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My name is Peter Lee . 21 years old student, currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I am studying Industrial Design at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Having been a member of the B-terv (Plan-B) unity since 2013, I gained experience in various fields of the deisgn industry. This is a self organized uni group of young creatives who help each other to find their way by organizing workshops, arranging exhibitions and providig platforms of self-expression. Our aim is the professional development of students lacking practical skills. Studying Industrial Design under Mechanical Engineering faculty made me realize that shape, function, and technology are three inseparable principles of design. I like to challenge myself in various fields, but i am fond of automotive design and branding. Also interested in 3D modeling and prototyping. Besides all that, in my free time I am a self-taught tattoo artist and musician.

This is a portfolio of my latest works from 2013 to present, which contains the references from all the fields I had the opportunity to develop myself.


Academic drawings and sketches Graphic design: Study with lines Abstraction by nature study: Artichoke Industrial design: Design pendant Display design: For shoes Product design: Coffee maker Product design: Skill developing toy Product design: Faucet 3D modeling: Angle grinder 3D modeling: Tattoo machine 3D modeling: POSITION Furniture design Product design: PHILIPS LED lamps Industrial deisgn: Stool Industrial design: TIPTON 3D printed mechanism Graphic Design: PHOBE branding B-terv

academic drawings and sketches

graphic design study with lines

abstraction by nature study artichoke

The model is built of bent wires, the

joints go deep along the tige. The wire frame is covered with natural string, reflecting to the original surface finish and the texture of the plant. To make the structure spectacular, I “cut� the model in half, thus revealing its complexity.

The objective

was to study the structural and formal build of a chosen organic element. With special attention to its functional attachments, not missing out motion, material, finish and color. Simultaneously with the process of observation, starting from the interpretation and abstracting in the progress, the aim was to create a new structural form with functional and constructive three dimensional build.

industrial design design pendant

Study of the chosen brand’s product

Hand rendering

The prototype

After testing

various matters, in my modeling process I finally decided to go with plexyglass and square forms. Thus picturing simplicity, harmony and elegancy. The model is a pendant for the Sony Xperia S phone. By placing plexiglass squares decreasing in size on top of each other through a black axis, I formed a pyramid. I wanted to emphasise the contrast between the phone’s and the pyramid’s color ratio, the black-translucent ratio. The motive -pyramid- can be found in various cultures all around the globe. Focusing on the edges, one would associate on Japanese architecture, as it is the homeland of the brand itself.

display design for shoes

Modeled and rendered in Solidworks

The rough prototype in its natural habitat

Our task

was to design a commercial display to a local company interpreting its graphic elements and using nothing but micro-paper-board material. We decided to create a display for Tisza, a hungarian shoe brand on real demand. We designed it specifically to be put on the counter of the shop. Through the process, we focused on mass production terms and load capacity.

Photoshop finished picture of the prototype

product design coffee maker


My objective

was to design an upper class coffee maker that would fit many modern kitchens. With its geometrical form, the Blacksoup machine made of exquisite materials and the touch of smart led light feedback. I also designed a logo for the machine. Its a fictional company, with branding and identity.

product design skill developing toy

The building blocks of the game

The Marblecube

is a wooden skill developing toy for youngster between 4-8. Its is a derivation of the well known building blocks we all used to play with. The game only made of two different cubes, but by using them one can build complex and fascinating pathways to common marbles. The Marblecube develops depth perception and constructive mentality. I also design a logo and branding identity for the fictional company named WoodMood.

Renders of the conception

product design faucet

The Funnel

is an innovative faucet designed for a fictional company named Kolibrik. I redesigned the geometry of the evident water flow, and the design of the faucet have been modified with it. The funnel shaped flow is not only an esthetic geometrical form, which makes handwashing a real joy, but also water-saving without any need of aerator. The faucet is elegant and made of high-quality materials, thus making the product a suitable part of the modern bathroom.

3D modeling angle grinder

The 3D model

of the angle grinder was an uni project, part of which, through various statical calculuses, I pointed out the improper construction of the machine. The modeling and drawing processes were made in Autodesk Inventor, the renderings in Keyshot. An exploded view and an assembly drawing also were made durind the project. The sketch of the grinder on the previous page was made in Sketchbook.

3D modeling tattoo machine

The 3D model

of my tattoo machine was made in Catia . I have made some structural changes for more endurance and resistance to vibration. With its new lightweight case, the machine is more ergonomic and easier to use than before. The renderings were made in Keyshot. On the previous page the pictures represent my tattooing works, which I usually make in my free time.

3D modeling furniture design

The 3D model

was made for Position Collective, a hungarian interior design company. The project was a one day trial task for an internship, in which I recieved drawings of an armchair. I had to model its shape and reproduce the colors and fabric textures according to the typical style of the brand. As a prelude I assembled a moodboard matching the design. I used Inventor and Solidworks in the process.

product design philips led lamps



groove with conductor

heat sink

slideable pivot & 360째 turnable


is a high quality desk LED lamp. The housing is made of brushed aluminium combined with diffuse acrylic, thus assigning delicate elegancy to the product. There are no swithces at all on the lamp, it turns on by pulling up the top, giving a warm ambient light. The top can be turned 360째, and by doing so, it changes to cool daylight color to help promote concentration. With these versatile features, the Galil lamp can light a desk a painting on the wall or a whole room.


connecting part

diffuse acrylic polymer union nut


LED strip square shaped joiner: maintain 3Dstructure

schematic wiring

is versatile LED mood lighting. Ideal modular standing lamp or ceiling light. Complex 3D structures can be formed with only two components. The illuminating diffuse acrylic tube connects to a six-way plug on each end. The plug conducts electricity and supplies up to six tubes in parallel. The kit contains a driver box and several sealing caps for the ending points of the lighting structure.



LED module diffuse crylic heat sink

touch switch

driver brushed metal

magnet strip

is a cozy standing LED lamp for the modern living room. Its structural design holds the hidden innovation. Two tangential metal spherical surfaces can be slided on each other. By moving the upper sphere, the amount and the direction of the light emission can be adjusted. The inner surface of the sphere is light-reflecting, apart from the diffuse acrylic area (green on the image). As an extra feature I have put a touch switch into the housing, maintaining the unity of the design.


Ostudio is a LED studio lamp.

It combines two types of lightings: direct and indirect, or spot and diffuse light. The bell and the lamp can be turned separately in every direction and its height can be extended, thus being as adjustable as possible. This complex movement, the dimmeble light and its high efficiency make the Ostudio a competitive professional product for photographers and free time consumers as well.

product design philips led lamps development

Ostudio Home

Concept: Ostudio The development assignment was a team project.

My concept lamp named Ostudio has been enhanced in the process. We separated the product into tho variants, Home and Pro edition.

Ostudio Pro

Ostudio Home

Ostudio Home

is an ideal multi-functional smart lamp, which can create both a direct and diffused light. The lamp and the bell can be adjusted seapartely. The upper lighting unit and the stand are separate units, and the cable is inbuilt the lamp. It has an additional function: the HUE thechnology with inbuilt RGB LED panel. The colors can be changed via mobile application, becoming accessible to a large consumer base. The colors complemented by various shades of white. Warm white promotes relaxation and cool white stimulates concentration and vigilance. Thus the lamp can satisfy various needs during a long day. Participants in the project: Eszter Sebok Orsolya Vitalyos

Ostudio Pro

Ostudio Pro is a LED studio

lamp for hobby pfotographers and beginners. The use of LEDs is still a novelty in this area and the product is aimed at a new market in terms of Philips, so it has new potential consumers. The spot light’s intensity is dimmable and its light temperature is variable, thus it can be easily adjusted to various sets. We designed a battery version which is even more practical for outdoor scenes and field works. Thanks to the standard connector, the lamp fits the available photo stands, so the comsumer saves money by reusing the old components. Participants in the project: Eszter Sebok Orsolya Vitalyos

industrial design stool

Keyshot render

The finished stool

The Urban

named stool was made during a workshop organized by B-Terv (Plan-B) unity. I glued 196 wooden boards together in rows and layers, each 30x30 cross-sectioned square. Only four of those bear the weight, along them are the rest of the rods, with alternating lenghts. Thus shaping a surrealistic urban environment, and its mirrored pendant above it, like a reflection.

industrial design tipton mechanism

This project

was my main task as an intern at Tipton Eyeworks. I was assigned to design and produce a spring mechanism that would hold and lift the glasses out of their box at the touch of a button, while preserving the design and integrity of the gift box. It was a cooperation between the company and Sziget Festival in which every headliner in the backstage - names such as Robbie Williams, Kings of Leon, Florence and the Machine, Avicii (the list goes on) received sunglasses made of their own vinyl record. These sunglasses are put back in the original vinyl with a case, forming a nicely designed gift box altogether.

The goal

was to redesign the box to ease and simplify the process of taking out the glasses, and providing sure grip of the product during shipment. The length of the mechanism ought to be adjustable to adapt to different cutouts for different glasses. I integrated the button into the structure of the vinyl by turning the stickered center into a tilting ejector. The product and the box was a marketing trick. With the small interaction of the ejection I managed to bring the glasses closer to the performers, because in principle everyone likes to touch buttons. The products reached and appealed to the target audience, which was the best feedback.

graphic design phobe branding

This branding

project was made for a new hungarian fashion company named Phobe. The brand produces high quality designer clothes in unique stlye. The goods adopt the androgynous stlye as their main looks. Hence this philosophy, I have expressed equality and balance in the construction of the logo. For more detail about this project visit my branding portfolio by clicking on the image below.


WHAT WE DO: installations organizing workshops event decoration product design exhibition arrangement interior design light painting branding/graphics screen printing

The B-Terv

(Plan-B) is a self-organized group of young creatives mainly studying in the fields of industrial design from various universities. Our goal is to maintain a process of professional development of our members, in addition to the university education. We place emphasis on providing possibilities of self-expression and gaining experience in practical fields. We are interested in projects and possibilities besides the uni, by applying for competititons, professional events and carrying out project assignments.

b-terv csoport installáció workshop terméktervezés


Peter Lee Industrial Design Portfolio 2015  

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