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Wheel of fortune The secret sign that ended the career of a croupier and put him and a pal in prison. Full story page 3

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Sex beast jailed A man who abused kids in the 70s and 80s has been jailed for 18 years Full story page 12

COMMUNITY WATCH MAGAZINE P5: Amber Rudd’s crackdown on dark web criminals


 

Cracking down on the moped thieves

Extra jail time for mum

THE Met Police have launched a ‘Be Safe’ campaign to crack down on rising moped thefts across the city. In Barking and Dagenham there were 159 thefts of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and three wheelers in 2013. By 2015, that figure had risen to 253, and in 2016 it had almost doubled at 311 thefts. The campaign urges bike owners to ‘lock, chain and cover’ scooters.

A MUM who stole more than £31,000 from her daughter’s Hornchurch primary school while out on bail for other fraud offences has been sentenced to a further six months in prison.

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Croupier Stuart Shipp thought he could cheat at roulette and get away with it

Croupier believed he could cheat casino system and clear his debts CROUPIER Stuart Shipp and accomplice Charlie Bostridge thought they had dreamed up a foolproof scheme to beat all the odds at a London casino. Shipp helped Bostridge to cheat at roulette in a “cool bet” scam to bankroll his cocaine habit. Shipp, 36, from Chelmsford, would touch his hair to signal to Bostridge that he was ready for the scam while working the tables at the Grosvenor Casino in Kensington. Southwark Crown Court heard that 27year-old Bostridge repeatedly placed bets without calling out a number on the roulette table, and Shipp paid out winnings regardless of where the ball landed. Shipp, a £30,000-a-year croupier with 15 years’ experience, masterminded the

ruse in June and July 2016 when he ran up debts with his drug dealer. Rupert Kent, prosecuting, said Shipp and Bostridge carried out the swindle on three occasions, walking away with £1,400, £2,100 and £2,975 in winnings. “He [Shipp] would touch his hair as a signal to Mr Bostridge,” he said. “Mr Bostridge would see this and approach the table, and he would stand in a position which would be capable of obscuring the view of any inspector. “Mr Bostridge would hand Mr Shipp some money and at that point as a player should, in order to play, announce a number — but on neither of these occasions did he.” Table supervisors did not spot the con, but it was picked up by the casino CCTV.


Sentencing Shipp to an 18-month suspended prison term, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith told him: “You had an excellent career as a croupier, you were well thought of by your employers and your colleagues. Then you started using class A drugs and they are not supplied by very sympathetic people. “You decided to steal from your employer as being the way to pay that debt and recruited somebody else to help you. This was your show and it is you who must repay the costs in full.” Bostridge, from Gravesend, Kent, and Shipp, were each given 100-hour community service orders. Shipp was told to pay £800 in costs, and £6,665 in compensation to the casino.

 

Cannabis worth £189,000 found in flat

Aggravated burglary

WHEN police arrested Christopher Tame at a flat in Westcliff, they not only found cannabis with a street value of £189,000 in the loft but when they carried our a further search at an address in Thorpe Bay they found £21,000 in cash. When Tame (pictured right) appeared at Basildon Crown Court last month he was sentenced to four years in prison.

BASILDON Crown Court has jailed 28year-old Jamie Langley for 10 years after he carried out an aggravated burglary in Canvey Island and threatening the tenant with a hammer.

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An example of streets becoming eyesores because of illegally dumped rubbish

Flytippers are plaguing Westcliff FLYTIPPERS are bringing misery to Westcliff after an astonishing 33 incidents of rubbish dumping in just one month. Fridges, sofas, children’s toys, microwaves and other furniture discarded by the side of the road, and outside the Sue Ryder charity shop in West Road. Now members of the Westborough Community Association are pleading for something to be about the developments in the Westborough Road area which makes the area an eyesore. David Webb, chairman of the community association, said: “We reported 33 incidents in March alone to Southend Council. “There are lots of rented houses around here so when people move on, or if they want to have a clean out or if they buy a new piece of furniture, they just dump the old stuff. “They will put it outside with a sign saying ‘please take’ or they hope the rag and bone man will be around to collect it, but they shouldn’t be doing that at all, it’s not right. “They should take it to the tip or to a char-

ity shop and not dump it outside the shop.” He added that there were particular problems with a huge pile of sofas dumped outside the Sue Ryder charity shop. “It’s not just in this area it is happening. I walk around Southend and you see it everywhere. “I just don’t understand why people do it. Maybe people think the costs of getting it collected by the council or taking it to the tip are too much. “The fly tipping blocks the pavements and causes problems for pedestrians who want to get past, especially people in wheelchairs, people who use mobility scooters or families who have prams. “The fly-tipping makes it very hard for people to get round it and it is dangerous because they have to go in the road. It also makes the town look untidy.” Carl Robinson, director for public protection services, said: “We are aware of a recent spate of fly-tipping reports in this location, and we are working with Veolia to look at what measures we need to take to


address this issue. “This is likely to include a mixture of awareness and education, but also the use of cameras in fly-tipping hot spots for example and prosecutions where we have the necessary evidence.” How to report flytipping and dumped waste  If you see any scale of fly tipping ‘in progress’ this can be reported to Essex Police, who will treat the incident as criminal activity and prioritise according to standard procedures.  If an incident constitutes a van-load or less, and does not contain hazardous material, you should contact your local authority.  If the waste constitutes a lorry-load or more, or contains hazardous waste of any kind, or if you see illegal tipping in progress, you should contact the Environment Agency or Crimestoppers The Environment Agency can be contacted via a National Incident Control Centre on 0800 80 70 60. Crimestoppers can be reached anonymously at 0800 555 111.

 

Former priest jailed for sex offences

Carjacking gang jailed

FORMER Church of England priest Ifor Whittaker (pictured right) has been jailed for historical sex crimes. Whittaker, 73, of Rectory Road, Sutton, was sentenced at Hove Crown Court today for seven offences against a young boy between February 1987 and February 1991. The man, who was previously known as Colin Pritchard was sentenced to a total of 16 years for offences against young boys

THREE men who carjacked luxury cars to rob cigarette trucks have been jailed at Isleworth Crown Court. The trio stole around £80,000 worth of cigarettes from Palmer and Harvey delivery trucks.

Read more at HOME Secretary Amber Rudd is cracking down on criminals who exploit the dark web in pursuit of drug deals, child pornography, guns, credit scams and other illegal activities. About £9m has been set aside by the Home Office in a push to try to clean up the dark web, a largely hidden part of the internet whose users can operate with relative anonymity. Rudd announced the blitz at a conference in Manchester organised by the National Cyber Security Centre, the front window for the government surveillance agency GCHQ. In other measures, more than £5m is to be spent on establishing police units at regional and local level dedicated to help fight cyber crime. Until recently, cyber-crime has not been a priority for police forces, with most under-resourced. Rudd’s speech pinpoints the dark web as a target saying it was: “A dark and dangerous place where anonymity emboldens people to break the law in the most horrifying of ways. A platform of dangerous crimes and horrific abuse. A sickening shopping list of services and products are available. “So I’m pleased to announce that we will be giving over £9m to enhance the UK’s specialist law enforcement response. They will use this money to help combat the criminals who continually exploit the anonymity of the dark web.” Earlier this year, Matthew Falder, a paedophile operating on the dark web, admitted 137 charges and was sentenced to 32 years. The Home Office funding is part of £1.9bn pledged by the chancellor, Philip Hammond, in 2016 to improve the UK’s defences against cyber-attacks, including those on business and infrastructure. The £1.9bn was to cover spending through to 2021. The Home Office is to spend about £50m, including the crackdown on the dark web and cyber capability for the police at regional and local level, during 2018-2019. Rudd said: “The world of cyber is fast


Dark web crackdown to halt sick shopping list developing and we need a fast-developing response to match, one that recognises that it is the responsibility of everyone in the UK to fight the evolving threat.” More police are to be trained to help them develop the skills needed to investigate cases of cyber-crime. “The £50m of funding will mean that cyber-crimes are investigated thoroughly and police can support local businesses and local victims, providing the advice and care they need. “Because whilst criminals plot and hide behind their screens, their actions have real-life consequences for their victims. “My own father was the victim of fraud and I know from personal experience the importance of supporting those who have been victimised through no fault of their own. And now that it’s happening


online, it’s happening to even more people. “But business owners, cyber-security experts and individuals can do a lot to help too. Because in the same way that shops protect themselves from burglary with locks, alarms and security guards, I expect businesses to take equivalent precautions digitally.” In a separate development, Donald Toon, the director for economic and cyber-crime at the National Crime Agency, one of the co-authors with the NCSC of a report on the risks of cyberattacks on business, said a handful of unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) will be secured in the next few months to target assets that are suspected of moneylaundering. Officers are currently working on about 100 cases with more in the pipeline.

 

ESSEX NEWS ROUND-UP Mum stole £31,000 A MUM who stole more than £31,000 from her daughter’s Hornchurch primary school while out on bail for other fraud offences was sentenced to a further sic months in prison. Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how Chasjit Verma, formerly of Barley Lane, Goodmayes, defrauded Hacton Primary School Parents’ Association (HPSPA) of £31,382.68. Chairwoman of the HPSPA for seven years, Verma withdrew the association’s money into her own coffers under the pretence of making cash and cheque payments to legitimate organisations. She did this while she was under investigation for siphoning more than £900,000 in funds from her former employer, Jubilee Hall Trust, into her own bank account, for which she was eventually found guilty and sentenced to six years’ imprisonment. Verma pleaded guilty to the £31,000 fraud at Snaresbrook Crown Court. In January 2016, Verma was arrested on suspicion of siphoning funds from bank account of the Jubilee Hall Trust’s into her own Barclays account. She was convicted of two counts of fraud at Southwark Crown Court and jailed for six years in January. She was also convicted of fraudulently transferring an additional £20,817.50 into a NatWest one owned by her husband. Her husband Sanjay Verma, of Marks Road, Romford, admitted money laundering and was handed a 49-week prison sentence, suspended for two years. Judge Sheila Canavan handed Verma a six month sentence to be served on top of her six-year jail term.

£1m cocaine haul A MAN has been jailed for six years at Basildon Crown Court after cocaine with a street value of around £1million was found in his car. Steven Lee was found with the drugs following his arrest for an unconnected matter on December 14 last year. Lee, of School Avenue, Laindon, was sitting in a Peugeot 2008 near his home address at the time. When officers searched the car they found carrier bags containing 13kg of cocaine. Lee, 32, admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

Trio put away for ram raid

Robert Blackmore

Brendon Bell

THREE people who used a vehicle to ram a shop front in Benfleet before attempting to steal cigarettes have been convicted at Basildon Crown Court. Brendon Bell, 20, of Great Ranton, Basildon, was given one year sentences for two burglaries and three months for breaching a suspended sentence, to run concurrently. Robert Blackmore, 29, of Butneys, Basildon, was jailed for 18 months for burglary. A 17-year-old boy from Basildon was ordered to complete a youth rehabilitation order, pay £600 compensation and complete 120 hours unpaid work. He is also subject to curfew and supervision requirements. The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted burglary and was convicted at Basildon Youth Court. The trio entered the store in Kiln Road and smashed a cigarette counter with a hammer.

Burglary gang jailed A GANG of burglars has been sentenced to a total of 33 years’ imprisonment for a string of thefts from homes and businesses across five counties. The four men worked together to steal property worth in excess of £200,000 from homes and jewellery shops across Essex Suffolk, Kent, Surrey and London between April and November 2015. They broke into homes, stole cars parked outside and used them to commit further burglaries. The men stood trial at Chelmsford Crown Court during which the court heard how forensic evidence, CCTV and automatic number plate recognition had helped to identify those involved. David Speed, 29, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit commercial burglaries and conspiracy to disguise criminal property and was found guilty of conspiracy to commit dwelling burglaries. He was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. Alan Speed, 32, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit commercial burglaries and was found guilty of conspiracy to commit dwelling burglaries and conspiracy to disguise criminal property. He was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. George Robinson, 30, of Holland Road, Clacton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit commercial burglaries and was found guilty of conspiracy to commit


dwelling burglaries. He was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment. And Jimmy Stevens, 37, of no fixed address, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit dwelling burglaries and conspiracy to commit commercial burglaries. He was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

Gangs to be targeted SOUTHEND Crime Safety Partnership has warned London gangs they will targeted in a blitz on town centre crime. Southend has been dogged by a spate of violent crime in recent weeks leaving the town centre a virtual no-go area. Three young men have been left with stab wounds following serious incidents since February. It is the latest in a long list of incidents in recent years which are widely believed to linked with London drug gangs. Simon Ford, community safety manager at Southend Council and a member of the partnership, said: “It is my role to coordinate the partnership’s response to crime in Southend. “We are speaking to the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime, London City Hall and our counterparts in Newham, north London and Lewisham. “We are working with them and I have a strong belief we can do a lot more with cross border work so we are going to be focussing on this. Gangs are a priority for us.”

 

Drug dealer reversed his car into officers

14 years for burglar

A DRUG dealer who was caught in Colchester because he was driving his black Peugeot suspiciously has been jailed for two and a half years. Paul Oakley (right) was so anxious to avoid being caught that he reversed his car with such force into officers from the North Operation Raptor team it caused two of them to suffer whiplash injuries and back and shoulder injuries.

WILLIAM Casey and an accomplice broke into a house in Brentwood, and threatened a 46-year-old woman who had been asleep at the time. He has now been jailed for 14 years.

Read more at FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets are being listed for as much as £5,618.80 each on secondary ticketing sites, and might not even guarantee fans entry to the game, according to a Which? investigation. Which? research found five secondary ticketing websites listing World Cup 2018 tickets for sale in the UK, despite FIFA stating on its website that tickets for all FIFA World Cup Russia matches should be sold to fans directly and exclusively via The website also states that no other websites or parties have any rights to legitimately sell tickets for the event. Two tickets for the best available seat (category 1) to attend the Tunisia vs England match on Monday June 18 were listed for sale between £480.20 and a staggering £11,237.60. This represents a 3792% increase on the face value of the tickets which were available for $420 (£296.35) from the FIFA website. The investigation found tickets and hospitality packages listed on five sites. Which? is now warning fans tempted to buy from secondary sites that they run the risk of not only paying over the odds, but of not getting to their event on time or potentially not being admitted to the stadium at all. FIFA has warned it is entitled to void any ticket purchased via unauthorised distribution channels. FIFA has also warned that during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, FIFA and local authorities will be conducting strict admission checks. To access any of the Russian stadiums, fans will also need Fan ID, a document that all the spectators of 2018 FIFA World Cup matches must have to get access to stadiums. Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “Football fans need to be aware that if they buy a World Cup ticket from an unofficial source, they risk paying inflated prices and potentially not getting into the game at all.

Beware you don’t caught out by soccer ticket crooks

Red card for the ticket sites cashing in on World Cup “If you don't want to risk watching the World Cup from the sidelines, ? you should only buy from the official FIFA reselling website." Advice if you’ve bought FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets from unofficial sources: No other websites or parties have any rights to legitimately sell tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, according to information on the official FIFA World Cup 2018 website. So, you’re at risk of not being accepted into the stadium. Some specialist secondary sites and fanto-fan exchanges have consumer protec-


tion guarantees, so go back to the company that you bought the tickets from if you have already purchased from them. The second sales phase for tickets closed on April 3, but fans still have the chance to get tickets on a first come first served basis along with any fan resale tickets, in the last minute sales phase which runs from April 18 to July 15 on the FIFA website. Ticket prices for World Cup matches are available on the FIFA World Cup website

 

Home and away Prudential trademark tussle PRUDENTIAL Insurance has filed suit against a bank in Philadelphia named Prudential Bank for trademark infringement and unfair competition. The New Jersey-based Fortune 500 company has claimed that Prudential Bank’s recent name change, which includes use of a white and blue colour scheme, “creates an overall commercial impression that is confusingly similar to the overall commercial impression created by the combination of the Prudential mark and Prudential design”. The In its complaint, Prudential Insurance states it had tried to resolve the situation with Prudential Bank before filing a lawsuit, but that the two financial services companies failed to reach an agreement.

Indian banking sector reports a fraud every hour THE crisis of confidence in India’s banking sector has come to a head, particularly over the last two months. First, there was the $2 billion loan fraud at Punjab National Bank (PNB) in February 2018 and then, in March, the alleged irregularities at ICICI Bank. However, data show that long before PNB hogged the headlines, Indian banks had reported frauds at an average of at least one every hour in financial year 2017. Between April 2016 and March 2017, Indian lenders reported 12,533 cases of fraud, totaling $2.79 billion, according to a report by Institutional Investor Advisory Services, a proxy advisory firm. “Such high quantum of frauds can be attributed to weak internal controls, which are capable of leaving an indelible dent on the balance sheet of the bank,” the report said. Ironically, public sector banks (PSBs), which lost the most amount of money to frauds, spent significantly more on audits than their private sector peers. “But this has failed to improve audit quality. The focus now needs to shift to strengthening the audit quality by plugging process gaps and streamlining the checks and balances,” the report added.

Fashion house gets $60m A US court has awarded $60 million to fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo, which had sued a number of websites selling fake versions of its products. Though the award is impressively large, the outcome is described by Securing Industry as “largely symbolic”, because the owners of the roughly 150 domain names cited in the case are unlikely to be tracked down; although the luxury clothing company claimed it could access some of the compensation through PayPal accounts associated with the offending websites. Similarly large damages have been awarded to other design houses, such as Gucci America and Alexander Wang in recent years.

Mama mia, it’s a scam ITALIAN football club Lazio has reportedly been scammed out of €2 million by email fraudsters claiming to be a team negotiating the transfer of a player. The Serie A team was duped into releasing funds after it received an official looking email from what appeared to be representatives from Dutch club Feyenoord, demanding a final payment for the transfer of a player in 2014. Fraudsters with knowledge of the deal, which saw defender Stefan de Vrij transfer to Lazio from Feyenoord, were able to trick Lazio's accountants into sending the outstanding balance of €2 million (£1.75m) to their own bank account,

The Punjabi National Bank, involved in a $2billion loan fraud according to Italian newspaper Il Tempo. Feyenoord claims it had no knowledge of any such communication, and that it never received the funds. According to prosecutors speaking to the newspaper, the money has been tracked down to a Dutch account, but it isn't owned by Feyenoord.

Barclays $2bill payout BARCLAYS will pay $2 billion (£1.42 billion) to settle claims for billions of dollars of losses suffered by investors who bought toxic mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the 2007 financial crisis, the U.S. Justice Department has said. The British bank denied misleading investors about the quality of the mortgage loans backing the instruments and allegations it committed mail fraud and


bank fraud. The settlement, described by Barclays Chief Executive Jes Staley as “fair and proportionate”, resolves the bank’s largest outstanding legal issue in the United States, and could reassure investors who had been braced for a potentially larger fine. “The settlement is at the bottom end of expectations and has come sooner than expected, so this is a good outcome for Barclays,” Ian Gordon, analyst at Investec Bank in London, said. “It has been a priority for this management team from the start to resolve these historic issues in a timely and appropriate manner wherever possible,” Staley said

 

Gangsters and villains are not heroes

500 firearms incidents

“Damn them for letting you believe that respect is to be found with gun in hand or knife in your pocket. Damn them and everyone who feeds the myth of these gangsters, villains, thieves and hustlers, anyone who makes them heroes while damning hard-working, educated, honest men as weak, sell-outs or pussies.” Lennie James, pictured right

ARMED officers attended more than 500 incidents requiring a firearms response last year. There are two teams in Essex, one responding to incidents and the other team based at Stansted Airport.

Full story below


LENNIE James, star of countless television dramas like Save Me (which he wrote), The Walking Dead and Line of Duty, has stepped into the row over knife crime in this country. The South London raised star, who went to the Ernest Bevin College in Tooting, has written a passionate letter targeted at any youngster who chooses to carry a knife. Here we publish it in full and hope his wise words touch the consciences of anyone who believes that carrying a knife is cool “My name is Lennie James. I am a 42year-old father of three. I grew up in south-west London. I was brought up by a single mother. I was orphaned at 10, lived in a kids' home until I was 15 and was then fostered. “I tell you this not to claim any special knowledge of how you've grown, but to explain how I have, and from where I draw my understanding. “I want to talk to you about the knife you're carrying in your belt or pocket or shoe. The one you got from your mum's kitchen or ordered online or robbed out of the camping shop. The knife you tell yourself you carry for protection, because you never know who else has got one. “I want to talk to you about what that knife will do for you. If you carry it, the chances are you will be called on to use it. It is a deadly weapon, so if you use it the chances are you will kill with it. “So after you've killed with it, after you've seen how little force it takes for sharpened steel to puncture flesh; after your mates have run away from the boy you've left bleeding; when you're looking for somewhere to dash the blade, and lighter fluid to burn your clothes. “When your blood is burning in your veins and your heart is beating out of your chest to where you want to puke or cry, but can't coz you're toughing it out for your boyz. “ When you are bang smack in the middle of 'Did you see that!' and 'Oh, Jesus Christ!' here's who to blame... “Blame the boy you just left for dead. Blame him for not believing you when

Lenny with Save Me co-star Suranne Jones

‘A knife or a gun does not get you respect’ you told him you were a bigger man than him. Blame him for not backing down when you made your chest broad, bounced into him and told him about your knife and how you would use it. Blame him for calling you on and making you prove yourself. “Tell yourself if he had just freed up his phone or not cut his eyes at you like he did, he wouldn't be choking on his blood and crying for his mum. “Then blame your mum. When the police are banging down her door looking for you, or she hears the whispers behind the 'wall of silence', tell her it's all her fault for being worthless.. “Cuss her out for having kids when she was nothing but a kid herself, or for picking some drug or some man over you again and again. “Even if she only had you and devoted herself to you, even if she is a great mum, blame her anyway. Blame her for


not being around more to make sure you took the chances she was out working her fingers to the bone to give you. “When you're done with her, blame the man she picked to make you with. Blame him for being less than half the man he should have been. “When he comes to bail you out and starts running you down for the terrible thing you've done, tell him straight: 'I did what I did coz you didn't do what you should have done.' “Even if he did right; respected your mother, worked to provide for his family financially and spiritually, taught you right from wrong and drummed it home everyday... “Even if he nurtured you as best he could, blame him for the generation of men he comes from, the one that allowed an adolescent definition of manhood to become so dominant. Continued on page 10

 

Caught with heroin and a combat knife

Sexual assault charge

A DRUG dealer, found with 24 wraps of heroin and a combat knife, has been jailed for six years. Chelmsford Crown Court heard how members of the Harlow Council Community Safety Team spotted 20-year-old Bradley Boateng (pictured right) in Harlow on May 25 this year. They contacted Essex Police after becoming suspicious that he was dealing drugs.

BRADLEY Challis of Lodge Lane, Braintree, has been jailed for five years at Chelmsford Crown Court after admitting sexual assault on a 13 year old boy and distributing an indecent image.

Read the full story at

From page 9 “The one that measures a man by how many babymothers he has wrangling his offspring, or by how 'bad' his reputation is on the streets of whatever couple of square miles he chooses to call his 'ends'. “Damn them for letting you believe that respect is to be found with gun in hand or knife in your pocket. Damn them and everyone who feeds the myth of these gangsters, villains, thieves and hustlers, anyone who makes them heroes while damning hard-working, educated, honest men as weak, sell-outs or pussies. “If you are black, blame white people for the history of indignities they heaped on you and yours. For the humiliation of having to go cap-in-hand or get down on bended knee or having to burn crap down before you are afforded something so basically fundamental as equality. “If you are white, blame black folk and Muslims for taking all your excuses. Failing that, blame a class system that keeps you poor and ignorant so the 'uppers' and 'middles' can feel better about themselves. “You have good reason to blame them all. I wouldn't be you growing up now for love nor money. Your generation has so little room to manoeuvre. We had more space to step around the bullshit. We weren't excluded at the rate you lot are. “Teachers hadn't given up or lost their authority over us. They still tried to protect and guide us even through our most disruptive years. “The police stopped and searched us, but we fought that right out of their hands - we hoped into extinction. But they want to bring back that abusive

practice. They are still hooked on punishment rather than prevention. “They seem ignorant to the fact that they are feeding you acceptance of an already prevalent gang mentality. As far as you can see, the police are not protecting and serving you, they are coming at you like just another street gang trying to boss your postcode. “When I was where you are now, generations of state agencies, social services, policy-makers and politicians had not abdicated all responsibility for me. We weren't left to our own devices like you have been. Is it any wonder that you end up expressing yourself in such a violently pathetic way?

“We should be ashamed. I am. You have shamed us into a desperate need to do something about ourselves. We have collectively failed you and we should take all the blame that is ours for that... but so should you.

“I blame you. I blame you because as a generation you are selfish, self-centred and have little or no empathy for anyone but yourselves. You are politically stunted and socially irresponsible and... you scare us. “What scares us most is that you would rather die than learn. Your only salvation may be that still most of you aren't playing it out dirty. The vast majority of young men, even with all that is stacked against them, are finding their way around the crap. “The boy you will kill, should you continue to carry that knife, almost certainly had the same collective failures testing him. He probably felt no less abandoned and no less scared. He also, almost certainly, wasn't carrying a knife. “Whatever it seems like, whatever you've read, whatever you tell yourself about protection being your reason, statistics show the life you take will be that of an unarmed person. That is what that knife will do for you. It will make you escalate a situation to where it is needed. It will give you a misguided sense of confidence. It will make you the aggressor. “That knife will make you use it. It will


More at

bring you nothing worth having. There is no respect there. The street may give you some passing recognition, but any name you think you might make will soon be forgotten. “Your victim will be remembered long after you. Name me one of the boys who killed Stephen Lawrence. Once you've bloodied that knife you may as well be dead because you'll be buried for 10 to 20 years. Banged up for that long, only a fool would look back and think it was worth it. You'll be nothing more than a sad, unwanted, unnecessary statistic. “If you were mine, this is what I would tell you. I would make myself a big enough man to beg. I'd get down on bended knees if I had to. I would beg you to take that knife out of your pocket and leave it at home. “I would tell you that I know you are scared and lost and that I know the risks involved in what I'm asking you to do. “I know that what we could step around, you have to walk through, and that there is always some fool who isn't going to make it any other way but the wrong way. I'm just begging you not to be that fool. “Be a better man than that. Let the story they tell of you be that you exceeded expectations... that you didn't drown. Don't spend your days looking to be a 'bad-man' - try to be a good one. “Our biggest failure is that our actions have left you not knowing how precious you are. We have left you unaware of your worth to us. You are precious to us. Give yourself the chance to grow enough to understand why.”

Be safe.

Lennie James

 

Warning over fake phone chargers

Insolvency scam line

ELECTRICAL Safety First has sent out a warning about counterfeit phone chargers that could give you a nasty shock or even start a serious fire. They tested a range of fake chargers and found that 98% of them had the potential to cause a lethal electric shock or start a fire. With that in mind, it's important to be aware of the risks when buying a phone charger.

MEMBERS of the public are being warned by Action Fraud not to fall for a telephony scam which asks you to make unnecessary premium-rate calls to the Insolvency Service.



Specials are rewarded for their volunteering work NINE Essex special police sergeants have achieved a volunteering qualification after a year of hard work. The nine were recognised in a ceremony at Essex Police Headquarters to receive their Level 3 NVQ in ‘Volunteer Management’. Special Sergeant Bill Anderson attended the ceremony on behalf of his colleagues to receive their awards. They nominated themselves for this programme following years of service volunteering to supervise fellow volunteers whilst policing the streets of Essex. This is just one example of the ongoing training Essex Police offers to volunteers, benefiting their professional and personal development and gaining additional skills to help them in their roles as Specials. For more information about the Special Constabulary and how to apply, visit:

Child used to get cash for op’ then woman blew it all on a holiday KAYLA Rickenberg is clearly a woman without morals or a conscience and she can consider herself lucky not to be behind bars. Rickenberg, from Leigh-on-Sea, used the image of an innocent child to set up a Just Giving page online for a boy she claimed had a serious illness and needed money for an operation abroad. But Rickenberg was an out and out liar. The sick child did not exist and the money was used to fund a luxury family holiday in Turkey. Southend Magistrates’ Court, who imposed a 36 week suspended prison sentence and 200hours community service, heard how people donated their cash to Rickenberg to help a young boy, who she said had several tumours and required specialist treatment abroad. The court also heard how Rickenberg told people that she needed to raise £14,000 for cancer treatment. On the Just Giving pageMs Rickenberg told her how her son was sick after bursting

into tears at a class one day. The moving story prompted Ami Hawthorn, 42, also from Leigh, to set up the fundraising page in an effort to help. The appeal said: “J, a beautiful 22-monthold boy from Leigh, is sadly undergoing treatment to try and shrink various tumours around his little body. “We are trying to raise funds which will enable his mummy and him to have a break away, help with expenses travelling to and from Great Ormond Street Hospital and hopefully help with treatment costs from abroad as his current treatment is not working. “Sadly this illness could mean that J will forever be a two-year-old, but with your help and support we can give him a chance. I can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and generosity.” Ms Hawthorn said her police officer husband questioned Rickenberg's story, which turned out to be false. "She just seemed like a vulnerable, young woman and someone who needed help,"


she said. "The legal jargon she used and the messages about the medical procedures the child was having were well thought out. "I'm devastated. I had a relationship with the child who I adored. This has really hurt me. It's such a disgusting lie." Simon Bravery, prosecuting, said that Rickenberg claimed that the child had been treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, but that the hospital had no record of this. Southend Hospital also had no record of the illness. Michelle Breindell, defence barrister for Rickenberg, told the court that it was Ami Hawthorn’s idea to raise the cash and Rickenberg never approached people to ask for cash. She said: “She (Rickenberg) felt under pressure from Ms Hawthorn. Ms Rickenberg did not directly ask for money but she went along with the scam.” Paula Fisher, chairman of the bench at Southend Magistrates’ Court said that Rickenberg deliberately allowed people to raise the money..

  

Mental Health Team enjoying success

Magazine scam alert

OVER the last 12 months, the Essex Police Mental Health Street Triage team has helped 2,384 people in mental health crisis. The Mental Health Street Triage team (pictured right) was introduced a year ago this month to ensure members of the public are assessed by trained professionals in order to receive the most appropriate treatment. Last year the team won a special Constabulary Team award,

ACTION Fraud is warning consumers and businesses to be aware of a new scam in which fraudsters claim to be collecting debts from legitimate bailiff companies over bogus magazine subscriptions.


Vile sex offender jailed for 18 years A MAN has been jailed for 18 years for a string of child sex offences in Clacton dating back to the 1970s and 1980s. Leslie Bryan, 64, of Burton Close, Dawley, was arrested by us on December 13, 2016 after Essex Police received reports alleging he had abused young boys. He appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court last year where he faced charges of nine counts of indecent assault, two counts of buggery, two counts of indecency with a child. All the offences related to three boys under the age of 16. He denied the charges but was found guilty of all 13 offences following a four day trial at Chelmsford Crown Court and last month was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Investigating officer Detective Constable Jeanine Atkins-Calver said: “Bryan is a dangerous and prolific offender who preyed on young boys. No child should ever experience the type of abuse he subjected his victims too. His crimes were vile and have had a long-lasting impact. “The fact he refused to admit his guilt, making his victims re-live their ordeal through a trial is particularly galling and I want to praise them for their courage through this process. I hope this sentence brings them some solace.”

Leslie Bryan

Worldwide hunt to track down mastermind behind drug gang NATIONAL Crime Agency investigators have launched a worldwide hunt to trace the head of an organised crime group who disappeared before standing trial for drugs offences. Richard Wakeling, 51, from Brentwood, was sentenced in his absence last month to 11 years in prison for orchestrating the attempted importation of liquid amphetamine with a street value of around £8 million. Three other men also stood trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, including Lesley Muffett, 59, who drove the lorry carrying the drugs, and gang members Stuart Davidson, 65, and Darren Keane, 34. All four men were found guilty of conspiring to import drugs following a 12 week trial. Shortly before their trial started Wakeling disappeared. NCA investigators have established that he took a bus from Heathrow to Glasgow on January 5, and then a ferry from Stranraer to Belfast the following day. He is thought to have strong family links in Thailand.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on the first day of the group’s trial. Wakeling was jailed for 11 years, Keane got nine years, Davidson eight years and Muffett six years in prison. NCA senior investigating officer Paul Green said: “These men were involved in a serous conspiracy to import a large quantity of dangerous drugs. We know they had links into other organised crime gangs in Europe and it is almost certain that this wasn’t the first time they had done it.” Of the search for Wakeling, Mr Green added: “We strongly suspect that Wakeling fled abroad, possibly to Thailand were he has strong family links. “But it is likely there are people here in the UK who hold clues about his movements after he arrived in Belfast and I’d appeal for anyone with information to come forward. He has a prosthetic leg and needs regular medical treatment. “The NCA has an international reach and he should know distance isn’t a barrier to us finding him. We are determined


he will be returned to the UK to serve his sentence. Until we find him, he’ll spend every day looking over his shoulder.” NCA officers began their investigation after plastic drums carrying the liquefied drugs were discovered by Border Force on Muffett’s truck as he attempted to board a train through the Channel Tunnel on April 9, 2016. He was transporting furniture from Italy, but stopped at Ternat in Belgium where phone evidence showed he was directed by fellow trucker Davidson to collect the drugs. The entire importation was set up by Wakeling, who was in touch with drug suppliers in Belgium and the Netherlands, and liaised with Keane and Davidson to arrange the journey. Evidence showed both Muffett and Davidson had taken similar journeys previously, and officers believe the group had organised previous importations before the April 2016 seizure.

Essex magazine for may 2018  

Essex Community Watch magazine is a free monthly online publication distributed Essex offering advice to the elderly and the vulnerable on t...

Essex magazine for may 2018  

Essex Community Watch magazine is a free monthly online publication distributed Essex offering advice to the elderly and the vulnerable on t...