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If you’re saddling up and getting ready for you first horse riding lessons you may be wondering what to expect, well here is the basics. Handling your reins: When you first start riding you instructor may ask you to start of by holding onto the neck strap or front of the saddle. However, if you do move onto holding the reins you should make sure that you hold one in each hand, so that they come up between your little finger and ring fingers, through the palm of your hand and out over the top of your index finger with your thumb pushed gently on the top. Hold them lightly and relaxed, easy to say for your first lesson but your hands should feel light and relaxed.


Walking on: The term walking on is basically like taking off the brake. To achieve this you give a little slack on the reins, just enough to release any pressure on the horses mouth, give a gentle kick with both legs and the horse will move slowly away. Try to use the whole length of your leg and not just the boot, as this will be more comfortable for the horse.


Now you have learnt to start your horse now it’s time to turn and move in different directions. The first thing you should do is look over to the new direction to check the path is clear, open you wrist slightly towards your new direction. Your inside leg should nudge on the side you intend to go which will tell the horse your intentions to turn and which way. 3

The halt: To ask your horse to stop is not very hard, simply sit up tall on the saddle and pull slowly on the reins towards you. If the horse does not respond, just pull a little harder. Keep you legs on your horses sides at all times as this will help him to step up with his hind legs into the halt position.

Riding a horse is physical activity and horses are unpredictable animals, so ensue to have horse riding lessons at an approved center and have fun.



Horse Riding Lessons to Get You Started