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CAROLINE PETERSEN 186 Stonegate Road Trout Valley, Illinois 60013 847-431-0231

Engine Brain The brain is the center of our nervous system. It is the most complex organ in our body and controls the movement of other organs. Similarly, an engine converts energy to move a car. The painting represents the human brain as a car engine. Underneath every unique face is a brain, directing our actions like efficient machines. Fall 2012 9.5� x 11�

Displayed at Anomoly Art Show , 2012

Tomato Illinois Institute of Technology: Experiment in Architecture Summer Program, 2012 5.5� x 8.5�

Cereal Box Logo Visual Art Inventions: Spring 2011 6” x 6”

Shifting Boxes The apartment building is made up of four shifting floors. Each shift creates ledges and overhangs that allow for diverse spaces to be made on the small urban site. The third level takes advantage of horizontal views over existing buildings. The angled front and back windows allow for new views on the site. Illinois Institute of Technology Experiment in Architecture Summer Program, 2012

Transparent Silhouette This image is a snap shot of Banksy, a British street artist, spraying a stencil in the middle of the night. Visual Art Inventions: Spring 2011 7� x 8�

Trigonal Trade Center Spring 2012 8.5”x 12”

Photosynthesis This is a microscopic image of plant cells during photosynthesis. Art and Identity: Spring 2012 3.5� x 6�

View through glass of past in front of current city

Bus Stop Time Warp The bus stop, located in Cary Illinois, allows users to see an image of the past, engage with the present, and imagine new futures of the city. The bus stop is designed to be interactive and encourage strangers to converse with each other while they wait for their bus to arrive. Informing users through different types of interaction will create a more connected and stronger community. Design Assignment II, Michigan Portfolio

Past An image of what the city looked like years ago is applied to the two glass panels. When a person looks at the historical image they can compare it to the current state of that image by looking at what lies beyond the glass.

Present Users can start to interact with people at different bus stops by playing games against each other on the interactive screen. Also, the screen projects information about the weather forecast and tracks the current location of any bus in the city.

Future The podium allows citizens to freely voice their hopes and opinions for the future. It will get people talking to each other about topics that are important to community members.

Overlapping Space Visual Art Inventions: Spring 2011 3.5” x 6”

Faces in a Crowd Every person has distinctive characteristics. The environment a person occupies may enphasize or understate these unique features. When faces are looked at in a crowd, interpersonal relationships are formed on different levels of intimacy. Art and Identity: Spring 2012 15� x 15� Displayed at The Road Art Show, 2012

Hand Drafting Drafting I, Spring 2013

Between the Lines Art and Identity: Spring 2012 9” x 12”

Boundaries of my Home Upper Level

I live in a ranch style house, which has a strong seperation between the upstairs and the downstairs. This further represents a division between my parents who stay upstairs, and my siblings and I who spend most of our time downstairs. Every person in my family occupies a very specific area within that level, but there are also spaces where we coexist. My dog, Holly breaks all personal and physical barriers in the house. Design Assignment I, Michigan Portfolio

Lower Level

My dog occupies both levels of our home equally. She spends time where ever she can get the most attention. My dog has a small dog door. She constantly runs inside and outside breaking the harsh seperation made during the winter.

Displayed at The Road Art Show, 2012

Positive vs. Negative Visual Art Inventions: Spring 2011 10” x 8”

Petersen Michigan Application Portfolio  
Petersen Michigan Application Portfolio