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Are you worried about Excessive Sweating? Want to escape from this but don’t know how then Drysol Antiperspirant is a good choice for you. Causes of Sweat Odor : Skin Bacteria: For most people, this is an easy one to solve. After exertion or stress, the sweat glands shift into overdrive. On the skin, moisture attracts bacteria, and odor is the result. However, some people have excessive sweat odor , for them Drysol is mandatory. Hormones: Hormonal changes also causes body odor and commonly teenagers suffer from this a lot. Discharge: Over discharge of vaginal and penile is also a cause of body odour. Foods: Certain food also a causes body odor.

Illness: Some diseases are also a cause of body odor like diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis. Individuals with a urinary tract infection or athlete's foot can give off an unpleasant smell, An overactive thyroid, kidney disease and liver failure all can produce a bad smell in some individuals.


Any deodorant only remove body odor temporarily but when start sweating then try to temporarily mask the odor from sweating, and perhaps attempt to coat the skin so that copious amounts of fluids can’t leak out to cause stain on clothes which leads to unnecessary embarrassment. Ordinary deodorant give only few hours solution but Drysol gives you ultimate solution from all kinds of body odor like the palms of the hands and even on the soles of the feet! it comes in milder strengths for those sensitive parts of the body.

In fact it also works in the sensitive nervous system. Biological processes are intended to signal the sweat glands to start secreting moisture to cool off the body in extremely high temperatures, in times of emotional stress, and after strenuous exercising. However, this can get out of hand for some people which is why it has become so popular, excessive sweating is also a reason of heat rash and many more diseases, Drysol Prevent this. 3

Top 10 benefit Of Drysol: Drysol fight against perspiration. Online purchase facility. Doctors approved it.

Easy to use. Save cloths from antiperspirant stains! Relief from unnecessary embarrassment. Millions of users verify that Drysol really works.

No side effect. Small drop is needed so it can be a long lasting. Easy To Order. 4

Difference between Body spray and Drysol:

 Body spray gives you temporary solution from bad body Odor but Drysol last Long Time.  Body spray only used in body not in face or other sensitive area of body parts, but Drysol used all sensitive area of body from where people sweat. 

Avoid inhaling it too deeply but Drysol can be inhaled.

Drysol medically approved but ordinary Body spray harmful to Body.


These are actually harmful to the body. They prevent the perspiration/sweat to come out of the body that means internal control of body temperature is damaged and also the waste that needed to be excreted with sweat will remain in the body and create trouble for the body internal organs (kidneys) and it will give you a false perception of good ambience But Drysol is formulated to treat a condition called hyperhydrosis, which simply refers to excessive sweating. Approximately 1% of the population of the United States has been officially diagnosed with this condition.

Most of the ordinary deodorant has aluminum and it harms our skin, when you’re applying directly to the skin and leaving it there. With women, in particular, that skin might be broken from shaving. But drysol is aluminum free. Normal Deodorant you have to use after hours but Drysol only once and last whole day. Normal body spray make the skin blacken but we keep your skin normal. Normal Deodorant only remove odor temporarily but we removes body odor with cold effect. 6

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A Brief View About How To Avoid Excessive Sweating  
A Brief View About How To Avoid Excessive Sweating  

Some diseases are also a cause of body odor. Are you worried about Excessive Sweating? Drysol antiperspirant is a good choice for you. Call...