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Issue 301


CONTACT FOCUS By phone: Call local Liberal Democrat councillors Nick Sandford – 01733 268460 –

or Asif Shaheed on 0792 951 3865.

By post: Cllr Nick Sandford or

Cllr Asif Shaheed, Town Hall, Bridge St, Peterborough PE1 1HG

By e-mail: nick.sandford@ or asif.shaheed@

Or at the councillor ‘surgery': 6:00 to 7:00 pm,

first Friday of every month in Community Centre, Mountsteven Avenue.


CASH FOR PARK Local Lib Dem councillors Nick Sandford and Asif Shaheed have used money in their community leadership fund to support projects run by the highly successful Friends of Itter Park. Outdoor table tennis tables are being installed to improve the sports facilities in the park and there is a possibility of further tree planting under the Forest for Peterborough initiative. Nick has also been talking to the council over replacing Victorian style lamp posts in Itter Crescent. It seems a shame to remove the old lamp posts unless they are damaged and Nick is asking the council to look at ways in which they might be retained, with more modern lamps attached to them.

BOIZOT CONGRATULATES NICK The Liberal Democrats recently held a social event at the Paston and Gunthorpe Community Centre to launch our campaign for the local council elections. Local Liberal Democrat Party president and Pizza Express founder Peter Boizot (centre in photo above) presented local councillors Nick Sandford and Asif Shaheed with a laminated copy of the 300th edition of FOCUS to celebrate almost 30 years of FOCUS delivery and Liberal Democrat work in Walton ward. Peter, who was born and brought up in Walton, said: “I am really proud of the work done by the FOCUS Team in Walton and by our Liberal Democrat councillors. We need more of them.” Peter congratulated Nick on serving 16 years as councillor for Walton and wished him success in the city council elections which take place on 3 May. During his time on the council Nick has built up a reputation as a tireless campaigner on behalf of local people. Nick said: “Whatever your views on national politics, bear in mind that this is an election for a councillor for Walton. On 3 May you cannot change who runs the country but you can decide who you want to represent you on the council. “Local people are asking why they should take a risk by electing a Tory councillor who will just sit in the council chamber and vote as they are told. They also know that Labour has not had a councillor here for more than 20 years – so, to be honest, a vote for Labour in Walton is a wasted vote.”


NICK SANDFORD for service and action!


Recently we reported that the city

SIX TO FIX IN WALTON If you vote for Nick Sandford and the Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team in the city council elections on 3 May, here are six things that we will work hard to fix: 1. Stop the council wasting your money on expensive projects such as the waste incinerator, the city centre fountains and water taxis – and putting up your Council Tax to pay for it. 2. Get the council and the police to work together to tackle the danger of speeding traffic – particularly on Lincoln Road, Fulbridge Road and Paston Lane. 3. Prioritise measures to reduce damage from cars parking on grass verges across the local area. 4. Make sure that money raised from housing and retail developments in Walton is spent in Walton and not diverted into city centre projects. 5. Prioritise road and pavement repairs in residential areas as opposed to expensive parkway-widening schemes and make sure that Walton gets a fair share of the funds available for this work. 6. Invest in a regular programme of tree inspections and pruning and plant more trees to help improve the local environment. On top of that we promise to ensure that FOCUS continues to go to every house in Walton on a regular basis (written, paid for and delivered by volunteers) and that we will keep in touch with you all the year round and respond to what you tell us. As one resident in Warwick Road recently told local councillor Nick Sandford: “The Lib Dems are the only ones we ever see around here. We only ever hear from the other parties when there is an election on.” Many local people questioned the millions of pounds spent by the council in Cathedral Square and in particular the fountains, which not only cost a fortune to install but also cost £30,000 a year to maintain. The fountains are switched off for most of the winter months and now residents have been told that due to the hosepipe ban they will be switched off all through the summer too. There are no trees or greenery in the square so all we will have for at least the next year is a vast expanse of concrete. Do you think this is worth the £12 million the Tory council spent on it? Let us have your views.

council had agreed to resurface Mead Close. Residents saw that some patching had been done and expressed concern that full resurfacing may have been cancelled. Local Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford has checked with the council which confirms that the full resurfacing of roads and pavements in the close is still going ahead, probably in July. A new surface layer will be added to the concrete road to give a better surface and help smooth out the bumps where the concrete slabs link with each other. Nick is still pressing the case for other roads which need attention, including old Lincoln Road, Sandringham Road, Balmoral Avenue and Corfe Avenue. We have been told that all these roads and others in Walton will be inspected some time during April and any necessary work will be put into the schedule.

In the previous edition of FOCUS we mentioned the three-storey housing being built on the site of the former Royal Oak pub and the concerns of residents in Arundel Road that the rear windows will look straight into their houses. One resident has lodged a formal complaint with the city council but so far has not met with a very sympathetic response to his concerns. He asked an estate agent to value his house and was shocked to find that the value had dropped by over ten per cent. Local Lib Dem councilors Nick Sandford and Asif Shaheed are working with local residents to see what can be done. Please contact them if you will be affected or if you have concerns or views


resident in Paston Ridings expressed concern to Cllr Nick Sandford about the condition of the bridge over the brook in the Paston and Gunthorpe recreation ground. The council’s landscape contractor, Enterprise, has told Nick that it has inspected the bridge and found that three of the side panels need replacing. These are not visually faulty but some of the connections are rotting. Enterprise plans to remove the damaged panels, install temporary protection to prevent dogs and small children sliding through the gap, manufacture and then reinstall the new panels.

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