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Strategic Plan 2013-2016




“Employers, large and small, work closely with us and employ our students because they appreciate the skills, knowledge and personal development that they have gained during their time spent studying with us.�

Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Principal’s Foreword This strategic plan gives us the opportunity to share our vision, mission and values with you. Our five aims are designed to take us forward in these exciting and challenging times.

encouragement that we offer our students to think widely and broaden their horizons so that they can make the most informed choices for their future career and work opportunities.

Perth and Kinross continues to enjoy better than average employment rates but many of these jobs are low paid and the local population is set to rise significantly. It is our ambition to ensure that we prevent as many people as possible becoming under employed and that through up-skilling and reskilling, we raise productivity levels in the workplace for the benefit of all.

Employers, large and small, work closely with us and employ our students because they appreciate the skills, knowledge and personal development that they have gained during their time spent studying with us. Businesses also gain from exchanging knowledge with, and accessing the research capacity of, our expert and talented staff. We are also proud of the help that we offer to our partners and the communities that we serve; local, regional, national and international; through supporting them to achieve their aims, goals and objectives.

The return of city status to Perth has confirmed the resolve to make it the most sought after location in Scotland to live, work, visit and invest within the next ten years. This mirrors our desire to secure both economic and social benefits for the communities of Perth and Kinross and beyond. Our students come from a wide range of ages, abilities, backgrounds and nationalities, learn from our expert staff and each other, achieve their chosen qualifications, make lasting friendships and connections and enjoy an exciting range of social and cultural activities. We are proud of the

We, as the College and University in Perth, are confident that we “put learners at the centre� of everything that we do and invite you to find out more about us on the following pages.

Margaret Munckton, Acting Principal and Chief Executive.


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Our Vision is... To be the college of choice and an inspirational partner in economic and social transformation.

Our Mission is... To change lives through education, providing knowledge and skills to succeed at work, in business and in the community.

Our Values are... Ambition, Integrity and Respect I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Our Aims are... I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Aim 1: Inspiring and supporting our students to achieve their potential We will: 1.1

Inspire our students to complete their chosen course and attain their qualification.

1.2 Encourage our students to broaden their horizons through our work with our diverse range of partners and communities. 1.3 Increase opportunities for students to engage in their own learning, the life and work of the College, and for staff and students to participate in international cultural exchange. 1.4 Provide opportunities for students to develop enterprising behaviours and personal resilience. 1.5 Help students achieve their potential by offering personalised support services at all stages of their learning. 1.6 Improve access to our courses and increase the number of students that progress from one level of study to another. 1.7 Provide a range of high quality, flexible and accessible facilities and learning resources for students and staff. 1.8 Improve levels of student satisfaction. I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Aim 2: Working in partnership to meet the needs of our local economy and beyond We will: 2.1 Ensure that our courses meet the demands of the local, regional and national economies. 2.2 Be recognised as the University in Perth and play an influential part in the further development of the University of the Highlands and Islands. 2.3 Secure positive impacts through improved and active relationships within the Highlands and Islands region, with the Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership and with other stakeholder agencies. 2.4 Show an increase in planned and meaningful engagement with employers including the development of apprenticeships, the exchange of knowledge and opportunities for growth. 2.5 Continue to develop the appropriate interventions needed to support those 16-24 year olds furthest from the employment market to access education and training. 2.6 Increase positive destinations from secondary schools through proactive partnership working. I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Aim 3: Providing a progressive curriculum which meets economic and social needs and aspirations We will: 3.1 Provide a relevant, demand-aligned curriculum which is regularly reviewed and refreshed based on course performance and available market research. 3.2 Play a leading role in the shared delivery of courses across the University of the Highlands and Islands. 3.3 Continue to embed the principles of our Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy, Curriculum for Excellence and graduate employability across curriculum delivery to all students; local, regional, national and international. 3.4 Ensure that students gain employability skills, are employment-ready, are sought after by employers and have the skills to be enterprising in their career choices. 3.5 Promote our research and scholarship to strengthen research-teaching linkages, whilst making a contribution to the Research Excellence Framework and to the University of the Highlands and Islands research degree awarding powers (rDAP) submission. I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Aim 4: Developing a successful and sustainable organisation We will: 4.1 Work effectively and efficiently to ensure the College thrives and prospers in an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable way. 4.2 Ensure our staff work in partnership with students and their Association to enhance the quality of the student experience. 4.3 Make efficiency savings and generate income to invest in the College. 4.4 Increase our consultancy, knowledge transfer and employer engagement services and achieve commercial growth in identified key sectors. 4.5 Expand our reach and reputation nationally and internationally. 4.6 Continue our focus on proactive management of both risk and opportunity. 4.7 Continue to embed the values and practices of equality, diversity, inclusion and social responsibility in and across the College. I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Aim 5: Developing staff to successfully deliver our Vision We will: 5.1 Be an employer of choice. 5.2 Continue to foster a culture of personal leadership and empowerment, enterprise, innovation and ownership by all staff. 5.3 Ensure that all staff are valued, informed and appropriately skilled and qualified. 5.4 Continue to invest in the professional development of all staff. 5.5 Have talented, confident and inspirational staff who participate in the life of the College and our communities. I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Strategic Plan 2013-2016 I 0845 270 1177


Balanced Scorecard Indicators We will use the balanced scorecard in

scorecard for different user groups: the Board

our planning and monitoring processes.

of Management, senior managers, College

Throughout the duration of this strategic

managers and College teams.

plan, we will develop different levels of the


Student Satisfaction

1. Students –

1. Course/achievement: I am satisfied with my course and I am achieving what I set out to do

a. Number of full-time programmes that offer work placements (>10 days)

2. Destination: I am aware what I can do after my course ends and I feel prepared to take my next steps

b. Number of apprenticeships

2. Students – positive destinations

3. College: Overall I am satisfied with the College and I would recommend the College to a friend

3. Staff – number of days spent on CPD per year 4. Staff – low staff turnover per year

Core Activity


1. Recruit to target

1. Financial outturn –

2. Retention and attainment – day 1 attainers of all programmes

1.1 Non-SFC income as % of total income

1.2 To maintain an operating surplus

2. Carbon footprint – gross carbon footprint

Overall contribution to the Highlands and Islands Regional Outcome Agreement. I 0845 270 1177 Strategic Plan 2013-2016



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Photography by John Need. Perth College is a registered Scottish charity, number SC021209.

The information in this publication is for your guidance only and is subject to change as part of our policy of continuous improvement.

Perth College UHI Strategic plan  

Strategic Plan for Perth College UHI in 2013-2016

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