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Information Security Workshop

Fallacies of Information Security We have anti-virus software, so we are secure We have a firewall, we are secure The most serious threats come from outside Security? I backup!

IT Security Components Users cooperation and compliance Antivirus Patching Education Intrusion Detection Firewalls

The Threats Malware, worms, trojans, spyware Hacking and network scanning Not Patching Social Engineering Chat and IM Weak passwords Unawareness

What can you do? Report incidents to your security officers Use strong passwords Email use and security Backup regularly Internet security Mobile Devices Physical Security

Use up to date antivirus software Use your locks, both physical and software

Patch OS and Applications Use firewalls

Safe computing Add-ones to internet browsers Add-ons to email clients Aftermarket screensavers IMsoftware If you have been compromised change ALL your passwords.

Antivirus Policy All networked machines must run some form of Anti Virus Infected computers will be removed from the network until cleaned What about at home?

Mobile Security Password protection Encryption Physical Security Wireless Remote access

Data Security Data and You Protection of sensitive data Identity Theft & Phishing Physical Security

Ways to protect yourself at home WiFi Security Antivirus Backup! Passwords Bank & Credit Card data Firewall Patching OS Patches Instant Messaging Email Encryption

Problems, Questions and Solutions Call the Hedgehog Security team on 01782 467900

Links Information Security Penetration Testing Your Infosec Team

Information security workshop  

Slides from the Information Security Workshop.

Information security workshop  

Slides from the Information Security Workshop.