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What Services Do Perth Law Firms Provide To You? Perth law firms are specialized in criminal law. Criminal law is the whole body of law, which deals with crimes like drug charges, serious traffic offense, robbery etc. Criminal lawyers Perth manage clients in a large array of criminal matters. It is a firm that gives advice for simple and complicated legal situations. Its qualified lawyers can represent you at the time of trials, hearing and bail applications. When it is a matter of criminal law, it has track record and experience to carry out work with clients for any condition. Perth Law Firms provide you an exhaustive set of services. Some of the services are mentioned below: - Absolutely free consultation to any individual having a criminal legal matter - Expertise and advice just within areas of criminal law - Powerful negotiations with prosecutors and police - Organizing counsel at bail applications, trial, direction hearings and sentencing hearings It provides representation right through the legal systems in Western Australia. These systems include magistrates, district and supreme courts. Apart from all these things, Perth law firms also provide the following professionals to its clients: Senior Counsel In complicated conditions, these consultants provide legal advice, thereby a client at the time of trial. Private Investigators These consultants can give videos, images, statements as well as other evidence which is important for the defense of a client. Motor Vehicle Accident Experts

By scrutinizing the site of an accident, these consultants can ascertain the defects of the vehicle and outline the reason of a crash. Forensic Toxicologists These experts test the body of an individual for drug use levels, examination of poisons, identification of drugs and other similar matters. Forensic Scientists These specialists work as an expert witness on fire cause, gunshot residue, DNA tests, fingerprints, crime scene analysis etc. Forensic Psychologists These experts provide treatment recommendations and assess the risk of offence. Apart from this, they address needs of mental health of client. Forensic Psychiatrists These experts carry out the psychiatric evaluation which is usable at the time of trial in order to sentence purposes.

In addition to all these, there are some primary areas of criminal law which this firm covers like sex offences, property crime, drug offences, assault, serious traffic offences and murder and manslaughter. Bear in mind that most of the law firms in Perth are not specialized in criminal law. For any grave criminal offence, you need a law firm and a lawyer that will remain at your side.

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