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1. 35.


You must be warmly clad or you will catch cold.


We are a few, but we are of the right sort.


I will recover it, or die in attempt


He last all his teeth, consequently he cannot eat hard foods.

olomG ;awGtm;vH;k qH;k ½H;I oGm;Ny;D / tusK;d quftaeESiu fh awmhrmaomtpmrsm;udk olrpm;Edik af wmhb/l 42.






When he will arrive is not ye known.

olb,fawmha&murvJqw kd m rod&ao;bl;/ 9.

Grant me what I ask

igawmif;wmudck iG jfh yKyg/ 10.

I insist that you shall go.

rif;oGm;bkYd igtwif;tMuyfawmif;qdw k ,f/ 11.

He gave a detail account of how he escaped.

olb,fvdkvGwfajrmufcJhovJqdkwJh tao;pdwf taMumif;t&mudk olay;w,f/

Take this medicine and your fever will be cured.

'Daq;udak omufvu kd yf g/ rif;tzsm;aysmufygvdrrhf nf/

It was so dark that we last our way.

odwfarSmfvdkY? 'dkYvrf;aysmufoGm;w,f/

He was very learned and seemed to know everything.

olwodwfynm&SdvdkY t&m&mudkovdkyJ/

No none is promoted to a higher class unless he is examined.

rppfaq;yJ? b,foUl udrk S txufwef;udk wifay;wmr[kw/f

Advance another step and you are a dead man.

aemufxyfajcwpfvrS ;f wd;k Munhf rif;romjzpfNy/D

He became so’ill that he was unable to walk.

olow d rf sm;vmawmh vrf;ravQmufEikd b f ;l

ig tJ'gudk jyef& &vdrfhrnf/ odkYr[kwfvQif BudK;pm;&if; taocHr,f/ 41.

It is terrible that people should die of starvation

vlawG[m tpmiwfNyD; ao&rnfqdkvQif aMumufp&myJ/

'dkY[mvlenf;w,f/ 'gayr,hf 'dkY[m rSefuefwJh vlpm;awGyJ/ 40.

Whatever you do, I will support

rif;bmvkyv f yk if g axmufcrH ,f (yHyh ;kd r,f)

rif;aEG;axG;pGmt0wf0wfyg/ 'Dvrkd 0wfvQif rif;tat;rdvrd rhf nf/ 39.

I am surprised that you believe such nonsense.

'Dvt kd "dygÜ ,fr&Sw d mrsK;d ? rif;½Hw k m igtHt h m;oihrf w d ,f/

The rebellions were poorly armed, but they offfered a stubborn resistance.

olykefawG[m csKdUwJhpGm vufeufwyfqifxm;w,f/ odkYaomfvnf; olwdkYu acgif;rmaom ckcrH v I yk Mf uw,f/ 38.


I frowned upon him, yet the loves me still.

olYudk igu rsufarSmifukwfNyD;Munhfw,f/ odkYwkifatmif oluighudk cspfvsufyJ/ 37.

rd;k NyKd O;D awmh? oluaMumufrnfr[kw/f

Life has few enjoyments, still we cling to it.

b0rSm aysm&f iT pf &mr&do S avmufygyJ/ 'gawmif'u Ykd b0udk wG,zf ufvsuyf /J

Though the sky falls, he will not be frightened


We went half an hour earlier to get good seats.

cHak e&maumif;&bd?Yk 'deYk m&D0ufapm Ny;D oGm;Muw,f/


He complained that he was unfuslty treated.

olurkd w&m;qufqMH uw,fv?Ykd oluwkid w f ef;cJw h ,f/ 14.

If is certain that he unill come.

olvmrnfqdkwm aocsmw,f/ 15.

Suspicion always haunts the mind of a person who is guilthy.

tjypf&w dS hJ vl&UJ pdwu f kd oHo,u tNraJ csmufveS w Yf ,f/ 16.

The passage is so difficult that I can not comprecheud it.

pmyk'u f odycf ufcv J ?Ykd igoabmraygufEikd b f ;l / 17.

Those soldiers who surrived have received medals.

touf&iS u f se&f pfaom ppfom;rsm;? wHqyd rf sm;? vufc&H &SNd y;D MuNy/D 18.

You must be hungry, if your have not dived.

rif;rpm;cJ&h ao;vQi?f pma&maygh/ 19.

It is lucky that he came just in time.

oltcsdefrDvmwm? uHaumif;wmaygh/ 20.

You must write to me as soon as you reach Yangon.

&efuek u f akd &mufvQif a&mufjcif;? ighqu D kd rif;pma&;&r,f/ 21.

It is said that he died by his own hand.

olYvufcsufESihf olaowmvdkY? ajymMuwmyJ 22.

This sum is so hard that I can not do it.

'DtwGuf ykpmä u? odycf ufawmh igrvkyEf ikd b f ;l / 24.

As me man fell, another took his place.

wpfAv kd u f s? wpfAv kd w f ufwmyJ/

Such a man as he is should succeed.

olvo kd w l pfa,mufuawmh/ atmifjrif&rSmyJ/ 26.

Unless you do as I tell you, you will regret it.

igajymwhtwdik ;f rif;rvkyv f Qi?f tJ'gtwGuf rif;aMuuG&J vdrrhf nf/ 27.

Waste not, want not.

rif;tjzKe;f r&Sv d Qif vdck sirf mS vnf; r[kwb f ;l / 28.

He aimed at wriinning the prize and worked hard.

qk&&Sad &;udk &nf&, G x f m;Ny;D olBuKd ;pm;vkyw f ,f/ 29.

He put on his hat and went out.

olO;D xkyaf qmif;Ny;D ? tjyifxu G o f mG ;w,f/ 30.

He received your telegram and set off at once.

olrif;&JUoHBuKd ;pmudk &&SNd y;D ? csucf si;f c&D;xGuw f myJ/ 31.

Only do the right, you will have noreasm to be ashamed.

rSew f mudo k mvkyyf g/ rif;&Supf &mtaMumif;&Scd rfrh nf r[kwb f ;l / 32.

I called at your house yesterday but you went out.

rif;tdru f rkd aeYu igvmvnfw,f/ 'gayr,hf rif;tjyifxu G o f mG ;w,f/ 33.

This is the prisoner's first offence, so he will be let off with a small fine.

'gtusO;f om;&JU yxrqH;k jypfrjI zpfw,f/ 'gaMumihf 'gPftenf;i,f½u kd Nf y;D ? olu Y v kd w T v f u kd rf mS yJ

While my parents are absent I can not come.

ighrb d awG r&Sw d ek ;f ? igrvmEdik b f ;l / 23.



Time flies fast, yet it sometimes appears to move slowly.

tcsed u f vQijf rwfpmG ukeo f mG ;w,f/ 'gESiafh wmif wpfcgwpfav tcsed u f ajz;av;pGm a&G;vsm;ovdyk /J

45. 76.

My radio has been sent for repair.

igha&'D,u kd jkd yifbYdk ydv Yk u kd Nf y/D 77.




My salary is not inough to cover rising house hold exper diture.


wufvmwJhtdrfoHk;pm;&dyfudk umrdbdkY&m? ighvcu rvHkavmufbl;/ Whenever my child is hurt we have to say the word OHKzG to soothe him. ighcav;xdcu kd rf v d Qif 'du Yk OHKzv G aYkd jymNy;D cav;udk acsm&h w,f/


Keep your Latrine (toilet, lavatory, water closet) always cleam.

rif;&JUtdro f mudk tNro J ef&Y iS ;f atmifxm;yg/ 51.



My dream to unite them all was alomost realised.

He has spoiked instead of repaering my watch.

It is said that Shwedagon pagoda radiates brilliaut llight on full moon days.

vjynhaf eYawGrsm a&Tw*d akH pwDawmf[m a&mifjcnfawmfueG jYf rL;w,fvYkd ajymMuw,f/

The sky often becomes over cast with black clouds, but it does not rain.

rk;d aumif;uifukd wdrrf aJ wGrMumcPzk;H ygw,f (rd;k tHUk ygw,f)/ 'gayr,hrf ;kd r&Gmbl;/ 54.

ighem&Dukd jyif&rnht f pm; olu zsuq f ;D ypfvu kd w f ,f/ 86.

You will not be ablt to draw any information from this secrecture person.

'D tHyk ek ;f qDu rif;bmowif;rS Edu I Ef ikd rf mS r[kwb f ;l /

olwdkYtm;vHk;udk pnf;&Hk;bdkYqdkwJh ightdrfruf[m taumiftxnfay:vkNyD/ 85.

When she is very angry her suppressed feeling bursts out.

olr odypf w d q f ;kd wke;f ? zdEydS x f m;wJch pH mcsu[ f m tHyk iG o fh mG ;w,f/

Don't tease him, he is very short-tempered.

olYudkrMunhfpm;ESihf olu odwfpdwfwdkwm/ 84.


We are prohibited from smoking in cirema halls.

½ky&f iS &f akH wGrmS aq;vdyrf aomufbYdk 'du Yk w kd m;jrpfw,f

As I am the eldest daughter I have to do all houschold chares.

igu orD;tBuD;qHk;jzpfvdkY? tdrfrIudpö awGtm;vHk; vkyf&w,f/

Prevent the child from sucking his thumb and sticking out his tongue.

cav;udkvufr rpkwfbkdYESihf vQmrxkwfbdkY wm;qD;yg/ 82.


There is no chance of the meeting ending before five.

ig;em&Drxd;k cif tpnf;ta0;Ny;D bkYd tcGit fh vrf;r&Sb d ;l /

My Son, arimaway, aged about teu, is not farmed yet.

toufq,fEpS cf efY tdrjf y; ighom;udk &SmrawGUao;bl;/

He can speak English fluently.

olt*Fvyd pf um; oGuv f ufpmG ajymEdik yf gw,f/ 80.


What about his speacing English?

olt*Fvyd pf um; oGuv f ufpmG ajymEdik yf gw,f/ 79.

ighcav;awGu topfiSm;xm;wJh tdraf z: udk rESpo f ufMubl;/

It is not yet known when it will be ready.

tJ'gb,fawmhtqiho f ihjf zpfrvJqw kd m rod&ao;bl;/

My children are not pleased with newly hired domestie help.

Don't ask me for help, I can not help you at all.

ighut kd ultnDrawmif;ygESi?fh ig vH;k 0 rulEikd b f ;l / 55.

Who do you think is he.

olb,fov l Ykd rif;xifovJ/


The quarrel originated in my brother's opening some of my letter without my permission.

igcGijfh yKcsurf &Sb d ?J ighpmwpfcsKUd udk ightpfuakd zgufziG rfh [ I m &efjzpfrI tajccHwmyJ/ 57.

Whom, among you, are to be blamed most?

rif;wdx Yk u J b,foal wG[m tjypfwifwmtrsm;qH;k cH&rSmvJ/ 58.

The friend whom I believed in proved un worthy of my trust.

ig,HMk unfcw hJ hJ rdwaf qGu igh&UJ ,HMk unfrEI iS fh rxdu k w f efaMumif; xif&mS ;Ny/D 59.

I have no doubt as to whom my father referred to.

ightaz? b,folYudk &nfnTef;w,fqdkwm? igoHo,r&Sdygbl;/ 60.

Try and avoid interfeing with personal affairs of others.

olrsm;awGU&JU ud, k af &;udpaö wGrmS ? 0ifrpGurf ad p&ef? BuKd ;pm;a&Smifyg/ 61.

Sundays are set apart by me to entertain foreign quests.

Edik if jH cm;{nho f nfawGukd {nhcf b H &Ykd m we*FaEGaeYawGukd igoD;oefzY ,fxm;w,f/ 62.







'db Yk 0rSm atmifjrifjcifvQi?f t&Sed t f 0gudk tpGr;f uket f oH;k jyK&r,f/

Every man must do his duty whether he likes it or not.

BuKd uo f nfjzpfap? rBuKd uo f nfjzpfap? vlwikd ;f [m ud, k w hf m0efu, kd f xrf;aqmif&rSmyJ/ 72.

I am a Christian, but this does not mean that I am not a Burmese.

igu c&pf,mefwpfa,mufy?J c&pf,mefjzpfvYkd ighukd Armwpfa,mufr[kwv f Ykd rqdyk gbl;/ 73.

It volcome is not a mountain which emits fire, it is only a hole in the earth out of which lowa is ejected.

rD;awmifqw kd m rD;awGtefxw k af ewJh awmifr[kwyf g/ acsm&nfawGyef;xkww f hJ ajrBu;D xJu taygufwpfco k mygyJ/ 74.

A fly is a little Hining, but it is very troublesome when it settles on your face.

,ifaumif[m ao;i,faomt&mav;ygyJ? 'gayrJh oihrf suEf mS ay:rSmem;wJt h cg tawmf 'kua© y;wJt h aumify/J

If any body in the meeting knows the truth, let him come forward and speak.

We must use our utmost in fluence if we want to be successful in life.

The grif which weighs me down is hard for me to bear any longer.

ightay:zdp;D aewJh aMuuGrJ u I kd xyfcb H q Ykd w kd m? ightwGuf cufcv J yS gw,f/

When we two pated we vowed eternal friendship to each others.

'Dtpnf;ta0;rsm trdeu f o dk w d v hJ &l v dS Qif a&SUudx k u G v f mNy;D pum;ajymygap/

The home of the smail is its shell, that of a kind is its nest.

yufus&d UJ tdr[ f m olUtcGeyf ?J iSu&f UJ tdru f awmh ol&Y UJ toufy/J

It was he, who in sutted me first

'dcYk cJG mG &pOfu wpfa,mufEiS w fh pfa,muf &moufyef;rdwaf qGjzpfMur,fvYkd opömqdck MhJ uw,f/

We, having been gorn, are certain to die some day or other.

'd[ Yk marG;zGm;vmrSawmh wpfaeYr[kww f pfaeY aojcmaygufao&rSmyJ/

ighuykd xrapmfum;wmu olyJ 64.

This is the only one of his many acts that is worth remembering.

ol&JUvkyfaqmifcsufawGxJu 'D[mom rSwfom;xdkufw,f/

For the sake of your health, give up somthing.

rif;usrm® a&;tusK;d twGuf aq;vdyjf zwfvu kd yf g/ 63.



The practice of eary marriage is very common in India.

tb,fi,fi,feUJ vufxyfwm[m tdE, d´ rSmawmh odw&f ;kd pif;wJt h avhtxyJ/


Whe ried her heart out when she was cheated of all her money.


'd&Yk UJ aus;Zl;&Sirf sm;jzpfwhJ rdbrsm;udk 'du Yk auR;wHak uR;vSnjfh yKMu&r,f/

olrydu k q f aH wGtm;vH;k tvdrcf &H wJt h cg? olr[mcsKH ;yGcJ sNy;D idak wmhwmyJ/ 120.

Doctor's visiting fee is inbelieably high.




Y E´jynf0h ap&efcrJvakd eNy/D 'Dtouft&G,rf mS awmif vufrxyfEikd af wmh olq

They fought with intruders horribly.

k cf u kd cf MhJ uw,f/ usL;ausmfvmolawGESihfolYudk aMumufcref;vdvd wdu



Travellers, without children, make good progress.

One of the passengers was flung out when twocars collided head-on.


As he is thin and feeble looking person he won't be able to do hard works.

olu cg;csnfh jzpfaevdYk tvkyMf urf;awGvyk Ef ikd rf mS r[kwb f ;l /

I have prepared caffee for you and I think it is to your liking.


He becomes men tally derauged after the death of his wife.

He jumped down from the top of a big tree in a fit of madness.




,aeYtcgwGif acgufjyefay;pepf[m ta&mif;t0,ftvkyrf mS vTaJ &Smifí r&yg/ 95.

Don't ask me what to do, do as usual.

bmvky&f rvJvYdk ighurkd a;ESifh cgwdik ;f vdyk v J yk /f

Chinese men usually married women with Indian features.

w½kyaf ,musmf ;awG[m rsm;aomtm;jzihf ukvm;qiftrsK;d orD;awGukd vufxyf Muw,f/

System of buying in credit payable at the next purchase is inevitable in trading business to day.

Mg Tin, a hevy sleeper, is still in the bed even it is 10Am.

q,fem&Dxdk;wmawmif umve*g; armifwifuawmh tdyf,mxJrSmyJ/

This lazy man is dependant upon his mother without doing any work.

d yfaew,f/ 'Diysi;f u bmtvkyrf rS vkyyf J rattay:rSmyJ cku

olpw d ½f ;l aygufNy;D opfyifBu;D xdyzf sm;uae ckecf svu kd w f ,f/ 127.

While my watch is out of order my car also breaks down on the way.

ighem&Dysuaf ewke;f ihgum;uvnf; vrf;rSmysuw f ,f/

olred ;f rqH;k Ny;D aemuf olpw d af zgufjyefvmw,f/ 126.


f ikd f zGiNfh y;D ukerf sK;d pH?k acsmufcs;D acsmufcsuf a&mif;wmyJ/ olwYkd tdrq

f idk ;f us jzpfr,fvYkd igxifw,f/ igrif;twGuaf umfzaD zsmx f m;w,f/ rif; pdww 125.

If we bring children with us, it will make slow progress in travel.

cav;awGac:vmvQi/f c&D;zihf vdrrhf nf/

They open residence - cum - shop and sell various goods superficially.

um;ESppf ;D acgif;csi;f qdik w f u dk af wmh c&D;onfwpfa,muf vGipfh Of usomG ;w,f/ 124.

As he is unable to get on arried at such an age he needs a token gift to eusure his personal desire fulfilled.

q&m0efajc<uc[m r,HEk ikd af vmufatmi jf rihrf m;w,f/ 121.

We must make grateful return to our benefactors, our parcuts.


Don't approach that woman, She will fleece you by trickery.

tJ'rD ed ;f rtem;ruyfEiS fh olurif;udck sLvdrrhf nf/ 97.

You must be careful, not to do anything to the fullest extent before unknown persons.

rodwv hJ al wGa&SUrSm rif;csKx d m;bkYd owdxm;&r,f/


Fried crust of cooked rice is very saleable.


xrif;csK;d aMumfu odyaf &mif;yef;vSw,f/ 99.


Don't associate with this invelerate gambler.

0rf;csKypf mESifh qD;csKypf mudk trsm;Bu;D rpm;bdYk trsK;d orD;rsm;txl;owdxm;oihw f ,f/



After using a long time, he shoues his violin into a coner.

tMumBuD;oHk;NyD;aemuf olwa,mudk acsmifxdk;xm;vdkufw,f/ 113.

He secludes himself when his fault was being talked about.

oltjypfukd ajymaeMuwJt h cg olacsmifuyk af ew,f/ 114.

Get rid of your bad habit of getting others into trouble.

olrsm;awGukd acsmufcswhJ rif;&JUtusiq fh ;kd udk azsmufyg/

He looks furively at Ma Aye who comes to buy rice. 115.

This old building will collapse if rain falls heavily.

rd;k tvGe&f mG vQif 'DtaqmuftODa[mif;[m NyKd rmS yJ

He makes fifty percent profit on the sale of his car he bought recently. 116.

In westerm countries shitras are used to chase away pigeons and other birds

If you eat too much of pickled vegetables you will suffer from stomach pain.

from aerodromes.

rif; csOzf wf odwpf ;mvQif Adu k ef mvdrrhf nf/

taemufEikd if aH wGrmS csK;d odr;f rsm; udk av,mOfuiG ;f rsm;rS cdrk sm;ESiw fh pfjcm;iSurf sm;udk armif;xkw&f ef toH;k jyKMuw,f/

I ate with relish two plater of cooked rice.

kd w f ,f/ xrif; ESpyf *k u H kd Nred af &&Suaf & ig;pm;ypfvu 108.


I will never change my conviction till death.

rMumrDu 0,fxm;wJhum;udk jyefa&mif;vdkufwm ol acgufcsKd;jrwfw,f/

His house is built flinsily with bamboos.

oltrd u f kd 0g;awGEiS fh caemfceJUaqmufxm;w,f/

This dullard silent adminer is now factotum of Ma Hla.

qefvm0,fwJhrat;udk olu cdk;Munfhw,f/ 105.


Many people say that this house buring missfortune.

aoonftxdig cH,lcsufudk b,fawmhrS rajymif;bl;/ 104.

Women should be specially careful not to eat too much to food which induces

I have an attachment for my native village.

'DiwH;k udwyf ;kd [m tckawmh rvS&UJ ckid ;f zuf jzpfaeNy/D 103.


constipation and retention of urine.

'Dtdrf[m cdkufw,fvdkY vltrsm;u ajymMuw,f/ 102.

olvufaxmufu ol&mxl;udk csdefw,f/

'D zJcsK;d ESifh raygif;oif;ESi/fh G w f ,f/ igh&UJ csujf rKy&f mG udk igcifw, 101.

His assistant aspires to his post.


a&ul;uefxrJ mS tMumBu;D a&ul;Ny;D aemuf? igcsr;f pdrphf rd jhf zpfaew,f/

I like to eat roselle curry cooked with prown.

ykZGefausmhESihf csufwJh csOaf ygif[if; udk pm;&wm igBuKd uw f ,f/

I feel a peretrating chill after suimming a long time in swimming pool.


He looks pulled down through long illness.

tMumBu;D zsm;Ny;D aemuf olcsKH ;MuoGm;w,f/


If they had started before break fast, they would have been there by now.


olu tvkyf rvkyyf J (tysi;f xlNy;D ) aernhv f pl m; r[kwb f ;l /

eHeufpm rpm;rD? olYwdkYxGufcJhvQif? tckqdkolwdkY [dka&mufaerSmaygh/ 164.

I don't think he knows any English.


He aften talks nonsense.


He is senior to you by two years.


You are not strong enough to attend office.


He never tells a lie.


He always comes late.


I request you kindly to grant me leave.


My mother is much better to-day.


He was much disappointed on hearing bad news.


In school vacation in this sunimer, I intend to initiate my sons into Buddhistorder.

'DaEG&moDausmif;ydw&f ufrmS ighom;awGu&kd iS jf yKay;bkYd ig&nfreS ;f xm;w,f/

It is to be supposed taht he will come back soon.

oljrefjrefjyefvmrnfvaYkd wmh xif&xmyJ/

owif;qdk;udkMum;&wJhtcg? oltrsm;BuD; pdwfysufoGm;w,f/ 173.

Shall I tell you what it is about?

tJ'gbmvJvdkY? rif;udk igajym&rvm;/

ightar? 'DaeYtrsm;Bu;D ydak umif;vmw,f/ 172.

Will you give me your word that you will not refer to the matter again?

udpu ö w kd pfBurd x f yfNy;D r&nfneT ;f ygbl;vdYk rif;ihgudk *wday;rvm;/

ighuo kd ufnm§ pGm cGiafh y;bk?Yd rif;udk arwåm&yfcyH gw,f/ 171.

The laws are rigarous, he will not be excused.

Oya'awGu wif;Muyfw,f/ olYudk cGihfvTwfrSm r[kwfbl;/

oltNrJaemufusrS vmw,f/ 170.

You will soon understand that what you have done is wrany.

rif;vkyv f u kd w f mrSm;aMumif; rif;rMumrD em;vnfvrd rhf nf/

olub,fawmhrS rkomrjymbl;/ 169.

I will hold him here until you come back.

rif;jyefrvmrjcif; olu Y ikd g'DrmS xde;f xm;r,f/

rif;u½H;k wufbYkd vHak vmufatmif roefrmao;bl;/ 168.

He will never do that for nothing.

bmrSr[kwfbJESihfawmh tJ'gudk olb,fawmhrS vkyfrSmr[kwfygbl;/

olu ESpfESpf? rif;xuf 0gBuD;w,f/ 167.

His adversaries made every possible effart to get him dismissed.

oltvkyx f w k cf &H atmif ol&Y efoal wG[m jzpfEik d o f rQaom tm;xkwrf w I ik d ;f udv k yk cf w h J ,f/

olu rMumce AvGwf&Gwfw ajymw,f/ 166.

He is expert at organizing public meetings.

vlxt k pnf;ta0;wGif vkyb f ?Ykd pD;½H;k wJah e&mrSm? ol[mtxl;uRr;f usiw f ,f/

olt*Fvdyfvdk odw,fvdkY igrxifbl;/ 165.

He is not sort of man to remain idle.


I should do ti anyhow.

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Would you mind telling me the time?

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Would ou mind moving along a little? I have hardly any room.

cifAsm;enf;enf;avmufa&TUay;bdYk 0efrav;ygbl;aemf/ uReaf wmf ae&mtawmf Muyfaeygw,f/ 142.





I feel very fortunate to know him.

olYudkod&vdkY/ igtrsm;BuD; uHaumif;w,fvdkY cHpm;&w,f/

She prayed that he might return safe.

olab;uif;pGmESifh jyefvmygapvd?Yk olru qkawmif;w,f/ 157.

Prove a friend before you trust him.

r,HMk unfcif? rif;oli,fcsi;f udk (aumif;aMumif;) xif&mS ;ygap/ 158.

As is the teacher, so is the pupil.

q&muvnf;q&m wynfhuvnf; wynhfyJ/ 159.

She is as wise as she is beautiful.

olruvSoavmuf OmPf&Sdw,f/ 160.

I will remember you as longas life lasts.

touf&iS o f rQ umvywfv;kH rif;udk igowd&rSmyg/ 161.

He wsa distressed at the mistake he had made.

olvyk cf w hJ t hJ rSm;aMumihf olemusOpf mG cHpm;&w,f/

We have plenty of time to talk about this later.

'DtaMumif;aemufraS jymbdYk 'drYk mS tcsed af wG trsm;Bu;D &Sw D myJ/ 151.


The dog remains watch fully on guard.

acG;utapmihw f m0efrmS apmihMf uyfvsuyf /J

The more he has the more he wants.

olu&av? vdkavyJ/

Would you mind lething me have a look at your book?

cifAsm;pmtkyu f kd uReaf wmhu f akd y;Munhb f Ydk 0efrav;ygbl;aemf/ 149.


Write it down, lest you will for get it.

rarhomG ;&atmif a&;jcvdu k yf g/

How wonderful it is to be at home again?

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What a pity that he will go lame for life.

wpfoufv;kH olajcusK;d oGm;vdrrhf nfqv kd Qiaf wmh jzpfrjS zpf&yavyJ/ 147.


It is surprising that he will not have seen us.

ol'u Ykd kd jrifvrd rhf nfr[kwb f ;l qdv k Qif tHMh op&myJ/

Do yo expect me to support you all your life?

rif;udk wpfoufv;kH axmufy&hH r,fv?Ykd ighurkd if;arQmv f iho f vm;/

They hyrried lest they would miss the lecture.

vufcsmrvGwo f mG ;&atmifow l Ykd okwaf jcwifomG ;Muw,f/ 145.


I will like to shaw you something which will surprise you.

rif;udt k t hH m;oiho f mG ;aprnf wpfcck rk if;udk igjycsiw f ,f/

There is noman who does not love his country.

ud, k w fh ikd ;f jynfukd rcspw f v hJ &l ,fvYkd r&Syd gbl;/

When going to hill stations you will be equipped with usarm clothings.

rif;awmifay:pcef;awGukd oGm;awmhrnfqv kd Qif taEG;xnfawG vkyaf y;rSmyg/ 143.



Who, would you say, is the elder of these two brothers?

'DnDtpfudkESpfa,mufxJu b,folYudk tBuD;vdkY rif;ajymrvJ/


If he is to get a lot of money he is shamelessly grcedy.

ydu k q f t H rsm;Bu;D &rnfqv kd Qif oluawmh tirf;r&yJ/ 205.

We found him dead in a sithing position without in four in his tent.

olwJxJrSm txdtcdkufr&SdyJ ikwfwkwf aoaewmudk 'dkYawGU&w,f/ 206.

This man is mentally a feected as a result of fever.

'Dvu l i½l;yJ/ 207.

When we have made a critical review, we found that the revenue inquest


igud, k w f idk v f nf;yJ &[ef;cHr,f/ 175.


She is in the habit of making a sly dig at others.

dS ,f/ olr[m wpfyg;olrsm;udk apmif;ajrmif;wJh tusi&fh w 209.

This man raises his head again as he is now flushed with money.

'Dvu l aiGp&Tif vmvd?Yk acgif;axmifvmjyefNy/D 210.

Compainons from childhood are tgenerally faithful.

i,faygif;awG[m rsm;aomtm;jzihf opöm&SMd uw,f/ 211.

Some grovernment servants find an easy way of apportunity to make money.

wcsKUd tpd;k &trIwrf;rsm;[m aiG&ayguf acsmifMuw,f/ 212.

Tell him inobtrusively that his friends are planing to betray him.

vnf;oHk;Edkifonf/ olo Y il ,fcsi;f awGu? olu Y kd opömazguf bdpYk pD Ofaewmudk olu Y kd apmif;yg; &dyjf cnf ajymjyyg/

(*) unobtrusively = undirectly


You oght to make a reasonable decision after careful thought.

pOf;pOfpm;pm;vkNf y;D rS usK;d aMumif; qDavsmaf om qH;k jzwfcsuu f kd rif;vkyo f ihw f ,f/

Many boys in our quarter will also be noviated in Buddhist order.

'd&Yk yfuu G x f u J aumifav;tawmfrsm;rsm;vnf ud&k if0wfMuvdrrhf nf/ 176.

The mounation ceremony is densely crowded.

ud&k if0wfy[ JG m MuufysrH uspnfum;w,f/ 177.

Vie with one another in rich society is very ridiculous.

vlcsr;f omtodik ;f t0dik ;f rSm wpfa,mufEiS w fh pfa,muf *kPw f *k P k Nf yKd iv f yk Mf uwm ody&f ,fp&maumif;w,f/

was not satisfactory.

'dkY ppfwrf;xkwNf y;D wJt h cg? ppfwrf;u auseyfz, G rf &Sad Mumif; awGU&w,f/

I myself also be ordained as a monk.


We have to follow the example set by our father.

'dt Yk az&JU ajc&mudk 'deYk if;&r,f/ 179.

My uncle is very meddlesome in our family afairs.

f ,f/ 'dUk OD;av;[m 'dt Yk rd af xmifa&;udpaö wGrmS odwaf jc½Iyw 180.

This braggard is now down and out.

'Di<um;tckawmh cRwNf cKH usaeNy/D 181.

He initates the style and mouner of Kyaw Hein.

olu ausmf[def; *dkufay;w,f/ 182.

He rerembles Kyaw Hein exactly.

oluausm[ f ed ;f ESifh cRwpf yG w f w l ,f/ 183.

Cauliflower is very good to eat, but it affects kindneyif you eat too much.

a*:zDyef;uodypf m;vdaYk umif;w,f/ 'gayr,hf rif;odypf m;vQiaf usmufux kd cd u kd w f ,f/


As she is the only daughters of very rich man, she leads a pampered easy


0efBu;D wpfa,mufjzpfvmwJo h m;jzpfou l kd olru tNr*J P k w f ifw,f/

going life.

olr[m tvGecf sr;f omwJo h &l UJ wpfO;D wnf;aomorD;jzpfv?Ykd ajcarG;rD;ravmif vufarG;rD;ravmify/J 185.

I don't want to expand my business, I like it to be within my capacity.


He pretends to be a piousman, actually he is a closet tippler.

olu bk&m;w&m;MunfndKwJhvlwpfa,mufvdk [efaqmifw,f/ wu,fawmh ol[m cGufykef;orm; wpfa,mufyJ/ 187.









My friend likes very much shredded and cooked sheatfish.

ighoil ,fcsi;f u?ig;ywfarT udk odyBf uKd uw f ,f/ 201.

Fried crispices prepaud from fish meat and rice flour is my favourite food. Favourite food = ig;rkefYaMumf[m?



Timned fish, prepared locally, is not very delicious.

jynfwiG ;f jzpf ig;aowåmu odyt f &omr&Sb d ;l /

He always diseriminate the rich and the poor.

olucsr;f omwJv h al wGEiS fh qif;&Jwv hJ al wGukd tNrcJ jJG cm;w,f/

Smoted small catfish is very expensive and beyong reach of the poor.

ig;usn;f ajcmufu odyaf ps;Bu;D w,f qif;&Jom;awGvufvrS ;f rrDb;l /

This kind of clothe is now not much in wear, it loses popularity.

'Dt0wfrsK;d u tckoyd rf 0wfawmhb;l / 'Dt0wfuacwfuek Nf y/D

Many People in our country still strongly believe in occult seicuce.

'dw Yk idk ;f jynfrS vltrsm;[m? *E¨m&Dtwwfynmudk tjyif;txef,MkH unfvsuyf /J

Look at him, he is drink with heeltap.

olYudkMunhfvdkufprf;? olu cGufuyfESihf rl;aewm/ 191.


They treats their only daughter in the mauner of placing her on a pedertal.

olwdkYu olwdkY&JU wpfOD;wnf;aom orD;udk a&Tay:jrwifxm;w,f/

Some poeple war sashes is rchigious occasions as show of honour.

bmoma&;tcrf;tem;awGrmS vlwpfcsKUd [m *kPyf umoe tjzpf pvG,f awGukd 0wfMuw,f/

Her life is incomplete for she does not have a husband and children.

olrb0[m cifyeG ;f onfEiS fh cav;rsm; r&Sw d t hJ wGu/f rjynhpf b kH ;l /

Many poor people earn their living by stealing, robbing and snatching.

qif;&Jom;trsm;[m cd;k jcif;? vk,ufjcif;ESifh tvpfow k jf cif;rsm;jzih&f mS pm;ae&w,f/

sepcial significauce.


Leave him out, he is nothing important in education.

olu Y kd cRi;f csex f m;vdu k yf g/ oluynma&;rSm bmrSta&;rygbl;/

Our superior officer does not grant us permission or leave even on days of

'dt Yk xuft&m&Su d aeYBu;D &ufBu;D awGrmS awmif 'du Yk ckd iG rfh ay;bl;/

The doctarate obtained by in Khin Shwe in only honorary.

OD;cifa&T&wJh yg&*lbUJG [m *kPx f ;l aqmifbUJG rQom jzpfygw,f/

f ufEikd yf J BuKd uw f ,f/ igvkyif ef;udk tcsUJ csiyf gbl;/ igu ajcEkid v 186.

She always sings the priaise of her son who becomes a minister.


She choted with emotion while relating her sad incident.

0rf;enf;p&m tjzpftysuu f kd jyefajymaepOf? olr[m ido k yH gvmw,f/

214. 246.

I hope you wouldn't mind my sithing here.

rd;k &GmaepOf? um;wpfp;D udk Murf;Murf;&rf;&rf; armif;oGm;vd?Yk ighukd npfywfaom a&wGpifuek w f ,f/

uReaf wmf'rD mS xdik w f m pdwrf &Syd gESi/fh 247.

Don't of uarrel with him, he habours a grievance.

olEiS fh &efrjzpfEiS fh olu pdwrf w S Bf u;D w,f/ 248.

He killed his brother in a fit of madness.

olpdwf&l;aygufNyD; olYtpfudkudk owfvdkufw,f/ 249.

I console my self when my mather dies.

ightaruG,fvGefwJhtcg igh[m ighpdwfajzygw,f/ 250.

Harden youheart, you can try again.

pdww f if;yg rif;aemufwpfBurd f BuKd ;pm;Ekid w f myJ/ 251.

Come and stand here otherwise you will be left out of reckoning.

'DrmS vm&yfyg/ EdrYk [kwv f qif rif; Mum;acsmifusef vdrrhf ,f/ 252.






ig[m twef;xJrSm tawmfqHk;qdkwmudkolu vspfvsLjyKw,f/

This man is a person born out of wedlock.

'Dvlu tavhusyJ/ 219.

He always seek his own advantage only and doesnot care for those of others.

olutNrJ olu Y , kd u f sK;d om&Smwm? wpfyg;olrsm;&JUtusK;d udak wmh *½krpdu k b f ;l / 220.

He is imawares of other's urishes or existing circumstances.

olutvdu k u f ef;qd;k rodb;l / 221.

I want a person to act in my stead during my absence.

k cf w JG pfa,muf vdck siw f ,f/ igr&Spd OfrmS vkyu f ikd b f Ydk ud, 222.

His father extends social recognition to him, but this stuped.

He overlooks the fact that I am mostclever in the class.

If you can't do anyting, Leave things to fate.

k /f rif;bmrStvkyEf ikd v f Qif ur®oumom xm;vdu

There always in a pre-arranged gambling party playing for high stakes in upper stratum's house.

olt Y zguolu Y kd vl&moGi;f ygw,f/ 'gayr,h'f iD rdu k o f m;u vl&mr0ifb;l / 256.

Drive out of your house this human parasite.

f ae armif;xkwv f u kd /f 'Duyfyg;&yfyg;udk rif;tdru

If he has got money he is very open-hunded.

olYrSmomydkufqH&SdvQif? olu odyf vufvw G w f ,f/

If you are doing your work sluggishly you will not finish it in time.

rif;tvkyu f kd tD;a&mtD;a&m vkyaf evQi?f tvkyu f tcsed rf ND y;D rSm r[kwb f ;l /

I want a boy for sunday domestic chares.

vufwkdvufawmif; twGuf aumifav;wpfa,muf igvdkcsifw,f/ 254.


Don't interfere with their affairs you will be interspersed.

olwu Ykd pd aö wGrmS 0ifrygESi/fh rif; Mum;n§yv f rd rhf ,f/

I was splashed with dirty water when a car was dricum rashly while raining.

txufwef;vTm&JU tdrrf mS aMu;Bu;D csed ;f 0dik ;f tNr&J w dS ,f/ 223.

Don't blow your own turmpet, I know what you are.

rif;ud, k &f nfraoG;ygESifh rif;bmvJqw kd m igodygw,f/


With my small income I have to maintain my family with great dificulty. Great difficulty =igh0ifaiGav;ESihf



'Dvu l tNrJ pnf;pdrf &Sw d ,f/

ightdrfaxmifudk tEdkifEdkif xdef;odrf;&w,f/

If he keeps on doing like thus he will be rimed by his own devices.


I fell embarrassed as they are praising too much for my sccess.


This man is a versatile, you can ask him to do anything.


When they becoe rich they have no dealing with us.


We have to consider that one day we must be old and die.


He is friendly to all classes without distinction.


He uses excessively obscene-language when he is drunk.


He speaks provokingly under in fluence of liquar.


When she was informed a sudden death of her son she became without control or restraint = olYom;½kwfw&ufoqHk;wmudk


If you want to be successful in business, you must see one step ahead.

rif;pD;yGm;a&;rSm atmifjrifjcifvQif uGuaf usmjf rif&r,f/


Mum;awmh olr[m aqmufwnf&mr& jzpfoGm;w,f/ 234.

Unless she is sustained by will power she will collapse.

olrompdwrf aqmifvQi?f AH;k AH;k usomG ;vdrrhf ,f/

olut&uf&SdefaMumif; &doJhoJh ajymw,f/ 233.

Dont be choosy, take up any job that comes by.

*s;D rrsm;ygESi?fh usyef;vkyyf g/

olut&ufr;l aevQif qJa&;wdik ;f xGmw,f/ 232.

You must not depend on others, rely on yourself.

k t fh m;ud, k u f ;kd yg olrsm;tay: rrScD ykd gESi?fh ud,

olu qlBuKH erd jhf rihrf a&G; tm;vH;k udck ifrifw,f 231.

I lose interest in worldly affairs and obligations day after day.

avmuDa&;rSm wpfaeYNyD;waeY ig pdwfukef vmw,f/

Yk ifjcif&r,f/ 'd[ Yk mwpfaeYusvQif td&k r,f? ao&r,fqw kd mudk 'dq 230.

I went on pilgrimage to upper Burma for a respite.

pdwaf jyvufaysmuf tjzpf txufjrefrmjynfuikd g bk&m;zl;xGuo f mG ;w,f/

olwcYkd sr;f omvmawmh 'du Yk kd aq;az:aMumzufrvkyb f ;l / 229.

If I think of examination result I feel weary with ansciety.

pmar;yGaJ tmifpm&if;udk pOfpm;rdvQif igpdwaf rmw,f/

'Dvu l pG,pf ykH /J rif;olu Y kd bmrqdv k yk cf idk ;f Edik w f ,f/ 228.

She often sulks when ever she is blamed.

olrudt k jypfajymwdik ;f olr[mcece pdwaf umuf w,f/

igh&UJ atmifjrifrt I wGuf olwu Ykd odycf s;D usL;aeawmh ig taecufw,f/ 227.

Dont indulge in fantasy - practical and imaginary are different.

pdwu f ;l r,OfEiS /fh vufawGUESipfh w d u f ;l ,Of[m uGmjcm;w,f/

ol'v D o kd mqufvyk af evQif ud, k ½hf LS ;ud, k yf wfvrd rhf ,f/ 226.

This man always lives in comfort.


If I don't have income from sideline job I can not support.

It is usual that teenagers are flit about in mind.

my family alone with my salary = Mum;ayguf0ifaiGom

NrD;aumifaygufawG pdwfupm; wm[m xHkpHtwdkif;ygyJ/

wpfcw k nf;ESifh ighro d m;pkukd raxmufyEhH ikd b f ;l /

r&SdvQif ighvc


We lived together with solidarity for many years.

ESpaf ygif;rsm;pGmMumatmif OruGo J u kd rf ysuf 'dt Yk wl wuG aecJMh uw,f/ 288.


taking a risk as the last resart.

His a chievement becomes a tradition.

vlemarQmv f ihcf surf &Syd g/ 'gaMumihf q&m0efu avSupJG ;D taeESih f aemufq;kH ay: aq;udkxdk;vdkufw,f/

olvyk af qmifcsu[ f m O'gef;wGif Ny/D 289.

We like eating deep-fried truisted dough sticks.

'dkY tDMumauG; pm;&wmESpfoufw,f/ 290.




I nod in agreement after he has satisfied me.


After he has last much in gambling he comes back with a hang-dog look.


After that happened he reared his head gain.


When I have heard of the cruel murder I am badly frightened.


&ufpufwv hJ o l wfru I Mkd u;mNy;D awmh igacgif;em;yef;Bu;D oGm;w,f/ ysm;wl&UJ todu k u f kd rarGygESifh acsmufayguf Don't star up a hornet's nest = udrk arTygESi/fh




After suffering sprained ankle she walks with a limp.

ajcyGww f ikd v f nfNy;D aemuf olr[m axmhusK;d axmhusK;d ESifh vrf;avQmuf&w,f/

She pout and sulk at the least provocation.

When I heard of an accident to my friend I feel ill at ease.

ighoil ,fcsi;f rawmfwqjzpfw,fMum;awmh igaerxdxikd rf omjzpfw,f/ 264.

He is very angry with you never the less it does not matter much.

olrif;udk odypf w d q f ;kd w,f/ odaYk pumrlt'J godyu f pd &รถ ydS gbl;/ (never the less=however, even if; not withstanding)

He is with drawn himself in critical moment.

ta&;BuKH wt hJ cgol acsmifuyk af ew,f/

Take care not o have body of our.

olr[m xpfceJqv kd Qif platmifwmyJ/

tJ'gjzpfNy;D aemuf olacgif;axmif vmjyefNy/D 295.

People presume that breaking wind in the public is very impotite.

vufywfapmf reHatmif owdxm;yg/

zJupm;wmtrsm;Bu;D &SKH ;Ny;D wJah emuf olacgif;idu k pf u kd Ef iS fh jyefvmw,f/ 294.


vlawmxJtD;aygufwm[m tvGefr,Ofaus;wmyJvdkY vlawGu ,lqMuw,f/

olighudkauseyfatmifvkyfay;vdkufawmh/ igu acgif;ndrfh vdkufw,f/ 293.

A herd of cattles is grazing on the sward.

EGm;wpftyk [ f m jrufjyifay:rSm tpm pm;aew,f/ (Sword qd(Yk 'f) 0g;&Snf ) (Sward ('g;) grassyland jrufcif;jyif

When he says so, I am imeasy in mind.

olutJ'Dvdkajymw igh pdwfxJrSmcdk;vdkYckvk jzpfw,f/ 292.

With swordin houd Mg Tin challenges Mg Mg to flight a duel.

armfwifu vufx"J g;&Snu f ikd Nf y;D armifarmifEiS fh wpfa,mufjcif;jcbd;k pded af c:w,f/

They don't do honist work. They make a living by stealing.

olwdkYu &dk;om;wJhtvkyfudk rvkyfbl;/ olwdkYu cdk;pm; aewmyJ/

The patient is hapeless; so the doctor innoculates latest medine as


I am accustomed to living in theis noisy quarter.

'Dqn l w hH &hJ yfuu G rf mS igaeom;usaeNy/D


He avenged the nurderer of his fathere by getting the assassin hauged.


He renenged himself on the murderer by sething his house on fire.

(1)olzcifuo kd wfwv hJ o l wform;udk BuKd ;ay;cH&atmif vkyNf y;D olvufpm;acsw,f/ (2)vlowform;&JUtdru f rkd ;D wif½UId jcif;jziho f u l , kd w f ikd f vufpm;acs vdu k w f ,f/ Revenge udk oHk;vQif wm xnhfí oHk;&ygrnf/ udk oHk;vQif wm xnhfí roHk;&yg/ Avenge 268.

Dont go and fool around with that fire-eater girl.


She wished for = 278.


He scolds me sharply when I cn not carryout the work successfully.



a&S;bk&ifwyg;yg; &kyx f u k kd trSww f & tjzpf w&kyjf ynfu ig0,fcw hJ ,f/ 280.

qifyed u f RyJ J



To tell a wicked man to do meritarial deed is just like playing the harp beside

,kwrf mqd;k oGr;f wJo h u l kd ukov kd af mif;rIvyk b f aYkd jymwm uRJyg;

I am gething fed up with his harping on the same string.

J yfcgwvJvaJ jymawmudk igawmh pdwfukefNyD/ ol&JU 'gudyk x

This fellow is very proud and bellingerent, I want to see him subdued. 283.

Doctors fear the patient will not necover.

q&m0efawGu? vlemaejyefraumif;rSmudk pd;k &drMf uw,f/ (ukr&rSmpd;k &drw f ,f)

I as knowledge your superiority in bluffing skill. 284.

Doctor's have given him up now.

tckawmhq&mawGu olYudk vufavQmhvdkufNyD/

I with hold nothing in teaching you English. 285.

A morning walk is beneficial to health.

eHeufzufvrf;avQmufxm[m usrm® a&;udk tusK;d &Sad pw,f/

I give you of up in disgust.

rif;udkig qvHwdkufygw,f/ 275.



rif;udt k *Fvo kd ifay;wJah e&mrSm igbmrS q&mpm;rcsed yf gbl;/ 274.

Even if the elephanthas gone thin itshill has the size of a buffalo.

He threatened to ill those who had insulted him.

zs;D zse;f wJt H wwfrmS awmh rif;udik g q&mwifw,f/ 273.

I bought from China souvenir, an image of ancicutking.

the buffalo =

'Daumif odyfcsKd<uw,f/ 'Daumif OD;usKd; oGm;wm igjrifcsifw,f/ 272.

Her life is wanting in nothing.

G Ef ikd fvYkd olu ighukd Burd af rmif;w,f/ tvkyu f akd tmifjrifpmG raqmif&u olYudkapmum;wJhvlawGudk owfr,fvdkY olu Budrf;0g;w,f/

olr[maiGZGef;udkufNyD; arG;vmwmrdkY vdkw&w,f/

olr&JUb0pm vdak v;ao;r&Syd /J

[dk qwfqwfBuJ rdef;uav;udk oGm;NyD; ,D;wD;,m;wm; rvkyfeJU/ 269.

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and so she got whatever.


Don't give up your present work and seek a new me which is uncertain. I am

Those who are the pick of the bench will be allowed to attend the meeting.

worried you will be suffering a fall while attempting to get a change for the

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If you don't put your shoulder to the wheel how will you repay a debt?

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Because of him I feel ill at ease now.

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His house is not as bad as he thinks, it is fairly comfortable.

olxifoavmufoltdrfu rqdk;ygbl;/ aeomygw,f/ 330.



I slept soundly last night without disturbanees.




"gwfwkdifrSm NidaewJhpGefudk,lbdkY? "gwfwdkifay:wufwJh aumifav;u "gwfvdkuf cH&w,f/ 303.

I feel aggrieved for our superior oficer is very unfair.

Our headmaster sets an example for his students with regard to good



taetxdik af umif;bdEYk iS yfh wfoufNy;D 'd&Yk UJ ausi;f tkyBf u;D u olaY usmif;om;awG f ,f/ twGuf enf;ay;vrf;jyvkyw 336.

Don't disturb him, he loses himself in thought.

olukd raESmuf,u S Ef iS fh oltawG;xJrmS epfajrmaew,f/ 337.

Though his realname is Ko Tun, I am used to calling him Nga me.

olwu,hef mrnfu udx k eG ;f jzpfayrJ?h olu Y ikd rJvaYkd c:wm igEIwu f sK;d aew,f/

A person was electrocuted when he grasped a live wire.

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'kt Yd xuft&m&Su d tvGerf w&m;vdYk igepfemw,f/ 335.

A boy who climbs of the lamp post to get a kite stiicking experiences an electrive shock.

She has a straight nose though her parents have flat noses.

olr&JUrdbawGu ESmacgif;jym;ayr,hf olruawmh ESmwHay:w,f/

If you want to get a permit approach superor officer for favour.

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He is saying about his old car asif it were good.

oluolu Y m;ta[mif;Bu;D taMumif;udyk J aumif;aumif;uef;uef; vkyNf y;D ajymaew,f/

I get used to fliving here with new friends.

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If you have committed murder physically you will surely be hauged.

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I will move to new house after chosing auspicious day.

aeYaumif;&ufom a&G;Ny;d &if? ightrd o f pfukd ajymif;r,f/ 331.


Don't come and bluff me, I know such things thoroughly.

ighuv kd mNy;D rzs;D ESi?fh igu'grsK;d awGaemausaeNy/D 305.

Go out at once, I am bored with what you say.

csujf cif;xGuo f mG ;prf;? rif;ajymwmawG igem;Ni;D w,f/ 306.

What he says are pleasing to the ears.

olajymwawGu em;csr;f omw,f/ 307.

He strains his ears to hear the whis pering of suspected persons.

oHo,&S&d aomolawG\ wD;wd;k pum;ajymwmudk oluem;pGiafh ew,f/


I can not say it definitely for I heard it incompletely.


igem;pGeef m;zsmMum;cJch v hJ ?Ykd tJ'gudk twdtusrajymEdik b f ;l / 309.

It must be your mishear for he never says untruth.

'Dusyrf jynhw f hJ olEiS fh ajymaewm bmtoH;k rusrmS vJ/ 320.

olurrSew f mudb k ,fawmhrS rajymvd?Yk rif; em;Mum;vGw J myJjzpf&r,f/ 310.


As I am not well (or unwell) I can not attend the classes.

h u kd pf rf;/ tJ'D Mumay; aewJrh ed ;f rudk Munfv 321.

Sunblind (Sun shade) are very useful when your room is under the direct rays

ArmvlrsKd;awGu? uGufpdyfa[mwmudk em;axmif&wm ESpfoufw,f/ 322.

I was deafened by the loud sound of bomb explosion.


She is big for her age.



umvysupf Ofu tdref ;D em;jcif;awG[m wpfO;D ESiw fh pfO;D ulnMD uw,f/ 324.

A woman who has come back to her parents' house after quarrelling with her husband, goes along with her husband immediately when he comes and calls

Don't go in the midday with out unbrella for you will suffer from heat-stroke.

her back home.

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vifEiS &fh efjzpfNy;D rdbawG&UJ tdru f kd jyefvmwJrh ed ;f rwpfa,muf[m vifjzpfou l vmNy;D tdrfudkjyefac:wJhtcg aumufaumufygatmif vdu k o f mG ;w,f/

It is too late in the morning, I can't accompany you. 325.

I have to give a valuable present to my nephew on his naming ceremony.

ighw&l UJ uifyeG ;f wyfyJG rSm tzd;k wefwv hJ ufaqmifuikd gay;&r,f/

When you have used my pen, put it back in its proper place.

rif;gh uavmifwefuo kd ;kH Ny;D vQif aexm;wusjyefxm;yg/ 317.

In state of lawlessness neighboures helped one another.

olruEkxmG ;Bu;D yJ/

aeodyjf rihaf eNy?D rif;ESiifh gtaz:rvdu k Ef ikd b f ;l / 316.

A high ranking officer goes on field study.

tqihjf riht f &mBu;D wpfa,muf[m uGi;f qif;w,f/

us,favmifwJh AHk;aygufuGJoHaMumifh ighem;tloG,fw,f/


The Burmese likelistening to narration of religous or hisorical stories by a single person affecting various roles.

rif;tcef;udk aea&mifjcnf wdu k ½f u kd u f swt hJ cg? aeumu tvGet f oH;k 0ifw,f/


Look at that woman giving a come-hither look.

igaexdik rf aumif;vdYk twef;awGrwufEikd b f ;l / of the sun.


What is the use of talking with this maintally deficient man?


Don't think he is very courageous, he is only with a show of boldness but

I am soory to lose my wrist watch presented by my father.

without ou effective results.

ightazvufaqmifay;wJh vufywfem&dudk igESajrmw,f/

olu Y o kd yd o f wå&w dS ,fvrYkd xifEiS ?fh olu rjzpfnpfus,af vmufygyJ/

When he was asked difficult question he responded quickly and easily.

olucufcw J hJ ykpmä wpfct k ar;cH&awmh aumufumiifumajzvdu k w f ,f/


Don't leave me on the tenter hooks.

ighukad erxdxikd rf om rvkyx f m;ygESi/fh


He wacts on his revered monk hand and foot.


oBueF rf usrD rd;k &Gmvdu k af wmh? ydawmufyifawGrmS yef;awGyiG Mfh uw,f/

ol&Y UJ MunfnKd &aombke;f awmfBu;D udk olu a&yla&csr;f urf;vSr;f jyKpw k ,f/ 373.

They are cleaned out when their quarter was on fire.


He comes laughingly and sits in reception with mcals served.


I am annoyed at the sight of these noisychildren.


I have good relation ship with njrelatives.


Dont come to my hourse anymore if you want to worry me for help.


Don't take innceessary tiouble to entertain us.


This grief strickin person is consumed with grief.



He takes possession of Ky's house farcibly.



You can die at any moment in tiun Kling of an eye.

'Dtvkyu f kd wpfywftwGi;f Ny;D ap&r,f/ b,f[mrS aomifrwifa&ruswmrsK;d igrvdck sib f ;l /

He winks at his son not to pour water.


I can not bear the sight of this arrogant fellow.

f ;l / 'Daqmih<f um;<um;aumifukid grsuaf Mumrwnhb

Don't talk about problems, they are a thousand and one.

jyóemawGtaMumif;rajymygESifh jyóemawGuawmh aomif;ajcmufaxmify/J

olo Y m;udk a&ravmif;bdYk rsupf w d pfzufrw S jf yw,f/ 383.

This work must be finished in a week. I don't want anything handing in

olu OD;Munf\ tdrfudk tydkifpD;w,f/ rif; rsupf w d pfrw dS t f wGi;f tcsed rf a&G;aoEdik w f ,f/ 382.

You should not be leinent to those who are stubborn.

acgif;rmwJo h al wGukd rif;roufnm§ oihb f ;l /

'D tyl onf uawmh tylrD;awmufaewmyJ/ 380.

Keep the children unfed who always asked for good food.

tpm;aumif;om tNraJ wmif;wJhcav;awGudk tiwfxm;vdkufyg/

'du Yk kd {nhcf b H Ydk tylr&SmygESi/fh 379.

use five tooth comb to clean your head off head liee.

rif;acgif;u oef;awG&iS ;f oGma;tmif bD;pdyfut kd oH;k jyKyg/

rif; tyluyfjcifvQif ightrd u f kd aemufxyfrvmESiafh wmh/ 378.

As he is dolt don't take his words seriously.

olu aygaom (vlayg) jzpfvdkYolYpum;awGudk tav;teufrxm;ygESihf/

igu? ighaqGrsKd;rsm;ESihf qufqaH &; aumif;w,f/ 377.

I am not free now, I have to see off my son to the airport.

ighom;udk avqdyfudk ydkY &rSmrdkY? igtvGefauseyfw,f/

'Dqn l w H chJ av;awGukd igrsupf ½d yI w f ,f/ 376.

I am very satisfied for my sons are of ample stature.

ighom;awGu ayrDa'gufraD wGr?Ykd igtvGeaf useyfw,f/

olu &,f&eT ;f [wf&eT ;f ESifh xrif;yGrJ mS 0ifxidk w f ,f/ 375.

In a befithing manner of man he stands in defence for him family.

a,musmf;yDyD olrdom;pktwGuf olu rm;rm;&yfw,f/

olwdkY&yfuGufrD;avmifawmh olwdkY wufwuf ajymifwmyJ/ 374.

The gum-kino trees are in flowers after shower of rain befor water festival.


When I talk about his im faithful friend he flushes with anger.

igu ol&UJ opömr&Sad om rdwaf qGtaMumif;ajymawmhol a'go&dyo f ef;oGm;w,f/


When I talk of her beauty when she was young she has a hint of smile.


vlem[m aoi,faZmESiafh jymaewJt h cg todpw d u f if;uGmaew,f/

olri,fpOfu olr&JUtvStaMumif;udk iguajymawmh olr[m NyKH;a,mifoef;oGm;w,f/ 350.

The wind blows briskly in the evening.


She is sulten when I talk of her laziness.


The elders of the community pumished him for pilferage.


I am over whelmed with community affairs.


Shwedagon pagoda looks subline.





I saw him fleetingly in the darkness.

(,keEf iS afh jy;Ny;D acG;ESiv fh u kd w f ,f) avSeEH pS zf ufeif;wJo h u l kd wpfa,mufrS r,HMk unfvb kd ;l / 369.

Don't be too sonbbished they know in and out of you.


This politian loses touch with the mass.

'DEikd if aH &;orm;u vlxEk iS fh uif;uGm aew,f/

Profligates usually act rashly without thinking properly.

totjcmrpOfpm;yJ vlorG ;f awG[m qifuef;awmwd;k vkyw f wfMuw,f/

ody[ f efrvkyyf gESifh olwu Ykd rif;udt k wGi;f tjyif odxm;Muw,f/ 360.

Many people believe in their religoons in a bigoted manner.

vltrsm;[molwdkY&J bmomw&m;awGudk avSeH"g;xpf ,HkMuwmyJ/

tarSmifxJrSm olYudk ig &dyfceJ jrifvdkufw,f/ 359.

No one wishes to believe a person whorems with the hare and humts with the hounds.

Mg Hla is handsome and surrounded by many women.

armifvu S &kyaf jzmihv f Ykd rde;f rtrsm;Bu;D 0dik ;f 0dik ;f vnfaew,f/ 358.

I am unwilling to contribute money to the rich.

igh olaX;aMu;yHh vkyw f mpdwrf ygbl;/

Herappearance is very pleasant to look at or comely.

f efjY yefw Y ,f/ olr&JU ½ky&f nfu odyo 357.

'dt Yk bd;k u odyaf &S;qefNy;D b,ftrd o f m;rS olu Y kd rav;rcefjY yefajymwm cGirfh jyKb;l /

She is very modest in behavious.

olruodyt f aetxkid f odyo f nf;w,f/

Our grandfather is very old-fashioned and he does not allow anymember of the family to talk back to him impadently.

a&Twd*HkapwDawmfu oyÜg,fw,f/ 355.

Saimtly person loves solitude.

olawmfpif[m wpfOD;wnf; ae&wmudk BudKufw,f/

igu&yfr&I mS rIawGEiS fh vufrvnfatmifjzpfaew,f/ 354.

This uirtuous person gives away in charity a lot of money.

'D olawmfaumif;u aiGtrsm;Bu;D ay;urf;pGeBYf uw J ,f/

enf;enf;cd;k ,lrt I wGuf &yfr&d yfzawGu olu Y kd tjypfay;w,f/ 353.

This pious and noble-minded person is umblenushed from all sins.

'Dolawmfoljrwf[m tjypftm;vHk; u uif;pifw,f/

olr\ tysif;xlrIudk iguajymawmh olru okefrIefoGm;w,f/ 352.

I am free from all dangers when I live with my favily.

ighrdom;pkESihf aewJhtcg a;btEÅ&m,ftm;vHk;u ig uif;uGm aew,f/

naeapmif;rSm avu wokefokefwdkufw,f/ 351.

The patient bereft consciousness when he was a coma.


He throws a hint that he wants to buy U Tin's house.

OD;wif&UJ tdru f kd 0,fcsiw f ,fvYkd olu avoHypfw,f/


How much longer we hve to wait for his coming?


olYtvmudk 'dkYv,favmufMumatmif apmihf&rvJ/ 419.

You can't arrest my son with out reasons?

rwif&UJ &kyq f ;kd rIuo kd l rsupf w d usn;f vGw J ,f/ 385.

taMumif;r&Syd ?J ighom;udk rif;rzrf;Edik b f ;l / 420.

His attempt to convert us to Buddhism succeeds.

How much does it cost by tari if I go from Sule pagoda to 53rd Street?


Do I have to give a tip if I rest for the night in lodging house?


Where do you think he might be?


Get out of my house. It is none of your concern.


Do you really hate me that much?


How long coud it last?


My village not too far, it is about a day journey from here.




I dont care how much it cost.

b,favmufuek u f ek f ig*½krpdu k b f ;l /

We con'trely on his lip-service.

yg;pyfuawmhvyk af y;rnfajymaomfvnf; wu,fvyk af y;rnfr[kww f o hJ yYl g;pyf tvkyt f ay:rSm 'dt Yk m;rxm;Edik yf gbl;/

Tehre is nothing in the world you won't be able to do.

urÇmrSm rif;rvkyEf ikd w f m bmrSr&Syd gbl;/

Sometimes I don't remember things very well.

wpfcgwpf&H igt&m0wåKawGukd aumif;aumif;rrSwrf b d ;l /

igh&mG u odyrf a0;ygbl;/ 'Duae wpfaeYc&D;avmufygyJ/ 428.

My me mory began playing tucks on me.

ighrw S Of mPfu ighupkd Ny;D vSnpfh m;aeNy/D

tJ'gb,favmufMumMumcHrvJ/ 427.

There is nothing I can't do about.

igrvkyEf ikd w f mbmrS r&Sb d ;l /

rif;ighukd tJ'aD vmufawmifwu,f rke;f ovm;/ 426.

Where do you suppose they are?

olwb Ykd ,frmS vnf;vdYk rif;xifovJ/

ightrd u f xGuo f mG ;yg? tJ'grif;ESifh bmrS rqkid b f ;l / 425.

He is quick eyed.

olursupf &d iS w f ,f/

olb,frmS &SEd ikd rf ,fvYkd rif;xifovJ/ 424.

I fail to see him through over sight.

olYudk ig rsufpdvQrf;oGm;w,f/

wnf;cdck ef;rSm nwmtwGuf tem;,lcsiv f Qif igabmufq;l ay;&rvm;/ 423.

I find this problem confusing when he heapsblancs on his wife.

olred ;f rtay: tjypfyckH saeawmh 'DjyóemrSm igrsupf v d nfomG ;w,f/

ql;avapwDuae 53-vrf;udk igoGm;vQif wufpb D ,favmufuek rf vJ/ 422.

I want to live in peace and tranquility in this old age.

f ,f/ 'DtBkd u;d tdrk t&G,rf mS ig rsupf ad t;em;at; aecsiw

'du Yk kd Ak'b ¨ momodYk ul;ajymif;bdo Yk &Yl UJ BuKd ;pm;rIu atmifjrifw,f/ 421.

He mistakes ngliness of Ma Tin for beauty.


I don't discuss business with anybody I don't now.

igrodwb hJ ,foEl iS rfh S igtvkyu f pd u ö kd raqG;aEG;bl;/


Why do you call me for?


bmtwGurf if;ighuakd c:wmvJ/ 397.

Where can I drop you?

b,fot Yl aMumif;rif;ajymaewmvJ/ 408.

rif;udik g b,frmS csay;&rvJ/ 398.

Where can I get my hair done?

He apologized to me for he had wronged me.


I don't like the look on his face.


I don't like his style of speaking.


You and your wife are a perfect comple.


Elecrtified fence, keepclear.


Who is that you are talking to?


Whom are you talking to?


Who are you speaking with?

rif;b,foEl iS fh pum;ajymaewmvJ/

Pigmies are in danger of being extinct.

ypf*rDvyl ak v;awG[m rsK;d wke;f aysmufu, G rf nhf tEร…&m,f&adS ew,f/ 416.

rif;b,fou Yl kd pum;ajymaewmvJ/ 406.

I am more than twie your age.

rif;toufEpS jf yefxuf iguydw k ,f/

rif;pum;ajymaewJo h [ l m b,fov l /J 405.

Tell me clearly. What exaclty are you words?

ighu&kd iS ;f &Siaf jymyg/ rif;pum;awG&UJ wdusru I bmvJ/

"gwftm;vTwx f m;wJh NcpH nf;&d;k aemf? vGwaf tmifa&Smif/ 404.

You will bet no cooperation from me.

rif;ighqu D yl;aygif;rI&rSmr[kwb f ;l /

rif;ESifh rif;ZeD;u tvGev f u kd w f phJ w kH yJG /J 403.

Pour me a little caffee.

ighuakd umfzeD nf;enf;xnhaf y;yg/

olaY jymaygufqakd ygufukd igrESpo f ufb;l / 402.

How long has it been?


olrsuEf mS xm;udk igrESpo f ufb;l / 401.

You are more stupid than I thought.

igxifcw hJ mxuf rif;uydk rdu k rf w J myJ/

ihgudyk pfrmS ;rdwt hJ wGuf ol0efcsawmif;yefcw hJ ,f/ 400.

Is there any special reason for your dropping in?

rif;vSn0fh ifvmwm taMumif;xl;&So d vm;/

igb,frmS qHyifnyยง v f &Ykd rvJ/ 399.

Of whom are you speaking about?

Have you got somethin cheaper?

ydak ps;aygwm cifAsm;rSm&So d vm;/ 417.

She does not look like Burmese.

olr[m ArmESifh rwlb;l /


I am not free, I have to see my son off.

igrtm;bl;? ighom;udyk aYkd qmifEw I q f ufp&m&Sw d ,f/ 465.

If you want to barrow money you must give security for a loan.

rif;ydu k q f aH cs;csiv f Qif acs;aiGtwGuf tmrcHwif&r,f/ 466.

If you are too excited, you must take sedative before sleep.

rif;odypf w d v f yI &f mS ;aevQi?f rtdycf if? pdwNf ird af q;aomyg/ 467.

He needs not be arrogant as his father is a cooper.

oltazu pnfyikd ;f awGvyk w f o H jl zpfvYkd olu armufrmp&mrvdyk gbl;/ 468.

Some merchants buy up the whole supply of rice so as to raise.

wcsKUd ukeo f nfBu;D awGu aps;EIe;f jri§ w fh if&eftwGuf qeftm;vH;k ud0k ,fvu kd w f ,f/ 469.

My neighbourers, husband and wife, are always quarrelling.

ightrd ef ;D em;jcif;jzpfwhJ vifr,m;[m tNryJ &J efjzpfaewmyJ/ 470.

I request you to admit my son into your school.

cifAsm;ausmif;rSm uReaf wmho f m;udk 0ifciG jfh yKbYkd uReaf wmfarwåm&yfcyH gw,f/ 471.

I admit that I did it.

tJ'gudk uRefawmfvkyfwmygvdkY 0efcHygw,f/ 472.

Comsumptives are being given latest medicimes free of charge.

tqkwaf &m*gonfrsm;udk aemufq;kH ay:aq;rsm; tcrJah y;aew,f/ 473.

I can't entrust this contrary person with important jobs.

ta&;Bu;D wJt h vkyaf wGukd wvGv J yk w f wfw'hJ v D u l kd igrvTt J yfEikd b f ;l / 474.

Do your work at least twice to be sure it is right.

rSeu f efaMumif;aocsm&ef? rif;tvkyu f t kd enf;qH;k ESpcf gawmhvyk yf g/


It is very impartant t protect their houses from being destrayed.

olwt Ykd rd af wGzsuq f ;D rcH&atmif umuG,b f u Ykd odyt f a&;Bu;D w,f/ 431.

The running time of this tape is only an hour.

'Dwyd af cG[m wpfem&dyJ zGi&fh wmMumw,f/ 432.

There was no doubt he did it.

olvkyfwmqdkwm ,HkrSm;oHo,r&Sdbl;/ 433.

You made him look like a fool.

rif;vkyv f u kd w f m olt½l;vdjk zpfomG ;w,f/ 434.

Did you tellher what I said about?

igajymwm rif;olrudk ajymvdkufvm;/ 435.

I know nothing about his brother.

olt Y pfut kd aMumif; igbmrSrodb;l 436.

He has a sense of humour.

olu [moOmPf&Sdw,f/ 437.

He did it on his own uniteative.

ckid ;f vdv Yk yk w f mr[kwyf ?J ol[molvyk w f m/ 438.

Make yourself comfortable here.

'DrmS rif;oufomovdak eyg/ 439.

Make yourself at home, He is importial.

rif;tdrv f o Ykd abmxm;yg/ olubufrvdu k b f ;l / 440.

He is impassive while others are agitated at the sight of murder.

vlowfrjI rifuiG ;f udjk rif&awmh olrsm;awGu wkev f yI af yr,hf oluawmhcpH m;rI rjybl;/


He is inscusible to shame even if he commits adultery.


tajctaewGay;wke;f rif;tvkyu f kd tjrefNy;D atmif BuKd ;pm;yg/

oluMumulvDtrIudk vGefusL;ayr,hf r&Sufwwfbl;/ 442.

He is insensible to shame even if he commits adultery.


I found him much clever than I expected.


I will come should nothin in tervene.


Swit your expenditure to your income.


He loks older than what he oughts to be.


Where ever we go, we go together.


I have not been home for a long time.


As he is aspirant he never thinks of doing or dinary works.


How can you know that he is still alive?


He is no respecter of persons.

He is wild about her.

oluolrudk t½l;trl;cspw f ,f/

olutouf&iS v f suyf v J ?Ykd rif;b,fvYkd odEikd o f vJ/ 451.

He is very miserable in mind whenever he sees his backward son.

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We missed you verymuch when you left us for good.

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igtdrrf a&mufwmMumvSNy/D 449.

He kehaves as if more inportant than he is.

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b,foGm;oGm; 'dkYtwlyJoGm;w,f/ 448.

You must go before dawn to meet that elusive person.

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The elites enjoy special privileges for the time being.

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0ifaiGEiS fh ukeaf iGrQwygap/ 446.

A man was throttled to death by unknown person.

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You had better go and calm your excited mother.

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I always keep a jack-knife in my pocket to protect my self from daughter.

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ightawG;awG[m a&maxG;aeNy;D ajAmif;qefaew,f/ 443.

White conditions are favourable try to finish your work quickly.


He is desunded from rich and prosperous family.

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Don't warry, I will see you home.

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Mg Mg is a celebrity in ony occasion.


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Famous film director presents new actress to the public for the first time.


I accepted his present with a feeling of embarrassment through sense of








Don't do you work tardily.



When I asked him about the money he borrowed from me he behaved in an

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ighqDuolacs;oGm;wJh ydkufqHtaMumif; iguar;awmh? olu tDvnfvnfvkyf aew,f/



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He speaks assertively and stridently whenever he meet with his fellow villagers.

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Nurture your strength to participate in school tournament.

Don't do any work sulggishly. Try hard.

His hand writing is very illegible and no one can read it.

olvufa&;u zwfr&atmif½yI af evd?Yk wpfa,mufrS rzwfEikd b f ;l /

ausmif;tm;upm;yGrJ mS yg0ifqifEb JT Ykd rif;tm;arG;xm;yg/ 513.

Don't mess about in our company for the manager is very rigid and strict in

rif;tvkyu f kd tDav;rqGyJ gESi/fh inclusive manner.


To mess about (move about in alaygway, not doing any real work)

ysi;f &dysi;f wGEJ iS fh vIy&f mS ;Ny;D ? wu,ht f vkyu f rkd vkyyf aJ ewm/

tm;wif;yg/ aemufwpfcgwufNy;D vQif 'Dawmifxyd af y:'daYk &mufNy/D 510.

A square deal (a piece of business fair to both buyer and seller)

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Rally your strentth, we will be on the top of this mountain after the next ascent.

It is all square now (ouring nothing to each other.)

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I have a felling of delicary abouthis present.

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Do your self what you advise others to do.

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We must be ready to make use of any chauce when if first appears.

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emrnfausm½f yk &f iS 'f g½du k w f mu rif;orD;opfukd yGx J w k w f ,f/ 507.

I don't want to get him hurt for he knows nothing about the dispute.


This man often acts and talks in a womanish mauner.

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She has womanly virtues which I want in a woman.

rde;f rwpfa,mufrmS &S&d rnhf igtvk&d w dS hJ rde;f r*kP&f nf olrrSm&Sw d ,f/ 486.

Womanish artifice may be good only for once.

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He becomes mellowed in ternperament now.

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His spech is spirited and forceful.

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We listened to him attentively when he related his past stay.

oluol&UJ aemufaMumif;jyefyjkH yifukd ajymjyawmh 'du Yk pl;pdu k pf mG em;axmifcMhJ uw,f/ 491.

A use known Buddhist devotee donalted a hundred lakhs of Kyats for renovation of old monastery.

ausmif;tdBk u;D udk jyefvnfrrG ;f rH&eftwGuf emrnfausmOf youmwpfO;D u usyo f ed ;f wpf&mvSL'gef;cJw h ,f/ 492.

I am verymeterested and emulate his Success.

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Whenever he is free, he aften visets the houses of others without restraint from fear of ofending.

olutm;wdik ;f ,m;wdik ;f olrsm;awG&UJ tdru f kd tm;rem;yg;rem; oGm;vnfw,f/ 494.

He laughts so much at Mg Aye's joke that he is convulsed with laughter.

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Since I have eaten nothing I have an empty stomach now.

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Becareful not to have bought mear resemblauce.

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His relationship with relatives have short comings.

oltrsK;d awGEiS o fh &Yl UJ qufqaH &;[m csKUd ,Gi;f vmw,f/ 498.

When hecan't answer properly he passes off a fall as if it was a deliberate act.

He foment trouble under the pretext of mediating between two persons.

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oltqifajyatmif tajzray;Edik v f Qif acsmv f aJ &mxdik v f yk yf pfwmyJ/ 499.

Why should we call on him in intimely hour of the night?

olYqDudk nBuD;rif;BuD; 'dkYbmaMumihf oGm;vnf&rSmvnf;/ 500.

Written homily of the wise must be borne in mind.

ynm&Sd&JU qHk;rpm udk pdwfxJrSm pGJNrJxm;&r,f/ 501.

If we all do any work in unison all will be ok.

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He has norelationship with neighbourers.

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I like the scent of queen of the night and vervain.

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This king of clothes in not suitable for the occasion.

'Dvt kd 0wfrsK;d u yGrJ wd;k ygbl;/



We liavelled together as for as Yangon; then we parted company there.


As he felt tired; he laid his works aside.

&Gm&JUausmif;xkid q f &mawmfu tJ'cD u dk ;kd &mrJw h pfaumif<uufukd apmihaf &Smuf&w,f/ 515.

He is lying by the road side.


He sets traps everyninght to clar his house of rats.


The judge gave his decision and the court listened silently.


As he has agood record, it is impossible to surpect such a man.


If you did not help me, I should have been drowned.


She wants to marry him, but her father is oppsid to it.


He sang a funny song to am use us.

'daYk ysm&f iT af pbd?Yk olu [mooDcsi;f wpfy'k f qdck w hJ ,f/ 550.

When his lover arrived, he was very pleased.

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I am beurildered in Yangon for I had not been to it.

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olru olYudk vufxyfcsifw,f/ odkYayr,hf olrtazu tJ'gudkqefYMuifw,f/ 549.

Are you asleep when I wake you up?

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rif;omrulcv hJ Qif igawmha&epfNy;D om;yJ/ 548.

I am sound asleep when someone called my name in midnight.

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olrY mS rSww f rf;aumif;&Sv d Ykd 'Dvv kd w l pfa,mufukd oHo,0ifbYkd rjzpfEikd b f ;l / 547.

He acquired U Tin's Share of profit.

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He talks nonsense sleepily.

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oltdrfrS <uufawGeif;oGm;atmif olnwdkif; axmifcsmufawGaxmifw,f/ 545.

I have appendicitis and was hospitalised last month.

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olvrf;ab;rS vSaJ ew,f/ 544.

He is indifferent to his brother who is insatiable drinker.

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He alighted from the train.

ol&xm;ay:u qif;vdu k w f ,f 543.

The presiding monk at village monastery had to look after that helpless

&efuek t f xd 'dt Yk wlwuG c&D;xGucf MhJuw,f/ xdaYk emuft'J rD mS yJ 'dv Yk cl si;f cGv J u kd Mf uw,f/ olyifyef;ojziho f t l vkyaf wGukd ab;z,fxm;vdu k w f ,f/ 542.



Sleeping habits is very unportant for health.

ttdyt f ae[m use;f rma&;twGuf odyt f a&;Bu;D w,f/


He copied from the other bayi this was a mean and dishomest action; it


vGecf w hJ n hJ u ck;d rIjzpfymG ;w,f/

brought disgrace upon him.

olwjcm;aumifav;qDuul;cscw hJ ,f/ 'g[mao;odrNf y;D r&d;k om;wJt h jyKtrly?J 'DtjyKtrl[m olu Y kd *kPo f a&rJah pw,f/ 524.


,mOfarmif;u tEÅ&m,fujkd rifNy;D ? b&dwrf sm;udk eif;vdu k yf gonf/ 'gayr,hf b&dwrf sm;u vQijf refpmG rrdyJ um;onfvrf;qHw k iG &f adS om *dwu f 0kd ifaqmihf vdkufygonf/ 527.






He is as evil-hearted as he is black-skinned.

t&Siv f wfvwftzrf;cH&rnhf tawG;tac:udk rcHEikd o f jzihf "g;jyrs;mrSm rdu k ½f ;l &J wkucf u kd cf MhJ uw,f/ 538.

The asailars east anchor to prevent the ship from dirfting.

oabFmarmfaejcif;rS umuG,f&ef oabFmom;rsm;u ausmufql;csvdkufw,f/ 539.

Why do you keep your eyes on me like this?

olutom;rJoavmuf pdwfykyfw,f/

Have you turned detective?

He puts me in the wraong.

rif;bmjzpfvYkd ighu'kd v D kd rsupf rd cGmyJ? Munhaf e&mwmvJ/ rif;u pHak xmufjzpfomG ;Nyv D m;/

olutJ'gudk ightrSm;jzpfoa,mifvyk w f ,f/ 531.

The bandits fought deserated as they could not bear the idea of being taken alive.

rsuaf phrw HI mrSwyg; ol[mtvkyaf e&mESifh oihaf wmfygw,f/ 529.

Ashe is a frid of gething wet, he will not go out in the rain.

rd;k cdrk mS aMumufv?Ykd rd;k a&xJrmS toltjyifxu G rf mS r[kwb f ;l /

That you are drunk aggravates your guilt.

Except that he is start-sighted he is fit for the post.

The work has been stapped as no more funds are available.

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rif;t&ufr;l wm[m rif;tjypfukd ydq k ;kd apwmyJ/ 528.

He did for he bled profusely.

olaoG;t&rf;xGuv f aYkd owmyJ/

The driver saw the danger and he applied the brakes, but the brakes failed to act quicly and the car dashed into the gate at the crossiong.

Lain language was once spoken in almost every part of Europe.

wpfcsed w f ek ;f u vufwifbmomudk Oa&mywdu k f ae&mwdik ;f rSm eD;yg;avmuf ajymqdck MhJ uw,f/

You are drunk and cannot walk straight

rif;ut&ufr;l aeNy;D ? vrf;wnfw h nhrf avQmufEikd b f ;l / 526.


He is ill and can not study; yet he still a ttends school.

oluzsm;Ny;D pmroifEikd b f ;l / 'gawmifou l ausmif;wufvsuyf /J

The theft was committed lastnight.

I have seen this man somewhere before .

'Dvu l kd wpfae&m&mrSm igt&ifwek ;f u awGUbl;w,f/


You have to spend a lot of money to by ceremonial dresses.


rd;k &Gmojzih?f oD;ESrH sm; jyefvnf&iS o f efvmw,f/

yGaJ eyGx J ikd t f 0wfawG 0,fb?Ykd rif;aiGtrsm;Bu;D oH;k &vdrrhf nf/ 580.

Believe me, this amulet is tued and proven in lve affirs.


This kind of clothes will not be presultable for occasion.


You will mut a deadly danger if you try to take advantage of any unrest in







Our teacher gives a dictation in stead of writting her lecture on balck board.

bvufbw k t f ay:rSmvufcsmudak &;rnht f pm; q&mru EIww f u dk af jymw,f/ 588.


I was annoyed, still I kept quirct.

igpdwq f ;kd ayr,h?f wdww f w d yf J aecJyh gw,f/

I am in dismay when I hear their youngest son talk back impudcutty.

rav;rcefEY iS fh olwo Ykd m;ti,fq;kH u EIwv f HS xd;k wmMum;&awmh igtvGet f t hH m; oih&f w,f/

He is not only a fool but also a knowe.

ol[mt½l;wpfa,mufwifr[kwaf o;bl;/ aumufusp, f w k rf maom olwpfa,mufvnf;jzpfw,f/

oluwpfa,mufwnf;xdik af e&wmydEk pS o f ufNy;D pum;enf;w,f/ 587.

He has wide knowledge of business, but he is not a steady worker.

olrY mS <u,f0aom pD;yGm;a&;A[kow k &Sad yr,h?f ol[mwnfNird af omtvkyo f rm; wpfa,mufr[kwb f ;l /

He is not proud of his wath and always humble.

He profers sithing alone and is of few words.

If is usual that the train is late.

&xm;aemufuswm[m xHk;pHyJ/

oluOpöm"etwGuf rmerwufyJ tNryJ EJ rdS cf sw,f/ 586.

If your father hears of your seccess he will be very delighted.

rif;&Jatmifjrifru I kd rif;tazMum;&vQif oloyd yf w D jd zpfrmS yJ/

He has a habit to degrade others when he gains upper hand.

olutay:pD;&vQif wpfyg;olrsm;udk ESrD w hf hJ tusi&fh w S ,f/ 585.


I don't like her, because is prone to talk in a nagging manner.

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The information is of no use as it has come too late.

owif;ay;rI[modyaf emufusNy;D a&mufvmvdYk 'dt Yk wGut f oH;k r0ifb;l /

this matter.

'Dupd rö mS rif;yGv J efzY smcif; vkyb f Ykd BuKd ;pm;vQi?f aoaygufw;kd vdrrhf /f

I have told you all and there is nothing more to be said.

rif;udik gtm;vH;k ajymNy;D jzpfvYkd bmrSxyfajymp&mrvdb k ;l /

'Dt0wfrsK;d u yGw J ;kd rSmr[kwyf gbl;/ 582.

Bays are returning to school for holidays are at end.

tm;vyf&yfrsm; ukeq f ;kH NyjD zpfvYkd vluav;rsm; ausmif;udjk yefvmaeMuNy/D

ighu, kd pkH rf;yg? 'DvufzUJG u cspaf &;csp&f mrsm;rSm yGaJ wGUyJ/ 581.

As the rain fell, the crops revived.


I am delighted with the intelligence and brightness of my sons.

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Do not be a barrower do a lender.


uif;em;oefEiS fh uifajcrsm;udk wpfcck zk ek ;f tkyx f m;aom pdpk w G af omae&mrsm;rSm vG,u f pl mG &SmawGUEdik w f ,f/

acs;iSm;,laomol odrYk [kwf acs;iSm;vdu k af omol rjzpfygapESi/fh 562.

You must do either of the two.

ESpcf x k u J rif;wpfcv k yk &f r,f/ 563.






jynfBu;d ig;udk w&kyef eH yH ifEiS fh w&kyv f ckd suv f Qif odyt f &mom&Sw d ,f 'gayr,hf tm;rsm;vQif aoG;wufvrd rhf nf/ 575.


After sheaves of paddy were carried away from paddy fields we gathered

Don't let the child popping in and out its tongue.

cav;udk vQmjyLwpfjyKwpf rvkyaf pESi/fh

'dkYvlwdkif; aumufn§if;usnfaxmuf 0,fMuw,f/ 568.

Squids cooked with chinese coriander in Chinese style in very delivous, but eating toomuch will have taxaemia.

Luckily we escaped unhurt from the riot.

Each of us buys sticky rice cooked in a green bamboo tube.

You must avoid eating crettle fish if you are suffering from hypertension.

rif;aoG;wd;k &Sv d Qif uif;rGef pm;wmudk a&Smif&r,f/

uHaumif;axmurvdYk txdu&ke;f uae txdtcdu k rf &Sb d J 'dv Yk w G v f mw,f/ 567.

He practises a hand stand in the back of his house.

olY&JUtdrfaemufaz;rSm olu uif;NrDaumuf axmifwm avhusihfw,f/

He speaks contraily while we are talking friendly with one another.

'du Yk wpfa,mufEiS w fh pfa,muf cifrifpmG ESiafh jymaewke;f ? olu ud;k vd;k uefv Y efY pum;ajymw,f/

He makes an inference that such a man must meet violent death.

'Dvdk vlwpfa,muf[m taoqdk; ao&rSmyJvdkYT? olu rSwfcsufcsw,f/

He always wear clothes awkwardly.

olut0wftpm;udk tNrJ udk;&dk;um;&m; 0wfw,f/ 565.


The Emu, Austration ostrich, does not sit on its eggs.

Mopaw;vsiu S v k m;tkyjf zpfwhJ 'Dr;l [m olOY awGukd r0wfb;l /

Me llipede and ceulipede are easily found in wet places coverd by something.


It raises a hulla-baloo in their house when they know that their beloved sister

remnants of paddy after reaping.

eloped with U Kyaw's son, a rascal.

aumufviId ;f rsm; v,fuiG ;f rsm;rS ,laqmifomG ;Ny;D aemuf pyg;&dyNf y;D use&f pfaom pyg;ESrH sm;udk 'dw Yk pfawGaumufoif;aumufMuw,f/

OD;ausm\ f om; iawESifh wlwu Ykd kd tcsp&f qH;k aom ESrcd;k &mvdu k af jy;w,fqw kd mudk olwdkYodMuwJhtcg olwdkYtdrfrSm yGwfavm&dkufoGm;w,f/

Balck-earth scropim are very piosonous if you are stong by it.


Their father is in a pandemonium now.

olwt Ykd azu tckyw G af o;Murf;aeNy/D

rif;rvurJ rif;twkycf &H vQif olwu Ykd odyt f qdyjf yif;w,f/ 578.

Buddha sasana is manifest in western cauntries now.

Ak'o ¨ moem[m ,cktcg taemufEikd if aH wGrmS yGiv fh if;Ny/D


It was done with his knowledge.


tJ'gu oltodESihfvkyfwm/ 623.

I remebered how I felt lonely in England.

tdy&f muEd;k Ny;d aemuf oltyd &f mxJrmS ESyw f ,f/ 590.

t*FvefrmS igb,fvkd txD;usejf zpfc&Jh ovJ qdw k m igrSwrf w d ,f/ 624.


He will have finished the wart you ordered before

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He was or dered to stay in the site for 7 days for being asleep on sentry

aumufniยง ;f icsw d af ygif;ESifh ESr;f axmif;[m pm;&wmodyt f &om&Sw d ,f/ 592.

She hides her grief as long as she can.

He beats his younger brother black and blue.



I lost sight of you when it began to rain.


She bears the pain most bravely.


The drown man rose twice, then sank for good.


When I have posted the letter I remembered that I did not address it properly.

igpmxnhNf y;D rS vdypf mrSeu f efpmG rwyfrb d ;l qdw k mudk igrSwrf ad wmhw,f/

What he said in the public was very artful.

olvlawmxJajymwm odyfynmom;ygw,f/ 598.

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It is a great sadness that our skilled practitioners left the country for good.

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His eldest son always gets scholastie award every year.

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His eldest is very outstanding in study.

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You con't see very small objects with maked eyes.

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If you eat too much of sesame brittle you will find it difficult to defecate.

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It is very deliuous to eat steamed black glutinaur rice with roasted se same pawder.

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He was disgraced in the public when he was found guitty of adultery.

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He takes a few more winks in the bed after waking from sleep.

Variety concert was densely crowded with spectators.

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Foreigners, with great interest, are looking at the trees of plenty.

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The are of plenty is said to have disappeared long ago.


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What is essential in our discussion?


How to get money in time is essential.


Talking about the matter without order is very disappointing.


How can we trust Mg Tin who after plays fast and loose.


I want send this small bsket of apples through your son to my parents.


What did he say about us our losing the match?


We must stand up for the appressed.


The accused fainted in the court when he was seutenced to death.


He was bourn long before I was.


If you feel dizzy, lie down for a few minutes.

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The boy had grown into a man.

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I read the book you latd me about.

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I was driving when the accident happened.

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When I was younger, I bothed in cold water.

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Who has run off with my unbrella?

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Who has run off with myunbrealla?

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Do not disturb me as her I am housing my supper.

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Train goes very slowly uphill.

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The prisoner was sentenced to be hauged.

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I encouraged then to keep up their spirits.


Now he was a changed man.

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Though you try with all your might, you will not succeed.


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I shall not go unless I am invited willingly.


When you have rested, go on with the work.


I for gave him, because he was dying.


He writes so illegibly that I can not read his letter.


I know what you told him.


He finished first, though he began late.


Though he tries hard, he seldom is successful.


He went to school as soon as he had finished his meal.


They have never been poor since they had opened that shop.


I spoke plainly that you might understand.

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I wake him up, but he feigns sleep purposely.

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I have tried all kinds of medicines but nothing helps.

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I have never lasted real coffee until now.

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He hung his head in shame.

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He alights from his harse and makes strought for his house.

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He bears his sarrow maufully and forgets them.

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He never thinks before he leaps and so he sufferred badly.

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She con fessed her fault and pleads for mercy.

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He wrings his hands in sorrow.

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He weeps and swears falsely and his in order to escape punishment.

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When defeat is in seght, my every flees.


I think I have written to you already about the matter.

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He forbids his children to play with fire.


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She sheds tears of joy.


The wound bleeds profusely and we call in a surgeon.


As she kneels down in prager she lifts up her head to God.


Shen will we have a ride in your new car?


They will be glad to hear of your arrival.


I will not talerate laziness.


He will have left for duty by now.


I tell him to be quit and he takes no notice.


He is deaf, but he always pretends to hear.

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I ran all the way to station, but I missed the train.

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We selected this car after we had tried several.

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You have paid the bill, but you will get no more credit.

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He failed to get her love, because he was too rash.

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They tried to brike the officer, but he is very afraid to take it.

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He is certain to be late, so why wait for him.

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Pay heed to the small details and the goveral plan will succeed.

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Be just and fear not.

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He has inujured me, but I will for give him.

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Be good and you need not be clever.

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He is very agreeable, but I don't like him.

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You called me and here I am.


It is surprising that he was oheated.

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Some of the nevffians are escaped convicts.


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Every person shall be permitted to pass un hindered.

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A police man stopped to abserve a stranger.

He probably died a natural death.



He was born an English.




His bark is worse than his bite.

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What is it that makes you so much stronger.

If you turst him, you will find yourself in trouble.

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Do not read so fast.

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If I am right, you must be everong.

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Why are you all sitting about here doing nithing?

I do not wish to see any of you.

However clever you may be, you can not succeed without industry.

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He walks as though he is skghtly lame.

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I took eare that he should not see me.

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As soon as the sun touches the horizon darkness begins to settle upon the

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I never thought that I should see him a gain.

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I had not heard from him anygthing since he left Burma.

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I would have shat the thief if I had seen him.

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Come when you feel unchined.

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He gave himself up because flight was useless.

He leaped into the water as soon as the ship touched the shore.

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You are already as well acquamted with him as I am.

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His sole income is what he earms by his pen.


ol&UJ wpfcw k nf;aom0ifaiG[m pma&;rIr&S aom0ifaiGy/J 691.



Edik if aH &;? rnfonhEf ikd if aH &;yJjzpfygap? qdw k m olwu Ykd kd olwEYkd ikd if aH &;orm;rsm;vdYk ac:MuwJv h al wG&UJ vltrsm;udk vdrn f mrItwwfynmyJ/

On hearning the news of his son's death by snake bite, he fainted.



He is anaturalized Burme.

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He had not finished his work by sun set. 706.

The English nation honours the name of wellingtion.

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This thief had been in prison before. 707.

He praised her singing and she was very pleased by flattery.

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He received several sertences.

Life Lasts a certain time.

He wished to get his son a dimitted to the shcool.

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The man who talks most does least, This very often happens.

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He worked hard and saved money to educate his son in England.

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The soldires having arrived, the mob dispersed.

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Politie, whatever politic if maybe, is the art of deceiving the people of those

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who called htanselves politicians.

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Inspite of many faitures he hopes to succeed.

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happiness is incomplete unless he has a wife and children.

This town, once a presperous sea port, is now a heap of rims.

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With whatever lwcuries a bachdor may be surrounded, he will always find his


The train ran down the incline and liurned a sharp curve at the bootom.

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His distresses are often alleviated by the compassein of his wife.

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It was not you that I was calling a fool.


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We believe that he is innccut.

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The consequences of his carelessness was that the game was lost.

It is to be haped that he escaped unhurt.


We hoped that better times will come.


He ordered the police that they should imprison the rioters.


That you should be withing to believe this is in credible.



Who ever is prodent is respected.



I can extend no more mercy to you. Choose what kind of death you wish to

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All believe that he was guilty of adultery.

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Tell me what you mean by this.


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You have done the reverse of what I desired you.

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olMumcdkrIESihf tjypf&Sdw,fvdkY tm;vHk;u ,HkMunfMuw,f/ 762.

How very well you speak English?

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rif;'gudk pdwyf gvufyg &HMk unfrqdw k m[m r,Hpk &myJ/ 760.

How is it that you are so often ill?

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Why do you walk so crooked? Walk straught.

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Who are you to speak to me like this?

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oltxdtcku d rf &SyD ?J vGwaf rmufomG ;w,fvYkd arQmv f ih&f rSmyJ/ 757.

How can I aband on my mother who borne me and nourished m.

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ol&Y UJ owdvpf[if;rI&UJ tusK;d qufrsm;uawmh NyKd iyf ½JG ;IH &wmyJ/ 756.

Who could have ore seen such ill-luck?

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Youth is the time when the seeds of character are to be sown.

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When I hear a dog bark, my heels took me off as fast as they can carry me.


Let me try if I can play foot ball as well.

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Not only do you not see, but also you cannot even smell.

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Ask something else, anything but that.

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Why do you ask the one thing I can not grant you.

rif;udik gcGirfh jyKEikd w f [ hJ m wpfcu k kd rif;ubmvdYk awmif;&wmyJ/ 735.

I entirely object to this proposal as it is founded on a wrong prinuple.

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Keep up your spircts and do not be alaruned.


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The state of his mind was such as to couse awciety to his pareuls.

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When he worked haider, he was bathed in siveat.

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He flicked the radw off

ola&'D,u kd ykd w d v f u kd o f nf/ 741.

I have never done nothing wrong.

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If harrifies me even to think about it.

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I am leaving the service presently.

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The only way I know to calm myself was walking.

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As I had enough money, I picked up my books again and off I went to college.

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His knowledge of Indian vernaculars is far beyond the common.

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He lays sprawled on his face.

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ou can earn a lot of money with a college degree than without.


He would have to keep it hidden, so what was the use?

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There was only one Hring left to do.

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A man requests permission to speak to you.

vlwpfa,mufu rif;udpk um;ajymcGiafh wmif;ygw,f/ 751.

I am sorry to have bothered you.

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Don't speak lightly about serious matters.

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I am much restrained by fear of offending for his valuable gift.


olU&JUwefbdk;&Sdaom vufaqmiftwGuf igtrsm;Bu;D tm;emw,f/ 800.

I am determined to spend the rest of my life in my native land.

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igh&UJ arG;&yfajrrSm t&d;k xkwb f Ykd tcdik t f rmqH;k jzwfxm;w,f/ 801.

Call out when you come to our house otherwise you will be betten by dog.

I am misced up in mind when an unwelcome guest arrived.


When he failed examination twice, his mind Strays.


Becareful, he is very despicable in whateven he does.


People are gisgusted with braggarts, those who take infair a dvantage, who



He always behaves in a meddlesome way.


When he becomes rich he leowes his beeuefitor in crass ingratitude.


When his every passed by him he gives a side glance.

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As you are here, you may as well see it.

rif;u'DrmS &Sad eawmh rif;vnf;'gudjk rifaumif;jrif&vdrrhf nf/ 772.

Does he know the consequences if he refuses to serve in army?

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olcsr;f omvmwJt h cg olaus;Zl;&Siu f kd pHu k efomG ;w,f/ 808.

As you saw, so you will reap.

rif;pdu k yf sK;d wJt h wdik ;f rif;&dwo f rd ;f &vdrrhf nf/

olutjypfyJ pkd yfpyf? 'Dpyfpyf vkyw f ,f/ 807.

While there is life, there is hope.

touf&iS af evQuf arQmv f ihcf su&f w dS myJ/

pull a fast one and fair-weather friends.

vlawG[m <um;0gaomolrsm;? pD;ydk;olrsm;? tyg;w0faomolrsm;ESifh omaygif; nmpm;awGudk atmhaMumvefMuw,f/

As the war was ended, the soldiers returned.

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owdxm; olu vky&f mudik &f mwdik ;f rSm tvGefpkyfyJhw,f/ 805.

If I make a promise I keep it.

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pmar;yGEJ pS cf gus½;IH awmh olpw d af voGm;w,f/ 804.

I was surprised when I heard him talk so.

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I have no time to waste on idle talks.

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Youth is the time for formation of good characters.

Although he has filed twice he will try again.

olEpS Bf urd &f KHS ;edrNhf y;D aomfvnf;? xyfBuKd ;pm;OD;rSmyJ/ 774.

He can afford to be generous because he is rich.

olucsr;f omawmh &ufa&mEdik w f maygh/


The longer we wait here, the darken it will become.


'd'Yk rD mS MumMumapmifah v ydak rSmifavjzpfvmvdrrhf nf/ 776.

As the truth is known, further lying is use less.

OD;Munf&kwfw&ufaowmMum;&awmh olu pkwo f yfw,f/ 788.

trSew f &m;[m ay:vGiNf yjD zpfv?Ykd xyfnmaewm[m toH;k r0ifygbl;/ 777.

Since I believed his words I did not ask for proof.

Wherever you go I shall follow you.


We have come so that we may help you.


No sooner did he see us than he disappeared.


Whenever he sings the people gathered to listen.


As the truth is known, your futher lying is useless.


He cannot see unless he wars glasser.


His father still trusted him though he had deceived him.


When the fraud was discovered, he was imprisoned.


The larger the brain, the more vigarous the mind.

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He jumped over the feuce effortlessly without difficulty.

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vdrv f nfvn S yfh wfru I kd awGU&Sad omtcg? oltusO;f cscv H u kd &f w,f/ 786.

As it drizzles continously for many days, the sum is invisible.

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He talks voci feously when he is selected captain of the football team.

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rsurf eS rf wyfvQif olrjrifEikd b f ;l / 784.

He eats with relish fried fish.

olig;aMumfukd ckaH &rufa&;pm;w,f/

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There must have been beef for I smell fetid and rank.

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olb,fawmhyJ oDcsif;qdkqdk vlawGu em;axmifbdkY pk&Hk;vmMuw,f/ 782.

He is cold to those who had once helped him when he is needy.

olvdktyfwJhtcgrSm olYudkulnDcJhwJholawGudk olupdr;f um;w,f/

'du Yk akd wGUNy;D ra&S;raESmifrmS yJ olaysmufu, G o f mG ;w,f/ 781.

We used to play tag when we were young.

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rif;udu k n l ED ikd rf vm;vdYk 'dv Yk mcJMh uwmyJ/ 780.

Don't do anything vaguely unless you know precisely.

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rif;b,fomG ;oGm; rif;aemufukd igvdu k rf mS yJ/ 779.

He tells the heads of attributes of the Buddha.

olu Ak'¨*kPfawmfudk ywDpw d w f ,f/

olpum;awG ig,HkMunfvdkY taxmuftxm;rawmif;ygbl;/ 778.

He is deeply moved on hearing the news of sudden death of U Kyi.

The loss of diamond wristlets is constautly on her mind.

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He has an obsession for the girl he met in foreign country.

Edik if &H yfjcm;rS BuKH awGUcJ&h wJh rde;f uav;udk pGrJ uf aew,f/


His house is on fire through his negligence.


'Dig;udk qDusef a&usef csufyg/

olayghqrIaMumihf oltrd rf ;D avmifwm/ 844.


He looks like a dullard, but he is prompt in action.

Mangoes are in season now.

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ightpfuu kd kd avqdyv f u kd yf pYkd &m&Sw d ,f/

OD;xGef;aq;ajcmuf a&mif;vdkY? tzrf;cH&w,fvdkY olru olYom;udk qD;ajymw,f/

His teeth are suffering from caries.


She spoke vilety to Mg Tin who abandoned her daughter.

He sprawled on his back after working hour.

Ma Hla snaps back at her mother wen she is scolded.

He turrned himself face up in hisbed when I visited him.

igoGm;vnfawmh oltdyf,mxJrSm olyufvufuvSefaew,f/

Thidagu Sayadow will give a sermon this evening.

oDw*kq&mawmf 'DnaerSm w&m;a[mrnf/ 816.

Many people will go there to listen to a religious sermon.

vltrsm;tJ'Dudk w&m;embdkY oGm;Muvdrfhr,f/ 817.

Jot down the points I am going to say.

igajymrnht f csurf sm;udk aw;xm;Muyg/ 818.

Your way to advancement will surely be encouraged by our father.

rif;wufvrf;udk rif;tazu Burd af ;otm;ay;ygvdrrhf nf/

jypfwifwmfuckd &H awmh rvSu olt Y arudk jyefyufvu kd w f ,f/ 854.

She meets her son with the news that U Tun was arrested for sale of

I have to see off my brother to airport.

tvkycf sed Nf y;D awmh oly;kd vd;k yufvufaevdu k w f ,f/ 853.

Even light salted dried fish is not suitable for high blood pressure.

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Don't waste your time in playing misnomer for run my.

olord;pGepYf o f mG ;wJah rmifwifukd olru yd;k pd;k yufpufajymvdu k w f ,f/ 852.

We light oil lamps as offertory to lord Buddha on full moon day.

vjynhaf eYrmS Ak'b ¨ &k m;&Siu f kd 'dq Yk rD ;D ylaZmfMuw,f/

olomG ;awG yd;k pm;aew,f/ 851.

I never eat rump of cooked table bird.

igqDb;l b,fawmhrS rpm;bl;/

I don't want to be miced up in mind we the redundant works.

ydu k mupm;jcif;jzihf rif;&Jtcsed u f kd rjzKe;f ygESi/fh 849.


Sybarites nevwer put their shoulders to the wheel.

tvkyyf akd wGEiS fh igpdw&f yI rf cHcsib f ;l / 848.

I like boiled moodles with cooked oil added and garnished with shredded meat.

vlay:ausmhawG[m b,fawmhrS vufaMumrwif;bl;/ 847.


olYMunhf&wmiwHk;vdkyJ 'gayr,hf olu ayghyg;w,f/ tcko&ufo;D ay:Ny/D 846.

Cook this fish leaving a little water and oil.


She casts a side glauce when she is criticized for her behaviour.

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Women are papping in and out when a famous actor visits their house.

emrnfausm&f yk &f iS rf if;om;wpfa,muf olwt Ykd rd v f mvnfwt hJ cg rde;f rawGu jyLwpfjyLwpf vkyu f sw,f/ 821.






Thin soup is very delicious if it is prepared with gingerwort.

ykwwfpmESi[ fh if;csKcd suv f Qif odyt f &om&Sw d ,f/ 837.

The debt is very pressing, I must find money quickly.

a<u;uodyyf w l mf/ igaiGjrefjref&mS &r,f/ 838.

Vermicelli made from bean is fit for those who suffer from diabgetes.

qD;csKad &m*gcHpm;ae&olawGtwGuf yJMumqHu oihaf wmfw,f/ 839.

I am not friendly with that dolt.

igutJ'aD ygwmESifh rcifygbl;/ 840.

Don't be too silly, you are not a child.

odyrf aygESifh rif;[mcav;wpfa,mufr[kwb f ;l / 841.

Your curry is a little weak in salt flavour.

rif;[if;u qm;enf;enf;ayghw,f/

I don't think of my future, it is as determinued by my deed.

igaemifa&;udk rpOf;pm;ygbl;/ uHprD &H myJ/

In a befithing manner of a man, he stands in defence.

a,musm;f yDyD olurm;rm;rwfrwfa&SUu&yfw,f/

He cranes his neek to look at cock fight.

oluMuufyGJudk uJMunhfw,f/ 830.


There is no inerelation amongst our relatioes.

'dt Yk rsK;d awGMum;rSmul;vl;qufqrH I r&Sb d ;l /

He is hollow cheeked after suffering illness for many weeks.

oDwif;ywfaygif;rsm;pGm zsm;emNy;D aemuf olyg;acsmifusomG ;w,f/

Please make three copies of this potograph.

aus;Zl;jyKí 'D"gwfyu kH kd oH;k yHu k ;l ay;yg/ 828.


Small pox, contagious disease, is now well under control.

ul;pufwwfaomausmufBu;D a&m*gudk ,cktcgrSmaumif;aumif;xde;f csKyEf ikd Nf y/D

I Sent two logics through my friend to my father.

oli,fcsi;f rSwqihv f ckH snf (2)xnfu?kd zcifxv H ufaqmifyg;vdu k yf gonf/

There are many non-Buddhist asceties who go about unclad in India.

t0wfr0wfyJ oGm;vmaeuswhJ wuúwGef;awG tdE´d,rSm trsm;BuD;yJ/ 826.


Avoid eating foods which tend to cause diziness or drwosiness.

wufpmawGukd pm;jcif;a&SmifusOyf g/

Many people worship fanous sayadows for wealth.

vltrsm;[m aMumfMum;aom q&mawmfrsm;udk Opöm"etwGuf ud;k uG,Mf uw,f/

The child fits while everying.

cav;uidk&if; wuf oGm;w,f/ 824.


Yout better get aboard, the plane is about to take off.

av,mOfay:wufvQiaf umif;r,f? av,mOfysw H ufawmhrnf/

They are caught red handed while playing bauarat.

olwYkd ud;k rD;upm;aewke;f ? vufy;l vufMuyf tzrf;cH&w,f/

Get into the car, it is about to leave.

um;ay:wufyg/ um;xGufawmhrnf/ 822.



This boy is quick to act whenever he is ordered.

'Daumifav;u b,fawmhcikd ;f cdik ;f zifayghw,f/


I will not retreat even it there comes winter storn and summer.


'Dbed yftopfwpf&aH Mumihf igzdeyfaygufw,f/

a'gifusus jym;usus igaemufrqkwb f ;l / 890.

I am all in a whirl when works are not finished in time.


My health is up to the standard.


I am suffering for his misdeeds.


I am not feeling well as I suffered as a result of hard and prolonged work.


If so, you must use or apply ambrocation.


Don't drink milk and (yoghurt) if you have frequent motions of the bowels.


As he is a chatterbox, he talks without in cluding others.


During Iapanese occupation, we had to drink Negro coffee instead of pure






His house is disturbed by a pollergeist.

oltdrfudk ykPÖmuwdkufw,f/

Shrimp of the smallest varicty are sold by the lot.

ykZeG q f w d u f kd 'ke;f a&mif;w,f/

His son is so bad that he is beyond redemption.

olYom;u odyfqdk;vdkY ypf&NyD/

When her husband committed adultery, she feel head over heel in love.

olr&JUa,musm;f tdraf xmifa&;azgufjyefwt hJ cg? olr[m'de;f wvde;f ewf zrf;awmhwmyJ

Don't warry about him for he is a tunbling kelly.

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*syeford ;f ydu k x f m;cifu aumfzt D ppftpm; 'efu Y RaJ phaumfzu D kd aomufMu&w,f/

Becareful, he is in the habit of breaking off after winning.

owdxm; olutEkid Ef iS yfh ikd ;f wJt h usifh &Sw d ,f/

olupum;td;k jzpfv?Ykd 'dik cf aH jymwmyJ/ 897.

His innate intelligence is not bad as you think.

ol&Y UJ yifuOkd mPfu rif;xifovdrk qd;k ygbl;/

rif;0rf;avsmvQif 'decf sOrf aomufEsi/fh 896.

They are people without inhibitions.

olwu Ykd aygufvw T yf pJ m;awGy/J

'Dvq kd v kd Qi?f rif;vdr;f aq;vdr;f &r,f/ 895.

They have auess to influential persons.

olwdkYu MoZm&SdwJh vlawGqDaygufa&mufw,f/

tvky'f Pfyv d ?Ykd igae&wm? raumif;bl;/ 894.

Her facial expresson is suspectful.

olr&JUrsuEf mS aygufu oHo,jzpfp&myJ/

olraumif;rIawGaMumihf ig'gPfcaH e&w,f/ 893.

His style of speaking is very digusting.

olajymaygufu odyaf tmhausmvefp&myJ/

ighusrm® a&;u a'gifa'gifjrnfy/J 892.

Don't break wind in the public.

vlawmxJ tD;raygufEiS /fh

tcsed rf t D vkyaf wGrNy;D vdYk iga'gifcsmpdik ;f aew,f/ 891.

This pair of new shoes make my feet blister.


He encountered a personal set back while doing good deeds.



A money lender was hoodwinked by a woman.


&efoal wGvu kd zf rf;awmh olw'Ykd a&maomyg; ajy;vmMuw,f/

aiGacs;wJv h w l pfa,muf[m rde;f rwpfa,muf&UJ ywfw;D t&du k cf v H u kd &f w,f/ 868.

He is a sharp and shrewd person.


I like sauce madeup of tomatoes, chilli with shrimp paste.


My village is just short of five miles away from here.


My car breaks down on the way and my watch is also out of order this






Waylay by group of people is very uncouth.

vifEiS rfh ,m;'d;k wlaygifzufvyk u f ikd Mf uvdYk olwBYkd u;D yGm;vmw,f/ 885.

Of course you should go and her mother.


If this were so what do you think will do?


The problem is solved after holding free and open discusson.

'l;wdu k af qG;aEG;Ny;D aemuf jyóemajyvnfomG ;Ny/D

Why bother to do it? I can do it myself.

'ku&© mS vdYk ig[migvkyEf ikd yf gw,f/

'gjzih&f if rif;bmvkyrf ,fvYkd pOf;pm;xm;ovJ/ 877.

Please don't bother to entertain us.

'du Yk {kd nhcf b H Ykd 'kur© &SmygESi/fh

'gaygh? olr&JUtarudk rif;oGm;Ny;D awGUoihw f ,f/ 876.

What I have lerant before examination turms out exactly.

pmar;yGrJ wdik rf u D igzwfcw hJ [ hJ m 'ufx0d ifwmyJ/

vlpv k al 0;ESifh acsmif;&du k w f m[m odyaf tmufwef;usw,f/ 875.

They becomes prospered for husband and wife share the responsibilities and ups and downs of life.

Don't make a practice of smoking.

aq;vdyaf omufwm tusirfh vkyEf iS /fh 874.

He always wear laundered clothers.

oltNr'J b kd u D sy0J wfw,f/

Don't let the child popping in and out histongue.

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Those who have hypertention should aviod eating pilaf.

aoG;wd;k &SaD omolrsm;[m 'Haygufpm;jcif;udk a&SmifusOo f ihw f ,f/


ighum;uvrf;rSmysuNf y;D ? ihgem&Duvnf;yJ 'DeeH ufrmS ysuw f ,f/

He is furious when his daughter eloped with Mg Aye.

olo l rD;armifat;ESifh cd;k &mvdu k af jy;awmh ola'golyek x f w,f/

igh&UJ &Gmu 'Duae ig;rdik af ysmafh ysmafh vmufa0;w,f/ 871.

He came to me furiously to reprove.

&efawGU&ef ola'gBu;D armBu;d ESifh igqDvmw,f/

c&rf;csOo f ;D ? i&kyo f ;D ESifh pdr;f pm;ig;ydEiS v fh yk w f hJ yefawGazsmu f kd igBuKd uw f ,f/ 870.

As him company su ffered heavy loss he applys for insolvercy.

olurk P Ü u D tBu;D tus,½f ;IH ojzihf olu a'0gvDcv H u kd w f ,f/

oluvlv,fyefum wpfa,mufyJ 869.

They ran hetter-sketter when they were chased by enemics.


All kinds of troubles or hardships will vanish if he helps us.

'dkYudkolulnDvQif 'ku©oku©awGtm;vHk; aysmufuG,foGm;vdrfhrnf/


I do no work, I am unemployed now.

igtvkyrf vkyb f ;l / igutckxidk pf m;yJ/ 932.


gested by an astrologer to achieve one's euds.

As the weather is very gloomy, I feel very lazy and sleepy.

vlwpfcsK[ Yd m 'kut © Bu;D tus,af &mufwt hJ cg eu©wq f &mnTejf ytBuaH y;wJt h wdik ;f olw&Ykd nf&, G cf surf sm;atmifjrifatmifvyk Mf uw,f/

&moDOwku odyNf y;D xdik ;f rIid ;f awmh igodyyf si;f Ny;D tdyif u kd w f ,f/ 933.

I have a hitch in gething a pass port.

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They married graudly at Sedona Hotel.

olYwdkYqD'dkem; a[mfw,frSm xnfxnf0g0gr*FvmaqmifMuw,f/ 935.

Please may I send my son along with you to England.

t*Fvefukd cifAsm;ESifh uReaf wmho f m;udk xnhv f u kd yf g&ap/ 936.

The bullet penctrates his chest strought through.

usnfqefu olY&ifbwfudk xkwfcsif;azgufoGm;w,f/ 937.

The jaggery is much used in making Burmese cakes.

ArmrkeaYf wG vky&f mrsm xef;vsuu f kd rsm;pGmtoH;k jyKMuw,f/ 938.

Almost every house has mezzanine.

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They entertained all guests in the same way.

olwdkYu {nfhonfawGudk xyfwlxyfrQ {nhfcHw,f 940.

Bald-headed persons always try to cover teir baldhead with he litle hairs they


Hostages escaped unhurt.

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Stop talking about that woman, I am bored.

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What I have heard from him is very pleasant to the ear.

olqDu igMum;&wmuawmh odyfem;csrf;omwmyJ/ 904.

His sons and daughters are outstanding in study.

olo Y m;awGEiS fh orD;awG ynmcReMf uw,f/ 905.

He is son is awarded scholastic award.

olo Y m;u ynm&nfcReq f k cs;D jri§ cfh &H wm,f 906.

Our skilled practitioners left own country for good.

'k&dY UJ ynm&Siaf wG[m 'dw Yk idk ;f jynfukd tNy;D tydik f pGecYf mG oGm;MuNy/D 907.

We find the heat unberable in this summer.

'DaEG&moDrmS tylurcHr&yfEikd af tmifygyJ (ylpyfyal vmifjzpfw,f) 908.

have left.

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When some people are ingreat trouble they emplay certain means as sug-

We feel very hat and stuffy for months.

vaygif;rsm;pGm 'dKywawG yltu kd Mf uw,f/ 909.

My sons are of ample stature.

ighom;awGu ayrDa'gufraD wGy/J


Don't be blinking, confess your faults now.

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I like to eat fermeuted bean sprouts and boiled garden pea.

yJwcD sOEf iS yfh jJ yKyu f kd igpm;csiw f ,f/ 912.

They set up an association to help young people learning English.


a<u;rqyfEikd v f Ykd a':wifuolt Y rd u f kd a<u;&Sit f m; xd;k tyfvu kd &f w,f/ 924.


His ahievement is very outstanding.

olaqmif&u G cf suu f odyx f ;l uJw,f/ 916.

What I recovered is able to make good the loss.

igjyef&wmuawmh t½H;I udak xrdw,f/ 917.

Talk to me in a smiple manner, don't be too sarcastic.

'dkYwdkif;jynfrSmaumufn§if;? oMum;? tkef;oD;? qDESihfvkyfwJh vSav;pdef xdk;rkefY[m ausmfMum;w,f/ 925.

For the time being, he is comming into money.

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His habit of talking contraily is very hateful.

axmfavmuefv Y efaY jymwJo h t l usiu fh odyrf ek ;f p&maumif;w,f/ 920.



They come to blow each other because of a woman they both love.

olwEYkd pS af ,mufpvH;k cspMf uwJrh ed ;f rwpfa,mufaMumih?f olww Ykd pfa,mufEiS fh wpfa,muf xdk;BudwfMuw,f/

Many people give their opinions that U Tin will be arested.

OD;wiftzrf;cH&vdrrhf nfukd vltrsm;u xifaMu;ay;w,f/ 927.

I see in my mind's eye (visualize) that there will be a great change in the world economy.

urÇmph ;D yGm;a&;rSm tBu;D tus,t f ajymif;tvJwpfcjk zpfvrd rhf nfvYkd igxifjrifw,f/ 928.

What he has done is very thaough goin.

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After suffereing from hemiplegia cruciata he can not walk.

axmifwef;qGaJ 0'emcHpm;&Ny;D aemuf olvrf;ravQmufEikd b f ;l / (Hemipleia =udk,fwjcrf;avjzwfjcif;/ Paraplegia=udk,fwpfydkif;avjzwfjcif;)

Don't talk this and that, talk Straight forward.

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Decectatives folllow a suspect closely.

pHkaxmufaGu oHo,&Sdolwpfa,mufudk xyfMuyfruGmvdkufMuw,f/

ighu&kd iS ;f vif;wJh trlt,mESiafh jymyg/ odyNf y;D awmh raxhygESi/fh 918.

Hla Lay Sein pudding made of glutionous rice, Sugar, coconut and oil is very famous in our counry.

Her face is thickly covered with thanakhar.

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Daw Tun has to surrender her house to creditor because of inability to repay loans.

vli,frsm;t*Fvyd b f momoif,b l t Ydk wGuf uln&D efow l t Ykd oif;wpfck xlaxmifw,f/ 914.

As a result of this, both of them are taken to polic station.

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Chinese eat much of bean curd cake made from black gram.

w&kyaf wGu yJjym; trsm;Bu;D pm;Muw,f/ 913.



When he knows that he is being cheated he is fuming with anger.

oltvdrcf aH e&w,fvo Ykd w d t hJ cg ol[ma'axmif;axmif;xoGm;w,f/


Women like eating sour rice made with tomatoes and condiments.

trsK;d orD;awGu c&rf;csOo f ;D ESit fh qmawGEiS v fh yk w f hJ xrif;csOu f pkd m;&wmBuKd uf Muw,f/ 976.



olawmfojl rwfawG[m 'kuq © if;&JponfwrYkd S vGwaf jrmuf&efvrf;udk tNr&J mS azG Muw,f/ (xGu&f yfvrf;ud&k mS Muw,f) 944.

When he talks lightly of the matter, my feeling is deeply hurt.


Her style of singing is very efective in the audience last night.


He holds in contempt however he is criticised.


I helped an old man up when he fell on the road.


I am flushed with emvarrassment when U Thin asked me directly about her


Do you really think that he steals for pleasure?

oltaysmw f rf; ck;d w,fvYkd rif;wu,fxifovm;/

eloped daughter.

OD;oifau vifaemufvu kd o f mG ;wJh olo Y rD;taMumif; ighuw kd u kd &f u kd af r;vdu k af wmh igxlyo l mG ;w,f/

Of what use will a car be to a geggen?

olawmif;pm;wpfa,muftwGuf um;wpfp;D u bmtoH;k 0ifrmS vJ/

vrf;ay;rSm vltdkwpfa,mufvJusawmh igxlay;vdkufw,f/ 983.

Don't you think you'd better give your tongue a rest.

rif;vQmudk tem;ay;vQif ydrk aumif;bl;vm;vdYk rif;rawG;bl;vm;/

olu Y b kd ,favmufyaJ 0zefygap? oluawmh xDrxify/J 982.

He came back with a stagger after drinking too much of liquor.

t&uftrsm;Bu;D aomufNy;D aemuf ol',D;',dik Ef iS fh jyefvmw,f/

nwke;f u? y&dyo f wfxrJ mS olroDcsi;f qdyk u kH odyNf y;D xdrw d ,f/ 981.

She always sets a fashion in every new film.

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oluudpu ö kd ayghayghwefwefajymawmh? ighcpH m;csuu f kd av;av;eufeuf xdcu kd w f ,f/ 980.

We Buddhists pay much respect to eminent places.

xGujf rwfaomae&mawGukd 'dAYk 'k b ¨ mom0ifawGu odyt f av;*&kjyKMuw,f/

vlwpfa,mufudk xdcdkufajymwwfwJh rif;&JUtusihfudk azsmufyg/ 979.

Pious and noble-minded persons always search for way of escape from suffering etc.

Don't talk to her in an insinating manner as she is a fire brand.

Get rid of you bad habit of talking ill of a person.

He caused mischief on leaving a place finally.

olu xGufcwf cwfoGm;w,f/

olru rD;cJjzpfvYkd olrudx k u d yg;&duyg; rajymESi/fh 978.

I don't like those men and women for they live in an overly familiar manner.

olw[ Ykd m axG;vm;vH;k vm;aeMuvdYk tJ'aD ,musm;f awGEiS fh rde;f rawGukd igrBuKd ub f ;l /

U Tun in living in comfort after he has married a weathy woman.

csr;f omwJh trsK;d orD;wpfa,mufukd vufxyfNy;D aemuf OD;xGe;f uawmh xrif;yGaJ &SU a&mufy/J 977.



His life had been one long struggle against poverty.

olb Y 0[m qif;&JraJG wrIukd qefu Y siNf y;D &Snv f sm;pGm &ke;f uefc&hJ wm/ 951.

This job is not my choice of profession.

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This house costs more than it is worth.

'Dtdrf[m wefwmxuf aps;ydkw,f/ 953.

Do you know how fond I am of my daughter?

ighorD;udk igb,fvdk (b,favmuf) cspfw,fqdkwm rif;odvm;/ 954.

His red cdharacter came to light after thirty years.

ol&Y w YJ u,hf tusipfh m&dw[ å m tESpo f ;kH q,fMumNy;D rS ay:vmw,f/ 955.

He showed his real character by saying so.

tJ'v D akd jymjcif;jziho f &Yl w J u,hpf &du k u f kd jyvdu k w f myJ/ 956.

It broke her heart to see her son degenerating in character.

olo Y m; tusiyfh suaf ewmudjk rif&awmh olrm &ifusK;d &wmyJ/ 957.

I can not comply with your wishes.


va&mif atmufrSm ae&mwm b,favmufESpfvdkbG,faumif;ovJ/ 965.

He is so fast that I can not keep peace with him.

oluodyjf refvYkd olu Y ikd grDatmif rvdu k Ef ikd b f ;l / 959.

Work well or you will lose your position.

aumif;aumif;vkyf rvkyv f Qif rif;ae&m aysmufvrd rhf ,f/ 960.



Intelligence increases with age.

toufBuD;av; todOmPf<u,favyJ/ 962.

He is very tall for the age of nine.

toufu;kd ESpt f wGuf olt Y &yf[m &Snv f eG ;f w,f 963.

Becareful not to make so many mistakes in future.

aemifrmS 'DavmuftrSm;awG rvkyrf ad p&ef owdxm;yg/

Either make your purchase or walk out of my shop.

0,frmS vm; r0,fvQif ihgqdik t f jyifxu G o f mG ;yg/ 967.

His complexion becomes winkled as he is over sixty.

toufajcmufq,fausmfvmawm? olYtom;t&nf[m wGefY½HIUvmw,f/ 968.

If we prod him continually he will become acture.

olu Y kd qufwu kd w f eG ;f tm;ay;vQif olvyI &f mS ;vmvdrrhf ,f/ 969.

He will not go to foreign country for further shidy as he is strongly attached to his old mother.

rat;tdkBuD;udk wG,fwmvdkY ynmxyfoifbdkY EdkifiHjcm;udk oloGm;rSmr[kwfbl;/ 970.

Mg Mya lives on his wife's income.

armifjru olrY ed ;f rxbDem;cdpk m;w,f/ 971.

Delicacy made of glutinous rice, oil, seasamum, ground nut, etc are favourite foof of Burmese.

He gaimed his post less by efficiency than by bribery.

ol&mxl;&wm[m pGrf;&nf&Sdwmxuf v'fxdk;rIaMumihf &wm/

All my hopes are now at an end.

igharQmv f ihcf suaf wG[m tck ed*P k ;f csKyo f mG ;Ny/D

rif;qE´ukd igrvdu k af vsmEdik b f ;l / 958.

How lovely it is in the moon light.

xreJ[m ArmawG&UJ tBuKd ut f pm;tpmyJ/ 972.

You must not throuw aways left over rice.

xrif;Murf;udk rif;rvTiyfh pf&bl;/ 973.

Spoon or ladle out rice from the pot for I am very hungry.

igxrif;qmvdYk xrif;cl;yg/ 974.

Fried crust of cooked rice are very saleable.

xrif;csK;d aMumfu odyaf &mif;&w,f/

1018. Mg Mg, brideg groom-to-be puts up property and money to the prospective


of a marriage.

bride's parents.

Xmaevli,frsm;? aomufpm;bdkYtwGuf r*FvmaqmifwJhtcg cJbdk;udk "avh xH;k pHtwkid ;f ay;&w,f/

owdo Yk m;avmif;armifarmifu arQmv f ihx f m;aom owdo Yk rD;\ rdbrsm;xH yp枚n;f ESiafh iGrsm; wifawmif;onf/ 1019. Don't sit side wise long, you will suffer sprain back.










olciG , fh v l Qif olaY e&mudk vlpm;xd;k bdYk tqiho f ihv f yk x f m;yg/

Don't come and tell me anything, I am fraught with anxiety.

ighub kd mrSvmrajymESifh igaomuayGaew,f/

tdrfao;ao;av;udk oludk,fwdkifaqmufNyD; emrnf,lw,f/ 1028. What I have heard is very pleasant to the ear.

Don't do it, you will get into trouble.

tJ'grvkyEf iS fh jy贸emwufvrd rhf nf/

olwdkYoludkb,favmufyJemrnfzsufzsuf ol&dk;om;wm vlwdkif;odw,f/ 1027. If he takes leave, make it ready to place a substitute in his stead.

Superstitious people do not travel on ill-fated day.

t,lo;D wJo h al wGu jy贸'g;aeYrmS c&D;roGm;Mubl;/

Mumcdrk u I sL;vGeNf y;D aemuf olemrnfysuw f ,f/ 1026. He takes undue credit for little house he built himself.

With a silly grim, he talks about his love affiairs.

NyKH ;NzNJ zEJ iS fh ol&Y UJ cspaf &;udk udpa枚 wGukd oluajymw,f/

ihg&JUtaxGaxGrefae*smtjzpf[m emrnfcrH QomyJ/ 1025. He got a bad name ofter commithing a duttery.

When I make a davnces to she smiles in a faintly be mused.

iguvlysKpd um;ajymawmh olru NyKH ;pdpv d yk af ew,f/

rif;rSew f ,fvYkd rif;xifvQif wif;xm;yg/ (tavsmrh ay;yJ) 1024. My being general manager in only a figure head.

Look at his smiling face, he seems to get a windfall.

ol&Y UJ NyKH ;aewJrh suEf mS udMk unhyf g/ olyaG ygufw;dk ovdyk /J

tzGm;Bu;D u pdev f ufaumufwpf&EH iS fh wihaf ew,f/ 1023. If you think you are right, stand firm.

He grumbles about his dissatisfaction of the loss of money.

ydu k q f aH ysmufvYkd rauseyfaMumif;udk olu yGpyd pG ad jymw,f/

olwdkY qD'dk;em;a[mfw,frSm wihfawmihfwifhw,f r*FvmaqmifMuw,f/ 1022. The old lady is comely with a pair of diamond wristlets.

The money I lent him has no possibitity of regaining.

olUudk igacs;xm;wJh ydu k q f [ H m jyefvrf;r&Syd gbl;/

'dw Yk &m;xdik w f t hJ cg wifysOaf cG xdik Mf u&w,f/ 1021. They married commen surately at Sedona Hotel.

He vbecomes wide eyed with shock and fear when he sees police coming.

&JawGvmwmjrifawmh oljyL;wl;Nyw J jJ zpfvmw,f/

wifyg;vTaJ Mumrxdik Ef iS fh rif;cg;emvdrrhf nf/ 1020. We have to sit cross-legged when we practise religious meditatern.

Money was customarily given to local young men for a feast on the occasion


His habit of playing around can never he admonished.

oljrmayGwJh tusihf[m b,fawmhrS jyKjyifvdkY &rSmr[kwfbl;/


The girl singer was given hearty response.

rdef;uav;tqdkawmfudk yGJus usw,f/ 996.

The andinece call upon

for a per formance.

acsmpkcifukd yGMJ unhyf &dwo f wfu yGaJ wmif;Muw,f/ 997.

Grand festivals are not performed during raining season.

rd;k &moDrmS yGBJ u;D vrf;Bu;D awG rvkyMf ubl;/ 998.


Your cloghings are not presentable for occasion.

1007. If the patient suffers from dropsy, hospitatise him quickly.

vlemazgaevsif aq;½Ht k jrefwifyg/ 1008. She is sociable to every one she knows.

olru odwv hJ w l ikd ;f udk az:a&Gw,f/ 1009. I never trust any one who behaves in an unretiable manner.

azgufvaJS zgufjyefvyk w f b hJ ,fou l rkd S igr,Hb k ;l / 1010. Do you like Chinese dish of minuced meat, wrapped in dough, served fried or

rif;t0wfawGu yGrJ wd;k ygbl;/


This amulet is very powerful, it is tried and proven.

zufxyk u f kd rif;BuKd uo f vm;/

'DvufzUJG u odypf rG ;f w,f/ yGaJ wGUyG/J 1000. I don't want to attend ceremonial occasion.

yGaJ eyGx J ikd f igrxufcsib f ;l / 1001. Don't take adavatage of any disorder.

yGv J efzY smcif;rvkyyf gESi/fh 1002. New broom singers are very popular.

yGio fh pfp? tqdak wmfawG[m odyaf ysmjf yLvmjzpfw,f/ 1003. She doesnot have dealings with that lusty man in a close and intimate mauner.

tJ'w D PSm&l;ESio fh rl [m yGwo f ;D yGwo f yf rqufqb H ;l / 1004. This shaineless mand flathers rich men in a servile way.

'Dt&Suef nf;wJv h u l csr;f omwJv h al wGukd azmfvzf m;w,f/ 1005. They get married after many years of love.

ESpaf ygif;rsm;pGm cspNf y;D aemuf olwYkd zl;pmqHo k mG ;Muw,f/ 1006. Her parents treat her with great indulgence.

olr&JUrdbrsm;u olrudk zl;zl;rIwx f m;Muw,f/

1011. Look at him, he is rearing to go.

olu Y Mkd unhv f u kd pf rf; zifw<u<ujzpfaew,f/ 1012. This man in quick and a lert.

'Dvu l zihaf yghw,f/ 1013. He is steady in any occupation.

olub,ftvkyrf mS rqdk zifNrw J ,f/ 1014. He is very stodgy whenever he is ordered to do something.

wpfcck ck ikd ;f vdu k v f Qif olu odyzf ifav;w,f/ 1015. Take heed that you should not have bought shop-soiled stock.

wdu k af qG;awG r0,frad pzdYk owdryl g/ 1016. A fence is under investigation for being caught with plunders.

ck;d &mygypön;f 0,fa&mif;olwpfa,mufukd wdu k &f mygypön;f rsm;ESifh rdaeonht f wGuf ppfar;aeygonf/ 1017. Demonstrators are consigned to solitary confine ment.

qE´jyolrsm;udk wdu k yf w d x f m;vdu k o f nf/

1063. As ice lollips are not clean, don't let the children eat them.

a&cJacsmif;awGu roef&Y iS ;f vdYk cav;awGukd rpm;apESi/fh 1064. Planetarium is fully crowed with people on Sundays.

we*FaEGaeYawGrmS euŠww f m,mjyefcef;[m vlawGEiS jfh ynhaf ew,f/ 1065. Don't make fun of him for he is very sensitive.

olu odyftuJqwfvdkY? olYudk raemufESihf/ 1066. I am stiff in the neck after writing long on the table.

pm;yGJrSm tMum;BuD; a&;NyD;aemuf igZufaMumwufw,f/ 1067. I am not free from warry of family and home.

rdom;pkEiS fh tdr&f UJ twGuf igtaemufyikd ;f rat;bl;/ 1068. Help the child to defecate.

cav;udk aemufaz;xnhv f u kd yf g/ 1069. Rock the baby to sleep.

cav;udk vIyfNyD; odyfvdkufyg/ 1070. I am going to relieve myself.

igaemufaz;oGm;vdu k Of ;D r,f/ 1071. Lackeys always take advantages when the chances arise.

tcGit fh a&;aGay:vmvQif aemufNr;D qGaJ wGu tNryJ t J cGit fh a&;,lMuw,f/ 1072. Detectives always trail susected politicians.

pHak xmufawGu oHo,&Sw d hJ Edik if aH &;orm;awGukd tNraJ emufa,mifcw H ,f/ 1073. U Aung had by later marriage two children.

OD;atmifu aemuftrd af xmifEiS fh cav;ESpaf ,uf&w,f/ 1074. Daw Jan used insufferable language when she saw Mg Mya.

armifjrudjk rifwt hJ cg a':*sr;f u eihef iho f ;D oD; ajymvdu k w f ,f/

1029. I am tired of hearing this song repeatedly.

igMum;cJ&h wmuawmh odyef m;csr;f omwmyJ/ 1030. They strain their ears to hear the gossip.

twif;ajymwmudMk um;&atmif olwu Ykd em;pGiafh eMuw,f/ 1031. I don't know whether it is true or not, I heard them say in completely.

rSev f m;rSm;vm;awmhigrdobl;/ olwaYkd jymwmem;pGeef m;zsm;Mum;wmyJ/ 1032. I misheard that they were arrested yesterday.

raeYu olwt Ykd zrf;cH&w,fvYkd igem;Mum;vGo J mG ;w,f/ 1033. When he is talked to with worthy of trust, he is taken in.

oludk,HkavmufatmifajymvQif oluem;a,mifw,f/ 1034. I become used to hearing his daily abuse.

olaeYwidk ;f qJwmudk igu em;,OfaeygNy/D 1035. His master boxed his ears for he acted in defiauce.

oluefv Y efw Y u kd v f Ykd olo Y cifu olu Y ekd m;&if;tkyMf uw,f/ 1036. I lent him money on the understanding that he should pay back it at the end of next month.

aemufvukerf mS jyefay;r,fqv kd Ykd em;vnfrEI iS fh oluikd gaiGacs;vdu k w f ,f/ 1037. I must attend ear boring aremony of his daughter.

olo Y rD;&JU em;or*Fvmudk igoGm;&r,f/ 1038. I was deafened by the sound of cannons.

tajrmfursm;&JUtoHaMumihf igem;tlomG ;w,f/ 1039. I want to live in peace and quict.


1040. This girl is big for her age.

'Dred ;f uav;u EkxmG ;Bu;D yJ/ 1041. They decarate their office with sun shades.

olwdkYu olwdkY&JU tvkyfcef;udk aeumawGESihf wefqmqifxm;w,f/ 1042. You will suffer from heat-stroke if you go out without a hat or numberlla in the day time.

OD;xkyaf omf4if;? xD;aomf4if;? rygbJaeYvnfbuf tjyifxu G v f Qirf if;aeylrv d rd rhf nf/ 1043. My flowers are withered by the sun in the evening.

naebufrmS ighyef;awG aeavmifuek w f ,f/ 1044. Put the knife back in its proper place.

"g;udak eom;wus jyefxm;yg/ 1045. I am inwell after catching cold in Pying Oo Lwin.

jyifO;D vGirf mS tat;rdNy;D aemuf igaexdik rf aumif;bl;/ 1046. Let alone going to picture, I don't even have time to scratch anitch.

&ky&f iS o f mG ;bdaYk eaeomom ighrmS ,m;vdu Yk w k b f aYkd wmiftcsed rf &Sb d ;l / 1047. Tell me the whole incident, don't leoive me on the tenter hooks.

tjzpftysuu f kd ighut kd ukeaf jymjyyg/ ighuakd erxdxikd rf xd rvkyyf gESi/fh 1048. I feel it at ease when I was told of his insolence.

ol&Y UJ vlyg;0rIukd ighuakd jymjyawmh igaerxdxikd rf omjzpfw,f/ 1049. What he had done is completely satis factory.

olvyk cf w hJ m ae&musw,f/ 1050. I get used to living with these village.

'D&mG om;wGEiS fh igaeom;usaeNy;D /

1051. He seems to become bearable after he has undergone major operation.

cGpJ w d rf t I Bu;D pm;cH&Ny;D aemuf olaeomovdyk /J 1052. The elders on both sides choose the auspicious day for marriage.

r*FvmaqmiftwGuf ESpb f ufvBl u;D awGu aeYaumif;&ufoma&G;w,f/ 1053. We close our shaps on days of special significance.

aeYBu;D &ufBu;D awGrmS 'dq Yk idk af wGuykd w d Mf uw,f/ 1054. Even in broad daylight the thief lurks some houses.

aeYcif;aMumifawmifBu;D awmif tdrw f csKUd udk olc;kd uyfw,f/ 1055. It is amazing that he prospers within a short time.

olaeYcsi;f ncsi;f Bu;D yGm;vmwm[m tHMh op&myJ/ 1056. Sit with care on this loose chair.

'DeaYJ ewJu h v k m;xkid af y: owdEiS x fh ikd /f 1057. I know their thricks thoroughly, don't warry.

olwOYkd mPfrsm;wmawGukd iguaemufusaeNyD pdwrf ylEiS /fh 1058. Your clothes have a foul smell due to unwash.

rif;t0wfawGu ravQmv f Ykd eHapmfaeNy/D 1059. They employed occult means to supress my ego.

atmufvrf;enf;awGo;kH Ny;D ighuekd EH rdS Mf uw,f/ 1060. He shows gratitude to his parents by supporting them in their old age.

rdbrsm;tdrk if;wJt h cg axmufyjhH cif;jzihf olu Edb Yk ;kd qyfw,f/ 1061. His wife weaned her child before the age of two.

touf (2) ESprf jynhrf ?D olrY ed ;f ru cav;udk EdjYk zwfw,f/ 1062. Don't wean the child from breat feeding.

cav;udk rdcifEw Ykd u kd w f m rjzwfvu dk yf gESi/fh

1105. Mg Hla asks formally for the hand of U Mya's daughter in marriage.

armifvu S OD;jr&JU orD;udk vufxyf&ef awmif;&rf;w,f/ 1106. The king tours the land with his eutourage.

bk&ifu acR&o H if;yifrsm;ESifh wdik ;f cef;vSnw fh ,f/ 1107. A small betelnut is blocked up in his throat.

uGr;f oD;tao;av;u olv Y nfacsmif;xJrmS wpfqaYkd ew,f/ 1108. He can't go through the pipe and he is half in half out in the middle.

olyu kd u f jkd zwfroGm;Edik yf J tv,facgifrmS wpfvpfjzpfaew,f/ 1109. My uncle is in the State of a person bing all by himself.

ighOd;av;uawmh wudk,fa&wum,yJ/ 1110. These two men are in conspiracy with each other.

'DvEl pS af ,mufu wpfusw d w f nf; wpfOmPfwnf;yJ/ 1111. The public support all together the plans of the goverment.

1075. During riot demenstrators treaded on the feet of noe auother.

t"du&ke;f jzpfpOftwGi;f qE´jyorm;awG[m wpfa,mufajcaxmuftay: wpfa,muf wufeif;Muw,f/ 1076. I don't care of the consequences, let the future decide.

aemufqufwJG tusK;d qufawGukd ig*&krpdu k b f ;l ? aemifcgvmaemifcgaps;yJ/ 1077. He is repentant of the misery he has caused his old mother.

rattdBk u;D udk pdwq f if;&Jatmifvyk cf rhJ v d Ykd olaemifw&aew,f/ 1078. His trump card is a threat to reveal Daw Aye's secrets.

olEikd u f u G u f awmh a':at;&JUvQKd U0Sucf suaf wGukd azmfxw k rf ,fqw kd NhJ crd ;f ajcmufryI /J 1079. My Sim who his wife can get the better of every time.

armifped u f awmh olrY ed ;f r&JU Edik zf ufy/J 1080. I am disappounted with this group of men as they explaited one another.

wpfa,mufEiS w fh pfa,mufEikd &f mpm;vkyMf uwJ?h 'Dvpl u k kd igpdwyf suw f ,f/

vlxu k tpd;k &pDru H ed ;f awGukd wcJeufaxmufcMH uw,f/

1081. They felt aggrieved when their grievauces were turned down by the authorities.

1112. The rail way station is a hailing distance for form here.

olw&Ykd UJ epfemcsuaf wGukd tmPmydik rf sm;u y,fcsvu kd af omtcg olwaYkd wGepfem oGm;w,f/

rD;&xm;blwm½Hu k 'Duaewpfac:avmufa0;w,f/ 1113. They all are of the same mould.

olwt Ykd m;vH;k u wpfcsK;d wnf;yJ/ 1114. His idea is not perfect, it is only in a state of being wanting in something.

1082. He lost himself in thought after he came back from his lover.

olcspo f q l u D jyefvmNy;D aemuf oltawG;xJrmS epfarsmoGm;w,f/ 1083. He set an example for his friends with regard to honesty.

oltawG;tac:u rjynhpf b kH ;l wjcrf;yJBu;D yJ/

&d;k om;rIEiS yfh wfoufí olrw d af qGawGukd oluenf;ay;vrf;jyvkyw f ,f/

1115. This man is always with exaggerated show of pride.

1084. What he had settled the dispute between neighbours was in accordance with

'Dvu l tNrJ rmeBu;D wcGo J m;ESifh 1116. The thieves steal my properties in god own little by little.

*dak 'gifxu J ighypön;f awGukd olc;kd awGu wpfpwpfpcd;k ,lMuw,f/

the rules.

tdref ;D em;csi;f awGtMum; tjiif;yGm;rIukd Nird ;f at;atmifov l yk v f u kd w f m[m ] enf;vrf;Muw,f/

1085. Some people still hold ceremonies to propitiate the spirits.

vlwpfcsKUd [m tckxufxd ewfuem;ay;wke;f yJ/ 1086. He is jumping up and down and trambling as if possessed by spirit (nat= )

oluewfy;l ovd?k txufatmufcek af ygufNy;D wud, k v f ;kH wkeaf ew,f/ 1087. The pulp of durian fruit is so delicious that is after compared to ambrosia by those who like it very much.

'l;&if;oD;odyBf uKd uw f v hJ al wGu 'l;&if;oD;tESpt f om;udk ewfo"k g´ ESifh EdiI ;f ,SONf y;D ? t&om&Sv d eG ;f vdYk rMumceajymMuw,f/ 1088. He always relates events in a plaintive manner when he is drunk.

olt&ufr;l vQif tjzpftysuaf wGukd ewfoaH ESmNy;D ajymw,f/ 1089. Liquorice relieves stomach pain.

EG,fcsKdu Adkufemwmudk oufomapw,f/ 1090. I am sorry to loose her love.

olr&JUtcspu f kd qH;k &SKH ;&rSm igESajrmw,f/ 1091. King Kyan sit tha is fully endowed in the martial prowess and mental facutty.

usepf pfom;rif;[m vuf&;kH &nfEiS fh ESv;kH &nfyg jynhpf w kH ,f/ 1092. He turned up his nose in disapproval when decision was made in the favours of his apponent.

ol&Y UJ NyKd ib f ufut kd omay;qH;k jzwfcsucf swt hJ cg oluoabmrwlyEJ mS acgif;&SKH Uw,f/ 1093. Persons who have straight nose are very rare mongst Chinese.

w&kyaf wGrmS ESmwHay:whval wG ody&f mS ;w,f/ 1094. Proive inconscious person with smelling salt.

owdvpfaewJo h u l kd &SLaq;ESifh ESmESwaf y;yg/

1095. Dont trust any of these two, they are in complete agreement.

'DEpS af ,mufxu J b,fvu l rkd S r,HEk iS fh olwu Ykd ESpu f , kd w hf pfpw d af wG/ 1096. Mg Ko is a person who instigales rivalry beliceen them

olwMYkd um;rSm armifuu kd ESpzf ufcReyf /J 1097. I slept saumdly last night without any disturbauce.

bm taESmuft,Surf rS &Syd ?J nuigESpEf pS cf sKu d cf sKu d tdycf &hJ w,f/ 1098. I am so used to calling him big head.

olu Y akd cgif;Bu;D vdYk ac:wm igEIwu f sK;d aeNy/D 1099. This tramp does not attain social acceptance.

'DMurf;yd;k (vl*sy;kd ) [m vl&mr0ifygbl;/ 1100. He is exceptionally gifted person, he always sees one step a head.

oluvlawmfyJ? olu tNrJuGufausmfjrifw,f/ 1101. Many people from various parts of the country go to the ceremony for propitiating the spirits of Shwe Pyin brother held amnually at Taungbyon village near Maudalay.

a&Tzsi;f ewfEpS yf g;udk ylaZmfyo&eftwGuf rEÅav;teD;&Sd awmifjyKe;f &GmrSm ESppf Of usi;f ywJh awmifNyKH ;yGu J kd wdik ;f jynfET UHS rSval wGvmw,f/ 1102. His decision is as before neither here nor there.

olq;kH jzwfcsuu f t&iftwdik ;f ? awmifrus? ajrmufrusygyJ/ 1103. Even though I asked for mercy, he did not for give me.

igutoem;cHwm awmif;olu ighuckd iG rfh vTwb f ;l / 1104. I wish for a house in my name.

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1151. He thumbs his nose at his supercar officer who scolds him.

olYudk Budrf;armif;wJholYtxuft&m&Sdudk olu uefYvefYwdkufw,f/ 1152. She is wheedling her father to buy her new car.

um;opf0,fay;bdYk olru zciftm; uyfcRaJ ew,f/ 1153. She becomes spoit through pampering of her mother.

rdcif\cspcf iftvdk vdu k rf aI Mumihf olru urf;wufw,f/ 1154. Don't act coaxingly like a sissy, behave manly.

rde;f rvsmvdYk uEGUJ uvsmrvkyyf gESi?fh usm;usm;vsm;vsm;aexdik yf g/ 1155. Don't take offouce, he is meutally deficient.

aAGr,lygESi?fh olu usyrf jynhyf gbl;/ 1156. Sit decarously with fect tuckedunderneath before parents.

rdbawGa&SUrSm usKH UusKH Uxdik yf g/ 1157. As he is good natured he does any and every kind of work.

oluoabmaumif;vdkY tukefvHk;udk usHK;vkyfw,f/ 1158. Those who commit a dultery should be put to death.

Mumcdw k v hJ al wGukd owfypfoihw f ,f/ 1159. Thick soya bean sauce is used in cooking pork.

MumndKY (yJiHjym&nftaemuf) udk 0ufom;csuf&mrSm toHk;jyKw/f 1160. They play a game of draughts under lamp-post the whole night.

olwdkYrD;wdkifatmufrSm wnvHk;usm;xdk;w,f/ 1161. She gives a come-hither look to every one who passes by him.

olrem;u uyfomG ;wJv h w l idk ;f udk olruMumay;w,f/ 1162. Middle man is very trouble some sometimes between enenics.

&efoal wGMum;rSm Mum;vl[mwpfcgwpf&H odyt f aESmiht f ,Suaf y;w,f/

1117. His confession is true to a certain exten.

ol0efccH suu f wpfpw d w f pfa'o rSew f ,f/ 1118. The news heard second hand is not reliable.

wqihfMum;owif;[m tm;rxm;avmufbl;/ 1119. News from a secondary source is not reliable too.

wqihfpum;[mvnf; tm;rxm;avmufbl;/ 1120. The work is finished withing a short time.

tvkyu f wpfcPcsi;f Ny;D oGm;w,f/ 1121. Would you please move a little.

wpfqw d af vmuf tenf;i,fa&GUay;ygvm;cifAsm/ 1122. Drive with care when you reach elbowshaped bend.

wpfqpfcsK;d auGUa&mufvQif owdxm;Ny;D armif;yg/ 1123. They have interest in womanizing.

olwdkYu rdef;rvdkufpm;wm 0goemygw,f/ 1124. Let us break fourney at Mandalay.

'drYk EÅav;rSm wpfaxmufem;&atmif/ 1125. Can you eat five plates of cooked rice at one sitting?

xrif;ig;yk*w kH pfxikd w f nf;ESifh rif;pm;Edik o f vm;/ 1126. His finaucial condition becomes worse day by day.

olb Y @ma&;tajctaeu wpfaeYwjcm;ydq k ;kd vmw,f/ 1127. I always work within my capacity.

igtNryJ ?J wpfyikd w f pfEikd yf v J yk w f ,f/ 1128. Think of his problem in some other way.

oljY yóemudk wpfenf;wpfykH pOf;pm;ygOD;/

1129. He is good natured, inother words he is a dolt.

oluoabmaumif;w,f/ wpfenf;tm;jzihfawmh oluvlaygwpfa,mufyJ/ 1130. He has a strong wixh for marrying Ma Tin whom he loves most.

olt Y cspq f ;kH rwifukd vufxyfbYkd olwpfyikd ;f aoaewmyJ/ 1131. Don't think of swindling him, he is much cleverer than you.

olu Y kd wpfywf&u kd b f Ykd rpOf;pm;ESifh olurif;xuftrsm;Bu;D vQiw f ,f/ 1132. I always take a short nap after meal.

tpmpm;Ny;D vQif igtNrw J pfarS;tdyw f ,f/ 1133. This fellow is an aded annoyance while others are busy.

olrsm;awGtvkyrf sm;aewke;f 'Daumifu wpfarSmuf/ 1134. We are in dire distress are we happened tomake him our leader.

olu Y kd 'd&Yk UJ acgif;aqmiftjzpfvyk rf w d m ig;yg;arSmufwmyJ/ 1135. He is really proficient in his work.

olu olYtvkyfrSm wu,fwwfuRrf;w,f/ 1136. I never believe him for he is a charlatan.

oluwwfa,mifum;wpfa,mufjzpfvdkY oludk igb,fawmhrS r,Hkbl;/ 1137. He is perceptive to the need of his parents.

olu rdbawGvdktyfwmudk wwfodvdr®mw,f/ 1138. Every one says that Hg Aye's behaviour and appearance is staid.

armifat;&JU taetxdik Ef iS fh &kyk o f iG [ f m wnfMunfw,fvYkd vlwikd ;f uajymw,f/ 1139. She gave bitrh to five children, however, her physique is still trimly.

olru cav;ig;a,mufarG;Ny;D Ny?D odaYk omfnm;vnf;? olr&JKUud, k v f ;kH ud, k af ygufu wif;wif;&if;&if;ygyJ/

1140. Frackles destroy the beauty of the face.

wif;wdyaf wGu rsuEf mS &JUtvSukd zsuq f ;D w,f/ 1141. The situation becomes tensed between two parties.

ESpfygwDtMum; taetxm;u wif;rmvmw,f/ 1142. His face is very sterm.

olrsufESmu wif;rmw,f/ 1143. Don't speak in coherently

awmifpOfa&r& rajymygESi/fh 1144. You can't understand what he means for he speaks in a rambling way.

olu awmifa&mufajrmufa&mufajymvdYk olbmqdv k w kd ,fqw kd m rif;em;rvnfEikd b f ;l 1145. They acclaim the success of Mg Tin.

olwaYkd rmifwif\ atmifjrifru I kd aumif;Bu;D Mobmay;Muonf/ 1146. Eadible oblong fruits of creeper are plenty in the bazaar.

uif;yHo k ;D awG aps;xJrmS trsm;Bu;D yJ/ Rain will beabndant this year.

'DEpS rf ;kd aumif;vdrrhf nf/ 1147. His wife has luxuriant griowth of hair.

olred ;f ru qHyifaumif;w,f/ 1148. The goverment should take measures to promote the welfare of the people.

vlawGaumif;pm;a&;udjk ri§ w fh if&ef tpd;k &aqmif&u G cf surf sm; vkyo f iho f nf/ 1149. I wish Mg Aye reach better future existence after his dealth.

olu, G v f eG Nf y;D aemuf armifat;aumif;&mok*wdvm;ygapvdiYk gqE´jyKygw,f/ 1150. This fellow is in my way to progress.

'Daumifu ighwufvrf;rSm uefv Y efu Y efv Y efv Y /J

1197. He refuses to clean W-C (water closet) becasue others would not.

tdrfomudk oefY&Sif;bdkY oluwGufuyfw,f/ 1198. Our work today turns out as expected.

'd'Yk aD eYtvkyf wGuaf jcudu k w f ,f/ 1199. He nudged me with hiselbow when we met on the way.

'dkYvrf;rSmawGUawmh oluighudk wawmifESihf wGwfoGm;cJhw,f/ 1200. My Lay made Mg Tin a side trust with a knife.

armifav;u armifxGef;udk "g;ESihf xGufoGm;w,f/ 1201. He is rooted to his house after he is married to Ma Khin Lay.

rcifav;udk vufxyfNy;D aemuf olutdrw f iG ;f atmifaew,f/ 1202. Our two years old daughter now prattles in a loving manner.

'd&Yk UJ (2) ESpo f rD;av;[m tckcsppf &mwGww f ;D wGww f m ajymNy/D 1203. We used to play a game of tag what we were young.

'diYk ,fpOfwek ;f u wGwx f ;kd wef; upm;aeMuyJ/ 1204. Becareful, he is in the habit of playing dirty trick.

owdxm; oluacsmufwGef;wJh tusihf&Sdw,f/ 1205. Many people experienced electric shock during heavey rain fall.

rd;k jyif;xefpmG &GmpOfu vltrsm;"gwfvu kd cf &H w,f/ 1206. Doctor prescribed a dict for his patient.

q&m0efu olYvlemudk "gwfpmauR;w,f/ 1207. Five persons were electrocuted last night.

nu vlig;a,muf "gwfvkdufNyD;aow,f/ 1208. We have finished building a community hall for religioous per poses.

'd"Yk r®m&Hw k pfck aqmufvYkd Ny;D oGm;Ny/D

1163. His boasting is gathing to the ears.

ol<um;0grIukd em;Mum;jyif;uyfw,f/ 1164. Sangas aviod eating the flesh of animal slaughtered within ear shot.

oHCmawmfawG[m Mum;om;udkpm;jcif;rS a&SmifusOfMuw,f/ 1165. Don't stuff my clothes into leather tremk for they will be crumpled.

aMuukerf mS rdv Yk Ykd igt0wfawGukd om;a&aowåmxJ xk;d Buw d rf xnhyf gESi/fh 1166. They place their bets on cack-fight.

Muufwu dk yf rJG mS olwaYkd Mu;xyfMuw,f/ 1167. U Ba charged U Thein falsely of having barrowed money.

OD;bu OD;ode;f udk aMu;cGyw f ,f (rSm;,Gi;f pGmaiGacs;,lw,fvpYkd yG pf w JG ,f/) 1168. I have to meet my father on arrival at air port.

avqdyrf mS ighzcifukd BuKd p&m&Sw d ,f/ 1169. We used to stip with ropes when we were young.

'diYk ,fwek ;f u BuKd ;ckeaf eusy/J 1170. Serub dirt off your body with soap.

rif;ud, k u f kd qyfjymESifh aMu;wGe;f yg/ 1171. Our village pagoda festival is densely crowded.

'd&Yk mG bk&m;yGu J MuufysrH us pnfum;w,f/ 1172. I helped him with great effort but he did not succeed.

olu Y ikd guBuKd pm;yef;pm;ulncD yhJ gw,f/ 'gayr,ho f rl atmifjrifcb hJ ;l / 1173. I suffered from incomnia after eating too much of pickled tea leaves miced with other ingredicuts.

vufzufow k t f rsm;Bu;D pm;Ny;D igrsupf ad Mumifw,f/

1174. Many people like fried Indian trumpet.

aMumifvQmoD;aMumfudk? vltrsm;BudKufMuw,f/ 1175. Talk with care when you wish to talk to him.

oluakd jymcsiv f Qif Munhaf jymyg (owdxm;ajymyg) 1176. I can't bear with patience his unsult.

olaY pmfum;rIukd igoD;rcHEikd b f ;l / 1177. They are not compitable with one another.

olwdkYwawG wpfa,mufESihfwpfa,muf rwnhfMubl;/ 1178. Sugar does not agree with those who have diabeter.

qD;csK&dS w dS o hJ al wG[m oMum;ESifh rwnhb f ;l / 1179. Lodging houses were rummaged by the police last night.

wnf;cd;k cef;awG[m &JawG&UJ arTaESmuf&mS azGwmudk nucHvu kd &f w,f/ 1180. I will donate as much as I can to build a school for orphans.

rdbrJch av;awGtwGuf ausmif;aqmufbYkd igwwftm;oa&GUvSLr,f/ 1181. Villagers look at a stranger furtively.

&Gmom;awGu vlpdrf;udk acsmif;Munhfw,f/ 1182. Why can not I ge this car if I buy it at equitable price.

wef&mwefaMu;ay;vQif 'Dum;igbmdrYk & &rSmvJ/ 1183. He heads straight for school after break fast.

eHeufpmpm;Ny;D awmh ausmif;udk olwef;Ny;D oGm;w,f/ 1184. After suffering months of fever, he is weak and shaky.

vaygif;rsm;pGmzsm;Ny;D aemuf oluwkecf snafh ew,f/ 1185. He talks to me about his troubles in a trembling manner.

ol'Y u k aŠ wGtaMumif; ighuw kd ek w f ek , f if,ifEiS fh ajymw,f/

1186. Don't accuse him positively of theft unless you are sure.

rif;rBurd ;f aovQif olu Y kd cd;k rIEiS fh wyftyfaocsmrpGypf yJG gESi/fh 1187. If the Burmese women marry foreigners without restraint Burmese nationally will head towards extinction.

ArmrawG[m Edik if jH cm;om;awGEiS h pf ;D vGw0f g;vGwf vufxyfMuvQif ArmvlrsK;d [m wdraf umhawmhr,f/ 1188. Now mangoes are out of season.

tck o&ufo;D awGw;kH Ny/D 1189. I have made aclear cut decision to relinquish my son.

ighom;udk pGefYvTwfvdkufvbdkY igwHk;wHk;cs qHk;jzwfcsuf csvdkufw,f/ 1190. Try this car, it stands rough use.

'Dum;udk prf;oyfMunfh 'Dum;uwH;k ayuyfowfcw H ,f/ 1191. After suffering from paralytic stroke he is bed ridden now.

avjzwfc&H Ny;D aemuf oltcktyd , f mxJvaJ eNy/D 1192. They are sleeping sprowled out after watching

the whole.

wpfnvH;k ZmwfyMJG unfNh y;D olww Ykd ;kH vH;k yufvuf tdyaf eMuw,f/ 1193. My limbs feel stiff after a hard days work.

wpfaeYwm tjyif;txefvyk Nf y;D ihg&JUacsvufawG[mwGaew,f/ 1194. Don't waver what to do, do as I tell you.

bmvkyrf &rvJvYkd rawGa0ESifh igajymwJt h wdik ;f vky/f 1195. Come and contact with our leader, you will be surely pelased.

'daYk cgif;aqmifEiS v fh mNy;D awGxMd unhyf g/ rif;aocsmaygufEpS o f ufomG ;r,f/ 1196. He has to contemplate working as a driver for a living.

toufarG;0rf;ausmif;twGuf '&dik b f mtvkyv f yk b f Ykd olawG;&Iw,f/

1239. He is indomitable, strought forward and short-tempered.

olur[kwrf cHwhJ vlajzmihpf w d w f ykd /J 1240. Don't believe him, he has a habit to lake a cut for his own bevefit.

olurkd ,HEk iS fh olujzwpfm;vQypf m;vkyw f hJ tusi&fh w dS ,f/ 1241. He always talks and thinks confusedly; taht is why he makes little progress.

olutNryJ J AvH;k AaxG; ajymw,fpOfpm;w,f/ 'gaMumihyf o J t l enf;tusO;f om wdk;wufw,f/ 1242. He is extremely distressed in heart when he knows that his daughter eloped with trishaw pedaler.

olo Y rD; qdu k u f m;eif;wJo h El iS fh cd;k &mvdu k af jy;wm olow d mh ol&Y ifxrJ mS Aavmifql oGm;w,f/ 1243. He looks pale aftef suffering from lalaria for months.

vaygif;rsm;pGm iSuzf sm;a&m*gcHpm;&Ny;D aemuf oljzLywfjzLa&mf jzpfaew,f/ 1244. Blanch lady fingers with boiling water before you eat.

rpm;cif ½H;k ywDo;D awGukd qlyw G af eaoma&aEG;ESifh ajymyg/ 1245. The process of event of recent unrest is very complicated matter.

rMumrDujzpfymG ;cJw h hJ tNird rf oufrI &JjzpfpOfuawmh tawmfav;&Iyaf xG;wJ/h 1246. No one can tell precisely how his death happened.

olaorIjzpfyu kH kd wpfa,mufrS wdwu d sus rajymEdik b f ;l / 1247. Women should be very careful not to be in an over-famaliar muner with men.

trsK;d orD;awG[m trsK;d om;awGEiS fh vH;k vm;axG;vm; raerdbYkd tvGeo f wdjyKoihf Muw,f/

1209. He is totally ignoraut of Mator car engine.

olu armfawmfum;tif*sit f aMumif; euefwpfv;kH rS rodygbl;/ 1210. No one can separate them, their desting is fuced.

b,forl S olwu Ykd kd rcGEJ ikd b f ;l olweYkd zl;pmu owfrw S Nf y;D om;/ 1211. General appearance of Mg Tin is not bad.

armifwif&UJ ezl;a&? 'l;a&u rqd;k ygbl;/ 1212. After looking at his facial expression, act according to circumstances.

olrY suEf mS &dyrf suEf mS uJuMkd unhNf y;D rD;pifMunhu f yg/ 1213. His old mother is suffering from chronic illness.

olrcd ift[ kd m emwm&Snaf &m*g cHpm;ae&w,f/ 1214. Occasion of death is imavoidable for every on.

ema&;[m vlwdkif;twGuf a&SmifvTJí r&bl;/ 1215. I went to their house to express my sorrow on seeing obituary. notice of their mother's dealth in news paper.

owif;pmrSm olwrYkd cd ifu, G v f eG af Mumif; ema&;aMumfjimudak wGU&awmh olwt Ykd rd f oGm;Ny;D 0rf;enf;aMumif;ajymvdu k w f ,f/ 1216. I listen respectfully to his teaching in connection with human nature.

vlYobm0ESihfywfoufí ol\ oGefoifrIudk iguem,lw,f/ 1217. I felt impotent with rage when he talked with a high and mighty mannes.

olu avwpfv;kH ? rd;k wpfv;kH ajymawmh igemvdck cH ufjzpfomG ;w,f/ 1218. He earns agood name in our society.

'dt Yk odik ;f t0ef;rSm oluemrnfaumif;&w,f/

1219. Don't make fun of that woman, she is rough and abusive in speech.

tJ'D rde;f rBu;D udk raemufEiS fh olu EIwMf urf;w,f/ 1220. I must give him financial aid as I am responsible for failing to keep my verbal promise to help him.

oluu kd n l rD ,fqw kd hJ 0#fa<u;wpfaevdYk oluikd gb@ma&;tultnD ay;&r,f/ 1221. As she has marry children she is having to cope with work in haste from marrning till night.

olrrSm cav;awGtrsm;Bu;D &Sad wmh eHeufrS ntxd zwfozD wfoED iS fh vky&f w,f/ 1222. Whatever he does, he does sloppily.

olbmyJvyk v f yk ?f zdww f pf0ufpOfwpf0ufy/J 1223. I like eating myrabalan with fish paste sauce.

igu ig;yda&ESihf zefcg;oD;wdYk pm;&wm BuKd uw f ,f/ 1224. Nowadays young people keep their hair ruffled.

,cktcgrSm vli,fawGu olwq Ykd yH ifawGukd zkeyf yG x G m;Muw,f/ 1225. As for me, these kinds of things happen mang times.

'D[mrsK;d awGu ightbdaYk wmh zefw&mawaeNy/D 1226. As he is very cruel and merciless we are afraid of him and trambled with fear.

olutvGe&f ufpufNy;D tMuifemuif;rJw h maMumihf olu'kd u Ykd aMumuf&Ny;D zdezYf ed w Yf ek Mf u&w,f/ 1227. Put warm clothes on children for we have a spell of cold raing weather.

rd;k at;vdYk cav;awGukd taEG;xnfrsm; 0wfay;yg/ 1228. As it would happen I happened to have bought staten properties.

jzpfcsiaf wmh igcd;k &mygypรถn;f awG0,frw d ,f/

1229. It happens seldom that a frog swallows a snake.

zg;wpfaumifu a>rwpfaumifukd NrKd w,fqw kd m jzpfacgifjzpfcyJ /J 1230. Fritter made of split yellow peas is favourite snack of children.

A,maMumf[m cav;awG&JU tBudKufoa&pmyJ/ 1231. He entertained us with food and drink in great variety.

olu 'dkYudk tpm;taomuf zG,fzG,f&m ESihf {nhfcHw,f/ 1232. The old mother persuades her son in veterate drunkard to give up drinking for his health.

t&ufcsK;d jzpfaomom;\ use;f rma&;twGuf t&ufjzwfzYkd tartdu k ajzmif;zsw,f/ 1233. When he began to be rowdy I left the concert hall.

olA&kwv f nf;cusa&m iguyGcJ rf;ru xGuv f mw,f/ 1234. Many things we heard are in chaos.

'dkYMum;wmawG[m A&kwfokwfc awGyJ/ 1235. Becareful, not to be friendly with that rowdy Mg Aye.

tJ'D A&kyf armifat;ESifh rcifrifrad pbdYk owdjyK/ 1236. I am bored (or tired of hearing) for he talks unceasingly.

olAvpfAvpfajymvdYk igem;Ni;D w,f/ 1237. You will hed tears when you hear him narrating his sad story in a flowery style.

ol&Y UJ 0rf;enf;p&myHjk yifukd zGUJ zGUJ EGUJ EGUJ olajymjymwudk rif;em;axmifvQif rif;rsu&f nf usvrd rhf ,f/ 1238. Don't be scared, he is in the habit of increasing someone's fear or auxicty by exaggeration.

raMumufygESifh olu NzaJ jcmufwwfwt hJ usi&fh adS evdyYk /J

1275. The Burmese are respectful to the elders.

ArmawG[mBuD;wJholawGudk &dak owwfMuw,f/ 1276. The tiger is not fearful animal, but it is much feared animal.

usm;[m aMumufwwfaom wd&pd mä efr[kw?f 'gayr,hf ol[m tifrwefaMumuf Mu&aom wd&pd mä efjzpfw,f/ 1277. As he is extrowagant, he is upto the neck in debt now.

kd af eNy/D olu toH;k tjzKe;f Bu;D awmh tcka<u;vnfyifcu 1278. He passer the time idly and does not do any real work.

olu vufvsm;vufvsm;aeNy;D b,fwuJt h vkyrf rS vkyb f ;l / 1279. His ready unit (quick mind) saves his life from deadly danger.

ol&JUvufwavmOmPfu olYtoufudk aoab;rS u,fvdkufw,f/ 1280. He is a shrewd and can tell a shrew to become a tiger.

olu vlvnf wpfa,mufjzpfNyD;? <uufpkwfudk usm;jzpfatmifajymEdkifw,f/ 1281. Becareful, these Indious are well versed in Buemese.

owdxm; 'Dukvm;awGu Arm&nfodyfvnfw,f/ 1282. The meeting ends in without reaching a successful conclusion.

tpnf;ta0;u vdycf w J nf;vnf;ESifh Ny;D qH;k oGm;w,f/ 1283. We come to understand the conditions and situation of the company after

1248. The dullards may probabbly beliveve trumped-up-story, deception, fabrication, humbug and bluster.

vlt? vleawGom vkyZf mwf? vSnu fh u G ?f xGiv f ;kH ? vSrd v hf ;kH ? vSev Yf ;kH awGukd ,Hak umif; ,Hyk gvdrrhf ,f/ 1249. Sons and daughters should take the responsibility of looking after their parents in old age.

rdbrsm; tdrk if;rpGr;f jzpfwt hJ cg? om;ESifh orD;awGu vkyaf uR;oihMf uw,f/ 1250. Don't annoy me in a needling way.

ighukd rcHcsrd cHomatmif ruvdygESi/fh 1251. I am mable to with stand his deliberate insult any more.

ol&JY oufoufapmum;rIukd igqufvufo;D rcHEikd af wmhb;l / 1252. He looks balnk when he suddenly see us coming.

'dkYvmwmudk ol&kwfw&ufjrifawmh aMumifMunhf aew,f/ 1253. He always talks pretentiously, but fizz lesout at last.

olu rdk;vm;uJvm;tNrJajymNyD; aemufqHk;awm &SKH ;oGm;wmyJ/ 1254. I feel frustrate when he does not speak out the truth.

olutrSew f &m;udk zGirhf ajymwJt h cg igtm;rvdt k m;r&jzpf&w,f/ 1255. They are beside themselve with excitement when one of them is to be

the clarification was issued.

selected captain of the team.

ukrP Ü &D UJ tajctaeESif h taetxm;udk &Si;f vif;csuaf 0iSNy;D aemuf 'dv Y k yd yf wfvnfomG ;Ny/D

olwx Ykd u J wpfa,mufukd toif;acgif;aqmiftjzpf a&G;&awmhrnht f cg? olwYkd r&d;k r&GjzpfMuw,f/

1284. When we are about to leave our house for good, use look back to it over our shoulders.

'dt Yk rd u f kd tNy;D tydik f pGecYf mG &cgeD;rSm 'dt Yk rd u f kd 'dv Yk nfjyefMunhMf uw,f/

1256. I am beside myself with frustration when any advice was turned down without consideration.

ightBuaH y;csuu f kd xnho f iG ;f rpOf;pm;yJ y,fcsvu kd w f t hJ cg igrcsirhf &Jjzpf&w,f/ 1257. Keep youself away from fair-weather friends.

omaygif;nmpm;awGukd a&Smifyg/ 1258. Sometimes indomitable spirit will endanger you.

wpfcgwpf&?H rcHcsipf w d u f oihu f kd tEÅ&m,fjyKvrd rhf nf/ 1259. At the end of Buddhist lent, we will offer provisions and varrious articles to monks collectively.

0guRwv f Qif 'dyk wawG pkaygif;Ny;D &[ef;awmfrsm;tm; qGr;f Bu;D avmif;Murnf/ 1260. Communal offering of provisions and various articles to monks will be alive with a teeming crowd this year.

'DEpS f qGr;f Bu;D avmif;yGu J pnfum;rSmyJ/ 1261. Whenever there are many people, this braggart begins to display his good quality boastfully.

k &f nfpaoG;awmhwmyJ/ vlrsm;vmNyq D v k Qif 'Di<um;u ud, 1262. Don't belive what he says, he is a well known seasoned opportunist.

olajymwmr,HEk iS fh oluemrnfBu;D pm;aeusaMumifzg; wpfa,mufy/J 1263. They dare not say and do right things for reciprocative consideratons.

ruif;&mruif;aMumif;awGaMumihf olw[ Ykd m rSew f mawGukd rajym&J? rvky&f MJ ubl;/ 1264. When Kyaw Ba is drunk, he vitiperates the neigh boures.

ausmb f url;vmvQif tdref ;D em;jcif;awGu?kd uavmfqaJ wmhwmyJ/

1265. When Daw Jan quarrelled with her husband, she used obscene language.

a':*sr;f u olaY ,musm;f ESifh &efjzpfvQif rMum;0Hrh emom ajymwmyJ/ 1266. She weeps inconsolably when her only son dies of narcotic.

olr&JU wpfOD;wnf;aomom; rl;,pfaq;0g;aMumihf aoaomtcg olr[m rcsw d ifuJ idw k ,f/ 1267. He is in greaat trouble for he takes a short cut to be rich.

csrf;ombdkY jzwfvrf; vdkufawmh olY'ku©tBuD;tus,f a&mufaeNyD/ 1268. At day break, workers go to their respective works.

rdk;aomufwJhtcg tvkyform;awG[m oufqdkif&mtvkyfawGudk oGm;Muw,f/ 1269. It is of no benefit however much he tries in his present work.

olvuf&t dS vkyrf mS b,favmufusK;d pm;usK;d pm; tusK;d rjzpfxeG ;f ygbl;/ 1270. I can manage to live here with rustics.

ig'DrmS awmom;awGEiS fh aevdjYk zpfygw,f/ 1271. In August in our country, rain falls continously and abundantly.

'dw Yk ikd ;f jynfrmS Mo*kwv f wGif rd;k NzKd iNf zKd i&f mG w,f/ 1272. When the company is in finomcial difficulties, board of directors goes into a huddle.

ukrP Ü rD mS b@ma&;tcuftcJawG&adS eawmh 'g½du k w f mtzGUJ [m acgif;csi;f &du k f aeMuw,f/ 1273. The chief accountant of the company falsifies the accounts.

ukrP Ü &D UJ pm&if;udik cf sKyu f pm&if;awGukd azsmufw,f/ 1274. Get rid of your bad habits to become a respectable man.

av;pm;xku d af om vlwpfa,mufjzpfvmbdYk rif;&JU tusiq fh ;kd awGuakd zsmufyg/

1316. Don't put up a brazen preteuce, I am thoroughly familear with your deceptions and humbugs.

taMumifr&du k yf gESi?fh igurif;&JU vSnu fh u G af wG? vSrd v hf ;kH awGukd aemaMuaeNy/D 1317. If you help them with letle money that is not worth mentioning they will be

1285. The drowning man rose for twice, then sank for good.

a&epfaewJv h [ l m ESpcf gay:vmNy;D tNy;D tydik ef pfjrKyo f mG ;w,f/ 1286. However much he received inheritance from his parents he will durindle away like comphor ball if he does not abandon his bad habits of drinking, gambling

very happy indeed.

and indulgence in seusual plesures.

rif;olwu Ykd kd rqdck avmuf ydu k q f t H enf;i,fun l v D u kd v f Qif olwt Ykd vGef 0rf;om MurSm wu,fygyJ/

olrb d rsm;xHrS rnfrQyiftarG&&Sad pumrl ol&UJ tusiq fh ;kd rsm;jzpfwhJ aomufpm; f yg;vdu k rf aI wGukd rpGeyYf ,fvQif y&kyv f ;kH vdv k ;kH yg;yg;oGm;rSmyJ/ avmif;upm;ESifh taysmt

1318. This woman yearning for a married life is still seized with desire for connubial bluss.

'Dvif;w&l;r[m vifpw d o f m;pdwf &Sad ewke;f yJ 1319. He disclosed the secrets of hypocrite U Ka Lain.

olu aMumifolawmf Od;uvdef&JU vQdKU0SufcsufawGudk zGihfcsw,f/ 1320. I am startled and I jumped at the sound of the gun.

igvefzY seNYf y;D aoeyfoMH um;awmh xckev f u kd w f ,f/ 1321. He became slightly derauged after release from jail.

axmifuvGwv f mNy;D aemuf olow G af csmifacsmifjzpfvmw,f/ 1323. You will rarely see men wearing top-knot in the towns.

'dkYtodkif;t0dkif;rsm; olH&JU [dwBf u;D [efBu;D taetxkid [ f m [m;uGuyf /J 1324. We can obtain eadible oil from fruts of belleric onyrobalan trees.

opfqrd o hf ;D rS pm;oH;k qDukd 'd&Yk Ekid w f ,f/ 1325. When I say against her desire her face suddenly flushes with ager.

olr&JUqE´uk d qefu Y siNfy;D igajymwJt h cg olrrsuEf mS [m csujfcif; a'goa&mifoef;oGm;w,f/ 1326. When I praiseher beauty she has a hint of smile.

olr&JUtvSukd igcs;D usL;vdu k w f t hJ cg olr[mNyKH ;a&mifoef;oGm;w,f/

1287. He was tontured beyond eudurance in the hands of holdigans.

vrf;ol&aJ wGvufxrJ mS olrcsrd qefY n§i;f qJc&H w,f/ 1288. He runained in the camp with a wry face after losing the match.

d mG ;NzEJ iS fh us&H pfw,f/ NyKd iyf &JG KHS ;Ny;D aemuf? pcrf;rSm olrcso 1289. Despite he failed in the first attempt, he will try again in near future.

f pm;? rMumrD aemufwpfBurd f usK;d pm;OD;rSmyJ/ yxrtBurd rf atmifjrifvihu 1290. When all his money were lost in gambling he is in despair with a hangdog look.

zJupm;&mrSm? olyu kd af wGtuke&f KHS ;oGm;awmh olvif;wrdiI f rdiI af ew,f/ 1291. I don't have high opinion of this arrogant fellow; he is with a show of boldness, but without effective result.

'Daqmih<f um;<um;aumifukd igtxifrBu;D ygbl;/ olurjzpfnpfus,yf g/ 1292. It is none of your business, Keep youself away from it.

'grif;ESib fh mrSrqdik b f ;l rif;a&Smifz,faeyg/ 1293. She is not goint to get married for she is too choosy in looking for a husband.

olru vifpaH &G;vGe;f awmh vufxyfvYkd &rSmr[kwb f ;l / 1294. He is now in a dilemma after marrying a widow.

rkq;kd rwpfa,mufukd vufxyfNy;D aemufot l ckraxG;Edik ?f rrsK;d Edik jf zpfaew,f/

1295. He will succeed in winning her love for his persistent effort.

ol&UJ rqkwrf epfwBhJ uKd ;pm;rIaMumihf olr&JUtcspu f &kd bdYk atmifjrifvrd rhf nf/ 1296. He wastes time in a noisy and frivotous monner with his friends.

olo Y il ,fcsi;f awGEiS fh a[;vm;0g;vm;vkyNf y;D tcsed jf zKe;f wmyJ/ 1297. When he is to say something, he speaks without any regard for the other's feelings.

olajym&awmhrnfqv kd Qif a[mceJ 'dik ;f ceJ ajymawmhwmyJ/ 1298. As he does not earn money himself, he spends money in a spate.

oludk,fwkdif ydkufqHr&Sm&awmh ydkufqHudk a[mceJoHk;vdkufwmyJ/ 1299. He was arrested for seduction of young women from village.

vGu rde;f uav;i,rsm;udk aoGaqmifrjI zihf oltzrf;cH&w,f/ 1300. During rainning season, the sale of all commodities is not brisk.

rd;k wGi;f tcgrSm ukeyf pรถn;f tm;vH;k ta&mif;roGub f ;l / 1301. After taking Supradyn every day. he has a healthy bloom.

qly&m'if;aeYwikd ;f aomufNy;D aemuf olaoG;om;aumif;vmw,f/ 1302. I don't suspect your fever, it is normal occurance.

rif;tzsm;udik goHo,r0ifygbl;? tzsm;u aoG;&d;k om;&d;k yg/

1306. What he lost in gambling party playing for high stakes in of little consequence.

olaMu;Bu;D 0dik ;f rSm &SKH ;wmu rawmif;wmygbl;/ 1307. In fun, he is in predicament now, after making advances to a woman of loose moral character.

rde;f rayghukd vlysKpd um;ajymNy;D aemuf tysut f ysuEf iS fh oltckEmS acgif;MunfayGU awGaY eNy/D 1308. In spite of his age, this man behaves in an unseemly way.

oltoufrSraxmufyJ 'Dvlu rawmfwa&mf jyKrlw,f/ 1309. He remains impassively even in eritical moment.

k ufao; aew,f/ ta&;BuKH aewke;f awmifou l rxHw 1310. He always mumbles in a vague manner whenever he is asked.

olu Y akd r;wdik ;f tNryJ J ryGiw fh yGifh ajymw,f/ 1311. Don't tease your sister in a subtle and tantalizing way.

rif;trudk rxdwxdEiS fh rMunfpm;ygESi/fh 1312. Whatever he does, he does in an aberrant way.

olvyk v f u kd rf jS zihf rawmfrwnfch sn;f yJ/ 1313. Gamblees are caughtred-handet with wagers.

zJupm;orm;awG[m avmif;aMu;awGEiS fh vufy;l vufMuyftzrf;cH&w,f/ wwas pfa,muf acgifafter ;jzwfshe towf aH e&wmj rifNywas ;D aemuf olrbeheaded. [m aoG;avacsmuf 1303. vl She nervous hadcseen a man being csm;oGm;cJw h ,f/

1314. Side of pork with rind is very delicious.

0ufom;oHk;xyfom;[m odyft&om&Sdw,f/

1304. After making a strike in mining for gems, he lives in comfortable curcumstances.

1315. My teeth set on edge after eating too much of green mangoes.

ausmufwl;wm? ausmufatmifNyD;aemuf? ol[efusyefus aeawmhwmyJ/

o&ufo;D pdr;f awGtrsm;Bu;D pm;Ny;D ighomG ;awGused ;f aew,f/

1305. Whenever he speaks, he always speaks in a non commital way.

olb,fawmhpum;ajymajym tNryJ ?J rwifrusajymw,f/

1359. My mother terminates the observoince of the eight Buddhist precepts at the end of Buddhist lent.

0guRww f t hJ cg? ightaru &Spyf g;oDv Oykoaf pmihx f ed ;f jcif;rS Oykox f u G v f u kd w f ,f/ 1360. Even in the year excluding the Buddhist lent, my mother continues offering cooked rice and dishsif meat or fish to the monks who go round the town to

1327. She is sullon when her father forbids her from going to see picture.

olr&JUzcifu &ky&f iS o f mG ;rMunh&f efwm;jrpfvu kd w f t hJ cg olr[mokerf eI o f mG ;w,f/ 1328. We drive a spike into the stem of fack fruit to aid ripeuing preccess.

Yk yf&u kd o f iG ;f vdu k w f ,f/ ydEo Jé ;D rSnjfh ref&ef? tn§mxJukd 'do 1329. If you don't even pass Hatricultion Examination, you will feel inconsequential

accept offerings of food.

when you have grown into manhood.

0gyrSmwmif ightaru qGrf;cH<uwJh oHCmawGudk qGrf;ESihf qGrf;[if;rsm;udk qufvuf avmif;vSLw,f/

rif;wuúov kd 0f ifwef;avmufrS ratmifvQi?f vlBu;D jzpfwt hJ cg rif;odrif ,fvrd rhf ,f/

1361. Don't be unduly fearful of which you ought not to.

rif;raMumufoifw h mudk taMumufrBu;D ygESi/fh 1362. Don't act clever, I know the cunning tricks you play.

vlvnfrvkyyf gESi?fh rif;&JUaumufuspw f v hJ n S u fh u G Of mPfrsm;rIrsm;udk igodw,f/ 1363. He looks haggard after suffering years of comsumption.

f sw,f/ ESpaf ygif;rsm;pGm tqkyaf &m*gcHpm;&Ny;D aemuf ol&yk u 1364. She still looks youthful even in the age fifty.

toufig;q,fwiG ;f rSmawmif olru &kyw f ifw,f/ 1365. As I have regard for his father, I lent him the money he wants.

olt Y azrsuEf mS axmufNy;D ? oltvd&k w dS ahJ iGukd igacs;vdu k yf gw,f/ 1366. This rowdy fellow puts on a strought face when he sees his father.

oltazudjk rifwt hJ cg 'DA&kwu f rsuEf mS yd;k owfvu kd w f ,f/ 1367. He has a soker look in front of his mother-in-law.

olYa,mu©ra&SUrSm olu rsuEf mS yd;k aow,f/

1330. Some people are very super stitious that no 7 has a lucky break.

wpfcsKdUvlawG[m eHygwf ]7} udk vmbfaumif;w,fvdkY t,loD;Muw,f/ 1331. Some shopkeepers keep owltoys to induce good luck.

wpfcsKaYd ps;qkid &f iS af wGu ZD;uGu&f yk rf sm;udk vmbfac:&ef xm;Muw,f/ 1332. Some people think, it ceases to enjoy good luck if oulture rests on the roof of their house.

tdrfacgifrdk;rsm;? Vif;wem;vQif? vmbfww d w f ,fvYkd vlwcsKUd u xifMuw,f/ 1333. He is farsighted in business.

olupD;yGm;a&;rSm vmbfjrifw,f/ 1334. They cnjoy an inflow of gifts in money on kind after Ma Nyo has given birth to a daughter.

rndK orD;uav;arG;zGm;Ny;D aemuf? olwv Ykd mbf&iS af eMuw,f/ 1335. You need not quarrel with him or what he said was proper.

olajymwm vrf;uswJt h wGuf rif;olEiS fh &efjzpfp&mrvdb k ;l / 1336. Many people who drift along with the crowdaimlessly in recent protest are arrested.

rMumrDujzpfymG ;cJw h hJ uefu Y u G yf rJ mS yg0ifcw hJ ahJ &mausmfawG[m tzrf;cH&w,f/

1337. Don't follow others without knowing what it is all about.

olrsm;awGEiS fh a&ma,mif rygoGm;ESi/fh 1338. Don't be mixed up yourself with those who protest.

uefuu G w f o hJ al EG iS fh rif;ra&maxG;apESi/fh 1339. Don't puts on a fowning look when she wants something.

wpfcck v k ckd siv f Qif olru rsuEf mS csKad oG;w,f/ 1340. This guy is very proud and bellingerent when he is favoured by authorities.

tmPmydik af wG\ ajrmยง ufpm;jcif;udk cH&wJt h cg 'Daumifoyd fcsKd <uvmw,f/ 1341. He says and acts in vulgar manner for he is person of lower social class.

olu atmufwef;pm;jzpfvdkY ajymyHk vkyfyHkawGu atmufwef;usw,f/ 1342. I have adoted a boy as my heir publicly.

igaumifav;wpfa,ufukd rarGpm;tarGct H jzpf &yfo&d mG odarG;pm;vdu k Nf y/D 1343. He goes raund the coimtry with his frinds neglecting his home and family.

olu olo Y il ,fcsi;f awGEiS fh td;k ypftrd yf pf wpfjynfv;kH avQmufomG ;w,f/ 1344. He looks no longer like former self after he is financially runined.

olp;D yGm;ysufNy;D aemuf &kyyf suq f if;ysuf jzpfaew,f/ 1345. He disobeys the reproof of elders of community.

&yfr&d yfzawG&UJ qdq k ;kH rwmudk oluremcHb;l / 1346. He never participates in the activity of commounity affairs.

&yfr&I mG rIrmS olb,fawmhrS yg0ifrvkyaf qmifb;l / 1347. He behaves humbly to gain their favou.

olwdkY&JUvdkufavsmrI&atmif olu atmufuscw H ,f/ 1348. It is very disappointing to see their conditons in a state of inferiority.

olwdkY&JU atmufusaemufus tajctaeawGukd pdwyf supf &mawGU&w,f/

1349. It is very humiliating to work under uneducated persons.

ynmrwwfwJholawG&JUatmufrSm vkyf&rSm odyaf tmufusw,f/ 1350. After suffering heavy lost for months, their companies now have infirm base.

vaygif;rsm;pGm tBu;D tus,&f KH;S Ny;D aemuf olwu Y k d rk P รœ aD wG[m atmufajc,kid v f mw,f/ 1351. He is in a state of embarrassment when he suddenly see me for he can not repay the money he barrowed from me.

ighqu D ajc;iSm;oGm;aomaiGukd jyefray;Edik af wmh ighu&kd w k w f &wf jrifvu kd w f t hJ cg ol td;k wd;k trf;wef; jzpfaew,f/ 1352. He will not be useful in this matter as he is like a simpletion.

olu tdk;wdk;twrdkYvdkY 'DudpรถrSm toHk;0ifrSmr[kwfbl;/ 1353. Their son, a raseal, blackens the reputaton of paients.

olwdkYom; iawGu rdbawG&JU *kPfowif;udk tdk;rJokwfw,f/ 1354. He never grumbles and sees to everything concerning an undertaking.

f ,f/ olu rnD;rnLyJ atmufajcodr;f vkyw 1355. He looks scowlingly and receives me half-heartedly.

oluatmufodk;odk;ESihf ighudk tifwifwifESihf vufcHw,f/ 1356. The girl turms to grief through a trivial cause when she has entrusled her whole life ot an astute person.

olr&JUb0wpfckvHk;udk vlvnf wpfa,mufu?kd yHktyfrdawmh rdef;uav;[m a&wdref pf&wmyJ/ 1357. My mother observes the eight Buddhist precepts every Sunday.

ightaru we*FaEGaeYwikd ;f &Spyf g;oDv Oykoaf pmihw f ,f/ 1358. I never heard that she breaks any of the precepts in observing the sabbath.

Oykoaf pmihpf OftwGi;f Oykou f sK;d w,fvYkd igb,fwek ;f urS rMum;rdb;l /

1395. Emplayees in the service of an institutional anthority generally devise way to line their pockets by troubling in minds of the people.

tmPmydik t f zGUJ tpnf;wpfcck rk mS trIxrf;awG[m rsm;aomtm;jzihf vlawGukd pdwn f pfatmifvyk Nf y;D pm;aygufxiG Mf uw,f/ 1396. If they keep on doing like thus, they will have the opportunity for eploitation cut off and they will be arrested and put in custody.

olw'Ykd v D o kd mqufvyk af evQif pm;aygufyw d Nf y;D ? tzrf;cH&um tcsKyx f aJ &mufrmS yJ/ 1397. They have no dealings with us since they have won first prize in State Lattery.

tpd;k &xDziG yh f rJ G mS ? olwx Y k d rqkBu;D aygufNy;D aemuf 'du Y k k d aq;azmfaMumzuf rvkyf awmhb;l / 1398. He invites all classes without distinction to novitiation ceremony of hissons.

olo Y m;awG&UJ &Sijf yKyu JG kd qlBuKH erd jhf rihrf a&G; olzw d w f ,f/ 1399. With great intention, he bites off more than he can chew.

&nf&, G cf suBf u;D Bu;D ESifh olu tvSr;f us,w f ,f/ 1400. We must be on alert for destruction and harrassment activities of saboteurs (subversive)

f arSmihf vky&f yfawGtwGuf igwd[ Yk m Ed;k Ed;k Mum;Mum;&S&d r,f/ tzsuo f rm;awG&UJ tzsut 1401. When they have spent and were cheated of their money they are humbled again and treat us as their social equal.

oH;k jzKe;f Ny;D aiGawGtcrfc&H Ny;D aemuf olw[ Ykd m &du k sK;d vmNy;D 'du Yk kd tzufvyk w f ,f/ 1402. Young teenage girls usually flit about in mind and in dulge in fantasy.

tysKad ygufawG[m xH;k pHtwdik ;f pdwu f pm;Ny;D pdwu f ;l ,OfMuw,f/ 1403. Becareful not to have told him disrespectfully as he harbours grievance and is uritable.

olupdwrf w S Bf u;D Ny;D pdwq f wfwt hJ wGuf olu Y rkd ck;d rcef?Y rajymrdatmifowdxm;yg/

1368. He carries out community affairs enthusiastically.

olu &yfrI&GmrIawGudk tifwdkuftm;wdkuf? aqmif&Gufw,f/ 1369. Factory workers give a show of strength when they are not satisfied with the treatments of factory owner.

puf½ykH ikd &f iS \ f jyKrq l ufqyH rkH sm;udk rauseyfwt hJ cg puf½v kH yk o f m;awGu tiftm;jyMuw,f/ 1370. Don't go and cheat your father; he is well grounded in the basics of a trade.

rif;tazudkoGm;rnmESihf olu atmufoufausw,f/ 1371. I don't eat this cooked rice for it smells musty.

H Ykd igrpm;bl;/ 'Dxrif; atmufapmfev 1372. As the slums are not kept clean gabages are all over the place.

aemufaz;vrf;Mum;awGukd oef&Y iS ;f atmif rxm;awmh trdu I af wGEiS yfh aG ew,f/ 1373. He is suffering from AIDS now for over-mdutge in sensual pleasure.

umr*kPt f aysmMf uL;vd?Yk tckawmhoal ttdik 'f t D ufa&m*g cHpm;ae&Ny/D 1374. It is no good to speak ill of others.

wpfyg;olrsm;udk tykycf swm raumif;ygbl;/ 1375. His nephew bilks the money of his uncle.

olO;D av;&JUaiGukd olwjl zpfou l taysmuf½u kd w f ,f/ 1376. People assume that women over thirty are old maids.

vlawGu toufo;kH q,fausmt f rsK;d orD;awGukd tysK[ d ikd ;f awGvrkd w S , f w l ,f/ 1377. Will you give me your house outright for debt and I would like you to say conclusively?

rif;tdru f t kd a<u;twGu?f ighut kd Ny;D tydik fay;rSmvm;vdYk igurif;udk tNy;D tjywf ajymapvdw k ,f/

1378. It is natural that a person who is all talk always talks big.

tajymorm;? tajymBuD;wm[m obm0yJ/ 1379. His way of speaking is very pleasant to the ear.

oltajymtqdu k odyef m;0ifcsKw d ,f/ 1380. His way of speaking is very unpleasant to the ear.

oltajymtqdu k odyfem;cg;w,f/ 1381. Will you do this work with one thousand kyats inclusive of all expenses? Tell me once and for all.

'Dtvkyu f kd aiGwpfaxmifEiS fh rif; tNy;D tNird ;f vkyaf y;rvm;? tNy;D tjywfajymyg/ 1382. I came here to relieve boredom.

tysi;f ajzbd?Yk 'Duikd gvmcJw h myJ/ 1383. I get relief from boredom after watching sea gulls flying.

Zifa,mfiu S af wGysaH ewmudMk unhNf y;D igtysi;f ajyoGm;w,f/ 1384. Don't court his sister with no serious intention for it will lead to dire consequencesl. if her brother who is exceedingly wrathful knows about it.

olEY rS udk taysmrf BuEH iS fh rD;yGio fh mG ;vdrrhf ,f? a'goBu;D wJhot Yl udo k m tJ't D aMumif; odc&hJ if (vH;k aumufbmomjyefvQi?f pmracsmawmhyg? tJ'gudak tmufygtwdik ;f bmomjyefvQif pmacsmNy;D t"dymรœ ,fyjD yifomG ;w,f/) olEY pS rf udk taysmBf uEH iS fh a'goBu;D wJo h t Yl pfuo kd m tJ't D aMumif;odomG ;vQif rD;yGio fh mG ;vdrrhf nf/ 1385. Aperson who is suffering from hypertention must avoid eating noodles served with coconut gravy and pilaf.

aoG;wd;k cHpm;ae&wJo h [ l m tke;f EdaYk cgufqEJG iS 'fh aH ygufukd pm;jcif;rSa&SmifusO&f r,f/

1386. Get up from bed quickly, don't be stretching to relieve boredom.

tdy&f mujrefjrefx? tysi;f qefrY aeESi/fh 1387. I am taking photographs as amatur.

igu "gwfyHkawG taysmfwrf;&dkufawwmyg/ 1388. However you say that you are stoical, you will eventually be influenced by congenial and tactful means of taht woman.

rif;b,favmufypJ w d cf idk w f ,fvaYkd jymaeygap? aemufq;kH awmh tJ'rD ed ;f r&JU taysmq h u JG kd cH&rSmyJ/ 1389. Undertakers are outcasts in human society.

okb&mZmawG[m oltodik ;f t0ef;rSm ty,fcaH wGy/J 1390. I will be very thankful if your suggestion is made with constructive intention.

rif;tBujH yKcsu[ f m tjyKoabmESifh vkyw f ,fqv kd Qif igodyaf us;Zl;wifrmS yJ/ 1391. I would like to suggest that you should not blane someone rashly wighout knowing the truth of the matter.

f u kd rf mefyg? vlwpfa,mufukd tjypfrqdb k Ykd udpw รถ pfc\ k trSew f &m;udrk ody?J pdwv rif;udik g tBuaH y;vdw k ,f/ 1392. At present, faith-healers find an easy way of earning money.

,cktcgrSm aysmufapq&mawG pm;aygufacsmifaew,f/ 1393. I was a group of astutes prearrauge how to cheat people.

vlawGudk b,fvdkvdrf&rvJvdkY vlvnfwpfpk pD;0g;&dkufwm igawGUcJh&w,f/ 1394. This fellow is loitering in the vicinity of his favourite haunt.

'Daumifu olpY m;usuef m;rSm &pfo&D pfov D yk af ew,f/

1436. I can't write anymore; my hands are numb with fatigue.

igxyfra&;Edik af wmhb;l ? igvuftefaoaeNy/D 1437. I take temporary loan frommg friend when I am hardup.

igaiGusyfwJhtcg? rdwfaqxHrS vufvn S o fh ;kH ,lw,f/ 1438. Don't suffer for interevening in a quarrel, stay away from it.

*keyf rJG mS vufrvQKd EiS fh a0;a0;aeyg/ 1439. Don't buy anything in this town unless you can differentiate poor initations and genuine articles.

twkEiS t fh ppf (vufa[mif;ESiv fh ufopf) rcGjJ cm;Edik v f Qif 'DNrKd UrSm bmrS r0,fEiS /fh 1440. Political parties are in a petty internecine fight.

Edik if aH &;ygwDawG[m cGuaf pmif;ckwMf uw,f/ 1441. Some associations train brash and audacious persons to become their trusted servants.

wcsKUd tzGUJ tpnf;awG[m vuf&ZJ uf&o J rm;awGukd olw&Ykd UJ ,HMk unfpw d cf s&aom taptyg;rsm;tjzpf vufoyfarG;Muw,f/ 1442. Usual pat expression of my father is "be honest and work hard".

ightaz&JU wH;k cHvufo;kH pum;u &d;k om;Ny;D usK;d pm;vkyyf gwJ/h 1443. Persons who receive hand and will never make progress.

vufa0cHawG[m b,fawmhrS wdk;wufrSmr[kwfbl;/ 1444. Don't ask for extra dish of cook rice for second helping.

xrif;vdu k yf rJG awmif;ygESi/fh 1445. This longyi pattern goes well with you.

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1404. Generally, choperons have great influcuee on age of nubility.

rsm;aomtm;jzihf tysKad cgif;awG[m tysKt d &G,af wGay;rSm MoZmBu;D Muw,f/ 1405. Don't let anyone, apart from you, know the plan of thought that should not be entertained.

rBut H yfrpnf&m pDru H ed ;f udk rif;uvGNJ y;D wpfO;D wpfa,mufrS rodygapESi/fh 1406. The bridemaid is much more beautiful than bride.

tysK&d u H owdo Yk rD;xuf trsm;Bu;D ydak csmw,f/ 1407. Finding fault and heaping all blame on somebody is bad habit.

tjypf&mS Ny;D wckwa,muftay: tjypfzw Ykd m[m tusiq fh ;kd yJ/ 1408. Your bad habit of playing dirty tricks on others must be cleaned out.

olrsm;awGay: acsmufweG ;f wJh rif;&JUtusiq fh ;kd udk tjywf&iS ;f &r,f/ 1409. Out of all crimes, nothing is warse than nurder case.

tjypfawGtm;vH;k teuf vlowfrx I ufyq kd ;kd wmr&Sb d ;l / 1410. News of taking brigbe of U Tin emits smell.

OD;wifvmbfpm;wJo h wif; teHUxGuw f ,f/ 1411. Slow moving vehicles are prohibited from coming into tawn.

taES;,mOfrsm;udk NrKd UxJr0ifbYkd wm;jrpfw,f/ 1412. While they are vicing with one auother, they reopen old sores and quarreled violeutly. Tkair father expresses for attitude of unconcern.

olwYkd wpfO;D ESiw fh pfO;D *kPNf yKd i&f if; i,fusK;d i,femawGaz:Ny;D tjyif;txef&efjzpf Muw,f/ olwdkY&JUzcifu taeomBuD;yJvdkY ajymw,f/ 1413. When he is hard up, he dares not vaunt his attributes.

olbidk jf ywfwt hJ cg (aiGr&Sw d t hJ cg) *kPrf az:&Jawmhb;l /

1414. When he is lowded, the sight of his behavious is very hateful.

olbikd af wmihw f t hJ cg ol&UJ taetxdik u f odyt f jrifuyfp&maumif;w,f/ 1415. If you bully him beyond endurance, one day he will surely strike out in desperation.

f siv f h Qif wpfaeYawmh udse;f ao olaMumufuefuefrmS yJ/ rif;olu Y k d rcHr&yfEik d af tmif tEkid u 1416. When his reekless follower strikes back in fear, he urinates in sheer fright.

olYwynhfwaZmufuef;u? aMumufcHcHwJhtcg olaMumufao;ygw,f/ 1417. I am fed up with such an unretentive fellow like you.

rif;vdktrSwrf &Sw d hJ aumifrsK;d udk igpdwu f ek w f ,f/ 1418. Persons in the service of the state are pensioned off at the age of 60.

tpd;k &trIxrf;rsm;udk toufajcmufq,frmS tNird ;f pm;ay;onf/ 1419. His father retired from service at the age of sixty.

oltaz toufajcmufq,frSm tNidrf;pm;,lw,f/ 1420. I think, his a dvices should not be presurmed flippantly.

oltBuaH y;csuaf wGukd ayghayghwefwefr,lqoihb f ;l vdiYk gxifw,f/ 1421. U Aung curries favour with a colonel fawningly for his benefit.

OD;atmif[m olt Y usK;d tjrwftwGuf Adv k rf LS ;Bu;D wpfa,ufukd rsuEf mS vdrk suEf mS & rsuEf mS vkyw f ,f/ 1422. I am flushed with embarrassment when I am facing with my lover's father.

ighcspo f &l UJ zcifEiS fh rsuEf mS csi;f qdik &f aomtcg igrsuEf mS ylw,f/ 1423. I feel constrained to dismiss his son from work awing to personal consideration.

olo Y m;udt k vkyrf S xkwyf pf&ef? igrsuEf mS emw,f/

1424. Being a beneficary, Mg Aye accepts U Ba's partonage.

aus;Zl;cHaus;Zl;pm;jzpfwt hJ wGuf armifat;u OD;b&JUopömcHw,f/ 1425. They ceremoniously drink conseerated water as symbol of loyalty to U Ba.

OD;budo k pömcHaMumif; oauFwtjzpf? olw[ Y k d mtcrf;tem;ESio f h pöma& aomufMuw,f/ 1426. You will feel small if you go together with him.

rif;olEiS t fh wl oGm;vQif rsuEf mS i,f vdrrhf nf/ 1427. This sybarite always lives devoid of hardship.

'Dabmfausmhuawmh tNrJyJ ay:ausmafh ew,f/ 1428. There is not great difference betiven objective and aim and object.

&nfreS ;f csuEf iS fh &nf&, G cf sufMum;rSm Bu;D rm;aomuGv J cJG surf &Syd gbl;/ 1429. As he is very accurate in shooting he won first prize.

oluodwv f ufajzmihv f Ykd yxrqk&w,f/ 1430. They have their palms read yeasterday.

raeYu olwdkY vu©PmMunhfMuw,f/ 1431. My baby smiles and laughs in the hand of Ma Hla for she is gentte of hand.

vufomvdkY rvSvufxJrSm ighcav;u NyHK;vdkuf? &,fvdkufaew,f/ 1432. He makes a living by cheating and bluffing.

olu vdrfnm? zsD;zsef;NyD;? toufarG;w,f/ 1433. If water is handy, wash your dirty clothes clean.

a&vufvn S o fh ihv f Qi?f rif;&JUnpfywfwt hJ 0wfawGukd oef&Y iS ;f atmifavQmyf g/ 1434. My coworkers are now better off.

igh&UJ vkyaf z:udik zf ufawG tckaumif;pm;aeNy/D 1435. I can't do every thing as I like, my authority to act is limited.

igvkycf siw f ikd ;f vkyv f rYdk &bl;? ighvyk yf ikd cf iG u fh kd uefo Y wfxm;w,f/

1472. Her behaviour, somewhere behind her mother's back, is very bad for words.

oltar&JUrsuu f , G rf mS ? olr&JU taetxdik [ f m pum;ESiafh jym&rSmtvGeq f ;kd w,f/ 1473. I asked them earnnestly (requested) not to make too much noise.

handscooped water holes.

t0Dpw d iG ;f rsm; rwl;rDu ylyikd ;f ZHrk S vlrsm;[m vuf,ufwiG ;f rsm;rSa&ud&k ,lMu&w,f/ 1447. He is always quick to act whenever he is ordered to do something.

H ,f/ odyfrqlnHbdkY olwdkYudk igarwåm&yfcw

wpfcck v k yk cf idk ;f vdu k w f ikd ;f ? oluawmhtpOfojzihf vufjrefajcrefy/J

1474. I gave him complimentary gift when we two parted.

1448. As his satirical writing is very hard hitting Tha Ka Doe was arrested and put in

'dEYk pS af ,mufccJG mG &pOfu oluikd garwåmvufaqmifay;w,f/ 1475. When he has won a phddegree he comes to have ivordinate pricle in himself.

olyg&*lbUJG qGwcf ;l Ny;D aemuf olrmefwufvmw,f/ 1476. What he talked in the public is very spirited and forceful.

jail during the reign of U Nay Win.

OD;ae0if;tkypf ;kd pOfu vufcaH jymifvw S hJ oa&mfawmfawmfta&;tom;aMumihf om*'d;k [m tzrf;cH&Ny;D axmifusomG ;w,f/ 1449. During the period of zqyv underhand machinations were widely practised

olvlxkxJrSm ajymwm[m odyfrmefygw,f/

amongst political parties.

1477. I helped them with money out of my love and kindness.

zqyvacwfu Edik if aH &;ygwDrsm;[m vufo;D yke;f rsm;udk us,u f s,jf yefjY yefY toH;k jyKMuw,f/

olwdkYudk igarwåm&d ydkufqHESihf ulnDwmyg/ 1478. She puts on an air eventhough she loves him deeply.

1450. Bad habit of under the counter must be cleaned out.

oludk ESpfESpfumum cspfaomfvnf;? olrurlw,f/

vufoyd x f ;kd tusiq fh ;kd udk tjywf&iS ;f &r,f/

1479. He puts on airs whenever he visited Ma Hla, his lover.

olcspfolrvSqDtvnfoG;wdkif;? olu[dwx f w k w f ,f/ (put on an air = rlonf/ put on airs = [dwfxkwfonf/

1446. Before artesion wells were dug, people of Dry Zone had to fetch wter from

1451. As we are member of a household living and eating together we must toler)

1480. It is very disappointing to hear a person gnashing teeth while in sleep.

tdyfaepOf? vlwpfa,muf&JU oGm;Buw d w f mudk Mum;&wm? odypf w d yf supf &myJ/ 1481. This virago always emits ulgar languages from her mouth whenever she quarreled with her husband, a drunkard.

ola,musmf ;trl;orm;ESi&fh efjzpfwikd ;f ? 'Dred ;f rMurf;Bu;D &JUygpyfu t,kwt å ewåawG xGufawmhwmyJ/

ate one another.

'dkYwawG[m twlaetwlpm;awG jzpfwt hJ wGuf wpfa,mufEiS w fh pfa,muf onf;cHMuw,f/ 1452. Myanmar Salad prepared with condiments, vegetables, noodles, etc is my favourite food.

jrefrmvufoyk [ f m igh&UJ BuKd uEf pS o f ufwt hJ pmyJ/

1453. Many people are ruined because of games or contests where betting are in volved.

avmif;upm;yGaJ wGaMumihf vlawmfawmfrsm;rsm;[m ysupf ;D Mu&w,f/ 1454. He can not lead anything for he is overshadowed by his eldest brother.

olt Y pfut kd Bu;D qH;k &JU avmif;&dyrf w d maMumihf olb,f[mrSmrS OD;raqmifEikd b f ;l / 1455. Route busess are always teeming with passengers.

vdik ;f um;awG[m c&D;onfawGEiS fh tNryJ >J ywfoyd f aewmyJ/ 1456. Don't submit docilely to such a tyrannizing.

'Dvt kd Edik u f siw fh mrsK;d udk vnfpif;rcHEiS /fh 1457. Business prospects are not convenient at present moment.

1462. A person without Shame and fear of sinning (modesty) is like an animal.

[D&Md owåyu Ü if;rJah om olwpfa,muf[m wd&pd mä efwpfaumifvykd gyJ/ 1463. Much of fortime tellen's predictions are untrue and ridiculous.

aA'ifq&m&JUa[mude;f trsm;pk[m rrSeyf J &,fp&mrsm;omjzpfw,f/ 1464. In the same way astrologers forecasts are sometimes utterly wrong.

xdek nf;twlyJ eu©wq f &mawG&UJ a[mpmwrf;awG[m wpfcgwpf&H vH;k 0rSm;wmyJ/ 1465. The news of the arrest of U Htein for bribery and corruphin is the talk of the town now.

vmbfay;vmbf,rl aI Mumihf OD;xdet f zrf;cH&wJo h wif;[m [d;k av;wausmyf /J 1466. He is listening earnestly to the lecture given by a foreign lecturer as if he

vkycf if;udik cf if;awG[m vufwavmrSmawmh tqifrajybl;/


This fellow does not really do anywork and is squandering the earnings of his

Edik if jH cm;? uxduwpfa,muf&UJ a[majymcsuu f kd oluem;vnfovdEk iS fh [kww f d ywfwed m;axmifaew,f/


'Daumifub,ftvkyrf w S u,frvkyyf J rdbawG&UJ vkypf mudk oH;k jzKe;f aew,f/ 1458. He leaves a sigh when he son returned unhurt.

olo Y m; txdtcdu k rf &Syd J jyefa&murfvmrS ol[if;csawmhw,f/ 1459. Many people cook and eat prickly amarain the believing that it has medicinal properties.

[if;EkE, G q f ;l aygufukd aq;zwf0ifw,fvYkd ,HMk unfMuojzih?f vltawmfrsm;rsm;[m [if;csupf m;Muw,f/ 1460. His talent for playing violin is widely known.

olY&JUyifudk,f uRrf;usifvSaom oa,mxdk;twwf[m [dk;[dk;ausmfyJ/ 1461. Toescape being jeered at you must be careful about your behavious.

[m;wdu k rf rI v S w G af tmif rif;taetxdik u f kd *½kpu kd yf g/

1467. I don't have a high esteem of him for his pomposity.

ol&JU [dw[ f efaMumihf olu Y ikd gtxifrBu;D ygbl;/ 1468. This make adolescent affects too much of modesty.

'Dvyl sKad ygufu ody[ f efvyk w f ,f/ 1469. Whenever he speaks, he speaks in an elegant manner.

olpum;ajymwdkif? [efygw,f/ 1470. After stumbling on a rock, he falls flat on his face.

ausmufx;kH ESifh cvkyw f u kd rf Nd y;D olarSmufvQuv f w J ,f/ 1471. He does not do any work; he earns his living by snatching.

olubmtvkyrf rS vkyb f ;l / tvpfow k Nf y;d &Smpm;aewmyJ/

1511. I don't have an interest in reading the palans and interpreting the character and the future of a person.

vlwpfa,muf&UJ tusipfh m&dwEdå iS afh emifa&;udw k wfMunhb f momjyefwv hJ u©Pm Munhw f t hJ vkyu f kd ig0goemrygbl;/ 1512. He is in the habit of boasting without having anyoccasion for it.

olu toufo;kH q,f&aDS yr,fh tcsed rf pD;ygbl;/ 1513. We will have dessert after dinner.

naepm pm;Ny;D vQif 'dt Yk csKw d nf;r,f/ 1514. He is molifing his enery with surcet talk for fear of being killed.

d wfaew,f/ towfcH&rSmaMumufvdkY? olY&efoludk olutcsKo 1515. It is in vain however much he tries to gain his emplayer favour.

oltvky&f iS &f UJ rsuEf mS omay;rI&atmif olrnfrQyifBuKd ;pm;ayr,hf tcsn;f tES;D yJ/ 1516. Don't think of getting M.A dgree without exerting effort.

r[m0dZmÆ bGUJ udk tacsmif&bdYk rpOf;pm;ESi/fh 1517. Don't try to get my house on the heap.

rif;ightrd u f kd tacsmifvu kd zf Ykd rBuKd ;pm;ygESi/fh 1518. The arrival of my car go ship is at the exact moment.

ighukefoabFma&mufvmwm[m tcsdefudkufyJ/ 1519. He behaves in a high and mighty mauner when he is appointed as minister of education.

olynma&;0efBu;D tjzpfceft Y yfc&H wJt h cg aoG;Bu;D arG;Bu;D jyKrw l ,f/ 1520. Side of pork with rind, fat and lean meat is very delicious.

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1482. As the situation of her parents is unpromising we retreated silently.

olrrdbawG&JU taetxm;u tuJrvSvdkY 'dkYwdwfqdwfpGm aemufqkwfcJhw,f/ 1483. Don't tell him anything while he is roused up.

olaoG;ylaewke;f ? olu Y b kd mrSrajymESi/fh 1484. Don't sleep too long in the day time as you will feel lethargic.

aoG;av;rSmrdYk aeYcif;rSm tMumBu;D rtdyyf gESi/fh 1485. They winover Mg Mg to their association very recently.

odyrf aMumcifu armifarmifukd olw&Ykd UJ toif;tzGUJ xJukd odr;f oGi;f w,f/ 1486. Sorters of garment factory go on strike and call off the stuke when the factory owner agrus to increase their pays.

olwv Ykd trsm;udw k aYkd y;&ef puf&ykH ikd &f iS u f oabmwlojzihf puf&v kH yk o f m;rsm;u oydwv f eS v f u kd Mf uw,f/ (oydwaf rSmuf&mrS) 1487. His appearance is pleasing, but his chaaracter is contemptible.

ol&Y UJ oGijf yifuawmhoem;urm;ygyJ? odaYk yr,hf tusipfh &du k u f awmhpw k yf w hJ ,f/ 1488. You must have presince of mind when you have dealings with strangers whom you suspect.

rif;oHo,&Sw d hJ vlprd ;f awGEiS fh qufqw H t hJ cg owd&ydS g/ 1489. Becareful not to have ommitted yourself in speech.

pum;ruRaH p&ef? owdxm;/ 1490. Excuse me for being a little late as I am absorbed in conversation with my old friends.

oli,fcsi;f a[mif;awGEiS fh pum;aumif;aevdYk tenf;i,aemufuswmudck iG v fh w T yf g/ 1491. You all stop trying to get the last word in an argument.

rif;wdt Yk m;vH;k pum;Edik v f w k m &yfypfvu kd yf g/

1492. Whenever we are free of work we get together for a chat.

'dt Yk vkyt f m;wdik ;f pum;0dik ;f zGUJ Muw,f/ 1493. After talking about his adventure of catching a tiger with a high and mighty manner, he retified slips in his speech.

olusm;wpfaumifzrf;wJph eG pY f m;cef;udk avwvH;k rd;k wvH;k ajymNy;D aemuf olpum;zmw,f/ 1494. When we were young we used to set a riddle for others to answer.

'diYk ,fpOfu pum;xmzGuaf vh&MdS uw,f/ 1495. I don't know what you are talking about, all your talk is desultory.

rif;bmtaMumif;ajymaew,fqw kd migrodb;l ? rif;ajymwmupum;tlaygufawGy/J 1496. Sound him for his view about his opimin of the present condition.

vuf&t dS ajctaetay: ol&Y UJ t,ltqudk pum;awmufMunhv f u kd yf g/ 1497. His legs are completely fractured after falling from a high tree.

opfyiftjrihaf yu vdru hf sNy;D olaY jcaxmufawG oGio f iG u f sK;d oGm;w,f/ 1498. You will have to give Ks 1000 as fine if you give a warning sound with a horu in the city.

NrKd UawmfxrJ mS [Ge;f wD;vQif rif;aiGusyw f pfaxmif 'gefaiGay;&r,f/ 1499. I have a clear conscience that I did it with good intention.

tJ'gudk igapwemaumif;ESiv fh yk v f Ykd vdyjf ymoefyY gw,f/ 1500. I am startted out of my wits when the bomb explodes near me.

ighem;rSm AH;k aygufawmh? igvdyjf ympOfomG ;w,f/ 1501. Length of service is considered when about to give promotion.

&mxl;wd;k ay;cgeD;rSmvkyo f wfukd xnho f iG ;f pOfpm;w,f/ 1502. Because he is liberal in giving it will be possible for you to borrow money from him.

oluvufv, G w f maMumihf olqu D ydu k q f aH cs;bd?Yk rif;twGuf jzpfEikd yf gvdrrhf nf/

1503. Don't interfere in this compticated state of affairs of this spouse.

'Dvifr,m;&JU Zmwf&yI x f rJ mS rif;0ifrpGuEf iS /fh 1504. It is safe to keep your hands off their dispute.

olw&Ykd UJ tjiif;yGm;rIuae vufa&Smifaewm[m? ab;uif;w,f/ 1505. I offered meals to ten monks on my birthday.

igharG;aeYrmS bke;f Bu;D q,fyg;udk qGr;f auR;w,f/ 1506. Persons appointed directly to the posts without the usual procedure are not well qualified.

qGcJ efaY wG[m aumif;aumif;t&nftcsi;f r&SMd ubl;/ 1507. His explanation in connection with the failure of the company is iincresdible.

d ;l / ukrP Ü u D ratmifjrifrEI iS fh qufE, G í f ol\ &Si;f vif;csuu f ,kwrdå &Sb 1508. As he is saying about his great success vibusniess with a straight face, even I am in a doge.

vkyif ef;rSm ol&UJ r[matmifjrifrt I aMumif;udk twnfaygufEiS fh ajymaeawmh? igawmif? aMumifawmifawmif jzpfoGm;w,f/ 1509. Sometimes we have to buy at high price the annual plant much loved and used by cats as autidote when my pet cat is not well.

ightrd af rG;aMumifuav;aeraumif;vQi?f aMumif&akd oyifukd wpfcgwpf&H aps;Bu;D ay;0,f&w,f/ 1510. They have a prior understanding to beguile us.

'dkYudk vSnhfjzm;bdkY olwdkYvuf0g;&dkufxm;Muw,f/

1549. He willingly makes a saerifice for the benefit of his family.

olro d m;pktusK;d twGuf olpw d x f efoefpmG ESifh tepfemcHw,f/ 1550. I am surprised on hearing a sudden death of U Tun whom I saw in sound condition this morning.

'DeeH ufwiG f taumif;yuwd&w d S h J OD;xGe;f &kww f &ufaojcif;aMumihf igtht H m;oih&f w,f/ 1551. How is it that the car breaks down suddenly which is in perfect working order just now.

tckewif taumif;yuwd&SdwJh? um;u &kwfu&ufysufwm b,fvdkvJ/ 1552. My watch is out of order now which was in fine fettle recently.

hJ hJ ighem&DtckysuNf y/D rMumrDru S taumifyuwd&cdS w 1553. However they implement their plan it does not materialize.

olwpY k d rD u H ed ;f udk b,favmufyt J aumiftxnfaz:apumrl taumiftxnfray:bl;/ 1554. It would have been better if we didnot visit him.

olqo D mG ;rvnfcb hJ ;l qdv k Qif taumif;om;/ 1555. He is saying about his old house as if it were good.

olu olt Y rd t f Bkd u;D taMumif;udk taumif;tuefvyk Nf y;D ajymaew,f/ 1556. Who will bear expenses if we go on picnic to Chaung Tha?

acsmif;omudk aysmfyGJpm;xGufvQif b,folu tukecf rH mS vJ/ 1557. Don't worry, I have a person who is in a position to dispense favour with minister.

pdwrf ylEiS fh ighrmS 0efBu;D rsuEf mS omay;cH&wJh tuyf&w dS ,f/ 1558. Don't tease him, he is over sensitive.

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1521. Persons with buck teeth are generally ugly.

oGm;acgwJv h al wG[mrsm;aomtm;jzihf tusn;f wefMuw,f/ 1522. People of the same race must love and help one another.

aoG;csi;f om;csi;f awG[m wpfO;D ESiw fh pfO;D cspcf ifun l MD u&rnf/ 1523. Women should be much careful not to suffer from disease attendant to menopause.

trsK;d orD;awG[m aoG;qH;k udik frcH&atmif tvGeo f wdjyK&rnf/ 1524. It is very likely that a person who suffers from stress and strain eats too much of rich food including salty food will suffer from hypertension.

vlwpfa,muf[m pdwaf xmif; ud, k af Mujzpfjcif;? iHaomtpm;tpmrsm; tygt0if tqDttdrfhrsm;? tvGefpm;vQif aoG;wd;k a&m*gcHpm;bdYk tvm;tvm&Sw d ,f/ 1525. I have taxaemia after eating beef curry.

trJom;[if;pm;Ny;D aemuf igaoG;wufw,f/ 1526. Don't sleep too long in the day time in order not to be listless.

aoG;rxdik ;f ap&ef? aeYbufwiG f tMumBu;D rtdyyf gESi/fh 1527. The corpse of U Tin was conveyed to cemetery soon after his death.

OD;wifaoqH;k Ny;D rMumrDrmS yJ? olt Y avmif;udk tokbcsvu kd w f ,f/ 1528. We have to attend the funeral of our friend.

'drYk w d af qG&UJ tokbudk 'dyYk pYkd &m&Sw d ,f/ 1529. Size him up whether he will do it or not.

tJ'gudk olvkyfrvm;? rvkyfbl;vm;qdkwm olYudktuJcwfprf;/ 1530. It will be well-matched contest if they test my ability.

ighut kd uJprf;vQiaf wmh tJ'gyGBJ u;D yGaJ umif; jzpfrmS yJ/

1531. Her winning first prize in recent beauty contest is widely known.

rMumrDu tvSr,fNyKd iyf rJG mS olryxr&&Sw d m[m? [d;k [d;k ausmyf /J 1532. Not only children but also adults suffer from dengue hemarrhagic fever from mosquito bite.

f yk af uG;a&m*g cav;rsm;omru vlBu;D rsm;yg jcifuu kd cf &H wmaMumihf aoG;vGew jzpfMu&w,f/ 1533. The child startled out of her wits during high fever.

tzsm;Bu;D aepOftwGi;f cav;[m aoG;vefw Y ,f/ 1534. He fainted from loss of blood and has to be given blood transfusion.

olaoG;qkwfNyD; arhoGm;wmaMumihf? aoG;oGif;&w,f/ Now he regains consciousness for he has a full supply of blood.

aoG;tm;aumif;vmwmaMumihf oltckjyefNy;D owd&vmNy/D 1535. Matorists are fined thousand Ks if they give a warning sound with a horn in the city.

NrKd UawmfxrJ mS [Ge;f wD;vQif um;orm;awG[m 'gPfaiGwpfaxmifaqmifMu&w,f/ 1536. We Buddhist take great care not to have wronged the five in finite venerables.

teaEÅmteEÅig;yg;udk rjypfrmS ;rdap&ef 'dAYk 'k b ¨ mom0ifawGu owdBu;D pGmxm;Muw,f/ 1537. When a woman is in a delicate state of health after childberth she avoids eating food like hilsa and feather back.

trsK;d orD;wpfa,muf[m rD;zGm;Ny;D ? aoG;Ekom;EkpOftcg? ig;oavmufEiS fh ig;z,f vdk tpm;taomufrsK;d pm;jcif;rS a&SmifMuifMuw,f/ 1538. The breeze wafts mostly in the evening.

naeapmif;rSm avajyu ydo k iG ;f w,f/

1539. Our grand mother initiated her five grandsons into Buddhist Order.

tzGm;u olajr;a,musm;f av;ig;a,mufu?kd Ak'o ¨ moeabmifoYkd oGwo f iG ;f w,f/ 1540. We can see many Buddha's image in costmetal all over the country.

wdik ;f jynftESUH rSm oGe;f bk&m;rsm;udk uReaf wmfwYkd awGUEdik Mf uygonf/ 1541. He gets a windfall for he was adopted by a rich man.

csr;f omwJv h w l pfa,muf&UJ arG;pm;cH&vdYk oltawmfqu kd o f mG ;w,f/ 1542. He waits patiently for an opportunity to attempt a master stroke.

taumfBu&H eftwGuf tcGiafh umif;udk olpw d af &SpmG ESifh apmihpf m;aew,f/ 1543. He drived a spike into the stem of a fack fruit to acd ripenning process.

ydEo Jé ;D vG,u f pl mG rSnafh p&ef oltn§mwefxu J kd oyf&u kd o f iG ;f vdu k w f ,f/ 1544. His habit of ereating dissension between friends will one day eudanger him.

rdwaf qGawGMum;rSm oyfvQKd wo hJ t l usi[ fh m wpfaeYawmhou Yl kd tEÅ&m,fay;vdrrhf nf/ 1545. Never plot against your benefactors and parents.

aus;Zl;&Sirf sm;ESifh rdbawGukd b,fawmhrS taumufrBuEH iS /fh 1546. Tricking may be good only for once before it is revealed.

taumufOmPf[mray:rD? wpfcgawmh? aumif;aumif; awmif;ygvdrrfh nf/ 1547. As he is very astute, he sud denly knows facial expressions of others while speaking.

oluodyt f uif;yg;vd?Yk pum;ajymaepOftwGi;f wpfyg;olrsm;\ rsuEf mS ax rsuEf mS xm;rsm;udk csucf si;f odw,f/ 1548. He refused unyieldingly that he did not rape her.

olrudk rk'ed ;f rusib fh ;l vkYd ol tausmuftuefjiif;qdw k ,f/

1588. Their town was burnt ecteuswely last night because of negligence.

ayghqrIaMumihf olwNYkd rKd U? vGecf w hJ n hJ u rD;tBu;D tus,t f avmifc&H w,f/ 1589. Their policy changed drastically after they have a free and open discussion.

'l;wdu k af qG;aEG;Ny;D aemuf olw&Ykd aJ y:vpD tBu;D tus,af jymif;vJomG ;w,f/ 1590. You can judge trait of a person by his behaviour.

vlwpfa,uf\taMumud?k ol&Y UJ taetxdik t f m;jzih?f ydik ;f jcm;qH;k jzwfEikd w f ,f/ 1591. If you sit too long you will suffer from muscular tension.

rif;tMumBu;D xdik v f Qi?f taMumudik f vdrrhf nf/ 1592. A masseur massages me to relax a taut muscle.

tESyd o f rm;u ighut kd aMumudik af y;w,f/ 1593. My muscles lose suppleness due to inactivity.

vIy&f mS ;rIr&Sv d Ykd ightaMumawGqikd ;f w,f/ 1594. After suffering from paralysis she suffers from an uncentrollable contraction of a muscle.

avjzwfa&m*gcHpm;&Ny;D aemuf olr[mtaMumqGaJ ew,f/ 1595. Now her muscles lose sensitivity (sensitivity) ,some muscles sprain and some

1559. He suffers a downfall a fter he was suswpended from duty.

ol&mxl;csc&H Ny;D aemuf? tusemoGm;w,f/ 1560. I like tea prepared with strong breived tea.

igu tus&nfESihfazsmfwJh vÇuf&nfudk BudKufw,f/ 1561. In the world of science Enstein is person of renown.

odyÜHavmurSmawmh tdkif;pwdkif;[m tausmftarmfyJ/ 1562. In our city service agencies are were a sing in number.

'dNYk rKd UawmfrmS tusK;d aqmifvyk if ef;awG[m t&nftwGuw f ;kd yGm;aew,f/ 1563. As our residence-cum-shop produces good returns, our first child brings prosperity to the faimly.

tdrq f ikd af v;utusK;d ay;ovd?k 'd&Yk u J om;OD;av;uvnf; rdom;pkut kd usK;d ay;w,f/ 1564. It is of no benefit however much he tries.

olb,favmufyBJ uKd ;pm;apumrl? tusK;d rxl;ygbl;/ 1565. I have contributed much to the good of U Tin, but he isn't grateful.

OD;wifu?kd igtrsm;Bu;D tusK;d jyKcyhJ gw,f/ 'gayr,ho f u l aus;Zl;rodwwfb;l / 1566. I told him about his behavious reasonably, but he doesn't like to listen re-

have tendon displaced.


tckawmholr&JUtaMumawG[m xHkaew,f/ wcsKdUtaMumawGursufaew,f/ wcsKdUtaMumawGu vGJaew,f/

oltaetxdik t f aMumif;olwiYkd gtusK;d oiht f aMumif;ohfajymayr,hf olurem,lvb kd ;l /

1596. They are of the same view to kill their evening.

olwdkY&efoludk owfbdkY olwdkYtBuHwlMuw,f/ 1597. Don't expect to get any help from him as he is a stupid person.

olu tBuHwHk;OmPfwHk;jzpfvdkY? olYqDu? bmtultnDudkrS&bdk rarQmfvihfESihf/

1567. If you don't know circumstances thoroughly you had better keep away from this tangle.

rif;tusK;d tqaMumif;udt k aotcsmrodvQi?f 'Dt½Iyt f axG;u a&Smifz,faewm aumif;ygw,f/

1568. With respect to his moral behavour we have nothing to say.

olt Y usipfh m&dwEå iS yfh wfoufv?Ykd 'drYk mS bmrS ajymp&mr&Syd gbl;/

1579. We must try of find out ways and means to get out of this difficult situation.

'Dtusyt f wnf;uvGwaf jrmufbYkd enf;vrf;awG 'dw Yk awGBuKd ;pm;&Sm&rnf/

1569. It is no good to treat him with too much kindness for he is immoral.

1580. This problem is inclusive in the afore said main problem.

hf efvYkd? olukd odyu f siu f sief memESiq fh ufqb H Ykd raumif;bl;/ olutusiw

'Djyóemuqdck NhJ y;D aom t"dujyóemrSm tusKH ;0ifw,f/

1570. He is given to a habit of chewing quid of betel after dinner.

naepmpm;Ny;D vQi?f uGr;f ,mp;wm? oltusiyfh gaeNy/D 1571. I am used to going on foot to my office.

&H;k udk uke;f aMumif;oGm;wm igtusi&fh aeNy/D 1572. He is making a practice of smoking cigarette.

fh yk af ew,f/ olupD;u&ufaomufwhJ tusiv 1573. Some people valued uprightness more than their own lives.

wcsKdUvlawGu tusio fh u d m© udk olwt Ykd oufawGxufyNkd y;D wefb;kd xm;Muw,f/ 1574. Many lawbreakers are in prison.

Oya'csK;d azguforl sm;[m tusO;f usaeMuw,f/ 1575. I am placable rancour exists between these two famlies.

d t f cJ&adS ew,f/ 'Dro d m;pkEpS cf Mk um;rSm tcJrausaom tusw 1576. Don't put him under duress to do this direty work.

'Dnpfywfwt hJ vkyu f v kd yk zf Ykd olu Y t kd Muyfrudik yf gESi/fh 1577. I meet with difficulty when her mother unged me to marry her daughter immediately.

olr&JUtaru olo Y rD;udk csucf si;f vufxyfbYkd wdu k w f eG ;f vdYk igtusyaf wGU&w,f/ 1578. I am in a fix when I can not answer their questons.

olwaYkd r;cGe;f awGukd igrajzEdik af wmh igtusy&f u kd w f ,f/

1581. You need not elaborate this unimportant problem.

'Dta&;rBu;D wJjh yóemudk rif;tus,cf sUJ p&mrvdyk gbl;/ 1582. He is put under house arrest for breaking the law.

Oya'udck sK;d azgufwt hJ wGuf olu Y kd tus,cf sKycf sxm;w,f/ 1583. He explained to them extensively the causes of recent riots.

rMumrDu jzpfyGm;cJhwJh t"du&kef;awGjzpf&wJhtaMumif;rsm;udk olu olwdkYudk tus,w f 0ihf &Si;f jycJw h ,f/ 1584. I don't want them to blow up out of all proportion for this trifle problem.

'Dtao;trTm;jyóemaMumihf? igu olwdkYudk tus,ftus,f rjzpfapvdkbl;/ Don't create any problem ammongst the travellers.

c&D;onfawGMum;rSm? bmjyóemrS rzefw;D ygESi/fh 1585. He is in a tight corner when he was asked to explain the cause of damaging the machine.

pufysu&f wJt h aMumif; &Si;f jybdYk olu Y akd r;wJt h cg oltusy&f u kd o f mG ;w,f/ 1586. It is galling to the ear when he says again and again of his successful business.

ol&Y UJ atmifjrifwv hJ yk if ef;taMumif; ? xyfcgwvnf;vnf;ajymwm Mum;&wm? em;Mum;jyif;uyfw,f/ 1587. It is unbelieable that he ganis clair voyance.

oltMum;tjrif&w,f qdw k m r,HMk unfEikd pf &myJ/

Owing to long labour in the sun, I exude heat in the night.

aeylxrJ mS tMumBu;D vky&f wmaMumih?f nbufrmS igtyljyefw,f/ 1626. You will suffer heat stroke if you go in the sum without a hat.

OD;xkyrf ygbJ aeylxo J mG ;vQi?f rif;tylrv d rd rhf nf/ 1627. Let this problem alone, we have time to discuss it later.

'Djy贸emudt k yxm;vdu k yf g/ aemufrt S 'J gudak qGaEG;bkYd 'drYk mS tcsed &f ydS gw,f/ 1628. He escaped death by the skin of his teeth and arrive back home safely.

olraoaumif;raysmufaumif;tdru f kd vHNk cKH pmG ESijfh yefa&mufvmw,f/ 1629. He is extremely inconsiderate and acts without regard for the opinion of others.

olurodom;qdk;&Gm;NyD;? igwaum aumw,f/ 1630. He is unawares of other's wishes or existing arcumstances.

olutvdu k u f rf;qd;k rodb;l / 1631. You will not be able to slove their problem as it is in a mess.

olwjYkd y贸emu? oyGwt f v l u kd af evd?Yk rif;ajz&Si;f Edik v f rd rhf nf r[kwb f ;l / 1632. For he is petly minded, he will take offence.

oluoabmxm;ao;vdkY? aAG,lvdrfhrnf/ 1633. Taking advantage of his pliant disposition you must not ask any help from him.

olU&JUoabmvG,rf u I kd tcGiafh umif;,lNy;D olq Y u D bmtultnDurkd S rif;rawmif; &bl;/ 1634. It is nothing strange as it is conventional meeting.

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1598. I don't know what has happened to him, he has run out of idea (run out of ideda=at a loss = at ones wit's end)

olbmjzpfoGm;ovJigrodbl;? olvkyfwmawG[m tBuHwHk;OmPfwHk;awGyJ/ 1599. Don't try to be a coumsellor (a dviser), he will accept no advice of any body.

tBuHay;wpfa,mufjzpfbdkY rusKd;pm;ygESihf b,folY&JU tBuHay;csufudkrS olu vufcrH mS r[kwb f ;l / 1600. I am startled when he jumped at gething an idea.

oltBuaH y:Ny;D xckev f u kd w f t hJ cg igvefzY seo Yf mG ;w,f/ 1601. He is very pleased when he comes up suddenly with a bright idea.

陆kww f &uftBuaH ygufomG ;awmh oloyd af useyf ESpo f rd o hf mG ;w,f/ 1602. As he is very ingenious (be clever; be smart) he wins a complete victory over his rivals.

oluodyt f BuyH ikd af wmh olNyKd ib f ufawGtay: olv;kH 0atmifycJG o H mG ;w,f/ 1603. To realise your aim, you must try the best of your ability.

rif;tBuaH jrmufb?Ydk ud, k pf rG ;f &So d rQ taumif;qH;k BuKd ;pm;&r,f/ 1604. He has given up an idea of barrowing money from his friend.

olrdwfaqGxHrS aiGacs;bdkY tBuHudk olvufavQmhvdkufNyD/ 1605. I would like to suggest that you give up unlawful schemes.

Oya'ESirfh nDwhJ tBut H zefawGukd vufavQmv h u kd zf Ykd rif;udik g tBujH yKvykd gw,f/ (Scheme = machination = idea) 1606. He takes the unitiative to repair the damaged bridge.

ysupf ;D aewJh wHwm;udjk yifb?Ykd olutBuOH ;D w,f/

1607. Many persons are assigned to greet in coming guests.

0ifvmaom{nho f nfrsm;udk BuKd q&kd ef vltawmfrsm;rsm;udk wm0efay;xm;w,f/ 1608. The police searched for culprits even in nook and cranny.

&JawGu 'kp½dkuform;awGudk tBuKd tMum;rSmawmif &SmazGMuw,f/ 1609. The police searched a suspect.

oHo,&SdwJholwpfa,mufudk &JawGu udk,ftESH&Smw,f/ k u kd &f mS onf/) (Search for Mg Ba = armifbudv (search Mg Ba = armifb&JUudk,fay:rSm &Smonf/) 1610. We don't have the same liking with regard to modern songs.

acwfay:oDcsi;f awGEiS yfh wfoufNy;D ? 'dt Yk BuKd urf nDMubl;/ 1611. They come to find roasted hilsa to their liking.

ig;oavmufuifudk olwdkYtBudKufawGUaeMuw,f/ 1612. He still behaves outrageously with blatant regard for others even his fault has been found.

oltjypfu&kd mS awGUNy;D wmawmif olu taMumifwu kd af eao;w,f/ 1613. We are not closely related, we are distanthy related.

'du Yk aoG;reD;ygbl;? 'du Yk aoG;a0;ygw,f/ 1614. For every person is of human fraitty, he will like to enjoy all happiness of the secular world.

vlwdkif;[m aoG;ESihfudk,f? om;ESihfudk,fjzpfwJhtwGuf? avmuDcsrf;omrIrsm;udk cHpm;vdrk mS ygyJ/ 1615. If your muscles lose suppleness you ought to get massaged by someone trading on your body.

rif;taMumqdik ;f vQi?f teif;cHoihw f ,f/

1616. In their house I feel not only confined, but also constrained.

olwt Ykd rd rf mS igtaeusKH U&Hw k ifrubl; taeygusyw f ,f/ 1617. When a person down at heel becomes rich he is oblirous to everybody else due to this wealth.

tEkwfpkwf*kwfpkwfwpfa,muf[m csrf;omvmvQif ol"eOpömaMumihf rdk;rjrif avrjrif jzpfwmyJ/ 1618. He is partial to persos of position or unfluence.

olu rsufESmBuD;awGudk rsufESmvdkufw,f/ 1619. He shamelessly curries favour with his superior officer.

f ,f/ olu t&Sufenf;pGmESihf olYtxufvlBuD;udk rsuEf mS vkyw 1620. Wealthy persons who have fallen upon hard times still do not repant and are conceited.

txnfBu;D ysuaf wG[m? aemifwr&Muao;yJ? b0udik v f Quyf /J 1621. I am not fussy (fastidious, chossy) I will eat anything no matter what.

iguZDZmraMumifygbl;/ bmaomnmaomr[kwfyJ bmrqdkpm;rSmyJ/ 1622. Without bring aware of it, I will be fifty next month.

bmvdkvdkESihf aemufvqdk ightoufig;q,fjzpfawmhrnf/ 1623. I fell rested after recreating in Pyin Oo Lwin.

jyifO;D vGirf mS ? tyef;ajzNy;D aemuf igtyef;ajyoGm;Ny/D 1624. You need not have a feeling of delicacy a bout my help, It is not bindensome for me.

uReaf wmht f ultnDtwGucf ifAsm;tm;awmiht f m;emrjzpfygESi/fh 1625. Don't ask me outlandishly, I cannot answer your question.

ighukad ygufayguf&mS &Smrar;ygESi/fh rif;ar;cGe;f udk igrajzEdik b f ;l /

1665. Don't accuse somebody of theft unless you have supporting evidence.

oufaoom"u r&Sv d Qi?f wpfa,mufa,mufukd cd;k rIEiS fh rpGypf yJG gESi/fh 1666. Can you prove taht he committed aduttery.

olMumulvrD MI uL;vGew f ,fvYkd rif;oufaojyEdik o f vm;/ 1667. I deliberately pay a visit to you for I have not seen you for along time.

rif;udrk awGU&wmMumvdYk igrif;qDoufouftvnfa&mufwmyg/ 1668. Don't do things to raise his reputation as every one knows his conduct lacks propricty.

olodu©mrJhwmudk vlwdkif;odvdkY? olo Y u d m© udw k ifraeygESi/fh 1669. As he is a dignified gentleman he is not familiar with women.

olu odu©m&SdwhJ vlBuD;vlaumif;wpfa,mufjzpfvdkY/ trsKd;orD;awGESihf ta&m r0ifb;l / 1670. Now she can live withing a thriving circle of relatives and friends.

tckorl [m? aqGrsK;d awG rdwaf qGawGEiS fh odu k o f u kd 0f ef;0ef;aeEkid Nf y/D 1671. Women must be very careful to avoid cantact with for tune hunters.

trsKd;orD;awG[m odkufwl;orm;awGESihf tquftoG,fvkyfrIrS a&Smif&Sm;&ef tvGeo f wdjyK&r,f/ 1672. Don't take his words seriously, he is only empty boaster.

olpY um;awGtav;teufrxm;ygESio fh u l oBueF t f ajrmufy/J 1673. As it could not be helped I gave him the money he needed.

raumif;wwfí olvdkaomydkufqHudk igay;vdkufw,f/

1635. It is responsibility of all parents to look after their children of marriageable age.

om;ysKo d rD;ysKrd sm;udjk yKpb k Ydk qdw k m rdbtm;vH;k &JU wm0ef0wå&m;yJ/ 1636. It is widely believed that putting akey in the hand of a person who is seized with a fit of epilepsy soon relieves him.

0uf&l;jyefaewJhvlwpfa,muf&JU vufxJudk aomhwpfacsmif;xnhfay;jcif;jzihf tjrefoufomapw,fvYkd us,u f s,jf yefjY yef, Y MkH unfMuw,f/ 1637. Tell me the incident solennly. Don't tell me circuitously.

ighut kd jzpftysuu f kd wnfwnfMunfMunf ajymyg/ a0hvnfaMumifywfrajymygESi/fh 1638. They meet us on arrival perfuncorily.

olwdkYu 'dkYudk 0wfauswrf;ausyJ BudKMuw,f/ 1639. He interrupts in our discussion which is not business.

'daYk qG;aEG;yGrJ mS olurqDrqdik 0f ifawmhw,f/ 1640. I arrived at an opinion that we should set him free from prison.

olu Y t kd csKyrf S vTwaf y;oihw f ,fvYkd igoabm&w,f/ 1641. My attitude is clear that we should carry on with our with.

'dt Yk vkyu f q kd ufvyk &f r,fv?Ykd ighoabmxm;u&Si;f aewmyJ/ 1642. If you are too magnanimous you will be surely cheated.

rif;odyo f abmxm;Ny;D aevQirf if; Burd ;f aotnmcH&rSmyJ/ 1643. You must be very careful not to receive onedical treatment of charlatan physicians.

orm;a,mifawG&UJ aq;ukrcH&atmif rif;owdxm;&r,f/ 1644. The Burmese persume that spring of Eugenia is auspicious.

ArmawGu oajycufudk r*Fvm&Sdw,fvdkY ,lqMuw,f/

1645. I am friend of all, every of none.

igutm;vH;k &JU rdwaf qG b,fo&l UJ &eforl r[kw/f 1646. Remember, the least said, the soonest meuded.

rSwx f m;yg? tenf;qH;k ajymvQif tjrefq;kH jyifv&Ykd w,f/ 1647. The one who talks too much will meet with many problems.

pum;rsm;rsm;ajymwJo h [ l m jyóemajrmufrsm;pGmESifh BuKH awGU&rSmyJ/ 1648. Every day, I respect fully pay obeisauce to the possessor of omnipolence and omniscience exatted Buddha.

wefcdk;awmfteEÅESihf oAÁnKwOmPfydkif&Sif jzpfawmfrlaom jrwfpGmbk&m;tm; uReaf wmfaeYwikd ;f ½dak opGm&Scd ;kd uefawmhygonf/ 1649. A student who often plays truant falls farshort of passing the examination.

cece ausmif;ajy;wJh ausmif;om;wpfa,muf[m pmar;yGaJ tmifbYkd a0vma0;yJ/ 1650. Actually he is not ugly; his appearance is pleasing.

wu,fawmh olutusnf;rwefygbl;/ olY&kyfu oem;urm;&Sdygw,f/ 1651. It you don't have great feeling of attachment for wealth, husband or wife and sons and daughters, the pang you feel at parting with them will not be very severe and you will be able to die in peace.

"eOpöm? vifom; ZeD;ESio fh m;orD;awGtwGuf oifoaH ,mZOfoyd rf Bu;D vQif olwEYkd iS fh cGJcGm&aomtcg cHpm;&aom pdwfa0'emonf odyfjyif;xefrnfr[kwfyJ? at;csr;f pGmESifh aoEdik yf gvdrrhf nf/ 1652. Debt of sins committed in the previous exstences must be fully paid until one realized NIVANA.

edAmÁ efukd rsuaf rSmufrjyK&rjcif;? oHo&ma<u;udk tjynht f 0 qyf&rSmyJ/

1653. Life Span of present human beings is very short.

vuf&SdvlawG&JU oufwef;u odyfwdkw,f/ 1654. The news that of U Tin will be pronoted is in the air.

OD;wif &mxl;twd;k cH&vdrrhf nfqw kd o hJ wif;udk od;k od;k oefo Y efMY u;w,f/ 1655. I light number of caudles equal to my age as offertory to Buddha.

Ak'b ¨ &k m;&Sit f m; igoufaph za,mif;wdik rf ;D ylaZmfw,f/ 1656. He injoys Superannuation pension at the age of icty.

oltoufajcmufq,frmS oufjynhyf ifpifcpH m;w,f/ 1657. At the risk of his life he carries out his duty.

olwm0efukd oufpeG BYf uKd ;yef; xrf;aqmifw,f/ 1658. We must pay respect to elders of a community.

'dw Yk awG? oufBu;D 0gBu;D awGukd *g&0jyK&r,f/ 1659. Medicine for general health should be kept in every house.

oufapmihaf q;udk tdrw f ikd ;f rSm aqmifxm;oihw f ,f/ 1660. Bespite suffering from all sorts of diseases he lives a long life.

f ,f/ a&m*grsK;d pHck pH m;&vihu f pm; oloufq;kd &Snw 1661. If his superior officer is not lenieut he will be taken action.

oltxuft&m&So d mroufnm§ vQif olta&;,lc&H vdrrhf nf/ 1662. Don't take it into consideration unless it is concerned with you.

rif;ESirfh oufqidk v f Qif tJ'gudk xnho f iG ;f rpOf;pm;ESi/fh 1663. You do not say that you were present, but your words imply that you were.

rif;u&Sad eygw,fvYkd rajymbl;? 'gayrJh rif;pum;awGu rif;&Sad ew,fvYkd qdv k Mkduw,f/ 1664. Don't disgrace a person to lose his dignity.

vlwpfa,muf odu©musatmif? odu©mrcsygESihf/

A person who always makes himself presentable will never do hard work.

ukd,hfudkudk tNrJoaewJh vlwpfa,muf[m b,fawmhrS yifyef;wJhtvkyfudk vkyrf mS r[kwb f ;l / 1704. The child begins to lie prone.

cav; 0rf;vsm;parSmufNy/D 1705. If you have frequent motions of the bowel, don't eat fermented food.

rif;0rf;avsmaevQi?f tcsOaf zgufxm;wJh tpmawGurkd pm;ESi/fh 1706. Salad made of assorte vegetables loes not agree with a person who often suffers from stomach pain.

Adu k pf ceceemwJo h El iS fh oeyfpu kH rwnhb f ;l / 1707. He is now relieved of dup-seated belief in nat (apirit) worshiping after practising insight meditation.

0dyóemw&m;tm;xkwNf y;D aemuf ewfu;kd uG,rf t I pGJ oltckuRwo f mG ;Ny/D 1708. I have tried hard to purge him of mistaken belief in communism.

ol&UJ uGejf rLepf0g'tcGrJ mS ;udk igBuK;d pm;Ny;D ? tpGcJ Rwcf &hJ w,f/ 1709. Fishermen still stongly believed a person believed to be a demon while still alive, capable of causing harm with his evil power and has to be propitiated with food and drink.

touf&iS v f suEf iS yfh if o&Jjzpfaeonf[, k MkH unfMuNy;D ? ol&Y rJ aumif;qd;k 0g; wefc;kd ESifh t`E´m,fjyKEdkifonfqdkum tpm;taomufESihf ao&nfrsm;ESihfylaZmfyo&onhf wpfypJG m;udk a&vkyo f m;rsm;u tjyif;txef&MkH unfvsuyf gyJ/

1674. Because of his persistent effort he makes much progress in English.

olY&JUrqkwfrepfaomBudK;pm;rIaMumihfolt*FvdyfbmomrSm trsm;BuD;wdk;wufrI &Sw d ,f/ 1675. As he is a pessimist and highly influenced by pessimism he looks at every thing with pessimistic opinion.

olu tqkd;jrif0g'? tvGefvTrf;rdk;NyD;? tqdk;jrif0g'D jzpfaeawmh? t&m&mwdkif;udk tqd;k yJ xifjrif,q l w,f/ 1676. As he is an optemist, he looks upon every one with good heart and always happy.

olutaumif;jrif0g'Djzpfaeawmh? vlwikd ;f tay:rSm pdwEf v S ;kH aumif;ESifh ½IjrifNy;D tNryJ aJ ysm&f iT af ewmyJ/ 1677. His future is full of promise.

olYtem*wfu tvm;tvmaumif;w,f/ 1678. I can not positively promise it.

'gudk uRefawmf twdtus *wdrjyKEdkifbl;/ 1679. The path of true love seldom runs smooth.

tcsppf pfwo Ykd mG ;&mvrf;aMumif;onf tajzmihjf zL;wwfay/ 1680. He was gething quite a paunch.

olu0vdYk Adu k &f aJT eNy/D 1681. The every of my eneing is only friend.

igh&efo&l UJ &efo[ l m ighrw d af qGy/J 1682. Their son, addicted to drugs, makes an uproar when he is not given drugs.

aq;pGaJ eaomolwo Ykd m;[m olu Y akd q;ray;vQif 0ke'f ikd ;f Buw J myJ/

1683. None of the expert physicians can cure congenital blinds and congenital idiolts.

1693. He is overwhelmed with joy when his mother is consented to their marriage.

b,fyg&*lorm;awmfrS 0rf;wGif;uef;awG 0rf;wGif;&l;awGudk aysmufuif;atmif ukray;Edik b f ;l /

olw&Ykd UJ vufxyfyu JG kd olrY cd ifu oabmwlvu kd w f t hJ wGuf ol0rf;omvH;k qdaYk ew,f/ 1694. As he is too liberal in giving, all his friends named him new munificent person.

oluodyfvufvG,fvGef;awmh olrdwfaqGtm;vHk;u olYudka0oEÅ&mtopfvdkY emrnfay;Muw,f/

1684. If you child is not prone to loose bowels apply ennema.

rif;cav;u 0rf;cdik af evQif 0rf;csLay;vdu k yf g/ 1685. If you are constipated more than two days, take purgative.

1695. After eating cucumba I feel seetted in the stomach.

ocGm;oD;pm;Ny;D awmh igh0rf;at;oGm;w,f/

rif;ESp&f ufxykd í dk 0rf;csKyaf evQif 0rf;EIwaf q;pm;yg/ 1686. If you have stomach upset, aviod eating food which causes loose bawels.

1696. The bullet passes my ear with a whis.

usnfqHihg&JUem;? em;u 0SD;ueJ jzwfoGm;w,f/

rif;0rf;EH;I aevQi?f 0rf;EH;I pm pm;jcif;rS a&SmifusOyf g/ 1687. During raining season, many people suffer from distended stomach and

1697. Be aware of pickpocket on the bus.

bwfpum;ay:rSm cg;ydu k Ef KSd uu f kd owdcsyyf g (owdxm;yg)

upset bowels.

rk;d &moDtwGi;f vltawmfrsm;rsm; 0rf;az:0rf;a&mifcpH m;Mu&w,f/ 1688. Becareful to have regualr bowel movements.

0rf;rSeb f Ykd owdjyKyg/ 1689. This sharp and astute person gets on well with all people.

'Dvlyg; vlvnfu vltm;vHk;ESihf 0ifqHhw,f/ 1690. If you behaves arrogantly you will be ostracized.

rif;aqmif<um;<um;aexkid v f Qif rif;0dik ;f y,fc&H vdrrhf nf/ 1691. For every day livelihood we have to struggle hard.

aeYpOf0rf;a&;twGuf 'dw Yk awGtjyif;txef ½H;k uefMu&w,f/ 1692. My seven months old child begins to crawl on his stomach.

igh&UJ ckepfvom;u 0rf;vsm;pNy;D xd;k Ny/D


Have presence of mind when a stranger gives you somethin to eat.

vlprd ;f wpfa,mufu rif;udpk m;bkYd wpfcck ak y;vQif owd&ydS g/ 1699. People consider it is besmirch to touch grave diggers.

romusif;wl;olawGESihf xdawGUrI[m oew,fvdkY vlawGu ,lqMuw,f/ 1700. He has comely appearance, yet he is utterly despicable.

&kyu f awmhoe&kyyf ygyJ? tusiu fh awmh vH;k 0pkwyf w hJ ,f/ 1701. Don't let the children play in dirtywater, they will be inflicted with sacabies.

npfywfwahJ &xJrmS cav;awGukd rupm;apESifh olwYkd 0Jpm;vdrrhf nf/ 1702. Don't talk to me about that man in a noumdabout way.

ausmif;0if;aMu;uodwrf sm;awmh rdbawGu ay;bdrYk wwfEikd b f ;l / 1703. As school admission fee is too much, the parents cannot afford to pay.

ausmif;0ifaMu; u odyrf sm;awmh rdbawGu ay;bkrYd wwfEikd b f ;l /

1738. I will be remembering you perpectually (eternally, everlastingly).

rif;udik g tpOfxm0&owd&aerSmyg/ 1739. Dont come and bluff me, I know you through and through.

ighuv kd m;rNz;D ygESi?fh igu rif;udk tpOf;odyg/ 1740. I saw him raggedly in front of cinema hall yesterday.

olu Y kd tpkwpf w k t f jywfjywfEiS fh &ky&f iS &f akH &SUrSm raeYuigawGUcJw h ,f/ 1741. Throw away these worn out articles to clean the house.

f yJah wGukd vTiyfh pfvu kd yf g/ tdro f ef&Y iS ;f oGm;atmif 'Dtpkwt 1742. During break from work, he stretched fully on his back.

tvkyt f m;vyfcsed rf mS olutcefo Y m;yufvufvaJS ew,f/ 1743. Fried Bombay duck is much liked by the Burmese.

tmyJah jcmufaMumfukd ArmawGoyd Bf uKd uMf uw,f/ 1744. The chicken arry you cooked to day have the right proportation of ingredients.

f ,f/ rif;'DaeYcsuw f hJ Muufom;[if;[m tpyfwnhw 1745. Please appoint him on probation for only six months.

ajcmufvavmufyJ aus;Zl;jyKí olu Y kdtprf;cefx Y m;yg/ 1746. Traditionally we Buddhists pay respect to respectable persons.

tpOftvmtm;jzihf 'dAYk 'k b ¨ mom0ifawG[m &dak oxdu k af omolrsm;udk t&dt k ao ay;Muw,f/ 1747. You must pass term list in school, soas to pass final examination.

aemufq;kH pmar;yGrJ mS atmif&atmif? tprf;pmar;yGJrmS rif;atmif&r,f/ 1748. Ghosts of persons who died a violent death are afraid of persons who exercise the art of mystic power without resourse to evil spirits.

tpdrf;o&JawG[m txufvrf;q&mawGudk aMumufMuw,f/

1710. All over the country from which many people go and waste money and time in ceremony for propitiating the spircts of Shwe hpyin brothers, held annually to Taungbyon village near Mandalay.

rEÅav;NrKd UteD;rSm&Sad om awmifNyKH ;&GmrSm ESppf Ofusi;f yaom a&Tzsi;f ewfnt D pfudk udk ylaZmfyoonh?f awmifNyKH ;yGrJ mS wdik ;f jynfwpfvmT ;rS vlawG[m oGm;MuNy;D aiGEiS fh tcsed af wGukd jzKe;f Muw,f/ 1711. One of my friends holds a ceremony annually to propitiate nats (


however his father prevents him.

olzY cifu rnfrQwm;qD;apumrl oluESppf Ofewfuem;ay;w,f/ 1712. Due to high fever she trambles as if possessed by a not.

tzsm;BuD;wmaMumihf? olr[m ewfusovdk wkefaew,f/ 1713. Don't say the words which go beyond the bounds.

tpGe;f rvGwfwhJ pum;awGrajymESi/fh 1714. He undergoes examination in interview.

olval wGUppfaq;cHw,f/ 1715. An unexpected visit from a large number of unwanted guests makes me at wits end.

tvdrk &Sad om {nho f nftrsm; rarQmv f ihyf J tvnfa&mufvmvd?Y k igOD;aESmufajcmuf&w,f/ 1716. Two football teams competc each other with all out effart.

abmvH;k toif;ESpcf [ k m wpfbufEiS w fh buf tBuw d t f e,f,OS Nf yKd iMf uw,f/ 1717. He tries to find out the reason why his ons runsausay from home.

olYom;bmaMumihftdrfuxGufajy;&ovJqdkwm oltaMumif;&Smw,f/

1718. When his son comes back home his anger subsides.

olom;tdrjf yefvmawmh? oltrsuaf jyoGm;w,f/ 1719. At the least provocation, he is exceedingly wrathful and beats his son without

1728. He was hospitalised for he happened to eat food harming to his health.

oltpm;rSm;vd?Yk aq;&Hw k ifvu kd &f w,f/ 1729. You will be asked to submit a report in connection with construction of new



olu xpfceJqdka'goBuD;NyD; olYom;udk rn§mrwm &dkufawmhwmyJ/

k pD&ifccH ikd ;f vdrrhf nf/ a&umwmtopfawGaqmufwmESiyfh wfoufNy;D ? rif;udt

1720. Please do not give a cue to jog his memory asto how he was tormented in priwson cell (lock-up).

oltcsKycf ef;rSm b,fvn kd i§ ;f qJc&H wmESiyfh wfoufNy;D aus;Zl;jyKítpaz:ray;ygESi/fh 1721. Since he has addicted to heroin his life is ruined beyond redemption.

olbdef;jzLppGJuwnf;u olb0[m tpwHk;awmhwmyJ/ 1722. Soon after the demonstrations are suppressed he vanished completely.

qE´jyyGaJ wG ESrd Ef iS ;f cH&Ny;D rMumrDrmS yif oltpaysmufomG ;cJw h ,f/ 1723. I will finish off writing a novel in near future.

rMumrDumvrSm iga&;aewJ0h w¬Kukd tpowfawmhr,f/ 1724. If I am to go on a journey, I eat steamed glutinous rice as it is very filling.

igc&D;xGu&f awmhrnfqv kd Qi?f odyt f qmcHw?hJ aumifni§ ;f aygif;udk pm;w,f/ 1725. He was arrested for erasing all evidences of important case.

ta&;Bud;wJhtrI&JU oufaocH taxmuftxm;awGudk azsmufzsufypfvdkY oltzrf;cH&w,f/ 1726. Dont cry any more, I will compensate in knid for damaging your new bicycle.

rif;pufbt D opfukd ysupf ;D apwJt h wGuf igtpm;ay;ygr,f/ xyfridEk iS afh wmh/ 1727. As he is a glutton, he dies of excessive eating.

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1730. Up till now, the arrangements have not been made for picnic.

aysmyf pJG m;twGuf tckxufxd tpDtpOfawG rvky&f ao;bl;/ 1731. The lackeies are not hesitant to do anythin without thinking if they are or dered by their masters.

olwo Ykd cifawGu trdeaYf y;vQi?f taptyg;awG[m? pOf;pm;rIr&Syd ?J b,f[mrqdk vkyb f ?Ykd aESmihaf ES;raebl;/ 1732. People in a large number are arrested after demonstration.

qE´jyyGNJ y;D aemuf? vlwG tpkvu kd t f NyKH vu kd ?f tzrf;cH&w,f/ 1733. We are at variance with one another.

'dw Yk awG tap;ruyfMuygbl;/ 1734. By this time, mangoes might have fibrillaled.

'Dtcsed q f kd o&ufo;D awG taph,u S af vmufNy/D 1735. If you keep jaggery in open air, it will become moist.

rif;xef;vsuu f kd v[mjyifrmS xm;vQif tpd;k jyefvrd rhf nf/ 1736. Death is not amenable to control (be unprediotable).

aojcif;w&;monftpd;k r&yg/ 1737. Foods are distributed to fire victins in serial order.

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1778. We can not say the good and the bad of the task he carried out.

olaqmif&u G w f t hJ vky&f UJ taumif;tqd;k udk uREykf w f Ykd rajymEdik b f ;l / 1779. However I work for their benefit, I will be blaned at last.

olwdkYtusKd;udk igb,favmufyJvkyfygap? aemufqHk;awmh tqdk;usrSmyJ/ 1780. This worst habit of human sacrifice occurs cosecutively in the past generations in the Chin State.

vludk,mZfylaZmfwJh tqdk;qHk;tusihf[m vGefcJhaomacwfrsm;u csif;jynfe,frSm tqufqufjzpfcw hJ ,f/ 1781. We are disconnected (lost contact) with our relatives.

'd[ Yk mtrsK;d awGEiS fh tqufjywfw,f/ 1782. We disconnect our relative (sever relations)

'daYk qGrsK;d awGukd tqufjzwfw,f/ 1783. The rain falls without a break (continuously) for two hours.

rdk;u ESpfem&D tqufrjywf &Gmw,f/ 1784. His physique is quite satisfactory for these hardworks.

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1749. The black magician commands ghost to bring harun to his critic.

oludk a0zefwJholudk atmufvrf;q&mu tpdrf;wdkufw,f/ 1750. When a child weeps mceasingly parents feed ghost with raw one at.

cav;wpfa,mufr&yfrem;idak evQif rdbawGu tpdr;f ypfMuw,f/ 1751. All villagers, without leaving any one out, attend the meeting.

&Gmom;awG tpHktnD tpnf;ta0;wufMuw,f/ 1752. When she slips and falls she suffers sprained ankle.

olr acsmfvJaomtcg ajcyGwfwdkifvnfoGm;w,f/ 1753. If you can not solve this labour problem in time you will surely get into trouble.

'Dtvkyform;jy贸emudk rif;tcsdefrD rajz&Sif;EkdifvQif? rif;awmh aojcmayguf jy贸emwufawmhrmS yJ/ 1754. If he continues acting against authorities with total dis regard he will be ill fated sooner or later.

oltmPmydik af wGuq kd ufNy;D rxDrjhJ rif vkyaf evQif taES;ESit fh jref Mur庐iifawmhrmS yJ/ 1755. Some people believed that travelling on ill-fated day will be over taken by misfortune.

1785. All cargo we export to Malasia arrived ther without a hitch.

f Qif N*Kd vq f ;kd 0ifvrd rhf nfvYkd ,HMk unfMuw,f/ wcsKUd vlawGu jy贸'g;&ufrmS c&D;xGuv

rav;&Sm;ud'k yYkd w Ykd u hJ ek af wG tqifajypGmESifh a&mufomG ;w,f/

1756. Don't worry, we are completely furnished with every thing necessary on the

1786. The arrangements for independence day are very grand.

vGwv f yfa&;aeYtwGuf tqiftjyifawGu odycf n hH m;w,f/ 1787. This great building was built in sequence for many years.

'DtaqmuftODBu;D udk ESpaf ygif;rsm;pGm tqifq h ihf wnfaqmufc&hJ w,f/ 1788. These inplementation plans were carried out in phases.

'DprD cH suu f kd tqihq f ihf aqmif&u G cf &hJ w,f/

way to Taungyi.

awmifBu;d udo k mG ;wJv h rf;rSm tpHt k vif jznhq f ;D xm;wJt h wGu?f pdwrf ylygESi/fh 1757. No one can remove his deep-seated feeling of love for Ma Hla.

rvSay:rSm cGw J o hJ t Yl cspf wpfa,mufrS rz,f&mS ;Edik b f ;l /

1758. With reference to a big banyan tree, our village is called Shwe Nyaung Pin.

Bu;D rm;aom yanmifyifBu;D udk tpGjJ yKĂ­ uReaf wmfwYkd &Gmudk a&TanmifvaYkd c:Muw,f/ 1759. He had decided to marry off his being elderly bachelor at the end of theis Buddhist lent.

'D0guRwrf mS ol&Y UJ vlysK[ d ikd ;f Bu;D b0udk tcGx H w k b f Ykd olq;kH jzwfvu kd Nf y/D 1760. If it is connected with Communist idelology, he is blind to reasons and very radical.

uGefjrLepf0g'ESihf ywfoufvmvQif oluusKd;aMumif; jrifawmhyJ odyfNyD; tpGe;f a&mufw,f/ 1761. He never wears clothes with stains.

tpGe;f twif;awGEiS fh t0wftp;mudk olb,fawmhrS r0wfb;l / 1762. All of a sudden, a woman who is under influence of an evil spirit, jumps up and kicks away a faith-healer.

'Dtvkyu f ikd Nf y;D ajrmufatmif olwrYkd mS tpGr;f tpr&Syd gbl;/ 1763. They have no potential (ability) to accomplish this job.

'Dtvkyu f Nkd y;D aemufatmifjrifatmif olwrYkd mS tpGr;f tpr&Syd gbl;/ 1764. These arrogatu feelows are defanged now.

'Daqmif<h um;<um;aumifawG tckawmhtpG,f usK;d ukeNf y/D 1765. Show your ability to the utmost in this football match.

'DabmvH;k yGrJ mS rif;&JUtpGr;f udk tpGr;f ukef jyvdu k yf g/ 1766. They demand labour charges excessively for our baggages.

'd0Yk efpnfpv,fawGtwGuf olwu Ykd tqrwef tvkyo f rm;cawmif;qdw k ,f/ 1767. Don't go hungry if you have gastritis.

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1768. Eat something to appease hunger.

tqmajyatmif wpfcck pk m;yg/ 1769. If fickled tea leaves is prepared with various sorts of garnishes it is very tasty and much liked by Burmese of all ages.

vzufukd tqmrsK;d pHEk iS o fh yk v f Qif odyt f &om&SNd y;D ArmvlrsK;d touft&G,t f m;vH;k u odyBf uKd uMf uw,f/ 1770. With regard to food he is very fastidious. (is hard to please)

olutpm;tpmESiyfh wfoufvQif odyt f qmus,w f ,f (aps;rsm;w,f) 1771. My face becomes oily, especially in Summer.

txl;ojzihf aEG&moDrmS igrsuEf mS tqDjyefw,f/ 1772. Your frank critiasms of his attemp an noyed him.

olBudK;yrf;rIawGudk cifAsm;u yGihfyGihfvif;vif;a0zefvdkY ol[mpdwfuoduatmif jzpf&w,f/ 1773. What you said in the meeting was not fit and proper.

rif;tpnf;ta0;rSm ajymw? tqDtai:rwnhyf gbl;/ 1774. He puts up adraft proposal bu was turned down immediately.

oltqdMk urf;udw k ifoiG ;f w,f? 'gayr,hf csujf cif;y,fcsc&H w,f/ 1775. The aforesaid statement of accounts is not acceptable.

tqdyk gpm&if;&Si;f wef;[m vufrcHEikd pf &myJ/ 1776. Authoritative sayings (dictum) of men of wisdom (sage) must be kept in ming firmly.

ynm&Sad wG&UJ tqdt k rdeaYf wGu?kd pdwx f rJ mS pGNJ rpJ mG rSwx f m;&r,f/ 1777. Written homolies of the sages must be kept in mind as well.

ynm&Sad wG&UJ ? qH;k rpmrsm;udv k nf;yJ pdwx f rJ mS rSwx f m;Mu&rnf/

1800. Taking Mg Hla as an example worth following, we must emulate him relating to way of speaking, behaviour and moral behabviour.

armifvu S ckd x H m;í tajymtqdk taetxdik Ef iS fh tusipfh m&dwEå iS cfh yfvsO;f vQif olu Y kd twk,&l r,f (tm;us&r,f) 1801. Buy your children clothes which are able to endure hard ship.

rif;cav;awGukd tawtaycHwhJ t0wftpm;awGukd 0,fay;vdu k yf g/ 1802. As the child is suffering from stomach pain she weeps endlessly.

cav;uAdu k ef maevd?Yk cav;utawmfrowfiw kd ,f/ 1803. If his insolence is moderate I can tolerate.

kd Qif igoD;cHEikd yf gw,f/ ol&JU apmfum;armufrmrI[m tawmftwefqv 1804. The abbrevation of etcetera is etc. Elcetera

&JU twdkaumufu etc jzpfw,f/ (ponftm;jzihf)

1805. He is a man of moderate opinions.

olut,ltqrQrQww &So d jl zpfw,f/ 1806. You should moderate your demands.

rif;&JUawmif;qdck surf sm;udk rQrQwwjzpfapoihw f ,f/ 1807. Will alcoholic druiks be haren ful taken in moderation?

t&ufukd awmoih&f akH omufvQif ab;Oy'fjzpfEikd yf govm;/ 1808. She is modest in dress and behaviour.

olronf t0wftpm;0wfqif&mwGiv f nf;aumif; taetxdik w f iG v f nf;aumif;? £a`E&´ o dS nf/ 1809. Tell me the summary of your statement.

rif;ajymqdck su&f UJ twkcd sKyu f kd ihgudak jymyg/

1789. Never expedite their down fall for you will reap the consequences of the past misdeeds.

0#fvu kd rf mS rdv Yk Ykd olrsm;awGukd tqihb f ,fawmhrS rwGe;f ygESi/fh 1790. Insignias of office are with drawn when he is no longer an oficer.

olt&m&Sw d pfa,ufr[kwaf wmh taqmifta,mifawGukd ½kyo f rd ;f vdu k w f ,f/ 1791. They are working by day-stift and night-shift.

olw[ Ykd maeYqikd ;f nqdik ;f awGEiS fh tvkyv f yk af eMuw,f/ 1792. Packets of gold leaves are being sold in pagoda markets.

bk&m;aps;awGrmS a&Tqikd af wGukd a&mif;csaew,f/ 1793. If you are clever at haggling, you will get the thing you want at low price.

rif;aps;qpfwmuRr;f usiv f Qi?f rif;vdck siw f yhJ pön;f udk tedrahf ps;ESi&fh vdrrhf nf/ 1794. He always does something uncommon to attract the attention of the people.

vlawG&JUtm&Hkudk qGJaqmif&atmif? olutNrJ? tqef;xGifw,f/ 1795. After being bitten by cobra, the poison takes effect.

f ufw,f/ a>ra[muftudu k cf &H Ny;D aemuf? tqdyw 1796. Having breathed a strange smell he is poisoned.

xl;qef;aomtESUH wpfrsK;d udk &SLrdNy;D aemuf? oltqdyo f ihw f ,f/ 1797. These nuts are loose in the shells.

'DtcGerf moD;awGu tqefacsmifw,f/ 1798. I suffer a loss and do not ask him about the money he borrowed.

olacs;oGm;wJyh u kd q f t H aMumif; olurkd ar;awmhy?J tqH;k cHvu kd w f ,f/ 1799. As he is a nonetity, he is not hesitant to cheat others.

olutnw&wpfa,mufjzpfv?Ykd olrsm;awGuv kd rd b f Ykd rwGeq Yf w k b f ;l /

1780. Because I am not aware of seller's deception I am taken in.

olacs;oGm;wJyh u kd q f t H aMumif;olukd rar;awmhbJtqH;k cHvu kd w f ,f/ 1781. Don't be captured in his persuasions by flattery.

olt Y nmtvdiI ;f awGxJ trdrcHEiS /fh 1782. Keep yourself away from allurement (seduction) of this woman of loose moral character.

'Dred ;f rysu&f UJ tnKuae rif;[mrif;vGwaf tmifae/ 1783. Becareful not to suffer muscular stiffness from sedentary work.

tanmif;rudik &f atmif xdik Nf y;D vky&f wJt h vkyu f kd owdxm;yg/ 1784. When he woke up from bed he stretched to relieve body stiffness.

oltdyf&mu xwJhtcg oltanmif;qefYw,f/ 1785. In order to ease stiffness he takes a walk every evening.

olnaewdik ;f tanmifajytnmajy vrf;avQmufxu G w f ,f/ 1786. I get muscular stiffness due to inactivity.

vIy&f mS ;rIr&Sad wmh igtanmifrw d ,f/ 1787. Her potential is destroyed for she works in the house of whose master.

Zdraf cgif;tdrrf mS tvkyv f yk af wmh? olrtnGeu Yf sK;d awmhwmyJ/ 1788. Whore-masters earn their living by exploiting prostitutes.

Zdraf cgif;awG[m Zdrrf ,fawGtay: tnGecYf ;l Ny;D &Smpm;Muw,f/ 1789. Caused by strict laws of the government some whore-masters abandoned their works, and made a living by honest trade.

wif;Muyfaomtpd;k &Oya'awGaMumihf wpfcsKUd Zdraf cgif;awG[m olwt Ykd vkyaf wGukd pGev Yf w G Nf y;D aumif;a&mif;aumif;0,fjzih?f toufarG;Muw,f/

1790. Sympathetic people never destray other people's potential.

ud, k cf si;f pmwwfaom olrsm;[m wpfyg;olrsm;\ tnGeu Yf b kd ,fawmhrrS csK;d / 1791. These young men are with great promise (potential).

'Dvil ,fawGu tnGew Yf vlvEl iS yfh /J 1792. The prosperities of all his busmesses are thwarted (checked) after nationalization.

Y yk if ef;awG&UJ Bu;D yGm;a&;awG[m tnGew Yf ek ;f ukew f ,f/ jynfoyl ikd o f rd ;f Ny;d aemuf? olv 1793. The crucial point of this discussion is taht how to find finance.

'DaqG;aEG;yGJ&JU tn§mu? b@maiGb,fvdk &SmrvJqdkwmygyJ/ 1794. He is easily swayed with regard to beautiful women.

rdef;racsmawG ywfoufvQif? olutn§mvG,w f ,f/ 1795. They throw stones at the house of Daw Tin who deliberately does much frying to offend others.

tan§mw f u kd v f eG ;f wJ?h a':wif&UJ tdru f kd olwu Ykd cJawGEiS fh ypfMuw,f/ 1796. My mother is ill and feels uneasy from being exposed to smells of frying.

ightarutan§mrf v d Ykd aeraumif;Ny;D ? rtDromjzpfaew,f/ 1797. Tell me definitely (precisely) whether you will come or not.

rif;vmrvm;? rvm;bl;vm;qdkwm ighudktwdtusajymyg/ 1798. Their son born with talents excelling those of his parents ordained as a Buddhist monk.

olwdkY&JU twdZmwom;[m &[ef;cHoGm;w,f/ 1799. The exatted Buddha is incomparable in three wolds of human beings, nats and Brahmas.

vlewfjA[®mwd\ Yk avmuoH;k yg;wGif Ak'j¨ rwfpmG onftwkr&Sad y/

1841. He is very obstinate and his thinkings are off the track.

oluodyaf cgif;rmNy;D tawG;awGacsmaf ew,f/ 1842. Your ideas are out-ofdate; they retrogress.

rif;tawG;tac:awGu acwfaemufusNy;D ? acwfaemufjyefqaJG ew,f/ 1843. A bunch of key is lost on high way bus yesterday.

ta0;ajy;um;ay:rSm raeYu aomhwJG aysmufomG ;w,f/ 1844. A bunch of banana was sent to me by my friend.

ighrdwfaqGu ighqDudk iSufaysmwpfckdif ydkYvdkufw,f/ 1845. I distributed hands of banana to my neigh bourers.

tdref ;D em;csi;f rsm;udk iSuaf ysmzD;rsm;a0ay;vdu k w f ,f/ 1846. He was severely beaten on the whole body and contised to death.

olwud, k v f ;kH tjyif;txeft&du k cf &H Ny;D ? twGi;f aMuaMuNy;D ao&wmyJ/ 1847. His insecret scheme is to kill then in the forest.

oltwGif;usdwftBuHuawmh olwdkYudk opfawmxJrSm owfzdkYyJ/ 1848. For the sake of your safety, don't go and contact this rouge.

rif;&JUvHNk cKH a&;twGuf 'Dvv l rd f vlnmESifh oGm;rqufo, G Ef iS /fh 1849. It does not matter if we are a little late for the meeting.

tpD;ta0;twGuf 'dt Yk enf;i, aemufusvnf; udprö &Syd gbl;/ 1850. On account of his marriage reception, we much reach there in time.

ol&Y UJ r*Fvm{nhcf yH t JG wGuf tJ'u D kd 'dt Yk csed rf aD &muf&r,f/ 1851. No one can change his prepensity of innate bad nature.

ol&UJ twGi;f qd;k OmOfukd ajymif;Edik w f o hJ l r&Sb d ;l / 1852. A patient is refusing to take oral medicine.

vlemu twGi;f aq;aomufzYkd nif;aew,f/

1810. Set fire to these useless fragments.

toH;k r0ifwhJ 'Dtwdt k pawGukd rD;wif½UId vdu k yf g/ 1811. I prefer eating vegetables as fruits eaten with fish sauce to chicken curry.

iguig;yda&ESifh wdpYk &mpm;&wmudk Muufom;[if;xufyBkd uKd uw f ,f/ ydkBudKufw,f = prefer to vdkYomoHk;&w,f/ prefer than vdkYroHk;&/ yd0k g&ihw f ,f = senior to vdkYomoHk;&w,f/senior than vdkYroHk;&/ 1812. His habit of sowing dissension between husband and wife must be wiped outl

vifr,m;Mum; twdt Yk axmifvyk w f o hJ t Yl usiu fh t kd Ny;D tydik zf ,f&mS ;ypf&r,f/ 1813. His father is usurious when he lends money.

ydu k q f aH cs;vQi?f olt Y azu twd;k Bu;D pm;w,f/ 1814. Don't speak against your father when he is telhing your for your own good.

rif;udkrif;tazu? rif;&JUaumif;&maumif;aMumif;udk ajymaevQif? zatudk twdu k t f cHrajymygESi/fh 1815. He is said to be too daring when ventured into the pit.

om;&JUwGi;f acsmifacsmufxu J kd olpeG 0Yf ifomG ;vd?Yk olu Y kd twih&f UJ w,fvaYkd jymMuw,f/ 1816. Theygossiped when their officer went out for meeting.

olwt Ykd &m&Sd tpnf;ta0;wGuf tjyifxu G o f mG ;awmh olwt Ykd wif;ajymMuw,f/ 1817. Frivolous talk is usually talked by those who have nothing to do.

d o hJ al wGajymMuwmyJ/ xH;k pHtwdik ;f twif;tzsi;f udk bmrSvyk pf &mr&Sw 1818. They are harmonious in bluffing others.

olwdkY[molrsm;udk NzD;wJhae&mrSm twdik t f azgufnMD uw,f/ 1819. Our company appoints a consultant to make our company a success.

atmifjrifr&I atmif 'du Yk rk P Ü u D twdik yf ifcw H pfa,mufcefw Y ,f/

1820. Wherever she is, she is full of complaint against others.

b,frSma&mufa&mufolr[m twdkiftawmxlw,f/ 1821. I will be exceedingly happy if my son will pass final examination.

ighom;aemufq;kH pmar;yGaJ tmifrnfqv kd Qif igtwdik ;f xuftvGe0f rf;omrSmyJ/ 1822. To a certain extent we live and then die.

wpfcak omtwkid ;f twmtxd 'dt Yk ouf&iS af exdik Mf uNy;D aemuf aoaMuwmyJ/ 1823. I am telling you this in earnest that they are going to kill him.

olYudk? olwdkYoGm;owfawmhrSmudk rif;udkigu twnfajymaewm/ 1824. They are bluffing that greedy man with straight faces.

tJ'DavmbBuD;wJhvludk olwdkYu twnfaygufzsD;aeMuw,f/ 1825. They do something which is un usual by turning somer sault on the back of wild horse.

jrif;&dik ;f &JUausmay:rsm uRr;f xd;k jycsi;f jzih?f olwu Ykd twwfqef;Muw,f/ 1826. Technicians do not get pay which they are worth.

twwfynm&Siaf wG[m olwEYkd iS x fh u kd w f efaomtcudk r&Mubl;/ 1827. He tries his luck in State Lothery for he was vividly preordained.

oluxifxif&mS ;&Sm;twdw&f vdYk xDrmS uHprf;vdu k w f ,f/ 1828. For he has great in terest in lollery, he interprets sign or omen and any and every thing.

oluxDrSmodyfpdwf0ifpm;awmh oauFw? twdwfedrdwfESihf jrifjrifu&mawGudk twdwfaumufw,f/ 1829. If you are not superstitions a bout omens (portents), your mind will be free of worries.

rif;twdwef rd w d af wGukd t,lroD;vQi?f rif;pdwaf omuawGrS uif;vGwv f rd rhf nf/

1830. I told you repeatedly not to go and mix with that rowdy fellow.

tJ'AD &kyaf umifEiS o fh mG ;Ny;D ra&mygESiv fh Ykd rif;udik gtwefwefajymcJyh gw,f/ 1831. Try hard, class promotion examination is approaching.

J uyfvmaeNy/D BuKd ;pm;xm; twef;wifpmar;yGu 1832. It is said that a student who does not take tution at teachen.

twef;ydik q f &mqDrmS usL&Sirf ,lwahJ usmif;om;wpfa,mufu pmar;yGaJ tmifbYkd qdkwm? tusKom;yJvdkY? ajymMuw,f/ 1833. Students can not easily comprehend emphasis of this paragraph.

'Dpmydu k \ f twdrt f eufukd ausmif;om;awG vG,u f pl mG oabmraygufEikd Mf ubl;/ 1834. Mg Tin accused Mg Hla definitely that he stole his book.

armifwifu armifvu S kd olpY mtkycf ;kd w,fvYkd twwfpyG pf w JG ,f/ 1835. There will probably be mistakes made inadvertently in compilng in dictionary.

f apmif;rsm; &Sad umif;&Sv d rd rhf nf/ tbd"gefwpfcjk yKp&k mrSm? twdrt 1836. I don't want to retatiate him for the misery he caused me.

ighut kd vGepf w d rf csr;f omrIjyKcw hJ t hJ wGu?f olu Y ikd g vufwek rYf jyefygbl;/ 1837. Without regarding the feeling of other he always talks bluntly.

wpfbufom;\ cHpm;rIudk tav;rxm;yJ olutNrJyJ twHk;vdkuftwpfvdkuf ajymw,f/ 1838. The corpses of soldiers lie in shambles on the battle field.

ppfajrjyifrmS ppfom;tavmif;awGu twH;k t&H;k yJ/ 1839. I don't think she will allow to be seen.

olr[m tawGUcHrnfvYkd igrxifb;l / 1840. However I explain event to him he is still for-feched in thought.

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1883. We are relating chit-chat (random talk) to get relief from boredom.

'dt Yk ysi;f ajyatmif? t&ifutaMumif;awG? pyfrpd yf&m? ajymaeMuwmyg/ 1884. I don't know why they have a high esteem of this odd person.

olwdkY bmaMumihf 'DcGpm (*Gpm) udk txifBuD;ovJqdkwm igrodbl;/ 1885. When we are about to do community affairs, he is always in our way and he

1853. I don't believs than on account of knowing their habits through and through.

olwdkYtusihfawGudk twGif;usus odaewJhtwGuf olwdkYudkigr,Hkbl;/ 1854. I am thinking to relieve her secret sorrow.

olr&JU twGi;f aqG; udk oufomatmifvyk af y;bd?Yk igpOf;pm;aew,f/ 1855. The policeman watched the house to which the wanted man was known to

acts in defiance. (thumbshis nose at us)


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1886. Our village ostracized this habitual objector person always contradicting others.

'd&Yk mG om;awGu 'Duefv Y efo Y rm;udk 0dik ;f y,fxm;Muw,f/ 1887. In connection with burglary (house-breaking) we have misjudged him.

Ykd xifrmS ;cJMh uw,f/ azgufxiG ;f rIEiS fh pyfvsO;f í olut 1888. Many people have a low opinion of those who have not passed even Hatriculation Examination.

q,fwef; (wuúov kd 0f ifpmar;yG)J pmar;yGaJ vmufrS ratmifwo hJ al wGukd vlawGu txifao;Muw,f/ 1889. We can see their house distinctly as it is built on the hill.

awmifuek ;f ay:rSm aqmufxm;vdYk oltrd u f kd txift&Sm; 'djYk rifEikd w f ,f/ 1890. This generator does not fit snugly on its foundation.

'Dr;D ay;pufu? oltajccHay:rSm? txdik rf usb;l / 1891. He made notches on the tree to mark his way.

olvrf;udk rSwo f m;&eftwGuf opfyifay:rSm olutxpfawGvyk cf w hJ ,f/ 1892. There are many impediments in gething a driving licence.

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1856. Becareful when you speak to him for he has a habit to misconstrue.

olutxteaumufwt hJ usi&fh v dS Ykd rif;olEiS pfh um;ajymwJt h cg owdxm;yg/ 1857. The every within is more dangerous than the enemy outside.

twGi;f &efu tjyif&efxufyNkd y;D t`E, ´ rf sm;w,f/ 1858. It trusted person betroyed you, your life will be destroyed.

rif;udt k wGi;f vlu opömazgufvQif rif;b0ysuv f rd rhf nf/ 1859. He had succeeded in winning her hand in marriage.

olrESiv fh ufxyfb&Ykd m oltxajrmufomG ;Ny/D 1860. He gave him hint that his lover is ready to elope with him.

olcY spo f u l olEiS cfh ;kd &mvdu k b f Ydk tqifoihjf zpfaeNyD qdw k mudk oluolu Y t kd xmay;w,f/ 1861. Mg Hla comes to get the feel of things when Mg Ba gave him hint.

armifbudkolYudk txm;ay;awmh? armifvSu txmaygufoGm;w,f/ 1862. The placement of fimture is not systematic.

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1863. He has turned up till 10A.m.

eHeuf 10 em&Dtxd olay:rvmao;bl;/ 1864. The insurgents suffered a serious set-back when the government troops used heavy useapons.

tpdk;&wyfawGu vufeufBuD;rsm;? toHk;jyKaomtcg aomif;usef;olrsm; txdemoGm;w,f/ 1865. He is solitary when his friends abandoned him.

olrw d af qGrsm;u olu Y pkd eG cYf mG oGm;aomtcg ol[mtxD;usejf zpfaew,f/ 1866. They entertained us unusually with choice items of food and drinks.

olwdkYu 'dkYudk pm;aumif;aomufz, G rf sm;ESifh txl;wvnf{nhcf MH uw,f/ 1867. Coriander is complement of rice noodles with grovy.

eHeyH if[m rke[ Yf if;cg;ESifh twGt J pufy/J 1868. Especially, VIP must be paid special attention leaving nothing to be desired.

k d &f r,f/ txl;ojzihf tvGet f a&;Bu;D aom olrsm;udk vdak vao;r&S&d atmif txl;*&kpu 1869. It is usual that a lot of people are interestede in unusuall things.

vltrsm;[m txltqef;awGrmS pdw0f ifpm;Muwm jzpf&;kd jzpfpOfy/J 1870. He is very fond of using mild sarcasms whenever he speaks.

olpum;ajymwdik ;f taxhtaighav;awGo;kH &wm odyBf uKd uEf pS o f ufw,f/ 1871. In the presence of the king, he takes an oath of allegiance.

bk&ihx f aH wmfwiG f olopömcHonf/ 1872. When he gains upper hand, he talks with a high and nighty manner.

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1873. By seeing their behaviour, we can easily guess that they are first-rate (are deunt)

olwdkY&JUtaetxdkifudk jrif&jcif;tm;jzihf? olwdkY[m txufwef;usw,fvdkY 'dkY tvG,w f ulcefrY eS ;f Edik w f ,f/ 1874. We have to study this new subject obverse and reverse.

'Dbmomtopfukd 'dYktxufjyef? atmufjyefavhvmoif,&l r,f/ 1875. The elite (the upper social stratum) are generally houghty.

txufwef;vTmawG[m rsm;aomtm;jzihf armufrmMuw,f/ 1876. We two are the immediate elder and younger.

'dkYESpfa,mufu txufatmufyJ/ 1877. In keeping with our responsibility, we have to look after them.

'dkYwm0eftxdkuftvdkuf? olwdkYudk 'dkYu jyKpkMu&w,f/ 1878. To a certain extent we have to give in (accommodate) our opinion to resolve the dispute.

tjiif;yGm;rIajyvnfap&ef 'dt Yk ,ltqudk wpfcak omtwdik ;f twmtxd tavsmh ay;&rSmyJ/ 1879. According to their status, we will entertain them commensurately.

k t f avsmuf{nhcf aH uR;arG;rSmyJ/ olw&Ykd t J qiht f wef;udv k u kd í f 'du Yk olwu Ykd kd txdu 1880. Trishaws are cheap but serviceable and suitable for use.

qdkufum;awG[m tzdk;enf;0gygNyD? toHk;wnhfw,f/ 1881. Shwedagon pagoda is prominent (famous, well-known) pagoda in our country.

a&Tw*d akH pwDawmf[m 'dw Yk idk ;f jynfrmS txifu&apwDawmfygyJ/ 1882. Relating to his behaviour, way of speaking and moral behaviour, there is great difference between our assumption and his appearance.

ol&UJ taetxdik f ? tajymtqdEk iS fh tusipfh m&dwaå wGEiS fh pyfvQi;f í 'd&Yk UJ txifEiS fh tjrif[m tvGeu f mG jcm;rI&w dS ,f/

1924. His mother was seriously ill and would die at any moment.

oltazu aeYpm;tvkyo f rm;jzpfvYkd olcY av;awGukd avmufipS mG rauR;arG;Edik b f ;l / 1925. With great difficutty, we have to struggle for daily household expenses.

aeYpOfpm;p&dwt f wGu?f 'dt Yk Edik Ef ikd &f ek ;f uefMu&w,f/ 1926. You should not bully your younger brothers who depend upon you.

rif;udrk cDS akd e&wJh nDav;awGukd tEdik rf usio fh ihyf gbl;/ 1927. Don't try to get money dishonestly from disabled persons.

d© awGqrD S ydu k q f efu?kd &&efrBuKd ;pm;ygESi/fh r&d;k rom;pGmESifh 'kuw 1928. He robbed my money forcibly and beated me on the head.

oluighyu kd q f efut kd Edik t f xufv, k Nl y;D ighacgif;udk &du k o f mG ;w,f/ 1929. The teacher explained to us variously the problem of mathemetic.

h ,f/ ocsmF jyóemudk q&mu igwdt Yk m; tenf;enf;tzHzk &kH iS ;f jycJw 1930. On account of his wickedness I can't to tolerate (for bear) him.

ol&UJ qd;k npfrt I wGuf oluikd goD;rcHEikd b f ;l (tEGw H mrcHEikd b f ;l ) 1931. Reading glasses are essential for those who are over forty years of age.

1893. Don't make a sudden fright when we are asleep.

'dt Yk yd af ewke;f ? txdww f vefY rvkyyf gESi/fh 1894. We have to build a mezzanine (entresol) to enable us to live comfortably.

'do Yk ufompGmaeEdik af tmif? 'dx Yk yfc;kd aqmuf&w,f/ 1895. As they are financially ruined, they dispose of their valuables.

kd xkyaf jz (xkc)JG Mu&w,f/ olwpYkd ;D yGm;ysuv f Ykd tbk;d wefypön;f awGut 1896. Pedlars with wares usually carried on a shoulder pole are seen every where viour town.

'dkYNrdKUrSm? ypönf;awGudk xef;bdk;ESihf xrf;NyD; avsmufa&mif;wJh txrf;onfawGudk ae&mwdik ;f rSm awGUjrifMu&w,f/ 1897. Independence monument was built in commenmoration of In dependence.

vGwv f yfa&;ausmufwikd u f kd vGwv f yfa&; txdr;f trSwt f jzpf wnfaqmufcMhJuw,f/ 1899. I have nothing to say anything of importance.

ighrmS taxGtxl;ajymp&mr&Syd gbl;/ 1900. You can bathe your child if her small-pox runs its course.

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rif;cav;ausmufBu;D aygufwm? txGupf o kH mG ;vQi?f a&csK;d ay;Edik w f ,f/

1932. Presbyopia (long sightedness) will occur to anyone who is over thirty five

1901. You can not ge the correct meaning of this paragraph if you misinterpret the

years of age.


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rif;t"dymÜ ,faumufvv JG Qi?f 'Dpmyd'k &f UJ t"dymÜ ,freS u f kd &rSmr[kwb f ;l /

1933. Tigers are very dangerous at close quarter.

usm;awG[m teD;uyfqdkvQif odwftEÅ&m,frsm;w,f/ 1934. Don't be too happy for you win in first contest.

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1902. Our resolution is to carry out the welfare of the people.

'd&Yk UJ t"d|mefu? vltrsm;aumif;pm;a&; aqmif&u G &f efjzpfw,f/ 1903. What he is talking is meaningful.

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1904. May our Buddhism exist in perpetuity.

'dAYk 'k b ¨ mom t"Ge&Yf n S af paomf0/f 1905. He always makes sacri fice as regard to members of the family.

rdom;pkrsm;ESifh pyfvsO;f vmvQi?f olutNrJ temcHw,f/ 1906. I am petigo and obscess (boil) must be given urgent medical treatment, other wise they will spread the whole body.

tempufEiS fh tempdr;f awGukd tjrefaq;uk&r,f/ odrYk [kwv f Qif wpfu, kd v f ;kH udk jyefomG ;vdrrhf ,f/ 1907. Indigenous medcines are affected in ouring visulent sores and carbuncles.

wdik ;f &if;aq;awG[m temqd;k rsm; temhyqkyrf sm; uko&mwGif xda&mufMuw,f/ 1908. With bitter feelings, he told me of his son's ingratitude.

olo Y m;&JUaus;Zl;uefru I kd olu temwMunf;ESifh ighuakd jymjyw,f/ 1909. If dormant sore and external ulcer are not cured in tine they will fester and turn septic.

temNrKEH iS fh temzwfcu G f awGukd tcsed rf rD ukvQif temawG&if;Ny;D ? tem0ifomG ; vdrrhf nf/ 1910. Give them a rest in turn.

olwdkYudk tvSnhfESihf tem;ay;yg/ 1911. Workers get a rest after two hours contious work.

ESpef m&Dqufwu kd t f vkyNf y;D aemuf? tvkyo f rm;awGtem;&w,f/ 1912. The Chinese are very fond of playing basket ball.

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1913. A lat of rich men spend their money in gambling game played with a red and white nested cube.

kd q f u H kd jzKe;f Muw,f/ csr;f omwJv h t l rsm;[m teDaxmifupm;Ny;D ? olwyYkd u 1914. Try to get your money back from him by peaceful means.

olq Y u D aiGukd tEkenf;ESifh jyef&atmifvyk yf g/ 1915. Majority of our people do not value fine arts.

k efb;kd rxm;Mubl;/ vltrsm;pk[m tEkynmudw 1916. I feel uneasy (feel embarrassed) in the company of women.

rde;f rawGtzGUJ xJrmS igtaecufw,f/ 1917. You are unconcerned in this dispute between two brothers.

nDtpfuEkd pS af ,mufMum;jzpfwhJ tjiif;yGm;rIrmS rif;taeomBu;D aygh/ 1918. To get a brautiful potograph posture is very unportant.

k t f aetxm;u odyt f a&;Bu;D w,f/ "gwfyv kH v S w S pfy&kH &ef? ud, 1919. The dog is on the scent for rats in the garden.

yef;NcHxJu? <uufawGudk acG;u teHUcHw,f/ 1920. How will you interpret his letter recently sent to you?

rif;qDudk rMumrDurS ydkYvdkufwJholpmudk rif;b,fvdk teufaumufrvJ/ 1921. Out of these cars you can choose to your liking and buy one.

'Dum;awGteuf rif;pdwBf uKd uaf &G;Ny;D wpfp;D 0,fEikd w f ,f/ 1922. His wife leads him by the nose.

olrY ed ;f ru? olu Y ekd zm;BuKd ;wyfw,f/ 1923. His wife leads him by the nose.

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1967. The pubescent girls usually want to try what the love is and indulge in fantasy.

tysHoifp rdef;uav;awG[m tcspfqdkwmbmvJvdkY prf;oyfcsifMuNyD;rsm;aom tm;jzihf pdwu f ;l ,OfMuw,f/ 1968. We must pay special attention to girls who attain puberty s they are unstable in mind (flitabout in mind).

tysKad z:0ifwrhJ ed ;f uav;awG[m pdwu f pm;Muwmrd?Yk olwu Ykd kd txl;tav;xm; Mu&r,f (*½kpu kd Mf u&rnf/) 1969. Girls in the bloom of maidenhood are very active in novitiation ceremony.

&Sijf yKyrJG mS tysKjd zef;awG[m vGepf mG wuf<uMuw,f/ 1970. In this wedding ceremony Ma Aye, a chaperon, does not throw her weight around and secludesherself.

'Dr*FvmyGrJ mS ? tysKacgif; rat;[m? q&mrvkyu f J acsmifuyk af ew,f/ 1971. This young teenage girl Ma Ni assumes much the airs of a grown-up girl.

'DtysKad ygufreDu odyt f ysKv d yk w f ,f/ 1972. When on taking up tenancy we have to pay premium also in addition to rent.

tdrif mS ;aomtcg? vctjyif taysmufyg 'daYk y;Mu&w,f/ 1973. It is a wonder that he is eloquent and articulate in the debate.

pum;&nfvyk rJG mS oltajymydik w f m[m tHMh op&mygyJ/ 1974. Please do not take offence for he is slightly deranged.

oluoGwaf csmifacsmifjzpfaevd?Yk aus;Zl;jyKNy;D ? tjypfr,lygESi/fh 1975. Bridesmaids are generally selected from beautiful women.

tysK&d aH wGukd rde;f rvSawGxrJ S trsm;tm;jzihf a&G;xkwMf uw,f/ 1976. Innocent virgin girls blush when they are spoken to.

tysK&d ikd ;f awG[m olwu Ykd kd pm;ajymvQif &Suaf oG;jzef;Muw,f/

1935. Please do not agitate the water of which the sediment settled.

tenfxikd faewJah &udk aus;Zl;jyKí tenfxatmifrvkyyf gESi/fh 1936. Slick and noiseless robbery often happens in the town.

NrKd UxJrmS ? tEkMurf;? cecejzpfw,f/ 1937. Throw aweay these pattry things to clean the house.

tdro f ef&Y iS ;f oGm;atmif? 'DtEkwt f pkwaf wGukd vTiyfh pfvu kd yf g/ 1938. To escape bondage of human society, he is ordained as a monk and trying to attain arhatship.

vlabmifavmutaESmiftzGUJ rS vGwaf jrmufatmif ol&[ef;cHomG ;Ny?D &[ef;udpNö y;D atmif (&[EÅmjzpfatmif) BuKd ;pm;aew,f/ 1939. Take care, not to have talked anything which caused doubt.

taESmihfrvGwf? toGm;rvGwfwJh? b,f[mudkrS rajymrdatmif? owdjyKyg/ 1940. It is said that heartwood of frangipani is sandal-wood.

w&kyfpum;yif&JU tESpf[m ? eHomeD (eHUomjzL) vdkYajymMuw,f/ 1941. His words are without essence.

f m&r&Syd gbl;/ olpY um;awGu tESpo 1942. Doctors advise paticuts with hypertention to avoid eating yolk of egg.

O&JUtESpu f pk d m;jcif;rS a&SmifusOb f ?Y k d aoG;wd;k &Sw d v h J el mawGuk d q&m0efawGu nTeMfum;w,f/ 1943. What is the answer, if we summerize the result of the work we have done during this year?

'DESpftwGif;rSm 'dkYvkyfcJhwJhtvkyhf&JU tusKd;oufa&mufrIudk tESpfcsKyfvdkufvQif tajzubmvJ/ 1944. I have tried to write this book for years on end.

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1945. Leave aside his problem, it is not unportant.

oljyóemudk tyxm; (ab;z,f)vdu k ?f tJ'guta&;rBu;D bl;/ 1946. Round brilliant out diamonds are much in demand and very expensive.

tyg;0dik ;f pdeaf wG[m? odyt f 0,fvu kd Nf y;D ? aps;tvGeBf u;D Muw,f/ 1947. His mother is consumed with grief when her youngest son died of snake bite.

om;ti,fqHk;? a>rudkufíaoaomtcg? olYtartylrD;awmufw,f/ 1948. Don't take unnecessary trouble to entertain us.

'du Yk kd {nhcf b H Ykd tylr&SmygESi/fh 1949. You will suffer from sunstroke if you gooutside without umbrella.

xD;rygyJ? rif;tjyifxu G v f Qi?f tylvQyv f rd rhf nf/ 1950. Grief stricken persons relate their story tear fully.

tylonfawG[m olw&Ykd UJ yHjk yifukd rsu&f nfprf;prf;ESifh jyefajymMuw,f/ 1951. To do a business, we negotiate and reach a compromise.

tvkyw f pfcv k yk b f Yk'd t Ykd ay;t,lvyk w f m tay;t,lwnho f mG ;w,f/ 1952. In addition to house rent we are paying surcharge.

tdrv f cESifh xyfaqmif;ay;Ny;D tydak Mu;'dw Yk awGay;aeMu&w,f/ 1953. Who else can lift this like Mg Tin?

armifwifvdk? wjcm;b,fvl'D[mudk r EdkifovJ/ 1954. This rogue is well-behaved now after he had been trained in reformatory for juvemile delinquent.

qd;k oGr;f vli,fjyKjyifa&;ausmif;rSm? olu Y o kd ifMum;ay;vdu k Nf y;D aemuf? 'Dvv l rd v f al umuf iaw[m tydk;usKd;oGm;w,f/ 1955. He finds pretext to heap all blames on me.

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1956. As she is quenulously talkative she will get into trouble sooner or later.

olr[m tayguftprsm;vd?Yk taES;eJUtjref? jyóemwufvrd rhf nf/ 1957. U Aung lends money by a mortgage with little unterest.

H ,f/ OD;atmifu twd;k tenf;i,fEiS fh taygifcw 1958. Unable to redeem mortgaged properties are resold.

taygifq;kH ypön;f awGukd jyefa&mif;w,f/ 1959. He capable of getting along withothers.

olu olrsm;awGESihf taygif;qHhw,f/ 1960. Mg Htoo and his associates are going to set up a company.

armifx;l ESifh taygif;ygrsm;[m ukrP Ü w D pfcw k nfaxmifawmhr,f/ 1961. Don't give me back my book; I will give you this book for keep.

ighpmtkyu f kd ighjyefray;ygESi?fh 'Dpmtkyu f kd rif;udk tydik af y;rSmyg/ 1962. I never work painstakingly, I work leisurely.

igb,fawmhrS tyef;wBu;D rvkyb f ;l ? at;at;oufomyJvyk w f ,f/ 1963. If you have committed many sinful deeds, you will cast into the four nether worlds.

rif;raumif;rIawGukd trsm;Bu;D usL;vGecf v hJ Qi?f ty,fav;bHu k kd vm;vdrrhf nf/ 1964. I regard this matter as trifling.

igu'Dudpöudk taysmhvdkYoabmxm;w,f/ 1965. He dissipates (womanize indulges in debauchery)

olu taysmfvdkufw,f/ 1966. You should not waste most of your time in anusement, entertainment, fun and sensual pleasure.

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2004. If you eat too much of perngent smelling edible fruits, you will meet a deadly donger if it is not suitable (opportune)

rif;wnif;oD;rsm;rsm;pm;vQif tcefrY oihu f aoaygufw;kd vdrrhf nf/ 2005. Parents from both sides present the bridal chamber to newly-weds.

ESpzf ufaomrdbrsm;u vufxyfNy;D p ZeD;armifEu HS kd tcef;tyfMuw,f/ 2006. They argued as to the mture of man in a dialectical manner.

vlo Y bm0ESiyfh wfoufNy;D ? olwYkd tacstwif nif;cHMk uw,f/ 2007. They argued heatedly and spoke ill of one another in the discussion.

D csqifjcifwufMuNy;D wpfO;D ESiw fh pfO;D tykycf sw,f/ aqG;aEG;yGrJ mS olwYkd tcst 2008. My house is almost finished, it needs only final touch.

ightrd u f Ny;D vkNy?D tacsmudik b f yYkd v J w kd ,f/ 2009. When will you repay a loan which is overdue?

&ufveG af ewJt h acs;udk b,fawmhqyfrmS vJ/ 2010. Proused tea leaves for making tea, sold in the bazzars, are usually adulterated.

aps;awGxrJ mS a&mif;wJt h csKad jcmufawG[m xH;k pHtwdik ;f ? tnHph m;awGEiS f h a&mxm;w,f/ 2011. The evidence a gainst the thief has been cumulative.

olc;kd ay:rSm oufaocHtaxmuftxm;awGuawmh? xyfcgxyfcg wd;k yGm;vmwmyJ 2012. He was debarred from taking the examination due to his age.

olt Y oufaMumihf olpmar;yGaJ jzqdck iG yfh w d yf ifc&H onf/ 2013. Our domestic help gives us a great deal of trouble.

tcsKdrIefy[m usr庐ma&;udk odyfxdcdkufw,fvdkY? tpdk;&u aMunmw,f/ 2014. The government notifies that the artificial sweetening agent for seasoning food is very in jurious to health.

tcsKdrIefY[m ? usefrma&;udk odyfxdcdkufw,fvdkY tpdkl;&u aMunmw,f/

1977. No one is completely free from faults.

wpfa,mufrS tjypftqmu vH;k 0vGwu f if;wmr&Syd gbl;/ 1978. Clean out this prodblem in time lest we should get in to trouble.

jy贸emrwufatmif 'Djy贸emudk tcsed rf D tjywf&iS ;f yg/ 1979. They win a complete victory over their rivals in the meeting by a large margin (decisively; over wheningly)

tpnf;ta0;rSm olwu Ykd NyKd ib f ufrsm;tay: tjywftowf vH;k 0atmifycJG MH uw,f/ 1980. If he can do this, I will do it many times over.

olu'gudv k yk Ef ikd v f Qif igu tjyefwpf&mvkyrf ,f/ 1981. Keep a close watch on this fellow, a provocateur in the ginse of a peacemaker.

'D;rD;pwpfzuf a&rIww f pfzufaumifukd teD;uyfapmihMf unhyf g/ 1982. In connection with murder case, the government detectives will follow criminals in a chan reaction.

vlowfrEI iS yfh wfoufNy;D tpd;k &pHak xmufawGu w&m;cHawGukd rD;cd;k <uufavQmuf vdrrhf nf/ 1983. Lacking of consideration, he killed his friend in cold blood.

olo Y il ,fcsi;f udk aoG;at;at;ESifh olowf&ufw,f/ 1984. Monks are free to go anywhere in the rest of the year excluding the Buddhist lent.

0gyrSm ? &[ef;awG[m b,fudkrqdk vGwfvyfpGm oGm;EdkifMuw,f/ 1985. When he is out of control of his father, he is doing as he pleases withou restraint.

olzcif\ xdef;csKyfrIrS uif;vGwfoGm;wJhtcg pnf;vGwf0g;vGwf olxifwdkif; usJawmhwmyJ/

1986. If you pick a quarrel with him it will lead to dire consequences.

rif;olu Y kd &ef&mS vQif rD;yGio fh mG ;vdrrhf nf/ 1987. It is said that the biter bitten when Mg Mya, an astute person was pickpocketed on the bus.

vlvnfarmifjr? bwfpum;ay:rSm cg;ydkufEIufcH&wJhtcg a>rayG;ydk;xdw,fvdkY ajymMuw,f/ 1988. Rest assured, he will survely pass the examination as he diligently (conscientiously) studies his school lessons the whole year round.

pdwcf s? wpfEpS yf wfv;kH ? aumif;ocFP;f awGukd BuKd ;BuKd ;ukwu f w k f oloifMum;em,lvYkd olpmar;yGaJ tmifrnf/ 1989. This arrogant fellow is always with a show of boldness but without effective result every where.

'Daqmih<f um;<um;aumifu? ae&mwumrSm tNrrJ jzpfnpfus,yf /J 1990. After having married a wealthy widow he is now in a dilemma.

csr;f omwJh rkq;kd rudk vufxyfNy;D oltckawmh raxG;Edik f rrsKEd ikd yf /J 1991. While he is boasting to people, I have an irrepressible desire to butt in.

olvlawGudk <um;aewkef;? ig0ifajymcsifvkdufwm vQmudk,m;aewmyJ/ 1992. While there is time, apply yourself to the task.

tcsed &f w dS ek ;f ? tvkyu f kd vHv Yk pdu k yf g/ 1993. Persons living from hand to mouth are very hard up for the time being.

vkyfpm;udkifpm;awG[m vwfwavmrSm odyfusnfwnf;Muw,f/ 1994. They den and the immediate release of their son.

olwdkYom;udk csujf cif;vTw G af y;bdYk olwaYkd wmif;qdMk uw,f/

1995. They are unable to complete the work assigned.

olwt Ykd vkyt f a<u; wifaew,f/ 1996. The prisoners are released withou reservation.

tusO;f om;awGukd t<uif;rJv h w T v f u kd w f ,f/ 1997. Unseasonal rain is likely to fall in the following two days.

d ,f/ aemufEpS &f ufrmS tcgrJrh ;kd &Gmp&m&Sw 1998. I am not on good terms with these haughty people.

'DarmufrmwJh vlawGEiS fh igtaMumif;raygif;oifb h ;l / 1999. He is in a state of ecstasy with women.

kd af ew,f/ olu trsK;d orD;awGEiS fh tMunfqu 2000. They bought dry provisions to be used in emergency.

ta&;ay:oHk;bdkY olwdkY tajcmuftjcrf;awG 0,fxm;w,f/ 2001. Save money to be able to live comfortably in old age.

touft&G,Bf u;D wJt h cg oufawmiho f ufomaeEdik af tmif? ydu k q f cH x k m;yg/ 2002. You will never get the better of him as he is very argumentative.

oluodyt f jiif;oefvYkd rif;olu Y b kd ,fawmhrS tEkid &f rSmr[kwb f ;l / My knowledge of English is just a drop of water in the bucket.

igh&UJ t*Fvyd b f mom A[kow k [m a&yH;k xJu a&wpfpufrQomyg/ 2003. Ajino moto, a flavouring substance added to curryor soup is still in constant use however the governemtn prohitit it.

tm*sDEdkrdkwdktcsKdrIefYudk tpdk;&urnfrQyifwm;jrpfapumrl tckxufxd tNrJoHk;pGJ vsuyf /J

2015. I can not bear the sight of this man for his manner of speaking.

olpum;ajymtcsK;d aMumihf 'Dvu l ikd gtjrifuyfw,f/ 2016. The physique and poise of the first model girl is well-proportioned.

k v f ;kH ud, k af yguf? ud, k af eud, k [ f efu tcsK;d Muw,f/ yxrud, k [ f efjyr,f&UJ ud, 2017. The rebuttal of the first speaker of opposing team in a debate is not to the point.

pum;&nfvyk rJG mS ? tacs&iS &f UJ tacsu tcsurf usb;l / 2018. If you get a good chance make a clean sweep of your your enemy.

rif;tcsuaf y:vQif rif;&efou l kd tjywf&iS ;f ypfvu kd yf g/ 2019. We must be mutually respectful to one another.

'dYt k csi;f csi;f wpfa,mufEiS w fh pfa,muf &dak oMu&r,f/ 2020. Our cook is expert in culinary art (cookery).

'dx Yk rif;csuu f tcsut f jyKwrf mS tvGeaf wmfw,f/ 2021

He wants to possess wealth without exerting effort.

olu Opรถm"eudk tacsmifvckd siw f ,f/ 2022. He tries to meddle for his own advantage in critieal moment.

ta&;xJ olu tacsmifEdIufzdkY BudK;pm;w,f/ 2023. If you take the line of least resistance you will meet with difficutty.

rif;tacsmifvikd ;f vdu k v f Qif tusyaf wGUvdrrhf nf/ 2024. Don't let this shirker (opportumst) come into our house.

'Dtacsmiform;? 'dt Yk rd x f rJ 0ifapESi/fh 2025. Generally, the pysiognomists bluff those who come to consult them about their present and future prospects (potentials).

,ckEiS afh emif tvm;tvmrsm;udk vma&mufwidk yf ifwo hJ rl sm;udk t*F0Zd mร† rsm; zs;D zse;f Muw,f/

2026. However we are asking anxiously about his health he is neither yes nor no.

ol&Y UJ usrm速 a&;udk 'du Yk pdwyf pl mG ESifh b,favmufar;ar; oluawmh tif;rvkyf tJrvkyyf J 2027. Whatever wwe say they signify agreement by saying yes.

'dkYbmyJajymajym? olwdkYuawmh tif;vdkufaewmyJ/ 2028. The Myanmar workers shinify from one place to another in neighbouring countries are unjustly buthed.

tdref ;D em;jcif;Edik if aH wGrmS jrefrma&TUajymif;tvkyo f rm;awG[m rw&m;tEdik cf MHu&w,f/ 2029. It is to no purpose however we tried to console him for his sorrow.

ol&UJ 0rf;enf;rItwGuf 'ku Yd b,favmufyif ESpo f rd ahf pumrl tvum;yJ/ 2030. Dont take it too seriously, I told you this in jest.

tJ'gudk odyftav;teufrxm;ygESihf igutvum; (&,fp&m) ajymwmyg/ 2031. If you have no good interconnection with your friend in the other country, how can we send to him our men safely?

wbufEikd if u H rif;rdwaf qGEiS fh rif;tcsw d t f qufaumif;aumif;r&Sv d Qif olUqDukd 'dv Yk al wG vHNk cKH pmG b,fvykd EYkd ikd rf mS vJ/ 2032. His arrival is at the exact moment forour depature.

'dx Yk u G cf mG bdt Yk wGuf ol&Y UJ qdu k af &mufr[ I m tcsdefudkufy/J 2033. The time is due, don't waste your time in talking.

tcsed u f sNyD rif;wdt Yk csed u f kd pum;ajymNy;D zsKe;f raeESi/fh 2034. Hurry up, don't prolong.

jrefjrefvyk f tcsed rf qGEJ iS /fh 2035. Though he is over forty years of age, he is lacking in emotional maturity.

olutoufav;q,fausmaf omfvnf; tcsed rf pD;bl;/

2036. It is too late in the night and we will continue our work tomorrow.

tcsed rf vSawmhb;l ? 'dt Yk vkyu f kd eHeufjzefrS qufMur,f/ 2037. We still have time to finish this work.

'Dtvkyt f Ny;D oyfbYkd 'drYk mS tcsed &f adS o;w,f/

224 192.

The situation seems to have got quite out of hand (beyond control).

224 192.

taetxm;uawmh xde;f r&ovdyk /J 193.


I wash my hand of the whole matter (I refuse to have anything more to do

taetxm;uawmh xde;f r&ovdyk /J 193.

with it).

'Dupd Eö iS fh aemufxyfrywfouf&ef igjiif;y,fw,f/

'Dupd Eö iS fh aemufxyfrywfouf&ef igjiif;y,fw,f/

You have hit the nail on the head (said or done exactly the right thing).


Today he is in high spirits (cheerful, joyful).

How is that? You seem out of spirits (gloomy, sad).


The news of the king's death spread like wild fire.


He took to heart (was deeping affected by) the death of his wife.


He was disappointed, but he took heart (cheered himself up) and tried again.


He is not a great lawyer but he has the gift of the gab (a talent for speaking).



udk *uf(bf) vdkYtoHxGufyg/ ) olua&SUaeBu;D wpfa,muf r[kwyf gbl;/ 'gayr,hf tm0dZmÆ ef;aumif;wJh yifu, kd f t&nftaoG;&Sw d ,f/

Just now, he is simply comming money (earning large sum easily).

ckwifuyJ ? olaiGawG trsm;BuD;&vdkufw,f/

He was disappointed, but he took heart (cheered himself up) and tried again.

olpw d yf sucf &hJ w,f/ 'gayr,hf tm;wif;Ny;D xyfBuKd ;pm;cJyh gonf/



He took to heart (was deeping affected by) the death of his wife.

olYrdef;r aoqHk;rIaMumihf? oltonf;cdu k o f mG ;w,f/

olpw d yf sucf &hJ w,f/ 'gayr,hf tm;wif;Ny;D xyfBuKd ;pm;cJyh gonf/ 200.

The news of the king's death spread like wild fire.

bk&ifewf&mG pHonhf owif;[m? awmrD;vdk jyefEY UHS oGm;w,f/

olYrdef;r aoqHk;rIaMumihf? oltonf;cdu k o f mG ;w,f/ 199.

How is that? You seem out of spirits (gloomy, sad).

b,fvv kd ?J rif;pdw½f yI af eovdyk /J

bk&ifewf&mG pHonhf owif;[m? awmrD;vdk jyefEY UHS oGm;w,f/ 198.

Today he is in high spirits (cheerful, joyful).

'DaeYol odyt f jl rL;w,f/

b,fvv kd ?J rif;pdw½f yI af eovdyk /J 197.

You have hit the nail on the head (said or done exactly the right thing).

rif;ajymwm? vkyfwm? uGufwdrSefw,f/ (csufusw,f)

'DaeYol odyt f jl rL;w,f/ 196.

I wash my hand of the whole matter (I refuse to have anything more to do

with it).

rif;ajymwm? vkyfwm? uGufwdrSefw,f/ (csufusw,f) 195.

The situation seems to have got quite out of hand (beyond control).

He is not a great lawyer but he has the gift of the gab (a talent for speaking). (gab

udk *uf(bf) vdkYtoHxGufyg/ ) olua&SUaeBu;D wpfa,muf r[kwyf gbl;/ 'gayr,hf tm0dZmÆ ef;aumif;wJh yifu, kd f t&nftaoG;&Sw d ,f/


Just now, he is simply comming money (earning large sum easily).

ckwifuyJ ? olaiGawG trsm;BuD;&vdkufw,f/


rif;bmvkyfvkyfig axmufcHr,f (yHhydk;r,f) odwfarSmfvdkY? 'dkYvrf;aysmufoGm;w,f/ igawmif;wmudkcGihfjyKyg/ b0rSm aysmf&amp;Tifp&amp;mr&amp;dSoa...

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