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Craft Maker Pro – Makes your Work Easy In today’s competitive era, whatever the field may be, everyone strives hard to prove their work. Hand works like jewelry making, wire work, candle making, sewing, glass blowing, beading, scrapbooking, woodwork, pottery, etc all are in the same competition. It has become necessary to keep the work updated with the competing world. There are many ways to do this, but here is software (craft maker pro) which will greatly help in making the product pricing calculation easy for every type of handicrafts item. Craft software is unique and outstanding which acts as a helping hand to the users. It is very easy to use; moreover, one can work with this all over the globe, as it works for every currency. Craft Maker Pro saves users time and money and that too with 100% guarantee. Some of the features are described below: • Automated Stock & Inventory Management: Craft Maker Pro works automatically and takes care for the inventory. Also, it keeps record of the finished pieces so that one is aware of the present stuff. •

Works Worldwide Currencies & Tax Rates: With craft maker pro one can easily work in any corner of the world and with any currency.

Invoice Management & Tracking: This software makes the work easy by keeping a track of the items sold and any payment issues related to them.

Automatic Pricing of the Completed Craft Work: This software works to get sufficient price for the craftwork. It is so powerful that it can easily find out the hourly rate of the work done.

Calculation of Tax: It assists the users in calculating the tax of the finished items and invoices.

Promote Your Work on Face book: Today, social promotion has become a necessity for every work. This software updates all the work on the user’s Face book page. Thus, it helps the fans to get know about the latest news.

Notes and Images for Ideas & Designs: The user can maintain notes and pictures of the most complex designs. This will help in keeping a track of the exact creation.

Craft Maker Pro – Makes your Work Easy  

Craft Maker Pro is one of the best software for making handicraft work easier. It has a special feature of being compatible with both window...