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Real Estate Items To Tend To Before You Buy There are also significantly less buyers during the same period, so while the competition is lower, so is the inventory. This year, competition for housing was especially fierce. With this in mind, remember that there is still competition, so there aren't any bargains now, but at least the average buyer has a fighting chance to buy a home. It's good because housing prices are down and interest rates are at record lows. If you are shopping for a home, shop for your buyer's agent first. Here, communication is key. Make sure you select a real estate agent that you feel you can communicate easily and openly with. If you feel that the communication between yourself and the real estate agent is strained in the initial interview, chances are the relationship will only go downhill from here. You need a real estate agent who can explain the ins and outs of real estate terms and laws to you, and this real estate agent also needs to be someone you feel comfortable asking a lot of questions. I find what is the most valuable asset a lender can provide is the truth. The truth about what they can qualify you for, the truth about what they will charge you, the truth about whether they can meet the deadlines of the sales agreement. The lender who tells you they have the lowest interest rate and can get you qualified in 24 hours but in the end cannot deliver is worthless. That lender hurts you because you risk losing the deal because of them. You also risk paying a premium for movers and other things that get put in jeopardy because they couldn't close on the day they said they could. Now it's time to really dig in with your real estate broker and see what's available in your price range with qualities that you are looking for in a home. Your real estate broker should be well versed in many areas and be able to guide you on things such as local schools, shopping and commute times. They should create a home search that incorporates other things like bedrooms, baths, garages and year built. Being too specific may shortchange your search, so be a bit flexible until you get a better idea of what your real estate market has to offer. Between the world wide web and your real estate broker, you can get quite overwhelmed with the amount of selections you have available to you. You can also become quite frustrated due to the fact that you have a lot of selections, and none of them seem to work for you. The home purchasing process is one of elimination, so you may be frustrated, but you're on the right track. So, now that you are buying a home, remember that before you hire an inspector to ask if they are licensed and what exactly will you be getting with the home inspection. Ask questions to see if your inspector is going to provide a written report that includes pictures of any items in need of repair. It's not about the money, it's the quality and knowledge of the services they provide. The inspector's job is to give you all the information about the home

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Real Estate Items To Tend To Before You Buy  

For that reason, it's good to have legal counsel...