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GAGA FOR CUPCAKES collection: deadstock We have a soft spot for cupcakes. So much so, that we made a dress inspired by them. Along the way we developed one for Lady Gaga too.

Available mini or above the knee, with 4 different kinds of icing colors: black, purple, yellow and of course, hot pink.

Tie as you will. I love a big bow on the shoulder - and a shot of fine bourbon.

Common thread - sweet things in small packages.

GIFT WRAPPED AND READY TO PARTY collection: deadstock We at The Hellers don’t believe you should ever restrict the practice of receiving and giving gifts. So we decided to give you a gift - every time you wear this dress! Best part: you can mix and match. The bow is available in yellow, purple, pink and black and the dress is available in royal purple and classic black. Oh, and just in case you want to give multiple gifts daily - like I do - you can switch the positioning of the belt. Front, back, side to side.

Be generous and wrap yourself up.

Give yourself to the world.

Gift wraped and ready to party.

double double – bow skirts and shrUgs collection: deadstock At The Hellers, we want everyone to feel like they are getting the most bang for their buck. You want to look great and unique? Uh, yes, that’s us. So, today we present you with our first double post. Two posts for the price of one. First, we have a double feature. Double double, animal style. I know you Californians feel me.

Next, we have the shrug. Play it up with ruffled sleeves and sparkles. It jazzes up any outfit AND it keeps you warm! WooWoo!

The Bow Skirt has the perfect cut AND it comes with a belt. The belt is handmade and specially produced for The Hellers. Sequined and beaded for your pleasure.

It’s so cool, we shot it twice in one exposure.

turtle power collection: deadstock I just arrived in New York today. Love it. Sun is shining, birds are singing and I’m getting down with some ramen.

So you need to be careful you don’t come down with some flu. Bundle up. Wear a scarf. Or just put this dress on, play with your hair, scratch the scarf and add some tights.

So do these two. Link arms and become SUPER HEROES!

busti–yay! collection: deadstock Another original from The Hellers. Pair the silver bustier with a black skirt and be a sexy secretary.

Or, find your friend and wear them both. Bustier. Skirt. TIMES TWO.

Or go black and blue. No bruises necessary.

post prom–black and strapless collection: deadstock So prom went well. You are Prom Queen. Ho-hum. Now is when the party begins and you get down to business. Break out the peach schnapps, bacardi breezers and this black strapless dress. There’s a killer after party. You’ve already taken the captain of the football team to the prom.

Wearing this, that’s a foregone conclusion.

disco prom collection: deadstock So, it’s that time of year. Jimmy, captain of the Football team, and owner of the sweetest 1978 Camaro, has just asked you out to the prom. But, what are you going to wear? Stacy, the head cheerleader, is pissed that you are getting all the attention and because you were on top of the pyramid at Nationals. So what do you want to do? MAKE JIMMY SWEAT AND RUB IT IN HER FACE!

Available in teal, purple, and pink.

What better way then by wearing one of these numbers. You and your best friend, Tina, can even wear matching ones. Double whammy.

zipe me up for the winter collection: the hellers It’s getting cold. Well not really in LA or Tel Aviv. But for those of you, who are feeling the need for some sleeves on those dresses, the sleeved zipper dress.

My man James knows what its like to bundle up.

We personally like to put on sleeves, hang out and make believe we are on a beach with a sunset.

hello. I’m the future collection: deadstock This crazy material is a kind of taffeta with woven clear plastic threads. I’m pretty sure the future dropped it off in an Israeli warehouse with a note inscribed:

For: The Hellers From: The Future Message: Please make a jacket out of our material. Thank you, The Future

Um - Future - it’s done. Come and pick it up before someone else scoops it up.

The lining of this jacket is a purple version of Wild Stallyns with a metallic purple blue and silver striped hood. Needless to say, if it’s from the future, it’s deadstock.

magenta magic – an ode to kelly bundy collection: deadstock, the hellers The base of this dress is a black and magenta silk with organza stripes. I’ve never seen anything like this. The top and hem are a rayon 80s print.

Very lightweight and perfect for impressing the high school boys.

rainbow sherbert collection: deadstock, the hellers This dress just makes me happy. The body is a unique deadstock cotton pastel degrade from Germany. Reminds me of Easter. Pistachio, lemon, pink lemonade

The top v and hem are a balancing peach rayon. Yummy.

my favorite dress collection: deadstock, the hellers Born out of a commitment to quality and design, comes what I call “My Favorite Dress.� This strapless number is made with two kinds of deadstock Italian Jacquard.

With inspiration coming from the Italian Slow Food Movement, this dress took months of retooling and fitting.

wild stallyns collection: deadstock, the hellers OOOOOOOOWeeeeeeeee. The base of this strapless dress is an exxxtra soft cotton from Germany. Who knew the Germans were so gentle?

The top v and hem are made of a blue/green organza. Fine Italian deadstock.

Lavender metal collection: deadstock, the hellers Over the next couple of days this week we will be updating the site with great dresses/skirts. So check back often!

This pencil skirt is made with linen that is a metallic lavender. Dress up. Dress down.

two–face and the joker collection: deadstock, the hellers Twice the fun. You don’t have to worry about packing two outfits. As Missy says, just reverse it. I wish I was a woman, just so I could wear this dress.

Purple Black Grey Italian Taffeta.

Purple Floral Jacquard.

my halter ego collection: deadstock, the hellers

The perfect light summer halter, in a low waist cut that reminds me a bit of the 20s.

Deadstock material from Italy. Comfy cotton lycra. White with grey and silver lurex stripes.

miami mun collection: deadstock, the hellers

The perfect summer jacket.

All that - and fully Reversible - special zipper and all!!

Outershell: Linen with a light layer of gold.

Lining: The hood, front and back come in a satiny silk jacquard floral. The sleeves are white satin.

Size: Comfy Medium or snug Large.

shiny grey crazy stipes collection: deadstock, the hellers

Outershell: grey taffeta like material with an insane shine.

The zipper goes both ways, so you can wear this jacket on either side.

Officially the property of STEAMCLAM.

Lining and hood: 70s polyester with sketched in stripes in tans and dark browns. Definitely don’t make them like they used to.

the zipper dress collection: the hellers Inspired by James Dean in the Summer comes the Motorcycle Zipper Dress‌ Made from various deadstock fabrics (seen here in black lycra), the dress zips diagonally and sits with an open collar.

fake nike abl (Andreas banderas lite) collection: artists’ series, deadstock, the hellers

The outer purple shell is pure royalty.

The inside lining of the hood is a nike safari print. One of my favorite pieces of material ever. He told me it’s caashmere. Also great as a boysfit.

The inside is the Andreas Banderas lining.

the tonya rodham harding collection: deadstock, the hellers This is the first jacket we produced. It’s a heavy cotton drill that has a bit of lycra for some added strech. It resembles a dark denim with a sheen. Dark shiny cotton drill shell. Blue leopard/zebra silk crepe inner lining. Ice skater alligator rainbow iridescent lycra hood lining.

The blade runner collection: deadstock, the hellers Deadstock. Silk striped taffeta, swiss cotton leopard interior, purple lame interior of hood.

jean jackets collection: acid wash, the hellers

Unisex, if you’d like. Sizes: s/m + m/l Limited run of 50.

the heidi anderson collection: artists’series, deadstock, the hellers Heidi is one of my best friend’s, Jamie, best friends. I don’t remember when I met her, whether it was in college or later, but I remember seeing her drawings on Jamie’s walls and I always loved her work. Last year I saw her at a wedding and two weeks later she emailed me some of her latest drawings. One of the drawings really inspired me and I decided that it needed to be part of the Artist series.

Black silk taffeta exterior, Deadstock striped cotton hood, Heidi Anderson designed satin interior.

hello jeans! collection: acid wash, the hellers Unisex acid wash jeans with zipper bottoms. Well, they were made for girls, but we’re equal opportunity here. Multiple colors and styles.

European sizes: 36, 38, 40. (Subtract 10 for you North Americans)

hermes. collection: deadstock, the hellers I bought these materials in a small store in Tel Aviv. He has a rickety ladder to climb the stairs that leads you to the second level where the treasures are housed. Once a year the owners make a trip to Europe to buy leftover materials from prĂŞt-Ă -porter designers.

the andreas banderas collection: artists’series, the hellers First in the series of artist print jackets. I met Andreas online through flickr. I loved his eye. After seeing one of his prints, I was on a mission to incorporate one of his designs into our work. I still have never spoken to him. African cotton print with wax seal shell. Lining of hood and jacket is 180 gram satin (digital print of Andreas Banderas).

the sunfade collection: deadstock, th hellers Purple plaid nylon shell. Hood is thickly striped metallic lilac and magenta lycra Lining of jacket leopard silk.
Only one made and currently on display and for sale in London at Bacon Street Project.

double trouble collection: deadstock, the hellers This could be considered the start of The Hellers. Green plaid outside. Dia de Los Muertos print inside.


We are Dania and Yoram. Based out of Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, we do lots of stuff. Ourjackets, dresses and accessories are made with the highest quality deadstock material sourced from around the world. We also work with artists to create material never before seen or conceived.

We aim to make truly original pieces. We are for the people who are unique. We take our time and we pay attention to the details. We produce locally and especially for you.

We want to dress you. Or just hang for inquiries, or to organize a playdate, write to us:

stockists Bacon St Project.
 14 Bacon St.
London, E1 6LF, United Kingdom

 Stores throughout Israel

 Sokolov 63
Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Achuza 172 Ra’anana, Israel

 2 Shlomo Hamelech St.
Tel Aviv, Israel

 Harimon 2
Even Yehuda, Israel
 +972 9 899171

Cafe Bizarre
 150 Ben Yehuda St., Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel

The Hellers  
The Hellers  

Self iniciated project inspired by The Hellers fashion.