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College Mission ď Ž

Gloucester County College is a center for learning that strives for academic excellence, supports the economic development of the community, and seeks to enhance the community’s quality of life. Through affordable, accessible programs and services, the college promotes intellectual and cultural enrichment, individual achievement, and professional development. The college promotes a respectful and welcoming environment and commits to being responsive and proactive to the needs of students, staff, and community.


1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2007

COACHING STAFF Head Coach – Pete Di Pol Paulsboro High School Gloucester County Police Academy Graduate B.A – History –Rutgers University M.A – Human Relations / Counseling – Liberty University Ed.S – Advanced Degree – Liberty University Doctorate Education – Currently Pursuing 

DiPol - Wrestling        

2x District Champion Region 8 Champion MVW Region 8 Tournament / MVW 1994 Paulsboro Wrestling Team 7th/8th State Place Winner South Jersey All-Star Wrestling Team Member 2x Captain of the Wrestling Team Freestyle All-American 1995 Member of GCC’s first National Championship Team – 1996

DiPol - Coaching  

   

5x Coach of the Year 36 District Champions, 8 Region Champions, 11 State Place Winners, 3 State Finalists, 1 State Champion and 1 Beast of the East Champion. 3 Team State Titles, 5 District Titles, 5 Conference Titles 2 Courier Post Cups #1 Team in South Jersey 2 Nationally Ranked Teams in 06 and 07 225 Career wins

Frank Gayeski – Head Assistant High School -wrestled at Delsea Regional High School  -Region Champ  -All-South Jersey Selection  -Fargo Cadet and FILA Cadet All-American  -over 100 wins in high school career College  -Wrestled at Division I Liberty and Lehigh University  -National Qualifier  -Ranked in top 20  -Team Captain  -2X placer at Southern Scuffle (8th and 4th)

Jason Bilinski              

Delsea High School Graduate 2x District Champion 2x Region Champion 7th/8th N.J. States 100 Career High School Wins Captain Gloucester County College Wrestling Team NJCAA Eastern District Champion Two time NJCAA national qualifier (Academic All American 2003/ 2004) #1 Ranked NJCAA wrestler in the country 157 lbs. Member of the 2006 NAIA National Champions Captain of the Dana College Wrestling team/Coaches Award at Dana College 100 Career Wins - College 2X NAIA All American South Jersey Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association College Wrestler of the Year

Zach Stosius  

Lock Haven Graduate Member of Lock Haven Wrestling Team 2006-2009 – Varsity Starter – Sophomore Year Gloucester City Volunteer Coach

R.J. Mazzatta – Volunteer Coach   

B.A. and M.B.A – Campbell University Assistant Wrestling Coach – Campbell University Member of Campbell University Wrestling Team – Athletic Scholarship


Along with achieving the highest level of wrestling success we intend to develop leaders with a heart to impact the culture in which they live. The sport of wrestling will serve as our platform in developing men who will have a profound impact on our society in the future.


Gloucester County College Wrestling is headed for greatness. It is the overriding objective of the coaching staff to guide and mentor our student athletes as they navigate their way through College and into their adult lives both on and off the mat.


It is the goal of Gloucester County College Wrestling to produce CHAMPIONS on and off the mat. To achieve a high level of success in any endeavor is to be totally committed to excellence.

Values    

The pursuit of excellence Integrity Accountability The development of the total person

Public Perception ď Ž

The public perception of Gloucester County College Wrestling should be one of great pride. The public will think and see a program that gives back to the community and carries itself with class. A program with a great tradition on the mats and more importantly a tradition of building winners in the classroom and men in society!

Community ď Ž

The G.C.C. Wrestling program believes that it is only as strong as the community that supports it. The people of Gloucester County have been very supportive in a variety of ways to our wrestlers and the program. This is why it is so great that the wrestlers of G.C.C. have the privilege and opportunity to represent the people of Gloucester County on the mats as well as in and out of the community. Our wrestlers take great pride in the county of Gloucester and all it represents. A truly great community with outstanding and hard working people.

ď Ž

The Gloucester County College Wrestling program prides itself by giving back to the community. We DO NOT focus solely on winning, but instead the overall individual student-athlete.

Community         

5 Hours of Community Service Examples – work with a youth program Autism Walk - In order to join the GCC Roadrunners team as part of the Autism Walk you need to follow these steps: 1. Visit the Gloucester County Autism Walk Website 2. Click the link on the left hand side for "Participant Registration" 3. Select the option "Join a Team" 4. Select "GCC Roadrunners" as the team you would like to join 5. You will then be prompted to enter your registration information and then you will be ready to start! October 1st – walk begins at 10 a.m. but must check in before then.

Social Network – Others Looking! ď Ž

Many college coaches looking at our program and our wrestlers will screen social network pages during the recruiting process to gain a better understanding as to who you are as a person as well as future employers.

Social Media Expectations ď Ž ď Ž

Appropriate use and dangers of social media What our wrestlers do on their own time has now become a reflection on our coaches, your families, your/our program and a public domain. Being part of our program comes great responsibility!

Social Media 

 

Student-athletes utilizing social media should understand that with this freedom comes responsibility. Participation as a student-athlete is privilege and not a right. Additionally, prospective employers, graduate schools, etc., are monitoring these sites. Additionally, children and young fans are increasingly gaining access to social networks. Be responsible. Some common sense questions to ask yourself prior to posting: Are comfortable with your information being viewed on the Jumbotron in Times Square? Is your content something a grandparent or eight year old child would be comfortable with?


Will not tolerate any type or degree of hazing. For the purposes of this policy, hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created as part of initiation to or continued association with a team, which produces or could be expected to produce mental or physical discomfort, harm, stress, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. This applies to behavior on and off college/athletic premises.

Academic and Athletic Excellence 

 

The Gloucester County College wrestling program is a prime example of Academic and Athletic Excellence and the philosophy of Pursuing Victory with Honor is the cornerstone to our success. It has been my belief that a student-athlete must: “Earn the Right to be on the Team” and they must “Earn the Right to Wrestle”. For a student-athlete to make the roster they must possess the core values of society and have the commitment and passion to be a champion. A student-athlete does not have the right to be on the team simply because they have talent and /or wants to be part of a winning program. This experience is certainly NOT an “entitlement” bestowed upon them but rather something very special earned through hard work and demonstrating dedication, desire and determination to be a success.

Pursuing Victory With Honor 

Competitive- a competitive person shows a strong desire to compete and succeed at all times in all arenas. A competitive person has a fighting disposition and drives to be the best and win. Character- a person with character thinks right and does right according to the core universal values that define the qualities of a good person: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Trustworthiness- Trustworthiness is being honest, telling the truth, keeping promises, and being loyal so people can trust you. Trustworthy people don’t lie, cheat or steal. They have integrity and the moral courage to do the right thing and stand up for their beliefs even when it’s hard to do. They do what is Right- not what is Popular! Respect- Respect is showing others that they are valued for who they are. For their character, not what they look like or what they have. It means treating others the way you want to be treated. Always respect yourself and conduct yourself with class and dignity.

Responsibility-Responsibility is doing what you are supposed to do. Responsible people think ahead, set reasonable goals, control their tempers and always try to do their best. They don’t give up, ever, especially when others are counting on them. They are accountable for the consequences of their choices: they don’t blame others for their mistakes. Fairness- Fairness is playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing and listening. Fair people do not take advantage of others, consider all sides before they decide and don’t blame others unjustly. Caring- Caring is being kind, helpful and generous to everyone. Caring people are not selfish: they are considerate and always think about how their conduct affects others. They have compassion and empathy: they care how others feel and they are charitable and forgiving. They do good deeds without the thought of reward. Citizenship- Citizenship is doing your share to help your family and make your community a better place. Good citizens are good neighbors. They cooperate with others, obey laws and rules, respect authority of parents, teachers, coaches and others, and they protect the environment.

Individual Assessment 

     

Each student–athlete with the desire to be considered for the team roster must successfully complete the Individual Assessment prior to stepping on the mat. The Assessment is a five tier evaluation consisting of: Character Evaluation Fitness Requirements Skill Technique Assessment Past Performance Team Needs Once the student-athlete successfully completes the Individual Assessment and is named to the Gloucester County College Wrestling Team Roster they must adhere to all rules of society, the college and wrestling team.

Academic Mentoring/Study Hall Weekly, one-on-one, sessions for all freshmen and new transfers and any returner who has struggled with maintaining good academic standing. It is recommended that all sophomores with less than a 3.0 GPA continue to meet with a mentor on a weekly basis. Tuesdays – 6pm-7pm

Study Hall ď Ž

Some students may only need to meet with a mentor every other week.

ď Ž

Students should come to each session prepared to discuss all graded assignments. They should also bring their notebooks, which should be checked regularly to confirm the student is attending class and taking effective notes.

Study Hall 

Incentives should be established for students to earn their way out of mentoring sessions based on the student’s GPA, class attendance, and commitment to academic success.

Students who fail to report to mentoring appointments should be held accountable as if they missed a team practice.

Tutoring   

LOCATION -Tutoring Services is located above the bookstore in LRC 601 & 602 HOURS Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday - Closed Saturday – Closed CONTACT - Phone: (856) 681-6250 E-mail:

Time Management   

5-P Principle: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance use a daily planner create a weekly log of how their hours are spent each week to include, sleeping, eating, classes, practices, studying, work, relaxation, etc. Most people are unaware of how they spend their time in a given week.

Class Attendance  

“Never miss, never fail,” is a strategy that is nearly 100% effective. All students should inform their instructors of days they might miss class for competition at the start of each semester

Class ď Ž

Students should also remind the instructor each time they are going to miss class for competition. This is often best accomplished by writing an instructor an email 3-5 days ahead of time so that there is documentation that the instructor was informed. Although students may miss class for competition, they are still responsible for all notes, assignments and tests they may miss. Making arrangements for makeup exams can be communicated in the email as well.

Random Checks ď Ž

We will be conducting random class checks on new and at-risk students in letting students and instructors know we are committed to you the student-athlete and your academic progress and that we are holding you accountable.

ď Ž

You will be held accountable for missing class as if you missed a team practice.

Academic Tutoring   We are here to help you develop skills and strategies that will assist you to become an independent, active learner and to achieve academic success. We offer tutoring six days a week to students on campus and online distance learners. Although, appointments are not necessary, they are strongly suggested. We also offer the Student Success Workshops, semester-end reviews and participate in learning events on campus. The Tutoring Services staff is trained and consists of retired professionals, adjuncts, graduate students and peer tutors



Virtuous  

 

Having or showing high moral standards Exhibiting courage and strength; valorous; valiant; brave. "Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.“ Excellent moral character "Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue."

Adaptability 

Able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions Able to change or be changed in order to deal successfully with new situations Adaptability or flexibility means being able to change as circumstances require it.



Training Rules   

 

NO PROFANITY NO COMPLAINING There are many other training rule problems and situations which can and will develop. Part of your education will be to allow you to make your own decisions involving your own discretion. If you need help or are in doubt, see a coach. LATENESS and EXCUSES will not be tolerated. Doctor and personal appointments will be made so as not to conflict with a scheduled practice session or meets. You are expected to be at practices everyday if injured. Injuries can often be helped with treatment or limited action. The Head Coach Will Give The Final Approval On All Absences. Missing practice could be detrimental to your status as a member of our team. If practice is missed you should have a doctor’s note or have spoken to a coach personally to inform them of the reason.


Priorities When Training ď Ž

ď Ž

The use of alcohol and drugs will hinder your chances of becoming a national champ. Know what and when you can do when socializing in terms of not detracting from becoming a national champ. DRUGS, ALCOHOL, and late hours DETRACT! I will not tolerate drugs. If you have a problem, quit; before it is a real problem

Here for the following   

1. to get a good education and to graduate 2. to become a national champ 3. to enjoy the goods of college life


E-Z Texting Facebook Twitter Newsletter Phone calls Team Meetings

Team Procedures 

LOCKER ROOM USAGE: The locker room will be kept clean at all times. Throw your trash away and pick up your clothes. Do not leave used workout gear in your locker, take it home and get it washed. WEIGHT CHECK: You must weigh in before and after practice. Do not weigh in unless a Captain or Coach is present to verify your weight.

Team Procedures ď Ž

Entering The Wrestling Room: Whatever difficulties you may be experiencing during the day must be left outside of the wrestling room. You need to be focused on getting better and preparing for your opponent. LATENESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! You should be on the mat ready to go at least 15 minutes before the start of practice.

Team Procedures ď Ž

Warm – Up: The warm-up will be conducted by the coaches and the captains. This is not social hour, meaning you are not talking about what you did the night before or what you will be doing tonight. You will stretch the appropriate way to prevent injuries during our workouts. It is time to get prepared for the start of practice.

Team Procedures 

Wrestling Room: This is your room, keep it clean. Your wrestling gear should not be left there or in the hallway after practice. Skin ailments: It is vital that you inform a coach immediately if you notice any unusual marks on your skin. It needs to be dealt with quickly to ensure that it is not serious or contagious. This is vital so that if it is contagious that it is properly treated so it does not spread and infect other members of the team. Many other important aspects in regards to our wrestling program will arise. It is important to be aware of them when the coaching staff brings them to your attention. Any questions or concerns should be directed to a member of our coaching staff.

Team Procedures 

 

PRACTICE: If you need to use the bathroom or get a drink you need permission from a coach. Running shoes and a sweat shirt are required for every practice. When in a 4 man group you are not to miss your shot. A COACH IS SPEAKING: When a coach is speaking you are listening. DISCIPLINE: This will be held at the end of practice for wrestlers who need extra discipline. This is a way of dealing with some disciplinary problems.

PRACTICE       

Interval Training Technique Mental Preparation Weight Lifting Nutrition Conditioning Motivation


The first requirement for a Ranking Bout is to be in good standing on the team. If this is met, then a challenge chart will be set up prior to our weekly meets. The coach will have the final say as to who can wrestle and if this Ranking Bout is in the best interest of the team at that time. The Ranking Bout is primarily for the coaches evaluation and is not the final deciding factor for earning a team position.

TRAVELING  Professional

Appearance  Shirt with a collar, tie, dress pants and shoes. Baseball hats and earrings will not be acceptable.

Captains      

Leaders Role Models Academics Team Vote / Coaches Vote Community Involvement Strong work ethic


  

Facebook Twitter -!/GCCWRESTLING Sign up for our Wrestling Newsletter Ez-Texting -

Yoga 

 

The self knowledge, breath and body awareness, and attention focus that is central to the practice of yoga may serve them all their lives. Can help to enhance academic performance 1 hour class

YOGA - Benefits ď Ž

ď Ž

mental preparation based on yoga techniques and yoga's wholistic approach to movement can significantly increase athletic ability. yoga poses that will be taught will increase not only flexibility, strength, and stamina, but also compensate for muscular imbalances that can affect athletic performance.

President – Fred Keating

Judith Atkinson, Vice President

Dominick J. Burzichelli, Vice President, College Operations

John Henzy, Provost and Vice President, Academic Services

Athletic Director – Ron Case  

Ron Case Athletic Director Dean, Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation Phone: 856-415-2257 E-mail:

Assistant Athletic Director 

Brian Rowan Assistant Director of Athletics Phone: 856-415-2263 E-mail:

Academic Advisor 

George Rey Student-Athlete Academic Advisor, Phone: 856-415-2221 E-mail: To make an appointment with Mr. Rey contact the Hub by calling (856) 415- 2197 (option 1), or stopping by the Hub in the Student Services Building. You will need your Student ID with you to schedule an appointment.

Athletics Department : Fitness Center 

 

Lynn Kindrachuk Administrator, Fitness/Wellness Center Fitness Center Phone: 856468-5000 ext. 6422 Office Phone: 856-468-5000 ext. 6339 E-mail: Please contact Lynn Kindrachuck if you have questions about the Fitness Center or would like to request assistance.

Athletic Training –  

Ellise Spaulding Head Athletic Trainer Phone: 856-468-5000 ex. 6442 E-mail: See a coach before seeing the Trainer unless an absolute emergency!

Special Services ď Ž

The Department of Special Services provides academic support to GCC students who have documented disabilities. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. The Department of Special Services ensures GCC students receive appropriate accommodations which allow for academic success. Any questions regarding Section 504 or the ADA can be answered by Dennis Cook, Director of Special Services, 856415-2281, e-mail - .

HYGENE         

What are the proper hygienic principles for wrestling? Answer – a. Shower immediately after every practice and match. b Wash practice clothing and knee pads after every practice. a. Refrain from cosmetic shaving, i.e. chest, arms, legs, or pubic regions. b. Wash using liquid soap dispensers, not bar soap. Use own personal hygiene products and don’t share. c. Use own towels and shower before using whirlpool. d. Cleaned all wrestling mats before every practice and competitions. e. Consider multiple cleanings during tournament competition.

HYDRATION TESTING Dates – September 23, 26, and 28th –  4 p.m. Hydration Suggestions 

       

Two Days Prior to Certification • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Wrestlers should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. • Increase intake of foods high in fiber – this will help with the removal of excess weight from the body. (Salads, cereal, vegetables, and fruits are examples of foods high in fiber). • Eat smaller, more frequent meals. • Avoid foods high in fat (fried foods, meat, French fries, and pizza). • Avoid salty foods (potato chips, pretzels, tuna, crackers, soft drinks). • Be sure you eat and drink – don’t dehydrate.


     

One Day before Testing • Continue drinking fluids. Urine should be clear if you are fully hydrated. • Continue eating fibrous foods and snacks. • Avoid caffeinated drinks – coffee, tea, soda, etc. • Avoid any vitamins or mineral supplements. Day of Testing • Do not avoid elimination (urinating) prior to arriving at the testing site. • Avoid caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc.). • Avoid any vitamin or mineral supplements prior to testing. • Drink about 16-20 ounces of water prior to testing. • Do not eat two (2) hours prior to testing.

DIET TIPS           

Eat light pm meals. Eat slowly. Eat one helping. • Decrease intake of calories but no less that 1500 calories. • Eat low calorie snacks – carrots, celery, lettuce, plain popcorn. • Eat low calorie desserts or no desserts. • Keep a daily diary of everything you eat and analyze caloric intake so as to substitute low calorie items. • Avoid fast foods, which have a high fat content. • Cut out butter, margarine sauces, gravy and dressing. • Do not fry foods. Grill, bake, boil, or broil. • Avoid caffeine. Avoid salt. • Avoid situations where you will eat to excess. • Restrict weight loss to no more than 1.5% of body weight per week.


 

1988 Greg Van Brill 1998 John Garriques 2001 Billy Gibbs 2002 James Rollins 2002 Brian Brittingham 2002 Nick Vinciguerra 2010 Dakota Moore 55 ALL-AMERICANS WILL YOU BE NEXT?


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