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Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Chairman’s Report This is my first report as Chairman of the Development Trust, having been appointed to the Trust in February 2016. I am delighted to have been asked to take on this exciting and challenging role, following Sara Cornwallis’s decision to stand down as a result of her move south. I should like to express my thanks to Sara on behalf of the Trust Board for her energetic leadership of both the Trust and the Campaign Board during her term of office. Thanks are also due to Malcolm Innes for taking over as acting chairman of the Campaign Board over the last few months. As I have been learning about Perth College UHI in preparation for my new role, I have been deeply impressed by the extraordinary range of education which the College provides, the vitality of its staff and students, the central role it plays in the local community, and the exciting prospects for future development. As one of the largest colleges of the University of the Highlands and Islands, Perth College UHI has some nine thousand part-time and full-time students on its roll undertaking everything from practical training in car mechanics to PhD’s in Sustainable Studies. This broad range of activity has been reflected in the activities supported by the Development Trust and the Campaign Board. The Alzheimer’s project, led by Dr Maggie Robertson, has now been successfully completed, and a report has been submitted to the NHS Tayside Endowment Trust. The study has generated a great deal of interest from the medical profession, and has provided material for a range of publications. The work will continue, as Dr Robertson has

been awarded funding by Alzheimer’s Research UK (Scotland) to take her research forward as part of a European programme based at the University of Edinburgh. We are immensely proud of this project, delighted that it has been so widely acknowledged, and gratified that funding has been found to make it possible to build on the results it has achieved. The international interdisciplinary mountain science conference held in Perth in October 2015 by Perth College’s Centre for Mountain Studies was an immense success, drawing some 400 participants from 51 different countries. This reinforced the Centre’s existing reputation as a global centre of excellence on issues relating to sustainable development in mountain regions. The third, and continuing, focus of the Campaign Board’s activity has been the Academy of Sport and Wellbeing. Work on the building itself is well under way, and is due for completion at the beginning of September. Our efforts have been concentrated on raising the £1.5 million required to complete the equipment of the Academy. This ambitious project will meet several needs which cannot be satisfied by the facilities currently available in Perth. It will provide much-needed sports facilities for the College’s students, make possible the expansion of the College’s curriculum through provision of a much wider range of education and training in sport, wellbeing, and health and beauty, offer additional facilities for community, including disability, groups, and attract major national and international sporting events to Perth. Finally, we have continued to raise funds for scholarships to provide financial support to students who might otherwise find it difficult to find the resources they need for their studies. Before I close I must thank everybody who has supported our efforts – those who have donated so very generously to the projects described in this report, the hardworking members of the Campaign Board who give their time and commitment to the College, and especially Fiona Leslie, the Development Trust Manager, without whom none of this would happen. Essential to success is close cooperation and communication between the Trust, the Campaign Board, and the College’s Board of Management, and I shall be working over the next year to ensure that these relationships work even more effectively.

Howard J S Pearce CVO, Chairman of Perth College Development Trust and Campaign Board.

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


The Academy of Sport and Wellbeing Over the last year we have watched with great excitement the development of our new Academy of Sport and Wellbeing (ASW). The building work is progressing well and we look forward to seeing it completed in time for the new academic year. Here at Perth College we are committed to creating a fully integrated campus which will serve our students, local employers and communities in the future. The new Academy will transform the campus by providing amazing facilities which will allow us to extend our curriculum and support individuals to maximise their potential whilst promoting a healthier lifestyle for our communities. The Academy of Sport and Wellbeing will: • • • • • •

Provide the opportunity to extend our curriculum to meet the needs for highly trained professionals in the industry. Enhance employability prospects for students Improved health and wellbeing for our students staff and community groups Enhancement of the student experience Development of meaningful partnerships that enhance our curriculum, give our students enhanced applied experiences and provide commercial benefits Further enhance the reputation of Perth College UHI

The Vision The vision for Perth College UHI is to be a provider of excellent and inclusive sport and wellbeing facilities and deliver opportunities for students, staff, and community groups. We will provide support to motivate individuals, maximise their potential and promote a healthier lifestyle. The physical environment • • • • • • • • • • •

6 court sports hall for multi-sport usage Complimented with 450 seats for spectator viewing Sports hall can be transformed into major event venue with indoor marquee Competition level climbing and bouldering chamber with viewing gallery and 30 different climbing routes Modern gym with industry leading equipment Strength and condititioning gym which will cater for professional teams and elite athletes Fitness studio for all fitness classes Multi-functional training rig meeting highest levels of industry standards Suite of classroom and meeting rooms allowing us to enhance curriculum space combining theory and applied learning A state of the art Hair and Beauty Salon/Spa enhancing curriculum environment and maximising commercial opportunities Phased approach to wellness garden and enhanced catering facilities

Who will benefit: • • • •

Students wishing to train as Sports and Wellbeing professionals The wider community A range of disadvantaged community groups at all levels The local area through economic benefits.

Funding: • £6 million already secured for the building. • Final £1.5 million needed to equip the centre - we already have over £300,000. • Naming opportunities available at a range of gift levels.

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Campaign to Raise £1.5 Million With £6 million already secured to build the new Academy of Sport and Wellbeing, the Development Trust have been asked to raise the final £1.5 million to equip the centre. Get involved: Help us to be at the heart of the community, developing a culture which will inspire everyone who lives, works and studies in the area to achieve more by leading a healthier, more active lifestyle and achieve their educational and career aspirations. There are a number of ways you can help: • • • •

Suggest possible funding avenues Support the project – name a room in the building “Buy a Ball” and have your name on our Donor Wall Fundraise on our behalf

Ball in the Wall We have a range of gift opportunities available from major donations to smaller gifts through our Ball in the Wall Appeal. For larger donations there will be the opportunity for donors to name a room in the building if they wish and all donors over £250 (corporate £1,000) will have the chance to buy a Ball for our Ball Wall which will be displayed in the main foyer of the building for years to come. Make a donation to our Ball Wall by giving a minimum of £250 and receive a personalised ‘ball’ inscribed with your name, dedication or company logo, at the entrance to our new building. Development Trust

The more you donate, the grander the ball: Gold Ball – gifts of over £5,000 Silver Ball – gifts from £1000 to £5000 Bronze Ball – gifts from £250 to £1000 To donate: If you would like to help us, please complete the enclosed form and send to Fiona Leslie, Development Trust Manager Perth College UHI, Crieff Road, Perth PH1 2NX For further information: Email: Tel: 01738 877215

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Ambassadors of the Academy “Having been born, raised and schooled in Perth I’m delighted to see the City’s University have the ambition to champion an Academy of Sport and Wellbeing. Perth has a proud tradition of producing athletes that have achieved both on a national and international stage. Sport has a unique ability to inspire young and old to participate, compete, volunteer and officiate. The realisation of the academy will hopefully inspire a new generation to fulfil their sporting ambitions.” Mike Hay, Head of Sports, British Olympic Association

“Having taught in Perth for a few years it is great to see such a fantastic facility being built and I am sure it is one that will inspire the youth in the area to get more into sports. This facility isn’t just for the here and now, it will play a big part of the future of Scottish Sport and hopefully we’ll see many future Commonwealth, World and Olympic medallists coming from the area with the help of the facility.” Eilidh Child, Olympic Athlete

“It is fantastic to see a state-of-the-art Academy of Sport and Wellbeing being built in Perth. Having grown up and continuing to live in the area, I can see the massive value this will bring to the current and future generations. My own interest within higher education is to help graduates take on careers that they are passionate about - having seen the plans for this facility, I appreciate how students will have great space to develop their skills in the lecture rooms and in the sports facilities.” Mark Beaumont, Cyclist, Adventurer, Broadcaster and Author

“I am delighted to be an ambassador for the exciting and innovative Academy of Sport and Wellbeing planned for Perth College UHI. It will provide a fantastic state of the art facility attracting students to the Perth area to not only develop their own sporting talents but also to learn how to inspire others. The health and fitness of our nation has never been more important and this new project will allow Perth, home over the years to so many talented sportsmen and women, to lead the way.” Alison Ramsay MBE, Scotland’s most capped Hockey player

“As a disabled sportsperson I really appreciate the value that sport brings to people’s lives, whatever their background and ability. This fantastic project will help so many people to develop and prosper through sporting education and I am delighted to support it. I hope that it will be a world class facility, one that will be of benefit not just to the students, but to the whole Perthshire region, and indeed to all of Scotland.” Jamie Andrews, Disabled Mountaineer

Ambassadors for the Academy of Sport and Wellbeing David Smith – Paralympic Rower/multi sports Dan Travers – Vice President, Badminton Scotland Stuart Cosgrove – Broadcaster and Journalist Mark Beaumont – Cyclist, Adventurer, Broadcaster and Author Pauline Stott – Olympic Hockey player Alison Ramsay – Scotland’s most capped Hockey Player

Eilidh Child – Olympic Athlete Callum Davidson – Former Professional Footballer and Assistant Manager, St Johnstone Mike Hay – Head of Sports, British Olympic Association David Maycock – Represented Great Britain in the Olympic Kayak Racing Jamie Andrews – Disabled Mountaineer Derek Irving – Copperfield’s Hair and Beauty

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Dementia research at Perth College UHI The idea of establishing Dementia research activity at Perth College UHI dates back to 2008. It came about as a result of initial discussions with Perth College UHI and NHS Tayside. The college already had a good relationship with the NHS, and both parties were keen to work together to develop links. A private launch of the college’s intention to undertake research into Dementia was held in the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh and key figures in this area of research were invited. It was at that event that our excellent links with Professor Lawrence Whalley were initiated. Funding for the research has been raised through a number of sources including the NHS Endowment Fund, Opera Evening, fundraising bike ride and other generous donations through the Development Trust. Achievements to date Research activity We have achieved much since that date. In the light of joint meetings the NHS Tayside Endowment Fund provided £66,000 to support an initial scoping research project. This could not have been achieved without the advice, guidance and academic input from Professor Whalley who was integral in supporting the appointment of a researcher. Dr Maggie Robertson was appointed to that role in July 2012 and by the end of that year had successfully secured ethical approval for the study to proceed. Dr Robertson has recruited more than 50 local families and developed an additional arm to the study by recruiting 73 at-risk offspring from these families. The project was completed and a report was submitted to the NHS in August 2015. Dr Robertson continues to be involved in producing academic publications listed below. Dr Robertson has recently been awarded funding from Alzheimer’s Research UK (Scotland) to maintain her links with her adult-offspring cohort and prepare them for entry into a European-wide longitudinal dementia prevention research programme based in University of Edinburgh. Publications Robertson, M. At-risk offspring and dementia prevention: A discourse analytic approach Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association, Vol. 10, Issue 4, P783 Published in issue: July 2014. Robertson, M., Brown, E. & Whalley, L. Dementia prevention: Shared questions for research and clinical management. Maturitas. 2014 Feb; 77(2):124-7. Epub 4 December 2013. Robertson, M., Connelly, P. and Whalley, L. Perth Family Studies : Identification of an at-risk population for dementia prevention studies. Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association 2015. Vol. 11, Issue 7 , P734. Published on-line January 2016. Robertson, M. Seaton, A. Whalley L.J. Can we reduce the risk of dementia? QJM: AN International Journal of Medicine (2015)DOI: First published online: 8 April 2014. Forthcoming publication Robertson M, Brown E, Connelly P, Whalley L, Using the family history method and genetic education to enhance dementia care provision. Nursing Standard Accepted for publication May 29th 2015. This has been held back as we were invited to include this paper in a special series on dementia. The editor has indicated that this should be published in February 2016. Conferences and presentations Dr Robertson has presented her work with the Perth families on more than 15 occasions in various settings: for example, to informal, formal and voluntary organisations including support and carer groups, dementia cafes, Perth College staff events and wider UHI research groups, including the UHI Research Conference, , UHI Research Cluster Network for Rural Health. Most recently she presented to senior NHS Tayside nursing staff as key speaker at a continuing professional development event. She is leading a workshop for Perth College UHI students on the BA Applied Music residency later this month and she has been invited to talk to Perth Probus in February. She also submitted abstracts and prepared posters for the Alzheimer’s Association International Conferences in Copenhagen in 2014 and Washington in 2015. These are highly prestigious research events to be involved with and Dr Robertson has made many important links with national and international HEIs and researchers with a view to joint collaboration in future projects and sharing of good academic practice. Working with families There has been a keen interest shown in Scotland and beyond to Dr Robertson’s approach to working with families living with dementia. She has been instrumental in accessing valuable data gathered from personal testimonies from the families. This data has been shared both through publications and presentations and through research and teaching linkages essential for developing future health care professionals. Finally, Dr Robertson has made strong collaborations with other higher education institutions and research centres nationally and internationally. It is hoped that the work begun in Perth will continue to be supported in collaboration with other universities. Next steps The further development of this work is appropriately taken forward in collaboration with other research partners, most likely to form part of a wider established research project. Dr Robertson has been working with UHI colleagues and Prof Whalley on seeking new collaborations to continue this work beyond the project funding end on 31 January 2016. We are tremendously proud of the work done by Dr Robertson in this vital area of research, and would hope for a successful progression and development.

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


International Conference ‘Mountains of our Future Earth’

The international conference “Mountains of Our Future Earth” took place at Perth Concert Hall on 5-8 October, following field trips to many parts of the Highlands on 4 October. The event was organised by Perth College UHI’s Centre for Mountain Studies (CMS) and two global organisation: the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA). The conference was financially supported by these organisations, as well as the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Perth and Kinross Council, VisitScotland, the Scottish Government, and Sir Henry Angest. Support was also provided by Stagecoach and the Edrington Group. The event also included a public lecture in association with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, which published a special issue of its newsletter ‘The Geographer’ on Scottish mountains. A total of 400 scientists and practitioners from 51 countries participated, from a very wide range of natural and social science disciplines. They had the opportunity to present their research in 46 parallel sessions, 7 roundtables and a poster session, as well as to hear keynote presentations from 7 global experts. The title of the conference indicates its aim to contribute to the new global ‘Future Earth’ programme, a 10-year international research initiative that will develop the knowledge to respond effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and support transformation towards global sustainability. This was the topic of the final panel discussion at the conference, bringing together scientists and research funders from around the world. The abstracts of all the presentations at the conference are available from the CMS. Keynote presentations blogs about the parallel sessions can be found on the MRI website. A special issue of the quarterly journal ‘Mountain Research and Development’ will be published in 2016, including an analysis of all the presentations and a number of papers presented at the conference. Other special issues of journals are also planned. Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Professor Martin Price Releases New Book Professor Martin Price, Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands, recently published ‘Mountains: A Very Short Introduction’. This is the latest volume in Oxford University Press’ prestigious series which has been described by The Independent’s Boyd Tonkin as “a thinking reader’s Wikipedia”. Professor Price’s book outlines why mountains matter at the global level. He considers the value of mountains to humanity, as centres of biological and cultural diversity, religious sanctuaries, sources of food, timber, and medicines, and major centres for tourism. He also addresses the existing and likely impacts of climate change on hydrological and ecological systems. Considering the risks associated with the increasing frequency of extreme events and ‘natural hazards’ caused by climate change, he discusses the implications for both mountain societies and wider populations, and concludes by emphasizing the need for greater cooperation in order to adapt to climate change in our increasingly globalized world. The well-known mountaineer Mick Fowler has written: “This marvellous little book might be labelled ‘short; but it is packed with detail. If you are interested in the mountain environment and the relationship between humans and mountains then it should be essential reading”. The world renowned mountain geographer Professor Jack Ives has described it as “A masterful treatment of virtually all aspects of Mountains, outstanding, well-documented, and highly readable”. Mountains: A Very Short Introduction is published by Oxford University Press under ISBN 9780199695881. It is available to buy online and from bookstores RRP £7.99. There is currently £3 off on Blackwell’s website.

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Leave a legacy to Perth College UHI Development Trust Your gift will help future generations of students to enjoy the rich benefits of an excellent education. This could be the most significant gift you ever make. • Pledge to help future generations • Give something back to your community • Leave a lasting legacy

For further information please contact Perth College Development Trust on 01738 877215 or

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Perth College UHI Alumnus of the Year 2015

Perth College UHI Alumnus of the Year 2015 was awarded to Steve Brown, Chairman of St. Johnstone Football Club and Managing Director of GS Brown Construction Ltd., in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the community. Steve Brown was appointed to the Board in 2004 and, since becoming Chairman of the Club, has won the Scottish Cup, for the first time in its 130 year history. Steve is also a Council member of the Scottish Football Association. Talking about winning the award Steve said, “When you take into account the numerous, notable, prominent and successful individuals who have attended Perth College UHI over many years this is a great accolade for me, which I am absolutely delighted to receive.” Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Scholarships Working in partnership to help support developing talent in your industry. By providing a scholarship, you benefit from: • More diverse opportunities to promote your business • Investing in Scotland’s economic future • Recruiting the best graduates to meet your business needs • Enhanced company perception • A fresh insight into your business

To find out more, visit or contact Fiona Leslie, Development Trust Manager on 01738 877215 or

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Lisa Butler - Awarded the Moness Hospitality Scholarship 2015 In 2014, Lisa decided to return to Perth College UHI as a mature student. Having previous qualifications in childcare, life events sparked her interests in a different area and she enrolled on the HNC Hospitality Management Course. During her first year of study, she was awarded the Ryder Cup scholarship. She said “I am sure that without the Scholarship opportunities I would not have been able to have the wide variety of experiences I have.” As a single mother of two, she has not been afraid to put in the work required. She voluntarily attended events and functions to enhance her experience of working in the field. She is back this year on the HND course and has been awarded the Moness Hospitality scholarship. Not afraid to set herself a challenge, she has also taken on the role of class representative alongside her work experience. “This year has seen me grow in confidence. It has made me realise I can do anything I put my mind to.” Lisa hopes to join the degree programme next year. “ The HNC prepares you for a career in hospitality covering a wide area from housekeeping, front of house, kitchen, finance, HR and a level of supervisory, but the HND year is more intense and definitely a level up. In particular I enjoy the Scottish Licensing Law and Alcoholic Beverage classes. I still get to deal with the customers in the training resturant, switching it up a gear from the Thursday lunch service to a more fine dining experience on a Tuesday evening. With alternative theme evenings every week such as my German evening to Barbados, Russia, India and the Gourmet evening it’s definitely different.

For me, juggling 2 full on days at college, 12 hours on a Tuesday and 7 hours on a Friday can be difficult with children’s varying school lives but as a family we do just that, juggle and make it work to our advantage. I knew that going into hospitality would be hard work as I have previously worked in travel and customer service and it’s about giving a lot of yourself to others. In a strange way I needed to do this course for myself, to show I could better myself and in the long run for my family too. Meeting one of the most inspirational people in the industry was a bonus for me on the educational trip to London in 2015. Peter Avis the manager of Babylon Restaurant at the Roof Gardens, in Kensington London was great. I had heard him speak at the HIT conference earlier that year and to meet him in person and have a photo with him was amazing. His story of coming from nothing and working his way through life and getting to where he is today is a great credit to his hard work and dedication, and I hope I can also achieve all that I want to do. I love the customer contact, meeting new people and the ever changing current trends within the industry, there never seems to be a dull moment. Being at Perth College UHI has given me the chance to change my life in many ways, meet so many people from the industry and many new lifelong friends. Thank you.”

Scholarship students Claudio Pisciotta and Lisa Butler

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Annual Report Financial Activities Balance Sheet at 31 July 2015

Income and Expenditure Account 31 July 2015

Current Assets

31 July 2014


Cash at bank









£7150 3,765

£127,972 £108,164

Creditors TOTAL £92,884

TOTAL £31,123

within one year

Total Income Resources Donations

31 July 2015

£1117 £64,080

Net assets/(liabilities)

£66,969 £54,698

Unrestricted general funds



Restricted funds



TOTAL £80,613

£66,969 £54,698

TOTAL £65,197

Total Resources Expended Charitable Activities


Represented by

31 July 2014



Investment Income


Amounts falling due

Governance Costs

Perth College Development Trust Trustees Brigadier Melville Jameson, (President) Howard Pearce CVO (Chairman) Grant Myles, Chairman, Perth College UHI Board of Management (from 2014) Margaret Munckton, Principal and Chief Executive, Perth College UHI (from 1st November 2013) Alan Innes Campaign Board Howard Pearce CVO (Chairman) Brigadier Melville Jameson Margaret Munckton (from 1st November) Bernard Murphy Malcolm Innes Sue Jardine Paterson Fiona Leslie Bruce Renfrew Dianne Simpson Kenneth Simpson Sue Warner Fiona Wemyss Gordon Yeoman

Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655


Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655 Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655

Contact Details Contact Details Perth College Development Trust Fiona Leslie Development Trust Manager Perth College UHI, Tel: +44 (0) 1738 877 215 F+ 44 (0) 1738 633 650 E: Annual Report 2015 • Perth College Development Trust (2004) is a charity registered in Scotland. No. SC036655

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Development Trust Annual Report 2015  

Development Trust Annual Report 2015