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TODAY: This month’s Good News Stories

THESEPTEMBER KCC KYM NEET cohort had a Knowsley Community College starter in Health and Social Care; she has always wanted to work in the care sector and is now on her way in gaining qualifications.

LCC Two NEET YP have returned to college. One has started the second year of computer gaming after achieving excellent grades for the first year of the course at Liverpool City College. He is well on his way to pursuing his dream career in designing computer games. One has started his third year of study.


Knowsley Youth Mutual NEET cohort have had a very successful month with new and return students at various colleges and universities, and two new job starts. One young women is returning to John Moores University to complete the nursing qualification she started last year. Two cohort members have returned to Liverpool City College to complete computer gaming and basic skills. Two are attending Knowsley Community College one new starter at Knowsley Community College this month and one who returned to complete his third year of studying electrical engineering .Another has started at St Helens College studying Health and Social Care. After completing a Hair and Beauty traineeship at Kaplan training a cohort member is starting at Micheal John training studio in Liverpool City Centre.

Earlier this year James Halewood, who attends our Kirkby centre, took it upon himself to set up a mini practical workshop for a disability group who attend Kirkby Leisure Centre. Observed by tutor John Corby and the participant’s social worker, James used his break time to set up a simple volleying session in one of the sports halls in the Leisure Centre; both James and the p a r t i c i p a n t s thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
 Well done James!

Photo above of James at Progress Sports delivering a workshop for a disability group at Kirkby Sports Centre. He has applied for an apprenticeship in sports coaching at one of the local junior schools and is waiting to hear if he was successful. Cohort has another starter at Prescot Progress Sports this month, watch this space for updates.


Matalan Warehouse Starts Kirkby


After starting various traineeships in customer service and call centre operations, Beth successfully completed her training and gained qualifications. Since finishing Beth has been trying to secure paid employment and has sent her CV to local employers and has applied for several positions. This month Beth started at Matalan warehouse on full time shift work. She is enjoying her paid employment.

The article gave a reflection on the impact of government cuts on youth services and what this has meant to the young people it affects.

The guardian newspaper journalist Lizzie Presser invited some of KYM service users to meet up and give accounts of how the KYM has impacted on their lives. One of the YP was chosen for the article.

Beth Duffy one of KYM NEET cohort was interviewed about her experiences with KYM and how she feels about the support and guidance she has been offered. You can read the article here. Click here for article

NEWS INTERNATIONAL Kirkby NEET young man has returned from football coaching in America after gaining sporting qualifications through Everton in the community . He has just secured paid employment at News International in Kirkby. This is part of his plan to save and look for more permanent football coaching opportunities in the USA.

KYM NEET support impacts on distance travelled An example of NEET support being effective is reflected by the relationship building and employment outcome that took place in Huyton. KYM NEET team regularly home visited the YP and formed relationships with the parents of the young man in question. Forming relationships with the parents allowed the young man to slowly, very slowly coax him to come down the stairs and meet the team. His parents were concerned he was becoming more and more recluse, and would never leave his bedroom. Team started relationship building and found he was a computer buff, very bright with clear entrepreneurial skills. He had a very good business idea but needed direction and support with establishing it. The team provided access to business support through college. He now runs his own business providing soft ware to American companies.





Last month one YP enrolled on the Progress Sport programme. After speaking with his mum, she told me that he was looking for something different after being on the Everton in the community programme and not particularly enjoying it, So I mentioned the progress sport programme and his mum speaks to him about it and called me back to say he would be interested. I spoke with Paul who works for Progress Sports and he sorted out an induction. Liam is now on the programme and doing great, I speak with Paul for regular updates and speak with Liam’s mum every few weeks who’s told me she delighted with Liam.

A case study from KYM NEET in which an alternative curriculum for YP leaving school without any qualifications and a negative educational experience is being used as best practice for NEET work Nationally. The team established relationships and YP’s aptitudes. Computer gaming is his great passion and through accessing a ‘get into gaming program’. He is now starting his seconded year of further education and gaining qualifications needed to gain employment in this field

Have you left school and are considering what to do next? Or are you looking for full time work? If you are, Knowsley Apprentice could be just what y o u ’ r e l o o k i n g f o r. N o qualifications or experience are required, just plenty of enthusiasm and willingness to learn. With vacancies in construction, engineering, administration and childcare, there’s something for everyone contact team for more information.

KYM NEET Team offers a bespoke support service, which is tailored to suit the individual young persons needs.


We have an understanding of the issues that effect young peoples lives and employment opportunities. The service includes: Confidence building , Job search and talent matching, CV building, Travel support, Application support. Any additional support where needed.

September Neet Newsletter  
September Neet Newsletter