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Julia Davidson & Darren Fower

Tories plan to scrap 406 bus The Tory-controlled city council is planning to cut the local link 406 bus service! Your Liberal Democrat City Councillors are opposed to the plans. At the latest full council meeting at the Town Hall, Liberal Democrats challenged the leader of the city council over the narrow-minded plan. Your local Werrington and Gunthorpe councillor Darren Fower stood up and asked the leader what residents who live in and around Coniston Road, for example, who do not have a car and are perhaps not mobile enough to walk any great distance, will now do when they wish to get to the Werrington Centre? The leader of the city council failed to even answer the question! Darren, who recently talked with several residents at Gunthorpe Community Centre about the planned bus cuts, told us: “I’ve spoken with people directly on the doorstep, on the phone and at a couple of events about the plans to cut the 406 service. “The problem is that these short sighted ideas are dreamt up by wealthy Tories at the Town Hall who do not even use local buses!” Darren recorded some of the residents’ views on his camera and you can watch them on his dedicated YouTube channel – just search on YouTube for ‘Darren Fower’.

New bus shelters

Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower has been informed by officers at the Town Hall that a brand new wooden bus shelter is to be installed on The Green, opposite Lewes Gardens, and a shelter will be introduced to the stop on Coniston Road near Campbell Drive. The installations are a result of work done by Darren, who has held meetings with council officers, spoken with local residents and campaigned for the new stops. Darren said: “Bus users deserve to be treated in a way that helps make their use of the service comfortable and protects them from the elements. “I’m glad that the new shelters will be installed this year ahead of the winter months. If anyone knows of any Lib Dem councillors Julia other bus stop in this area that needs a shelter please Davidson and Darren Fower want more bus shelters. get in contact with FOCUS.”

Summer problems Local Liberal Democrat city councillor Julia Davidson (above) would like to remind everyone to make sure that if you are in your garden taking advantage of summer weather, remember that opportunist thieves are around. Please ensure your doors are locked and window locks are in use. If doors and windows are left open, thieves will get in. Before term ended Julia reported the ice cream vendor parked on double yellow lines on Amberley Slope near the school. She says: “We all have to make a living but he was parked illegally and dangerously, putting children at risk.”

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New signs go up

Following a request from local Lib  Local Lib Dem councillor Julia Davidson is Dem councillor Darren Fower, the trying to get action take to stop residents city council has replaced the ‘no parking on grass verges in Fulbridge Road. cycling’ sign at the entrance to the  There has been a spate of car thefts in areas of Werrington. Julia says: “Please be vigilant footpath leading from Church and ensure your car is locked.” Street, opposite the church,  Allotment holders have raised concerns with through to the recreational area. This faded ‘no cycling’ sign in Church Street has been replaced.

Darren said: “The signs were worn and the colours had completely faded, which made them rather pointless! So I got in contact with the city council, spoke with the relevant officers and now the matter has been resolved.”

Ullswater Avenue surface Local residents recently attended one of the ‘ward surgeries’ run by local Lib Dem councillors Darren Fower and Julia Davidson (see details at foot of page) to ask when Ullswater Avenue would be resurfaced.

Julia and councillor Darren Fower about the future of the allotments on Fulbridge Road. The councillors are looking into this and will pass on news as soon as they receive it.

FOCUS deliverers required! Local Lib Dem councillors Darren Fower and Julia Davidson need some help – from you! They need you to help deliver FOCUS in the street where you live. If you can afford half an hour every month or so then please contact one of the councillors – their phone numbers and email addresses are at the foot of this page.

Keen to get the matter addressed Darren formally raised the issue at the latest full council meeting at the Town Hall. He asked the ‘cabinet member for Environment Capital and Neighbourhoods’ (the rather grand title of the Tory councillor in charge of roads paths): “Please can the cabinet member let me know why the footpath along Ullswater Avenue has not been resurfaced since the 1960’s, resulting in elderly pedestrians and users of mobility vehicles having to use the road due to the uncertain and uneven manner of the footpath? When can local taxpayers expect to see resurfacing work done along this stretch of road?” The good news is that the cabinet member said the work would be included in the works programme next year! Darren is now working on getting the Tory-controlled city council to resurface Eskdale Close. Darren said: “I’m keen to see work done at Eskdale as it has already been left too long. It is now worn and torn, with road markings in some places barely legible.”

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