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Coffee Roasting in Oklahoma People say drinking caffeine drinks at night will keep you up, yet people are quick to grab that first cup of morning coffee and drink it all day. So, does caffeine really help keep you alert and focused? Let's take a look. Caffeine is a chemical found naturally in coffee, tea, cacao, which is where we get chocolate and cola nuts used in flavoring colas. In fact caffeine has been added to foods for centuries. Caffeine acts as a stimulant when consumed, which can make us feel more awake and alert. People drink caffeine products because they think it helps them to be more alert and focused. But the truth is no one needs caffeine, especially kids. Water and milk are the two best drinks for children since they contain no caffeine. People who drink caffeine products on a daily basis may start to develop a dependency on it. As a result, if regular caffeine drinkers don't get their daily cup, they tend to be moody and edgy until this craving is satisfied. They can even get headaches and feel sleepy. Caffeine can cause your respiration and heart rate to increase making you jittery and hyper. Caffeine can boost energy levels but only temporarily. High levels of caffeine can also make it hard for you to fall asleep, which could easily hinder your next days activities. Caffeine is not nutritious like vitamins, in fact quite the contrary. There are no guidelines for caffeine use in the United States, although Canada does have guidelines. There are 54 grams of caffeine in a 12 OZs can of coke-a-cola. Red Bull Energy Drink has 80 mgs of caffeine in a 8.3 OZs can. Brewed coffee has 115 mgs of caffeine per 5 oz cup. 30 mg in one table of cold and flu medication. These are just averages meaning that some products may have a little more or less. This information comes from the National Soft Drink Association and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While caffeine can be destructive, it is not a serious risk if consumed in moderately. Only drinking a cup of coffee in the morning will not lead to serious health issues. Actually, it may prove to be beneficial for most. However, this information does describe consumption of caffeine in high doses. People should be aware of how much they consume and limit it to only one drink a day or none at all. Coffee is the drink of the world. It’s natural and wonderful. As long as you don’t boost it with creamers and sweeteners, it’s actually a great drink. For more of this great drink, try our coffee at 7th Avenue Roastery in Oklahoma. We roast locally in Oklahoma and distribute to the entire country –

Coffee Roasting in Oklahoma