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“Working All Year Round”

SOUTH WERRINGTON and NORTH GUNTHORPE RESIDENTS’ NEWSLETTER TEAM CONTACT DETAILS: Councillor: Darren Fower Text or call Darren’s mobile: 07581 711 434 Email: SWNG_FOCUS Ward website: www.campaigns. Darren’s website: www.darrenfower. Facebook: FOCUS.Team Post: Cllr Darren Fower, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough PE1 1HG


TREES FACE THE CHOP Peterborough City Council has warned local Liberal Democrat ward councillor for this area, Darren Fower, that the willow trees in Werrington Meadow are soon to be cut back. The work will result in the trees looking “awful” according to an officer at the Town Hall. However, things will not be as bad as they look! Darren said: “The willow trees will be severely chopped back but we are advised by specialists that this needs to be done otherwise they will split or crack. “This dramatic cutting will reduce the risk of falling branches or longer term problems that could mean the trees have to be cut down completely. “According to the specialists the good thing with treating them this way is that within two years we will not notice they have been cut and we will have healthy trees to last the next 10-15 years!” If you have any questions please email at the Town Hall or call him on Peterborough 747474.


The planning application for a traveller caravan site in Hurn Road Cllr Darren Fower has said he is more than satisfied with the well over £700 that we reported on in the previous he has raised for a locally based charity that supports families, individuals edition of FOCUS has been refused and children affected by spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. by the city council. Darren undertook his first ever 4km fun run, as part of the Great Eastern Run It is the second time that the council has rejected plans for caravans here. Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower said: "I welcome this decision by the city council’s planning committee but I cannot help feeling that there is still more to come from this situation. “I recently paid a visit to Hurn Road and spoke with residents who are still unsure of the future and feel that money is playing a bigger role in the process than it should!"

2011 and nominated city-based charity SHINE (Spina Bifida * Hydrocephalus * Information * Networking * Equality) formerly known as the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus to receive all the money he raised in sponsorship. Darren said: “I’d like to thank all the residents in South Werrington and North Gunthorpe who donated and of course all the other people who kindly contributed. “SHINE is a registered charity, which was formed in 1966, initially to help families and individuals affected by spina bifida and hydrocephalus. “Today, SHINE is a community of 75,000 individuals, families, friends and professionals, sharing achievements, challenges and information on living with hydrocephalus, or spina bifida, and related issues. “It was a pleasure putting myself through the pain barrier!”

CYCLE BARRIERS REMOVED – NOW THEY NEED REPLACING Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower says he is pleased that after a long campaign by local residents the cycle barriers on the path in Grassmere Gardens leading through to Bala Court have been removed. The barriers did not meet modern legal standards and some residents who use mobility scooters and wheelchairs had contacted the FOCUS team to complain that the barriers prevented them getting onto the path. Darren said: “I'm glad that people who previously were unable to use the path can now do so. But I am also keen to see a fresh set of barriers introduced that are legal and prevent the possibility of cyclists speeding through this tight pass."

SELL THE TOWN HALL There has been a great deal of coverage in the local press about possible city council plans to sell the Town Hall and move staff to less expensive office accommodation.

SCHOOLS TO BE INVITED TO JOIN COMMITTEE? Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower has called for local head teachers to be invited to attend future meetings of the city council‟s Neighbourhood Committee for the North of Peterborough which covers this area. The suggestion, described by one independent councillor as “excellent”, was made by Darren to officers at a meeting at the Town Hall. Darren explained: “The most recent meeting of the neighbourhood committee was amalgamated with a meeting of the police panel. The idea is to include everyone who is involved in providing services to the local community such as the fire service, police and council. They are then all available to discuss issues of concern with councillors and local residents at the meetings. “As many issues touch upon or are directly related to schools, surely it makes sense to include local head teachers?”

SPORTS PAVILION SIGN STILL MISSING The street sign showing the location of the sports pavilion in Campbell Drive, located at the entrance on Coniston Road, has still not been replaced – weeks after it was reported missing. Now local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower has reminded council officials of the situation and called for a speedy response. Darren said: “It took long enough for the council to erect the sign in the first place, several years ago, and we are now keen to get a replacement up as soon as possible. “As to why it has taken so long, I really do not have an answer. I can only imagine that the changes and reductions in staffing at the Town Hall in recent months are having an effect on the standard of service that the council provides to the community.”

Local councillor Darren Fower, who is secretary of the Lib Dem group on the city council, said: “It is encouraging to see the Tory council taking up Liberal Democrat ideas – even if they pretend they through of it themselves. “We proposed the sale of the Town Hall years ago and it is in our plans for the city in the document Our Vision on the Peterborough Liberal Democrat website at “Still, better late than never, we are glad that the Tories are now taking this seriously – even through some of their own members seem less than convinced and have forced the council cabinet to take the plans back and look at them again.”

DARREN ON YOUTUBE As another way of keeping in touch with local residents, Werrington and Gunthorpe Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower has started posting videos on YouTube. Take a look – just search for „Darren Fower‟ at

BAD BEHAVIOUR IN BEAUVALE GARDENS Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower has recently been contacted by residents in Beauvale Gardens about consecutive nights of anti-social behaviour late at night on local grass areas, ranging from kicking footballs against fences to burning yellow pages. Darren said: “I‟ve spoken to the residents, and a number of them are pensioners who understandably nervous about the situation.

“This sort of behavior must be tackled before it becomes more serious.” Darren has now contacted the local policing team, asking officers to step up patrols in the area and to visit affected properties to help reduce residents‟ concerns.


Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats are trying to reverse the Tory-controlled county council’s decision to give councillors a 25% increase in allowances. Kilian Bourke, leader of Cambs Lib Dems, said: “A 25% pay rise for councillors when the council is laying off staff and freezing council tax is not acceptable.” Meanwhile, here in Peterborough, local Lib Dem councilor Darren Fower has turned down the Torycontrolled city council’s offer to buy him an iPhone. Many Tory councillors have accepted the offer. Printed by P’boro Lib Dem Printing Soc c/o 37 Swift Close, Deeping St James PE6 8QQ. Published and promoted for and on behalf of the Liberal Democrats by Peter Chivall, 88 Elmfield Rd, P’boro PE1 4HB


The FOCUS Newsletter is produced and delivered by volunteers in and around the SOUTH WERRINGTON and NORTH GUNTHORPE local area. For more det...

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