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Issue 288


Nick Sandford CONTACT FOCUS By phone: Call local Liberal Democrat councillor Nick Sandford – 01733 268460

or FOCUS Liaison Officer Penny Fower on 01733 325541; or Asif Shaheed on 0792 951 3865.

By post: Cllr Nick Sandford, Town Hall, Bridge St, Peterborough PE1 1HG

By e-mail: nick.sandford@ or penny.fower@ or asif.shaheed@

Or at the councillor ‘surgery': 6:00 to 7:00 pm,

first Friday of month in Community Centre, Mountsteven Avenue.



You may have noticed that there is an election coming. Suddenly politicians are interested in you. Suddenly there is a flood of political leaflets coming through your letterbox.

ELECTION SPECIAL ISSUE! On Thursday 6 May there are two elections – o ONE – to elect a Member of Parliament. o TWO – to elect a local councillor. So you will get two ballot papers and two votes. Please use them both! Your Liberal Democrat candidates are o Nick Sandford – as MP for Peterborough o Asif Shaheed – as local councillor for Walton The Lib Dem priorities for Peterborough are: 1. Fair Tax: No-one in Peterborough should pay any income tax on the first £10,000 of their earnings, so many pensioners and low earners would pay no tax at all. Tax loop-holes should be closed so that people on very high earnings pay more tax. Council Tax should be replaced by a fairer local income tax. 2. A fresh start for children: Primary schools in Peterborough should be given extra money so that they can reduce class sizes and give children a better start to their education. We would pay for it by scrapping new Labour’s child trust fund.

3. A greener economy and transport: Make Peterborough the true environment capital by investing in renewable energy and insulating our homes. Scrap free car parking perks for councillors, water taxis, waste incinerators and large road building schemes and invest more in waste reduction, recycling and in public This is issue number 288 of transport, park and ride and cycling facilities. FOCUS. Almost every month you hear from the Liberal Democrats 4. Clean up politics in Peterborough: End unfair one party domination of with news of what is happening in Peterborough City Council by introducing a fair voting system, reduce wasteful your local community and what we reliance on consultants and give power to local communities by giving real powers and budgets to area committees and neighbourhood councils. are doing for this area. Where were the rest of the political parties – who say they are 5. Tackle Crime: By putting more full time police officers on our streets to crack so interested in you now – over the down on anti social behaviour, paid for by scrapping new Labour’s wasteful identity card scheme. past few months?

Nick Sandford

Asif Shaheed


On the front page we have set out the five Liberal Democrat priorities for Peterborough in this election.


The Walton Liberal Democrat survey – in which we are calling at every house in the area to ask what you think about local issues – has now covered about half of the ward and we have received hundreds of responses giving us your opinions. One of the questions in the survey asks what people think about condition of the road in which they live. Almost a third of people replying say their road is in poor condition. Particular areas of concern include Council Street, South View Road and Paston Lane. We have not yet surveyed the Balmoral and Sandringham area but we know roads are very bad there also. We will continue the survey after the elections.


The saga of the allotments has taken a worrying turn. Our Toryrun council is so desperate to sell allotment land in Itter Park to housing developers that it is frantically searching for green open space which it can grab and turn into replacement allotments. The latest area to fall victim to this is the Werrington Paddocks, a beautiful piece of land surrounded by hedgerows and rich in wildlife just behind Warwick Road. Local residents got up a petition and local councillors Nick Sandford and Darren Fower presented it at a recent council meeting. Lib Dem candidate for Walton, Asif Shaheed, said: “I am amazed. I cannot believe that our Tory council wants to take away this valuable amenity, turn part of it into allotments and concrete over the rest to make a car park and access road. I will fight it every inch of the way.” Asif believes the ‘allotments saga’ is typical of the way the Tories deal with local issues. He is asking voters to think about what the Tories have done for Walton or for Peterborough in the ten long years they have been running the city council. He points out that they have: o Given Walton a new school (and we are pleased to say ‘well done’!) but out-of-school facilities for remain abysmal. o Put up taxes but squandered the money on grandiose pet projects such as the Cathedral Square fountains, the proposed waste incinerator and the daft water taxis. o Built new roads in other parts of the city but left roads and paths in parts of Walton with broken paving slabs and potholes. o Set up a ‘neighbourhood committee’ in our area but failed to give it any powers or any money to do anything for local people in Walton Asif says: “Liberal Democrats have been working in Walton on behalf of local people for over 25 years. We fight for local people and for the changes you want to see in your community. “You must decide what you want another Tory councillor who will slavishly follow the party line and spend his time on internal party squabbles …. or another Lib Dem councillor to work alongside Nick Sandford and be your voice on the council.”

Liberal Democrat council candidate for the Walton city council ward , Asif Shaheed, says: “These are five simple things we will fight for if we achieve power in Peterborough. “Add to that our record of working with the people of Walton on local issues and you have a powerful argument for voting Liberal Democrat on Thursday 6 May. “Labour cannot win in Walton. The only people who can beat the Tories and stand up for local Asif Shaheed people are the Lib Dems. “The local Conservatives are hopelessly split in this election. They have deselected their councillor who was elected only in 2008 and told him he cannot stand as a Conservative in the council election. “The Tories have brought in a former councillor from Fletton. He is now quoting an address in Warwick Road but he has only just appeared on the electoral register at that address.” In contrast, Lib Dem candidate Asif Shaheed is a local man who has lived in South View Road for over 17 years. He is a governor at Ken Stimpson School and is well known in the locality. He is the only one of the four candidates in the council elections in Walton who actually lives in the ward.

MP and councillor

Popular Walton councillor Nick Sandford is the Lib Dem candidate in the general election. Nick’s council seat is not up for election until 2012 and, if elected to Parliament, he has pledged to continue serving Walton as a councillor. Nick says: “The MP expenses scandal has been a disgrace. People are disillusioned. “But now is not the time to stay at home. Only by voting for the Liberal Democrats will you get Nick Sandford real change. “Under a Lib Dem government, no MP will have a ‘safe seat’ and local people will have a means of quickly removing any MPs who are corrupt or misbehave.” Asif Shaheed is your local council candidate and we want to get him onto the council to serve alongside Nick and give Walton two hard working Lib Dem councillors. Nick Clegg will be Prime Minister if the Liberal Democrats achieve power at the general election. He has really impressed voters in the TV debates and the general election is now genuinely a ‘three way contest’.

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