecue, garage for 2cars, 6 bedrooms. Priced at 15.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Pratumnak. Small compound of semi-detached pool villas with 2 bedrooms and roof top terrace (with optional Jacuzzi!). Priced at 8.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Country Home. Brand new 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms house with private swimming pool, fish pond with waterfall and very very large living room. Excellent building quality, it comes with 4 air cons and built-in kitchen. Less than 10 min. drive from Sukkhumvit (Soi Siam Country Club). Priced at 7 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Tropical Villas. Located in one of the best Jomtien areas these are 14 villas surrounding a communal pool, all with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, loft-style office, balcony and terrace.

Fax: (038) 374535

The last villa for the old price of 8.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. Stunning Beach Houses. Contemporary Asian-style beach houses with breath taking design, direct access to a pristine, rock-free, sandy beach at the exclusive end of Jomtien Beach. Split-level accommodation affords views over the lush tropical garden and the ocean. Set on a guarded private road with exclusive access to the beautiful beach…this is what dreams are made of! PRICE: from 18.2 to 29.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. View Talay Villa. Fully loaded villa on 90 tw (360 sq.m.) of land with double glazed windows, kitchen in sep. room with oven and dish washer, garage with electronic gate, 2 bedrooms en-suite. Ready to move in. Priced at 11.8 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Absolute Beach Front. Located in a secured compound this is 5 bedrooms beach house, absolute beach front on Jomtien Beach. Price 10.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Funky Pool Villa. Fully furnished pool villa comprising 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large living / dining area, fully fitted Euro-style kitchen, fitted bedroom furniture, full AC and “infinity” pool PRICE 6.2 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Greenfield Villas. High quality housing project, quick re sale under market value: 2 storey 3 bedrooms house with private pool on a large plot of land, built-in kitchen, double carport, high quality interior, modern floor plans. Located in a village which is well known for superior building quality, this house is excellent value for 6.2 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

“Starter Houses” For the first-time buyers or for customers who need just a holiday or weekend home we offer townhouses for less than 1.5 M Baht, semi-detached (duplex) houses for 2 M Baht (brand new) and villas with pool from 3.9 M Baht (brand new). Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. Garden Villa Naklua-Wong Amat Beach! In a quiet location (cul-de-sac, foreign neighbors) close to Wong Amat Beach this house has space for the whole family: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, office/workshop, carport and a large terrace. Land size 390 sq.m., priced at 3.5 M Baht. Siam Properties 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07

House for Rent

(ptm-n1008)A Beautiful House for Rent at Jomtien Chaiyapruk Rd. Soi 3. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fully furnished, Euro-kitchen, private pool, UBC + ADSL 33,000 baht/ month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1008)A Beautiful New Townhouse for Rent: On Pratumnak Rd. Soi 5. 2 & 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, communal pool. Starts from 25,000 baht/month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n0908)Occasion! New, Beautiful Townhouse (South Pattaya), 2 minutes to city or beach, peaceful and green environment, superbly fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, garage. Must have seen! Contact 081 862 9710 (ptm-p1008)3 Bedroom House for Rent. 12,000 baht/month, furnished, East Pattaya (Kratinglai), 5 mins. to city. Phone 081 340 6092, 085 091 6963 (ptm-a0908)2-storey Townhouse: Pattaya Rungreung Village, fully furnished for rent, 8,000/month, and also in Third Road, furnished. For rent, 13,000/month. Contact 085 507 3295 (ptm-gl0008)Townhouse for Rent at Pattaya Tai newly renovated convenient, 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, big kitchen w/ car park, .interested email glenda_ or call 087 141 2783

46 Pattaya Today

Vol. 8 No. 9 ď ´ 16 - 31 January 2009

E-mail :

(ptfhr-0908) Beautiful New House Bang Saray. Air Con, fully furnished, secure village. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, European kitchen. Large lounge with home theatre, outside dining area with built in gas BBQ/ kitchen. Minutes from beach. Good neighbours. 20,000 baht per month. Tel. 084 351 1167 English (ptfhr-0908) New Townhouse for Rent. Completely furnished, close to Carrefour. 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, very classy and safe. Call 089 400 0010 (ptm-vi0008)High Quality Corner Unit Designer Townhouse. 3 storey of luxury living situated near the Royal Cliff Hotel. 2 big bedrooms, 3 luxury bathrooms (master with Jacuzzi). Quality fitted Euro kitchen. Fitted with amazing wardrobes. Furnished including T.V., sofa, dining table. Equipped with alarm system. Only 35,000 baht per month. Call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. (ptm-om0708)2-Storey Home (420 sq.m) + Big Office (80 sq.m). Total Land area 200 sq. wah. 4 Bedroom with air condition, 1 library/home theater room, 1 extra room, 5 bathroom,

European kitchen, living room, laundry area, spacious garage for 2 cars, with 2 telephone lines. For Rent 100,000 baht/ month. Call 081 846 9341 (pta-silk0508) Two Houses Available are Plot 30 Blackpepper. 134sq wah, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, with swimming pool for 90,000 baht per month. Long term rental only(minimum 1 year). The other house is plot 34 chilli, 103 sq wah, 3 bed, 3bath, no pool for 65,000 baht. Long term rental only. Both houses are fully furnished. If you need any more information please contact 081 612 7222, Thai Living: Siam Royal View, Khoa Talo. Prime location residence, 3b /3b, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, private pool, 50,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / Thai Living: Central Park5, Well maintained village, fully furnished, Jacuzzi, nice residence, fully facility, 3b /3b, a few minutes to City. 40,000 THB/M. (yearly contract) For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / /


Thai Living: Pratamnak Hill, 2-3 bedrooms, 3 storey house. fully furnished, Euro Kitchen, Rent start from 25,000 - 35,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / info@thailiving. net / Thai Living: Rungrueng Park Village, Jomtien. Single storey house with 60 sq.wah. fully furnished, taxi route, 2b/2b a few minutes to City. 28,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / HR1089: 3 bed house with private pool in Jomtien, close to beach, all modern furniture included, internet and satellite 50,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HR1096: East Pattaya villa, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, fully furnished and ready to move in with the reduced price of 32,000 per month. Call for more info 0849442541 or by E-mail: pattaya@ HR0525: Just come available once again at a reduced price!! 2 storey, 3 beds, 3 baths,

fully furnished and ready to go with internet available. Call for more info 038-373966or by E-mail: HR1036: Single storey house with private pool, 2 bed, 2 Bath, View Talay Villas bargain rental price only 55,000 P/M, Short term available, Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: HR0217: Bargain priced villa with private pool, east Pattaya, 3 beds, 3 baths and fully furnished. A most to view at 29,000 p/m. Call for more info only 25,000 P/M 08-49442541 or by E-mail: HR1097: Spacious house for rent (250 Sqm) on SP Village, tastefully decorated, 3 bed, ADSL connected 40,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HR1118: Mike Orchid village, 3 bed, 2 bath, euro kitchen, communal pool, only 22,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail:

Fax: (038) 374535

HR1120: Bungalow for rent, 2 bed, 2 bath, new development, large communal pool, rental price only 15,000 P/M, Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: Executive Apartment for rent 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, at Jomtien Plaza near the beach 125 Sq.m. Fully furnished and nice decorated, European Kitchen, Hot water, Air con, ADSL. Communal swimming pool Price at 49,000 Baht per month, Call North Shore Real Estate 038-303825-6 or 086-3134841 E-mail: info@ House for rent at SP Privacy 125 Sq.Wah , one storey house , 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, European Kitchen, Large living room, fully furnish and decorated, Private swimming pool, Large Garden, Security Price at 45,000 Baht

per month including Garden and pool service. Call North Shore Real Estate 038-303825-6 or 086-3134841 E -mail: info@ Pattaya Hill: 3 bedroom, new, 30 000 p.m. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. SP Village: 3 bedrooms, new, 35 000 Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. Jomtien: oriental style long stay resort with full hotel service, 1 bedroom 45 000 Baht, 2 bedrooms 65 000 Baht per month, daily or weekly arrangements possible. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www.

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Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

E-mail :

Wonderland in North Pattaya, 3 bedrooms plus maid, 50 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. Paradise Villa, large house with 4 bedrooms and private pool, 100 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. View Talay Villa with 2 bedrooms and private pool, fully loaded, 75 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Phantastic 3 bedrooms house with private pool in good location, 48 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. We have many more apartments and houses for rent – call us! Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. Spectacular Family Home at 80,000 Baht per month! A luxurious four bedroom, six bathroom home with a lovely swimming pool. The house is built on a 2400 m2 plot with an enormous landscaped garden. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR3765) Five Bedroom, Four Bathroom Family Home for 95,000 Baht per month located in Jomtien. This house has a large and gorgeous guest bungalow and a huge swimming pool! This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Great Family Three Bedroom Home for 85,000 Baht per month in Chateau Dale Villas! Located in one of Pattaya’s quietest and most beautiful villages with large and gorgeous swimming pool. This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at

Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Family Home for 100,000 Baht per month! Located in one of South East Pattaya quietest and most beautiful villages with a large and gorgeous swimming pool! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at (Property PR3761) Luxurious Homes for Rent at Phoenix Golf Course Ranging from 40,000 – 130,000 Baht per month! Only fifteen minutes from the city, live in luxury at one of the area’s best golf courses. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Great Mediterranean style villa for rent at 60,000 Baht per month! This superbly finished four bedroom four bathroom home with swimming pool is a must see for those wishing to rent a great home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR3716) Executive Class Rentals In and Around Pattaya from 15,000 – 150,000 Baht per month! A very rare opportunity awaits those discerning home hunters looking for both a luxurious quality home and with it a lifestyle most all would love to have. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Magnificent House in Grange Park Village. Three Bedrooms, Three Bathrooms for 80,000 Baht per Month! The decoration and design are from a high standard! This house you really need to see to appreciate its beauty. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR3703) A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Renting price 200,000 Baht/month! This is a masterpiece in home design and com-


fort, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house has an enormous-pool and stunning furniture. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR3700)

Apartment/Rooms for Rent

(ptm-2407) Carina Mansion. Large fully furnished apartment. 48 sq.m., swimming pool, cable TV, aircon, fridge, sofa, king size bed, wardrobe, kitchen and large bathroom with hot shower. All rooms high speed internet enabled. 500 baht daily and 6,000 baht per month. Best value in town!! www.carinaapartment. com. Contact 081 829 2285 (English), 081 311 7856(Thai) (ptm-w0108)Aromdee Apartments has availability for rent. Fully furnished apartments with balcony, cable, telephone and also private internet lines available. It is quiet and clean with in house laundry and supermarket by European management. Only 5 minutes walk to the Big C and Lotus Supercenter in North Pattaya. Furnished standard apartments 3,000 baht/ month. Furnished air conditioned apartments 3,700 baht/ month. Call 089 938 6022 (ptm-0209)Royal Park Luxury Apartments Near Jomtien Beach. 56-112 sqm. luxurious furnished serviced apartments. 1-3 bedroom, kitchen, large living room, balcony. From 15,000 baht per month. 086 111 7414

Condo for Sale

500 Meters from Beach, 39 sq.m Studio, 8th Floor, Big Balcony with Nice Breeze and Lovely Sea Views of Jomtien Beach. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high standard, stoned pictured walls, marble shower room and new European kitchen, fridge freezer, microwave, new air conditioning, safety box, LCD TV, DVD. Now only 1.5 mil. baht. Freehold. This condominium will be repainted and refurbished this year with new swimming pool and lobby, therefore prices will rise. Good investment. (In

foreigner’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 084 565 7656, 080 099 2614 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website, e-mail: Majestic Jomtien, 700 Meters from Beach. 31 sq.m, 2nd Floor. Nice room with kitchen, new A/C. Renovated in Foreign name, very quick sale hence 790,000. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Angket Jomtien, Two 8th Floor Studios, 38 sq. m with lovely sea views, just been renovated to high standard, with marble floors, quality kitchen, matching furniture. Everything new. Really must be viewed. Real Bargain of the month. Only 1.3 mil. each. In Foreign Names. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Khiang Talay Condominium, 200 Meters from Jomtien’s Finest Beach, 2 x 42 sqm studios, side by side. Original rooms on the 15th floor with lovely sea views and Pattaya Park. Ideal for renovation. Make a 1 bed, 1 living room or leave separate. Rare opportunity in this very popular condominium. Very cheap price, only 2.6 mil. baht for both. In Foreign Names. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Thiantong Condominium Located on Jomtien Beach Road Just Inside Soi 7, 32 sqm studio, 16th floor (top floor). Fantastic views of the beach front and the islands. Fully furnished, kitchen, A/C. Ideal for taxi route, bars etc. Good letting potential. Only 1,390,000 baht. Freehold (in Foreign name). Be quick!! Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Majestic Jomtien 600 meters from Beach. 60 sqm, 4th floor, 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 bathroom, kitchen, 2 balcony, fully furnished and renovated. Overlooking swimming pool. Very good price. Only 1.6 mil.

Fax: (038) 374535

Baht. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Khiang Talay Condominium, 200 meters from Best Beach Jomtien, 40 sqm, 4th floor, mountain view, beautifully refurbished with ornate ceilings and covings, Euro kitchen, remote A/C. Fully new furnished. Really must be viewed at 1.8 mil. baht. In Foreign Name. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: One Million Baht will get you a high floor sea view, 38 sq m studio, 500 meters from Jomtien Beach with Foreign ownership. These Prices Are For Real with no silly gimmicks. Be quick and move in tomorrow! Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Corner Condo 47 sqm, 2 Balcony 16th Floor Unit with the very best sea views of Jomtien beach. Just been renovated to the highest standard with marble floors and shower room, Euro kitchen, new A/C, stone pictures walls, matching furniture, LCD TV, DVD, fridge, microwave etc. You won’t find better anywhere at the price 1,950,000 mil. baht in Foreign name. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Lovely 11th Floor 39 sqm Jomtien Sea View Condo, just been renovated with big balcony, new A/C, furniture, kitchen, fridge, microwave, washing machine, now include LCD TV, DVD, pictures and plants… Fantastic bargain. Only 1,350,000 mil. baht. Freehold. In Foreign name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Jomtien Beach, 18th Floor (Top Floor), 39 sq.m. Spectacular scenic views from big balcony, refurbished and furnished with new A/C. Only 1.5 mil. baht (in

Foreigner’s name). Freehold. Call 087 139 1539 (Eng.). For more details and pictures, visit our website www.pacpattaya. com, e-mail: (ptm-ken1308)Condos/Apartments for Sale. Jomtien Beach Condominium. 65 sq metres, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, fully furnished, good sea views. 4,400,000 baht. Tel 089 213 9006 (ptm-g1208) Sale View Talay Condo Project 5. Located on Jomtien Dongtan beach on fl. 21(top), very wonderful sea view and greenery view. 55 sqm. luxury fully fitting furnished. 100% perfect condition. Elegant design & very nice decoration, Beautiful guarantee! Luxury Cozy breezy & newly. 3.19 mil. by owner (foreigner name) 081 933 2240, pitipity@ See pictures as vedio virtual tour (ptm-L0908)Northshore Beachfront Condominium, 1 Bedroom , 1 Bath, #2101, 21st Floor, Overlooking Pool and Beach, Facing Walking St., 64 Sq. Mtrs, Fully Luxury Furnished, New Washing Machine,100% Equipped, Soi 5 and Beach Rd., 7.9 million baht FOREIGN NAME. (Will consider term payments up to 8 months) Realtors Welcome! Gary 089 544 0634. (ptm-L0908)View Talay 6 Condominiums – Beachfront on Beach Rd and Soi 9, Pattaya directly next to the new and largest shopping mall in Asia. 10 condos to choose from, 48 sq meter studio units, high floors, FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street (Units are unfinished shells with electric outlets; bathroom completely finished with tile floor, tile walls, shower, sink, toilet, granite counter tops, lights, etc.). Units available 1804, 1805 and 1806 (18th floor; all 3 side by side); 1906 (19th floor), 2005 (20th floor), 2104 (21st floor), 2205 and 2206 (22nd floor; both side by side). Purchase Option One: Cash 3.0 Million Baht

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Each. Purchase Option Two: 1,000,000 to seller upon contract signing; 1,000,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date; final payment of 600,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date; 600,000 to seller at 180 days from contract date. Gary 089 544 0634. Keys at View Talay Office. Realtors Welcome! (ptm-j0708)Finance Available. I am selling 3 nice condos in View Talays. Only 1 million baht down & the rest over 5 years. Call 087 803 3329 (ptm-st0908)Condo for Sale. Fully Furnished and Renovated. 1 bedroom condo (64 sqm). 2 bathrooms, kitchen. Cable TV, phone line, ADSL Internet, modern aircon, ceiling fans etc. Good, quiet location between Tesco Lotus and Jomtien Beach. Condo offers pool, restaurant etc. Only 1.25 Mio. Baht transferred to your name. Call 081 835 9923 or (ptm-m1008)Absolute Beachfront View Talay 3A Pratumnak Hill. 137 sq. m. corner shell. Foreign ownership, 6.5 million baht. Financing Available, call 083 118 9360, (ptm-1008) Patong Tower Phuket. 63 sqm. Renovated, freehold, 2

rooms, terrace, nice view, pool, beach 200m, furnished, TV, HiFi, 2 aircons. 4.7 mb. Ready to move in. T.086 976 0809 (ptm-g0908) Executive Residence IV, Royal Heights Pratumnak. Luxury 108 sq m, 1 bed en-suite, large balcony, stunning sea and island views, European appliances, built in furniture, large gym, 3 pools, pitch and putt, foreign ownership, 5.95M. Priced lower than developer. 087 941 2677 Email: needtoknow@hotmail. info/photos. (ptm-g0908)Citismart Soi 1 North Pattaya. Luxury 87 sq m, 2 bed 2 bath, large balcony, European appliances, built in furniture, Wi-Fi, keycard access, rooftop pool, 150 metres to beach or Big C, foreign ownership, 6.2M. Priced lower than developer. 087 941 2677 Email: needtoknow@hotmail. info/photos. (pta-dec0008)Penthouse 720 sqm with a Spectacular Front Sea View. 300 meters from the beach, 5 minutes away from Walking Street. In the best location of Pratamnak Hill. This residence is a 360° unblocked sea view, with a golf and Buddha Hill. Large terrace (240 sqm) with huge Jacuzzi. New


modern design concept, 4 beds/ baths + maid room. Any room have terrace. Euro style kitchen, living 118 sqm. Fully furnished at high standard. Price exceptional at 50,000 baht/sqm. Tel. for information or a visit 081 863 1076. Studio Condo for Sale. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain view). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Only 1.3 million baht. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 (ptm-vi0008)For Quick Sale!!! Great Penthouse at Wong Amart Beach in Low Rise Condominium for only 20 Million Baht, 260 sqm, two levels, with beautiful interior designs, a really spacious living area, executively decorated, magnificent sea view, just 1 minute walk to Wong Amart Beach and easy access to everywhere, great facilities are available. For viewing please call: 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Luxurious Beachfront Condo for Sale. Spectacular sea view and private beach in North Pattaya, 137 sqm, 1 big bedroom, 2 aircons, 2 bathroom, living room, with a

large balcony, direct phone line, 2 flat screen T.Vs Hi-fi system, kitchenette, all built-in with real wood, tastefully and luxuriously furnished and equipped, ready to move in, 24hr security, swimming pool, fully furnished. Price at 15 Million Baht. To view please call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Fantastic Sea View and Private Beach in North Pattaya, Leam-Chabang view, 137 sqm, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, unfurnished, big living room, with a large balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool, unfurnished. Price at 12 Million Baht. Please call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Condo for Quick Sale. Only 3 Million Baht. Located at Wong Amart Beach, Luxurious Studio, 53 sqm, high floor, fully furnished with builtin. To view please call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Only 5 Units Left! Great opportunity for low season. For quick sale only 3.8 Million Baht. New 5 Star Condominium at Jomtien area, 96 sqm. 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 airconditions, kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet. Slightly furnished, accessible to go everywhere. To view please call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)The Ultimate Destination. Absolutely brand new project with high standard quality. Feel the exuberant breeze in the modern tropical villas with only 49 units. There are 3 lovely styles of family home to choose from, with 3 bedrooms, 3 restrooms, underground cabling and with private pool. Being located off Sukhumvit Road, driving to and from Bangkok is so convenient without the hassle of driving through the city of Pattaya which is only few minutes away, and getting in and out Pattaya is easy with several kinds of transportation available. Price started from 12 Million. For viewing please call: 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)In Foreign Name 7.9 Million Baht. Top Quality Beachfront Condominium,

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

Fax: (038) 374535 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, high floor, with superb overlooking view at the pool and at the ocean, size 64 sqm, luxuriously fully furnished, downtown location. Owner financing can arrange (will consider payment terms of up to 8 months). For viewing please call 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Wow! What a Great Panoramic View in Baan-Am-Pur, only 10 minutes drive and 8 kilometers from Big C in South Pattaya, located on the 14th floor, 105 sqm, 1 bedroom, living room, furnished with European designs, 2 balconies, 24hr security, big swimming pool. Price for quick selling, only 7,000,000 Baht. Tel 081 357 7491, 081 357 7491. Please for serious buyers only. View Talay 5 building C For Sale – this ocaen front tower, studio on 18th floor, full furnished. It’s registered in foreigner ownership. Price : 2,900,000 Baht. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Tuk: 084 3626976, Email: Keing Talay For sale - 42 sqm. with sea view, fully furnished, forienger ownership. Price : 1,700,000 Baht. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Tuk: 084 3626976, Email: jomtien@ Condo in Jomtien Soi 16 For Sale – studio on 14th floor, sea view, fully furnished, forienger ownership. Price 1,995,000 Baht. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Tuk: 084 3626976, Email: Condo in Central Pattaya For Rent and Sale - 64 sqm. on 8th floor, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room, large balcony and nice view, fully furnished. Price : Rent 15,000 Baht per month, Sale 2,400,000 Baht. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Tuk: 084 3626976, Email: PATTAYA HYDE PARK 2. Exclusive living on Pratumnak Hill. Foreign ownership. 100% affordable prices. Contact us PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Tuk: 084 3626976, Email: jomtien@ Supalai Condominium, 1st Building, Soi Paholyotil 21 or Wipawadee 30 (behind Shinnawat Building 3), Paholyotil Rd., Ladyaow, Chatuchak, Bangkok. Room 83 sq.m. floor 5, pool side view, 2 bedroom with furniture, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room. All rooms with air conditioned. Tel. 081 555 8811, 081 938 3498 Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% Deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 First to View Will Buy - New Completed Unit. Pattaya “Down Town” location. 1 Bed57.20 sqm, fully furnished 2.8 Million. 2 Bed- 99 sqm, fully furnished 4.8 Million. Call Barry 089 933 3583 “Trade Up To a Better Lifestyle”. We will “trade in “your property, as part payment on any of our luxury pool villa and condominium projects. Call: Peter 081 982 6145. “Penthouse Style” over looking Pattaya Bay, 180SQ.M. Fully finished and furnished,

best value in town 10,340,000Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Jomtien “Foreign Ownership” Pre-Construction discounts and easy payment plans, 150 metres to Jomtien Beach from 3,500,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Foreign Ownership, 2 Bedroom Corner Unit. Fully furnished and fitted by a quality developer. Central Pattaya. Special deal for 60 days completion. Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. CS1190: Central Pattaya Top floor apartment, new building, 61 Sq m. Nicely decorated, modern kitchen 2.5 Million Baht, Call for more info 038373966or by E-mail: pattaya@ CS1115: Central location 40 sq m studio apartment, high floor, fully furnished, Internet & UBC connected already. Only 995,000 call for more info 08-47808457or by E-mail: CS0696: Jomtien, Studio units, 2 available, foreign name Top floor, 40 sqm,1.6 Million Baht. Call f or more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: CS1212: Studio apartment with direct pool access, 55 Sq m ,modernly furnished, High speed internet, Foreign name 3.2 Million Baht, Call for more info 08-17613238 or by E-mail: CS1230: Brand new A.D condo studio apartment on the top floor, 32sqm and with sea views! Available at only1.5million baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: Thai Living: Ocean Marina, Type A, B and C, Start from 9 M THB. Both Sattahip/Pattaya side, high floor, empty unit, sea view and marina member. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: North Point, new exclusive project on Wong Armat Beach, great sea view, 67 sq.m. on 17h floor, 9.4 M THB. (Foreigner name). For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / Thai Living: Hot Sale 2 Units, Jomtien Beach Condo (Rim Haad). BLDG 3A, Pattaya Side. 48 sqm, 3rd floor, For 800,000 M THB per Unit, For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Metro Jomtien, Corner unit, Fully furnished and great sea view, high floor, 10 M THB. 165 sqm, duplex unit. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / /

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Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

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Thai Living: Grand Condo. Great View and good location, sea View and large balcony, 3b/3b, need renovated, 186 sqm, 11th floor. 9.5 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: View Talay 6. Side by Sid unit for sale with sea view and good location, 48 +48 sqm on 22nd floor, For 3.2 M. THB / unit, For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Hot Sale Studio, Jomtien Beach Condo (Foreigner name) BLDG S2, (Pattaya Side),16th floor, For 1,400,000 M THB, For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ info@thailiving. net / Thai Living: Metro Jomtien, 1b/2b, 102 sqm, Fully furnished and great sea view, 25th floor, 6 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / www. Thai Living: North Point, popular & exclusive, Corner unit, South tower, great sea view, 133 sq.m. on 36th floor, 22.95 M THB. (Foreigner name). For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / Thai Living: Quick Sale! View Talay 7. Beach Front Project with Sea View and Great location, 48 sqm, 19th floor, (Pattaya side). For 3.1 M THB, on 21st floor for 3.3 M THB 3. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: View Talay 5C, Near Jomtien beach and nice sea view, 48 sqm, 12th floor, (Foreigner name), 3.2 M THB., For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Siam Ocean View. Is a 7-storey luxury condominium with 43 units in a prime location on the Pratumnak Hill. Thaihus speak Norwegian, Swedish, Finish and English. Price from only 3.9 million baht. Contact us Call Now 038 252 881, 085 2777 900

My Pool Villa. Villa with private pool near Regent International School. Alarm system and 24 hour security, close to the beach and price from only 3.79 million baht. Thaihus speak Norwegian, Swedish, Finish and English. Contact us www. Call Now 038 252 881, 085 2777 900 The Palm Oasis. House for sale with European standard and private swimming pool. House Project is close to Jomtien beach, alarm system and 24 hour security. Price from 7.9 million baht. Thaihus speak Norwegian, Swedish, Finish and English. Contact us www. Call Now 038 252 881, 085 2777 900 Sea Sky View. The Condo close to the Jomtien beach soi 12. Price only from 3.5 million baht. Thaihus speak Norwegian, Swedish, Finish and English. Contact us www. Call Now 038 252 881, 085 2777 900 Platinum Suites. Condo for sale, price from 3.41 million baht. The project is in Central Pattaya, close to Carrefour Shopping Center. Thaihus speak Norwegian, Swedish, Finish and English. Contact us Call Now 038 252 881, 085 2777 900 The Best Location in Town Near Royal Garden & Behind the Avenue Mall. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom from 1.6 Million Baht. Phone: 038 -711017 Mobile: 084 866 9644, E-mail:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723, www.novagroupthailand. com, E-mail: (ptm-L0908)View Talay 6 Condominiums – Beachfront on Beach Rd and Soi 9, Pattaya directly next to the new and largest shopping mall in Asia. 2 condos to choose from, 48 sq meter studio units, high floors, FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Units available 2506 and 2507 (25th floor;


side by side) and COMPETELY NEW INSIDE AND TURN KEY FURNISHED. Purchase Option One: Cash 3.6 Million Baht Each, Purchase Option Two: 1,000,000 to seller upon contract signing; 1,000,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date; final payment of 800,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date; 800,000 to seller at 180 days from contract date. Gary 089 544 0634. Keys at View Talay Office. Realtors Welcome! View Talay 1B. 42 square meters 10th floor. One million two hundred thousand baht. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime,Thai & English) E-mail . Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. For sale by owner. Where the largest Night Market in Pattaya is located. Near Sukhumvit Hwy. Panoramic ocean views. Older building. Top floors. 60 square meters (600 square feet). Large swimming pool, tennis courts, near Tesco-Lotus and Big C. Great security. Only two million baht. Fifty percent financing available. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048(daytime, Thai & English). E-mail pappa@ Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Condo for sale at View talay Condo 5 D Jomtien location 48 Sq.m. on the 12 floor. Pattaya Side, Beautiful Sea ,Fully Furnished, European Kitchen, Dining area and Living area, Big Balcony, Communal Swimming Pool. Available now for rent 2,900,000 Baht, Call North Shore Real Estate 038-3038256 or 086-3134841 E-mail: Condo for sale at Jomtien beach condominium Studio 30 Sq.m, on 3 floor 1Bathrooms, European kitchen, Furnished, Air-con, Cable TV, Security 24 hr Priced at 950,000 Baht Farang name. Call North Shore Real Estate 038-303825-6 or 086-3134841 E-mail: info@ Condo for sale at North Shore Condo on 21 floor 67 Sq.m Naklua side, 1 Bedroom , 1 Bathroom, Living room , big balcony, fully furnished and decorated, European kitchen, Air con, and Hot water. Price at 7,900,000 Baht, Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : We have the best selection of Ananya Condos Available on the Market Today! We have the last two units available on the penthouse floor of Ananya (5th floor, Phase 3) two bedroom, 155 sqm. Ananya the best location on the best beach of Pattaya, Wongamat Beach. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at

Two Bedroom Condo at Jomtien Beach’s Best location for 7.9 Million Baht! This has been very nicely renovated and has two bedrooms two bathrooms all within 126 square meters of comfort and security. Priced to sell, make sure that you see this apartment soon. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR2402) Na-Jomtien 3 Bedroom Sea View Apartment for 11.8! A beautifully renovated 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. Thai Bali Style interior design, 178 sqm, high floor and huge balcony with Fantastic Sea view. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR3091) Act quick we have a front corner unit, A building, View Talay 3 facing Pattaya (cool side). 137 sqm for 7.4 million Baht on a high floor!! Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Spectacular Sea View unit in the new project in front of La royale! Only with us is this rare opportunity to purchase something special for only 10.5 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at We Have Several Studio units in Popular Seafront Jomtien Condo with Amazing Seaviews Available from only 1.1 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

Fax: (038) 374535

Northshore Condominium for 32 Million Baht! This is a great opportunity to purchase a great 268 square meter unit in a great ‘downtown’ location. If you are looking to live in a dream, be sure to take a look at this popular building. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at INVESTORS: For the latest and most Exclusive Condominium Developments…..Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Beautiful Condo in the Low Rice condominium of Grand Condotel for 12,25 Million Baht! LOWERED FROM 14.5 MILLION BAHT FOR A QUICK SALE!!! Just 1 minute walk to Jomtien Beach with a really spacious living area and an enormous balcony. The condo is completely renovated, ready to move in. A lot of facilities are available, two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court are just examples. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR2975) Pattaya’s Hottest New Five Star Condo Still Has Units left! Yes Nirvana Place Condo does have a few one and two bedroom apartments available. The very best in security, construction and location between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. You will love the interior design motifs available and will love the fine dining and socializing at the Matahari Restaurant downstairs. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at

Gorgeous Sea View Condominium Apartments on Wongamat Beach! Starting as low as 1.8 Million Baht, you may want to take a look at these brand new units that are being completed with beautiful interior designs and will be ready for occupancy very soon. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting at under 2 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. We Have a lot of units in the new Popular Seafront View Talay 6 with Amazing Seaviews. We have all the units available on all the floors for the best prices in town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at Investment opportunity! We have two units for sale in the new spectacular building ‘Jomtien Residence’ with a guaranteed rental return for three years. No work and a steady monthly income! 50sqm for 3.3 Million Baht with 16,000 Baht/Month guaranteed three year income and 80sqm for 4.8 Million Baht with 25,000 Baht/ Month guaranteed income! Together for 7.5 Million Baht with 41,000 Baht/Month three year guaranteed rental return. Call Jan at 087-021-7014 Pattaya’s New Five Star Condominium, NORTH POINT, is sold out! We have a re-sale on a very high floor, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, 103 sqm for 16 Million THB Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR3769)

50 Pattaya Today

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

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Duplex Penthouse on Jomtien! Have you ever dreamed of a house with sea view? Well, this duplex condo high above Jomtien Beach will get you this feeling due to the impressive staircase, 3 balconies on different directions, 2 living rooms and 3 bedrooms/4 bathrooms. The app. 200 sq.m. have just been first-class decorated (marble floors and bathrooms, beautiful built-in kitchen). Very reasonable priced at 7.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Jomtien Beach Road. Spacious apartment with 4 bedrooms an tremendous sea views, 252 sq.m., for only 13.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Grand Condo. Top location at Dongtan Beach, several apartments for sale, 2 bedroom apartment of app. 130 sq.m., high floor, for 11 M Baht, very nice 3 bedrooms apartment, low floor, for 12 M Baht Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. Ocean Marina. You don’t need to have a boat to live here: a 3 bedrooms corner unit with magnificent views over the marina. The building comprises 2 pools (indoor/outdoor), an excellent restaurant, covered car park, etc. You will be impressed by the lobby and then maintenance of Ocean Marina. 178 sq.m. for 12.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www. Hi Floor Apartment – Wong Amart Beach. Magnificent 2 bedrooms apartment of 146 sq.m. on the 27th floor. Decorated and furnished to highest standards, ready to move in. Enjoy breathtaking views over the sea, the island and Pattaya from a 12 m balcony. Priced at 9.1 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. “Starter Apartments” For the first-time buyers or for customers who need just a holiday or weekend home we offer duplex (!)

studios from 1 M Baht and 1-bedroom apartments from 2 M Baht. Very stylish, brand new, nice furniture, with air con and kitchen. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Jomtien Beach Road. 250 sq.m. condo with sea view on Jomtien Beach Road with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. The apartment needs to be decorated what can be done by our company. Only 7.8 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. The New Markland! The best rental investment! Rental gurantee 7,8 and 9% for 3 years.Totally new decorated apartments on Pattaya Beach Road, 45 sq.m., priced around 4 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Breathtaking Views. Condo shell of 232 sq.m. high over Jomtien with large terrace and balcony. It can be transformed into an exciting high end apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms. We have done several of these projects and can show them to you. Expect app. 3 M Baht for decoration. Price as it is 12.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Penthouse Duplex at Chateau Dale. A stunning creation with magnificent pool view. This 105 sq m 1 bedroom duplex penthouse has been designed and fitted out to a very high standard: fully-loaded Western-style kitchen, designer spiral staircase to the top floor bedroom, large bathroom and tasteful furniture. PRICE 7.9M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. High End 1 bedroom apartment. Beautiful 1 bedroom apartment of 67 sq.m. with stunning views from 2 balconies. Exclusively furnished (2 flat screen TVs, 2 ACs, kitchen, built-in wardrobe, etc.) and ready to move in! The building is located in Pattaya’s most fashionable


area on Pratumnak Hill and offers hotel like service: pool, fitness, sauna, restaurant, cleaning. Priced at 4.5M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Corner unit in Jomtien. Beautiful 111 sq.m. apartment with 1 bedroom, one bathroom, large living area, 2 air con, built-in kitchen and a balcony with breathtaking sea views. The building is one of the best around (40 m pool, covered car park). Priced at 6.2 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Property of the month. Nice 1 bedroom apartment of 56 sq.m. with sea view in a building with hotel-like facilities (restaurant, gym, room service, mini mart). Top location on Pratumnak. Priced at 2.99 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. New Condo. Located on Thappraya Road this project provides a fresh and innovative design with very reasonable pricing: 40 sq.m. start at 1.69 M Baht, 65 sq.m. at 2.9 M Baht and a top floor apartment of 154 sq.m. will cost you 10.59 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Central Living. New project in top location, 3 buildings surrounding the communal pool. Walking distance to all shopping malls, Beach Road and Walking Street. Available are studios of 34 and 47 sq.m., priced between 1.8 and 2.656 M Baht. Be quick to reserve your favourite unit! Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. La Royale. Soon to be finished high rise at Na Jomtien. We offer several attractive re sales for very reasonable prices: Unit A Center 268 sq.m. for 23.8 M Baht, Unit B Pattaya Side 148 sq.m for 13.5 M Baht, Unit C Pattaya Side 106 sq.m. for 9.7 M Baht. Several other units available. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. On the Beach! This 2 bedrooms apartment of 126 sq.m. is not only beach front, but literately built on the beach! Tastefully furnished. You cannot get closer to the sea without getting wet! Priced at 14 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. On the mountain – Pratumnak Hill. The best Location on Pratumnak Hill within walking distance to the beach: studios, 1-or 2 bedrooms apartments, empty shells or including decoration and furniture. Price: Studio 30 sq.m. shell 1.4 M Baht, 1 bedroom 60 sq.m. decorated 2.95-3.3 M Baht, 1/ 2 bedrooms 90 sq.m. decorated 4.8/4.9 M Baht, All units on high floors, foreign ownership. Considering location, views and interior there is nothing comparable! Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. The Beaches. This project in Bang Saray will change the way we look at Resort Living! Hotels, restaurants, shopping, water park,

sport center, spa, etc. Suitable for clients who demand the best for a holiday home as well as for investors. Siam Properties is appointed agent for THE BEACHES For further information call our office or Mr. Heiner 081 861 19 07 Baan Suan LaLaNa. Very nice compound just a few hundred meters away from Jomtien beach with 3 pools, restaurant and mini mart. Available are brand new decorated studios for 1.291.45 Mio. Baht, corner units at 2.35 M Baht and 1 bedroom apartments for 3 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

Condo for Rent

(ptm-n1008)Condo for Rent at Pratamnak Hill Near Cosy Beach & Soi 4. 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 air-cons, fully furnished 15,000 baht per month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-gl0008)Condo for Rent in Hotel Jomtien. 1 bedroom, kitchen, living room, close to the beach very convenient & safe newly renovated class and decent. Interested email or call 087 141 2783 (ptm-a1108) Jomtien Beach Condominium. 65 sq. metres, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen. Fully furnished, good sea views. 4,400,000 baht. Call 089 213 9006 (ptm-vi0008) Studio Condo for Rent. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain view). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Only 10,000 baht per month, long term only. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 (ptm-vi0008) High Quality beachfront Condo for Rent. Amazing sea view and private beach in North Pattaya, 105 sqm, 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living room, with large balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool, furnished. Price at 35,000.00 Baht per month. Please call 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Two Breathtaking Condos for Rent. Private beach in North Pattaya, 64 sqm, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, with balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool, furnished. Price at 25,000 Baht per month. Tel 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. Nova Park Executive Sevice Apartment. For rent Luxury Studios 1or 2 bedrooms fully furnished from 16,000 Baht / Month, Free Internet, Pool & Gym. Tel: 038 415 304-8, E-mail:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, Email:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723, www.novagroupthailand. com, E-mail: CR0388: GREAT VALUE, 82 Sq m 1 bedroom unit, 6th floor in View Talay 2B, Only 22,000 P/M Modern furniture, Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail:

Fax: (038) 374535

CRCN: 2 1 Bedroom apartments located in the center of Pattaya, fully furnished with free wifi internet and fitness center at only 28,000 p/m. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: CR1093: 1 bedroom top floor apartment in Jomtien, 84 Sq m, fully furnished, sea views, 30,000 P/M Call for more info 0849442541 or by E-mail: pattaya@ CR1112: Outstanding 3 bed penthouse, POSSIBLE SHORT TERM LET, Wongamat beach, great sea views, High speed internet connected, modernly furnished from 95,000 P/M view http://www.pattaya-property. biz/index.asp to view pictures or call 08-49442541 or by Email: CR1111: Studio apartments for rent, both long & short term lets, Wongamat beach area,44 Sq m, modern furniture LCD TV, from 15,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: CR0846: 2 bedrooms apartments located in Pratumnak close to the beach, many rooms available, short & long term, fully furnished, Wi-Fi internet, big TV Prices start at 45,000 P/M, call 08-49442541 or by E-mail: CR1122: 1 bedroom apartment, brand new, 51 Sq m, fully equipped, superb location 5 minutes to Walking Street, only 25,000 B Per month, Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: CR1132: 2 bedroom corner unit brand new, 132 Sq m, fully equipped, Located in Wongamat Beach, only 35,000 B Per month, Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: CR1135: Newly renovated 20th Floor beach front apartment, great sea views, central location, 20,000 per month. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: CR1136: Newly renovated 11th Floor 1 beroom apartment, in Center condo, South Pattaya, 15,000 per month. Call for more info 08-17613238 or by E-mail:

Condo for Rent at View Talay 2 B and At Jomtien location, Studio Living area, Air-con, Sea View, Fully furnished, Balcony, Communal swimming pool and 24 hr Security Price for rent start at 10,000 Baht -15,000 Baht per month. Call North Shore Real Estate 038303825-6 or 086-3134841 E-mail : Condo for Rent at Chatue dale Condo, 126 Sq.m. on 11floor 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, European Kitchen for Rent 50,000 Baht per month. Call North Shore Real Estate 038-3038256 or 086-3134841 E-mail : Thai Living: View Talay 5 (D/C), high floor. Easy access to taxi and short walking to beach, tropical living, fully furnished, 2bed / 2 bath, 48,000 – 55,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Metro Jomtien, Duplex unit. Fully furnished and great sea view on 29th floor, 226 sq.m. 3b/3b, Big Balcony, 65,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / Thai Living : Royal Hill, Great Location to reach of beach, taxi, city and shopping. 35,000 THB/M. 2b/2b, fully furnished. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / Thai Living: Jomtien Complex, Sea View, Fully furnished. 67 sq.m. 18,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / info@thailiving. net / Thai Living : Royal Cliff Beach, Building B and C, High floor. Beautiful beachfront unit with fantastic Sea View, huge balcony, 75,000 THB/M. 3b/3b, fully furnished. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / info@thailiving. net / Thai Living: Ananya Condo, Na klau soi 16, Beach front living, Studio Type, Fully furnished. 25,000 - 35,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / / Thai Living: Jomtien Beach Condotel, S2, 64 sq.m. Fully furnished and great view on 6th floor, 28,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515 / info@thailiving. net /

Pattaya Today 51

Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

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Where the largest Night Market in Pattaya is located. Near Sukhumvit Hwy. Panoramic ocean views. Older building. Top floors. 60 square meters (600 square feet). Large swimming pool, tennis courts, near Tesco-Lotus and Big C. Great security. Only 14,000 Baht per month with one year lease. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English). E-mail pappa@ Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. View Talay 1B. 42 square meters 10th floor. Only 10,000 Baht per month with one year lease. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Loft style duplex, 100 sq.m., on Pratumnak Hill, bargain for 25 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Luxurious and spacious 2 bedrooms apartment with very large living area, 45 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Kieng Talay: sea view studios and 1 bedrooms, from 10 000 – 20 000 Baht p.m. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Northshore, 2 bed rooms, top location, 70 000 Bath per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Jomtien Plaza, 3 bedrooms, high end living, 75 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. View Talay executive floors, 3 beds, luxurious furnished, 200 sq.m. 55 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Star Beach 1 bedroom apartment, sea view, corner unit, 20 000 Baht per month. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Star Beach: studios from 15 000 Baht, 1-bedroom from 22 000 Baht. Pool, sauna, fitness, restaurant. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Pattaya Hill: exclusive large 1-bedroom apartment, breathtaking view, a must see, 30 000 Baht p.m. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Royal Cliff ‘A Building’ Double View Four Bedroom Apartment for 90,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.

View Talay 2 Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! This is a masterpiece in condo design and comfort, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The condo has a big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Pratamnak 3 Bedroom for Sale and Rent 7.35 Million Baht, 45,000 Baht/Month! A beautifully 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. 128 sqm, beautifully furnished and decorated. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR1362) We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Northshore Sea View Condominium for 65,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished 112 square meter unit with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Our Northshore rentals are starting from 42,000 Baht/Month. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at (Property PR3036) Beautifully Renovated Three Bedroom Condo in Jomtien For Rent at 55,000 Baht per month! Great three bedroom, three bathroom furnished apartment. Ready to move in, this is a great way to live! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Great Two Bedroom Condos for rent from 20,000 to 45,000 Baht per month! We have a number of very nice condominium apartments available for rent in this price range. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Sensational View Talay 5 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 55,000 Baht/ Month! Private access to the best beach of Pattaya (Dongtan Beach), On the Baht-Bus route. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge balconies. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Very nice Royal Cliff Two Bedroom Plus Apartment for 55,000 Baht per month! Those that know the ‘Cliff’, know that


it is one of the most sought after places to live. Enjoy this two bedroom plus office apartment with fantastic sunsets and seaviews. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Three Bedroom Suite For 50,00 Baht per month! What more can you say? If you would like a ‘Five Star’ lifestyle with the yachts and all….this is your apartment. There are no better building amenities anywhere. Two swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, weight training gym, the list goes on and on…..and don’t forget their first class gourmet restaurant with Dim Sum on Sundays! This is just one of our listings in Ocean Marina. For a total overview of our listings contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Incredible Sea View Three Bedroom Apartment for 65,000 Baht per month! A very sharp building right on the beach with gorgeous beachfront swimming pool and roof top pool as well….what a view from the top! This apartment has 198 square meters of comfort and style with sunset and Jomtien Beach views to die for. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ Double View Three Bedroom Apartment for 70,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at Northshore Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many Northshore rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at

View Talay V Sea View Condominium for 20,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at We are the absolute leader in rental properties in Pattaya! We have over 1000 units for rent available in all the major condominiums. Examples are units on high floors in Northshore, Royal Cliff, Chateau Dale, Saranchol, etc, etc. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at

Land for Sale

Looking for a Great Piece of Land! Sea Views from 900,000. Nr Beach from 2.2 million. Golf Course 2 million. Mountain Views from 500,000 baht. Tel: 081 576 0035, Email: Check out our Exclusive Listings at (ptm-1408)18, one Rai plots for sale. All plots with own lake water front beside Phoenix Golf course. Cost 4 million/Rai. Call John 081 919 1120 (ptm-n1007)Land Plot for Sale. 200 to 400 sq wah land size on Eastern Star Golf Course: Phone 081 782 0206 or 089 249 1364 (ptm- w0107)27 Rai Rayong Ban Phe, with chanot. Only 500 meters from the very nice beach Ban Phe, with sea view to Koh Samet Island. Sell from private altogether at 6.75 million baht. Tel. 089 938 6022 Land for Sale in Jomtien Chaiyapruk, 288 sq.wah, with Apartment floor planning Only 900 Meter from Jomtien beach, 12,000 Baht per sq.wah. Price for Sale 3,000,000. - MB, Contact Pattaya-Agency –Jomtien Khun Pena : 084 3626945 PL 025 Land located in central Pattaya behind Walking street, great plot for apartments, 272 Sq w, 45 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: PL 037 Land for sale in the Pong area, close to the H/Way 36, 2x 1 Rai plots on separate deeds, easy access road, electric & water available, building permission in place, ready to start! Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: (ptm-vi0008)Land for Sale. 11 Rai in Jomtien area, 10 Million per rai. To view please call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Land for Sale. 2 Rai in Soi Hua-Yai, 7.5 Kilometers from Sukhumvit Road, next to main road in soi, a great idea for big house. Suits not only for big family, but for small family as well. For quick sale, we will dare to sell it at 1.5 Million Baht only. To view please call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491.

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptm-vi0008)Land for Sale 20 Rai in Soi Hua-Yai, 8 Kilometers from Sukhumvit Road and 70 meters from the main road, the best idea for small housing project. For quick sale! Only 500,000 baht per Rai. Nothing’s cheaper than this! To view please call: 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491. For sale by owner. Almost one rai (368 square wah) in Central Pattaya between Third Road and Motorway 7 entrance on Sukhumvit Road. Perfect for shophouses, condo building or small housing estate. 15 million baht. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail:pappa@csloxinfo. com. Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Thai Living: Behind Daimond Beach Condo, land for sale with 3 Rai-200 sq.wah for 5.5 M THB. / Rai. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Jomtien Condotel & Village, land for sale with 138 sq.wah for 13 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Near new Holly Wood, 385 sq.wah of land for sale at 22 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Pratamnak Hill (Soi Majestic), land for sale with 2 Rai-202 sq.wah for 55,000 M THB. / Rai. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ info@thailiving. net / Thai Living: Chaiyapruk 3, 1 Rai - 34 sq.wah of land for sale at 3.5 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / Thai Living: Hauy Yai (Not far from Sukhumvit Rd.) land for sale with 1 Rai - 60sq.wah for 1.9 M THB. For more information contact us today: 038 364-515/ / 48 Rai for 5.5 Million Baht/Rai 500 meters from La Royale condominium! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231931 or E-mail to premier@

Land for sale next to Siam Country Club Golf Course! 36 Rai perfect for a housing project for 2.1 Million Baht/Rai. The land is located in a beautiful landscaped area with stunning mountain views. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Two land plots for 1.1 Million Baht/Rai near Mabrachan Lake. 19 and 31 Rai ideal for housing developments as the whole area is already developed with other housing developments. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 16 Rai at 18 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038231-931 or E-mail to premier@ Beautiful located plots of Land! A few examples are stunning plots on the Prathamnak Hill (1 Rai up), 21 Rai of beachfront near the Ambassador Hotel and 7 Rai of Land on the beach in Bangsaray. Our database contains over a 100 exclusive plots of land in and around Pattaya. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: or visit our website at Looking for Beach front land? We have prime beach front land parcels available. For appointments and private tours contact Premier Land and Development (038) 231-931 or (01) 634-2915 Email: premier@ or visit us online at Land next to the Polo Club in the Mabrachan area! 8 Rai at 1.2 million Baht/Rai, 23 Rai at 920,000 Baht/Rai, the whole plot (31 Rai) at 850,000 Baht/ Rai. Owner motivated to sell quickly. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

52 Pattaya Today

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

E-mail :

Beachfront Land Jomtien 23 Rai at 16 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien, 5 Rai at 27 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Incredible 35 Rai of Land perfect for Development includes designs for 160 Unit Condo project 2 Rai lake and area for 20 homes. Priced to sell. Property is in a fast growing area only 10 minutes to the beach and covered in mature coconut trees-absolutely beautiful. Good flat ready to build condition with three road frontages. Smart money buycall to take a look. Making your Business our Business – Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land Parcels all locations Starting Baht 300,000 per Rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to 274.4 Rai Prime Master Plan Development Land- Baht 570 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to 20 Rai- Bang Saray 4 mil per Rai, sea view, ready to build. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to 2 Rai Beachfront land in Jomtien for 25 Million Baht/ Rai. If you are looking for land to build a beach front condominium or a small scaled up class housing project this is it! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to FOR INVESTORS……1.5 Rai plot of land for sale on Pratamnak Hill including Building designs, Brochures, Building License, etc, etc. for 32.5 Million Baht including everything you need to start your development. Call Jan at 087-021-3170

Property Wanted

We are urgently looking for condos, especially in Saranchol, Sky Beach, Silver Beach, Park Beach, Wong Amat, Garden Cliff, Royal Cliff, Sugar

Beach, Jomtien Plaza, Grand Condo, Metro, Markland And houses especially close to the beach in Jomtien and Wong Amat. You ‘ve got the property --- we’ve got the buyer! Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. www.

Services Provided

(ptm-t0908)We Offer Complete Condo Service from Fitting Out Empty. We offer complete condo service from design and fitting out of empty shell to renovation of bathroom, kitchen, lounge, etc. Very high standard of work at very competitive price. For further information and friendly personal advise, call Khun May 089 776 2679 and you can leave all the work to people you can trust. (ptm-h1208)Thinking of Building your Own House/Swimming Pool? Save 000’s. See and learn from our disasters first! Weekend ‘teach in’ One night for two, full board, European 4-star comfort: 3,500 Baht. Details: 082 161 8563 (ptm-s1208)Building and Design By western English speaking Architect, Good Rates!!! All forms of building, design, construction, Plans, council submissions. Call 038 170 734 or 086 669 1246. New Houses are also available NOW! (pta-no0008)No 1 Visa behind Carrefour, Central Pattaya. Visa service for Thais to visit abroad, UK, Europe, USA and Australian Visa Specialist. The best affordable professional visa service in Thailand. Over 7 years experience. Taxi to the embassies, cheap airline tickets, travel medical insurance. Tel: 038 360 204, Mobile: 089 246 5980 (ptm-r1208)Are you Thinking of Building a House in Pattaya? Or do you want a condo renovated? Then speak to us first. Tel: 038 406 519, 081 864 6285,, (ptmsp-1308)Architect Services Plans, houses, shops, apartments, etc. Contact 081 295 8038 (ptm-p0409)Pool Tables and Touch Screen Game Machines Coin Operated. You provide the location we provide the pool table or Touch screen game machine for free of all maintenance cost. Make


good money from profit sharing. Call: 081 762 8379 (ptm-p0409)Eden Massage. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own place. Thai massage, Oil massage, foot massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sports massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) (ptm-p0409)Need a Sports Massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) Freelance I.T. Specialist. Services Offered: Data Recovery (accidental format and deletion), Website design and devolopment, Hardware/ Software setup and installation, PC cleaning and maintenance, Free online tech support for minor issues, LAN Configuration, etc. Contact: 087 481 2163, E-mail: emvals4@ We will professionally provide you in shortly working days and also quick formation offering you of this following: -Work Permit / One Year Visa -Company Registration –Insurance -Accounting -IT services. Call PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pascal: 084 3626989, Email: jomtien@ We want to sell your property too – contact us, if you have a property for sale. www., PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Tuk: 084 3626976 Email: jomtien@ PATTAYA AGENCY – Now with in house LAW OFFICE (3 lawyers plus 2 consultants). ADVANCE LEGAL GROUP (civil – criminal – notary) in English and German language. Information and contact : Dan One Call Service. Property Services includes general household repairs, air conditioning repairs, swimming pool maintenance, gardening new and maintenance, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, cleaning. General Services includes translation, assistance for Thai driving license, immigration matters, real estate matter, driver for your own car. Call 085 163 5037 or email p.krittaphon@ VDO Present Studio. We can make a presentation as VDO Presentation, Recording, Music VDO, Slide Show or special photograph in expertise skill in photographer. Please contact: Tiwa 086 787 8001 E-mail: Made to Order Cakes and Brownies, characters such as Sponge Bob, Barbie doll, Power Puff Girls, Spiderman, Christmas Bears and etc. Call 089 607 9850. Also, available Chocolate, Banana and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese. Ski Blind. For blinds, sunshade, retractable awning, canopy, folding doors. PVC strip doors, wallpapers, canvas, umbrellas, curtains, partitions, window shutter, and tents. Call Mr. Kiat at 081

307 7732 or e-mail skiblind@ Visit their website Renovation Services Carried Out on Condos or Houses. All types of work carried out at a very high standard with very reasonable prices. For quotations call PAC Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng), 087 150 4845 (Thai) If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software and hardware, please phone 086 820 2577 or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng). I will go to service at your place. If you are Looking for a Computer Graphic Designer, Web desig or would like to make some printed matters in reasonable price, please phone 086 820 2577 (Thai) or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng) or e-mail: (ptfsp-0108)Pattaya Secretarial Services. One Stop Service for your office needs, Client service 081 550 0885 Legal and Visa services provided by American expert living in Thailand more than 10 years and English-speaking Thai lawyer.see ads in PattayaToday. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. at 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) for a free consultation. Email

Job Wanted

(ptfjw-1008)House Keeper, Young, needs job, hard worker, experienced, hourly, full or part time, single. Please call Nuey 083 118 5636, good references, speaks English. (ptfjw-0008)Italian Man, 40 y.o. is looking for a job as manager for go-go bar, etc. Previous experiences in the nightlife – industry of Pattaya. Michael 085 212 0788

Job Vacancies

(ptm-ns1008)Staff Urgently Wanted Real Estate Company, Russian people or who skills speaking & writing & reading & typing Russian languet & Computer, Driving car license able, Experience sale Real Estate broker, age 20-40, man or woman, Good commission & salary. Call more detail North Shore Real Estate 038-303825 or Noina 086-3134841 E-mail: (ptm-cp1008)Restaurant has Vacancies for Service Staff. Waitress and Waiter, Receptionist, Cashier, Bartendee and Bartender, Cleaning Staff. For both Full time and Part-time work. We pay very good Salaries, special bonus and 72 days paid leave. Interested persons please call 089 091 9914 (ptm-1008)Staff Wanted Urgent!! Real Estate Company searching for employees between 18-25 years old. Call Mikael 085 277 7900 or 038 252 881 for interview. (ptfjv-0008)Wallpaper Hanger, English speaking required. Phone 084 958 6569

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptfjv-0008)Clay Modeler Wanted to make chess set of cartoon characters; c.25cms. tall. Phone 089 058 4509 (ptfjv-1008)Restaurant Manager Needed. Good English is a requirement. We need a person with an outgoing personality and proven leadership skills. The Great American Rib Co. e-mail rsvp@greatrib. com. Call Sham at 02 661 2990 ext 444 (ptm-q0908)Wanted Driver. Car Rental Company needs driver with driving license capable of driving around Pattaya and Bangkok. Contact 038 231 694, 081 996 8915 (ptm-h1208)English Speaking Computer Teacher Wanted for English Man and Thai Wife. Stay 2 days, 1 or 2 or two nights; 370 kms from Pattaya. Comfortable home with all facilities and good food! Must have good references. 089 058 4509 or 084 958 6569 (ptfjv-1008) Pool Cleaner Wanted. Experience is required. Full time cleaning and able to travel within Pattaya City. Swimming, male. Strong and have knowledge for pool maintain. Well paid. Call tel. 081 982 4963, 086 533 4963 (ptfjv-0908) Wanted for Furniture/Decor Showroom Ambience: Sales Person, Interior Designer, Shop Decorator, Graphic Designer, Store Keeper: Male or Female: All positions must be Thai Citizens: Good salary with insurance: Interested call 087 782 3890 Khun Sonia (ptfjv-0908)Required for Travel Agency: Ticketing Sales, Group Handling, Tours & Travel Manager: Must have experience with Galileo/Amadeus systems, hotel bookings: All positions must be Thai Citizens: Good salary with insurance: Call 081 949 8702 Khun Nani (ptfjv-0908)Required for Renowned Indian Restaurant Alibaba: Waiters, Captains, Bartenders, Hostess: Male or Female: All positions must be Thai Citizens: Good salary with insurance: Interested call 087 782 3890 Khun Bee (ptm-ra0808)Wanted: Office Assistant for Housing Estate in NaJomtien. Required: Thai female, decent English, basic computer skills, can work with foreign manager. Provided: Good salary, room, transportation,

commission. Please apply at:, or phone 085 487 0720. (ptm-ra0808)Wanted: Gardener and Maid for Housing Estate in NaJomtien. Required: Experienced Thai, couple welcome, can work with foreign manager. Good salary and room provided. Please call 085 487 0720. (ptfjv-0808)Thankful Knowledge Learning Center, 3rd road South Pattaya is looking for eligible, experienced, passionate English teacher to work 30-40 hours a week. More than bilingual will be an advantage. Attractive salary with accommodation. We will provide working permit for the best candidates. Email: thankful. (ptm-tl0808)Thai Living Ferry: Coworkers wanted for our ferry between Pattaya and Hua Hin. A Captain with three years experience and a captain’s license. For more information contact Sara today or call, 081 925 5982, 038 364 515. English is mandatory. (ptm-tl0808)Thai Living Ferry: We are looking for coworkers for our ferry between Pattaya and Hua Hin. Crew with two years experience please send your CW and letter of application now. For more information contact Sara today or call, 081 925 5982, 038 364 515. English is mandatory. (ptm-tl0808)Thai Living Ferry: We are looking for coworkers for our ferry between Pattaya and Hua Hin. Hostess with two years experience please send your CW and letter of application now. For more information contact Sara today or call, 081 925 5982, 038 364 515. English is mandatory. (ptm-tl0808)Just Us 2: Room Rental Service at Bang Sare. Thai Staffs: 4 positions for Cooker, Diver & Bar, Maid & Serve and Mechanic Man. Cooker can cook for Inter & Thai food, must be active, hard working. English speaking for all position required. Good salary & bonus. Contact: Nu 089 143 9787 E-mail:saengduen_s@ (ptm-tl0808)Thaihus Samui: Real Estate Agency in Samui. Thai Staffs: 5 positions for Sales Representative, Assistance Sale, Marketing, Listing Agent and Admin &

Vol. 8 No. 9  1 6- 31 January 2009

E-mail :

Book Keeping. Foreigner Sale Manager: Top ability & dynamic are required and sale experience in housing business, active, good relationship. High salary + commission. All prefer 2 years experience up in this business filed and must be able to speak English and have computer skill. Good salary and commission. Call: Wanjira 086 113 0667 E-mail:wanjira_ (ptm-tl0808)SarSaz: Iranian Restaurant in South Pattaya. Thai Staffs for Cooker, Waiter & Waitress, Female Cleaner and Female Reception. Cooker must be able to cooking for Iranian & Thai food with 2-3 years experience of international restaurant. All must able to speak English and good relationship, active and hard working. High salary + bonus. Call: Kim 086 336 5690 E-mail:kim@ (pta-0708)Teacher Wanted for afternoon lessons with 5 year old boy. You should either have English as your mother language or have a degree in English. Call us today 038 364 515. (pta-0708)High Salary Plus Commission..!! Top Car Rental in Jomtien required friendly outgoing female. Excellence

of both speak and written English. Bachelor’s degree/Vocational Education. Can drive a car and have driving license. Call for interview T.038 252 275, 038 364 268 (pta-0708)Cook/Waitress and Manageress Wanted! For new Coffee shop in Jomtien. Training given, must speak some English. Call for interview 081 865 1011 (pta-0708)New Coffee Shop in Jomtien Needed. Drummer and Guitarist. Both can speak Some English. Call 081 429 1482, 038 364 461 (ptfjv-0108)Needed immediately secretary, receptionist, ad sales people and graphic artists for publishing company. Top pay for experienced professionals. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. at 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English). Send resume, CV or inquiries to (pta-jv0108)Medium Sized Steel-Furniture Production and Export Company in Pattaya searching Thai candidates of both sexes, positioned as a General Manager. Preferably experienced in production related work, structured, cooperative, master good English both written and orally and have average computer skills. Work will be focused on general improvement both in sales and production performance. Personal management, reports and logistics will also be part of this work. Necessary training will be given. Salary up to 50,000 THB/month and possible bonus allocation, ff4805@ (pta-vj2207)Leading Thai International Construction Company. Looking for top quality personnel for major civil project in Dubai. Excellent salary & career opportunites. Project managers, Construction managers, QA/QC Engineers, AutoCad/Design Engineers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers. Age 30 – 47 years, good English. Engineer degree. Please send resume to Call 086-8169398


(ptfj-2007)Exciting Projects, Dynamic Company, great salary & bonus schemes are looking for the following positions: 2 Construction Managers (THB 100,000-150,000 tax free), 5 Section Managers (THB 60,000-80,000), 10 Superintendents/Supervisors (THB 40,000-50,000), 1 team Survey Engineers/Technicians (THB 20,000-40,000), 5 CAD Draughtsman (THB 20,00040,000), 2 Project Planner/Coordinator & 4 Assistants (THB 30,000-50,000), 2 Architects (THB 50,000-100,000). Only those with top ability & dynamic are required. Spoken & written English. Call 087 140 5199 or 086 816 9398 (ptfj-1907)Off-shore Oil & Gas Personnel for Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia required. Call ECO Thai Group Co., Ltd., 038 682 097, 087 140 5199 Pro Language is language training institute based in Bangkok. Now we are opening a new office in Pattaya and seek Part-time and Full-time Teachers to join our team in Pattaya Branch. English Teachers and other Language Teacher, English-Dutch-German-Italian-French-Japanese-ChineseRussian-Korean-Spanish, Thai Teachers to teach Thai and English for Foreigners, Marketing. Please call K. Jerry and K. Nutcharee to arrange an appointment. Tel. 02-250-0072


Mc Flight Travel & Visa. Cheapest Air Fares. Promotion BKK-LON, FRA,PAR, ROM, GVA Start from 10,000 O/W 20,100 R/T. Special Promotion on September AMS-BKK-AMS. Start from 570 Euro’s. All the price not include tax. Visa to Europe, Vietnam, Laos, China, India, Myanmar, Indonesia; Ext Hotel Reservation, Scuba Diving, Taxi, Minibus. Tel 038 413 530, 038 724 023, Fax 038 413 540 Email....

Motorbikes &Cars for Rent

(ptm-t0508)Motorbikes for Rent. Nouvo, Click, Mio. 200 baht day. 1,200 baht week, 4,500 baht month. WILL DELIVER. 086 824 4910 (ptm-s0708)Do You Want to Rent a Car? Neat, reliable Mitsubishi Champ, 4 doors, aircon, well running, radio. Full comprehensive insurance

for just 9,500 B/month. Phone 081 835 9923 or stefanalive@

Motorbikes & Cars for Sale

(ptm-c0008)Quick Sale! Toyota Hi Ace 12 Seater VIP. Mini bus 1998/9, 2.8 litre diesel, 5 speed, power steering, ‘metallic’ blue. Front & rear A.C., front & rear chrome bumpers, side steps, CD, TV, alloy wheels, electric windows. Ideal for golfing, outings etc. Loads of money spent. Service history. Beautiful all around condition! Only 290,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845. (ptfvs-a0708)Hyundai Sonata Auto for Sale. Good conditions. Year 1996. 2.0 litre engine. Power steering. Was 150,000 Bath now is 110,000Bath. Tel: 086 930 4005 (ptfvs-k0708)Toyota 99 Sport Rider 4X4 Auto Diesel. Only 125,000 ks. VGC. Urgent! Only 290,000 offer. 08 600 68 390 (ptfvs-k0708) Audi Auto L.P.G. Low ks. VGC 190,000 offer. 08 600 68 390 (ptfvs-k0708) Toyota 2005 Sport Rider 4X4 Auto DSL. Only 140,000 ks Only 525,000 offer. 08 600 68 390 (ptfvs-k0708)A Solid Gold Longines Watch and Band, valuation $14,000 – new $20,000. Sell for only $6,000 or swap for jet ski or car or 4 wheel drive. 08 600 68 390 (ptfvs-r0408)2003 Nissan NV Truck with Carryboy. Topautomatic 69,000 km. Excellent condition. 229,000 baht or best offer, tax and insured. 086 109 0721 (ptfvs-l0708)In Quite Exceptional Condition. Daewoo Cielo GXL (top of range) 1.5 automatic, 4 door saloon with cavernous boot. 6 months tax, 10 months insurance 145,000 baht O.N.O. Please phone 038 421 502 (ptm-d0608)Honda Super 4 Black 400 cc regular servicing, new tyres, sprockets and chain. Great condition. 50,000 baht. Call 087 013 5770 (ptm-c0007)Toyota Tiger 3.0 Turbo Diesel 4x4 2 Door. Big Cab 1999, 5 speed, power steering. Heavy duty front and rear bumpers. Raised suspension, air bag, ABS, C.D. Big alloys, loads of extras, 130,000 kms. Full history. Falang owned. Immaculate condition. 390,000 baht. Call 087 139 1539

Restaurant has vacancies for Service Staff - Waitress and Waiter - Receptionist - Cashier - Bartendee and Bartender - Cleaning Staff For both Fulltime and Part-time work We pay very good Salaries, special bonus and 72 days paid leave Interested persons please call 089 091 99 14

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Royal Cliff Beach Resort welcomes The Sultan of Pahang, HRH Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009 high society Boonthavorn celebrates Children’s Day in style

Khun Bancha Piya-a-nantachai, manager of Boonthavorn Pattaya give presents for the children

Many children and families came to join the activities of Children’s Day at Pattaya City Hall

Some comedy man in the Boonthavorn Booth

Khun Bancha shows how to play the game

Boonthavorn Pattaya participated in the Children’s Day festivities at Pattaya City Hall, which the city arranges each year. This year a huge number of children from Pattaya and the surrounding area came to enjoy the event. Boonthavorn gave a lot of gifts to the children who had lots of fun on the special day.

Christmas Eve is a tradition that’s worth keeping

The Honeybees entertain like no other with their dance performances

His Royal Highness Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, The Sultan of Pahang, recently visited the multi award winning Royal Cliff Beach Resort on a private trip. His Royal Highness stayed at the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel & Spa, one of the four 5-Star hotels of the Resort. He was welcomed by the Royal Cliff Beach Resort General Manager Mr. Alexa der Haeusler and Deputy General Manager Mr. Ranjith Chandrasiri. Constructed in 1992, with the sweeping curves of its all sea-facing balconies and impressive atrium lobby, the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel & Spa is a 20-storey “Grand Hotel” in every sense of the word. Its beautifully landscaped free-form swimming pool and sun decks are exclusive to its guests –as well as the Club Lounge where all Royal Cliff Grand Hotel & Spa guests can enjoy daily complimentary Continental Breakfast. With a Spa, Thai Cooking School, 12 state of the art meeting rooms and High speed internet access in all rooms and suites, the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel & Spa meets the needs of the most sophisticated Leisure and Business travellers.

Santa spreads some cheer by bringing Christmas presents

True to form in its desire to provide some holiday cheer during the holiday season to its guests from far and wide, Dusit Thani Pattaya held its traditional Christmas Eve celebrations at The Point overlooking the expansive views of the Pattaya Bay. There was an extensive fusion of Asian and international cuisine in the buffet, live band music from its house band, The Heartthrobs, a mask magic show, fireworks display and other surprises for the young and the young at heart. Some 150 guests including VIPs from Chonburi Province attended the festive occasion that also featured performances from the hotel’s very own Honeybees Dance Troupe, fantastic entertainment from Foreign Affairs diplomat Vasu Sangsingkeo, also known as Thailand’s best Elvis Presley impersonator and lucky Dusit Thani Pattaya general manager Chatchawal draws that gave away fabulous prizes including two round-trip tickets Supachayanont on stage to share his Christmas to Chiang Mai courtesy of Thai Airways International with a two-nights message duringthe hotel’s Christmas Eve celebration stay at Dusit Princess Chiang Mai.

Shopping for Captain’s Picks in style

The first shots in the Royal Trophy were fired in dramatic style on Tuesday in the heart of Bangkok’s hectic shopping district of Central World. Startled shoppers provided the galleries as the rival captains and two of their top players took part in a unique challenge match. Asian captain Joe Ozaki and his European opposite number Jose Maria Olazabal were amongst the golf stars faced with a nerve tangling test of accuracy at Central World, south east Asia’s largest shopping and lifestyle complex. Ozaki was joined by the popular Thai golfer Thongchai Jaidee and China’s Liang Wen-chong, both former Asian Order of Merit Champions. They had to take on a testing part three hole, involving a delicate wedge shot along the exclusive shopfronts to a small green 85 yards away. Thousands cheered on the players and a great day was had by all.

Vol. 8 No. 9  16 - 31 January 2009

high society

Pattaya International Mardi Gras 2009

Pattaya Today 55

Pattaya’s first electrifying carnival parade, the Pattaya International Mardi Gras 2009 event was announced at City Hall on the afternoon of the 7th January by Mayor Ittipol Khunplume, Mr.Naris Cheyklin (Senior Executive Vice President, Property Management & finance & Accounting CFO) and Central Pattana Public Company Limited. This spectacular parade organised by City Hall in partnership with TAT, private business sectors and Central Pattana Public Company Limited will take place in Pattaya on the 23rd January to promote and boost business and the economy on the Eastern Seaboard

Amari celebrates with a cause

Amari Orchid Resort & Tower celebrated Christmas & New Year with great parties and a very worthwhile charity project. First, the “Christmas After Party” with DJ Ning on music, the staff performed dressed as Santa Claus and angels and the party was to thank guests who celebrated the festive season in the hotel. At the New Year Countdown 2009, Venice inspired party, all the management, staff and some guests dressed in fancy carnival suits with masks. An International buffet was served and stunning fireworks at midnight delighted everyone. Finally, they joined forces with the ‘Baan Tang Trong School’, Bangpra, Siracha, Chonburi to fulfill the wishes of underprivileged children for a Christmas/ New Year present. A special gift giving ceremony was held recently as part of their annual ‘AMARI Cares for Kids’ Charity Project. It was led by General Manager Dominik Stamm with his team and some artists and superstars who supported the project throughout the year. They distributed toys, dolls, stationeries, bicycles and many others items. The teachers, students and parents were all smiles for their good deeds.

Santa Claus hands out gifts by the score Happy Anniversary

NLUS eastern seaboard council president Peter Thorand, with members of the US Navy League and the Marriott’s charity Spirit to Serve, and many others, ensured Santa Claus did his stuff at Christmas this year. Amongst the beneficiaries were Chalerm Prakriat Clinic, Khao Chamao, Ban Nam Sai School, Siam Luamchai Rescue Station, Mabchang Nane School. Santa’s last stop on a whistlestop tour was Banglamung hospital where he visited the children’s hospital ward where teddy bears and presents were distributed. Many thanks to Erwin Rohner for representing Santa and the Hartmut and Ilse Schneider Foundation amongst other generous sponsors.

Recently, Police Lieutenant Colonel Sa-ne Yosrungrueng of Pattaya City Police Station was guest of honor at the Pattaya Car Rental Centre’s 12th anniversary and New year party. Also, he officially opened DoDo Law Office at 3rd Rd., North Pattaya, next to Mum Aroi Restaurant. The guests received a warm welcome from Khun Amorn Jantapoj, Khun Suwatchai Konbang, Managing Director and staff respectively.

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Vol. 8 No. 9 ď ´ 16 - 31 January 2009

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Pattaya Grapevine Volume 8 Issue 9  

Pattaya Today is a local newspaper published each fortnight for residents and tourists in the Pattaya area of the Land of Smiles.

Pattaya Grapevine Volume 8 Issue 9  

Pattaya Today is a local newspaper published each fortnight for residents and tourists in the Pattaya area of the Land of Smiles.