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Including Arapahoe County, Denver County, Douglas County, Elbert County and Jefferson County Demographics

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Welcome to Colorado! The majestic peaks of Colorado reach out so high that the average elevation of the state is more than a mile above sea level, making it the highest of all the states. More than 800 of these peaks rise above 10,000 feet (3,000 meters), and more than 50 of them are at least 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) high. Part of the Continental Divide, Colorado's Rocky Mountain ranges separate rivers that flow to the Gulf of Mexico from those that flow to the Pacific Ocean. The Rio Grande, Colorado, Arkansas, and South Platte rivers have their sources in Colorado. Pikes Peak is perhaps the state's best-known mountain. Native American legends of creation and of a great flood were centered about this isolated mountaintop. Zebulon M. Pike tried to scale its mists during a blizzard in 1806, but his climbing party did not have enough rations or cold-weather clothes. The mountain's pinnacle described as unscalable by Pike was reached 14 years later by Dr. Edwin James, a botanist with the Stephen H. Long expedition through the Rockies. The peak was the landmark that guided the fortune hunters who rushed there in 1859 in search of gold. “Pikes Peak or Bust!” was crudely lettered on the canvas covers of their Conestoga wagons. Some who came to dig for gold, such as Horace Tabor, instead became silver barons. In more recent times there were uranium prospectors who rode in jeeps, instead of on burros, and panned with a Geiger counter. In the 1950s Grand Junction became a uranium production center. Located in the fertile Grand Valley of western Colorado, the town is surrounded by the Colorado Plateau, the forest- and lake-studded Grand Mesa, and the vast Colorado National Monument the site of stark monoliths of red sandstone, honeycombs of caves, and dinosaur beds. Rocky Mountain National Park and the town of Estes Park at its eastern entrance are also world famous. Scenic wonders the red granite cliffs of the Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River, the ancient cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park, the fantastic rock formations of the Garden of the Gods combine with the state's dry climate to make Colorado a year-round tourist playground. Colorado is not entirely mountainous. The eastern third of the state is part of the Great Plains, and irrigated crops of hay, wheat, potatoes, corn, and sugar beets are grown there. In mountain valleys and on the high plateaus cattle and sheep are raised. When Spanish explorers saw the brightly colored river that begins high in the Rockies, they named it Colorado, meaning “red.” (For a short time it had been known as Tison, meaning “firebrand,” after the firebrands, or burning pieces of wood, the Native Americans carried to keep warm.) The name was given to the land around the river when it became a territory. It has always been colorful in scenery and in history. As a state, Colorado is comparatively young. Because it joined the Union in 1876 just 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence its most popular nickname is the Centennial State. It is also called the Highest State and, like mountainous West Virginia, the Switzerland of America. Some former nicknames were the Buffalo Plains State, the Lead State, and the Silver State.

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Colorado Facts General Name Origin:

Nickname: Motto: Song: Entered the Union: Capital: Area Codes: Bird: Flower: Population:

Geography Border States:


Highest Elevation: Lowest Elevation: Average Elevation: Geographic Center: west

Weather Taken from the Spanish for the "color red" and was applied to the Colorado river Centennial State Nil Sine Numine (Nothing Without Providence) Where the Columbines Grow, words and music by A.J. Flynn August 1, 1876, as the 38th state Denver, since 1867 303, 719, 720, 970 Lark Bunting Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquilegia caerules ‘Glauca’) 4,301,261 Ranked 24th state in the U.S. by population, 3rd largest growing state in the nation, and approx. 41.5 persons per square mile. (2000 census)


Extreme lowest: -60 F (-51 C), Maybell, January 1, 1979 Extreme highest: 118 F (48 C), Bennett, July 11, 1888 Avgs (Denver): January, 31.0 F (-0.6 C) July, 72.7 F (22.6 C) Annual, 50.7 F (10.4 C) Avgs (Grand Junction): January, 27.0 F (-2.8 C) July, 78.2 F (25.7 C) Annual, 52.5 F (11.4 C) Precipitation: Denver annual average: 13.80 inches (350 millimeters) Grand Junction annual average: 8.04 inches (204 millimeters)

Land Use & Products Land Use:

Agricultural: Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Manufactured: Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming 104,091 square miles (269,595 square kilometers), including 496 square miles (1,285 square kilometers) of water surface (8th Mined: state in size). Mount Elbert, 14,433 feet (4,399 meters), near Twin Lakes Arkansas River near Kansas line, 3,350 feet (1,021 meters) 6,800 feet (2,073 meters). 30 miles (48 kilometers) northof Pikes Peak.

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Crops, 16% Pasture, 43% Forest, 30% Other, 11%. Cattle, wheat, corn, dairy products, hay, pigs, potatoes, sheep, sugar beets, onions. Machinery; food and food products; printing and publishing; elec tric and electronic equipment; instruments, medical and optical goods, rockets. Molybdenum, uranium, granite, basalt, gold, silver, lead.

Colorado Government Constitution Adopted 1876; amendment may be passed by two-thirds vote of both legislative houses or by initiative action of the people; ratified by majority voting on it in an election.

U.S. Congress Representation Senate: 2 House of Representatives: 7 Electoral Votes: 9

Legislature Senators: 35, Term: 4 years Representatives: 65, Term: 2 years

Executive Officers Governor, Term: 4 years (may succeed self) Lieutenant Governor, Term: 4 years Secretary of State, Term: 4 years Treasurer, Term: 4 years Attorney General, Term: 4 years

Judiciary Supreme Court: 7 justices, Term: 10 years Court of Appeals: 13 judges, Term: 8 years District Court: 110 judges, Term, 6 years

County Court 132 judges, Term, 4 years

County 63 counties; governed by boards of commissioners; members elected for 4-year terms. CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Notable Events in Colorado History 1541. Coronado, returning to Mexico, probably crosses Colorado. 1706. Juan de Uribarri takes formal possession of area for Spain. 1762. France cedes to Spain land west of Mississippi River; secretly regains it in 1800. 1776. Franciscan friars, Silvestre de Escalante and Francisco Dominguez, cross western Colorado. 1803. United States buys eastern Colorado in Louisiana Purchase. 1806. Zebulon M. Pike explores Arkansas River; discovers peak named for him. 1819. Spain cedes Colorado region north of Arkansas River to United States. 1820. Stephen H. Long and scientists explore Colorado. 1821. Western Colorado becomes part of Mexico as Mexico wins its independence from Spain. 1832. Bent brothers build Bent's Fort on Arkansas River near present site of La Junta. 1836. Texas claims part of Colorado region from Mexico; issue is a cause of Mexican War, 1846-47. 1842-53. John C. Fremont explores Colorado. 1848. Mexico cedes western Colorado to United States. 1853. First permanent settlement made at San Luis. 1854. Ute Indians massacre settlers at Fort Pueblo. 1858. Gold discovered at Denver. 1859. Pikes Peak gold rush attracts thousands. J.H. Gregory discovers gold near Central City. 1861. Colorado Territory created; capital, Colorado City; governor, William Gilpin. 1862. First oil in territory discovered near Florence. Golden becomes territorial capital. 1864. United States troops attack Indians at Sand Creek. 1867. Denver named permanent capital of territory. 1868. Cheyenne Indians defeated at battle of Beecher Island. 1870. Denver Pacific Railway links Denver with Union Pacific at Cheyenne, Wyo. 1876. Colorado becomes 38th state, August 1; capital, Denver; governor, John L. Routt. 1877. Lead and silver boom begins at Leadville. 1879. Ute attack settlers at White River Agency. 1891. Great goldfield discovered at Cripple Creek. 1894-95. Present State Capitol partially occupied; completed in 1907. 1906. United States Mint opens at Denver. 1909. Gunnison Tunnel opened for irrigation. 1914. Miners killed in strike at Ludlow. 1915. Rocky Mountain National Park created. 1927. Moffat Tunnel under the Rockies completed. 1947. Alva B. Adams Tunnel for irrigation opened. 1956. Colorado-Big Thompson irrigation project completed. 1958. Air Force Academy opens near Colorado Springs. 1962. Harold D. Roberts Tunnel (23.3 miles long) completed; carries water to Denver. 1966. North American Air Defense Command opens new combat operations center inside Cheyenne Mountain. 1973. Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel carrying traffic under Continental Divide opens. 1976. Floods in Big Thompson River Canyon kill 130 persons. 1988. More than 1.5 million acres damaged by wind erosion during worst drought and heat wave since the 1950s. Vot ers approve amendment to state constitution making English the official language of state government. 1981: Federico Peùa becomes Denver's first Spanish-surnamed mayor. 1982: Oil bust sends Denver into depression. 1991: Wellington Edward Webb becomes Denver's first African-American mayor. 1994: Regional Transportation District opens first light-rail line from Auraria to Five Points 1995: Denver International Airport opens; Denver builds a grand, new public library, incorporating the original 1955 landmark building, and restores historic branch libraries. CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Fun Facts About Colorado 9 9

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"Beulah red" is the name of the red marble that gives the Colorado State Capitol its distinctive splendor. Cutting, polishing, and installing the marble in the Capitol took six years, from 1894 to 1900. All of the "Beulah red" marble in the world went into the Capitol. It cannot be replaced, at any price. Colorado is the only state in history, to turn down the Olympics. In 1976 the Winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver. 62% of all state Voters choose at almost the last minute not to host the Olympics, because of the cost, pollution and population boom it would have on the State Of Colorado, and the City of Denver. The United States Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs. The world's largest flat-top mountain is in Grand Mesa. Trail Ridge Road (US-34) passing through Rocky Mountain National Park between Estes Park and Grand Lake is the highest continuously paved highway in the United States. It crosses the Continental Divide at 12,183 feet above sea level. In Fruita, the town folk celebrate 'Mike the Headless Chicken Day'. Seems that a farmer named L.A. Olsen cut off Mike's head on September 10, 1945 in anticipation of a chicken dinner - and Mike lived for another 4 years without a head. The LoDo region of Denver stands for Lower Downtown. Denver, lays claim to the invention of the cheeseburger. The trademark for the name Cheeseburger was awarded in 1935 to Louis Ballast. The highest paved road in North America is the Road to Mt. Evans off of I-70 from Idaho Springs. The Road climbs up to 14,258 Ft. above sea level. Colorado means "colored red" and is known as the "Centennial State". The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad continues to provide year round train service operating a historical train with rolling stock indigenous to the line. The line was constructed primarily to haul mine ores, both gold and silver, from the San Juan Mountains. The United States federal government owns more than 1/3 of the land in Colorado. Colorado contains 75% of the land area of the U.S. with an altitude over 10,000 feet. Colorado has 222 state wildlife areas. Colfax Avenue in Denver is the longest continuous street in America. The 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is exactly 1 mile high above sea level. The Dwight Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel between Clear Creek & Summit counties is the highest auto tunnel in the world. Bored at an elevation of 11,000 feet under the Continental Divide it is 8,960 feet long and the average daily traffic exceeds 26,000 vehicles. Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the United States at 10,430 feet elevation. Because there were many "silver" named towns at the time, the founding fathers suggested Leadville. Katherine Lee Bates wrote "America the Beautiful" after being inspired by the view from Pikes Peak. Hundreds of thousands of valentines are re-mailed each year from Loveland. Fountain, has the distinction of being the United States' millennium city because it best symbolizes the overall composition of America. Fountain is the most accurate representation of the American "melting pot." Fountain was chosen after a Queens College sociologist crunched Census Bureau statistics in an effort to find the one city in the country that best represented the population make-up of the United States. Pueblo is the only city in America with four living recipients of the Medal of Honor. The tallest building in Colorado is the Republic Plaza at 57 stories high, in Denver. Every year Denver host the worlds largest Rodeo, the Western Stock show.

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Places of Interest Aspen Chamber Resort Association 425 Rio Grande Place Aspen, Colorado 81611 970-925-1173 URL= index.cfm?site=acra

Glenwood Hot Springs Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81602 800-537-SWIM

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site 35110 Highway 194 East La Junta, Colorado 81050 719-383-5010 Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument 102 Elk Creek Gunnison, Colorado 81230 970-641-2337 Colorado National Monument Fruita, Colorado 81521 970-858-3617

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad 479 Main Avenue Durango, Colorado 81301 970-247-2733

Great Sand Dunes National Monument 11500 Highway 150 Mosca, Colorado 81146 719-378-6300 Hovenweep National Monument McElmo Route Cortez, Colorado 81321 970-562-4282 contact.html Leadville

Cripple Creek Dinosaur National Monument 4545 Highway 40 Dinosaur, Colorado 81610 970-374-3000

Lookout Mountain Nature Center 2300 15th St # 150 Denver, CO 80202 303-526-0594 openspace

Garden of the Gods 1805 North 30th Street Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904 719-634-6666

Manitou Springs 354 Manitou Avenue Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829 719-685-5089

Mount Evans 303-567-3000 Pikes Peak Royal Gorge of the Arkansas 4218 Fremont County Road 3A PO Box 549 Canon City, Colorado 81215 719-275-7507 United States Denver Mint 320 W Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80204-2605 303- 405-4761 about_the_mint/mint_facilities/ index.cfm?action=DV_facilities Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906 719-578-5367 Yucca House National Monument c/o Mesa Verde National Park PO Box 8 Mesa Verde, Colorado 81330 970-529-4465

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Parks & Recreation Barr Lake State Park 13401 Picadilly Road Brighton, Colorado 80603 303-659-6005 default.asp?parkID=67&action=park

Denver Mountain Parks 2300 15th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-697-4545 dephome.asp?depid=88

Chatfield State Park 11500 North Roxborough Park Road Littleton, Colorado 80125 303-791-7275 default.asp?parkID=78&action=park

Douglas County Parks 100 Third Street Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 303-660-7495 parksandtrails/

Cherry Creek State Park 4201 South Parker Road Aurora, Colorado 80014 303-690-1166 default.asp?parkID=80&action=park

Douglas County Open Space 100 Third Street Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 303-660-7428 index.html

City of Lakewood Community Services Department 480 South Allison Parkway Civic Center South Lakewood, Colorado 80226 303-987-7800 &include=/CR/P_RFRONT/ frontpageP_R.cfm

Eldorado Canyon State Park 9 Kneale Road Eldorado Springs, Colorado 80025 303-494-3943 default.asp?parkID=81&action=park

Curecanti Recreation Area 102 Elk Creek Gunnison, Colorado 81230 970-641-2337 Denver City Parks East 18th Avenue and York Street Denver, Colorado 80205 303-964-2500 dephome.asp?depid=34

Eleven Mile State Park 4229 County Road 92 Lake George, Colorado 80827 719-748-3401 parkID=82&action=park Englewood Recreation Department 1155 West Oxford Avenue Englewood, Colorado 80110 303-762-2680 index.asp?page=131

Foothills Parks and Recreation 2200 South "Old" Kipling Street Lakewood, Colorado 80227 303-987-3602 Four Mile Historic Park 715 South Forest Street Denver, Colorado 80246 303-399-1859 Golden Gate Canyon State Park 92 Crawford Gulch Road Golden, Colorado 80403 303-582-3707 default.asp?parkID=83&action=park Golden Parks and Recreation 1470 10th Street Golden, Colorado 80401 303-384-8127 SectionIndex.asp?SectionID=61 Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation 1800 W 89th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80260 303-428-7488 programs.html Jefferson County Open Space 700 Jefferson County Parkway Suite 100 Golden, Colorado 80401 303-271-5925 Lathrop State Park 70 County Road 502 Walsenburg, Colorado 81089 719-738-2376 parkID=92&action=park

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Parks & Recreation (Continued) Mesa Verde National Park PO Box 8 Mesa Verde, Colorado 81330 970-529-4465 Mount Falcon Park 700 Jefferson County Parkway Suite 100 Golden, Colorado 80401 303-271-5925 comm_res/openspac/falcon.htm Northglenn Parks District 11701 Community Center Drive Northglenn, Colorado 80233 303-450-8800 North Jeffco Parks and Recreation 13150 West 72nd Avenue Arvada, Colorado 80005 303-424-2739 Red Rocks Park 18300 West Alameda Parkway Morrison, Colorado 80465 303-295-4444

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve US Fish and Wildlife Service Building 121 Commerce City, Colorado 80022 303-289-0232 rockymountainarsenal/ Rocky Mountain National Park 1000 Highway 36 Estes Park, Colorado 80517 970-586-1206 Roxborough State Park 4751 Roxborough Drive Littleton, Colorado 80125 303-973-3959 default.asp?parkID=94&action=park

Sweitzer State Recreation Area PO Box 173 Delta, Colorado 81416 970-874-4258 parkID=77&action=park Vega Recreation Area PO Box 186 Collbran, Colorado 81624 970-487-3407 parkID=69&action=park Williams Fork Recreation Area 1600 West 12th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80204-3412 303-628-6000 williams.html

South Suburban Park District 6631 South University Boulevard Centennial, Colorado 80121-2913 303-798-5131 CityGovt/Arts_Rec/Recreation/ SouthSuburban.icm

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Family Fun Belleview Children' s Farm 5001 South Inca Street Englewood CO 80110 303-798-6927 Children's Museum 2121 Children's Museum Drive Denver, CO 80211 303-433-7444 Denver Botanical Gardens 1005 York Street Denver, CO 80206 720-865-3500 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield 8500 Deer Creek Canyon Road Littleton, CO 80128 303-973-3705 ourgardensnew/chatfield.cfm Denver Zoo 2300 Steele Street Denver, CO 80205 303- 376-4800

Downtown Aquarium 700 Water Street Denver, CO 80211 303-561-4450 downtownaquariumdenver Elitch Gardens Amusement Park 2000 Elitch Circle Denver, CO 80204 303-595-4386 elitchgardens

Heritage Square 18301 W. Colfax Avenue Golden, Colorado 80401 303-279-2789 IMAX Theatre 2001 Colorado Blvd. Denver, Colorado 80205 303-322-7009

Lakeside Amusement Park 4601 Sheridan Blvd. Evergreen Lake Boats & Ice Skating Denver, CO 80212 303-477-1621 Evergreen Recreational Center http:// 29614 Upper Bear Creek Road Evergreen, CO 80437 303.674.6441 Prehistoric Journey Denver Natural Historical Museum 2001 Colorado Blvd. Fat City Denver, Colorado 80205 9670 W. Coal Mine Avenue 303-322-7009 Littleton, CO 80123 303-972-4344 Tiny Town & Railroad 6249 South Turkey Creek Road Gates Planetarium & Laserium Tiny Town, Colorado 80465 Colorado Springs, Colorado 303-697-6829 303-370-6351 Water World 1800 W. 89th Avenue Federal Heights, CO 80260 303-427-7873

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Performing Arts TicketMaster (all events) 5680 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard Englewood, Colorado 80111-2414 303-830-8497 or 303-830-TIXS

Coors Fiddler' s Green Amphitheatre 6350 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard Englewood, Colorado 80111 720-488-3033

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities Box Office 6901 Wadsworth Boulevard Arvada, Colorado 80003 720-898-7200

Country Dinner Playhouse 6875 S Clinton Street Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112 303-799-1410

Arvada Festival Playhouse 5665 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard Arvada, Colorado 80002 303-422-4090 Aurora Fox Arts Center 9900 East Colfax Avenue Aurora, Colorado 80010 303-361-2910 Central City Opera 400 South Colorado Boulevard # 530 Denver, Colorado 80246 303-292-6500 Colorado Symphony Orchestra 999 18th Street, Suite 2055 Denver, Colorado 80202 303-292-5566 Colorado Ballet 1278 Lincoln Street Denver, Colorado 80203-2114 303-837-8888

Denver Center Productions 1101 13th Street Denver, Colorado 80204 303-893-4000

Jefferson Symphony Orchestra 1801 Jackson Street Golden, Colorado 80401 303-278-4237 https:// Lakewood Arts Council 85 South Union Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80228 303-980-0625 Opera Colorado 1245 Champa Street Denver, Colorado 80204 303-893-4100

Denver Puppet Theatre 3156 West 38th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80211 303-458-6446 or 303-987-3612

Paramount Theatre 1631 Glenarm Place Denver, Colorado 80202 303-623-0106

Denver Center for the Performing Arts 1245 Champa Street Denver, Colorado 80204 303-893-4100

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater 1380 Lawrence Street Suite 790 Denver, Colorado 80204 303-640-2637

Germinal Stage Denver 2456 West 44th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80211 303-455-7108

Littleton Town Hall Arts Center 2450 West Main Street Littleton, Colorado 80120 303-794-2787

Heritage Square Music Hall 18301 West Colfax Avenue # D103 Golden, Colorado 80401 303-279-7800

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Annual Events January



National Western Stock Show 4655 Humboldt Street Denver, Colorado 80216 303-297-1166 home/index.asp

Cherry Creek Arts Festival Denver, Colorado 80206 303-355-2787

A Taste of Colorado 511 16th Street, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80202 303-295-6330

March St. Patrick's Day Parade Broadway and Colfax Avenues Denver, Colorado 80202

June Capitol Hill People's Fair Civic Center Park 100 W 14th Avenue Parkway Denver, Colorado 80209

Cheyenne Frontier Days 4610 Carey Avenue Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001 800-227-6336 Festival of the West Jeffco Fairgrounds 15200 West 6th Avenue Golden, Colorado 80401 303-271-6600


Colorado Renaissance Festival 650 Perry Park Road Larkspur, Colorado 80118

October Denver Oktoberfest Larimer Square Denver, Colorado 80202 303-685-8124

December Parade of Lights Denver, Colorado 80202 303-534-6161 or 303-478-7878

Colorado State Fair 1001 Beulah Avenue Pueblo, Colorado 81004 800-876-4567 or 719-561-8484

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Spectator Sports Colorado Rockies Baseball Coors Field 2001 Blake Street Denver, Colorado 80205-2000 303- ROCKIES

Denver Nuggets Basketball The Pepsi Center 1000 Chopper Circle Denver, Colorado 80204 303-405-1212

Denver Broncos Football INVESCO Field at Mile High 1701 Bryan Street Suite 100 Denver, Colorado 80204 720-258-3333

Colorado Avalanche Hockey The Pepsi Center 1000 Chopper Circle Denver, Colorado 80204 303-405-1212

Bandimere Speedway 3051 South Rooney Road Morrison, Colorado 80465 303-697-6001 Colorado National Speedway 4281 Weld County Road 10 Dacono, Colorado 80514 303-828-0116 Colorado Rapids Soccer The Pepsi Center 1000 Chopper Circle Denver, Colorado 80204 303-405-1100

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Downtown Dining Guide Wynkoop Brewing Company 1634 18th Street Denver, Co 80202 303-297-2700

Marlowe’s 501 16th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-595-3700

The Paramount Café 519 16th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-893-2000

Rock Bottom Brewery 1001 16th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-534-7616

The Purple Martini 1328 15th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-820-0575

Hard Rock Café 500 16th Street Mall Suite 120 Denver, Colorado 80202 303-623-3191

Maggiano’s Little Italy 500 16th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-260-7707

The Chop House 1735 19th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-296-0800 Sacre Bleu 410 East 7th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80203 303-832-6614

The Brown Palace 321 17th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-297-1111 or 800-321-2599

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Ski Resorts Colorado Ski Country USA 1507 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202 303-837-0793 Snow Report: 303-825-SNOW

Breckenridge Ski Resort 1599 C Summit County Road 3 Breckenridge, CO 80424 800-789-7669

Silver Creek Resort P.O. Box 4222 SilverCreek, CO 80446 800-926-4FUN(4386)

Copper Mountain Resort 209 Ten Mile Circle Copper Mountain, CO 80443 866-841-2481

Ski Sunlight 10901 County Road 117 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 800-445-7931

Aspen Reservations Inc. AABC 210, Suite AA, Aspen, CO 81611 800-923-8920

Crested Butte Mountain Resort 12 Snowmass Road P.O. Box 5700 Mt. Crested Butte, CO 81225 800-810-SNOW

Ski Cooper P.O. Box 896 1101 Poplar Leadville, CO 80461 719-486-3684 or 800-707-6114

Aspen Snowmass Reservations P.O. Box 1248 Aspen, CO 81612 800-308-6935 snowmass/default.cfm

Eldora Mountain Resort P.O. Box 1697 2861 Eldora Ski Road 140 Nederland, CO 80466 303-440-8700

Steamboat Springs Resort 2305 Mt. Werner Circle Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 877-237-2628 or 970-879-6111

Aspen Skiing Company P.O. Box 1248 Aspen, CO 81612 800-525-6200 aspenmountain.cfm

Keystone Resort P.O. Box 38 21996 US Highway 6 Keystone, CO 80435 970-496-4fun

Aspen Highlands P.O. Box 1248 Aspen, CO 81612 800-308-6935 highlands/default.cfm

Loveland Basin P.O. Box 899 Georgetown, CO 80444 303-571-5580

Arapahoe Basin 28194 U.S. Highway 6 Keystone, CO 80435 800-272-7246

Beaver Creek Resort PO Box 7 Vail, CO 81658 800-404-3535

Monarch Ski Resort 1 Powder Place 23715 Hwy 50 Monarch, CO 81227 888-996-7669

Summit Country Reservations 800-365-6365 Vail Resort P.O. Box 7 600 Lionshead Mall Vail, CO 81658 800-525-2257 or 970-476-5601 Winter Park Resort P.O. Box 36 150 Alpenglow Way Winter Park, CO 80482 800-453-2525 or 970-726-5514

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Museums & Cultural Sites Adams County Museum 9601 Henderson Rd Brighton, CO 80601 303-659-7103

Broomfield Depot Museum 21 Agate Way Broomfield, CO 80020 303-466-9958

Arabian Horse Center 303-450-4710

Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum 987 ½ Lookout Mountain Road Golden, CO 80401 303-526-0744

Arvada Flour Mill Museum 5590 Wadsworth Boulevard Arvada, CO 80002 303-431-1261

Butterfly Pavillion & Insect Center 6252 W 104th Avenue Westminster, CO 80020 303-469-5441

Arvada History Museum 7307 Grandview Avenue Arvada, CO 80002 303-431-1261 Astor House Hotel Museum 822 12th Street Golden, CO 80401 303-278-3557 Black American West Museum 3091 California Street Denver, Colorado 80205 303-292-2566 Boettcher Mansion 900 Colorow Rd Golden, CO 80401 303-526-0855 Bowles House Museum 3924 W. 72nd Avenue Westminster, CO 80030 303-426-1858 museums/info/1161578

Colorado History Museum 1300 Broadway Denver, CO 80203 303-866-3682 Colorado Railroad Museum 17155 West 44th Avenue Golden, CO 80403 303-279-4591 Colorado State Capitol Room 029, State Capitol Denver, CO 80203 303-866-2604 Denver Art Museum 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy Denver, CO 80204 720-865-5000 Denver Firefighter' s Museum 1326 Tremont Place Denver, CO 80204 303-892-1436

Denver History Museum (ByersEvans House) 1310 Bannock Street Denver, Colorado 80204 303-620-4933 hist_sites/Byers_Evans/ byers_evans.htm Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, & Toys 1880 Gaylord Street Denver, CO 80206 303-322-1053 Denver Museum of Natural History 2001 Colorado Boulevard Denver, CO 80205 303-322-7009 Foothills Art Center 809 15th Street Golden, CO 80401 303-279-3922 Forney Transportation Museum 4303 Brighton Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80216 303-297-1113 Four Mile Historic Park 715 South Forest Street Denver, CO 80246 303-399-1859 Golden DAR Pioneer Museum 923 10th Street Golden, CO 80401 303-278-7l5l DAR.htm

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Museums & Cultural Sites (Continued) Golden' s Twelfth Street Historic District 303-279-3113

Molly Brown House Museum 1340 Pennsylvania Street Denver, CO 80203 303-832-4092

Hiwan Homestead Museum 4208 Timbervale Drive Evergreen, CO 80439 303-674-6262

Morrison National Historical Center (Dinosaur Ridge) 16831 West Alameda Parkway Morrison, CO 80465 303-697-3466

International Bell Museum 30213 Upper Bear Creek Road Evergreen, CO 80439 303-674-3422 Lakewood' s Historical Belmar Village 797 S Wadsworth Boulevard Lakewood, CO 80226 303-987-7850 Littleton Historical Museum 6028 South Gallup Street Littleton, CO 80120 303-795-3950

Museo de las Americas 861 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204 303-571-4401 Museum of Outdoor Arts 1000 Englewood Parkway, Suite 2230 Englewood, Colorado 80110 303-806-0444

Museum of Western Art 6055 Longbow Drive Boulder, CO 80301 303-530-1442 Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum 1111 Washington Avenue Golden, CO 80401 303-277-0377 Wings Over Rockies (Aviation/ Space Museum) 7711 East Academy Boulevard Denver, CO 80230 303-360 -5360

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Where to Stay Boston Commons Corporate Apartments (long term) 6380 South Boston Street Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 303-290-1100

Hampton Inn Denver Southeast (Tech-Center) 9231 East Arapahoe Road Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112 303-792-9999

The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center 200 Inverness Drive West Englewood, Colorado 80112 800-832-9053

Candlewood Suites Denver Tech Center 6780 South Galena Street Centennial, Colorado 80112 303-792-5393 cw/1/en/hd/densg

Hilton Garden Inn Denver South/ Meridian 9290 Meridian Boulevard Englewood, Colorado 80112 303-824-1550

Marriott Denver South Park Meadows 10345 Park Meadows Drive Littleton, Colorado 80124 303-925-0004 propertypage/DENMS

Comfort Suites Tech Center South 7060 East County Line Road Littleton, Colorado 80126 303-770-5400

Hilton Garden Inn Highlands Ranch 1050 Plaza Drive Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129 303-683-4100

Courtyard by Marriott: Denver-Tech Center 6565 South Boston Street Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 303-721-0300 propertypage/DENSE

Homestead Studio Suites Denver Tech Center - North 4885 South Quebec Street Denver, Colorado 80237 303-689-9443 minisite/?hotelID=30

Denver Marriott Tech Center 4900 South Syracuse Street Denver, Colorado 80237 303-779-1100 propertypage/DENTC

Hotel Denver Tech 7801 East Orchard Road Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 303-779-6161

Embassy Suites Hotel 10250 East Costilla Avenue Englewood, Colorado 80112 303-792-0433

Ramada Denver Tech Center 5150 South Quebec Street Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 303-721-1144

Residence Inn by Marriott Denver Highlands Ranch 93 West Centennial Boulevard Littleton, Colorado 80126 303-683-5555 propertypage.mi? marshaCode=DENHR

Sheraton Denver Tech Center Hotel 7007 South Clinton Street Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112 303-799-6200 Hyatt Regency Tech Center- Denver sheraton/ 7800 East Tufts Avenue Parkway Denver, Colorado 80237 303-779-1234 hotels/index.jsp CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Where to Stay (Continued) Summerfield Suites by WyndhamDenver Tech Center (long term) 9280 East Costilla Avenue Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112 303-706-1945 location_details.php?code=DENEN

Woodfield Suites Greenwood Village Denver 9009 East Arapahoe Road Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112 303-799-4555

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Denver Shopping Park Meadows 8401 Park Meadows Center Drive Littleton, Colorado 80124-5128 303-792-2533 Upscale shopping in south suburban Denver, anchored by Nordstrom, Dillards, & Foley's. Cherry Creek Mall 3000 East First Avenue Denver, Colorado 80206 303-388-3900 Upscale shopping in southeast Denver, anchored by Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann Taylor, & Foleys. FlatIron Crossing 1 West Flatiron Crossing Broomfield, Colorado 80021 720-887-7467 New modern and upscale shopping near the North area of town by Boulder, with wonderful shopping selections.

Larkridge Regional Retail Center 16395 Washington Street Thornton, CO 80020 303-928-4900 The outdoor retail center houses retailers, village shops and restaurants including Sears Grand, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Circuit City, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1 Imports, PetsMart, OfficeMax, Village Inn and The Home Depot The Outlets at Castle Rock 5050 Factory Shops Boulevard Castle Rock, Colorado 80108 303-688-4495 Loads of shops of all sorts. Plan a full day of browsing. Southwest Plaza 8501 West Bowles Avenue Suite 2A-483 Littleton, Colorado 80123 303-973-5300 Index2.asp One of the country's largest malls with

all of the major anchors including Sears, Foley's, J.C. Penney, Dillards, Montgomery Ward The Tabor Center 1201 Sixteenth Street Denver, Colorado 80202 303-572-6865 Unique shopping on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver. Westminster Mall 5433 W 88th Avenue Westminster, CO 80031 303-428-5634 Stores include Dillard’s, JCPenney, Sears, and Foley’s as well as about 200 specialty shops,including the Disney Store, Express, Footlocker, Buckle, and Suncoast Motion Picture Company.

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Golf—Private Courses Bear Creek Golf Course 12201 Morrison Road Denver, Colorado 80228 303-980-8700

Fitzsimmons Golf Course 2323 Scranton Street Aurora, CO 80010 303-364-8125

Los Verdes Golf Course 9200 East Cliff Avenue Denver, Colorado 303-755-0711

Boulder Golf Course 7350 Clubhouse Road Boulder, CO 80301 303-530-2226

Fox Hill Golf Course 1400 East Highway 119 Longmont, CO 80501 303-722-1061

Meridian Golf Course 9742 South Meridian Boulevard Englewood, CO 80112 303-799-8402

Broadmoor Golf Course 1 Lake Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80906 719-577-5790

Glenmoor Golf Course 110 Glenmoor Drive Englewood, CO 80113 303-781-3000

Perry Park Golf Course 7047 Perry Park Boulevard Larkspur, CO 80118 303-681-3186

Castle Pines Golf Course 1000 Hummingbird Drive Castle Rock, CO 80108 303-688-6000

Green Gables Golf Course 6800 West Jewell Avenue Denver, CO 80232 303-985-4433

Pinehurst Golf Course 6255 West Quincy Avenue Denver, CO 80235 303-985-1559

Cherry Hills Golf Course 4125 South University Boulevard Englewood, CO 80113 303-761-9900

Heather Ridge Golf Course 13521E Ilif Ave Aurora, CO 80014 303-755-3550

Ranch Golf Course 120 W Avenue & Tejon Westminster, CO 80030 303-466-2111

Columbine Golf Course 17 Fairway Lane Littleton, CO 80123 303-794-4502

Hiwan Golf Course 30671 Clubhouse Lane Evergreen, CO 80439 303-674-3366

Red Rocks Golf Course 16235 West Belleview Avenue Morrison, CO 80465 303-697-4438

Denver Golf Course 1700 East 1st Avenue Denver, CO 80218 303-733-2441

Inverness Golf Course 200 Inverness Drive West Englewood, CO 80112 303-397-7878

Rolling Hills Golf Course 15707 West 26th Avenue Golden, CO 80401 303-279-7858

Eisenhower Golf Course USAF Academy, Building 3170 Colorado Springs, Co 80840 719-333-2606

Lakewood Golf Course 6800 West 10th Avenue Lakewood, CO 80214 303-233-4614

Pinery Golf Course 6900 Pinery Parkway Parker, CO 80134 303-841-2850

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Golf—Private Courses (Continued) Valley Golf Course Arapahoe Road & Jordan Denver, CO 80202 303-690-6377

Golf—Public Courses Applewood 14001 West 32nd Avenue Golden, CO 80401 303-279-3003

Englewood 2101 West Oxford Avenue Englewood, CO 80110 303-762-2670

Heather Gardens 2888 South Heather Gardens Way Aurora, CO 80014 303-751-2390

Arrowhead 10850 Sundown Trail Littleton, CO 80125 303-973-9614

Evergreen 29614 Upper Bear Creek Road Evergreen, CO 80439 303-674-6351

Hyland Hills 9650 Sheridan Boulevard Westminster, CO 80031 303-428-6526

Aurora Hills 50 South Peoria Street Aurora, CO 80012 303-364-6111

Flat Irons 5706 Arapahoe Avenue Boulder, CO 80303 303-442-7851

Indian Tree 7555 Wadsworth Boulevard Arvada, CO 80003 303-403-2541

Centennial 5800 Federal Boulevard Denver, CO 80221 303-794-5838

Foothills 3901 South Carr Street Denver, CO 80235 303-409-2400

J F Kennedy 10500 E Hampden Avenue Aurora, CO 80014 303-755-0105

City Park 2500 York Street Denver, CO 80205 303-295-2095

Fox Hollow 13410 Morrison Road Lakewood, CO 80228 303-986-7888

Lake Arbor 8600 Wadsworth Boulevard Arvada, CO 80003 303-423-1650

Coal Creek 585 West Dillon Road Louisville, CO 80027 303-666-7888

Greenway Park 110 Greenway Drive Broomfield, CO 80020 303-466-3729

Lake Valley 4400 Lake Valley Drive Longmont, CO 80503 303-444-2114

Eagle Trace Club 1200 Clubhouse Drive Broomfield, CO 80020 303-469-7858

Haystack Mountain 5877 Niwot Road Longmont, CO 80503 303-530-1400

Links At Highlands Ranch 5815 Gleneagles Village Parkway Littleton, CO 80130 303-470-9292

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Golf—Public Courses (Continued) Lone Tree Golf Course 9808 Sunningdale Boulevard Littleton, CO 80124 303-790-0202 Meadow Hills 3609 South Dawson Street Aurora, CO 80014 303-690-2500 Meadows Littleton, CO 303-972-8831 Mountain View 5091 South Quebec Street Denver, CO 80237 303-694-3012 Overland Park 1901 South Huron Street Denver, CO 80223 303-698-4975 Park Hill 4141 East 35th Avenue Denver, CO 80207

303-333-5411 Plum Creek 331 Players Club Drive Castle Rock, CO 80104 303-688-2611 Raccoon Creek 7301 West Bowles Avenue Littleton, CO 80123 303-932-0199 Riverdale 13300 Riverdale Road Brighton, CO 80601 303-659-6700 South Suburban 7900 South Colorado Boulevard Centennial, Colorado 80122 303-770-5500 Spring Hill 800 Telluride Street Aurora, CO 80011 303-739-6854

Thorncreek 13555 Washington Street Thornton, CO 80241 303-450-7055 Twin Peaks 1200 Cornell Drive Longmont, CO 80501 303-651-8402 Wellshire 3333 South Colorado Boulevard Denver, CO 80222 303-692-5636 Willis Case 4999 Vrain Street Denver, CO 80212 303-458-4877 Windsor Gardens 595 South Clinton Denver, CO 80247 303-366-3133

Golf—Mountain & Resort Aspen Golf Course 39551 Highway 82 Aspen, CO 81611 970-925-2145 Beaver Creek Golf Course 103 Offerson Road Avon, CO 81620 970-845-5775 Breckenridge Golf Course 0200 Clubhouse Drive Breckenridge, CO 80424 970-453-9104

Copper Creek Golf Course PO Box 3001 (USPS) 209 Ten Mile Circle (FedEx, UPS) Copper Mountain, CO 80443 866-841-2481 Eagle Vail Golf Course 431 Eagle Drive Avon, CO 81620 970-949-5267

Estes Park Golf Course 1080 South Saint Vraine Avenue Estes Park, CO 80517 970-586-8146 Glenwood Springs Golf Course 193 Sunny Acres Rd Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 970-945-7086 Keystone Ranch Golf Course 1239 Keystone Ranch Road Keystone, CO 80432 970-496-4250

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Golf—Mountain & Resort (Continued) Pole Creek Golf Course P.O. Box 3348 Winter Park, CO 80482 970-877-9195

Snowmass Club 239 Snowmass Club Circle Snowmass Village, CO 81615 970-923-3148

Sheraton Steamboat Golf Course 2000 Village Inn Court Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 970-879-2220

Steamboat Golf Course Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 970-879-4295 Tamarron Inn Golf Course 40292 Highway 550 Durango, CO 81301 970-259-2000

Singletree Golf Course Edwards, CO 970-926-3533

Telluride Golf Course 565 Mountain Village Boulevard Unit 105 Mountain Village, CO 81435 970-728-6900 Vail Golf Course 1778 Vail Valley Drive Vail, CO 81657 970-479-2260

Skyland Mountain Golf Course 385 Country Club Drive Crested Butte, CO 81224 970-349-6131

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Police Departments Denver Police Department 1331 Cherokee Street Denver, Co 80204 720-913-2000

District 4 Station 2100 S. Clay Street Denver, CO 80219 303-937-4444

Adams County Sheriff 1901 East Bridge Street Brighton, CO 80601 303-654-1850

District 1 Station 1311 W. 46th Avenue Denver, Co 80211 720-913-0400

District 5 Station 4685 Peoria Street Denver, CO 80239 303-376-2300

Arapahoe County Sheriff 13101 Broncos Parkway Centennial, Co 80112 303-795-4711

District 2 Station 3921 N. Holly Street Denver, Co 80205 720-913-1000

District 6 Station 1566 Washington Street Denver, Co 80203 303-839-2100

Boulder County Sheriff 177 6th Street Boulder, CO 80302 303-441-3600

District 3 Station 1625 S. University Blvd Denver, Co 80210 720-913-1300

Denver Sheriff Department 1437 Bannock Street, Room 507 Denver, Co 80202 720-865-9556

Boulder Police Department 1777 Broadway Boulder, Co 80302 303-441-3090 Broomfield Police Department 7 DesComes Drive Broomfield, CO 80020 303-438-6400 Douglas County Sheriff 400 Justice Way Castle Rock, Co 80109 303-660-7505 Jefferson County Sheriff 200 Jefferson County Parkway Golden, Colorado 80401 303-277-0211 University of Colorado at Boulder Police Department 1050 Regent Drive Boulder, CO 80309 303-492-7311 Weld County Sheriff 1950 O Street Greeley, Co 80631 970-356-4015 or 800-436-9276

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Fire Departments Denver Fire Department FireDepartment/

Station 8 1616 Park Avenue Denver, Colorado 80218

Station 20 501 Knox Court Denver, Colorado 80204

Emergency Dispatch Dial 911

Station 9 4600 Franklin Street Denver, Colorado 80216

Station 21 1500 East Virginia Avenue Denver, Colorado 80209

Station 10 3200 Steele Street Denver, Colorado 80205

Station 22 3530 South Monaco Parkway Denver, Colorado 80237

Station 11 40 West 2nd Avenue Denver, Colorado 80223

Station 23 850 South Federal Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80219

Station 12 2575 Federal Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80211

Station 24 2695 South Colorado Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80222

Non-Emergency Dispatch 720-913-2400 General Inquires 720-913-3473 Public Information Officer 720-865-3865 Division 1 - Operations 720-913-3438

Division 2 - Fire Prevention and Investigation Station 13 600 South Broadway 720-913-3414 Denver, Colorado 80209 Station 1 745 West Colfax Avenue Station 14 1426 Oneida Street Denver, Colorado 80204 Denver, Colorado 80220 Station 2 5300 North Memphis Street Station 15 1375 Harrison Street Denver, Colorado 80239 Denver, Colorado 80206 Station 3 2500 Washington Street Station 16 1601 South Ogden Street Denver, Colorado 80205 Denver, Colorado 80210 Station 4 1890 Lawrence Street Station 17 4500 Tennyson Street Denver, Colorado 80202 Denver, Colorado 80212 Station 6 1300 Blake Street Station 19 300 South Ivy Street Denver, Colorado 80204 Denver, Colorado 80222 Station 7 2195 West 38th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80211

Station 25 2504 South Raleigh Street Denver, Colorado 80219 Station 26 7045 East 38th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80207 Station 27 12927 East Albrook Drive Denver, Colorado 80239 Station 28 4306 South Wolff Street Denver, Colorado 80236 Station 29 4800 Himalaya Denver, Colorado 80239 Station 30 4898 South Dudley Street Denver, Colorado 80236

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Araphoe County Income

School Districts

Median Income------------------------------------------ $53,570 State Income Ranking------------------------- 87th percentile National Income Ranking--------------------- 95th percentile Average Income (Households With Children) $83,348 State Income Ranking------------------------- 88th percentile National Income Ranking--------------------- 97th percentile

Adams-Araphoe 28J 1085 Peoria Street, Aurora, CO 80011 303-344-8060 Type ---------------------------------Independent Local District Grade Range: --------------------------------------------- PK - 12 Schools ------------------------------------------------------------51 Teachers-------------------------------------------------------1,740 Students ----------------------------------------------------- 28,148 Student/Teacher Ratio --------------------------------16.2 To 1 Student/Librarian Ratio -------------------------- 1,108.2 To 1 Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio ------------- 180.3 To 1 National Enrollment Ranking -----------------98th percentile State Enrollment Ranking ---------------------97th percentile Average ACT Score --------------------------------------------17

Population Population------------------------------------------------ 516,060 Population Density ------------- 643 persons per sq mile State Density Ranking------------------------- 96th percentile National Density Ranking--------------------- 95th percentile Population Growth Rate ----------------- 1.9% annualized State Growth Ranking ------------------------- 69th percentile National Growth Ranking --------------------- 87th percentile

Age Breakdown Average Age -------------------------------------------------- 34.7 0-9 years------------------------------------------------------14.2% 10-17 years --------------------------------------------------12.4% 18-29 years --------------------------------------------------16.1% 30-39 years --------------------------------------------------16.3% 40-49 years --------------------------------------------------17.8% 50-65 years --------------------------------------------------14.6% 65+ years ------------------------------------------------------ 8.6%

Household Characteristics Married -------------------------------------------------------52.2% With Children-----------------------------------------------35.4% Married with Children --------------------------------------26.6% Single with Children----------------------------------------- 8.8% Married with No Children ---------------------------------25.6% Single with No Children -----------------------------------39.0%

Home Ownership* Owner Occupied Households ---------------------------- 4.4% Median Housing Value --------------------------------$275,000 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 2

Rental* Renter Occupied Households ---------------------------95.6% Median Monthly Rent --------------------------------------- $755 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 2

Expeditionary Boces 1700 South Holly Street, Denver CO 80222 303-759-2076 Type --------------------Regional Education Service Agency Grade Range ------------------------------------------------ K - 12 Schools ------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Teachers-----------------------------------------------------------20 Students --------------------------------------------------------- 333 Student/Teacher Ratio ---------------------------------16.7 to 1 Student/Librarian Ratio -------------------------------------- N/A Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio ---------------------- N/A National Enrollment Ranking -----------------27th percentile State Enrollment Ranking ---------------------19th percentile Average ACT Score ------------------------------------------ N/A Denver County 1 900 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203 303-764-3200 Type ---------------------------------Independent Local District Grade Range ------------------------------------------------ PK-12 Schools:---------------------------------------------------------- 145 Teachers-------------------------------------------------------4,453 Students ----------------------------------------------------- 72,100 Student/Teacher Ratio --------------------------------16.2 To 1 Student/Librarian Ratio ----------------------------- 691.9 To 1 Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio: ------------ 251.9 To 1 National Enrollment Ranking -----------------99th percentile State Enrollment Ranking ---------------------99th percentile Average ACT Score ----------------------------------------- 14.9

CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


*Based on area of South Aurora

Denver County Income

School Districts

Median Income------------------------------------------ $39,500 State Income Ranking ------------------------ 62nd percentile National Income Ranking --------------------- 75th percentile Average Income (Households With Children) $60,965 State Income Ranking ------------------------- 66th percentile National Income Ranking --------------------- 84th percentile

Denver County 1 900 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203 303-764-3200 Type --------------------------------- Independent Local District Grade Range-----------------------------------------------PK - 12 Schools: ----------------------------------------------------------145 Teachers ------------------------------------------------------ 4,453 Students----------------------------------------------------- 72,100 Student/Teacher Ratio-------------------------------- 16.2 To 1 Student/Librarian Ratio ----------------------------- 691.9 To 1 Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio: ------------ 251.9 To 1 National Enrollment Ranking----------------- 99th percentile State Enrollment Ranking--------------------- 99th percentile Average ACT Score ------------------------------------------14.9

Population Population ------------------------------------------------ 557,478 Population Density ---------- 3,635 persons per sq mile State Density Ranking------------------------100th percentile National Density Ranking --------------------- 99th percentile Population Growth Rate -----------------0.2% annualized State Growth Ranking ------------------------- 37th percentile National Growth Ranking --------------------- 46th percentile

Age Breakdown Average Age -------------------------------------------------- 33.5 0-9 years ----------------------------------------------------- 12.9% 10-17 years---------------------------------------------------- 8.9% 18-29 years-------------------------------------------------- 21.6% 30-39 years-------------------------------------------------- 17.9% 40-49 years-------------------------------------------------- 14.6% 50-65 years-------------------------------------------------- 12.9% 65+ years ---------------------------------------------------- 11.2%

Household Characteristics Married------------------------------------------------------- 35.3% With Children ---------------------------------------------- 23.9% Married with Children ------------------------------------- 15.6% Single with Children ----------------------------------------- 8.3% Married with No Children--------------------------------- 19.7% Single with No Children ---------------------------------- 56.4%

Home Ownership* Owner Occupied Households--------------------------- 21.6% Median Housing Value ------------------------------- $121,000 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 2

Rental* Renter Occupied Households -------------------------- 78.4% Median Monthly Rent --------------------------------------- $480 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 0

Expeditionary Boces 1700 South Holly Street, Denver CO 80222 303-759-2076 Type -------------------- Regional Education Service Agency Grade Range-------------------------------------------------K - 12 Schools -------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Teachers ---------------------------------------------------------- 20 Students----------------------------------------------------------333 Student/Teacher Ratio--------------------------------- 16.7 to 1 Student/Librarian Ratio ---------------------------------------N/A Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio-----------------------N/A National Enrollment Ranking----------------- 27th percentile State Enrollment Ranking--------------------- 19th percentile Average ACT Score -------------------------------------------N/A Englewood 1 4101 South Bannock Street, Englewood, CO 80110 303-761-7050 Type --------------------------------- Independent Local District Grade Range:----------------------------------------------PK - 12 Schools ------------------------------------------------------------ 11 Teachers ---------------------------------------------------------235 Students------------------------------------------------------- 4,084 Student/Teacher Ratio--------------------------------- 17.4 to 1 Student/Librarian Ratio ------------------------------ 1,361 to 1 Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio-------------- 228.6 to 1 National Enrollment Ranking----------------- 86th percentile State Enrollment Ranking-------------------- 82nd percentile Average ACT Score ------------------------------------------16.6

CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


*Based on area of City of Denver

Douglas County Income

School Districts

Median Income------------------------------------------ $82,929 State Income Ranking------------------------100th percentile National Income Ranking--------------------100th percentile Average Income (Households With Children) $95,526 State Income Ranking------------------------- 96th percentile National Income Ranking--------------------- 98th percentile

Douglas County RE1 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104 303-688-3195 Type ---------------------------------Independent Local District Grade Range ---------------------------------------------- PK - 12 Schools:------------------------------------------------------------59 Teachers-------------------------------------------------------2,291 Students ----------------------------------------------------- 41,924 Student/Teacher Ratio --------------------------------18.3 To 1 Student/Librarian Ratio -------------------------- 2,994.6 To 1 Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio: -------------229.5To 1 National Enrollment Ranking -----------------98th percentile State Enrollment Ranking ---------------------96th percentile Average ACT Score ----------------------------------------- 19.9 Average ACT Score ----------------------------------------- 16.6

Population Population------------------------------------------------ 223,471 Population Density ------------- 266 persons per sq mile State Density Ranking------------------------- 90th percentile National Density Ranking--------------------- 86th percentile Population Growth Rate ----------------- 8.3% annualized State Growth Ranking ------------------------100th percentile National Growth Ranking --------------------- 99th percentile

Age Breakdown Average Age -------------------------------------------------- 33.7 0-9 years------------------------------------------------------19.1% 10-17 years --------------------------------------------------12.4% 18-29 years --------------------------------------------------11.3% 30-39 years --------------------------------------------------21.3% 40-49 years --------------------------------------------------18.7% 50-65 years --------------------------------------------------13.2% 65+ years ------------------------------------------------------ 4.1%

Household Characteristics Married -------------------------------------------------------74.9% With Children-----------------------------------------------47.8% Married with Children --------------------------------------42.6% Single with Children----------------------------------------- 5.2% Married with No Children ---------------------------------32.3% Single with No Children -----------------------------------19.9%

Home Ownership* Owner Occupied Households ---------------------------35.4% Median Housing Value --------------------------------$136,800 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 2

Rental* Renter Occupied Households ---------------------------64.6% Median Monthly Rent --------------------------------------- $618 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 2 CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


*Based on area of Castle Rock

Elbert County Income

School Districts

Median Income------------------------------------------ $62,480 State Income Ranking ------------------------- 96th percentile National Income Ranking --------------------- 98th percentile Average Income (Households With Children) $72,795 State Income Ranking ------------------------- 80th percentile National Income Ranking --------------------- 94th percentile

Elbert 200 24489 Main Street, Elbert, CO 80106 719-648-3030 Type--------------------------------- Independent Local District Grade Range ---------------------------------------------- PK - 12 Schools:------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Teachers-----------------------------------------------------------22 Students --------------------------------------------------------- 304 Student/Teacher Ratio ------------------------------- 13.8 To 1 Student/Librarian Ratio------------------------------304.0 To 1 Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio:---------------------- N/A National Enrollment Ranking ---------------- 24th percentile State Enrollment Ranking -------------------- 13th percentile Average ACT Score------------------------------------------ 21.1

Population Population --------------------------------------------------22,254 Population Density -------------- 12 persons per sq mile State Density Ranking ------------------------- 51st percentile National Density Ranking --------------------- 18th percentile Population Growth Rate -----------------3.9% annualized State Growth Ranking ------------------------- 91st percentile National Growth Ranking --------------------- 96th percentile

Age Breakdown Average Age -------------------------------------------------- 37.0 0-9 years ----------------------------------------------------- 14.9% 10-17 years-------------------------------------------------- 15.1% 18-29 years---------------------------------------------------- 9.4% 30-39 years-------------------------------------------------- 17.0% 40-49 years-------------------------------------------------- 21.8% 50-65 years-------------------------------------------------- 15.9% 65+ years ------------------------------------------------------ 6.0%

Household Characteristics Married------------------------------------------------------- 75.8% With Children ---------------------------------------------- 42.9% Married with Children ------------------------------------- 37.6% Single with Children ----------------------------------------- 5.3% Married with No Children--------------------------------- 38.1% Single with No Children ---------------------------------- 19.0%

Home Ownership* Owner Occupied Households--------------------------- 83.9% Median Housing Value ------------------------------- $223,400 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 3

Rental* Renter Occupied Households -------------------------- 16.1% Median Monthly Rent --------------------------------------- $604 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 2 CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


*Based on area of Elizabeth

Jefferson County Income

School Districts

Median Income------------------------------------------ $57,339 State Income Ranking ------------------------- 93rd percentile National Income Ranking --------------------- 97th percentile Average Income (Households With Children) $80,539 State Income Ranking ------------------------- 87th percentile National Income Ranking --------------------- 96th percentile

Jefferson County R1 1829 Denver West Drive, Building #27, Golden, CO 80401 303-982-6500 Type--------------------------------- Independent Local District Grade Range: --------------------------------------------- PK - 12 Schools----------------------------------------------------------- 170 Teachers------------------------------------------------------ 4,871 Students -----------------------------------------------------87,172 Student/Teacher Ratio -------------------------------- 17.9 to 1 Student/Librarian Ratio-------------------------------634.0 to 1 Secondary Student/Guidance Ratio --------------217.9 to 1 National Enrollment Ranking ---------------- 99th percentile State Enrollment Ranking -------------------100th percentile Average ACT Score------------------------------------------ 19.3

Population Population ------------------------------------------------ 528,563 Population Density ------------- 685 persons per sq mile State Density Ranking ------------------------- 98th percentile National Density Ranking --------------------- 95th percentile Population Growth Rate -----------------0.1% annualized State Growth Ranking ------------------------- 35th percentile National Growth Ranking --------------------- 44th percentile

Age Breakdown Average Age -------------------------------------------------- 36.8 0-9 years ----------------------------------------------------- 13.5% 10-17 years-------------------------------------------------- 11.7% 18-29 years-------------------------------------------------- 14.5% 30-39 years-------------------------------------------------- 16.1% 40-49 years-------------------------------------------------- 18.4% 50-65 years-------------------------------------------------- 16.1% 65+ years ------------------------------------------------------ 9.6%

Household Characteristics Married------------------------------------------------------- 56.3% With Children ---------------------------------------------- 34.2% Married with Children ------------------------------------- 26.7% Single with Children ----------------------------------------- 7.6% Married with No Children--------------------------------- 29.7% Single with No Children ---------------------------------- 36.1%

Home Ownership* Owner Occupied Households--------------------------- 70.9% Median Housing Value ------------------------------- $175,700 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 3

Rental* Renter Occupied Households -------------------------- 29.2% Median Monthly Rent --------------------------------------- $761 Median Number of Bedrooms --------------------------------- 2 CopyrightŠ Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


*Based on area of Southeast Jefferson

Glossary of Relocation Terms Amended Value Transaction--After an appraised

The listing agreement between the broker and employee is value has been determined and an offer to purchase made terminated pursuant to the exclusion clause which is an integral part of the listing agreement. Since employee has to an employee, and during the period in which purchaser's written offer is outstanding, the employee, in or- sold the home to the purchaser, employee has no obligader to determine market value more precisely, may seek a tion to pay a commission to the real estate broker. potential buyer who is willing to pay a price higher than the appraised value. As in an appraised value transaction, The structure of the amended value transaction does not employee may choose to enter into a listing agreement with a real estate broker he/she selects, in which case em- permit employee to accept the offer from the potential ployee must include in the listing agreement a provision to buyer. He/she may not enter into a contract nor sign any document with the potential buyer. Accordingly, there is the effect that the broker will earn no commission if the employee sells home to purchaser ("exclusion clause"). If never a binding agreement between employee and the popurchaser determines that the offer is bona fide, purchaser tential buyer, either at the time purchaser amends the offer or thereafter. will then amend its appraised value offer to employee to reflect the value placed on the home in the arm's length transaction (the "amended value"). This offer from purchaser at the higher price is unconditional and is not contingent on any event. In selling to purchaser in an amended value transaction, employee executes and returns to purchaser the offer to purchase and related documents, modified to include the amended value amount in place of the appraised value. Upon execution of the offer to purchase, purchaser pays employee a portion or all of the employee's equity in the home. When employee vacates the home and/or closes with the purchaser, final equity and adjustments are computed (based on the amended value) and paid. Pursuant to terms of the offer to purchase, purchaser is the sole beneficial owner of the home and bears all of the burdens of ownership including the responsibility for all expenses related to maintaining and disposing of the home. Employee bears no risk that the potential buyer will not buy the home or that the home may ultimately sell for less than the amount purchaser paid to employee.

Purchaser enters into a listing agreement with the broker which reflects purchaser's agreement to pay a real estate broker commission in connection with a sale of the home only if and at such time as a sale is in fact closed.

The offer by the potential buyer to purchase the home is sent to the purchaser. If the potential buyer is still available and if his/her offer is acceptable to purchaser, it is then signed by purchaser.

Employee exercises no control over purchaser's sale to the potential buyer or anyone else. If the anticipated sale by purchaser to the potential buyer is not closed, this has no effect on purchaser's obligation to pay employee the amended value for his/her home.

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Glossary of Relocation Terms (cont.) Appraised Value Transaction--Pursuant to an agree-

cuting the offer to purchase and returning it and other ment between a corporation and a purchaser, purchaser is documents to purchaser. Upon receipt of the offer to purchase which employee has executed, purchaser signs it advised that an employee is to be relocated. Purchaser and pays employee a portion of all of employee's equity in then contacts the employee and, if employee consents, typically orders two independent appraisals of employee's his/her home, depending upon the corporation's relocation program. When employee vacates the home and home to obtain an estimate of its market value. The appraisals are prepared by independent professional apprais- closes with the purchaser, the balance, if any, of emers. Either the purchaser selects an appraiser, or in some ployee's equity is paid. Pursuant to the terms of the offer programs the employee selects some or all of the apprais- to purchase, purchaser is the sole beneficial owner of the ers from a list prepared by the purchaser. In some cases, home and bears all of the burdens of ownership including the responsibility for all expenses related to maintaining employee may select one or more appraisers not on the list, provided they meet certain qualifications. If the values and disposing of the home. in the appraisals are within a stated range (usually 5 percent of the higher), the average of the two is taken and that average becomes the appraised value. If the variance Assigned Sale Transaction--An assigned sale transacbetween the appraisals is greater than the permitted range, tion differs from an amended value transaction in certain a third appraisal is obtained and the appraised value is de- material respects, although the procedures may appear to termined, depending on the program, by averaging some be similar. In an assigned sale transaction, employee typicombination of the appraisals. Typically, a review process cally signs the contract of sale from the potential buyer or enters into an agreement with the potential buyer. In such is conducted to assure that the appraisals were compeevent, employee will sign all of the documents purchaser tently prepared and are complete. requires, which are similar to those used in an appraised value transaction or amended value transaction, and will Once an appraised value is determined, purchaser offers to also execute an assignment of the agreement with the pobuy the home for this price. The offer is made in the form tential buyer to purchaser. Employee will also execute a of an offer to purchase between purchaser and employee. transfer of the contract of sale with the potential buyer to If employee desires to sell to purchaser, he/she can accept purchaser. the appraised value as the market value of the home.

Depending upon the corporation's relocation program, employee will have a period of time (usually between 30 and 90 days) from the date of mailing to him/her of the offer to purchase to elect to accept purchaser's offer at the appraised value. Employee exercises this election by exe-

In general, there are two variations for when employee has the right to receive equity form purchaser in an assigned sale. In the first variation, employee has the right to receive equity based on the price in the potential buyer's

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Glossary of Relocation Terms (cont.) Employee may sign an offer to purchase the home to purchaser and assign the agreement with the potential buyer to purchaser to close. In some programs, employee is relieved of his/her obligations with respect to the home when the offer to purchase between the employee and purchaser is executed. If for some reason the closing with the potential buyer does not occur, the home is processed In the second variation, employee has the right to receive as an appraised value transaction with employee being paid initial equity based on the appraised value; he/she has the on the basis of the price in the agreement with the potenright to receive additional equity when the sale to potential tial buyer. buyer is closed. In the assigned sale transaction, purchaser ordinarily does not enter into a new listing agreement with the real estate broker. Days in Inventory--The time period from the date of execution of the offer to purchase with the employee through the resale closing date. Accurate comparison of Carrying Costs--Recurring costs and extraordinary one corporation's days in inventory to another's requires charges of holding a property in inventory. This could recognition and appropriate adjustment if different dates include insurance, utilities, mortgage interest, condominare used. ium dues, taxes, homeowner association dues, assessments, repairs and capital improvements. All costs of holding and operating a property during the inventory or Direct Costs--Those costs charged directly against a spemarketing period should be charged to this category. cific property, which are then billed back to a corporation by either a third party company or in-house program. Usually, acquisition and carrying costs as well as disposiClosing Assistance Option--From time to time a situa- tion and selling costs are included. tion may exist in which employee obtains a potential buyer for his/her home before being initiated into a corporation's relocation program or before an appraised value has Direct Reimbursement Program--A type of homesale been determined for the home. In such an event, emprogram in which the corporation does not guarantee an ployee usually has signed an agreement to sell the home to appraised value nor does it purchase the property from the a potential buyer, and the only assistance being offered by employee but does reimburse some or all of the direct sellpurchaser is to pay employee his/her equity in the home ing costs. and close the sale to the potential buyer. Directed Offers--An offer to purchase where the corporation has directed either the third party company or its incontract of sale subject only to fulfillment of all of the contingencies contained in the contract of sake from that potential buyer. If the contingencies are not removed, the transaction between employee and purchaser reverts to a sale at the appraised value.

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Glossary of Relocation Terms (cont.) house program to make an offer which is not solely derived from the relocation appraisal process. This offer is usually for an amount which would exceed the most probable selling price of the property.

Homesale Program--The part of a corporation's reloca-

tion policy designed to facilitate a relatively fast, convenient means by which an employee may sell his/her home with a minimum of time and effort. Usually accomplished through a third party or a corporate in-house program by appraised value, amended value or assigned sale transacDuplicate Housing Expenses--Costs reimbursed to tions. Unusual selling situations may be termed "special an employee who winds up owning two homes due to de- transactions." lay in selling or closing or some similar sequence of events on either the new home or the old home. Typically, these costs include mortgage interest, property taxes, mainteIn-House Program--A relocation service supplier crenance and insurance. ated within a corporation to provide homesale services to employees being relocated. In some instances, the inhouse program staff may administer the corporation's reEmployee Incentives--Any amount of money and/or location policy as well as the homesale program. Synonyvaluable consideration or services granted to an employee mous with "purchaser." to sell his/her home prior to its being acquired by the purchaser. Non-recurring Carrying Costs--Charges associated with an inventory property which are generally one time in Employee Loss-on-Sale Protection--An aspect of nature. Examples include repairs, capital improvements, some homesale programs which calculates the difference mortgage assumption fees and assessments. between the appraised value offer and either the employee's purchase price or the employee's purchase price plus all or some of the subsequent capital improvements. Offer Period--That period of time from an issuance of This difference, or some portion thereof, is paid to the an offer to purchase by the purchaser until expiration of employee. the offer. The length of the offer period varies widely throughout the relocation industry.

Exclusion Clause--A provision placed in a listing agreement in which the broker acknowledges that he/she will earn no commission if the employee sells the home to the purchaser. It should be inserted into every listing agreement involving a relocating employee.

Offer to Purchase--A contract of sale extended to an employee by the purchaser to buy employee's property. The amount is computed according to the corporation's relocation policies or program relying upon the use of the relocation appraisal process.

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Glossary of Relocation Terms (cont.) Program Service Fees--Fees charged to the corporation also taxable, may pay for all or part of the additional taxes by the third party company or the in-house program for having provided services such as appraised value, amended value and assigned sales transactions. Program service fee structures vary with individually negotiated contracts. Examples may include appraisal service fees, management fees, performance and target fees and other incentives, cancellation fees, fixed buy-out fees, initiation fees, special transaction fees and flat dollar fees.

incurred. Also known as "gross-up."

Transferee--Any person working for a corporation who is relocating and is eligible to participate in the provisions of the corporation's relocation policy.

Recurring Carrying Costs--Frequently recurring costs of holding a property in inventory. Examples include insurance, utilities, mortgage interest, condominium dues, taxes and homeowner association dues. All recurring costs to holding and operating a property during the inventory or marketing period should be charged to this category.

Relocation Appraisal--The process by which the most probable sales price of a residential housing unit, using the market data approach to value, is established. Also, the form by which the most probable sales price is reported. The purpose of this appraisal is to establish the most probable sales price for a relocated employee's primary residence, assuming arm's length transaction. Resale--The selling and closing of an inventory property.

Tax Assistance--A payment by a corporation to an employee in recognition of the fact that many of the payments associated with relocation are considered income to the employee and thus are taxable. This payment, which is

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My Personal Mission Statement My priorities in life are my God, my family and my church. My business supports and reflects my commitment to these priorities. • I will only tell a client the truth, not what they want to hear. • I will provide the most caring and professional service possible for every client I represent. • I will only enter into client relationships where I know we are mutually respectful of each other's expertise. • I will never enter into an agreement with a buyer or a seller client who is unrealistic in regards to proper pricing. • When hired to sell a clients home, I will always make recommendations that will assist the client in realizing a greater return or a more rapid sale. • When hired as a Buyer's Agent to help a client buy a home, I will always make recommendations that will result in the Buyer client gaining the greatest value for their investment. • I acknowledge that I may periodically lose business because I am truthful with my clients and that my competitors may tell them what they want to hear to gain their favor. • I will never lose sight that my honesty, loyalty, understanding accountability and creativity are what make me so very different from the real estate masses. • I will always strive for excellence through continuing education so that I may better serve my clients. • I will always treat all parties honestly and fairly and will always disclose to my clients all facts that might affect or influence their decisions. • My services will always be made available to the public, and I will always comply with federal fair housing laws. • I will utilize a well trained staff to assist me in the complex process of buying or selling a home.

I share this with you because I believe it is important for you to know how I feel about my business ethics, the real estate industry and how I feel about representing you in your real estate transactions. Thank you for this opportunity. Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Why Buy? Most people buy homes to have control over where they live. Although investment

Pride in Owning:

features are important, the psychological reasons for buying—the satisfaction of owning and freedom from paying rent—are at least as important.


a survey done by the National Association of REALTORS® of 6,000 homeowners and 2,000 renters—perhaps the largest ever of attitudes toward home ownership—showed that 76% of owners and 66% of renters considered pride of ownership an—important reason for buying.

Dislike Paying Rent:

Almost equal portions of owners and renters—close to 7 in 10—said a dislike of paying rent was an important reason to buy. Renting offers a lifestyle that’s nearly maintenance-free. That may appeal to you, but consider that renting offers you no equity, no tax benefit, and no protection against regular rent increases. Writing a rent check is just like watching your hard earned money sail away!

Settling Down:

More than 6 in 10 renters said “settling down” was an important reason to buy.

Good Investment:

76% of owners and 69% of renters said the investment aspect of ownership was important.


Tax Advantages:

taxes and qualified home interests are deductible on Schedule A, for itemized deduction.

Long-term Appreciation: People consider home ownership a good investment because they view it as a longterm venture. Historically, home prices have risen at relatively steady rates. Existing home prices rose an average of 4% per year between 1980 and 1992.

Leverage Investment:

People borrow a great deal to buy a home, yet they receive the full benefits of price appreciation. In the long run, investments in homes far outpace inflation.

Source of Savings:

Home ownership always has and continues to comprise the single largest source of savings for American households. Homeowners build equity and can borrow against it.

Sacrifices Are Worth It: Almost

7 in 10 renters in the National Association of REALTORS® home ownership survey said they planned to buy a home in the future. More than threequarters of these people said they were willing to sacrifice to do that. Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


The Real Cost of Renting Based on a 6% Rental Increase Each Year, If You Now Pay ... $300 $350 $400 $450 $500 $600 $700 per month per month per month per month per month per month per month for rent

for rent

for rent

for rent

for rent

for rent

for rent






















This year








Next year








3rd year








4th year








5th year








6th year








7th year








8th year








9th year








10th year
















You will pay and pay and pay! Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Before We Begin the Home Search Process ... Some things we need to do: ♦ Review your financial position to determine the price most suited to your ability to pay and comfort level. Pre-qualifying will help you in the following ways: 1.

Interest rates are usually locked in for a set period of time. You will know in advance exactly what your payments will be on offers you choose to make.


You won’t waste time considering homes you cannot afford.


You can select the best loan package without being under pressure.


Seller may choose to make concessions if they know that your financing is secured, and this may make your offer more competitive.

♦ Estimate purchase costs and explain them in detail. ♦ Explain financing alternatives to help you select the one best suited for you. ♦ Discuss home styles, availability, location, schools and any specific features that you desire. ♦ Explain the Offer to Purchase Agreement in detail, as well as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). ♦ Prepare a market report, pricing recommendations and an estimate of equity from the sale of your present home, if applicable.

♦ Provide you with information on all properties currently for sale, including new and pre-owned homes, single family homes and condominiums.

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Home Buyer’s Wish List Name__________________________


Last Name First NamesAddress_________________________________________________________________ City____________________________State_________Zip Telephone (Hm)__________________(Wk) How many in household?___________Childrens’ Ages Community Requirements These are communities I’m interested in learning more about:

For the Following Rank Importance: 4=Must Have 3=Important 2=Desirable 1=Not Important Community Services Child care services available





HOA/park district facilities










High-quality healthcare





Close to present or future jobs





Near grocery and other stores





Parks/play areas





Easy freeway access





Relatives/friends in the neighborhood





Children for your kids to play with





Active community groups







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Home Buyer’s Wish List Rate these rooms and features according to how important they are to you, then add your comments about special requirements you have or features you’d like: For the Following Rank Importance: 4=Must Have 3=Important 2=Desirable 1=Not Important INDOOR Living Room

( )

Dining Room

( )

Family Room

( )


( )

Master Bedroom

( )

Extra Bedrooms

( )


( )


( )

Comments: OUTDOOR Garage Patio or Deck Size of yard Landscaping Play area Comments:

( ( ( ( (

) ) ) ) )

PERSONAL TASTE/SPECIAL NEEDS Requirements for children: Requirements for pets: Requirements for a home office: Other features that are important: Specific features that you will NOT accept: How quickly do you want/need to move? Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Confidential Counseling A personal consultation will help Pete Doty & Company find you the type of home that meets your needs. We will also discuss your financial situation with you in order to determine the price range that will be suitable, if you have not already been pre-qualified. It is important for us or your lender to know: 1) How much of your savings you intend to use toward down payment and closing costs. 2) Your annual gross income (before taxes). 3) The length of time with your current employer and previous employers, for the past 2 years. 4) Your monthly payments on long term debts (such as a car payment) and credit card balances. 5) Child care expenses and/or alimony, if any. 6) Whether or not there have been any bankruptcy or credit problems. The information which you provide will be held in strict confidence.

Pre-Qualifying and Lender Requirements Over the years we have found most folks KNOW what they want to spend for their new home. We have also found that most sellers want to have a “lender letter” stating the buyer’s ability to qualify before considering any offer from any buyer. This way you are more of a “Cash Buyer” in the Seller’s eyes, an important part of negotiations. While we are familiar with the lender’s requirements and can certainly be able to determine your price range and your ability to qualify for a loan, most folks want to keep this information only in their lender’s possession. However we can calculate approximately how much closing costs and prepaid items will be on any given contract. We recommend that you contact one of our preferred lenders on-line, before you ever come to town for your house hunting trip. We recommend you do a full LOAN APPLICATION with the local lender of your choice.

Financing Options Depending upon the price of the home and/or the amount of your down payment, there may be several options that fit your needs. They include VA (for military veterans only) which allows 100% financing of the purchase, FHA (Federal Housing Administration) which allows purchase with as little as 3% down and CONVENTIONAL, generally the best option when putting down 20%. In addition to these traditional methods, there are a variety of other creative financing options including Owner Financing, First Time Home Buyer Programs, Loan Assumptions, and Lease Purchase. ALL of our preferred lenders are well versed in these programs.

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In summary Here are 6 great reason to talk with a preferred lender first! You appear to be cash to the seller.

Short of the property being appraised, you have had all of

the background work complete, and aren’t trying to do things at the last minute with the lender, and possibly lose the home that you love, because you aren’t ready.

You will know in advance what your payments will be.

You won’t waste time considering homes you cannot afford.

You can select the best loan package without being under pressure. There are

many options to

choose from in today’s market.

Sellers may find your offer to purchase more favorable if they know in advance of your ability to secure financing. This may make your offer more competitive if you are in competition with other offers.

Peace of mind.

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List of Lender Documents Required Employment •Addresses for two full years •Gross monthly income •W-2’s, if available •Proof of pensions, retirement, disability or Social Security •Proof of income from rentals, investments, etc. •Year to date pay stub •If self-employed: Two years 1040 Tax Returns Current year profit and loss statement

Creditors •Each creditor’s name, address and type of account •Account numbers •Monthly payments and approximate balances •Amount of child care expenses

Banking •Names and addresses of saving institutions •Account numbers for all accounts •Type of accounts and present balances

Miscellaneous •List of assets in stocks, bonds, land •Life insurance cash value (documented if used as cash down payment) •If applicant is selling a home, a copy of sales contracts •Social Security numbers for all parties •Veterans—Certificate of Eligibility & DD-214 •Cash or check to pay for application fee

Your Real Estate Agent for your new home will need: •Copy of sales agreement on current home or if not available •Copy of listing on current property •Instructions on how appraiser is to gain entrance

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Two Questions... We are almost always asked are about: Homeowner’s (Hazard) Insurance A Homeowner’s Insurance Policy (or a Binder), also referred to as Hazard Insurance, will be required to be brought to and paid for at closing. This is true in absolutely all cases when financing of any type is involved. Even if you are paying cash for the home, and no one is requiring the insurance, it would be foolish not to protect your investment with Hazard Insurance. There are many variables to consider in choosing which insurer and which policy best meets your individual needs and preferences. These variables should be carefully discussed with your insurance agent before purchasing the policy. As to costs, a 20 year old 2500 square foot home in Highlands Ranch with a value around $350k has an annual premium of $1,400.00.

Property Taxes The property tax calculation is extremely complex based upon assessed values and the mil levies established by the various taxing districts. There are many variables involved however a fair generality would be approximately $1.00 per above ground square foot of space or about $2,500.00 per year for the same house noted above. Others will suggest a tax rate between .8% to 1.4% of the sales price per year.

The key factor

in determining the tax rate tends to be the financial history of the metropolitan district involved. We can inform you of which ones might be more costly than others.

Thank you so very much for your professional and caring attention in helping us acquire our new home! Sherri & Michael

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Understanding Closing Costs Application Fee:

Fee charged by lender to offset fixed costs related to mortgage loan processing such as appraisal, credit report, and underwriting.

Closing Fee:

The fee charged by the closing agent who prepares the closing documents and closes the loan on behalf of the lender.



mortgage amount.

This is often called an origination fee and is generally computed at 1% of the

Discount Points:

Each point is equal to 1% of the mortgage amount. Points are used by the lender to adjust the yield on the mortgage when it is sold to an investor. By paying more points, the borrower can obtain a lower mortgage interest rate.

Funding Fees:

Normally applicable on VA loans only, equal to 1% of the loan amount. The fee is due at closing or may be added to the loan amount and financed.

Homeowner’s Insurance:

One year premium is due in advance at time of closing.

Mortgage Insurance:

Insurance required by the lender when the down payment is less than 20%. In the case of loan default, this insurance reduces the lender’s loss.


Adjustment to escrow accounts from the date of closing to the date of the first payment. Interest is paid through the end of the month of closing, taxes are paid through the end of the month of closing plus the following month. Two months of PMI (Principle Mortgage and Interest) are collected. Two months of homeowner’s insurance may be collected. A homeowner’s insurance policy must be provided along with a receipt showing that the first year’s premium is paid.


Fee: Fees charged by the escrow processor, either working for the escrow company, title company, or real estate company, for administrative escrow services performed from the point of contract through closing.

Recording Fees: public record.

Fees charged by state or municipal entities for entering the closing documents into the

Survey Fee:

Is usually required and is used by the lender to check for encroachments from within or from outside the subject property.



Provides protection for lenders and homeowners against financial loss resulting from legal defects in the title.

Underwriting lender.


Usually included in the application fee. However, practices vary from lender to

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Home Warranties If the seller does not provide a home warranty policy, the buyer may purchase one at the time the contract is accepted: Pete Doty & Company can facilitate your purchase of a Blue Ribbon Home Warranty.

Why Blue Ribbon Home Warranty is so important to your peace of mind: If you’re buying a home, your expenses only begin at closing. Most people have lots of renovations to make. Or furniture to buy. And so on. So the last thing you want is to have to spend additional money for repairs due to unexpected mechanical failures of certain working components in the home. With so much that could go wrong, the odds are against you.

Benefits when you’re the buyer: Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life. Why take chances? Be covered against the expense of an unexpected repair or replacement for a full year after closing, less standard deductible. Think about it. No matter how closely you inspect a home before you buy, you just can’t predict certain things. Like breakdowns from normal wear and tear, or the possibility of mechanical failure during the first year of ownership. Things like internal plumbing, electrical wiring, or vital parts of the air conditioning and heating systems. Working components such as the washer, dryer, oven, refrigerator, and other items. Only a good home warranty program can give you the protection you need.

Coverage by one of the largest providers of home protection plans: When the major systems and appliances in your home are protected by Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, both buyer and seller can relax because the Blue Ribbon Home Warranty protection is solid and reliable. Giving you the peace of mind you can count on for your new home.

Toll-free, 24-hour claim service: What could be easier when something goes wrong than making a single, toll-free phone call? Well, when your home is protected by Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Program, that’s how easy it is—24 hours a day, seven days a week. As soon as Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, Inc. receives your call, the claim is entered into their state-of-the-art computer system. They’ll notify a contractor in your area who contacts you for an appointment. When the contractor arrives at your home, he/she will verify the claim, prepare a repair or replacement estimate and call their claims department. He/she is then authorized to complete the necessary repairs or replacement on covered items.

If you expect this coverage, please ask us for it. We do not naturally include it in each contract, nor is it always offered by each seller. Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Viewing Homes Loved the website/email. It

Today we find that

most folks like viewing homes on-line before actually viswas an invaluable tool that iting them in person. This can save a tremendous amount of time for you as it will helped make our home buying eliminate the homes that “just don’t feel right”. Make sure to put our programs to process run smoothly– being work so that they can help you select that perfect home. If you need help out-of-state for so long during make sure to let us know! We are happy to help.

our home buying. The Ver Woert’s

After your initial

counselling appointment, Pete Doty & Company will have a good idea of your wants, needs, price range, and location and will enter your requirements into our home search software which will then access the multiple listing service total inventory to create a list of those that fit your profile. From the many listings in its inventory, the program will generate a list of homes tailored just for you. And automatically send it to you Pete Doty & Company will make arrangements to show you those that seem to meet your desires.

As you walk

through the homes, feel free to open the cabinets and closets. Most often the sellers will be absent, but should they be present, they will understand your need to examine the home carefully. When a home appeals to you, make notes. It is easy to forget details. Often there will be a brochure available for you to take along to help you recall the home as you review your tour, and whenever possible, Pete Doty & Company will have given you a copy of the MLS information on homes you are viewing. If you see one you like allot, FLUSH the toilets, just to tell us you like it.

Don’t be surprised if the first home you see is the perfect one for you, and don’t be discouraged if none of those you visit the first day are what you want. We are committed to finding the one that you will want to call ‘home’ and will work diligently until you find it. Usually, we will be able to find the home of your dreams rather quickly and will find 3-5 homes that best fit the desires you expressed.

Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Through the Process... We will: Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs. Keep you informed on a regular basis. Check the MLS data base and with other brokers daily for new listings that meet your criteria.

Prepare an itinerary and “tour” map on which all homes meeting your criteria have been located.

Keep you up to date on changing financial conditions that may affect the housing



Be available to answer your questions or to offer assistance regarding your home purchase.

Discuss market trends and values relative to properties which may be of interest to you.

Assist you with homes offered by “For Sale By Owner.” A homeowner trying to

sell their home themselves is usually doing so in hopes of saving the commission. Coincidentally, this is the reason a buyer wants to deal directly with a homeowner. Many times a homeowner will work with an agent, even though his home is not listed, if the agent introduces the buyer to the property. If you should see a FSBO and want the advantages of our services, please let us contact the owner and set the appointment.

Show you new homes as well as pre-owned homes if you desire.

As members of the Multiple Listing Service, we can show you any property. If you should see an ad in the paper or a sign in a yard, call us to find out the information. If you want to see it, we would be happy to show it to you!

Introduce you to local builders to discuss building your next home. We can work

with most builders and can get all the information you need to make any decision, but we will need to accompany you to the property on the initial visit. By letting us help you with builders, you get all the services offered in this presentation and those offered by the builder as well. You’ll get more, but you won’t pay more for it.

Answer your questions about the neighborhood, sales prices, comparable, property taxes as well as your other concerns as fully as we can and are able. If we do not know the answer we will direct you to someone who does.

Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


The offer, and contracts Once an offer is made and accepted it becomes a contract in the state of Colorado. Typically this is done on a pre-approved form that licensed Colorado Real Estate Brokers can complete. Copies of these forms are at the back of this hand book.

In negotiating the purchase of your new home, the initial step will be to make an offer to purchase. This offer

should be in writing and accompanied by an earnest money check to show good faith. The offer will include: 1. The amount you are willing to pay 2. Financing terms 3. Any personal property specifically included 4. Loan commitment date 5. Closing and occupancy date 6. Other contingencies, including inspections

The offer will be written on a standard State of Colorado contract form. If the initial offer is not accepted by the seller, further negotiations generally reach terms agreeable to both buyer and seller. When buyer and seller agree on terms, the buyer immediately applies for financing and arranges for inspections. Pete Doty & Company will assist you in arranging these processes. Earnest Money Deposit At the time a written offer on a property is initiated, you will be required to make a deposit in the form of a personal check or cashier’s check. The amount deposited will be kept in the trust fund account of Pete Doty & Company and will not be turned over to the seller. This money represents your sincerity in the attempt to purchase and is fully refundable if the offer is not accepted, if your loan is not approved or if some other condition of the contract is not met by the seller. You should anticipate a minimum of $1,000 for homes under $100,000. In homes over this price range, expect to deposit one to five percent of the purchase price. The check will be made out to the Listing Company’s Escrow account or their Title Company’s Escrow account. This earnest money will be credited to you at closing as part of your down payment and/or closing costs. Title Insurance When property is sold or refinanced, the lender and/or Buyer needs a preliminary title report to see exactly what liens and encumbrances are against the property. Items that a preliminary title report show include: 1. Easements of record 2. Restrictions, covenants and conditions 3. Liens and/or judgements 4. Exact vested owner of record 5. Legal description When the sale of the subject property is final and the title company has recorded the necessary documents, they then will issue a policy of title insurance to the new lender and the buyer showing clear title to the property. Copyright© Pete Doty & Company, Inc. 2006-2007


Then Inspections Next comes the inspection, the formal loan application, hazard insurance, appraisal, surveys, title review and other items all addressed in the contract. Should you have any questions regarding any of these items, make sure to ask us. We should have the answer for you, and if not, will know where to get it.

It’s easy to make sure the home you’ve chosen is a smart buy. By having a home inspection, the home’s vital systems are checked. A home inspection allows you to purchase your home with confidence. Pete Doty & Company will help you set one up after you have chosen the home you like. Pete Doty & Company recommends the following minimum standards when choosing an inspector: 1.

Membership in ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and adherence to its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.


Written report at the time of inspection.

Items on your inspection report will include: FOUNDATIONS, BASEMENTS, AND STRUCTURES Basement floor and walls, proper drainage and ventilation, evidence of water seepage. EXTERIOR SIDING, WINDOWS, DOORS Exterior walls, windows, and doors; porches, decks, and balconies; garage. ROOF Roof type and material, condition of gutters and downspouts. INTERIOR PLUMBING SYSTEM Hot and cold water system; the waste system and sewage disposal; water pressure and flow; and hot water equipment. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Type of service, the number of circuits, type of protection, outlet grounding, and the load balance. CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM Energy source, type of cooling equipment, capacity, and distribution. INTERIOR WALLS, CEILINGS, FLOORS, WINDOWS AND DOORS Walls, floors, ceilings, stairways, cabinets, and countertops. ATTIC Structural, insulation, and ventilation information. FIREPLACE Notes about the chimney, damper, and masonry. GARAGE Doors, walls, floor, opener. APPLIANCES Includes a wide range of built-in and other home appliances, smoke detectors, and television/cable hookups. LOT AND LANDSCAPING Ground slope away from foundation, condition of walks, steps, and driveway.

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Moving Checklist ... For Long Distance Moves! PLAN AHEAD BY: Deciding what to move and what not to move. Possibly plan a garage sale! Getting estimates from several moving companies or truck rental companies, depending on how you plan to make the move. Planning your travel itinerary and making transportation and lodging reservations in advance. (Leave a copy with a friend or relative.) Transferring your bank accounts. They will be happy to open your accounts by mail. Contacting your local credit bureau to find out if they are on the same system your new home town subscribes to; if not, they will be able to transfer your credit file. Requesting records from doctors and dentists, including eye glass prescriptions, dental x-rays and vaccinations. Obtaining your childrens’ school records to make for an easier transfer. Drawing up a floor plan of where your furniture should be placed. This will help avoid confusion for you and your movers. Paying existing bills and closing out local charge accounts. Recording expenses incurred during your house-hunting trips. You will also want to save your moving expense receipts (if the move is employment-related) for tax deductions.

For Local Moves! PLAN AHEAD BY: Deciding what to move and what not to move. Possibly plan a garage sale (extra cash & less to move). Getting estimates from several moving companies, or truck rental companies if you’re moving yourself. Be sure to obtain a hand truck (appliance dolly) if you’re moving yourself. Arranging transfer of children’s school records if applicable. Drawing up a floor plan of where your furniture should be placed to avoid confusion for you and/or your movers. Arranging any special movers, such as for an expensive piano, or such as is necessary to break down and move a pool table or above-ground swimming pool.

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The offer, and contracts All offers and ultimately, contracts, are drafted by licensed real estate brokers on a Colorado Real Estate Commission approved forms. While there are a great variety of forms available, these are by far the most commonly used. Others and their various forms are available through us, or the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

Colorado Real Estate Commission Approved forms Page 57: Definitions of Real Estate Relationships Page 58: Residential Purchase Contract Page 72: Short Sale Addendum Page 78: Buyer Agency Contract

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Denver Relocation guide by Pete Doty  
Denver Relocation guide by Pete Doty  

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