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: HP HP0-311 : HP OpenView TeMIP

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1. The Low Level Filters are child classes of the _______ global class and handled by the _______ Management Module. A. Operation Context, Alarm Handling FM B. Domain, Alarms FM C. MCC, Event Filtering FM D. TeMIP, Framework FM Answer: C 2. What is the directive that enables the reception of events corresponding to a specific entity? A. notify B. getevent C. summarize D. subscribe Answer: B 3. Based on directive cascading, what is the alarm collection chain? A. RESUME OC + NOTIFY DOMAIN + GETEVENT entity B. CREATE AO+ GETEVENT entity C. CREATE entity + DISPATCH event + LISTEN event D. ENABLE OC Answer: A 4. An event can be lost in TeMIP if _______.

Select TWO.

A. no GetEvent has been issued for the managed object of this event B. there is no Real Time View monitoring the managed object of this event C. a Low Level Filter discarded this event D. the connection with the Oracle database has been lost E. a security profile has blocked the collection of this event Answer: AC 5. The Notify is a directive of the _______ class and is handled by the _______ Management Module. A. notification, Notification FM B. domain, Domain FM C. domain, Notification FM D. entity, Notification FM Answer: C 6. The Operation Context is a class that is under the responsibility of the _______. A. Notification FM B. Framework FM    

C. Operation Context FM D. Alarm Handling FM Answer: D 7. By default, the events in TeMIP are classified into two partitions named _______. A. the Notification and Alarm Events B. the Configuration and Security Events C. the Configuration and Quality of Service Events D. the Notification and Configuration Events Answer: D 8. The attribute that links an alarm object to a Trouble Ticket case is named _______. A. Handled by B. Trouble Ticket Number C. Associated Case Number D. TT Specific Problem Attached Answer: A 9. What are the attributes used to check that two alarms are similar? Select TWO. A. Target Object, Event Type B. Managed Object, Notification ID C. Event Time Stamp, Managed Object, Alarm Status D. Managed Object, Probable Cause, Specific Problem, Event Type E. Managed Object, Specific Problem Answer: BD 10. What are the Alarm State attribute values?

Select THREE.

A. Terminated B. Closed C. Acknowledged D. Handled E. Outstanding F. Cancelled Answer: ACE 11. Terminate, Acknowledge, Promote, Demote are examples of directives of the class _______. A. Record B. OSI Event C. Alarm Object D. Operation Context    

Answer: C 12. Similar alarms are _______. A. automatically terminated B. child entities of Alarm Objects C. detected only during a timeframe D. automatically deleted from the system Answer: B 13. The alarm clearance process _______, A. is performed by the Alarm_Clear FM B. may use the Correlated Notification Information and the Notification Id attributes of alarms C. may be disabled D. correlates any two alarms of any two perceived severities, with the same Managed Object, Event Type, Specific Problem and Probable Cause Answer: B 14. Which attribute(s) of the Operation Context class will give you the information about the current collection process status? A. Administrative State only B. Operational State only C. Administrative state and Operational State D. General status only Answer: C 15. The Map Editor allows you to _______. A. save maps as text files B. build the map hierarchies C. change the default behavior of symbols D. import topologies from other applications Answer: B 16. What are FCL PM commands that enable the tracing of a request call received by a Management Module?

Select TWO.

A. SET MCC 0 MY_MM Framework Trace Mask = 0x0070000000000000 B. SET MCC 0 APPLICATION my_mm Framework Trace Mask = 0x4000 C. TRACE MY_MM Display = true D. SET MCC 0 APPLICATION my_mm PROCESS pid Framework Trace Mask = 0x4000 E. SET MCC 0 APPLICATION my_mm Framework Trace Mask = 0x0070000000000000 Answer: BD    

17. Within the TeMIP Client, what can you use to find all the entities of a specific global class? A. The Dictionary Browser and the Map Viewer. B. The Entity Browser and the Dictionary Browser. C. The Management View and the Map Viewer. D. The Management View and the Entity Browser. Answer: D 18. You can use the Real Time Alarm View to _______. Select THREE. A. associate alarms to trouble tickets B. present closed alarms C. display object creation events D. sort the alarms according to an attribute E. present only the Not-Handled alarms Answer: ADE 19. If you want to run TeMIP, TNS, and ORACLE services in a cluster environment; what is the minimum number of members required(without considering performance or sizing issues)? A. No restrictions B. 2 nodes in the cluster C. 3 nodes in the cluster D. 6 nodes in the cluster Answer: B 20. The directory hierarchy for TeMIP files stores executable and template files under the _______ directory, and data and configuration files under the _______ directory. A. /usr/opt/temip, /etc/opt/temip B. /etc/opt/temip, /var/opt/temip C. /usr/opt/temip, /var/opt/temip D. /usr/temip, /var/temip Answer: C 21. What is the command to check the current TeMIP licenses validity? A. temip_show B. temip_lcheck C. temip_inventory D. temip_sys_check Answer: B 22. When a new Management Module has been installed in a TeMIP director configuration, which command should be run to enable the new executable?    

A. temip_inventory B. temip_stop and then temip_start C. shutdown r now D. temip_activate and reload the dictionary Answer: D 23. Which Operating Systems can run the TeMIP V5 Framework? Select THREE. A. Tru64 V5.1B on Alpha B. HP UX 11.11 (aka 11.i V1) on PA-RISC C. Linux Red Hat Advance Server 2.1 for Intel Itanium D. Solaris 2.8 on SUN E. Windows XP F. Open VMS v7.3-2 on Alpha Answer: ABD 24. In order to install a TeMIP configuration you should use _______. A. the SystemMate Installation tool B. the SystemMate Deployment tool C. the SystemMate Configuration Builder tool D. the SystemMate Installshield tool Answer: B 25. Which command lists all the kit subsets available for one given TeMIP director configuration? A. temip_inventory B. temip_show C. temip_activate D. temip_cleanup Answer: A 26. What should you use to collect events issued by a resource that is not managed by TeMIP (not defined in the meta-data model)? A. GAT AM B. SNMP AM C. COLLECTION AM D. COLLECT_ALL AM Answer: C 27. Which statement about the TeMIP Graphical ASCII Toolkit is FALSE? A. it allows to generate and install several ASCII AMs on a same TeMIP Director B. its customization is achieved through GUI with no C++ code development    

C. it takes a MIB specification as input D. it provides Communication Services handling transparently X25, RS232, Telnet and TCP/IP Answer: C 28. Which modules must have access to the Oracle Synonyms database? Select TWO. A. HDS FM B. Name Server FM C. Domain FM D. Notification FM E. SNMP AM Answer: BE 29. The GDMO browser is a tool that is part of the _______. A. OSI toolkit B. CORBA toolkit C. Graphical ASCII toolkit D. GDMO toolkit Answer: A 30. The TeMIP Administration Console is _______. A. a Web interface that allows you to monitor and administer any number of TeMIP directors B. a Unix interface that allows you to start and stop TNS C. a Web interface that allows you to administer Oracle D. a Windows interface that allows you to develop new administration tools Answer: A 31. TeMIP V5.0 Framework provides an interface for centralized log and remedial advisories management called _______. A. MTAPI B. SystemMate C. TNDL D. TNS Answer: A 32. What is the tool to access all TeMIP information for monitoring and troubleshooting? A. There is no tool for administration and troubleshooting. B. SystemMate TeMIP Administration Console C. SystemMate Deployment tool D. SystemMate Configuration Builder Answer: B    

33. The parse table is used to _______. A. check the existence of a TeMIP class B. check the existence of a TeMIP instance C. check the responsible director of a TeMIP call to an entity D. check the syntax a TeMIP call Answer: D 34. What is the difference between the command SHOW MCC 0 SNMP_AM and SHOW MCC 0 APPLICATION SNMP_AM? A. No differences B. Both display run-time information but one is more complete. C. The first one delivers specific module definitions and the second delivers run-time information. D. The first one delivers run-time information and the second one delivers specific module definitions. Answer: C 35. Which Unix command is more appropriate to get the contents of the TeMIP Dictionary? A. temip_show B. mcc_dap_browser C. manage D. temip_disp_dump Answer: B 36. What can you do to prevent operators from performing specific tasks? A. use SystemMate to lock the corresponding group of directives B. setup an Access Control view disabling the corresponding directives C. use the Unix file permissions to prevent read access to the MIR files D. customize the Access Control List of the corresponding directives Answer: B 37. Where is the run-time data of a Management Module typically stored? A. the TNS B. a public Management Information Repository (MIR) C. a private Management Information Repository (MIR) D. the TeMIP Dictionary Answer: C 38. In a distributed TeMIP configuration, the TeMIP Dictionary _______. A. is replicated across all TeMIP Directors B. is located in a unique system, and is accessed by all TeMIP Directors C. is located in each TeMIP Director, and contains only the information concerning the local Director    

D. is located in each TeMIP Director, and contains only the information concerning the other directors in the configuration Answer: A 39. What is the only communication protocol available to MMs to communicate between each other? A. TeMIP Call Request B. TeMIP Command Line Interface C. Direct MIR Access D. TeMIP Inventory Answer: A 40. The Management Modules in charge of mapping and translating the messages sent to/received from the Network Resources are called _______. A. Access Modules B. Function Modules C. Presentation Modules D. Protocol Modules Answer: A 41. When the attribute Need dictionary Reload of the MCC instance is equal to TRUE, which FCL command do you issue? A. Reset MCC 0 B. Reload MCC 0 DICTIONARY C. Redict MCC 0 D. ReloadDictionary MCC 0 Answer: D 42. A TeMIP MSL specification file can be compiled into the TeMIP Dictionary with _______. A. msl_cpl B. mcc_msl C. msl2ilr D. mcc_ptb Answer: B 43. A TeMIP class may have _______. A. domain relationships B. attributes grouped into partitions C. directives grouped into partitions D. subclasses with inheritance properties Answer: B    

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