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Geomert y Chapter 4 Booklet By: Petel PAul

Classifying Triangles by Angles. Acute Triangles- All of the angles is acute, meaning all angles are less than 90 degrees.

Obtuse Triangles- One angle is obtuse, meaning one angle is more than 90 degrees.

Right Triangles- One angle is a right, meaning one angle is exactly 90 degrees.

Classifying Triangles by Sides

Corollary- A statement that can be easily proved using a theorem.

Solving Problems involving Congruent Triangles Triangles are congruent if and only if their corresponding parts are congruent.


Prove Congruent triangles using sss and sas Postulates

Angle - Angle Side AAS- If 2 angles and their non included side of a triangle are congruent to 2 angles and their non- included side of another triangle then the triangles are congruent.

Flow Proof

Prove Right Angles are Congruent

Solving Coordinate Proof

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Different Triangles

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