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“Working All Year Round”


Julia Davidson Text or call Darren’s mobile: 0796 184 91 10 Text or call Julia’s mobile: 0750 653 66 27 Email: SWNG_FOCUS Ward website: www.campaigns. Darren’s website: www.darrenfower. Facebook: FOCUS.Team Post: Cllr Darren Fower or Cllr Julia Davidson, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough PE1 1HG

IT’S TIME TO TACKLE TRAFFIC PROBLEMS Local Liberal Democrat councillors Julia Davidson and Darren Fower have been campaigning to cut traffic speeds and improve safety on local roads.

In 2005 the Tory-controlled city council told us that a "Speed Management Strategy" along Gunthorpe Road would be implemented in the following financial year. Eight years later we are still waiting for effective action. This has left local residents, schools, parents and businesses forced to endure endless year-on-year increases in traffic and road safety concerns. Darren and Julia have launched an on-line petition calling for:  A crossing outside Norwood School and one near to Brookside Methodist Church.  Additional or extended double lines enforced by the council’s ‘parking attendants’.  Increased speed checks by police at times when the road is busy.  Analysis of data collected from the vehicle-activated signs in order to establish reliable data on speeding.  Consultation with local residents, businesses and schools. Local Liberal Democrat councillors You can ‘sign’ the Gunthorpe Road petition for improved road safety online at Darren Fower and Julia Davidson Meanwhile, Darren and Julia have also been trying to hold two ward ‘surgeries’ every step up the pressure on the council to do something about month. safety on the section of Lincoln Road that runs from the Cock Inn up to David’s Lane. Back in 2007 the Liberal Democrats put a motion to the city council calling for action on this stretch of road – but Tory councillors voted it down. The campaign goes on, however. There is an online petition at If you don’t have internet access, you can phone Darren or Julia or write to them to pledge your support for these petitions.


There is no need to book. Just turn up and have a chat about anything that is concerning you which FOCUS or the councillors may be able to help with. First Friday of every month: 6:00 to 7:00 pm, Werrington Village Centre, Church Street. Third Friday of every month: 6:00 to 7:00 pm, Brookside Methodist Church, Gunthorpe Road.

Retail park traffic The issue of traffic congestion following the opening of the revamped Brotherhood Retail Park has been raised at a council meeting by the Liberal Democrats. The council cabinet member responsible for traffic issues said this would be looked into if problems continued after the New Year sales period. Local Lib Dem Darren Fower said: “The developers of the retail park had to give the council almost £1 million for infrastructure improvements, so there should be money available to address any traffic problems which arise.”

MONEY STILL TO SPEND Local Liberal Democrat councillors Darren Fower and Julia Davidson still have money available from the council’s Community Leadership Fund to support local good causes. Cash from the Community Leadership Fund can be used for ‘one-off’ projects that will have a positive impact on the local community. Darren said: “Do you have an idea for improving your area or street at a cost of say a few hundred pounds? Perhaps you are part of a club that needs a little funding for a project or scheme? If so, then contact either Julia or me and see whether you can get a few quid from the fund. It is YOUR money and all we need are YOUR ideas!"


TREE PRUNING PROGRAMME CUT Many residents have been complaining that trees by local roads and in local open spaces have not been inspected or pruned for years. There used to be a regular pruning programme every four years. However, the Tory council cut this several years ago and since then has only been responding to individual problems. In this year’s council budget the money for trees was increased by over 300 per cent to more than £1 million. So will we get regular pruning back in this area? Well yes … but not until 2014.

Lib Dem councillors Darren Fower and Julia Davidson have been ‘out and about’ around the area talking to residents about their concerns. Among their recent visits and conversations have been:   

A meeting of the police panel at Paston Primary school where they argued successfully for the police to look at bike crime in this area and at cars speeding along the Werrington Parkway. Talking to residents about a rather large hedge in Carron Drive that could really do with a trim! It is spreading over the footpath and has grown up around a lampost, blocking the light. Meeting residents in Rivendale who are complaining about a few individuals causing noise at unsociable hours. Darren has now raised this matter with the local police.

CAN YOU HELP? Could you spare an hour or so once a month to help deliver FOCUS? We are looking for new volunteer deliverers in Coniston Road and Hythegate. If you can help, please contact Darren or Julia (see front page for details).

JOIN COUNCILLORS ONLINE Liberal Democrat councillors Julia Davidson and Darren Fower welcome your comments, complaints (and compliments) through their pages on Facebook. To connect with Darren simply visit: and to connect with Julia go to: You can also follow Darren on Twitter @CllrDarrenFower and can watch him ‘in action’ at

PETERBOROUGH YOUTH RADIO Peterborough Youth Radio is a charity organisation dedicated to introducing young people into all aspects of radio broadcasting. The training covers all roles from administration to presenting and producing. The station is always on the look-out for new people to join the team – and for funding to help pay for its work. If you want to join or if you can help, check out the station’s website at

A private contractor, Enterprise, has been put in charge of the tree surveys. The company gets paid for doing the surveys and producing recommendations. It then gets paid for doing any pruning or felling identified in its own reports. Enterprise recently caused uproar in Bretton by proposing to cut down 200 trees (over 10 per cent of the total) in Bretton Park and to prune over 800 of the rest. The liberal Democrat group on the city council has had an opinion from an independent tree expert who described the Enterprise proposals as “excessively risk averse” and “grossly disproportionate for an urban park”. Local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower commented: “This trees contract is like a perpetual money making machine for Enterprise. “It gets paid for doing tree surveys and paid again for doing work which it has recommended. “The result is that the massively increased trees budget is being squandered on excessive amounts of work in Bretton, rather than being used for essential health and safety work on trees across the city.”

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