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Peru Stater Fall 2010

Spring 2010 Vol. 55, No. 1

The Big Squeeze:

PSC growth, budget cuts create dilemma for students

Call it a perfect storm. Or consider that Peru State College may be, as Vice President Michaela Willis put it, that PSC is “a bit of a victim of our own success.” However one sees it, a college experiencing both significant growth and cuts in state funding is bound to feel the squeeze. The same is true for its students. After all, affordability has ever been a prime inducement when students consider Peru State. The region has below-median incomes and educational attainment levels; for many, PSC is their best option for an affordable college education. Peru State officials are realistic: in a bad economy, state government must tighten its belt. PSC has already seen a 3.5% cut for the 2009-11 budget cycle, and more reductions may be necessary. Yet there is another reality. For a thriving institution like Peru State to tighten its belt when it is educating a record number of students, and those students’ ability to pay is hurt by economic circumstances, this situation creates a formidable challenge.

“Doing more with less requires tremendous creativity and commitment by our faculty, staff and administration,” President Hanson noted. Consider the facts: • Last fall the undergraduate headcount enrollment was 1,997, nearly 21% above its average for the previous five years – and PSC has been on a growth spurt for a decade. • On-campus enrollment jumped 10.5%, and residence hall occupancy grew by 11%. • Undergraduate credit hour production was 17% above its fiveyear average. • Credit hour production in PSC’s graduate programs was nearly 6% above its five-year average, and graduate program headcount was up by nearly 18%. Peru State has grown, substantially, by virtually every measurement. On-campus is up. On-line is up. Freshman enrollment is up. Outof-state student enrollment is up. Occupancy in PSC residence halls this past fall was within a couple of dozen students of capacity. A vibrant and growing PSC did

Peru State experienced another record-setting enrollment this fall, but budget cuts are causing growing pains. not just happen. PSC faculty, staff, alumni and friends have worked hard to make it happen. The revitalization of Peru State in the last decade is a remarkable success story. The PSC Foundation, the nonprofit organization that supports the college, has been hit hard by the economy and experienced major budget-cutting of its own. Yet Foundation board of directors committed a record amount to student financial aid this year, to

help students and keep the college growing. Still, the vice that is a growing student population, coupled with declining public funding, is putting greater pressure on the Campus of A Thousand Oaks. Students are certainly doing their part, Ms. Willis noted. Tuition and fee increases have pushed PSC to the $10,000 per year level. The Financial Aid office estimates that, with incidental expenses, an on-campus

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Online graduate program a national “Best Buy”

The Peru State College online graduate program has been named a national “Best Buy” by GetEducated. com. Founded in 1989, GetEducated. com is a consumer advocacy group that reviews, rates and ranks online colleges along the dimensions that matter most to consumers: cost and credibility. The distance education group analyzed tuition and fees at 101 regionally accredited universities

that offer 313 online master’s degrees to come up with national rankings of the Best Buys in online Master’s degrees for teachers and librarians. PSC’s Master of Science in Education – Curriculum and Instruction earned eighth place honors in’s most recent survey of online college affordability. The survey recognizes institutions that offer high-quality, low-cost online degrees in education

and/or library science for less than $10,000. “We are proud to get this kind of national recognition,” President Dan Hanson said. “In addition to offering an excellent regionally accredited program with the kind of flexibility our students have come to expect, we offer one of the most competitive, affordable tuition rates in the country. Those are just a few of the reasons why students are coming to Peru

State in record numbers.” Dean of Graduate Programs Dr. Greg Seay said, “For Peru State to place in the top 10 nationally is a testament to the efforts we have made to make this degree program accessible to teachers not only in Nebraska, but across the country. “We have new cohorts beginning this summer and scholarships available to further off-set the cost of

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A great time to be At a great place Dear Friends: It’s hard to believe it has been seven months since my arrival at Peru State College! My time on campus has been a wonderful whirlwind and I am truly enjoying being part of this historic institution. I very much appreciate the warm welcome my family and I have received. We are excited for what the future holds. Dan Hanson I have spent my first few months at the College engaging with, and soliciting input from, a variety of community organizations and leaders, service clubs, state and local media, superintendents from local school districts and alumni groups. I held more than 90 meetings with over 170 faculty and staff members on campus, met with student groups/ leaders and attended as many campus events as possible. I also developed an online survey to solicit input from a variety of stakeholders. I took these steps because I consider it vital to have an understanding of our community while also soliciting input on what the College does well, what we can improve and how we can engage with our surrounding communities to foster great working relationships for the future. What I have found through my personal interactions is that Peru State College is valued for teaching excellence, great academic programs, personalized education, its sense of community, opportunity and access in terms of cost and student involvement, the beauty of our campus and our historic tradition. We are also viewed as a vital part of southeast Nebraska’s economic landscape and a regional leader in education. There is clearly strong support for what we do and an even stronger desire to see us succeed. I have also found a great deal of momentum. Peru State College and the people who support us are ready for “the next big thing.” We have committed faculty and staff focused on student success, vibrant and growing programs both on campus and online, 34 percent enrollment growth (full time equivalency) in the past five years and a revitalized campus infrastructure. We are well-position because of hard work, dedication and careful management. We now have an opportunity to take advantage of our momentum to be innovative and create a vibrant, secure future for the institution. We will undoubtedly look back at this time in our history as the moment we embraced our continued journey toward excellence. We have the potential to emerge from this time as an institution regionally recognized for quality, innovativeness, access and engagement. And while we serve students around the globe, Peru State College will retain its commitment to serve the residents and needs of the southeast Nebraska community through education, research and public service programs. The institution has been a wellspring of leadership, an invaluable resource for communities and businesses, and a prolific source of graduates known for their excellent education and professional competence. Peru State College is a student-oriented institution devoted to education with the philosophy that everyone deserves the opportunity to get a college degree. It is an exciting time to be part of Peru State College, and I am honored to have been chosen to lead the institution into its next chapter. I look forward to working with you and invite you to play a part in the future of Peru State College. I see only great things ahead. Sincerely,

Dan Hanson, Ph.D. President

Peru Stater Fall 2010

PSC an online Best Buy Continued from p. 1 going back to school,” he added. “I encourage teachers exploring the idea of getting their Master’s degree to take a serious look at Peru State College.”

College President Dr. Dan Hanson Editor/Foundation Executive Director Kent Propst (’81) Assistant Editor/Alumni & Development Coordinator Krystal Nolte (’04) Contributing Writers Sandy Fisher Kristi Nies Laura Osborne (’93) Sports Editor Cole Scharp (’13) Photography Angela Allgood (‘93) Dr. Bill Clemente Becky Johnson (‘05)

Peru State offers two Master’s degrees, including the college’s innovative degree in Organizational Management.

The Peru Stater is published twice each year by the Peru State College Foundation. Special thanks to the PSC Marketing and Communications department and the PSC Sports Information office. Send your comments, news items and address changes to: The Peru Stater PSC Foundation PO Box 10 Peru, NE 68421-0010 You may also call us at (402) 872-2304 or email us at


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Raising the bar

Around Peru these days, expectations are growing. What a wonderful thing. Only a decade or so ago – the blink of an eye for an over 140-year old college – expectations were much lower. Stabilize enrollment. Retain faculty. Patch up a shaky infrastructure. Restore confidence. Indeed, just keep the doors open and keep alive the hopes, dreams and futures of so many people. Nowadays, while many other colleges and Kent Propst universities struggle mightily just to maintain enrollment, our alumni and friends have almost become apathetic to the annual reports of “all-time record enrollment.” They shouldn’t – growth doesn’t just happen. Our buildings and grounds and general infrastructure, in dire straits not long ago, have undergone a remarkable rejuvenation. For those of you who have not been on campus, and especially inside the buildings in recent years, you are missing a real treat. Over $40 million and counting, from a variety of sources including public and private dollars, have made this transformation possible. And it’s not only the buildings themselves – the classrooms and labs are a point of pride. The focus at Peru State is on a limited number of strong programs. We don’t try to do it all; our faculty strive to do it well. We aim to be a students’ college of choice, rather than necessity. We wish to maintain accessibility, of course; we are proud to offer students a great value. But at over $10,000 annually for tuition, fees, room, board and books, not many of our students or their parents can simply write a check to cover the full cost. This is a different Peru State than it was when many of you were here. The growth of our on-line programs and our graduate programs make the “Peru State experience” different for those students than it was, and is, for the socalled traditional, on-campus undergraduate students. Regardless of what “type” of student they are, we must meet their high expectations. PSC will not grow and flourish if we fall short. We do have our challenges. As noted in the front page article of this Stater, educating a growing student population in a time of budget cuts is challenging. Helping students achieve their dream of an education without a huge long-term debt is a great challenge. Our facilities, by and large, are excellent – but some need work. Our residence halls – beloved Eliza Morgan Hall and W.N. Delzell Hall, and the “new” Centennial Complex that is now over 40 years old – are a case in point. In Nebraska we cannot use tax dollars to pay for residence hall renovations, so we must do that ourselves. The Oak Bowl, dearly beloved by so many, needs major work. Our list of needs is considerable, as will be the pricetag. The list of wants is even greater. And much of that pricetag must come from private funds, through gifts to the PSC Foundation. That means you, dear reader. Don’t put off that gift, and don’t sell your college short – give as generously as you can. Write us into your will. Everyone – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – expect more from Peru State than ever before. What a wonderful thing. Kent Propst, ‘81 Executive Director Peru State College Foundation

Largest enrollment in 142 years Final numbers also show biggest freshman class Another academic year, another enrollment record for Peru State College. PSC posted the largest enrollment in the institution’s 142-year history this past fall with 2,502 students. It represented a 7.5% increase from Fall 2008’s then-record student count. The college has also enrolled its largest freshman class in history at 235, an 8% increase. The largest area of increase was graduate enrollment, up nearly 18%. Online enrollment is up 7% and on-campus enrollment is up more than 10.5% since 2008. The increase in on-campus enrollment impacted campus housing, increasing the use of residence halls 11%. President Dr. Dan Hanson attributed the college’s success to several factors. A redesigned scholarship program that rewards campus involvement and leadership,

a new pilot program that offers instate tuition rates to all out-of-state students, continued growth in the college’s online programs, targeted marketing strategies, and an increase in student satisfaction and retention all contributed. Hanson said, “This is an exciting time for Peru State College. We have talented, energetic faculty and staff who are committed to the college’s mission – providing an outstanding education to our students and contributing to the future of southeast Nebraska and our entire state. “We could not be happier with the vibrant campus community that resulted,” he said. “We are poised to move the college to an even higher level as we continue our work to build a community of excellence focused on student achievement.”

Where in the World are You? The search is on for missing alumni. If you can provide a current home address for any of the people listed here, we will be grateful—and so will they, especially when they start receiving the Stater again. Send information about missing alumni to Krystal Nolte at knolte@, call her at (402) 872-2395, or mail your information to the PSC Foundation, PO Box 10, Peru, NE 68421-0010.

Class of 1950

Larry Beam Phyllis Urbauer Bloss Austin Bond William Brier Corlyn DeFrain Cerveny Rogene Chrisman Delores Teten Cook Fred Ehlers Lavonna Frerichs Helen Glynn Leadonna Greger Delores Bobbitt Herridge James Hesler Harold Howard

Louis Hughes Bill Kinman Dorothy Little Babette Kempton Marten Ellyn Becker Metzger Orval Rehrs Anna Friedly Rhodes Jo Ross Roy Schiefelbein Charlene Patterson Schwab Gertrude Vice Iola Walker Artis Haswell Wiszmann Marilou Warner Wolkforth



admissions team in 2000 and has headed the department since 2005, has also seen stress levels increase in Continued from p. 1 recent years. undergraduate student can expect to “Cost is definitely at the forefront pay over $11,000 per year. Full-time when we visit with prospective students in PSC graduate programs students and their families,” she will pay almost $13,000. said. “Questions about aid programs, A survey shows that some 66% of deadlines, priority dates – those PSC freshman, and 86% of its seniors, come up earlier and more often in have jobs. conversations. While U.S. per capita income “We see many families that did is $21,587, per capita income for not plan well for their kids to southeast Nebraska and the two go to college. Even though we corner counties of southwest Iowa are relatively affordable, many and northwest Missouri is $16,963 – experience ‘sticker shock’ about the over 21% below national average. As cost,” Ms. Willis said. “I find that it has been since Peru’s founding middle income families have been in 1867, if it were not for Peru State, hurt the most, and that is a prime many likely could not attend college audience for us – the demographic due to financial constraints. that is most successful at Peru State.” The situation gets tougher each Dr. Hanson, Ms. Willis and year, noted PSC Financial Aid Ms. Volker agree that the trend is Director Janice Volker (’90), who toward a greater reliance on private worked in that office as a student support for public colleges. The PSC and came back 14 years ago as an Foundation will play a critical role, employee. and the need for charitable gifts will During 2004-05, Peru State accelerate. processed 1,301 student loans totaling “The Foundation’s commitment to $3,844,852. In 2008-09, 2,117 loans fund student scholarships has been were processed (some students instrumental for years in giving utilize more than one loan program), educational opportunities to our up 63% in just four years. students,” Dr. Hanson said. “This Even more startling, those loans commitment will be even more totaled $7,394,999 – a leap of 92% in important in years to come.” loan volume. “Higher education in general is The average loan debt for students shifting toward the private model graduating in May 2009 was across the country,” Ms. Willis said. $16,428, Ms. Volker said. At many “Public institutions must rely on places, especially private colleges private money, not just for student and universities, that figure may aid but for operational support, too. constitute a fraction of the debt their “We see a real need for scholarships students incur. But for PSC graduates, in the area of room and board,” she it is substantial. added. “Our students also need more “We’re hearing it more and funds for things like fees, books, etc. more when we talk to parents and It’s not just tuition - a lot of people students,” Volker said. “Families don’t realize that room, board and cannot take on more debt, and many books represents over half the cost to are not able to increase (family) attend Peru State.” support for their students in college. The challenge of keeping “We have so many students with a Nebraska’s first college moving zero Pell Grant index – these students forward in such trying times is are in dire need,” Volker continued. daunting. Yet it would be a shame “Many are the first generation in their for the grand old college on the river families to attend college, and their to see its impressive momentum families have no idea what it costs to brought to a standstill – and PSC send someone to college. officials have no intention of allowing “The ones who have the greatest that to happen without a fight. need often wait to apply for aid – Alumni and friends can help in they don’t know any better,” she said. the cause by making tax-deductible “Many times by then the scholarships contributions to the Peru State and other aid are gone.” College Foundation. Contact the Ms. Willis, who joined PSC’s PSC Foundation at (402) 872-2304, via

Peru Stater Fall 2010

Where in the World are You? The search is on for missing alumni. If you can provide a current home address for any of the people listed here, we will be grateful—and so will they, especially when they start receiving the Stater again. Send information about missing alumni to Krystal Nolte at knolte@, call her at (402) 872-2395, or mail your information to the PSC Foundation, PO Box 10, Peru, NE 68421-0010.

Class of 1960

Richard Athen Karen Blomquist Ronald Case Glen Chambers Robert DeLaney Leo Fleming Angela Hickman Mary Scoby Jensen Willard Jensen Francis Lindell Karen Lohmeyer Carol Madsen Delma Maple Frances Masters Helen McNealy Frederick Miller Margaret Murphy Larry Newton

James O’Harra Gary Olson Jon Palmer Jim Poage Beverly Prokop Ronald Rathburn Karen Sheldon Robets Elizabeth Rowe Wiley Sandusky Harold Schmitz Joan Schumaker Lydia Stalder Frank Sunada Elda Tegtmeier Ellen Tiemeyer Brenda Spaulding Wathier Sharol Wendt Roberta Wiltse

Homecoming 2010 – Mark the Date! Come one, come all, to Homecoming 2010! Details have yet to be worked out, but the most important one has been determined: Homecoming 2010 will be held on Saturday, Oct. 2. Alumni and friends of all ages are encouraged to mark your calendars now and plan to return e-mail at, or to the Campus of A Thousand Oaks for a fun-filled day. Showing your support is simple: just online at show up on Oct. 2!


Peru Stater Fall 2010

PSC Peer Mentoring program Gains international certification

The Student Success Services (SSS) program at Peru State College has received International Mentor Program Certification from the College Reading and Learning Association for its peer mentoring program. SSS’s peer mentors are students who provide a structured support system for new students, helping them develop personalized strategies on how to be successful at the collegiate level. PSC peer mentors are juniors or seniors who complete 15 hours of training and receive certification once they have documented 50 hours of mentoring experience. They must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Although not required for certification, student mentors also meet weekly with Coordinator Peggy Kreifels Groff (’76) for continual education and development.

Groff said, “Our peer mentors reach our students in ways that staff can’t. Mentoring is truly a vital component of student success, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that mentors make a difference. Years from now our students will remember the Student Success Services peer mentor who played such an important role in their education at PSC.” SSS is a federally funded TRiO program. Its mission is to increase the retention and graduation rates among first generation and at-risk college students. Other components of Peru State’s SSS program involve a nationally certified peer tutoring program, academic advising and monitoring of participants, financial aid guidance, career and graduate school advising, various workshops on study skills, and academic and cultural events.

1950s Eddie Hanna (’50) has recently stepped down from the lead of the Tommy Bishop Orchestra. He spent over six decades leading the group. He now plans to do some traveling with his wife.

1960s Millard “Mel” Hamel (’63) spent 34 years teaching in public schools, and retired in 1997 after twenty-six years as elementary school principal. He also spent ten years on Roseville (CA) City Council, and was elected mayor in his last campaign for office. Roseville dedicated a park in his name in 2009 for recognition for his years of service to the city and community. Milan E. Kloepfer (’63) a semiretired private counselor who spends his time helping the neighborhood, being active in various clubs, while enjoying working on the yard and taking care of his cats. Jerry Joy (’64) was inducted into the Friends University Athletic Hall of Fame in February. He was head football coach at Friends from the early to mid 1970’s before returning to Peru State as head football coach. He later served as vice president at Peru, and was inducted into the Peru State Athletic Hall of Fame in 1999. Gary Richey (’64) retired from teaching and coaching in 2002. He taught for over 30 years at Woodland Park (CO). He continues to support the bobcat spirit. Jim Manning (’66) has retired. Currently he lives in San Felipe, Baja Mexico. He enjoys playing music, tennis, and pickle ball. Larry Aylor (‘69) retired after 40 years of teaching. He spent half of his teaching career at Rising City, then Louisburg, Kansas. He still continues to coach football in Louisburg.

Faculty aren’t the only resource for academic assistance at PSC. The college’s Peer Mentoring program has garnered international certification this year.

Bob Cappel (’69) currently works as Director of Chamber Services, Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce, Yankton, South Dakota, semi-retiring to join the staff of Yankton First United Methodist Church as Pastor’s Assistant as of November 1, 2009.

Paul Horel (’69), of Olathe, Kan., retired Jan 1, 2010 after nearly 17 years a president of Crop Insurance Research Bureau, a national trade association of insurers from across the U.S. Prior to his time at CIRB, Paul was an educator in Albia, IA. John M. Vanderford (’69) retired from assistant superintendent of Raytown, MO. in 2004. He then founded Vanderford and Associates, Inc., a company that installs ground source heat pumps in large facilities. Recently recognized in Ingram’s Business Magazine as one of Kansas City’s 100 fastest growing companies, it ranks as number eight.

1970s Dennis Curtis (’70) has retired from his Guidance and Counseling, but currently is teaching Psychology at Iowa Western and Metro Community College. Don Dougherty (’70) has retired after 21 years at the University of Nebraska Athletic Department as of January 4th. Peg Bennett (‘71) has retired after 31 years of teaching elementary at Plattsmouth Community Schools. Since retirement she has founded a nonprofit organization called Happy Paws to help support the Plattsmouth Animal Shelter. Vicki J. Hall Beilke (’72) has retired from teaching and coaching after 37 years in Nebraska. She achieved Nebraska Coaching awards in women’s basketball and track. She finished teaching as an activities director at Southeast Consolidated School. Doug Kingery (’75) retired from Platte County (MO) School District after 33 years of teaching business and physical education. He coached in ten state championships in four different sports. He is a member of Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. William Fitzgerald (’78) has recently earned the designation from the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) of Certified Master Athletic Administrator. He is only the fifth person in Nebraska to receive this title. Currently he works for the

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Fremont Public Schools in Nebraska. Kevin K. Hart (’78) is currently manager for the Sioux City Journal daily newspaper in Iowa.

1980s Mary Zastrow Horky (’87) is currently teaching 5th grade elementary in Greeley elementary in Colorado. Joann Hollesen McRell (’89) has been nominated for the Kansas Teacher of the Year from the Emporia school district.

1990s James D. Berringer (’90) was elected as president of Associations of State Chamber Professionals (ASCP) in 2000. Dee Henry (’91) of Mutual of Omaha has been promoted to Senior Vice President in Corporate Accounting. Jay Grotrian (’96) has been admitted into the ranks of Stanford Who’s Who for his incredible effort in the Manufacturing Industry. He spent 12 years as President of Dura Tech Industries. John Campin (’98) has recently become principal of Gomez Heritage Elementary in South Omaha. Diane L. Durman Merwin (’98) passed her July bar exam to practice law. She has joined the Fankhauser, Nelsen & Werts, P.C. Law Firm. Dr. Jessica Damrow Moore (’98) is an optometrist with the Mid America Vision Center in Geneva and Sutton, NE. She lives with her husband, and two children in Sutton.

2000s Jon Rother (’00) and wife Maggie (VanWinkle) Rother (’99) both teach at Johnson County Central Schools (JCCS). Jon is the Title 1 teacher and head football coach, while Maggie is the MS Science Teacher at JCCS. Judd Remmers (’01) has joined the College Coaches Network (CCN) as a football recruiting manager. Judd received a bachlor’s degree from Peru, then went on to receive a masters at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Katrina Burchett (’06) has entered a

Peru Stater Fall 2010

NAA inducts new members Ph.D. program for cancer at UNMC in Omaha, and is currently working towards earning her doctorate. Mandy Haufle (’06) is teaching special education at Johnson County Central School. Kevin Turner (’06) has joined the staff of Meyer-Earp Auto Center in Auburn. Crystal Dunekacke (’07) has joined the ranks of Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) as a Community Development Specialist in Humboldt. Lynsey Ligouri (’07) has moved her Tiny Tots Daycare to the south-side business district of Auburn. The new building has been renovated to better accommodate a daycare. Lynsey’s is licensed for 29 children ages six weeks to 13 years old. Gordon W. Dean II (’08) is currently a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. With the help of his degree and officer candidate school, he will become a U.S. Army Officer with the commission of 2nd Lieutenant. Kayleigh Baker (’09) works as a youth coordinator for the Nemaha Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse (NADAA) task force. This summer NADAA teamed up with Youth Against Drugs & Alcohol (YADA) to help the Nemaha community. Lindsey Husen Harders (’09) is a high school math teacher for Grand Island Northwest High School. She also coaches freshman volleyball and junior high track. Jacob Thompson-Krug (’09) is a first year special education teacher at Milard West High School. He also coaches freshman football and reserve boys basketball. Bryon Parman (’09) is continuing his education with an acceptance into the doctoral program at Kansas State University.

Friends of the College Richard “Dick” Lemke (former assistant football coach) has published his third book. “The Intersection,” a fictional account of the rise of a young man from grade school to a pro football career, incorporates many experiences of Lemke’s own career.

NAA Board of Directors - Mike Guilliatt, Paul Fell, Al Urwin, Ed Ankrom, Arlene Borcher Fell, Kim Vrtiska, Alice Mizerski, Carlos Harrison, Connie Sims Edmond, Elton Edmond, Sheryl Cotton, and Dan Cotton. At its annual meeting last fall, the PSC National Alumni Association (NAA) Board of Directors inducted several alumni into its leadership ranks. Board presidents Paul (’67) and Arlene (Borcher, ’67) Fell led the group in welcoming Dan (’76) and Sheryl Cotton of Peru, Chuck (’69) and Alice (Massoth, ’69) Mizerski of Lincoln, and Al Urwin (’82) of La Vista as new directors.

The NAA is very excited to have these new members on board. The addition of these active and supportive alumni will help to build a stronger organization. The NAA works to engage alumni and sponsors events in support of Peru State. For more information about the NAA, visit our Web page at index.htm

Omaha alumni scholarship Each year the Omaha Chapter of PSC’s National Alumni Association offers two $500 scholarships to any student related to a PSC alumnus who currently resides in the Omaha alumni mailing area, including surrounding communities. A lack of applicants caused the scholarship to go unused last year. To ensure that our students receive the assistance they need, and that donor dollars are put to go use, we invite all Omaha-area alums to encourage prospective students to submit an application form. The application form can be downloaded from the Foundation’s Web site at Look under the Giving to Peru State link for scholarship information.

Donating to the Omaha Alumni Scholarship provides alumni the opportunity to continue a legacy of excellence. For more information on how to support this scholarship program or for details about the application process please contact the Foundation at pscfoundation@peru. edu or (402) 872-2304.


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Reunion time is here! It’s that time of year again; Reunion Season! The NAA, College and Foundation are preparing for several upcoming alumni reunions. Check the schedule below for an event that interests you. If would like more information about a get together, visit our online events page at http:// or email Krystal Nolte at the Foundation at knolte@ or call her at 402-872-2395 Football Alumni Weekend - April 17, 2010: All former players are welcome to participate in the Alumni versus Varsity football game at the Oak Bowl. Contact Ted Harshbarger for more information, tharshbarger@ Omaha Alumni Dinner & Auction - April 22, 2010, 5 p.m. at the German-American, Omaha: Omaha-area alumni and friends come together for Peru State. Enjoy a nice dinner and participate in the live auction to support the Omaha Chapter Scholarship and other group programs. Contact Alumni & Development Coordinator, Krystal Nolte for more information, or 402-872-2395 Northern California Alumni Luncheon - April 24, 2010: Meet us in sunny Fairfield, California for a very special event. This year the Nor-Cal

group has invited all V-12 alumni to join them in remembering their alma mater. Contact Alumni & Development Coordinator, Krystal Nolte for more information, or 402-872-2395 May Reunion Honoring PSC’s 50-Year Class of 1960, with special guests Classes of 1959 and 1961 May 26 & 27: Contact Alumni & Development Coordinator, Krystal Nolte for more information, knolte@ or 402-872-2395 Bobcat Golf Classic - May 21, 2010, Table Creek Golf Course, Nebraska City: Contact PSC Athletic Director, Steve Schneider for more information, or 402-872-2350 Regional Golf Outings - June 3 in Falls City, June 17 in Omaha, July 8 in Kansas City, July 22 in Lincoln, July 29 in Norfolk. Contact PSC Athletic Director, Steve Schneider for more information, or 402-872-2350 Trails & Tales 2010, A Journey into Nebraska’s Past - June 21 thru June 26: Take a guided tour of Nebraska with your fellow alumni. Contact Alumni & Development Coordinator, Krystal Nolte for more information, or 402872-2395

Alumni and friends will have multiple opportunities to enjoy golf in the coming months. The annual Athletics Department Golf Classic is May 21 in Nebraska City, and a series of alumni golf outings in Falls City (NE.), Omaha, Kansas City (KS.), Lincoln, and Norfolk (NE.) also are set for the months of June and July.

PSC Assistant Professor of English Dr. Tammy Trucks-Bordeaux’s poetry book Brought Back Safely has been published by Pudding House Publications, one of the largest literary small presses in the United States. Her work will be on display at the Annual Spring Showcase at Poets House in New York City, listed in Books in Print and have a permanent position on the Pudding House Publications List. It will also be included in special collections at Ohio State University, Kent State University, SUNY/ Buffalo, and several other academic and private libraries. Eight PSC student musicians were selected to participate in the 2009 Nebraska State Bandmasters Association Intercollegiate Honor Band, which features students from both private and public colleges and universities across Nebraska. Those selected included Laura Shestak of Crete, Alicia Smith of Moberly, Mo., Jane (Hazel) Henry of Auburn, Ashley Churchill of Nebraska City, Jacob Acers of LaVista, Denton Martin of Tarkio, Mo., Tristan Bassinger of Julian, and Katie Nierman of Sterling. Band Director Dr. Patrick Fortney said, “Having eight students selected for the Intercollegiate Honor Band is testament to the talent and hard work of the musicians at this institution. We are proud of our students’ efforts.” Faculty members Dr. James Nevitt, associate professor of psychology, and Dr. Greg Galardi, assistant professor of criminal justice, recently had their article Analysis of Evil: Using a Graphic Novel to teach an Interdisciplinary Honors Course Involving Psychology and Serial Murder, published in the 2009 edition of Lambda Alpha Epsilon’s Journal of the American Criminal Justice Association. The duo also presented their work at the national Crime and Popular Culture Conference at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Mo. The conference focused on interdisciplinary and contemporary approaches to research and teaching activities related to criminal activity, the media and popular culture. Nevitt began teaching the popular Honors Program course series Analysis of Evil I and II at PSC in 2006 with assistance from Galardi. The most recent development of the two-course honors series was the incorporation of a graphic novel written by Nevitt to supplement student learning and gain a higher level of student interest in the course content. Two Peru State College (PSC) students and four faculty members presented papers at the National Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management Conference in Washington, D.C. Graduate student Carol Malcolm of Falls City, Assistant Professor of Business Dr. Mary Goebel-Lundholm and Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dr. Ellie Kunkel presented their paper titled “The Application of Edward T. Hall’s International Business Models to Curriculum Design and Management Training.” Senior Keiyana Arnold of Canton, Mich., Associate Professor of Business Dr. Judy Green Grotrian (’72) and Assistant Professor of Business Sheri Grotrian (’02) also presented at the conference. Their paper “Who Needs an Attitude Adjustment? – Understanding and Adapting to Multiple Generations in the Workplace” examined the various perspectives and beliefs that workers of different generations bring to the workplace.


Peru Stater Fall 2010

New Peru State president: 'Let's be as bold and visionary as our founders'

Nebraska State College Board Chair Larry Teahon (left) formally inaugurated Dr. Dan Hanson as Peru State College’s 33rd President during March ceremonies. Also pictured are (from left) Nebraska State Sen. Lavon Heidemann, State College Chancellor Stan Carpenter, and Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman. By MARGARET REIST / Lincoln Journal Star (Reprinted with permission) The lessons of the past should inspire today's leaders as they move Peru State College into the future, Daniel Hanson said Thursday as he was inaugurated as the school's 33rd president. "As we look over the hills of Peru today, let's be as bold and visionary as our founders, looking to the future with confidence in the capacity of Americans to achieve a better world," he said. The Nebraska State College Board of Trustees, state Sen. Lavon Heidemann, Gov. Dave Heineman and the presidents of Nebraska's other two state colleges were among dignitaries who filled the stage at Peru State College for the ceremony for Hanson, who took over as president in August. From the auditorium stage at what has become known as the Campus of a Thousand Oaks, Hanson spoke of how settlers moved here in the mid-1850s and saw beyond their hard work to a better future. By 1867, Nebraska's leaders appropriated $3,000 to establish Peru State College, the state's first higher education institution.

"The efforts of these early settlers and the diligent work of the generations of faculty and staff since have had an immeasurable impact on Nebraska, the United States and the world," he said. Graduates of Peru State have been astronomers and playwrights, Hanson said. They have helped find a cure for malaria and served as ambassadors in South Africa. One was the first African-American to teach in Omaha Public Schools, he said. Today, Peru State's 2,500 enrollment is the largest in its history, he said. It pioneered online courses a decade ago and now is piloting a program to eliminate out-of-state tuition in an effort to encourage students to move to Nebraska and stay here. "Education remains the key to the American dream," he said. "There has never been a time when the mission of Peru State College is more vital and important." In an interview after the ceremony, Hanson said Peru's mission of being accessible to all students is one of the things that drew him from Waldorf College, a small private school in Forest City, Iowa, where he'd been a faculty member and administrator for more than 30 years.

Peru State's online course program was recently rated one of the top in the country by, and the courses remain an important part of the college's outreach, he said. But energizing the campus experience for the nearly 1,000 students who live there or commute is one of his top goals. Twenty-four percent to 35 percent of Peru's students are first-

generation college students, he said, and making sure they are engaged on campus is very important. That can happen when students connect to a faculty member through student activities or programs in the residence halls. He's already impressed with student involvement, he said. About 275 students participated in inaugural service projects spearheaded by Hanson's wife, Elaine, he said. And more than 40 stood outside in the cool springtime sun to greet visitors to Thursday's ceremony. Since he's been here, Hanson said, he's spent time getting to know faculty and students. And that includes opening the door of his home to those in the community and on campus. Case in point: Six Peru State basketball players knocked on that door over Christmas break to see if they could use the president's kitchen to cook dinner for their teammates since the cafeteria was closed. The answer: No problem. Come on in.

Dan and Elaine Hanson pause for a moment after he was inaugurated as PSC President in a ceremony held in the College Theater.


Peru Stater Fall 2010

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Class of 1970

PSC students Madison Ferris as "The Actor" and Michael Casvant as "Kips" starred in the Homecoming production of “The Woman in Black” last fall – a perfect production for a Halloween weekend Homecoming. The college brought back live theater in 2008-09 after a long absence.

Curtain rises on live theater

By Kristi Nies After an absence of almost a decade, live theater has returned to the Campus of A Thousand Oaks. The revival began during 2008-09 and continued during the Homecoming 2009 weekend with a production of “The Woman in Black”, a Gothic horror tale. “Almost 400 people attended ‘The Woman in Black’,” said Josh Young, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Director of Theater at Peru State College. “That’s very impressive. I feel really good about that.” April brings the campus premiere of the raucous comedy “No Sex Please, We’re British”. As with the Homecoming production, Prof. Young is the director and Peru State students star in and produce the show. “It’s going swimmingly!” Prof. Young said of the production and rehearsal process. “It’s a great group of kids.” Prof. Young joined the PSC faculty in the middle of last year, following the illness and death of Prof. Mark Klemenstrud. Prof. Klemenstrud came to PSC in 2006 and laid the groundwork for the return of the live theater to the campus, directing the first two productions and bringing live theater back to PSC. “The contribution he made was absolutely invaluable,” Prof. Young said. “I really can’t put it into words what he did in getting that spark started.” The spark Prof. Klemenstrud ignited has not only led to the resumption of productions in the College Theater, but to the return to the college catalogue of a minor in Theater. There are currently five declared theater minors, according to Prof. Young. “That’s huge and wonderful!” he said. Theater and theater classes are integral to a liberal arts campus, Prof. Young believes, no matter what major a student may have. “Theater has the most interdisciplinary benefit of any of the disciplines of study on a liberal arts campus,” he said. “It has a self-confidence capacity and a public speaking capacity. It is beneficial to everyone to have some experience performing.”

Judith Bailie Lorin Bohling Robert Brewster Douglas Bullock John Cooney Raylene Miller Curnes Don Dodge Johnny Ehmen Steve Fitch Donna Kreifels Frank Eileen Harripaul Sami Kaloti Harold Kocher Thomas Kohler Susie Kraeger

Class of 1980

David Gratt Rosie Higgins Debra Nauman Jackson Karla Kenny Kenny Knight

Class of 1985

Alex Appleton Janet Crume Marilyn Earhart Rachel Faulkenberry Glinn Becky Haynes Brad Hesser Richard Irvin Linda Jones

Class of 1990

Paula Bowers Ames Laura Winegardner Barnett Stephanie Evans Bibler Cristina Durman Kyle Finke Rhondi Gormley Cindy Janssen Hrabik Thomas Jones

John Nix Virginia Ooten Linda Hochstetler Polley Frank Reavis Ronda Reavis Steve Seawall Teddie Shannon Peter Stewart Ronald Templeton Carl Troia Kenneth Waltke Neil Waring Roger Weller Richard Williams Nicholas Zimorino

James Lennerton Susan Capek Morton Robert Wright Steve Medinger

Jerry Myers Dawn Onisk Jeff Parker Anita Searcey Karen Sheldon Linda Shepard John Slater Thomas Wesley

Renee Pearce Lynn James Nielsen Clinton Palmer John Pleis Paul Ryan Cedric Townsend Donna Villegas Diane Workman Waltke


Peru Stater Fall 2010

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Mandy Haufle (’06) has announced the arrivial of her baby boy. Connor Robert Haufle was born October 8, 2008 at St. Mary’s Community Hospital. He weighed 8 pounds.

Sarah Bando (‘98) and husband Brain have announced the arrival of their son, Blake Henry Bando. He weighed 7lbs. 7oz. and was 20 inches long.

Anthony (’06) and Randi Fisher Schmid (’08) have announced the arrival of their second son, Isaac on July 10, 2008. He weighed eight pounds fifteen ounces. He joins his big brother Tristan (2 years) at home.

Brad Gerdts (’94) and wife Stacey had a son, Jack Allen Gerdts on August 23, 2009. He weighed eight pounds, five ounces, and was 20-1/2 inches long.

John Campin (‘98) and wife Niki had a third child. Daughter Ruby Mae was born April 20 2009.


Kate Rippe (’01) and husband Michael have announced the arrival of their son, Evan Michael. He was born December 28, 2009, weighed 8lbs. 13oz. ansd was 21 inches long.

Heath (‘06) and Cori Harmon Christiansen (‘08) announced the arrival of their daughter, Lucy Jean on Feb. 7, 2010. She weighed eight pounds and nine and half ounces. Heath and Cori both work at Peru State and live in Auburn.

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Class of 2000

Joseph Ainsworth Stephanie Hendrickson Baldwin Holly Bell Danielle Wilhelm Berning Stacy Bliss Nicole Simons Busby Denika Bush Anne Masters Carpenter Cade Coslor Addam Day Ellen Doray Melinda Flynn Steven Hampton Ryan Kastens Eugene Krier

Natalie Laferriere Aaron Lauby Shelia Carlson Lauby Kristopher Mathews Patrick Meagher Kimberly Rosenthal Nolte Ann Brugger Nun Diann Pape Joseph Salvatore Angela Schultze Laura Severson Joan Stutesman Anne-Marie Taylor Erek Tuma Liv Fritz Wheeler


Peru Stater Fall 2010

President honored With Patriot Award

Castle Rock, Colo. was the site of an “informal” reunion of alums this past October. Among those welcoming Riley Ruby to the gettogether were (from left) James (’59) and Joyce Rosenquist, Lois (Puppe ’56) and John (’56) McMullen, Riley Ruby (’58), Bill Almond (’57), and Carol Stutheit Minchow (’54).

Colorado alumni reunite PSC’s Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter has been inactive for several years, but that hasn’t kept a group of Peruvians from Colorado – and beyond – from getting together on their own to celebrate their Bobcat roots. Spearheaded by Denny Schuler (’57) of Golden, CO., the alums – largely from the mid-late 1950s – get together once or twice each year.

Recent gatherings were held in Colorado Springs and in Castle Rock. The events aren’t held on any kind of regular schedule, and Peruvians from many states have been known to make the trip just to see old friends. PSC thanks Denny and his dedicated group for keeping the spirit alive!

Holocaust survivor visits campus Holocaust survivor Elane Norych Geller came to campus as part of the campus’ celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Geller spoke about the dangers of bigotry, racism and hatred. The college also sponsored Geller’s visits to three area high schools. As a child she witnessed the murder of family members while she and other survivors were transported first to the ghettos and then to the death camps. On April 15, 1945, she was one of the 60,000 prisoners of BergenBelsen liberated by the British army. Almost 30,000 of those survivors died in the following days due to severe malnutrition and disease from their suffering under Nazi imprisonment.

PSC President Dr. Dan Hanson was recently presented a Patriot Award by retired General Walter Zink III, chair of the Nebraska Committee for the Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. The honor recognizes Hanson’s support of an employee serving in the Nebraska Army National Guard. PSC staff member and Staff Sergeant Matt Jeffrey Meyers of Peru, a member of the Army National Guard 192nd Military Police Detachment unit in Nebraska City, nominated Hanson and his wife, Elaine, for their support of him and his family. “To others, this may seem insignificant, but it is my opinion that the world would be a better place if we had more Dr. Dan and Elaine Hansons,” Meyers said. “These two remarkable human beings are always asking how my family and I are doing or if there is anything they can do for us due to my upcoming deployment. They aren’t just mouthing the words, but truly mean what they say.” The Hansons also showed their support by attending a town hall meeting for the 192nd Military Police Detachment and expressing their support of the Meyers’ and all Guardsmen and their families.


Sean McLaughlin (’98) has announced his engagement to Jaclyn Roberson. The couple currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Stacy Schelbitzki (’99) and Craig Lutjemeyer December 30, 2006. The couple currently resides in Western.

Gen. Walter Zink (left) and PSC employee Jeff Meyers presented PSC President Dan Hanson with a “Patriot Award” for Dr. Hanson’s support for our armed services, and especially for his support of Meyers, who soon will be deployed to the Middle East.\ The Patriot Award was created by ESGR to publicly recognize individuals who provide outstanding patriotic support and cooperation to their employees, who, like the citizen warriors before them, have answered their nation’s call to serve.

August 28, 2010. The couple currently resides in Auburn. Lyndsey Husen (’09) married Josh Harders on October 10, 2009. The couple currently resides in Grand Island.


Nicole Simon (’09) married Thomas Georges in October 2009. The couple currently resides in Rulo.

Jared Gerdes (’08) and Maranda Torkelson (’08) have announced their engagement. The wedding is set for

Savannah Wenzl (’09) and Peter Kok were married July 11, 2009. Savannah currently works for Peru State in the Distance Education office, while Peter is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in secondary special education at PSC. The couple currently resides in Peru.

Jennifer Olberding (’01) married Chris Schmelzle on October 17, 2009. The couple currently resides in Seneca, Kansas.


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Swenson, Frohling, Yocum Enshrined in Hall of Fame

Bert E. Swenson All Sports, 1909

Kevin “Bud” Frohling Wrestling, Attended 1970s

Three stars from different eras were added to the Peru State College Athletic Hall of Fame this past fall. Standouts Bert E. Swenson, Kevin “Bud” Frohling and Orivell “Ab” Yocum were inducted last September. “We are thrilled to be able to honor Peru State College’s outstanding student athletes in this way,” President Dan Hanson said. “Each of these individuals made a significant and lasting impact on our athletic programs. Their talent and determination have greatly contributed to the college’s long and proud tradition of athletic excellence.” Bert E. Swenson When Bert E. Swenson graduated in 1909, the Peru Normal School yearbook called him “the best all-around man that the (college) has ever put out.” A native of Shickley, Neb., Swenson excelled in football, basketball and baseball in an era when opponents ranged from area high schools to the University of Nebraska. Swenson began his professional career teaching science and math and coaching at Holdrege High School. He went on to serve as an instructor, athletic director and coach (football and basketball) at Wisconsin State Teachers College in River Falls. In 1918, Swenson moved to Stockton, Calif., where he spent 36 years as the city’s director of recreation. The City of Stock-

ton dedicated 200 acres for the Swenson Park and Golf Course in 1951. He was inducted into the Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame in 1965, two years following his death. He was also inducted into the University of Wisconsin – River Falls Athletic Hall of Fame in 1977. Swenson and his wife, Stella, established the Swenson Medal at Peru in 1925 in memory of an infant son. The award recognizes one exemplary male and female student athlete each year for their participation in athletics, outstanding character, personality, and service and loyalty to the college. Athletes who exemplify the standards established for the honor are nominated by PSC coaches and selected by vote.

Kevin “Bud” Frohling Kevin “Bud” Frohling is remembered as the first and only national champion wrestler in Peru State College history. A native of Guthrie Center, Iowa, Frohling was a standout in wrestling at a time when Peru State was a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) powerhouse. In 1974-75, Frohling won the 150-pound NAIA National Championship. He led Peru State to a 15th place team finish in the annual national championship tournament at Sioux City, Iowa. He also led the squad

with 18 pins that year and finished with a record of 37-2-1. Though injury shortened his 1975-76 season, two-time conference champ Frohling still managed to earn a record of 11-2-0. Frohling, one of three brothers who attended PSC, currently resides with his wife JoAnn in Palmer, Alaska, where he farms.

Orivell “Ab” Yocum Orivell “Ab” Yocum came to Peru State College in 1941 from Humboldt, Neb. He put his education on temporary hold in 1943 to serve in the Navy during World War II, returning to PSC to finish his degree in1948. Yocum was a gifted athlete, earning all-conference honors in football, basketball and track in an era when Peru was a perennial power in each sport. In his senior year, Yocum threw the discus 152 feet, 6.5 inches to set at Peru State record that lasted more than 50 years. That year he also won the prestigious Drake Relays Discus Championship. Yocum went on to coach football at East Alton Wood River Community High School in Wood River, Ill. During his tenure there, he coached his team to an undefeated season - a record that stood for 52 years. He is warmly remembered for helping to steer dozens of students and student-athletes from the East Alton area to PSC, often driving them to campus himself. Yocum passed away in 1979.

The PSC Hall of Fame

Orivell “Ab” Yocum All Sports, 1948

Nominations for the PSC Hall of Fame are always welcome. Peru State currently holds induction ceremonies in odd-numbered years, so the next ceremony will take place in the fall of 2011. Inductees are chosen by a selection committee comprised of PSC alumni. PSC has four categories for Hall of Famers: individual student-athletes, coaches, teams, and meritorious service.

Anyone interested in submitting nominations can do so at any time. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the nomination to include research and documentation supporting the nominee. For more information, a nomination form, or to submit a nomination, contact Sandy Fisher at the PSC Foundation, 402/872-2304 or


Peru Stater Fall 2010 National Alumni Association Board members Laurel (Smith ’87) and Nick (’87) Harling pause for a moment during the NAA’s second annual Chili Feed. The event, held in February in conjunction with PSC women’s and men’s basketball games, drew a big crowd of alums, fans, students and PSC faculty and staff.

Second Annual Alumni Chili Feed

Pausing for a “photo op” during the National Alumni Association Chili Feed were (from left) PSC First Lady Elaine Hanson, PSC President Dan Hanson, Jim and Kathy Grant, and Terry Ratliff (’72).

Mrs. Ardith Wininger celebrated her February birthday by attending the PSC National Alumni Association Chili Feed and Bobcat basketball games. Among those giving her birthday wishes was Ted L. Harshbarger (’77). Several members of the Wininger family joined her for the festivities.

National Alumni Association board members Al Urwin (’82) and Paul Fell (’67) ladled up a ton of chili during the second annual NAA Chili Feed in February. (All photos courtesy of Dr. Bill Clemente.)

Interest is building in the establishment of a women’s basketball alumni support group. Among those on hand in February for a chance to watch a game and meet Coach Maurtice Ivy and members of the Bobcat team were (front row from left) Dr. Sarah Dorrel (’01), Lexi Ehlers Saathoff (’01), Sheryl Ehmke Gaston (’01), Sara Craven Kopf (’03), Jennifer Easterwood (’04), Caprecia Christiansen Williams (’04), Brandi Buck Lambert (’00), Sally Witt (’05), Cindy Albrecht (’05), and Kelsi Witt (’07). Not pictured were DeeAnn Othmer Richardson (’00) and Celeste Nolte Jones (’99). Women’s basketball alumni and other supporters interested in getting involved should contact PSC Athletic Director Steve Schneider.


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Peru State College Foundation Honor Roll of Donors 2009

Thank you. In one of the most difficult years since the Great Depression, over 1,300 alumni and friends of Peru State College chose to financially support the Campus of A Thousand Oaks during the 2009 calendar year. That was an increase by over 50% of the number who supported PSC in 2008. Clearly, those of you on the Honor Roll of Donors knew that Peru State College, and its students, needed your support in these troubled times.


Owen Zook 1927


John Bath 1932 Mildred Vanderford 1933 Madeleine Schmucker 1934 Moras Shubert 1934 Margaret Koester 1935 Muriel Newhauser 1936 Dana Nixon 1936 Tom & Edus Goldenstein 1938 Maxine Pankonin 1938 Louis Pascal 1938 Orval Rodgers 1938 Mearle Rush 1938 Lola Armstrong 1939 Eleanor Brooks 1939 Mary Hove 1939 Glema Mahr 1939 Maxine Remmers 1939 Mildred Weber 1939


Agnes Annan 1940 Beunice Doty 1940 Lloyd Johnson 1940 Hubert Johnson 1940 Marguerite Russ 1940 Helen Schacht 1940 Rachael Taggart 1940 Elda Vejraska 1940 Walter Watkins 1940 Marjorie Birkmann 1941 Josephine Godown 1941 Carolee Heim 1941 Bernice Krantz 1941 Ross Russell 1941 Margaret Skoog 1941 Lois Adams 1942 Thomas & Marjorie Dean 1942 Ted & Rita Graves 1942 Ralph Hays 1942 Virginia Hunt 1942 Max & Wilma Jackson 1942 Melvin Larsen 1942 Josephine Loennig 1942 Helen Moody 1942 Edith Norris 1942 Nancy Redfern 1942 John Rhodus 1942 Bertha Sutton 1942

Dorothy Todd 1942 Robert Williams 1942 Nina Klaudt 1943 Robert McAlexander 1943 Robert O’Dell 1943 Betty Rayborn 1943 Marjorie Rider 1943 Sophie Rizor 1943 Wanda Schmidt 1943 Ben Somer 1943 Virginia Stuhr 1943 Dorothy Cox 1944 Arnold Hector 1944 Jackson Howard 1944 Robert James 1944 Harold & Betty Jenkins 1944 Ruth Kuster 1944 Larrie Bell 1945 Rosa Brooks 1945 Mary Cashman 1945 Leonore Graf 1945 Richard Hanson 1945 Rudy Jacuzzi 1945 Garth James 1945 Dean Jones 1945 Clay Kennedy 1945 Jack Mast 1945 John Maxwell 1945 Margaret Ottersberg 1945 Vincent Petrucci 1945 Shirley Wenzel 1945 Joan Buhrmann 1946 Willard Hunzeker 1946 Janet Read 1946 Marian Smith 1946 Rich Christian 1947 George Coupe 1947 Myrton & Dorothy Hall 1947 Margaret Harrold 1947 Charles Henning 1947 Cecil Johnson 1947 Ruth Lienemann 1947 Margaret Mann 1947 Marie Pupkes 1947 Eldon Reutter 1947 Dorothy Sierks 1947 George Blocher 1948 William Edmondson 1948 Lura Herr 1948 Arthur & Helen Kermoade 1948 Milton & Joan Lorenz 1948 Ruth Nixon 1948

No one escaped the difficult economy, yet these people made a conscious decision. Peru State needed support, and so many answered the call. Be it our students, our faculty, our staff, our administration, and the PSC Foundation, our thanks go out to all who gave, in whatever amount. You made a difference. Our 2009 Honor Roll of Donors follows. If your name isn’t on here…make sure it is next year. Send your tax-deductible gift today to the PSC Foundation.

Myra Roddy 1948 Percy Schmelzer 1948 Ruth Steele 1948 Shirley Stevicks 1948 Arlene Whisler 1948 Armon & Evelyn Yanders 1948 Bernard Bliefernich 1949 Thomas & Dorothy Hallstrom 1949 Jack & Sara Jane Hippe 1949 Ruth Howe 1949 Richard Jenkins 1949 David Lang 1949 Joan Marfice 1949 Gerald & Arlene Matschullat 1949 John & Frances McQuinn 1949 Robert Paap 1949 Gilbert Peterson 1949 Wilson Sigerson 1949 Martin Svoboda 1949 Don Wagner 1949


Rex Coatney 1950 Gertrude Ettleman 1950 Orville & Erma Gobber 1950 Shirley Hall 1950 Jack Hallstrom 1950 Ed & Betty Hanna 1950 Hazel Knippelmeyer 1950 Bobby Livingston 1950 Robert Resz 1950 Joyce Taylor 1950 Robert Utermohlen 1950 Kenneth Wolford 1950 William & Lavonda Abernathy 1951 Evelyn Brown 1951 Charles & Beverly Coatney 1951 Dave & Charlotte Duey 1951 Katherine Eagle 1951 Robert & Marion Eilers 1951 Frank Erwin 1951 Joseph Gillispie 1951 Carlos Harrison 1951 Mary Kellogg 1951 Arthur & Joanne Majors 1951 Gerald Marts 1951 Darrell Mudra 1951 Grace Pfister 1951 Otto Rath 1951 Jess Ray 1951 Shirley Rose 1951 Annabelle Rumbaugh 1951

Lester & Esther Russell 1951 Carolyn Sipes 1951 Bill Thurman 1951 William Voegtli 1951 Norma Wood 1951 Alta Dakolios 1952 Pat Davis 1952 Marlan & Marea Downey 1952 Theodore Effken 1952 Anna Falsken 1952 Doyle Gump 1952 Marjorie Holt 1952 Howard Majors 1952 Cecil McKnight 1952 Rosemary Morrill 1952 Don Ogle 1952 Darlene Spilker 1952 Jean Thayer 1952 Carol Whitcomb 1952 David Williamson 1952 Leroy Wilson 1952 Marilyn Coatney 1953 Lavon & Gleora Covault 1953 Bob Davis 1953 Richard Gamlin 1953 Ilene Good 1953 Raymond & Gwen Graves 1953 Jo Kaffenberger 1953 Harley Rector 1953 Alan Schuster 1953 Fran Whited 1953 Loren Argabright 1954 Phyllis Atchison 1954 Ben Duerfeldt 1954 Don & Karlyne Eitzmann 1954 Kenneth & Mary Hoag 1954 Lee Hopp 1954 Norma Johnson 1954 Jean Jones 1954 Curtis & Jean Lindell 1954 Janet Moore 1954 Margaret Piper 1954 Marlene Taylor 1954 Michael Treat 1954 Jeanne Wall 1954 Geraldine Allen 1955 John Christ 1955 John & Ramona Crookham 1955 Mary Gorden 1955 Pete & Ardyce Karabatsos 1955 Rodney Knaup 1955 Phyllis Lamb 1955


Peru Stater Fall 2010 Laura McClain 1955 Shirley Meinzer 1955 Dean & Marilynn Meisinger 1955 Henry & Marcia Schwartz 1955 Anita Webster 1955 Jim & Margaret Cotton 1956 Richard Cotton 1956 Darrell Fischer 1956 Harvey & Patricia Ideus 1956 Shirley Krejci 1956 Robert McAdams 1956 Duane Overgaard 1956 Nels Overgaard 1956 Wesley Paap 1956 Bobby & Claudette Slaughter 1956 Gwendolyn Vaughn 1956 Paul Weinert 1956 Ronald & Loranna Weiss 1956 Bonnie Carlile 1957 Deanna Humphrey 1957 Richard Kapperman 1957 Chuck & Elaine Krumme 1957 Harlan Oestmann 1957 Lee Ogle 1957 Denny Schuler 1957 Leland & Karlene Sherwood 1957 George Slaughter 1957 Ronald & Mary Wenninghoff 1957 Gayleen Zentner 1957 Sidney Applegate 1958 Ronald Brock 1958 Donald Gibson 1958 Lois Giles 1958 Lorrain Haack 1958 Richard Kumpf 1958 Betty Light 1958 David Longfellow 1958 Gary Mayfield 1958 Val Jean McKeever 1958 Marilyn Naggatz 1958 Jerry Payne 1958 Louise Searcey 1958 Nick Stolzer 1958 Ron & Fran Witt 1958 Ralph Aranza 1959 Roger Benton 1959 Bob & Mary Bohlken 1959 Sid Brown 1959 Nadine Danielson-Cusack 1959 Nancy Dickerson 1959 Jack Dodge 1959 Arnold & Sharon Ehlers 1959 Phillip & Nadine Fahrlander 1959 Bob & Carolyn Henry 1959 Walter & Peggy Huff 1959 Gilbert Long 1959 Virginia Meyerkorth 1959 Donna Nenneman 1959 Dale Rexilius 1959 Leroy Scheele 1959 Marvin Thomsen 1959 Harry Weichel 1959 Donald & Vivian Wendt 1959

Samantha Williamson 1959


Gary & Marian Anderson 1960 Marlene Ballance 1960 Raburn & Dixie Benton 1960 David & Rae Fulton 1960 Dorothy Grell 1960 Carroll & Sue Johnson 1960 Jere & Jan Krakow 1960 Richard & Joan Kunde 1960 Carolyn Law 1960 Ernie Madison 1960 Norma Meyer 1960 Lester Miller 1960 Jerry Paden 1960 Leland Schmit 1960 Donald & Glenna Scoby 1960 Ronald Stoltenberg 1960 Nedra Sunderland 1960 Joe & Janice Verbeek 1960 Connie Biggers 1961 Marilyn Borgerding 1961 Joyce Carman 1961 Norman Catlett 1961 Ruby Eschen 1961 Keith & Virginia Hawxby 1961 David Hoffman 1961 Gerald Jeanneret 1961 Luanne Lindquist 1961 Stanley Longfellow 1961 Sandra Mathews 1961 Darlene McCord 1961 Haney & Karen Milstead 1961 Rev. Moorer Moorer 1961 Lynn & Pauline Osterholm 1961 Michael Roddy 1961 Donna Schwertley 1961 Chick Stessman 1961 Jerry & Linda Bell 1962 Bruce Eddy 1962 John Greene 1962 Ellen Hajek 1962 Glenn Irwin 1962 Patricia Isaac 1962 Jerry & Charlotte Lunsford 1962 Leonard McLain 1962 Ray & Myrna Meister 1962 Allen Nelson 1962 Lois Olszewski 1962 Bruce Sweenie 1962 Roger Wellensiek 1962 Joyce Able 1963 Galen Conn 1963 Anita Cox 1963 Kenneth & Leona Dostal 1963 Millard Hamel 1963 Russell Hicks 1963 Judy Jensen 1963 Ronald Kelley 1963 Milan Kloepfer 1963 Sharylin Knock 1963 Linda Lawlor 1963

James Meacham 1963 Linda Moree 1963 Donna Morgan 1963 Stephen Parker 1963 Mary Ann Privatt 1963 Robert Reitz 1963 Enoch Shepherd 1963 Roland Sohnholz 1963 Larry & Ramona Swett 1963 Larry Vice 1963 Elsie Wenzbauer 1963 Russel Workman 1963 Arlan & Carolyn Biere 1964 Laurel Brewer 1964 Thomas Buchholz 1964 Ron Cotton 1964 Janice Dawson 1964 William Hunsaker 1964 Melissa Jarecke 1964 Joann Krause 1964 Linda Kreimeyer 1964 James Minor 1964 Gary Neddenriep 1964 Michael & Sandy Ramirez 1964 Donald & Ardith Rut 1964 Mary Ruzicka 1964 Judi Schreiner 1964 Adair Sherwood 1964 Mary Skalak 1964 Bonita Steinback 1964 Frances Steinbrook 1964 Mary Yearsley 1964 James Agnew 1965 Joann Barry 1965 Gary Bedea 1965 Michael Chu 1965 Daniel & Carol Coffey 1965 Richard & Beverly Floerchinger 1965 Ronald Foreman 1965 Larry Giesmann 1965 Donald Glaesemann 1965 David & Linda Gomon 1965 Ilma Gottula 1965 Duane Haith 1965 Alvin Henrichs 1965 Judith Hetherington 1965 Michael & Virginia Janis 1965 Bruce & Linda Mau 1965 Norma McKercher 1965 Chuck Niemeyer 1965 Mariedith Pagel 1965 Larry Phillips 1965 Donald Wright 1965 Charles Adams 1966 Diane Berlett 1966 Joan Bernhardt 1966 Oliver & Janet Bierman 1966 Kenneth Boatman 1966 Samuel Carneal 1966 Larry Eden 1966 Alicia Fricke 1966 James Hanks 1966 Lonnie & Nancy Houchin 1966

John & Gloria Hunzeker 1966 Norma Janko 1966 Stanley Johnson 1966 Stanley Johnson 1966 Barry Kennedy 1966 Julia Kern 1966 Robert Krofta 1966 Robert Leander 1966 Norma Loew 1966 Peter Lynch 1966 Michael McCormick 1966 Nile & Donna McCoy 1966 Paul Oliphant 1966 Gloria Pressnall 1966 Marilyn Ryan 1966 Alan Shipley 1966 Margaret Slayter 1966 James Sprague 1966 Leland Vrooman 1966 Joseph Wildinger 1966 Dorothy Willis 1966 Roy Windhorst 1966 Mr Zink Zink 1966 Velma Adam 1967 Garth & Gloria Adams 1967 Ted Allison 1967 Lonnie Bohling 1967 Barbara Brandt 1967 Marie Carnazzo 1967 Gerald Carnes 1967 Dolores Clark 1967 Rick Connole 1967 Lawrence Duder 1967 Paul & Arlene Fell 1967 Mike Guilliatt 1967 Carol Henning 1967 Vernon Krenzer 1967 Jerry Marks 1967 Ruth Marshall 1967 Ron & Mary Lu McCoy 1967 Nancy Nealon 1967 John Patterson 1967 Darrell Plumb 1967 Carol Schmucker 1967 Leonard Tomlyn 1967 Barbara Vaughn 1967 Gary Viterise 1967 John Witler 1967 Larry Bohling 1968 Thomas Bresnahan 1968 Buzz Burling 1968 Carol Chandler 1968 Douglas Cotner 1968 Antoinette Faulkner 1968 Jack Gaines 1968 Nancy Handley 1968 Paul Henrickson 1968 Stanley & Barbara Johnson 1968 Glen Keegan 1968 William Kerins 1968 Carol Martin 1968 Teresa Minard 1968

Continued on p. 16

16 Continued from p. 15 George Moore 1968 Gary Obermeyer 1968 Jody Pohlman 1968 Gary & Martha Schaffer 1968 Mary Lou Schriner 1968 Chuck Shores 1968 Samuel Smith 1968 Sylvia Stokes 1968 Marian Terry 1968 Ralph Wiles 1968 Ronald Yates 1968 Mildred Appleoff 1969 Larry Aylor 1969 John Bernadt 1969 Vivian Bernhardt 1969 Dwayne Brettmann 1969 Robert Cappel 1969 Michael & Jean Castle 1969 Patricia Diskin 1969 Marlene Dodd 1969 Richard Flannery 1969 Richard & Martha Gibson 1969 Patsy Harpster 1969 Bruce Haughton 1969 Lavelle Hitzemann 1969 Leroy & Linda Koehler 1969 Diane Laub 1969 Viola Maloy 1969 Cheryl Marks 1969 Richard & Ramona Moore 1969 Elizabeth O’Connor-Gunn 1969 Nick & Cheri Petrillo 1969 Lois Pietzyk 1969 Dwight Reins 1969 James Rowe 1969 Marilyn Scheinost 1969 Albert & Louise Smith 1969 Richard & Margaret Smith 1969 Jean Sugden 1969 Gerhardt Wehrbein 1969


Van Allen 1970 Larry Cotton 1970 Dennis Curtis 1970 Don & Claudia Dougherty 1970 Barbara Easley 1970 Roger Evans 1970 James Head 1970 Rita Hogue 1970 Mary Kloepping 1970 Gregory Maguire 1970 Darwin & Nancy Olson 1970 Rev. Osborne Osborne 1970 Gary Rosso 1970 Larry Schwan 1970 John Seeba 1970 Diana Sorensen 1970 Judith Straw 1970 Wayne & Elaine Stuck 1970 Dennis & Janet Watts 1970

Peru Stater Fall 2010 Donald Wiechec 1970 Phyllis Brandt 1971 Jody Bukacek 1971 Rose Duncan 1971 Larry & Sue Green 1971 Alan Henning 1971 Pamela Jones 1971 Robert Kiser 1971 Daisy Malcom 1971 Connie Matson 1971 Gail Mausbach 1971 Darwin McHugh 1971 Janet McMullen 1971 Ronald & Susan Meyer 1971 Rodney & Janie Montang 1971 Willa Stutheit 1971 Sara Veigel 1971 Lanny & Mary Williams 1971 Nancy York 1971 Randy Baucke 1972 Roger & Linda Behrns 1972 Vicki Beilke 1972 Shari Briese 1972 Maureen Carpenter 1972 James & Dianne Dickson 1972 Daniel Eichenberger 1972 Jerome & Connie Greany 1972 Susan Hanley 1972 Carolyn Hopp 1972 Patricia Hunsberger 1972 Charles Klingler 1972 Mary Lade 1972 Susan Meyer 1972 Sandy Miles 1972 Terry Ratliff 1972 Kathleen Rattell 1972 Joan Shurtliff 1972 Melissa Sis 1972 Gerald Stukenholtz 1972 Esther Tegtmeier 1972 Jon Tritsch 1972 Jerold & Ramona Tuxhorn 1972 Dominic Vitticore 1972 Gary Weiler 1972 Bob Beaver 1973 Mary Conradt 1973 James Desbien 1973 Bob Engles 1973 Mary Givehand 1973 Mark & Kim Hahn 1973 Anna Jeffrey 1973 Jack Jensen 1973 Barbara Jones 1973 Roger Michaelis 1973 Barton Neri 1973 Margaret Roddy 1973 Joe & Judy Shown 1973 Jeffrey & Mary Barker 1974 Mary Howery 1974 Janet Kirkendall 1974 Terry & Marlene Neddenriep 1974 Drasis & Mary Charlene Pajeda 1974 Duane & Eileen Rathe 1974

Janice Smith 1974 Tommie Solie 1974 Jack Stanley 1974 Gayle Swisegood 1974 Bob & Lucy Winter 1974 Russell & Julie Barnes 1975 Robert Craig 1975 Cheryl Grove 1975 William Hallock 1975 William Hosack 1975 Doug Kingery 1975 David McDaniel 1975 David Norton 1975 Susan Snodgrass 1975 Debra Stinn 1975 Theresa Symancyk 1975 John Trayer 1975 Stephen & Terry Zimmers 1975 Lauren Arvin 1976 Dan & Cheryl Cotton 1976 Linda Dickeson 1976 Gail Harmon 1976 Mitzi Hoback 1976 Kurtis & Deborah Kent 1976 Betty Kirby 1976 Barbara Rolf 1976 Annie Rucker 1976 Sheila Walters 1976 Rhonda Burbach 1977 John Dierking 1977 Donald & Ruth Doxon 1977 Ruth Gerdes 1977 Ted Harshbarger 1977 Sharon Henricksen 1977 Ray Kappel 1977 Joseph Kotnik 1977 Colleen Kreifels 1977 Maureen Losee 1977 Mary See 1977 David Stemper 1977 Carolyn Bednar 1978 Robert Bethel 1978 Rhonda Chomos 1978 Roxann Coudeyras 1978 Richard & Penny Kimball 1978 Jeffrey Scanlan 1978 Mary Scott 1978 Anne Stribling 1978 Sherry Taylor 1978 Rod White 1978 Lance Wilson 1978 Virginia Baack 1979 Joyce Boslau 1979 Joseph Gergen 1979 Rebecca Graham 1979 Angela Hogan 1979 Phyllis Kreutzer 1979 Denise Kurpgeweit 1979 Shirley Lewis 1979 Steve & Shirley Lewis 1979 Beverly Pietzyk-Hardy 1979 Sharon Russell 1979 Mark Shively 1979

Judy Spires 1979


Stacy Applegate 1980 Lonnie Bane 1980 Steven Dunn 1980 Mary Findeis 1980 Dennis Marshall 1980 Jack Moles 1980 Robert Parsley 1980 Joseph Primm 1980 Ardith Wininger 1980 Perry & Marsha Biaggi 1981 Steve & Cindy Cole 1981 Donald & Sharon Crunk 1981 Shelley Cygan 1981 Ronda Diggs 1981 Charles Ferguson 1981 Paulette Joy 1981 Michael & Cynthia Liewer 1981 Keith Mullins 1981 Kent & Becki Propst 1981 Virginia Schlender 1981 Colleen Barrett 1982 Mick & Katherine Haney 1982 Martin Haverty 1982 Karen Koehler 1982 Mary Lohmeier-Hass 1982 Pamela Rohrs 1982 Timothy Boerner 1983 Polly Clark 1983 Christine Dietz 1983 Barbara DuBois 1983 Rene Kruse 1983 Linda Meyer 1983 Kimberly Oliver 1983 Laurie Schulte 1983 Jeff & Robin Smith 1983 Jeff Wignall 1983 Penny Browne 1984 Carolyn Christen 1984 Sharon Clelland 1984 Curtis Cogswell 1984 Twila Fickel 1984 Cheryl Hart 1984 Tim & Cindy Hoffman 1984 Pamela Mitchell 1984 Roselyn Shaffer 1984 Teresa Smith 1984 Kevin Sykes 1984 Diane Thomas 1984 Karen Wolken 1984 Leroy & Diana Behrends 1985 Christopher Cerveny 1985 Susan Coonce 1985 Wayne Dolezal 1985 SaraBeth Donovan 1985 Thomas Gepson 1985 Phillip & Kathleen Hall 1985 Boyd Marquardt 1985 James Meredith 1985 Kellie Wiers 1985 Donny Anderson 1986


Peru Stater Fall 2010 Todd & Brenda Anderson 1986 Michael Apple 1986 Carol Chappell 1986 Mary Furnas 1986 Teresa Hansmire 1986 Mary Kenady 1986 Deeann Ketter 1986 Jim & Theresa Krajicek 1986 Steve LaHood 1986 DiAnna Loy 1986 Patrick Mertens 1986 Steven & Kristen Miller 1986 Ann Severin 1986 Jeffrey Slagle 1986 Bonnie Adcox 1987 Brenda Blair 1987 Genelle Busch 1987 Daniel Casey 1987 Amy Clark 1987 Mark Czapla 1987 Richard Haneline 1987 John Hurst 1987 Thomas McLaughlin 1987 Mari-Ann Pesek 1987 Kevin Rahner 1987 Randy Reeves 1987 Susan Rice 1987 Matthew Roberts 1987 Alan Schroeder 1987 Linette Small 1987 Theresa Waters 1987 Ken Anderson 1988 Judith Bennett 1988 Elliot & Joni Berg 1988 Ronald Brockhaus 1988 Teresa Falk 1988 Darwin & Tricia Gushard 1988 Anita Hueftle 1988 Leesa Jensen 1988 James & Anne Larsen 1988 Barbara Miller 1988 Patricia Moon 1988 Maxine Ward 1988 Michael & Shirley Yates 1988 Brent Yaw 1988 Mark Bartholomew 1989 Ruth Beethe 1989 Colleen Belitz 1989 Paul Bennett 1989 Patricia Burns 1989 Joe Davis 1989 Diane Denniston 1989 Janice Godinez 1989 Mary Grimes 1989 Ruth Kirchhevel 1989 Janyce Kirkendall 1989 Michael McGrath 1989 Jodi Robinson 1989 Jack Spencer 1989 Kathe Vore 1989 Jay Wiechmann 1989


Ellen Arthur 1990 Susan Baylor 1990 Sharilyn Cole 1990 Angela Dorn 1990 Lonnie Fuerniss 1990 Chris & Stephanie Haussler 1990 Sheri Menold 1990 Holly Meyer 1990 James Rains 1990 Steven & Erin Sayer 1990 Alan Vervaecke 1990 Edward Ankrom 1991 Sandra Hilding 1991 Merry Holliday-Hanson 1991 Nancy Merz 1991 Bruce Mey 1991 Heath & Judy Miller 1991 David Sesna 1991 Ann Alden 1992 Steven Andersen 1992 Angela Antholz 1992 Theresa Baumgartner 1992 Susan Cade 1992 Harold Campbell 1992 Wei Chong 1992 Terry Clark 1992 Jean Everhart 1992 Jana Fink 1992 James Florence 1992 Cinda Goodrich 1992 Troy & Michele Hendrickson 1992 Terry Hotze 1992 Sally Hutt 1992 Merri Johnson 1992 Stephanie Kerscher 1992 Margo LaBrie 1992 Kelli Maas 1992 Garrett & Linda Mann 1992 Darrell McKenzie 1992 Ian Nabb 1992 Tracey Niehues 1992 Kim Panko 1992 Susan Rokey 1992 John Sayer 1992 Miriam Werner 1992 Jennifer Wurzelbacher 1992 Rod Beyke 1993 Tim Bowen 1993 Diana Conradt-Mullen 1993 Douglas Dockweiler 1993 Trudy Fankhauser 1993 Beth Lueth 1993 Susan Nielsen 1993 Deana Policky 1993 Dana Stovall 1993 Lori Tibbs 1993 Robin Billings 1994 Peter Dennis 1994 Michael Ervin 1994 David Mike 1994 Peggy Oliver 1994 Julie Parde 1994 Rob Prokop 1994

Holly Rieschick 1994 Christopher Stangl 1994 Susan Steinkruger 1994 Ivan Wineglass 1994 Jennifer Berck 1995 Lori Gerking 1995 Bruk Getachew 1995 David & Jean Gibbons 1995 William Grunewald 1995 Daniel & Jennifer Hamilton 1995 Benjamin & Jamie Royal 1995 Michael Whitney 1995 Barbara Beatty 1996 Joan Christen 1996 Tracy Donner 1996 Troy & Malinda Dunn 1996 Scott Holmes 1996 Marlene Oaks 1996 Renae Oswald 1996 Thomas Proudfit 1996 Carl Quijas 1996 John Roddy 1996 Sharon Thompson 1996 Stephanie Ware 1996 Valerie Able 1997 Brett & Tracy Davis 1997 Spencer Duncan 1997 Angela Hetzel 1997 Jacqueline Hoeft 1997 Brent Lottman 1997 Rachel Richardson 1997 Ross & Kelli Tomjack 1997 Tressa Whittington 1997 Monica Yankus 1997 Callie Young 1997 Luke Avery 1998 Andrea Baxter 1998 John Campin 1998 Suzanne Hillman 1998 Jessica Moore 1998 Rhonda Riha 1998 Matt Asher 1999 Robert Curry 1999 Teri Dorn 1999 Cathy Fugleberg 1999 Jason Ross 1999 Christopher Segrell 1999


Jodi Evans 2000 Steven Heine 2000 Jon & Beth Mierau 2000 Phillip Warrick 2000 Tamara Westhart 2000 Jenifer Busing 2001 Erik Hertzel 2001 Karen Horky 2001 Aimee Johns 2001 Christopher Johnson 2001 Gary Richters 2001 Todd Schneider 2001 Rita Scott 2001 Timothy & Tracy Sealock 2001

Rita Becker 2002 Kirk Breier 2002 Rebecca Carpenter 2002 Charles Genuchi 2002 Sheri Grotrian 2002 Christopher Richardson 2002 Darlon Rohlff 2002 Tonya Volk 2002 Barbara Anderson 2003 Jeffrey Ely 2003 Alan Gager 2003 Dale Kelly 2003 Cynthia Burki 2004 Krystal Nolte 2004 Lisa Oltmans 2004 Clinton Pebley 2004 Sagrario Rangel 2004 Nathan Rolofson 2004 David Bremer 2005 Shannon Cole 2005 Christopher Cullison 2005 Carlene Frenzel 2005 Bill Hayes 2005 Stacie Loeffelholz 2005 Tiffany Schoenrock 2005 Rita Seid 2005 Wendy Brennan 2006 Matt Hill 2006 Douglas Johnson 2006 Shawn Jurgens 2006 Lana Tolbert 2006 Rodney Zeches 2006 Wende Bergmeier 2007 James Daberkow 2007 Michael Edmundson 2007 Lynn Meyer 2007 Sara Seidel 2007 Tiffany Tharp 2007 Aaron Carpenter 2008 Stephanie Dearmont 2008 Guy Hale 2008 Donna Kuhn 2008 Robert & Mary Lundholm 2008 Laura Mangnall 2008 Amanda Marquette 2008 Robert Olson 2008 Keshia Selko 2008 Frederick Payne 2009


Allen Carman Bill Clemente Dwight Wininger Allan & Deb Adams Eloise Anderson Virginia Argabright Kelly Asmussen Marilyn Bath Bruce Batterson Gerry Brady Carolyn Bredemeier Paul Brown

Continued on p. 18


Peru Stater Fall 2010 Continued from p. 17


Ethel H. Russle (’13) of Portage, Michigan passed away October 24, 1999.


Marie Teten Wellensiek (’34) of Cook passed away on February 14. Marie worked for the Farmers State Bank in Talmage and enjoyed quilting. Floy Alice Beachler Durbin (’35) of Emerson, Iowa died November 6, 2009. Floy taught at country schools. Butler Harkins (’35) passed on January 10, 2009.

Leota “Tootie” Moore (’35) of Johnson died January 4th. Letoa started her teaching at several country schools including Independence and Washington. Later she would teach at Johnson Public. Erma Arlene Whitney Vonderhaar (’37) of Biloxi, Mississippi passed on February 22, 2008. Marian Karr Weiss (’37) of Papillion passed away on August 21, 2009. She is survived by her husband, Ernest Weiss. Estella Rinne (’38) of Beatrice died January 1st. Gwendolyn Warrick Sausser (’38) of Pawnee City passed on February 2, 2010. Frederick Wolter (’38) of Jordanville, New York died March 14, 2006. Fred was employed by the DuPont Company for the majority of his career. Dorothy Tyson French (’39) of Plattsmouth died on April 23, 2009. Dorothy spent much of her time at Peru State. After receiving her first degree, she began to teach while continuing on to getting a higher degree. Genevieve Parriott Gergen (’39) of Huboldt died October 3, 2009. Genevieve spent a part of her life teaching but after retiring she worked for the postal service as assistant postmaster, then postmaster in Dawson, Nebraska.

Dorothy Ann Wolter (’39) of Jordanville, New York passed away June 19, 2009. Dorothy was a special education teacher in West Chester and Coatesville.


Kenneth Knapp (’40) of Santee, California passed away May 25, 2000. Ken spent much of his time teaching high school and junior high until he retired.

Walter W. Watkins (’40) of Kansas City, Missouri passed away December 14, 2009. After having been drafted in WWII, Walter moved to Missouri and found a job as a ‘civil servant’ for the Social Security Administration for 28 years. Emma Rose Rosicky Phinney (’41) of Alameda, passed on January 10th. Emma took joy in teaching others to sew and cook. She loved to travel all fifty states and most of Europe. Frieda Wellensiek Rice (’41) of Waco passed on August 11, 2008. Lucile Raper Ulrich (’41) of Tecumseh died March 10, 2009 on her ninetieth birthday. Lucile spent much of her life teaching. Corinne Whitfield Adams (’42) of Peru passed away on February 15, 2006. Betty Scott Rayborn (’43) of Altoona, Florida died November 16, 2009. Betty was a teacher before retiring. She is survived by husband Charles Rayborn. Joseph Moura (’45) of Windsor, California passed away November 25, 2009. He is survived by wife Sheila Mourab. Selina Ruth Eschen Beatty (’46) of Lee’s Summit, Missouri passed away December 24, 2009. Selina had a great love for outdoors sports, gardening, traveling, and her family. Wilma Rhinehart Handley (’46) of Falls City passed away January 16.

Continued on p. 20

Chris Buethe Yvonne Chandler Ardie Chapin Donald Clark Jack Cooper Bill Coulter Sara Crook John Crotty Thomas Ediger David & Malinda Edris Kathy Ensz Greg Galardi Jerry Gallentine Fred Gfeller Jean Gibson Alfred Gigstad James Grant John Hahn Colene Hance De Ann Hanson Bob & Carol Hemmingsen Julie Hopp Christy Hutchison Jay and Linda Jacobsen John Jerkovich Ben Johnson Joe Kincaid Mike Koslosky Bill Lambrecht

Daryl Long Patricia Longley Joel Lundak Shirley Majors Lyle & Norma McKercher Marie Meland Paul Miller George Nincehelser Marilyn Nutt Janet Nuzman James Pilkington David & Virginia Pippert Guy Rosenberg Dick & Jean Rottman Marilyn Sayer Joni Schmidt Steve Schneider Lillian Schottenhamel Robert Shively Leonard Skov Jane Smith Bill & Shirley Snyder William Swenson Jim Thomas Kathy Tynon Jackie Uhri Floyd Vrtiska Randy & Ursula Waln Richard & Ann Watson Al Wheeler Benjamin and Lanette Young

If you made a gift to the PSC Foundation in 2009 and your name is missing from this Honor Roll, please contact us right away. We do our best to insure the accuracy of the list, but mistakes can happen, and we will correct it in the fall edition of The Peru Stater. To reach the PSC Foundation, call (402) 872-2304; write to us at Peru State College Foundation, PO Box 10, Peru NE. 68421-0010; or e-mail us at

Memorial gifts do Make a difference Memorial gifts to the Peru State College Foundation are a very special way to commemorate the passing of a family member, friend or former colleague. Memorials not only celebrate the life of the person who passed, they support the future of Peru State College. Even if the person being memorialized had no direct affiliation with Peru State, a gift of this type is a fine way to pay homage. Simply make your gift payable (by check, money order, or credit/debit card) to the Peru State College Foundation, and make a notation as to who is being memorialized. If we have contact information on next-ofkin, we will notify them of receipt of the gift. And remember, memorial gifts are tax deductible. Memorial gifts can be sent to: The Peru State College Foundation, PO Box 10, Peru NE. 68421-0010, or give online at http://foundation.peru. edu


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Peru mourns loss of alum, Former first lady Adele Reed Adele Penterman Reed (’36) passed away in Lincoln, Neb. in February. She was 94. Mrs. Reed was the widow of the late Wayne O. Reed (’35), who died in 1974. The Reeds returned to their alma mater in 1950 when Dr. Reed was asked to serve as Peru State President after the tragic assassinations of Pres. William L. Nicholas and Dean Paul A. Maxwell. The Reed’s left Peru State after a year when Dr. Reed was appointed Associate Commissioner for FederalState Relations in the United States Office of Education. He served the federal agency with distinction for 21

years. Mrs. Reed was herself a distinguished educator. She grew up in Iowa, and after graduating from Peru she earned a master's degree at the University of Nebraska. Mrs. Reed taught at both high school and college levels, and was associated with the Nebraska State Department of Education. For seven years she served as an interviewer and researcher in the selection of the National Teacher of the Year. The Reeds long ago established the Wayne and Adele Reed Scholarship fund with the PSC Foundation.

Eldon Clark Helped Send Man to the Moon

Anders - were the first humans to see the far side of the moon His wife, the former Madge Crump (’40), said he was proud of, but didn't talk much about, his work on the project. "It was very exciting. Eldon didn't talk about it much, other than what was in the newspapers. But when Apollo 8 was orbiting the moon I remember us sitting outside staring at the moon; trying to see more than we could see," she told the Tampa Bay Online news source. Clark was born in Virginia, Neb., where he attended high school. "I was a freshman in college when Eldon and I first met," said Mrs. Clark, his wife for almost 68 years. "For me Madge (Crump, ’40) and Eldon it was love at first sight. He was a (’41) Clark sweet and beautiful man. I loved him dearly." Eldon Clark (’41), a former Boeing Mrs. Clark was raised in Hamburg, electrical engineer who played a role Iowa. After finishing high school she in the first manned flight to the moon, went to Peru to get a teaching degree. passed away last June. He was 88. She and Eldon were married in June He helped place the Apollo 8 crew 1941. Later that year the U.S. entered in orbit around the moon in DecemWorld War II and they moved to Kanber 1968. sas, where she taught and he received Clark was Boeing's chief electrical an engineering degree from Kansas engineer at the time of the Apollo 8 State before he entered the armed sermission in December 1968. He helped vice in the Army Air Corps. design and install the electrical sysThat led to a job with Beechcraft. tem for the Saturn V first-stage rocket He then left for a position with Boeengine that took the crew into space. ing in the 1960s. The astronauts on board - Frank And the rest, as they say, is history. Borman, James Lovell and William

There are TAKERS and then there are GIVERS Soon Jerry and Linda Bell will have been married 49 years. They met while both were students at Peru State Teacher’s College, and have been big fans of Peru State ever since – including membership in The 1867 Society, people who have included Peru in their estate plans. Linda Bertram Bell had scholarships that allowed her the opportunity to attend. The Falls City, NE. native graduated from Peru State Teachers College in 1962 and taught Home Economics and English for a year. She then was a stay at home mother to their son and daughter. She said, “Although I only taught one year, my education at Peru gave me what I needed to satisfy my desire to give to others. Using my education I have dedicated a large part of my life to helping seniors when they need it most.” Linda has volunteered to teach craft classes at a nursing home and reads to seniors who are no longer able. After their children were raised, Linda dedicated herself to helping the elderly, working for Social Services as Eligibility for Medicaid for Older Americans and Issuance of Food Stamps officer. Jerry worked his way through Peru State. Jerry is from Nebraska City; his mother was a housewife and sometimes a waitress and his father drove a truck, and cooked at various establishments - including the Peru cafeteria for a short time. Jerry attended from 1955 through 1957, then took his stint in the military and returned in 1960, graduating in 1962. His stories of ornery adventures in Delzell are worth hearing. Jerry was a mathematics teacher and taught for thirty years in the Beatrice Public Schools. He earned his Masters degree at the University of Mississippi through the National Science Foundation in 1965-1966. Jerry also taught at Table Rock, a couple of courses at the community college in Beatrice and in Iowa. Now retired, the Nebraska City Historical Society puts Jerry’s love of history to use and keeps him busy with tours through a museum in Nebraska City that was once his home. With

Linda Bertram Bell (’62) and Jerry Bell (’62) history as a close second to his love for mathematics, and with Jerry’s quick wit, he no doubt hosts enjoyable tours. As Jerry said, “There are Takers and Givers”– Jerry and Linda not only took all the knowledge they possibly could from Peru State College they give back in so many ways. They are proud members of the 1867 Society of Peru State College’s Foundation, and encourage others to do as they have and remember Peru State College in their estate. The 1867 Society is a planned giving program which enables alumni and friends of Peru State College to give back to PSC by including it in their estate plans. Planned gifts to the Peru State College Foundation are a great way to help the College maintain its tradition of excellence for generations to come. To become a member of the 1867 Society, simply include the PSC Foundation in your estate plan, and notify the Foundation of your actions. For more information about planned giving opportunities and the 1867 Society, contact: Sandy Fisher Peru State College Foundation 402/872-2304 or


Peru Stater Fall 2010

passed away on August 24, 2009.

Continued from p. 17 Wilma spent several years teaching school in Nebraska, and spent a few years as secretary for Glendale Unified School District in California. Lois Shafer Kroh (’47) of Omaha passed away on June 27, 2009. Virginia Mae Bippes Elwonger (’48) died February 4th. Virginia spent several years teaching as elementary teacher after graduation from Peru. She and her husband spent forty years as custodians at their church, and she taught Sunday school as well. Dr. James A. McCoy (’49) of Auburn died September 17, 2009. James taught music at a college in Puerto Rico before returning to Auburn and teaching.


Glenda Lee Lunsford Huber (’53) of Falls City died November 14, 2009. Glenda taught school in Columbus, raises her own and several foster children with her husband. Luella Nincehelser Knapp (’55) of Santee, California passed away November 8, 2009. Luella spent much of her life teaching elementary, and enjoyed golfing, gardening, and painting. She is survived by family and friends.

Jean Halbasch Frye (’57) of Hickman died April 28, 2007. Barbara J. Bright (’58) of Royal died September 28, 2009. She is survived by family and friends. Ross Samuelson (’58) of Lake City, Iowa passed away February 24. He is survived by family and friends. Leo C. Barry (’59) of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas died January 23, 2004. Mary Jo Scharp Torring (’59) of Omaha, died on October 20, 2009. Mary spent a good amount of her time teaching elementary. She loved to read and play bridge.


Candace Felton Boebel (’60) of Fred-

erick, Maryland passed on February 24, 2009. She is survived by husband Paul Goebel. Thomas W. Sheldon (’60) of Nebraska City passed away on October 25, 1996. Agnes Klein Kelly (‘64) of Falls City died on October 23, 2009. Agnes spent much of her life teaching, first in Johnson County Schools, then in a Maple Grove one room school. Dorothy Priscillia Rink Higgins (’65) of Nebraska City, died December 4, 2009. Dorothy was a teacher and tutor for the PUFFS program in Nebraska City. Eldon Rossmiller (’60) of Fairplay, Colorado passed away December 19, 2003. Darrell Schmidt (’66) of Sterling passed away on March 19, 2009. Jerry Alan Jobe (’69) of Tabor, Iowa passed away December 28, 2009. Jerry served in the U.S. Air force during the Vietnam Era, and then spent almost forty years at the First State Bank of Tabor.


Phyllis Hamm Brandt (’71) of Plymouth passed away October 4, 2009. She is survived by family and friends.

Leona M. Krause (’71) of San Diego, California passed away February 26. She spent twenty years of her life teaching. Leona was a devoted wife and mother. Robert M. Bowen (’73) of Denver, Colorado passed away January 29, 2007. He is survived by family and friends.


Ivan “Swede” Leroy Bohlken (’82) of Nebraska City passed away December 30, 2009. Ivan spent several years teaching at many rural Otoe County schools.

Wayne M. Hietbrink (’82) of Firth

Martina L. “Tina” Conn (’86) of Houston, Texas passed away on January 8th.

GoodSearch for Peru State!

What if Peru State College earned a donation every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made 1990s online went to support our cause? Toni Bates Lootens (‘91) of Omaha Well, now it can! passed away on November 9, 2009. is a new Yahoopowered search engine that donates 2000s half its advertising revenue, about Timothy J. Kersten (attended in the a penny per search, to the charities early 2000’s) passed away February 14. its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch Friends of the College the donations add up! Vicki L. Auxier of Council Bluffs, is a new online Iowa died December 2, 2009. shopping mall which donates up to 30 percent of each purchase to your Debra Breazile of Auburn passed favorite cause! Hundreds of great away November 1, 2009. Debra was the custodial supervisor of Peru State stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy’s and for twenty-three years. Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place Chalmer L. “Cham” Cox of Omaha an order, you’ll be supporting Peru died September 9, 2009. Cham State College. worked for Peru State for twenty-five has been featured years. in many news outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Gerald “Jerry” Crabtree (Peru Prep Journal and ABC News. Start earn’52) passed on January 18th. ing money for PSC today at www. by entering Peru Susan Marie Hallock of Bellevue State College Foundation and Alumni passed away on November 15, 2009. Association in the “Who do you Susan was a dorm parent at Peru goodsearch for?” field. State in the 1970’s. Kristine Binder James (’89) passed on March 7, 2009.

Dr. Duane Stehlik of Table Rock, passed away February 13.


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Bobcat Baseball Swings for the fence Coming off a 2009 season that saw the team finish 30-22 overall and with a 14-10 record in conference play, good enough for a third place in the conference standings, the Bobcat baseball team begins this season with hopes for even bigger and better. The conference coaches apparently feel the same as in the preseason rankings, set by the head coaches of the conference institutions, the ‘Cats were picked to finish second behind powerhouse Bellevue University. Good pitching can keep the playing field level and make any team a force to be reckoned with, and good pitching is exactly what Peru has for the 2010 season. The pitchers that accounted for 23 of their 30 wins last season return to improve last sea-

son’s results. The staff is led by senior ace Yimy Rodriguez, a hard throwing right hander who started 16 games last season compiling a 7-6 record. Also in competition to top the rotation is junior college transfer Andre Kinder, a powerful lefty. The coaching staff believes that in Rodriguez and Kinder, they have two young men who give them a chance to compete against anyone in the country. Both are potential All-Conference pitchers, and have attracted attention from area scouts. The coaches believe they have a chance to be the first Bobcats selected in the MLB Amateur draft later this spring.

Softball needs new talent To step up to the plate As the 2010 softball season apfive. proached, many questions loomed Also back are pitchers Lauren Fiori, for veteran Coach Mark Mathews and the team leader in ERA with 3.99, and the Bobcats, who last season finished Nicole Goodrich who was second on 19-24 and third in the conference the team in ERA with 4.87 and led standings. the team with 53 strikeouts. Coach Last year’s squad was strong at the Mathews believes this solid pitching plate, finishing in the top 10 nationstaff will be important to the team’s ally in triples per game, total triples, success. and at-bats per game and in the top “The pitching staff will probably have 25 in hits per game and batting averto carry a lot of the burden since we have some younger players filling age. key spots,” he predicted. Yet this year, gone are standSolid production from the returning out veterans Jen Siedlik, a four-year players plus some key production starter at shortstop who led the team with a .419 batting average last season, from the team’s newcomers leave the team in a position to have great sucand second-team MCAC players Britcess according to their coach. tany Fry and Nicole Mercer. Despite these challenges, fans “We have talented players to fill these spots, we’ll see how they come have reason to be optimistic due to together and handle everything,” a strong group of returning players. They include Brittany Hoock who led Matthews said. “Our goal is to win conference and I think we can; the the team in RBIs with 30 and ranked process to get there will be interest18th nationally in triples per game with .132 and 19th in total triples with ing.”


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Bobcat golf swings Into spring season

Lead by second year Coach Maurtice Ivy, the Bobcat golf team is looking for great success this year. Ivy brings over 15 years of golfing experience to Peru and plans to bring her passion, enthusiasm and energy to the Peru women’s program. She is ready to start building a strong foundation for the fledgling Lady Bobcats women’s golf program. This spring season, the ‘Cats will be a young team and also very small but that doesn’t mean that they won’t

make a splash when the season begins. Freshman Katie Potter posted several strong scores for Peru in the fall including the team’s best score at Nebraska Wesleyan; so too has junior Avyn Vaden who led the team at the Doane-Concordia Invite; and freshman Jacey Stoner, who comes to Peru after a solid high school career has also shown great promise for the team.

Volleyball Squad Cross country Has high hopes Strong on course, In class If you had asked third-year Bobcat coach Lexie Baack about her volleyball team going into last season, she might have talked about youth. Peru had only two seniors on the squad in 2009. Yet hopes were high as the team had finished 19-11 the previous year; what Baack chose to emphasize, however was their skill. “This is one of the most skilled teams I’ve had, they keep their heads about them so well,” she said. Baack’s comments were proven as junior Chelsea Bergman was named to the MCAC first team and teammates Kelsie Haug, a senior, and Emily Maresh, just a freshman, received second team honors. A season-ending knee injury to senior leader Kaitlin Morrow forced the team to go on without their leader, and they finished the season 14-19 overall and fourth in the conference. The 2010 team will be a fun one to watch; it will feature a solid core of six seniors. It stands to be a smaller squad then most opponents but like teams of the previous years, this will be a scrappy team that should have great success.

Under the direction of Coach Johann Murray, the Bobcat Cross Country team focuses on two things they do well; running fast and being students first. Coach Murray, now in his fifth season at the helm in Peru has had success in both areas. The 2007-08 cross country team was honored with the title of NAIA Scholar Team and ranked fifth in the nation with a team combined GPA was 3.75. The 2008-09 squad finished atop the Bobcat Athletic Department again with a team GPA of 3.69, and was once again named an NAIA Scholar Team. Next year’s squad will have some holes to fill with five of the nine runners currently on their roster being seniors, but the two strong juniors as well as two skilled freshmen on the team will be up for the challenge.

Get Bobcat Athletic photos, stats and more online;

Lindsay Dannelly, senior cross country runner from Lincoln

These Cats have claws

2009 was an exciting season for the Peru State College football team. The Bobcats’ 7-4 record included an upset of a team then ranked 24th in the country, Jamestown (N.D.) College. Four Bobcat players were honored as members of the NAIA AllIndependent Team; Cody Wallinger, Derek Phillips, Ryan Newell, and Max Virus were all selected to the first team. Showing their commitment to players being students first, nine scholar-athletes were named members of the Daktronics-NAIA Football Scholar-Athletes, including four seniors. For 2010 the team will miss 11 strong seniors, but does that mean that the Cats can’t compete. According to eighth-year coach Terry Clark, “In this year’s recruiting class we signed some quality student-athletes that were able to meet our immedi-

ate needs for next season.” 22 players have committed to Peru for 2010, including 13 from Nebraska. Clark will look to veterans like senior quarterback Curtis Thompson, junior receiver Quentin Edelman, and sophomore running back Nate Moore to lead the team next season. Thompson is a three-year starter for the Bobcats who last season passed for 2,051 yards and 20 touchdowns with 12 interceptions, Edelman is the top returning receiver for Peru pulling in 27 passes for 369 yards and four touchdowns, and Moore is the leading rusher for the ‘Cats with 635 yards on 144 attempts and he also ran for four touchdowns. After making some noise last season, look for the Bobcats to show in 2010 they’re ready to take the next step and make a return to national prominence.

Coming off a 7-4 season and with a strong group of recruits joining a seasoned squad, football prospects appear bright for 2010.


Peru Stater Fall 2010

Just keep improving Is men’s hoops goal

A freshman-laden squad gained valuable experience in 2009-10. Among the first-year players seeing action were Conner Smith (22), Grand Cole (42) and Bryce Schaben (34) - all of whom had parents who were studnt-athletes at PSC.

‘New Peru’ in full swing During the preseason, third year Bobcat women’s basketball Coach Maurtice Ivy said “This will be Chapter II of the ‘New Peru’ and we have high expectations for our season.” They came on strong late in the season, winning 10 of their last 13 games, to set the stage for even higher expectations next year. Their 16-16 regular season record including 9-3 marks in the conference showed that down the stretch Coach Ivy’s squad could play with anyone. From Jan. 30 to Feb. 19, a span in the thick of the conference season, the Bobcats had a seven game winning streak that propelled them into second place in the MCAC over national tournament qualifier Haskell University. Peru was the second-seeded team in the conference tournament, after a second victory over Haskell 84-82; only College of the Ozarks stood

between them and a conference title. Alas, this was not to be for our Bobcats as Ozarks defended their home court and clinched the tournament title. Last year’s MCAC freshman of the year, center Monique McDuffie was again honored as a first-team all-conference player in 2010 after leading the team with 10.4 points per game: junior guard Ayvn Vaden, junior forward Alicia Bender, and freshman forward Courtney Ward were honored as second-team selections. With only one senior, LaNora Washington, on the roster this season, the majority of the team with return for the 2010-2011 season. After closing a season where they proved able to play with anyone, next season should prove to be one where seeing Peru State on their schedules could strike fear into any opponent.

Peru State coach Troy Katen’s first season at the helm in 2008-09 was a trying time to say the least; one victory for the season was certainly not the way he hoped to start. “(It) was tough” Katen said, “But I think what we learned from it was that we need to stick with the philosophy. “We need the right guys with good character that will buy into the team mentality,” Katen said. “I think we saw we can’t win simply by athletic skill, we have to work as a team.” This season, the team did exactly that; year two for Katen’s Cats ended with a 5-25 record and the potential for several more as proved by near misses in several other contests.

Senior Steve Burks was the lone Bobcat who garnered All-MCAC honors as he was named to the second team. Other players had solid contributions including several of the 13 recruits Coach Katen was able to land, due in large part to strong ties to Nebraska and the surrounding areas forged during Katen’s time with Hastings College. Going forward, the team loses only two seniors from this year’s team. With many of the nine freshmen on the roster getting the opportunity to see substantial playing time this season, the future for Bobcat basketball looks bright.

Head Coach Maurtice Ivy guided the 2009-10 women’s squad to a 9-3 conference mark and the league title game. With only one senior on the squad, expectations will be high next season.

PSC sets golf outings for alumni and friends Peru State College is planning a series of alumni golf events across the region in June and July. Everyone – even non-golfers – is welcome to join the fun! The events are coordinated by PSC Athletics and by the PSC Foundation. New President and Mrs. Dan Hanson plan to attend as many of the events as they can. Details are still being worked out, but generally they will involve 18 holes of golf in the afternoon, and dinner and social time in the late afternoon/early evening, PSC Athletic Director

Steve Schneider said. Alumni and friends will be given the option to golf, to have dinner, or both, he said. Invitations will be sent via e-mail to alumni in Omaha and Lincoln, and by both e-mail and US Mail to Falls City, Kansas City and Lincoln. Dates and places of the events are as follows: • Thursday, June 3 at the Falls City (Neb.) Country Club • Thursday, June 17 at The Knoll’s in Omaha • Thursday, July 8 at Painted Hills Golf Course in Kansas City (Kan.)

Thursday, July 22 at Hillcrest Country Club in Lincoln • Thursday, July 29 at El Dorado Golf Club in Norfolk (Neb.) If you do not live in or near one of these areas but would like to be on the invitation list, or live in the Omaha or Lincoln areas and would like to be mailed an invitation, contact Krystal Nolte at the PSC Foundation, 402/872-2304 or at knolte@

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