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executive/finance Jef Dueck Chair 91.9BOBFM/Country 105/Energy 99.7 Tony Smith Past-Chair Tristone Media Group Drew Merrett Vice-Chair Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre Bob Doornenbal Treasurer The Peterborough Examiner Stuart Harrison Secretary Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Patric Marren Director-At-Large Glenn Windrem Trucking Kamran Qayyum Director-At-Large Siemens Canada Limited

directors Jason Becker BDO Canada LLP Brad Hilker NBH Accounting Services Jim Hill Pan-Oston Limited Sharon Legon 1st Call Property & Equipment Services Scott Mancini RBC Royal Bank - Kawartha-Lakeshore Business Banking Centre David Smith Monkman Gracie & Johnston Lisa Smith United Way of Peterborough & District

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2012 Chair’s Message Be Seen. Be Heard. Belong.


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Additional Contributors include:

appointments Daryl Bennett, Mayor City of Peterborough Karl Moher, Deputy Reeve, Douro-Dummer Township County of Peterborough Herma van Beek Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture

2012 Board Chair and Account Manager for Country 105/ Energy 99.7/91.9 BOB FM. Jef can be reached at 705-742-8844 x4437

Jim DYson Jim can be reached at 705-874-5029 or j.dyson@eastmetro

Jef Dueck

Genevieve Gilbert YPG Chair (Trent University)

The Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce 175 George St. N. Peterborough 705.748.9771

Kim MacDonald 2012 Gala Committee Chair (That Special Touch Wedding & Event Decor)

David Whitehouse

Stuart Harrison Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

David is the Director Customer/ Corporate Services and Conservation Officer for Peterborough Utilities Services Inc. 1-855-397-7784




by Jef Dueck (Country 105/Energy 99.7/91.9 BOB FM), 2012 Board Chair

Be Seen. Be Heard. Belong. 2012 is the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce’s 123rd year! Obviously a milestone like that means our Chamber has a long history of doing things right… and we do A LOT of ‘things’! Like most businesses at the start of the New Year, the Chamber staff and Board of Directors conducted an annual review of all the ‘things’ the Chamber does. Part of that included analyzing a recent survey of our members and it revealed that what you value most in your Chamber membership is our ability to strengthen the local economy. Other key priorities included representing business interests with government, providing access to resources, providing promotional opportunities and promoting and protecting ethical business practices. You may have seen a recent video

Be Seen: There are many ways

Many would say we have not yet

or heard Stuart promoting a new

for your business to be seen via

seen a full economic recovery and

slogan that states: “Be Seen. Be Heard.

the Chamber – at any one of our

ongoing global issues still weigh

Belong.” It might sound simple – but

networking events, in our tradeshows,

heavily on consumer confidence.

it’s an incredibly loaded statement.

in this magazine, on our website

But locally we see many encouraging

and social media channels – your

signs including the completion of

opportunities for exposure are

some significant municipal projects,

almost endless! And showing you’re

ongoing expansion in post-secondary,

a member is very important because

and several recent new business

63% of consumers are more likely to

announcements. #ThinkPositive

do business with a Chamber Member.

and let’s carry that momentum

Be Heard: Our Chamber is very

forward. The Chamber is ready to

WE OFFER FAST LOCAL SERVICE We service all makes of security systems.

proactive on the issues that matter to the business community and we’re constantly working with all levels of

We have 9 Security Technicians Located here in Peterborough

Government, the Ontario Chamber

• Burglar Alarms • Fire Alarms • Camera Systems • Card Access Systems • Medical Alarms

stay on top of it all, but we need to

We Monitor Alarms Here in Peterborough, 24 hours a day

of Commerce, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. We try to know the challenges you face and your opinions on the issues. If you ever have a business concern, bring it




to promote our members, so we hope that our members are happy to sell the Chamber in return. In order to do that, we know it takes some reminding of ALL the things the Chamber is and does. So if you are ever asked if you’re a Chamber member, we hope you are proud to say “Yes!” and can easily explain why.

to us. If we send you a survey, please don’t ignore it. This information is incredibly valuable to us and the entire community.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Belong. On behalf of the Chamber Staff, our Committees and many fabulous volunteers,

Belong: Membership comes with

I thank you for your continued

access to many discounts and savings

support and look forward to a 2012

programs. Added up, these savings

full of exciting new opportunities!

can make a big difference to your businesses bottom line at the end of the year.

480 The Parkway, Peterborough

help, and as always, we’re happy

To view our video, go to this link

Policy matters y b Stuart Harrison, General Manager


The Chamber is Your Voice

he Chamber is a lobby group for business. Straight clean and simple, we play a key role in the economy because we provide a voice at City Hall, County Council, Queens Park and Parliament Hill.

A lot of our members think that all we do is networking events, but really the core function of our Chamber is “Strengthening the economy”. We have a Policy Committee, and a Government Affairs Committee (all four politicians meet with us three times a year). We are involved in at least half a dozen other committees in town, all focused on business issues. One of our big wins was to get a commitment from City Council to lower Industrial/Commercial/MultiResidential tax ratios over an 8 year period.

The few things that work fantastically well should be identified, cultivated, nurtured, and multiplied. Richard Koch – former management consultant, entrepreneur, and writer

We are involved in: • Health Care • Immigrant Integration • Elections • Places to Grow • Highway 407 • The City Official Plan, Transit, Airport, Beavermead Park We’ve lobbied ORCA, Trent Severn Waterway, Skilled Trades, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Budgets, Native Tobacco sales, Cross Border shopping, we even lobbied the PUS about backflow preventers!!!

As a network we have 34 specific recommendations to the Provincial Government through the Ontario Chamber, and 56 recommendations to the Federal Government through the Canadian Chamber. Our approach is one of quiet conversation as opposed to letters to the editor, or pounding the podium at a City Council meeting. If you have issues that you would like to see us deal with, please get in touch. Stuart Harrison, General Manager, 748-9771 ext 202

1135 Lansdowne St. Peterborough (705) 748-9570

363 Kent St. Lindsay (705) 878-8908

■ ■ ■



Promotional Products

20+ years providing you with Quality, Value and Service, that reflects directly on YOUR Company’s Image

ON-SITE Custom Embroidery thevoiceofbusiness



by Jim Dyson, East Metro Auto Leasing


A Great, But Often Misunderstood Way to Acquire a Vehicle

hen acquiring a vehicle, leasing is a viable option. But leasing terminology and vehicle leasing itself can be confusing at times and even seem like a whole other language. When looking into a vehicle, understanding the language of leasing demystifies the process and arms potential buyers with the information needed to take advantage of the many terrific offers available today. With that in mind, below are some answers to questions that customers have asked over the years about types of vehicle leasing. Open-end lease, closed-end lease, acquisition, residual, buy-back, end-value, maintenance and nonmaintenance lease, walk-away lease. Sound familiar? Confused? Well, you are not alone. Many potential customers shake their heads when confronted with these terms. Leasing is just is another form of acquiring a vehicle. In most cases there are two types of leases: closedend lease and open-end lease. CLOSED-END LEASE This is also known as a net lease, or as most people understand it, a “walkaway” lease. These are the typical leases offered by your Dealer and they are usually advertised with a low mileage-restriction. This is the most common type of lease used by noncommercial clients. Who should acquire a vehicle this way? This type of lease is designed for most people, who typically put on very few miles a year and want a new car every 2-3 years with no maintenance worries. This is a great type of lease as the manufacturer usually subvents the lease rate and end-value — in layman’s terms, the percentage rate for the lease is reduced to a lower rate by the manufacturer. For



example, the rate should be 7% but the manufacturer sets it at 1% or less — far less that what it would cost to buy and finance the vehicle. The end-value of the vehicle may be set a little higher than typical wholesale value to give the customer a very low monthly payment. The one thing to remember is to keep within the mileage restriction of the lease or be prepared for a mileage penalty like 12-15 cents per kilometre at the end of the lease! OPEN-END LEASE This is also known as a finance lease, participating lease, or, most commonly “lease to own”. These are the type of leases that most commercial, private companies and salespeople opt for. Usually not available at the dealership, wholesale or independent lease companies offer this type of lease. Commercial clients prefer this type of lease because it has the flexibility that businesses require, and this flexibility is the largest distinction from the closed-end lease. These clients can usually set the terms that fit them the best, selecting the length of the lease (terms of 12-60 months), monthly payments, and even the

purchase price at the end of the lease. Sometimes, these clients offer the vehicles to their employees which offsets some of the lease costs, and the open-end lease is the most common lease to use as a tax write-off. At the end of the lease, the vehicle can be sold with any profit or loss shared by the lease company and the client. For the business owner, the lack of mileage restrictions makes this option very attractive as most companies don’t want the bother of monitoring their drivers’ mileage. The company is asked at the start of negotiations approximately what mileage is driven on an annual basis so the end-value or end-purchase price of the vehicle is in line with the mileage driven. Hopefully this helped clear up some of the confusion about the types of vehicle leasing — an important step in learning a language that gives potential customers the knowledge they need to obtain the best deal possible for their transportation needs. For more information on leasing matters, Jim can be reached at 705-874-5029 or j.dyson@


by David Whitehouse, Director Customer / Corporate Services and Conservation Officer for Peterborough Utilities Services Inc


How to Lower Your Energy Costs – and Get Paid for Doing it

s a business operator, you know that saving energy is good for your bottom line. You also know that the cost of energy will continue to rise over the next few years. But did you know that you can get thousands of dollars in incentives for making energy-saving improvements to your building or equipment? Peterborough Distribution Inc. (PDI), in conjunction with Ontario Power Authority, is making it worth your while to save electricity. They’re offering all businesses – big and small – financial incentives to reduce energy consumption. It’s all part of the saveONenergy program which helps Ontario residents and businesses save energy, reduce our environmental footprint and defer the need to build new power plants. Over the past three years local businesses have received more than $1,179,000 in energy rebates, according to David Whitehouse, Director of Corporate and Customer Services for Peterborough Utilities. Participants have ranged from large operations, such as Trentway-Wagar ($23,024) and SGS Lakefield Research ($15,014), to small businesses such as Total Physiotherapy ($1,710) and The Plush Boutique ($1,000). “It doesn’t matter what size of business you operate – there’s something for everyone,” said Whitehouse. “A local business shouldn’t even change a light bulb before first checking to see if they are eligible for an incentive.” Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, multi-unit residential complex or an agribusiness, your business could receive a substantial financial incentive to save energy. Grants and rebates are available for a range of activities – from lighting retrofits and air conditioner tune-ups to equipment upgrades and energy audits. There’s even money to incorporate energy-efficiency into new construction and building renovations.

received $12,427 for his new location on Lansdowne Street. St-Jean spent about $53,500 to retrofit all of the lighting in his building to more efficient T-5 and T-8 fluorescent lamps. The rebate was based on the type of lighting installed as well as the projected electricity savings and represented about 23% of the total project cost.

added St-Jean. “The rebate from PDI was a great incentive. I can’t believe that they paid us to save energy.” Local businesses can find out if they qualify for a saveONenergy incentive by calling 1-855-397-7784 or visiting

“We’re saving a ton of money on our electricity bills and the lighting is a lot better for our customers and staff,”

Eastern Realty Inc., Brokerage

Visit me at my new office 705.743.9111 705.749.7934

“Every business should consider the benefits of this program. It’s a nobrainer” said Daniel St-Jean, owner of Kawartha Chrysler Jeep Dodge, who



GALA matters y b

by Kim MacDonald, 2012 Gala Committee Chair (That Special Touch Wedding & Event Decor)


Our 2012 Gala was a Scottish Highland Fling!

n Saturday, February 4th, the Chamber’s 123rd Gala, sponsored by Level A & The Staffing Connection, was held in honour of our 2012 Board Chair, Jef Dueck. This year’s gala was held at the Peterborough Golf & Country Club, which was transformed into a Scotland Castle. As guests arrived, they were greeted at the door by a full-dressed Scotsman (Wayne Lockyer of That Special Touch); from there, they were directed down the hall, where they were served punch through the spectacular ice luge. Guests were able to mingle with their cocktails, while enjoying appetizers sponsored by Shimano, and waiting to have their complimentary photo taken by Miranda Studios, sponsored by Lansdowne Place & Vincent Press. Guests then entered the main ballroom, decorated in beautiful gold and blue hues, with Scotland thistle centerpieces, and Tartan table toppers, to give the true feel of a Scotland castle. The décor was provided by That Special Touch, and sponsored by The Peterborough Examiner. Executive Chef Michael Kirby of the Peterborough Golf & Country Club, provided a sumptuous Scottish meal, complete with fresh haggis, for those who were daring enough to taste!!! The wonderful wine was wrapped in a tartan ribbon, adding to the theme, and was sponsored by McWillams Moving and Storage.



The highlight of the evening was the fantastic grand prize draw for a trip for two to Scotland, sponsored by Cogeco Cable. Anne Arnold from the Chamber, and David Feeley of Cogeco Cable, were piped into the main ballroom in anticipation of the draw. Congratulations to our winner, Steve Daynes of Level A & The Staffing Connection!!! Guests finished off their evening dancing to the rockin’ tunes, provided by DJ Dollar Bill (Bill Porter of Energy 99.7 & Country 105 FM), and sponsored by Kawartha Endodontics. The Gala dance rocked out all night long, and a fabulous time was had by all! This evening would not have been possible without all the hard work of our dedicated Gala Committee, volunteers, and the wonderful support of all our sponsors.

Special thanks to our Evening Sponsors: Event Sponsors: Level A & The Staffing Connection Grand Prize Trip Sponsor: Cogeco Cable Appetizers: Shimano Décor: The Peterborough Examiner Wine: McWilliams Moving and Storage Entertainment: Kawartha Endodontics Early Bird Limo: Ambassador Limousine Guest Photos: Lansdowne Place & Vincent Press Coat Check: 1st Call Property & Equipment Services Chocolates: Sarge’s Army Surplus Punch: Energy 99.7 & Country 105 FM Thank you to our additional Sponsors: Cabinetree Collins Barrow Diversified Communications Thank you to our door prize donors: Bell Canada Country 105/Energy 99.7/91.9 BOB FM Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront Lansdowne Place Pro-Tect Lock & Safe Ltd. The Eventz Café

YPG matters y b Genevieve Gilbert, YPG Chair, Trent University


YPG in 2011 and 2012

n 2011, the Young Professionals Group continued to grow as a Chamber networking event. An opportunity for the younger members of the business community to meet and make connections in Peterborough. Over the past year, YPG has evolved, not only as a way to network, but a place for professional development, a place for business promotion and a place to keep up to date on the changes in business. I am proud of how much YPG has accomplished in 2011. YPG had an exceptional year thanks to the leadership of Past Chair, Jason Chessar (J’s Magic). The YPG committee developed and implemented a new Speaker Proposal Application, which has simplified our way of providing excellent speakers to suit a young professional’s needs. In 2011, we were lucky to have informative guest speakers talking about everything from networking tips, to Rail updates and team building techniques. Along with our exceptional speaker lineup, we continued to include social networking events, which are popular, including the downtown scavenger hunt, speed networking and the YPG Open House. The Open House was a great opportunity for our YPG members to show off their businesses and for all Chamber members to experience a YPG event. 2011 was a prosperous year for attendance at our events, with consistent numbers ranging from 25 to 35 guests. Our goal was to keep in better contact with our attendees, to ensure members were contacted before, during and after events, which has proven to be a successful way to keep in touch with members and have them return.

A Strategic YPG Committee was formed in 2011, to bring the committee’s focus on where YPG wanted to be in the future. The group first surveyed current YPG members to find out what the young professionals wanted from YPG events. Additionally, we worked with students from Trent University’s Business Program, and within four months developed a plan for YPG. Our strategic plan has served as a guideline to keep us focused on our YPG goals for 2011, and now for 2012. YPG’s mission, “Cultivating Success in Business for the Next Generation” will be the base of our goals this year. A huge thank you to Jason for leading YPG in a new direction.

Another main focus for us in 2012 is student retention. The committee has taken over the Student Membership Program and has brought 11 new students from Trent University and Fleming College to the Chamber Membership. Our goal is to give students an early introduction to the Chamber, start their connections within the community and to encourage those students to keep their businesses in Peterborough after graduation. Make sure to check out our YPG Facebook page for updates on what is going on for members and their staff under 40!

LLF LAWYERS is pleased to announce the admission to partnership of EMMET CONNOLLY. Emmet joined the firm as an associate in 2006, and has become an integral member of the corporate commercial practice group. Emmet has considerable experience in all areas of business law, including particular skill in franchise and trademark law. As an advisor to many charitable and not-for-profit organizations in the region, Emmet has developed a significant expertise in this area. LLF LAWYERS is very pleased to welcome Emmet as its newest partner. A graduate of Queens University (B.Comm.), Emmet received his Juris Doctor from the Faculty of Law of University of Toronto in 2002 and became a Trade-mark Agent in 2011. He currently serves as the President of the Community Counselling & Resource Centre and is a volunteer with the Morton Community Heathcare Centre and the Business Advisory Centre. Emmet is also a member of the Peterborough Pagans Rugby Football Club. LLF LAWYERS is a full service legal firm serving businesses, organizations, institutions, professionals and individual clients throughout Central Ontario.

LLF Lawyers LLP continues the practices of Ross Whittington, Lech, Lightbody & O'Brien, Frank G. Steffler and John Corkery.



Wellnessmatters by Sara Lunn, Tradeshow Coordinator

New for 2012 The Peterborough Wellness Expo


he Peterborough Wellness Expo is only 3 months away and the Chamber of Commerce is excited to be a part of the largest event of its kind in the Kawarthas. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to showcase your business and meet hundreds of potential clients in one day. Consumers attend this show each year with the intent of improving their health and you should be there to assist them.

Booth space is quickly filling up – don’t be disappointed and register today! • 80+ exhibitors of health products and services • Keynote Speakers – Sylvia Davies and Theresa Moloney • Many diverse seminars and demos throughout the day • Radio, TV and print media advertising • The Chamber marketing machine, including: emails to over 1000 members, social media and more










Call or email for your exhibitor package today!

Saturday, May 5, 2012 10am-5pm Evinrude Centre Sara Lunn (705) 748-9771 x 206 or

Directorymatters t

2012 Chamber Directory Goes Online. he Chamber Search Engine for members is an extremely busy place! Statistics show that individual listings typically have the highest search results from both internal and external (i.e. Google) searches. In an effort to capitalize on this fact and save our members a significant amount of money at the same time, the Chamber has decided to focus solely on our online Membership Directory, PLUS we’ll still offer an online printable directory for those who still want one containing your advertisement.

AN IRISH TEA Join us for an entertaining afternoon Saturday, March 17th at 12pm to 4pm

CARLTON SHOWBAND Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Us!

Saturday, March 17th at 7pm

Here’s what you get: • A full colour display ad and logo right inside your actual listing plus, an enhanced listing, giving you supercharged search results and allowing for trackability at the top of the page. An enhanced listing will significantly improve your online presence.

ROMEO AND JULIET A Shakespeare Street Theatre Presentation

Monday, March 19th to Wednesday, March 21st

• A full colour display ad in rotation on all member search pages, linked to your listing or URL of your choice. • A full colour display ad in a printable membership directory. This directory will be parked on our website and updated regularly throughout the year, and will provide a printable option anytime for anyone who still wants a printed directory in their desk.

Cost $260 plus HST Please contact Anne Arnold to book your space (705) 748-9771 x200 or

NOEL COWARD A Special Lounge Event Wednesday, April 25th at 4pm

JULIE MICHELS and KEVIN BARRETT A Showplace Jazz Club Presentation Sunday, April 29th at 7:30pm

FISHING BUDDIES A Showplace Players Presentation

Thursday, May 3rd to Saturday, May 5th at 7:30pm ALL SHOWS, DATES AND TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE thevoiceofbusiness


March Events: businessafterhours tuesday, march 6th, 2012 Proud of Our Past, Positive About Our Future

Peterborough • Lakefield Omemee • Bobcaygeon

(705) 742-4245 • 1-800-387-1627

location: Fleming CREW together with Workforce Development Board 1550 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough (former White Rose building) time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of OLG Slots at Kawartha Downs please note: Pre-registration is required for this event

breakfastclub tuesday, march 13 , 2012 th

BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR YOUR BUSINESS • Competitive rates • Flexible payment options • Local credit approvals

location: Carousel Restaurant, 116 Lansdowne Street East time: 7:30 am cost: Pay for your breakfast speaker: Dan Taylor, President & CEO, GPA EDC please note: You do not need to register for this event.

chamberannualgeneralmeeting & politicalpowerhour tuesday, march 20th, 2012

w w w. k a w a r t h a c u . c o m

details: Agenda includes the 123rd Chamber Annual General Meeting plus the Political Power Hour with all four levels of government invited. City, County, Provincial and Federal representatives will each give a ten minute presentation, followed by a question and answer period. location: Best Western Plus Otonabee Inn, 84 Lansdowne St. E. time: 7:30 – 9:30 am cost: $20 Members + HST (includes hot buffet breakfast); Support persons for persons with disabilities enjoy reduced rate of $15 + HST please note: Pre-registration is required for this event.

youngprofessionalsgroup (YPG) thursday, march 22nd, 2012

location: *Please note alternate location* Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club - 577 McDonnel Street time: 5:00 – 7:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of The Venue event details: `Can QR Codes help You?’ with Barb Bruce, please note: Pre-registration is required for this event

lunchboxlearning wednesday, march 28th, 2012

location: Chamber Boardroom, 175 George Street N time: 12 noon – 1:00 pm topic: `How to Write an Effective Press Release’ with Jane Davidson, Best Write Communications cost: Free to attend, however registration is mandatory as space is limited



April Events: businessafterhours tuesday, april 3rd, 2012 location: Rubidge Retirement Residence, 246-270 Rubidge Street, Peterborough time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of OLG Slots at Kawartha Downs please note: Pre-registration is required for this event

Wednesday March 7, 2012 Dr. Vern Belos Get Ready for the HR Challenge!

breakfastclub tuesday, april 10 , 2012 th

location: Carousel Restaurant, 116 Lansdowne Street East time: 7:30 am speaker: TBA cost: Pay for your breakfast please note: You do not need to register for this event.

newmembershowcase tuesday, april 17th, 2012 location: Kawartha Golf & Country Club time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of Kawartha Golf & Country Club please note: Pre-registration is required for this event and open to all members to attend

Next Month

Wednesday April 4, 2012 Elaine Stirling Effective Communication is a Lot Like Ballroom Dancing

lunchboxlearning wednesday, april 25th, 2012

location: Chamber Boardroom, 175 George Street N time: 12 noon – 1:00 pm topic: `20 Days to Great Customer Service’ with Barb Bruce, MyRadius Consulting Services cost: Free to attend, however registration is mandatory as space is limited

youngprofessionalsgroup (YPG) thursday, april 26th, 2012

location: The Venue Peterborough, 286 George St. N. time: 5:00 – 7:00 pm cost: Free, compliments of The Venue event details: `3rd Annual Downtown Scavenger Hunt’ please note: Pre-registration is required for this event

Are you exasperated with sending dozens of emails every day and receiving only a trickle of replies, most of them confusing? You are not alone! Email communication has exploded in recent years, while our ability to manage them has not. Join Elaine Stirling, a corporate communication consultant and author of The Corporate Storyteller: A Writing Manual & Style Guide for the Brave New Business Leader for some quick, immediately usable tips to relieve our biggest workplace headache. You can register for these events by visiting our WBN website at Cost for WBN meeting is $40 per person and must be prepaid. Guest registration deadline for March’s meeting is Friday, March 2, 2012. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Promoting and supporting women in business through personal and professional growth opportunities.

Save the Date 41stannualgolftournament

Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. – Social Networking 6:30 p.m. – Dinner • 7:30 p.m. – Guest Speaker Each day small business owners get zapped with fines, citations, investigation notices, and law suits surrounding basic human resource practices. The penalties can be steep, putting your business at risk, not to mention stressful for you. How do you measure up? Ready to take the challenge? Join human resource specialist Dr. Vern Belos LLM, CHRP as he leads us through The "HR Audit Challenge" a fun interactive game that looks at the key practices you need to have in place, in order to protect you and your business.

Event Sponsor

wednesday, june 13th, 2012

location: Kawartha Golf & Country Club time: Lunch 11 am – 12:45 pm, Shotgun start 1:00 pm cost: $160 + HST per person please note: Many sponsorship opportunities available. For more information contact Cathy at 705-748-9771 x214 or email at

registrationinformation Unless otherwise specified, registration is required for all Chamber events. To register, please call 748-9771 Ext. 0 or email



MEMBERmatters Kris Sieber Launches Creative Free Agent Working under his own name as a creative free agent, Kris Sieber provides brand development and application using creativity, technical expertise, and broad experience, including at the national level. The former Art Director at Lazer Graphics, Kris can tie-in your traditional marketing with new media. For more information you can either visit www. or call 705-875-2770.

LLF and Howell Fleming Announce Merger Law firms LLF and Howell Fleming have announced a merger. They will continue to operate from the Howell Fleming location on Water Street until this summer, after which time they will move into expanded premises at LLF on Aylmer Street. 2012 will see the retirement of senior Howell Fleming Partners Don White, Ed Wood, and John Nichols. For more information contact either Bill Lockington at 705-742-1674 or or Bob Packenham at 705-745-1361 or

Red Fish Blue Fish Works with Penn & Teller Sean Cormican, owner of Red Fish Blue Fish, recently set up an aquarium for the famous Penn and Teller magic show at Casino Rama! This aquatic specialty store, located in the Brookdale Plaza, was also recently asked to participate in a documentary regarding United

Conservationists’ “Shark Fin Free” campaign. For more information either visit or call them at 705-874-3300.

Senior Dreams & Wild Rock Outfitters Named EPIC Ventures Winners Mark Twyman’s organization, Senior Dreams, was recognized as the EPIC Venture for December by the Business Advisory Centre at the GPAEDC. Senior Dreams enlists the help of the community to provide special opportunities for seniors. There is more information at or call 705-748-0599. Wild Rock Outfitters was recognized as the EPIC Venture for the month of January. Wild Rock won not only for their successful business, but for fostering growth in the downtown core and for their active engagement outside the store as well as in it. Visit or you can also call 705-745-9133.

New Sales Manager with Credit Bureau Collections Jennifer Beatty-Gruer is the new Sales Manager with Credit Bureau Collections serving the greater Peterborough area. Please call or email Jennifer for more information about third party collection services at 1-800-207-0841 or or visit their website at

Glimpse Imaging

Green Eyewear Optical • Peterborough


Photographer Nicole Zinn’s new company is Glimpse Imaging. Nicole loves to photograph people in real life situations, with most of her work done outside. She does family portraits, maternity and baby, weddings and special occasions, portraits and headshots, and rock the dress, where you get together with Nicole after the wedding and get creative. Nicole can also do coffee table books, canvas prints, framing, and more. Galleries, details, packages and contact info are on her website at or call 705-874-6745.

Shaw Computers Adds Macbook and iMac Shaw Computer Systems is now carrying Apple Factory Refurbished Macbook, Macbook Pro, and iMac products. For more information, visit or call 705-742-2204.

UnderPinnings Leslie Menagh has launched UnderPinnings, a company that specializes in custom-made corsets, bras, and other intimate apparel. Leslie has 20 years of sewing experience, and a Fine Art Degree specializing in textiles, sculpture, fashion and jewellery design. Visit or you can also call Leslie at 705-768-8787.

Accurate Accounts is Growing! Accurate Accounts recently announced the addition of 2 new staff members – Tax Specialist Norma Cummings and Administrative Assistant Joan Bennett – which will allow them to continue to provide customized service. For more information, Accurate Accounts is located in the Chamber of Commerce Business Centre and can be reached at 705-740-2400.

Robert D. Gauvreau Chartered Accountant Announces New Partner Robert D. Gauvreau Chartered Accountant recently announced that Jeffrey Lingard, CA has joined his practice as a Partner. Jeff has worked within the practice since December of 2010, has been practicing public accounting for 11 years, and has completed the in depth tax specialist program allowing him to offer specialized tax services. Call Jeff at 705-7458390 or visit the website at

The Staffing Connection Welcomes Back Fran Brown The Staffing Connection, 184 Charlotte St., Unit 205 in Peterborough, has announced that Fran Brown has re-joined their team as Account Manager. Fran was part of The Staffing Connection team in 2005 prior to relocating to another city. No stranger to the Human Resource field, Fran brings a wealth of experience and a network of established local contacts to her new position. Fran can be reached at The Staffing Connection by calling 705-741-5286.

Does your business have some new and exciting news to share? If so, please submit your information (approximately 50-75 words) to by the 1st of the preceeding month for inclusion in the next issue (i.e. March/April issue, February 1st deadline). Please note that information will be printed at the General Manager’s discretion.



Home Suite Home Transitions Home Suite Home Transitions provides a complete service to seniors who need to downsize or move. Owner and Peterborough native, Patti Priestman provides services such as de-cluttering, floor planning and downsizing to arranging appraisals for furniture or collectibles such as coins, stamps, and china. Patti is a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist, and a certified Senior Move Manager. For more information call 705-761-0018, or visit the website at www.

Birtch Renovations and Repairs Birtch Renovations and Repairs specializes in seniors’ repairs and renovations. Owner Don Birtch does everything from property maintenance to complete kitchen renovations. Don has experience as a project manager, mechanical engineering and he’s a certified home inspector. Call Don Birtch at 705-957-0481.

We Design We Design is a new collaboration of creative professionals, including Christian Papis, Matt Stimpson, David Jonkers, Jocaste Boone, and Adrienne Richard. We Design can help you with advertising, packaging, signage, web design, photography, project management, launches, and more. For complete details visit or call 705-755-0850.

Ed Arnold Retires, Jim Hendry New Examiner Managing Editor After almost 40 years at the Peterborough Examiner, Ed Arnold has retired. Ed began as a reporter and city editor before taking on the position of Managing Editor in 1985. Jim Hendry, who started at the newspaper in 1982 as a general assignment reporter was named as the new Managing Editor. For more information visit or call 705-745-4641.

Jungle Heat Imports Wins 9 Awards Ron and Adrienne at Jungle Heat won 7 awards at the Fiery Food Challenge in Dallas Texas and 2 awards at the 2012 Scovie Awards! They won over entries from all over the world. Full details and photos are on the website at or call 705-874-1997.

newmembers welcome to our new members who joined the Chamber from December 5, 2011 to February 9, 2012 Advertising and Marketing

Farming and Agriculture Supplies

Kris Sieber 705-875-2770

Greenshire Eco Farms Inc. Donna Salich 705-879-4207

Linda Hegerova 705-875-3033 We Design Christian Papist 705-755-0850

Peterborough Vacuum Camille Parent 705-748-9961

Fusion Hair Studio Sherri Wilfong 705-743-6600 Trent Athletics Centre Bill Byrick and Kathryn Verhulst-Rogers 705-748-1447 Crafts and Craft Supplies CropCircles Helen Edward 705-201-1097 Education Trinity College School Jennifer Boyko 905-885-3217

The Irish Shop Patrick and Maggie Canavan 705-742-2629 Health and Wellness

Beauty Salons, Fitness, Spas and Tanning

Jani-King Jillian Timperon and Terry Browne 705-295-2214

Gift and Gift Baskets Kawartha Candle Company Shirley Leahy 705-743-0366

Appliances, Electronics and Furniture

Residential/ Commercial Janitorial Services

Charlies Diet & Wellness Centre Shirley McGlennon 705-749-2091

Residential Construction Birtch Renovations & Repairs Don Birtch 705-957-0481 Senior Services Home Suite Home Transitions Patti Priestman 705-761-0018 Stained Glass

The Edge - Strength and Conditioning Robert Francz 705-741-4838

Dragonfly’s Glass Creations Amanda Stephenson 705-872-1317

Landscape, Lawn Care and Tree Services


Kawartha Lakes Landscaping - Sundance Spas Peterborough Allan Hancock and Kevin Kingsbury 705-243-1692

Worldlynx Wireless Cindy Goodwin and Dan Kernya 705-927-1122 Correction from Previous Issue:

Not-for-Profits Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre Brenda Scott 705-748-5901

Epicure Selections Cheryl Bewley 705-743-7365

Photographers and Picture Framing Glimpse Imaging Nicole Zinn 705-874-6745

 please utilize their services whenever possible 



Chamberevents young breakfastclub professionals group  by Shelby Parker, Front Line Coordinator Are you a young professional, or know of one, in the Peterborough area? The Chamber’s Young Professionals Group is a great place to learn new skills, meet new people and a great start for your new career! The Young Professionals Group wrapped up 2011 with the rest of the Chamber membership at Market Hall for the Christmas Social. Tasty treats were provided by our own catering Chamber members and the Peterborough Pop Ensemble wowed the audience with a few Christmas carols. In January, YPG enjoyed its own New Year’s Social with a sports-themed Wii Tournament. The YPG ladies beat the men, 416 to 372, in a bowling match and some sport fans donned team jerseys to support their favourite players. The event proved to be a great way for the new young professionals to meet the group and to start their business journey with the Chamber of Commerce.



Introducing Synergy from Manulife Insurance.

The Shining Waters Railway is on track to commence Phase One of the reintroduction of passenger service from Havelock to Toronto’s Union Station in the year 2014.

An exciting new one-of-a-kind 3 in 1 solution that combines life, disability and critical illness insurance in one policy with one application and one monthly payment. Simpler application process. More cost effective than buying three separate plans. Issue age is 18-50. No proof of income required for Disability income so ideal for self employed individuals. Better alternative to mortgage insurance. For more information call Eileen Madder, Manulife Securities at 705-874-9355.

Phase One is the requirement for preliminary engineering of the railway which includes the inspection of all bridges and culverts along the route and determination of the final route through the CP Rail Agincourt Yards, or if a by-pass is required. Phase One will define the estimated costs for the project and condition of the infrastructure that will be retained, plus the requirements for a new station, platform and parking. Project funding is $300,000 with a contribution of 50% from the Federal government and 50% from the Ontario Provincial Government. The Federal Build Canada Contribution Agreement is complete and ready for Minister approval. The Provincial Agreement is anticipated to be completed during the month of February. Once both Agreements are signed, a contract will be let to the winning bidder with planned project completion within 18 weeks.

It’s back to business this month on February 23rd when the group will learn, “Accounting Tips and What to Do With All This Paper?” with Curo’s Sue Clifford. Get ready for tax season with us! In March, YPG will dive into QR Codes with Barb Bruce with Could these make it easier for people to find your business? Join us to find out.

The Breakfast Club meets on the second Tuesday of every month at Carousel Restaurant, located at 116 Lansdowne St. E., from 7:30 to 8:30am. Be sure to attend our next event, or send a representative from your business. You do not need to register to attend this event.

The YPG meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at The Venue from 5 to 7pm. Be sure to attend our next event, or send a representative from your business. For more information, please check out the Chamber’s website at or visit our YPG Facebook page.

Please note: the Chamber will be closed on the following dates: sponsored by:



n Good Friday

Friday, April 6th

n Easter Monday

Monday, April 9th

n Victoria Day

Monday, May 21st

n Canada Day

Monday, July 2nd

n Civic Holiday

Monday, August 6th

n Labour Day

Monday, September 3rd

n Thanksgiving

Monday, October 8th

n 2012 Christmas Closure

Monday, December 24th at 2pm, re-opening on Monday, December 31st from 8:30am until 2pm

n New Year’s Day

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

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businessafterhours January


by Shelby Parker, Chamber of Commerce, Front Line Coordinator 

The Chamber of Commerce started its year with a special Business After Hours at Showplace with the theme, “Are you Connected?” The Chamber used Showplace’s grand stage to speak to members about how they are connected with their Chamber. Stuart Harrison introduced a new Chamber video to the audience, provided updates from the Chamber for 2011, and Jef Dueck introduced himself as the new Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. The audience was then asked, “Are you Connected to Social Media?” Special guest speaker Sofie Andreou spoke to the crowd about where social media is today, and how they can better utilize it for their business. Thanks to the staff and volunteers of Showplace Performance Centre for your hospitality!

PETEWATERSPEC.AD:Quark ad template

by Laura Hervieux (Capture Creative)

Meeting new people at a networking event can sometimes be disconcerting enough, but imagine coming eye-to-eye with a caribou or a bear! The February 7 networking event provided all this and more, as we were welcomed to the OFAH | Mario Cortellucci Hunting and Fishing Heritage Centre by friendly staff and large, impressive displays of wildlife in their natural habitats. The OFAH has more than 100,000 members across the province, all committed to advocating for Ontario’s natural resources and the rights and traditions of anglers and hunters. The centre, opened in 2007, was built on land that was donated by long-time local residents and outdoor enthusiasts, David and Harold Wilson. With more than $2-million graciously donated by Mario Cortellucci, it offers a variety of educational programs, a museum, conference facilities, a catch and release pond, archery and pellet gun range. “With over 1,000 students through last fall alone, the2:52 OFAHPM Centre is meeting its goals to 6/19/09 Page 1 make it a youth-focused learning facility,” said

Meribeth Scott, Education Coordinator, at the centre. Equipment is supplied if you want to fish in their catch and release pond and the museum and day learning centre are impressive with interactive displays. The dinner featured delicious caribou summer sausage and more networking. Stuart Harrison spoke about the Chamber’s goal of promoting policy and advocacy, and being a strong lobby group for businesses. He touched on their recent survey about police services. All part of the Chamber’s effort to be an impartial, unbiased voice. A successful evening at a unique venue.

Our Business After Hours events take place on the first Tuesday of every month, from 4 to 6pm, at various member business locations. Be sure to attend our next event, or send a representative from your business.

Always there...Always informed

w w w. p e t e r b o r o u g h e x a m i n e r. c o m




The Young Faces of Business Chi Hang Liu Peterborough is a wonderful city to develop as a young professional, and I am proud to return as the Communications and Project Coordinator at Workforce Development Board (WDB). At WDB our vision is, “Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland and Haliburton - The obvious place to live, learn, earn and invest!” Having lived, studied and worked in Peterborough, it is an honour for me to now invest my time to help this city grow.

Alex Lamore, Scott McDermott WDB is a community based, not-for-profit corporation. We work with communities to identify trends and opportunities in the labour market environment which impact our workforce. As a communications specialist, I developed a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that is geared towards creating greater awareness for WDB. As the Project Coordinator, I manage, plan and execute labour market projects and initiatives. 705-749-3250 ext. 16

R.J. Brown Insurance is a full service brokerage that has been meeting the insurance needs of individuals and businesses in the Peterborough area for over 25 years. Though there have been many changes in the way people do business over those years our commitment to personal service has not changed. R.J. Brown Insurance specializes in auto, life, home and farm insurance. We also have a department dedicated to your business insurance needs. It is our goal to not only provide you with an insurance policy, but to explain to you what your coverages mean so you can be confident that you are properly protected. After all “your protection is our policy”.



Thank you for allowing us to meet your insurance needs today and into the future. 705-876-1300

Chris Hanley, CA, Senior Accountant - Tax Upon completing his Bachelor of Commerce at University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he also worked as a teaching assistant for the accounting faculty, Chris found himself a good fit at BDO. “I knew I wanted to be a part of a growing firm, which would allow me to learn and advance” said Chris. He quickly excelled in the tax practice of BDO, and has become an invaluable aid to colleagues and clients. Through BDO’s internal training programs and the CICA In-Depth Tax Course, Chris will continue to build on his knowledge



and work closely with clients to address their tax needs. Chris’ ambition is clear outside of the workplace as well. As an avid distance runner, his continual fundraising for charity runs helps to support several deserving organizations, including the Peterborough YMCA. 705-742-4271

Margaret Wood I joined the Trent Valley Honda sales team in January 2011 and have truly enjoyed the process of learning about Honda and the company’s philosophies regarding safety, environment and engineering. Legendary reliability, low cost of ownership, quality of build, excellent resale value and positive core values make Honda a product I am proud to stand behind. With a full lineup of vehicles from the Civic; Canada’s best-selling car 14 years in a row, to the ever popular and newly redesigned CRV, there is something for every need within the Honda family.

Recently voted one of Peterborough’s favourite automotive salespeople in the Peterborough This Week’s Reader’s Choice awards was a wonderful summation of my first year in the business. Working in the Peterborough region is both a privilege and an honour and I welcome the opportunity to earn your business. If you or someone you know is looking for a vehicle come see me first! 705-748-2777

The Young Faces of Business Ben vanVeen Peterborough’s real estate market is going strong. Sellers are experiencing profits while buyers in all ranges are able to find the perfect home at an affordable price. With lending rates remaining historically low, Peterborough continues to be a perfect city in which to live and own a home.

Michael Cyr, Clean-it™ Centre Team Leader

1-877-878-9299 ext 1021

In 1956 Swish Maintenance Limited was established in Peterborough, ON by Mr. Walter Ambler, and we have continued to expand our facilities and manufacturing capabilities over the years. What began as a single location, one product supply house over 50 years ago, has now become a multiple location sanitation products manufacturing and Distribution Company with over 300 dedicated employees serving Canada. I joined the Swish team in May of 2010 as the Clean-it™ Centre Team Leader here in Peterborough. With over 10 years of experience in sales

Catia da Silva, Director of Marketing

Brad Fraser, Associate Agent

Graduate of Instituto Nacional de Pós Graduação, Castelo Branco University with a Master’s Degree in Marketing and a degree from Mackenzie University majoring in Economics. Catia is extremely well versed in all aspects of marketing and communication. Catia is currently working as the Director of Marketing at The Venue, responsible for the overall marketing strategy and communication. Catia is also the Senior Marketing Manager at OpenText’s Learning Solutions portfolio.

The Co-operators is Canada’s largest wholly owned Canadian insurance company. Our team not only works in your community, we are members of various local organizations and volunteer in many charities and fundraising activities. As a proud member of The Co-operators family, Brad brings many years of professional experience to his commercial and personal clients. His expertise in the financial and insurance market allows him to provide advice and planning to his clients to help secure the lifestyle of their loved ones and provide for their future. He helps his clients

As a Realtor, I continue to work tirelessly with buyers and sellers to help them reach their real estate goals in Peterborough. I ensure that I communicate clearly and continually explore new marketing techniques in line with today’s ever-changing market. If you or someone you know is thinking about buying or selling a home, let’s have a conversation about your goals. I look forward to answering any questions you have about real estate or the great city of Peterborough. : Find It, Buy It, Move In : List It, Sell It, Move On

Previously, Catia worked in Operitel’s Brazil office as a Marketing Coordinator and prior to that for Datasul in Brazil. At Datasul Catia held numerous positions including Marketing Development Manager. In this position, Catia was responsible for identifying new market opportunities as well as structuring service deals to be launched to the market. Catia also held the positions of Marketing

Coordinator, Coordinator of Corporate Relations and Global Alliances and Business Analyst. Catia is also proficient in Portuguese, English and Spanish. 705-876-0008

and customer service, I pride myself on assisting my customers from the initial greeting to the ongoing support necessary after a purchase. Contact us today and allow us the opportunity to help you increase your productivity, improve your profitability and make your workplace safer and more environmentally responsible through innovative products and ideas.

705-745-5763, ext. 235

protect what they have worked so hard to create. If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced partner for personal and business insurance, life insurance, and wealth management, Brad can help. 705-875-6585 denise_darling



The Young Faces of Business Chris Salmans Chris Salmans is a sales representative who fuses a passion for real estate, industry expertise and a hard work ethic to obtain fantastic results for each client. Combining his years of experience in custom home construction, his business and marketing education, and his determination to succeed, Chris has become one of the industry’s leading Realtors®.

Chris quickly developed an excellent reputation and in 2011 was voted Favourite Realtor by the Peterborough Examiner’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Using his youth to his advantage, Chris’ energy and excitement are contagious! Chris is a well-rounded Realtor® that wants to use his knowledge and expertise as a resource for all your real estate needs. 705-768-9912

Adam Heersink, Marketing Representative Adam started at Nexicom just six months ago. With his education and business experience he started in a Customer Service role at Nexicom and was given the opportunity to move into a Marketing Representative role, in a maternity leave contract. “Starting in the Customer Service department was extremely beneficial and gave me a unique perspective to bring into my new role” Adam explained. Growing up and completing his post secondary education in Peterborough, Adam began his career in Kingston, eventually getting the opportunity to move back to his hometown.

oversee many diverse marketing projects for Nexicom, as well as provide support for both the sales team and management. Nexicom currently has over 80 employees, many of whom are young professionals. 705-932-4129

“Working for a company that has such great commitment and dedication to the community is very rewarding” he added. Adam will co-ordinate and

Jason Chessar Jason of J’s Magic has accomplished a lot over the last year. You may have met him in 2011 during his time as Chair of the Chamber’s Young Professionals Group, or during his time working in the community with the various organizations such as the Peterborough Kinsmen Club, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Diabetes Association, the United Way or one of the other many committees he belongs to. Jason also organized a Family Day fundraiser, “Family Fun Day” which raised over $20,000 to help local children participate in organized sports and recreation. What you may not know is



Kirk Norris that throughout 2011 Jason also became an accredited Toastmaster, won a National Public Speaking Championship ( and performed his inspirational Family Magic Shows and up close and personal magic all across Canada as a Master Magician and professional speaker. If you are interested in knowing what his passion, determination and persistence will help him accomplish in 2012, then follow him on facebook. JsMagic J’s Magic 705-742-9123

Kirk Norris has been helping people with their insurance needs since 2007. Our mission is to help people manage the risk of everyday life; recover from the unexpected and to help them realize their dreams. Our team has grown to include Jennifer Parent, John Scott and Charlotte Molnar and each member’s primary goal is to put our clients’ needs first. This year the office received Financial Planner of the Year from the 2012 Readers Select

Awards, and State Farm Insurance Company received Insurance Company of the year. We’re looking forward to continuing to provide excellent customer service in Peterborough and the surrounding area. 705-740-0158

The Young Faces of Business Paul Vetrone, CA, Manager

Julie Cocks

Paul joined the Peterborough office in 2007, obtained his CA designation in 2010 and was promoted to management in October 2011. Paul is an invaluable resource at BDO, training and coaching staff and clients on complex and emerging accounting and assurance issues. Paul works with clients in a number of industries, including credit unions, community and government organizations, not-

Bowes & Cocks is an independent, wholly Canadian family-run business founded in 1956 and based in Peterborough with offices throughout South Central Ontario. Family Values are the foundation of the culture of Bowes & Cocks, serving Clients with the highest of ethics and integrity. Bowes & Cocks has some of the best, experienced, highlytrained agents in the business; working together to serve their clients.

for-profit organizations and a wide array of private client enterprises. Paul is an active member of the community. He currently acts as Treasurer for Showplace Performance Centre. Paul also chairs the BDO Peterborough Office Community Special Events and Fundraising Group. Paul initiated the BDO Hockey Tournament in 2010 in support of United Way, which to date has raised over $5,000. 705-742-4271 ext. 5113

Michael VanDerHerberg & Gabriel Ribadeneira Workplace Integration Centre (WIC) is a part of the settlement services offered by the New Canadians Centre. We promote economic development by helping employers attract, hire, and retain internationally trained professionals in the Greater Peterborough Area. WIC’s young staff include Michael VanDerHerberg and Gabriel Ribadeneira. Michael has worked as an employment counsellor with the New Canadians Centre since 2009 and finds value in connecting newcomers to employers here in town. Gabriel came from Ecuador in 2007 and completed his undergraduate degree in Business

Born and raised in the Peterborough area, it was only natural that Julie returned home after completing her Undergraduate Degree in Marketing and her

MBA. As a 3rd generation Cocks family Realtor®, Julie has been exposed to Real Estate her entire life. In her first year of selling Real Estate, she was awarded the Bowes & Cocks Silver Sales Achievement award in 2011 and placed 5th overall in the Peterborough office. Julie strives for excellence in everything she does. She provides top quality professional service to her clients, making the Real Estate transaction smooth and worry-free. 705-742-4234

Meet these young professionals and others just like them at our events.

Administration and Economics at Trent in 2011, joining WIC in September of 2011. WIC is always looking for new volunteers to join the organization’s mentorship program. As a mentor, working professionals help newcomers become better equipped to enter the same or a similar field by providing first-hand information and advice. Visit www. for more information.




Chambermatters by Lindsay Walker-Chiarelli, Administrative Assistant

News from the OCC OCC Urges Province to Follow Through on Commitment to Ontario Businesses The OCC is urging the provincial government to keep its promise to reduce corporate income tax (CIT) rates to 10 percent by 2013, amidst reports that the government is considering delaying the tax reduction.

Bill 119 Requires the Construction Industry to Pay WSIB Fees Bill 119, Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment Act, 2008 was proclaimed on January 1, 2012. The legislation requires independent operators, sole proprietors, some partners and executive officers who work in construction to have WSIB coverage starting January 1, 2013.

For additional information on Ontario Chamber of Commerce activities, please visit their website at

News from the CCC 2011 Policy Wins • Almost $750 million in savings in 2011 and 2012 combined as a result of the government’s decision to limit employer Employment Insurance premium rate increases to 7 cents per $100 of insurable earnings in 2011 and 2012 • No planned personal or corporate income tax increases over the next five years • A commitment to lower the general corporate income tax rate from 16.5% in 2011 to 15% in 2012 – a measure that will save businesses about $1.5 billion per year • $145 million in savings over the next five years for individuals and corporations that trade and invest across international borders as a result of improvements to Canada’s international tax system

Important Changes to the Canadian Pension Plan Changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will continue to be introduced until 2016. However, many have come into effect on January 1, 2012. Here’s an overview of the CPP changes: 1. Individuals retiring before age 65 will not have to stop working to begin receiving the CPP retirement pension. 2. The new Post-Retirement Benefit came into effect on January 1, 2012, which means that: • If an employee is under age 65 and working while receiving their CPP retirement pensions, both the employee and their employers will have to make CPP contributions (these contributions will go toward the new Post Retirement Benefit, which will be added to the employees’ CPP retirement pensions). • If an employee is at least 65 but under 70 and working while receiving their CPP retirement pension, they will make CPP contributions that will go toward the Post-Retirement Benefit unless they elect not to contribute.



• The monthly CPP retirement pension amount will increase by a larger percentage if taken after age 65. • The monthly CPP retirement pension amount will decrease by a larger percentage if taken before age 65. • The number of years of low or zero earnings that are automatically dropped from the calculation of the CPP retirement pension will increase.

For additional information on Canadian Chamber of Commerce activities, please visit their website at


by Brian Bulger, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Agent/Broker Another Great Reason To Acquire the Chambers Group Plan For Your Firm While some insurance companies are looking to reduce the termination age for coverage for participants insured with their group benefit plans, the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan is increasing their termination age from 75 to 80 effective April 1st, 2012. Whether it is out of necessity or the enjoyment of being active in a business atmosphere, more and more people are working beyond age 65; I find that this is especially so for small business owners. Therefore, I know for a fact that this extension of coverage will be well received by a growing number of working people in Ontario and right across Canada. In the coming years the Provincial Health Plans will no doubt continue to reduce their services so the benefit of having coverage for semi-private and convalescent hospital, ground and air ambulance, home nursing care and medical equipment and appliances, well past age 65 when we’re likely to need it most, will be greatly appreciated by those who are practical and well informed. Paramedical services provided by Chiropractors, Massage Therapists,

If the tooth fairy won’t pay your dental bills,

Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Podiatrists and quite a number of other valuable services will continue to be included. Out-of-Country Medical Emergency insurance is a much desired coverage for many people 65 years and older. After all, the older we get the more costly it is to purchase medical travel coverage on an individual basis. People over age 65 are at a much greater risk of having a medical emergency while away on vacation or business, especially those who have a pre-existing health condition. I’m in no rush to get older but when I’m 65 I too hope to head south each winter to get a break from the miserable weather and all the inconveniences that can go with it. As of April 1st insureds up to age 64 can enjoy 180 days of continuous Out-of-Country coverage; 65 - 69 year olds will be covered for 90 days, 70 - 74 year olds will be insured for 60 days and people 75 and older will be provided with coverage for 30 days. It is my understanding that the people at the Chambers Plan are presently working on an outof-country emergency medical top up coverage that they hope to make available later this year. Emergency Medical Coverage is also important to have when travelling to other provinces.

This article has been brought to you exclusively by your Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Agent/Broker, Brian Bulger. For more information, Brian can be reached at 705-741-1400 or bbulger@



What is the most important thing you have learned in business? “Never promise something you can’t deliver, and always attempt to surpass their expectations.” Jef Dueck Account Manager Country 105/Energy 99.7/ 91.9 Bob FM

See why over 20,000 business owners selected this plan!

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Brian Bulger




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March/April 2012 - Voice of Business  

The Voice of Business, newsletter for the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce for March/April 2012.

March/April 2012 - Voice of Business  

The Voice of Business, newsletter for the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce for March/April 2012.