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Do You Want Financial Freedom? Then you have to know your mortgage freedom point!

The Mortgage Freedom Point The Mortgage Freedom Point is the moment in time when a homeowners assets exceed their debts. Traditionally, this was accomplished when homeowners paid off their home, that magic moment of owning your home free and clear/debt free. Today’s homeowners realize that it is possible to achieve this dream faster by selecting mortgage programs with lower payments and investing the difference in a monthly payment in some type of asset accumulation account. The Freedom Point has been reached when your assets exceed all your debts and paying them off is a strategic financial planning decision.

In-depth Mortgage Analysis

Freedom Point

Stop Watching Your Wealth Decline! Start Planning

Prevent Defeat!

• Improve your life by increasing your savings rate • Stop wasting your money on the wrong debt structures

Freedom Point Strategies

Increase Your Freedom Point Speed!  Accelerate Principal Repayment  Accelerate Savings

A mortgage strategy can lead you to saving money and building security.

The Most Cost Effective Mortgage Will: • Save cash • Identify the lowest cost option • Increase affordability • Optimize equity and debt • Integrate your mortgage into your overall financial plan

Long Term Stability!

We can create a plan that will align your mortgage with: • • • • •

Life events Financial goals Optimizing equity or debt Saving money Taking advantage of this buyer’s market!

Historic Low Interest Rates Abundant Housing Inventory Incredible Home Prices Custom Mortgage Loan Plan

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Mortgage Freedom Point!