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A risk free, financially stable and ecologically sensible investment, where your money is working for both you and a cleaner environment at the same time.

WIRSOL UK is organised to serve four distinct segments of the nation’s Solar PV market.

Commercial and Institutional Serving business, industry, the education and health sectors with solar systems which provide your own source of energy, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your green credentials and above all, provide a steady return over 25 years from your solar investment. Residential ‘Earn money by turning your house into a personal power plant’ is an attractive proposition for almost every home owner. A reduction in your existing home energy bills, with a simple yet radical solution, and all with a fixed return as part of a Government-backed scheme, is a very attractive option for anyone with a suitable property.

Whether Commercial or Residential premises WIRSOL have three distinct purchasing options: • Buy a WIRSOL Solar PV system outright, create your own power and enjoy the benefits of the Feed-in Tariff payments. • Let WIRSOL’s financial partners work with you to set out the most suitable financing scheme. • Enjoy free installation of a complete Solar PV system, by working together with WIRSOL. Under this scheme, you benefit from free electricity, whilst WIRSOL owns and operates the system for 25 years.

A modern Wirsol solar installation will not only protect your roof, it should last as long as the roof itself.

Wholesale For PV installers across the UK, WIRSOL’s years of in-depth industry expertise, buying power, technical skills, training capability and market know-how mean that regional installation companies in the PV sector can be assured of quality of equipment and consultancy, as well as affordability and great service. Investors A Government backed scheme with a fixed level of return in a fast-growing industry which is as strategically vital as energy is clearly attractive to financial institutions, private and corporate investors of all types – solar power provides a certainty of return in uncertain times.

Large or small, the options for solar investment can be tailored to suit you.


Wirsol Solar UK Brochure  

Wirsol Solar UK sales brochure

Wirsol Solar UK Brochure  

Wirsol Solar UK sales brochure