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hyperhidrosis is known as excessive sweating, it is not only affect body only it is also affect mind too. And I am the burning example of it. I had very irritating body odor and for that I could not go anywhere confidently, used lots of deodorant, Body spray, perfumes but when all was failure then I visited to dermatologist and he gave me the solution of how to escape from bad body odor, actually our food habits sometimes the reason of bad body smell, we should remember too much of sweat sometimes a reason of many diseases Like Thyroid and diabetes. I am telling you my experience, because of too much sweat I felt guilty to shake my hand with others because of my palm sweating, also I feel hesitate to give a hug to my friends because of my armpit sweat and it’s gave me bad body smell. I also had feet sweat odor and for that I felt shy to open my shoes in front of my clients because it gives too much peculiar odor, besides that sweat full face not look good so my dermatologist Give me solution of my bad body odor.

2 Excessive sweating treatment : Junk food is one of the reason for bad body odour so always try to have no junk food, spicy food and oily food then the percentage of sweat will reduce. Wear loose cotton outfit it will help you to take breath to your skin. Having lots of water , fruits and vitamins that reduce sweat. Take bath twice with medicated soap make you feel fresh. Fiber based food help you to reduce excessive sweat. Toxin is generated in our body so if you have green tea and black tea then it may reduce body toxins and reduce sweat odor. Botox is another remedy for sweat, it kills sweat gland so sweat reduce automatically rather permanently. Obesity is a another reason of over sweat, because overweight people have excessive sugar and water in their body it is also a reason of bad body odor.


Drysol is an another remedy rather medication for perspirants, it is based on aluminium chloride hexahydrate that’s help to block the sweat gland and for that sweat reduced. But before use it you should wash and dry the application area then apply it thoroughly at night during bed time. In the morning before going outside you should remove it from your skin with fresh water.


Deodorant or perfume cannot be used along with drysol. you should use it regularly with maintain the rules, after recovery you should use it twice or thrice a week. But you should remember if you have any sort of body rashes, itching problem or skin desease then you cannot use it, you also cannot use it in injured area of your body. If you are pregnant or trying to be get pregnant then you also cannot use it.

Drysol not like deodorant that after application it may leave black spot, exclude that deodorant gives you temporary solution but if you use it properly then you may get relief permanently.

These are the excessive sweating treatment. If you want to buy drysol online then click the link. 5

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Excessive Sweating Treatment – Say Good Bye to Excessive sweat  
Excessive Sweating Treatment – Say Good Bye to Excessive sweat  

Hyperhidrosis is known as excessive sweating, it is not only affect body only it is also affect mind too. So don’t worry call us at: +351 96...