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Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Volume 8, Issue 6

1 - 15 December 2008

British Embassy Opens New Office Located near Jomtien immigration Long promised and prophesied, the Pattaya consular office of the British embassy held a soft opening recently and is now open for business in the row of shop units immediately outside Pattaya immigration, Jomtien soi 5, and next to the Yingchit money changer bureau. The opening hours are 9.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. on weekdays but excluding public holidays. The 20 square metre converted shop house unit has been adapted to the security requirements of the British foreign office in London. The official opening by British ambassador Quinton Quayle will be in mid December and a guest list and reception are currently being prepared by officials. Until recently, the Pattaya honorary consul Barry Kenyon and the assistant Sasamon Khempookeaw were based in the nearby Meesen coffee shop

where they held a “clinic” every weekday. As the service grew increasingly popular, senior embassy and foreign office officials decided to fund a more permanent and more professional base. When the opportunity presented itself to take a lease on the shop unit in the same street, agreement was secured from London last July and a mini-minor works programme put into operation. The new office will operate most of the consular services required by British expats and visitors including verification of income letters required by Thai immigration, notarial services including official stamping of documents and advice on perennial issues such as passport replacement and getting married in Thailand. Staff will also be responsible for several outside services including police station and prison visiting of arrested

British nationals, hospital visits if deemed necessary and follow up of some deaths in the resort area. Barry Kenyon, the honorary consul, said “The work is really an extension of the duties at the coffee shop but we now hold a lot more information on file and no longer need to base equipment at our respective homes which is a big relief.” “At the moment, we are still at the soft opening stage and more equipment and extra furniture are on order. We hope in due course to offer a really good service to Brits whether they are in trouble or simply need a letter.” But he advised that there are several things the embassy cannot do even though staff are often urged to do so. “We cannot investigate crimes, spring people from jail, pay bills or lend money.” Continued on page 2




Diana gold charity golf winners

AMONGST the sponsors of this year’s Diana gold charity golf tournament were VC Sports Production, Pattaya Mail, Pattaya Sports Club, City Life, FM 93.75, Thai Beverage and Easy Biotech Company. The event took place at Eastern Star, Rayong, and attracted 94 competitors both Thais and foreigners. Awards and cash prizes were given at a ceremony at Diana Garden Resort run by Mrs Sophin Thepjak. Before the session began, attenders stood in silence for two minutes in remembrance of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana and mourners were allowed to present sandalwood flowers to the memory of the late princess

at eight designated sites near the Sanam Luang ceremonial site. The golf tournament had been a fund raising event for underprivileged children who devoted themselves to school work. So far over two million,

three hundred thousand baht had been raised for impecunious families. The 2008 gold champion was Mr Chalothorn Chalermchart who received a trophy and fine jewelry as his reward for fine play.

The Royal Trophy returns to Tours’ Schedules The Royal Trophy will return onto the Schedules of the Asian Tour, Japan Golf Tour and European Tour in 2009 when Europe’s eight-strong team seeks a hat-trick of victories over Asia at Amata Spring Country Club, Thailand, from January 9 to 11. It will be the third edition of The Royal Trophy and replaces the contest planned for January 2008, which was postponed when Thailand entered a period of mourning over the passing of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, the elder sister of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Europe’s attempt to win the match-play tournament for a third consecutive time will now take place at the exclusive Bangkok golf course at the start

of 2009. The Royal Trophy features eight-man teams from Asia and Europe, led by nonplaying captains, competing in 16 matches for stewardship of the Royal Trophy, which was graciously donated by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Europe won the inaugural contest 9-7 in January 2006 and retained The Royal Trophy with a convincing victory last year. Thoughts, of course, will be with Seve Ballesteros, who led Europe to victory on both occasions, in his ongoing battle following surgery to remove a brain tumour. The Royal Trophy will once again see four foursomes matches open proceedings on Friday January 9, with four

fourball matches following on Saturday January 10. The contest will close with eight singles matches on Sunday January 11. A team requires eight-and-ahalf points for an outright victory. The Royal Trophy Premier and Major Sponsors include Heineken, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), PTT, Siam Commercial Bank, Toyota Camry and Sodick (Thailand). For further Tournament information, please call +662 651 9499 or visit the official website www.TheRoyal The third edition of the Royal Trophy will be held on January 9-11, 2009 at Amata Spring Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand and is promoted by Entertainment Group Limited and Amen Corner S.A.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

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British Embassy Opens Office Nor can we advise Thais on visa application procedures to UK, although we are happy to distribute the forms for visit visas,” Mr Kenyon said, adding that full details of what the consulate does is available in pamphlet form at the office. He stressed that the Bangkok based embassy has a great deal of detailed guidance at including “Locate” which is the latest registration option for British nationals in Thailand, essential for assisting them if a tragedy were to strike them. The opening of the Pattaya consulate means that there

British consular assistant Sasamon Khempookeaw greets an early bird customer at the new office

are now two formal branch offices of the embassy outside Bangkok, the other one being in Chiang Mai. The embassy also has honorary consuls in Phuket and Ko Samui and representatives in other areas of the country. Figures show that 860,000 British nationals visited Thailand in 2007. Although the

vast majority of the visits were trouble free, there were over 1,000 serious assistance cases including hospitalisations,deaths and arrests, and more than 700 lost and stolen passport applications. Of all the provincial centres in Thailand where the British gather, Pattaya is regarded as the leading consular hot spot.

Decorations for 33 commissioned officers at Sattahip

VICE admiral Sreewisoot Rataroon, commandant of Sattahip naval base, presided over a ceremony at which thirty three navy officers were

commissioned in the presence of their families and friends. Under the regulations, the secretary of defence has the authority to act on behalf of the government to

promote suitably qualified and experienced warrant officers in the Royal Thai Navy. The commandant congratulated the newly commissioned officers and thanked them for their hard work throughout their service. He also said that each would receive a monthly salary according to rank. Then he concluded the meeting by stating they should be proud of themselves and hoping that each and every one would achieve good success in their careers and life in general.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008




Lucky white turtles hatch out at Sattahip FOLLOWING the collection of green turtle eggs from Kram Island and their repositioning in the sea turtle conservation centre at Sattahip naval base, two tiny creatures have successfully hatched out. Thai people believe that this marvel, the first of its kind in Thai history, is a sign of upcoming peace and

New Chonburi governor sets agenda

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008 prosperity. Dr Nantrika Sunsue, director of research at the centre, said the baby turtles were strong and being encouraged to swim in order to strengthen their lungs. However, they could not be released into the sea as they were not yet able to protect themselves or fool any predators, thus being likely to end up in the stomach of an enemy. It was stated from the Sattahip navy headquarters that the tiny white turtles (Chelonia Mydas) were common in Mexico and Australia, but had not yet been successfully bred in captivity in Thailand. Thus the births

were an important event in local aquatic history and the tiny creatures would certainly be on display for viewing by visitors to the headquarters.

Fans hold best cattle Public relations show in Thailand firm hired for image Mr Surapol Pongtadsirikul, the newly appointed Chonburi provincial governor, chaired a meeting of district officers and village heads to set out his preferred policies from now on. He stressed that civic officers and local authority personnel must be people that the general public can rely on, must work with pride and dignity and must be absolutely transparent (honest) in their dealings with the general public. He also highlighted the public

concerns that must loom larger in provincial policy agendas. They included road safety, general welfare of tourists, suppression of illegal drugs, instilling moral principles in the young and enforcing the laws as a whole. The new governor has been lobbied hard about the delays in constructing the Jomtien second road which still lead to tail back traffic at rush hours and lead to the raising of blood pressure of drivers who are both stuck and stationary.

A MEETING of concerned elders and business people was called on November 18 to discuss the poor image of Pattaya. A Belgian newspaper had recently criticised Pattaya for its prostitution problem and the article had won a lot of international, if negative, publicity for the eastern seaboard resort. Local authority members said it was disappointing to find that the article had not mentioned at all subjects like eco-tourism, water sports, upmarket entertainment,

good and affordable accommodation, golf facilities, exhibitions, carnivals and so on. But that’s the media for you. Pattaya city, therefore, had decided to hire a public relations firm to boost its image over a period of time. The company would concentrate on the positive aspects of the city and stress the general trend to upmarket and family ventures which were the bedrock of the city’s progress in the last five years.

BANGLAMUNG district officers and officials of the department of livestock development launched the 5th eastern cattle show in the presence of local mayor Ittiphol Kunplume. Mr Prachoom Intarachoti, deputy general of the department, said that the event was being held to promote knowledge amongst breeders and to raise the overall standard of breeding in Thailand. It was also felt important that Thai cattle products be in a position to compete with those

of other countries. About 15,000 people attended the event and 200 cattle from 60 breeding farms entered the lists to find the best ones from a breeding point of view. The winning breeders received a royal trophy and the event as a whole has done much to raise the awareness and consciousness of cattle issues in the Thai population as a whole. Cows are very significant in today’s economy and exhibitions are one of the best ways of promoting the subject.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Massive expansion to sports complex seen

Mr Rattachai Soottidechanai, chairman of the city’s tourism and sports committee and a local authority member,

presided at a meeting to anticipate a huge expansion of the sports complex at the stadium on Soi Chaiapook in Jomtien.

He explained that the city had already bought extra rai of land for the anticipated project. In 2008 Pattaya city had allocated 90 million baht in funds from a total of 774 million to build a soccer stadium with a capacity for a crowd of 20,000 spectators, a swimming pool with a 50 meter high roof, table tennis and basketball courts and facilities. Mr Rattachai went on to say that a private construction company had already been hired and that it was hoped in due course that Pattaya United Soccer Club would be based there as their home field.




Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Big success for long Follow up on human “Time gentlemen please” nuisance is arrested boat racing festival trafficking problem

International element very strong now

THE weekend of November 22-23 saw the Mabprachan lake based long boat competition which has been taking place in the resort for many years. The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr Sontaya Kunplome, former minister of tourism and sports, and Mr Thanee Samatkit, the deputy governor of Chonburi province, amongst other dignitaries. Participants in the events competed for the coveted Princess Sirindhorn and Princess Somsawalee trophies. Another event on offer was buffalo racing (on dry land) which is a Chonburi tradition stretching back generations. Many observers were

impressed by the beautifully decorated animals as they walked in line prior to the rough and tumble of the race. This year the boat contests attracted foreign participants from Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singa- pore. The growth in overseas interest has been a hallmark of the event in recent years. Tens of thousands of spectators turned up over the weekend to experience the thrills of the sporting competitions first hand. The Winners were Akranawa Team (Big Long Boat), Charawan Singha Leo Team (Small Long Boat) & Myanmar Team (International)

Hothead policeman fired gun in the air IT WAS alarming indeed that the peace was disturbed at Jomtien’s soi Chaiyapuek after a man fired his gun into the air and then dashed away on his Honda motorbike. But he did not get very far before intercepting cops surrounded him at Jomtien soi 4 and found out to their consternation that the guy was himself a cop. Police corporal Weera Leetana worked for the narcotics control board and admitted that the pistol on his person belonged to him. The suspect was somewhat under the influence of the demon drink but explained that

he had gone out earlier that night (November 21) to reclaim his pistol from his best friend, also a police officer, who had borrowed it. The friend had in fact promised several times to return the weapon but had not done so. Thus Mr Weera was determined to retrieve it on this occasion but only managed to do so after a bitter argument. This is why Mr Weera fired his gun in the air as if it was some tension reducing mechanism. It was only then that he realised he had blundered in the middle of the night and drove off at speed only to be apprehended.

PAD protestors rally at Banglamung police station

A MEETING took place on November 24 at city hall to explain the law relating to human trafficking and the allied problem of prostitution. Mrs Naiyana Suphapueng, chairman of the committee of national human rights, took the opportunity to discuss the position with officers of the local authority and beer hall proprietors. She stated that it was an offence for businesses to hire people against their will or for persons to engage in prostitution to be absolutely technical. The committee had in recent

times been monitoring the use of Burmese or Cambodian nationals in the prostitution business in Pattaya and several arrests had taken place. The meeting heard that night clubs needed to keep a list of their employees with names and ID cards, together with a job description, so that inspectors could see at a glance what was going on in a particular boozerama. Both government officials and private persons needed to be bang up to date about the law governing trafficking for immoral purposes.

station where they set up a stage to harangue passers by who, in all truth, received them quite well. Local leaders of the PAD stated from the microphone that the current government was a proxy for ex premier Thaksin Shinawatra and had been responsible for some deaths and many injuries in recent months. Therefore, they wanted this government to be terminated by any method. After preaching in this fashion, the meeting broke up and everyone went home.

his profession was buying watches at 200 baht and reselling them to foreigners at 2,000 baht. Actually, he was not very successful at his self-styled job as people had the notion that he was a rip off merchant. Various tourists submitted a report complaining about all this and police said they would question him further about where he bought the fake watches in the first place.

World billiard championship held

Utapao airport to be renamed THE championship between Thailand and Korea took place on November 22 and was organised by Hard Rock Hotel and SNP Media Hub Company. There were 14 competitors

AT the monthly meeting of the Pattaya business and tourism association held at Green Park Resort, rear admiral Surapong Aisamon, deputy director of Utapao airport near Sattahip, revealed that permission had been sought to rename the airport International Utapao Airport. It was expected that there would be agreement on this move by January 2009. The deputy director explained that the airport was managed by the Royal Thai Navy and was used for some commercial flights as well as many military purposes and manoeuvres. The aim was to use the airport for more passenger flights after the terminal had been remodelled and the security system updated to

meet international standards. Fees for landing and taking off had been reduced as an incentive until March next year. Pattaya mayor Ittiphol Khunplume attended the meeting and expressed his delight at the proposal, remarking that a more commercial airport would lead to greater tourist numbers. City fathers, he added, would hold talks with the navy, airline companies and tour operators to make more attractive packages for Pattaya bound joy seekers. There was also a plan to request the navy to transfer ownership of the airport to the city which would mean a more effective marketing proposition, although this was a medium term strategy.

Pesky monkey sighted in Boyztown ON November 20, a thousand or so of supporters of the People’s Alliance for Democracy gathered at Banglamung district office to protest against the government of Mr Somchai Wongsawat whom they accused of being behind recent street violence in Bangkok. The crowd requested that the district chief at Banglamung come out of his office to hear the complaints but this did not happen as he was not on the premises. So the crowd moved off to Banglamung police

LONG after midnight on November 21 police visited soi 7 after hearing that a drunken oaf was selling fake watches (or trying to) and pestering tourists still hanging around the bars. They found Mr Saman Yapring, aged 42, with a hundred fake timepieces in his pocket and with a threatening attitude if people tried to argue with him. Later, at the police station, he sobered up and explained that

THE Sawangboriboon were out in force to try and catch a renegade ape on November 21 after it wandered into town after a day at the golf course and caused a panic on the rooftops of the buildings in Pattayaland soi three. The cheeky chappie was bribed with bananas but the combined efforts of vets and other specialists failed to dislodge him from his comfortable new home in the sky. After two hours, the specialists gave up but warned local residents not to become

familiar with the ape as he might be a carrier of the infectious herpes B virus which is a disease to be avoided at all costs. Reports said that the monkey was later captured with the help of nets and returned to a more normal and rural abode.

overall and the winner was scheduled to win 15,000 baht. The contests were shown life on Thai cable TV and will be shown in Korea on Xports channel.

Mafia gang steals boy’s bike in Naklua A fourteen year old boy had his bike stolen from under his very eyes after he set off from Soi Yong Yai to see his friend to compare notes on a homework assignment. As he drove along Naklua Road, he was shadowed by a gang of unsavoury toughs who ordered him to stop in front of a restaurant before performing the criminal act of theft. Later the boy and his

mother reported the incident at Banglamung police station where the gang leader was identified as a mafia leader known as Tua. Apparently, he has a string of robberies to his name and he dissuades victims from going to the authorities by threatening to kick their heads in. Police said a detailed search was under way to bring the reign of terror to an end.

American falls to his doom in condo tragedy POLICE lieutenant colonel Thakit Lapitisan instructed a team to dash to the Centre Condo, South Pattaya, after hearing that 58 year old American Michael John Bruner had jumped to end it all. The man was still breathing when paramedics arrived from the Sawangboriboon foundation to give first aid, but he expired permanently in Memorial Hospital a short while later. There were many gawping people gathered at the scene of the suicide. Mrs Thonglai Topornhom, a maid at the condominium, told police she was relaxing with other domestics in a staff cubby hole when she heard a loud thump. Rushing outside she

saw the body with many broken bones and broke into a prolonged scream as she recognised the guy. Having spoken to other residents, police concluded that the man had committed suicide as he was running out of money to live a comfortable life style in the land of the free. It was stated by others that he had tried to sell off his motorbike and other belongings but still could not raise enough readies to live a stylish existence. Thus he likely flung himself from a balcony as a desperation move, although an autopsy would be held in Bangkok to check around for any forensic clues to what had happened.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


NEWS Drunken man in bad Finnish man assaulted condition after shooting by motorbike driver


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Peeping Tom failed in dire rape attempt Villain worked at mattress showroom

POLICE lieutenant colonel Rerngwit Rakchart received a report that a foreigner was lying in a wounded state outside a Family Mart convenience store on Second Road and this indeed turned out to be the case. Sawangboriboon paramedics found Mr Juha Voutailainen, aged 48, lying on the sidewalk with a bloody nose and quite a few bruises and marks of violence against the person. He was taken in a hurry to the Memorial Hospital. The assistant manager of the store, Miss Nittaya Sasook,

told police that the injured fellow had taken a motorbike taxi ride but appeared to be drunk when he alighted from the two wheeler. After a while, she noticed the Finn had assumed a sleeping position on the pavement but with some knocks on his body. Police think that the motorbike taxi man was not best pleased his passenger was drunk and became violent after the Finn refused to pay or babbled on with slurred speech. In other words, lack of communication was at the root of the problem here.

Wife of famous DJ escapes shooting spree

A MAN post drinking spree was taken to Chonburi hospital in a life and death situation after gunshot wounds to his throat and right rib. Police went initially to Banglamung hospital where doctors and nurses were involved in a titanic struggle to save him before his transfer to Chonburi hospital where more specialist assistance was available. Mr Chamnan (Nid) Boonsang, aged 28 and a painter by trade, was the victim. His relative Mr Sorayoot said that there had been a party at his home and that everyone had become rather drunk, a tendency which is very common at fun sessions.

One of the other guests Mr Jack was thought to have been the guy who fired the shots after the party degenerated into the taking of methamphetamines. Investigators said they needed to interview Mr Jack, and another party goer Mr Moo who was in the room at the same time, to ascertain whether this was a deliberate shooting or an accident brought on by a heated argument under the influence of most harmful substances. The two men sought by police had done the disappearing act but officers are confident they know where to find them.

Ladyboys resorted to thieving to pay rent Cashless wallet a big disappointment

HAVING heard of a shooting incident at Bali Hai pier, police rushed off to dig further intgo the unpleasantness. They found Christopher Daskowski, also known as DJ Domination, with his girlfriend Ms Rattaporn who is a former nurse. She was standing near a convenience store, rather shaken, and told officers what had happened in all its detail. She explained she had exchanged hostile words with the security staff at a well known entertainment venue. The commotion was about stick-on surface advertising posters which led to the guards threatening to shoot her. Thinking it was just

an idle threat, she later joined her husband after work and they were about to get into a car when a mystery guy aged around 20 drove past and fired a gun three times. Luckily the bullets went into the vehicle and not into her or her husband. Ms Rattaporn told police she was sure some disco hated her and had sent someone to threaten her very life, but police said the whole matter required more investigation before reaching a conclusion. Only a vague description of the motor cycle man was available as he was dressed in black and using a helmet.

Shock tale of monk caught with exotic dancer Crime suppression police received a report from Mrs Malee Noommode, aged 61 and the owner of the Rai Sam Phi Nong apartment house in south Pattaya, that a robed monk was staying with a Thai woman who was known to be a go go dancer. When officers arrived, they found a crowd of folk hanging around and waiting for something to happen. So police knocked on the door but there was no answer from within. So they asked for a spare key and

gingerly entered the room to find Ms Pirom Tanjongrat, aged 33, dressed in a towel and dripping wet as she had just taken a shower. She was the renter of the room and was known to be a chrome pole cavorter from downtown. The man in the room – he had a shaved head – was Pra Athit Siripoonyo aged 34 from Kon Kaen and the evidence was devastating. There was a yellow robe

CRIME suppression officers in the Pratumnak area were alerted that two trannies, maybe under the influence of a banned substance, even as they were riding a motorbike in a wobbly manner. At the police station, they admitted without further ado that they had robbed a few people not because they were evildoers but because they had no alternative if the rent was to be paid. Thus they agreed they had stolen the heavy looking wallet of an Indian guy in front of the Saeng Kaew Hotel near the Bali

Hai pier. However, they agreed they were very disappointed to discover that the wallet contained no cash at all but only the address of an Indian restaurant and a discount card for foot massage parlour. Police also tested the ladyboys for drugs and their urine changed colour to purple which meant they had been breaking the law. Both men said they were sorry but it was very hard having a good time when you are permanently bankrupt. None the less, they will have to answer charges of drug taking and attempted theft.

there, used condoms and a laptop with a video clip of the two showing a certain degree of affection. Mr Athit said he

had known the woman since the days when she was a nun and had decided to pay her a visit in Pattaya. They had been together making whoopee for three days and had believed they would not be discovered. They had not reckoned on a whistle blower. Mrs Malee said she had not thought anything of the

A four storey apartment house near Central Road was the setting for a dismal story of sex and violence, which caused police officers to set off there in a big hurry. On the third floor, they found a woman lying naked on the floor and screaming in pain even as she pleaded for assistance. She was identified as Miss Wannisa Supanburi, aged 22, who had been attacked with a knife which was found on the kitchen floor (useful evidence indeed). The owner of the apartment house Mr Tanakit Tanaworapat said he was watching the TV and minding his own business when he heard agonizing cries of despair. Going to a neighbouring room, he found Miss Wannisa in a dire condition. The victim was able to let him know that she had been attacked by a villain whose name she did not know, but she did recall the face most clearly. Indeed she had seen him hanging around a mattress retail store and lived as her neighbor in the apartments. She continued that she was having a shower when this shady character of evil repute climbed in through the bedroom window with a purpose which was as obvious as it was obscene. In the event she was

able to resist his attack but not before the unspeakable fellow had stabbed her and run off with her motorbike key. Other residents in the apartment house confirmed that the guy was a bad egg and a bit of a peeping tom to be sure. Police decided to stake out the suspect’s room but were nonplussed when a woman appeared, identifying herself as the suspect’s wife who worked in a beer hall. She confirmed the knife was from her kitchen and told investigators that the name of the man was Sarayoot Suwansree who was 29 and originally from Kalasin. His place of work was the mattress factory and showroom and he was known as a heavy drinker and usually bereft of cash funds. In due course, the suspect was arrested but denied all the charges. He claimed to have been at a boozerama at the sensitive time and added he had never robbed anyone or gone around sticking a knife in people. But his wife grew angry at this hopeless defence and started a fisticuffs which police had to separate. At length Mr Sarayoot was formally charged, but it will be a while yet before a shrewd judge will give the definitive judgment.

Booze and cold weather cause another early departure POLICE were quick off the mark after a cold corpse was noticed outside the Fire Bird condominium block in soi 17. At the sad scene, the body of Mr Sonchai Martjia, aged 35 and a Bangkokian by birth, was found dressed in a red sleeved shirt and black coloured pants. Next to the body was an empty robed visitor at first, but three days without a break was too much to stomach. She then realised that the behaviour between consenting adults in the room was against the religious code of practice, so she decided to phone the police as she could bear it no longer. Later, the monk was defrocked in a sad ceremony and Ms Pirom was asked to quit the apartment because of the goings-on which had occurred there.

bottle of rice whiskey. Paramedics scrutinized the early departure but could not find any marks of violence or other sensitive clues. A security guard at the condo said that the dead man, when of the human race, was a tramp with a liking for cheap booze which helped him forget his earthly grind. On the night in question, the guard had noticed him on the ground apparently asleep. However, further investigation revealed that the man was already beyond the scope of human intervention and that no amount of shaking could make any difference whatsoever. Probably alcohol misuse and the cold spell of weather had caused this state of eternal meditation.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008




Pattaya rubbish still expanding

A recent meeting held by city hall executives learned from staff involved that garbage remains the number of one priority for a solution. Huge piles of the stuff created unpleasant odours, harmed health, had a detrimental effect on the environment and even, according to some pundits, deterred domestic and international tourism. Council member Mr Issarin Boriboon said that the main problem was to find a cost effective process to dispose of the waste material and even to recycle it. Currently, a private company was responsible for carting away 70% of the city’s rubbish whilst city hall took on its shoulders the remaining 30%. Executives of East – West Waste, the current company with the contract, stated that their workers used to deal with 150-200 tons a day, but at present this had risen to 250350 tons and, on a bad day, might even rise to 450 tons. The cause was obviously the gigantic expansion of the city and its environs in recent years. The company had been literally overwhelmed by this quantity and lacked both

manpower and transportation. However, they added they had recently bought four more trucks. Committee members heard that one idea to reduce the current system of land-fill disposal was to build a blast furnace, the problem being that the initial cost would be prohibitive in these budgetary constrained days. City fathers had suggested to East-West they find a way to recycle the garbage to reduce the mounds and encourage residents to do their own recycling. Waste disposal has been a sore subject for a long time in the Pattaya area. Various schemes have been proposed but all have been short lived or aborted. They have included asking residents to put different sorts of garbage in variously coloured bin bags (none were ever produced), employing more staff on the refuse vehicles and introducing privatisation and competitive tendering. In the past two years, at least two foreign companies have submitted plans to build recycling plants and furnaces, but the budgetary implications for the city have led to non closure of any deal thus far.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

TAT takes Property fair at campaign to the UK Royal Garden mall British taxi drivers to the rescue THE Thai tourist authority has launched its Amazing Thailand Amazing Value campaign in the United Kingdom in a bid to boost visitors during the peak season and in 2009. The promotion kicked off at the World Travel Mart held recently at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London. TAT invited British pop singer Duncan James to join the launch and to talk about his favourite attractions in Thailand to send positive messages to targeted audiences both in UK and in neighbouring countries. The tourism association is also working with Thai restaurants to promote tourist places nationwide. Another strategy has been

to tap taxi drivers in UK to advertise the campaign to passengers. Tourism and sports minister Weerasak Kowsurat said the campaign would specifically encourage British tourists to return to the country next year. He added that Thailand was both safe and good value for money. Phornsiri Manoharn, governor of TAT, said the campaign would restore confidence of tourists from Europe which is one of the most important continents for Thailand’s tourism. Last year nearly 800,000 British tourists travelled to Thailand, a 2.8% increase on 2007. However, the total figure includes those who made more than one trip.

Soho Square entertainment launched

SEVERAL companies set up organised booths at the Royal Garden shopping mall to promote the selling of condominiums and villas in the eastern seaboard area. Extra measures have been called for as there has been a fall off in visitor numbers since the world economic malaise began to bite. The companies included City Garden Pattaya, Raimon

Land’s The Lofts SouthShore and Northpoint, Beach Properties Exclusive (Palm Oasis), Sea Breeze Villa Pattaya, Ananya beach front condominium, Heights Holdings, Grand Hill Village, Poompatta, etc. The stands attracted a lot of attention and buyers were tempted with a number of special prices, offers and discounts.

Saratta Urban Chic Residence launched

Process of underground cabling speeded up THERE was a packed meeting to hear Mr Chamlong Ngamkam, assistant manager of CAT Eastern Region, update everyone about the persistent problems of installing underground cabling in the resort. He said that it had been the policy of the city council for several years to restrict cabling to underground and the next area to be completed would be south Pattaya and beach road. He explained that a committee had been set up to debate the matter more fully and to find a construction company capable of finishing the bold project. The committee had already asked city hall to deal with business owners and local residents who were understandably concerned about disruption to their electricity supply and phone lines during the improvement period. Disconnections were

DEPUTY mayor Ronakit Ekasingh presided over a ceremony formally to open the beer bars, clubs and miscellaneous entertainment spots in

Soho Square, located conveniently in Walking Street. The whole area is 2.5 rai and hosts 16 units ready to offer fun and games in a dream environment.

Bangkok retail rents a fraction of global leaders inevitable you see. One of the first signs of progress has been that the electric poles at north Pattaya had now been removed, so one eye sore had already disappeared. City officials said that the project as a whole had begun three years ago, but only recently had things begun to happen. The process of replacing the wires and cables from Dolphin roundabout to Walking Street ought to be completed by the month December, hopefully the 2008 one.

NOTICE TO BRITISH NATIONALS British nationals are asked to note that only the British embassy may issue official, embassy documentation on their behalf. Any such documents issued by other parties are neither authorised nor valid. British nationals are requested to show any such illicit documentation to a British embassy official for examination.

ACCORDING to CB Richard Ellis' (CBRE) Q3 2008 Global Retail Rents Survey, some smaller and secondary retail cities such as Sydney, Australia and Dublin, Ireland, now sit alongside established global fashion capitals such as Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles in terms of claiming the highest retail rents in the world. Bangkok was ranked 74th out of the 88 cities surveyed, and retail rents in the Thai capital have been flat for several quarters, due to both domestic and external factors. While retail rents in Bangkok vary widely based on location and format, they are a small fraction of the levels seen in many other markets. Asia Pacific's presence in the top rankings continues to be prominent, holding seven of the top 20 most expensive destinations. Guangzhou remains to be the most expensive mainland Chinese city, having jumped significantly in the

ranking from 22nd in Q1 2008 to 13th in the current ranking. New York's 5th Avenue remains the world's most expensive retail destination, with monthly rental values of THB 69,760 per square metre, more than 75% higher than Hong Kong, the second most expensive location. Also making the top five most expensive retail destinations globally are Moscow, London and Tokyo. The top five fastest growing markets are Tel Aviv, Oporto, Abu Dhabi, Valencia and Bucharest, and prices in Tel Aviv and Oporto grew over 30% between Q1 2008 and Q3 2008. More recently, the slowdown in consumer demand has inevitably struck some retail markets around the world, resulting in falling rents. In cities such as Tokyo and Madrid, retailers are now renegotiating with landlords. Europe and the Middle East continue to dominate the most expensive retail hot spots,

ON November 22, Miss Rattana Chitcharoen, managing director of Saratta Property Company, hosted a reception at The Avenue, Second Road, to launch the Saratta Urban Chic Residence. Also in attendance were police colonel Sarayuth Sanguenpokai, former tourism and sports minister Sonthaya Kunplome and former assemblyman Chanyuth Hengtrakul. Located 120 meters from the beach at soi 5, Pattaya, Saratta is a combination of the names Rattana and Sarayoot whose condominium project has been inspired by the urban chic style. The compact plot is 200 square wah along a broadly quiet soi and cleverly integrates modern design elements with functionality. containing 33 of the top 50 most expensive destinations and 15 of the top 25 fastest-growing retail destinations. In the Americas, North American cities continue to be the most expensive, as Los Angeles is ranked at the tenth position behind New York's number one spot, with San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver being the other cities to make the top 50.

To maximise space, the seven storey condominium has two, two bedroom units per floor. Each unit is 180 square metres and luxuriously set out as would befit a five star hotel. Uniquely, there is no “master” bedroom but both the bedrooms are similarly proportioned with ensuite bathrooms and floor to ceiling walls with a great view of the sea. Every unit has an eight metre wide terrace with a Jacuzzi infinity plunge pool. For maximum security and privacy, two lifts open up to private elevator foyers with hi tech card keys which can access areas only as authorised. Prices start at 17 million baht and the sales office can be contacted at 038 412 888.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Opposition grows to beach scenery plan

A MEETING was held at city hall to hear what Field Green Design Company had in mind for the Krathing Lai beach, Banglamung, improvement scheme. The plan to cost 150 million baht revealed that more roads should be built to connect different areas of a revamped tourist area including a park, shopping opportunities, sports amenities and sidewalk. Not to mention a mass planting of trees. In this way, said the company, many more tourists would come f locking. But some council members expressed dire reservations. They said that such a big scheme was expensive and might encroach upon public land, even causing the residences of some

locals to be torn down in the name of improvement. Further worries were that neither the navy nor the water transport department had been consulted according to law, so any allocated might be wasted which would be a complete disaster. Mr Amnuay Naek, director of public works at city hall, observed that the plan was just that and much more study and research would need to take place. There was no way the council could approve anything at the moment as there were court cases pending between the city and local residents. The upshot of all was that any firm project for beautification of Krathing Lai beach was, figuratively speaking, light years away.

Thai hotels work for long term environment SIAM City Hotels & Resorts’ three hotels were winners of the TEM (Total Energy Management for Hotels) Award. Award-winning hotels were the Siam City Hotel, Bangkok, the Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa, Pattaya, and the Siam Bayview Hotel, Pattaya. Presented by the Energy Research Institute of Chulalongkorn University, in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the award was set up to train and evaluate energy management programs of hotels throughout Thailand. To pass the evaluation and inspection criteria, all of the hotels replaced traditional chiller systems with new-generation air conditioning systems and switched from using bunker oil to environmentally-friendly biodegradable biodiesel fuel for water boilers. The hotels also

diligently applied energy control measures to efficiently manage their energy usage to levels that will least harm the environment. Winning the TEM awards illustrates the hotels’ dedication

and commitment to a cleaner and healthier environment for guests and employees. Continuous involvement in government-sponsored programs and investments in modern environmentally-friendly infrastructures show an ongoing commitment by management and the owner toward safeguarding of the environment for the long-term.

BUSINESS NEWS Total access communication PLC sign Thailand’s largest ever office lease at Chamchuri Square Total Access Communication Public Company Limited, one of Thailand’s leading telecommunications providers better known as DTAC, have signed Thailand’s largest ever office lease at Chamchuri Square owned by Chulalo- ngkorn University. The company signed a lease for 61,000 square metres of office space. The building developed by Thailand’s prestigious Chulalongkorn University is situated on Rama IV Road with direct access to the Samyan MRT station. The development has a 90,000 square metre office building link to 22,300 square metre retail podium. There is also an apartment tower with 126 residential units. “This is the largest office transaction in Bangkok’s history,” said Mr. Nithipat Tongpun, Director and Head of Office Services at CB Richard Ellis Thailand, the sole leasing agent for Chamchuri Square. “This letting is four times larger than any other office lease signed in Bangkok, this means that despite the global economic slowdown, vacancy rates for Bangkok’s grade A central business district office market will remain low.” Mr. Prapaprot Puprasert, Senior Vice President of Total Access Communication PLC.

said, “We selected Chamchuri Square because the building matched many of our key requirements, it has great access with a direct link to the MRT’s Samyan station. You can walk from the station into the basement of Chamchuri Square. The 3,200 square metre floor plate, one of the largest in Bangkok

was also a key factor along with the reputation of Chulalongkorn University as a landlord. By signing this lease we are clearly demonstrating our commitment to Thailand.” Assoc. Prof. Gp.Capt. Permyot Kosolbhand, M.D., Vice President of Chulalongkorn University said, “We are very pleased to welcome Total Access Communication as a tenant in Chamchuri Square. We think the advanced design of the development reflects the spirit of our university.”

The Cove Condominium developed by Petch Property

A PRESS party for Cove Condominium was held at the construction site and show room last November 21 at the premises located in Naklua Soi 18/1. The party was attended by the developer Khun Itthi Chavalittamrong, the CEO and owner of Petch Property Development Co.,Ltd. The land area of the project is about 6 rai with access through 3 entrances. The construction started last August

2008 with total building area of 19,227.63 square meters and it’s expected to be completed before the 1 st quarter of 2010. The building has a total of 18 floors including the basement and the underground car park area with 103 units in it, and each unit has a spacious balcony with clear-glass railing. The special shape of the building provides all the units with a 100% sea view.

taken by the new freeway, and was very professionally put

together and presented to each of the attendees.

New highway to Maptaput is planned A recent meeting at Pattaya’s Discovery Hotel on Beach Road was attended by government officials from Chonburi Province and also many government officers and associates from Bangkok. A completely new expressway has been drawn up to

run from the expressway just north of Pattaya, and continue inland, straight through to the big shipping terminal and the rapidly advancing industrial city of Maptaput. The presentation included a questionnaire and precise details of the route to be



Statisticians at Asian University

THE Asian University has just completed an English language training programme for hard working staff of the National Statistics Office, an important bureau of the government.

Sea rescue and artillery shooting demo TWO hundred and fifty students from the national defence college visited Sattahip naval base to see all kinds of activities such as 100 mm artillery shooting, transferring equipment in choppy waters and rescuing poor souls on a ship about to go to the bottom. Captain Nattapong Pansophon addressed the guests and pointed out that live ammunition would be used in the artillery shelling demonstration. Frigate squadrons were present in force and advised the visitors that one of their duties was to search out and destroy submarines using the latest technology including a radar warning receiver. In times of peace, the navy had to patrol the ocean to stop smuggling and to organize sea rescues when they were needed. Captain Monchai Kathong said that regular exercises and training would make the navy ready for all eventualities as you never quite know what might happen next. Everyone concurred with that sentiment.

Finnish club donates to police chief

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008 A R O U N D PAT TAYA Turtles released in honour First ever hair of The King and Queen championship in Pattaya

IN the charming setting of the sea turtles conservation centre, the navy’s coastal command released over 1,000 sea turtles into the waters at Sattahip in a gesture of symbolic unit and reconciliation for the 116 days from national mums’ day to national fathers’ day and in honour of their majesties the King and Queen. The air and coastal defence command joined in the ceremony to give prestige to this environmentally sound activity.

THE Pattaya mayor presided over the resort’s very first hair championship in the company of the owner of Mike Business Group and beauticians of good repute. The general idea was to promote beauty products for hair, raise standards in the industry and have a good time all round.

Mangroves planted in honour of His Majesty

Local school receives sports stuff

AS a gesture of symbolic unity and reconciliation for the 116 days from national mothers’ day to national fathers’ day, the marine division of the corps at Sattahip naval base planted 500 mangroves in honour of their Majesties the King and Queen. BANSAKNOK school, Huay Yai district, received the gift of much badly needed sports equipment from the Mountain Bike and Triathlon Clubs. Selected students and their families also received 32 scholarships at 1,000 baht per go to help bright but underprivileged children cover their school expenses.

Wedding bells for Chief of Naval Security US Embassy Thailand

And still they come!

THE Pattaya-Finland Association, based in Soi Welcome, donated 30,000 baht to Pattaya police chief colonel Noppodol Wongnom to help underprivileged children in the area. The club currently has 600 members and the occasion marked its fifth anniversary.

STEVE Puttock recently became the 8th Platinum sponsor for the Charity Club of Pattaya’s January dinner to raise cash for worthy charitable causes. Steve, seen here with Christina Boden, is a regular attender at the Club’s meetings and functions and is sponsoring as a private individual.

KCR auction goes showcase

New Indian Beer here

RECENTLY at the Army Club in Bangkok Douglas Robinson and Udtales Soranat (Bee) held a wedding reception and invited all their family and friends from as far away as America and as close as Pattaya. The couple met 3 years ago during a seminar in which Doug as an NCIS agent was preparing data to the surrounding officials and police to ensure safe US Navy ship visits. Subsequently, he has become assigned to be the Force Protections (FPD) Chief of Naval Security for the US Embassy here in Thailand and has overseen many safe US Navy ships visits since their return back to Thailand earlier this year after a long absence from R & R to Thailand. Doug is enthusiastic about his job and optimistic about Pattaya’s future to become more frequently visited by US Navy Ships along with the Cobra Gold and CARAT exercise’s held here annually. In photo from left to right, Bobby Brooks, US Embassy Warden, (Groom) Douglas F. Robinson, Chief on Naval Security US Embassy, (Bride) Udtales Soranat, and Lapasrada Homnan

Man Talk Only Folks!

KCR Home Finders have been running mid-monthly auctions at the Lake Mabprachan Resort, but bidders have been a bit scarce, so CEO Paul wisely decided to also utilize this event as a showcase for prospective property buyers. His views of the Pattaya property market are “the time is right and the place is here.”

STRAIGHT from India, the “Kingfisher” brand of beer had its beginnings back in the early colonial days of India, when it was established as a brewery for supplying beer to the British troops garrisoned in that country. This very tasty brew is now being introduced into Thailand by United Breweries, India, and for further information in Pattaya phone Khun Lek on 086.619.251

Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) members listened to the pros & cons of taking Viagra and similar sexual stimulants, when they met for one of their regular Sunday meetings. Neil Maniquiz from the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya surprised the men by stating that a fair proportion of these products are worthless fakes, which is a real let down for a man’s ego trip.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Happy birthday Marriott Rewards


Optimists clean up the beach

SOMSAK Tanruengsri (2nd right), general manager of Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa and his team, celebrated the 25th anniversary of Marriott Rewards, a customer loyalty programme with 30 million members worldwide.

THE Optimist International Club of Thailand, under the presidency of Drew Noyes, turned out in force after the Loy Krathong festival to kick off the "Keep Pattaya Beautiful" campaign. Photograph shows left to right Bob, Joe and Lux, all Optimist members.

Poppy appeal raises 260,000 baht

US beauty guru at Ocean Tower

THE British Legion poppy appeal has now raised over a quarter of a million baht. Pictured are branch members and HRH Princess Alexandra at this year’s Remembrance Service at the British embassy in Bangkok.

Winchester celebrates Loy Kratong

THE Winchester Club, the best day bar at Soi Wat Boon Kanjana, celebrates Loy Kratong together with the management and staff dressed in traditional "Shutthai".

Welcome dinner at Wi's restaurant

Mr. Dolawat, owner of Wi's restaurant, welcomes Murray Thain and Simon Rostone, director of COCO golf and golfer group tour, for a friendly dinner.

Khun Dhaninrat Klinhom, director of public relations at Amari Orchid Resort and Tower, welcomed Ms Nancy Trent, the beauty and spa guru from New York, on her recent visit to the executive Horizon Club in the luxurious 5 Star Ocean Tower.

Caroline acts as "ambassador" to visitors

THANKFUL Knowledge Learning Center located on South Pattaya, 3rd Road joined the Loy Krathong festivities. The center's student Narin Caroline Noyes joined the annual Nu Noi Nophamas Contest and was asked to perform as "ambassador" to English and Thai visitors about the attractions of the eastern seaboard. The judges were very impressed and awarded Narin Caroline second place overall.

New furniture showrooms open

PIROM furniture company officially opened their new premises in Siam Country Club Road, with a Buddhist ceremony, lunch and an afternoon of entertainment. Guests were impressed by their big range of custom made furniture & drapes which they themselves manufacture, as well as exotic wallpaper and other home decor.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


by Peter Lloyd

I AM writing this in Manila. Sometimes regarded by disaffected expats in Pattaya as an alternative to living in Thailand, I think you would have to be out of your mind to willingly swap life in Pattaya for life in Manila. I don’t like spending time here, however much I like the Philippines and its people. It is a dirty, povertystricken city, and even in the tourist areas (such as they have them) the street kids begging and the visible signs of severe poverty are depressing. I won’t walk down the dark deserted streets late at night either. Many people I know equate the Philippines with danger. Even now, when Bangkok is seeing huge street protests, the threat of anarchy, civil war and (Thai on Thai) murder, where Thailand, like the Philippines has daily deaths in the South where an Islamic insurgency is raging, and where, in Pattaya, we see gun crime and teenage rampaging gangs on every news channel and website, I still would not willingly swap my life in Thailand for Manila. I feel far safer in Thailand.

The Philippines – Dangerous? As well as possessing some of the best beaches in the world, travel and living in the Philippines is also very cheap and easy compared to Thailand. The sharing of an American/European cultural

safety when you mention the Philippines? I have some answers. Ferry bad publicity There are many ferry tragedies each year in the Philippines, usually involving

Thriller in Manila: 2 Gunmen hold up Police (Pistols on the right)

influence and the widespread use of excellent English all make for an enjoyable travelling experience. It is also far more business and retiree friendly than Thailand. So why does tourism lag so far behind Thailand’s, and why do people worry about

overloaded ferries, unseaworthy boats, dangerous weather, and, usually, all three at once. In the week I was scuba diving in Puerto Galera, there were two ferry tragedies, one involving the deaths of 50 people and one involving the deaths of 8 people.

Prince Philipisms I HAD to laugh at the amusing observation of (British) Prince Philip recently when he said on an official visit that tourism is simply national prostitution. So I

Nigeria, dressed in traditional robes -“You look like you’re ready for bed!” 2. On key problems facing Brazil - “Brazilians live there”

Comedian at the Gate

did a bit of research, and I have compiled a list of his greatest one-liners. Reading them makes me like him more, as he speaks his mind and he seems to have a ready and mischievous wit. 1. To the President of

3. When asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union - “The bastards murdered half my family” 4. To a driving instructor in Scotland - “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get

them through the test?” 5. China State Visit, to British students - If you stay here much longer, you’ll all be slitty-eyed. 6. To an Aborigine in Australia - “Do you still throw spears at each other?” 7. At a Washington Embassy reception for Commonwealth membersAre you Indian or Pakistani? I can never tell the difference between you chaps. 8. On Air Travel: If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate how much more aircraft have become. Unless you travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly. 9. To a group of deaf children standing next to a Jamaican steel drum band, on a visit to Wales. Deaf? If you are near there, no wonder you’re deaf. 10. At the height of the UK recession in 1981: Everybody was saying we must have more leisure.

After that, the coastguard locked down all ferry travel to and from the islands for a few days, as a cyclone passed many miles away, which was just as well, as the boat I travelled in to the mainland was a very small outrigger. It was also the week in which the authorities began the grisly job of recovering the trapped bodies of some of the 800 people who died on a ferry four months ago, in the Philippines’ worst ever ferry disaster. Not the greatest tourist publicity for an island country. Manila’s Wild West Streets When I arrived in Manila earlier today, there was a feeling of tension on the streets as money was delivered to banks, where up to four security guards, all armed with loaded automatic and semi-automatic weapons and pump action shotguns

nervously stood guard, fingering their triggers and suspiciously eying passers-by. I went for a stroll in the mid-afternoon Manila streets, in the seemingly respectable district of Ermita, which contains many hotels and foreigners. I then witnessed two dramatic incidents in the space of 20 minutes and only one block apart. First, I saw the aftermath of a street robbery, where the attempted thieves had been apprehended and had suffered some serious street justice, and who were bleeding nearby. They were handcuffed and waiting for the police vehicle, as a bewildered and angry women victim shouted at them and a large, angry crowd resembling a lynch mob gathered. For safety’s sake, I decided to move on, and just one block away I saw people

scatter all over the road as two men pulled out large pistols (see photo) and heldup some policemen on motorbikes who were transporting two felons, who were handcuffed on the back of the police motorbikes. I have no idea if they were a private local militia or undercover police, or even aggrieved members of the public, because their behavior was erratic, and one of them was evidently angry. First he tried to pistol whip one of the villains, and aimed the pistol in his direction, and then he knocked about one of the coppers on the bike. It was an extremely tense moment and you could feel the nervousness of onlookers as the incident unfolded. It looked like the gunmen were trying to take the offenders from the police into their own custody, which I’m guessing would have been a very bad idea for the miscreants.

Global economic stresses and Pattaya I don’t say this flippantly, but I fear the coming year will see an increase in suicides in Pattaya as the worsening global financial crisis takes its toll on expats who retired here on investments, cash, stocks and pensions around the world, Now they are complaining they are unemployed. 11. On Canada: We don’t come here for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves. 12. In Kenya, after accepting a gift from an indigenous woman: You are a woman, aren’t you? 13. To Tom Jones: What do you gargle with pebbles? 14. On Chinese Eating Habits: If it has got four legs and is not a chair, if it has two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane, and if it swims and is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it. 15. And finally, my personal favourite: To a blind women with a guide dog - “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?” Contact me atpattayatoday

as the financial storm continues to rage through global share and real estate markets. Many retirees then invested money in failing Pattaya real estate schemes and developments. When you add the decimation of many currencies’

exchange rates to the Baht, which has also increased financial stresses on many Pattaya expats by making the cost of living much higher for those already hit by the financial fallout elsewhere, the picture looks bleak indeed.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Progress on child sex Truth about the UK pound

More veggie choices

CONCERNING the cost of living in Pattaya and the recent complaint from a Brit telling the increase in Thai baht based on his retirement income, the truth is otherwise! It’s not that Pattaya costs have gone up but that the British pound currency has collapsed owing to UK economic and financial excess in previous years. The British pound is in sharp decline against all major currencies such as the US dollar Japanese yen, the euro and so on. Your correspondent should be complaining to his own government and not about third parties. I suggest the Brit knocks at the right door! Bad country management can only result in secular declining currencies, whether one likes it or not and whether a country produces oil or not. The occasional rallies are simply bear market rallies. Against the Swiss franc, the British pound fell by a factor of 6.5 over the last 40 years. Charles Curty

I was interested in your piece (November 16) on vegetarianism in Pattaya and the different opportunities there are for dining, including the upper class Amor. I am an American serviceman, on a limited budget, and I was not aware there was any choice except for a few Indian restaurants. And even there you are not sure as they may use animal products in the frying. I am a vegan as it happens. I visited the Five Stars restaurant in South Pattaya Road and found a good selection there, provided you are happy with Thai food. I tried a sour mango salad (yam sam grob I think it’s called) followed by brown rice and vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce. This restaurant also sells several brands of health foods and vitamin supplements, although some of the prices are a bit steep. Still, I recommend Five Stars and you can find it just by the traffic lights at the Third Road there. I would also like to recommend the large buffet, largely vegetarian and with choices for vegans too, at the large restaurant on the ground floor of the Royal Garden Plaza. It’s called Sizzler. For around 140 baht you can enjoy what I consider to be the best vegetarian selection in town, although the main menu is very largely meat and fish orientated. The buffet also has soups, spaghetti and desserts and the value for money is excellent. John Calhoun

Pattaya is the tops WITH all the moaning and groaning currently going on, let’s not forget that Pattaya how has many facilities to equal those found in the UK. The supermarkets are generally good and you can certainly find a lot of imported products at Villa, Friendship and Foodland to name but three. If you don’t want to cook your own Christmas turkey, KPK (near Soi Yume) can do it for you and the shop again has several UK featured lines including Haywards pickles! The top restaurants, such as Manhattans and Mata Hari, are the equal of anything you’d find in England and a lot less expensive I might add. There are restaurants to suit every taste and pocket and good ones at that. Indian by Nature has won accolades galore and rightly so and for a traditional English “nosh” I defy anyone to better places such as Greg’s Kitchen, The Sportsman or Papa David. There are lots of others too. When it comes to sport and leisure, there are 20 top class golf courses within an hour’s drive, impressive gymnasiums, opportunities to play a quiz almost any night of the week and plenty of bars where you can still get a beer for a pound. If you want female company, well that’s another story I guess. Let’s remember that Pattaya is still a great resort to visit or live in. Simon Moore

Immigration disappointment I WOULD like to take this opportunity to wish the Pattaya immigration superintendent, police colonel Ittiphol Itteisarnronnachai, best wishes for his future now that he has left the area for a promotion in Bangkok. The recent award to Pattaya immigration of being the best in Thailand is certainly a great honour. Certainly the new office in Jomtien has been a big improvement over the old one in downtown Pattaya. But I am sure I speak for many when I say that the closure of the public toilets in the car park of the immigration is a desperate move. I request the authorities there to get the toilets repaired properly. As they say, it’s a pity to spoil the ship for a halfpenny’s worth of tar! Now that the immigration is very busy, often with long queues at some sections, it is more necessary than ever to provide this essential public facility. Name and address supplied Ed: A number of other familiar faces at Pattaya immigration have in fact been promoted elsewhere. They include police major Tanapat, in charge of CID inquiries, and police captain Poo who was responsible for checking retirement visa applications.

Porno on the beach WE have been coming to Pattaya on holiday for many years but I must say that sex is getting out of all hand. I and my family were sat on Jomtien beach the other day and a Russian man asked a DVD roaming seller if he had anything “a little stronger”. To my disgust, the seller produced a handful of hard core pornographic DVDs which the Russian tittered over mightily before selecting three with the advice of his friend. It was possible for either me, or my wife or my son to see the covers of the DVDs and I can only say they were unbelievable, showing human sex organs in all sorts of positions, some against the law and others against nature. My son is only 10 years old and this sort of thing should not be allowed to happen in a civilised country. I did call over a tourist police officer who was wandering nearby, but he said I needed to report the incident in the ninth soi. I did not understand what he meant and let the matter drop. I’m afraid that Pattaya will never succeed in its aim of becoming a family resort until there is a better grip on matters of sex. Another problem of a similar kind is in central Pattaya where nightclubs advertise their wares with pictures of young men and women wearing skimpy underwear and adopting suggestive poses. It’s high time that the city authorities and the police got to grips with sex before it’s too late. William Cunliffe

THE German ambassador Dr Hans Schumacher has called on Thailand to stamp out the sexual exploitation of children. He has pledged to support Thailand in tracking down, punishing and extraditing sexual abusers of kids and has noted that the German government has found over three million pornographic photos of children on the internet. According to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), up to 1.8 million children and adolescents round the world are forced into the flesh trade or pornography every year. The real total could be much higher as much of the illegal activity is underground and largely hidden from public scrutiny. It’s important to recognise what progress the Pattaya authorities have made to date in tackling the problem of child prostitution. There was a series of arrests of foreigners earlier this year which certainly publicised the concern, although several of the cases have not been heard in court or have been abandoned for lack of evidence. Separately, several foreigners have had their Thai visa cancelled and been deported “personae non gratae” because Interpol files showed they had been convicted of a serious sex offence in another country. In some cases, it’s the media publicity surrounding the arrest which is feared more than the actual penalty. Thus it would be wrong to suggest that nothing has been done about the problem. The child welfare authorities in Chonburi have a special unit to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse. This has been quite active in areas of Pattaya where the problem is said to be most prevalent. Senior police say that the more blatant scenarios of child prostitution – use of “safe” houses and child sex shows – simply won’t be found in the resort these days or are speedily closed down. Equally, it’s important to see the issues in context. Child prostitution is a worldwide phenomenon and the supply is dictated by the demand. Cambodia, long said to be a pedophile haven, has in the last two years jailed or deported several dozen foreigners and publicises the fact even in a special DVD shown at the airports on arrival. Nobody suggests the issues have been resolved, but progress has been made. Yet any sustained attempt to stamp out child prostitution must take account of the reality that it’s not simply a “tourist” thing. Abuse is also home grown and a lot of research has illustrated that most sex abuse is perpetrated by those known to the child, including relatives. Probably a weakness of the Thai campaigns to date is that they have concentrated only on the foreigner influence. Farangs are just part of the story. The World Congress on the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents ran in Rio de Janeiro in late November. It raised all the issues of supply and demand, public health, corruption in high places and the associated human misery. But it’s probably true that child sexual exploitation is best tackled by effective law enforcement. It is the near surety of being found out and prosecuted which is the best deterrent.



Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Miracle Cellulite and Fat Zappers

Dr. Nantapat Supapannachart

CARBOXY THERAPY Carboxy therapy is the new, simple and proven technique that can dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite by improving local tissue metabolism and perfusion. Treatments are rapid, comfortable and effective for a high percentage of patients. Get rid of cellulite, orange peel skin, and excessive fat accumulation in body areas such as calves, back-arms, thighs, hips and belly. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is infiltrated into the subcutaneous tissue through a tiny needle. From the injection point, the carbon dioxide diffuses easily into adjacent tissues. Carbon dioxide mechanically kills fat cells and improves blood and lymph circulation. It also causes dilation of blood vessels in the area. Wider vessels mean bigger and stronger blood flow to the area, which means more oxygen. The increase

in oxygen is important because it eliminates the built up fluid from between the cells. The end result is fewer fat cells and firmer skin structure. It is a non surgical method. There is no harm since Carbon dioxide is naturally produced by the cells in our bodies every day of our life. It is a by product of metabolism. It is transported in the blood and exhaled through the lungs. THERMA FIRM / THERMA SLIM Therma Firm / Therma Slim is a non-invasive treatment that delivers RF Current (0.5MHz) into areas with excessive fat, creating an internal thermal increase. This procedure, also known as hyperthermia, activates blood flow, increases metabolism to liquefy and disperse fat as well as cellulites, thus in effect, also acting to detox the body. One of the best features of this treatment is that it is virtually painless. The application is pleasant and relaxing. Results can be seen after the first session. But effective treatment program to eliminate cellulite should consist of between 10 to 15 sessions. Therma Firm / Therma Slim is the ideal device for clients who have cellulites and fat deposits who needs a quick fix because the treatment is

totally safe and can be administered daily. MESO CELLULITE Eliminate Cellulite with Meso Deep Firming Essence Say goodbye to cellulite-prone skin, topical fats and orange-peel skin with Meso Cellulite. Affected areas such as thighs, hips, belly, limb, etc., will be gently injected with key active substances through a digitally controlled micro needle. Deep skin layers are especially targeted, dissolving excessive fats, enhancing blood circulation and strengthening skin tissue. Meso Cellulite perfectly harmonizes active ingredients from soybeans and advanced medical substances, bringing smoother and firmer skin back to you again. Meso Cellulite Reduction Mesotherapy applied to the affected area improves the cir culation and dissolves the excessive bulging fat that causes the skin unevenness. The dissolved fat gets flushed out of the body through the kidneys. With Mesotherapy “dimples” are resolved and theskin once again has a smooth appearance. The treatment usually involves 10 sessions or until the desired effect is achieved. Each treatment lasts only a few minutes. Mild bruising of the skin may take place due to

skin pricking but this will be resolved in a few days. There is no down time. Advantages of Meso Cellulite Reduction • Improved blood flow to the area • Dissolving excess fat deposits • Removing fibrotic, hardened connective tissue • Improved lymphatic drainage MESOLIPO Mesolipo is specially designed to blast away excessive fat from the body system; a specific innovation to fight against fat in topical areas. The treatment involves dissolving fat cells right where it started before they accumulate into fat storage area. Lipostabil then transports the fat out from the originating cells to body energy burning system. Fat in topical areas, such as belly, thighs, and buttocks, are successfully removed. Shape-up your body, start to feel your toned body contour within only 2-3 treatment sessions. The medications that are used in Mesotherapy melt the fat beneath the skin and shrink the fat cells in the scarpus fascia layer. The fat dissolves and, as occurs when fat is broken down during typical weight loss is carried through the bloodstream and excreted by kidneys and bowel. All patients undergoing Mesotherapy will be asked to follow a natural

healthy diet, which will be easy to follow; And because toxins are eliminated, lots of water is used to flush substances, along with dissolved

fat, out of the body. Exercise is needed to circulate the medications used, with walking or another form of aerobic activity, three times a week.

have a wrapping service at Big C too.) 24th December: Far too late to worry about anything now so eat the last choccie on your calendar,

grab a large glass of mulled wine, hang up your stocking, pillow case or duvet cover, and wait for Santa to come down the chimney!

Countdown to Christmas

by Bee McConville IT’S now December and Christmas is looming large - are you prepared? Have you got everything under control? If you’re anything like me you will think that you are super-organised but, as each day passes, you’ll start to remember whole hosts of things that you thought you had sorted but which you realize, with a growing sense of panic, that you haven’t even considered. However, all is not lost! Here is a countdown list that might help you to remember those little things, and those rather larger things, that you need to deal with to ensure your Christmas celebrations are indeed happy and uninterrupted by last minute crises or catastrophes: 1st December: open the first door on your Advent calendar. If you haven’t actually got one, improvise with a large board on which you write the numbers 1 – 24 and put a chocolate on top of each number – no cheating, you’re only allowed to eat one per day!!! 2nd December: buy Christmas cards (UNICEF and charity ones, please), write them and clog up the mailboxes at Naklua post office by posting them all at the same time to friends and family overseas. 3rd December: start dropping hints to him upstairs regarding what you would like to find in your stocking on Christmas morning, other than his

dirty toenail clippings and dry skin. 4th December: make a decision about Christmas dinner. Will you: a) cook it yourself so slave away for half of the day in a hot, sticky kitchen cooking and dish-washing or b) go to a posh restaurant? Hmmmm, tough choice! Go make the reservation NOW! 5th December: it’s the King’s birthday so wear something yellow and have a morning of gossip with girlfriends over a mega caramel-mocha-lattefrappe-Colombian with cinnamon sprinkles at Starbucks. 6 th December: Write your Christmas shopping list! That means all the things you will buy for other people, not all the things you want them to buy for you! 7 th December: Locate the Christmas tree and erect where appropriate. Locate Christmas tree decorations, which are stored in no obvious place you can remember. 8 th December: buy new Christmas tree decorations (to replace misplaced ones from last year) and scatter assorted tinsel around your house in a ‘tis the season to be merry’ sort of way. 9th December: drop more obvious hints to your beloved regarding what you want for Christmas; it’s time to be a little less subtle. 10th December: clean out fridge in preparation for filling with festive goodies. While removing black carrots, sour milk and cruddy cheese, you might as well finish off the bottle of Chardie and that old bottle of Cinzano … and add some gin to the spare bottle of tonic … 11th December: locate Panadol for seasonal headaches and finish cleaning the fridge; put out empty booze bottles for the recycling man. 12th December: if you are having guests for Christmas dinner call them

to confirm the arrangement. If they are foreign make sure they understand that dinner means lunch in English and that you are not inviting them for tea, which means dinner if you are not English. 13th December: it’s time for a trip to Bangkok to get those Christmas things you can’t possibly get in Pattaya – check out Emporium, Central Chitlom, Central World Plaza, Paragon, Siam Centre, Siam Discovery, Siam Square and MBK which are all conveniently connected by BTS. 14th December: forget the hints, tell your other half exactly what you want from Father Christmas; better still, just tell his secretary! 15th December: buy replacement choccies for your Advent calendar – no it’s not the 24th yet so you shouldn’t have eaten them all! 16th December: check time zones carefully so when you ring up distant family members on Christmas Day you don’t confuse 4 o’clock in the afternoon with 4 o’clock in the morning 17th December: buy sellotape, ribbons, scissors, etc. and organise present-wrapping. Ensure you have only bought presents of standard shape and size as you are totally rubbish at wrapping. 18th December: buy booze, but first make sure there are no elections/ political holidays in the offing. 19th December: go shopping for a nice little outfit to wear on Christmas Day ….. and maybe another one for New Year’s Eve. 20th December: locate Christmas CDs to play whilst opening prezzies. Slade, Wizard and Bruce are far better for ripping off paper to than the Ray Conniff Singers or Bing Crosby 21st December: locate Christmas DVDs to watch when sleeping off

over-indulgent Chrissie dinner. Father Christmas, the Snowman and Muppet Christmas Carol are probably better than the Ring or Saw IV, unless you enjoy watching sprouts and stuffing being regurgitated. 22nd December: Make sure your camera has charged batteries. Not in order to capture cute family members but to ensure you get the blackmail picture of him upstairs filling his face with shaving foam and pretending to be Santa going ‘Ho, ho, ho and what do you want for Christmas little boy’ to himself in the bathroom mirror when he thinks nobody is looking! 23rd December: Race to Big C to buy present for husband/civil partner/lover/boyfriend. They do a great line in woks, melamine (non-edible) and practical glassware. Something is bound to suit (they

Driving me crazy! I HAVE just succeeded in replacing my old five year driving licence with a new five year driving licence. Now I attempted to complete this seemingly simple affair without a Thai ‘friend’ to help me and without attempting to buy my way through the bureaucracy. And I am happy to report that I was successful in my attempt despite the obstacles scattered in my path! The first obstacle was being told that I was too early to renew the licence as, silly me, I was attempting to swap it on the day of expiry rather than after the day of expiry. However, not being of faint heart I tried another counter and was given the green light! I then had to undergo a colour blind test, a peripheral vision test and a patience test,the last being the hardest as I was told to wait for

an hour and a half! Needless to say I have grown pretty good at this game-playing malarkey so smiled and gave a simpering ‘OK ka’. But then they grew vindictive! On my return I was invited into a room large enough to seat a Korean coach party and was made to watch a video on how to drive – just me, all on my own. Now it strikes me that if I am renewing a Thai five year driving licence it is understood that I can already drive in Thailand. But no, that is just too obvious isn’t it? I was on the point of telling someone they had made a mistake when I realised that this must be another test and that there was a hidden camera to check whether or not I was watching the video, so I proceeded to watch attentively and make all the right facial signals

of interest throughout the whole hour, nodding in the correct places and looking aghast at the gory results of poor driving habits. As luck would have it, the hidden cameras didn’t catch me out and I proceeded to pick up my new licence with a renewed understanding of how not to drive on the pavements or go the wrong way up one way streets. Now this proved to be ironic as I hopped aboard a motor cycle taxi who then proceeded to drive along the pavement, on the wrong side of the road whilst shouting at the pedestrians to bloody well get out of the way – so can someone tell me why on Earth they didn’t make the likes of him watch the bastard video instead of me?? I say it like I see it! Moaning Minnie

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Fool in Paradise


Part 2 READERS of Part 1 of this column will know that, at this point, my Go Go Bar under the name The Fool Sports Club is open for business and busily recruiting club members whose confidentiality is assured. The membership card will merely show the club name, the member’s photo, a membership number, a false (or real) name and false (or real) birth date. The background of the face of the colourful card will depict icon-sized images of sporting events such as golf, tennis, darts, pool etc., and in no way expose the true activities of the club. The reverse of the card will only contain a bar code of the membership number for ease of scanning. The address of the bar or the word ‘Pattaya’ will not appear anywhere. The bar’s accounting system will be computerised and bins will be electronically printed. This is nothing special as many Pattaya bars do this already. The only extra expenses for the bar is a scanner to read bar codes, the computer software to match the bar code with a

customer’s bin, and a large ‘lucky number’ wheel divided into 36 components which are numbered much the same as a casino roulette wheel. Now, let’s take the example of Mr. Mickey Mouse, membership number 001, who has given his birth date as 20th June. Why would he want to join The Fool Sports Club? For starters, if he is present in the bar on his birth date, he will receive a birthday gift of say ten free drinks. Therefore, it would be wise for any guy who can only take his annual holidays in Pattaya to give his ‘birth date’ as a date within his holiday period. As the bar owner, I would be out the cost price of ten drinks, but look at the BIG picture. Who celebrates their birthday on their own? The birthday boy will almost certainly bring a few mates along to help him party, and they will be paying for their drinks. The bar has paying customers it probably would not have had without the help of Mr. Mouse. There would be nightly giveaways as well and these would be heavily promoted


Your Soi

by Frank Thring

I CAN’T do my soi investigations in the depth of the night when the Pattaya Party People are out and about and the bars are buzzing. It is unfortunate, but I have three valid reasons: I need plenty of light to take legible notes, my camera takes abysmal photos at night, and 10pm is way past my bedtime. I mention this because Soi LK Metro, running off Soi Diana Inn and bending to meet Soi Buakow, turns out to be rather quiet until the sun goes down. I was there between 5pm and 6pm and there was a distinct lack of punters about. All Pattaya is suffering from the dearth of tourists and twice recently I’ve found myself the only customer in bars which were usually popular. From the Family Mart on

the corner of Soi LK Metro and Soi Diana I passed Champagne A Go Go which had not opened as yet. For a Go Go Bar off Walking Street, it has been good in the past. The shophouse previously occupied by Speedy Pizza directly opposite is now up for rent. Next door is Steak and Grill House (advertising a 99 baht breakfast), Krogen Swedish restaurant and a well-named bar – The Nut House. The folk in this soi do come up with some imaginative names, as I soon found out. On the left is The Rock House Music and Sport’s bar, 3Som Bar and Guesthouse then Bob’s BBQ and Mexican Grill. Bob’s used to be located on South Pattaya Road but moved to this location where customers are more plentiful. I have eaten here before and I’ve been advised by some American friends that

with signs on the wall. At a set time each night the ‘lucky wheel’, containing the numbers of all the available ladies working in the bar at the time, would be spun. Once the winning lady’s number is announced, for the next hour her ‘not long time’ bar fine would be waived for the first club member present in the bar to take up the offer. Of course, private negotiations would still be necessary with the lady for her personal services. Economically speaking, the lady would lose her percentage of the bar fine but, as a responsible bar owner, I would give her that money anyway. So, I would be out the entire bar fine but think how many guys would turn up for the chance of ‘winning’ a free bar fine with their favourite lady! A corporate-minded bar owner would first do some research to determine what is traditionally the quietest time of the evening to hold the draw. I would also ascertain what is usually the quietest night of the week and declare it to be ‘Member’s Night’. On this night, each club

member present between say 8:00pm and 9:00pm would receive one free drink. Then at 10:00pm, there would be a member’s draw. (Notice the sneaky one hour gap to keep the punters buying drinks?) A membership number would be publically drawn from the entire pool of members and, if the winner is present, he receives a cash prize of initially, say 500 baht. If, after two minutes, the member hasn’t come forward and produced his membership card, the prize will jackpot to 600 baht next week. Look at the logic behind this: In the beginning there may be only 100 club members and on Member’s Night only ten show up. That means the bar owner has a 90% chance of not paying out any money. By the next week, membership has grown to 120, the prize is 600 baht and 15 members show up. The owner now has an 87.5% chance of not paying out. Each week, membership increases, the prize gets larger and more members turn up to try and win it.

Even when the prize is won, it has only cost the bar owner 100 baht per week to fill his bar with customers on what was once the slowest night of the week! How good is that? On every other night of the week, at a convenient time after the bar opens I would spin the ‘lucky wheel’ set up with the numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 evenly distributed throughout the 36 divisions. Whatever number comes up, club members receive that amount of baht off each drink order for the next hour. Notice the cunning wording? It is not a discount for each drink but each order so, even if he is buying drinks for the ladies or his non-member mates, the discount applies only once to the total order. Even if he tries to be clever and starts ordering drinks singly for his friends, so what? It is a pseudo Happy Hour in any case and at least he has brought some friends along to add bums to seats. The bar itself would have to be a good bar to begin with, i.e. well appointed, have plenty of pretty girls on hand, offer reasonablypriced drinks and play good background music. The advantage over similar bars is the list of benefits for members, which are only

Bob serves the best smoked ribs in town. Don’t say you haven’t been told! Conveniently located next to Bob’s is Lolitas, a bar with unique facilities, so I am told. Somebody mentioned something about a dentist’s chair but I’m not sure of its significance. Further on the left is The Irish Rovers

from 800 baht. Back on the right hand side after The Nut House is Sweet Night (German) Bar, Traveller’s Rest hotel and bar then Storm Hotel and Cafe bar. The spacious Kilkenny budget hotel and bar opposite has rooms from 600 baht if you stay more than one night.

appears to be a strong Irish influence in this soi) is followed by The Golf Club beer bar and The Hell Club. This place also goes by the name Eden Club and, like Lolitas, offers unique entertainment for the adventurous punter. There were some very pretty ladies lolling out front. The Haven Bar, Redz

guesthouse, bar, diner and golf tours, then Pasadena Lodge tucked away in the corner advertising rooms

Now the soi makes a hard right and heads towards Soi Buakow. Mickey Malone’s London-Irish Bar (there

Bar (all beer 50 baht from 1pm to 8pm) and Blue Moon Guesthouse and Bar precedes a very interesting bar – The

limited by the bar owner’s imagination. Offer discounted club t-shirts and other souvenirs for members and a free drink each time they introduce a new member. I even thought of using the Thai national lottery held on the first and sixteenth of each month. Any club member whose membership number ends with the same two digits as the two-digit number drawn in the lottery is entitled to one free ‘not long time’ bar fine which can be used any time up until the next lottery draw. So what if a dozen members show up to claim their prize? That means a dozen happy customers and up to a dozen happy ladies. Unlike some bars where the ambiance is, “bring me a coffee to wake me up”, I would make sure something is going on all the time. Gimmicks and prizes would be announced in the bar with as much pomp and ceremony as could be mustered. That would hopefully encourage customers to join and, once they’ve joined, it will keep them coming back. As I said earlier, everybody likes to ‘belong’ and feel important. That’s it. The most difficult task, as far as the bar is concerned, would be in training a Thai bar manager or mamasan. But nothing is impossible and if I have given any bar owners or potential bar owners something to think about then my job is done. Sign me up as your first member. Cheers! Fcuk Inn. Apart from the appalling spelling, the subtitle reads: “Liquor in the front; Poker in the rear.” I certainly hope not because gambling is illegal in Thailand. On the right we have Red 5 beer bar and The Drunken Duck, one of my favourite names for a bar (see photo). I’m not sure what a drunken duck looks like but I’ve sure felt like one at times. Metro Apartments and bar (the soi is named after them) has free pool tables for customers and is followed by a Pizza Restaurant, Murphy’s Law (yet another Irish bar) and The Stag’s Head beer bars. That brings me to the intersection with Soi Buakow and two relatively new bars on the corners. Club Blu on the left and Liquid Lounge on the right are well appointed and furnished. As the sun finally set I did notice some lovely hostesses at Liquid Lounge sitting in anticipation of a sexy man walking into their lives. I approached, gave my seductive Cary Grant smile, and their prayers were answered. See you in a couple of weeks.


By: Mr. Ponthep Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Mrs.Darunee Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Accountant of WERACHON LAW OFFICE, 315/304, Moo 12 Theppasit Road (Soi 12) Nongprue,Banglamung,Pattaya City, Chonburi 20260, Kingdom of Thailand Tel:(038)304 084,(038) 251 533Fax: (038) 304 027 Mobile: 081 423 4255,089 889 6483, Website:, e-mail: THE end of the annual accounting period of 2008 is around the corner. Most of companies owning property have the accounting period starting from 1 January to 31 December. It is once again the time to close the books of account and prepare the annual financial statements or balance sheet and tax report of your company. You should contact your licensed lawyer or qualified accountant with the update bank statement of your company and documents about the acquisition or disposal of the property. This year is really a hard time for some property buyers who enjoy the science of alchemy to make the easy money from the property speculation. The world credit crunch and


It is the time to prepare the Annual Balance Sheet & Tax Report for 2008 devaluation of currency are the main factors especially the Brits who lose their money from the exchange rate. However, the status quo of the ones who are speculative for the sustainable happiness under the economical doctrine of His Majesty the King is still intact. The enforcement or applicability of law is more interrelated with the economical and sociological aspect. For example, if you blindly enforce the anti smoking law in all bars and restaurants in Pattaya, many people will die from starvation not cancer. Can we compare this hypothesis with the enforcement of the foreign ownership law? The literal or wording substance of the law is not always equated to justice. In Thailand, most of laws will be enacted by the central parliament which may create some impacts for some areas. The legislators will not have bad faith to abuse some group of people. In fact, they may negligently study the consequence and over look some problems. It is why the enfor-cement and applicability of the law is become more tolerant. A good lawyer should find the applicability of the law which may create justice for his client. If you are a good faith foreigner, you should enjoy the peace and happiness in this Kingdom of Heaven.

The ignorance of law is no excuse. The knowledge of law should be the power you may seek to find the light of justice. We can summarize the developments of the laws and regulations in 2008 which may create some impacts on you. 1) The newly elected government suddenly implemented the populist policy to abolish the child brain policy of the junta backed government to withhold

“Money is a misery” 30% of money transferred into Thailand. This retrieves the optimism of private investors for the property markets in Pattaya and the eastern seaboard. Many investors from the Scandinavian countries optimistically purchase many high profile resort houses in Rayong. The transfer of money is more liberalized. However, you should always establish the proper transaction and records for the transfer of money which will be the reference for the transfer of money back to your country in the future. 2) The new government also wakes up the dormant real estate business by minimizing the rate

Education Loy Krathong celebration NOVEMBER full moon shine, Loy Krathong, Loy Krathong, And the water’s high in little river and the klong Loy Loy Krathong, Loy Loy Krathong, Loy Krathong is here, And everybody full of cheer Come together at the klong, Each one with his krathong As they float a way we pray, We will see a better day!! This time of year is a very special time for all of us at the Montessori Children’s Center. November brought us Loy Kratong which we celebrated on the school playground. Each child had their own handmade krathong and floated in the small swimming pool on the playground. The children wore traditional Thai costumes and looked amazingly beautiful. The day concluded with parents, staff and children joining together to sing the Loy Kratong song which the children had been practicing all week. Snacks &

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

drink were served to quench hunger and thirst after a very exciting afternoon. We would

like to congratulate all the children who really made this day possible and for a

“job well done” thank you also goes out to all parents who brought in all the lovely costumes and flowers for the Kratongs, and to the staff & teachers who prepared all the sets, decorations and food to make this truly a perfect day!!! November also brings Thanksgiving, an American celebration, held on the last Thursday of the month. The Kindergarten 2 class will have a delicious Thanksgiving lunch prepared for them, by Ms. Sandra!!!

of transfer taxes by cutting specific business tax from 3% to be 0.1%., land registration fees from 2% to be 0.01% and mortgage fees from 1% to be 0.01%. This can prove that the real estate business becomes the bread and butter for Thailand. This tax breaks will be extended by the proposal of the Finance Ministry for another year which will be March 2010. 3) The policy of the Ministry of Commerce to check the nominee shareholders at the beginning of the year created panic for many foreigners owning property by using the Thai companies. The confusion of the Alien Business Act and the Land Code should be clarified that if you are the good faith foreigner who set up a Thai company to acquire the piece of land not more than one rai (1,600 square meters) for residential purpose, you may enjoy the tolerance of the laws. Technically, the company should not register the real estate business because it can be subject to the real estate tax. These good faith property buyers who never involve themselves in any conspiracy theory, i.e., tax evasion or money laundering, should not mingle themselves with the mafia having the high profile real estate projects by dirty money. The law cannot be retroactive This month we are also busy preparing for the end of term 1 and for our Christmas Party On December, 9 at the Long Beach Hotel & Spa. All of the classes have begun rehearsing for their performances on that night! So, yes, it is a very busy time for us but also a very happy and special one.

with the existing companies owning property. Only the newly set up companies are checked. To sell the property owned by the company, the buyer can takeover the shares and directorship of the existing company owning the property. There is no transfer tax for taking over the existing company. 4) The new amendment of the company law minimizes the number of shareholders from seven (7) to be at least three (3) persons. You should check the Thai shareholders every year if they are under your control and minimize from seven (7) to be three (3) persons. 5) The new amendment of the company law requires that the corporate amendment which requires the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders must be registered with the Registry Office, Ministry of Commerce. The notice to call the meeting must be published in a local newspaper and kept record in the company’s files. In the reality, most the companies technically arrange for the paper meeting even the law requires that the meeting be actually held. It is a matter of fact if the meeting has been actually held. Any false information given to the registrar will be regarded as a fraudulent act under the Penal Code of Thailand. Once you sign the documents to be submitted with the Registry Office, you

should understand the legal technicality. 6) The newly elected government implements the populist policy by enacting the new tax law to exempt tax for the first 150,000 baht profits of companies. You have to ensure if your company tax structure is properly established by checking with your lawyer and qualified accountants. There may be some hidden taxable incomes which may be generated from the mistakes in some technicalities. Normally, the incomes from the rental fees paid by the director who lives in the house owned by the company will be taxable after deduction of all expenses. There will be the 3% withholding tax if your company acquired the empty plot of land and built up the house afterwards. The capital of the company can be also taxed if the value of the property your companybought has the value you declare with the land office is lower than the capital. The inspection team of the Pattaya Tax Office starts routinely checking the companies in this area. If you receive a letter from them, you should contact your lawyer or accountant to check the books of account to close and prepare the annual balance sheet and tax report. Please update the bank statement of your company’s bank account and inform your lawyer or accountant if your company acquires the new property or sell the existing one. Open your heart for the happiness and you will forget about the exchange rate or chaos in Bangkok.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Irish hospitality at Liam’s The Irish Chamber of Commerce is having a pre Christmas celebration on Friday December 5 at Liam’s Gallery, Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya. To book email or call 02 654 1144. It’s an evening of Irish hospitality and Thai culture. St Andrews celebration Hard Rock Cafe, Pattaya, offers a great night of entertainment on Saturday December 6 featuring bagpipes and Scottish dancers. From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Price is 2,600 baht per person inc. Superior room and buffet breakfast based on twin sharing, plus Scottish three course, set dinner. Tel 038 428 755 or email Hard Rock kids’ dinner Hard Rock, Pattaya, has a Christmas charity light up dinner, with an Elvis fun night, at Hall of Fame ballroom on Saturday December 13, from 6.30 p.m., at 2,000 baht per person (unlimited beverages): fun raising for kids at Baan Hinwong Primary School. Phone Khun Bella on 038 428755-9. Basketball at Tony’s Mixed age basketball – pick up games. Monday and Wednesday evenings 5 pm – 7 pm or later.

Tony’s new top floor gym on 3rd Road at South Pattaya Road, across from fitness centre. Take elevator to 5th floor, covered and lighted court. Phone 086 596 0966 (Jack). PILC luncheon The December Pattaya Ladies International Club luncheon will be held on Tuesday December 2 at the Royal Cliff Hotel. Doors open at 9.30 a.m. with opportunities for Christmas shopping and surprises in store. Reservations to Alvi on 08 1864 5754 or Brooke 08 5698 1733. British embassy office There is now an office of the British consulate in Pattaya. It’s located in the row of shop units immediately outside the Pattaya immigration bureau, Jomtien soi 5, next to the Yingchit money changer and a few steps from the Meesen coffee shop. Office hours 9.00 a.m.-11.30 a.m. weekdays exc. public holidays. Traditional painting display The 70 or so works of the late Prayooth Phagpol (1940-2005) on display at Liam’s Gallery, opening Friday December 5 at 6.30 p.m. until January 17. The traditional mural style collection features scenes from historical

PATTAYA TODAY 19 events and everyday life during the 16th – 18th centuries. Greg’s Christmas Special Don’t miss Greg’s Kitchen lavish Christmas special on December 25 or December 26. Pea and ham soup or tiger prawn cocktail, roast turkey or honey baked ham with all the trimmings and more, dark chocolate tart or home made mince pies: 1450 baht. Phone 038 361 227 or 081 254 3624 to make your reservations. A great British tradition in Pattaya. Jing Jai Christmas Scramble A 4 person Texas Scramble will be held at Eastern Star golf course on Thursday December 18 to provide a great Christmas for the children of Jing Jai orphanage. Tee-off with a shotgun start at noon. Team prizes and individual technical prizes. Businesses or individuals are being sought to sponsor the prizes, T shirts or food and drink. Contact Roy on 0811 775541 or email tsr0755roy@ Mantra winetasting Tuesday December 9 from 19.00 hours sees Mantra’s winetasting and exquisite dinner, 2,500 baht+ per person and dinner a further 1,200 baht. Included in the total cost is a set of 4 stunning Riedel “O” series wine tumbler glasses to keep. The Riedel family has been creating glassware for 250 years! More information on 038 429 591. Manhattans early bird The latest early dining menu, 5-7 p.m., at Manhattans for November and December

include choices from fried shrimps in filo pastry, leek and potato soup with herbed chicken quenelles; main courses grilled sirloin, pan fried duck breast, roasted fillet of sea bass; home made chocolate ice cream, chilled lemon souffle etc etc. Two course meal 795 baht or 895 baht with dessert. Bookings on 038 259 790. Liam’s Gallery Located on Pratumnak 4, this five storey art gallery has many original paintings, sculptures, antiques etc as well as Liam’s own private art gallery. Exhibitions are on view 10.00 am to 7 pm but closed Mondays. Open house from 6.30 pm every Friday with free wine and snacks. Phone 038 306 172. El Duo at Cafe The sensational Filipino El Duo appear exclusively at Cafe Royale, Pattayaland three, every Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday from 9.45 pm till late. Regular bar prices and no admission charges. The area’s most popular duo singers and entertainers. Royal British Legion The Chonburi branch meets at Tropical Bert’s, opposite the Bangkok Bank on Second Road and adjacent to Soi Yodsak. You don’t need to be ex HM services to join but must share the Legion’s principles. There’s a get together every Sunday. Phone Bert on 089 807 2335. Pattaya Players Pattaya Players (home of Pattaya’s Professional Amateurs) is proud to announce its extravagant Christmas produc-

tion entitled, “A Dickens’ Christmas Carol, a Traveling Travesty Told in Two Tumultuous. There will be two evening performances starting at 7:00 PM on Friday, December 12 and Saturday, December 13. In addition, there will be a matinee performance on Sunday afternoon, December 14 at 2:00 PM. Tickets are priced at 300 Baht for adults and 200 Baht for Children (under the age of 12). All seating is general admission and the doors to the house will open at 6:30 PM. Tickets may be purchased at the door, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya or by emailing pattayaplayers@ Business lunch at Casa Pascal Casa Pascal Restaurant now offers a very attractive Menu from 11.oo hrs until 19.oo hrs. You will find a great choice of 25 different appetizers, soups, main dishes & desserts. 2 courses 350 Baht, 3 courses 420 Baht, 4 courses 490 Baht. For Reservation 038 723 660 Krav Maga self defense Learn to defend yourself against attackers with Krav Maga self defence. There are local classes in Pattaya. Details on or phone 085 288 3709. Amateur radio club Pattaya amateur radio club holds the next meeting at Jimbo’s bar on Sukhumvit soi 46/3 on Friday December 12 at 18.00. Further details on or contact Dave on 087 131 0818. PILC ball postponed Owing to the mourning period for the late Princess, the PILC black and white ball has been postponed until Saturday January 17 2009. All other details remain the same. 3,500 baht per person. Further details from Adene on 08 6149 1771 or Jacinta on 08 6997 0671. Refunds available for those unable to attend in January. Steps and Rhythm Steps and Rhythm dance academy will hold Salsa workshops at intermediate and beginner level throughout December. 550 baht per person. Further information from Stephanie on 089 544 4842 or visit Also Christmas party with Santa on Sunday December 14 @ 450 baht. Contact details as above. Jazz Pit Pub Live entertainment every day, except Tuesday, at Jazz Pit Pub featuring Jazz Pit duo Rein on Vocals and Thomas on Guitar. All musicians and jazz singers are welcome every Monday with the weekly Jam session. Located on soi 5, beach road Pattaya. Charity Santa Claus The Pinnacle Grand Hotel and Spa, NaJomtien, has a great charity evening pn Saturday December 6 from 18.00 hours: Santa on elephant, shows, tombola, sales and children’s dances. Tickets from Triangle Services, Soi Day and Night Two (084 782 0345 or 038 723 710).


by Kris & Noi Do you have a question about customs, culture or life in Thailand? Send it to Kris & Noi at: Dear Kris & Noi, I’m sure that many girls sell sex because they’re too dumb to do anything that requires brains, and others do it because they are too lazy to attempt proper work. This means that we are dealing with the lowest level of women, so why the hell do many expats fall for their demands for extra money and gifts? They buy them presents, show them off in restaurants, and waffle on about how sweet the girl was as if they are proper, decent girlfriends. True, they provide a service that people like me want, but that’s all it is, a business deal. I have a regular cleaning lady who works for an agreed sum. I don’t give a tip or buy her a motorbike, and she has a harder job than a girl who just lays down for me, so why should a hooker expect extra tips and presents? Jeeves

Private Posts It’s always baffling that so many expats like to sneer at how dumb the service girls are, yet at the same time moan about them conning money and gifts from innocent, sex-buying, booze-sodden, but no doubt highly intelligent, expats. You look upon a service girl as purely an outlet for your sexual needs, with no interest in her as a human being—a sort of flesh and blood porn photo. If that’s all you want, fine, but others prefer a more human, even romantic, feel to the proceedings. Instead of just paying for a bedroom performance, many an expat also enjoys going around with an attractive companion. The girl is entitled to try for extra money or presents, and it’s up to the man whether or not to fork out; generally it works well for punter and provider. Incidentally, as you consider service girls the lowest of women, how do you rate yourself, a man who pays them for sex? Dear Kris & Noi, I see that some shops are selling items with a Christmas flavour already. The religious aspect of Christmas has been swamped in the Christian world by big business anyway, so

why shouldn’t Buddhist Thai businesses also profit—good luck to them. However, there should be a law against Thais singing Christmas songs and carols; soon a walk around the shopping centres will mean having my eardrums tortured by excruciatingly bad English blaring from speakers. Last year Thai friends took us to see a children’s choir happily singing songs in English and mispronouncing the words, without them or their doting parents knowing it. Please, if you want to sing carols, do it in Thai, it will be so much easier on the ear, although personally I would prefer not to hear any Christmassy songs at all. Bah! Humbug! Rebecca Listening to a choir of young Thais singing is usually a pleasant experience—so what if they mispronounce some words? Shopping can become a headache when you’ve been subjected to loud Christmas music over the speakers for several weeks, but it is the same in western countries. Sorry about your eardrums, but think of the fun that the children have performing their songs in public and how proud the parents are watching their

Maybe Cleopatra did not commit suicide Was she murdered by a Roman general? THE historical Cleopatra (69BC – 30BC) was famous enough to have given rise to many myths. Thus she wasn’t Egyptian at all but the last of the line of a group of Greek pharaohs. She spoke fluent Greek and was a descendant of the Macedonians who had established a Greek speaking aristocracy in the wake of the collapse of the empire of Alexander the Great several centuries ago. Indeed, Cleopatra was the only one of her line to have bothered to learn the Egyptian language at all and she adopted as her patron the goddess Isis, thus believing herself to be the embodiment of wisdom. Another likely myth is that she was beautiful. In fact the few remaining sculptures and the representation of her face on coinage struck during her reign suggest she did not look remotely like Elizabeth Taylor in her prime or any of the other women who have

played the queen in numerous Hollywood movies or series. One ancient source goes so far as to say she had uncomfortably big ears. It’s true that both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony

The Roman leader Octavian had every reason to want her dead

slept with her, although it may have been the lure of Egypt’s wealth and prestige, rather than the bodily allures of Cleopatra, which aroused them. We cannot know for sure.

The biggest lie of all may have been that she died after holding an asp to her breast and dying a few seconds later. The oldest ancient source is Strabo, who was alive at the time of the event and might conceivably have been in Alexandria. He tells two stories: one that she applied a toxic ointment to her skin and the other that she was bitten by a snake. Several other Roman sources, including the gossip monger Suetonius, writing well after the event mention the possibility of two asps. Before Shakespeare it was generally agreed that Cleopatra was bitten on the arm by a snake or snakes and thus died. But the English bard gives the traditional story a twist by stating she held an asp to her breast for the fatal injection. This is the version which has come down to us in modern literature and films. But there is in effect no ancient evidence for the detail invented by

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

kids sing in a foreign language. You yourself said they were happy, so get into the spirit Rebecca; even Ebenezer Scrooge repented. Dear Kris & Noi, You’ve been asked and have answered several questions about local driving habits. My question has to do with rationale on the road. Driving my motorbike, I was forced to drive around the entire block to get to the post office. At one point, traffic was blocked by a truck double parked in the middle of the block. Only motorbikes were able to skirt the traffic; nothing else was moving. I skirted, went around the block, and reached the post office. Twenty minutes later, I had to drive around the block again to get to Beach Road. The same truck was still double parked and by now cars and trucks had backed up to Second Road, including the same vehicles I skirted around earlier. The interesting thing was that no one was blowing his horn and no one (to my knowledge) made an attempt to find the truck driver and ask him to move his vehicle. Is it because no one in Thailand is in a rush, or maybe Shakespeare whose effect on our understanding of history has been so profound, for better or worse. In the past ten years, some researchers have suggested that the whole story of the snake and the death throes is highly unlikely. Scholars have visited snake charmers and other specialists in the middle east and they have confirmed that there were no snakes around which would give you a quick death within minutes, let alone seconds. It seems that any snake bite would take several hours, if untreated with an antidote, to cause a person’s heart to stop beating and that the death agonies would be both prolonged and excruciatingly painful. A queen of ancient Egypt would know this very well, so it seems unlikely she would choose this particular way to shuffle off this mortal coil. In any case, Cleopatra had no very certain reason to seek death. There is no reason to think that the Romans expected her death, whatever the movies might say, and she could well have continued as a quasi independent ruler under Roman patronage. It’s often forgotten that 300 Roman senators fled to Egypt before the battle of Actium in her support. If she had lived, Cleopatra might well have managed to strike a deal with Octavian, the conqueror who later became the emperor Augustus. Several ancient sources, including Dio Cassius, suggest that this course of

because people here are fatalistic and accept anything and everything (up to Buddha)? Carl the Canuck Sorry Carl, we don’t have a blindingly brilliant answer for you. Similar scenes occur regularly throughout Pattaya. It isn’t just the city’s crowded roads and sois that suffer either—you’ll often see traffic along the inner lane of Sukhumvit come to a halt because a truck decides to stop. And like you, we’ve rarely seen action might well have been successful. So maybe it was murder. Octavian himself certainly wanted to be master of the Roman world and a living

Contemporary portraits show Cleopatra as decidedly plain Cleopatra stood in his way for sure. So it’s certainly possible that he had her despatched. For

or heard any major dissent from other drivers; in many other countries all hell would usually break out and the driver would be in danger of physical harm. Possibly the best answer is the old standby, TIT—This is Thailand. The Thais know that it’s a waste of energy getting upset, as the driver will continue to block the road until he is ready to move, and ignore all complaints. And, of course, you never see a motorcycle cop just when you need one this scenario, there is only circumstantial evidence. Octavian took up residence in defeated Alexandria close to the imperial palace where Cleopatra had locked herself away, but he never met her or even demanded an audience. But according to Strabo he ordered armed men to guard the entrance to her apartments. We know from the whole of his career, which lasted as future emperor to AD14, that Octavian never hesitated to kill his opponents and he certainly had Caesarion, Cleopatra’s son, strangled. It doesn’t take much imagination to believe he might have had the queen slain before parading to the world the doubtful snake story.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Cherry: Mighty dog of destruction

by Alan S. Brown

ABOUT six months ago, my housemate brought home an adorable, female puppy. Cherry is a large, beautiful Bangeaw, Thai bitch. She guards our home and dutifully barks and growls at any friend or foe that approaches our property. She never ceases to greet her master with enthusiasm and love. (At least, that’s how I choose to interpret it.) As I walk through the front gate, Cherry becomes so agitated that I fear she is about to go into convulsions. She jumps on me, placing her front paws on my chest, face or neck. Then, there’s the slobbering all over every mentionable and unmentionable part of my body. Finally, after stuffing a handful of dog biscuits into her mouth, she calms down and forgets all about me. She’s a fairly big dog who makes lots of poop. However, she tries to be extremely considerate. At night, when

she just couldn’t hold it in anymore, Cherry, the thoughtful canine that she is, would sneak into my office, behind my desk, and make her deposit in the corner that was almost impossible to access without moving all the furniture; and of course, she conveniently pooped all over the jungle of wires connecting the computer, printer, telephone, lamp, etc. There’s nothing like cleaning up a ton of poop from the various wires and floor to start the morning. So, as with any new pet, housebreaking her was the number one priority. Of course, that was only the beginning. I now have two dozen non matching socks. Doing laundry has become a lot easier. We wash and hang up the clothes; Cherry promptly jumps up and rips them down, rendering them useless for anything other than rags to clean off the paw prints that Cherry has made on all of the sliding, glass doors. Then,

there are all of the shoes she’s chewed up. Does anyone know where I can buy one size nine Reebok (left) and a Nike (right)? Why are dogs so fond of

workers who collect our refuse have had to get special, secret service security clearance to collect it. Needless to say, the decision a couple of years back, to buy white,

foul-smelling, rotten, disgusting garbage? Putting out garbage in black trash bags is no longer a viable option. We have to use a metal garbage pail and lock the lid shut with the same security system used by Fort Knox. The sanitation

leather furniture, in hindsight, may not have been such a great move. As Cherry spends much of her day outside, she is basically an overgrown filth ball. Just coming within barking distance of the sofa and chairs, transforms them

into the color of muck; and leather is quite delicious to chew, you know. Who wants those crummy bones or chew toys, when you can gnaw on a tasty, leather arm chair? The wooden coffee table comes in a close second in the gourmet, chewing department. The withered legs look like the aftermath of some horrible disease. Various and sundry cushions, pillows and stuffed animals are all emaciated. In the time it takes to blink an eye, a pillow’s stuffing is now all over the house. What about food? I’m glad you asked. Wow, can that dog eat. Fortunately, she’s not a picky eater. Unlike some dogs and most cats, Cherry will eat just about anything. She loves canned dog food, dry food, people food, shoes, socks garbage, nails, plastic furniture, and broken glass. You name it, she’ll eat it. One time, a friend accidentally dropped his

bottle of Viagra on the floor. He sure was upset, but Cherry had a big smile on her face. I’m currently in New York, but my housemate has dutifully informed me that Cherry is well and happy. Just the other day, she ate the seats of two motorcycles parked in our driveway. Now, the dog is chained outside and the motorbikes are in the house. At least, I don’t have to worry about her destroying our carpets. That was already accomplished by our other dog. So, now there’s only tile to clean up after accidents. Of course, with training and time, she’ll calm down. Or, that’s what I keep telling myself. I’d call the dog trainer, but Cherry just ate my mobile phone. Maybe it’ll reappear in a few hours; but when I called it, her stomach started vibrating. So, why do we put up with all this mayhem? If you’re a dog lover, you’ll understand.

Sperm banks: Your sexiest investment opportunity

LIKE most people, I’ve been fretting about where to put my money in the current economic crisis. I don’t want to watch my life’s savings go flushing down the toilet as the U.S. dollar crashes, banks fail, and the stock markets go to hell. (By the time you read this, that may already have happened.) A friend advised me to look into the investment opportunities in sperm banks. So I went to the newly opened Pattaya branch of the Sperm Bank of Phakovia on Soi

Smegma. Phakovia is a little-known but up-andcoming new nation deep in the Caucasus Mountains. The bank manager, Mr. Semen (that’s pronounced “Semyon,” you naughty reader!) Zhakovsky, was friendly and polite. Me: Mr. Zhakovsky, please tell me about your bank. Zhakovsky: Please call me Zhak. Ve are not like ozzer banks. Ve deal in sperm. Sperm is not like currencies or stocks. Because it is essential to life, it never fluctuates in value. You must know ze old Monty Python song from ze movie “Ze Meaning of Life”: (singing) “Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is good. / Every sperm is needed in your neighborhood.” In fact, ze value of sperm is guaranteed by ze Roman Catholic Church und a host of pro-life organizations. Ve believe zat sperm banking has a bright future. Have you ever heard of a sperm bank failing? Me: No, come to think of it. Zhak: So you vill never lose money by investing in a sperm bank. Me: Errrr…Maybe not money, but is it possible to lose the sperm? Zhak (chuckling): No, my dear sir! Ve keep our liddle spermies safely locked up in a giant vault called a spermatorium. It looks very

much like an aquarium. Me: It sounds fascinating. Could I see it? Zhak: Of cuss. Please come ziss vay. (He leads me through a long corridor with dozens of triple-locked doors, guarded by Gurkhas with Dobermans and AK-47s. Finally we come to a giant aquarium filled with a white viscous liquid. Through the glass, which has a magnifying effect, I can see billions of wriggling sperms, looking much like mini-tadpoles, frolicking happily.) Me: Wow, this is an impressive sight! Zhak: Yes, ve have a large capital base. You vould be doing yourself a favor by converting your dollars into sperm. Me: What’s the exchange rate nowadays? Zhak: Vell, ze dollar has been going to hell. Ve used to give 100 sperm for vun dollar. Right now it is down to ten sperm to ze dollar. You should convert your money right now, before it goes down to vun sperm to ze dollar. Ve might eventually get into negative territory vhere you pay ten dollars for vun lousy sperm. Me: That’s a scary scenario. But I need to know how stable your bank is. Zhak: Stable! My dear sir, compared to us, ze Rock of

Gibraltar looks like oatmeal. Ve have been serving ze reproductive community since 1987, und ve have many outlets in fertility malls throughout ze Caucasus und beyond. Ve are backed by a trans-national consortium consisting of ze governments of Phakovia und two neighboring states, Pisovia und Skruovia. Also, ve don’t lend our darling liddle spermies out for sub-prime mortgages. You ever hear of anybody buying a sub-prime mortgage from a sperm bank? Me: No, I guess I never have. Zhak: Ve envision an especially golden future for ziss new branch here in Pattaya. Zere is a lot of sperm in Pattaya. Me: Of course, but most of the guys I see on Walking Street don’t seem to be interested in depositing it in sperm banks. They have other, ah, receptacles in mind. Zhak: Of cuss. But ven zey realize ze rich dividends zey vill reap, zey vill be lined up all ze vay to Sri Racha to deposit zeir liddle spermies in our bank. Me: That brings up an important point. Suppose I deposit my sperm in your bank. Exactly what sort of interest will I get? Zhak: Ve pay interest in sperm. Me: What would I do with sperm?

Zhak: Vell, you shouldn’t vizdraw it. You should keep ze interest in your account und let it grow. Me: But sperm isn’t a negotiable commodity. It’s not like money. I can’t take a plastic bag full of sperm into Tesco-Lotus and do my shopping with it. I’m afraid the check-out girls might react rather negatively if I were to try to pay for my groceries with a bag of sperm. Zhak: Zey might accept it at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. But

vait till ziss economic meltdown is finished. All currencies will be vorthless. Ze check-out girls vill velcome your liddle bag of sperm. Not to mention Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Our precious spermies vill be ze only negotiable commodity anybody vill accept. Me: Gosh. I guess I’d better open an account right away. S. Tsow can be flamed at, except when he’s out shopping with his bags of sperm.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


City Garden Pattaya is really that smart! Smart living, smart design, smart location by Barry Kenyon

SITUATED just off Second Road (soi 15) in the centre of town, City Garden Pattaya is a rapidly completing, five building lowish rise condominium designed for today’s lifestyle needs. Constructed by Shining Light Business Company Limited, the location really is excellent, just two minutes to the beach, the area’s many entertainment spots and restaurants and the best malls and leisure centres. Jerome Leroux, the newly appointed marketing manager, said “The whole development is about 55% sold now and we will

be concentrating in the upcoming high season on the remaining units. The first residents will move in during the second quarter of next year, and the whole development will be completed later in 2009.” He added that, apart from location, the project was being sold on its truly tranquil environment in a tropical setting and the latest hi-tech security features (including key card access) for the safety and convenience of residents. In addition to 24/7 security at the main gate, each building’s lobby will also have security staff. “Every detail has been seen to,” explains Jerome, “Even

Jerome Leroux

the huge underground parking area!” Jerome, originally from France, has a long and successful background in public relations and marketing, having worked in a variety of companies and sectors in the United States, Australia and Thailand, latterly with Raimon Land as a consultant. “City Garden Pattaya is a particularly interesting development,” he says, “because in the last twelve months it has moved from practically no visual scenario to four buildings now in various stages of completion. The fifth and final one is now at preconstruction phase. Being able to show an actual building under construction is much more

powerful than showing a computer generated image to a prospective buyer” Accepting that the current economic climate is clearly less favourable than before, the company expects to adopt a number of marketing strategies over the next few months. There’s currently a display booth at the Royal Garden Plaza and there will be a strong presence in the high traffic areas of the city. “We also want to involve City Garden Pattaya more in social and community affairs, including the sponsor ship of charitable events, to assist in our fast developing profile,” points out Jerome. Continued on page 25

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


The pink baht is a big Pattaya earner Boyztown is the centre of the action by Barry Kenyon NOBODY knows how much in cash terms the pink (gay) baht contributes to Pattaya’s tourist economy. It certainly runs into billions of baht a year. Not only are there 60 plus hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants catering overtly to this market, but a host of other secondary services including travel agents, taxi firms, laundries and all the other appendages of a party city. The pink baht is big, big business. The nub of the action is Boyztown off Second Road, a commercial alley of bars and hotels which attracts not only gay orientated people but large numbers of gawpers and gigglers. Indeed, Chinese and Taiwanese tour operators have made a quick march through Boyztown a compulsory part of their groups’ sight seeing. Given that homosexuality is still a semi-taboo subject in China, the experience must be quite an eye opener to some and a cause of curiosity to others. The term Boyztown, a misnomer in some respects, grew up in the 1990s and is now the number one site if you

type the expression in the Google search engine. The next most popular hit is apparently a dreary bar in Denver, USA, followed by a slightly different spelling for the setting of one of Spencer Tracey’s macho movies. For the record, the businesses located in Pattaya’s Boyztown are currently Boyz Boyz Boyz nightclub, Ambiance Hotel, Le Cafe Royale, Amor Restaurant, Panorama pub, Funny Boys go go, Copa show bar, Oscars bar, Toy Boys go go and two gym, sauna and massage facilities. Nearly all these businesses are owned or managed professionally by Brits on work permits or business visas as required. Nobody is sure why the British domination. Perhaps it’s only a coincidence, although it’s been argued that UK expats now have to open businesses in the far flung corners of the world as they are not allowed any longer to run the Indian civil service or manage the African colonies. Intellectually, British wanderers have been looking for a role since the sun set on the empire. Or perhaps the simpler explanation is that more Brits come on holiday to

Thailand than any other “farang” nationality. To understand homosexuality, you have to take out the middle bit “sex”. In fact, Boyztown has a large number of roles in support of the gay community as a whole, or at any rate the male element.

parties, entertainment and dinner parties on a grand scale. Another help charity, Thais4Life, is also partly run from a Boyztown bar and funded from party evenings and a monthly quiz. Thais4Life also runs just about the best second hand bookshop in

Lesbianism, one notes, is still in the dark ages even in the raunchy eastern seaboard of Thailand. One of these roles is clearly drag entertainment (female impersonators) which in recent years has led to massive fund raising on behalf of local charities. The Pattaya Gay Festival, largely a Boyztown creation, collects four million baht every year, mostly on behalf of an aids charity, by sponsoring street

town, situated opposite Condo Yensabai. In turn, these charities use their cash in the wider community. Several orphanages, for example, receive annually big donations of food, clothes and equipment. Other beneficiaries include a corrections centre in Chonburi, Banglamung Hospital and even the children of Pattaya’s underpaid journalists in an innovative school scholarship scheme

to purchase uniforms and equipment. Individuals associated with Boyztown have also donated to a building programme for blind locals, an old people’s home in Banglamung and a condom distribution service. One of the secrets of Boyztown’s success is its adaptability to changing times. The Amor restaurant has a menu in the Russian language and the night clubs have been refurbished and renovated to international standards. Copa show bar has state of the art technology and Boyz Boyz Boyz night club often has a mixed audience, not just gay patrons by any means. Le Cafe Royale has recently recruited two professional Filipino singers as guest performers three times a week. These establishments also maintain websites and advertise in the straight media and not just in the gay ghetto press. Ads in the newspaper Pattaya Today are a prime example of that trend. As they do say, all human life is here and a fair share of tragedy. A Boyztown bar owner of the 1990s committed suicide after failing to make ends meet. Another, more recently, was found guilty in the Thai supreme court of

drugs related offences and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment in controversial circumstances (he had been acquitted by the lower court of appeal). A number of well known Boyztown personalities, notably Ian and Robbie of Le Cafe Royale, have died after long illnesses in recent times, leaving a void which is still felt today by those who knew them. As in any city, there are rip-offs and petty crimes although, to be fair, Boyztown establishments have a good record in protecting their customers as far as they can. The decline and fall of Boyztown has been predicted ever since it developed in the mid 1990s. But rival gay districts in Pattaya, such as Jomtien Complex and Sunee Plaza, are not doing the business they used to and a fair number of bars have closed or contracted. Boyztown has been a success – there are no vacant units and rarely have been in the past – because it’s well managed and organised for the most part in a cooperative spirit. It gives the increasingly international gay crowd the opportunity to relax, have fun, be entertained, meet new friends and watch the world go by. That sounds like a recipe for lasting success.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008 Continued from page 23

With a new sales team led by sales manager Jonathon Gibbons, who has had eight years of real estate experience in Phuket, the company believes there are several sectors of potential purchasers. “Increasingly, there are Bangkok based Thai families looking for a holiday home or opportunities for investment to rent out the units. Many foreigners, from Europe, America and Australia, are attracted by the site whether they are potentially retirees or are working in the area or simply are looking forward to a sound capital investment in the future as overall sentiment improves which it will,” commentsJonathon. There are a wide variety of condominium units still available at the fast completing City Garden Pattaya, all built to top international quality standards as can be seen in the show units at the site office. There are studio, open plan one



City Garden Pattaya is really that smart!

bedroom condominiums with fitted western style kitchen and living and dining area. The bedroom has fitted wooden wardrobes and all units at Pattaya City Garden come with a fire and sprinkler system, an international safety standard, which unfortunately is not often found in Thailand. Other choices include one bedroom units with ensuite bedroom and balcony or two bedroom condominiums up to 113 square metres. The fitted

bathrooms are particularly attractive with a porcelain sink with stainless steel faucets, and enclosed shower with built in water heater. The bedrooms have fitted wooden wardrobes and split system air conditioning. The units have wifi internet connection, cable television fittings and telephone connection. Pattaya City Garden is set to become a leader as a vibrant gatedcommunity in the city centre with many special features such as a roof garden swimming pool on building

“E” which is currently at preconstruction phase. Check out the website at

or phone 038 416690 to check out the site and show units. On Second Road, South Pattaya, take

a short stroll or drive down soi 15 and you soon see Pattaya City Garden on your right.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Even when buying a new home Do an 8-point inspection check by Khun Dee HAVE you come upon your dream home in paradise? Before you buy be aware that whether it’s a brand new house or a previously occupied condo, doing your own pre-inspection check could save you from making some big mistakes—not to mention the financial and emotional consequences. As a buyer, you want to protect your prospective investment. You certainly don’t want to move into your dream home only to awaken in a nightmare of rain pouring in through the roof or the house sliding from its foundation. Such surprises can be avoided by hiring a qualified architect, contractor, electrician and/ or plumber to inspect the entire home before you buy. Admittedly, these experts can be costly. But it’s money well spent if it helps you to avoid major problems or leads to a better deal. As an alternative, consider doing your own pre-inspection check. That is, before bringing in the experts, go through the entire home and check all areas and systems, keeping

an eye out for what might be problematic. If, and only if, you spot a questionable issue, then you can bring in a professional or two to dig deeper. When buying a new house from a builder, many buyers think they can forgo an inspection. If it’s new, they reason, it must be in good shape, right? Not necessarily. New homes can be just as problematic as old ones. In fact, because they haven’t been tested by years of use and abuse, they might have even more problems—especially if the builder used any shoddy practices. (We are not suggesting that Thai builders cut corners in an effort to pocket a few baht, but they reportedly do. Commonly.) Here are eight clues to help you determine a house’s overall quality before you hire experts to complete a formal home inspection: 1. The structure. Look at the house from a reasonably distant vantage point. Just eyeball it to determine if the walls appear to be plumb and flat, if angles and lines are straight, exact

and/or symmetrical. Inside the house, examine the walls. Are they bowed or are any not square at corners? When you jump in the middle of the family room floor (and you should), does it flex or feel solid? 2. Water control. Does the ground slope away from the base of the house? Will gutters, downspouts and drainage pipes carry excess water away from the house or toward the foundation? Is there any evidence of water damage? 3. The roof. Is the roof new and in good shape? Does it look neat and properly applied? Are there any loose or worn shingles? Are there any signs of leaks? It is best to check for leaks while it is raining. If you’re cursed with clear weather, use a hose to saturate the roof, then check inside to see if any water has seeped into the house. 4. Details. Has all work been completed, including touch-ups of rough edges, scratches, etc? Do you see signs of quality workmanship in the finish details such as moldings, tile work, hardware and paint? 5. Kitchen & bath fixtures.

Are sinks, toilets and tubs quality fixtures? Do they work properly? Is the water pressure good when you turn on the faucets and flush the toilet? Are water pipes correctly installed and free of leaks? When running water, do any noises emanate from the plumbing (such as banging sounds)? 6. Electrical system. Does the house have adequate amperage? Are the number and locations of receptacles enough to suit the needs of the house? Is all wiring completed and safe (no dangling power lines, open receptacles)? 7. Water heaters. Make certain the builder has installed water heaters in each bathroom as well as the kitchen. While you’re at it, ensure that they are good-quality water heaters. Test each faucet throughout the house to determine how quickly hot water is generated and if water pressure is adequate. 8. Air Conditioning. Where are the units located (both those inside and outside the house). Are any in direct sunlight? Are all rooms air conditioned? Is

the capacity of each unit adequate for cooling the intended space? Test all A/ C units—make sure air is cold, fan is effective, and that there are no strange noises or leaks of water or coolant. If you spot any such critical defects, get a professional opinion about the severity of the problem and how much it will cost to repair, renovate or replace. Then discuss with the builder (or seller) what he is willing to do to make it right or to adjust the selling price. Furthermore, in previously occupied homes, some defects can be daunting: - Faulty foundation. If expensive structural repairs are needed, consider walking away unless the seller agrees to pay the costs. - Worn roof. You may have to replace a worn or leaking roof. Better to have the seller do it or lower his price accordingly. - Outdated wiring. This is common in old homes and can be expensive to correct. Get an estimate from an electrician, then ask the seller to pay the cost.

- Damaged shower pan. If there’s water damage beneath the shower, it can be an unwieldy and sometimes expensive repair. Get an estimate from a contractor before you negotiate to purchase. - Termite infestation. Termites are common around Thailand and no one should buy a home (particularly a wood structure) before having it inspected for termites. Extensive infestation could mean expensive structural repairs, in addition to extermination costs. A major structural or mechanical-system problem in a home can derail an otherwise smooth purchase. Competent experts in the home-building sector can help protect you from getting caught by a significant defect—even after you’ve made an offer. But try spotting obvious defects yourself with a pre-inspection check— keeping in mind that a serious structural problem like a sagging roof is more serious (and thus more costly) than a cosmetic defect like peeling paint.

More foreign ownership needed for condos Would lift the market says Nigel Cornick EVERYONE agrees that these are challenging times for the Thai property market. Not to mention businesses in general. Foreign investment has waned and political instability in Bangkok persists in spite of all. Now the global credit crunch has further compounded the tough times we are experiencing. Although there are challenges, there are also opportunities. In the condo property market, the condominium act allowance for foreign ownership currently stands at 49% of the saleable area, but increasing the quota would present an opportunity to attract international invest-ment whilst not affecting the principles of Thai ownership which are firmly rooted in the country. There is still, in fact, strong demand from international investors in Thailand, but a decline in sales through out the upper end of the property market can be expected in future, if there

is no supply to meet the demand. The main cause for the possible decline is that the foreign quota at 65 projects in Thailand is sold out, whilst demand is rising as seen in the number of foreign enquiries which are up 10% or more for some developers. For Raimon Land, foreign enquiries reached 6,716 in 2007 but the figure for 2008 is expected to be over 7,000. But developers cannot fulfil this pent up demand owing to the country’s foreign quota restriction. This is the case in 35 Phuket projects, 20 developments in Pattaya and 10 in Bangkok’s high end sector where the foreign quota has already been reached. Phuket’s 35 projects are valued at 20 billion baht and lifting the quota would bring in at least eight billion baht in revenue. Pattaya’s projects, where the quota is full, are valued at 35 billion baht and

there’s estimated to be an additional 30% in foreign demand, a projected 10.5 billion baht in extra revenue. It’s a similar story in Bangkok with an esti-mated additional revenue of some nine billion baht. The Thai ministry of finance has addressed the

being considered are a reduction in the corporate tax from 30% to 25% and increasing the land lease period from 30 to 90 years. The fourth idea of increasing foreign ownership of condo units beyond 49% would stimulate sales and

problem with four suggested remedies. One is to reduce the special business tax on property transactions from 3.3% to 0.11%, the transfer fee from 2% to 0.01% and the mortgage registration fee from 1% to 0.01%. Other possibilities

help to sustain long term growth in the market. A quick implementation would cost nothing and almost immediately generate billions in revenue. In this context, it should be noted that foreigners must pay for condos in cash

brought from overseas as loans are not permitted for foreign buyers and they cannot pay for units with cash already held in a Thai bank. Apart from increasing confidence all round in the Thai property markets, the move to liberalise the quota would also help the companies that manufacture building materials and the contractors who build the projects. The tourism sector would be helped too as owners would spent more money on longer visits and highend long stay tourists would be drawn by the increasing opportunities to rent units from those owners wanting a steady return on their investment. In other words, there would be a substantial trickle-down effect. At the same time, the extension of foreign ownership needs to address Thais’ concern over the sovereignty issue so that foreigners would not control a condominium’s juristic

committee which indirectly controls the land. Thais must be assured that an increase in foreign ownership in a project does not translate into the ownership of the land on which it sits. Thus a regulation could state that a condo’s juristic committee must retain a Thai majority regardless of the number of the units sold to foreigners. Preferential voting rights could be given to Thai nationals to ensure their maintenance of a majority. One way ahead would be to launch a pilot project in just one provincial resort. With banks and people generally voicing concerns about falling property values, now is indeed the best time to employ measure to free up the condo market whilst ensuring control remains in Thai hands. Such a move would additionally be a major step forward in ensuring that Thailand remains on top of the competition it faces in real estate and tourism from neighbouring countries.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

New tigers are a driving force in the world today

China and India, not Russia, centre stage MOST ECONOMISTS agree that the “new tigers” of China, India and even Brazil will achieve their role as global economies in the near term. But there has to be first of all some kind of recovery in the world economy as a whole. “The real economies of the world are being hit by the credit crisis and recovery is going to take a while, as people across the region have money but are not willing to spend at the moment,” says Winfried Polte, chairman of the board of management for DEG (Deutsche Investitions) the German development bank. Recalling how he had taken part in lending billions of baht for the construction of Thailand’s mass transit system, the skytrain operators, before the 1997 economic crisis, Dr Polte sees similarities between the tough times now and then, although the situation is more widespread and severe now.

Having gone through the 1997 crisis, Dr Polte knew there was a new crisis pending, and his firm had anticipated a drop in profits and a rise in the provisions, but so far the

impact has been limited on DEG. “We were always there for quality and not quantity. While lending last year exceeded 920 million euros, that was far less than the 2 billion euros lent the year before.” Dr Polte added that he had seen a lot of crises in Poland, Russia, Asia and other markets, saying that if anything good comes out of the current crisis it will be the coordinated effort to tackle the situation. “There has been an unprecedented effort to harmomise the situation, something unimaginable nearly a decade ago.” DEG’s first response to the crisis was to send various department heads to assess the situation and then work out a plan for the companies that had been affected. “That was something that we had anticipated, but nobody had thought that names like Lehman Brothers would go under,” he said. The current crisis is likely to reshape the global economic equation. “This crisis will change the world in a dramatic way,” he explains, adding that the emerging economies of China, India and Brazil would be far more visible on the global scale although that may not be so evident in the short term. Dr Polte suggested that the role of the United States and the International Monetary Fund would also change as strong economic regions would

get better representation. He added that the representation of three countries – China, India and Brazil – would help add more liquidity into the system as “the IMF may have lost the credibility to manage the crisis after their poor showing in the handling of the Asian crisis”. He foresees China as the world’s largest economy despite the current problems. However, Beijing’s one child per family policy is a hindrance and that could allow India to overtake it in the medium term future. Commenting on Russia’s role, he said DEG was sceptical as the country focuses more on commodities such as oil and gas, or what he calls the “Dutch disease”. This obsession has led to failure to push forward mechanisms to develop other parts of the country. He added that the “Dutch disease” had helped Russia strengthen its currency but had hurt manufacturing and exports. This showed that there was no long term plan in the country for broad economic development. DEG pointed out it had not financed a single Russian owned company to date.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Waterfront: Pattaya’s trendiest address in the city’s best location Aspire to the next level of coastal living A NEW iconic landmark is about to start rising on the shoreline of Pattaya City. The Waterfront project is located in the very heart of the city’s vibrant Bali Hai area just 200 meters from the entrance to Walking Street. Set against the backdrop of Pratumnak Hill, beside the famous Pattaya City sign and with the new Marina development directly in front, Waterfront will become one of the area’s most enduring images. As a stand –alone building there is no potential for any

THIS ENTERTAINING, if unintentionally funny movie, of 1961 tells the biblical tale of Lot (Stewart Granger), the son of Abraham, as he leads the nomad Hebrews in search of pastures new. Anyway they turn up at Sodom and Gomorrah where the natives view these God botherers as harmless rustics and allow them to buy some land on the banks of a nearby river, presuming it to be barren. However the Sodomites had reckoned without Lot’s rustic skills to build a dam and store all the water they’ll need to grow fruitful crops for many a year. Meanwhile, intrigue is afoot within the walls of

future development to block the glorious views towards the bay, city skyline and from certain units the Jomtien coast line and islands. “In 30 years time buyers can be assured that their views will be as or, more spectacular than they are today’ said David Walton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Developer Mistral has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that each and every unit in the building enjoys uninterrupted views.

Sodom which has traditionally made its money in trading salt (the modern word “salary” comes from it). The queen (Anouk Aimee) keeps an uneasy rule, not helped by the fact that her brother Astaroth (Stanley Baker) is an utter cad. He is in cahoots with a tribe of desert nomads whom he bribes to attack the city. However, they are washed away when Lot unplugs the dam in a pretty spectacular sequence. It now dawns on Lot that he has destroyed the Hebrews’ future as their land is barren again. So he moves all the clan into Sodom itself to join the plying of the salt trade.

The building itself offers the finest range of facilities and amenities available in the market. With state of the art communications and security systems, top of the range equipment and finishes incorporated in to stunning contemporary designed units, residents will enjoy the epitome of luxury lifestyle. Huge gymnasium, terrace and outside swimming pools, sauna, spa and games room are just a part of the long list. A high tech golf simulator, jogging track and climbing wall offer a stimulating environment for the more active, while a fully equipped business center, coffee shop and cocktail bar provide opportunities for relaxation. The development will even offer residents and guests exclusive use of a private speedboat which

will offer a shuttle service to the islands and be available for fishing trips. The ultra modern 54 storey building has a range of unit types to suit all budgets and lifestyle aspirations. Every unit in the building has floor to ceiling glass windows and doors offering unbeatable ocean views. The 315 units range from 54 sq meter studios to luxury penthouses. Completion of the building is programmed during the second half of 2011. The superb infra-structure and access to main transport routes makes travel both straightforward and convenient. The airport is just over an hour away while a trip to Bangkok is a two hour drive. David went on to say ”Even with current levels of economic uncertainty,

investment in property, particularly in this area and at this level of the market is a sound bet. The best projects in the best locations will continue to show very respectable yields while capital growth will remain at 20% plus. I believe there is a current under-supply of top-class condominium units, particularly close to the city center, despite the credit crunch there will always be demand for quality property. Add to that the attraction of living in Thailand. There are not too many destinations worldwide

which offer the same level of lifestyle and investment potential”. Visit the fantastic Waterfront show suite for a taste of the best property available, not just in Pattaya but anywhere in the country. The developer is currently running a special promotion giving customers who purchase before 31 st December 2008 3 years free of Monthly Maintenance charges. For more information visit or call 038-424 788 , 0843623781

Go quickly and beware of Sodomite patrols Sodom and Gomorrah is lavish if silly The Israelites turn out to be very hard workers in stark contrast to the Sodomites who laze around all day relying on wenches to serve them wine. Lot believes that by interming-ling with the Sodomites, the Hebrews will win out in the end. But he has reckoned without the deviousness of Astaroth who has taken to sleeping with both of Lot’s daughters. Directed by Robert Aldrich, Sodom and Gomorrah had a bigger budget than most of the contemporary biblical spectaculars. This is evident in the crowd scenes and in the certainly impressive destruction of the nomads’ army by drowning after the dam’s contents are released. The climatic destruction of the twin cities is also memorable, although there are a few too many collapsing polystyrene columns.

Yet the movie never really lives up to its opening, a tracking shot gliding over sleeping Sodomote bodies after an orgy. Therein lies the problem: the citizens of Sodom are a good deal more lively and entertaining than the morose and fanatical Hebrews. The gay stuff is very incidental indeed – it’s vaguely suggested that the queen is committing incest with her brother as well as flirting with a handmaiden. But sneeze and you might miss it. All very mild indeed, so it’s difficult to see why God got so angry that he destroyed the whole civilization around the twin cities of the plain. Admittedly there are a couple of torture scenes – in one the queen says after watching men turning haplessly on a water wheel “They are dead, the

entertainment is finished” – but even this is tame by the standards of other Hollywood excursions into ancient history. Even more unfair is the fact that Lot’s wife, Ildith, is turned into a pillar of salt for no worse than offence than glancing back at her old home which God is in process of destroying. It’s even suggested that she had to be punished because she painted her toe nails red and didn’t believe in the supernatural. Actually, she never got the chance to see the cheesy and bearded superimposed angels who visited Lot once or twice. In essence, you never really believe what you are watching in Sodom and Gomorrah. The story line is by and large incredible in the truest sense of the word. At one point a character says, “I didn’t come here to

be smothered in cushions and drowned in wine”. At another, a character on the city walls urges a messenger, “Go quickly now across the plains and beware of Sodomite patrols.” Not currently available, Sodom and Gomorrah is shortly to be released on DVD according to advance publicity. Can’t wait eh?

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

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Million Dollar man Q. I am an American citizen and my Thai partner has been refused a tourist visa to visit me in America for 2 weeks only. I produced bank account statements showing funds over a million dollars but obviously that was not enough!! Any bright ideas? A. Without seeing the refusal notice it is difficult to ascertain the reasons for a refused application, but if I had to take a wild guess I would have said that you have presented the application solely on the basis that you are financially sound to pay for the holiday. The main reason why we see an application refused is because the foreigner presumes that as long as he is ok the visa should be awarded. Always remember it is the Thai national that requires the visa not the sponsor!! Maybe you should reapply and get professional assistance. Passport oversight Q. I currently have a retirement visa and in one week I have to

renew but I have only six month validity left on my passport and I am worried about losing my visa. What can I do? A. Don’t worry this is a common occurrence. Take your documents to the immigration office and apply as you normally would they will issue you with the retirement visa but it will only run to the finish date of your passport, the immigration officer will write underneath your new visa stamp the date that your retirement visa should finish. So when you have your new passport, take the old and the new passport to the immigration and they will transfer your stamps and give you the full year in your new passport. What a refreshing change Q. I am an British citizen and we have successfully obtained a settlement visa for my Thai wife to live in the U.K. courtesy of Key Visa. We presumed that the visa was for 2 years and we received 2 years and 3 months is this a mistake? A. No this is not a mistake. Fairly recently when you are married to a Thai national and receive a settlement visa you are given 2 years and 3 months, we believe that this change is because after your spouse has


resided in the U.K. for a 2 year period you have to apply at the Home Office, Croyden, U.K. for a further extension of stay and we feel that this is an “under due consideration” period for the Home Office to make a decision. Hence the Thai national will not be going into overstay pending a decision. Police check palaver Q. I am an Australian citizen and we are attempting to apply for a Migration visa for my Thai wife to live in Australia. She traveled to Bangkok for her Police Clearance document but she was turned away because she had no confirmation from me!! Can you please explain? A. It is indeed a little bit strange but we are aware of this kind of request. If your Thai partner is requesting a Police Clearance for a visa application then it is advisable to give her a copy of your passport and clearly state on the copy that you wish for this clearance so you can apply for a visa for your partner. Rules are rules! Long ticket and short visa Q. I have a visa on arrival “30 days” and want to stay 50 days I have already got my flight booked and when I went to the Immigration they give me only 7 days and said

I had to leave. When I booked the ticket overseas my agent never mentioned a visa restriction, what can I do? A. Unfortunately we see this so many times where an overseas agent will book you a ticket and leave the visa problem to you. The easiest solution for your circumstances is to go on a

“They said my chances of getting settlement visas for this lot are minimal.”

Cambodian visa run which shall give you 30 days extra. It is important that you have a visa run agent check your passport before you book a visa run to make sure you are eligible for the 30 days. In most of the articles I write I try to advise people that if you plan to stay more than 30 days when you come to Thailand don’t just bring your suitcase, but make sure you obtain a prior visa from

a Thai consulate in your own country before you arrive. It does save you hassle. Tourist with money and no visa Q. I am 51 year old British citizen and I wish to apply for my first retirement visa I have deposited the 800,000.00 baht in my Thai bank. I have just returned from the immigration office and they stated that I cannot apply because my 800,000.00 baht has not been in my bank for three months and that I only have a 60 day tourist visa in my passport. I am very confused about what I can do. A. The rule as from the 1st October 2007 is that if you are working off the 800,000.00 baht in your Thai bank only without an additional income for a retirement visa then you have to have the funds in your bank for a period of three months before you can apply if this is your first application. In your case you do have an option. Because you have the 800,000.00 baht in your bank already you can convert the 60 day tourist visa or in some cases the 30 day visa on arrival to a 90 day non-immigrant visa for retirement visa purposes at an Immigration Office. A nonimmigrant visa is always required when applying for a

long stay visa so what you have to do firstly is convert your current visa to a 90 day nonimmigrant visa which will mean that your monies will be in your Thai bank for a period of three months when your money has been in the bank for a period of three months you go back to the immigration bureau and apply for your retirement visa. You must leave the 800,000.00 baht in the bank untouched for the period of three months, so do not allow the funds to drop below this level not even one baht. """"""" This regular column is written by Darren McGarry, managing director of Key Visa, based in Jomtien at the Hanuman statue and in central Pattaya at soi L.K. Metro. He heads a team of up-todate consultants advising foreign residents here about their visa status and also clients wishing to take their Thai partners overseas. The questions presented here are typical of those raised at Key Visa on a daily basis but are discussed here only for general information and interest. Neither Key Visa nor Pattaya Today can enter into correspondence or debate about the particular replies in this column.


Vol.8 No.6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Vol.8 No.6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Mini-civil war looms as bombers continue to target PAD Continued violence killed two PAD supporters on Nov22, followed by two more bombs on Nov24, which killed another. This as the two sides staged separate rallies, the “yellow shirts” outside parliament and the “red shirts” at Wat Suan Kaew. “There may be a small civil war, because the two sides deny they will step back,” said Burapha University’s Wizanu Boonmarat, while Chulalongkorn University’s Chaiwat Khamchoo predicted the demonstrations would continue until the protesters toppled the government. Protesting Bangkok market traders bombed Thousands of vendors at Klong Toey outdoor market who had been staging a protest since the previous afternoon against the market’s new management, Port Authority of Thailand and Legal Co., and their declared intent of raising the rent were the victims of an apparent bomb blast early in the morning of Nov14, injuring 13. “It is not immediately clear what kind of explosive device it was and who was behind the attack,” Bangkok Pol. Col. Sutip Palitkusontap said. Massive heroin bust in Phuket Thai police and navy officers, following a tip off from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, raided a house in Phuket on Nov9, netting 104kg of heroin. Taiwanese national, Kuo Te Sai, 42, and his Thai accomplice, Phongthat Pongsathirsakul, 29, were

subsequently arrested. The drug, brought from the Golden Triangle, had a local Thai street market value of Bt100 million, but could be worth ten times more abroad, according to police. Government declares new war on drugs The government has launched a new 3-month drugs crackdown from November to January. PM Somchai Wongsawat encouraged police to whole-heartedly fight drug trafficking, although he warned them against ‘silence killings’. Human rights groups allege 2,500 plus people were killed in extrajudicial killings during the previous Thaksin 2003 campaign. Somchai, however, denied Thaksin was responsible for the deaths, saying “They were not extrajudicial killings by police. They were killed by drug dealers.” Australian gold miners strike it rich In confirmation of prediction made by Australian mining company, Kingsgate Consolidated, of a significant new gold belt in central Thailand, the company’s miners struck gold on Nov14. The gold discovery, known as Chokdee, was made 20km from Kingsgate’s existing Chatree gold mine, north of Bangkok, which has been yielding gold for the past seven years. The strike sent up Kingsgate’s shares 4.97% the same day the Sidney stock exchange value fell by 5%. Bangkok governor resigns following corruption allegations Governor Apirak Kosayodhin was indicted for

corruption, Nov18, by the National Anti-Corruption Commission, resigning the next day. He had apparently been involved with ex-PM Samak Sundaravej in rushing through a contract for over US$190 million of fire-fighting equipment. Protesting his innocence, he alleged that the terms of contract and threats of being sued by the Austrian supplier left him little choice in the deal. Mr Apirak isn’t expected to run for the governorship again. Disease Control Department takes pro-active measures against bird-flu epidemic Following a further outbreak of bird-flu (H5N1) in Uthai Thani, Nov13, and the culling of 200 chickens, the Disease Control Department held a meeting, Nov20, in Phitsanulok to discuss preventative measures against the further spread of bird flu this winter. The nine provinces under threat are Tak, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Phetchabun, Uttaradit, Khamphaeng Phet, Phichit, Nakhon Sawan and Uthai Thani. There are no new reports of human infections in Thailand, where H5N1 has killed 17 people since 2003. Loy Krathong proves fatal for 2 in Chiang Mai Two people died when their home-made giant firecrackers exploded during the Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai; one in Mae Rim district and another in Mae Taeng district during the four day period from November 10 to 13. Surasing Wisarutrat, Chiang Mai deputy chief public health officer, said a further 61 persons were injured in firecrackers explosions during the same period. Last year, 181 were injured, but no one died. Sky Kingdom cult leader living in exile in S. Thailand Malaysian Sky Kingdom cult leader and self-styled Prophet, Ayah Pin, who’d had four wives and 21 followers, is now apparently living in exile in Southern Thailand. Ayah claimed God was human and had given him the power and right to unite people of the “whole world”. When the Islamic apostate returned to Malaysia, recently, Religious Department Chairman, Muhamad Ramli,

denied police were afraid of arresting him because he possessed supernatural powers and could vanish. Visitors warned off Phattalung waterfalls Continuous heavy rains have caused a large landslide in the Banthat mountain range, raising fears of flash flooding, prompting Phattalung disaster prevention authorities to warn the public to keep away from Manora, Nok Ram, and Prai Wan waterfalls. 29 villages in Si Banphot, Kong Ra, Tamot, Pa Bon and Si Nakarin districts are likewise in danger from landslides and authorities also had them under close scrutiny, preparing for evacuation if necessary. South-eastern coastal provinces brace for renewed flooding Southern Meteorological Office (SMO) has issued a warning of imminent heavy downpours expected in the south-eastern coastal provinces, almost certainly causing more flooding in the region from Nov30 onwards. Those provinces most at risk are Chumphon, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phattalung. Fishing vessels and other small boats were also warned by SMO Director, Wanchai Sakudomchai, to stay ashore due to dangers to life from 2-3 metre-high waves. GM to halt Rayong production for 6 weeks General Motors (GM) Thailand has decided to stop producing vehicles at its Rayong plant from mid-December to January. “About 2,000 staff on the production line will be temporarily rested with regular monthly payments,” GM spokesman, Chartchai Suwanasevok, declared. The company has also announced a voluntary retirement programme for staff to cut 258 jobs. GM chose to halt production in Rayong due to having sufficient vehicles to meet demand for the period. Green car seen as Thai motor industry’s salvation Thailand’s “eco-car” project, the brainchild of Thaksin Shinawatra, which has been in planning and development for five years, is being seen as the savior of the Thai motor industry.

It has firm commitments from Toyota, Honda and Nissan, plus Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. India’s Tata Motors recently denied reports it was pulling out. The approved or pending ecocarmakers have committed to Bt66 billion investments, with production due to start by 2010. Thailand still vulnerable to economic meltdown 11 years after the Asian financial crisis, echoes of it still reverberate in Thailand as, although the nation is economically and financially stronger, it still faces global and regional challenges. As the global economy slips into imminent recession, Thailand’s export-driven growth will inevitably suffer from knock-on effects. Global market turbulence has also affected Thai stocks as foreign investors sold US$3.2 billion’s worth of local shares from June through late October. Italian Thai announces record loss Thailand’s largest construction company, Italian Thai Development Ltd. Bangkok, announced on Nov14 it had made a Bt2 billion net loss in Q3, amid a slowing construction sector. This compared with a Bt132 million net profit in Q3’07 and a loss of Bt468 million in Q2’08. Further gloom resulted from a fall of the company’s shares by 3.13% when the SET dropped 0.81% on the same day. Upmarket hotels hit by recession Bangkok luxury hotels will feel the effects of the worldwide economic slowdown, local political problems, and a market oversupply in Qs3&4, 2008 and next year, according to property agency Knight Frank Chartered. In Qs1&2’08, for instance, international passenger arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport were 8.3 million, an increase of only 1.2% over Qs3 & 4. The figures reflected a minimal increase in business and individual travel. The oversupply in four- and five-star hotel rooms was also becoming an issue. High sea levels put Bangkok at risk Bangkok was put on flood

alert from Nov17–21 by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration after sea levels rose 2.17 metres above mean levels. Concern was intensified by the possible impact of tropical storm “Noul”, about to make landfall in Vietnam, continuing on towards Thailand. Officials in over 30 high risk areas were ordered to reinforce flood defences by shoring up sand embankments and building wooden bridges and be prepared to evacuate those in danger. Fake Chinese monks prey on tourists Groups of fake Chinese monks have been reported trawling the tourist environs of Bangkok’s Khao San Road, preying on naive tourists. Unlike normal Buddhist Thai monks who beg for alms only during the short period following the dawn and then solely from Thais, these bands of marauding fake monks ignore Thais, beg all day and directly approach foreign tourists to demand money from them. Alerts have gone out over the Internet. Geoscientists Without Borders target N. Thailand Geoscientists Without Borders are to introduce a humanitarian scheme in Northern Thailand to 1) reduce earthquake hazards, 2) improve water quality, and 3) preserve cultural heritage through archaeological mapping. Seismic, ground penetrating radar, electrical, gravity, and magnetic methods will be employed to tackle geotechnical problems in Chiang Mai. Undergraduate and graduate students, professionals and teachers from Chiang Mai University will be taught geophysical skills to be used in their home regions. English teacher jumps from Bangkok condominium Vira Kuzmeko, an English teacher from a Bang Kapi school plummeted from a Bangkok condominium rooftop on Nov17 in what police think was suicide. Her husband, George Clark Leland, had been asked to go out to buy food by his wife and when he returned, he found only a note saying “love” and his wife missing. Neighbours told him soon after she had jumped from the roof and was dead.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

by Craig Taunton Not since (in my humble opinion) near the end of the second world war has the world as a whole faced what can only be described as a global depression. Then the US and other countries had recently emerged from the great depression and were nearing the end of World War II when 730 delegates from 44 Allied nations met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Those global leaders had come together to develop a monetary system to govern the financial relationships between the world’s largest economies. They set up a system of rules, institutions, and procedures. And they created the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the forerunner of the World Trade Organization. It was a rare time when much of the world’s financial interests were aligned, and cooperation was a matter of global survival. Fast forward to 2008 and much of the World’s financial interests are aligned again. This time, however, the global economic crisis is spawned by Wall Street’s


A time to face our investing fears … It’s time to be cautious! slicing and dicing of toxic mortgage debt into financial weapons of mass destruction — derivatives. Even though the participants at Bretton Woods aren’t here today, one of their creations, the World Bank, is. And it is convinced that the global economy will significantly slow down in 2009. As recently as June, the World Bank was forecasting global growth to increase by 3% in 2009. But it has now lowered that forecast to a measly 1%. What’s more, the World Bank... - Expects the economies of established, developed markets — like the U.S., Western Europe, and Japan — to do the worst and shrink by 0.1% next year, and..... - Is more optimistic about emerging markets — like Brazil, China, and Eastern Europe — but is dramatically lowering its 2009 forecasts from 6.4% to 4.5%. That’s not all; the World Bank is so worried that it has set aside $100 billion to lend to troubled countries over the next three years.

That 1% overall global growth rate predicted by the World Bank could be a real problem though. The IMF has said that it considers a global growth rate of 3% or less to be “equivalent to a global recession.” Moreover, John Lipsky, the IMF’s first deputy managing director, warned that “there is ample justification for pessimism. Global prospects remain highly uncertain and risks of a global recession loom large.” Lipsky and the IMF seem to be especially worried about Asia because expectations there remain high and “the financial crisis has spread to emerging economies.” In fact, the IMF has been warning Asian policy makers to prepare for the possibility of a “sharp slowing” of economic growth as the global financial crisis widens, saying:“Asian authorities will need to remain vigilant to spillovers from the global turmoil and be prepared to respond quickly and flexibly to a sharp slowing of domestic activity.” By the way, the IMF is also

worried about Latin America and cautioned policy makers to “remain on high alert.” Any emerging markets slowdown could be very painful. The International Labour Organization expects the global slowdown to cause an additional 20 million people to become unemployed before the end of 2009. And the number of people living in extreme poverty could increase by 40 million. The global slowdown is dire enough that today’s equivalent of Bretton Woods, the Group of 20 (G20) just met in Washington D.C. to come up with a unified strategy to prevent the global financial crisis from worsening. The G20 is comprised of the world’s major developed and emerging economies: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the U.S. During last Saturday’s summit, the G20 pledged to: - Aggressively battle the

The IT Guru by Richard Bunch Q. Dear Richard I read your column regularly although some of the content leaves me baffled! - I am no novice with my PC but no expert either! I would appreciate your help on the following matters:My NOD 32 antivirus has not updated since 28 July but before regularly updated on a daily basis. I receive a message that implies their server is down - could this be the case for so long? In any event, I wish to upgrade to the Kaspersky AV 2009 and can you advise where I can buy the product in Thailand as the only other way appears to buy and have shipped from the UK!!?? The other problem I am encountering is the loss (not total) of the sounds on my PC. I have


a Skype phone installed and this always interfered with the sound system requiring my resetting all the settings again manually. Recently, the sounds have virtually disappeared. The PC is installed with Realtek equipment which seems to play OK. Any ideas please? Peter Gibson A. As regards NOD32 this actually is a pretty robust solution normally, I am assuming that this is a genuine version, in which case if it fails to update, you can go in the Advanced Settings tree and Update. In here you will see a drop down list where you can select an Update Server, by default this is set to Automatic, but you may select a different server which may kick start it. Obviously it is vital that antivirus software is updated regularly as this will frequently update the

virus definitions and periodically the engine. The software itself and often Windows will alert you to out of date antivirus as well as other malware defences. As regards upgrading to Kaspersky 2009, this is a wise choice and in my opinion is the best antivirus on the market today. You don’t need to buy it on-line or from the UK; it is available in many computer stores in Thailand, including IT Solutions. The price locally is also less than that usually charged online. As regards your sound issue, it is a little difficult to be accurate with a diagnosis as you haven’t said what version of Windows or Skype you are using, also the way that Skype phones operate can vary. Anyway, several things that you can look at are, make sure you are running the latest version of Skype, and that within the Audio Configuration you have unchecked the box ‘Let Skype adjust my sound

settings’ ensure that the Microphone and Speakers are both set to your Skype phone, then save the settings. Close and restart Skype (ensuring that your Skype phone is already connected) then check in the Audi Configuration that your settings have been retained, if not close and restart your PC and repeat the process, this will normally work. Once the Skype configuration is correct, then you need to go to the Sound settings within Control Panel, on Playback ensure that your Speakers are selected as the Default Device and on Recording it is usually correct to have the Skype phone set as the Default Device, you may need to play with this setting to see what works for you. If you are still experiencing difficulties, you can try updating the sound driver which may be an issue in your case given the symptoms. If Windows Update has installed an updated Sound driver, I would suggest uninstalling

global recession by agreeing to not pass new restrictions on global trade - Improve regulatory supervision of banks - Implement stricter accounting standards - Employ oversight of the derivatives markets, and - Synchronize tax cuts, lower interest rates, and spending initiatives. In a statement issued after the meeting, the G20 said, “Against this background of deteriorating economic conditions worldwide, we agreed that a broader policy response is needed; based on closer macroeconomic cooperation, to restore growth, avoid negative spillovers and support emerging market economies and developing countries.” What the hell does this all mean for investors you may ask? Three things in my opinion: 1. The global leaders and honchos at the IMF and World Bank believe that the global economy is pretty bad and expect things to get even worse. 2. Try as they might, the governments of the G20 cannot

re-write history and override normal business cycles. Government intervention, even on a global scale, never works. 3. The contagion from the U.S. credit crisis has spread to Europe and Japan. And it now has spread to emerging markets, even the red-hot China. I believe, though, that the Asian markets, because of their still-growing economies, will hold up better than the rest of the global markets. But nobody is going to remain completely immune from the spreading effects of the U.S. toxic derivative mess. There is no short answer as to which is the best strategy to employ to ride out the current storm and emerge with your portfolio intact rather it requires a tailor made solution for each individual that starts with a sit down preferably with an experienced investment advisor. Questions to the author can be directed to Craig Taunton of Haswell Pellant on 083 2921793 or email

this and installing the latest driver from the device manufacturer. In my experience, drivers installed by Windows Update frequently can cause undesirable effects, particularly in regard to Audio and Video drivers. If you need any further information, you’re welcome to call into my Office located on Sukhumvit

Road (next door to Pattaya Today Newspaper). I am also happy to see you personally, but to avoid a wasted journey it is best to telephone me first on 08 3540 5220 as I am often out at client sites these days. Send your questions and to contact me by e-mail, you can also visit our website



Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

History suggests more trouble ahead

by Simon Philbrook SUPPOSING, as MBMG have been concerned about all along, the current meltdown is the closest thing to the Great Depression that anyone living has ever seen. Then last year, when equity markets made small gains, this represents the time between 1928 (the last boom year) and 1929 the year of ‘the Crash’. That means that this year straddles the losses accumulated in 1929-30. Many people forget that 1931 was the worst year for stock markets since the formation of the modern markets and with this thinking we’d have that prospect still to face over the next 18 months. 1932, 1934 and 1937 were also years that saw significant falls in the markets, although the intervening years saw healthy gains. Looking at history this way probably is bunk, but at least it gives

some kind of context. The worst may very well not be over for the equity markets. There is a decent chance that 2009 could be the worst year ever recorded for equity markets and that the following year will also be negative. We’re not doctrinaire about this and we’re basing our decisions on what’s happening now and what we see happening in the future rather than what happened 80 years ago. But, as just about the only people in recent years who’ve mentioned the possibility of a DJIA back below 5,000 we like to think that at least we’re aware of the dangers and that this awareness carries through to the performance that we deliver to our clients. Our results for the year are despite the recent setbacks caused by the extremely challenging market conditions: Equity markets are typically down by between 40-50% YTD, Property investments are down over 30% YTD (that’s the average between individual residential property averages and listed property vehicles)

Hedge funds are down around 15% YTD (per HFRI) Sovereign bonds are generally flat, whereas corporate and high yield bonds have been decimated in value, in many cases as badly or worse than the equity markets Banks have been going out of business left right and centre Commodities such as oil have lost more than half of their value during the last couple of months alone We continue to believe in diversification and asset allocation, but long term asset correlations have completely broken down and in a perfect storm almost all assets have lost value. While a typical portfolio (as represented by the PCI indices of private banking portfolio performance) had lost around one quarter of its value to the quarter ended 30th Sept and has probably fallen almost as heavily since then, we wouldn’t point to that as any kind of comparison because we’re not bench markers. Similarly, the comment about equity markets being down the best part of 50% is also not relevant because

we’re multi asset class allocators and we can’t compare ourselves to a single asset class. Even in the context of what was actually possible during this time, we’ve held up pretty well - we model ourselves on the philosophies of diversification espoused by the managers of the Yale & Harvard endowments. To monitor this we hold within our portfolios funds managed by Frontier Capital that are designed to track these endowments. These are down between 21.1 – 41.5% this year. In that sense, the pupil has done rather better than the master! However, we’re certainly not resting on our laurels conserving capital in times like this, making as much as you can and limiting losses where you can is important for 2 reasons – 1) You may remember the tagline that the Multi Manager Awards Panel of independent judges used when describing, Midas Capital, “a team that never loses sight of the fact that the money it runs belongs to its clients, and they want to see it rise in value” That is us. We know our

clients, we live in the same community with you, we see you on a regular basis, we invest our own money exactly the same way that we recommend that you do - we care about your finances - any Cent that you lose hurts us too. 2) Looking forwards, it’s far easier to generate meaningful long term returns if we can avoid losing in the short term. Anyone who’s down 50% in the current environment needs a bounce back of 100% just to get back to where they started. If you’re already ahead of the game, then anything else from here is pure and simple gain, double your money no catching up needed. There are a lot of people out there who must be hurting right now and although this has been a difficult period, we believe that we have really risen to the challenge and that our partners at Midas and Man are now able to go and exploit the opportunities that are presently arising (not necessarily equity market opportunities). We’ve done half of the job by keeping capital intact

through these turbulent times - now we just need to finish the job by exploiting opportunities as they arise. Despite and partly because of the volatility that we expect to see in equity markets, there has never been in all my career a better time than now to make money by diversification of investment assets. We mention all of this now not to boast or brag, but, to ensure that our clients are feeling both secure and positive about the current situation not concerned or worried. For those wanting more information on this or other financial topics then please contact Simon on The above data and research was compiled from sources believed to be reliable, however, neither Hamptons International Mortgages (Thailand) Ltd nor its officers can accept any liability for an errors or omissions in the above article nor bear responsibility for any losses achieved as a result of any actions taken or not taken as a consequence of reading the above article

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Perks of Old Age

Windows Messages

1. Kidnappers are not very interested in you. 2. In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first. 3. No one expects you to run into a burning building. 4. People call at 9 PM and ask, “Did I wake you?” 5. People no longer view you as a hypochondriac. 6. There is nothing left to learn the hard way. 7. Things you buy now won’t wear out. 8. You can eat dinner at 4 P.M. 9. You can live without sex but not without glasses. 10. You enjoy hearing about other people’s operations. 11. You get into heated arguments about pension plans. 12. You have a party and the neighbors don’t even realize it. 13. You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge. 14. You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room. 15. You sing along with elevator music. 16. Your eyes won’t get much worse. 17. Your investment in health insurance is finally beginning to pay off. 18. Your joints are more accurate meteorologists than the national weather service. 19. Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can’t remember them either. 20. Your supply of brain cells is finally down to manageable size. 21. You can’t remember who sent you this list.} 22. What list?

The following are new Windows messages that are supposedly under consideration for the planned Windows 7... Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue. Press any key to continue or any other key to quit. Press any key except... no, No, NO, NOT THAT ONE! Bad command or file name! Go stand in the corner. This will end your Windows session. Do you want to play another game? Windows message: “Error saving file! Format drive now? (Y/Y)” This is a message from God Gates: “Rebooting the world. Please log off.” To “shut down” your system, type “WIN” BREAKFAST.SYS halted... Cereal port not responding. COFFEE.SYS missing... Insert cup in cup holder and press any key. File not found. Should I fake it? (Y/N) Bad or missing mouse. Spank the cat? (Y/N) Runtime Error 6D at 417A:32CF: Incompetent User. Error reading FAT record: Try the SKINNY one? (Y/N) WinErr 16547: LPT1 not found. Use backup. (PENCIL & PAPER.SYS) User Error: Replace user. Windows VirusScan 1.0 - “Windows found: Remove it? (Y/N)” Your hard drive has been scanned and all stolen software titles have been deleted. The police are on the way.

Before You Complain About Your Job...

Pilot Checklist After every flight, pilots fill out a form, called a gripe sheet which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humor. Here are some maintenance complaints submitted by pilots and the solutions recorded by maintenance engineers. By the way, the airline these came from is the only major airline that has never, ever, had an accident. Pilot: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement. Engineers: Almost replaced left inside main tire. Pilot: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. Engineers: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. Pilot: Something loose in cockpit. Engineers: Something tightened in cockpit. Pilot: Dead bugs on windshield. Engineers: Live bugs on back-order. Pilot: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent. Engineers: Cannot reproduce problem on ground. Pilot: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear. Engineers: Evidence removed. Pilot: DME volume unbelievably loud. Engineers: DME volume set to more believable level. Pilot: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick. Engineers: That’s what friction locks are for. Pilot: IFF inoperative in OFF mode. Engineers: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode. Pilot: Suspected crack in windshield. Engineers: Suspect you’re right. Pilot: Number 3 engine missing. Engineers: Engine found on right wing after brief search. Pilot: Aircraft handles funny. Engineers: Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right, and be serious. Pilot: Target radar hums. Engineers: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics. Pilot: Mouse in cockpit. Engineers: Cat installed. Pilot: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer. Engineers: Took hammer away from midget

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


We all have to go sometime MANY homes and condos in Pattaya are vacant from time to time, and burglars are keenly aware of these vacancies. Pattaya is not only a vacation paradise; it is also a burglar’s paradise as well. How does a person secure their residence and have peace of mind when they are away? THE BASICS: locks on the doors and windows, bars on the windows, walls around the perimeter, iron gates, burglar alarm systems, having a friend or neighbor keep watch and living in a gated village. These are deterrents, but they won’t keep out a determined thief. If a burglar is desperate, a sledge hammer to the exterior concrete block wall of your house will do the trick. Some burglars come through the roof. Knowing a burglar can get into your home, the best we can hope for is to reduce any losses. Since most of these thieves aren’t expert safe crackers, installing a securely anchored safe is your best bet. Granted, you can’t put your new wide screen TV in it, but chances are that if you do all the basics listed in the previous paragraph the thief can’t haul off your huge TV anyway. Most burglars travel light and want small valuable items they can quickly and easily make off with. This includes

cash, cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, gold chains, jewelry and other small light weight high value items. Size your safe to accommodate these items. Burglars work under time constraints and want to get in and out quickly. Experienced crooks know where most people leave their valuables and can rob a large home in a matter of minutes. Because time is their enemy, everything you do to slow them down helps save your valuables. Implementing the following suggestions should help give you peace of mind while you are away. Should you be the target of a burglary, the loss should be relatively small. Obvious deterrents make your property less attractive as a target. Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors plus a barred, padlocked security door. On the inside of rear exterior doors install a heavy sliding deadbolt that fastens with a padlock. Install window bars, however, make bedroom window grills hinged but un-lockable for egress in case of a fire. A wall with a gate around your yard slows burglars down plus limits what they can carry. Install a burglar alarm system. Have a friend or neighbor watch your home for suspicious activity. By all means, tell

somebody you trust the date you are leaving and when you get back. Cut your losses. Buy a safe that can be securely anchored or embed in concrete. Never rely on a free standing safe. Buying a second safe is also a good idea. If the burglar finds one safe, he may not look further. Two safes allow division of your valuables. If the burglar breaks into one safe, chances are you will retain the contents of the second one. If you have a laptop computer or other items larger than cash or jewelry, purchase a safe large enough to house these items. Keep computer back-up disks in your safe. If leaving for a long period of time, remove your computer hard drive and store it in your safe. A computer shop can install a HD drawer that allows easy removal. You can also purchase an external HD that can be easily disconnected and stored securely. Leaving a vehicle? Remove all valuables from it. If you vehicle is stored in a garage, unlocked the doors and cracked the trunk open so a robber has easy access and can quickly determine there is nothing of value inside. This prevents unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Here is a novel idea. Purchase

inexpensive jewelry that has the look of quality but is actually gold plated with fake stones. Leave some of this faux jewelry on your bedroom dresser at all times. Include a bit of cash, perhaps 1,000 Baht in small bills. Remember, the burglar wants to get in and out quickly and often breaks-in during the night time when it is hard to see. With your real valuables locked in your safe, he will opt for the quick take and grab the fake jewelry and bits of cash and get out. This cheap trick may prevent a bigger loss. Prevention of burglary losses is a daily concern. Don’t think you must be away for an extended period of time before a burglary can happen. Most

people, especially people with businesses, get in a routine. Perhaps you’re a golfer whose habit is teeing off at 8 a.m. on certain days every week. This gets noticed. Your neighbors learn your habits, and so do those who want to rip you off. Example: A friend owns a bar and also a two story home in a gated community and his wife’s parents live downstairs. While he and his wife oversee their bar at night, her parents are in the home. Sounds like little chance for a robbery. However, my friend came home early one morning to find his laptop, 80,000 Baht in cash and his digital camera stolen from upstairs. The burglars also took his backpack which

contained important papers and ID cards left in it from a recent trip. The backpack was easy pickings. Although the contents had little value to the burglar, replacement of the items was a major hassle for my friend. The burglary happened when his wife’s parents were asleep downstairs. Apparently the back door had been left unlocked. A robbery can happen anytime. Establish a lockdown routine when you leave your house or go to bed. Make sure all doors and gates are secure and place all valuables in your safe. Leave nothing of value out when you aren’t home. You can’t totally prevent a burglary, but you can limit your losses.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008



Ask Andy Looking for a solution to problems in or around your house? Email questions to: Hooked on Hugh I just bought a condo, Andy. The previous owners had those paste-on hooks all over the place, like on bathroom tiles for towels, on bedroom walls for photos, over the kitchen sink and stove for cooking utensils, etc. Trying to remove these hooks...or more accurately the glue that’s left behind... is a nightmare. Is there an easy way to get it off? Hugh in Hua Hin The easiest way I know of, Hugh, is to saturate the adhesive with vegetable oil, then simply rub off any residual adhesive. Should be no problem. WD-40 also works well. """"" Peanut Butter Bender Can you tell me about peanut butter, Khun Andy? My friend farang give to me first time and I like too much. Now I eat every day but want to ask is healthy to eat and must to put in fridge? Suwan Unless you are allergic to peanuts, Suwan, peanut butter is very healthy to eat—in moderation (one or two tablespoons a day). Peanut butter is a good source of folate, magnesium, protein, vitamin E and other nutrients, and can help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Buy only good quality, unsalted peanut butter. As to storing the product, I contacted the maker of Skippy Peanut Butter. They assured me that peanut butter need not be refrigerated if you seal the jar tightly after each use. It may be put in the fridge to help retain its optimum flavor longer but, they noted, the cold temperature can change its consistency, texture, and thickness, and it will not be as easy to spread. Skippy emphasized that they use no hydrogenated fats in the manufacture of peanut butter. """"" Paint Posers Andy, we’re thinking about repainting our kitchen walls but want to ask you first if we can just paint over the existing paint? It would be a hassle to remove the old paint, but if you say we must we will. Also, what kind of paint

should we use? Ann and Charlie No need to remove the old paint unless it’s peeling or otherwise in really bad shape. But it is important to scrub down the walls before you begin painting. You need to get all the dirt and any grease off or the paint will just float on top of the dirt and grease. If I were doing it, I would clean the surfaces with water and detergent, then sand the old finish lightly before priming the surface. I’d finish with a gloss or semi gloss latex paint. Latex (or water-based) paints are a good choice because they emit fewer fumes, dry quicker, and have an easier clean-up process. Latex also is less prone to fading or yellowing and provides a breathable surface that allows moisture to escape. However, alkyd (oil-based) paints have the advantage of being more durable. """"" Gray Matters As I age, Andy, I find it harder and harder to unscrew the caps on glass jars. Even tapping the cap with a knife handle or light hammer doesn’t seem to work anymore. Any ideas? Knut Two solutions come to mind, Knut. If you have an old-fashioned nut cracker handy, fit that around the jar cap and twist. Even easier is turning the jar upside down and submerging the top of the jar in hot water for a minute or two. The heat should expand metal enough to allow for easy opening by hand. """"" Not-So-Permanent Marker We had a toddler get a hold of a Sharpie permanent marker and doodle on the oven door. I wiped off as much as I could before it dried, but there is still a distinct group of lines. Is there anything that will get it off, or is permanent marker really permanent? Allyson What works best is acetone finger nail polish remover. First try it in a small inconspicuous area to make sure the acetone

doesn’t remove the stove finish. """"" Splinter Squinter Got any suggestions for removing wood splinters, Andy? I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house lately and I get splinters constantly. I can usually get them out with tweezers; my wife’s gotten real good at it. But even with her help I just can’t remove (or even see) those tiny splinters. Alec We used to use Elmer’s glue to do the trick, Alec. It’s basically that white paste (wood glue or paper glue) available all over Pattaya. Pour a drop or two on your skin, over the splinter, let it dry, then peel the dried glue from your skin. The splinter sticks to the dried glue. When working with wood, wear heavy gloves when practical. """"" Cold Facts My power bill is killing me, Andy, basically because I must use the air con 24/7 for health reasons. Any advice for lowering the A/ C’s energy use and my electric bill? Karl Fans can help cut your energy bill by 60 percent or more, Karl. Use fans to supplement or even replace air conditioning

when feasible. You can cut another 10 percent by installing a programmable thermostat that adjusts temperatures when you are out and at night when heat abates. Set your thermostat as close to outdoor temperatures as is comfortable, and don’t adjust it to a colder setting when you turn on the air con; that requires more energy and does not cool your home

any faster. Keep the air conditioner fan speed on low when humidity is high to help remove moisture from the air and provide more comfort. Do not place lamps or television sets near the thermostat—which senses heat from these appliances and can cause the A/C to run longer than needed. Ensure that the outdoor component is not subject to direct

sunlight, which decreases the heat exchanger’s efficiency. Shade it with trees or shrubs, but don’t block the air flow. A unit operating in the shade uses up to 10 percent less power. Finally, check the air filter monthly and clean or replace filters as necessary. This alone can lower your energy consumption 5 to 15 percent. —Handy Andy


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Siam Plantation by Jack THIS was the last visit to Siam Plantation for a couple of weeks due to a major tournament next Friday (28 th Nov) and the King’s Birthday the following Friday (5th Dec). The Outback Golf Bar resumes normal service here on Friday 12th December through to the beginning of February 2009, when the course will be closed for about three weeks in preparation for the LPGA event, at the end the month. Tapioca & Pineapple saw some 37 Outbackers playing in superb conditions, even so, the course was the winner again, with only young Jack Shilton managing to equal his handicap,

to win Div C. He won by one point from the lovely Jum (35 pts), as she continues to show improvement. Bruce McAdam doesn’t play this course very often, as he prefers the more southern venues on a Friday, but nevertheless he demonstrated that he can play it if needs be, totting up 35pts to take Div B. Paul Greenaway, a frequent visitor here, won Div A again with 34, from first timer Ken Davies in second on 33. Rosco is also getting the hang of playing here with 32, edging out Barry Tregurtha on a countback of the last six holes, both having 18 on the last nine. There were three ‘2’s today, two conventional ones from


Fred Gemme & Rick Evans; and another slightly different one, also from Rick Evans, holing his second shot on the Pineapple Par 4 ninth, for an eagle. Great shot Rick! Div A (0 -14) 14 players h’cap score 1st Greenaway, Paul 9 34 2nd Davies, Ken 14 33 3rd Langoulant, Rosco 13 32 4th Tregurtha, Barry 11 32 Div B (15 - 19) 11 players h’cap score 1st McAdam, Bruce 17 35 2nd Knowles, David 19 32 3rd Stacey, Dave 16 30 4th Meehan, Keith 18 29 Div C ( 20+) 12 players h’cap score 1st Shilton, Jack 30 36 2nd Karagit, Kanlaya (Jum) 33 35 3rd Fagan, Bob 20 34 4th Davies, Derek 25 33

Golf from fhe Cafe Kronborg GREENWOOD ( Stableford) This was to be a test for the next day, when all would return to Greenwood for the Monthly Tournament and play the same 18 holes, the A&C Nines.

us all over the place, and that is what we got. The Course on the day was quiet and peaceful, so we all had a nice round without the hold ups we expected on the morrow, and soon were up in the Restaurant cooling down. In the A Flight, 0 to 18

Basi in third. In the B Flight we had slightly better scores with the winner decided on countback on 36 points, and first was J.C.Lhoste ahead of Tom Cotton in second. In third we had another countback, this time on 34 points that saw

Koji Yamada The day brought strong winds and the Course is now starting to shake off the effects of weeks on heavy rain, so we expected great conditions on the Course with the wind blowing

nobody shot their handicap, so the winner was Koji Yamada with 35 points ahead of a countback for second on 34 points that was won by Don Richardson in second and P.S.

J.C. Lhoste Svend Gaarde in third and Leif Kirkegaarde just missing out. Near Pin Leif Kirkegaarde Peter Hammond Ian Bell Monday The 10th November 2008: Plutaluang ( Stableford)

by Derek Brook

Three Sisters Golf by Paul Donahue “OFF the tee box early as usual minus Bill Key who is recovering from severe “Honda Rash”. Beautiful sunny/cloud/ breezy weather to golf in. The night before must have had rain and rain and more rain as some of the fairways were soaked and muddy. Well, what’s a few mud spatters here and there. Herbie Ishinaga, who has been absent from the top for a while finally put it together coming in with a sharp 39 followed by ever present Bob Benda with a 37. Need to get the handicappers on these two. The rest of the gang trailed in with semi reasonable numbers but just not enough. Lo and behold an errant cloud had the audicity to The Plutaluang Navy Golf Course was host to a Stableford Competition in two Flights with the cut at Handicap 19. The Course on the day was not as wet as expected, but there was a lot of grass off the fairway that was in the process of being cut. Neil Allison took the A Flight with 32 points ahead of Johan Reynisson second on a countback from Mike Sanders in third and Elias Magnusson in fourth, all with 29 points. Wolfgang Bade took the B Flight with 40 points ahead of Mike Winfield in second with 36 points, Jean Claude Lhoste in third with 35 points and Svend Gaarde in fourth with 33 points. Near Pin Erik Hansen Mike Sanders Brenden Byrne We have Ray Rogers Turkey Day Scramble coming up on 27th November at Burapha and the sign up list is up.

Stableford Competition at Khao Kheow Golf Course by Thomas Cotton OUR in-tepid band of golfers who hail from Tropical Bert’s were prepared for rain, which had been lashing our Tuesdays for the last month or so, so we were unprepared for the conditions which “greeted” our start. A Boreal north wind, it was, which heralded the Thai winter. It howled in our faces bringing both cooling

refreshment and a formidable challenge to our shots. This was the stiffest wind most of us had encountered in Thailand for some time. We struggled to keep our tee shots under the wind and with the wind behind to keep chip shots low. For myself, it was sometimes an effort to avoid being blown over while facing the gale. The wind really tested the golfers’ mettles and nettled

TC, Badger, Grant Dawson, L. Harding, S. Hamstad

their scores. This was reflected in the overall results, which one senior member suggested go unreported. But we must report both the good and the bad news and usually bad news is much more interesting than good news anyway. Wouldn’t it be fun to report the low scores instead of the high ones? After the round we scuttled back to Tropical Bert’s, which is also the Pattaya headquarters of the British Legion. There we watched the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War and the service at the London Cenotaph. It was a moving ceremony, which was attended by the last three surviving British veterans, the oldest being 112. In that sombre setting we

presented a special award to Stan Dare as one of our most consistent golfers, his consistency being his low scores, which on this day was even lower, but justifiably so. Salutes to Bert for providing such an appropriate setting for the day’s denouement. First Flight: First: Phil (Badger) Barnsley (31 pts) Second: Steve Hamstad (29 pts) Third: Perry McNeely (28 pts) Second Flight: First: Grant Dawson (31 pts) Second: Thomas Cotton (30 pts) Third: Lawrence Harding (29 pts) Near Pins: Steve Hamstad, Tony Scrambler, Dick Kerr Long Putts: Tony Scrambler, Derek Brook

Bob Benda & Herbie Ishinaga sprinkle a bit on the last few some not so spicey ones too. holes, barely enough to get one San Miguel light was the order wet and not enough to cover of the day served by beautiful the clubs. Everyone retired to Mae who will soon be heading Caddy Shack II for some of back to work as a Caddy at Siam Herbies spicy sausages and Country club.”

“DECEMBER” Golfing Schedule for the TRGG Travellers Rest (Please note that this list is provisional and is subject to alteration) Monday 1st Burapha Tuesday 2n Greenwood Thursday 4th Phoenix Saturday 6th Emerald Monday 8th Pattana Tuesday 9th Mountain Shadow Thursday 11th Phoenix. Saturday 13th Greenwood Monday 15th Crystal Bay



PSC with the Phoenix Tuesday Group by Mike Gerrard YES I was graced with being paired up with GARY BLACKBURNE today. A very daunting and humbling experience. Playing off 5 handicap, Gary was one under par gross at the turn moving on from MOUNTAIN to LAKES course. And, although he did not fair quite so good on the back nine (what am I saying) he finished the day at 2 over par gross, to record 39 points. Our little four ball played a six hole pairing system for the day, and whoever was Gary’s partner

managed to win that particular game. Hence Gary won all three and the rest of us won only one and losing two. The course is, at last starting to dry out (especially from tee to green) and there is a little more run on the ball. Some of the rough around the greens is still a bit soft and due to this the greens staff cannot get to cut the height down. The dreaded bunkers are also in much better condition and it was noticeable that the ball was not plugging in the sand as has been the norm in the past. Another week or two should see this course as one of the best in the area. Due to the better course conditions the scores were much improved from previous

weeks, (well for some that was). In second place with 37 points was the dapper KEN HOLE. Well into pension years, Ken looks the perfect DAVID NIVEN of Pattaya. Third was welcome returnee from WARRINGTON, big HARRY GILLICKER, with 36 points. Technicals went to GRAHAM DIETRICH (2), KEVIN BIRD and PAUL TAYLOR. The rest of us just enjoyed the first free drink at TOY’S MUSIC BAR and hoped for the lucky draw.

For the second week running the luck of the Irish shone through and the big man himself (HUGH BYRNE) won the donated GREEN BOTTLE INN (our thanks to them) voucher. Next week will be a stapleford competition again at 12.00 noon. Registration at 11.00am in the locker room. Our group does not wish to have a large turnout and we limit the groups to 5. This enables everyone to get round in a short time of each other. PSC membership is preferred with either a local USGA handicap or any other recognised world wide certificate. 28 handicap is also our limit. All players play from the same tees.

The Bunker by Mick Crystal Bay A lot of the regulars played in the Pattaya Sports Club monthly tournament today but the golfers who couldn’t get a tee time decided to have a game amongst themselves at Crystal Bay. Playing a medal round newcomer John McKeen won with a fine one under par nett 71 ahead of Roger Privett in second place and Rod Stevens squeezed into third place on a count back. Only three par three greens were hit and they went to Koji Yamada, Roger Privett and Jack Gayer who put hs tee shot twelve inches from the pin and promptly missed the putt! Results; 1st John McKeen (hcp 14) nett 71

2nd Roger Privett (hcp 15) nett 74 3rd Rod Stevens (hcp 22) nett 76 Khaow Kheow Playing a Stableford comp at Khaow Kheow where points are always hard to come by a couple of player’s made it look easy Philip Moore and Koji Yamada winning the A Flight and B Flight with 41 points and 40 points respectively. A count back was needed in the A Flight and it was William who took runner-up spot with a better back nine than Alan Sullivan. John Hughes in the B Flight with his 16 handicap now was runner-up one point better off than Jack Gayer, John leads the golfer of the month table with the points he scored on Monday and today.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Golf from the Travellers Rest by Barry Hooper ENTRY Numbers Up,Up,Up. The entry numbers keep going up up up. Some people it is true are leaving but many of our regulars are returning along with many a new face. Long may it last. So as previously reminded please book in early for our four days of golf outings. Top scorer of the week was Jimmy Woulfe who had a good second at Khao Kheow on Tuesday with thirty four but he outclassed that on Thursday at Phoenix when he banged in a forty one pointer to win the second division. Well done Jimmy On Monday 17th November we went to Chrystal Bay. Have not been there for some time. This is another class course and not the easiest about. Number attending were good so two divisions. Division one went to Mike Rushant with his thirty six pointer three ahead of second Mod Chaviraksa. Division two went to Neil Allison after count back thirty three’s with Jack McNamara. Four two’s on the day Fergus Brennan and Mike Rushant at the fifth with Brendan Devlin at the eighth and Jack McNamara at the fifteenth On Tuesday the 18th Khao Kheow Golf Club was the venue of the day. Courses played were A and B and the numbers taking part were very large. So three divisions were played. Neil Allison took the third division this time for his second of the week this time with thirty four just one up on Gary Leigh in second. S.J. Tinkler made the second his own with a thirty five again just one back and second was Jimmy Woulfe Division one was a three shot cushion win of thirty nine for Gerald Thwaite from Near pins went to John McDonald, Jack Gayer, Stuart Tinkler and Koji. Results; A Flight 1st Philip Moore (hcp 13) 41 points 2nd William Macey (hcp 11) 34 points 3rd Alan Sullivan (hcp 12) 34 points B Flight 1st Koji Yamada (hcp 16) 40 points 2nd John Hughes (hcp 16) 36 points 3rd Jack Gayer (hcp 19) 35 points Bang Pra With lightning fast greens Bang Pra was a stiff test for the field today but there were some fairly decent scorecards handed in when the golfer’s got back to The Bunker. A count back determined the A Flight where Roger Privett lost out to Geoff Cox both

John Hefferman back at Thirty six. Five two’s were recorded on the day. Tony Jones at the third. Jerry McCarthy and Jimmy Woulfe at the fifth and Neil Allison and Rodney Becket at the twelth. On Thursday the 20th it was back yet again for our regular weekly visit to Phoenix (Ocean and Mountain). The entry was even better than last week big so three flights again. Division three (20 up) Rod Stevens won at thirty seven and was five ahead of Paula Byrne

know it is fair distance out to this course which led to a very long day. The course played very long with little carry at times and this was enhanced with some of the tail end players offering very slow play. So the presentation was much later than the normal which apparently resulted in a poor attendance for the prize giving, Disappointing that and extremely bad manners with many prize winners forgetting to mention that they could not make it back. Andy Galvin won division

Saturday Division 1 and the Two’s Winners Brendan Devlin, Bill McGarvie, Geoffrey Williams and Neil Jones

at thirty two in second. Division Two (15-19) Jimmy Woulfe was the winner at a massive forty one which was nine ahead of Andy Galvin in second. Division one (0-14) Hugh Byrne was only the one up at thirty eight from Bill McGarvie on thirty seven. Only two two’s were recorded and both of these went to Hugh Byrne. So he had a bit of a cleaning up session on the day, I personally wasn’t in attendance but I do hope that he was one of those who shared his good fortune with those present. On Saturday the 22nd November we went to Greenwood as part of our rescheduled November Saturday programme. We had extremely good participation however it was a late start time at eleven o’clock and as all finishing level par and John King came third only one shot behind. John Hughes is coming good just in time for the John Preddy Annual Tournament nex week, he won the B Flight with a one over par round Jack Gayer who’s been playing well lately took second spot and newcomer Greg Dickinson was thied with a reasonable nett 77. One of the near pin prizes went to a newcomer too Finnish golfer “Nico” won one along with John Hughes, Roger Privett and Tony Robbins. Results; A Flight 1st Geoff Cox (hcp 13) nett 72 2nd Roger Privett hcp 15) nett 72 3rd John King (hcp 14) nett 73 B Flight 1st John Hughes (hcp 16) nett 73 2nd Jack Gayer (hcp 19) nett 75 3rd Greg Dickinson (hcp 22) nett 77

three with thirty two one up on John O’Leary who won the count back with Kenneth Davidson for second both at thirty one. Division two went to Chaten Patel at thirty four just the one up on Jerry McCarthy in second with thirty three. Division one was a win for Benny O’Connor at thirty six with Bill McGarvie two back at thirty four for second and Neil Jones third at thirty three. The two’s was shared by Geoffrey Williams and Brendan Devlin Full Results for the week – Monday 17th November at Chrystal Bay Division One (0-14) Mike Rushant 36 hc 11 Mod Chaviraksa 33 hc 12 Dane O’Brian 32 hc 14 c/b Ito Akitoshi 32 hc 09 c/b Divison Two Neil Allison 33 hc 18 c/b

Jack McNamara 33 hc 20 c/b Gary Leigh 32 hc 16 c/b Jimmy Woulfe 32 hc15 c/b Two’s – Fergus Brennan, Mike Rushant, Brendan Devlin and Jack McNamara Tuesday 18th November at Khao Kheow Division One Gerald Thwaites 39 hc 10 John Hefferman 36 hc 11 Ted Lodge 36 hc 12 Division Two S.J.Tinkler 35 hc 13 Jimmy Woulfe 34 hc 15 Jimmy Chawke 32 hc 16 c/b Billt Fitzgerald 32 hc 15 c/b Division Three Neil Allison 34 hc 18 Gary Leigh 33 hc 17 c/b Tony Jones 33 hc 20 c/b Two’s – Tony Jones, Jerry McCarthy, Jimmy Woulfe, Neil Allison and Rodney Becket Thursday 20th November at Phoenix (Ocean and Mountain) Division One Hugh Byrne 38 hc 12 Bill McGarvie 37 hc 12 S.J.Tinkler 34 hc 13 c/b Division Two Jimmy Woulfe 41 hc 15 Andy Galvin 32 hc 19 c/b Ted Senior 32 hc 16 c/b Division Three Rod Stevens 37 hc 22 Paula Byrne 32 hc 30 John Heman 30 hc 20 Two’s – two from Hugh Byrne Saturday 22nd November at Greenwood Division One Benny O’Connor 36 hc 12 Bill McGarvie 34 hc 11 Neil Jones 33 hc 12 Division Two Chatel Patel 34 hc 14 Jerry McCarthy 33 hc 13 Robert McVey 31 hc 14 c/b GeoffreyWilliams 31 hc 16 c/b Division Three Andy Galvin 32 hc 19 John O’Leary 31 hc 17 c/b Kenneth Davidson 31 hc23 c/b Two’s – Geoffrey Williams and Brendan Devlin

Super League Season 2 Final Standings

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008



PSC 84th Monthly Tournament at Greenwood by Derek Brook SIGN UP for the Monthly Tournament these days, and your whole day is taken care of. About the only thing you do get is a bit of a lie in, in the morning, and after the night before who complains?, but from then on it is all go. Not so long ago it was a quick presentation at the Course, but it is a whole New World as Pattaya Sports Club forges ahead. In this new area we have many helpers, particularly the outlets who welcome the golfers into their fine Bars and provide fine food to the golfers. This month it was The Moore Bar, while last Month Shenanigans and the Month before Jameson’s. It seems Shenanigans are into the swim as we are invited to Shenanigans Jomtien next Month. The Tee off at Greenwood was somewhat inhibited by the fact the Course changed their agreement a few weeks before the day, and the Golf Chairman had to reschedule the start, on the day we were slowed down a several holes, and we did meet a lot of new, and old, friends at the Par 3’s. In fact I met many old friends and the day turned out well, if a bit slow. Our

round was about 5+ hours. One of the nice things, as said, is that we got a lie in, and did not have to leave Pattaya until 10 am, so we arrived shortly before 1100 am, and joined the queue. Soon we were through and realised that the green and caddy fee were such that we got the Competition fee already covered. Good game this golf, ennit!!!. The wind on the day was less than the day before, and the Course was really in

plan was to have a ‘Shot Gun Start’ now that is real fun in the showers. Yes I mean a big wait, we do not share at Pattaya Sports Club. Some, including myself, had a quick snack in the Restaurant before driving back, as on reaching Pattaya it was off to The Moore Bar and Grill. Being a good boy I left the car at home and caught a Baht Taxi down Beach Road, off at Royal Garden, walk to Second Road through Royal Garden and into

bit reminiscence of it’s predecessor, and that is a good thing, it is if possible even more up market. We were warmly welcomed by the ‘Management’ and were made to feel most welcome, and there were a lot of us, the place was very full. The food was excellent and laid out in many different locations, so there was practically no waiting, and it was all first class, from some fine Turkey and Pork, to all the

A & B Flight Winners excellent condition, so with having to wait for most shots we were able to smell the flowers. What a fine day it was, just perfect for a slow walk not spoilt. All good things must come to an end and I suppose it could be argued that the longer we were out there the more we got for our money, but that is a pretty stupid argument. So we got more for our money!!. The changing room was a bit full but we can be thankful for small mercies as the original

C & D Flight Winners the Moore Bar, and all for 10 Baht. Now that is good, as after we can get a Baht Taxi back to Big C for 10 Baht and it saves taking the chance of drinking and driving. It’s good here, ennit?. One of the good things about the new after Golf nights out is that you can take your Wife/ Friend with you and it is a fine night out. I have not been to this location since the old days of Shenanigans, so it was a trip of learning, and a fine one. The interior is nicely laid out and a

Seniors Winner other items you would expect on a night such as this. This place is certainly worth a visit if you like your food. Such a night cannot be organised without the help of so many sponsors, so I will take this section to thank the Sponsors, and there are many. PSC would like to thank:Firstly special thanks go to The Moore Bar and Grill for

the fabulous Venue and the great Menu and the fine and helpful Staff, particularly the accommodating Ms Naiyaporn Hongsakule the Restaurant Manager. To, Shenanigans ‘The Irish Pub’, Trattoria Italiana, Moon River, Tequila Reef, Shenanigans ‘The Irish Pub’, Green Bottle Diana Group, The Blue Parrot, Cafe New Orleans Restaurant, Drum and Monkey, Tahitian Queen ‘Rock n’ Roll Bar’, Sunset Cafe, Apex Profound Beauty ‘Skin Cafe’, MBMG Insurance Group, Pattaya Mail, Pattaya People, Television and Pattaya People Radio 96 FM, and the personnel of Greenwood Golf Club who made our day a fine one. It was then time for the presentation, but not before a sad note was introduced. The Vice President, Derek Brook, reported that one of our long time supporters and former Golf Chairman, Steve Donovan, passed away earlier in the day after a Traffic accident. Steve will be long remembered as a strong supporter of golf in Pattaya, and he will be sadly

Mickey Mouse Friday Night Dart League Date: 21 November (Week 6)

Nick The Pizza Monday 8 Ball League League Table

Next Fixtures (Week 7)

PSC from Tropical Bert's Badger, one of our number, has recently been featured on Pattaya radio as a savant in the Well, “High” Season has arrived quiz of identifying song writers in Pattaya and the numbers of and singers and no doubt (or golfers attending our modest not much), he will be able little competitions have to identify the original swelled. Many golf courses singers of “In the Navy”. have reacted by hoisting The large field was subtheir green fees. This has divided into two flights, raised the clamour by the with the results: golfers for inexpensive A Flight (Hcps 1-16): venues. So our captain, First: Perry McNeely (39 Derek Brook, was able to pts) indulge the hoi polloi by Derek Brook, Perry McNeely, Pat Morrissey, Mashi Kenata, Les Burns, Grant Dawson Second: Mashi Kenata booking this Tuesday’s outing at one of his favourite gentle breeze interspersed with (36 pts) Third: Derek Brook (36 pts, courses: Plutaluang, Navy. short drizzles, all of which Many of our number feel very helped to keep the temperature losing on count-back) B Flight (Hcps 17, up); snug playing at Navy, such as down and the scores up. And First: Pat Morrissey (37 pts) what could be more apropos, ex-sailor Dave Richardson. Second: Grant Dawson (35 pts) “In the Navy”, or out, than that the highest score was Third: Les Burns (33 pts) Plutaluang has something for taken by former Navy man and Near Pins: Bill Knight, Don everybody, everybody except our own PSC Golf Chairman, those who prize well manicured Perry McNeely. With respect Carmody, Les Burns, Steve Bermuda grass. It was indeed to PSC: “he wants you, he Hamstad Long Putts: Hans Collett, fortunate that the seven seas wants you, he wants YOU as a Les Charles have receded and the fairways new recruit!.”

by Thomas Cotton

are no longer under a metre or so of monsoon runoff. We were treated to the East and West courses. The weather was slightly cloudy and there was a

Perry and Dave Richardson missed by all his friends. The presentation was carried out by our Emcee Mike Gerrard, but not before The Golf Chairman thanked the following for their help. All the Bar Organisers from, Tropcal Bert’s, The Outback Bar, The Golf Club, The Bunker, The Phoenix Golf Group, P.J. Pool Bar, Sugar Shack, Caddy Shack, Cafe Kronborg, Beaver Bar and Grill and The Three Sisters. With the new expanded Monthly Tournament all the help is much appreciated. Particularly his many helpers on the day. So to the presentation and the results are below, but there were not many people who went away empty handed, after all ‘ it is not what you come with, but what you go away with’. T.T.F.N. P.S. Next Month at Plutaluang and Shenanigans Jomtien.

What a difference a game makes! The Bunker now share the lead with Palmers, and the Rising Sun. Stars dazzled the Bunker Boys and in a tight evening of darts took all on the beer to give them their first win of the season. Over on the dark side, Lucky Time found their mojo and emptied the Blue Mountain coffee pot to take the game, however they lost their mojo again in the beer leg (even though they were 300 ahead) and the Blue Mountain refilled their coffee pot with free beer! Blue Mountain stand in Captain, Ken, started his single game with a 180, darts Ken. Rudy was looking smoking hot which could account for the loss

of the beer by Lucky Time. Palmers hosted Mee Chew and still jubilant on their free beer from Stan two weeks ago, played out of their socks against Mee Chew taking all on the beer. Cheers traveled away to the Squadron Lines to play Helicopter who were in Attack Mode, and won the game. Stan rallied his troops and in a counter attack shot Helicopter down to take the beer. Meanwhile in Soi Yamoto, several horses could be seen tethered up outside the Rising Sun. This could only mean that Wyatt Twerp and the Posse were in town. With spurs a clinking the Posse made their way into the bar, and in a mean voice between gritted teeth, Denis ordered a round of Babycham. Steve had the Posse remove their gunbelts before his bar got shot up which put OK Corral off their game, resulting in the Rising Sun taking both game and beer…….................... DARTS.

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008



ot Just Beer and Skittles: You have to admire a bar owner who manages to overcome adversity to turn his joint into a popular attraction, be it a beer boozer or a den of the chrome pole. Down in Soi LK Metro, off Soi Diana Inn, the Champagne ogling den has been a prominent feature since it kicked into life just over three years ago. It proved quite popular, although I have to admit to not being much of a fan. Then came a crunch when a partnership dispute erupted and the place was closed for a period of time. When the dispute was resolved, Champagne struggled to return to life, but the owner has persisted and since undergoing a major renovation it is now well worth a visit. Puke green is the predominant colour in the den, and while it isn’t exactly a flattering hue, it doesn’t detract either. The music is quite good, draught amber nectar is available all night for 55 baht a glass, and happy hours run from 7:00-9:00PM. The overall numbers, quality, and friendliness of the dancing damsels is what makes Champagne worth visiting. Most are a friendly bunch, and there are plenty of them, both of the wardrobe malfunctioning g-string types and the more overdressed coyote style. Looks vary from attractive to plain, but this statement could be addressed to the vast majority of dens and beer boozers in Fun Town. The self-administering body painting show is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed. Four or five ladies of lithe proportions spend a number of minutes applying multi-coloured streaks of paint to their

bodies and the end result is like witnessing exploding kaleidoscope. The damsels then repair to the shower to wash it all off. I think someone should point out to the management the shower glass should be opaque; although doing that would spoil the optic nerve moment for those imbibers for whom a clutch of women engaged in ablutions is a turn-on. New Chips are Down: The Pratamnak road end of Soi Diamond has become a hive of bar building and renovating activity in recent weeks with the opening of one new fourstorey nightclub/coyote den called B4, and the remodelling of two existing places: namely Shooters (which has been turned into a hip-hop lounge and had its official opening on 20 November), and the Casino Club. The latter has been gutted inside and expanded in the hope of making it more customer friendly in terms of room to move. When Casino first opened in August 2005 and for much of the next couple of years it was always busy from late at night until the early hours. With rival places springing up it seems the owners have decided they need to apply a makeover to keep the drinkers coming back. I’m told the Diamond ogling den, further down the narrow part of the lane, is due to be renovated and remodelled in coming weeks. They held what will be their final dance contest for the year on Loy Krathong night. As usual, the contest was well attended and proved the den can still attract customers when it has something special to offer. Sadly, in-between these events it is a shadow of its former self; hence the

desire to make some muchneeded changes. Ten Years After: The FLB lounge-lizard libation room (Walking Street) will be celebrating an amazing 10 years of operations in December. During that time it has had only one change of ownership, although there have been a few managers and the interior has undergone a couple of minor facelifts. FLB has one of the most popular websites around town:, so to find out more about planned events in the joint just add it to your favourites list. Taking up the contest cudgels: The Sisterz ogling den (Walking Street) will be holding another of its increasingly popular dance contests, this one on Thursday night 11 December. If past contests are anything to go by then

management of Ingo’s thought they had hit upon a great idea to utilise their available space more effectively by adding a couple of chrome poles and a small dance stage and hiring a couple of ladies to cavort about said poles in short shorts and crop tops. The aim was to attract the drinking classes after the noshites had taken their fill of fine food and wandered into the evening. After not being able to attract much in the way of chrome pole molesting talent it seems the owners have sensibly ditched the idea and are now getting more sleep at nights. A Real Regular’s Hangout: That popular afternoon den Far East Rock (Soi Post Office) appears to have carved a solid niche for itself among a core group of men with nothing better

COYOTE HARDLY UGLY: Here are two good reasons for at least giving the Coyotee’s den (Soi Marina Plaza, off Walking Street) a whirl on almost any night of the week. (Photo by DAK)

this should be well worth marking in the diary. They are usually reasonably tight-run affairs that kick into life around 9:3010:00PM and don’t drag on interminably. Given their amazingly cheap libations, with standard thirstquenchers just 59 baht after happy hour, I would think the joint will be bursting at the seams for most of the night. Not a Coyote or even a Dingo in Sight: It appears as though the experiment of trying to be a noshery during the day and early into the night and then turning into a coyote dance den later in the evening has failed for the Ingo’s establishment on Third Road, opposite the Buffalo beer boozer. A few months back the

to do than pour alcohol down their throats from the early hours of the afternoon while inspecting the various shades of skin tones on damsels whose dress sense tends towards the minimalist. Certainly beats watching afternoon television and is far more entertaining and refreshing than being perched on an outside bar stool looking at the passing parade. Draught beer at about 50 baht a glass is the preferred libation while lolly water is only 60 baht for those who would like to remain in the world of sobriety during the daylight hours. On a recent visit to the den I think it would be fair to say there were at least a half-dozen ladies who had svelte figures and wouldn’t

have looked out of place in a more prominent den of the chrome pole. I was told at least one of the wallet emptiers was indeed employed in a top-class joint in the evenings, using Far East as a place to play in the afternoons. The music is quite good, 70s and 80s-style rock and pop, and the majority of the customers were clearly regulars. Just before I arrived a new face had been in the den and decided to pay the bar for six of the very best dancers. Probably needed to field a Rugby Sevens team. The negative as far as attracting new faces through the door might well be the jocks-in-frocks at the front door. While pleasant enough I wonder how many potential customers just keep walking because they think the den is full of the gender-confused? If you’ve never been in and happen to be passing just offer a polite, “How’re they hangin’ Bruce?” as you open the curtain and step inside for a quiet drink or six. No Longer a Pensioners Paradise: While chatting to a long-term Thailand visitor who has been residing in Pattaya since the days when places like the Pattayaland sois were just open ground, he reminded me of the exponential rise in quality of the wallet emptiers who make Fun Town their primary hunting ground. Back in the 1980s and certainly when I first started coming regularly to Pattaya in the early 1990s, the ladies of nocturnal habits and questionable morals were generally considered to be the least attractive in terms of looks

and age compared to their Bangkok counterparts. In those days the genuine head-turners plied their trade from the Patpong dens, with Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy taking the dregs. Pattaya was viewed as a bargirl’s retirement village. Of course there were always lovely ladies here: anyone who had a camera and collected his own happy snaps in those times would be able to provide visual evidence of that. As with anything involving a broad range of bar types and styles and a period of time, my comments have to be generalisations. Nonetheless, since the late 1990s the growth of Pattaya has seen a lot of younger and attractive (to Western eyes anyway) women starting their careers in chrome pole molesting and wallet emptying here in Fun Town, rather than kicking off in the bright lights of Bangkok and then slowly sliding down the age and looks scale before coming to Pattaya for their final fling. As my friend noted, in his opinion the girls in Pattaya are a lot better looking and younger than they were a decade or more ago. I know for certain they gained a far better sense of sensual dressing than was the case in the mid1990s. Back then girls would say the only women who dressed alluringly were the ladyboys, and they didn’t want potential walking wallets to confuse a genuine distaff operator from a wannabe. Piece of Pith: It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end-to-end, someone would be stupid enough to try to pass them.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Pattaya Today’ s Brainy Fortnightly Crossword









(5) 1. DORMANT









(5) 5. LAZY





















(7) 18. RULE






(5) 22. PREVIOUS



(7) 23. A CURSE


26. NUN





12 13 14




18 21


1 7











7 6

7 2



6 8



YOU WOULD imagine that with such a name this puzzle originated in Japan, but it has been around for many years in the UK. However, the Japanese found an example under the title ‘Number Place’ in an American magazine and translated it as something quite different: su meaning number; doku which translates as single or bachelor. It immediately caught an in Japan, where number puzzles are much more prevalent than word puzzles. Crosswords don’t work well in the Japanese language:

Passing can be elegant ALTHOUGH bridge players are all programmed to try and reach game at each and every opportunity, it’s sometimes best to restrain yourself. That can be true even if the part score doesn’t seem to be an ideal landing spot. In today’s deal, you are staring at a most modest collection: ♠ Q 7 5 3, ♥ 4, ♦ K Q 10 5 2, ♣ 9 7 5. You hear your partner call as


4 7


The sudoku puzzle reached craze status in Japan in 2004 and the craze spread to the UK through the puzzle pages of national newspapers. The Daily Tetegraph uses the name Sudoku, but you may see it called su doku elsewhere. However, there is no doubt that the word has been adopted into modern parlance, much like’ erossword’. Sudoku is not a mathematical or arithmetical puzzle. It works just as well if the numbers are substituted with letters or some other symbols, but numbers work best.

opener one heart and you dutifully reply one spade, to show your four card major. It would be quite wrong to bid one diamond just because you have five of them. Your partner next bids two clubs and you have to decide where to go from there. Some players might be tempted to try two diamonds, but they would be wrong. Can you see why? Partner by sticking to the same suit, clubs, in his two bids is

1. Deck 2. Flip 3. Live 4. Boy 5. Park 6. Journey 7. Pleas 8. Pole 9. Brand 10.Spit

Person Ways Broker Wink Fill Kind Elope Fish Away Ball




...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................

Form a word from the Jumbled Letters

1. A HOT DEC 2. E THE MAN 3. LEAP AT L 4. TRIO TAP 5. PAT M COC 6. RUT POLY 7. VINE GEN 8. TRY NUCE 9. DAN F HOF 10.CAT TONC showing a modest hand. He certainly holds five cards in clubs, maybe six, but his overall values are limited as he did not switch suits at his second opportunity. So your correct bid is pass. Two clubs might not be a very elegant part score, but a further bid from you surely courts disaster. If, for example, you were to try two no trumps rather than passing, that would suggest eleven points (not your measly seven points) and an invitation to game. Ugh!



Find the word which, when placed after the first word & before the second word, To solve the puzzle, each row, column and will form two more words. box must contain each of the numbers 1 Example Field....Trap Answer Mouse




Sudoku Puzzle 3




to 9. Solution on page 51.



by Mr Mick



ANSWERS ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... If you chose to bid two diamonds, that would be forcing and you would be showing a lot more strength than in fact you have. No, you have to pass your partner’s bid of two clubs so that the auction does not get out of hand. There is no bid you can take at your second bid which accurately describes your rather motley collection. Best to pass and to stay afloat rather than sink in ignominy by indulging in sheer overbidding.

Solution Issue 5 Z






























































































Last week’s solutions 1. Dove 2. Dam 3. Ban 4. Quick 5. Trap 6. Fire 7. Life 8. Guide 9. Sauce 10.Leap

Board Wide Size Stone Step Yard Keeping Age Ties March

ANSWER Tail Nation King Lime Door Brick Time Line Pan Frog

Last week’s solutions 1. RIP A DOC 2. J Y MATES 3. YOUR JEN 4. LOO HUMD 5. G IF SURE 6. T AND SIT 7. I AND SID 8. TURN REC 9. COR CHIN 10.BE A GRUB




Tis The Season…… Relaxed Christmas entertaining at home By Mick and Di The Food Lovers ALTHOUGH it is always a pleasure to visit a restaurant and let the chef cater to your whims, entertaining at home is also a pleasure, especially at this time of year, but can be nerve-racking. Why not allow the Christmas fairy to wave her magic wand and produce a professional readyprepared seasonal menu to delight and amaze your family and friends. With just a few phone calls and a wee bit of prior-planning, your Christmas catering will be stress-free, hassle-free and most of all delicious! Canapes and Nibbles with drinks: Nothing is more delicious (and adaptable) than tapenade for canapés. Basically it is a pungent puree of olives,

capers, anchovies and olive oil, the name derived for the Provencale word for capers – tapeno. When we tried Madam Deli’s recipe it fairly zinged with robust olive oil, tart capers, briny anchovies and heady black olives. This vigorous fusion can be used as a classic dip, or spread on crusty bread and crackers. The other European paste from this range is that most delicious of concoctions – pesto. It is an amalgamation of olive oil, basil, salt, garlic, pine nuts and a grated hard cheese such as Parmigiano Regiano. Commonly tossed with pasta or added to minestrone soup it is equally delicious as another dip or gourmet spread. Madam Deli products are available from all good supermarkets, i.e. Foodland, Villa and Friendship. Private catering available. Tel: 038 435 585 or 081 452 7555 for enquiries Starters: Pate is another item in the Madam Deli range and comes in three varieties: a smooth chicken liver with brandy, a pork country-style with olives and a firmer pork and duck terrine with port. Christmas special presentations are available in large seasonal ceramic bowls which serve 810 portions. Available on 5 days notice and priced at B.1,000. A classic Caesar salad dressing completes this gourmet range and again is a refreshing palate cleanser before the main attraction. See above for contact details. AKA’s cold smoked Sockeye salmon takes this delicacy to another stratosphere. The rich succulent flesh is the most sought-after and produces a smoked fish of heavenly proportions. Blue marlin, mackerel, red snapper and sword fish are also available prepared in this manner and all make a superb starter. Available from AKA Traders. See details below.

The Main Attraction: U.S. butterball turkeys (from 6 kgs) are available from AKA Trading at B.400 per kilo (boned) and B.205 per kilo (whole). Topside roast beef (B.313 per kilo),

from Jules Restaurant in View Talay I, Jomtien. The cakes retail for B.600. Marzipan and icing cost an extra B.100. Bob also makes individual Christmas puddings which can be ordered for B.60

roast pork, shoulder bacon joints or gammon with or without bone (B.250 per kilo) would make delicious alternatives to turkey and are all available at AKA Traders Company Ltd., Soi Town in Town, Pattaya. (Just east of Foodland on Pattaya Klang). Personal callers welcomed. Tel: (038) 413 030 or email: Orders must be received by 5 th December to be available for Christmas.

(150 grs). So why not spoil yourself and your family and email Bob to make your order on or phone 081 4920465.

Dessert: The best in traditional English fruitcakes can be made to order through “Fruitcake Bob”. He has been supplying these scrumptious cakes for over eleven years. They can be ordered plain or beautifully covered with marzipan and icing. Bob’s bakery is in Bangkok but he has made arrangements for the cakes to be collected

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Casa Pascal

Introduces a gastronomic ‘gift’ for savvy diners

By Mick and Di The Food Lovers IN MARCH 2001, Casa Pascal first opened its doors and created a new gastronomic benchmark for culinary art in Pattaya. Since then it has become recognised as one of Pattaya’s leading restaurants providing exquisite cooking in a sleek and sophisticated ambiance. Pascal is a classically trained Swiss chef and together with his delightful wife, Kim has created a temple to polished service and gourmet dining combined with a splendid wine cellar offering a selection of the finest labels from across the world. Just when it seems the whole financial world has fallen to bits and our expenditure is necessarily under revision,

B.350 for 2 courses, B.420 for 3 and only B.490 for the full four-course experience. So do visit Casa Pascal this month to celebrate the season and take advantage of Pascal’s gift to his discerning diners.

Pascal has introduced a gourmet gift for his savvy diners. The new day-time (11.00 am to 7.00 pm) degustation is a fantastic selection from the a la carte menu offered for an astonishing

Gourmet menus are concocted twice a month offering five courses (B.1450) or served with a flight of wines and champagne for B.2900. They always evoke

interest but on this occasion Mick and I decided to opt for the a la carte menu. Cold appetisers feature a marinated mushrooms, artichokes, mozzarella, capsicum, anchovy and olive creation (B.310) or beef steak tartar, Alaskan king crab legs or Pascal’s masterly foie gras terrine. I chose the lobster and crabmeat galette in horseradish cream while Mick plumped for the mixed house hors d’oeuvre platter. It arrived in spectacular fashion presented on a nonet sectioned black glass salver and comprised of prawn cocktail,ratatouille, mozzarella, prawn/caper salad, marinated mushrooms, tsatsiki, beef carpaccio, gravlax and smoked salmon (B.420). What an amazing vista, the gravlax was superb while the salmon (smoked in Bangkok to Pascal’s exact specifications) was sensational. My seafood galette was a delight; magically fried and served in a delicious puddle of horseradish cream. Main courses feature a deluxe grill menu presenting Japanese Kobe rib eye and entrecote steak plus U.S. Angus beef tenderloin and much more. Poultry and meats are well represented as is the fresh fish medley of dishes. Mick’s choice was the chicken ballotine stuffed with truffles and apples and served with artichokes and roasted shallots. A masterly dish which evoked murmurs of appreciation and a ‘licked-clean’ plate from my other half. My rainbow trout (from Chiang Mai) was the sweetest, freshest treat with the pale pink flesh melting lusciously in the buttery emulsion. Other main

courses include their celebrated oven roasted rack of lamb Provencal served with gratin potatoes and ratatouille (B.710), or jugged beef stew Burgundy style with potato dumplings. Caviar devotees please note that Pascal carries a choice selection of this most decadent of fishy luxuries. We passed on dessert but couldn’t resist the assorted cheese platter with walnuts and fruits which bonded perfectly with the last of our fruity Pinot Noire, Jean D’alibert Burgundy. The young service staff are impeccably trained in the art of silver service including decanting of the premium red wines. The wine list is sensational featuring global vintages of exceptional quality. Bottle prices start from B.1,250 and steadily climb the fiscal ladder climaxing in a B.27,000 Chateau Latour AOCX (1986), Pauillac, 1er Cru. Casa Pascal maintains consistently high standards and demonstrates with their regularly changing gourmet menus the imagination and creativity of a great culinary destination. Come here to experience the very best in gastronomy theatre and discover where the discerning choose to dine in Pattaya. Located in the soi opposite The Marriot Hotel on Second Road, next to the Ruen Thai restaurant. Open daily from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm. Sunday brunch at B.899 is a not to be missed event. Limousine pick-up service and valet parking available. Visit for full details.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Articles for Sale

Quick & Easy. We buy/sell used goods. We pay instant CASH. TVs, HiFis, Watches, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Phones, CD Players, Electrical Appliances & more. Home/office clearances. Large item pickup. All goods must be in working condition. Bring your I.D. Visit our 300m2 store 2nd Floor Pattaya Klang. Tel 038 488 240 Fax 038 488 249

(ptm-0608)Electric Bicycles – Economical and environmentally friendly. Ride 40 km between battery recharges. Each recharge costs only 4 baht. Quiet. No pollution. For catalogues & prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 964 8405-7, Visit their website, (ptm-0608)Mobility Scooters - Portable 3 wheels, 4 wheels, latest models. Full service by distributor. For catalogues and prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 964 8405-7, Visit their website, (ptfas-0708)Sale a Good Quality Freezer Used, 3 doors types, barnd name: chilled/food and drink. Prices: 20,000 bahts. Contact Mobile Phone 081 861 5022 (ptm-0508)Sofa/bed, fold-up. L210cm W100cm H50cm, Firm, Light-turquoise w/gold fleck. Professionally custom made by StephanOchoa, Co. Pattaya. 1-Year old, seldom used. Asking B3000. 038 076 542, Thai 081 381 7199. (ptm-0608)JBL 1200 w Loud Speakers x 2 plus royal power Amp. One owner. Shop price – 70,000 baht. Sell for 40,000 baht. C(pta-0708) Cook / Waitress all 087 013 5770 (pta-0708)Large Stainless 4-Door Upright Freezer (-10 to -20 degree). Hardly used. Give away price 48,000 baht. Call 081 429 1482 (pta-0708)2.2 m. Stainless Steel Table Freezer. Excellent condition (-5 degrees) 29,900 baht. Tel. Chad 081 429 1482 (pta-0708)Laptop Toshiba Tecra A8-15.4 Inch Screen, Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz, 2GB Ram, 80GB HDD. Windows Vista - 32 bit. Excellent condition. Hardly used. 31,000 baht. Call 081 429 1482 (ptfas-0708)Books Like New Paperbacks 100 B Hardbacks 150 Baht. Also have some artwork, baseball cards. Call Don at 082 257 9431 or email don.coppock@yahoo.dom

(pta-rin0508)Cold Meat Slicer. Large, Electric. New price 30,000 baht. Sell for 17,500 baht. Tel. Chad at 081 429 1482 (ptfas-0508)Antique Carved Wooden Bench, originally from Chiang Mai, perfect for game room or patio, 162 long X 60 deep. Must well immediately. Originally 18,500 Baht, quick sale now 7,500 Baht. Call Gary at 089 803 0388 or email (ptfas-0608)Electric Meat Slicer, 25 cm disc, 6 month old and in perfect conditions, can cut ham, meat, sausages, cheese and anything else. Same model used in restaurants. Paid 25,000 Baht. Willing to sell at 20,000 Baht or best offer. Alberto, 081 937 2636 (ptfas-0508)Due to Cancellation, reselling Cannon Printer Pixma IP 1600 for computer. 850 bahts or near offer. Tel. 038 367 206 (ptfas-0608)Wedding Dress For Sale, Classic European Style, creme colour, fully adjustable. Replacement Cost, Baht 50,000 Sell Baht 18,000, or rent baht 6,000 also men’s Silk jacket. Offers consider 089 002 3493 (ptfas-p2407)Cheapest TV’s in Pattaya!!! I have a wide range and certain brands of TV’s that are all brand new and come with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. From LCD’s, Plasma’s to standard TV’s. All of which come in a range of sizes. Not only TV’s but many electrical Items are available for sale i.e. fridge freezers and washing machines. For further information and prices on any items please contact Alan on 084 944 2541.

Pets and Vets (ptm-s0508)Top-Dog Hotel. Boarding facilities for dogs, cats, etc. Jomtien Beach. Call (English) 086 154 0377, (Thai) 085 042 8811 Must Love Cats! Two lovable, healthy junior kittens need good home. One male, one female. Please call 086 160 5835

Boat for Sale (ptm-0508)For Sale Imported Cruiser Boat from US – 29 feet, 320 HP. Many option – GPS – Fish Finder – Hot water – Toilet – Shower etc. – Correct Price. Tel. 085 225 4037 (ptm-0508)Imported Used Boat Years 2005 to 2008. Cabin Cruiser Bow Rider ….. start from 24 feet up to your dream. Available today in Pattaya or under order. 3 month delivery with registration and complete check up. Bargain Prices. Mortgage available for every one to suit any budget. Call Today for information 085 225 4037

Classified (ptm-0208)Speed Boat for Sale including book & banana boat 230,000 baht, long 21 feet, 90 HP (excellent engine). Please call 086 841 5976 (ptm-0208)Jet Ski for Sale: 63,000 baht, 650 CC, excellent engine. Please call 086 841 5976 (ptm-r2207)Explore The Beautiful Beaches, Islands, Coral Reefs Near Pattaya or go fishing on your own fast Trimaran, for a very affordable price. A share in this sailboat cost only 3,000 US Dollars. Call Richard at 086 156 7323 or

Business Opportunities (ptm-m0708)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished with kitchen. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-p0308)Soi 8 – Sexy Bar for Rent – Key money 90,000 baht. Rent 23,000 baht per month. Fully furnished, 1 pool table. Phone 081 002 8824 (ptm-p0409)Pool Tables and Touch Screen Game Machines Coin Operated. You provide the location we provide the pool table or Touch screen game machine for free of all maintenance cost. Make good money from profit sharing. Call: 081 762 8379 (ptm-d0708)Ocean Residential Properties Realestate Agents View Talay 5D. 50% of this business is for sale. Due to one of the partners having to go home. We have 5 year lease on the premises. Great location, 100 sqm office, just across the building’s entrance. Excellent earning potential for the right person. Call in and see us or phone. Andy 084 022 1410, Dan 080 050 0363 (ptm-u0608)Bar and Beauty Salon for Sale. Located opposite Tiffany show near Nightmarket, Second road. Price: 390000 baht. Call: 081 153 4133, 089 062 7002. email.: (ptm-k1008)Large Walking Street Bar for Sale. 3 pool tables, UBC, LCD TVs, fully licensed, long 3+3 year lease. 2.2 mil. baht. Tel. Eng 089 932 6716, Thai 081 863 5789 (ptm-j0608)Bar for Sale. Three rooms above Soi Khao Talo. No key money. 380,000 for quick sale. 085 286 4354 UK, 089 248 3871 Thai Two Shops are Available for Rent. Good business opportunity at the excellent locations, nearby hotel lobby area at Ocean Tower & Garden Wing in Amari Orchid Resort & Tower, North Pattaya. Please call for more information at 038 418 418 ext. 701 (Ms. Supanee, Executive office) or email: (ptm-a0708)Maerampung Beach (Rayong) Near Banphe on the Way to Koh Samet, large leasehold beachfront guesthouse business for sale, completely renovated, 5 floors, 10 rooms, all with A/C and bathrooms, apartment/office, plus roof top sea view apartment with terrace. Large bar/restaurant area, pool table, TV-DVD, ADSL internet and private beach. Huge potential, lease 3+3 years, rent 20,000 baht/month, reduced to 1,690,000 baht bargain for quick sale. Tel: 084 699 1255

Shop House for Rent located on Royal Hill, 4-storeys, with good standard built– in, 3 bedrooms, 4 restrooms. Each room has their own kitchen plus microwave, 4 air-con, ceiling fans, 3 televisions plus Sophon Cable, 3 refrigerators, 3 water heaters, 3 safety boxes and fully furnished, telephone line. At the ground floor perfect to be an office. Looking for 50,000 Baht per month or pay 300,000 Baht for the key money, rental down to 30,000 baht per month. To view please call: 081 334 5291 Looking for a Business in Pattaya/Jomtien? Beauty Salon, Restaurants; Guest Houses, Bars, MiniMart, A GoGo, Hotels and many more. Prices start from 300,000 THB. To find your business visit or call 038406738 or 0874811560 We Sell Going Concerns! If You Want Expert Professional Advice on Buying or Selling a Business in Pattaya TSBA Have a large selection of businesses available. Call Craig 087 077 0475 Pool Lounge- There are four full size American pool tables in this well established lounge. The lounge currently has 3 pool teams and runs many competitions, as well as a fully stocked bar. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Bar / Guest House – An opportunity has arisen to purchase this well appointed guest house, located on one of pattays busiest streets. There are five rooms all with air con, and a fully stocked bar offering both pool and darts with indoor and outdoor seating. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Hostess Bar- One of Pattaya most well known bars, has three years proven accounts showing a very healthy profit. This bar will not be on the market for long. Viewing is highly recommended. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: SOI 7 BAR –This busy beer bar located right in the heart of the action. The bar has been established for many years and has always made good profits. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Hotel Units and Villas for Sale and Rent Back. Fantastic investment for speculators requiring security. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Bali-Style Shops on Siam Country Club Road. Surrounded by 1,000 Homes. For Rent or Sale by owner. Perfect for Mini mart, Pizza Delivery, cafe, coffee shop/bakery, bar, deli, restaurant or retail sales business. Large outside seating and sales area. Front unit rents for 42,000 Baht per month. Back unit rents for 18,000 Baht per month. Entire building rent is 50,000 Baht. Will sell on 83 square wah, corner plot directly on main road for 8 million baht. Financing available. Includes air cons, refrigeration, cooking extractor hood, counters, displays. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail Agents welcome. No time wasters, please.

Fax: (038) 374535


House for Sale We have a re-sale in a new 5-star housing project in Jomtien! Stunning two level designed house on 120TLW with 4 Bedrooms and 5 Bathrooms. Asking price 18 Million Baht, 4 Million under the developer price. We have for sale a stunning house in View Talay Villas! Asking price 12.5 Million Baht for this stunning 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms house! This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Stunning House For only 10.5 Million Baht! Four extra large bedrooms, four Bathrooms with separate Guest bungalow and a huge swimming pool. The house is built on a 1200 m2 plot in the very prestigious area of Phoenix Golf Course. The most exiting Estate on the entire Eastern Seaboard for Sale for 150 Million Thai Baht. This 7 Bedroom, 11 Bathroom on 35 Rai of land is one of the most impressive homes you will ever see. Its grounds, water features and landscaping are second to none. If you have the finances to secure a home such as must do yourself the favor of making an appointment for a private viewing. Investment opportunity in a 5-star Village between 9-14 Million Baht! 25% Down-payment! Six year Mortgage! Quick Sale Opportunity! A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Selling price lowered again from 15.9 Million Baht to 12.8 Million Baht! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house has a lap-pool, big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. Also a nice investment as the house is rented for 80,000 BHT/Month for the next two years. (Property PR2587) We have a re-sale in Phu Tara! Stunning two level designed house on a Rai of land for 29 Million Baht. Most incredible sea views from a designer 4 bedroom home for 19.9 Million Baht! Situated high in the Bangsarey Hills, this gorgeous four bedroom four bathroom home was completely decorated by one of the areas most noted interior designers, which makes it both beautifully appointed as well as being a very comfortable family home. (Property PR2424) Want a Thabali House? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Very tastefully designed and decorated modern Balinese style homes right in the heart of Jomtien. We Have Several View Talay Villas for Sale from 7.9 Million to 50 Million Baht! Live in one of these highly sought after villas in this exclusive development! Immaculate Beach House next to the Dusit Hotel for sale at 27.5 Million Baht! Each room in this extremely well laid out home has been designed and decorated to a very high standard. The location and sea views are to die for…..this is luxury! (Property PR2258) An Absolutely Stunning Home For 60 Million Baht! With over 3,000 square meters of living space all done in the finest hardwoods, marble and granite this is a grand and very impressive estate home. The estate has seven master suites and four separate lounge areas with a cinema room, games room and three kitchens all built around an outdoor lounging area and swimming pool. To put it simply, this is luxury! (Property PR2152)

Condo for Sale Offer of the Month, The Park Condominium, Developers Price 55,000 Baht/ sqm, Selling Price 45,000 Baht/sqm, 117 sqm, Type A, Building B, Foreign Ownership. We also have a 167 sqm unit on a high floor in building A. Act Quick, foreign ownership not available anymore from the developer. NORTHSHORE 112sqm FOR 10.5 Million Baht………..Very high floor ‘05’ unit in NORTSHORE for the LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE! Investment opportunity! I have two units for sale in the new spectacular building ‘Jomtien Residence’ with a guaranteed rental return for two years. Buy a steady monthly income! 53sqm for 3.2 Million Baht with 16,000 Baht/Month guaranteed two year income and 83sqm for 4.8 Million Baht with 25,000 Baht/ Month guaranteed income! Together for 7.5 Million Baht with 41,000 Baht/Month two year guaranteed rental return. The rent is paid every three months in advance. EMERGENCY SALES!!!!!......Premier Homes has the deals in all the 5-star buildings….. Northshore high floor, 112 sqm for 10.5 Million, Northpoint 37th floor, 103 sqm for 16 Million, Baan Hadd U Thong, 253 sqm for 17.5 Million, Royall Cliff, 250 sqm for 22 Million, La Royale, 106 sqm for 8.1 Million. EMERGENCY SALE!!!!! Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ High Floor, Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Apartment for 22 Million Baht! IMAGINE……..88,000 THB/SQM IN ROYAL CLIFF!!!!!!! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views Special Promotion in La Royal Condominium! We have several units far under the developers price, starting from 8 Million Baht 106 sqm, 145 and 268 sqm units. Take this opportunity to purchase a high-end unit in a five-star beach front condominium. We not only have everything far under the developers price but we even have an owner who gives a car for free. View Talay 3A - 195 square meters Jomtien side floor 6, including an extra large balcony unit. Price just 45,000 Baht/sqm bare shell unfinished and furnished at 60,000 Baht/sqm. ABSOLUTE BEACHFRONT. Guaranteed Rental Return when finished and furnished. 9% over 1 year to 7% for 3 years. Why is this great deal on offer? Because the seller has no choice. TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW! Northshore Unit for sale! 80 sqm front unit for only 8.9 Million Baht! Buy this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Northshore is the only 5-star Condominium on the Pattaya beach Road. High Floor! This is not the only unit we have for sale……..we have almost all the different Northshore units available on all the high floors…..prices range from 7.5-30 Million THB. Splendid investment opportunity! For sale Tip-Condo for 1.8 Million Baht. Steady rental-income of 13,000 Baht/Month. The best quality renovation money can buy. 42” LCD TV is only one of the many features in this condo. Act quick we have the Top-Corner View Talay 5 facing Jomtien. 270 sqm for 18 million Baht. Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. This must be the best corner unit in town. Also available a 239 sqm View Talay 6 corner on the 22nd floor facing Walking Street for 16 Million Baht. We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting just under 1 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city –has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! View Talay 5 High Floor 46 sqm beautifully renovated Studio apartment for only 2.6 Million Baht. Just a 50 meter walk to the beach. Panoramic views over the ocean and the Jomtien Boulevard.

Call Premier Homes Co., Ltd. 038-231-931

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

E-mail :


Classified Business Opportunities

0276/SLN - Lease for Sale – 3 storey single shop house located in East Pattaya. Ground floor ideal for any small business. On the upper floors are 3 rental rooms. Many extras including kitchen facilities, air – conditioning etc. Rent only 12,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 300,000 baht 0268/SLN – Coffee Shop & Restaurant – Single storey shop house, located in East Pattaya, earning profit. Rent only 4,000 baht per month and Key Money has been pre-paid till May 2010. Sale Price: 850,000 baht. 0255/SLN – Bar – Located in busy ‘night life’ area of Central Pattaya. Above the bar is a single room with en suite bathroom. Profitable business and easy to manage. Rent only 6,000 baht per month and annual key money of 150,000 baht which has been pre paid till Sept. 2008. Sale Price: 900,000 baht 0254/SLN – Go Go Bar – 4 storey single shop house, located in busy ‘foot traffic’ area of South Pattaya. Monthly rent is 30,000 baht and Key Money has been pre-paid till October 2009. Sale Price: 1.1 million baht. 0199/SLN – Laundry with Rooms above – Busy laundry business located in Central Pattaya. 4 storey single shop house with 3 large studio apartments on the upper floors for rental. Rent only 15,000 per month with Key Money of 60,000 baht per year. Sale Price: 1.5 million baht 0219/SLN – Beer Bar – Extremely profitable beer bar located in busy complex on Beach Road. Owner can verify accounts for last 3 years. Sale Price: 1.8 million baht 0271/V – Pet Shop – Single storey retail shop, located in North Pattaya. Specialising in the sale of Dogs, Cats, pet foods and accessories. Very profitable. Sale price includes a Limited Company. Sale Price: 2 million baht 0263/SLN – Hotel & Bar – 15 room hotel with ground floor bar and kitchen. Located in high ‘foot traffic’ area just off Beach Road, South Pattaya. On the upper floors are 15 rental rooms all with en suite bathroom, air-con and personal safety box. Rent only 60,000 per month and NO KEY MONEY. Sale Price: 2.3 million baht. 0282/SLN – Bar with Rooms – 4 storey single shop house located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of Jomtien. The ground floor bar has been refurbished to a high standard. On the upper floors are 4 rental rooms and 1 large apartment. The owner has enjoyed good profits over the last 6 months. Long lease and Key Money has been prepaid till April 2010. Sale Price: 2.5 million baht 0286/SLN – Pool Lounge – Profitable business located in Central Pattaya with bar facilities. Currently playing in 3 local leagues. Sale Price: 2.5 million baht. 0284/SLN – Hostess Bar with Rooms - 3 storey, double shop house located in a busy Soi in the heart of the ‘nightlife‘ action. Ground floor bar recently refurbished. Rent 30,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 2.75 million baht 0291/SLN – Pub/Restaurant with Rooms – Located in East Pattaya. On the ground floor is a Pub and Restaurant with a large kitchen and seating capacity for 100 customers. On the upper floor there are 3 large rental rooms with separate entrance. Long lease and NO KEY MONEY. Sale Price: 2.9 million baht. 0269/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey double shop house, located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of North Pattaya. Large ground floor bar with external seating area and 7 rental rooms above. The business generates good turnover & profits. Low rent and no Key Money. Sale Price: 4.9 million baht. 0154/SLN - Restaurant - Well established Restaurant located in North Pattaya - seating capacity for nearly 100 customers. Have enjoyed good profits over the last two years. Key Money has been paid till February 2010 and is transferable. Sale Price: 6.5 million baht. 0270/SLN - Furniture & Interior Decor shop - Incorporating a retail shop, which also offers interior decor project design for clients. The sale price includes in excess of 5 million bahts worth of stock and a Limited company which would enable any prospective buyer to obtain 2 foreign work permits. ‘Walk into’ a well established, extremely profitable business. There is also a seperate entrance with 12 rental rooms above the retail shop. Sale Price: 8 million baht. 0293/SLN – Pub & Restaurant - Profitable Pub & Restaurant located on busy main road in East Pattaya with dining facilities for over 50 people..On the upper floor is the kitchen and 3 bedrooms for employees or the new owner. Included in the sale price is the land and buildings held in a Company name. Sale Price: 12.75 million baht. 0274/SLN – Restaurant & Bar – Single storey double shop house located in South Pattaya. The lease has been fully paid up till 2023, the next 15 years. There is seating for in excess of 100 diners. Included in the sale is a sound & lighting system for live music. The business is profitable. Sale Price: 14 million baht. 0294/SLN – Go Go Bar – Extremely profitable business located in the centre of ‘Walking Street’. Good staff and excellent long lease in place with a fixed rental for the period of the lease. Sale Price: 16.5 million baht. 0247/SLN - Bar/Restaurant and Guesthouse - Located in South Pattaya. Extremely profitable business which the current owner can verify. On the ground floor is a large bar and restaurant. Included in the sale price is the land and buildings. Sale Price: 25 million baht. 0273/SLN – Lawn Bowling Club – Located in East Pattaya on 3 rai of land. 2 International bowling greens, separate bar & restaurant, 5 en suite bedrooms & swimming pool. Foreign ownership in Company name. Viewing highly essential. Sale Price 30 million. 0238/SLN - Hotel - Located in Central Pattaya. The hotel comprises of 20 guestrooms on 6 floors, which were all totally refurbished during 2007 to a very high standard. There is also an Owner penthouse suite on the top floor. The business has also enjoyed virtual full occupancy since opening in September 2007. Included in the selling price is the land, building and all the fixture and fittings which are in a Company name. Sale Price: 45 million baht.

To list your business free or further information on the Services TBAC Offer. Contact us today on: Tel: 038 489 074-5, 087 283 5349 (English) Fax: 038 489 076 E-mail TBAC:

(PRT0102) This Boutique Restaurant extends out over the ocean about 50m, now being offered at 88million, this Restaurant offer’s living quarters out on the pier for over night stays. A large home across the street could also be converted into a Boutique Hotel with Ocean views. To me, it is an honor to be a part of this transaction. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PRT0097) Restaurant in busy Soi Baukao. 600,000 baht. Take over this well established restaurant, serving both Thai and European Foods. With no Key money involved. Equipment, inventory all inclusive. This is a very nice investment don’t miss out on this one. Buyer is very motivated. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Walking Street GO GO Bars. If you are a serious Investor Looking at Number 1 Go Go Bars, then you need to Call Us. I have listings on top GO GO Bars that are not for sale “But Are”. Investor must qualify for showings. Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0102) Walking street 2nd floor bar. View of the ocean, the road below. Plenty of room to grow sale priced at 950,000 baht. Low upfront deposits of 500,000 with 60,000 baht a month for lease. Call today. Making your Business our Business-Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0123) Don’t take my word for it go to our web site for this once in a lifetime opportunity priced for a quick sale baht 12,500,000 this 5star classy restaurant with an all Stainless steel industrial kitchen that could be guesthouse & restaurant with lounge, very nice rooms upstairs, Dbl shop house Beach front, Views, Views, lease at 60,000 a month can buy the two shop houses next door. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0099)Another Walking Street Bar Priced to sell 90% inside w/3 pool tables. Large stage for everyone to share entertainment 2,200,000 all deposits paid and included in price for the first 2.5 years Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0095) MAKE PAYMENTS: Very Famous GO GO Bar with 80 seats, 240 sqm, 4 rooms above this well designed floor plan, like nothing else on this very, very popular Soi. For only 8million baht and with a nice size down the owner will consider payments. He has many companies that require his attention… which makes this very busy and profitable bar”, even in low season”, to much work for him…... Buyer is very motivated. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

(PLM0003) Massage parlor on the back side of Walking Street, 4 star curb appeal, “very, very nice with all new furnishing, updated, renovated, store front location for only 3.3mill. Owner is ready to deal because of recent breakup. Lease is only (6,000), six thousand baht a month. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Jomtien Shop houses 5 of them together with Sea Views priced at only 3.6 million each. When every one else has a price on theirs at 5million, that makes these five a steal, with great sea views. These would make a great Guest house or even a shopping centre with rooms above. Top floors have View of Bangsare. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PSH0108) Shop House in the busiest area of 2nd road, 36millon baht. Looking for a new owner to open a bar and restaurant with guest house. The building is for sale with chanold title. Owner will take everything with him making it easy to renovate at the same time lowers out of pocket expenses. Investors dream. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Koh Samui Resort. One of the world’s most Famous Islands now has a Prestigious Hotel available, at 50million baht for your spot in Paradise. With only five staff members 18 rooms and two retail stores makes it easy to manage All rooms have a 5 star quality, with Tv’s, fridge, Bar A/C. Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Koh Chang Resort. Guys it doesn’t get any better than this. Own a piece of the Rock. To many facilities to list, owner wants to move to Northern Thailand. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0017) Guesthouse in an extremely busy location priced to sell at 25 million. This successful business has 4 floors and 14 furnished rooms in a very high demand location. You could have the number one business of any kind with this location. Internet, motorcycle rental bar, restaurant, or retail this is an immediate high volume business for you, call today. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0127) Soi Boukhao single shop house. Five rooms completely furnished. Main Floor waiting for your ideas and marketing strategy. Priced at 6.5million, building included with title/deed. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

Fax: (038) 374535

(PLD0537) Land on Suhkumvit Road, Pattaya area. Great exposure for your business. 2 plus rai with a building. Building must be removed. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PFO0001).Deluxe East Pattaya Factory. Two New factory buildings on 6.5 rai, interior has over 3000sqm. Both buildings already leased out for 400,000 thousand baht a month or can relocate. Two story apartment building for staff, a home for owners with swimming pool. Each Factory has luxury rooms on top floor for Managers. Making your Business our Business. Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0122) Jomtien walking Street- the best location in Jomtien can be your new business location where your clients can walk to the beach without crossing the road Great beach front views 5rooms with lounge 24million baht and you own the building too. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0113) Want a Fabulous Luxury Hotel, restaurant for only 390 million, “act quickly!”. Great location, Two Go GO Bars & restaurant with spa facilities, not too mention one of the best locations in all Pattaya. Rooms are exceptionally equipped and furnished in a very impressive style with great imagination. Call soon this will not last. Making your Business our Business- Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0097) East Pattaya guesthouse and bar & restaurant on very busy road just needs someone that understands marketing. (PHG0033) This Hotel on Jomtien Beach is being sold under the utmost confidentiality, at 250million baht. Panoramic Sea views on all upper floors. Everything is Brand New yet, you will still enjoy immediate income from long standing client base. Fifty five rooms with Penthouse on top floor for owners or for rent. Forty Seven Staff members help you with

your everyday needs. Beach front location, in the busiest area of Jomtien. In the heart of the night life. This is an excellent location for business. You want traffic check this place out. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Shop houses commercial store fronts for best pricing. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Investors wanted for Commercial Real Estate Ventures. Major Investments over 50million, see what the Public can’t see. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0103) Pattaya, just off Beach Front rd, with 3 sides covered it could be enclosed very easily. Great potential, for this very large bar. Over 80 seats, very large bar area with a very large stage for a live band “closed now”, needs some repairs but, for 550,000 priced way under market value 200,000 deposit 25,000 a month. . Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PLB0092) 10,000 a month on this new Contract. 1,650,000, this is a giveaway at this price. This single shop house bar in a very busy soi off Jomtien beach road you won’t find a deal like this again. The owner has been there making money for the last four years, said he made a lot of money so he can sell for whatever he wants… Let someone else “ have fun”, that is what he said. (PSH009) 10,000 baht a month for this vacant shop house with Views. Needs lots of work in this hallow shell, but with beach views like this…. And the price” My goodness!” it is a steal..! walk to the beach in 2 seconds. Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0126) Beer Bar & Guest House With Two balconies overlooking the bar. Pool table disc jockey both. Flat screen TV, Large Kitchen that isn’t being used 27sqm . Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Business Opportunities (PHG0117) Very nice Dbl shop house Restaurant, 9rm Guest house w/pool table, 2nd one in on the sub soi with front road coverage. Perfect guesthouse for only 9.5mil @ 15,000 a month. Over 1.5 mill in profit without advertising. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0116) Five story Double shop house with 10rooms. 22million, “building included”. Very nice restaurant and bar. Over 2.5mil a year in profit. Some financing maybe available Owner ready to retire. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0114). Mini Mart Store with Guest house on beach front road. The mini mart collects over 600,000 a year in income, making it very easy to weather high and low season. With over 16 rooms w/beach views and a restaurant, Study Cliental, Website, Parking on the street and in the back of the building, your call, but I think this is the one.Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0110) Shop House Jomtien Complex. Lower retail store already rented out which creates a positive cash flow for this 4 story building. At 5.2 million it is a steal. The owner has moved to Bangkok. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to

(PHG0102) 80 room Resort between Jomtien and Pattaya. 150,000,000 Make an offer, Plenty of room to make this a 5 star. Needs good management that knows what to do with this gem.. Owner wants fast sale. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to (PHG0107) 150million very private Resort style Spa with Theme park swimming pool. Very large ponds, bridges and Gazebos. Four two bedroom guest homes. Separate building with Theatre, Conference room, Fitness Center. Also included is very large 2 story home. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231931 or E-mail to premier@ (PRT0098) Get a Pizza this. Pizza parlor with support. Long proven track record @ 2.5 million baht or can finance a new location. Your choice! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@ Investors wanted for projects over 100 million baht. If you are one of the few,and looking for real estate ventures, or an on going concerns, call now and find out what is really on the market. All Gold member investors must provide financial statement before viewing, “Non Public listings”. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

Classified (PLM0002) With Beach front Exposure. Massage Parlor with Views, owners apartment Top floor. Priced to sell 1.5 mill. This dbl shop house is very nice and under priced. Very exciting business opportunity. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY This is a change for the serious investor who is looking to take over a running business with already a guaranteed net income of 20 Million Thai Baht a year with a potential net income of 100 Million Thai Baht a year. Asking price is 150 Million Baht. As the owner wants to keep the sale of his business quiet we can not give more details at this time. For more information please call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to

Education & Training (pta-tk0008)Do you Want to Study Thai Language or Thai Culture in Fun & Easy Way? Come to Thankful Knowledge Learning Center. Learn with the native professional teachers. Affordable price & friendly environment call 038 724 239 or 038 723 324. We speak Thai, English, German & Duetsch. Learn to Speak, Write and Read Thai ?!! Learn to understand what people are saying around you !! With a professional and experienced Thai teacher. Contact 081 466 7478, 080 635 1769

(pta-0406)TEFL Intercontinental, we are specialist in teacher training, a full 120 hours TEFL certificate course, we offer Guaranteed job & Work permit, Earn 36,000 Baht while you practice teaching for 2 Months. Please contact us at: 086 841 5976 or 038 406 640 (pta-0406)Foreign Ladies: Speak and write ‘Beautiful English’ in the comfort of your own home or office, at your own speed, learning the social or business English you need. Training from English professor now retiring to Pattaya. Tel: 081 838 8163 for first discussion Pro Language we offer a variety of effective and enjoyable language courses. English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Thai course. For foreigner from beginner to advance including a preparation for the Grade 6 examination by ministry of education. 3 year ED Visa for full time students. Please call for Free Trial Lesson. Opposite Carrefour, Central Pattaya Rd. Tel. 038489-225-7 Fax. 038-489-228 (pta-0406)PROGRESS Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified by Ministry of Education) Thai (3 Year Education Visa—Speak Thai confidently in 60 hours)-English-DutchRussian- French-Italian-GermanJapanese-ChineseKoreanSpanish-Computer-Internet—— Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok) (next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 081 577 2967, 038 370 263. Email: (pta-0406)PRO becomes PROGRESS. Please note that PRO Language & Computer School has now been renamed PROGRESS Language & Computer School. It still offers excellent quality course in language and computer skills. Progress Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified by The Ministry of Education) Thai(Speak Thai confidently in 60 hours) )-English-DutchGerman-Italian-French-Japanese -Chinese-Russian-KoreanSpanish-Computer-Internet—— Free Trial Thai & English lessons 1 period—Qualified and Experienced Teachers— Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok) (next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 038 370 263, 038 423 639, 081 577 2967, Email:

House for Sale (ptm-c0408)Bargain Opportunity. Luxury Bungalow Completed January 2007. Good location, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, aircon, etc. 24 hours security. Cost 4 million baht will sell for 3 million baht. Parking several cars. Tel. Thai 089 669 1507, Tel. English 085 934 5411 (ptm-m0708)Chockchai Garden 4. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fully furnished kitchen. Twin Home. 3 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-0708)Delightfully Situated Bungalow: exclusive road, not estate, 5 mins. walk Mapbrachan lake: guest/staff cottage: new Euro kitchen: Thai kitchen+1: large reception room: dinning/breakfast room: 3+1 beds: 2+1 baths: 4+1 w.c’s: swimming pool: lawns: gdn: well, etc.. 300,000 baht towards new furniture. Quick sale 7,000,000 baht O.N.O. Company owned. 24 hour transfer possible. Phone 084 958 6569 Thai or English.

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptm-m0708)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished with kitchen. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-om0708)2-Storey Home (420 sq.m) + Big Office (80 sq.m). Total Land area 200 sq. wah. 4 Bedroom with air condition, 1 library/home theater room, 1 extra room, 5 bathroom, European kitchen, living room, laundry area, spacious garage for 2 cars, with 2 telephone lines. For Sale 10 million baht. Call 081 846 9341 (ptm-d1408)Mabprachan Gardens, representative properties in top Expat location for business on the Eastern Seaboard. Sale and Lease. Call 081 636 9289,, agents welcome (ptm-vi0008)High Quality Corner Unit Designer Townhouse. 3 storey of luxury living situated near the Royal Cliff Hotel. 2 big bedrooms, 3 luxury bathrooms (master with Jacuzzi). Quality fitted Euro kitchen. Fitted with amazing wardrobes and some other built in furniture. Furnished including T.V., expensive sofa, dining table. Equipped with alarm system. Only 6 million baht. Special offer, this townhouse + a nicely decorated studio unit in Khieng Talay, both for only 6.5 mil. Baht. Call Now! 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. 11 Million Baht for Quick sale!! This spacious 90 Sq. Wah house is well furnished. 3 bedrooms, living room, European kitchen, private pool. Located in Soi Kao Talo, only 10 minutes drive from Lotus South Pattaya. To view, please call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. (ptm-vi0008)Lovely Home for Sale & Investment. Absolute brand new houses, in a very nice, high quality and modern tropical villa project. With underground cables, private pool, furnished. Located in Naklua Area. Only a few minutes away from Pattaya, very convenient, no hassle on driving through the city. Accessible to public transportation. Ready to move in. Price Starts From 13 Million Baht. For viewing, please call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491 (ptm-vi0008)For Quick Sale!! This spacious 90 Sq. Wah house is well furnished. 3 bedrooms, living room, European kitchen, private pool. Located in Soi Kao Talo, only 10 minutes drive from Lotus South Pattaya. Only 11 Million Baht. To view, please call: 081 3345291 or 081 357 7491 (ptm-vi0008)Genuine 25% discount OFF the original price. Luxury & Prestigious Beach Side Living at an unbelievable low price. Design & build your own house on any of the last 10 remaining plots, plots range from 520 sq.m to 680 sqm. Price starts at 7 million baht. Call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491

HS1174: 4 bed, 3 bath bungalow East Pattaya on SP village 2, interior size 280 S qm, very clean house, Part furnished, for sale at 5.5 Million Baht inclusive of company. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: HS1152: 3 bed bungalow close to the crocodile farm, on a secure development, a reduced price of 2.8 Million Baht Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity We want to sell your property too – contact us, if you have a property for sale., PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pena 084 3626945 Email: House at Pattaya Land & house for sale – 80 sq.wha, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, garden and car park. Price 2,400,000 Baht. PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pascal: 084 3626989, Email: jomtien@ Lovely home at Eakmongkol village 4 - 92 sqm., 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, European kitchen. Fully furnished, close to Lotus, Big C and Carrefour. Price 1,550,000 Baht ( Ref. H 424) PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pascal: 084 3626989, Email: jomtien@ Lake house - An impressive Villa - located directly on a beautiful lake. U shape house on the land size 880 sqm., 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 1 outdoor bathroom. Basement room for water tank, pool filter system and store room Total area app.264 sqm. Garden design included waterfall and Fish pond. Price 9,750,000 Baht.(Ref. H 431) PATTAYA AGENCY Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pascal: 084 3626989, Email: Direct Beach Front House – 25 meter to Jomtien Beach. No road between your plot of land and the beach. That is real Beach Front Living. 5 bed rooms, 4 bath rooms, app. 290 sqm total living space, large communal swimming pool, fully furnished and air-con, full European kitchen. Price 12,500,000 Baht (company name already). PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pascal: 084 3626989, Email: jomtien@ Private House 2 Storey for sale at Jomtien location near the beach 172 Sq.Wah. 250 Sq.m. 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Built in furniture, Nice decorated, European kitchen, 5 Air con, and hot water, Large living room, large garden, and Private swimming pool Price at 7,900,000 Baht , Call North Shore real Estate 038-3038256 or e-mail :

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

E-mail :

House for Sale Townhouse 4 storey for sale at Jomtien location 27 Sq.wah, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Living room, Part of furniture, Euro pean Kitchen, parking car, Price at 3,990,000 Baht , for Rent 20,000 Baht per month. Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : Townhouse one storey corner unit for sale at Raviporn Garden Hill Soi Koatalo 37 Sq.Wah, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living area, European Kitchen, some furniture, air con, Hot water, Garden , Parking car, Security Price at 1,900,000 Baht, Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : Townhouse 2 storey for sale at Jomtien location 27 Sq.wah, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Living room, No Furniture, No Kitchen, parking car, Price at 2,100,000 Baht , Call North Shore real Estate 038-3038256 or e-mail : Townhouse one storey corner unit for sale at Raviporn Garden Hill Soi Koatalo 37 Sq.Wah, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living area, European Kitchen, some furniture, air con, Hot water, Garden , Parking car, Security Price at 1,900,000 Baht, Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : Private House 2 Storey for sale at Jomtien location near the beach 172 Sq.Wah. 250 Sq.m. 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Built in furniture, Nice decorated, European kitchen, 5 Air con, and hot water, Large living room, large garden , and Private swimming pool Price at 7,900,000 Baht , Call North Shore real Estate 038-3038256 or e-mail : Thai Living: Quick sale! House in Jomtien Area. 1 storey house, 67 sq.wah. ONLY 4.9 M THB. For more information contact us today, 038 364 515, /

Thai Living: Beautiful house in Jomtien with 3b/3b, 91 sq.wah, completed deportation, private pool, 15 M THB. For more information contact us today, 038 364 515, / In Central Pattaya. 10 room house and three room house in small compound. Behind Carrefour. Near Third Road. Perfect for Bed & Breakfast or private home. Only nine million baht. Financing Available. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail pappa@ Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Gorgeous and Very Large Estate Home For Sale at 25 Million Baht! This is luxury on a large scale, with five bedrooms five bathrooms and a lovely swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The interior design work is very tasteful. There is not a better address, as this is in the areas best Expat development. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Beautifully Designed Bali Style home for 15.5 Million Baht! This very nice three bedroom home is in one of the finest villages in Pattaya for foreigners wishing to have a familiar and safe environment, make sure to see this fine home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Act Quick…..we have the last remaining house in a 5star development for 14 Million Baht. This stunning house is located 200 meters from the beach and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 280 m2 living space on 400m2 land. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at



We have several Owner Finance opportunities! We have houses available with Owner Finance. For more information about the finance call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Want a Fabulous Home in Paradise Villa? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Great home layouts and designs in these spectacular and modern homes at Pattaya’s ‘Number One’ development. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Beautiful Regent Village four Bedroom, five bathroom Home For Sale at 14 Million Baht! Absolutely stunning interior design. This five bedroom plus home is a must see. Fantastic fully equipped European kitchen and you will love the wonderful landscaping and finishing work, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2685) We have houses for sale in the range of 3-130 Million Baht!! We have by far the most listings……examples are houses in Siam Royal View, Paradise Villa 1 and 2, Nagawari, Thabali, Park Villas, View Talay Villas, Little Hill, Phu Tara, etc, etc. We are known for the best listings and the best prices. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Jomtien Park Villas. Superb 3 bedrooms house (all en-suite) with private pool, located near Jomtien Beach. The spacious house is well furnished and comes with built-in kitchen and 3 air cons. Priced at only 15.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Pratumnak Villa. Fantastic house with sea view from the 3rd floor terrace, comprising 4bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, Jacuzzi, barbeque, 14m private pool, double carport and large garden. Spacious and airy, a dream house in best location. Priced reduced to 21.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

Wong Amat. Pool villa with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, close to the beach, built in contemporary Asian style on an 800 sq.m. plot. Price reduced from 16.5 M Baht to 10.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Pratumnak. Small compound of semi-detached pool villas with 2 bedrooms and roof top terrace (with optional Jacuzzi!). Priced at 9.48 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Tropical Villas Located in one of the best Jomtien areas these are 14 villas surrounding a communal pool, all with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, loft-style office, balcony and terrace. The last villa for the old price of 7.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Stunning Beach Houses. Contemporary Asian-style beach houses with breath taking design, direct access to a pristine, rockfree, sandy beach at the exclusive end of Jomtien Beach. Split-level accommodation affords views over the lush tropical garden and the ocean. Set on a guarded private road with exclusive access to the beautiful beach…this is what dreams are made of! PRICE: from 18.2 to 29.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. View Talay Villa. Fully loaded villa on 90 tw (360 sq.m.) of land with double glazed windows, kitchen in sep. room with oven and dish washer, garage with electronic gate, 2 bedrooms ensuite. Ready to move in. Priced at 12.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Absolute Beach Front. Located in a secured compound this is 5 bedrooms beach house, absolute beach front on Jomtien Beach. Price 10.9 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

House for Rent (ptm-n0608) A Beautiful House for Rent at Jomtien Chaiyapruk Rd. Soi 3. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fully furnished, Euro-kitchen, private pool, UBC + ADSL 30,000 baht/ month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n0608)A Beautiful New Townhouse for Rent: On Pratumnak Rd. Soi 5. 2 & 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, communal pool. Starts from 25,000 baht/month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptm-n0608)2 Bedroom House at Ban Am-Phur. Fully furnished, 10,000 B/month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n0908)Occasion! New, Beautiful Townhouse (South Pattaya), 2 minutes to city or beach, peaceful and green environment, superbly fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, garage. Must have seen! Contact 081 862 9710 ( p t m - w 0 7 0 8 ) To w n h o u s e s , Falang Village, pool, East Sukhumvit, 6,600-8,800 baht. Tel: 080 645 7450 (ptm-p1008)3 Bedroom House for Rent. 12,000 baht/month, furnished, East Pattaya (Kratinglai), 5 mins. to city. Phone 081 340 6092, 085 091 6963 (ptm-gl0008)Townhouse for Rent at Pattaya Tai newly renovated convenient, 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, big kitchen w/ car park, .interested email or call 087 141 2783 (ptm-vi0008)High Quality Corner Unit Designer Townhouse. 3 storey of luxury living situated near the Royal Cliff Hotel. 2 big bedrooms, 3 luxury bathrooms (master with Jacuzzi). Quality fitted Euro kitchen. Fitted with amazing wardrobes. Furnished including T.V., sofa, dining table. Equipped with alarm system. Only 35,000 baht per month. Call: 081 334 5291 or 081 357 7491. (ptm-om0708)2-Storey Home (420 sq.m) + Big Office (80 sq.m). Total Land area 200 sq. wah. 4 Bedroom with air condition, 1 library/home theater room, 1 extra room, 5 bathroom, European kitchen, living room, laundry area, spacious garage for 2 cars, with 2 telephone lines. For Rent 100,000 baht/month. Call 081 846 9341 (pta-silk0508)Two Houses Available are Plot 30 Blackpepper. 134sq wah, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, with swimming pool for 90,000 baht per month. Long term rental only(minimum 1 year). The other house is plot 34 chilli, 103 sq wah, 3 bed, 3bath, no pool for 65,000 baht. Long term rental only. Both houses are fully furnished. If you need any more information please contact 081 612 7222,

Thai Living: Royal Park Village in Jomtien, a lovely single house located in a quiet and secure village of Jomtien. Fully furnished, 2b/ 2b, 28,000 THB/M, HR 058. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Chock Chai Village1, an inexpen sive house for rent on the best location of the Khao Noi area 24-32 Sq.wah, two bedrooms, 15-20,000 TBH/ M, HR 005. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Siam Royal View, a luxurious house situated inside the popular Siam Royal View. Just east of Sukhumvit Highway. Beautiful private swimming pool, 50,000 TBH/M, HR 051. For more information contact us today, 038 364 -515, / Thai Living: Baan Suay Mai Ngam, Single house at the Nong Hin area. Less than 10 minutes drive from the village to Sukhumvit Road. 2b/3b.15,000 TBH/M, HR 053. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Siam Country Club, Beautiful single house for Rent in a tropical location, private swimming pool. 40,000 TBH/M, HR 024. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Thai Bali style villa in a peaceful and tropical area, close to Jomtien Beach. 2b/ 2b, private pool. 59,000 TBH/ M, HR 050. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / HR1089: 3 bed house with private pool in Jomtien, close to beach, all modern furniture included, internet and satellite 50,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity HR1039: East Pattaya, 2 bed, 3 bath, car port, private pool, Euro kitchen ready to go! 40,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail:

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


House for Rent HR1086: 2 storey house for rent, 3 bedroom, 4 baths, 488 sq m of land, located in Pattaya park hill, new reduced price 32,000 Baht P/M. Call for more info 038-373966or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity HR1094: 2 storey house with private pool in East Pattaya, 3 bed, 4 Bath, on secure estate bargin rental price only 35,000 P/M long term only, Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity HR1095: Bungalow with nice garden in East Pattaya, 3 beds, 3 Bath, fully furnished, Call for more info only 25,000 P/M 08-49442541 or by E-mail: HR1097: Spacious house for rent (250 Sqm) on SP Village, tastefully decorated, 3 bed, ADSL connected 40,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity

House for rent at SP Privacy 125 Sq.Wah, one storey house , 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, European Kitchen, Large living room, fully furnish and decorated, Private swimming pool, Lage Garden, security Price at 45,000 Baht per month. Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail: House for rent at Tunyawan City home at Soi Kaonoi 75 Sq.wah, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, European kitchen, Living room, and Dining room, Furnished, 3 Air-con, Cable TV, Direct Telephone line Security 24 hr Priced at 25,000 Baht per month. Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : House for rent at SP village 3, 125 Sq.Wah single house one storey , 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, European kitchen, large living room, fully furnished and 3 Air con ,hot water, ADSL Telephone line Communal swimming pool, Parking car, Security Price at 35,000 baht per month. Call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail : Townhouse 4 storey for sale at Jomtien location 27 Sq.wah, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Living room, Part of furniture, Euro pean Kitchen, parking car, Price at 3,990,000 Baht , for Rent 20,000 Baht per month. Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail :

Classified Spectacular Family Home at 80,000 Baht per month! A luxurious four bedroom, six bathroom home with a lovely swimming pool. The house is built on a 2400 m2 plot with an enormous landscaped garden. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3765) Five Bedroom, Four Bathroom Family Home for 95,000 Baht per month located in Jomtien. This house has a large and gorgeous guest bungalow and a huge swimming pool! This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Great Family Three Bedroom Home for 85,000 Baht per month in Chateau Dale Villas! Located in one of Pattaya’s quietest and most beautiful villages with large and gorgeous swimming pool. This house is just an example, we have over 3000 homes for sale and rent. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier

Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Family Home for 100,000 Baht per month! Located in one of South East Pattaya quietest and most beautiful villages with a large and gorgeous swimming pool! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3761) Luxurious Homes for Rent at Phoenix Golf Course Ranging from 40,000 – 130,000 Baht per month! Only fifteen minutes from the city, live in luxury at one of the area’s best golf courses. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Great Mediterranean style villa for rent at 60,000 Baht per month! This superbly finished four bedroom four bathroom home with swimming pool is a must see for those wishing to rent a great home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3716) Executive Class Rentals In and Around Pattaya from 15,000 – 150,000 Baht per month! A very rare opportunity awaits those discerning home hunters looking for both a luxurious quality home and with it a lifestyle most all would love to have. Call the Premier

Fax: (038) 374535

Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Magnificent House in Grange Park Village. Three Bedrooms, Three Bathrooms for 80,000 Baht per Month! The decoration and design are from a high standard! This house you really need to see to appreciate its beauty. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3703) A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Renting price 200,000 Baht/month! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house has an enormous-pool and stunning furniture. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3700)

Apartment/ Rooms for Rent (ptm-w0108)Aromdee Apartments has availability for rent. Fully furnished apartments with balcony, cable, telephone and also private internet lines available. It is quiet and clean with in house laundry and supermarket by European management. Only 5 minutes walk to the Big C and Lotus Supercenter in North Pattaya. Furnished standard apartments 3,000 baht/month. Furnished air conditioned apartments 3,700 baht/month. Call 089 938 6022 (ptm-2407)Carina Mansion. Large fully furnished apartment. 48 sq.m., cable TV, aircon, fridge, sofa, king size bed, wardrobe, kitchen and large bathroom with hot shower. All rooms have Wi-Fi, internet. 500 baht daily and 6,000 baht per month. Best value in town!! Our mansion also includes a large restaurant and a bar. Contact 081 829 2285(English), 081 311 7856(Thai) (ptm-0209)Royal Park Luxury Apartments Near Jomtien Beach. 56-112 sqm. luxurious furnished serviced apartments. 1-3 bedroom, kitchen, large living room, balcony. From 15,000 baht per month. 086 111 7414

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

E-mail :

Condo for Sale Thiantong Condominium Located on Jomtien Beach Road Just Inside Soi 7, 32 sqm studio, 16th floor (top floor). Fantastic views of the beach front and the islands. Fully furnished, kitchen, A/C. Ideal for taxi route, bars etc. Good letting potential. Only 1,390,000 baht. Freehold (in Foreign name). Be quick!! Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Majestic Jomtien 600 meters from Beach. 60 sqm, 4th floor, 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 bathroom, kitchen, 2 balcony, fully furnished and renovated. Overlooking swimming pool. Very good price. Only 1.6 mil. Baht. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Bargain of the Month 500 Meters from Beach, 38 sqm, 8th floor studio. Lovely sea views of Jomtien from big balcony. Absolute bargain 990,000 baht. To include new tile floor and shower room. Be Quick!! Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Khiang Talay Condominium, 200 meters from Best Beach Jomtien, 40 sqm, 4th floor, mountain view, beautifully refurbished with ornate ceilings and covings, Euro kitchen, remote A/C. Fully new furnished. Really must be viewed at 1.8 mil. baht. In Foreign Name. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: One Million Baht will get you a high floor sea view, 38 sq m studio, 500 meters from Jomtien Beach with Foreign ownership. These Prices Are For Real with no silly gimmicks. Be quick and move in tomorrow! Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail:

Corner Condo 47 sqm, 2 Balcony 16th Floor Unit with the very best sea views of Jomtien beach. Just been renovated to the highest standard with marble floors and shower room, Euro kitchen, new A/C, stone pictures walls, matching furniture, LCD TV, DVD, fridge, microwave etc. You won’t find better anywhere at the price 1,950,000 mil. baht in Foreign name. Freehold. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Lovely 11th Floor 39 sqm Jomtien Sea View Condo, just been renovated with big balcony, new A/C, furniture, kitchen, fridge, microwave, washing machine, now include LCD TV, DVD, pictures and plants… Fantastic bargain. Only 1,350,000 mil. baht. Freehold. In Foreign name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 for details, e-mail: Jomtien Beach, 18th Floor (Top Floor), 39 sq.m. Spectacular scenic views from big balcony, refurbished and furnished with new A/C. Only 1.6 mil. baht (in Foreigner’s name). Freehold. Call 087 139 1539 (Eng.). For more details and pictures, visit our website, e-mail: Angket Condominium 500 meters from beach, 39 sq.m Studio, 8th Floor, Big Balcony with Nice Breeze and Lovely Sea Views of Jomtien Beach. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high standard, stoned pictured walls, marble shower room and new European kitchen, fridge freezer, microwave, new air conditioning, safety box, LCD TV, DVD. Now only 1.6 mil. baht. Freehold. Angket will be repainted and refurbished this year with new swimming pool



and lobby, therefore prices will rise. Good investment. (In foreigner’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 084 565 7656, 080 099 2614 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website, e-mail: (ptm-p0708)For Sale or Rent Excellent Location, 100 mtr from Beach Road, built in furniture, lovely large studio, 74 mtr balcony roof, pool, car parking in the building, 086 840 8181 (ptm-s0608)Baan Suanlalana, Chaiyapreuk Rd: 40 sqr, 3rd F, 2-Qbed, furniture + air, good garden environment, swimming pool, fitness etc. Bht 1.12 M, call: 086 086 5157. View pictures via (ptm-j0608)*Bang Saray/ *New*Top Floor # 514/Great View! 200 M from the Beach, 20 Minutes from Pattaya. Construction finish January. Transfer contract ASAP *Foreigner Name*. *44 SQ. M. / 1.15 M THB. Call: John USA *085 276 3433 *Email: (ptm-L0908)Northshore Beachfront Condominium, 1 Bedroom , 1 Bath, #2101, 21st Floor, Overlooking Pool and Beach, Facing Walking St., 64 Sq. Mtrs, Fully Luxury Furnished, New Washing Machine,100% Equipped, Soi 5 and Beach Rd., 7.9 million baht FOREIGN NAME. (Will consider term payments up to 8 months) Realtors Welcome! Gary 089 544 0634. (ptm-L0908)View Talay 6 Condominiums – Beachfront on Beach Rd and Soi 9, Pattaya directly next to the new and largest shopping mall in Asia. 10 condos to choose from, 48 sq meter studio units, high floors, FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street (Units are unfinished shells with electric

outlets; bathroom completely finished with tile floor, tile walls, shower, sink, toilet, granite counter tops, lights, etc.). Units available 1804, 1805 and 1806 (18th floor; all 3 side by side); 1906 (19th floor), 2005 (20th floor), 2104 (21st floor), 2205 and 2206 (22nd floor; both side by side). Purchase Option One: Cash 3.2 Million Baht Each. Purchase Option Two: 1,000,000 to seller upon contract signing; 1,000,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date; final payment of 600,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date; 600,000 to seller at 180 days from contract date. Gary 089 544 0634. Keys at View Talay Office. Realtors Welcome! (ptm-ph0708)Patong Tower Phuket. 63 sqm. Renovated, freehold, 2 rooms, terrace with nice view, pool, beach 200m, furnished, TV, HiFi, 2 aircons. 4.7 mb. Ready to move in. T.086 976 0809 (ptm-k0708)The Best Location in Town Under the Market Price. New five star Condo, 1 Bedroom near Royal Garden & Behind the Avenue Mall with Rental guarantee 8% / year with two swimming Pools and Cable TV & Wi-Fi Internet. Welcome agents. Call owner: 086 317 6161 or (ptm-g0708)42 Sq. Mtr. Condo, Baan Suan Lalana. 2 big pools, lovely gardens, security, top floor, nice views, balcony. 995,000 baht. 087 901 5229 (English), 084 105 4533 (Thai) (ptm-kat0808)87 m2 Condo in View Talay 3A Jomtien. 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms, absolute beachfront. Very High Standard, everything included (also transfer), beautiful view, Foreign Ownership. Ready to move in! Please contact Katrine 081 003 3521 or e-mail katrine@ THB 6.49 mil. baht.

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptm-kat0808) 86 m2 Condo in View Talay 5D Jomtien. 20th floor, 2 bedrooms. Very High Standard, everything included (also transfer), beautiful view, Foreign Ownership. Ready to move in! Please contact Katrine 081 003 3521 or e-mail THB 6.6 mil. baht. (ptm-kat0808)101 m2 Condo in View Talay 5D Jomtien. 19th floor, 2 bedrooms, in-door parking space including very high standard, everything included (also transfer), beautiful view, Foreign Ownership. Ready to move in! Please contact Katrine 081 003 3521 or email THB 7.9 mil. baht. (ptm-m1008)Absolute Beachfront View Talay 3A Pratumnak Hill. 137 sq. m. corner shell. Foreign ownership, 6.5 million baht. Financing Available, call 083 118 9360, (ptm-j0708)Finance Available. I am selling 3 nice condos in View Talays. Only 1 million baht down & the rest over 5 years. Call 087 803 3329 (ptm-a0608)1 Bedroom Condo in Central Pattaya. 52 sqm. Shops, pool, gym, all new. 1,395,000 Phone 084 868 1088 Studio Condo for Sale. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain view). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Only 1.3 million baht. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 Act Quick!!!Great Penthouse on Wong Amart Beach in low rise condominium for 20 Million Baht, 260 sqm, two level, with beautiful interior designs, with a really spacious living area, executively decorated, with fabulous sea view, just 1 minute walk to Wong Amart Beach. Very convenient. There are more facilities available. To view please call: 081 334 5291. Luxury Beachfront Condo for Sale. Spectacular sea view and private beach in North Pattaya, 137 sqm, 1 big bedroom, 2 air cons, 2 bath, living room, with large balcony, direct phone line, 2 flat screen T.V’s, Hi-Fi

system, kitchenette, dishwashing and washing machine, huge refrigerator, all built-in with real wood, tastefully and luxuriously furnished and equipped, ready to move in. 24hr security, swimming pool, fully furnished. Price at 15 Million Baht. To view please call 081 3345291. Fantastic Sea View and Private Beach in North Pattaya, Leam-Chabang View, 137 sqm, 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, not furnished, big living room, with large balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool. Price at 12 Million Baht. To view please call 081 334 5291. Fully Furnished Condo, Ready to Move in, with kitchen & bathroom complete with granite, Daiken Air Conditioning, direct beach front access, stunning club house & restaurant was 5.3 mil. before and now reduced to 3.8 mil. baht only. Call 081 334 5291, 081 357 7491 (ptm-g0908)Executive Residence IV, Royal Heights Pratumnak. Luxury 108 sq m, 1 bed en-suite, large balcony, stunning sea and island views, European appliances, built in furniture, large gym, 3 pools, pitch and putt, foreign ownership, 6.4M. Priced lower than developer. 087 941 2677 Email: info/photos. (ptm-g0908)Citismart Soi 1 North Pattaya. Luxury 87 sq m, 2 bed 2 bath, large balcony, European appliances, built in furniture, Wi-Fi, keycard access, rooftop pool, 150 metres to beach or Big C, foreign ownership, 6.4M. Priced lower than developer. 087 941 2677 Email: info/photos. (ptm-g0508) Sale View Talay Condo Project 5. Located on Jomtien Dongtan beach on fl. 18, very wonderful sea view and greenery view. 48sqm. luxury fully fitting furnished. 100% perfect condition. Elegant design & very nice decoration, Beautiful guarantee! Luxury Cozy breezy & newly. 3.45 mil. by owner (foreigner name) 081 933 2240, See pictures as vedio virtual tour viewtalay

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Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Classified Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% Deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 First to View Will Buy New Completed Unit. Pattaya “Down Town” location. 1 Bed57.20 sqm, fully furnished 2.8 Million. 2 Bed- 99 sqm, fully furnished 4.8 Million. Call Barry 089 933 3583 “Trade Up To a Better Lifestyle”. We will “trade in “your property, as part payment on any of our luxury pool villa and condominium projects. Call: Peter 081 982 6145.

Condo for Sale Jomtien Resident – The best buy at Jomtien Resident. Owner financing now available! 25% down payment, 8% interest for 3 years option. The unit ready to move in with fully furnished. More information please contact PATTAYA AGENCY Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pena: 084 3626945, Email: Condo in Jomtien location – 68 sqm fully furnished, forienger ownership, only 100 meter to Jomtien bech. More information please contact PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pena: 084 362 6945, Email: Suan Sawarn Condo resale – 64 sqm., top floor, forienger ownership Price 2,500,000 Baht More information please contact PATTAYA AGENCY Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pena: 084 3626945, Email:

Fantastic Studios - Baan Suan Lalana Condo, 42 sqm. studio, 1 bathroom, garden view, , built in European kitchen, dining area, fully furnished , air - cons, TV, cable TV, fridge, microwave etc. Price 1,200,000 Baht. PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pena: 084 3626945, Email: jomtien@ Pattaya Hyde Park 2. Exclusive living on Pratumnak Hill. Foreign ownership. 100% affordable prices. PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pascal: 084 3626989, Email: jomtien@ Supalai Condominium, 1st Building, Soi Paholyotil 21 or Wipawadee 30 (behind Shinnawat Building 3), Paholyotil Rd., Ladyaow, Chatuchak, Bangkok. Room 83 sq.m. floor 5, pool side view, 2 bedroom with furniture, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room. All rooms with air conditioned. Tel. 081 555 8811, 081 938 3498

“Penthouse Style” over looking Pattaya Bay, 180SQ.M. Fully finished and furnished, best value in town 10,340,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Jomtien “Foreign Ownership” Pre-Construction discounts and easy payment plans, 150 metres to Jomtien Beach from 3,500,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Foreign Ownership, 2 Bedroom Corner Unit. Fully furnished and fitted by a quality developer. Central Pattaya. Special deal for 60 days completion. Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. CS1190: Central Pattaya Top floor apartment, new building, 61 Sq m. Nicely decorated, modern kitchen 2.5 Million Baht, Call for more info 038-373966or by E-mail: CS1115:Central location 40 sq m studio apartment, high floor, fully furnished, Internet & UBC connected already. Call for more info 08-47808457or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity

CS0696: Jomtien, Studio units, 2 available, foreign name Top floor, 40 sqm,1.6 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-49442541 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity Thai Living: ViewTalay 2, good price and location. Studio unit on the 5th floor 1.75 M THB, on the 13th floor 1.8 M THB. Studio unit on the 16th floor 1.9 M THB. Foreigner name. 2A – 2B. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: ViewTalay 1, close to the taxi services. Unit with 32 + 32 sqm on the 5th floor 1.8 M THB. Studio unit 37 sqm on the 3rd floor 850,000.- THB, Thai Name, 1A1B. For more information contact us today, 038 364 -515, / Thai Living: ViewTalay, sea view and fully furnished, 48 sqm on the 6th floor, 2.65 M THB. Foreigner name. 5D. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Rim Hard, lowpriced studio unit with 30 sqm, located on the 13th floor, 1.29 M THB. Foreigner name. A1. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Metro Jomtien, central with 55 sqm at the 29th floor with newly renovated floor, 2.8 M THB. 54 sqm at the 34th floor in good condition, 2.9 M THB. Foreigner name. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, info@ Thai Living: Ocean Marina, high end condo with five star services. Type B, 165 sqm, empty unit with marina membership, 9 M THB. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / . Thai Living: Tabali Condo, tropical paradise, fully furnished, 3.5 - 7.5 M THB. Foreigner name. For more information contact us today, 038 364 -515, /

Fax: (038) 374535 Thai Living: Grand Condo, sea view, 3b/3b, 186 sqm at the 11th floor, 9.5 M THB, need renovation. Type B&C. Thai Name. For more information contact us today, 038 364 -515, / Thai Living: NorthPoint, popular and exclusive, 133 sqm on the 36th floor, South Tower, 22.95 M THB. Foreigner name. For more information contact us today, 038 364 -515, / Thai Living: View Talay 6 Corner unit at the 22nd floor, 153 sqm, 11.5 M THB. Foreigner Name. For more information contact us today, 038 364 -515, / The Best Location in Town Near Royal Garden & Behind the Avenue Mall. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom from 1.6 Million Baht. Phone: 038 -711017 Mobile: 084 866 9644, E-mail:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723,, E-mail: novamiragecondo@ (ptm-L0908)View Talay 6 Condominiums – Beachfront on Beach Rd and Soi 9, Pattaya directly next to the new and largest shopping mall in Asia. 2 condos to choose from, 48 sq meter studio units, high floors, FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Units available 2506 and 2507 (25th floor; side by side) and COMPETELY NEW INSIDE AND TURN KEY FURNISHED. Purchase Option One: Cash 3.7 Million Baht Each , Purchase Option Two: 1,000,000 to seller upon contract signing; 1,000,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date; final payment of 850,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date; 850,000 to seller at 180 days from contract date. Gary 089 544 0634. Keys at View Talay Office. Realtors Welcome!

View Talay 1B. 42 square meters 10th floor. One million two hundred thousand baht. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime,Thai & English) E-mail pappa@ Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. For sale by owner. Where the largest Night Market in Pattaya is located. Near Sukhumvit Hwy. Panoramic ocean views. Older building. Top floors. 60 square meters (600 square feet). Large swimming pool, tennis courts, near TescoLotus and Big C. Great security. Only two million baht. Fifty percent financing available. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English). E-mail pappa@ Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Condo for sale at North Shore Condo on 21 floor 67 Sq.m Naklua side, 1 Bedroom , 1 Bathroom, Living room , big balcony, fully furnished and decorated, European kitchen, Air con, and Hot water. Price at 7,900,000 Baht, Call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail : (ptfcs-1007)Nova Atrium 80 sq.m. with BigTerrace. Brand new. Fully furnished high standarad (Decorum). Between Carrefour and Big C. Huge swimming pool. Fitness center. Internet. 4.5 Million. Tel. 081 863 1076

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

E-mail :

Condo for Sale We have the best selection of Ananya Condos Available on the Market Today! We have the last two units available on the penthouse floor of Ananya (5th floor, Phase 3) two bedroom, 155 sqm. Ananya the best location on the best beach of Pattaya, Wongamat Beach. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Two Bedroom Condo at Jomtien Beach’s Best location for 7.9 Million Baht! This has been very nicely renovated and has two bedrooms two bathrooms all within 126 square meters of comfort and security. Priced to sell, make sure that you see this apartment soon. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at (Property PR2402) Na-Jomtien 3 Bedroom Sea View Apartment for 11.8! A beautifully renovated 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. Thai Bali Style interior design, 178 sqm, high floor and huge balcony with Fantastic Sea view. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3091) Act quick we have a front corner unit, A building, View Talay 3 facing Pattaya (cool side). 137 sqm for 7.4 million Baht on a high floor!! Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Spectacular Sea View unit in the new project in front of La royale! Only with us is this rare opportunity to purchase something special for only 10.5 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Several Studio units in Popular Seafront Jomtien Condo with Amazing Seaviews Available from only 1.1 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Northshore Condominium for 32 Million Baht! This is a great opportunity to purchase a great 268 square meter unit in a great ‘downtown’ location. If you are looking to live in a dream, be sure to take a look at this popular building. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

INVESTORS: For the latest and most Exclusive Condominium Developments….Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Beautiful Condo in the Low Rice condominium of Grand Condotel for 12,25 Million Baht! LOWERED FROM 14.5 MILLION BAHT FOR A QUICK SALE!!! Just 1 minute walk to Jomtien Beach with a really spacious living area and an enormous balcony. The condo is completely renovated, ready to move in. A lot of facilities are available, two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court are just examples. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.prem (Property PR2975) Pattaya’s Hottest New Five Star Condo Still Has Units left! Yes Nirvana Place Condo does have a few one and two bedroom apartments available. The very best in security, construction and location between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. You will love the interior design motifs available and will love the fine dining and socializing at the Matahari Restaurant downstairs. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Gorgeous Sea View Condominium Apartments on Wongamat Beach! Starting as low as 1.8 Million Baht, you may want to take a look at these brand new units that are being completed with beautiful interior designs and will be ready for occupancy very soon. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting at under 2 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. We Have a lot of units in the new Popular Seafront View Talay 6 with Amazing Seaviews. We have all the units available on all the floors for the best prices in town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Investment opportunity! We have two units for sale in the new spectacular building ‘Jomtien Residence’ with a guaranteed rental return for three years. No work and a steady monthly income! 50sqm for 3.3 Million Baht with 16,000 Baht/Month guaranteed three year income and 80sqm



for 4.8 Million Baht with 25,000 Baht/Month guaranteed income! Together for 7.5 Million Baht with 41,000 Baht/ Month three year guaranteed rental return. Call Jan at 087021-7014 Pattaya’s New Five Star Condominium, NORTH POINT, is sold out! We have a re-sale on a very high floor, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, 103 sqm for 16 Million THB Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at (Property PR3769) Jomtien Beach Road Spacious apartment with 4 bedrooms an tremendous sea views, 252 sq.m., for only 13.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Ocean Marina You don’t need to have a boat to live here: a 3 bedrooms corner unit with magnificent views over the marina. The building comprises 2 pools (indoor/outdoor), an excellent restaurant, covered car park, etc. You will be impressed by the lobby and then maintenance of Ocean Marina. 178 sq.m. for 12.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. “Starter Apartments”For the first-time buyers or for customers who need just a holiday or weekend home we offer 1 bedrooms apartments from 1.5 M Baht. Very stylish, brand new, nice furniture, with air con and kitchen. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Breathtaking Views Condo shell of 232 sq.m. high over Jomtien with large terrace and balcony. It can be transformed into an exciting high end apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms. We have done several of these projects and can show them to you. Expect app. 3 M Baht for decoration. Price as it is 12.5 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. High End 1 bedroom apartment Beautiful 1 bedroom apartment of 67 sq.m. with stunning views from 2 balconies. Exclusively furnished (2 flat screen TVs, 2 ACs, kitchen, builtin wardrobe, etc.) and ready to move in! The building is located in Pattaya’s most fashionable area on Pratumnak Hill and offers hotel like service: pool, fitness, sauna, restaurant, cleaning. Priced at 4.6M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Property of the month. Nice 1 bedroom apartment of 56 sq.m. with sea view in a building with hotel-like facilities (restaurant, gym, room service, mini mart). Top location on Pratumnak. Priced at 2.95 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

Wong Amat Gorgeous, light and airy 1 bedroom apartment with spectacular sea view. 96 sqm . 2 air cons, phone, fastest ADSL Internet, 42 Inch-TV, Hi-Fi system, kitchenette, large balcony, tastefully and luxuriously furnished and equipped, ready to move in., gym, sauna, garage ... 5.75 Mio. Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07. Baan Suan LaLaNa Very nice compound just a few hundred meters away from Jomtien beach with 3 pools, restaurant and mini mart. Available are brand new decorated studios for 1.45 Mio. Baht, corner units at 2.6 M Baht and 1 bedroom apartments for 3 M Baht. Call SIAM PROPERTIES 038-415 490 or Heiner 081-861 19 07.

Condo for Rent (ptm-n0608)Condo for Rent at Pratamnak Hill Near Cosy Beach & Soi 4. 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 air-cons, fully furnished 15,000 baht per month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-gl0008)Condo for Rent in Hotel Jomtien. 1 bedroom, kitchen, living room, close to the beach very convenient & safe newly renovated class and decent. Interested email or call 087 141 2783 Studio Condo for Rent. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain view). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Only 10,000 baht per month, long term only. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 Condo for Rent, Sea View and Private Beach in North Pattaya, Leam-Chabang view, 64sqm, 1 bedroom, 2 bath, fully furnished, living room, with balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool. For rent at 30,000 Baht per month. To view please call 081 334 5291.

Fax: (038) 374535

Nova Park Executive Sevice Apartment. For rent Luxury Studios 1or 2 bedrooms fully furnished from 16,000 Baht / Month, Free Internet, Pool & Gym. Tel: 038 415 304-8, Email:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723,, E-mail: novamiragecondo@ CR1019:View Talay 2A ground floor, 100 sq m , 1 bedroom, 2 bath ,communal pool, tastefully furnished, LCD TV, 28,000 P/M ( Short term also available ). Call for more info 08-7808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity CR0388: GREAT VALUE, 82 Sq m 1 bedroom unit, 6th floor in View Talay 2B, Only 22,000 P/M Modern furniture, Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity CR 1083: 15th Floor 48 Sq m fully furnished condo in View Taly 5D, great sea views bargain price 18,000 per month. Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ CR1093: 1 bedroom top floor apartment in Jomtien, 84 Sq m,fully furnished, sea views, 25,000 P/M. Call for more info 08-49442541 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity CR1112: Outstanding 3 bed penthouse, POSSIBLE SHORT TERM LET, Wongamat beach, great sea views, High speed internet connected, modernly furnished from 95,000 P/M view to view pictures or call 08-4944 2541 or by E-mail: pattaya@

CR1111: Studio apartments for rent many available, both long & short term lets, Wongamat beach area, great pool & Gym, 44 Sq m, modern furniture LCD TV, from 15,000 P/M. Call for more info 0847808457 or by E-mail: CR0846: 2 bedrooms apartments located in Pratumnak close to the beach, many rooms available, short & long term, fully furnished, Wi-Fi internet, big TV Prices start at 45,000 P/ M, call 08-49442541 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity Condo for Rent at View Talay 2 B and At Jomtien location, Studio Living area, Air-con, Sea View, Fully furnished, Balcony, Communal swimming pool and 24 hr Security Price for rent start at 10,000 Baht -15,000 Baht per month. Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail : Beautiful Sea view Large Studio Condo at View talay Condo 5 at Jomtien location 48 Sq.m. on the 12 floor. Pattaya Side, Fully Furnished, European Kitchen, Dining area and Living area, Big Balcony, Communal Swimming Pool. Available now for rent 20,000 Baht per month, Call North Shore real Estate 038-303825-6 or e-mail: Condo for rent 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, at Chateau Deal Condo Tabali 93 Sq.m. on 3 floor, Fully furnished and decorated, European Kitchen, Hot water, Air con , Security, ADSL. Telephone line communal swimming pool Price at 29,000 Baht per month, Call North Shore real Estate 038-303 825-6 or e-mail: Thai Living: View Talay 5C. Studio unit, sea view, only 15,000 - 18,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, /

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Condo for Rent Thai Living: Jomtien Complex. Sea view, fully furnished, 67 sqm, 20,000 THB/ M. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Royal Hill at the2nd floor, 2b / 2b, fully furnished, 28,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Jomtien Condotel at the 2nd floor, 1b/ 1b, fully furnished. 25,000 THB/ M. For more information contact us today, 038 364 -515, / Thai Living: North Shore, 1b/ 1b, fully furnished. 35,000 – 40,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Metro Jomtien at the 29th floor, 171 sqm, 2b/ 2b with big balcony. 50,000 THB/M. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Where the largest Night Market in Pattaya is located. Near Sukhumvit Hwy. Panoramic ocean views. Older building. Top floors. 60 square meters (600 square feet). Large swimming pool, tennis courts, near Tesco-Lotus and Big C. Great security. Only 14,000 Baht

per month with one year lease. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English). Email Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. View Talay 1B. 42 square meters 10th floor. Only 10,000 Baht per month with one year lease. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) Email Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Royal Cliff ‘A Building’ Double View Four Bedroom Apartment for 90,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at View Talay 2 Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! This is a masterpiece in condo design and comfort, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The condo has a big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Classified Pratamnak 3 Bedroom for Sale and Rent 7.35 Million Baht, 45,000 Baht/Month! A beautifully 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. 128 sqm, beautifully furnished and decorated. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR1362) We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Northshore Sea View Condominium for 65,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished 112 square meter unit with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Our Northshore rentals are starting from 42,000 Baht/Month. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at (Property PR3036) Beautifully Renovated Three Bedroom Condo in Jomtien For Rent at 55,000 Baht per month! Great three bedroom, three bathroom furnished apartment. Ready to move in, this is a great way to live! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Great Two Bedroom Condos for rent from 20,000 to 45,000 Baht per month! We have a number of very nice condominium apartments available for rent in this price range. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

Sensational View Talay 5 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 55,000 Baht/ Month! Private access to the best beach of Pattaya (Dongtan Beach), On the Baht-Bus route. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge balconies. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Very nice Royal Cliff Two Bedroom Plus Apartment for 55,000 Baht per month! Those that know the ‘Cliff ’, know that it is one of the most sought after places to live. Enjoy this two bedroom plus office apartment with fantastic sunsets and seaviews. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Three Bedroom Suite For 50,00 Baht per month! What more can you say? If you would like a ‘Five Star’ lifestyle with the yachts and all….this is your apartment. There are no better building amenities anywhere. Two swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, weight training gym, the list goes on and on…..and don’t forget their first class gourmet restaurant with Dim Sum on Sundays! This is just one of our listings in Ocean Marina. For a total overview of our listings contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Incredible Sea View Three Bedroom Apartment for 65,000 Baht per month! A very sharp building right on the beach with gorgeous beachfront swimming pool and roof top pool as well….what a view from the top! This apartment has 198 square meters of comfort and style with sunset and Jomtien Beach views to die for. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

Fax: (038) 374535

Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ Double View Three Bedroom Apartment for 70,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views. Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Northshore Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many Northshore rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier

View Talay V Sea View Condominium for 20,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at We are the absolute leader in rental properties in Pattaya! We have over 1000 units for rent available in all the major condominiums. Examples are units on high floors in Northshore, Royal Cliff, Chateau Dale, Saranchol, etc, etc. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at 112 Sqm Two Bedroom on High Floor for Rent at Northshore only 55,000 THB P/M! Very nicely finished large two bedroom with smashing views, great amenities and excellent location. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Lots of Studio Units for Rent at View Talay 2, Thip Condo & Jomtien Beach Condominium! We have a great selection of studios for rent starting at only 8,000 THB per month! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

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Fax: (038) 374535

Condo for Rent Awesome Two & Three Bedroom Duplex Penthouses For Rent in Metro Jomtien! These are excellent rental units at great prices (55,000 for the two bdr and 65,000 for the three bdr) finished in a very modern, clean style with great kitchens, lots of outdoor space, Jacuzzis and killer views. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Luxurious Large Two Bedroom Condo at Executive Residence 2 For Rent! This condo is finished to an impeccable standard with luxurious bathrooms, great furniture and electronics, huge kitchen and great seaview. Only 65,000 THB per month…Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Land for Sale Scared with Stocks & Banks! Invest in Land, Proven Appreciation Year-on-Year! We have sea views from 1 million, near the beach from 2.5 million & mountain views from 700,000 baht. Tel: 081 576 0035,, (ptm-1408)18, one Rai plots for sale. All plots with own lake water front beside Phoenix Golf course. Cost 4 million/Rai. Call John 081 919 1120 (ptm-n0607)Land for Sale. 1,430 sq wah on Eastern Star Golf Course: 9,000 per sq wah. Phone 081 782 0206 or 089 249 1364 (ptm-j0608)Phoenix Golf Club UNDERVALUED Land For Sale. Ocean & Mountain Views. Directly on the golf course 1,600 SQm = 1 Rai B4,750,000. Reduced for quick sale. 081 376 1773 Empty land on Pratamnak soi 4 for Sale - 450 sq.wha only 700 meter to the beach. Perfect for build 7 storeies condo, 40,000 baht per sq.wha. Price 18,000,000 Baht (company name already) PATTAYA AGENCY Jomtien (038 231 712), Khun Pena 084 3626945, Email: PL 024 Land for sale in Soi Watboonjankana, close to Sukhumvit and 600 Meters from the Beach, Various plots available, land filled ready to build! From 19,000 per Sq w call for more info 0847808457 or by E-mail: PL 025 Land located in central Pattaya behind Walking street, great plot for apartments, 272 Sq w, 45 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail:

PL 037 Land for sale in the Pong area, close to the H/Way 36, 2x 1 Rai plots on separate deeds, easy access road, electric & water available, building permission in place, ready to start! Call for more info 0847808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 028 Land for sale in Soi Bua Khao, close to the Avenue shopping centre 4 Rai, 127 million baht Call 08-49445141 or by E-mail: PL 029 Land for sale on Pratumnak Hill, 191 Sq w, top of the hill location, ideal for house, 35,000 Baht per Sq w call today 0817613238 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 030 Land for sale South Pattaya road close to Big C, 4 Rai 200 S q w, 40,000 baht per Sq w call for full details 08-49445141 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity PL 031 Land for sale on the Sukhumvit road, great road front exposure , 2 Rai 36 Million Baht, Please call 08-49445141 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity PL 032 Land for sale Located in Wongamat, ideal for 7 storey condominium 2 Rai 46 Sq w 80 Million Call for more info 0847808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 033 100 S q w land plot Ideal for house in a quite location off Siam country club. Already in a company name 800,000 THB. Please call 08-49445141 or by E-mail: PL 034 Direct Beach Land located opposite to Nong Nuch tropical gardens,11 Rai, 220 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity Pl 036 Land in Maprachan lake area, already has perimeter wall on 275 Sq w, great mountain views , Thai name, 2.2 million B Call for more info 08-47808457 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity For sale by owner. Almost one rai (368 square wah) in Central Pattaya between Third Road and Motorway 7 entrance on Sukhumvit Road. Perfect for shophouses, condo building or small housing estate. 15 million baht. Call 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) E-mail Agents welcome. No time wasters, please. Thai Living: Near new Holly Wood. 385 sq.wah of land for sale at 22 M THB. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, /

Thai Living: 3rd Road close to Tony Gym. Land in City (5 Rai-193 sq.wah) for 30 M THB /Rai. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: 2nd Road – Pratamnak Hill. Land at prime location of 3 Rai – 343 sq.wah for 180 M THB. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Near Land Office. Land for sale with 3 Rai- 200 sq.wah for 5.5 M THB / Rai. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, / Thai Living: Land in Pratamnak Cosy Beach for sale. 342 sq. for 18 M THB. For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, info@ / Thai Living: Jomtien Village. Land for sale with 138 sq.wah, for 13 M THB For more information contact us today, 038 364-515, info@ / 48 Rai for 5.5 Million Baht/Rai 500 meters from La Royale condominium! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land for sale next to Siam Country Club Golf Course! 36 Rai perfect for a housing project for 2.1 Million Baht/Rai. The land is located in a beautiful landscaped area with stunning mountain views. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Two land plots for 1.1 Million Baht/Rai near Mabrachan Lake. 19 and 31 Rai ideal for housing developments as the whole area is already developed with other housing developments. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 16 Rai at 18 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beautiful located plots of Land! A few examples are stunning plots on the Prathamnak Hill (1 Rai up), 21 Rai of beachfront near the Ambassador Hotel and 7 Rai of Land on the beach in Bangsaray. Our database contains over a 100 exclusive plots of land in and around Pattaya. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Looking for Beach front land? We have prime beach front land parcels available. For appointments and private tours contact Premier Land and Development (038) 231-931 or (01) 634-2915 Email: premier@ or visit us online at Land next to the Polo Club in the Mabrachan area! 8 Rai at 1.2 million Baht/Rai, 23 Rai at 920,000 Baht/Rai, the whole plot (31 Rai) at 850,000 Baht/Rai. Owner motivated to sell quickly. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

Beachfront Land Jomtien 23 Rai at 16 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien, 5 Rai at 27 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Incredible 35 Rai of Land perfect for Development includes designs for 160 Unit Condo project 2 Rai lake and area for 20 homes. Priced to sell. Property is in a fast growing area only 10 minutes to the beach and covered in mature coconut treesabsolutely beautiful. Good flat ready to build condition with three road frontages. Smart money buy- call to take a look. Making your Business our Business – Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land Parcels all locations Starting Baht 300,000 per Rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to 274.4 Rai Prime Master Plan Development Land- Baht 570 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to 20 Rai- Bang Saray 4 mil per Rai, sea view, ready to build. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or Email to 2 Rai Beachfront land in Jomtien for 25 Million Baht/Rai. If you are looking for land to build a beach front condominium or a small scaled up class housing project this is it! Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or Email to FOR INVESTORS……1.5 Rai plot of land for sale on Pratamnak Hill including Building designs, Brochures, Building License, etc, etc. for 32.5 Million Baht including everything you need to start your development. Call Jan at 087-0213170

Services Provided (ptm-t0908)We Offer Complete Condo Service from Fitting Out Empty. We offer complete condo service from design and fitting out of empty shell to renovation of bathroom, kitchen, lounge, etc. Very high standard of work at very competitive price. For further information and friendly personal advise, call Khun May 089 776 2679 and you can leave all the work to people you can trust. (pta-no0008)No 1 Visa behind Carrefour, Central Pattaya. Visa service for Thais to visit abroad, UK, Europe, USA and Australian Visa Specialist. The best affordable professional visa service in Thailand. Over 7 years experience. Taxi to the embassies, cheap airline tickets, travel medical insurance. Tel: 038 360 204, Mobile: 089 246 5980 (ptmsp-1308)Architect Services Plans, houses, shops, apartments, etc. Contact 081 295 8038

(ptm-p0409)Pool Tables and Touch Screen Game Machines Coin Operated. You provide the location we provide the pool table or Touch screen game machine for free of all maintenance cost. Make good money from profit sharing. Call: 081 762 8379 Free advice about tax-free investments for expats.. Call 0813 613 642 or visit Looking for a mortgage? Call 0871 278 122 (ptm-p0409)Eden Massage. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own place. Thai massage, Oil massage, foot massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sports massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) (ptm-0608)Adult Health & Safety Self Defense Course. Learn the official martial art of the Tokyo Police, a non violent defensive tactics system that has been compulsory for all Tokyo police women since 1967. This scientific art allows the weak to control the strong: “Japanese Aikido” Class for men and women available at Mike Shopping Mall 4th floor Pesuso Gym 083 839 6113, 081 428 1578 (ptm-0608)If you Need Translation, Visa Service, Marriage Under Thai Law. Contact Master Class Translation Service Ltd., Part. Tel: 02 651 5165, 02 255 5589, 081 400 5286. Email: Free consultation service. Visas Plus Friendly Family Business for Worldwide Visas. Refused visa give us a call. Now in 7th year, New office next to Jomtien Immigration 087 804 3943. UK office 006 61745 585894 (ptm-p0409)Need a Sports Massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) Freelance I.T. Specialist. Services Offered: Data Recovery (accidental format and deletion), Website design and devolopment, Hardware/ Software setup and installation, PC cleaning and maintenance, Free online tech support for minor issues, LAN Configuration, etc. Contact: 087 481 2163, E-mail: Pattaya Agency Legal Services. We will professionally provide you in shortly working days and also quick formation offering you of this following: Real Estate, Work Permit/One Year Visa, Company Registration, Insurance, Accounting, Balance Sheet, Legal Consultation, Notary service. Call PATTAYA AGENCY - Jomtien (038 231712) Khun Pascal: 084 3626989, Email: Dan One Call Service. Property Services includes general household repairs, air conditioning repairs, swimming pool maintenance, gardening new and maintenance, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, cleaning. General Services includes translation, assistance for Thai driving

license, immigration matters, real estate matter, driver for your own car. Call 085 163 5037 or email VDO Present Studio. We can make a presentation as VDO Presentation, Recording, Music VDO, Slide Show or special photograph in expertise skill in photographer. Please contact: Tiwa 086 787 8001 E-mail: Made to Order Cakes and Brownies, characters such as Sponge Bob, Barbie doll, Power Puff Girls, Spiderman, Christmas Bears and etc. Call 089 607 9850. Also, available Chocolate, Banana and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese. LP Renovation Services. Change how you live without changing where you live. Our company is a cost effective renovation agency offering high quality earnest services with superior quality products and exceptional customer service. 143/55 M. 12 Thepprasit Road, Banglamung, Chonburi. Tel: English 082 211 4474, Russian 082 211 4475, e-mail: Ski Blind. For blinds, sunshade, retractable awning, canopy, folding doors. PVC strip doors, wallpapers, canvas, umbrellas, curtains, partitions, window shutter, and tents. Call Mr. Kiat at 081 307 7732 or email Visit their website Renovation Services Carried Out on Condos or Houses. All types of work carried out at a very high standard with very reasonable prices. For quotations call PAC Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng), 087 150 4845 (Thai) If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software and hardware, please phone 086 820 2577 or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng). I will go to service at your place. If you are Looking for a Computer Graphic Designer, Web designer or would like to make some printed matters in reasonable price, please phone 086 820 2577 (Thai) or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng) or e-mail: (ptfsp-0108)Pattaya Secretarial Services. One Stop Service for your office needs, Client service 081 550 0885 Legal and Visa services provided by American expert living in Thailand more than 10 years and English-speaking Thai lawyer. see ads in PattayaToday. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. at 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English) for a free consultation. E-mail

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


Job Wanted (ptfjv-0608)Italian Man, 40 y.o. is urgently looking for job as manager, in go-go bars. Michael 085 212 0788

Job Vacancies (pta-0708)Restaurant Manager & Assistant Manager Wanted. Thai or Farang with very good English or French; Experience in Western Style Restaurant; Can work with high turnover customers; Must be very outgoing, motivated and hard working; Great base salary plus bonus. Please email resume to: or send to 329/245 M12 Pattaya Hill Resort 23rd Fl. Pratamnak Rd. Nongpure, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260 (pta-0708)Teacher Wanted for afternoon lessons with 5 year old boy. You should either have English as your mother language or have a degree in English. Call us today 038 364 515.

(ptm-0708)URGENT!! Marketing and Sales person Wanted! Thai national, must speak and write English. Good salary and commission. Call 085 277 7900 or send your resume to (ptfjv-0708)Seeking Reliable MaeBaan in NongPlalai 1 Day per Week 8 Hours, Cleaning Washing (Machine), Ironing. Speaking some English or German and worked for Foreigner Advantage. Phone: after 2 O’Clock PM 081 810 5841 (ptfjv-0708)Aletia Tours Co., Ltd is Looking for Promoter. Requirement: English spoken tel: 089 096 8894. High Salary + %. Contact person: Tatiana (pta-0708)High Salary Plus Commission..!! Top Car Rental in Jomtien required friendly outgoing female. Excellence of both speak and written English. Bachelor’s degree/Vocational Education. Can drive a car and have driving license. Call for interview T.038 252 275, 038 364 268

Classified (pta-0708)Cook /Waitress and Manageress Wanted! For new Coffee shop in Jomtien. Training given, must speak some English. Call for interview 081 865 1011 (pta-0708)New Coffee Shop in Jomtien Needed. Drummer and Guitarist. Both can speak Some English. Call 081 429 1482, 038 364 461 (ptfjv-0708)Looking for Ladies(Mamasang) to Look After a new Jomtien bar. Salary negotiable. Peter 080 641 8264 (ptfjv-0608)Staff Required Immediate Start at Southshore FM: 1.Sales/Marketing, 2. Production/Technical Engineer, 3. Music Programmer, 4. Djs, 5. Driver ,6. Nanny/Maid Email: Mobile: 085 355 9528 (ptfjv-0608)Swedish or Danish Writer or Journalist wanted for client. Contact Thai Legal & Associates info@thailegal. (ptfjv-0608)2 Caretakers (Couple) Wanted, for a Private House, 15 minutes outside Pattaya, with 2.5 rai garden and pond. Easy going Swiss is looking for a friendly, active Thai couple to maintain garden, pool, clean etc. Attractive salary, living quarters and amenities. Call 081 835 9923 or email to: stefanalive@ (ptfjv-0608)Nanny/Maid Wanted for live in position. Must have experience. With children. Call 089 831 6797 (pta-lp0508)Wanted Thai Man for Renovation and Designing Company, who can speak fluent English and has basic managerial and computer knowledge. Contact 089 754 6438

(ptfjv-0508)Sales Manager, Sales Representative Wanted for a new housing project “Siam Oriental Pattaya”. Must be able to speak English and have basic knowledge about computer operation, with the sale experience in housing business. Good salary+high commission. Senior Sales Officer : Non-Thai citizen, English or other language skills. Good salary + high commission. Please send your CV to e-mail or call 081 918 4888 (pta-0508)Pattaya Real Estate Office. Sales Receptionist, English Speaking, Female 21 to 35 years. Salary + Bonus. Thai Nationality Only. Call K. Jai after 10 am on 038 488 751, Mobile: 081 653 8200 (pta-0508)Pattaya Real Estate Office. Trainee Sales / Rental person, English Speaking, Female 22–35 Years, experience an advantage. Own Transport required. Salary Plus Commission. Thai Nationality Only. Call Jai for an interview after 10am on 038 488 751, Mobile: 081 653 8200 (ptfjv-0508)Administrator Need for Properties Company on Thepprasit Road. Female. Excellent spoken and written English. Computer skills and previous office work experience essential. For more information and interview,please call Mr. Petri 089 5429596 , 038 303 465 Or email (ptm-1408)Louis Properties Co., Ltd has vacancies for: 1. Marketing Manager, 25,000 + Bonus, 2 yrs working experience. 2. Sales Representative, 15,000+ High Commission, 1 yr experience. 3. Book Keeping/ Manager Assistant/Computer Database, 20,000 + Bonus, 2 yr experience. Must be able to speak

Fax: (038) 374535

and write English and Thai and have basic knowledge about computer operations. Also, speaking Russian urgently needed (highest salary and commission). Please send resume to or call Tony 086 8328 168, 089 585 8666 (ptfjv-0708)Attractive, Educated, Mature (50’s/60’s) live-in housekeeper/companion, for retired English gentleman. Very little housework or cooking. Nationality not important, but must be non-smoker, speak and understand English very well. Salary rising to 15,000 baht per month. Please phone 038 421 502 (ptfjv-0708)We are a Property Development Company. Urgently looking for sales receptionist staff/Admin female, Thai nationality. Must have good command of English, computer skill, experience in office document. Contact:: Please send CV to

(ptfjv-0108)Needed immediately secretary, receptionist, ad sales people and graphic artists for publishing company. Top pay for experienced professionals. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. at 084.111.799 (anytime, English) or 038.301.048 (daytime, Thai & English). Send resume, CV or inquiries to (pta-jv0108)Medium Sized SteelFurniture Production and Export Company in Pattaya searching Thai candidates of both sexes, positioned as a General Manager. Preferably experienced in production related work, structured, cooperative, master good English both written and orally and have average computer skills. Work will be focused on general improvement both in sales and production performance. Personal management, reports and logistics will also be part of this work. Necessary training will be given. Salary up to 50,000 THB/month and possible bonus allocation,

Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008


E-mail :

Job Vacancies (pta-er2307)Staff Urgently Wanted. Leading Real Estate Brokerage Firm. Sales Staff / Listing Agent / Photographer, Thai national, age 20-35, Good communication skill, Good command of English (writing & speaking), Good attitude & positive, Experience preferably but not necessary, Training provided, Driver’s license. Call for more details 083 120 6042, 083 009 5214 or email your resume, specify position you apply for, and expected salary to (pta-ph2307)Thai All Round Secretary and Website Manager Wanted! Our very busy and successful office is looking for an experienced secretary & web master. English language skills (speaking, reading, writing and typing) are essential and critical to get this job, as well as the self-confidence to use these skills. Basic computer experience is necessary and will also be a part of the job. It is also very Important that you know how to work with foreigners! Please contact us for more information and an interview at 087-0217014 (Jan Nuyten). (pta-vj2207)Leading Thai International Construction Company. Looking for top quality personnel for major civil project in Dubai. Excellent salary & career opportunites. Project managers, Construction managers, QA/QC Engineers, AutoCad/Design Engineers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers.

Age 30 – 47 years, good English. Engineer degree. Please send resume to info@ecothai Call 086-8169398 (ptfj-2007)Exciting Projects, Dynamic Company, great salary & bonus schemes are looking for the following positions: 2 Construction Managers (THB 100,000-150,000 tax free), 5 Section Managers (THB 60,000-80,000), 10 Superintendents/Supervisors (THB 40,000-50,000), 1 team Survey Engineers/Technicians (THB 20,000-40,000), 5 CAD Draughtsman (THB 20,00040,000), 2 Project Planner/Coordinator & 4 Assistants (THB 30,000-50,000), 2 Architects (THB 50,000-100,000). Only those with top ability & dynamic are required. Spoken & written English. Call 087 140 5199 or 086 816 9398 (ptfj-0708)Companion, Friend, Caregiver needed by rich, retired, lonely American. No smoking or drinking, Thai lady, any age, part time or full time. Massage and cook one meal. 15,000 B. Good job, beautiful condo. Jomtien Plaza, Building A, Apt. 406/ 282, 2601 Fl . Call 038 231 999 (ptfj-1907)Off-shore Oil & Gas Personnel for Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia required. Call ECO Thai Group Co., Ltd., 038 682 097, 087 140 5199 Pro Language is language training institute based in Bangkok. Now we are opening a new office in Pattaya and seek Part-time and Full-time Teachers to join our team in Pattaya Branch. English Teachers and other Language Teacher, English-DutchGerman-Italian-FrenchJapanese-Chinese-RussianKorean-Spanish, Thai Teachers to teach Thai and English for Foreigners, Marketing. Please call K. Jerry and K. Nutcharee to arrange an appointment. Tel. 02-250-0072

Travel Mc Flight Travel & Visa. Cheapest Air Fares. Promotion BKK-LON, FRA,PAR, ROM, GVA Start from 10,000 O/W 20,100 R/T. Special Promotion on September AMS-BKKAMS . Start from 570 Euro’s. All the price not include tax. Visa to Europe, Vietnam, Laos, China, India, Myanmar, Indonesia; Ext Hotel Reservation, Scuba Diving, Taxi, Minibus. Tel 038 413 530, 038 724 023, Fax 038 413 540

Classified Motorbikes & Cars for Rent

(ptfvs-k0708)Toyota 99 Sport Rider 4X4 Auto Diesel. Only 125,000 ks. VGC. Urgent! Only 290,000 offer. 08 600 68 390

(ptm-t0508)Motorbikes for Rent. Nouvo, Click, Mio. 200 baht day. 1,200 baht week, 4,500 baht month. WILL DELIVER. 086 824 4910 (ptm-s0708)Do You Want to Rent a Car? Neat, reliable Mitsubishi Champ, 4 doors, aircon, well running, radio. Full comprehensive insurance for just 9,500 B/month. Phone 081 835 9923 or Cheap car rental. Fully insured cars. Prices start from 5600 THB / week. Call 087 127 8122 or visit (ptm-a0708)Joy & May Tour. Car Rent 24 hrs. Service to Bangkok, Airport. Taxi Minibus; Taxi Meter 790B, Private Car 1,190B, Minibus 1,490B not include express way. Call Apple at 083 705 5477, office located at Tops Supermarket Parking Side (ptm-r0508)Cars for Rent. Starting from 6,000 Baht per week or 18,000 Baht per month. Fully insured. Call Rita 081 778 1824, email:, (ptm-r0508)Taxi: Airport-Pattaya 1,200 Baht (incl. toll fee) call Rita 081 778 1824, e-mail:

(ptfvs-k0708)Audi Auto L.P.G. Low ks. VGC 190,000 offer. 08 600 68 390 (ptfvs-k0708)Toyota 2005 Sport Rider 4X4 Auto DSL. Only 140,000 ks Only 525,000 offer. 08 600 68 390 (ptfvs-k0708)A Solid Gold Longines Watch and Band, valuation $14,000 – new $20,000. Sell for only $6,000 or swap for jet ski or car or 4 wheel drive. 08 600 68 390 (ptfvs-r0408)2003 Nissan NV Truck with Carryboy. Top-automatic 69,000 km. Excellent condition. 229,000 baht or best offer, tax and insured. 086 109 0721 (ptm-c0008).Isuzu D-Max Cab 4 (4 Door) 3.0 Turbo Diesel 4 X 4 Automatic, 2006/7, diamond black metallic with black leather interior, Sony TV, 2000 watt, Hi Fi, 18” alloy wheels, loaded with extras, 40,000 kms, full agent service history. Must see 690,000 baht . Call 087 139 1539 (ptfvs-l0708)In Quite Exceptional Condition. Daewoo Cielo GXL (top of range) 1.5 automatic, 4 door saloon with cavernous boot. 6 months tax, 10 months insurance 145,000 baht O.N.O. Please phone 038 421 502 (ptfvs-0508) Yamaha Mio, 1yr old, white/black, 15,000 km, good condition. Eng/Thai 080 641 8616 (ptm-c0008)Quick Sale! Toyota Hi Ace 12 Seater VIP. Mini bus 1998/ 9, 2.8 litre diesel, 5 speed, power steering, ‘metallic’ blue. Front & rear A.C., front & rear chrome bumpers, side steps, CD, TV, alloy wheels, electric windows. Ideal for golfing, outings etc. Loads of money spent. Service history. Beautiful all around condition! Price now reduced from 340,000 to 290,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845. (ptm-d0608)Honda Super 4 Black 400 cc regular servicing, new tyres, sprockets and chain. Great condition. 50,000 baht. Call 087 013 5770 (ptfvs-0508)For Sale Ducati 996 sps excellent condition, low kms many spares. 430000 baht. Call Greg 081 863 9550 (ptm-c0007)Toyota Tiger 3.0 Turbo Diesel 4x4 2 Door. Big Cab 1999, 5 speed, power steering. Heavy duty front and rear bumpers. Raised suspension, air bag, ABS, C.D. Big alloys, loads of extras, 130,000 kms. Full history. Falang owned. Immaculate condition. 390,000 baht. Call 087 139 1539 (ptm-J2207)07 Honda Phantom. 2,000k. 60,000 Baht. Call 084 873 3145 (ptm-J2207)For Sale Nov. 06 Toyota (4x4) Pick-up 5 Speed. Black, manymany extras 21,000k. 500,000 Baht. Call 084 873 3145

Motorbikes & Cars Wanted (ptfvs-0308)Looking for a Second Hand Golf Car in good condition. Call 038 424 774. (ptfvs-0408)Farang is Looking for Mercedes Benz Model W210 or W211 automatic, and diesel CDi, year about 2003 up. Any offers, please call Nok 085 153 1833. (ptfvs-0108)Looking for a Small Automatic-Car (Jazz, Vios, City, etc) no more than 5 years old. Tel.: 089 072 4897

Motorbikes & Cars for Sale (ptm-h0608)Jeep Cherokee / 4.0 High Output. Auto, Low miles, top condition, full service, new tires, RD, TV, CD. Colour: black & silver, yellow leather. Must See!! From Farang Owner! Fast Sale for 199,000 Baht. Like Farang Buyer! Call or message: 086 113 6698 Email:, Language: English or German (ptfvs-a0708)Hyundai Sonata Auto for Sale. Good conditions. Year 1996. 2.0 litre engine. Power steering. Was 150,000 Bath now is 110,000Bath. Tel: 086 930 4005

Fax: (038) 374535



Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

African wines at Grappa

His Excellency Ambassador Douglas H.M. Gibson with Mr. Sutham Phanthusak, owner of Woodlands Hotels group and Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot, CEO of the Government Housing Bank

Pattaya Today offers congratulations to immigration bureau

EVERYONE knows that South African wines rate as some of the best in the world, so when an opportunity came to put them to the test, this was eagerly taken up by some of Pattaya’s leading wine buffs and others who just appreciate a good wine without getting into the scientific technicalities of why this is so. In north Pattaya’s Soi 22, the relatively new Grappa Ristorante & Wine Bar on the ground floor of the modern Woodlands Suites held a very well presented wine tasting evening for the famous Bovlie range of South African wines. VIP guests included Bovlei’s winemaker Mr. Frank Meaker, their Thai distributer Khun Natthachai Chaiyaprom (BNK Pattaya Wines), South African wine producer Ms Reni Hildenbrand, and the South African ambassador Douglas Gibson & his wife Pam.

His Excellency Ambassador Douglas H.M. Gibson for South Africa with K. Alisa Phanthusak, Assistant MD of Woodlands Hotels Group

Horseshoe Point hosts BCCT

Malcom & Christina Boden with Elfie & Nittaya of YWCA

PETER READ of Pattaya Today visited the Pattaya immigration office, Jomtien soi 5, to present a remembrance of the bureau’s winning of the national police prize for being the best police station in the country. Pictured are police major Tanapat Promsuk (centre) and police lieutenant colonel Vichan Theeraoat (left) who received the presentation on behalf of the superintendent, police colonel Ittiphol Itteisarnronnachai. All three senior immigration police officers have transferred to promoted posts elsewhere in the police service.

Mr. Stephane Bringer, General Manager of Woodlands Hotels Group and Mr. Frank Meaker, Production Manager of the Bovlei Winery from South Africa

Robert Watson (rear) with Pattaya All Stars Band

Horseshoe Point Manager Jate with Poupee & Ko

BCCT Vice-Chairman Graham MacDonald, Director Mark Butters & Chairman Rodney Bain

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCCT) organised a superb evening for 200 plus at Horseshoe Country Club with the two major sponsors being B.Grimm of Siam Polo and the District 3340 Rotary Clubs. Under beautifully lit trees, with sponsored food and beverages, fantastic entertainment was provided by the Pops Pattaya All Star Band, plus a fashion show of trendy “La Perla” clothing. Horseshoe Point deserve congratulations for the first class organisation of the event.

Eden Massage gives gift certificates to local charities

Bernd Fischer from Rotary Club Phoenix-Pattaya with Khun Anchalee

Jacinta Farragher of PILC received the certificates from Khun Anchalee

BERND Fischer managing director of Thaimatic Co., Ld. (left) received 20,000 baht worth of massage gift certificates from Anchalee managing director of Eden Massage (right), on behalf of Rotary Club Phoenix-Pattaya, the first German speaking Rotary club in Asia. Also the Pattaya International Ladies Club received 300 free gift certificates for a one hour Thai massage. The massage gift certificates will be used for fund raising events and charity draws, Anchalee says that she hopes that the massage gift certificates will benefit and help the organizations to raise money for local charities and benefit the community. Anchalee also says that if any other charity organizations are having charity events and would like massage gift certificates for their charity draws etc, please contact Anchalee at because she has 100,000 baht worth of massage gift certificates ready to donate. Eden Massage is located at Pattaya Klang and Soi Diana Inn.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008



PEACH expansion at Royal Cliff Beach Resort

HRH Princess Ubolrat Ratchakalya Siriwattana Pannawadi (centre) and Khun Panga, Royal Cliff owner, on her left.

From the left Judy, K. Chanyuth, Peter, K. Visa, Ib, K. Kan & K. Apple enjoying the reception

HRH Princess Ubolrat Ratchakalya Siriwattana Pannawadi presided over the official launch of the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) expansion ceremony on November 22. Making the 35 th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Cliff, the PEACH expansion now makes it the second largest meetings venue in the country. PEACH was officially inaugurated in 2000 by general Prem Tinsulanonda. The ‘glamour and glitter’ reception brought together leaders in government, tourism, business and professional organisations in a truly dazzling event as befits the Royal Cliff. PEACH has 6 levels and the convention and exhibition hall can accommodate up to 8,000 persons theatre style or 3,640 for banquets. There are 18 breakout rooms with various capacities from 10 to 468. Additionally, PEACH has access to the extensive facilities of the Royall Cliff Beach Resort all set in 64 acres of tropical gardens cascading to a private beach.

Special BCCT Luncheon

Remembrance Day for veterans

President Al Serato with Post Chaplain Jim Warner

Pattaya VFW remembers its founding member

Graveside prayers at 11 am on the 11th day of eleventh month

PATTAYA’S US Veterans of Foreign Wars gathered at the St Nicholas Catholic Church cemetery for a short wreath laying ceremony (11.00 hrs, 11th day, 11th month every year), and then proceeded to the “Hogs Breath” Saloon Bar in Soi Batman off Sukhumvit. VFW Chaplain Jim Warner led Veterans’ Day prayers and then everyone was invited to an American dinner cooked by the ladies associated with Pattaya’s VFW Post 9876. The Pattaya VFW is open to all USA servicemen and women, who have served overseas, and happens to be the largest in Thailand. President Al Serrato cut the commemorative cake, and this was followed by some lucky prize draws.

Private education exchanges

Mr. Bandit Sriputtangkool, secretary from the Office of Private Education Commission was the chairman to open the festival of private education exchanges at Assumption College Sriracha, Chonburi. Also in attendance were Mr Jakrapong Suwanrassmi, Mr Chalit Pecharat, Mr Supamith Irakanthamakul, Corporal Yaiyan Kertmoe and Paradasakda Kitcharoen, director of Assumption Sriracha college and other education executives. Khun Siriwan and the team from Katesiri School provided a free fashion show as well as a demonstration about the problems of global warming.

In picture (from left); Stephen Frost – BCCT Board Member, Senaka Fernando – President, British Business Association of Cambodia, Graham Macdonald – BCCT Vice Chairman, Chainarong Indharameesup – BCCT Honorary Advisor, Leslie Stokes, Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce Philippines, H.E. Quinton Quayle – British Ambassador, Rodney Bain – BCCT Chairman, Terry O’Connor, President, British Chamber of Commerce Singapore, Chris Wren Executive Director, BritCham Indonesia, Brigitte Holtschneider Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce Singapore, Ramesh Menon - CEO, British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Jakki Lydall - Executive Manager, British Business Group Vietnam.

HARROW International School and PCS sponsored the Special British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) luncheon with guest speaker H.E. Quinton Quayle, British Ambassador on Thursday 6th November 2008 at Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok.


Vol. 8 No. 6 ! 1 - 15 December 2008

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