Page 1 Health is certainly one's most important wealth, and positive health affirmations are the key to achieving it. In a nutshell, these are some positive subliminal messages based on the well-known principle "You are what you think". The law of attraction works with positive health affirmations, so if you really believe you are healthy you'll stay healthy. There has been lots of research conducted with the connection between the body and the mind and it has been demonstrated that most disease is psychosomatic, meaning the disease started in the mind. Here you will find out more about the importance of health affirmations. Health affirmations are the secret to moulding your thoughts and your destiny - if you want to have a better, healthier, more fulfilling life then you must start by changing your thoughts. By repeating positive health affirmations over and over again you will send signals to your body, which will slowly start to heal itself and grow stronger against diseases in the future. Some of the world's deadliest diseases such as cancer have been conquered by the power of positive affirmations! Though it may seem hard to believe it has been shown that the emotions in the mind produce various chemicals and hormones which affect the body. On the other hand, when a person is sad or depressed then the brain acts accordingly and it starts to produce negative and harmful chemicals that can lead to various diseases in the long run. Positive affirmations are used as a complimentary treatment to conventional medicines and are never intended to replace your prescription medication, so you should always continue with your medications. The guidelines and handbooks are non existent with positive affirmations, so you need to know what it is you need then repeat it continually every day. So you might have a bout of colds and flu circulating around your family and obviously you want to remain healthy, here is what to do, get a positive health mindset and get an affirmation like "I have dynamic health, I am fit and always healthy. According to the law of attraction, happy and positive thoughts attract positive life events, while negative thoughts attract devastating events that can mark you forever. This certainly is the case for negative health affirmations: By being a hypochondriac or fearing any disease and you keep thinking of disease, you'll only make it easier to contract disease. But if you have positive health affirmations you'll have the opposite effect and be protected from diseases and this will be beneficial for you. To sum up, the secret is to use the present tense: Keep telling yourself that you ARE healthy, not that you WILL be healthy. You have to use believable statements and these should be integrated slowly and always mean these statements, as the whole idea of using positive health affirmations is to convince yourself that you are indeed healthy. Words can cause pain and suffering if not used properly, but they can also heal and protect in the long haul, so make sure to use them in your best interest!

Positive Health Affirmations And Their Benefits  

Having positive health affirmations is more important than what most people think. Affirmations can and do alter your entire self image.

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