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Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Volume 7, Issue 19

16 - 30 June 2008

Now Russia boosts Pattaya real estate Seems like a real bargain

RUSSIAN buyers who accounted for 22% of all property sales in Pattaya last year, according to Raimon Land, are set to break new records in 2008. Sensing the opportunities, Pattaya real estate agents are increasingly offering the Russian language as an option for communication. Innar Tammisaar, an Estonian and director of the real

estate agency Blue Vision, said that although Russians have been visiting the resort for more than 10 years, they have only started to buy property in the last two. One indication is that long stay Russians have begun placing their children in local international schools where learning English is far cheaper than back in Russia. In 2007, almost 890,000

Russians visited Pattaya, up 84% from 2006, easily outnumbering the Brits who traditionally have led the tourist field. Raimon Land estimates that Russian property purchases last year amounted to 7.7 million US dollars, or 22% of their condominium sales in upmarket developments such as Northshore, The Lofts and Northpoint. Siam Best Enterprises’ prestigious Ocean 1 Tower, potentially the tallest


building in Thailand, is also popular with Russians who love to boast of their prestigious purchases back home. Pattaya is still a bargain for many purchasers. Linda Orb, general manager of the Pattaya office of CB Richard Ellis, pointed to the good weather and the excellent choice of restaurants including half a dozen Russian ones. Continued on page 5

Foreign porn producer apprehended by cops Making a profit from the internet PATTAYA police arrested an American citizen who had rented a hotel room in Pattaya to produce porn movies to sell on international websites. The culprit confessed to hiring bargirls to perform sexual acts on film.

The man said that he was only a cameraman and that the brains behind the organisation had fled to Bangkok. At 6.00pm, on June 8, pol.col.Nopadol Wongnom, Pattaya superintendent, and a

police team, declared that they had arrested Mr. Todd Arthur Williams (47), an American citizen, charged with producing porn for sale on various websites. Police had obtained an arrest warrant to apprehend Mr. Williams, who rented a room in north Pattaya. Continued on page 4



Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Code hunter at Numchai Electronics A SPECIAL radio station promotion game was held at Numchai Home Electronics, Sukhumvit road, in the evening of 30th May Two top DJs from City Radio 90.25 FM were hosts at the event to welcome their fans from the City Radio fanclub and they described the purpose of the event. Fans of the station were chosen earlier by phone to participate in the game where clues and hints were given on the electrical items in Numchai store and, in a limited time, they had to find the correct answers

in order to win as champion of the month The winner was Khun Namfon Klinpuang who won a brand new 9,000 BTU air conditioner from Numchai Home Electronics

Pattaya. the presentation of the prize was made by Mr. Phanuwat Chaiyawong who is the general manager of Numchai Home Electronics Pattaya.

Wedding celebration at Ravindra ON the glorious first of June Miss Wiphawee Wongdecho and Mr Adirek Tontangphol held their wedding ceremony and party at Ravindra beach resort and spa, 500 metres from the Ambassador hotel on Sukhumvit Road, with over 400 guests in attendance. Mayor Ittiphol Kunplome was there to congratulate the couple and everyone was welcomed by Thanet Supornsaharungsri, executive director of the resort. Opened in February 2008, Ravindra is constructed on a 35 rai plot with 277 rooms of varying sizes. There’s an extensive range of facilities including excellent dining opportunities and bars

and a karaoke. There are also multi-function rooms available for celebrations and conferences and fitted with the latest audio-visual equipment. Added to all this, there’s a spa, fitness room, library and internet room, not to mention a limousine service and baby

sitters with a children’s play club. Ravindra is administered by Sunshine Hotel and Resort Business Group being Mr Thanet’s family business which has been progressing for 30 years. The new complex certainly seems like a sound investment project for the new century.

Pattaya Marathon 2008 preparations A MEETING chaired by deputy mayor Wattana Chantarawaranon recently took place at Pattaya city hall to discuss preparations for the upcoming Pattaya Marathon 2008 event. The local authority, hand in hand with the Chonburi Provincial Office, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Athletic Association of Thailand, who are the four main organizers, decided that Pattaya Marathon 2008 should be held through the weekend of 19th - 20th July 2008. The investment of over two million baht was put into this event with the purpose to promote the Pattaya tourism

and also enhance more a leading sporting city to the world. The event was scheduled to start with a party with concert and extravaganza performances on the 19th July around Soi 4 beach road area, and then the

following day (20th July), the sports will begin. Security matters were discussed and there will be a complete turnout of police and volunteers to ensure nothing untoward occurs on that front.

Lions Club Pratamnak makes donation MEMBERS of the Lions Club Pratamnak Pattaya organised fundraising to make more donations that are helpful to the community. Deputy director of the Education Center Region 3 Mr. Suraphan Koiwanit was invited over to Ruen Thai Restaurant located on South Pattaya road where the event was held to be the chairman of handing out the donations. The donations were of thirty scholarships to students from three of the schools that are under the administration of Pattaya City Hall, twenty fans to the schools, and also

twenty-one Thai encyclopedias. Khun Raywat Siangchin, president of the Lions Club Pratamnak Pattaya, said that the members have chosen students from Pattaya schools that they see need assistance

the most. The children were all from poor families but had very good grades at school, and it’s felt that these children deserved to be supported with good education.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008




Take your pick Mrs or Miss EFFECTIVE June 4, Thai women who are married or have got divorced can change their titles from Mrs back to Miss. Mr Amnaj Jaruensri, assistant district officer and head of identification registration, said that in the first two days only 25 women had availed themselves of the opportunities presented by the new legislation. He explained that married woman could now use their husband’s surname if they liked but, equally, could retain use of their own baptismal name. Those already registered as Mrs in a marriage could revert back

whenever they liked and not only in the event of divorce. He added that the Banglamung district office was ready to issue ID cards right away, although those registered elsewhere would need to do it in their home province. Women’s rights activists greeted the new rules and pointed out that some women may want to retain the Miss title after marriage as nothing is certain for the future and divorce rates are high. However, some women retaining the Miss appendage are deciding to take their husband’s surname as it’s the one which will be used by the children of the marriage.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008 Husbands generally seem content to leave the matter to their wife’s discretion. Some people have greeted the new ambiguity as it allows married women to shield their marital status from possible employers. “In the past,” said one married woman, “there was discrimination against married females in the job stakes, but that’s likely to disappear now as your title doesn’t necessarily ascertain your domestic status.” Marriage certificates will still carry the pre-nuptial names of both the partners. As Thailand advances individual rights in gender issues, the country’s rulers are also under pressure to advance the cause of men or women who choose to identify with the alternative sex for gender

purposes. Sex change men and women in particular have been demanding the right to be known officially by their assumed gender and not necessarily by their assignment by birth. It is thought that these issues, as well as gay rights, may be addressed in a subsequent rewriting of the constitution.

Diana Group promotes Governor present at Euro Football 2008

city hall meeting

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Foreign porn producer apprehended The evidence confiscated by the police consisted of a

notebook computer, 4 CDs showing Pattaya bargirls engaged in sex, a pack of Karmagra pills, a digital camera, 6 male organ sex toys and many hard core porn pictures. Pol.col.Nopadol declared


British nationals are asked to note that only the British embassy may issue official,

embassy documentation on their behalf. Any such documents issued by other parties are neither authorised nor valid. British nationals are requested to show any such illicit documentation to a British embassy official for examination.

THE Diana Group together with Chang Beer company are holding a very special campaign to promoting more on the Euro Football 2008 tournament that is currently broadcasting worldwide daily. This hopefully would help increase the tourism to Pattaya as well. Managing Director of Diana Group Khun Sophin Theppajak, and Khun Yanyong Tontoh manager of Pom Chang Beer company Pattaya, opened the campaign of sales promotion activity for the EUFA Euro Football 2008 at the Diana Inn located on Pattaya second road, having many fanclubs of different football teams all dressed up

joining in the event with interest. Now football fans have the option of going out to gather at a new place and watch football to the fullest with the large screens broadcasting daily. During each tournament, everyday, visitors would have the chance to participate in games and win various prizes from the event’s organizers. This promotion will carry on throughout the EUFA Euro Football 2008, which is scheduled to end sometime at the end of June. Diana Group and Pom Chang Beer company Pattaya invites all football fans to come out and try the new experience.

that police investigators had discovered that certain foreigners in Pattaya were producing porn movies to publish and sell on internet websites by using Thai bargirls from Pattaya as a selling point. This created a bad reputation for Pattaya city and the country as a whole, so the international crime suppression centre in Chonburi was ordered to investigate. After due diligence they succeeded in finding Mr. Williams even though he wasn’t the leading light in the obscenity. Mr. Williams was duly arrested with the evidence and acknowledged that he was the cameraman, but the man who actually produced the porn for sale and also performed sex in the film was Mr. Gary Schmad,

who has a residence in Bangkok. Unfortunately, Mr Williams couldn’t remember where it was which is indeed a pity. Mr. Williams told police they had hired luscious bargirls who were courageous enough to perform in films and paid them thousands of baht. He further confessed that he and his boss had been doing this for quite some time. Initially, police charged Mr. Williams with using a computer system to produce pornography and making such information available to the public. Police will also seek another arrest warrant to apprehend Mr. Schmad, the Bangkok based porn producer, very soon. The charges may then get larger under recently passed national legislation.

IN FRONT of the steps at Pattaya’s City Hall, there was an early 7 o’clock induction ceremony for both old and new officials, and this was followed later in the morning by a very important meeting within the recently completed conference hall in the newer No.1 building. With large blocks of tiered seating both in front and to either side of the upraised speaker’s stage, this is a big improvement on the old Room 401 in the original front building. One excellent feature is a long, separate, glass fronted press room stretching across the back, where the press and delegates can both observe and

talk, without interfering with the meeting. All of the newly elected local government officers were present, led by Pattaya’s new Mayor, Khun Itthiphol Kunplome, and the most senior official was the Governor of Chonburi Province, Khun Pracha Taerat. Other very important local government officers included the Nai Amphur of the Banglamung region, Khun MongkonTamkittikun, and the Pattaya police superintendent colonel Noppodol Wongnom. The meeting went on for over two hours, with a wide range of issues being discussed.

Homeworks’ special promotion General promotions usually last a few weeks only, but now Homeworks Pattaya branch offers a big promotion of “Shop and you might win a car” to thank all customers in Pattaya and nearby areas until the end of year 2008! Mr. Surasit Wannarak general manager of Homeworks Pattaya branch announced that all prizes are worth 1.7 million baht in total. Customers receive a coupon with every one thousand baht that you spend at Homeworks in Pattaya. With the coupon, you might win a Honda Icon Sport motorbike that Homeworks give out every month. There are two draws per month making a total of 15 motorbikes. For the lucky coupon holders you might win a Nissan Navara pickup truck that Homeworks Pattaya gives away once every four months making a total of 2 pickups to give out until the year’s end. Special for the very top card holders there are extra gifts: - With every 500,000 baht receive a Samsung 7” refrigerator worth 8,990baht for free - With every 1,000,000 baht receive a 40” LCD TV worth 55,900baht for free - With every 1,300,000 baht receive a double gift of both a Samsung 7” refrigerator and a 40” LCD TV worth 68,980baht for free All offers stand until the 31st December 2008.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

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Russia boosts Pattaya real estate The trend has also been assisted by more extra flights between Bangkok and Moscow and St Petersburg, still mostly in the high season which coincides with the Russian winter, and a more tolerant and mutual visa regime between the two countries. Russian investment is by no means limited to Thailand in the

south east Asia hub including China and Vietnam. They are also eyeing Cambodia where the real estate market is booming and where land prices in the capital Phnom Penh are now ranging between 200,000 and 300,000 baht per square metre. “Russians are much wealthier now and the better off are looking not only for second homes but also investment opportunities,” said Sopon Pornchokchai of the Agency for Real Estate Affairs.

It will be one way for the local road A MEETING chaired by deputy chief of Pattaya City Hall, Mr. Sitthiphap Muangkhum took place in the morning of 3rd June with authorities from the State Railway department, the technical department, city hall administration members, police officers from Banglamung and Pattaya police stations, to discuss the traffic and safety issues on the newly constructed Local Road, which is beside the railway tracks on the other side of Pattaya.

The government invested a huge amount of money on this project with the hopes of improving Pattaya. Though the project’s construction is not yet completed, the Local Road has been unofficially opened for use to help lessen the traffic and reduce the difficulties to residents living in the area. Instead, many problems have followed in the wake of this development. After bringing up several issues in the meeting, the team came to the conclusion that

decisions must be made right away to solve the problems.

Road show at overseas countries Mr. Chatchawarn Suphachayanon, of the Thai Hotel Association Eastern Seaboard, chaired a meeting with the association members at the Dusit Thani Resort Pattaya to discuss promoting more tourism to Thailand during the year’s low season period. The members shared the details they have obtained from research on tourism information to find the best solution of how to keep attracting visitors even through low season, and on what is best practice to get to the global market. It was announced after the

meeting on that day that the association will hold an “overseas road show” to promote more on Thailand to the world.

Thai musical contest eastern seaboard

THOUGH there are many government and private divisions sponsoring an upcoming Thai traditional event, the Banglamung Council of Cultural Affairs are the lead organizers and the one who came up with the idea to hold a Thai Classic Instrumental Music Contest as a celebration and to honor Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 53rd birthday this year. Since Her Royal Highness

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s birthday is on the 2nd of April, and because she has done so much for the people of Thailand and has an exceptionally deep passion for Thailand’s ancient tradition, it was agreed by the government and established in 1985 that the 2nd April of every year will be claimed to be a remembrance to Thailand’s traditional culture. President of Banglamung

They will start first in Germany, Russia, Dubai, and follow with other countries in Europe and Asia. Council of Cultural Affairs Mr. Surat Mekhavarakul chaired the meeting that day. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn also adores various Thai classical instruments. The contest is divided into three category levels including primary, secondary, and local residents. Winners will receive the prestigious Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn trophy. The features for the primary and secondary school children will be on Fiddle, Cymbals, Alto Xylophone, Treble, and Base Fiddle playing in essential songs. The features of the local residents category are Thai orchestra related consisting of five groups of wood and percussion instruments and single player for a three-stringed musical instrument, Cymbals, Alto Xylophone, Treble, and Base Fiddle playing in compulsory songs too. An official announcement will be made soon of the exact dates, times, and location of the contest to the public.

For security reasons, the Local Road will be a one-way road. The entrance and exits would be through Soi Siam Country Club and Soi Nernplabwan, but an official announcement will be made to the public as to the exact routes to take. Also, to lessen confusion, there will be a roundabout in Soi Siam Country Club with directions to road users.




Special Miss Tiffany Universe 2008 Contest Public can’t get enough of it

ON the night of 30th May, the Miss Tiffany Universe 2008 contest took place at the Tiffany Show theatre on Pattaya second road, which turned out to be extremely crowded with cross-dressers and interested visitors to Thailand to view who will be crowned as the most beautiful contestant. Extravaganza performances took place throughout the night in-between the swimming suits catwalk, night gowns and talent shows by all the thirty contestants to the delight of audience. The entire contest was broadcasted live on channel 7 Thai TV so everyone at home could also partake of the alleged delights. For many years, the Tiffany Show Theatre Pattaya has organized these contests with the hope of promoting more tourism to Pattaya and also to support equal opportunities ideology. This year’s Miss

Tiffany Universe was already the 11th one held and it proved successful since the people, it seems, still cannot get enough of a good thing. First runner up was Duangkamon “Golf” Khontan aged 20, a student from Ratchaphat University in Phuket, who received 80,000 baht, a sash and a trophy. Second runner up was Pairin “Bank” Denfarnaphaphon aged 19, a student from Thurakit Bandit University, who got 50,000 baht, a sash and a trophy. The lucky winner was Khun Kangsadan “Nueng” Wongdutsadeekun, aged 21, a student from Thurakit Bandit University who was crowned Miss Tiffany Universe 2008, receiving 100,000 baht as prize money, a brand new Honda Jazz car, a sash, trophies, and a veritable treasure chest of miscellaneous goodies.

Annual Pattaya beach volleyball MANY residents and interested foreign visitors crowded the area of Jomtien beach on the first weekend of June since it was the grand opening ceremony of Pattaya’s annual beach volleyball event. Organized by Pattaya City Hall and sponsored/supported by many private and government divisions, the beach volleyball tournament has been held continuously with great success for many years. This year the event’s

period is from 7th – 22nd June. The age categories are of children who are studying in Pattaya City Schools aged from under 12 yrs until 16 yrs. Pattaya City Hall is focusing on holding several sporting events in Pattaya during the months to come – mainly for children in the area with the purpose of encouraging the future teens to play more sport and know the meaning of winning/losing and of team spirit.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Amazing Pattaya Sale 2008 GOOD news everyone! A very rewarding sale of the year that pays back to shoppers with the offers of 10-70 percent discounts are coming back again in the name of Amazing Pattaya Sale 2008. The Amazing Pattaya Sale 2008 event is the cooperation between the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Pattaya City Hall. It will take place at many locations around the town starting from the 1st July until the 30th September, which is the low season to Thailand and with this event, hopefully it would help bring in more visitors to the city. All visitors and residents will now have the chance to enjoy 10-70 percent discount and other privileges during the Amazing Pattaya Sale 2008. There will be ten locations where you can visit being at The Avenue Pattaya, The Royal Garden Plaza, Mike Shopping Mall, Central Festival Pattaya, Carrefour, World Gems Collection, Home Product Center, Balihai Plaza, Ruen Thai Restaurant, and at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road.

There will be a grand opening event to the Amazing Pattaya Sale 2008 on 10th July right in front of The Avenue Pattaya starting from 4pm onwards. The opening will feature many games and activities so everyone can join for possible prizes and to enjoy the live performances that will be set on stage.

Expat engineer doomed in local swamp area Death could have been suicide A GERMAN expat was found by fishermen floating in a Bang Saray swamp, known locally as Khoboumpenboon, on June 4 and was found to have departed this mortal world. Round his neck there was a waterproof, small can which contained his ID photo and full address. He was identified as Wilhelm Bergen, aged 67, and he was wearing a black T-shirt with matching trousers and shoes. It was also noticed by police that there was an abandoned bottle of liquor nearby although its relevance to the tragedy, if any, was not clear. Apparently, there had not been a theft and money and valuables appeared to be undisturbed. Police questioned Ms Walee, the dead man’s wife,

and she said he had last been seen on June 3 when he went out carrying a liquor bottle. He had told her he was going to a restaurant in Bang Saray town centre but never returned. Mrs Walee did not know of the death until informed by police. Investigators said they could not be definitive about the cause of death and would await the outcome of an autopsy in the Bangkok forensics institute. However, there did not appear to be any suspicious circumstances and the most likely explanation is that he had taken his own life. The German embassy had been informed and would pass on the distressing news to family members in Europe.

Message from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

DOOR 2 DOOR is once again offering a special double promotion from The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant, Soi 13, Beach Road, receive a free serving of Chicken Tenders or Spring Rolls with all food orders over 750 Baht, plus also receive a 10% Discount from The Seafood Emporium, Jomtien Soi 5, Jomtien.To receive your free Door 2 Door Menu (2008 Edition) just simply call 038 720 222 and one of their friendly drivers will deliver a copy to you. Or visit them on

AN announcement was made on 11th June about a contest at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, located on the third floor of Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya. Just about anyone interested can participate Thais and foreigners alike. Ripley’s mission is to find the strangest animals, mineral, vegetable, invention or out of the ordinary talents that any participant can present. People in Thailand have various collections and strange surroundings. Anything bizarre

can be verified by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! How about the spacecraft in your garden or the iceberg sighted off Thailand? You are invited to submit a photograph or other description of the bizarre things which you would like to enter. The winner of the contest will then be sent to the International Unique Selection Committee. Once viewed and assuming your submission satisfies the committee, your submission will be displayed at Ripley’s

Museums worldwide. You may ask more details from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum Pattaya or send in your entries to the specified email

address, postal address, and telephone number displayed on our Pattaya Today website Entries close August 31.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Another German leaps to his doom Personal problems may be to blame POL.LT.COL. Apimook Amnajmunkong, Pattaya investigator at Dongtan Station, was notified that a foreign man had fallen from the upper car park of Jomtien Complex Condotel, Jomtien beach, and that the man was dead. Pol.col. Nopadol Wongnom, the superintendent, and Sawang Boriboon volunteers accordingly went to the incident scene to investigate. There police found Mr. Fredric Stuart Loffler (44), from Germany face down on the ground. He was wearing a black T-shirt, olive-green shorts and

black shoes. His head was cracked open and there was a pool of blood on the ground. In his shorts’ pocket, police found a Nokia mobile phone, a bunch

of keys, cigarettes, a broken wrist-watch and a passport, all of which police kept as evidence.

On inspecting the 6th floor car park of the condo building, police found signs of climbing on the banister rail. There was no sign of a struggle in the area. Mr. Pirun Roongsawang (23), a condo security guard, told police that, while he was on duty, he heard the sound of a heavy object impacting on the ground outside the condo building near the parking zone. He rushed out to investigate and found the corpse. Mr. Pirun further told the police that the man was a stranger to him, and he could have either been a newcomer who had just rented a room at

Taxi driver lured to Pattaya Then robbed and dumped in plantation

TWO thieves lured a taxi driver from Bangkok by hiring him to take them to Pattaya. When they arrived at their destination, the luckless victim was knifed in the neck, beaten, tied up, and stripped before being dumped overnight in a tapioca plantation. The thieves then took all his money and finally stole his taxi. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan villager found the injured victim and took him to hospital. The villager contacted pol.col.Sarayut Sagnuen-bpokai, Banglamung superintendent, to inform him that he had found the unfortunate, seriously injured taxi driver in

the tapioca plantation near a construction workers’ camp in Soi Chaipornwithi 25. When police arrived at the scene, they found an unconscious Mr. Rathakit Thamrongpradit (37), wearing only underwear and in a real mess. He had sustained wounds and bruises all over his body from being attacked with a hard object. Police tried to question Mr. Rathakit who was exhausted and eventually discovered that he worked for the Ruamit Co-operative Taxi Company in Bangkok. Mr. Rathakit later managed to tell police that at around 9pm on the previous night, he had been hired by two Thai guys

from Bangna-Trad, Km. 4, Bangkok to come to Pattaya. Mr. Rathakit said that the two men were strangers to him. He initially drove round in circles around Pattaya as he was not familiar with the area. At around 3am they arrived at the isolated incident location. The two men told him to stop the car. He was then beaten within an inch of his dear life. Police took the seriously injured Mr.Rathakit to Banglamung hospital for treatment. Mr. Rathakit also told police that his car had a GPS (global positioning system) installed, so it should not be too difficult to locate and track down the thieves. Police searched the tapioca ranch and collected the piece of wood used as a weapon and took it away as evidence. Police will co-operate with the taxi company to locate the car by its GPS signal and say they are confident of being able to arrest the unspeakable cut-throats very soon.

Fifty poisoned delegates throw up Victims ferried to hospital

A GROUP of 50 visiting municipality office workers from Amnatjarean, in Pattaya for clerical training, were stricken with food poisoning after eating a Chinese take away

meal at their weekend lodgings. The Sawangboriboon rescue services in ten vehicles were summoned and, as luck would have it, there were no fatalities. But all victims suffered from

vomiting and diarrhoea. Khun Jitti Rattanapituksook, the group’s spokesman, told anxious reporters that a total of 220 people had been brought to Pattaya by bus to learn more about community planning for two days. All had gone very well until his members started throwing up after the final meal which consisted of sea food. Khun Jitti added that the unfortunate experience had not put him off coming to the eastern seaboard resort, but he felt that a case study could be made of the events to learn more about preventative actions. Doctors said later that an investigation had been started to find the specific cause of the infections, likely due to contaminated ice or seafood past their best.

the condo or even a guest of a resident. Normally, people who could enter by the car park entrance would be condo residents or guests only. Investigators assumed that Mr. Loffler was probably in distress from personal problems and decided to commit suicide. This assumption was reinforced by the fact that there was no sign of fighting or struggling in the immediate vicinity. However, police will send the body for autopsy in Bangkok and find out where he was staying.




Russian tourist fell from hotel

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Stressed out guy coshes himself

No clues about the high jump

The Pattaya police were informed that a tourist had fallen down from the high rise (16 floors) Long Beach Hotel in Soi Wongamart, Naklua. At the location, officers found the body of Mr. Alexander Bykov, aged 51, from Russia, wearing only his shorts. Hotel staff confirmed that Mr. Bykov was a guest at the hotel and was staying on the 9th floor. Police entered the room to find no foul play and his belongings were left untouched. However, when detailed

Music copyright agent shot dead Had many controversies in life

A Pattaya police volunteer and a former candidate for membership of city council was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds. Mr Jakrit Kamseng, aged 37, of Na Pah district was found near the Siam Country Club railway station whereupon police rushed in force to survey the grim scene. He was still wearing a gold necklace and his blue Yamaha motorbike was nearby. It

looked to investigators that he had been shot several times whilst still on the bike as his legs and arms had many scratch marks. Ms Namfon Noowong, aged 25 and the dead man’s wife, had also gone to the scene and cried her heart out when she saw the reality of death. She had last heard from her husband in a phone call at the bar in soi 8 which was run as their long

term business. Mr Jakrit had said he would be home soon, but this had not transpired. She was later informed by another police volunteer that her husband had been shot dead. Police said initially that the death could have been caused by the fact that he was involved in the music copyright licensing business which was controversial with many bar owners who felt victimised. Alternatively, the dead man’s activities in the volunteer police had brought him enemies in the world of teenage gangs. Yet other theories was that he had offended a competitor candidate when he stood for office as a councillor or that his activities as a bailsman in criminal cases had produced a crop of problems. However, further police investigations had suggested that adultery was another

inspection was made, officers found a tube containing cocaine hidden in the deceased man’s hanging shirt, two packs of blue Viagra, some tablets from Pattaya Memorial Hospital to get rid of food poisoning, and over 70,000 baht in cash. Everything discovered was recorded as evidence. It was learnt from a few statements that Mr. Bykov was a rather quiet person and stayed alone in the room most of the time. The hotel staff told police that Mr. Bykov had travelled over with a tour company called TEZ over a week ago, and all the tour members in the group seemed to be staying at different hotels around Pattaya. One of the staff stated further that three days before the incident, Mr. Bykov brought a ladyboy into the hotel room with him for one night. However, since that day, Mr. Bykov never came out of the room so far as anyone can tell. The Sawang rescuers transferred Mr. Bykov’s body to the Police institute of forensic science in Bangkok for an autopsy, and the police have already contacted the embassy. There are no firm theories about the cause for the high jump at the present time. It’s possible he was ill or depressed or even upset about his sexual orientation. possible cause. A witness came forward to say he had seen the doomed man in an argument with two people, one male and one female, shortly before the murder. The witness said that Mr Jakrit had tried to escape on his motor bike but had been pursued for 500 metres before being shot dead. Police said they had private information about a possible suspect but were not ready to give out the sensitive information just for the time being.

AT 5 am on 3rd June, the Pattaya police was informed that a foreign tourist was seriously hurting himself in the area of many beer bars at the entrance to Soi 10, on Pattaya second road. On arrival, the police and rescuers found a foreigner covered in blood. He had wounds all over his body but mainly on his head. The man seemed to be very stressed as well as drunk. The police tried to calm him down and gave him him first aid, but he refused to be helped and even tried to attack the police officers, volunteers, tourists, and residents at the scene. This case required an immediate approach of the entire team to lock the man and hand-cuff him to prevent him from running and injuring himself – including the possibility of injuring others, since he was not really on the ball mentally at the time. From questioning, the man called himself Alan, said he was half

British-Australian, and stated that he used to work with the military back at home. He was not a tourist since he was cohabiting as a husband with a Thai woman, and they have one child together. He kept on mumbling that his intimate relationship was getting weaker by the day and she had left him by taking their baby with her. He described how stressed he was as he did not know where they were and used alcohol as a cure for several days already. After a detailed inspection, the team discovered serious wounds from the man hitting himself repeatedly in the head with beer bottles. Rescuers gave him first aid with difficulty as he was still resisting the help, followed by taking him to the hospital, and he was then comforted by the police to calm him down. He checked out of Banglamung hospital the following day looking a bit better.

Male Swedish tourist drowned in hotel pool A middle-aged Swedish man, who police suspect was drunk, got into difficulties in a Pattaya hotel swimming pool on June 7, 2008. Pattaya Rescue made an attempt to save his life, but unfortunately it was too late. Police presume that the man was either suffering from excess alcohol or had had a heart attack. Dongtan police received information that a foreigner had almost drowned in the swimming pool of P.K. Resort Country Home, located in Jomtien Soi 12, and sent a team to investigate. On arrival at the swimming pool, they found a doctor from Pattaya International Hospital and Sawang Boriboon Rescue attempting to resuscitate Mr. Laine Esko Juhant, (61), a Swedish national, but as Mr. Juhant had already been dead for about half an hour there was no hope of a revival on this plane of existence. Later police colonel Nopadol Wongnom arrived and questioned Miss Yupha

Chomphu, the wife of the deceased, who was very distraught, holding her husband in her arms. Miss Yupha told police that her husband had rented a hotel room on a yearly basis to stay with her. Going for a morning swim was his daily routine, but on that day, her husband had been drinking. She did not pay much attention until she was informed by a hotel staff member that her husband had collapsed in the swimming pool and that another foreigner had helped him out of the water. She then immediately called the hospital to help. Police presumed that Mr. Juhant was rendered incapable by alcohol before getting into the swimming pool. He might have suffered shock due to the heat of the sun, or might have had a heart attack, causing him to almost drown. However, until forensic tests have been carried out, police are unsure of the real cause of death. The Swedish Embassy has been informed of the tragedy.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



Welcome back party at Ideal Furniture now King Seafood restaurant in Pattaya third road

MEMBERS of the press were invited to the King Seafood Restaurant in Walking Street in the evening of Wednesday 4th June together with members of the Pattaya Chef Association to meet and welcome Master Chef Wynand Vogel. Khun Premrudee Chittiwutthikarn director of King Seafood Restaurant and her staff gave everyone a very warm and friendly welcome and served a variety of fresh and delicious seafood on offer at the venue. Khun Premrudee said that the purpose of holding the party that day was for three main reasons - welcoming Master Chef Wynand Vogel back to Thailand, for the media members and chefs from Pattaya Chef Association to

bond friendship, and also take this chance to give out scholarships to children of the Pattaya Chef Association & Pattaya Mass Media Club’s members – totalling the amount of 30,000 Baht. Mr. Wynand Vogel is the Master Chef from the Netherlands. In his early years he experimented with making different cookies, which was a surprise to members of the family since no one was interested in cooking. Still he attended bakery school back in 1957 and has won many awards and gold medals including Hot Kitchen in Singapore in 1992. More recently, he has specialised in quality control and inspection in restaurants.

Diana Gems opening

A NEW store with shining stones has just announced its opening in town, which is good news for ladies and sad news for some gentlemen in the sense they may have to pay for them. On the morning of 5th June, Police lieutenant colonel Supphachai Puikaewkham and Mr. Um Kee Yong, a Korean businessman, owners of Diana Gems Pattaya, invited Mr. Nisit Sinthuthai, a national officer of the People’s Power Party (Thailand) to be the chairman of the grand opening. Diana Gems is located on

Pratamnak hill area, just opposite the Mountain Beach Hotel. The store offers quality gem stones, pearls, diamonds, silver, and lots of fascinating jewelry for men and women at reasonable prices. There are displays of diamond collections, and we noticed that, apart from the impressive sparkling jewelry, there was a wide selection of beautifully designed wedding rings which seemed to be the highlight of the store’s grand opening ceremony.

Condo with a fabulous sea view, overlooking Koh Larn Island. 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, kitchen, big balcony, 2 bathrooms. Fitted with high quality furniture. 110 sq.m. Looking for long ter rent. Only 35,000 baht per month Call: 081 334 5291

A BIG ceremony took place to open Ideal Design Furniture Pattaya in premises on third road, south area. Managing director Thatree Muanboon welcomed the media and explained the store had 50 staff with many specialisms. The store is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and houses both manufactured and made to order furniture and interior designs including 3D graphic design. Other services include construction, renovation, accessories installation, bathrooms, blinds, curtains and floor, wall and ceiling covering installation.

There’s a detailed website at The concept behind the store is a one stop operation for complete exterior and interior design with the highest standard of both products and service at a reasonable financial outlay. Ideal Design Furniture Pattaya is a leading manufacturer of oriental and contemporary furniture and can supply teakwood, water hyacinth, rattan, synthetic rattan, leather and assorted fabrics of your choice. Their motto is, “Whatever you want, we provide the best and care for every detail.”

Company plans new Pattaya condo MAJOR Development plc (MJD) is riding the growth of the Pattaya property market with a plan for a luxury condominium worth 3.3 billion baht, according to managing director Suriya Poolvoralaks who explained that one third of the country’s real estate investment was now in the eastern seaboard. Each year more than four million foreign visitors from around the world visited Pattaya bringing at least seven billion baht. Mr Suriya said, “Property projects in Pattaya have shifted from low and middle end segments to more luxury. Average condominium prices have risen from a range of 28,000 to 60,000 baht per

square metre to 89,000 baht which will rise by 3-5% by the end of 2008.” The proposed Reflection condominium would be located on a 10 rai site with two high rise buildings and a total of 432 sea view units. Unit prices are 5-10 million baht and the Bank of Arudhya would finance 50% of the two billion baht enterprise. During the first five months of this year, MJD recorded 2.5 billion baht in sales, up 30% from the same period last year. MJD shares closed on June 8 at the Stock Exchange of Thailand at 4.10 baht, up two satang, in trade worth 2.22 million baht. MJD recorded a first quarter net profit of 107.54 million baht.

First ABC award

PATTAYA’S revamped ABC business club now meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at Woodlands Resort, North Pattaya Road. Pictured is the president Helmut presenting an outstanding service award to Mr Bjorn Hellesylt from Norway.



Pattaya Cookery School

TWO university students from Australia having fun at Pattaya Cookery School as it was their first experience using Thailand’s famous Mortar & Pestle.

Honours for Asian U staff

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

5-star Ocean Tower appointed “The Wish Venue” Of Tee Ouan Chuan Hiw Programme

KHUN Tee-Ouan, Mr. Namchai Janyathitikul, well-known host of the famous TV programme, Tee-Ouan Chuan Hiw on Channel 5, and the lucky winner, Khun Areeya Limsuwan were recently welcomed during the filming of their programme, while staying at Amari Orchid Resort & Tower. Khun Areeya enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Essence Restaurant and a signature Sivara Spa package at the 5-star Ocean Tower. Pictured are, from left, Khun Tee-Ouan, Khun Dhaninrat Klinhom (Director of PR), Khun Areeya and Khun Narisa Nitikarn (PR Officer)

PILC garage sale

ACADEMIC staff from Asian University’s engineering faculty recently won “best paper” at an international conference held in Krabi. Pictured are Darren Tourungrueng, Suthasinee Lamultree and Chuwong Phongcharoenpanich.

Iranian chefs learn at Dusit

ON the job training for aspiring hotel chefs from Iran was provided by the Dusit Thani Pattaya. The group was led by Kamran Pourmoezzi, 1st left, who is food and beverage adviser to Parisian International Hotels, the biggest chain in Iran.

Celebrations at Pattaya Bay Resort

THE Pattaya International Ladies Club recently held their annual “garage” sale and raised 54,729 for nominated charities.

Jitra’s big birthday treat

IT WAS Jitra’s big day (and night), when she recently held her birthday celebrations at Shenanigans Pub in the new Avenue Centre on Second Road, and lots of well wishers turned up to help her celebrate with food, drinks an the traditional birthday cake. Together with her better half, Malcolm Scorer, she works hard through the week in the AA Insurance company, but many may not realize that Malcolm’s main business is his very own successful Fund Management Company known as the “Pentagon Fund.”

UK Football legends in Thailand

RECENTLY a big celebration was held at the Pattaya Bay Resort, soi 15, with many important bods attending to congratulate the two very special people who were the highlights of the event. The occasion was Khun Yuphin Bussi’s 28th birthday party and also, on the same day, Pattaya Bay Resort’s 1st anniversary. Dr Kim E. Johanson, the owner, was on hand to give a warm welcome to all. Pattaya Bay Resort prides itself on providing traditional Thai hospitality.

BRITISH football legends Ian Rush, Peter Reid and Viv Anderson flew to Thailand to participate in the Tesco Lotus Bangkok Masters Football Tournament with 32 other participating teams organized by the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand from 31st May until 1st June 2008. After two days of festive football, The Crossbars team went home with the winning trophy

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Mayor opens bowling comp

NEWLY elected mayor Ittiphol Kunplome cut the ribbon, as it were, to open the charity bowling match organised by Asian U’s MBA students.

Green and Games a million thanks


Charity auction at Queen Vic raises cash Vic King (right) of the Queen Victoria Inn, soi 6, presented Malcolm Boden of the Charity Club of Pattaya with 24,000 baht raised at a charity auction of signed shirts during the visit of Stephen Hendry. At a second presentation, 40,952 was handed to the Charity Club’s Issan representative. The money raised was for the hospital treatments of a two year old Issan girl Poo Gan with serious disfigurement.

US war veterans remember

SIAM Bayshore Resorts & Spa and Siam Bayview Hotel, Pattaya, arranged a "Thank you Party " for the travel agencies and The corporations to thank them for the great support, at the Parkview Convention Hall at Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa recently.

Famous DJ visits Minus-5 PATTAYA’S US Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) preceded their monthly meeting at the Hogs Breath Bar & Restaurant by congregating at Pattaya’s Catholic Church for a wreath laying ceremony. This annual symbolic 30th May service took place at the grave of the late Mr. Jack De Mello, (former Bangkok Post Commander), who was one of the VFW founders in Pattaya, back in 1981.

Press Thank You Party at Amari PATTAYA was lucky enough to have one of Thailand’s leading DJs visit for a one night performance at the popular Minus-5 ice bar and supper club with the difference being that this well known DJ is a lady. Nakadia was born in Korat, lives on Koh Samui, and while she does DJ shows in Bangkok, most of her time is spent performing overseas. So she is off to tour Europe for fourteen weeks, which will encompass twenty two different countries. Her manager, Sebastion has had many years experience in the entertainment industry in Berlin, where Nakadia is in big demand as one of their favourite DJs.

Rear of the year again

RECENTLY the Amari Orchid Resort and Tower Pattaya had invited the Media over for a special “thank you” party for all the support on their continuous promotions and events. Members of Pattaya Mass Media Club were warmly welcomed by the resort’s PR Director Khun Thanin Hormklin who introduced the resort’s brand new sensation J.B Band.

The Royal Horseshoe Express THROB and Splash show bars, Boyztown Pattayaland soi 3, held their annual Rear of the Year contest before a packed audience of enthusiasts. A magnificent 170,000 baht was raised for Pattaya Gay Festival nominated charities, including some generous donations.

The singers are changing WITH the departure of Ruby Hayes who is returning to the US, the Amari Hotel Resort introduced their new singer Monica and her musician known as Jazzy Du. Ruby and Monica (left) are shown here. Separately, a new Filipino band has started at Henry J.Bean.

MANY delegates from all over Thailand, celebrities, regular visitors, government officials, and the press were invited to the Horseshoe Point by Khun Jade Sophitphongsathorn, the managing director, to launch a new highlight to the place called the Royal Horseshoe Express.


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


by Peter Lloyd

HOWEVER much violence there is in Pattaya, in Phuket, in Koh Samui, however many tourist murders and robberies are reported in the Thailand Englishspeaking press, it is a drop in the ocean compared to the daily deluge of shocking newspaper headlines in the UK which seem to herald a breakdown in civil society mostly implicating teenagers and teenage gangs at street level. I have now been out of Thailand for 6 weeks, and my prolonged exposure to the UK news has been largely depressing and made me realise it would take a lot for me to want to permanently relocate to the UK, mainly on account of crime. All across the UK, locally and nationally, for the whole time I have been here, there has been rash of shockingly violent incidents, usually featuring a teenager or a gang, knives and guns, and senseless violence. It is like an epidemic, and it seems out of control. I will give you examples from 2 random newspapers this week: “Man died when

UK Crime and Violence teen gang smashed plank over his head”, “Shopkeeper shot and killed in robbery”, “man beaten to death in bed”, “man rapes woman at knifepoint” “Arrests in shooting of 11 year old boy” “Girl, 15, knifed to death” “crime campaigner stabbed to death” “teenager fighting for life after gang attack” “attack on woman by three men like film fight”. That’s just two nights’ headlines and it has been the same every day, which is what has made the deepest impression on me. There has been a big rise in knife crimes, and the murder rate of teenagers by knives and guns, usually by other teenagers, is appalling. So bad that the new London mayor has had to declare war on knives a major part of his policy, and there is a large police unit specifically devoted to “black on black” gang-related gun murders in the capital, and alcohol has just been banned from London’s tubes, largely because of the antisocial behaviour and violent incidents which followed from drunk and aggressive people in enclosed tube

Crete I AM writing this during our last few days of three wonderful weeks in the Mediterranean, on the Greek island of Crete, travelling around, viewing 600 yearold Venetian fortresses and ruins, eating excellent seafood in lovely harbourside

restaurants, looking at dramatic mountain scenery, enjoying drinking raki, ouzo and retsina, and generally bumming around in small seaside villages. We also did a lot of swimming in what is, for me, a very cold sea, compared to the

carriages and on platforms. Crime, and fear of crime, is everywhere. Everyone I speak to has a story about a brush with street violence or the threat of it, or has recently felt intimidated, in some situation, usually involving night time drunkenness, intimidation on public transport, teenage gangs or

aeroplane with a feral pack of young people, a gang, from South London, who had no social skills, who swore aggressively at the top of their voices as families with children sat nearby, who didn’t know how to behave in the company of other people, who clearly didn’t care what effect they had on others,

Here’s some we used earlier

knives. My crop of stories from this trip is as follows. My wife and I were shopping on Oxford Street a few weeks ago when a man was knifed to death in broad daylight in the busy street, over a spilled bottle of coke, by a teenage gang who felt the victim hadn’t respected them. On our way back from Crete we shared an

ignorant or uncaring about the wider implications of their behavour, which clearly intimidated people all around them. The threat of violence was never far away. They must have ruined a lot of holidays for people who came into contact with them, and presumably they were on their best behaviour when we saw them.

Gulf of Thailand. Crete’s history is one of warfare, invasion and siege, but it is also the cradle of the development of Greek and Western civilisation, and the historical remains here are amazing. Crete also strongly reminds me of Cape Town in South Africa, with its outdoor lifestyle, its climate, vegetation, sea temperature and generally

cosmopolitan vibe. I haven’t been to Greece for 10 years and I was amazed at the relatively high price of almost everything, largely due to the introduction of the Euro, I was told, as people sneaked up the price of their goods at conversion of the Drachma to the Euro. But the other thing I noticed, aside from the generally welcoming and honest character of your Greek, was that their standards of living have risen considerably, as they eat and drink in the same restaurants as tourists and pay the same prices for food and drink. That didn’t stop a Greek restaurant owner complaining to us about the cost of everything in THAILAND, where he came 2 years ago, as we sat eating his highly priced grub the other night in Rethymnon. Contact me on

Loutro – No cars, no roads, and only in and out by boat

One of my younger relatives told me of the recent stabbing and near death of a friend, who was stabbed four times by a drunken gang of out-ofarea teenagers in the local park. This story did not even have made the headlines of the local paper, as the boy didn’t die. He was saved, ironically, by the no smoking ban, as smokers outside a pub saw him crawling out of the park, as the life blood pumped from him. Knowing the level of unprovoked violence in many crimes, it was an even greater worry to discover someone had tried to use a screwdriver to burgle my eighty three year-old mother’s house in Liverpool, the night before we arrived back from Crete (her manically barking dog put them to flight). The potential seriousness of this was further underlined by the local paper ’s headline tonight “woman 54, strangled in her own home”. Anecdotes aside, there are many interlinking causes for the increasing serious crime wave and breakdown of civil society in the UK, but I personally blame it on a breakdown of family life, lack of education, and the failure of the education

system at the most basic level, as well drugs and resulting turf wars, and the glorification of drugs and violence in rap music (which I personally like, but I’m not an impressionable teen), which has alienated a significant proportion of the young, working class innercity population. Alcohol abuse and the binge drinking culture of teenagers in city centres and, more locally, in parks and public places, and outside parades of shops all across the UK also has a lot to answer for. Whilst the above may make me sound like a reactionary, hysterical old fart, depressingly, I can see no simple answer or solution to the UK crime wave. The battle seems to have already been lost at street level and in schools. But on the upside, what has struck me, having been here for a while, is how safe I feel in Thailand and how much I am looking forward to going back there. UK crime is now another negative in the list if I ever considered returning to the UK full time. I would much rather be living in Thailand, where, even with some high profile crimes, we are all probably a lot safer than in our own countries.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Please include your name and address on your letters, not necessarily for publication. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate. All letters are published as the personal viewpoint of the writer and do not represent the opinions of the editor and publisher.

Burglaries bad for Pattaya

Pattaya Hill mystery

MY home has been burgled whilst my family, including children aged 4 and 8, were sleeping. The thieves actually came into our bedrooms and stole 40,000 baht in cash. The police did not respond at all and I am still waiting for them three hours later. Can you imagine what could have happened if the children had woken up whilst they were in the house? This is not the first occurrence and the management of this village do not care at all and the security is an absolute joke. They took every pnny we have and I personally have been seriously ill of late. This is the last straw and this is no good for Pattaya. How can the police not even bother to respond to an aggravated burglary in a tourist city? It is now 7 a.m. and the break-in occurred at 4 a.m. The children are absolutely terrified. I am disgusted and intend to report the matter to the international press. People here have to be made aware of what’s going on and the danger to life and life we all face. The burglars even touched my wife and we are all now in jeopardy because nothing was done. We could easily have been murdered.

DOES anyone know what is occurring on Pattaya Hill? Facing it from my condo in Jomtien, there are some beautiful if large rocks being laid up the side of the mountain which some say is the beginning of a park. I read a very interesting article that said city hall was thinking of burying the cables along the Jomtien second road as it seems to be called (I think the cables along Pattaya’s beach road have been in process of being buried for 10 years and the job still isn’t done). The first 2.7 km of the new road widening has been “completed” but there are still hazardous areas and many businesses along the way are affected by prolonged roadworks. I remember vividly when they were laying new paving stones along the south Pattaya road, they took up all the old paving stones from 2nd road junction up to Sukhumvit, and two months later started to lay the paving stones from second road! Daft or not? So city hall keep up the inept work. Incidentally have any of your team any plans to solve the traffic jams from the flyover all the way to the 2nd road/south Pattaya road intersection? The build up there can be terrifying.

Name and address given

Choosing another lawyer I AM not best pleased with my lawyer. I am currently on a serious criminal sex charge but managed to obtain bail for an offence of which I am entirely innocent. To put it bluntly I was framed both by my enemies and by the police. But my lawyer says that I must plead guilty to avoid a trial many, m a n y months ahead and to avoid being put in prison for several years. The problem is that I have already paid the lawyer several hundred thousand baht and he now says that I will lose the lot if I try and change the company representing me at this time. Name and address given Ed: Obviously you find yourself in a non-enviable situation. You might consider choosing another lawyer, maybe one based outside Pattaya, and ask him or her to review your case. The second lawyer would need your power of attorney to gain access to your court file, but at this stage you would not actually be “changing” lawyer as regards representation at a future trial. If you come to the conclusion that the first lawyer is not giving you good advice, then you could request the second lawyer to take over the defence. It isn’t easy, but that’s your best way forward. Most foreign embassies have suggested lawyers on their websites.


Traffic solutions NOW that there is a new administration in Pattaya, one of the earliest priorities is surely the awful traffic snarl ups and chaos in the city. I realise there are no instant solutions and Pattaya is a place whose growth has overtaken the infrastructure as your newspaper is forever telling us. However, one thing to consider is a thorough review of all traffic lights in the city to ease the flow of traffic. Firstly, get them all working properly and keep them maintained and up to scratch. At the moment, they each operate to their own set of rules or easily break down. Secondly, conduct research to time the sequences a whole lot better. It appears that whoever has set the sequences at many intersections has been left to his or her own devices. At some lights, the sequences are set too far apart so that the green signal is showing for an unnecessarily long time. But at other lights the sequences are too short. Hardly has the traffic begun to move before the winking begins which can result in road rage and the causing of unnecessary accidents. One of the differences between Thailand and Europe, for instance, is that there are proportionately many more motor bikes here. It can be 10 seconds or more before the four wheel traffic gets a chance to move forward as at the soi 17 and third road intersection (coming from soi 17)where the short sequence for green is particularly irritating. Keith Harvey

Jet ski progress? I READ a couple of issues ago that new rules were being introduced for jet ski accidents which would protect the renter who often doesn’t know what he is letting himself in for. One of the points made at the time was that some unscrupulous jet ski renters fabricated scrapes on the bottom of the boats or blamed customers if the boat started to fill up with water and threatened to sink. Is there any update on progress if any? Tiger Tim Ed: The provincial governor Pracha Taerat in April this year did promise to undertake a detailed review of the problems and instructed jet ski operators to register at city hall and obtain their own insurance. The idea was to prevent the operators harassing customers or involving the police – unless there was human injury or death in an accident. The last we heard the review had not yet been completed. Jet ski problems have been brought to the attention of the new Pattaya mayor by several agencies representing farangs, including the expat clubs and the foreign police volunteers.



Caveat Emptor

“Legal pitfalls of purchasing a brand new condominium”

By: Mr. Ponthep Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Mrs. Darunee Werachon, Thai Solicitor & Accountant of WERACHON LAW OFFICE, 448/17 Thepprasit Rd, Pattaya, (038) 300967, (081)4234255, e-mail:thai@, Reading room about Thai laws There are pros and cons of buying a condominium unit in a brand new project, a brand new product is always good. However, it is advisable not to use your brand new brain to buy a condominium in Thailand because a brand new brain means that it has never been used. In Thailand, you have to use your brain more than you normally used it in your own country. The pros for buying the brand new project are 1) The starting price of a condominium unit in a brand new project is quite low comparing to the finished project. Many foreign buyers of a brand new condominium unit can easily make good speculative profits in the short term especially for a renowned project or well positioned. 2) Some demanding buyers feel obliged to check the construction from the foundation until finishing stage to see if the quality is in compliance with the specification.

The cons for buying the brand new project are 1) Some developers may have problems with their contractors which may cause a delay in construction, and some unscrupulously construct more buildings in the common areas. 2) Some developers hand over condominium units, which are defective or units where the quality has not complied with the specifications. 3) If you have to make a down payment for one or two years, it is risky that a change of the economic situation could adversely affect the high profile developer. As we are aware “Everything is impermanent”. The cost of construction depends on many factors which sometimes suffer from an “Act of God” or “Force Majeur” which are beyond our control. Many developers become bankrupt by the laxity of their financial management, and a project becomes a “Non Performing Loan” (NPL) with a bank, you will be involved in a time consuming judicial process. You may not draft a contract requiring the Developer not to become bankrupt. The good developer should have a good financial record, e.g., Rattanakorn or Viwtalay who always keep their promise as goodwill which is their great assets. 4) Some crooked operators in the guise of developers may easily set up a “paper company” and put banners in an empty plot of land with a cabin sales office. They may arrange for the classy grand opening parties with good food and wine with a fancy show and a rhetorical MC to get reservation money from gullible foreigners and then disappear. If the crooked

developers are foreigners, you cannot find out their whereabouts easily, because they just pack their bags and clandestinely leave Thailand. We strongly believe in the old maxim that “Forewarned is Forearmed”. To avoid a legal dilemma, it is advisable to comply with the following advice 1) It is advisable to have a due diligence search for the corporate and financial information of the company who is the developer of the project. In this regard, you may retain a qualified lawyer and accountant to check the corporate documents and balance sheets. You may verify who are the shareholders and directors, and some prudent buyers even check the credit background of each incumbent director. If the development project is financially supported by a bank or financial institution, you may discuss this with the bank or finance company concerned. 2) Most of good projects will have a signboard showing the details about the registration number of the land title deeds (Cha Nod) and a construction permit of the project. It is advisable to retain a qualified lawyer to check the details of the land with the Land Office to verify if the land for the project actually belongs to the developer. The mortgage on the land should be also checked. 3) With the title deeds and the construction permits, some prudent buyers check all the common areas and utilities to ensure that the developer will not use for its own commercial purposes, e.g., parking lots, recreation areas, club houses and

swimming pool, etc. There are many developers using the common parking lots for the weekend market. 4) The developer of the project has to apply for the construction permits with the “Civil Works Office” (Sum Nuk Ngan Yo Tha) of the Pattaya City Hall. If the project is of more than 80 units, the developer will have to get a clearance certificate from the Office of the Environmental Protection, and it is advisable to check these permits have already been granted to the developer. 5) You should get a clear confirmation from the developer that the percentage of foreign ownership is not more than 49%. You cannot register the ownership of the condominium unit under your name if there is more than 49% foreign ownership in your project. This restriction is currently applied without exception. If the foreign ownership is more than 49%, many foreigners circumvent the restriction by setting up a Thai company to own the condominium. Incorporation of a company will be definitely burdensome for you to absorb expenses for incorporation plus preparation of annual balance sheet. 6) To register the ownership of the condominium unit under your name, you have to show the documents with the Land Registrar proving that the money you pay for the condominium unit is from your offshore source. Accordingly, you have to bring the foreign currency into your bank account in Thailand and convert it into Thai currency. The receiving bank will issue a “Certificate of Remittance” or “Thor.Tor. 3 (Sam)” if the remitted amount is more than $ 20,000. This Certificate of Remittance or Thor.Tor. 3 has to be produced to the Land

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Registrar for registration of ownership under the name of a foreigner and given to the Immigration Office for one-year visa. Many foreigners mistakenly transfer money directly into the bank account of the developer, and in this case, these foreigners cannot get the “Certificate of Remittance” or “Thor.Tor. 3” from the bank. Consequently, these foreigners cannot register the ownership of the condominium unit under their names. You should keep all remittance documents in good order to be able to justify all transactions with the “Anti Money Laundering Office” (AMLO) for repatriation of money to your country once you sell your condominium unit in the future. 7) The payment for the price of the condominium unit should be made by bank draft or cashier checque payable to the name of the developing company, and it is strongly advisable not to pay by cash. 8) The Consumer Protection Act requires that a contract to buy and sell a condominium unit must comply with the requirements under the “Announcement of the Consumer Protection Board” which ensures all clauses are fair for all buyers. There is a standard form drafted by the Consumer Protection Office. 9) The contract should be signed by with the authorized director of the developing company. However, as most of the authorized directors do not sign the contract in your presence. How do you know that it is the real signature? This problem can be solved if you make every payment by cashier checque or bank draft payable to the company who is the developer. If the company cashes the checque, the company cannot deny or raise the point that the signature in the contract is not the real signature of its authorized director.

10) The standard contract specifies that the buyer should share with the developer only the transfer fee of 2% from the appraised price. The income and business taxes including stamp duties should be solely absorbed by the developer. Most adhesion contracts drafted by developers always contain clauses in favor of the developers for their non-liabilities for breach of contract. You should have a proper English translation of the sale contract to compare with the standard form drafted by the Consumer Protection Office. 11) Once the construction is completed and approved by Pattaya City Hall, the developer will have to register the Condominium Juristic Person with the Land Office to separate title deeds (Cha Nod) for all units. At this stage, you will make a final payment by cashier checque or bank draft to the developing company at the Land Office in exchange for the title deed (Cha Nod) and house register book (Tabien Ban). 12) After the transfer of ownership, the co owners of condominium units in the project may join together to set up a committee to look after the management. The committee should control all the common areas and utilities to ensure that the developer will not abusively use these common areas for their own purpose. The committee may call for the general assembly of all co owners to draft a constitution and by-laws to protect the rights of all co owners. The above protective measures are the minimum prudence you should have if you wish to avoid the legal dilemma in this land. You should not be fatalist to believe that your fate is dependent upon only an “Act of God” or “Force Majeur”. We believe in the axiom that the “Power of Knowledge” can save you from all dilemmas in this land.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



Talk of the Town Mervyn gets his six gold ends Gunyawee’s over the moon shot QUITE a number of Pattaya archery club members have now been shooting six gold ends, including Mervyn who posed for a celebratory picture after shooting his six gold end. Clearly the beer has been refreshing the parts other beers cannot reach, to sort of quote the old Heineken advert. He scored 57 out of a possible 60. Another new member Gunyawee Somrit, who

price of a typical house in UK is now 173, 583 pounds which is a cool 11,000,000 baht. In the last 10 years, house prices in UK have virtually tripled. """""" Enjoy a seven course set dinner at Mantra, part of the Amari complex in north Pattaya, with wines from South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. Price is 2,950 baht. Call

Mervyn celebrates a huge success

has been shooting only for about four months, had a good reason for trying to score a six gold end with six consecutive arrows: her husband promised her a diamond! Anyway she did it with a 57 out of 60. Both Gunyawee and Mervyn are great adverts for the club.Pattaya archery club shoots on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 10.00 a.m. and finishing around noon. Anyone – Thais or farangs, young and old – is welcome to the range in Huay Yai to find out what it’s all about. Coaching and the use of the club’s bows, arrows and other equipment is free for beginners. For more details see or phone Eric the coach on 089 535 1193. """""" British house prices fell 2.5% last month and showed the biggest annual decline for 17 years owing to the credit crunch over there, according to the Nationwide Bank. Banks in general are said to be reluctant to offer mortgages to high risk borrowers. That said, the

038 429 591. """""" Malaysia started enforcing a ban on petrol sales to foreign registered vehicles near the Thai border last week. Some stations’ business trickled almost to a halt. Malaysia’s gas prices are about half those of Thailand which explains why cross border motor jaunts used to be very popular. But no longer! """""" Pattaya bridge club has moved again. Now at The Bowling Green in Soi Xyte disco, off Soi Bukao or Third Road on four days a week at 1 p.m. See the entry in the What’s On page in this issue of Pattaya Today for contact details. """""" This newspaper and others (we believe) have received letters criticizing us for publicising a recent spate of pedophile related arrests. The argument seems to be that the media is kicking people when they are down. Actually our purpose, as the last issue’s editorial made clear, is to warn farang adults that sex with kids in Pattaya is now a high risk

activity with awesome consequences for the alleged perpetrators. Pattaya Today’s hope is that some people will get the message and save themselves a horror story. """""" A bit of a rumpus down at Cha-am where property developers have been advertising resorts and condominiums as having glorious sunsets over the sea. Only one problem: Cha-am beach lies along the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. A sunset over the sea can’t actually happen. """""" The deposed king of Nepal is being turfed out of his palace and has asked for help in finding new accommodation. Well, sir, there are lots of great opportunities in Pattaya and Jomtien and nobody will bat and eyelid if you buy a whole floor of units or an entire estate for you and your family. Indeed, you’d be very welcome but please bring plenty of credit

cards or banker’s drafts. """""" Think there’s a tourist slump? Well passenger through traffic at Thailand’s six main airports in April remained healthy, growing 6.33% on a year on year basis to 5.04 million. But the prediction for the rest of the year is flat thanks to oil spike prices and a lowering of demand in low season. Incidentally, 70% of the country’s arrivals and departures were through Suvarnabhumi which leaves a fair slice to the provincial airports. """""" DVD stores in Pattaya – for example the one at the top of the escalator in Tops – now have a good selection of classic movies for those who like that sort of thing. Examples include Samson and Delilah (the Victor Mature version), Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Knights of the Round Table with Robert Taylor. The price per DVD is typically 200 baht. They originate in Asia, not the

Gunyawee is a very special archer

USA or Europe, and have several languages. But English is one of them and the quality is good. """""" Don’t buy airline shares right now. Barely one year after recovering from steady losses since 2000, the world’s airline industry is flying into turbulence of even greater proportions with a forecast loss of $2.3 billion this year, much of it due to skyrocketing oil prices and slowing demand. """""" Beware if you receive an email from a police sounding agency in UK or USA or EU states stating

that you have been cleared by official computers of any criminal allegations and that you are in the clear. Just one thing, they need to double check your ID. That’s right – it’s a scam devised to fool you into releasing personal details that can then be used to clean out your bank accounts etc. """""" For those who long for proper English, crunchy pickled onions, well Villa market in The Avenue can solve your problem. Haywards is the brand name and the cost is just over 200 baht for a largish jar. But they are wonderful.


by Bee McConville IT is a little known fact that, although women have fewer heart attacks than men, those women that do have heart attacks are far more likely to die. Women generally regard heart attacks as a male disease and often do not realise that they are equally at risk, particularly if their lifestyle apes that of their men folk, i.e. being overweight, drinking heavily and smoking. However, heart disease claims nearly twice as many female lives than all forms of cancer put together and women are more than four times more likely to die from heart disease than from breast cancer. Many women regard themselves as low risk as they have the mistaken notion that oestrogen, the female hormone, protects them against heart disease. While it is true that young women do have some protection from the disease, it does not mean that they are completely immune, particularly if they have raised blood pressure or experience stress on a


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Heart to heart are aware of the common warning signs of an imminent heart attack in men: tightness and severe pain in the chest, shortage of breath and maybe pains across the left shoulder and arm. However, it is now recognised that the

are very poor. Just as more women are being encouraged to self-examine for breast cancer, they are now also being told to learn more about the warning signs of a heart problem. Once these are recognised for

symptoms of a heart attack often present differently in women. What is typical in men is, unusually, not the case in women. Unfortunately, doctors themselves have been looking for the more obvious known signs of heart disease in women and have misdiagnosed any number of cases through a lack of awareness. Women can and do experience the same warning signs as their male counterparts, but other, less obvious symptoms tend to be ignored or considered the result of some other,

what they are, women can take matters into their own hands and seek medical help immediately instead of thinking that their symptoms might just go away if left well alone! So, women should be alerted by any of the following: · severe heart-burn, especially if nothing has been eaten that might irritate the stomach · excessive fatigue that cannot be easily explained · disturbed sleep patterns over a series of weeks · a feeling of indigestion

in the chest area · a ‘heavy’, dull ache in the chest · light-headedness or dizziness that cannot be explained · pain in the neck, throat or jaw area · pain in the back and arms · sweatiness · nausea · sudden shortness of breath · unexplained weakness · unexplained anxiety In women who managed to survive their heart attack the above symptoms were all reported, although excessive fatigue and disturbed sleep were the most common. These women admitted that they had experienced the warning signs for at least a month before their attack but failed to get medical help for a number of reasons: some women regarded their discomfort as either just heart-burn or indigestion, others worried that the doctors might feel they were wasting their time, and yet other women just felt too embarrassed to bother anyone! Women are very good at ‘mothering’ others but all too often fail to take care of themselves as well as they should. All women need to be aware of the warning signs of an

impending heart attack and if a friend happens to mention any of the

department. The best that can happen is that you’ll save her life and the worst

above but tries to blame it on something else, grab her hand and whisk her off the nearest out-patients

that can happen is that you discover she really did have indigestion, but I think that’s a risk well worth taking!

A bit of buttock bother

regular basis. It was also thought that post-menopausal women could protect themselves from heart disease by taking HRT drugs but research has now shown this is not the case. So why are women more likely to actually die than men? Well most women

milder disorder. Consequently, women are more likely to disregard these lesser symptoms until it is too late, so by the time they reach medical care it is too late; they are either dead on arrival at hospital or die not long after. Women’s survival rates, compared to men’s,

So what’s the worst thing in the world? ‘A paper cut!’ I hear you say. Now while I admit these cuts are extremely irritating they are not half so bad as a pair of badly fitting knickers that keep going up your bum. I am quite definitely not talking about thongs here as I don’t actually regard them as knickers. Indeed, they are really only bits of string, lace and elastic that some man designed for his own personal fantasies in which skinny women wore them provocatively. Unfortunately they were taken up wholeheartedly by Mrs Bessie Big Bum and her full-bodied sisters but let’s not get side-tracked here. No, I am talking about those knickers that look good in the shop and when wrapped around the nether regions look half

decent and rather attractive, even if I do say so myself. However, the moment that any movement is made, the knickers manage to wobble skywards on the

trembling buttock and end up firmly embedded in the botty crack where they have to be hoicked out with a regularity that makes it preferable to sit down all day

rather than have to go through the ‘thumbs in, tug out’ routine for the millionth time that morning. There are strategies that can be employed but few are successful. The most common one is trying to wear the offending garment a few inches lower on the glutes in the hopes that the VPL will stay down on the cheek. Unfortunately this has limited success on anything but the slimmest and firmest of behinds as once there is a ripple of motion then up jumps the leg line and heads straight for the ‘trench’ area.Another strategy is to walk with the buttocks held firmly together, but this just looks downright stupid and people generally think you are either trying to walk like a gay Thai youth or that you

are trying not to cack yourself. A third strategy is … well just take the bloody things off, and if you’re not prepared to walk around commando style for the day then the only thing left to do is either throw those offending knicks away or just tolerate having a wadge of lacy elastic stuck up your bottom all day rubbing very irritatingly against your nether sphincter and either resign yourself to the fact or get busy with the thumbs again. And be warned, next time you see a pair of rather fancy knicks, even if they are XXXL, check the gusset width and if it’s anything less than half a hand-span don’t say I didn’t warn you! I say it like I see it! Moaning Minnie

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


went to another shop where they charged me only 340 baht. Don’t think this phenomenon is exclusive to Thailand either. Many years ago in Australia, milk was sold in 700 ml cartons for 90 cents. Then, the same company introduced 2 litre plastic bottles – the ‘family value convenient economy pack’ – for $2.70. Therefore, buying three of the small cartons was the same price as the larger bottle but you got an extra 100 ml free. Trivial? Not if, like my family, you went through more than a litre of milk per day. And what about buying an airline ticket? Again, back in Australia I needed to buy a return ticket to Hong Kong and, through coincidence, found myself outside the airline’s head office in the city. Assuming that by going direct to the source I could save on all the commissions dished out to a parade of middle men, I asked for the price for a particular flight on a particular date. The quote

was outrageous, to say the least. The lady then suggested I’d get a better deal by going through a travel agent. I literally walked across the street to the nearest travel agency and was quoted a fare which was 40% less than the one quoted by the airline head office. That was for exactly the same flight on the same date. How can this be? Surely the travel agency receives a commission, so how much must they be paying for the ticket? A further example involves booking a hotel room. My mate needed to stay overnight in Bangkok and went to a hotel to get a room. The desk clerk quoted him 1,200 baht. My friend explained he had heard the rooms were only 700 baht, to which the clerk agreed, but added that the 700 baht price was only for bookings made via the Internet. My friend grabbed a hotel business card from the desk and walked down the street to an Internet Cafe. Thirty minutes and 10 baht later

he returned, told the same clerk he had made an Internet booking and paid 700 baht for the night. I remember going to a fast food restaurant and ordering a meal deal which was, say, 160 baht. The service girl asked if I had a coupon. When I looked a little puzzled she explained that there was a ‘special’ on that month and if I had a coupon I could get it for 120 baht. I glanced to the end of the counter where there stood a stack of brochures. I quickly grabbed one, found the coupon, tore it out and gave it to the girl. She smiled and charged me only 120 baht. But the nonsense does not end there. A good example of disproportionate pricing involves the humble desktop printer. Printers for your PC are so cheap these days that a good quality colour printer can be purchased for less than 2,000 baht. The problem arises when you go to change the ink cartridge. One friend actually shopped

around to discover the ‘original’ brand name replacement cartridge alone cost more than he paid for the printer! This is the scam perpetrated by the big IT companies; they make little or no money by selling the printer but make a fortune overcharging on the price of the ink. It doesn’t happen in Thailand, of course, but I can understand why enterprising people have found ways to refill cartridges for a fraction of the price demanded by the multinational manufacturers. Som num nah! Mobile phones are another example. Some phone companies offer a mobile phone basically for free as long as you sign up for several years of their ‘call plan’. Sounds a great deal but if you sit down with a pen and paper and work it all out, you will find that over the contract period you will be paying over the odds for everything. Their ‘service’ is not a service at all but a cunning way to hide just how much it actually costs you and their only ‘plan’ seems to be slanted towards making a fortune out of you. How insane has the world become when the most efficient, cost-effective methods turn out to be the most expensive? It appears that simple logic has been lost to corporate profits and no-one is out to make life easier for us. Somebody should write a book!

Sinners offers a Restaurant, Golf Tours and Rooms for Rent. Across the street is Rich Man Poor Man Guesthouse. (I’m definitely one of those!) Back on the beach road was Wombat, an Aussie Bar & Guesthouse, Dark Knight Bar and two restaurants; Tulip House

to reach my target for today, Soi Welcome. A few years ago I used to play pool for a bar in this soi so I was interested in seeing what changes have taken place. Called Soi Welcome because it terminates at the Welcome Jomtien Beach Hotel, it houses a large assortment of small

and Holland House. I continued past Sea Breeze Resort, Villa Navin, Jomtien Beach Condominiums, the Siam Commercial Bank, Soi Boonkanjana (remember that name for later) and the Grand Jomtien Palace

beer bars, restaurants and guesthouses. The bars go by names such as ‘Double Dutch’, ‘Superior’, ‘Rio Bravo’, ‘Jacky’, ‘Carefree’, ‘Boss’, ‘Marquis of Granby’, ‘Yummy’, ‘Night Trip’ and ‘Friend’s’. The

restaurants include ‘Avenue Inn’, ‘Cafe Condeco’, ‘Sjoboa’ (if you enjoy Norwegian smoked salmon, ‘Sjoboa’ is the place), ‘Bambus’, ‘Robin’s Inn’, ‘Popeye Inn’ and ‘Ettan’s’. That list is by no means complete, but you get the message that within a couple of hundred metres there is a lot to take in. So much, in fact, that I decided to call it a day. The bar I had known so well has changed owners and name, while the people I once knew have all moved on. In heading back to the bright lights of Pattaya I decided to take a detour down Soi Boonkanjana (unless you suffer from severe short term memory loss you will recall I mentioned that name earlier) beside the Grand Jomtien Palace. A few hundred metres from the beach I noticed a new Maggie May’s air-conditioned bar has opened on the right.

(The original Maggie May’s is in Soi Chaiyapoon running between Soi Buakow and Third Road, and is a very popular place to sip Guinness.) After the road doglegs to the left I stopped for a cold ale at The Winchester (see photo). This was not entirely accidental. The Winchester is another of those gentlemen’s relaxation lounges for not a long time. The butterfly motifs on the outside windows should give you some sort of hint. It has been around since Adam was a boy, opens at midday and has very friendly ladies keen to please. They offer free food for customers on Sunday afternoons. That’s where I will leave you this week. Next issue I’m going back to Walking Street where I cannot believe the changes that have taken place over the past year. See you then, Up Your Soi.

Fool in Paradise Niggling Little Things A FEW days ago I went shopping at a large supermarket here in Pattaya. For me, shopping involves making a list of all the things I need prior to leaving home and planning the most efficient route to complete the shopping in the shortest possible time. Needless to say, I prefer to do this alone and unchaperoned. In the cleaning products aisle I found what I was looking for, needing to purchase two of them. The single item in its own cellophane wrap was 12 baht. Next to it were the ‘convenient twin packs’, exactly what I was looking for. The price of the twin pack was 25 baht. Now I’m no genius, but to me this seemed a little odd. How is it that I can buy one for 12 baht or two, of exactly the same product, for 25 baht? Are we consumers expected to cough up an extra baht for the dubious ‘convenience’ of having to open only one packet? Or, do the shop owners think we are so stupid we cannot

do the math? The whole purpose of buying in bulk is to save money so, in this case, I purchased two ‘singles’. That may sound trifling but, to me it is just another of those niggling little things which irk me from time to time. This got me thinking about the many other instances where I’ve found illogical price discrepancies. I come from the old school which believes that, apart from things like gold and petrol, the larger quantity you buy, the cheaper the unit price should work out to be. I’m a smoker and I remember some time ago buying cigarettes from my local store for 38 baht per pack. One day, in order to save time and money, I decided to buy a carton of ten packets. When I asked the proprietor how much for a carton, she produced a calculator, punched a few keys and showed me the display: 380 baht. She had merely multiplied the unit price by ten - and used a calculator to do it! I declined her offer and


Your Soi

by Frank Thring

BEFORE I begin, has anyone besides me noticed that more and more Baht Bus drivers are now charging their Thai passengers 10 baht as well? Yes, dear long-suffering foreigners, it seems the double pricing rip-off, at least where Pattaya’s Baht Buses are concerned, is quickly coming to an end. I find it amusing that the practice has not stopped because of guilt, not through a sense of fairness, nor through a modicum of common sense. It has come about because of OPEC! I finished off last issue in a quandary; whether to keep on truckin’ along Jomtien Beach Road or call it quits

and try somewhere else. I decided to continue, at least one more time, because I don’t like leaving a task unfinished. Last time I had reached Casa Jomtien apartments between Sois 8 and 9 so we will recommence from there. Heading south, I passed Kebab restaurant, Howie’s Nightlife Music & Pool Bar, a Post Services with UPS and TNT facilities, then Peekmai Beverages and Music before reaching Soi 9 with a 7-Eleven and Family Mart on opposite corners, strangely enough. This soi itself is a non-event apart from Tequila Kitchen and Bar on the left followed by Saints and Sinners. (I’ve been accused of being one of those.) Saints and

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


What’s On This free column promotes anniversaries, charities, public notices and special events of any kind. Send your items for inclusion to Sunday quiz ends Pattaya’s Sunday (bar) quiz league ends permanently in mid July. From Monday July 28, the brand new, improved Monday quiz league takes its place. Quizzes start at 8.30p.m. and the sessions are friendly and non threatening as it were. If you would likefurther information, please contact

starts 10.30am. The next luncheon will be at Hard Rock Hotel on Tuesday July 1 from 10.30 a.m. For reservations contact Alvi (081 864 5754) or Brooke (085 698 1733). The coffee morning will be on Tuesday July 15 at 10.30 a.m. at Woodlands Resort, beyond Dolphin roundabout. Members and guests welcome and no reservations required.

Door 2 Door promotion for this month Door 2 Door is once again offering a special double promotion from The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant, Soi 13, Beach Road, receive a free serving of Chicken Tenders or Spring Rolls with all food orders over 750 Baht, plus also receive a 10% Discount from The Seafood Emporium, Jomtien Soi 5, Jomtien.To receive your free Door 2 Door Menu (2008 Edition) just simply call 038 720 222 and one of their friendly drivers will deliver a copy to you. Or visit them on

PSC annual meeting The annual general meeting of Pattaya Sports Club will be held in the Town In Town Hotel, Pattaya Central Road, on Saturday June 21 at 10.00 a.m. Only elective members are eligible to attend. For those unable to do so, forms of proxy are available from the PSC office and must be collected and signed for by the “appointee” or requested by letter. To be valid, they must be returned by Saturday June 16.

International Ladies The next Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC) coffee morning is on Tuesday, June 17th at Shenanigan’s at The Avenue on Secon Road,

by Kris & Noi Do you have a question about customs, culture or life in Thailand? Send it to Kris & Noi at:

Dear Kris & Noi, Why is it that everyone in Pattaya: newspapers (including you), television, expats, usually describe women selling sex as service girls or bargirls? I see expats drooling over their new “girlfriends”, taking them to fancy restaurants, buying presents, while forgetting that these women are only with them because they are being paid, hourly or daily. Do they feel better calling them “bargirls” instead of using the proper terms?They are prostitutes, whores— nothing else. These women arethe bottom of the ladder, they lie to a customer to extort as much money as possible

Manhattans early dining menu From 5 pm – 7 pm diners can enjoy a menu of extraordinary quality and value. The two course option is 795 baht or three courses for 895 baht – both inclusive. There are 12 dishes to choose from, one example being a starter of grilled pork

sate, a main course of 200 gr. New York strip with all the extras, followed by a dessert of chocolate brownie and ice cream. The a la carte menu is available from 6 pm to 10.30 pm. The restaurant is closed Mondays. More details on the websitewww.manhattans Bristol music bar Every Sunday Jammin/’ Session from 7.30 pm, Jomtien beachroad, soi 6. Allowing foreigners to play and sing live music to raise funds for the Camillion Centre in Rayong. Anyone who can play or just wants to listen to good music is welcome. Call 087 610 8700 (Mr Ron). Dance academy workshops Steps and Rhythm dance academy holds regular workshops in ballroom Latin and Standard as well as social dancing parties on Saturdays. Visit the website at or phone Stephanie Moohouse on 089 544 4842. Steps and Rhythm is at 247/37-38, Moo 11, Nongprue, Banglamung. Luxury facility at Amari Lavish luxury and ultimate comfort for the discerning executive traveller with the launch of the Horizon Club at Amari Orchid Resort and Tower, Beach Road in North Pattaya. Located on the top floor of the brand new 5 star Ocean Tower, the Horizon Club offers a new level of personalised service and

the latest audio-visual technology plus a picturesque view of the bay. British embassy in Pattaya Brits requiring letters for immigration purposes or other British consular matters can visit the Meesen restaurant (immigration car park, Jomtien soi 5) Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays) from 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. only and without appointment. Phone contacts 081 782 7363 and 089 203 1646. Please note we cannot offer advice to Thai nationals seeking entry visas to UK. Pattaya bridge club Pattaya bridge club meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1.00 p.m. at the Bowling Green, Soi Xyte Disco. More details onthewebsitewww.pattaya or phone 038 422924 or 038 42409 or email Terry Quested on Royal British Legion Thailand’s first branch (Chonburi) is now up and running at Tropical Bert’s, opposite Bangkok Bank and adjacent to soi Yodsak. You do not need to have served in HM armed services to join, but must support the principles of the Legion. There’s a get together every Sunday with free food, discounts at the bar and organized visits. Phone Bert on 089 807 2335.

Private Posts

before moving on to another sucker. I never get to know anything about them; I pay money, I use them then I lose them; I’m satisfied, she’s paid, that’s it. This way I don’t have to listen to any sob stories about needing money, and I don’t have to go shopping for presents that she will sell as soon as I leave anyway. If expats were to remember that they are whores and not girlfriends, there would be less stories about expats being scammed. Tommy B. Bargirls, service girls— no doubt these descriptions do make the donors and the receivers feel a little better about themselves. Whore and prostitute are rather brutal, direct words to describe the activities of these women; they conjure up the image of a tired woman on a street corner, and a 15 minute quickie in an alley or a gungy room, whereas the sex scene in

Pattaya is rather different. Here it is mixed in with the rest of the resort’s entertainments and attractions. You can see parents, with young children, strolling along the seafront amongst briefly-dressed women— and others— chatting to horny expats; or families in a bar, with some old lecher beaming at his latest ti rak at the next table. You may also notice that these girls never say anything to embarrass parents and their children. They are usually basically decent people who, for various reasons we have discussed before, are in the sex business; we feel that service/bar girl are better descriptions than your offerings. You are only interested in brief sexual release, but for many customers, these girls sell a dream; a dream of sex with a pretty girl who actually likes them. Some men do get carried away and lose money badly, but most punters enjoy what

the girls offer, treat them with respect, and have a great time. You pay money for sex with these women, so, if they are bottom of the ladder where does that place you on the social scale? Using your terms, you are awhoremonger; not something you would brag about in most social circles, is it? If you are content with your way of life, that’s fine, but most punters here enjoy the illusion of a brief “romance” with a service girl. Dear Kris & Noi, I was amused reading about the exp at who only eats in restaurants, never at a foodstall. He/she has never had the pleasure of standing at a rickety old stall watching somtam being made before your very eyes, then devoured with sticky rice and barbecued chicken. It may not look hygienic, sitting by the roadside, but it tastes delicious—and I’ve never suffered with the

Seven Seas bar Located in Soi Happy, off Walking Street, Seven Seas bar offers a good opportunity to meet your friends without hassle. Located right in the heart of Pattaya’s entertainment centre, Seven Seas offers fair price drinks and a relaxed setting. AA meetings The Pattaya group meets daily in Soi Skaw Beach, Satree Pattana Center.Phone contacts are Jim 087 927 0437, Howard 087 171 9641, Somchai 081 445 3302. The Jomtien group meets daily at Jomtien Long Stay Hotel. Contacts are Chicago Mike 087 143 0497, Jerry 086 141 7748, Bob 087 085 3356. runs! I don’t do it to blend in, I just appreciate the tasty food, and the price. Is somtam popular amongst expat residents do you think? Papaya Salad Many expats are put off at first by the fiery reputation of somtam but foodstalls will tone it down for an apprehensive customer. You do see Pattaya expats eating it, often when with a new ti rak, but not almost every day, as many Thais do. Expats living upcountry probably eat more, with family members. For first timers it is safer to go for Thai style, with the peanuts, not the more pungent and lethal Isaan preparation. And yes, it is great with sticky rice and chicken—a tasty and inexpensive treat. Dear Kris & Noi, I don’t wish to sound like a whinging farang but... after inviting my friends from Australia and New Zealand here they love relaxing on Jomtien beach with all the fantastic food and drink brought to you without lifting a finger but can’t understand why there aren’t

Rotary Jomtien-Pattaya The Rotary Club of JomtienPattaya welcomes you to their Wednesday meetings (18.30 for 19.00) in the Rotary room of the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel. Please phone Lloyd Jones for further information on 087 804 3943. Legal help line Mackenzie Smith Law has instituted a 24/7 national, emergency legal helpline on 02 655 3535. It’s for emergencies only such as serious road traffic accidents and criminal charges at the police station. Only the initial telephone contact is free. There are call out charges for lawyers to attend the police station and legal services are then charged at market rates. any public toilets on the beach, is this an unreasonable request? Mr. Dom Not a whinger, you’re making a valid comment. Have to admit we haven’t been to Jomtien for some while, but there was a food place on Dongtan Beach that also provided a clean toilet. And no doubt there are places along the seafront that offer toilet facilities. But these are not always easy to locate, especially for newcomers. Running along the promenade with buttocks clenched or legs crossed isn’t an easy manoeuvre. Thailand in general is very bad when it comes to providing public toilets— what would Pattaya be like without the clean and modern toilets available in shopping malls and hypermarkets? It’s doubtful that the local bigwigs have any plans for such a humble building as a public convenience, preferring to announce grander schemes to catch the public eye, but they could at least improve things by providing portable loos along the seafront at no great cost.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

PATTAYA TODAY 19 meaning of courage. During his journey, Hogg learns to rely on the support of Chen (Chow Yun Fat), the leader of a Chinese partisan group who becomes his closest friend. He soon finds himself falling in love with Lee (Radha Mitchell), a recklessly brave Australian adventurer whom war has turned into an unsentimental nurse on horseback.

The Other Boleyn Girl The true story of what happened with Anne, Mary and the King is widely known and very complicated, involving the complex religious, hereditary, cultural and political protocols of the day to cover them all in this worth-watching movie.

“Kung Fu Panda” features Jack Black as Po the Panda, a lowly waiter in a noodle restaurant, who is a kung fu fanatic but whose shape doesn’t exactly lend itself to kung fu fighting. In fact, Po’s defining characteristic appears to be that he is the laziest of all the animals in ancient China.

The Happening A family is on the run after natural disaster threatens the entire planet. f tinfoil hats shield people from the effects of electromagnetic fields, alien mind control and watching Lady in the Water, then Shyamalan fans have nothing to worry about here. ‘Cause aside from the alleged troubles he faced trying to get this script off the ground, M. Night’s bigger obstacle may be getting audiences to forget about those silly scants and snarfs. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian One year after the incredible events of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, the four children have been summoned back to Narnia by Caspian, the young heir to the Telmarine throne whose life is in danger. They only discover that more than 1000 years have passed in Narnian time. During their absence, the Golden Age of Narnia has become extinct, and now exists as little more than folklore. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull After living a quiet life as a professor in Marshall College, Indiana Jones is thrust into a new adventure when he races against agents of the Soviet Union to make one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in history – the Crystal Skull of Akator, a legendary object of fascination, superstition and fear. The Children of Huang Shi (Escape from Huang Shi) George Hogg (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) came to lead sixty orphaned boys on an extraordinary journey of almost a thousand perilous miles across the snow-bound Liu Pan Shan mountains to safety on the edge of the Mongolian desert. And of how, in doing so, he came to understand the true

A conservative-minded Midwesterner finds his wellmapped-out life taking an unexpected detour when he falls for a reckless girl with a rash wanton wild streak in director Yann Samuell’s stateside adaptation of the 2001 South Korean hit. Jesse Bradford stars as the hapless young man who can’t help but falling in love with the titular mischief maker (played by Elisha Cuthbert) despite her brazen ways. Wanted 25-year-old Wes (James McAvoy) was the most disaffected, cube-dwelling drone the planet had ever know. His boss chewed him out hourly, his girlfriend ignored him routinely and his life plodded on interminably. Everyone was certain this disengaged slacker would amount to nothing. There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die in his slow, clock-punching rut. Until he met a woman named Fox (Angelina Jolie).

Death Sentence Kevin Bacon is Nick Hume, a successful businessman with two children and a lovely wife (Kelly Preston). While driving home from his son’s hockey game, Nick must pull into a gas station in a tough part of town. When the boy goes into the store to buy a drink, his throat is slit during a bloody robbery attempt. Nick identifies the killer, but with him as the only witness, the case is unable to go to trial.

Sex and The City : The Movie Sex and the city has come to the big screen in a feature film adaptation of the hit HBO television series. The film follows the continuing adventures of the series four main characters Carrie , Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda - as they live their lives in Manhattan four years after the series ended.

My Sassy Girl (Eng)

Kung Fu Panda

The Incredible Hulk Geneticist Bruce Banner (Norton) takes flight in order to understand — and hopefully cure — that the condition that turns him into a monster. Complicating his situation is the military initiative that wants him captured and controlled, as well as the arrival of a more-deadly nemesis: The Abomination.

owned by degenerate rednecks. What they don’t know is that their hick hosts are neo-Nazi cannibals desperate for a New World Order and will go to any lengths to turn their fascist fantasy into reality. The crooks are subsequently subjected to mutilation and torture.

We Own The Night Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) is caught in the crossfire. Manager of a Russian nightclub in Brighton Beach frequented by gangsters like Vadim Nezhinski (Alex Veadov), Bobby keeps his distance, not wanting to get involved. Despite his hedonistic, amoral lifestyle, he is committed to his girlfriend Amada (Eva Mendes) and has ambitions to open his own club and expand out of Brooklyn.

Get Smart Bungling secret agent Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86 for CONTROL, is on a mission to battle the forces of their evil crime nemesis known as KAOS with his more-competent partner Agent 99, (whose real name is never revealed) at his side. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its agents compromised, the Chief has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxwell Smart, who has always dreams of working in the field alongside stalwart superstar Agent 23. Smart will do whatever it takes to thwart the latest plot for world domination by KAOS. Raksamsao The story of Payu (Arak Amornsupasiri), Fah (Patarasaya Krousuwansiri) and Nam (Ratchawin Wongviriya), fresh college graduates from Interior Design faculty. After collage, they face with important transition of their lives, which includes career, romance etc. Day of the Dead In this terrifying remake of the George Romero classic, a group of scientists, military personnel and civilians find themselves battling for their lives against a plague of flesh eating ghouls. When a band of survivors seek shelter in an underground military bunker, they find themselves trapped with an even greater danger that lurks inside. Frontiers A gang of small time crooks take advantage of riots in the French inner cities to set up a heist. The robbery goes terribly wrong and the group splits up. With the police on their tails, some of the gang take refuge in a seedy hostel

The Strangers After returning from a wedding reception, a couple staying in an isolated vacation house receive a knock on the door in the mid-hours of the night. What ensues is a violent invasion by three strangers, their faces hidden behind masks. The couple find themselves in a violent struggle, in which they go beyond what either of them thought capable in order to survive. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan You Don’t Mess with the Zohan is a 2008 comedy film. The story was written by Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, Robert Smigel and was directed by Dennis Dugan. Sandler’s production company Happy Madison produced the film, and Sony Pictures Entertainment distributed it. The movie stars Adam Sandler as Zohan Dvir, an Israeli anti-terrorism commando who fakes his own death in order to pursue his dream: becoming a hairstylist in New York. The movie begins with Zohan on a beach in Israel, attracting several women and capturing the attention of every beach-goer with his Hacky Sack prowess. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan grossed $14,850,000 on its opening day,and went on to gross $38.5 million on its opening weekend,ranked second behind Kung Fu Panda in the US.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Lure of the fragrant harbour PEOPLE I speak to seem to have very differing views about Hong Kong. Some love it; others loathe it. I’m very much in the first camp, but I can see why others may not be in a rush to sing its praises. The phrase “hustle and bustle” could have been coined with this Special Administrative Region of China in mind. If you want an “away from it all” experience, give HK a miss. It’s just not that kind of place. However, if you like cities that never sleep and every attraction being close at hand then Hong Kong (translates as fragrant harbour) is worth considering. I first went there to work on a now defunct daily newspaper way back in 1978 (think Argentina hosting the soccer World Cup or Kate Bush singing Wuthering Heights). At the time the Mass Transit underground rail system was just under construction. I liked HK a lot and promised myself that one day I would go back. Now I’m based in Thailand I thought there would never be a better time to fulfil that wish. So I have been back twice in the past two years. It’s changed – and how! So much so that I had great trouble finding my old office when I tried to

The harbour at Aberdeen as viewed from the Ocean Park.

trip down memory lane. There’s a new airport, a Disneyland theme park, a new convention centre on reclaimed land and the harbour boasts its own laser show. The Mass Transit has long since opened and can take you everywhere I’ve mentioned and many more places besides – although there is no service on the south of the main island. Indeed the MTR, as it is known, is an excellent way of getting around. Consider latching onto either a special tourist-only one-day pass (HK$50) or a three-day pass (HK$220 including one trip to the airport; add HK$80 if you wish to travel to and

from the airport). Used properly, it represents good value. But, a word of advice, take one trip on the MTR before you buy. It would be a lot of money to spend only to discover that lifeunderground is not for you. My wife and I travelled to HK on Thai Airways and we stayed at the YMCA in Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Shui – not far from the Star Ferry Kowloon terminal. I thought that YMCAs were only for young men who were also Christian and I certainly don’t qualify in the former category and my lapsed Catholic status wouldn’t

stand a lot of scrutiny for the latter. But the YMCA is happy to open its door to all and its combination of price and central position take some beating. I paid a little extra for a harbour view and I thought it worth it. You can even tune into the commentary on the early evening laser show which illuminates buildings facing the harbour as you watch from your room. One thing, hotel rooms tend to be on the small side. That’s not just the YMCA, it’s pretty much everywhere, unless, of course, you’re staying at the Mandarin or the

fares so best to check what the airline is doing currently, I thought. Before writing this column I went to the Air Asia web site again. This time they were offering internal flights to anywhere in Thailand from just 10 baht each way. That’s not a printer’s error – 10 baht (20 baht return). Too good to be true, I reasoned, and, unfortunately, I was right. If you look at the panel shown here you will see what the true fare for my hypothetical August 1 trip to Phuket turned out to be. There’s a big difference between 10 baht and 829.25 baht! Okay there’s nothing Air Asia can do about airport tax or VAT but the rest requires a little scrutiny. I don’t pretend to know what the insurance surcharge of 50 baht is for. But what’s the admin fee all about?

It’s booked online. However, the real party pooper is the fuel surcharge – some 550 baht. I understand that fuel prices are increasing at a rate and airlines will go bust if they attempt to absorb these increases. But I can’t help feeling that it is a little disingenuous to advertise fares at 10 baht when the final figure is in excess of 800 baht. That said, let’s keep a little perspective here. The oneway flight totals less than 1,000 baht (1,658.50 baht return). It still represents good value even though it’s some way removed from the 10 baht their home page boasts. So come on Air Asia,why not tell us the real price up front? We can make up our own minds about thevalue. You’ll make more friends than you lose.

Fares fair? Not in my book

SOMEHOW the use of the word fare (even though it’s a different spelling) just doesn’t sit well in relation to air travel. There’s little that’s fair about air fares as far as I’m concerned. I’ll quote you one example of the many I could run past you. A little while back I wanted my wife and I to visit Macau. I checked on the web to see which airlines flew there and was pleased to discover that Air Asia offered a direct flight from Bangkok. Now before I go any further I should point out that I’m reasonably well disposed towards Air Asia. The company sponsors my favourite football team – it’s actually the team’s “official airline” though I don’t understand how that

Going out total 1 Guest 10 THB Airport tax 100 THB Insurance surcharge 50 THB Administration fee 65 THB Value added tax 54.25 THB Fuel surcharge 550 THB Total:

829.25 THB

works if Air Asia doesn’t even fly to the UK. But I digress. Back to the Macau trip – on Air Asia’s web site it was promoting a very attractive fare. I don’t remember the exact sum but it sounded a good deal. Good, that is, until I delved a little further. When I went through the process of booking the flight online the final total came to more – much more. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Maybe they’ve revised how they advertise their

Peninsula or similar. I don’t recommend staying in HK more than a week – that’s enough for any city as far as I’m concerned. But there is plenty to do. The Disneyland is just one “world” so may slightly disappoint those who have previously visited Orlando in Florida. But if you’re a first-timer to Disney – as was the case for my wife – it’s well worth a visit. I particularly enjoyed Mickey’s PhilharMagic 3-D show. It was fun just to watch my wife duck as musical instruments seemed to come whizzing out of the screen at her. Another attraction that gives Disney a run for its money is Ocean Park on the southside of the main island. Spectacular rollercoaster rides combine with showcases of sea creatures and spectacular views. There are two entrances to the park and knowing which one you have been delivered to will help when trying to understand the park map. For those who like a flutter on the horses HK has two big race tracks. Night racing at Happy Valley is especially recommended. And let’s not forget shopping. Somehow my wife has managed to convince herself that HK shopping is cheaper than here in Thailand. It’s good; certainly not cheaper. But try telling her that!

A SHORT INTRO TODAY sees the launch of this new look, twicea-month travel page. I hope the content is of interest and that I will hear from readers as the weeks pass. Perhaps a few brief words of introduction are called for. The name’s Dave Buckley. I’m in my mid-50s and was born and raised in SouthEast London – the Old Kent Road, to be more precise, and it’s no coincidence that the cheapest square on a Monopoly board has the same name. I’ve been involved in journalism in one form or another since leaving school. In the past I have worked on the South-East London Mercury, Kent Messenger, Hong Kong Star, Today (the UK daily), News of the World and Daily Express. CALLING ALL TRAVEL AGENTS AS part of this page I would like to include any good deals or unusual packages you are aware of. Please contact me with details at the Pattaya Today mail address:info@ marked travelpage.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Do you drink too much?

by Alan S. Brown

LET’S face it. Pattaya is a party town. It’s not known as Fun City or Sin City because of its fine temples and other cultural attractions. Despite efforts by the powers that be to limit opening hours of the various watering holes, alcohol free weekends and efforts to attract more classy and family oriented tourists, there are a lot of hard core imbibers of adult beverages here. Back home in the USA, I have an occasional glass of wine and sometimes indulge in alcoholic beverages during social occasions. Here, there’s a social occasion, necessitating drinking, almost nightly. After all, when you’re in an ogling den, appreciating the pole dancing skills of your favorite bar girl or boy, you’d feel naked without a beer, gin and tonic or wine cooler in your hand. So, how do you know when enough is enough?

When you go for your annual checkup and the doctor tells you that your liver is totally shot and you need a transplant, that’s probably a good indication that you’ve overdone it and better cut down. Due to the terrific odds that you will stay on the wagon, rendering you a good

blood you donated causes the recipient of your beneficence to be arrested for driving with a blood alcohol level five times the legal limit, even though he didn’t drink anything alcoholic. Do fights break out on Walking Street among all of the bar owners and staff to lay claim to your affection

candidate for a transplant, you’re next on the list, right after a ninety-nine year old punter who is already down to one kidney and one lung and has previously had a heart transplant. Another indicator is when the

and business? Does every watering hole proprietor know your name and give you the royal treatment? If you don’t show up for a few days because you’re recovering from a hangover or out of town, do the bar owners ran up and down


the street tearing their hair out and imagining that doomsday has finally arrived? These are all indications that you’ve, perhaps, been imbibing a bit too much. Recently, one morning, my friend, Jim, woke up to find a complete stranger lying in the bed next to him. He had absolutely no recollection of having brought this person home with him. There was nothing particularly unusual about that. However, on closer inspection, he discovered that this individual had a penis. After the initial shock and some reflection, Jim suddenly remembered that he was gay. You might say that this should have been a wake up call for Jim to cut down on the drinking; but, Jim just sighed and got himself another Beer Singh from the fridge. Have you gotten to the point that your entire diet and nutritional program is based on where your next beer is coming from? For

good nutrition, you pour a bottle of Heineken into a bowl of cornflakes. You think a couple of glasses of wine fulfill your need for fresh fruit and that Black Label is the fifth food group. Speaking of wine, you saw a piece on Fox New that red wine is good for the heart. Of course, you totally ignored the caveat to limit your intake to one or two glasses, daily, and polish off at least a liter a day. After a typical night of drinking, you stagger out of the last bar and discover that your motorbike isn’t where you left it. In fact, someone moved the entire soi where you last parked it; just as well as you’re in no condition to ride it anyway. So, you hire a motorcycle taxi to take you home. The only problem is, someone stole your house. When you finally find it the next morning, you’re totally perplexed as to how it could have been moved to the other side of

Sukhumvit Road. If you’ve been spending a lot of time on the toilet, but face down rather than butt on seat, you can be pretty sure that all your drinking is having a deleterious effect. Has the lid been hitting you on the back of your head, lately? That would be another sign. Another one is that you notice that your picture is being passed around the local mosquito population as a warning. Many of the insects have been observed zig zagging around erratically after biting you. At least you won’t get Dengue Fever. You decide that it’s time to check out the local AA. You introduce yourself: “My name is…hmmmmm.” So, if upon waking, you look at the calendar and discover that an entire day has eluded you; maybe it’s time to cut back. Perhaps, one alcohol free day a week; or, even better; one alcohol free week every month, is the answer.

grow. Children learn by example and even though they may not understand fully why they are doing things such as sorting rubbish, conscientiously

turning off taps, lights and air conditioning, walking or cycling short distances and not using plastic bags they will be establishing behaviour that will be

reinforced by the knowledge they will acquire as they get older. So as with all learning, strong foundations are a basis for future growth and lasting understanding.

Our world is our children’s world IT MAY seem obvious to say but one day the world we live in will belong to our children and while we spend a great deal of time and thought making decisions about our children’s future in an effort to give them the best possible chance of success in whatever they may choose to do to and to prepare them to eventually make their own way in the world, perhaps it’s worth considering what kind of world that will be, will it be the same world we grew up in? Could we have taken better care of it? Will they children know how to take care of it any better than we did? Like many schools we try and address this and other issues in our social studies

lessons which have links with science and geography. At the moment ‘Global Warming’ is a phrase which is in all of the news media and on many people’s

Planting in the garden

lips and is a symptom of a wide variety of causes but is only one aspect of a wider environmental disaster which could be waiting for

us if we can’t change the way we live. But what about preschool children? Can they really understand abstract ideas such as global warming and other environmental issues outside their small world of experience? No, they can’t,but what we can do is try to instil a respect for their environment. This may only include home and school, but in keeping it clean, not wasting resources, separating things we have used into those which can be used again or recycled and those which can’t and taking an interest in and showing respect for living things (both plants and animals) children are forming habits which will shape their behaviour in the wider world as they

Learning about one of our mostimportant resources

Looking at pond life

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Siam Royal View – stepping lightly on nature’s masterpiece Enjoy luxury in the dramatic setting of Koh Chang AS OUR speed boat pulls away from the pier, my guide and host Roland Steiner points to land and explains, "From here you can see why they call this Island Ko Chang, the shape is like an elephant." The contours of Ko Chiang, or in English, Elephant Island, do indeed resemble a giant elephant semi submerged in the Gulf of Thailand, some five

on which to build his own property, the Swiss entrepreneur happened upon a neck of peninsular at the north west corner of Ko Chang. "When I found this area, I realized the potential for developing condominiums, villas and a world class marina." The Siam Royal View development covers 260 rai of land and encapsulates a narrow strip of forested peninsular, a long stretch of white sand

doesn't come cheap. "These cost up to $ 2,000,000." Any dreams of life on paradise are quickly extinguished, but as we steer the speed boat between the tip of peninsular and the small islet of Ko Chang Noi, or Baby Elephant Island, Roland is keen to assure me Siam Royal View reaches out to broad swathe of people from different countries and income brackets.

hours southeast of Bangkok and about thirty minutes from the Cambodian border. As we trace the island's coast line, my focus is continuously drawn into an interior that could have been lifted from the stage set of Jurassic Park. The island, considered to be one of the most ecologically unspoilt in Southeast Asia is one of nature's masterpieces. "With this project it's important we follow the laws which protect this Island's ecology," Roland observes. The Siam Royal View project is the brainchild of property developer Roland Steiner. About thee years ago, whilst looking for a plot of land

beach, a small mangrove forest and a river inlet ideal for developing a marina. After having spent two years dredging the canal and installing the projects bowel system, the development though far from complete - is beginning to make tangible the artist's rendition. Cruising past a thickly forested stretch of peninsular, Roland points to the hilltop "Up there will be five of our most exclusive properties, the residents will have a view of the sea from both sides, this is something very special, only a few properties in the world offer this." Naturally, such rare exclusivity

"Our condominiums start at 3,500,000 baht while our two bedroom villas start at 5,000,000 baht. We've already sold a lot of properties; people are beginning to realize the potential for making money through property in this region." Indeed, those who purchased a beach front plot on Siam Royal View about 1.5 years ago have seen their investment double. When you consider that an equivalent property on Phuket would cost around ten times as much, it's easy to see why these villas and condominiums are being sold before they're even constructed. "The people buying the properties come from all over the world - US, Israel, Europe, Australia - they come from all walks of life and are looking to invest and to simply enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle" Roland explains. "Basically, that's what drew me to Thailand in the first place. I enjoy coming to work dressed in shorts, life is more relaxed out here than back home." From the tip of the peninsular we steer our boat left towards the wide bay. Behind a line

by Ben Hopkins

of palms trees the mustard and tangerine hues of Siam Royal View Villas draw closer. Attractive as they are my attention is once again drawn in by a green and mountainous interior animated by cascading waterfalls, barking deer and stump tailed macaws. To allow developer's free reign over one of Southeast Asia's most ecologically rich island's would be akin to inviting an elephant for tea in a china shop. When I put this to Roland he agrees, before explaining the laws that have been imposed to protect the Island from man's bludgeoning. A few years ago the Thai government realized the importance of saving Koh Chang from the fate suffered by a few of Thailand's most popular Islands. Government officials and environmentalists put their heads together to set in laws that should assure that the Koh Chang will forever pulsate under natures pulse. Roland takes his hand off the wheel and points to the craggy mountains ahead "Every thing you see inland is completely untouched, eighty percent of this island is protected by conservation laws and will remain so. When we developed this project there were many laws we had to follow." By law, all beach front villas have to sit behind the line of palm trees 20 meters in from the beach, any villas over one story have to sit 50meters in, while nothing can be built over three storeys high (or higher than a coconut tree). When a tree needed to be removed it would be replanted elsewhere, and to enhance the greenery 2,000 trees are imported. The sun is reaching its scorching nadir as we reach the river inlet and steer our way toward the fishermen's houses where the marina will be built. Roland points to a small mangrove forest, home to a myriad of strange amphibious creatures. "That too is protected," Roland asserts.

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Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Condo buyers get new deal from July Developers have to tell the truth THE NEW condominium act, which comes into operation in early July, aims to ensure property developers come clean with their customers and don’t hype the advertising. In the past, companies have tended to exaggerate the pluses of purchase – such as a claiming a sea view which might in fact be obscured by other buildings or overly optimistic estimates of what common charges will be – particularly in their advertising. From now on, companies must keep all copies of promotional material and construction proposals for inspection by the land department.

Once a project is completed, the land department is empowered and required to make a thorough inspection to make sure there has been no backsliding. The authority then has the power to fine any defaulters. The act was made necessary because of many complaints by buyers that many promised facilities at a condo development failed to materialise. Developers in future will not be able to transfer property to buyers if they fail to deliver the facilities they promised in brochures and advertising. Property Perfect chief executive Dr Teerachon

Manomaiphibul said the act would hurt only developers trying to cheat the public. “I think the act will be better for developers who do everything according to the law and are concerned about business ethics. The act will also help to reduce competition from unethical people in the market,” he said. In addition to legal action by the land department, faulty developers could also face cases filed by home buyers with a grievance covered under the act. Mayer Brown JSM point out that the amendment adds new provisions to the 1979 condominium act and requires new purchase agreements between developers and buyers to be in a standard format prescribed by the ministry of the interior. If any developer uses a different format, any provision contrary to the standard format and not in favour of buyers will not be effective. But the prescribed standard format does not apply to resale transactions. The act also provides that the material used to advertise the condominium shall be deemed to be an integral part of the

agreement to sell and purchase the units. The developer must keep copies of any images, pictures, promotional text and written invitations until all the units have been sold at the offices of the developer. Another set of copies must be kept at the office of the condominium juristic person. The images, pictures, contents and information shown in advertisements shall be the same as those which the developer submitted to the land department at the time of the condominium registration. With regard to the conduct of business operation within a condominium, the amended act limits this within a specified area in the condominium building. The developer must provide specific access to such a business area. However, the business operations must not disrupt the peaceful living of occupants of the units of the condominium. The act additionally provides that a developer shall be jointly responsible to pay taxes, common service expenses and common maintenance expenses for the condominium units to which ownership has not yet been transferred. In other words, the developer is responsible for payment of

certain fees in unsold units. Some commentators have suggested that the changes in the law are largely cosmetic and won’t make a lot of difference to transactions on the ground. They point out that the framework rules allow a lot of scope for lawyer interpretation and special pleading. But other

regard the improvement in the rights of buyers crucial for continued buoyancy in the condo market and for keeping in check those property developers who don’t deliver what they have promised in promotional materials and onsite publicity. Time will show which interpretation is correct.

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Siam Royal View – stepping lightly on nature’s masterpiece

A group of young Thai boys, the sons of the migrant workers from Isaan burst out laughing and dive into the water when they see our sun toasted expressions appear like beetroots. "We have a nursery and learning activities for the workers' children who stay here for months on end. I think they enjoy it here." A few brightly painted fishermen's houses sitting on stilts mark the location where the marina is being built. "This will be a world class marina with 75 wet berths." One of the fishermen, a burly guy with a wide smile greets Roland from the balcony of his house. "The fishermen are very happy with the package

a sharp upturn. It appears that the vast majority of the islanders have benefited from the changes. Roland points out, however, that there are a few

As we do a u-turn, the young kids are still splashing around in the water, laughing at we strange farangs sitting atop a speed boat like royalty.

we gave them, his house will become a marina restaurant and bar." Over the past few years things have changed dramatically on Koh Chang. A government drive to promote tourism on the island has resulted in high end hotels appearing like mushrooms almost overnight, and tourism experiencing

who may not be enjoying the boom. "Not so long ago, before tourism became popular, the favorite children would inherit the fertile land for growing fruit and other food. The un-favored would get the beaches where nothing grows. Today they're the ones getting rich and driving their Mercedes around."

Siam Royal View is a Swiss company but it's over Thai beer that I toast the true success of Koh Chang, a success that lies within the wild forested mountains of its interior and the romance of the wide open sea. From Siam Royal View, you can experience the best of both these worlds.




All Quiet on the Western Front I WRITE this from Europe. My first visit in two and a half years. Whilst great to be here, I am surprised by just how much it has changed in the 6 years I have been living in Thailand. Little if anything is for the better. On this trip I travelled to France, England and the Emerald Isle. Everywhere I found, not a feeling of despondency, but certainly the feel good factor had vanished. A sense of being over regulated and expensive. Forget inflation of 3%. I found all three countries expensive. This despite the baht being worth 20% more than my last visit to England. If the inflation figures are worked out on money actually spent by the average household then inflation seems to have been rampant. Not surprisingly, the cost of fuel, food in supermarkets and restaurants and also the price of accommodation has risen significantly. By just how much, horrified me. Respective Governments manipulation to make these figures seem low will be needed that would make

even the hardest skin Thai politician blush. Smiling in the street is banned. Actually it’s not, but there seems little to smile about. The regulation included seatbelts in the back of cars. Smoking in bars and restaurants is now firmly enforced with the sad reality of this killing off part of a communal society. The proliferation of speed cameras has meant that getting points on your driving license is now the norm and expected. Even little things have changed. Plastic bags given to you by shops and supermarkets now have to be paid for. I was charged 22cents each for them in Ireland. Certainly it may better for the environment but it hurt my unsuspecting pocket. My local pub in a small hamlet in SE England has been busy ever since I started using it when I was 17. It is still owned by the same family. On a Thursday night at the end of May it was completely empty with just 8 customers huddled around a heater in the garden like tramps around a brazier. Most were puffing

on cigarettes. This did not give it an illicit speak easy excitement. It reeked of a dinosaur in its last dyeing gasps. Ignoring that garden heaters are environmentally a disaster, socially it is a catastrophe. For centuries, the village pub as acted as a community social point along with the church and school. Walking down a high

between French and English villages and towns is most noticeable with French population centres still retaining an individual character and charm. The hard reality that it would be impossible to identify a specific English town by its High Street. So much for town planning. They have become too identical with repetitive shops and bland fast food joints. Houses have been built on every last little corner of every last area. Maybe they will blend in with time. At the moment they stand out like a sore thumb. Something not making waves and is only small news is the Tory Party is still riddled with sleeze with illicit

I came across French Farmers in Arras on bicycles inside a supermarket protesting that price rises on Food had not been passed on to them. Only the French.

street has become an unpleasant experience with the necessity to walk through clouds of cigarette smoke outside many public venues, particularly at night. Certainly the difference

payments being made to Westminster and European Conservative MP’s or their families. And the party seems unable to do too much about it. Despite this, the sad reality is the

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008 Conservatives are being seen as a legitimate opposition as the actual Government is now universally hated. House prices have fallen to a state where the prices actually achieved are in free fall and yet to land according to the Estate Agents and developers I spoke to. When pushed, a drop of 30% was the realistic figure for property since its height a year ago. The old anecdote of America sneezing and Europe catching a cold may have gone out of the window, but with London now recognised as the World’s Financial Centre and its huge contribution to Britain’s economy, it seems the country is definitely suffering and will continue to do so. Anecdotally, the rise in fuel prices would seem to mean less traffic on the roads, certainly at night. The rail transport I used was MUCH busier than at any time during my 38 years of previous use. With $200 a barrel for oil now seeming likely by the end of the year, the British railways may be about to have their renaissance. So where does this somewhat depressing reflection on Europe leave Thailand and Pattaya in particular? Regular readers will know I am an optimist, if a born cynic. Pattaya is an incredibly tolerant city. It still offers great value for the most. Something that will attract

all nationalities, persuasions, and attitudes. Most importantly, it will attract all wealth types. Certainly it has a lot more to offer than may have seemed apparent. Despite being June, the weather in Europe was awful everywhere I went with only intermittent sun. On different note, it seems the world, if not all of America yet, has backed Obama as the next president, putting him on a pedestal as a cross between JFK and Martin Luther King. Certainly the point has been made that should he become the next president, at least half of the bad feeling made by the US in the last 7 years would disappear overnight. Conversely, I cannot help but wonder, if old man McCain Gun-Ready is elected president, would this be seen in some circles as American public support for the disastrous foreign policy of the last administration? Should that become a reality, I fear the consequences will be a lot worse than no smoking inside your local pub. Before coming to Europe, I had wondered if being here would make me long for returning permanently. I found Europe in a pretty sad shape. And not very attractive. It will be great to be back in Pattaya. Again. And as someone said to me whilst I was away, I’m living the dream of so many.

Golf Course housing along the Eastern Seaboard by Stu Sutton GOLF COURSE living is synonymous with high-end living in North America and many parts of Europe, yet given the amount of golf courses along Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, it’s surprising how few golf courses actually offer reasonable housing options. All the talk and development seems to be surrounding Phoenix Golf Course, yet there are 30+ area courses with heaps of potential that just seem to be floundering in missed opportunities and tired ideas. Phoenix is probably the area’s closest course that offers housing along the course itself. Phoenix is massive in scope with 27 holes on over 1,000 rai and hundreds of 1 rai building

plots, yet the building over the years has been sparse and sporadic at best. There are some lovely homes and some owners have invested tens of millions in their properties, yet there are still abandoned properties (three bedroom houses on half rai plots) that can be picked up for around 4 million Baht. Yet having said this, there is now more building activity in and around Phoenix than ever before – both condos and houses. It’s tough to get a real handle on how well these developments are actually selling (it’s amazing how so many developments are instantly ‘30% Sold!’), but I can tell you that there seems to be many a Pattaya expat fleeing the city limits for more rural digs. Siam Country Club would seem to be the ideal course for housing, yet there is nary a house to be found along its fairways.

The closest you’ll get is the new Horseshoe Point housing estate (beautiful estate houses and just a few clicks from Siam C.C.) or the Santa Maria estate (very well-built rustic style custom homes). Burapha Golf Course has several housing estates lining its 36 holes. It’s a bit of a hike for most (about 40 minutes from Central Pattaya) but it’s a beautiful course (and not too difficult) and it’s located close to several of the area’s industrial estates making it a favourite for working expat families. Most the houses here are rental units and expect to pay a premium. Four bedroom family homes easily run 80 – 120,000 Baht per month. There are some nice private plots available for sale and some buyers have taken advantage of the some of the truly breathtaking views overlooking the Laem Chabang Valley. But, as with

Phoenix, considering the size of the place, there seems to be so much untapped potential. Across the street from Burapha is a favourite among most area golfers, Laem Chabang Golf Course. Designed by Jack Nicklaus, it’s a very creative, challenging and beautiful course that does offer some limited housing options, but considering the potential, it really does fall flat. There are some condos and houses both for sale and rent, but most are quite tired. Out of all the area courses, this one probably has the best potential to create a truly high-end housing estate. Eastern Star, Green Valley and St. Andrews all offer some housing options, both rental and for sale units. Again, quite tired, over-priced given the location and condition and not very inspiring in design. Green Valley is currently

building a couple of new condo blocks that I’m told are strictly for Korean customers. Though I’ve yet to go out there, I’m told that Crystal Bay Golf Course has some pretty decent condos and price wise, they seem to be quite attractive (130 sqm two bedroom condos for 3.5 million THB). It’s a trek to get there, but I hear the course is quite reasonable too. Speaking of trekking out, I was recently coaxed into going out to the Wangjuntr Golf Course – it’s pushing 100km away up the 331 and east down the 344 – but it’s an easy drive (takes about an hour and change). If you’re a golfer, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The Highland 18 here is unbelievable (all up and down, water and sand hazards on the greens!). If you fax in a copy of your work permit or long-stay visa you’ll get a 50% discount on

your green fees, otherwise it’s very expensive. After playing here, one of my fellow golfers started checking out some housing in the area and found a small lake nearby with a three bedroom house on a half rai for 700,000 Baht! It really is a gorgeous area up there, but very remote - we actually came across some deer, ostriches and crocs along the course. My caddy (taking the p*** or not, I don’t know – I was just a touch inebriated) claimed there are tigers in the jungles surrounding. Stu Sutton is a crap golfer and MD of Jomtien Property. For any property enquiries, please contact Jomtien Property by stopping by the office at 315/185-6 Thappraya Road, call 038 303 243 or 086 108 6575, email at or check out the website at

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Discount card now available at Eden Massage branches “Show it and Save” EDEN MASSAGE & Spa has as a philosophy to offer top quality, refreshing treatments at pleasingly

Apply in the shop and ask for the discount card. You have to give your name, date of birth, telephone number

affordable prices. Our menu offers a great selection of services and treatments for both women and men. You will be feeling a new person once again in no time!

and email address: - Get a free massage on your birthday - You’ll be notified regularly of any special promotion

- 20% discount on all Eden Spa packages - 30% discount on all Eden Spa products There’s also a call out service (small additional charge of 100 baht) and full details of all treatments and massages are on pages 20 and 21 of the WOW delivery service brochure. If you bring a friend or family members, there are additional discounts. The more the cheaper. Visit our shops in Pattaya Klang near Tops Supermarket (081 862 1572) and Soi Diana Inn (081 781 3861), relax in style and even enjoy reading the latest copy of Pattaya Today with a cup of tea or coffee. It’s best to book in advance to avoid any disappointment. By the way, No Sex!

Thaiboliger’s Pattaya and Koh Chang projects SITUATED between sois 5 and 6 on Pattaya’s beach road, Thaiboliger started off selling condos and villas on Tranquility Bay on Koh Chang three years ago. The company opened a Pattaya branch two years ago and is now a well established estate agent. Their current projects are: - Tranquility Bay, Koh Chang. It’s ultimate beachfront living. Here you can experience unparalleled island living in a relaxing resort ambiance with stunning island and ocean views. Full facilities include private jetty, spa, gym, infinity edge swimming pool, beachfront restaurant and bar. Fully furnished condominium units start at 6.7 million baht. - Siam Ocean View, Pattaya. This is a 7 storey luxury condominium with 43 units in a prime location on Pratumnak Hill between Pattaya and Jomtien. All the units come with high European standards and there will be big balconies with good views. Facilities include in-house restaurant, roof-top swimming pool and sundeck. - Pattaya beach resort. A four star hotel situated on beach road in the heart of Pattaya. It’s absolutely beachfront surrounded by a newly developed dining and entertainment plaza. The 174 rooms are available for long term lease at truly competitive prices. Guests are welcome to stay and enjoy the hotel services without time limits, and the room can be utilized for the owner or lessee to generate income during his or her absence.




Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Real Estate Companies

ACI Enterprise 115/2 M.5 Naklua, Banglamung Tel: 038-416060 Fax: 038-416061 E-mail: aci@ Sawan Land & House 164/6 Woodlands Shopping Arcade Naklua Rd., Naklua Tel: 038-415161 Fax: 038415160

North Thai Legal & Associates Co.,Ltd. 266/9 Pattaya Bazaar, 2 nd R d . , N o r t h P a t t a y a (opposite BestSupermarket) Tel: 038-410163 Fax: 038410073

The German Thai Group Real Estate 157/142-3 M. 5 Naklua Rd., Naklua Tel: 038-42736-4 to 5 Fax: 038-426339 E-mail: VIP Property 148/3 M.6 Sukhumvit Rd., Naklua Mobile: 081-8613499 or 081-6934489 Tel: 038-727424 to 5 Fax:038-727426 E-mail:

Central Blue Star Business Co., Ltd. 310/2 M.10 Central Pattaya Beach Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-2400531 Tel: 038488004 Fax; Heritage Real Estate 340/27 3rd Rd., NongprueMobile: 089-8073576 Tel: 038-410554 Evans Marketing 448/9 & 10 M 12 Thepprasit RoadJomtien-Pattaya, Banglamung, Chonburi. Tel: 038-301-090-2 Fax: 038-301-093 Mobile: 081-864-7751Atchara Evans or Charles@, & Fair Properties 316/26 Thappraya Rd.(Beside View Talay 1), Jomtien Tel: 038-303418, 038-303177 or 038-25235-1 to 2 Fax: 038-303198 or 038-252262 Farang Services 189/12-14 Thepprasit Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-9416769 or 081-8615153 Tel: 038-300618, 038-300174 or 038-300946 Fax:038-300261 E-mail: Jomtien Homefinders 316/24ThapprayaRd.,Nongprue Tel: 038-303339 or 038-303340 E-mail:jomtienhomefinders@ Jomtien Property 315/185-186 Thappraya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 0847935236 Tel: 038-303243 Fax: 038-303073 E-mail:

Bang Saray Country Properties Land & Development Co,. Ltd 98/15 M9 Sukhumvitrd, Bang Saray,

Jomtien Magenta Estate Agents 337/5 Moo 12 Thappraya Soi 12 (Soi Pattaya Park) Tel: 081-974-4387, 038-250-310 Email: Nick Real Estate 75 M.12 Jomtien Beach Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-4435211 Tel: 038-756466 or 038-232000 Fax: 038-231709 North Shore Real Estate 315/183-184 M.12 Thappraya Rd., Jomtien Tel: 038-30382-5 to 6 Fax: 038-303827 E-mail: Location Location Location Property Consultants 306/71-72 M.12, Chateau Dale Plaza, Thappraya Road, Jomtien, Chonburi Tel: 038-252491 to 2 Fax: 038-252720, 089 988 7023 PAL Property and Land Group 460/354 Thappraya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 0861508673 Tel: 038-233744 Fax: 038-233743 Pappa Co., Ltd 448/21 Keha Bldg. Tower 1, M.12 Soi 3 Thepprasit Rd., Chonburi, 20250. Office Tel. 038-737018, (Thai) 089-0475604,( E n g l i s h )

Nongprue Mobile: 086-3142361 Tel: 038-3010-48 to 50 Fax: 038301045E - m a i l : p a p p a @ or drewnoye PAT Properties & Services 64/70 Thepprasit Rd., Nongprue Tel: 038-301019 Fax: 038301079, 038-301013 E-mail: pat_properties@ Pattaya Properties 315/170-171 M.12 Thappraya Rd., Jomtien Tel: 038-30351-5 to 7 Fax: 038-303520 E-mail: PBRL Pattaya Business & Real Estate Law Office 413/150 M.12 Jomtien Complex Condo Tel: 038-252222 or 038-252159 Fax: 038-303533 E-mail: Premier Homes Exclusive Property Sales & Rentals 240/21 Jomtien Beach Rd., Jomtien Tel: 038-231931 Fax: 038-231519 E-mail: South Park Properties Mobile: 086-0937284, 0879003086w w w. s o u t h p a r k The Pattaya Professionals 322/1 M.12 Thappraya Rd., JomtienMobile: 081-7820480 Tel: 038-36462-1 to 2 Fax: 038364623 Wandee Group 162/220-222 M.10 Thappraya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081 8631786 Tel: 038-364829 Fax: 038-252507 E-mail:contact@

East Coast Real Estate 388/193 M.10 Soi Pattaya 17, Banglamung Tel: 038-72361-5 to 6 Fax: 038-426193 E-mail: eastcoast@thai East Coast Real Estate Golden Homes Real Estate 33/39 M.9 Soi Diana Inn, Nongprue Mobile: 086-8268821 Tel: 038-72089-2 to 3 Fax: 038-720894 E-mail: info@ goldenhomes Exotiq Real Estate 3rd Road, opposite the fire stationTel: 038-720980 or 0831206042 E-mail: pattaya@ Website: pattaya

ISS Exclusive Properties 194/18 Central Pattaya Rd., NongprueTel: 038-428929 or 038-428910 Fax: 038360334 E-mail: info@ Paradise City Property 116/27 Moo 9, Central Pattaya,Nongprue,Banglamung (opposite Carrefour) 038-373966, 081-761 3238 Royal Siam Property

South Northern Thai Realty & export 215/15-18 2 nd.Rd (opposite Royal Garden) South Pattaya, NongprueTel: 038-426242 or 038-425836 Fax: 038-426243 One Stop Real Estate & Legal Services 219/14 M.10 Soi 13/1 (Yamoto)Pattaya Beach Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 081-7044619 Tel: 038-710699 or 038-710725 Fax: 038-710529 E-mail: onestop@ Siam Business Services 193/427 Tony’s trade center,3rd rd. South Pattaya, Nongprue Tel. 038-416891 to 2 Fax.

42/92-93 Sukhumvit Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 087-1252131 or 01-0026517 Tel: 038-423311

East BB Lets 21/14-15 Moo 5 Soi Sukhumvit 53East Pattaya Mobile: 0831 125 910 Fax: 038 730 104 E-mail: website: 038-416893 E-mail: info@ Siam Properties 313/27 M.10 South Pattaya Rd.(close to 3rd Rd.), Nongprue Tel: 038-415490 Fax: 038-414693 Town & Country Property 63/10-11 M.10 South Pattaya Rd., Nongprue Mobile: 0895453631Tel: 038-374136 Fax: 038-374137E-mail: info@ towncountrypro Winnie’s Property Service Co., Ltd. 253/62-63 M.10 Soi 18, Pratamnak Rd., South Pattaya, Nongprue Mobile: 081-8021467 or 086-5519248 Tel: 038422986 Fax: 038-713589

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



Getting your retirement fund to work for you by Craig Taunton IF YOU’RE thinking of moving abroad, you’ve already expatriated or you’re a higher rate taxpayer wondering if you’d be better off financially to leave for example the UK and save and invest offshore then you need to be aware of your options and how to spend your hard earned pensions wisely or even better make your retirement fund work for you. According to Scottish Widows, up to 66% of higher rate taxpayers that they surveyed recently are thinking of moving abroad in retirement. What’s more, increasing numbers of us are aware that we can potentially earn more, pay less tax and ultimately be better off if we relocate overseas to live and work and/or retire. New rules governing the way expatriates can handle their pensions can be highly tax and flexibility advantageous depending on your own personal circumstances. The benefits of the one of the new schemes available, which are

known as QROPS, are: 1) No requirement on the pension scheme holder to buy an annuity upon maturity of the policy 2) Reduced or even zero IHT liability if the policyholder dies in drawdown 3) Potential to pay reduced levels of income tax 4) Ability to have a higher tax free cash lump sum payout 5) Greater investment flexibility 6) Policyholders have the right to invest in residential real estate 7) Ability to access funds after five years 8) No HMRC reporting requirements on QROPS after five years Whether a Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Scheme is right for you is something that you should determine with the assistance of a professional. This article does not constitute advice and you should be aware that your taxation liability may be determined by your country of residence and that if you do take all of your pension after five years and/or in the form of cash, you could find you spend all your money before you die and have nothing left to live on in retirement!

Now that you have your retirement fund and can choose what do with it what are your options. Of these there are many so we will explore a few. How about buying residential property with your pension fund? You may already have considered investing in property as an alternative to the traditional pension scheme. With the ‘invention’ of the buy-to-let mortgage many have already explored the route of investing in property to achieve long-term financial independence. But there is another alternative retirement investment market namely property pensions. If you currently have a SIPP (or Self Invested Personal Pension) you are no doubt aware that you can already invest in commercial property and that you can borrow up to 75% of the property’s valuation...well, from April 2006 when the Government’s new pension simplification rules came into effect, you can invest in residential property as well, and be able to borrow up to 50% of your pension fund’s value for the purposes of buying property. And those of you with a Small Self Administered [pension]

Scheme (SSAS) will have this opportunity as well. While there is no direct taxation advantage in placing your main residence into your pension fund, you can gain significant taxation advantages if you place a buy-to-let or a holiday home that you rent out into your pension scheme for example. These types of property investment traditionally incur both an income taxation burden on any rental income received and a capital gains tax burden on any resale profit. However, if you place such property assets into your pension scheme you will be able to achieve significant taxation benefits as the properties will be free of capital gains tax and any income tax on rental income received! All bills relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the property must be paid out of the pension fund instead of from your own pocket, and if you have a holiday home included in the pension scheme that you sometimes use, you’ll have to pay some income tax as your personal use of the property will be deemed a ‘benefit-in-kind’. As mentioned above you’ll be able to borrow up to 50% of

The IT Guru by Richard Bunch Q. I am now at the point where I need to buy myself a new notebookr. I intend to use it for both business and personal use although I will retire in a little under a year and then hope to travel around Thailand quite extensively. One of the things that I really do need is to be able to connect to the Internet wherever I am primarily to check my e-mail and browse websites. If finances permit, I usually buy the PC with the highest specification I can afford. What should I look out for in my purchase? JK. South Pattaya A. Clearly there are a number of considerations here. I strongly recommend that you go for a reputable brand name that has service centres throughout Thailand, also look what international warranty is provided, this can vary considerably. The next thing to consider is what Operating System you will get; buying a PC pre-

installed with a genuine OS is both cost effective and ensures that you will be able to obtain updates when available. A number of manufacturers have two distinct ranges, essentially these are personal and business. The personal ranges tend to come with Vista in one of its guises, here you should to be careful as if you need to connect to a domain at work then you will need the Business or Ultimate version, and being personal they often have Home Premium, this will network but not connect to a domain. The business ranges come with Business or Ultimate which will both connect to a domain; some manufacturers are still supplying their business ranges with Windows XP although I would only take this option if there is an overpowering need. """"""" Make sure that you select a model with

an adequate number of USB 2 ports for your needs and also consider other connectivity options like Firewire. Look at the network connectivity options, for wired connections these are 10/100 and the later ones support 10/ 100/1000 which would be a better choice. Wireless connections are frequently b/g although some later models are now supporting b/g and n, although there is not widespread availability of the latter it makes sense to buy into the later emerging technology. You will also notice that some models come with PCMCIA Type II slots and others with Express Card slots. Express Cards come in 2 formats; Express Card/34 and Express Card/54, beware though an Express Card/34 card will fit an Express Card/54 slot but not visa versa. This would be my preferred method for providing a mobile Internet connection using GPRS. Although you can get USB devices that provide a GPRS connection, I prefer to leave my USB ports free. If we look at the cards provided by Sierra Wireless which I find very

robust, then the PCMCI flavour gives wireless upload speeds up to 2 Mbps and download up to 7.2 Mbps but the Express Card gives a significantly better throughput with wireless download speed up to 7.2 Mbps and upload up to 2 Mbps, soon upgradeable to 5.76 Mbps. If you need an RS232 port then these are normally only found on the business ranges, although USB and PCMCIA / Express Card adapters are available. If you are likely to be travelling frequently then consider the overall size and weight. Do consider though that a small 12 – 13” screen whilst giving you a lighter more compact unit is not ‘easy on the eyes’ on a daily basis; though often notebooks come with an output to an external monitor. A good option if you are considering a small screen notebook is to get one that will support some sort of docking station which as a minimum will allow you to have connections to LAN, external monitor, keyboard and mouse with one connection to the notebook.

How would this work? Taking as our example a person earning ?100,000 in the tax year 2006/07, they could borrow up to 100% of these earnings through equity release or by taking out a mortgage and the money raised could be put towards investment in a residential property for the pension fund - they would then get 40% tax relief on the contribution or ?40,000! Some people might like to consider purchasing a property for their children and placing this within the pension fund...the tax benefits could be quite significant and as your children will be residing in the property not you, this would not be deemed a benefit in kind nor would it

be taxable. If you were to purchase a property for your children or another beneficiary as part of your pension fund, eventually you may need to sell the property to pay yourself a pension - obviously your beneficiary should be made aware of this! If you already own property that you’d like to consider transferring into a pension fund you’ll have to sell the property personally and repurchase it via the pension fund - this could result in a capital gains tax and stamp duty liability. And finally, though this development in pension fund investment diversity sounds interesting and exciting, when it comes to the investment of your pension fund you should avoid committing too large a percentage of your overall pension fund to one asset class. Other options available to you will be covered in future articles. As with any investment decision it is important to seek professional financial advice before making a final decision. Questions to the author can be directed to Craig Taunton of Haswell Pellant on 083 292 1793 or email

A consideration also needs to be the battery life on a full charge, bear in mind though that the usage and power saving options you select is a significant factor. Look also at the screen particularly in terms of brightness and contrast as well as the manufacturer’s policy on bad pixels. If you need any further information, you’re welcome to call into my

Office located on Sukhumvit Road (next door to Pattaya Today Newspaper). I am also happy to see you personally, but to avoid a wasted journey it is best to telephone me first on 08 3540 5220 as I am often out at client sites these days. Send your questions and to contact me by e-mail, you can also visit our we bsite

your pension fund’s total value for the purposes of further property purchase - simply put, if your fund is worth ?100,000, you could borrow up to ?50,000 for the purchase of property. This is actually 25% less than the amount you can currently borrow against commercial property - but you might like to consider borrowing against your earnings to inflate this amount.



Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Apar tment for Rent in Jomtien Apartment

Call 081 936 2722 for more details.

Big bathroom, nice bathroom, 2 aircon with huge living room and kitchen, only 10,000 baht per month. Another room for only 5,000 baht per month.

Beach front condo for sale

Beach front condo for sale. Fantastic sea view and private beach in North Pattaya, 137 sqm, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, with large balcony, 24hr security, swimming pool, not furnished. Price at 12 Million Baht . Tel 081 8618538.

Condo with a fabulous sea view, overlooking Koh Larn Island. 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, kitchen, big balcony, 2 bathrooms. Fitted with high quality furniture. 110 sq.m. Looking for long ter rent. Only 35,000 baht per month Call: 081 334 5291


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


k o k g n a B

For Sale Duplex Penthouse Condo Tel: 089-4990600 224+ sq.mts (Evergreen Tower View) Bang Na Trad Road. 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. Complete new refit and renovation Superb Panoramic views. Very convenient Location. (Airport/City/Expressway) Only Baht 13 mill.

House Bargain! Baan Suan Lalana Now 4 million baht For quick sale! Company and title deeds included 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Euro kitchen, Teak furniture Marble floors, Good security Comm. pool Call 085 284 7731



Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Bargain hunting? Look beyond the superficial By Khun Dee Transforming a fixer-upper into a dream home may be a rewarding and effortless venture for the likes of Handy Andy and his macho cohorts, but it’s probably ill advised for those of us who are not do-it-yourself mavens. Which does not preclude the rest of us from searching for and stumbling upon a bargain. Some of the best bargains to be found in and around the Pattaya housing market might be right under your nose. Or, more precisely, under a pile of newspapers, old clothes, assorted other useless items, and maybe even garbage. That is, under all that superficial clutter may lie a house or a condo that requires little more than elbow grease and tender, loving care. You might have found that bargain of a lifetime. Of course, you must be sure that the junk isn’t masking severe problems. Bring in an expert (architect, electrician, contractor) to inspect the premises first to

determine if any structural, operating system or cosmetic repairs are needed. If extensive, you can consider the home a fixerupper and walk away, thereby maintaining your manicure and avoiding what could amount to substantial renovation expenses. However, if the premises can be restored to normal order simply by removing the clutter, the rubbish and the grime, you’ve got yourself a bargain. If you are selling your home, you would be wise to recognize that a home that is cluttered and/or filthy will not inspire offers from perspective buyers. In fact, even perfunctory tidying and scouring can mean a better selling price and a quicker sale. Sloppy habits can be costly. For buyers, however, what the slovenly seller ignores you can put to your advantage if you can see past the personal habits and living style of the inhabitants. Focus on the home. Recognize that careless housekeeping does not

necessarily mean the owner is careless about maintaining the working and structural components of the home. Once you have thoroughly investigated beyond the clutter, do not disregard it. In fact, you are free to express your displeasure with the

unacceptable appearance of the dwelling, and your offer price should reflect your disgust in the form of a low-ball bid. After all, you have got some valid issues. Point to the amount of work you will have to do in order to transform the place into a suitable living space. Point to that pristine nearby home with a comparable asking

price. Point to the expenses you will incur. Prospective buyers usually avoid houses and condos that are unsightly or appear to need work, despite the fact that such dwellings often can be bought for hundreds of thousands of baht less than those that are in move-in condition. Evaluate the pros and cons carefully. Sometimes buyers are reluctant to consider a cluttered house because it appears to be too small. Clutter can produce the illusion that a room or entire resident is smaller than it actually is. To counter your concern, when you return to the cluttered house bring a tape measure. (In fact, take a tape measure with you whenever you go house hunting. Use it when you find a home you particularly like.) For the cluttered home, do not rely upon your eye sight to judge dimensions. Get accurate measurements. You may be pleasantly surprised at the actual size of a room that appears small

because it is loaded with newspapers, old clothes, other useless items, and maybe even garbage. Keeping an open mind about houses that are less than perfect may ultimately buy you a lot more home for a lot less money. Fixer-uppers The accompanying article is not meant to denigrate fixer-uppers, nor to discourage prospects from buying homes that need work. In fact, this category of homes represents an excellent way for many newcomers to afford their first home in Pattaya and for others to move up into larger accommodations— provided they’re willing to assume the cost and the effort it takes to perform the various repairs these homes require. Not all homebuyers are averse to the potential deals often presented by fixers. But those in the market for such homes must take their time and thoroughly investigate all of the repairs a home will need—and most important, how much such work will cost—before

signing on the dotted line. A home that seems like a great bargain now can turn into a real money pit if the buyer does not do the required homework before making the purchase. Caveat emptor. That said, let’s explain what we mean when discussing fixer-uppers. The term is not restricted to any specific definition. It could apply to anything from an historic home that requires some minor repairs and updates to a ramshackle condo with sagging floors, a leaky ceiling and a serious draft problem. Fixers come in all shapes and sizes. If I had to describe the typical fix-up house, it is one that has been allowed to deteriorate in physical condition below neighborhood standards. That could mean the house is well-located and needs only a coat of paint (the easiest and least expensive improvement of all) and a few other cosmetic repairs to make it into model-home condition. Or it could mean a once-brilliant house that some now consider ready for the wrecking ball.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



Are UK house prices going to crash – Part 2

by Simon Philbrook THE TERM house price crash is an evocative one, conjuring up images of stock market-style collapses - but, of course, this is not the way that property prices work. The Black Monday stock market crash, 20 years ago, saw the Dow Jones lose 23% and the FTSE 100 lose 11% of their values in one day, with the FTSE 100 losing a total of 26% during the month of October. When house prices crash you do not walk past the estate agents one morning to find every price has been cut by 10% overnight. For starters, it is an illiquid asset - most people live in their homes and are unlikely to sell them because the price will fall. Instead, a property slump starts with a steady drip of monthly negative growth or stagnation that is compounded over time and

further exacerbated by inflation. The 1990s property crash saw this happen, with Halifax average prices peaking at about ?70,000, in 1989, before a long run of stagnation and monthly losses – with average prices generally falling by less than 1% a month. By the time this run finished in 1995, the average house price stood at ?61,000. This ?9,000 fall over six years represented a 13% drop in prices, but inflation of 34% over the same period left people’s homes worth much less in real terms. Furthermore, a slump will affect certain areas harder than others, in the 1990’s crash the cost of the average London home fell by 25%. The big question is could this happen again? There are definite parallels between the UK property market now and before the 1990’s crash, with rapid house price rises and seriously stretched affordability. Back then it was high interest rates that were the issue, now it is huge mortgages, the end of the “teaser rate” mortgages and maxed out consumer debt. But the crucial difference

is that current economic prospects look benign compared to the early 1990’s, when people were forced to sell their homes as prices fell, unemployment soared and negative equity took hold. Currently, if prices stagnate from their current levels, sellers can afford to sit tight rather than cut their price substantially. With employment high and the economy continuing to grow, homeowners should be able to hold on and those who have owned their home for longer than five to ten years should be protected from negative equity. Any correction is likely to be a relatively slow fall in values in real terms, as house price inflation dips below consumer price inflation (or retail price inflation for those who disbelief the modern day ‘official’ measure of inflation.) The biggest threat to the property market today is from debt. The UK has a personal debt mountain of ?1.3 trillion and rising, double the amount five years ago, and although Bank of England figures show a slowdown in mortgage

approvals, homeowners are still borrowing ?1bn per day. There are indications that borrowers are increasingly struggling to pay mortgages and personal debts, with repossessions and bankruptcy on the increase. If inflation picks up substantially, forcing further rises in interest rates, many more people could be in trouble, especially as lenders are being found to have been dishing out cash recklessly. A similar scenario triggered the slump in the US property market but a vital difference is that Britain has tighter controls on new building and is more dependent on second hand housing stock than America, which has seen boom areas witness vast urban sprawl. If the UK property market slumps, it will be those around the edges that feel it most, mainly recent buy-tolet landlords and first-time buyers, especially those with city centre new build flats. What may happen is a big drop in transactions and market stagnation, with sellers sitting tight, buyers staying away and buy-to-let

landlords proving more resilient than sceptics think and content to sit on what they see as their pension. Making predictions is a mug’s game, but as the scribe it falls to me to stick my neck out. Housing is overpriced and in areas such as London, the South East and Northern Ireland, greed led to a property frenzy, with sellers and agents taking advantage of a shortage of properties for sale. These areas in particular are in more danger of a significant price fall and prices are already down 10% in real terms since last summer. Prices will continue to fall at an ever increasing rate for the next 12 months as a result of the credit squeeze, spiraling consumer debt and worries over inflation. I expect a further 10% fall as an absolute minimum for the market as a whole and a possible further 15%-20% if consumer confidence does not improve from its current level. This means some areas could see a 30% price correction before prices begin to level off and I anticipate this period of stagflation, with interest rates of around 5% here to

stay, lasting for a couple of years. Therefore, it could be not until 2011 before we see any real growth in value in the UK property market. In conclusion, I am not predicting a wholesale crash in the UK housing market, but a much overdue stern correction in prices over the next 18-24 months. My advice is to sit tight if you can and tighten your financial belt in the interim because property has been and always will be a sound investment if financed properly and sensibly in the first place! """"""" For those wanting more information on this or other financial topics then please contact Simon on The above data and research was compiled from sources believed to be reliable, however, neither Hamptons International Mortgages (Thailand) Ltd nor its officers can accept any liability for an errors or omissions in the above article nor bear responsibility for any losses achieved as a result of any actions taken or not taken as a consequence of reading the above article

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Can you get out? ALTHOUGH house fires are rare, they still happen. If they didn’t happen in concrete houses, Pattaya wouldn’t have a fire department. Every now and again we hear about a fire that has devastated an apartment, condo or home. One time I saw on Pattaya TV news where a fire raged through a third floor apartment. Even though the building was concrete the fire found something major to burn. The violent inferno thrashing out the window gave proof that; if anyone had been trapped inside, they would have perished. Therefore, it is in our best interest to take reasonable precautions against having a fire as well as know we can escape should a fire occur. If you smoke, vigilance about how your smoking materials are handled and extinguished is absolutely necessary. I remember when I was 16 and lived in a basement with a concrete floor and walls. I smoked, and each night I enjoyed my last cigarette while lying in bed. After each puff I held my cigarette out over the concrete floor on the theory that, if I fell asleep and dropped the cigarette, no harm would become of it. For months I never fell asleep or dropped a cigarette.

Then one night I had a friend over. We threw a mattress on the floor next to my bed for him to sleep on. I was in no hurry to pick it up, so the next night the mattress still lay there. That night, while having my cigarette, I fell asleep and dropped it. I am very lucky I am here today. The mattress smoldered and filled the room with smoke and poisonous gasses, the very thing that kills most people in fires. Fortunately the acrid smoke burned my nostrils and woke me. In a stupor I slowly realized what was going on, folded the mattress in half and rushed outside. As I threw it on the ground it opened up to the fresh air. Immediately the mattress literally exploded into flames and scared the hell out of me. My point is; we can NEVER get complacent and NEVER be too careful. Yet no matter how careful we are, the threat of fire still exists. This begs we answer a very important question; can we get out? Although the vast majority of us will never experience the horrors of a house fire, we still must consider our ability to escape our living space in case it ever happens. Because most Thai living spaces have bars on the windows, the mere thought of

being a prisoner in your home, condo or apartment during a fire should be unsettling for most people. Although we all want to feel secure from break-ins and robbery, we also don’t want to be discovered after a fire lying inside our home next to a barred window we were unable to get out of. The ability to escape a house fire should be thought of in the same terms as why we buy insurance. None of us expect to have accidents or ill health, but we purchase insurance to protect us from catastrophic financial ruin in case we should become the recipient of a bad financial experience. If we find it necessary to protect ourselves from unexpected financial loss, it certainly should be of major concern to protect our health from an occurrence which is ultimately more important, the unexpected loss of life due to being trapped in a fire. There are several ways of protecting yourself. Firstly, research has proven that most people who die in a fire do so while sleeping and perish from inhaling toxic fumes long before the fire ever reaches them. Most people are aware of the importance of smoke detectors. They are inexpensive, and even if you live in a concrete home

like I do the toxic fumes from a smoldering couch or the melting plastic of a burning TV can kill you even if your concrete house or apartment never catches on fire. In addition, most people also want to know they can get out of their residence should a fire occur. There are window companies in Pattaya that offer very high security windows that don’t require bars for protection from intrusion. They have glass that is practically bullet proof and locking mechanisms that are very secure. It should not be necessary to go the expense of replacing every window in your home with high-tech security windows, but it would be

prudent to at least have your bedroom windows replaced. If you live in a two story home, having a portable ladder upstairs in each bedroom that can be lowered down the side of your house in case of an emergency is another inexpensive life protecting device. If you can’t find this item ready made and for sale on the market, you can easily make one out of a length of rope with loops tied in it so you have a place to put your feet as you climb down. The rope can be secured to a metal ring mounted on the wall or simply tied to a heavy piece of furniture like the leg of your bed or dresser. Remember to also plan an emergency escape route. We

all remember fire drills back in school, and we notice that public buildings, especially hotels, display escape routes. We should also have a fire escape plan for getting out of our homes, apartments or condos. This is extremely important if you have children. Regardless of how you choose to protect yourself, keep in mind that no matter how unlikely we think house fires can happen, they do occur. Trying to remove the bars on your windows while flames are licking at your backside is not the ideal time to contemplate your options or lamenting what you should have done. As mom always told me, “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Golden rules of luxury property investment WITH 6 YEARS’+ intimate involvement in Pattaya’s property market, & writer of numerous 5-star reviews, Beach Properties gave recommendations of prime investment opportunities & assessment criteria. CRITERIA 1. universal appeal 2.uniqueness – architectural style –marketability 3. security of tenure – ownership & leasehold structure established 4. layout – quality, efficacy of style & function 5. quality of lifestyle 6. exterior & interior design excellence 7. financing & property management 8. viability – profitability & risk management 9. location - 5-star facilities infrastructure – land potential Pattaya, now firmly established as a luxury resort destination, is the focal centre of a medical & recreation - rich, industrial hinterland with 19 industrial estates. Significant future catalysts are likely to be the Bangkok – Eastern Seaboard fast - rail link, the coming of the Turf Club & a casino. Property values, constant through the recent market downturn, are projected to double over the next 2 years, attracting astute expressions of interest from the Asian economies, the CIS & enterprising UK & US investors. All of which make Pattaya a prime investment opportunity for buy – to let, residential, & 2nd home properties. Three properties stand

out as being the optimal, gilt - edged investment opportunities with the most growth potential, fulfilling my criteria: Ocean 1 Tower, The Vineyard & Palm Grove Resort. Their salient features can be viewed on their respective websites, detailed below. OCEAN 1 TOWER Nothing so epitomizes Pattaya’s renaissance as Ocean 1. This ultra luxurious, 91 storey, 611 unit, beach side condominium, project of Siam Best Enterprises, prestigious residential developers, designed by Woods Bagot, is Thailand’s tallest residential building, whose regional impact will replicate the magnitude of Europe’s gothic cathedrals. A futuristic icon as memorable as the Empire State Building, it will be a magnet of development & investment destined to put Pattaya on the map as no building before it. How many buildings have drawn so much international praise from such as the Wall Street Journal and Luxist even before their foundation stones have been laid? As a prime, pre - build investment, with the potential of a top rank IPO, value appreciation is guaranteed. Ocean 1 will rank as the Pole Star of new hi - rise residential developments, becoming the focal centre of the city. As Ocean 1 elevates its privileged residents towards the heavens, it will bring the Elysian Fields down to earth, creating a divinely -

envious lifestyle & conferring kudos upon its investors & residents. Within its aegis will be an up – market shopping plaza, hosting exclusive retailers,

with comprehensive property management by Plus Property Company. The Vineyard offers 40% Deferred payments over 4-6 years, HIGH

night club & a 5 – star restaurant. Ocean 1’s high – estate lifestyle facilities include 3 restaurants, 3 swimming pools, lap pool, jaccuzi, sauna, steam baths, outdoor salas, jogging track, gym, spa, 24 - hour medical services & marine privileges. Furthermore, Ocean 1 exemplifies planetary concern, pioneering eco - friendliness with its wave - theme design, cutting - edge technology & cost & energy - efficient facilities. Freehold, property management, purchase inducements & assisted finance. Siam Best Enterprises: 038-756646

RENTAL RETURNS, 100% LEGAL foreign property ownership. BravoThai Lifestyle: 089-867 7969

THE VINEYARD Located in Mabprachan, Pattaya’s most accessible, up-&-coming location, The Vineyard is a superb, boutique project of elegant, luxury villas, created to maximise the privileged residents’ enjoyment of a rich, tropical lifestyle. The Vineyard is developed by BravoThai Lifestyle, whose experience includes development in London’s prestigious Docklands. The unique, aesthetic minimalist lines of each villa’s Zen-Thai architecture blend seamlessly with the surrounding 500 sq.m. luxuriant, landscaped, tropical garden on 800 sq.m. total land area, while the panoramic vistas of the terraced roof garden & rooftop spa, augmented by the 54 sq.m. infinity-edge swimming pool, conspire to produce a totally magical, Oriental living experience. It stands out amongst many potential investment projects due to it’s proximity to an abundance of world class golf courses attracting great rental returns and capital gains potential. Tranquillity is assured by 24-hour security, enhanced with individual, 2-metre high perimeter walls ensuring complete privacy,

PALM GROVE RESORT This in vogue, picturesque, South of France-like locale, nearby idyllic Baan Amphur Beach, Palm Grove Resort is a boutique, 5-star destination of 50 luxury suites, offering comprehensive, 24-hour services and home-fromhome comforts. Developed by Global Link Assets in

partnership with Thai legal associates, with a legacy of prestige developments in the UK, US & Australia, Palm Grove is raising benchmarks of opulent lifestyle for residents & tourists alike. The architectural style of Palm Grove Resort, a synergy of Thai curves with European lines, enhanced by the apartmentfronting, reflection pools & fountains, salas & lush tropical vegetation, creates an ambiance of tranquillity & peace. Palm Grove’s management is also committed to local community enhancement by improving infrastructure & cleaning the environment, including the nearby beach.

Amenities include a Club House, housing a finedining restaurant serving Thai, Western and Fusion cuisine, a spa, recreational facilities, with two swimming pools to facilitate the athletic. Comprehensive, high return, rental management programme, Developer Assisted Finance, 100% legal foreign property ownership, leasehold in perpetuity via UK trust. Global Link Assets : 081 982 8308 Palm Grove are currently offering “a complimentary food & wine menu” in conjunction with a guided inspection tour of the resort. For hotel pick up. Please call 081 982 8308

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


CB Richard Ellis Thailand looks ahead to third decade of Thai operations BANGKOK – 9 JUNE 2007 – CB Richard Ellis, Thailand’s leading international property consultant company, marks its 20th anniversary today. Ms. Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, Managing Director, attributes the company’s success and longevity to its executives, many who have been with CB Richard Ellis Thailand for more than 15 years, and their hard work, expertise, and passion. CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. (NYSE:CBG), a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company headquartered in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm (in terms of 2007 revenue). The company serves real estate owners, investors and occupiers through more than 300 offices worldwide (excluding affiliate offices). CB Richard Ellis is the only commercial real estate services company named one of the 50 “best in class” companies by BusinessWeek, and was also named one of the 100 fastest growing companies by Fortune.

property market, CB Richard Ellis Thailand has sold over 300 residential units with a total value of over THB 6 billion in the first five months of this year, almost twice the sales value at this point last year. Ms. Aliwassa believes that this velocity of sales indicates the resilience of the Thai property market, especially the high-end sector, and the benefit of the Thai Government’s stimulus package of low transfer costs and reduced property taxes on transactions of completed units. The company is optimistic as it enters its third decade of operations, having witnessed first-hand the growth of the Thai real estate sector, starting with the first wave of condominium development in the late 80s, through the Asian Financial Crisis, and into a more mature, sophisticated development cycle beginning in early 2000. Today developments are of much higher quality and better-planned, and buyers

CB Richard Ellis Thailand was the first international property consultant to operate in Thailand, opening in 1988. It has grown to four officesBangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Pattaya - with a total of over 700 employees. The company focuses on quality in both the client’s projects and its own services. Its core businesses are agency services and project marketing, and the company specializes in advising on projects including high-end residential, office, retail, industrial, investment and resort properties, and then positioning and successfully taking them to market. These marketing services are complemented by professional services including research & consulting, valuation, and property management. CB Richard Ellis is also the largest provider of advice to office and industrial property occupiers in Thailand. In 2007, over 1,600 transactions, worth over Baht 20 billion, were concluded by the company. Despite global concerns about the international

have become more discerning as Thai attitudes towards cityliving have shifted, especially with the advent of the BTS skytrain and the MRT. Mr. David Simister, Chaiman, points to the continued development of Phuket as an example of the potential of Thailand’s resort markets. “When we first marketed Laguna Phuket in 1990, the west coastal road was incomplete. Amanpuri was the only luxury resort. Today, demand is no longer regional but international. Phuket now boasts eight golf courses, two major shopping malls, three marinas (with a fourth under construction), and numerous luxury hotels and ocean-front real estate that increases in value year on year. To market effectively, CB Richard Ellis is developing its worldwide network, and we believe our global reach will become more and more significant.” CB Richard Ellis dominates the Bangkok office sector, and over the past three years has leased out over 100,000 square metres of office premises per

year, which is approximately 70% of the net take-up and includes most grade A office developments in Bangkok. Major investment property transactions in which CB Richard Ellis has been involved over the past two decades include the recent sale of the British Embassy land, the sale of The River site to Raimon Land, the sale of Exchange Tower, the sale of The Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Building and the sale of Tropicana Hotel in Phuket. Valuation, consulting and research clients have included major investment banks, property developers, international hotel operators and many others. Ms. Aliwassa believes the residential sector will continue to be a driving force behind the Thai property market for the remainder of 2008. Currently, CB Richard Ellis represents over 20 luxury residential developments located in Bangkok and major resort destinations, including the recently launched The Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences, Royce Private Residences (Bangkok), White Sand Beach (Pattaya), and The W Koh Samui Retreat & Residences. “We expect the Thai property market to enter a period of growth this year, with expansion in the property investment market on both an individual and institutional level. Thai property remains very competitively priced, especially on a regional basis. Good land plots for development are scarce in all sectors, particularly in the CBD and resort islands. Projects with a combination of good location, unique selling points and market-focused design will continue to outperform the market,” Ms. Aliwassa noted. “The government could provide additional stimulus by reviewing rules and regulations concerning the property sector, as many are outdated and could be improved to match changing global trends, in issues including foreign ownership, taxation, foreign exchange, immigration, consumer protection and building code.” “The present day Thai property sector is not based on speculation; debt levels have been well managed in almost all projects, and demand is consistent and real. We see the property sector being one of the key drivers of Thailand’s economy going forward, but investor confidence will play a major role in the final outcome,” she concluded.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



Ask Andy Looking for a solution to problems in or around your house? Email questions to: Petrol Pointers Spiraling oil prices (not to mention everything else in Thailand lately) are playing havoc with my budget, Andy. The cost of living here is reaching a point where I may not be able to afford to live much longer in this third world country with first world prices. There may be nothing you can do to control prices, but maybe you can offer some tips on how I and other devoted Handy Andy fans can save money on petrol. Please, Andy, anything would help. Melanie from New Zealand There are several things you can do, Melanie, to help improve mileage and save you hundreds—if not thousands—of baht on your gasoline expenses. Whether you drive a thrifty hybrid vehicle or a large pick-up or SUV, you will get better mileage if it is running at peak efficiency, with a clean engine. As a bonus, if the vehicle is well maintained it will last longer and yield a higher resale value. Secondly, ensure that your tires are properly inflated. Under-inflated tires not only pose a safety hazard, they also waste fuel. In fact, under-inflated tires may be the leading cause of lowerthan-expected mileage. Tires under-inflated by only 5 pounds could reduce mileage by 2 percent. Doesn’t sound like much, but it could amount to thousands of baht a year. Wheel alignment also impacts both fuel economy and safety. Improperly aligned tires cause drag, thus increasing fuel consumption and lowering mileage. Alignment should be checked each time the tires are rotated. And tire rotation itself will help them wear evenly, thereby improving fuel economy. Remove any unneeded items from your vehicle; whatever you can to lighten the load and improve mileage. Driving habits also can help. Get into the habit of combining trips—run errands en route to or from work. Do your banking, shopping, visiting all in one trip. Not only does that cut down on klicks, it also allows optimum mileage because engines are more

efficient when warm. Avoid quick starts and stops, drive at a constant speed, use cruise control on highways. And walk more, drive less. ##### Old Timer I have an old clock that needs cleaning and adjusting, Andy. Are you aware of any suitable clock repairers in the area? Tony After checking a couple dozen potential repair shops, Tony, I came up with only one that would even consider working on an old clock. I cannot attest to their suitability, but it appears there is not much choice. The place is called Som Boon Watch Shop, located on the south side of South Pattaya Road, just two doors east of Soi Day Night. (South, for you Brits, means the same side of the street that TokCom is on; east is away from the sea.) As the business name implies, they are a watch shop (sales and repairs), but will check your clock and make repairs if the problem is not beyond their expertise. If you’d like to call first, the number is 081 420-3770 (Mr. Teng). ##### Tiny Buggers “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” is what Mom used to say almost every night when she tucked me in. I had no idea what she was talking about...then. But now maybe I do. I’ve been waking up for the last few mornings with little bite marks all over my body. I’ve searched my bedding for bugs and don’t see any, but something must be biting me. Are they bedbugs, Andy? I don’t really know what bedbugs are. Simon in Sri Racha Bedbugs are small, flat, wingless insects with six legs that, like mosquitoes, feed on blood from animals or people. That includes you, Simon. But don’t fear, they are more of a nuisance than a health hazard. Bedbugs eat only for about three minutes, during which time they inject a numbing agent into your skin, so you don’t know you’ve been bitten until morning. By

that time the nocturnal critters are hiding in your mattress or elsewhere , and you’ve got red spots and some itching. Not treatment is needed unless a secondary infection occurs (maybe from scratching), in which case apply a local antiseptic lotion or antibiotic ointment. If severe, consult a doctor. You don’t see bedbugs because they are tiny (about .5 centimeters), white or tan, and good at concealing themselves. Check your mattress carefully for bugs and signs of bugs (feces, blood spots). If infested, call in a pest control expert and put all your bedding in a hot clothes dryer. ##### Dog Years My German Shepard has arthritis, Andy. She’s an old timer (about 14 years old) and doesn’t complain. The vet who diagnosed her said there isn’t much he can do for a dog with arthritis. Is that true? Do you have any suggestions? Robert It’s not unusual for large, older dogs to be afflicted with arthritis, Robert, and as far as I know, your vet is right: there is little he can do for her. However, there are several things you can do. If your dog is overweight, you might put her on a diet; losing weight will help lighten the load on those achy joints. A 20-

minute walk several times a day can reduce the progression of arthritis and keep the joints limber. If your old buddy sleeps indoors, make sure the air con isn’t set too cold, or allow her to sleep in a warm area. Also, provide her with soft bedding to reduce discomfort. Finally, moist heat applied for 20 minutes twice a day can be a great comfort.

##### Hang Ups Quick question, Andy. My bathroom is small. Very small. It has a sink, toilet, hand-held shower and one small towel rack. That’s it. No vanity. No cabinets. Nothing. Not even a place to hang anything. So what can I do with things like a back brush, wash cloth, or hand towel? Melvin

I assume, Melvin, that the walls are tile and you cannot attach hooks and the like. You can try those paste-on hooks (sometimes they work), or try this: replace the bottom screws of the towel rack with cup hooks. Small towels, washcloths, and even your back brush may be hung from them. —Handy Andy


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



Golf from The Cafe Kronborg Lawn Bowls – “Pattaya Challenge” RAYONG GREEN VALLEY ( Stableford) The Rayong Green Valley Layout was host to a Stableford Competition. The Course on the day was in very good condition, but we had a threat of rain all the way around. Fortunately it held off. Ted Morris was the winner on the day with 37 points. Back in the dust we had a countback on 33 points that saw Kevin Dinan in second and Dave Richardson in third. Thursday the 5th July 2008: Plutaluang ( Stableford) Nice day, nice results, pity about the Course.This for many Years has been my attitude, and why should I change it?. Well, all the ‘Plutaluang People’ tend to give me a hard time, and I have to

and on Sunday the result was three all this converted into points means that the Retreat MANY people outside the hold a fourteen points to ten sport are unaware that Pattaya lead going into the second round. now has two lawn bowls The top team of the operations. The “Bowling weekend and who were Green” in Pattaya which has been established for presented with a trophy at many years and now has the presentation that took new management and the place after a fabulous buffet new “Retreat” bowling club by the Bowling Green on the outskirts of the management were Albert, town. Steve and May from the For some time it had been Retreat. considered that the two I will bring you the final clubs should arrange and result after the second Albert and May being presented with hold an inter club event. round in two weeks time. their trophies by Steve from the Well I am pleased to I am very happy to report Bowling Green report that the first round that the involvement of of the inaugural triples were held by six teams players in the sport is having a “Pattaya Challenge” was from each club. revival after some time in the held over the weekend of the On Saturday the Bowling doldrums. Long may it 8th and 9th June at the Bowling Green lost four matches to two continue.

by Barry Hooper

by Derek Brook

Ted Morris On this day we did play the good prices. So sat there it was S & E and it was in good time to look at the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 16 the condition and continues to improve. I am given to winner was Bob Pierce with 35 understand that in the near points on countback over Bob future the Course will change Benda, while Mike Gosden was so that South and North will be in third with 33 points on

P.S.C from Tropical Bert's do not mind playing this 18 holes, and of course it saves having to get the cattle off the other 18 holes. Can you believe that some of our players actually wanted to play North and West. We will visit them at ‘The Home’. They tried to tell

We had a slow round as we encountered some ‘Many Balls’, still it was not too bad. Back at Bert’s all awaited the results, however it soon became apparent that Perry and Dick had had a bad day. So to the results and the winner with 35

Colin with Craig Turner of Alan Bolton Property Consultants Month’. On this day as we met me it was a real test. at Bert’s for brekkers, the The South and East on the favourites were Perry and Dick day also proved to be a real who both had 3 points. The test, and a strong wind did not winners of the two counting help. A lot of work has gone previous games were not in into the improvements and town, so could we have a while it still has a lot of long surprise winner. All Dick and leaf grass, the greens are now Perry needed was a second quite good and a test. Probably place. this 18 holes are the best value Off we went to Plutaluang, around, especially with the and we played the South and prices in the restaurant and the East Nines. I have to say that changing room facilities. Mind this 18 holes is getting better Greenwood push it close and and is now a pleasure to play. I the Course is better.

The Winners points was Colin Cronin with Mashi Kenata in second with 34 points, Tom Cotton in third with 33 points and Richard Line in fourth on countback over John Heffernam, both 32 points. With this result Colin Cronin was catapulted into the lead and became ‘The Alan Bolton Golfer Of The Month’, well done Colin. T.T.F.N. Near Pin Colin Cronin Dick Warberg Peter King Long Put Steve Hamstad Colin Cronin

by Derek Brook PLUTALUANG ( Stableford) There is always something special about the last match of the month, as it usually provides a surprise winner of ‘The Alan Bolton Golfer of The Kevin Dinan say that of late the South and East have improved greatly, the other 18 holes I try not to play. Dave tends to book this place regularly as it is one of his favourites with really good prices and an overall package that is hard to beat, still !!!.

one 18 holes and East and West the other 18 holes, could be interesting. One of the good things about this Course is that the changing room now is quite good, with good showers and the restaurant has fine views with

Green with a return event being held at the Retreat on the 21st and 22nd June. Over the two days of competition twelve matches of

Bob Pearce countback over Derek Brook. In the B Flight the winner was Kevin Dinan with the best score of the day 38 points, then we had a countback on 35 points that saw Dave Richardson in second and Nigel Perry in third. T.T.F.N.

Bunker June golf sched

Register by 09.30am Return scorecards by 1845pm Presentation @ 1900 pm.



Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Golf from the “Travellers Rest” Golf from The Outback Golf Bar by Barry Hooper SIX TWO’S On Monday the 2nd June at Green Valley six two’s were recorded in the days competition. This is another first for the TRGG. They were Brian Beupre (2) Ray Allison, Fergus Brennan, Phil Knight, and the winner of the event Rick Scramm who took the event by

Roger Wilkinson picked up the two’s for himself Thursday 5th June was a visit to Phoenix as last week. Again we had a large turn out with some nineteen players in attendance so two divisions were played 0 to 15 and 16 up. This course is very popular with the members and I had it reported that the course was in great condition and as always

Sat Winners – Rich Moore and Mod Chaviraksa

three clear points with a forty two. Brian Beupre was second with thirty eight and third man was Robert Lamond with thirty seven. Everyone I spoke to was singing the praises of the course and just what good condition it was in. It was obviously good for two’s. Tuesdays outing on the third was to Plutaluang with a small turnout. The condition of the course was great but the fairways are not to every bodies taste with the broad leaved grasses that have been used. But this did not stop Jack (money) Mooney from winning the day with thirty six points just the one clear of Paul Challis at thirty five and Colin Cronin who we have not seen much of lately coming third with thirty four.

the treatment by staff second to none. The top two order was reversed this week with (Mr. Organiser) Fergus Brennan going one better than last week and taking the event in division A with a clear forty two points. Robert Lamond was three back in second with thirty nine and third was Brian Beupre with thirty seven. In division B the honours went to the ladies for the first two places with Mod Chaviraksa who I understand has been having some serious coaching of late and it is obviously paying off beating Orowan Sodok on count back both with thirty nine points. Gunnar Vangenes a new name to me was third with thirty seven. Fergus Brennan picked up the two’s. Mod’s handicap was lowered by two to fourteen

Results of Re-arranged Fixtures Mega FCUK 8 v 7 Shoot Pool Mega FCUK 11 v 4 Shenanigans

and Orowan Sodok to twenty six Saturday the 7th June and back to Emerald we went. Only a small turnout just eight this week. This is in the main because a lot of our regular visitors have returned home and the new faces who keep turning up not out regularly yet. However the course was testing and several greens had been sanded and not brushed in which caused some consternation for some players. However this did not stop Rich Moore for firing in a massive forty four points off his twenty eight handicap to take the day leaving every body in his wake including second placed Mod Chaviraksa back on thirty seven. Third was Mike Gosden back yet another five points on thirty two. Mike’s win resulted in his handicap being lowered to twenty four Results for the week – Monday 2nd June at Green Valley Rick Scramm 41 hc 10 Brian Beupre 38 hc 05 Robert Lamond 37 hc 07 Phil Knight 35 hc 11 Twos- Fergus Brennan, Ray Allison, Brian Beupre(2), Phil Knight and Rick Scramm Tuesday 3 rd June at Plutaluang Jack Mooney 36 hc 12 Paul Challis 35 hc 30 Colin Cronin 34 hc 15 Two’s – Roger Wilkinson Thursday 5 th June @ Phoenix Divison 1 (0-15) Fergus Brennan 42 hc 10 Robert Lamond 39 hc 07 Brian Beupre 37 hc 09 Phil Knight 36 hc 11 c/b Division 2 (16 up) Mod Chaviraksa 39 hc 16 c/b Orowan Sodok 39 hc 28 c/b Gunnar Vangenes 37 hc 28 Colin Cronin 32 hc 16 Two’s - Fergus Brennan Saturday 7 th June @ Emerald Rich Moore 44 hc 28 Mod Chaviraksa 37 hc 14 Mike Gosden 32 hc 06


by Joey’s Column BURAPHA Monday 2nd June A & B off the blues for the third week in a row and the Outbackers are getting too used to this course, no less than seven of them playing to their handicap or better. Highest score of the day went to Bruce Milner with 40 points from Dave Porter off his new 13, soon to be 12, handicap on 39. Don Francis pipped Rick Sharp on countback for third, both with 38. Harvey Samuel took the B Division easily by three, which included two 2’s in the round, believed to be for the first time. Trudy put the guys in Division C to shame with an excellent 37 points. A total of 41 golfers played today divided into 3 divisions The results as follows:Div A (0 - 13) 14 Players h’cap score 1st Milner, Bruce 13 40 2nd Porter, Dave 13 39 3rd Frances, Donald 11 38 4th Sharp, Rick 13 38 Div B (14 - 19) 12 players h’cap score 1st Samuel, Harvey 18 38 2nd Bailey, Ken 14 35 3rd Persson, Dennis 17 35 4th O’Neill, Frank 16 33 Div C (20 +) 15 Players h’cap score 1st Chadbourn, Trudy 27 37 2nd O’Brien, Mike 20 36 3rd Rothberg, Barry 20 35 4th Gibson, Peter 29 34 There were 8 TWOs today from Rick Sharp, Dave Porter, Bruce McAdam, Bruce Milner, Don Frances, Bernie Segrave and Harvey Samuel had 2. PHOENIX Tuesday 3rd June 10 seem to be the regular number that can get up for this early slot. Welcome to a couple of new faces today, namely Dick Hobson from Perth & Andrew Jardine from Hong Kong. The triple rollover two’s went eventually to Barry Chadbourn & David Evans who shared the pot. The day was won by Bob Pearce on countback from the course specialist Norm Martin, with a rather ordinary 32 points. A total of 10 golfers played today in one division The results as follows:10 Players h’cap score 1st Pearce, Bob 11 32 2nd Martin, Norm 23 32 3rd Jardine, Andrew 18 31 There were 2 TWOs today from Barry Chadbourn & Dave Evans CRYSTAL BAY Wednesday 4th June The second visit to this wonderful resort course in as many weeks saw a depleted number in the field as a result of 10 Outbackers playing a MBMG league match against Angkana House at Phoenix. Nevertheless 17 played in one division which was won by Ian Covill with 38 points beating

Sunny Khanna by one. Third place went to the in form Bruce Milner, second time in the frame this week. A total of 17 golfers played today in one division The results as follows:17 Players h’cap score 1st Covill, Ian 13 38 2nd Khanna, Sunny 13 37 3rd Milner, Bruce 13 35 4th Davisson, Chris 9 35 5th Langoulant, Rosco 16 34 There were 6 TWOs today from:- Bruce Milner, Chris Davisson, Sunny Khanna, Kathy Doody, Ian Covill & Paul Crosland SIAM PLANTATION Friday 6th June Fifty Nine golfers enjoyed yet another Outbacker

A total of 59 golfers played today divided into 4 divisions The results as follows:Overall 1st Pavlovic, Don 15 40 2nd Tonkhoksoong, Pimusa 20 38 3rd Moore, Mick 25 36 Div A (0 - 11) 14 Players h’cap score 1st Kith 8 33 2nd Moseley, Jack 8 32 3rd Davisson, Chris 9 30 Div B (12 - 16) 14 players h’cap score 1st Lindborg, Bob 15 34 2nd Langoulant, Rosco 16 33 3rd Khanna, Sunny 13 30 Div C (17 - 22) 15 players h’cap score 1st Bennett , Robbie 19 33 2nd Potts, Cambell 20 31

Micky Moore having his cake & eating it with his lovely girlfriend Sisanta Birthday Cup, this time 3rd Rothberg, Barry 20 27 sponsored by Mick Moore Div D (23 +) 13 Players who at one stage looked as h’cap score though he might win his own 1st Brenton, Mark 28 30 competition, but late in the day 2nd Dillon, John 25 29 both Pimusa & Don Pavlovic 3rd Dinan, J Kevin 24 28 came in with brilliant scores of There were 4 TWOs today 38 & 40 respectively. Sugarcane from Robbie Bennett, Graham & Pineapple again this week and Buckingham, Jack Spencer & for those of you that are Nigel Perry interested the course was set The Outback Golf Bar is up with 7 yellow tees & 11 situated about 6km from white tees giving a total length Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam of 3246 yards on Sugarcane & Country. All are welcome to 3293 on Pineapple. That come and join us for a beer and would, on length alone, rate the a hit. Just call in and put your course at 70.6 with a slope of name down on the list or give 118. However, both will Bob a call on 087 941 2474. increase quite dramatically Now we have our own when the difficulty of the greens minibus and have started regular is added in. Pattaya pickups on our golf There were some wicked pin days. placements but unlike last EXCLUSIVE DEAL at week, 4 players managed to Siam’s new Plantation course share the sizeable rollover two every Friday, starting 23rd pot. Mick also put up some May. near pin prizes that were won More information can be by Capt’ Bob & Robbie found on our website Bennett. Back at the ranch, cottage pie and a selection That’s all for now. If you have of other delights were enjoyed any thoughts, scandalous by all, courtesy of Mick. stories or suggestions, why not Thanks young man & Happy drop me a line at Birthday. joey@outbackgolfbar.


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Latest golf from The Bunker by Mick Monday 2nd June Crystal Bay 1st Geoff Parker (16) 37 points 2nd Alan Sullivan (15) 37 points 3rd Colin Stokes 24) 37 points Playing Stableford on the Monday at Crystal Bay there was a three way tie with the Bunker Boy’s and on a count back it was Geoff Parker who came out on top, Alan Sullivan just edged out Colin Stokes by one shot to take second place, all three scoring 37 points. Alan Sullivan got one of the near pin prizes too along with Tony Robbins, Paul Smith and Glen Cunningham. Wednesday 4th June Emerald 1st John McDonald (6) net 71 2nd Paul Smith (3) net 73 3rd Mick Benton (20) net 75 4th Roger Privett (15) net 77 Playing Medal at the Emerald the low handicappers took control as you might expect and it was John McDonald who fared the best

ST ANDREWS ( Stableford) Good thing about This time of year it is the special ‘Sports Day Rates’ that come along. Most of the Courses have a special on, and as we play on a Tuesday we usually take advantage of the Tuesday Sports Day. The ‘Special’ on this day was at St Andrews and the players at Bert’s do like visiting this Course, in fact it is their favourite and they insist I book it as soon as it comes on offer. The good thing about the Course is it is very difficult, but it is also picturesque and quiet. Once you get on the Course a quiet descends and you are in your own little World. Of course the fairways are well defined, and the greens are tricky but that is all to be

Three Sisters Golf

by Paul Donahue THE beginning of June - Bob Benda was on a rampage as he dominated the field. Bob turned the corner with 21 points in hand and kept going. He finished with a birdie on the 18th to cap off

his day with 41 points. Bob’s driving and putts were spot on. He is now waiting for the axe to fall to see whether he will be cut at knees or at the ankle. Walt Straub also had a good day as he came in with 37 points. It was one of

his better days but he could not compete with Bob. His score was good enough to come in second as the next golfer had only 34 points. Last week Dale Murphy was at the top but dropped to the third spot this week

MBMG Pattaya Golf Matchplay League John Hughes May golfer of the month winning with a one under par and after a count back Stan net 71, Paul Smith claimed Watkins claimed second place, second place with a one over Peter Habgood took third place par net 73 Mick Benton came and William Macey came third with net 75 and Roger fourth all of them scoring 33 Privett came fourth with net 77. points. The best round of the Winner John McDonald was day however was played by a near pin prize winner too as Wednesday’s winner John were Tony Robbins, Tony McDonald who shot a great 41 Berry and William Macey. points to take the lions share Friday 6th June of the spoils. Plutaluang Near pins went to William Playing Stableford on the Macey, John Hughes and two South and East courses at the were won by Geoff Hart fresh Royal Thai Navy course three from his lovely holiday in the players finished with 33 points UK!

Golf From Tropical Bert's by Derek Brook


expected. One of the good things here is the Clubhouse, the showers are fine and modern and the Restaurants are good with fine food and cold beer. Soon it was time to leave and get back to Bert’s. We had plenty of time there to sit and drink, on Bert’s ‘Golfers Special’, as one of the cars got ‘lost’, and unfortunately it had two of the three winners in. So we had a few more drinks and finally they tottered through the door. The winner with 36 points was John Heffernan ahead of Bill

John Heffernan Knight with 35 points who won on countback over Richard Line in third. In fourth was Dick Warberg with 33 points. T.T.F.N. Near Pin Richard Line Daryl Evans Dick Warberg Long Put John Heffernan Dick Warberg

Bill Knight

Richard Line

ANGKANA House v The Outback Golf Bar (4th June) Phoenix was the chosen venue for the return fixture between Angkana House and The Outback with the Angkana team looking to gain a little revenge for being on the end of what can only be described as a ‘drubbing’ in the first meeting of these teams earlier in the year. Certainly it was a pleasant surprise for Clive Robinson, the Angkana Captain, to see on his arrival at least half his troops warming up on the driving range (as opposed to the bar) a good one hour before tee off, a sure sign they were ‘up for this one’. As it transpired their dedication appears to have paid dividends as Angkana raced into a early lead with Marty Allred and Clive Robinson defeating Brian Holden and Jack Moseley 5/4 and 4/3 respectively. Neil Hughes managed to stem the tide for The Outback with a fine 3/2 win over Jerry Dicks but the Angkana guys were relentless on this occasion, despite a 4/2 win for Geoff Doody over Terry Tucker. A special mention here for two ‘rookies’ from the Angkana namely Trevor Loerch and Herb Pastor who both managed to record victories having never played competitive singles matchplay before, no mean achievement , specially for Herb who was four down at one stage and managed to snatch victory on the last hole. As with all these matches it is the taking part that matters and win lose or draw all were played in an excellent spirit which at the end of the day is what it is all about. Back to the Angkana House then for some food and a few beers and having had many good times at the Outback Bar

in the past it was nice for once to be able to reciprocate and offer some hospitality to Jack and his team, and as always regardless of the result a good time was had by all. In the two other matches Result Details

played last week, both at Bangpra, The Driving Range secured a win over Caf? Kronborg and Tropical Berts were defeated by The Bunker, full results and current table below.

Phoenix – Weds. 4th June Angkana House won 7 ? to 2 ?

Bangpra - Thurs 29th May The Driving Range won 3 ? to 2 ?

Bangpra - Fri 30th May The Bunker won 7 matches to 3

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



he Slings and Arrows of Misplaced Fortune: Recently a regular reader of this newspaper sent a well-written email to another columnist and included a criticism of this page, which he requested be somehow passed on. The criticism concerned what he believed to be a consistent promotion of the Diamond ogling den (Soi Diamond), suggesting I was more closely connected with this establishment than I cared to admit. I have had similar critics over the eight years of this column, suggesting my involvement with such diverse joints as Winchester, Dollhouse, Club Electric Blue, Spicy Girls, and even TQ2 and the Asylum was more than simply journalistic. What the owners or managers of all the abovementioned places have -or had with three of them- in common is/was an ability to get off their backsides and send emails at appropriate times informing me of upcoming dance contests, birthdays, anniversaries, or other activities in their bars. This translates, naturally, into column space in this newspaper. I’ve said it many times before: no one is barred from sending me information about events. Unfortunately, far too many bar operators leave it until past the editorial deadline to impart information. I can remember just one column I penned that contained nothing but information about upcoming parties and events, all the information provided well ahead of time by a variety of bar owners. Currently, places such as New Living Dolls 1, Club

Boesche, Secrets, Casino Club, Lam Morrison Rock Club, Baby Dolls, Windmill, and the aforementioned Diamond, are among the few who seem well-enough prepared to send relevant information at appropriate times. So let’s get the facts straight. For the record, out of my last 23 columns stretching back to July 2007Diamond has received just six specific entries, five of them relating to dance contests. The number of words used is 806, which equates to 0.02 per cent of my total word output in that time. Hardly gilding the Lilly. At no time in this period have I recommended Diamond as a place to visit outside of a dance contest or special event. Where the criticism is somewhat justified is in the regular use of photographs from Diamond dance contests, anniversaries, and the like. I stand guilty as charged. Unfortunately, in recent months I have not had access to a wider variety of photographs from other places for a number of reasons. Due to this lack of photographic variety I can either forgo providing a picture or, as I have done, go back through the most recent collection and dig out what looks to be the best of those so far unused. In summary: I do not have, and never have had, any financial share or any other interest in any currently operating bar of any description in Pattaya, be it overt or covert. I am not paid money or in barter by any owner of a bar to publicise or promote any premises, nor would I accept such. I am

employed to write for this newspaper, and can assure readers the proprietors do not ask me to concentrate or favour any particular place. In fact, they are constantly fielding complaints from disgruntled bar owners and sundry others who feel slighted or affronted in some way. After 23 years in journalism most of it is water off a shagger’s back. Not so Secret Afternoon Delight: My spies tell me the afternoon coyote dance brigade number about 20 operating in the Secrets lounge-lizard libation room (Soi 14, off Walking Street) and a couple of jaded types suggested there were quite a few who were well worth more than a second look. Still Got the Blues: The long-established Blues Factory live-music venue (Soi Lucky Star, off Walking Street) offers a happy hour from 7:00 until 10:00PM with draught amber fluid at 50 baht and most other libations 100 baht. That said, the main reason for going to the place is to see the house band, which comes on stage at around 10:00PM. Lead guitarist ‘Snowman’ keeps the sound tight and humming along in what really is a worthwhile live show. Libations are not unreasonable for a live music place with house liver wasters at 140 baht and lolly water 95 baht. From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: When a relatively small den of the chrome pole manages to have 30-plus dancing damsels and possibly half a dozen of these are what one might term ‘tasty’ then you know it’s worthy of more than a single libation. Such a place is Naughty Girls (Soi Diamond), where my only real complaint concerns a pricing policy where house liver wasters are definitely overpriced at 130 baht, lolly water 95 baht and draught amber is the preferred promotion at 55 baht all night long. The music went from the standard car alarm noise before seguing into material by Stevie Wonder and Sade. Now that’s what I would call eclectic. While Naughty Girls might not be the best den in town it’s certainly one where a lot of the dancing damsels are easy on the eye and do

interact with customers in what is quite a friendly atmosphere. A Group Style: There are three dens of the chrome pole in Fun Town going by the name of Silver Star. The original is in Soi 8 and opened in March 2003. The second one opened on Walking Street in 2006 and is virtually a copy, as far as the internal design is concerned, of the highly successful Club Boesche ogling den (Soi 16). A third Silver Star is in Soi 7 and it opened last year. Don’t ask me why, but the one in Soi 7 has been given the tag of Silver Star II while the Walking Street setup is now relegated to being Silver Star III. The American service personnel here for the annual Cobra Gold exercises certainly were in force in Silver Star III (that’s the one on Walking Street) a couple of weeks back. Contrary to the belief they have little or no money to spend, there were two of them who twice walked upstairs and across the see-through glass ceiling above the dance stage and dropped a number of 20-baht bills into the throng of dancing damsels. Needless to say the ladies, in various stages of undress, scratched about like harridans at the January supermarket sales as they attempted to snatch the notes before someone else could palm them. Not a single note made it to the floor. Obviously, these sorts of antics gave Silver Star an added ambience, as did the fact the place had around 40 dancers and the Jacuzzi was always busy with ladies taking it in turns to give each other more than just a cat-lick. Draught amber and lolly water are 95 baht with house liver wasters silly at 130 baht. Note: when I mention the price of libations I am aware many tourists and regulars couldn’t care less what they spend on a thirst quencher while on holiday. Nonetheless, there are rumoured to be 20,000 foreigners living in and around Fun Town and many of these are on a budget and like to know what they can expect to shell out in any particular den. Often the way a den prices its libations tells

you about their overall attitude towards their customers, and the type of drinker they are hoping to attract. If one den of the chrome pole had a mortgage on employing the most attractive of the available dancers then it could charge what it liked for drinks because it would be full every night, all night. About the only similarity between a chrome pole Utopia like that and modern-day Pattaya is both words end in ‘a’. Around and About: It’s been suggested the Rock Girls ogling den (Soi 15, off Walking Street) will soon be closing. Can’t say it will be missed as it was lucky if there were ever more than about four girls dancing in the claustrophobic joint. In the same soi the popular Baby Dolls showsr-us den has changed hands after some lengthy negotiations. Rambling Ricky, as well-known in the fleshpots of Bangkok as he is here in Pattaya, has been resurrected after his less-than-satisfying stint in Sisterz and took over the reins and the rubber appliances at Baby Dolls on 28 May. My understanding is there will be little change to the current pervertfriendly format. A new boozer for the gender-confused has opened at the bottom end (no pun intended) in Soi BJ. I’m led to believe this cul-

de-sac(k) is being targeted as the Fun Town version of Patong’s Soi Katoey. There’s no truth in the suggestion that if a few more lady-boy bars open down there the name will be changed from Soi BJ to Soi Knackers Yard. The Sunday Quiz League, which has been going since Adam was a boy, will cease to be as of Sunday 20 July. In its stead will emerge a Monday Quiz League with the first matches to be played on 28 July. The reason for the demise of the Sunday league is because of Formula One Grand Prix racing and the English obsession with the roundball game, with many matches taking place on a Sunday evening, thereby leading to a drop-off in interest from many players and bars. The English-language Pattaya City News program on Sophon Cable TV went off air in May after a fallout between the Thai and English partners. The latter has now established a new daily news service entitled Pattaya One News which should have gone to air for the first time on Monday 9 June. Questionable Piece of Pith: Q: Someone told me menopause is mentioned in the Bible. If true, where can it be found? A: Yes. Matthew 14:92: ‘And Mary rode Joseph’s ass all the way to Egypt.’


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Pattaya Today’ s Brainy Fortnightly Crossword








8 9


by Mr Mick




12 13

(6) (5) (4) (8) (7) (6) (5) (8) (7) (6) (5) (6) (5) (4)












Solution Issue 18 U



Sudoku Puzzle

Find the word which, when placed after the first word & before the second word, To solve the puzzle, each row, column and will form two more words. box must contain each of the numbers 1 Example Field....Trap Answer Mouse 5


7 4










6 7




YOU WOULD imagine that with such a name this puzzle originated in Japan, but it has been around for many years in the UK. However, the Japanese found an example under the title ‘Number Place’ in an American magazine and translated it as something quite different: su meaning number; doku which translates as single or bachelor. It immediately caught an in Japan, where number puzzles are much more prevalent than word puzzles. Crosswords don’t work well in the Japanese language:

Get to the point SOMETIMES you can cut out bids which don’t helpfully add to partner’s knowledge about your hand. In today’s deal your partner opened the bidding with one club and, against silent opposition, your collection is ♠ A Q, ♥ A Q, ♦ 10 9 8 6 4 3, ♣ 9 7 2. Some players in your position might choose to bid one diamond on the reasoning that you should not be



7 7







The sudoku puzzle reached craze status in Japan in 2004 and the craze spread to the UK through the puzzle pages of national newspapers. The Daily Tetegraph uses the name Sudoku, but you may see it called su doku elsewhere. However, there is no doubt that the word has been adopted into modern parlance, much like’ erossword’. Sudoku is not a mathematical or arithmetical puzzle. It works just as well if the numbers are substituted with letters or some other symbols, but numbers work best.

trying to conceal a six suiter. But it’s hard to see how a reply of one diamond helps your partner much at all. There is an outside chance he has a fistful of diamonds – maybe six clubs and five diamonds in view of his first call – but statistically that’s very unlikely. Clearly your side isn’t going to have a good fit in the major suits given your short holdings in both hearts and spades. Your best bid is in fact to reply two no trumps over one club. This shows

...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................

Form a word from the Jumbled Letters

1. JOY REIN 2. HITS LEW 3. BAR A LEG 4. IN GRAVE 5. SET RIGS 6. NO LESS I 7. COP MEET 8. CON MOLE 9. TRAQUER 10.DOLE CAT around 12 points in response in most systems and your tenaces in both hearts and spades should be useful when the hand is played. If your partner has a very bare opening, he can pass. Or bid three of a minor if he has a strange sort of hand. But most likely he will be able to bid three no trumps over your two no trumps, thanks to your informative response. There’s an additional reason for bidding two no trumps. If the opposition leads a heart or a spade, you will be the declarer (not the dummy) with those lovely ace queen tenaces.

ANSWERS ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................

































































































Last week’s solutions 1. Gym 2. With 3. May 4. Honey 5. Hogs 6. Jig 7. Three 8. Tea 9. Sword 10.Low

Shod Law Lock Light Master Dust What Board Boy Time

ANSWER Slip Out Hem Moon Head Saw Some Cup Play Life

Last week’s solutions 1. LIP CASE 2. GIN DIET 3. SIRE MAG 4. I LOP CAT 5. ANY FAST 6. GAS CORE 7. DUD FONE 8. LESS SAG 9. SO I DUST 10.CEE GROT

Q Q u u i i z c z k Kings and Queens Easy questions 1. What year did world war two finish? 2. Where did an attack took place on December 7 1941? 3. Who was the Soviet leader throughout the war? 4. Did the Soviets or the Americans liberate Auschwitz camp? 5. Who was Germany’s minister of propaganda?


Hard questions 6. In which year was the nazi empire at its greatest extent? 7. Which was the biggest tank battle of the war, actually in 1943? 8. Who replaced Hitler as Reich Chancellor? 9. What exactly did Hirohito personally lose in 1945? 10. Off the coast of which country was “torpedo alley” in early 1942?

Answers 1. 1945; 2. Pearl Harbour; 3. Stalin; 4. Soviets; 5. Goebbels; 6. 1942; 7. Kursk; 8. Doenitz; 9. His divinity; 10. America.


Folk Room Shy One Place Fold Back Ration Width Bird




1. Cat 2. Key 3. Ground 4. Hand 5. Gun 6. Rot 7. Cock 8. Neck 9. Head 10.Bird




to 9. Solution on page 54.




Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Koh Lanta Pizza

Perfect pizzas at popular prices By Mick and Di The Food Lovers THE PARADISE island of Koh Lanta does not instantly spring to mind as the natural home for Pizza but this was the location for the first pizza outlet in this group of restaurants and the chosen company identity. Two more pizzerias followed in Bangkok near the cosmopolitan area of

Kao San Road before Pattaya was chosen to be the next culinary venture. Pizza prices seem to have escalated alarmingly over the years but at Koh Lanta Pizza they have kept their costs and overheads low and are therefore able to pass their economies on to their customers. Prices here are extremely reasonable with a medium sized (8 inch) pizza Margherita costing only B.150 while the large size (12 inch) is still only B.190 for a generous portion to share with family and friends. Everyone’s favourites are listed on their menu from Pizza pescatora with mixed seafood, through salami, pepperoni, alla rustica (tomatoes, onions, tuna and cheese) to the perennial darling of the pizza world, calzone. The wood fired oven is fed with

coconut shells and kept burning day and night to produce their delicious breads. Panzanella, garlic, cheese and their unique house speciality “Lanta bread” which is topped with beef lasagna and baked to perfection in the cavernous oven. Mick and I tried this speciality bread when we popped in to see the owner, Mr. Ben, recently and it proved an extremely tasty snack, laden with succulent minced beef and runny cheese. Healthy vibrant salads are on offer from B.50 and garlic and cheesey breads

from only B.35. The Lanta lasagna is always a much ordered dish as are the spaghettis generously loaded with tasty sauces. The spinach with cheese pasta is a hearty affair full to bursting with the nutritious vegetable and moreish mozzarella. Create your own pizza corner is offered at B.190 and B.210 for the two sizes, and comes with the choice of three additional toppings to the basic pizza. Choose from tomato, mushroom, pineapple, onions, green pepper, egg, ham, bacon, shrimps, tuna, sausage,

anchovies, black olives, garlic and chills. Koh Lanta Pizza is located on Pattaya Third Road, 150 metres from the South

Pattaya Road intersection. Open daily from 12 noon till 11.00 pm. Tel: (038) 724 348 or 08 0232 488 for deliveries in the area.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Captain’s Corner A nightly barbeque under the stars By Mick and Di The Food Lovers THIS POPULAR, wellknown restaurant offers a grand Texan barbeque (B.350) in a tropical garden-themed setting. The sister restaurant to this BBQ eatery is the Jomtien Boathouse whose specialiaty is huge, mixed brochettes which can be enjoyed on the al fresco terrace overlooking the bay of Jomtien. Here at Captain’s Corner the barbeque/buffet is their area of expertise and the reason why it is buzzing nightly with happy eaters. The week day entertainment is provided by the inveterate singer George Sinatra who keeps the air humming with popular international favourites while on

cooked, your table can be identified and your plate delivered without delay. Barbeque items are diverse; sirloin steaks, sausages, beefburgers, fish steaks, pork tenderloin, chicken drumsticks, spare ribs, large prawns and little skewers of chicken livers and kidneys. Fill your plate and pass it over to

Saturday and Sundays “Elvis Arthur” from Bangkok performs his inimitable cabaret reviving the sounds of Tennessee’s greatest rock idol. All great fun for all the family. Once seated you will notice large plastic numbers on your table with an attached peg. The small numbered peg is handed to the waitress on the barbeque station so that once your selection is

the waitress for grilling. Meanwhile, a trip to the salad bar is inviting and together with the various dressings and breads it all makes for a delightful starter. More apertisers are available for seafood lovers, plump prawns, and squid await your selection as do open-shelled mussels and an array of sushi and fresh crab sticks. The wine list is extensive as are the cocktails, local

and imported beers and prices reasonable. The staff here are efficient and friendly and in no time our (correct) barbequed selections appeared. No mean feat considering the number of people who had now arrived to dine. Potatoes in their jackets are a perfect accompaniment but there are also Thai curries, mixed stir fry dishes and rice. We had a chosen a wide array of items and all came properly cooked and succulent. This is a “as-much-as-you-can-eat” affair and after you have reached this stage in the proceedings you could just take another plate and start all over again! The dessert menu offers crepes suzette, banana flamb? and their celebrated fried ice cream. These are not, however included in the inclusive price of the barbeque. Imaginative coffee cocktails are a particular speciality, especially the Irish coffee with kalua and brandy. They certainly make for a perfect end to your Texan barbeque dining experience. This is a fun location and a terrific spot for families to enjoy their individually chosen barbeque items, sit in beautiful surroundings under the stars and enjoy the music in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The Captain’s Corner is situated next to the Residence Gardens on Thappraya Hill. (The road from south Pattaya to Jomtien Beach). Open every day from 18.00 till 23.00. Half price for children under 12 years old. Tel: (038) 364 314 for free pick up service or reservations.


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Articles for Sale

Quick & Easy. We buy/sell used goods. We pay instant CASH. TVs, HiFis, Watches, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Phones, CD Players, Electrical Appliances & more. Home/office clearances. Large item pickup. All goods must be in working condition. Bring your I.D. Visit our 300m2 store 2nd Floor Pattaya Klang. Tel 038 488 240 Fax 038 488 249

(ptm-2007)Electric Bicycles – Economical and environmentally friendly. Ride 40 km between battery recharges. Each recharge costs only 4 baht. Quiet. No pollution. For catalogues & prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 965 6291-3, Visit their website, (ptm-2007)Mobility Scooters - Portable 3 wheels, 4 wheels, latest models. Full service by distributor. For catalogues and prices. Please call Ecobrand 081 875 0860, 02 965 6291-3, Visit their website, (ptfas-2007)Golf Membership for sale. Burapha. Life membership. No Yearly Green Fees. John 081 376 1773 Baht 180,000 (ptfas-2007)Wedding Dress for Sale will fit 40 - 50 kg person, fully adjustable, creme colour, Classic Style, replacement. Cost baht 50,000 sell baht 18,000, or rent baht 6,000 also men’s Silk jacket. Prem 089 002 3493 (ptm-1607)19" LCD Touchgames: 17" LCD Bar top machines; electronic Dart for 8 Player; Football table; second hand or brand new incl. 1Y warranty and support, sale-rentlease-finance! Call 089 545 9440 or 038 248 000 Mail:, Web: (ptm-2007)Large Collection of Table games including “Trivial Persuit” with many extras, mah-jong, tarot cards, dominoes (double six & double nines), playing cards etc. Please phone 038 421 502 (ptm-2007)Good Quality “Matiko” 12 x 50.Binoculars mounted (removeable) on Deawa tripod, 1,400 baht. Astronomical Telescope mounted on heavy duty tripod with extra lenses, 1,400 baht or 2,500 baht for both. 038 421502 (ptm-0108)An Installed Concrete and Tile Pool adds value to your home, making it easier to sell. Completed/ready to use in 30 days cost under 300,000bt. With no hidden extras. Pool Guy 086 149 4279

(ptfas-1907)Cooktop, Stainless Steel, 4 burner like new, purchased and can’t use. Paid 9,800 baht sell for 3,500. 089 803 0388 (ptfas-1907)Antique Wooden Bench hand carved family Heirloom, solid wood 152W x 60D must see 6,500 baht 089 803 0388 (ptfas-1907)DVD Series Sopranos Season 5 & 6 like new 12 discs 600 baht for both 089 803 0388 (ptfas-1707)Computer & Telecoms Sales. O2 Xda Atom Life Limited Edition - Good condition 15,000 Baht, Garmin GPS10 Bluetooth Navigator with ESRI Thai Map - Very good condition - 5,000 Baht, Samsung CLP-510 Color Laser Printer - Good condition, recently serviced by Samsung - 8,000 Baht, Creative CB2462 Bluetooth Headset Excellent condition only 500 Baht. Call 08 3540 5220

Articles Wanted (ptm-1807)Pool Table Wanted, (not coin operated) in good condition at reasonable price. Call 086 112 0988

Boat for Sale (ptm-0007)Quick sale Chaparral Speed Boat 22 ft. excellent condition, Yamaha 250 HP V6 engine. Price: 750,000 Eng : 081 003 3703 Thai : 081 295 7928 (ptm-1407)Imported Used Boat Years 2005 to 2008. Cabin Cruiser Bow Rider ….. start from 24 feet up to your dream. Available today in Pattaya or under order. 3 month delivery with registration and complete check up. Bargain Prices. Mortgage available for every one to suit any budget. Call Today for information 086 702 3611 (ptm-1107)15 Foot Fibre Glass Metal Trailer 70,000 baht. Many extras to be sold separately, fish finder and compass, jackets, 4 boat rods with Penn Reels, 5 HP engine. Best offer for everything, illness forces sale. 038 406 791 (ptm-1007)Sell Reliable Fiber Boat 23 Ft 549 000 Bath cost 750 000 baths Engine YAMAHA power 200 spare engine Maximum security Sundeck- 1 big bed - Toilet Water tank- trailer Registered – Tel 084 726 5445

Classified (ptfb-2406)33 Foot Long, 7 Foot Beam, 6 Cylinder StraitSix Diesel, in-board, shaft driven, wooden hull, Licensed for 10 persons, diving/swimming platform, scuba tank racks, head (marine toilet), 8-10 knots cruising speed. Suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling or trolling for fish. Very economical, approximately 10 litres per hour. Asking price 200,000 Bahts. Call 086 844 8088 for quick sale.

Business Opportunities (ptm-0408)We Supply and Service Game Machines. Free of charge! We supply the machine, you provide the location. Call 081 762 8379 (ptm-sp1808)Pool Tables Brand New (coin operated). Profit sharing, you provide the location, we provide the pool table for free and all maintenance costs. We will also consider buying your old pool table. For more information, please call: 081 762 8379 (ptm-2007)Long Established Golfing Bar Available for Sale or Rent. Long contract – No key money. Contact 086 002 6762 (ptm-1907)Bargain Soi 8 – Suvarnabhumi Bar for Rent – with furniture and pool table – Key money 150,000 baht – Rent 15,000 baht- Call 086 512 4387. (ptm-2307)Great Opportunity to Own this 175 sq.m. Walking St. Bar. 3 pool tables, Plasma TV’s, UBC, all music + drinks licenses in place. Long lease. 2.2 mil. Baht. Tel. 089 932 6716 Looking for a Business in Pattaya/Jomtien? Beauty Salon from 150.000 Baht; Pizza Franchise from 150.000 Baht; Restaurant from 350.000 Baht; Guest House from 1,2m Baht; Bars from 450.000 Baht, Retail, MiniMart, A GoGo, Hotels and many more. To find your business visit our office or Call 086 368 4971 (ptm-2207)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 (ptm-2007)No Agency is looking for bar/restaurant/ guesthouse or partnership. Please contact jvthaifarang@ Bars – Restaurants – Mini Marts – Beauty Saloons – Guest Houses – Hotels – Go Go Bars – Cafe’s – Coffee Shops – Launderettes for sale in and around Pattaya. All work carried out in strictest confidence. Prices range from 400k Baht up. Contact Mike 0863031708 New to business in Pattaya? Let us guide you through the minefield. We can walk you through the process of buying and setting up a business in Thailand legally and without headache. B.O.C Pattaya. Tel Mike : 0863031708 13123 Pattaya Gym Centrally located. Profitable for 12 years. 4 storeys. 3 apartments pay for monthly rent. Long 9 year lease. Phone 038412827/8

13168 Furnished Office Rent for 20,000 baht per month in office block on a main road in Pattaya. One and a half floors plus shared reception area. Phone 038 412827/8 12817 Pattaya Bakery Unique products retailed in leading stores. About to expand to Bangkok. Very profitable. Large inventory. Phone 038-412827/ 8 13124 Nail Design Salon New Pattaya based shop available as owner now based in Bangkok. Good early results. High class. Phone 038-412827/ 8 12909 Shop Unit Double unit in famous Pattaya mall. Always busy. Small investment needed. Perfect for wife or girlfriend. Phone 038-412827/ 8 12942 Hairdressing Salon Freehold sale. Includes owner accommodation. Built in 2005 near large Pattaya community with nice views. Phone 038-412 827/8 13221 Bar and Restaurant Located near Third Road in Pattaya. Recently redecorated to include comfy sofas & flat screen TV’s. New long lease. Phone 038412827/8 12895 Lounge Bar Well designed large upmarket outlet on busy corner in centre of Pattaya. Est. 8 years. Very profitable. Phone 038-412827/ 8 13082 Modern Gift Shop Est. 2 years in good C. Pattaya location. Family bereavement forces sale. 120 sq.m. Website. Large inventory of stock phone 038-412 827/8 13822 Beauty Salon. Excellent Location a lot of foot Traffic. Phone 038412827 We Sell Going Concerns! If You Want Expert Professional Advice on Buying or Selling a Business in Pattaya TSBA Have a large selection of businesses available. Call Craig 087 077 0475 Go Go Bars! We have a large selection in some of the best locations in Pattaya from walking st to Soi 6 all are well staffed with long leases. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Bar / Guest House – This luxury appointed, Irish themed guest house specializes in golf tours so is fully booked most of the year. There are 12 rooms with all the trimmings you would expect from this first class establishment. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Soi 6 Bargain. This well established bar located on this busy soi has a great reputation, and at this price it will not be for sale for long. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email: Soi 7 Bar –This busy beer bar located right in the heart of the action. The bar has been established for many years and has always made good profits. Call Craig 087 077 0475. email:

Fax: (038) 374535

Making your Business our Business ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!!!.........We have for sale the most famous hotel/ guesthouse in Central Pattaya! A live time opportunity to become the owner of this 3 ? star guesthouse near Carfour. 78 Rooms, 3 buildings, prime land, bars, etc. All the accounting is available. 165 Million Baht. Call today. Shophouses excellent high-end tourist area for Sale or Rent 5.5 mil or 20,000 per month! Four storey and incredible Sea View from top level can add additional levels. Shell space ready for you to move-in. Perfect for Restaurant Guesthouse Business. Can buy one or both. Buyer is very motivated. Quick Sale Opportunity! Guesthouse and restaurant only 150 meters to the beach. Only 13.2 million Freehold or 3 Million Leasehold! The guesthouse construction is not even complete and the rooms are booked solid for four months. The restaurant is a local favorite. The construction craftsmanship is quality European with many extras, including; Staff quarters, and Garden Courtyard. This is an excellent opportunity. FOUR SHOPHOUSES Sea View quick sale, fast growing area. Excellent for convenience store only 3.1 million each. “Freehold”. Perfect for beach oriented business, 30 meters to the sand. Across from major resort development and very large and busy Seafood restaurant. Shophouse in busiest retail location of South Pattaya only 20,000 baht per month on flexible lease terms. Four floors each 16 sq. wah. This space is directly across from the most frequently visited mall in Pattaya. Also in nightlife area. Could be excellent location for any business. You want traffic check this place out. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or Email to Shophouses excellent high-end tourist area for Sale or Rent 5.5 mil or 20,000 per month! Four storey and incredible Sea View from top level can add additional levels. Shell space ready for you to move-in. Perfect for Restaurant Guesthouse Business. Can buy one or both. Buyer is very motivated. Quick Sale Opportunity! Guesthouse and restaurant only 150 meters to the beach. Only 13.2 million Freehold or 3 Million Leasehold! The guesthouse construction is not even complete and the rooms are booked solid for four months. The restaurant is a local favorite. The construction craftsmanship is quality European with many extras, including; Staff quarters, and Garden Courtyard. This is an excellent opportunity. One of A Kind. Large Restaurant and 9 room guesthouse-3.5 million. Four studios, 3 one bedrooms, 1 two bedroom, and one Three bedroom 2 bath with kitchen apartment. Rooms furnished and equip. w/ linens, TVs, cable, and internet. Lease.3X3-No Key Money, Rent only 130,000 baht mo. No use restrictions on building. Excellent location, owner highly motivated. Beautiful Spa-17 million invested, must sell for 7 million – Averages 1000 customers per month. Excellent location, Owner will consult or consider partnership. First Class Design and D?cor. Must see to believe. You can own this business now with existing staff of 40 and steady customer flow, creating over 1 million in monthly revenue from the very beginning. An investors dream. Office Space in a very central location for all the coastal activities of Pattaya and Jomtien. Space sizes vary from small “one man operation” up to 240 sq. m. There is extremely high traffic to this business location and the visitors here are the ex-pats who have some discretionary funds to spend. As well this space is on and clearly visible from the heaviest travelled road by the tourist on holiday. Guesthouse and Restaurant central location, priced to sell 6.5 million. This is a very good price for a double shophouse business and has several ground-floor areas that are sub-lease ready. 16 furnished rooms on 4 floors. Very close to the main shopping areas, the night life areas and schools, as you can imagine these rooms stay rented. The furniture and fixtures valued at over 7.5 million. Owner wants to move to Northern Thailand. Guesthouse in an extremely busy location next to very popular market and priced to sell at 8 million. This successful business has 5 floors and 11 furnished rooms in a very high demand location. You could have the number one business of any kind with this location. Restaurant, bar, beauty salon, or retail this can be an immediate good volume business for you, call today. “Freehold” Ocean view luxury Hotel- Great Buy at 65 million. 5 floors of beautiful newly refurnished rooms. Also a top floor penthouse that is amazing. Impressive reservation records. The Hotel has excellent profit margins and the price is a great value on existing furnishings and fixtures. This is an excellent property make sure not to miss this opportunity, call today. RESTAURANT-Fantastic opportunity- established very successful Italian Restaurant, also has large 2 Bedroom Residence above. All for only 2.5 million baht. Owner is relocating wants fast sale. Instant profits, has stable staff regular customers, 5 years remaining on excellent lease, perfect location great parking. If you want to walk in to an immediate turn-key winning operation, do not miss this one. Bakery & Gourmet Coffee shop Sale or Lease. Established business ready and waiting for you. Furnished with very high quality chairs, tables, stools. Excellent location on lobby level of Condo-Resort across from very high end beach. This location will be an only better and better in the next year as several flagship properties are completed. Owner has several other commitments and must sell. Walking Street- the best high volume location in Pattaya can be your new business location. Several locations available from only 30,000 baht per month on a lease for only one year or up to 15 years with even better terms per sq. m. Make the contract now and you’re in business ready for high season. Want a Fabulous Luxury Hotel, restaurant for only 20 million, act quickly. Great location large restaurant and spa facilities as well as one of the best locations in all Pattaya . Rooms are exceptionally equipped and furnished in a very impressive style. Call soon this will not last. Pattaya Apartment “Freehold” only 19 million baht. 44 units on 58 sq wah. Rooms are furnished and rented and stay rented. Several sub-lease spaces on property ready for mini-mart and small restaurant. This is an excellent location. Resort Hotel all inclusive property, Baht 90 million. New construction-Your own private Eden. Owner will finance. 35 luxury rooms, complete restaurant and sports bar, incredible pool, complete gym, theatre, spa, sauna, vehicle fleet, staff quarters, extremely well conceived property and business design. Seller can receive purchase monies in any country. 6 Connected Shophouses 400 meters to beach only 15k per building. Perfect for guesthouse/hotel. Mercy Center Orphanage needs investor to buy and lease back orphanage property. Good land investment secured by Deed/ Chenote. Antique Furniture Store for sale, very profitable, owner wants to retire and will consider financing, and will train new owner. Very exciting business opportunity.

Call-Premier Business Brokers 038-231-931

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

E-mail :

0243/SLN - Bar & Restaurant with Rooms - Two storey shop house located just off 3rd Road. Ground floor bar with seperate kitchen. Two bedrooms on the upper floor. Rent only 20,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 325,000 baht. 0234/SLN – Open Beer Bar – Located in beer bar complex on 2nd Road. Rent only 12,000 baht per month & No Key Money. Sale Price: 350,000 baht. 0251/SLN – Restaurant – Single storey building located in North Pattaya. Recently refurbished with seating for a minimum of 40 people. Business has great potential. Rent only 8,000 baht per month. Sale Price: 550,000 baht 0255/SLN – Bar – Located in busy ‘night life’ area of Central Pattaya. Above the bar is a single room with en suite bathroom. Profitable business and easy to manage. Rent only 6,000 baht per month and annual key money of 150,000 baht which has been pre paid till Sept. 2008. Sale Price: 900,000 baht 0220/SLN - Bar with Rooms - Three storey shop house located in Central Pattaya with front terrace. Ground floor kitchen and bar. Three bedrooms on the upper floors. Rent only 20,000 baht per month and No Key Money. Sale Price: 950,000 baht. 0249/SLN - Bar with Rooms - Single shop house located in busy ‘foot traffic’ area of South Pattaya. On the ground floor is a busy bar with pool table. On the upper floors there is 7 rooms. Rent 25,000 baht per month and Key Money of 300,000 baht every 3 years. Sale Price: 1.3 million baht. 0264/SLN – Beer Bar – Located in the busiest area of town – ‘Walking Street’. Rent 30,000 baht per month and Key Money has been pre-paid till September 2009. Sale Price: 1.3 million baht. 0254/SLN – Go Go Bar – 4 storey single shop house, located in busy ‘foot traffic’ area of South Pattaya. Monthly rent is 30,000 baht and Key Money has been pre-paid till October 2009. Sale Price: 1.8 million baht 0263/SLN - Hotel & Bar - 15 room hotel with ground floor bar and kitchen. Located in busy ‘nightlife’ area of South Pattaya. All rooms have en suite bathroom, air con and safety box. Rent only 60,000 baht and No Key Money. Sale Price 2.3 million baht. 0200/SLN Bar with Rooms. Ground floor bar with 2 large rental apartments above. Located in good ‘foot traffic’ area of Jomtien. Earning good profits, which current owner can verify. Sale Price: 2.4 million Baht. 0253/SLN – Bar & Guesthouse – 3 storey single shop house with 5 guestrooms, located in busy ‘night life’ area of Central Pattaya. Rent only 22,000 baht per month and Key Money has been pre paid till September 2010. Sale Price: 2.8 million baht 0236/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey single shop house located in good ‘foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya, with 6 rental rooms above the ground floor bar. The business has been earning good profits for the last 3 years, which the current owner can verify. Sale Price: 3 million baht. 0257/SLN - Bar and Restaurant with Rooms - 2 storey double shop house, located in busy night life area of North Pattaya. Large bar and restaurant on the ground floor. On the 2nd floor is 4 rental rooms all with en suite bathroom and air-con. Monthly rent of only 20,000 baht and NO KEY MONEY. Profitable business. Sale Price: 4 million baht. 0218/SLN - Bar & Guesthouse - 3 storey double shop house located in a busy ‘foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya. There are 8 rental rooms and a large ground floor bar with pool table. Included in the sale price is 12 months pre paid rent till May 2009. NO KEY MONEY. Sale Price: 4.9 million baht. 0265/SLN- Bar with Rooms – 3 storey double shop house located in North Pattaya. Large ground floor bar with internal and external seating area generating good turnover and profits. Rent only 30,000 baht per month and No Key Money. Sale Price: 5.5 million baht. 0241/SLN - Bar & Restaurant - ‘Well known’, profitable business located in a ‘busy foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya. Low rent. Sale Price: 6 million baht. 0154/SLN - Restaurant - Well established Restaurant located in North Pattaya - seating capacity for nearly 100 customers. Have enjoyed good profits over the last two years. Key Money has been paid till February 2010 and is transferable. Sale Price: 6.5 million baht. 0259/SLN – Specialist Technology Company – Well established business distributing hi-tech product range to rapidly expanding market throughout Thailand – seeking partner. Partner must be from a proven sales background and self motivated. Sale Price: 7 million baht for 40% share of business. 0237/SLN - Bar with Rooms above - Extremely profitable bar (which current owner can verify), with 4 rental rooms above, located in a very busy ‘foot traffic’ area of Central Pattaya. The bar has been fitted out to a very high standard. Low rent and NO KEY MONEY. Included in the sale of the business is a Limited Company. Sale Price: 10 million baht. (the current owner will provide financing if required). 0247/SLN - Bar/Restaurant and Guesthouse - Located in South Pattaya. Extremely profitable business which the current owner can verify. On the ground floor is a large bar and restaurant. Included in the sale price is the land and buildings. Sale Price: 25 million baht. 0217/SLN - Resort - Located in East Pattaya on 2.5 Rai of land. 8 number two bedroom bungalows, 7 number one bedroom bungalows, 4 number single rooms and 1 number double room. Sw imming pool and well looked after garden all within a secured area. Built to a very high standard. The current owner has benefited from full occupancy of all the bungalows since opening in 2004. Profitable business and very easy to manage. Included in the selling price is the land, buildings and all the fixtures and fittings. Sale Price: 40 million Baht 0238/SLN - Hotel - Located in Central Pattaya. The hotel comprises of 20 guestrooms on 6 floors, which were all totally refurbished during 2007 to a very high standard. There is also an Owner penthouse suite on the top floor. The business has also enjoyed virtual full occupancy since opening in September 2007. Included in the selling price is the land, building and all the fixture and fittings which are in a Company name. Sale Price: 45 million baht.

To list your business free or further information on the Services TBAC Offer. Contact us today on: Tel: 038 489 074-5, 087 283 5349 (English) Fax: 038 489 076 E-mail TBAC:



Business Opportunities Motorcycle Hire – An opportunity has arisen to purchase one of Pattaya most established and most profitable hire businesses. There are 100 bikes in this impressive fleet which are included in the purchase price. Call Craig 087 077 0475 e mail: Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Hotel Units and Villas for Sale and Rent Back. Fantastic investment for speculators requiring security. Call Barry 089 933 3583 Warehouse / Factory Building. Approx. 450m2 on 2052 square metres of land, 20 minutes by car from Pattaya city, close to Highway 36. The premises can be bought, rented or taken over on a hire purchase agreement. Sales price (Land and Building) only THB 4,900,000. Please call George: 081 855 75 20 (English, Deutsch, Fran?ais, Italiano) Selling Flourishing Business in Pattaya. We are the leading Shop for antiques Chinese furniture. Our business is located in the centre of Pattaya. We sell mostly antique Chinese cabinets and other small furniture from the Qing Dynasty but also gifts and decorative items. On three floors -a combined sales area of approx. 250 square metres- our customers find a very large and well presented assortment of goods. We can sincerely claim to be the Number One in the region of the Eastern Seaboard. Thanks to the continuing boom in the housing market in Pattaya and its surroundings, a strong increase in turnover can be expected. The only reason for the sale of the business: The already elderly owner wishes to retire. We will be more than glad to give you detailed and relevant information. Please call Tel. 081 833 82 24 Shop for Rent. Be where the action is! Factory City Outlet is opening on the second floor above Tops in Central Pattaya. Rent shop space for 17,500 baht per month.Open your new business or brqanch here. Shop space available includes Air Con, security, parking, bathrooms and lots of customers from new outlet store and bowling alley on 3rd floor and Tops supermarket on ground floor. Come by PAPPA Co., Ltd. office on second floor or call 084.111.7999. E-mail: Office Space for Rent. Completely furnished, two storey office in busy area of Thepprasit Road. Near Sukhumvit, Next to Evans Marketing. Phone lines, air con, high speed internet, security system, PBX, desks, chairs, etc. all included. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. Email:

Business Opportunities. Office and nine nearby rental properties for sale. Completely furnished, two storey office in busy area of Thepprasit Road. Near Sukhumvit, Next to Evans Marketing. Phone lines, air con, high speed internet, security system, PBX, desks, chairs, etc. all included. Four condos Furnished or unfurnished and air 60 square meters with one or two bedrooms, air con, cable TV and phone lines. Five condos 30 squre meters. Sea View. Near Sukhumvit on Thepprasit Road. Fifteen Million Baht. Own in foreigner name. Financing available to the right person. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. Email: Office for Sale. Completely furnished, two storey office in busy area of Thepprasit Road. Near Sukhumvit, Next to Evans Marketing. Phone lines, air con, high speed internet, security system, PBX, desks, chairs, etc. all included. Five Million Baht. Own in foreigner name. Financing available to the right person. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. Email: “Freehold” Ocean view luxury Hotel- Great Buy at 65 million. 5 floors of beautiful newly refurnished rooms. Also a top floor penthouse that is amazing. Call today. Making your Business our BusinessPremier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Retail Space/Shophouses 50 M. from Beach Road. Sale or Rent. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Hotel – Owner wants fast sale will finance. Baht 70 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Hotel – Owner wants fast sale. Baht 6 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Dongtan Beachfront Boutique Hotel Baht 23 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to #1 Pattaya Publication for Sale Baht 12 million, will pay for itself in one year. Owner ready to retire. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Restaurant well known Brand directly on Thappraya Road in front of large Condominium Project, ready for new owner. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to

Fax: (038) 374535

Lounge bar restaurant, the most comfortable d?cor in Pattaya. The owner has moved to Bangkok. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to New Hotel on Thappraya already has 500,000 Baht in subleases. Owner wants fast sale. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Hotel 142 rooms well established reputation one minute from Mike’s Shopping Mall. Owner wants to retire. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Three house compound with pool and staff quarters. Excellent corporate housing or private spa. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to New walking street many new retail locations. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land 2 Rai across from new factory 1.2 mil per Rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@ Hotel Lobby retail spaces Brand New Hotel. Excellent for Beauty Salon, Clothing Boutique, etc. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Boutique Hotel Prime Location B 150 million with long term contracts guaranteeing over B 30 million in annual revenue. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to New Condominium Project, ground floor commercial space available now. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Building for sale or lease close to Regent’s School excellent for factory or storage. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to

Wandee : Wandee Studio for monthly rental, Bht 18,000/ month. Fully and well decorated. FREE Wireless internet and cable TV. Located on Tappraya Rd. Easy to access Pattaya and Jomtien. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Education & Training Learn to Speak, Write and Read Thai ?!! Learn to understand what people are saying around you !! With a professional and experienced Thai teacher. Contact 089 098 4338, 087 138 1616 (pta-0406)Foreign Ladies: Speak and write ‘Beautiful English’ in the comfort of your own home or office, at your own speed, learning the social or business English you need. Training from English professor now retiring to Pattaya. Tel: 081 838 8163 for first discussion ( p t a - 0 4 0 6 ) T E F L Intercontinental, we are specialist in teacher training, a full 120 hours TEFL certificate course, we offer Guaranteed job & Work permit, Earn 36,000 Baht while you practice teaching for 2 Months. Please contact us at: 086 150 6793 or 038 406 640 Pro Language we offer a variety of effective and enjoyable language courses. English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Thai course. For foreigner from beginner to advance including a preparation for the Grade 6 examination by ministry of education. 3 year ED Visa for full time students. Please call for Free Trial Lesson. Opposite Carrefour, Central Pattaya Rd. Tel. 038489-225-7 Fax. 038-489-228 Fruit & vegetable carving courses. If you are looking for fruit & vegetable carving course, we are offering cheap price by professional teacher and we service to teach at your place. Contact Yui 085 238 5453 or 038 377 195 email.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Education & Training (pta-0406)PROGRESS Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified By Ministry of Education) Thai (speak Thai confidently in 60 hours)-English-Dutch-GermanItalian-French-Japanese-Chinese -Russian-Korean-SpanishComputer-Internet—Free Trial Thai & English lessons 1 period —Qualified and Experienced Teachers—Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok) (next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 038 370 263, 038 423 639, 081 577 2967 (pta-0406)PRO becomes PROGRESS. Please note that PRO Language & Computer School has now been renamed PROGRESS Language & Computer School. It still offers excellent quality course in language and computer skills. Progress Language & Computer School (Licensed & Certified by The Ministry of Education) Thai(Speak Thai confidently in 60 hours) )-English-DutchGerman-Italian-FrenchJapanese-Chinese-RussianKorean-Spanish-ComputerInternet——Free Trial Thai & English lessons 1 period— Qualified and Experienced Teachers—Translation & Certification of all documents: North Pattaya Road (Soi almost Opposite Bus Station to Bangkok) (next to Lukdod Shop) Please call: 038 370 263, 038 423 639, 081 577 2967

House for Sale (ptm-s2007)New! New! New! Large Family Villas, Huay Yai, 4 bed, 5 bath, office, choice of kitchen, maid room, stores, double carport, private pool, sala, private well. Garden etc. etc. etc. 12.5 M Baht. Tel: 087 905 8190 (Eng), 087 905 8188 (Thai) or e-mail siamsid@ for more details/pics.

(ptm-2207)Chockchai Village 4, Salon & Business Office. 2 bedroom town house. Fully furnished. 4 air con. 24 hour security, pool. Tel. 089 934 4148 Are You an Expatriate Who Wants a Home in Paradise? Is your equity Locked in property and Blocking your dream? Let us unleash your money through ‘Bridging Finance’. Other services offered BVI company registration, BVI yacht registration, property/land for sale in Koh Samui/Pattaya and other parts of Thailand, offshore bank A/C’s, asset protection. Call today for further information Watson Associates:02 664 2622 / email: Spectacular Town home for sale. Pratamnuk Hill. Very nice and quiet area, very close to Cozy Beach, 205 Sqm for living space. 2 big bedrooms and 2 huge bathrooms-(master with Jacuzzi) 2 big balconies, beautifully decorated throughout with quality furniture. Hi-spec. European kitchen, hi- speed internet, satellite dish, 3 televisions, 3 a/c’s, garage. Also equipped with alarm system. Bt: 6 Million for quick sale. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291 HS1118: Paradise City Property would like to offer this town house located on Thrappaya road, very close to South Pattaya, This house is in a livable condition but is in need of some TLC, already in a company for sale at 2.3 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: HS GFV3 Brand new 3 bed townhouses 5 mins from central, from only 1.99 Million Baht. Call for more info 0849442541 or by E-mail:

Classified HS1090: REDUCED PRICE! 2 bed, 4 bath house in Bang Saray, 5 mins from beach, private pool, High standard construction, 225 Sq w land plot, great house,5.5 Million Baht Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: (pta-0007) In Proximity of the Most Beautiful Golf Courses and the Best Known Polo Clubs, we sell our Beautiful Villa a Symbiosis in Luxury and Nature Amidst wonderful nature, you have all the quality and comfort you can imagine. Generous living room, state of the art and custom-made European kitchen, 3 bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms surpassing your imagination, office, maid quarters, generous terrace to pamper all your friends, a spectacular private infinite edge pool with whirl pool and manicured garden, top construction quality. Size: approx. 440m2, Land approx. 1.5 Rai (2400m2). 4.5 km. east of Pattaya-City. Good access to all directions. Sales price only: THB 18,500,000. There is plenty more to say, just have a look. Please call George: Tel. 081 8557520 (EnglishDeutsch-Fran?ais-Italiano) (ptvf-0007)Superb 3 bedroom villa for sale!! This excellent under construction villa in Nong Plalai Pattaya, only 7 minutes from international hospital and school, has 254 square meters living area. Land area is 1 rai = 1600 square meter. Land is big enough for one swimming pool 6 x16 meter. You must see!! The new owner can finish according your taste!! Sale Price is only 6,500,000 Baht. Tel.: 081 893 0864 or for more information E-Mail: BM4579 Wonderful family home with large private swimming pool for sale located at the ISR area and only short drive to city, land area approx. 1,000 sq.m., 4 bed, 5 bath, European kitchen, large lounge, office, t.v. room, separated maid’s house, fully furnished, A/C, ready to live in. Great offer 7.9 million baht. Please contact us to view the place. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/ Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website:

Unique in Thailand, guaranteed MORTGAGE for everyone! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Stunning House For only 10.5 Million Baht! Four extra large bedrooms, four Bathrooms with separate Guest bungalow and a huge swimming pool. The house is built on a 1200 m2 plot in the very prestigious area of Phoenix Golf Course. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Investment opportunity in a 5-star Village for 7 Million Baht! No Down-payment! Six year Mortgage! Three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house already has rental income. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Quick Sale Opportunity! A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Selling price lowered again from 15.9 Million Baht to 12.8 Million Baht! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house has a lap-pool, big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2587) Most incredible sea views from a designer 4 bedroom home for 19.9 Million Baht! Situated high in the Bangsarey Hills, this gorgeous four bedroom four bathroom home was completely decorated by one of the areas most noted interior designers, which makes it both beautifully appointed as well as being a very comfortable family home. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2424) Want a Thabali House? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Very tastefully designed and decorated modern Balinese style homes right in the heart of Jomtien. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Several View Talay Villas for Sale from 7.9 Million to 50 Million Baht! Live in one of these highly sought after villas in this exclusive development! For appointment and private showing call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier

Fax: (038) 374535

Immaculate Beach House next to the Dusit Hotel for sale at 27.5 Million Baht! Each room in this extremely well laid out home has been designed and decorated to a very high standard. The location and sea views are to die for…..this is luxury! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2258) An Absolutely Stunning Home For 60 Million Baht! With over 3,000 square meters of living space all done in the finest hardwoods, marble and granite this is a grand and very impressive estate home. The estate has seven master suites and four separate lounge areas with a cinema room, games room and three kitchens all built around an outdoor lounging area and swimming pool. To put it simply, this is luxury! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2152) Gorgeous and Very Large Estate Home For Sale at 25 Million Baht! This is luxury on a large scale, with five bedrooms five bathrooms and a lovely swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The interior design work is very tasteful. There is not a better address, as this is in the areas best Expat development. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR0990) Beautifully Designed Bali Style homes for 15.5 Million Baht! These very nice three bedroom homes are in one of the finest villages in Pattaya for foreigners wishing to have a familiar and safe environment, make sure to see this fine home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at (Property PRD065) Act Quick…..we have the last remaining house in a 5star development for 14 Million Baht. This stunning house is located 200 meters from the beach and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 280 m2 living space on 400m2 land. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

View Talay Villas 2 Bedroom House for Sale! This stunning two bedroom, 2 bathroom is for sale for 14.95 Million Baht. The house is located in one of the best secure and secluded villages in Pattaya. The interior size is 144 sqm and the land is 86sqw. For more information about the mortgages Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier We have several Mortgage opportunities! We have seven houses available with a mortgage. All houses are located in the 5-star village Paradise Villas. For more information about the mortgages Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Want a Fabulous Home in Paradise Villa? We can’t be matched for selection and prices at this exclusive development! Great home layouts and designs in these spectacular and modern homes at Pattaya’s ‘Number One’ development. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Beautiful Regent Village four Bedroom, five bathroom Home For Sale at 14 Million Baht! Absolutely stunning interior design. This five bedroom plus home is a must see. Fantastic fully equipped European kitchen and you will love the wonderful landscaping and finishing work, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2685) Beautiful Regent Village four Bedroom, five bathroom Home For Sale at 14 Million Baht! Absolutely stunning interior design. This five bedroom plus home is a must see. Fantastic fully equipped European kitchen and you will love the wonderful landscaping and finishing work, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2685) Large four bedrooms, four bathrooms house with swimming pool in Siam Executive Estates on Siam Country Club Road only 7,950,000 Baht. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. 038.301.050 or Drew at 084.111.7999. E-mail

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

E-mail :

House for Sale Two or Three bedroom, three bathroom Bali-style house Executive Estates on Siam Country Club Road only 4,950,000 Baht. Financing available. Call PAPPA Co., Ltd. 038.301.050 or Drew at 084.111.7999. E-mail

House for Rent (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful New Townhouse for Rent: On Pratumnak Hill (near Cosy Beach Hotel) 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with Jacuzzi. Fully furnished, Euro kitchen, telephone + ADSL, communal pool. 30,000 baht/month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful New Townhouse for Rent: On Pratumnak Rd. Soi 5, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, communal pool. Bt:25,000/ month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful, Large 3 Bedrooms, 2 Storey House on Soi 6, Pratumnak Road on the hill. Fully furnished, large private swimming pool and garden. Telephone and ADSL. Rent 50,000 baht. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)2 Bedroom House at Ban Am-Phur. Fully furnished, 10,000 B/month. Call 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 If you are looking for a house for rent in Pattaya / Jomtien, look no further. We have a big selection. All price ranges. Call 0863684973 or visit (ptm-2007)Occasion! New, beautiful townhouse (South Pattaya), 2 minutes to city or beach, peaceful and green environment, superbly fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 3 televisions, garage. Must have seen! Contact 081 862 9710 HR1051: 3 bed house with private pool in east Pattaya all furniture included, internet and satellite TV 45,000 P/M Call for more info 08-4944 2541 or by E-mail: pattaya@ HR:NAM: Town house for rent Close Cozy beach, 2 bed, 3 bath, car port, Euro kitchen ready to go! 30,000 P/M Call for more info 08-4944 2541 or by E-mail: pattaya@ HR1066: House for rent on asecure village, just off Sukhumvit road Soi 33, 2 beds, 2 baths, fully furnished 12,000 P/ M Call for more info 038-373 966 or by E-mail: pattaya@

HR1046: 3 bed, 3 bath house in East Pattaya with private pool, fully furnished, 133 Sq w land size 39,000 P/M Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail:pattaya@paradisecity NW3325 Nicely detached house located in Soi Nernplubwarn quiet road but convenient to everything, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, living, nice European kitchen, cover parking, nice furnished, telephone line, ready to live in, long contract required. Good offer 25,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: MP3250 Superb family home with private swimming pool in a nice development at Mabprachan Lake for rent, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Jacuzzi, large living sapce, Euro pean kitchen, nice furnished, ADSL, ready to live in, 1 year contract required. Great offer 50,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872 (Thai) Tel/ Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: Spectacular Family Home with Lake View For Rent at 95,000 Baht per month! A luxurious four bedroom, five bathroom home with a lovely double swimming pool with Jacuzzi and waterfall. The house is built on a 1600 m2 plot with an enormous landscaped garden overlooking Mabprachan Lake. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR2870) Three Bedroom, Four Bathroom Family Home for 65,000 Baht per month! Located in one of Mabprachan Lakes quietest and most beautiful villages with a large and gorgeous swimming pool! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Luxurious Homes for Rent at Phoenix Golf Course Ranging from 40,000 – 130,000 Baht per month! Only fifteen minutes from the city, live in luxury at one of the area’s best golf courses. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier



Great Mediterranean style villa for rent at 55,000 Baht per month! This superbly finished three bedroom three bathroom home with swimming pool is a must see for those wishing to rent a great home. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Executive Class Rentals In and Around Pattaya from 15,000 – 150,000 Baht per month! A very rare opportunity awaits those discerning home hunters looking for both a luxurious quality home and with it a lifestyle most all would love to have. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Great Family Three Bedroom Home for 55,000 Baht per month! Located in one of East Pattaya’s quietest and most beautiful villages with large and gorgeous swimming pool and gourmet restaurant! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR0028) Magnificent House in Grand Condo Village. Five Bedrooms, five Bathrooms for 80,000 Baht per Month! The decoration and design are from a standard not seen before in Pattaya! This house you really need to see to appreciate its beauty. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at A Truly Exotic and Incredible Home. Renting price 85,000 Baht/month! This is a masterpiece in home design and comfort, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house has a lap-pool, big balcony with ocean-view and stunning furniture. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2587)

Very Nice Two Bedroom Plus Office with Private Pool Only 45,000 THB per Month! This is a brand new house with full European kitchen, lovely pool, two large bedrooms (both ensuite), fully furnished, large office and more! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Awesome Three Bedroom + Office in View Talay Villas only 80,000 THB per month! This is a great house which would be ideal for both a family or as a party pad…lots of space (over 300 sqm house plus 640 sqm of land), private rooms, private pool, lots more… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Three Bedroom House for Rent in Jomtien only 25,000 p/m! A great price for a three bedroom in Jomtien… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Lovely Two Bedroom Bungalow in Pratumnak only 30,000 THB p/m! Located in a secure development, this very nice two bedroom bungalow comes with ADSL, UBC, IDD, full furniture,

Fax: (038) 374535

LCD TV, shared pool and more… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at House for rent at Chaiyapruk silver bell East Pattaya (260 Sq.m.) Offer 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Part furniture, European kitchen, Air–Con, Hot water, Communal pool price at 20,000 Baht per month , 6-12 month lease. Call 038-3038256, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail: House for rent at Mapprachan lake location (115 Sq.wah.). Two storey house 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, Air –con, Hot water, Fully furnished and decorated, Private swimming pool Price at 59,000 baht per month, 6 -12 month lease only. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail: House for rent at Far Rim hard Jomtien location (80 Sq.wah.) Two storey house 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, European kitchen, Air –con, Hot water, Fully furnished and decorated, Communal swimming pool Price at 35,000 baht per month, 6 -12 month lease only. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail:

Apartment/ Rooms for Rent (ptm-1907)Royal Park Luxury Apartment Near Jomtien Beach. If you want to feel like a king, try our luxury penthouses. Monthly/Daily. Check out our website at Tel: 038 250 301 Mobile: 086 111 7414 (ptm-1907)Royal Park Luxury Apartment Near Jomtien Beach. 56 sqm. 1 bed room, kitchen, living room. Start from 15,000/month. Tel: 038 250 301 Mobile: 086 111 7414, Website: Apartment for Rent in Jomtien. Big bathroom, nice bathroom, with living room and kitchen, only 10,000 baht per month. Another room for only 5,000 baht per month. Call 081 936 2722 for more details. (ptm-1807)Carina Mansion. Large fully furnished apartment. 48 sq.m., cable TV, aircon, fridge, sofa, king-size bed, wardrobe, kitchen and large bathroom with hot shower. All rooms have Wi-Fi, internet. 500 baht daily and 6,000 baht per month. Best value in town!! Our mansion also includes a large restaurant and a bar. Contact 081 829 2285(English), 081 311 7856(Thai).

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Condo for Sale Angket Condominium (Jomtien Beach), 47 sqm, Empty Studio 11th Floor. Magnificent sea view. 2 balconies. Ideal for renovation. Must see! Only 1.3 mil. Baht (in Foreigner’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Angket Condominium (Jomtien Beach), 39 sqm, Empty Studio 11th Floor. Lovely sea view. Big balcony. Ideal for renovation. Only 1.1 mil. Baht (in Foreigner’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website We Have Several Sea View Condos for Sale in Angket Condominium. 500 meters from Jomtien Beach. Refurbished and original rooms from 36 sqm up to 78 sqm. In foreigner’s name. From 800,000 baht, you won’t find sea view condos anywhere in Pattaya at these prices. Be quick! Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Many Condos for Sale for Under a Million Baht in Jomtien Area. All in Foreigner’s Name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website

Fantastic Bargain, 39 sqm, 8th floor condo. Beautiful Jomtien Beach Sea View, big balcony, furnished with AC, just been decorated. 500 meters from beach, swimming pool, shop 24 hrs, security, etc. Must see. Only 990,000 Baht. In foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Khiang Talay Condominium, 100 meters from Jomtien’s Best Beach. 84 sqm, 1 bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen, safety box, quality furniture. 2 balconies, lovely Koh Larn Island. Sea View. Renovated to a very high standard. Only 4.3 mil. Baht. In foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website Angket Condominium 500 meters from beach, 39 sq.m Studio, 8th Floor, Big Balcony with Nice Breeze and Lovely Sea Views of Jomtien Beach. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high standard, stoned pictured walls, marble shower room and new European kitchen, fridge freezer, microwave, new air conditioning, safety box, TV, DVD. Now only 1,690,000 baht. Angket will be repainted and refurbished this year with new swimming pool and lobby, therefore prices will rise. Good investment. (In foreigner ’s name). Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website

Classified Excellent Location, 100 meters from Pattaya’s Best Beach (Jomtien). A magnificent 42 sq.m studio on the 12th floor with lovely seaviews of Jomtien Beach in the Khiang Talay Condominium. Beautifully refurbished and furnished to a very high European standard. Separate marbled kitchen, fridge, freezer, microwave, marbled bathroom with water heater. Matching quality furniture, beautiful stoned picture walls, lovely cornice ceilings with dimmer lights. TV, DVD, surround system, safety box, remote control aircon, etc, etc. 24 hour guard securities with entry card, big swimming pool, snooker room, fitness centre, shop, and laundry. Viewing essential. Only 2.2 mil. Baht. In Foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539, 087 150 4845. For appointment to view. For more details and pictures, visit our website Many Condos for Sale in Majestic Jomtien Condominium, 500 meters from beach. From only 650,000 baht. In foreigner’s name. Call P.A.C. Co., Ltd. 087 139 1539 (Eng.), 087 150 4845 (Thai). For more details and pictures, visit our website (ptm-L0208)Foreign Name Cheap Price -View Talay 6 Condominiums, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya. I have 8 prime, 48 Sq Meter Studio units

on high floors 18-22 at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street, with many units adjoining to make 96 sq meters. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 3.4 million each. Units available are 1804, 1805, 1806 (all 3 side by side), 1906, 2005, 2104, 2205 and 2206 (side by side). Purchase option 1: Cash 3.4 Million; or Installment Option 2: 1,000,000 to seller upon signing contract, 1,000,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 1,000,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date, final payment 400,000 to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! Jomtien Beach CondoChain Condominium, Soi 16, 100 meters from a lovely quiet beach. 29 sq.m., 5th Floor Studio with nice sea view. Very tastefully furnished and refurbished to a very high standard, with new A/C, ceiling fans, safety box, marble bathroom with hot water system, stoned picture walls and kitchenette. This condominium complex has recently been refurbished. With lovely swimming pool, gym, snooker room and more. Must sell quickly, returning to UK. Great value, Must Be Seen at 1.250 million baht. Private sale in Farang name. Call Alan 087 139 1570.

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptm-2108)Pattaya Hill Resort, Pratumnak Hill: 95 sq. m. corner condo, one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, diner, spacious, newly furnished, 3 balconies with picturesque view to temple and sea view, 3 air-conditioners, 3rd floor hotel facilities, pool, gym, restaurants, shop (In Foreign Name) Priced to Sell 4.2 million Baht. Interested call Tony 085 060 5297. Ideal for living or investment. Prime, Prime, Jomtien Locations. 3 Condos Offered For Sale at Bargain Prices. 1) 24th Floor Jomtien Complex 67 sq. mtr. 1 Bedroom. Fully Furnished, Kitchen etc. Only 3.2 million Baht !! 2) 4th Floor Shining Star Condominium. 38 sq. mtr. Studio. Fully furnished. Only 1.5 million Baht!! 3) 5th Floor A Building. Jomtien Plaza 48.4 sq. mtr. Unfurnished Studio. Only 2.0 Million Baht!! Tele. David 086 150 8673 (ptm-L0208)Northshore Beachfront Condominium, Foreign Name. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, #2101, 21st floor, overlooking pool and beach.

Facing Walking Street. 64 sq. meters. Foreign name. Fully luxury Furnished, Safe, Washer, Immaculate Condition, 100% equipped. Soi 5 and Beach Rd. 8.4 million. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Realtors Welcome! Key at the Northshore office. Finance Available on our Condominium and Pool Villa Projects, 10% Deposit only. Call Barry 089 933 3583 First to View Will Buy - New Completed Unit. Pattaya “Down Town” location. 1 Bed57.20 sqm, fully furnished 2.8 Million. 2 Bed- 99 sqm, fully furnished 4.8 Million. Call Barry 089 933 3583 “Trade Up To a Better Lifestyle”. We will “trade in “your property, as part payment on any of our luxury pool villa and condominium projects. Call: Peter 081 982 6145. “Penthouse Style” over looking Pattaya Bay, 180 SQ.M. Fully finished and furnished, best value in town 10,340,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145.

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

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Condo for Sale Jomtien “Foreign Ownership� Pre-Construction discounts and easy payment plans, 150 metres to Jomtien Beach from 3,500,000- Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. Foreign Ownership, 2 Bedroom Corner Unit. Fully furnished and fitted by a quality developer. Central Pattaya. Special deal for 60 days completion. Call: Peter at 081 982 6145. The Best Location in Town Near Royal Garden & Behind the Avenue Mall. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom from 1.5 Million Baht. Phone: 038 -711017 Mobile: 084 866 9644, Email:, Studio Condo for Sale. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain views). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Bargain at Bt:1.3 mil.). Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291

CS1145: Jomtien low rise condominium, 41 Sq m unit on 2nd fl, newly renovated, Foreign name, part furnished, asking, 990,000 Million Baht. Call for more info 038-373966 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecit CS1139: A superb 220 Sq m 2 bedroom apartment located in Pratumnak , outstanding sea views from most of the six balconies! This is a top end condo with only 14 units in the entire building, 16 Million Baht Call for more info 038-373966 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity CS1141: View Talay 5D Condo 48 Sq m, Pattaya side, well finished, foreign name 18th Floor 3.2 Million Baht Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail:pattaya@paradisecity Nova Park Executive Sevice Apartment. For rent Luxury Studios 1or 2 bedrooms fully furnished from 16,000 Baht / Month, Free Internet, Pool & Gym. Tel: 038 415 304-8, Email:,


Classified Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht/m2. Call Khun Ann 085-0900051, 081-921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723,, E-mail: novamiragecondo@ (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 25th floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya. Completely finished, tiled, granite counter tops, kitchen, cabinets, appliances, furnished, TV, DVD, 48 Sq Meter Studio units on 25th floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 3.9 million each. Units available are 2506 and 2507(side by side). Purchase option 1: Cash 3.9 Million; or Installment Option 2: 1,300,000 to seller upon signing contract, 1,300,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 1,300,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-7978055 USA or email hovelots@ Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! (ptfcs-1007)Nova Atrium 80 sq.m. with BigTerrace. Brand new. Fully furnished high standarad (Decorum). Between Carrefour and Big C. Huge swimming pool. Fitness center. Internet. 4.5 Million. Tel. 081 863 1076

PH1152 Pattaya Hill Condo superb One bedroom corner unit 83 Sq.m., high floor with wonderful sea view, 1 bathroom, European kitchen, living room, fully furnished and finished, 2 A/ C, telephone line, ADSL foreign ownership, ready to live in. Best buy 5.3 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: RS1127 The Residence Jomtein Spacious and brand new studio for sale, 53 sq.m., European kitchen, fully furnished with high standard, ready to live in, foreign ownership. Great offer 2.65 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872 (Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT1133 Viewtalay Condo 2B One bedroom condo 78 Sq.m., European kitchen, living room, fully furnished, 2 A/C, tile floor, foreign ownership, ready to live in, 3.45 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: V12199 Hot sale one bedroom condo 64 sqm., 2 baths, living area, partly furnished, high floor, Jomtien bay view only 1.99 million baht. Interested person please contact us. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website:

Fax: (038) 374535

RS3388 Brand new luxury apartment Jomtein Beach area for sale and rent, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, European kitchen, 112 sq.m., fully furnished and finished very high standard, foreign ownership, ready to live in. Well price at 5.1 million baht. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872 (Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: Condos for Sale. Four condos Furnished or unfurnished and air 60 square meters each (600 SQ. FT.) with one or two bedrooms, air con, cable TV and phone lines. Five condos 30 square meters. Sea View. Near Sukhumvit on Thepprasit Road. 700,000 to 1.5 Million Baht each.All nine condos for 9 million baht. Own in foreigner name. Financing available to the right person. Serious inquiries only. Call 084.111.7999. E-mail pappa@

(ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 18th Floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya, 144 Sq Meter Studio unit on 18th floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 10.2 million. Purchase Option 1: Cash 10.2 Million; or Installment Option 2: 3,400,000 to seller upon signing contract, 3,400,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 3,400,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! Very good priced units for sale in Condo-Chain Jomtien. Beautifully decorated and furnished. Starting from 950,000 Baht up to 3 Million Baht! The owner is looking for a quick sale! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Condo for Sale FREE BRAND NEW CAR OF YOUR CHOICE!! Special Promotion in La Royal? Condominium! We have several units up to a Million Baht under the developers price plus a free car. Take this opportunity to purchase a highend unit in a five-star beach front condominium. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Investment opportunity! I have two units for sale in the new spectacular building ‘Jomtien Residence’ with a guaranteed rental return for three years. No work and a steady monthly income! 53sqm for 3.2 Million Baht with 16,000 Baht/Month guaranteed two year income and 83sqm for 4.8 Million Baht with 25,000 Baht/ Month guaranteed income! Together for 7.5 Million Baht with 41,000 Baht/Month two year guaranteed rental return. The rent is paid every three months in advance. Call Jan at 087-021-3170 Act quick we have the front corner unit, A building, View Talay 3 facing Pattaya (cool side). 137 sqm for 7.4 million Baht. Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and on the best beach of town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Royal Cliff condo for sale for 27 Million Baht! This very nicely renovated and furnished unit has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and is located in the B-Tower on a high floor. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at

Unique opportunity in NORTHSHORE! We have for sale a 68sqm one bedroom Northshore unit for 8.9 Million Baht! This beautifully furnished and decorated unit on the 27th floor needs a quick sale as the owner needs cash! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Offer of the Month, The Park Condominium, Developers Price 55,000 Baht/sqm, Selling Price 54,000 Baht/ sqm, Building A and B, Foreign Ownership. Act Quick, foreign ownership not available anymore from the developer. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014 Special Promotion in La Royal? Condominium! We have several units far under the developers price. 106 sqm and 145 sqm units. Take this opportunity to purchase a high-end unit in a five-star beach front condominium. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014 Northshore Unit for sale! 80 sqm front unit for only 8.9 Million Baht! Buy this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. Northshore is the only 5-star Condominium on the Pattaya beach Road. High Floor! Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014 Splendid investment opportunity! For sale Tip-Condo for 1.8 Million Baht. Steady rental-income of 13,000 Baht/ Month. The best quality renovation money can buy. 42” LCD TV is only one of the many features in this condo. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014

Classified We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting at under 1 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at View Talay 5 High Floor 46 sqm beautifully renovated Studio apartment for only 3.2 Million Baht. Just a 50 meter walk to the beach. Panoramic views over the ocean and the Jomtien Boulevard. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We have the best selection of Ananya Condos Available on the Market Today! We have the last two units available on the penthouse floor of Ananya (5th floor, Phase 3) two bedroom, 155 sqm. Ananya the best location on the best beach of Pattaya, Wongamat Beach. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Two Bedroom Condo at Jomtien Beach’s Best location for 7.9 Million Baht! This has been very nicely renovated and has two bedrooms two bathrooms all within 126 square meters of comfort and security. Priced to sell, make sure that you see this apartment soon. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR2402) Act quick we have the 100sqm round unit View Talay 5 facing Jomtien. 100 sqm for 4.7 million Baht. Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier

Grand Condo 3 Bedroom Apartment for 9.8 Million Baht! Directly on Jomtien Beach! Completely renovated with a spacious living room and ready to move in. Features two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR3077) Na-Jomtien 3 Bedroom Sea View Apartment for 11.8! A beautifully renovated 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. Thai Bali Style interior design, 178 sqm, high floor and huge balcony with Fantastic Sea view. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR3091) Investment Possibility in La Royale Starting from 8.9 Million Baht! 1 Million under the developers prices! We have the best units on the highest floors in the new 5 star condominium La Royale. Pattaya side, two bedroom corner units, 148 sqm and Pattaya side, two bedroom units, 106 sqm. The corner units are not available anymore. Guaranteed high investment return. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Act quick we have the front corner unit, A building, View Talay 3 facing Pattaya (cool side). 137 sqm for 7.4 million Baht. Spectacular views, 50 meters from the ocean and the best beach of town. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Spectacular Sea View unit in the new project in front of La royale! Only with us is this rare opportunity to purchase something special for only 10.5 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Would You Like to have a Brand New Penthouse at Wongamat Beach? With prices well below the competition, these beautiful penthouse units are sure to sell before completed. Step in now and get the opportunity to choose the interiors and finishing work. Beautiful seaviews, sunsets and live at ‘Five Star’ Wongamat Beach. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PRD111) We Have Several Studio units in Popular Seafront Jomtien Condo with Amazing Seaviews Available from only 1.1 Million Baht! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

Fax: (038) 374535

Northshore Condominium for 30 Million Baht! This is a great opportunity to purchase a great 268 square meter unit in a foreigners own name at a great ‘downtown’ location. If you are looking to live in a dream, be sure to take a look at this popular building. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier INVESTORS: For the latest and most Exclusive Condominium Development. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Beautiful Condo in the Low Rice condominium of Grand Condotel for 12,5 Million Baht!. Just 1 minute walk to Jomtien Beach with a really spacious living area and an enormous balcony. The condo is completely renovated, ready to move in. A lot of facilities are available, two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court are just examples. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier (Property PR2975) Pattaya’s Hottest New Five Star Condo Still Has Units left! Yes Nirvana Place Condo does have a few one and two bedroom apartments available. The very best in security, construction and location between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. You will love the interior design motifs available and will love the fine dining and socializing at the Matahari Restaurant downstairs. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PRD099) Gorgeous Sea View Condominium Apartments on Wongamat Beach! Starting as low as 1.8 Million Baht, you may want to take a look at these brand new units that are being completed with beautiful interior designs and will be ready for occupancy very soon. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Sensational View Talay 3 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 13.9 Million Baht Negotiable! Sensational views over Jomtien Bay. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Jacuzzi, huge balconies and private beach. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014.

We Have Several Very Nice View Talay Condos for Sale Starting at under 1.5 million Baht! One of the most popular developments in the city has several units for sale, many of which feature beautiful furniture and finishing and priced to sell! Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Beautiful Condo in the Low Rice condominium of Grand Condotel for 12.5 Million Baht! Just 1 minute walk to Jomtien Beach with a really spacious living area and an enormous balcony. 220 sqm, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The condo is completely renovated, ready to move in. A lot of facilities are available, two swimming pools, a gym and a tennis court are just examples. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier 103sqm in View Talay 5 for 3.7 Million Baht! High floor with beautiful sea-views. The unit is made out of one 48sqm unit and one 55sqm unit. Bare Shell! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Sensational View Talay 3 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 14.5 Million Baht, Negotiable! Sensational views over Jomtien Bay. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Jacuzzi, huge balconies and private beach. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Special Offer in The Park Condominium ! Two units available, both 117 sqm, building A + B. Developers Price, 55,000 Baht/sqm, Our Price 54,000 Baht/sqm. The developer does not have any foreign ownership left in Building A and B. Our units are guaranteed Foreign Ownership! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: or visit our website at www.premier Special Promotion in La Royal? Condominium! We have several units far under the developers price. 106 sqm and 145 sqm units. Take this opportunity to purchase a highend unit in a five-star beach front condominium. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

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Condo for Sale Investment opportunity! We have two units for sale in the new spectacular building ‘Jomtien Residence’ with a guaranteed rental return for three years. No work and a steady monthly income! 50sqm for 3.3 Million Baht with 16,000 Baht/Month guaranteed three year income and 80sqm for 4.8 Million Baht with 25,000 Baht/Month guaranteed income! Together for 7.5 Million Baht with 41,000 Baht/ Month three year guaranteed rental return. Call Jan at 087021-7014 (ptm-L0208)View Talay 6 Condominiums 22nd Floor, Foreign Name, Prime Location, Beachfront on Beach Rd, Soi 9, Pattaya, 96 Sq Meter Studio unit on 22nd floor at FRONT SIDE of building facing Walking Street. Completely 100% unobstructed views of the beach, ocean and Walking Street. 6.8 million. Purchase option 1: Cash 6.8 Million; or Installment Option 2: 2,300,000 to seller upon signing contract, 2,300,000 to seller at 60 days from contract date, 2,200,000 final payment to seller at 120 days from contract date. Larry 1-214-797-8055 USA or email Keys at View Talay 6 office. Realtors Welcome! Huge New 143 sqm One Bedroom Condo On The 22nd Floor of View Talay 5 Building (VT5C0048). Finished to the highest of standards, this large one bedroom condo has fantastic seaviews, a great kitchen and full furniture. This condo must be viewed to fully appreciate what’s on offer for only 9.6m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Two Bedroom Jomtien Condo Overlooking Jomtien Bay (ROHI0008). This extremely well finished 92 sqm two bedroom condo on the 7th floor of a newly developed popular condominium with 24 hour security, communal swimming pool, fitness suite, restaurant, and easy access to the centers of both Jomtien and Pattaya. For sale at 5.9m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Jomtien Beach Road Studio Condo Just 200m From The Beach (JBCO0043) Ideal for investment, this 30 sqm studio on the 13th floor of this ever popular condominium which boasts great facilities including swimming pool, fully equipped gym, sauna, internet, convenience store, laundry and 24 hour security. For sale at a knockdown price of 1.65m. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Resales at Spanish Condo Under Developer’s Price! We have two studio and two onebedroom units starting at 895,000 THB fully renovated… that’s almost 200,000 THB under the off-plan price! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at 103 sqm High Floor Condo at Metro a Steal at only 5 Million THB! Superb seaviews and an easy to renovate floorplan make this a renovator/ investor’s dream! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at 45 sqm High Floor Studio at Metro Waiting For Some TLC Only 2.3 Million THB! Great building positioning overlooking Pattaya and Jomtien with breathtaking view…this price will only go up!!! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Luxuriously Renovated One Bedroom Plus Office (102 sqm) in View Talay 3 Only 5.9 Million THB! This is one of the best designed/renovated units we’ve seen! Excellent Euro kitchen, top notch furniture & d?cor, plus great seaviews! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Double Unit (60 sqm) in S1 Building in Jomtien Beach Condo on Top Floor Only 2.9 Million THB! There aren’t many double units left in JBC, especially in the best building and on the top floor! This is very well priced for such a rare unit! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at We Have a Great Selection of the Best Units in the Area’s Newest Boutique Buildings! Check out the best available units (both off-plan and resale) in Hyde Park, Pattaya Heights and Mayfair Residence. Very attractive payment plans available. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Buy Off-Plan With Us! We’ll find you the best possible prices, terms and units available at all of the area’s best new condo developments (including Northpoint and Ocean 1 Tower)… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at



Wandee : VIP CONDO, Baan Amphor area, Beautiful Sea view, CORNER Unit, 104 sq.m., 2 bedrooms, Furnished. Sale for 5,300,000.- Baht Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Ocean Marina, High floor, 179 sq.m. (Type B) Panoramic Sea view. Direct on the beach. 3 bedrooms, original built-in furniture. Sale for Bht 9,300,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate:081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, a studio in the front building S1, 32 sq.m. on the high floor. Sea view, Pattya side. Fully renovated. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 1,200,000. GOOD VALUE Call Wandeegroup Real Estate: 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, 2 STUDIOS side by side, in the front building S2, total 64 sq.m. on the high floor. Sattahip side. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. Total Price Sale for Bht 2,500,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, a CORNER UNIT, 33 sq.m in the front building S2. Sea view, Sattahip side, High floor. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 1,250,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Beach Condo, 2 STUDIOS side by side, , 58 sq.m in A3 Building, Sea view and Garden view. High floor. A few minutes walk to the beach. Convenience for public transport. GOOD VALUE. Total Sale for Bht 2,000,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : View Talay Condo Project 1, SHOP HOUSES, Building A , 120 sq.m., ground floor and 1st floor. 2 front shop houses with two rooms direct upper floor. Good for business. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 2,800,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate: 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Pattaya Condotel Chain, Soi Jomtien 16. 2 bedrooms and 1 living room with 3 BALCONIES FOR BEAUTIFUL SEA VIEW. Appoximately 78 sq.m. Fully furnished. Foreign ownership. Sale for Bht 3,200,000.- Just a few minutes walk to the beach. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Wandee : Pattaya Condotel Chain, Soi Jomtien 16. a studio, 26 sq.m Fully furnished, Sea view. High floor. Foreign ownership. Sale for Bht 1,200,000.- Near the beach. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Condotel, a studio. Original decoration. Building B, 36 sq.m. Private access to the Dongtan beach. Convenience for public transport. Sale for Bht 1,450,000. Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Coconut Beach Condo, Jomtien Beach. 255 sq.m., panoramic sea view. 4 bedrooms. Fully-furnished. Sale for Bht 12,500,000. Call Wandee group Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Metro Condo, Jomtien. Soi 19. One studio on the high floor, 48 sq.m. Big balcony for beautiful seaview. Fully furnished. Sale for Bht 2,200,000.- Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Jomtien Thip, Soi 7 Jomtien. A studio 30 sq.m., original condition. Sattahip side. Sale for Bht 850,000 Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : Katalina Condo, Soi 7 Jomtien, a new branded condo, 58 sq.m. One bedroom. European kitchen. Laminate floor. Fully furnished. Convenient for public transport. Just a few minutes walk to Jomtien beach, nearby local market, shops and restaurants. Sale for Bht 2,350,000.- Call Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Condo for Rent If you are looking for a condo for rent in Pattaya / Jomtien, look no further. We have a big selection. All price ranges. Call 0863684973 or visit

Fax: (038) 374535

(ptm-n1807)A Luxury Condo for Rent on Pratamnak Hill. 1 and 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, UBC and WiFi internet. From 25,000 baht per month. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-n1807)A Beautiful 2 Bedroom Condo in View Talay 2. Fully furnished with top quality furniture, must be seen to be believed. Rent 30,000 baht per month. Minimum 6month contract. Phone 081 782 0206, 084 362 5920 (ptm-1807)View Talay 5 Sea View Condo 96 sqm,1 bedroom/ living room European kitchen,UBC, walk-in wardrobes, 29"T.V. & DVD fully furnished 35,000 baht/month. Please contact Tip 081 940 5181 or Nova Park Executive Sevice Apartment. For rent Luxury Studios 1or 2 bedrooms fully furnished from 16,000Baht / Month, Free Internet, Pool & Gym. Tel: 038 415 304-8, Email:, Sale or Rent Luxury Condo. In Centre Pattaya Luxury fully furnished 1+2 Bedrooms, Rent from 25,000 Baht / Month. Sale 50,000 Baht / m2. Call Khun Ann 085 090 0051 , 081 921 4508, E-mail:, Wong Amat Nova Mirage. Luxury Studio & 1 Bedroom for Sale or Rent. Phone: 038 225 723,, E-mail: novamiragecondo@ Studio Condo for Rent. Khieng Talay (nr.Cosy beach) 40 sq.Mts on 5th Floor (mountain view). Good sized kitchenette and bathroom. Completely renovated with all brand new equipment and furniture. Only 13,000 baht per month. Call 081 357 7491 or 081 334 5291

CR1067: Top Floor “loft” Apartment, this modern design 1 bed apartment is 115 Sq m with a large bedroom, located in the Pratumnak hill area the rental price includes high speed internet and UBC TV all for only 25,000 P/M Call for more info 038- 373966 or by E-mail: CR1075: GREAT VALUE, 126 Sq m 3 bed condo for rent in Pratumnak, 3rd floor modern Furniture, 2 minute walk to beach &7/11, only 30,000 P/M Call for more info 08-49442541 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity PH2235 Fully renovated modern 2 bedroom condo for rent, Pattaya Hill, high floor, lovely sea view, large balcony, 2 bathroom, 95 sq.m., European kitchen, fully furnished , hotel facilities, ready to live in, long contract required. Good offer 35,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT1125 Nicely One bedroom condo located at the convenient location of Jomtien Beach living area 74 Sq.m., European kitchen, living room, fully furnished, 2 A/C, tile floor, ready to live in, 23,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT1115 Several lovely studios convenient located to Jomtien Beach and shopping area. Living space from 37- 48 Sq.m., cooking corner, fully furnished, A/C, ready to live in, Price start from 13,000-20,000 baht/ month. Available for short long term contract. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872 (Thai) Tel /Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website:

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Condo for Rent VT2240 Superb two bedroom condo located at the convenient location of Jomtien Beach for rent, living area 148 Sq.m., 2 en-suite bedroom, European kitchen, large living room, fully furnished, 4 A/C, ADSL connection, ready to live in, 40,000 baht/month. Long term contract required. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872 (Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: VT582 Superb one bedroom condo for rent Tappraya Road, Jomtien, 101sqm. 2 bathroom, living room, kitchen, high floor, ocean view and over looking the pool, nicely furnished. Available for short-long term rent. Good offer 30,000 baht/month. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872(Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: Condos for Rent. Furnished or unfurnished 60 square meter, one or two bedroom condos with air con, cable TV and phone lines. 8,900 Baht to 12,000 Baht per month. Sea View. Near Sukhumvit on Thepprasit Road. Call 084.111.7999. Email


Pratamnak 3 Bedroom for Sale and Rent 7.35 Million Baht, 50,000 Baht/Month! A beautifully 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury condo. 128 sqm, beautifully furnished and decorated. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR1362) Sensational View Talay 3 226 We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent Jomtien for 80,000 Baht/ in Every Major Condo Building Month! Sensational views over in the Area at the very best Jomtien Bay. 2 bedrooms, 2 possible prices! From Sri Racha bathrooms, Jacuzzi, huge to Naklua and Pattaya to balconies and private beach. Jomtien and beyond. Examples Call Jan for more information. are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View 087-021-7014. Royal Cliff ‘A Building’ Double Talay, and a lot more, we simply View Four Bedroom Apart- can’t be matched! Contact the ment for 90,000 Baht per Premier Homes Real Estate month! One of the most sought Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or after places to live with fantas- by Email: premier@loxinfo. tic sunsets and sea views. Also or visit our website at we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting Northshore Sea View from 50,000 Baht per Month! Condominium for 65,000 Baht For appointment and private per month! Rent this beautifully viewing, call the Premier Homes furnished 112 square meter unit Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 231-931 or by Email: premier@ at a great ‘downtown’ location. or visit our website Our Northshore rentals are at starting from 42,000 Baht/Month. View Talay 2 Sea View Contact the Premier Homes Condominium for 45,000 Baht Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) per month! This is a masterpiece in condo design and comfort, 231-931 or by Email: premier@ with two bedrooms and two or visit our website bathrooms. The condo has a big at balcony with ocean-view and (Property PR3036) stunning furniture. Contact the Beautifully Renovated Three Premier Homes Real Estate Bedroom Condo in Jomtien Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or For Rent at 60,000 Baht per by Email: premier@loxinfo. month! Great high floor three or visit our website at bedroom, three bathroom furnished apartment with fantastic sea

views and sunsets. Ready to move in, this is a great way to live! Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Great Two Bedroom Condos for rent from 20,000 to 45,000 Baht per month! We have a number of very nice condominium apartments available for rent in this price range. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Sensational View Talay 5 226 sqm Front Corner Unit Facing Jomtien for 55,000 Baht/ Month! Private access to the best beach of Pattaya (Dongtan Beach), On the Baht-Bus route. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge balconies. Call Jan for more information. 087-021-7014. Very nice Royal Cliff Two Bedroom Plus Apartment for 55,000 Baht per month! Those that know the ‘Cliff ’, know that it is one of the most sought after places to live. Enjoy this two bedroom plus office apartment with fantastic sunsets and seaviews. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Three Bedroom Suite For 50,00 Baht per month! What more can you say? If you would like a ‘Five Star’ lifestyle with the yachts and all….this is your apartment. There are no better

Fax: (038) 374535

building amenities anywhere. Two swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, weight training gym, the list goes on and on…..and don’t forget their first class gourmet restaurant with Dim Sum on Sundays! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR1775) Incredible Sea View Three Bedroom Apartment for 65,000 Baht per month! A very sharp building right on the beach with gorgeous beachfront swimming pool and roof top pool as well….what a view from the top! This apartment has 198 square meters of comfort and style with sunset and Jomtien Beach views to die for. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at (Property PR1362) Royal Cliff ‘B Building’ Double View Three Bedroom Apartment for 70,000 Baht per month! One of the most sought after places to live with fantastic sunsets and sea views.

Also we have other magnificent rentals in Royal Cliff starting from 50,000 Baht per Month! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@ or visit our website at Northshore Sea View Condominium for 45,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many Northshore rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at We Have Many Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Condos for Rent in Every Major Condo Building in the Area at the very best possible prices! From Sri Racha to Naklua and Pattaya to Jomtien and beyond. Examples are, Northshore, Baan Rimpa, Saranchol, Grand Condotel, View Talay, and a lot more, we simply can’t be matched! Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at

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E-mail :

Condo for Rent at Chateau dale condo on 3 floor (74 Sq.m.) 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, European kitchen, Air–con, Hot water, Fully furnished and decorated, Communal pool and 24 hr security, Price at 25,000 baht per month, rent 3-12 month lease. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-8335066 E-mail: Condo for Rent at Chateau dale condo on 1 floor (92 Sq.m.). 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, European kitchen, Air–Con, Hot water, Direct telephone , Cable T.V., Fully furnished, Decorated, Communal pool, 24 hr security, Price at 35,000 baht per month, rent 3-12 month lease. Call 038-303825-6, 086-3134841, 086-3053567, and 087-833 5066 E-mail: Wandee : Wandee Studio for monthly rental, Bht 18,000/ month. Fully and well decorated. FREE Wireless internet and cable TV. Located on Tappraya Rd. Easy to access Pattaya and Jomtien. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya)

Condo for Rent View Talay V Sea View Condominium for 20,000 Baht per month! Rent this beautifully furnished unit at a great ‘downtown’ location. This is only one of our many rentals. Contact the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at 112 Sqm Two Bedroom on High Floor for Rent at Northshore only 55,000 THB P/M! Very nicely finished large two bedroom with smashing views, great amenities and excellent location. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Lots of Studio Units for Rent at View Talay 2, Thip Condo & Jomtien Beach Condominium! We have a great selection of studios for rent starting at only 8,000 THB per month! Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Awesome Two & Three Bedroom Duplex Penthouses For Rent in Metro Jomtien! These are excellent rental units at great prices (55,000 for the two bdr and 65,000 for the three bdr) finished in a very modern, clean style with great kitchens, lots of outdoor space, Jacuzzis and killer views. Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at Luxurious Large Two Bedroom Condo at Executive Residence 2 For Rent! This condo is finished to an impeccable standard with luxurious bathrooms, great furniture and electronics, huge kitchen and great seaview. Only 65,000 THB per month… Contact Jomtien Property either by email or call 086 108 6575 or 038 303 243. Visit the area’s most powerful property database at

Land for Sale (ptm-2407)Land for Sale between Phoenix Golf Club and Highway 331. 7.5 Rai in one piece or you can buy in 7 separate plots. Call 089 457 3209 (Thai/German), 089 487 2704 (English/German). Fed Up With Crime, Congestion & Pollution!!! Country Properties as the Solution!!! Mountain views. 100 TLW 400,000. 200 TLW 750,000. 1 rai 1.2 million. 3 rai 7.5 million. 3 rai 291 TLW full of mango’s + river 3.8 million. 19 rai 164 TLW 360 degree mountains 39 million. Beach Side 301 TLW beach 400 metres 7 million. 365 TLW beach 240 metres 9 million, 2 rai 175 TLW 4 million, 5 rai 354 TLW + river 5 million, 3 rai can obtain 30+ storey condo permit 30 million, 1 rai 334 TLW beach 400 metres permit for 44 unit seaview condo 30 million. Seaviews 200 TLW 850,000. 1 rai 39 TLW 1.4 million. 3 rai 317 TLW with 2 seaviews 12 million, 8 rai 144 TLW with seaviews 24 million. Many more exclusive plots available. Tel 081 576 0035 Email:,

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Classified (ptm-0608)18, one Rai plots for sale. All plots with own lake water front beside Phoenix Golf course. Cost 4 million/Rai. Call John 081 919 1120 (ptm-n1807)Land for Sale. 1,430 sq wah on Eastern Star Golf Course: 9,000 per sq wah. Phone 081 782 0206 or 089 249 1364 (ptm-2107)Let Rosegate Consultants turn your dream home into a reality. Tel: 038 406 519, 081 864 6285 http:// (ptm-2007)Huai Yai, 12 Rai of Land for Sale. Only 700,000 Baht per rai. Exceptional value for money. Prime upcoming location between Phoenix Golf course and the prestigious new Chomwana Resort & Horse Club. Beautiful, flat, clean land, currently farmed. Reluctant sale by owner. Guaranteed investment opportunity or ready now for development. One title deed (cha nod). 8.4 million baht for the whole plot. Call 089 938 6075 (Thai) or 086 143 6214 (English) PL 024 Land for sale in Soi Watboonjankana, close to Sukhumvit and 600 Meters from the Beach, Various plots available, land filled ready to build! From 19,000 per S q w call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: PL 025 Land located in central Pattaya behind Walking street, great plot for apartments, 272 Sq w, 45 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity PL 027 Land for sale absolute beach front!! Located in North Pattaya 2 Rai 200 Sq w 180 Million Baht. Call 08-4944 5141 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 028 Land for sale in Soi Bua Khao, close to the Avenue shopping centre 4 Rai, 127 million baht Call 08-49445141 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity PL 029 Land for sale on Pratumnak Hill, 191 Sq w, top of the hill location, ideal for house, 35,000 Baht per Sq w call today 08-17613238 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity PL 030 Land for sale South Pattaya road close to Big C, 4 Rai 200 S q w, 40,000 baht per Sq w call for full details 08-494 45141 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 031 Land for sale on the Sukhumvit road, great road front exposure , 2 Rai 36 Million Baht, Please call 08-49445141 or by E-mail: pattaya@paradisecity PL 032 Land for sale Located in Wongamat, ideal for 7 storey condominium 2 Rai 46 Sq w 80 Million Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: PL 033 100 S q w land plot Ideal for house in a quite location off Siam country club. Already in a company name 800,000 THB. Please call 08-4944 5141 or by E-mail: pattaya@ PL 034 Direct Beach Land located opposite to Nong Nuch tropical gardens,11 Rai, 220 Million Baht. Call for more info 08-47808457 or by E-mail: PL 035 Land for sale on Pratumnak Hill, 205 Sq w, 150 meters from beach , ideal for house, 35,000 Baht per Sq w call today 08-49445141 or by Email: pattaya@paradisecity

Pl 036 Land in Maprachan lake area, already has perimeter wall on 275 Sq w, great mountain views , Thai name, 2.2 million B Call for more info 08-4780 8457 or by E-mail: pattaya@ In Proximity of The Most Beautiful Golf Courses and The Best Known Polo Clubs, we sell residential land in Pattaya. Approx. 4 Rais, situated on a hill with unlimited beautiful views that can never be obstructed. By car about 15 minutes from Pattaya. Sales price only: THB 2,100,000 / Rai. Please call George: 081 855 75 20 (English, Deutsch, Fran?ais, Italiano) SB140 Bangsaray Beachfront Land 7 Rais for sale 20 million baht/rai. Interested person please contact us. Call Property Today. Hotline: + 66 (0) 8 9938 4163 (Eng), +66 (0) 8 1940 1872 (Thai) Tel/Fax: + 66 (0) 3826 7049 Website: Beachfront Land Jomtien 23 Rai at 16 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231 -931 or E-mail to premier@ Beautiful located plots of Land! A few examples are stunning plots on the Prathamnak Hill (1 Rai up), 21 Rai of beachfront near the Ambassador Hotel and 7 Rai of Land on the beach in Bangsaray. Our database contains over a 100 exclusive plots of land in and around Pattaya. Call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at Looking for Beach front land? We have prime beach front land parcels available. For appointments and private tours contact Premier Land and Development (038) 231-931 or (01) 634-2915 Email: premier@ or visit us online at Land next to the Polo Club in the Mabrachan area! 8 Rai at 1.2 million Baht/Rai, 23 Rai at 920,000 Baht/Rai, the whole plot (31 Rai) at 920,000 Baht/ Rai. Owner motivated to sell quickly. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 23 Rai at 13.5 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Beachfront Land Jomtien 2 times 5 Rai at 20 million per rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Incredible 35 Rai of Land perfect for Development includes designs for 160 Unit Condo project 2 Rai lake and area for 20 homes. Priced to sell. Property is in a fast growing area only 10 minutes to the beach and covered in mature coconut trees-absolutely beautiful. Good flat ready to build condition with three road frontages. Smart money buy- call to take a look. Making your Business our Business – Premier Land and Development. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers- 038-231-931 or E-mail to Land Parcels all locations Starting Baht 300,000 per Rai. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to

Fax: (038) 374535

274.4 Rai Prime Master Plan Development Land- Baht 570 million. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to 20 Rai- Bang Saray 4 mil per Rai, sea view, ready to build. Call Premier Land and Development Business Brokers038-231-931 or E-mail to Wandee : LAND plots in Tappraya Soi 15, size 100-150 talangwah, Suitable for your private home, near town and beach. Just 10 minutes drive to Pattaya town or Jomtien beach. Near Chateaudale condominium project. Sale for 25,000 Baht/ talangwah. Call us for appointment. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : LAND 50 talangwah, just about 300 meters from the Jomtien beach. on the village road. Sale for 1,400,000 Baht. Call us for appointment. Wandeegroup Real Estate : 081-8631786 (Nittaya) Wandee : LAND in Pratumnak area. Soi 4-5, ~200 Talangwah, Sale at 28,000.- Baht per talangwah. Call us for appointment. Wandeegroup Real Estate: 081-8631786 (Nittaya) We Have Many Plots On Pratumnak Hill.

Services Provided (ptmsp-1308)Architect Services Plans, houses, shops, apartments, etc. Contact 081 295 8038 (ptm-sp1808)Pool Tables Brand New (coin operated). Profit sharing, you provide the location, we provide the pool table for free and all maintenance costs. We will also consider buying your old pool table. For more information, please call: 081 762 8379 (ptm-sp0408)Eden Massage. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own place. Thai massage, Oil massage, foot massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sports massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex)

VDO Present Studio. We can make a presentation as VDO Presentation, Recording, Music VDO, Slide Show or special photograph in expertise skill in photographer. Please contact: Tiwa 086 787 8001 E-mail: Are You an Expatriate Who Wants a Home in Paradise? Is your equity Locked in property and Blocking your dream? Let us unleash your money through ‘Bridging Finance’. Other services offered BVI company registration, BVI yacht registration, property/land for sale in Koh Samui/Pattaya and other parts of Thailand, offshore bank A/C’s, asset protection. Call today for further information Watson Associates : 02 664 2622 / email: Ski Blind. For blinds, sunshade, retractable awning, canopy, folding doors. PVC strip doors, wallpapers, canvas, umbrellas, curtains, partitions, window shutter, and tents. Call Mr. Kiat at 081 307 7732 or e-mail Visit their website Need a sports massage. Call : 081 781 3861 (no sex) (ptm-0408)We Supply and Service Game Machines. Free of charge! We supply the machine, you provide the location. Call 081 762 8379 (ptm-0108)An Installed Concrete and Tile Pool adds value to your home, making it easier to sell. Completed/ready to use in 30 days cost under 300,000bt. With no hidden extras. Pool Guy 086 149 4279 Do you have questions about your visa for Thailand? Call 0863684971 If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software and hardware, please phone 086 820 2577 or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng). I will go to service at your place. If you are Looking for a Computer Graphic Designer, Web designer or would like to make some printed matters in reasonable price, please phone 086 820 2577 (Thai) or 081 157 4561 (Thai & Eng) or email:

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008


Services Provided Looking to buy or sell your home? is the only place to go for the best value properties in Pattaya / Jomtien. “Discover the dragon” at Looking to buy or sell your car? is the only place to go for the best value vehicles in Pattaya / Jomtien. “Discover the dragon” at Looking to buy or sell your boat? is the only place to go for the best value craft in Pattaya / Jomtien. “Discover the dragon” at Looking to buy or sell your PC? is the only place to go for the best value electronics goods Pattaya / Jomtien. “Discover the dragon” at

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Job Wanted (ptm-2107)Master Welder, Welding Inspector (C.S.W.I.P), welding instructor/supervisor: on/ off-shore, power-st, refinery, pipe-line, lay-barge, high rise building, etc. Seeks work Thailand/world wide. Phone Mr. John 086 154 0377 Jomtien. Currently looking for work in schools or companies. I have a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Counseling. Please call me at 080 016 1209. German Chef and Restaurant Manager with many years of experience in European and International cuisine is looking for a new challenge. Also administration. Contact Tel 087 893 2287 or Email Bardill@ If you would like to learn how to speak Thai in a simple, easy way, I can help you to enjoy learning Thai. Please call 087 133 4414 Email:

Job Vacancies (ptm-2107)Top Car Rental Company in Jomtien required a highly motivated, educated, Thai lady who speaks good English for the position of Reception and Office Manager, starting salary 10,000 – 20,000 baht. Call for Interview Tel. 038 364 461, 038 364 238 (ptm-2107)Male Driver Require…. 6 days/week, working with Top Car Rental in Jomtien. Must have driving license. And know some English. High Salary. Call for Interview Tel. 038 364 461, 038 364 238

Fax: (038) 374535 (ptm-2107)Part Time, Full Time for Booth Sale in Pattaya, Bangkok. Female, Thai nationality, High School educate. Must be speak basic English. 1 year experience for booth sale. High Salary + O.T. + Com + Transport. Contact 089 405 5518 (ptm-2007)Website Designer / Programmer Needed!!! Looking for Thai national with good command of English to work in an up and coming company, Rayong. 6,00016,000 baht per month. Contact 085 082 6668 (ptfj-2007)Need a Law Advisor/Legal Consultant. 1 Position. Call 038 489 365-6 for more details. (ptfj-2007)Part Time English Teachers Wanted. Don 081 290 4508 Send your details to our email address or call now. (ptm-1907)Wanted Restaurant Operator;Golden opportunity for an experienced, talented person versed in all phases of hospitality management to take over and assume complete charge of a currently operating restaurant and dramatic new Spa in the center of downtown Bangkok. Located atop a well recognized small hotel, this showplace facility requires hands-on management by a dynamic individual. Apply with qualifications, and reasons that you should be considered for this opportunity to (ptfj-2007)We are a well established real estate company based in central Pattaya, looking to expand our clientele base into the Russian market, the successful applicant

must be able to speak fluent Russian and English with knowledge of the Pattaya real estate Market and local area. The selected applicant will receive a commission based salary. Please send your CV to or Call 084 780 8457 or 081 761 3238. (ptfj-2007)Exciting Projects, Dynamic Company, great salary & bonus schemes are looking for the following positions: 2 Construction Managers (THB 100,000-150,000 tax free), 5 Section Managers (THB 60,00080,000), 10 Superintendents/ Supervisors (THB 40,00050,000), 1 team Survey Engineers/ Technicians (THB 20,00040,000), 5 CAD Draughtsman (THB 20,000-40,000), 2 Project Planner/Co-ordinator & 4 Assistants (THB 30,000-50,000), 2 Architects (THB 50,000100,000). Only those with top ability & dynamic are required. Spoken & written English. Call 087 140 5199 or 086 816 9398

Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

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Job Vacancies (ptfj-1907)Admin Assistant for Real Estate Company, University graduate, English speaking, MS office, front Page, corel draw, photoshop, customer orientated, CV to: K. Mark, One Stop Real Estate, 038-710699, Mob 0819454845, email: (ptfj-1907)Graphic Designer (Thai) Needed by English Language Magazine. Must be able to lay out a magazine and put into correct format for printer. Also must be able to use In-Design as well as illustrator, Photoshop etc. Good English skills needed. Good basic salary and working conditions. Apply by telephone to 038 40 6519 (office hours) and ask for Khun John. (ptfj-1907)Wanted, Wanted, Wanted. 2x (can be married couple). Honest, reliable, hard working staff. Must be able to speak English and work unattended. Good starting salary. Company vehicle. Tel. 081 427 8256 (ptfj-1907)New Restaurant Looks for Thai Staff for the following positions: Manager, Cooks experienced in German, French and Italian, Waitresses. Knowledge of English needed. 085 432 1894 (ptfj-1907)New Sushi Bar in Pattaya, looking for Chef and Restaurant Manager, Call 085 241 3757 (Sergey) (ptfj-1907)Secretary Wanted. Located at Ocean Marina. Must be able to speak/read/write English, computer skill and be service minded. Please call 038 235 061 or 087 512 7035 or send CV to adminpattaya@

(ptfj-1707)Boat Boy Wanted. Located at Ocean Marina. Boat skill required. Can clean, maintain, fair English. For more details please call 038 235 061, 087 512 7035 (ptfj-1707)Thaiboliger Co., Ltd. Seeks Thai Sales Staff. Excellent English language skills are essential. Good commission please call Ronnie 081 761 6910 or chayada@ (ptfj-1907)Off-shore Oil & Gas Personnel for Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia required. Call ECO Thai Group Co., Ltd., 038 682 097, 087 140 5199 (ptfj-1507)Carpenter Needed. English speaking. 1 or 2 weeks up country. Full board + 1,000/ 1,500 baht daily. Phone 089 058 4509 (ptfj-1807)Indochine Asset Management is a specialist in developing exclusive locations for the luxury property market. And now we are looking for : Project Manager 1 position, M&E Project Manager 1 position. Responsibilities:- To coordinate with company’s construction projects, to control and to manage all resources and facilities to support construction projects. Act as company’s representative on site. Manage and control the construction projects to be on schedule following the drawings and specifications. Qualifications:Bachelor’s degree or higher in related field. Over 8 yrs. Experience in high-rise hotel and condominium construction or project manager. Strong leadership with interpersonal skill. Ability to work in all functions and levels within projects. Interested applicants are invited to send application with full resume indicating qualification and experience, transcript, expected salary and recent photo to: Indochine Asset Management Ltd. 256/1 Moo 5, Soi Naklua 22 Pattaya-Naklua Road, Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi. Telephone : +66 (38) 489142 – 3 or E-Mail address : (ptfj-1707)Looking for people to work in Bahrain. Mason, carpenter, painter, floor tiler. Salary 400 US $ + OT. Have ticket go and come back. Free food, transportation, board and lodging. Call ECO Thai Group Co., Ltd., 038 682 097, 087 140 5199 (ptfj-0408)Staff Wanted. Cashiers. Massage Girls. Cleaning lady. Call : 081 781 3861 (ptfj-0807)Construction Site Supervisor. Responsible for all concrete structure and fit out of quality houses. Reading engineering drawings, planning work and labour force, ordering materials. Speak English is an advantage. We offer good salary. Long term. Chance to grow with company. Call 086 816 9398


Classified (ptfj-0807)Senior Qs/Contracts Engineers Required for Oil @ Gas Protects Thailand / Vietnam. 12 Month appointments & good packages offered. Contact 081 919 1120. (ptfj-0807)Senior Project Controls Personnel for Oil & Gas Protects in Thailand. Good Packages Contact 081 919 1120 Pro Language is language training institute based in Bangkok. Now we are opening a new office in Pattaya and seek Part-time and Full-time Teachers to join our team in Pattaya Branch. English Teachers and other Language Teacher, English-Dutch-German-ItalianFrench-Japanese-ChineseRussian-Korean-Spanish, Thai Teachers to teach Thai and English for Foreigners, Marketing. Please call K. Jerry and K. Nutcharee to arrange an appointment. Tel. 02-250-0072 LC International languages and Computer School is looking for Native of Japanese, German French, Chinese and English speaking teacher. Interested person please call: 038 361 948 - 9 or contact us by

Travel Mc Flight Travel & Visa. Cheapest Air Fares. Promotion BKK-LON, FRA,PAR, ROM, GVA Start from 10,00 O/W 20,100 R/T. Special Promotion on September AMS-BKK-AMS . Start from 570 Euro’s. All the price not include tax. Visa to Europe, Vietnam, Laos, China, India, Myanmar, Indonesia; Ext Hotel Reservation, Scuba Diving, Taxi, Minibus. Tel 038 413 530, 038 724 023, Fax 038 413 540 Email: Mcflightpattaya@

Vehicle for Rent (ptm-t1707)Motorbikes for Rent. Nouvo, Click, Mio. 200 baht day. 1,000 baht week, 3,000 baht month. WILL DELIVER. 086 824 4910 Cheap car rental. Fully insured cars. Prices start from 800 THB / day. Call 0863684971.

Vehicle for Sale (ptfvs-2107)1999 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5 GLX. Automatic. Farang owner. Bit tatty but a good reliable runner. B110,000 ono. Call 086 002 6762 (ptm-c1807)Toyota Hi Ace 12 Seater. Mini bus 1998/9, 2.8 litre diesel, 5 speed, power steering, ‘metallic’ blue. Front & rear A.C., front & rear chrome bumpers, side steps, CD, TV, alloy wheels. Ideal for golfing, outings etc. Only 340,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845.

(ptfvs-1807)Expat Offers: Honda 1,800cc VTX 2-CYL. – muscle-bike. Very rare, 2006 low km, a huge torque naked/cruiser, just serviced with green book and private insurance policy. 440,000 baht, well below book value. For info call Rudolf 086 315 9505 or 087 825 7200. (ptm-1807)A Solid Gold Longines Watch, valuation $14,000 – new $20,000. Swap for auto car 4x4 or jet ski to value of $8,000. 086 006 8390 (ptfvs-1807)Toyota, Tiger, Pick up, bld y. 2003, silver, 129,000kms, new tires, radio CD, falang owned, 320,000 bht. Call 086 142 8038 Mr Claus, 081 894 7881 Mr Uli (ptfvs-r1807)2003 Nissan NV 69,000 km. Automatic – Rear Cap – Clean. 230,000 baht or best offer. 087 892 6271 (ptm-1607)Honda Wave. 2 years old, serviced. Low km’s excellent condition. 19,900 baht O.N.O. Tel. 080 641 9974 English, 089 044 6885 Thai (ptm-1607)Honda Phantom. 1 year old, 5,000 km, many extras, cost 110,000 baht. Will sell 65,000 O.N.O. Tel. 080 641 9974 English, 089 044 6885 Thai (ptfv-1707)2005 Ford Ranger Open Cab, 2 door, black, low km, many extras. Tel: O85 286 6303, Price; 340,000 baht (ptfv-0907)Toyota Corona Turbo Diesel 4 Door Saloon Gold. Power steering, alloy wheels, CD, air con, 5 speed, rare car in good condition. Must see! Only 120,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845 (ptfvs-1807)Almost Pristine Condition, having travelled only 67,000 klms. Daewoo Nexia 1.5 GL, 3 door, 5 speed. Full years tax & insurance. 135,000 baht. No dreamers or time waster please. 038 421 502 (ptfv-1707)Honda Accord 2,4 metallic black, year 03. Top model, like new and only 26 000 km. Price 695 000 baht. Mobile 087 108 0995. (ptfvs-1507)2006 Mitsubishi Triton, 2 door,manual,di-d common rail, low km, taxed, silver, many extras, tel: 085 286 6303, price: 435,000 baht (ptfvs-1507)Honda Steed VLS, 400cc, 8,000 genuine kilometer. Stored for 4 years. Foreign owned/ book. As new condition. Must see at 155,000 baht. Call Ian on 081 000 7356 (ptm-1307)Absolutely Immaculate Suzuki Vitara JLX. 5 door automatic. 70,000 klms only. Maroon/Silver. Full years road tax and insurance. Too many extras to list including new Whitwall tyres. 395,000 baht 038 420 510 (ptm-1207)Toyota Tiger 3.0 Turbo Diesel 4x4 2 Door. Big Cab 1999, 5 speed, power steering. Heavy duty front and rear bumpers. Raised suspension, air bag, ABS, C.D. Big alloys, loads of extras, 130,000 kms. Full history. Falang owned. Immaculate condition. 390,000 baht. Call 087 139 1539 (ptm-1207)Kawasaki KR 150 Motorcycle Racing. Green completely overhauled last year. In new condition. Very fast. Only 18,000 baht. Call 087 150 4845

Fax: (038) 374535



Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

Embassy officer collects MBE

The photograph shows most of the consular section staff of the British embassy in Bangkok in the ambassador’s residence with invited guests

From the left, British ambassador Quinton Quayle, Pattaya consular assistant Sasamon Khempookeaw, Barry Kenyon and Mrs Quayle

BARRY KENYON, the Pattaya officer of the British embassy, finally collected his MBE medal at the ambassador’s residence earlier this month. Most recipients collect them in London, but Barry has not been back to UK for several years and did not find time to make the trip. The award was given to him for service to the foreign and commonwealth office in the Pattaya area over many years.

Lighthouse successful charity meeting

Nichada at Eastern Seaboard grand opening

LHC Vice president John Pollard & Comcon Group MD Joe Grunwell

David, Chalee, Barry & Dennis had a great night

Businessmen Geoff, Kevin & Graham enjoy the evening

The team from Comcon Group who were the evening's sponsor

Pattaya City’s second meeting of the Bangkok based Lighthouse Foundation charity organisation was very well attended, and was sponsored by the Comcon Services with offices in Bangkok and Phuket. Their managing director Joe Grunwell and a number of his key management team attended and he explained that the Comcon Group were engaged in commercial and contractual advice within the construction industry. The vice president of the Lighthouse Foundation, Mr. John Pollard, was extremely pleased with the good attendance, and assured members that there would be many more meetings in the future. The Foundation is made up of companies and associated businesses from the construction industry in Thailand, and historically stems from the parent body, which originated in England.

Beauty queens at the Balcony Restaurant NICHADA @ Eastern Seaboard project, recently held their grand opening. With 35 luxury homes, with or without pool, club house and Villa Supermarket. Perfectly located adjacent to the Laem Chabang Golf Course. Honored guests ACM. Amarit Jarayapan, Chairman of Nichada Thani Board of Directors (2nd left), and Mr. David Lyman, Chairman & Chief Values Officer of Tilleke & Gibbins Law Firm (2nd right), with two great emcees, Mr. Natakorn Changrew (far left)& Ms. Sarunporn Visutthithada (far right).

Some of the 2008 Miss Tiffany’s Universe contestants with Khun Sarawud Phudphong (center)

Balcony’s general manager welcomes another set of happy Miss Tiffany contestants

2007 winner Nong Poy with Khun Gof

THE Balcony Restaurant welcomed the beauty contestants from the Miss Tiffany Universe 2008’s contest to their restaurant for a lavish dinner treat. Altogether, 30 contestants turned and were welcomed by Khun Jirawat Thosarak and Khun Sarawud Phudphong, general manager of the Balcony Restaurant. The Balcony Restaurant has been sponsoring and supporting the Miss Tiffany’s Universe contests for four continuous years already and this year was no different. The 30 contestants enjoyed a wide variety of dishes, some not all fattening. The Balcony is located in Pattaya North Road with a smaller outlet along the Naklua Road. Their own bakery products are made daily and the menu is mainly international in style. They also have a special breakfast menu offered daily.


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008



Isuzu karaoke singing contest

The contestants who participated in Isuzu Bangsaen branch

Mr. Pirom Thawee, manager of Isuzu Pattaya presented the prize to the winner

Isuzu Banglamung branch GM, Mr Pramern Sairboonyarit (center), with the winners

THE ISUZU Company Chonburi head branch, which administers five Isuzu branches in the area of Chonburi province, organized a special promotion to all customers by holding a karaoke singing contest through the past month. The competition is still ongoing at different Isuzu branches in Chonburi with very tempting prizes to offer. The contest at Pattaya branch was held recently in its indoor showroom located on Sukhumvit Road. Most of the songs used for the contest were in the Thai folk song category. The 12 contestants performed their best on stage to the audience and judges with loud cheers and applause from the crowd. The provincial competition will be held on the 20th - 21st of June at Cholchan Resort from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. 1st prize winner will get 20,000 baht while 2nd placer will received 10,000 baht & the 3rd prize is 5,000 baht. All the prizes will be claimed at the Isuzu Festival on June 21, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, beside the Mini Siam on Sukhumvit Rd.

Raimon Land’s PC-Classic yacht races

Pattaya's icon of yachting, Peter Cummins

Khun Damrongsak Vongtim, rated no. 9 for World Olympic hobie 16 with his son

Alex calls it a day after some hard racing

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club was an ideal venue for this annual weekend event, which is a great event for children and adult sailors alike, with many families travelling from other parts of Thailand to participate in this popular family event. Officially known as the “Peter Cummins Classic,” this annual event was well supported by local Thai sailors and expats alike, with one of the youngest competitors being tiny 10-year old Melisa Norton. She is No. 4 in her class in Asia, and is off to race at championships in Fiji on August 2008, while at the other end of the scale is well known local expat Dr. Hans Luther, who is still racing in competitions at 67 years of age. One of the event winners was Khun Damronsak Vongtim, of the Royal Thai Navy, and this was no great surprise as he is rated No. 9 in the world in the Olympic ‘Hobie-16’ class, which is the biggest yachting category in the world.

Central Plaza Pattaya press party

Press members & the CPN staff posed for a group picture

Emcees Oar & Diana with CPN's Pres. & CEO Mr Kobchai Chirathivat

THE Zign Hotel on North Pattaya’s Naklua beachfront was the venue for a media staff promotion, which was put on by CPN Property Development & Investment Company. With a well presented buffet dinner and free drinks, the large number of guests from all sectors of the media industry were kept well entertained by the Sing Brothers Band with popular masters of ceremonies Oar and Diana, whilst there were plenty of competitions with a variety of prizes to keep everyone interested. The CPN President and CEO, Khun Kobchai Chirathivat, was present and introduced some of his key management team to the assembled members of the press.

Happy birthday

Birthday Achana from The Montien Hotel, Pattaya MRS. Achana Snitwongse Na Ayudhaya, Managing Director of The Montien Hotel, Pattaya celebrated her birthday surrounded by the hotel’s management and staff plenty of well wishers were on hand to wish her many happy returns


Vol.7 No.19 ! 16 - 30 June 2008

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Pattaya Today  

Volume 7, Issue 19 / 16 - 30 June 2008 Pattaya Today is a local newspaper published each fortnight for residents and tourists in the Pattaya...

Pattaya Today  

Volume 7, Issue 19 / 16 - 30 June 2008 Pattaya Today is a local newspaper published each fortnight for residents and tourists in the Pattaya...