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Terry Buck Designing a Life ........................................................................................20

photo by Beth Bizer Special thanks to La Belle Vie Antiques for the linens and props for cover photo.

Taking care of women throughout their lifespan Well-Woman Care Gynecology and Gynecologic Surgery Pelvic Floor Reconstruction • Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy • Robotic Surgery Endometrial Cryoablation • Evaluation & Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

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Healthy You! The Heart of a Woman.............................10

Here’s The Beef! A heart healthy diet includes beef......16

Betty’s Been There What would you do? Ask Betty! ........... 8

Your Best Energy Be Engaged! ................................................12

Healthy Recipe Garden Herb Strip Steaks .......................17

Be Aware! Create change through awareness.....29 Caring for Mom and Dad Protecting your elderly parents ...........31

Fitness Healthy New Year! Top Ten Health Tips...................................14

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from the editor

It’s fun being a grown-up! I feel like I’ve finally reached the age where I can just BE! Just be me. Just be comfortable with who I am, and accepting of who I’m not.


ome of us learn to “just be” early in life. Like Terry Buck. She and her husband, Dee, have designed a life for themselves that is truly inspiring. And from that design, Terry has flourished and grown. Be sure and meet her on page 20.

The high-tech world we are living in is making it harder to “just be”. Our devices are commanding more and more of our time and attention. Take Margaret and Jill’s sage advice (page 12) and practice being engaged. Be mindful and focused on the people and things that matter. Be aware, as Ripp Hardaway suggests on page 29. We wish you a happy, healthy new year…and encourage you to JUST BE! Be happy. Be you. Be MOXIE!

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Writers: Betty Jones, Sheri Boyd, MD, Margaret Polser, Jill Sharp, Stacy Bates, MS, RD, LD, Kristy Hurst, Abby Vasek, Ripp Hardaway, Stephanie Bascon Photographers: Beth Bizer, Pauline Stevens Copy Editor: Kelly Williams Advertising: Melissa Williams, 830.515.9779 Caryn Benson, 512.627.1020

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Betty’s Been There!


By Betty Jones

Have you ever imagined beauty through the eyes of a child? Well, BETTY’S BEEN THERE!

As a child, I can remember watching my mother put on her makeup before she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast in the morning and I would ask, “Where are we going?” and she would always answer, “We’re going to look pretty!” I guess that concept stayed with me throughout my life as I rarely leave the house without makeup, for fear that I will see someone I know and they will feel compelled to dial 911!


n one of those rare occasions when Amanda was two years old, I had overslept and realized we only had a few minutes to eat breakfast, get dressed and get her to day school on time. We were flying out the door, when suddenly she stopped, looked up at me and said, “Mo-o-o-m, where’s your FACE?” I laughed and told her that we were running late so I didn’t have time to put on my makeup. She put her little hands on her hips as if she were scolding me and said very matter-of-factly, “Okay... but everyone’s going to say that little girl sure has an ugly mother!” Back in the 70’s, it was common practice for women to have a standing beauty appointment every week to get their hair “washed and set” (which included the two-hour process of shampooing, rolling up in 8 MOXIE! SUMMER/FALL 2013

curlers, sitting under the hair dryer, teasing, styling, and ending with a cloudburst of hairspray so the set would last a week, requiring only a little touch-up every morning!) I remember making my weekly appointment on Thursdays so my hair would look really good for the weekends. One Friday morning, a little second-grade boy looked at me with a serious look as if he had given his comment a lot of thought and said, “Mrs. Jones, how come your hair looks so GOOD on Fridays, and so BAD on Thursdays?” A friend of mine, a music teacher, always got the biggest kick out of things that came out of the “mouths of babes”. On the first day of school one year, the kindergarteners were filing into her classroom and she was greeting them at the door. One little boy stopped abruptly in front of her, looked up and whispered, “My mommy eats too much candy too!” I’m reminded of a silly little song we used to sing when I was a teenager:

I KNOW HOW UGLY I ARE (Sung to the tune of “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds”) I know how ugly I are… I know my face ain’t no star… But I don’t mind it For I am behind it…. The one in the front gets the jar!

Betty Jones shares her hilarious adventures in every issue of Moxie!

, d e z i g r e n e , d e r i p Get ins e t a e r c o t d e t a v i t o and m ! E F I L T S E B R U O Y



Join our team of Moxie Experts for a workshop where you will learn: • The best exercise to improve your overall fitness • The importance of sleep, and how to get more! • What, and how much, to eat for all day energy and a lifetime of good health • How your energy can impact your health and happiness • How to discover your true purpose in life!

Meet our presenters... Jill Sharp Jill is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Margaret Polser Margaret is a trained and certified Wellness Coach, specializing in physical fitness, nutrition, and stress management. Jennifer Fisher Jennifer is an award-winning recipe creator, healthy cooking coach, competitive runner, CrossFit enthusiast, and food and fitness blogger of Stacy Bates Stacy is a consultant, registered dietitian and owner of Gruene Nutrition, LLC. Stacy focuses on medical nutrition therapy implementation and direct-to-patient education. William Edge William Edge is owner and creative influence of the William Edge and prodEdgy Salon Group and also the founder of Pure Edge-ucation. He is also one of the most insightful motivational speakers in our industry.

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HEALTHYyou! Studies vary in the reported use of coronary angiogram or cardiac catheterization in men vs women. This test takes pictures of the heart arteries using a small tube inserted through the blood vessels and provides a means of opening or stenting blocked arteries. For women with heart related symptoms who do not have blocked arteries, other diagnoses are possible. This includes disease of the small vessels of the heart (syndrome X), a tear in the inner lining of the heart blood vessel (coronary dissection), and a stress-induced weakness of the heart muscle (broken heart syndrome/Takotsubo cardiomyopathy). All of these heart diseases are more common in women. Women tend to be older than men when they present with heart disease, but heart disease does occur in younger women and they have a worse prognosis than men. Women with heart disease have a lower risk of sud-

The Heart of a Woman By Sheri Boyd, MD, FACC

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. But heart disease is not the same for both sexes. There are very important differences for a woman’s heart.


omen with heart disease are more likely to have atypical symptoms of heart disease. When symptoms of heart attack in men and women were compared, the most common complaint in both was chest pain. However, women were more likely to have pain in the jaw, back or neck and to have nausea with their chest pain. In women who have a heart attack, 40% of them may not have chest pain but instead have shortness of breath, fatigue, or weakness. This difference in the presenting symptoms of heart attack may partially explain the worrisome delay for women with heart disease in seeking and obtaining medical care. Women who present to an emergency room with chest pain are less likely to have an EKG, a cardiology consult, or to be admitted to a coronary care unit. 10 MOXIE! WINTER/SPRING 2014

Women who present to an emergency room with chest pain are less likely to have an EKG, a cardiology consult, or to be admitted to a coronary care unit. den cardiac death than men but are more likely to have associated congestive heart failure. When estimating a woman’s risk for heart disease, the standard risk stratification tool called the Framingham Risk underestimates a woman’s risk if she has a family history of early heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends use of lifetime risk calculators in women rather than the 10 year Framingham risk calculator. And that is just the tip of the cardiac iceberg for women! Studies evaluating heart disease in women are new and more are forthcoming to help patients and doctors provide optimal care and better diagnosis. Women need to understand their risk for heart disease, talk with their physician and be alert to both typical and atypical symptoms that could be heart disease. Remember that heart disease is the leading cause of death in women; more women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. Don’t delay if you have symptoms of heart disease. Take care of yourself and take care of your heart. Dr. Sheri Boyd is a leader in educating women about heart disease and promoting lifestyle changes for heart disease patients. She is a Cardiologist with New Braunfels Cardiology.


Custom Interiors is a full service design �rm offering a wide variety of styles from contemporary to rustic and everything in between. Our philosophy is geared toward achieving a warm and inviting environment that truly re�ects the owners’personalities and lives. Our designs are not only beautiful, but functional for your lifestyle. We offer �oor to ceiling guidance from budget minded redesigns to full custom renovations. No job is too small or too large. Please visit our website for a full selection of before and after photos as well as a comprehensive list of our services.



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JUST BE ENGAGED Do you remember the sweet smell of your baby’s skin? Or the last time you saw a rainbow? Or a time when you felt so connected with who you were with, that all seemed right with the world?


hese are just a few examples of when we are in-tune and in-sync with what is happening around us; when the world slows down and we are fully present and deeply engaged in what we are doing and who we may be with. These “perfect moments” often come with a great sense of peace and fulfillment, and a profound reminder of the beauty of life and living. We can all relate to these special points in time and the magic of that deep level of connection, but you may need to stop and ask yourself: when was the last time I felt this way?


Might you be missing these priceless opportunities because you are busy, pre-occupied, or caught up in something else that may or may not be that important? Case in point: A woman shared that she had recently been at a nearby park with her almost teen-age kids. She was on her phone texting, and not paying much attention to what was going on around her. One of her children asked that she watch her on the swing, which she did, but she admitted that her mind was on her text...not her daughter. A bit later both of her daughters asked if she would swing with them, which she didn’t do because she was too busy on her phone. She said at one point she finally looked up, and was struck by how much her daughters


had grown, remembering their many hours logged at the park when they were small. And here they were, growing up before her eyes, having fun on the playground while she was disconnected from them and this rare opportunity. She put the phone down and decided to fully and wholly engage with her precious girls, and enjoy the time that was all too quickly changing for all of them. Unfortunately, we can all relate to these missed or almost-missed moments, too. Getting in and staying in the moment can have its challenges. Thinking about the past, worrying about the future, being distracted by technology and/or being habitually busy, busy, busy (even when we are not), has become a part of the norm in this fast-paced world. Something we read recently said it perfectly, “Human beings are masters of being

everywhere but where they are.” The truth of this statement and what it means to us day-to-day is sobering. Life is made up of a series of moments, and when we don’t get to experience the present of the “present”, we are missing these microbursts of deep human and universal connection that make us feel alive.


ortunately, perfect moments don’t have to happen by accident. Just like the woman in our example above, we can choose to be engaged, particularly in the areas of our lives that matter. The shift starts with knowing who or what deserves that level of energy, attention, and engagement. Who or what is that for you? The more mindful we become, and the more we practice this focused connection, the stronger that presence muscle grows. This

acquired ability will lead to more perfect moments which, with the right training, could help us experience more fulfilling days, helping us be less of a human “doing” and more of a human truly “being.” A few things you can try:  Turn your phone off at critical times in the day (e.g. at the dinner table, during your child’s sporting events, while you are sharing precious time with a friend or family member)  Make eye contact  Create a worry list, where you write down thoughts that are distracting you. Schedule time in your day to deal with the list in a focused way, so that you give your attention to whatever is important in the here and now.  Focus on one thing at a time

(particularly when it matters!)  Schedule recovery time in your day that allows you to completely disconnect  Practice gratitude through journaling, meditation, prayer, random acts of kindness  Deep breathe  Engage in consistent exercise to alleviate stress and clear your mind Jill Sharp is a certi�ed group �tness instructor and personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the �tness industry. She is also an experienced corporate trainer and performance coach, specializing in the development and delivery of personal and professional performance improvement programs. ( Margaret Polser has a master’s degree in education and is a certi�ed personal trainer. She is also a trained and certi�ed Wellness Coach, specializing in physical �tness, nutrition, and stress management. (margaret


Your Healthy New Year! These ten simple health tips will get you in great shape, increase your energy, improve your attitude, and help you enjoy your healthiest year yet! 1. Drink water! Keeping your body hydrated helps control calorie intake, energizes your muscles, aids in digestion, and helps keep your skin looking good. Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day. 2. Sleep. The health benefits of getting a restful sleep each night can’t be ignored. Lack of sleep affects your hormones, immune system, appetite, and blood pressure. Plan to get at least 6 hours of sleep daily and enjoy a healthier body…and improved energy, memory and creativity! 3. Cardiovascular exercise. Get your heart pumping for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Take a brisk walk, ride a bike, swim laps, dance around your living room…whatever makes you happy, just do it! 4. Lift weights. Lifting weights twice a week will help control your weight, increase blood circulation, reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, and will decrease your risk of injury as you age. Don’t worry about bulking up. You don’t have to use heavy weights. Your goal is to increase the strength in each of the major muscle groups in your body. Lighter weights and more repetitions will help you reach your goal.

6. Balance. Having good balance helps you gain control over the muscles in your legs, hips, and abdominals. Practicing balance exercises will keep you moving and help reduce your risk of injury while you enjoy doing the things you love to do! 7. Eat healthy. Your healthy plate should be divided into three sections. Load up one half of your plate with colorful vegetables (organic and locally grown are best!). One-quarter of your plate is for lean proteins, and the other quarter is for whole grains or starchy vegetables. Enjoy fruits and low fat dairy as a healthy snack. 8. Protect your skin. A dose of sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes each day provides your body with healthy Vitamin D. If you plan to be exposed any longer than that, apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. 9. Work. Create. Learn. The best way to keep your mind sharp is to keep learning new things. Sign up for classes, training programs at work, or learn a new hobby you’ve always been interested in.

10. Get regular health checkups. Annual health screenings will help detect problems early. Put 5. Stretch. Taking 10 to 15 minutes these on your calendar this year: Pap each day to stretch your arms, shoul- smear, breast exam/mammogram, skin screening, colonoscopy, bone ders, back, and legs will increase blood circulation, increase flexibility density test, blood pressure check, and cholesterol screening. and range of motion, and will give you better posture. 14 MOXIE! WINTER/SPRING 2014

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here’s the BEEF! By Stacy Bates, MS, RD, LD

A healthy diet and lifestyle are some of the best weapons for �ghting heart disease. A heart-healthy diet with moderate amounts of lean protein, like lean beef, can provide your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health. The Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet (BOLD) study, conducted by researchers at The Pennsylvania State University, found consuming lean beef daily as part of a heart-healthy diet lowered LDL “bad” cholesterol by 10 percent, which was just as effective as the DASH diet. This research provides convincing support that nutrient-rich lean beef can be part of a heart-healthy diet, even daily. In fact, lean beef has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic disease, such as heart disease. Lean beef is the perfect protein to keep you on a healthy track for the following reasons: Feel Full Longer: According to a 2007 Journal of Medicine study, protein has more staying power than carbohydrates and fat. Eating a moderately high protein diet can curb hunger and reduce the body’s desire to eat. This is important because obesity is now recognized as a major risk factor for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Heart disease incidence significantly increases for those individuals who are overweight or obese. Improve Muscle Strength and Metabolism: Research has shown that including high quality protein such as lean beef in the diet helps to optimize muscle strength and metab-

olism, thus helping to improve overall health. Eating at least 4 ounces of lean, high-quality protein at each meal may help maintain muscle mass and provide energy essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels: A 3-ounce serving of lean beef is composed of 50 percent monounsaturated fats, the same heart-healthy fats found in olive oil. Another 20 percent of the fats in that same 3ounce serving come from stearic acid, a fatty acid shown to have a neutral response on blood cholesterol. In addition, a study published in the Archives of Medicine found that lean beef is just as effective as skinless chicken and fish at lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increasing HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Beyond these benefits, many people are surprised to hear that beef not only offers power in the protein, but that many of your favorite beef cuts like Sirloin, Strip Steak, T-Bone and 93-percent Lean Ground Beef are lean and fit into a heart-healthy diet. Did you know that there are more than 29 cuts of beef that meet government standards for lean, meaning they contribute less than 200 calories, less than 10 grams of total fat, less than 4.5 grams of saturated fat and less than 90 milligrams of cholesterol per 3-ounce serving? Discover a complete recipe for better heart-health with lean protein that provides ten essential nutrients like iron, protein and zinc and great taste! Stacy Bates is a consultant registered dietitian and owner of Gruene Nutrition, LLC. She focuses on medical nutrition therapy implementation and direct-to-patient education.


Garden Herb Strip Steaks Ingredients 2 beef Strip Steaks Boneless, cut 1 inch thick (about 10 ounces each) Salt Seasoning: 2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme 1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano 2 teaspoons freshly grated lemon peel 3 cloves garlic, chopped 1/4 teaspoon pepper

Directions 1. Combine Seasoning ingredients in small bowl; reserve 2 teaspoons for garnish. Press remaining seasoning evenly onto beef steaks. 2. Place steaks on grid over medium, ash-covered coals. Grill, covered, 11 to 14 minutes (over medium heat on preheated gas grill, 11 to 15 minutes) for medium rare (145째F) to medium (160째F) doneness, turning occasionally. 3. Carve steaks into slices. Sprinkle with reserved seasoning and salt, as desired.

Recipe and photo provided by Texas Beef Council

Lean Cuts Chart Skinless Chicken Breast

0.9 g sat. fat

Beef Eye Round Roast & Steak*

1.4 g sat. fat

4.0 g total fat

Beef Top Round Roast

1.5 g sat. fat

4.3 g total fat

Beef Top Round Steak

1.6 g sat. fat

Beef Bottom Round Roast

1.7 g sat. fat

4.9 g total fat

Beef Top Sirloin Steak

1.9 g sat. fat

5.0 g total fat

Beef Chuck Shoulder Steak

2.1 g sat. fat

Beef Round Tip Roast & Steak

1.9 g sat. fat

Beef Round Steak/Cubed Steak

1.9 g sat. fat

5.3 g total fat

Beef Shank Cross Cuts

1.9 g sat. fat

5.4 g total fat

Beef Bottom Round (Western Griller) Steak

2.2 g sat. fat

Beef Top Loin (Strip) Steak

2.3 g sat. fat

Beef Flank Steak

2.6 g sat. fat

Beef Bottom Round Steak

2.3 g sat. fat

3.0 g total fat

4.6 g total fat

5.0 g total fat

Total fat and saturated fat are based on 3 oz cooked servings, visible fat removed.

5.3 g total fat

*Cuts combined for illustration purposes.

6.0 g total fat 6.0 g total fat 6.3 g total fat 6.6 g total fat

Beef Tenderloin Roast & Steak

2.5 g sat. fat

6.7 g total fat

Beef Brisket, Flat Half

2.7 g sat. fat

6.8 g total fat

Beef Tri-Tip Roast & Steak

2.6 g sat. fat

7.1 g total fat

Beef T-Bone Steak

2.6 g sat. fat

7.4 g total fat

Beef Boneless Top Blade Steak

3.2 g sat. fat

93% Lean Ground Beef Patty

2.9 g sat. fat

Lean Beef Contains Less Than:

4.5 g sat. fat

7.9 g total fat 8.8 g total fat 10 g total fat

Chart by Pete Williams Information provided by Texas Beef Council



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This is the place where you’ll find Terry Buck.

t’s impossible to talk about Terry without also talking about Dee, her husband, teacher, business partner, and fellow adventurer. Together, they have purposefully designed a life that is separate from the fast-paced, paycheck-based world to which so many people today are tethered. Owning their own business; creating their art in their nearby home studio; connecting to the Earth through gardening, canoeing and camping; and volunteering in their community, the Bucks have achieved a rare balance and created a life well-lived. They began dating in high school in Seguin, then left for separate colleges – he to University of North Texas to ultimately earn a master’s degree in fine arts, and she to the University of Texas to study sociology and become a social worker. Soon she was called to follow her heart to UNT, to be with Dee. They married young and spent months traveling, camping in small villages in Mexico and rubbing shoulders with local craftspeople whose rich history and traditions would later inspire their own art. Later, with a young child in tow, they rejoined their large families in the New Braunfels area, establishing Buck Pottery 31 years ago in the same historic building in Gruene where the business still thrives today. “Dee and I wanted to design our lives to work together,” she says. “We do everything together, so this was a natural step.”

Written by Kristy Hurst

Photography by Pauline Stevens

Back then, there were just a handful of businesses in the tiny historic town, but the old building where they set up shop had its own special magic, with its rustic walls and rough-hewn floors serving as the perfect backdrop for Dee’s earthy pottery. At first, their shop showcased Dee’s work, while Terry ran the business side of things. Their two children grew up in the little store and paid for college by making and selling small pots, many of which were decorated with a melted marble, just like the small marble bowls for sale in the shop today. Then, a decade ago, at Dee’s urging, Terry decided to try her own hand at working with clay. “My husband taught me pottery,” she says. “He got me a slab roller and said, ‘See what you can do.’ It was totally informal, but I was here every day watching him. I can’t imagine a better way to learn a craft than to be an apprentice and watch a master at work all day. I knew how to load and fire a kiln, but there was a lot to learn about building, firing, and glaze chemistry.” While her husband primarily creates wheel-thrown pottery, Terry is drawn toward freeform, organic, slab-based pieces with carved or stamped designs, most of which reflect nature in pattern or form. A passionate gardener and outdoorswoman, Terry has felt called to the natural world all her life. “I love texture, and that’s part of being out in nature, seeing seeds, bark, leaves – it’s apparent in everything I do. A lot of things I make are pod-ish or seed-like, and have an organic feel of something growing or living. The glazes I use give my work a patina that looks like it might have been buried in a garden and dug back up.” To Terry, pottery is a continuous learning process and a way to connect with a community she loves. For 21 years, she and Dee, along with three other couples, have organized the Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, which attracts the best potters and clay artists from across Texas, as well as art students and others who wish to learn about the art form through demonstrations. While that event takes place just once a year, every day is an opportunity for Terry to connect with people who appreciate everything that goes into handcrafted clay art. “It’s lovely to meet and know our customers,” she says. “When they take a piece home, that life and spirit they are feeling might be the experience of meeting the art-

What She

Really Wants

ist and buying directly from someone who made the piece. I love to do that; I’ll buy a handmade sweater or baked goods, and when you know the face and energy behind it, it’s so rewarding.” The Bucks’ business embodies both small-town familiarity and the burgeoning “buy local” movement. Pottery, after all, is an ancient art, blending beauty with functionality. If you catch Terry or Dee at the right time, when they are feeling nostalgic for bygone times, you might be able to commission a one-of-a-kind sentimental piece like a funerary urn, or a functional object such as a coffee percolator. “It’s enriching for people to think, ‘I go here because that’s my favorite baker, that’s the potter where I can buy something I can put the pie in, there’s my welder,’ Terry says. “We’ve lost that, and people are coming back around and making an effort to make those connections again. It’s important to know your community and support each other, first and foremost.” When asked what she is most proud of, Terry says that it’s the lifestyle and life work that she and Dee have created – values that they have passed on to their own children, who both also grew up to be artists. “Some of it has been luck, and some of it by design and working hard to make it this way, living a simple life that could be supported by being a potter,” she says. “You have to live below your means. That’s my philosophy for any kind of work you do – if that’s what you want to do, then make your life fit that. We told our kids, ‘If you live below your means, you can go for what you really want, you won’t have this grind, and hopefully you can pursue what makes your heart sing.’” If you’re lucky enough to meet Terry Buck or hold a piece of her beautiful pottery in your hands, your heart just might sing too.

651 N Business IH 35 • Suite 240 • New Braunfels Marketplace

(830) 625-3203

Kristy Hurst is a freelance writer. She lives in New Braunfels with her husband and two children. 22 MOXIE! WINTER/SPRING 2014

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makeover Sylvia Delgado was a little unsure about getting a makeover!

But, friends at work convinced this 61-year-old single gal that it would be a great way to start the New Year! “I love it!” Sylvia exclaimed when she saw herself in the mirror afterward. “It’s been a long time since I felt this pretty,” she confessed to one of her friends. Happy New Year to you, gorgeous Sylvia!

Michelle McAskill, Esthetician at CosMedical Esthetics, treats Sylvia to a microdermabrasion treatment. Sylvia also received Botox on her forehead and outer eye area.

We’re having a pajama party! Perky Peacock has a great selection of comfy pj’s and loungewear for Sylvia to choose from. She settles on a �owy peacock-inspired top and pants.

It’s salon day at William Edge Salon! Lisa Kinlin begins Sylvia’s makeover with dimensional highlights in dark chocolate, caramel, and auburn that really complement Sylvia’s skin.

For Sylvia’s new cut, Audrey Valdez takes off six inches of length. Cutting the interior of Sylvia’s hair helps remove weight and helps the angled cut frame Sylvia’s face nicely.

Alicia Canon applies makeup that focuses on Sylvia’s beautiful eyes! Browns and plums make her eyes pop against a natural complexion and soft, warm lips.

Sylvia is so thrilled with her new look! The makeover team of Alicia, Lisa, and Audrey pose for the camera with Sylvia to celebrate her beautiful transformation!


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Following Style Trends in a New Market

By Abby Vasek


tyle trends are traveling faster and growing larger than ever before thanks to social media and a competitive global online market. As an interior designer I used to watch style trends and now I chase them. So how do you keep up with what is fresh and hip in fashion and design when trends come and go so fast? You avoid being trendy and stay on trend. Fashion trend-setter and interior designer, Bex Hale says “Purchase your key pieces in a timeless style and have fun with accents from the latest trends.” She continues, “It’s a lot easier to toss out last season’s chevron-patterned scarf than it is to rework your walls plastered in chevron wallpaper.” Understanding how to incorporate a trend is as important as recognizing the trend. And striking a balance between timeless and timely is key to being on-trend without being simply trendy. It also makes for a more interesting room. At Relics Home we are vigilantly watching style and design trends. We shop markets across the globe identifying trends and predicting which ones will follow. One of the largest purchasing trends we’ve identified involves what we refer to as “merchandise with meaning.” Trudi Spring, psychologist and color theorist, says, “With this rampant technological influx we want to feel significant. We need to have meaningful connections to our environment; be it an attachment to a table we got while vacationing or an arrangement we created with branches from the yard.” Basically, with everything available to us with the click of a button, it’s not enough to have acquired furniture. That’s expected. We want more; we want a story behind the objects that fill our homes. That is why the trend of matching furniture sets has long been out of vogue and mismatched pieces culled together are more appealing. The 2014 color of the year, PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, enigmatic purple, speaks to our cultural current state of mind. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® says “An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.” Trend watch 2014: 1. Anything dipped in gold or gold-leafed 2. Anything DIY or bought from an individual with a story. ( 3. The David Hicks inspired hexagon pattern 4. Herringbone is the new Chevron 5. Bold, graphic wallpaper (it’s back and with a vengeance! If you haven’t indulged, get to it before you’re totally out of style) 6. Mixed metals. Infuse gold, brass and copper into your existing scheme 7. Layer, layer, layer. Rugs, patterns, textures and styles for a rich, eclectic look Abby Vasek is an interior designer, public speaker, and mother of two living in Wimberley, TX. She is a season 8 HGTV Star �nalist and cofounder of the creative interior design and travel company, Relics Home along with business partner and HGTV celebrity, Bex Hale.

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Over the holidays a family got together and there were three generations of women present. Grandma was at the point that cooking was too exhausting, so the mom and daughter were working double-time in the kitchen. They were preparing the traditional ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and pecan pie! Just before putting the ham in the large pan to bake, the mother started cutting the hock, or bone. It was no small task. The granddaughter wanted to know why, so she asked her mom. To which her mom said, “I don’t know why, I do it because your grandma always did.” During the preparations the granddaughter went to check on her grandma. After visiting for a while she remembered her question about the ham and asked her grandmother why she cut the hock off the ham. “Well dear,” Grandma replied, “the pan I used was always too short so I had to cut it so the ham would fit.” This made the granddaughter chuckle as she realized that her mom performed this silly task each year just because her mom used to do without really knowing why.


ow often do you walk through life and do things just because your mom did them? It reminds me of the times when words come out of our mouths and we hear our mother speaking the words we never liked hearing as a child. Socrates is given credit for saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” We experience this around this time of year when we select our New Year’s Resolutions. We spend some time reflecting and become aware that we need to lose weight, get fit, eat better, keep in touch with loved ones, quit smoking, drink less, get a better job or get out of debt. These are great resolutions and would be a benefit to all of us. However I want to call us to an awareness that would not only change us but also affect positively the people around us. In his book, A Complaint Free World, Will Bowen says that we complain a lot, often without realizing it. Most of us in the course of the day

complain between 15 and 30 times a day. That is a lot of dissatisfaction. There are many reasons for complaining. We do it to start a conversation, “Isn’t this heat unbearable?”, or to get people on our side, “Did I tell you about how Betty Sue chewed me out yesterday?” or to vent frustrations, “This is just not fair”. Were you aware that behind every complaint there is a commitment or value? If I complain about the heat it is because I value the cooler weather or prefer not to “glow”. If I complain about being chewed out by Betty Sue, it is because I value being addressed in a more compassionate manner. If I believe something is not fair I obviously have a standard of fairness that is not being reached. I am committed to higher standards. So, another healthy approach to the New Year would be to increase our awareness about something as seemingly simple as complaints. The change comes when we identify that deeper issue of what we value. So the next time you find yourself complaining (1530 times today) ask yourself the deeper question, “What is it that I value here or have a deeper commitment to than I am experiencing?” I believe you will find the answer beneficial in your family, or if you are married, have children or grandchildren, if you work with anyone or live with anyone. The change comes when we move from just complaining to stating what we value and that to which we are committed. Clarifying our expectations will often change our behavior and that will affect those around us. Give it a try!

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Caring for Mom & Dad BY STEPHANIE BASCON

Your 90-year-old father’s health has started to wane.


ince your mother died two years ago, he has been very sad. He lives alone and refuses to move in with you or your sister. But you live 2 miles away, so you can pop in on him regularly. You want your dad to be as independent as possible so you visit several times a week and hire a home health agency to provide 24 hour care. Everything is great—until the home health aides convince your father to fire the agency and hire them directly with no plan on how to pay them. One aide convinces your dad to join her and her mother in a multi-level marketing scheme selling water filtration systems which he must buy for several thousand dollars. Then, one day, you arrive at the house to find the locks changed and an alarm system installed. When you question your father, he is belligerent and thinks you are trying to take over his life. When you check his bank statement, you find unexplained cash withdrawals or ATM charges. Unfortunately, this is a true story one of my clients faced. As our population ages, more and more adult children are faced with how to handle the care of their elderly parents. While there is a desire to allow aging parents to maintain dignity and autonomy—it must be weighed against their increased vulnerability. It is important to take steps to avoid these disastrous situations. Talk! You need to sit down with your parent and develop a plan while your parent is still able to make decisions. You may need to broach the subject delicately and develop a plan over the course of several, non-confrontational meetings. Look at your options. There are a lot of options to manage your parent’s aging. They include: Money management services. Volunteer money management programs provide check writing and bill paying services for a wide range of clients. Some programs may restrict their services to low-income or dis-

abled adults. This type of program is very attractive to the elderly who are hesitant to allow their adult children to manage their finances, no matter how competent their child is. Monitoring financial accounts. Add your name to your parent’s checking, savings and other financial accounts. This allows you to oversee the finances and cite irregularities early. It also allows you to find out information and take action to protect your parent’s assets. Be careful about how you structure the account—what happens to the money when your parent passes away? If you have siblings, you probably do not want to create an account that passes directly to you upon your parent’s death. Power of Attorney (POA). This is a legal document that allows you to act on your parent’s behalf. There are many versions of this document, so you will want to do your research or consult an attorney to determine which format works best for you. A POA must be signed while your parent has capacity to sign a legal document. Guardianship. A guardianship takes away a person’s rights through judicial means and is truly a last resort. A guardianship is the only option available once your parent has lost the capacity to make his or her own decisions. Guardianships require court oversight so that your private matter now is subject to public scrutiny. This can be an expensive process. Unfortunately, as in the case above, sometimes it is necessary. Now that you have a plan, implement it. There is no value in talking about your options unless you take the steps to complete a POA or set up the money management program, for example. Go through these steps for yourself and make a plan in case you are incapacitated. For my client, court intervention was necessary. But once the guardianship was in place, he was able to hire a new agency that his father could not fire, and bring in new aides. He was able to change the locks and cancel contracts his father had entered into in his incapacitated state. He was able to separate his father from the people who had agitated his father and created a wedge between a father and his children. He was able to protect his father’s assets and rebuild the family relationships. Stephanie Bascon practices law in New Braunfels where she lives with her husband and three children. MOXIE! WINTER/SPRING 2014 31

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Mimosas and Mammograms is scheduled for Thursday, October 2, 2014 from 8:30am to 12 noon, at Sundance Center for Cancer Care, 2020 Sundance Parkway, New Braunfels. Getting a mammogram can be fun! Join us for mimosas, treats, goody bags, and terrific door prizes! Appointments are limited, so put us on your calendar now. We will keep you posted regarding registration dates. In addition to the businesses who donated prizes for our 2013 event, we would also like to thank Myron’s Steakhouse, David Troy Salon, The Plant Haus and Traveling Art.

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When my oldest daughter was in school, she had to catch the bus at the unreasonable hour of 6:30 am.

Something Good! By Georgia Williams

Each school morning at 5:30, I would go into her room and start the wake-up process. She sometimes fell asleep with the TV on, so I would sit on the edge of her bed and watch whatever program was on while she slowly woke up.


t was on one of these mornings that I happened to catch a program that would be a turning point in my life. A woman was on a stage speaking to a large audience. She was describing going through daily life with a ball and chain tied to each ankle. One of the balls was “fear” and the other was “dread”. She had the crowd, and me, giggling as she hunched over and mimicked walking around dragging those heavy balls around behind her. “Poor me!” she cried and moaned. “Every day, everywhere I go, fear and dread follow me around!” I could really relate to her description. It seemed at the time that I was dragging around my own balls and chains. I was approaching forty years of age, had four teenagers and a pre-teen to raise, and was working full-time. Life was good, but I was sure there was more fulfilling work out there for me, and I constantly questioned my mothering abilities. And I was getting OLD! Suddenly, the woman on TV imitated removing her balls and chains and tossed them off the stage. She assured the audience, and me, that we each had the ability to get rid of the negative thoughts and pressures that we were dragging around with us each day. She promised that something good was going to happen…that day! For reasons I can’t explain, I completely believed her! She had somehow convinced me that all my fears and worries could be tossed aside and I could expect great things to happen every day. I was so sure of it, I printed up a pretty little sign with a pretty little frame that read, “Something Good Is Going To Happen To Me!” I hung the sign just above the light switch in my bathroom so I could see it first thing every morning and last thing every night. It still hangs there nearly twenty years later! And it worked. From that day on, my attitude changed and I allowed myself to imagine finding and doing work that I enjoyed. I relaxed and enjoyed the fun and excitement that a brood of teenagers can create! And, I embraced the fact that there is life after forty! So thank you, Joyce Meyer…because something good does happen to me every day!

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Moxie! - Winter/Spring 2014  

Health, Fitness, Life...especially for women 40 and above.

Moxie! - Winter/Spring 2014  

Health, Fitness, Life...especially for women 40 and above.