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Issue: 37

“Working All Year Round”


After months of pressure from your South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team, assurances have been secured from the Tory run council that action will be taken to rectify a decaying play area at the back of Ambleside Gardens and Campbell Drive. The play area, located behind Ambleside Gardens (Gunthorpe), had been described by residents as “..untouched for years..”, is expected to be addressed by the end of Spring 2007. Following several site visits and discussions with local residents, Cllr Darren Fower and FOCUS Editor, Sheila Walsh, compiled a detailed report, including high-vis imagery, facts, stats and demands for the matter be dealt with, and passed it to the council. Continuing the call for action, Cllr Darren Fower addressed the whole council, and secured a promise from the Cabinet Member for Community Services, that some £20,000 will be spent on the area. Commenting on the news, South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Editor, Sheila Walsh said, “This play area has been forgotten about by successive representatives to this community. However, given that we have FOCUS volunteers living nearby, its difficult for us [the FOCUS team] to do this and, through successive resident surveys and providing a regular FOCUS newsletter, we hope local residents now realise that they have a voice in the council! We will hold the Tory administration to their promise and will make sure they do not try and use it simply as a campaigning tool for the 2007 local elections…given the work and research done by FOCUS Team!”


Residents living along the old Lincoln Road recently raised concerns about the number of LGV Learning Schools using the road. Over recent months, FOCUS has received several complaints from residents living, both north and south of the Cock Inn, regarding the issue. Commenting, FOCUS Editor, Sheila Walsh said; “It seems the main reason is that the city is one of the few in the country who have a LGV test centre. Darren and I have now spoken with representatives from one of the training schools, who tell us that they can see why some people would prefer not to have them down 'their' road, and would have no problem if the route were changed.”

***South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team*****South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team*****South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team***

*****South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team*****South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team*****South Werrington + North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team*****

In other news…

* On the back of a meeting held at Norwood School, attended by both Cllr Darren Fower and FOCUS Editor Sheila Walsh, regarding issues of anti social behaviour effecting the school, your Lib Dem councillor, Darren, has now attended the first (of hopefully many) meeting of the Neighbourhood Policing Group. Invited to attend the new working group were local head teachers, leading community figures, housing agency staff and ward councillors’ etc However, of the ward councillors for this area, only Darren bothered to turn up! * In other news, Cllr Darren Fower has now been out with the local Police Community Support officers for this area, spending a Friday evening at the Werrington Centre; Darren reviewed the skating park, construction entrance and spoke with local young people. Darren tells us that he and Sheila intend to have more outings with the local police, in order, at least, to ensure that local issues are brought to the attention of the local force. * After the complaints regarding LGVs down the old Lincoln road, and complimenting Darren’s work regarding learner driving schools and their routes, we have been informed that Cllr Fower is in the process of putting together a motion that he will present to Full Council, requesting the establishment of a working group, tasked with looking at ways of alternating test routes throughout the city, over the coming years. Darren has recently been invited to meet, separately with a senior officer at the test centre.


The FOCUS Team and Sheila Walsh, want to hear from anyone, if you have a good idea in regards spending £3,333 on something for the this area? The money is part of the councils Leadership/Community Fund, and the only (apparent) catch to the scheme is that the money must be considered a “one off” and therefore, any following upkeep costs must be regarded as minimal. So for example: a) A new park bench – minimal ongoing costs b) Purchase of CCTV camera – ongoing revenue costs but the department may be willing to find it because it addresses a priority area c) Purchase of community bus – ongoing costs which are unlikely to be funded. So, if you have an idea, no matter if you’re an individual resident, organisation, school etc and you want it included in the pot then send your thoughts through to either or direct to Cllr Darren Fower, at 92 Swale Avenue, Gunthorpe, PE4 7GT.

Ming Campbell, supported by the Peterborough Liberal Democrats are taking the lead, proposing real action at a national level and acting to cut crime. Visit, and help us win the battle! Printed By D Powell, Sacrewell Farm, Thornaugh, Peterborough. Published and promoted for and on behalf of the Liberal Democrats at 19 Carron Drive, Peterborough, PE4 6NX

FOCUS 37  

The FOCUS Newsletter is produced and delivered by volunteers in and around the SOUTH WERRINGTON and NORTH GUNTHORPE local area. For more det...

FOCUS 37  

The FOCUS Newsletter is produced and delivered by volunteers in and around the SOUTH WERRINGTON and NORTH GUNTHORPE local area. For more det...