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Kite Surfing Accident in Sandbanks, Poole



On Sunday the 14 October, walkers witnessed a kite surfing accident as a man was blown out of control while he was kite surfing at Sandbanks beach in Poole. Shocked members of the public and also fellow kite surfers have reiterated the need for safety procedures after the man was airlifted to hospital with head injuries. Sandbanks beach in a fairly safe place to practice kite surfing but as with any extreme sport, incidents do happen and the local council ask that all water users follow the strict safety guidelines.


According to witnesses he was blown into a beach sign then into buildings on nearby Shore Road. Paramedics treated him at the scene and he was taken to Southampton General Hospital where emergency doctors were standing by. Kite surfer Chris Skone-Roberts, who has worked for years to enhance safety surrounding the extreme sport, told the Daily Echo: “This is a tragic accident and the entire kite surfing community, from beginners right up to pros, are all sending their thoughts to the victim and his family.�


The accident happened close to The Jazz Cafe, known locally as Jazzys. Local kite surfers say a gap in buildings in that area can often make the wind „tunnel‟. This can cause kite surfers to be dragged away from the water towards the road. Shocked witness Pauline Williams, posting on an online kite surfer forum, said: “Really hope the lad that was launched into building by Jazzys going to be OK. Wasn‟t looking too good when they finally got him stable to move into ambulance. Hope he makes a full recovery.”


Mr Skone-Roberts said: “It could all happen to anyone. The number one thing for everyone taking part in kite surfing is to wear a helmet and know your safety parameters. Someone broke their back at the same place a couple of years ago. "It can be a very dangerous activity. You have to have lessons. It is not just a case of going into a shop, buying a kite and pumping it up. Kite surfing is a level four extreme sport.“


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Kite Surfing Accident in Sandbanks, Poole