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“Working All Year Round”


TEAM CONTACT DETAILS: Councillor: Darren Fower FOCUS Editor: David Hedges Tel: 07860 649578 Text or call Darren’s mobile: 07581 711 434 Email: SWNG_FOCUS Ward website: www.campaigns. Darren’s website: www.darrenfower. Facebook: FOCUS.Team Post: Cllr Darren Fower, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough PE1 1HG

POLICE PRIORITY Police have set tackling speeding issues on Lincoln Road from the Werrington Parkway to the junction with Davids Lane as a priority for the next few months. FOCUS Editor David Hedges said: “Speeding vehicles continue to be an issue of concern and I am pleased to see police turn their attention to this.” The number of local residents that raised speeding as a major issue, both in the FOCUS Team‟s unique regular surveys and on the doorstep during the election campaign, led David to volunteer for the Speedwatch scheme. He has now had police training and been „out and about‟ with a speed gun deterring speeders and collecting evidence about the need for more permanent solutions to the problem.

DAVID SAYS “THANKS” Liberal Democrat FOCUS Editor David Hedges says „thank you‟ to the hundreds of people who voted for him in the recent city council elections. “As I am sure you will know by now, I was not elected to the city council in May. Voters instead chose to re-elect sitting Tory councillor Paula Thacker, although with a share of the vote that fell from 49 per cent when she was first elected four years ago to 42 per cent this year. “I would like to thank the nearly 800 people who voted Liberal Democrat in that election for the support that they gave both me and the party. “We were obviously disappointed with the election result, both here and across the rest of the country where Lib Dems also generally did not do as well as we had hoped. However, the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team and local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower will continue to campaign for local residents and the local area. “Please feel free to contact us at any time – our details are at the top left of this page.” Darren Fower paid tribute to David and his campaign. He said: “David has all the attributes needed to be a good councillor for this area. People like him, he has a track record and proven ability. “Obviously, we were not helped by the national sway of opinion but what we did do was increase our core support in this area. David gained 6 per cent more votes for the Liberal Democrats than we had the last time the seat was fought four years ago.” Darren added: “You have to feel sorry for the Tory candidate in last year‟s elections here. He got 1416 votes and came second. This year his colleague (and new mayor!) got 246 less votes and got elected!”

The election result: In case you missed it, the full result for the election of a city councillor for this area in May was: Paula Thacker (Conservative) David Hedges (Liberal Democrat) Bob Burke (Independent) Vince Moon (Labour)

1170 785 459 371

Across the city as a whole, the Tories held most of the seats they were defending and are still the ruling party on the city council, holding 38 of the 57 seats. The Liberal Democrats have a total of three seats on the council.

PROBLEM MAIL BOX: The FOCUS Team has been contacted by a residents regarding the post box at Church Street in Werrington Village, next to Barnes Close. On several occasions residents have tried to post envelopes, some containing cheques, and the post box has been full to the limit. We wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem? To make a complaint to the Post Office directly please call: 08457 740 740.

‘ADDING SPICE’ After 18 months as Lib Dem leader on the city council, local councillor Darren Fower has stepped down and taken on the role of group secretary.

Following disappointing local election results, Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team members have designed a new teeshirt for their summer campaigning!


Nearby Walton ward councillor Nick Sandford has replaced Darren as group leader, with fellow Walton councillor Asif Shaheed now being deputy leader. Darren said: “It‟s the first time that I have held a secretarial role and whilst the title suggests a slightly administrative flavour, I‟m aiming to add a little bit of spice. “One of the main responsibilities, for example, is arranging relevant meetings with senior figures and council officers. I have already decided that over the coming year we‟ll arrange question and answer sessions at the Town Hall where people can come along and ask questions of individuals who get paid to serve the people of Peterborough.”


Peterborough Liberal Democrats have redesigned their local party website at Please take a look and let us know what you Presently the group representing Paston, Walton, South Werrington, think!

At a meeting of the city council Darren Fower, Liberal Democrat councillor for this area, challenged council leader Marco Cereste to come and “explain himself” to local people after he announced a name change for local groups without any consultation!

North Gunthorpe and North Werrington has the name the ‘Peterborough North Area Committee’. This was decided after a vote was held at a previous meeting. The ruling Tory group on the council has decided instead that it should be called a „neighbourhood committee‟. Darren said: “The Tories do not want to call them area committees as this is the name that the Liberal Democrats have been using for these groups for decades – as we vainly tried to get the Tories to set them up. “Now that the Tories have agreed to have these groups, they don’t want to use a name associated with the Liberal Democrats. It is a trivial issue but one that indicates how the ruling council group thinks. “The name Peterborough North Area Committee was put forward by a member of the public. This was then voted on and, if memory serves me right, there was just one vote against the name and the rest in favour. “If Mr Cereste thinks it fair to dictate from the Town Hall to people in our patch, I think he needs to come and explain himself.” Responding, Cllr Cereste agreed to do just that – we‟ll let you know if he keeps his word! At the same meeting, Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford pointed out that the decision to change the name to „Neighbourhood Committees‟ went against the council‟s own committee report into setting up these groups and was a “nonsensical gesture”.


Local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower is taking part in the Perkins Great Eastern Fun Run - 4k Marathon - on behalf of Peterboroughbased charity the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (ASBAH). Daren said: “I can't guarantee I'll run the entire race. It’s the first time I have done a charity race but you can be sure I will do my best!” You can sponsor Darren online at or give him a call on 07851 711 434 to make a pledge.

PROBLEM SHRUBS Residents have contacted local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower about trees and shrubs overhanging the footpath along Pippistrelle Court that runs from Church Street to Ainsdale Drive.

Darren has passed these reports on to the city council and tells us that people must be aware of the needs of some pedestrians. “For some people it is not just a matter of stepping onto the road to get around these obstructions. People using mobility scooters or pushing buggies etc should not be faced with impassable foliage,” explained Darren. If you have problems with blocked paths in your area, either give the FOCUS Team a call (see contact details on the front page) or contact the council on 01733 747474 or email

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