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Gymea Technology High School

Welcome to Gymea Technology High School At Gymea, students are never lost in the crowd but are valued learners and members of our school community. Gymea Technology High School is a co-educational, comprehensive high school with a focus on 21st century teaching and learning. Opportunities in and outside the classroom inspire students to engage in their learning and strive for personal success. Learning in this digital age that inspires collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and effective communication is the approach that underpins the direction in teaching and learning at Gymea. Our students do some amazing things that allow them to grow both socially and academically, while being supported by quality programs to enjoy school life.

An engaging curriculum

At Gymea, we offer a wide curriculum that gives all students the opportunity to get involved and follow their passions. Our curriculum offers: •

A strong and growing reputation for academic success.

Digital technologies integral to learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Learning environments that support 21st century learning success.

A wide curriculum choice integrating academic and vocational pathways.

A specialised computing faculty to cater for a wide range of student interests and talents.

A strong performing arts faculty with dance, drama, vocal and band groups performing on a regular basis at school events through to state festivals and schools spectacular.

Students participating in debating and public speaking throughout the Sydney area.

An active and informed Student Leadership Assembly with a wide range of leadership programs and opportunities on offer for years 7 through to 12.

A wide variety of sporting activities, including the full range of NSW CHS sporting opportunities.

Vocational programs that provide exploration and credentialing for pathways after school.

A training coffee shop allowing students to gain a barista qualification while studying.

Our Curriculum Gymea Technology High School offers a comprehensive range of courses to provide students with relevant and enjoyable learning experiences.


YEAR 11 & YEAR 12

• • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

English Mathematics Science History Geography Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Computing Languages Design & Technology Visual Arts Music Dance Drama

YEAR 9 & YEAR 10 Students study nine subjects: • • • • • •

English Mathematics Science History Geography Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

In addition, students study up to 6 electives selected from: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Child Studies Dance Design and Technology Drama Food Technology Forensic Archaeology French Graphics Technology Industrial Technology – Timber Industrial Technology – Metal Industrial Technology – Multimedia Information & Software Technology Music Photography & Digital Media Physical Activity & Sports Studies Visual Arts Visual Design – Ceramics

• • • •

Aboriginal Studies Ancient History Biology Business Studies Chemistry Chinese Community & Family Studies Computing Studies Information Processes & Technology Information Technology Support Software Design & Development Business Services Dance Design & Technology Drama Economics English Advanced English Extensions 1 & 2 English Standard Food Technology Geography Hospitality Operations Legal Studies Marine Studies Information Technology Mathematics General Mathematics 2 Unit Mathematics Extensions 1 & 2 Modern History History Extension Music 1 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Physics Senior Science Society and Culture Visual Arts

Quality Teaching and Learning

Inspiring Learning and Innovation Design21earn Our new classrooms are innovative, creative and flexible learning spaces that immerse students in collaborative learning and evolving 21st century teaching and learning practices. The key elements of our new classroom design were based on research that highlighted that access to technology, style of furniture, flexibility of furniture and colours as being critical to the engagement of students in their learning. Our new classrooms are creative and flexible and support different purposes and learning requirements that enhance the learning, academic and social outcomes of all students. Traditional learning and instruction in soldier like rows, where students worked individually and learned passively has been transformed into groups of students immersed in active learning, who work together and share ideas. Our new generation of students learn best when they work collaboratively with their peers. When students work together they learn to share knowledge, generate and improve on original ideas and develop better problem solving skills. These skills better prepare our students for higher learning and rapidly changing 21st century workplaces.

Connect21earn The Connect2learn project engages our current generation of students with their learning by bringing their own personal contemporary mobile devices to school to use with class activities, tasks and homework. At Gymea, we believe that these devices enable students to be self-directed with their learning and organisation as well as develop collaborative skills that reinforce both information and basic learning skills. Use of this device will enhance the teaching and learning and facilitate the development 21st century learning skills that better engage students in lifelong learning. Nothing can replace books, pen and paper to ensure successful learning. The use of technology facilitates deeper understanding, collaboration and creativity in what students explore and produce.

Nurturing success High achievement through individualised support

Gymea demonstrates strong performance at the Higher School Certificate level. Highlights of the last 2 years of student performance in the Higher School Certificate. •

41 citations were awarded by the Board of Studies Distinguished Achievers List.

Technology subjects continually performing exceptionally well in comparison to the state including a Top Achiever highlighted by the Board of Studies in Information Digital Technology, placed 7th in the state.

Our highest ATAR result in 2013 was 95.1 and 2012 was 99.5 with 12% of our students seeking university entrance gaining a result over 90.

For our students seeking university entrance, nearly every student who studied Information Processes and Technology, Legal Studies, Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2, Music 1, Modern History, Chinese language and Software Development and Design and English Advanced obtained a result in the top 30% of the state in their course.

Organised for Learning.

All students are issued with a student organiser that allows students to keep track of homework and assessment requirements and important dates and events during the year. Students have access to an electronic diary that teachers post homework to and where students and parents can check homework, anywhere, any time.

Our Homework Centre.

Available on two afternoons, Tuesday and Wednesday, after school in the fully equipped Library. While some students who encounter difficulties in meeting assessment requirements are referred to attending Homework Centre, there is a regular friendly band of students who take advantage of the qualified and encouraging staff throughout the year.

Most of our students move onto tertiary studies when completing the Higher School Certificate with many enrolling into the following universities: University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, University of Wollongong and Macquarie University.

Nurturing our Gifted and Talented ................................................ Students are offered challenging and interesting learning opportunities. At Gymea Technology High School, we have developed whole school programs that are supported by quality learning activities and experiences that best serve the needs of all students. Our gifted and talented program provides talented students with learning opportunities that enhance and add to the normal curriculum.





Our research shows that capable students benefit enormously from being in an academic selective class. Not only do students have the opportunity to work with students of similar talents and abilities, they also enjoy challenging and more complex work. We offer an academic selective class in Years 7 and 8, and a selective stream in Years 9 and 10 that cater specifically for the needs of our more able students.

In the area of music, all students have the opportunity to participate and choose from a range of different styles of band and vocal programs. At Gymea, all students have the opportunity to get involved. Nurturing their interests and talents is our passion and students have the option of performing at a range of events, both in and out of school.

Entry into the academic selective class in year 7 is based on information gathered from primary schools plus an assessment of literacy, numeracy and writing skills which the students sit in May. Parents may choose to provide additional information about their child’s achievements, including test results from other schools, NAPLAN results, literacy & numeracy competitions, school reports and their primary school portfolio.

Opportunities to explore and excel in dance are available for all students through ensembles and our troupe. These groups have been selected for the Regional and State Dance Festivals, with students also performing for the Schools Spectacular and HSC ‘Callback’ each year. Our drama students perform throughout the year in class and with extracurricular groups. Their talents and interests include performances and movie production.


SUPPORTING DIGITAL LEADERS Our school has enjoyed a specialised focus on catering for talented students who have a particular interest in technology. Such areas have included computer hardware and software development that now extends from gaming through to iphone applications, robotics, web design and photographic and digital media allowing for real creativity for all students. The diverse applications of technology attracts both girls and boys to create and collaborate. At Gymea we offer students admission to a technology class that nurtures their range of talents and interests while developing a broad understanding of technology in the 21st century. Students in this program will be accelerated through their year 7 / 8 Computing component of their technology course and commence the year 9 Information and Software and Technology courses at the beginning of year 8. This course contributes towards their record of school achievement. Successful completion of this course provides a pathway for acceleration into the HCS course, Information Processes and Technology or Industrial Technology Multimedia two years ahead of the cohort. Admission into the accelerated technology class is based on an application accompanied with a portfolio of student accomplishments and a family interview. In addition, students will be asked to complete a short assessment focused on their literacy, numeracy and technology skills.


Student voice through student leadership initiatives initiatives

Active Student Citizenship Active student citizenship and leadership aims to promote a sense of unity and connectedness of all in our school community. Active student citizens and student leaders take action to improve their community, to make a difference. This in turn, supports a positive learning environment. At Gymea Technology High School our aim is to create opportunities for student voice and decision making built on valued participation. Our programs are designed to maximize the opportunity for any child to choose to participate at the highest level of his or her ability. The opportunities available at Gymea Technology High School are supported through a range of programs that provide a continuum of inclusiveness, from years 7 to 12.

Student Leadership Assembly


“The Student Leadership Assembly is comprised of 5 peer elected leaders from all years who work collaboratively to exercise student voice. We are given the opportunity to voice our thoughts and opinions on ways to positively impact our school and local community. My time in the Student Leadership Assembly has been fun, worthwhile and beneficial to my understanding of the importance of leadership, and sense of community.”

Human Rights Group


“The Human Rights Group is a student led initiative aiming to make a difference in unjust circumstances within our local and global community. We see value in education and awareness of these issues, and take the small steps to work towards a positive outcome for these injustices. I feel proud to have the opportunity to work alongside my fellow peers to make a difference in lives that are less fortunate than ours.”

Green Group – G3


“G3 is focused on promoting and educating sustainability within our school and local community. Through student – teacher collaboration, G3 has enabled myself and my fellow peers to have the confidence to express our ideas and beliefs, and work together towards a common goal. I’m looking forward to the many more achievements we hope to gain from this group.”

Supporting student wellbeing and Development Our experienced and enthusiastic Student Support Team guides students through key transition points, encompassing celebration of achievement and progress through to support through those tough times of adolescence. The Student Advisers can be the first point of contact between school and home. They work closely with the school executive, students and parents to ensure student’s social, emotional and academic needs are at the forefront of school activity. Gymea’s Student Advisers know their students as a group and as individuals with unique strengths, circumstances and goals for the future.

A safe school focused on respectful relationships supporting successful learning

Gymea Technology High School strives to support students to achieve in a broad range of experiences in an environment that is safe, respectful and is focused on successful learning. To guide and develop student experiences the school has implemented a successful Positive Behaviour for Learning strategy which provides clear expectations of student involvement in school life. These expectations focus students on the positive behaviours that will ensure they remain safe, act respectfully and are successful learners within each area of school learning experiences.

A head start to high school At Gymea, your child’s transition to high school will start as soon as application processes are completed for local and out-of-area students, with your family receiving regular newsletters by email. You will also be invited to register for the Head Start to High School program, a series of student and parent workshops that take place after school to minimise disruption to Year 6 learning programs and end of primary school celebrations. This program is in addition to the range of transition programs we enjoy with our local primary schools.

A Year 7, 2013 parent said: “We thought we knew all about high school as we have an older child who attended another school, but after coming to the first week of Head Start to High School we arranged for at least one of us to be at the remaining weeks. Not only was our son enjoying this insight into secondary style learning and meeting his future peers, we felt we had been included at parent workshops in important discussions about what we could expect for the next and following years.”

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