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“Working All Year Round”

SOUTH WERRINGTON and NORTH GUNTHORPE RESIDENTS’ NEWSLETTER TEAM CONTACT DETAILS: Councillor: Darren Fower FOCUS Editor: Richard Olive Tel: 570238 or 573813 Mobile: 07932 021 349 Email: SWNG_FOCUS Ward website: www.campaigns. Post: Cllr Darren Fower, 92 Swale Avenue, Gunthorpe, Peterborough PE4 7GT


Residents living in and around Brookside have contacted the FOCUS Team about a fence that was damaged by vandals attempting to create access to a stream.

Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower said: “The wire fence that runs alongside the stream that leads under Fulbridge Road has been damaged for some time. “It seems that the damage has been caused by people trying either to get to the stream or create an access so that they can walk alongside the stream. “This stretch of bank is far from a safe place to be walking or playing about and the fence is intended as a safety measure to stop young children gaining access. “In addition, the stream needs to have some protection in order for wildlife to return to it after recent pollution.” Darren has now reported this problem to the city council.


There was good news for people living in and around Elter Walk in North Gunthorpe after pressure from local residents and members of the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team persuaded the city council to reject plans for ‘prison-like’ fencing around a popular community playing field:

The controversial issue had received significant media coverage and almost unanimous support from residents in objecting to the proposals. Local Liberal Democrat ward councillor Darren Fower said: “People power prevailed and the school playing fields which residents have used for years will hopefully remain similar to what we have now. “More than 190 Gunthorpe residents signed a petition in a bid to stop the twometre high wooden fence from being installed on Elter Walk, bordering the school's playing field. I am glad that the effort we all put in was rewarded with a sensible decision from Peterborough City Council's planning committee members.” Darren hopes to have a meeting with the school and interested parties in order to secure a satisfactory outcome for all.  Meanwhile, members of the FOCUS Team have been contacted by people living in and around Elter Walk about ‘mini motos’. The problems centre on a handful of individuals who ride these miniature motor bikes up and down the footpath, endangering themselves and others. Cllr Darren Fower said: “Residents tell me that one particular rider travels around Gunthorpe twice a day.” The details have now been passed to the police and city council.

FROZEN ASSETS WARD ‘SURGERY’ The city council looks certain to lose at least £1 million of tax payers’ money as a result of ‘investing’ in Icelandic banks that have gone bust.

Latest figures show that the council put more than £3 million into the failed banks. It is still not clear how much money it will get back – or when. It has written off £1.5 million in the accounts for this year. Local councillor Darren Fower, who is deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the city council, said: “This is Council Tax payers' money and should be paying for delivery of local services.”


Speak to Cllr Darren Fower at one of his regular ‘surgeries’ Come along to either:

Brookside Methodist Church, Gunthorpe Road Time: 6pm – 7pm rd Date: 3 Friday of each month


Werrington Village Centre, Church St Time: 6pm – 7pm st Date: 1 Friday of each month



The exterior of the police station in the Werrington Centre has been vandalised. Despite the attacks, it is ‘business as usual’ inside the station. Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower said: “If people are trying to break in, perhaps the police should open the station to the public for longer hours and on more days of the week?"  Police hold ‘surgeries’ at the station on Wednesdays from 11 am to 1 pm, Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm.

MPs’ Expenses Claims



Darren believes that while fines are one way of dealing with a minority of dog owners who allow their pets to foul footpaths and play areas, effort should also be put into resolving the problem. He said: "Presently the council spends hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds each year on cleaning up dog mess throughout the city of Peterborough. "Over the years local residents have frequently suggested to me the idea of having plastic bags attached to the dog waste bins themselves. “Why the council has never taken this sensible step is a mystery. Having taken a look at the scheme operated in another city, I am certain it would save money and reduce the problem.”

It seems two pieces of land, one in Cuckoos Hollow (Werrington) and another alongside Cathwaite (Paston), have seen several signs erected warning local people to now stay off the land. Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower said: “The residents want to know what is going on. Given the amount of time these spaces have been used by members of the public for leisure activities, it is a fair question.” Residents are fearful that the land will be used for housing. Daren has asked council officers to find out what is happening.

Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower is calling for the city council to follow in the steps of other councils by putting dispensers for plastic bags on their waste bins. The bags would be provided for dog owners to clear up dog mess and put it in the appropriate bins.

Residents have contacted the Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team after signs started emerging on pieces of grass land used by people walking their dogs, etc, declaring “PRIVATE LAND: No Public Access or Right of Way”.


Users of mobility scooters in and around South Werrington and North Gunthorpe contacted the FOCUS Team to because some footpaths are impassable for them and therefore limiting their choice of routes.

The Disabilities Discrimination Act states it is against the law for public places to be made inaccessible to people with a disability. Residents told us that the footpath from Ainsdale Drive through to Pipistrelle Court was impassable for people on mobility scooters. A similar issue can be found at a footpath running from Grassmere Gardens which residents say could be made better simply by removing one of the three gates that exist there. Local Liberal Democrat councillor Darren Fower, who has recently been campaigning on similar issues, relating to the city centre took up the issue and barriers on one of the affected paths have now been removed. He told us: “I am delighted that we have made some progress with this but will continue to press the council until we see more action. “In today’s world it is unacceptable that an individual with a physical disability is unable to move freely around their local community. “The law is very clear on this and I just hope that the city council acts on these concerns before it finds itself in court.”

CCTV at centre

The council is to get £125,000 from Tesco to help pay for CCTV at Werrington Centre. Local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower said: “CCTV benefits Tesco first and the local community second. It is a shame a similar amount has not been agreed for additional youth services.”

I would have liked to see the security enhanced at the centre by providing USEFUL top class youthNUMBERS facilities and enabling * Police – 0345 456 more people to 456 get to the4;centre via * Street 453523; bus fromLights north -Gunthorpe. * Abandoned Cars – 425338; * Noise Complaints – 747474; * Council Tax – 452258; * Drains – 863766; * Elections – 452249; * Road Maintenance – 453585;

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