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Contemporary Photography

Shot Images focuses on promoting work by emerging and established photographers, and providing our clients with the highest quality, limited edition archival photographic prints. We have a permanent 6,000 square foot gallery space in Niles, a light industrial area on the northwest side of Chicago. We are committed to showing a wide variety of artists and having a large body of work available at any one time. We have two very large viewing rooms and multiple project spaces, perfect for exhibiting many different, often complimenting artists, concurrently. We like the idea of being removed from the intense traffic and busyness of the downtown environment, so our viewers may have a personal, intimate experience. We encourage our artists to experiment with and expand their work through new processes, often through printing on wood, metal and plexiglass. Our vision is to create an environment that furthers our artists’ work and offers them the opportunity to promote their work to a wide audience. By supporting Shot Images you are also helping to support the next generation of artists.


Zebadiah Arrington As a student from the South side of Chicago, hip-hop programs gave me a chance to explore my urban surroundings and meet educators from all over. I ventured from the north to south, east to west, in this city to meet and become close with those whom continue to inspire me. The community centers I devoted my time to such as The University Of HipHop, Alternatives inc., and the South West Youth Collaborative, put me in contact with amazing artists in New York, Oakland, Berlin, Paris, and many other cities where I have since ventured to take photographs and explore cultures. As I started to take an interest in the arts, it was natural to pick up a camera in order to document my works as well as the works of other artists. Though it took a long time to understand the power of the skills I acquired through working with kids, I soon learned to value their worth and strengthened my interest in community development. Similarly, a photo's beauty lies in capturing the uncontrollable environment, with the spontaneity of the controlled snapshot. That took time to develop as well. I continually look forward to working with new people, cultures and concepts. I enjoy simple expressions of artistic creativity, and documenting change throughout the world with photography.


Nina Hartmann Nina is currently working towards her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She resides in Chicago, IL, and grew up in Miami, FL. Her work focuses on photographer-subject relations and themes of detachment, co-dependency, and strangeness. Nina has showed in Milk Gallery, Reference Gallery, Version Fest, and more. "Young Hearts Fail" was a magazine published for the Young Healers project based in Montreal, accompanied by a solo show at Off the Hook Gallery in 2010. Nina has worked with many projects including ithoughtiwasalone magazine, VICE magazine, and the stream exhibition project presented by 01 magazine. Along with working in the self published book medium, Nina has also worked with other artists to organize, curate, and exhibit in alternative spaces.


Tom Callahan I grew up in the West Suburb of Downers Grove where I first started taking photos around the age of 13. After a few years of taking snapshots, I started taking film photos for my high school classes. During these classes I explored the different possibilities photography presented for me to document, explore and share my life with anyone. I became interested in presenting ordinary day items in surreal and challenging ways. One way of doing so was with the use of blurred imagery. I did and still do find blurred and abstracted images more interesting in that they create a new reality and can be more in touch with our emotions related to our vision rather than how we normally told to see things. After moving to Chicago for school I realized that my perceptions of Chicago’s communities, history and people were distorted. A transplant’s perceptions of Chicago are many times used as a tool for negative control and change. I have found that taking photos of my surroundings does not create an “objective truth” to counter these distortions but it allows me to take and active role in creating my own truth, which I think is important.


Our gallery is located in Niles on the Northwest side of Chicago. Address. 7430 North Lehigh Avenue, Niles, illinois, 60714 Phone. 847.507.9415 Email. To add your name to our email list upcoming shows Hours. M-F 10-5 Sat 10 - 12 by appointment Car. Take the Edens Expressway (94) northwest from downtown. Exit at Touhy West. Continue west on Touhy and turn right (North) on Lehigh Ave. Train. We are close to both the “L” and Metra. There are usually cabs outside any of these stations, or feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to come and pick you up. “L”. If you are coming from downtown, you can take the Red Line to Howard and switch to the Yellow Line, the Skokie Swift. Alternatively, take the Blue line to Jefferson Park then the 85A bus and get off at Lehigh and Touhy. Metra. We are 2.2 miles directly south of the Morton Grove Metra station.


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Contemporary Photography