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WIRSOL SOLAR UK LTD Investing in the future of solar technology

Solar Photovoltaic: The renewable energy source of the 21st century WIRSOL SOLAR UK LTD is part of the German based WIRSOL AG group, internationally recognised as experienced and professional providers of cutting-edge solutions for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) consultation, planning, installation, maintenance, support and financing. Coordinating all of these aspects, WIRSOL is a one-stop shop for customers, providing them with efficient solar energy production and the best possible financial returns.

Now in the UK, WIRSOL is bringing solar energy within everybody’s reach, supplying the necessary technology and know-how to build a cleaner environment, one installation at a time.


What is solar photovoltaic? The sun provides enough energy in one hour to exceed the entire world’s energy demand for a whole year.

Wirsol are market leaders in Solar Photovoltaic consultation, installation and support. Finance and Feed-in Tariffs make solar an attractive investment opportunity.

The simple fact is that the sun will deliver to the Earth’s atmosphere, in one year, the equivalent of double the total capacity of all of the Earth’s combined non-renewable resources (coal, oil, natural gas and uranium). In other words, if we now harness the sun’s energy in sufficient quantities, mankind will not only make a major impact on the planet – each one of us, in our domestic and working lives, can benefit. WIRSOL has become a European market leader in realising the sun’s immense potential for carbon-free energy production, with its Solar PV technology. Solar PV technology turns the light from the sun into clean, stable electrical power – how? Solar PV cells convert the photons present in natural sunlight into electrical energy, in essence by knocking the electrons into a higher state of energy, and thereby creating electricity.

A PV cell is made up of two layers of semi-conductors, one as positive and one as negative, which are most commonly made of silicon. The energy from the absorbed sunlight is transferred to the semiconductor; this process frees the electrons, allowing them to jump from one layer to the other, which in turn creates a small electrical current. This Direct Current (DC) is then fed into an inverter which transforms the current into Alternating Current (AC) for use in all standard electrical systems, whether for industrial purposes or in your home.

Wirsol are market leaders in photovoltaic consultation through to installation and support.

Not only is the sun’s energy free, it allows man to engage in energy production without the need for moving parts, without creating any noise or pollution, and causing no harm to the environment.

Finance and Feed-in-Tarrifs make solar technology a sensible investment opportunity.


Solar in the UK Photovoltaics: the driving force towards an ecologically sound future.

Companies, institutions and individuals now investing in Solar PV energy create a win-win situation, for themselves and the environment.

More than enough sunlight falls over the UK to generate substantial amounts of renewable energy.

The UK is not ‘too dark’ for Solar PV energy. The UK has similar solar conditions to Germany, which is now by far the largest global Solar PV market. More than enough sunlight falls on the UK to generate substantial amounts of energy. At WIRSOL, our research shows that Solar PV will be one of the key drivers in meeting the UK Government’s commitment and EU target – that 20 percent of all our nation’s electricity must come from renewable sources, by 2020. In Britain, there is some catching up to do.

Feed-in Tariffs (FiT’s) are index-linked payments, paid to the owner of the Solar PV installation by the premises’ existing electricity supplier. Revenue comes from every kilowatt/hour unit (kWh) of electricity generated by the Solar PV system. Whether the electricity generated is used at that source, or is ‘exported’, the generation payment is made. The revenue generated from the FiT payments, depends upon the scale of the system installed. Some examples of the different rates are shown here:

This was why the Government introduced the Feed-in Tariff scheme for Solar PV in April 2010, known as the FiT scheme.

Scale of system

Type of installation


Tarrif lifetime

≤ 4kWp ≤ 4kWp > 4 –10kWp > 10 –100kWp > 100kWp – 5 MWp

Domestic (retrofit) Domestic (new build) Small commercial Large commercial Very large commercial

41.3 pence 36.1 pence 36.1 pence 31.4 pence 29.3 pence

25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years

* Rates are correct for the period from April 2010 to 31 March 2012.

Electricity generated excess to those premises’ needs can be ‘exported’ to the national grid, at a present Government fixed rate of 3 pence per unit, paid in addition to the ‘FiT’ Solar PV generation payments. These index-linked payments are guaranteed for 25 years.


Four ways to work with WIRSOL WIRSOL is committed to the long-term success of Solar PV technology in the UK.

A risk free, financially stable and ecologically sensible investment, where your money is working for both you and a cleaner environment at the same time.

WIRSOL UK is organised to serve four distinct segments of the nation’s Solar PV market.

Commercial and Institutional Serving business, industry, the education and health sectors with solar systems which provide your own source of energy, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your green credentials and above all, provide a steady return over 25 years from your solar investment. Residential ‘Earn money by turning your house into a personal power plant’ is an attractive proposition for almost every home owner. A reduction in your existing home energy bills, with a simple yet radical solution, and all with a fixed return as part of a Government-backed scheme, is a very attractive option for anyone with a suitable property.

Whether Commercial or Residential premises WIRSOL have three distinct purchasing options: • Buy a WIRSOL Solar PV system outright, create your own power and enjoy the benefits of the Feed-in Tariff payments. • Let WIRSOL’s financial partners work with you to set out the most suitable financing scheme. • Enjoy free installation of a complete Solar PV system, by working together with WIRSOL. Under this scheme, you benefit from free electricity, whilst WIRSOL owns and operates the system for 25 years.

A modern Wirsol solar installation will not only protect your roof, it should last as long as the roof itself.

Wholesale For PV installers across the UK, WIRSOL’s years of in-depth industry expertise, buying power, technical skills, training capability and market know-how mean that regional installation companies in the PV sector can be assured of quality of equipment and consultancy, as well as affordability and great service. Investors A Government backed scheme with a fixed level of return in a fast-growing industry which is as strategically vital as energy is clearly attractive to financial institutions, private and corporate investors of all types – solar power provides a certainty of return in uncertain times.

Large or small, the options for solar investment can be tailored to suit you.


Quality as standard Market leading credentials and a commitment to quality.

Our accreditation to the MCS scheme ensures our UK customers are getting the best possible micro-generation products and services.

Our many years of experience in Germany and across Europe, plus our accreditation to the MCS scheme, ensures our UK customers are getting the best possible Solar PV products, services, consultation and installation. As in so many industries, WIRSOL’s German origins mean that we take quality very seriously. A WIRSOL Solar PV installation should provide clean electricity for over 25 years, with little to no maintenance. How? Because we only use the highest quality components in our solar systems and we painstakingly prepare the whole Solar PV process to ensure that all aspects of your installation will perform to their maximum, from the finance to the energy.

WIRSOL installations offer REAL assurance. WIRSOL are proud members of the REAL assurance scheme as we take customer confidence and satisfaction seriously; that’s why we have installed over 4,000 solar installations to date. Being a member of the Renewable Energy Association’s REAL assurance scheme ensures that the specification, installation and maintenance of WIRSOL’s Solar PV systems are of the standard of quality to ensure complete customer confidence and satisfaction.

MCS Accreditation In the UK, the solar industry forms part of the wider alternative energy industry. The national standard which governs such ‘micro-generation schemes’, is an independent certification scheme (Micro-generation Certification Scheme – ‘MCS’) that evaluates solar products and installers against rigorous standards, to ensure every UK customer gets the best possible products and services. All WIRSOL products and all our nationwide installers are MCS certified. We aim to ensure that all our customers receive the highest quality solar installation possible, right first time.


Frequently asked questions A guide to understanding and using Solar PV in Britain.

What happens at night? At night, solar systems do not produce any electricity. You just simply access electricity at the cheaper rate from the national grid just as you did before the WIRSOL system was installed. Do I still need to be connected up to the national grid? Yes. Not only to feed electricity you have generated into the national grid, but also because we recommend that your property remains connected to the national grid to use it when required. What is the difference between solar thermal and solar electric (photovoltaic)? WIRSOL leads the way in Solar PV systems – these convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Solar thermal is an older technology that uses the sun's radiance to warm fluid as it passes through a type of radiator, to then heat water or be distributed as warmth into the property. Do solar panels work in cloudy conditions? Yes, your system will generate electricity even when it’s cloudy, even if the efficiency of the system will be lower than on a bright clear day. Can solar panels be recycled? WIRSOL are members of the PV cycle scheme, which takes the panels and equipment away at the end of their lifespan and recycles them in an approved environmentally responsible manner. More details about the scheme can be found at

What maintenance does a system require? Very little, a WIRSOL solar installation has no moving parts and the angle of panel installation means that they are self-cleaning, the surface neatly washed clean when it rains. However, WIRSOL recommends an Annual Service scheme which provides a thorough maintenance check of every element of your system, for greater peace of mind – please ask your installer.

A tailor made solar energy solution provides a risk- free, profitable investment as well as a personal contribution to pollution and carbon reduction, and to joining the energy revolution.

Does the manufacture of PV solar cells use up more energy than they can generate? No. Producing solar cells is indeed relatively energy-intensive, now with the newest generation of panels, the ‘energy payback time’, the time it takes for a PV installation to generate as much energy as was needed to manufacture the parts in that installation in the first place, is now brought down to approximately 2 years. Your present power source comes from a power plant fired by a fuel which can never attain energy payback – they have to constantly consume new fuel. And finally, PV’s green credentials are completed by the fact that the ‘modules’ are fully recyclable, so avoiding any permanent pollution.


WIRSOL SOLAR UK is harnessing the power of the sun to generate free, clean electricity. To find out more or arrange for one of our team to survey the suitability of your premises, just contact us as shown below. Call us on 01832 737 470 or email or alternatively you can find further details on our website at


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