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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. ALBERT EINSTEIN

Image: Frances Andrijich

Jonathan Holloway, Artistic Director

Welcome to the Rio Tinto Education Program for the 2014 Perth International Arts Festival. Imagination is at the very heart of our Festival. The world’s greatest artists, performance makers and writers have used their formidable imaginations to create works which we have woven together to tell stories, open eyes and transform our view of the world. Our audiences use their well nourished imaginations to suspend disbelief and extend understanding of our place in the world and our possibilities for the future. Creativity and imagination are about harnessing ancient and modern ideas in ways never before dreamed of. Storytelling has been at the heart of theatre for millennia ‌ iPads have been in existence for less than four years, and yet theatre makers like Rimini Protokoll are already bringing them together to create innovative performances. Our Festival is full of moments like this. Teachers and students are some of our most important audiences, so I hope that you will take the time to look through this program, talk with our Education Coordinator, Jemma Gurney, and take full advantage of the art we are bringing. Our hope is that it will support you in your ongoing task of unlocking timeless ideas and learning in the most imaginative way possible. Enjoy your Festival.

Family and Education Program Partner

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Department of Education



Lotterywest Festival Celebration Jeremy Deller


Sacrilege … is not only a lot of fun (it is impossible not to smile when you shed your shoes, dignity, and understanding of gravity), but also thought-provoking. The Guardian (UK)

Sacrilege, our Lotterywest Festival Celebration, stunningly reimagines one of the world’s most recognisable prehistoric monuments as a full-scale inflatable and interactive sculpture. Over a formidable 20-year career, UK-based Deller has showcased his ability to instigate memorable art experiences for the young and young at heart. This is ancient shrine as bouncy castle.


recommended for all ages curriculum links  Visual Arts, History, Civics and Citizenship Supreme Court Gardens Mon 17 Feb–Sat 1 March Mon 17 Feb 2–7pm, Weekdays 11am–7pm Weekends 9am–7pm 

ß Free

Image: The Mayor of London

Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller is relocating Stonehenge to Perth in this landmark Festival event.


Sam Routledge & Martyn Coutts

I THINK I CAN With Sam Routledge’s help, I’m channelling my inner rock star. SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

If you could be anyone, do any job, be part of any society, what would you choose? An intricately crafted model railway and its accompanying town lies in wait for your arrival. Step inside, choose a miniature resident as your alter ego and get comfortable in your new skin. Welcome to your new community. Weird and wondrous storylines dip and fold around you while puppeteers expertly bring your avatar to life and you dictate its journey through these magical streets. I Think I Can is the everchanging story of this enchanting model town and your unique place within it. Produced by Intimate Spectacle in association with Terrapin Puppet Theatre and Fremantle and Districts Model Railway Association

recommended for ages   8+ curriculum links  English, Drama, Media, Visual Arts, Civics and Citizenship, Technology and Enterprise WA Museum, Perth   Sat 8–Wed 19 Feb (closed Mon) 11am–5pm (except 13–14 Feb 1–7pm) School group bookings Tue 11, Wed 12, Tue 18, Wed 19 Feb 11am–1pm only Albany Entertainment Centre Sat 22 Feb–Sat 1 March Albany School group bookings Tue 25–Wed 26 Feb 11am–1pm only

ß Free (Advance booking essential for groups) 4


Australian Exclusive/Premiere Compagnie Chaliwaté

ÎLO The choreography is beautiful and the visual imagery truly memorable. The Scotsman In a desert not so far away, the search is on for precious water. With acrobatic spectacle, games of cat and mouse and jubilant dance, endless possibilities unfold en route to the treasured liquid gold. Not a word is uttered. Only the bodies have voices. And those bodies bring this wondrous story to life. Fed by the iconic works of great contemporary European theatre artists Marceau and Lecoq, Compagnie Chaliwaté presents the dreamlike Îlo, a rich performance that leads you deep into humanity by way of witty and poetic physical comedy and dance. Making beautifully sensitive use of the silent art form, Îlo is a production full of joy and folly.

Image: Gilles Destexhe

Directed by Sandrine Heyraud and Sicaire Durieux

recommended for ages  4+ curriculum links  Sustainability, Drama, English, Dance, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education Main Auditorium, Subiaco Arts Centre Sun 9 Feb 1.30 & 6.30pm Mon 10–Wed 12 Feb 6.30pm Mon 10 Feb 10.30am (schools only) 45min no interval price Primary $9.50, Secondary $15.50 workshop: Gestural Theatre – Moving Stories Sandrine Heyraud and Sicaire Durieux take students on a journey of imagination, creativity and movement. Participants will experiment with the elements of mime and discover the body’s potential to build worlds and tell stories. for ages  11–15 years Main Auditorium, Subiaco Arts Centre Wed 12 Feb 3.30–4.30pm

ß Free 5

(Booking essential, limited spaces available)


Australian Exclusive/Premiere Punchdrunk

The impact is long lasting. Like all Punchdrunk experiences it lives with you forever. Prinicipal, Dalmain Primary School (UK) Combining the traditional values of children’s storytelling with interactive adventure and a healthy dash of festive whimsy, The House Where Winter Lives is as close as you’ll ever get to good old-fashioned magic. While it may be 40 degrees outside, it’s chilly in the forest. Step inside the Winter’s cottage and get cosy. Roll gingerbread biscuit dough in the warmth of the kitchen, then push through fresh branches and across flurries of snow on a magical search that brings the outdoors indoors, and ignites your imagination. Immersive theatre makers with a worldwide cult following, Punchdrunk and their Enrichment team have rewritten the theatre rulebook. Surprise and revelation are hallmarks of this production. Reminding us that play lies at the heart of all theatre, this is inspirational storytelling for children.

Image: Stephen Dobbie

The House Where Winter Lives recommended for ages  3–6 curriculum links  English, Drama, Visual Arts Downstairs at the Maj, His Majesty’s Theatre Fri 14, Mon 17, Tue 18, Thur 20, Fri 21 Feb, 10, 11.30am & 1pm 60min no interval price  $7.50 Professional learning: Creative Classrooms with Punchdrunk Punchdrunk Enrichment are specialists in creating magical installations and immersive narratives that have raised standards of literacy and engagement in over 50 London schools to date. Join Peter Higgin, creator of The House Where Winter Lives, for this unique professional development opportunity that will empower you to harness the creative potential within your Primary classroom. when  Fri 14 Feb 4.30–6.30pm Downstairs at the Maj, His Majesty’s Theatre

ß Free (Booking essential, limited spaces available) 6

Image: Douglas McBride


Australian Premiere Shona Reppe

The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean Created, designed and performed by Shona Reppe Directed by Gill Robertson Reppe has created a highly original, beautifully delicate and thoroughly engaging piece of children’s theatre. Sunday Herald

Hurry! Dr Patricia Baker needs your help. She has made a thrilling new discovery - a dusty, dog-eared and secret-filled scrapbook. Step inside this whimsical detective story and help her crack the clues to find its author. Slowly, page by page, her mysterious scrapbook comes alive through beautifully delicate puppetry, a thrilling soundtrack and imaginative visual effects, until the extraordinary truth about its owner is revealed. Created and performed by the wildly inventive Shona Reppe this unique exploration of life and love is a sensory delight.


recommended For Ages  7+ curriculum links  English, Drama, Visual Arts Subiaco Arts Centre Studio Tue 25–Thur 27 Feb 10.30am 50min no interval Audio Description available Price  Primary $9.50, Secondary $15.50


NoFit State Circus

Bianco Directed by Firenza Guidi

The NoFit State circus troupe draw sell-out crowds to its spaceship-shaped tent for a five-star spectacular. The Scotsman Internationally renowned for dramatic live circus, blending jaw-dropping skills with untamed elegance and a subversive edge, NoFit State Circus hits Australia for the first time with a knock-out performance under a spectacular big top.

Image: Richard Davenport

Bianco is an immersive promenade experience that takes place above, behind and all around you as you stand in awe. High energy trapeze, tightwire, acrobatics and gravity defying routines are set to a pounding soundtrack performed by a live band – this is the kind of all-consuming and absorbing theatrical experience that can only happen during Festival time. 

recommended for ages  7+ curriculum links  Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts NoFit State Big Top, Ozone Reserve 1 Adelaide Terrace, Perth Wed 12–Fri 14, Tue 18–Fri 21, Tue 25–Fri 28 Feb 8pm 2hr with interval audience warning  This is a standing show. This is a licensed venue. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. price  $15.50 workshop: Flying lessons with NoFit State circus Join the extraordinary NoFit State performers in the tent for morning training. Participants will get the chance to test their nerves on the aerial apparatus and discover their physical potential. for ages  14+ NoFit State Big Top, Ozone Reserve Thur 20 Feb 9–11am

ß Free (Booking essential, limited spaces available)



With Circa the startling, mercurial architecture of the body (and bodies) is the beautifully unadorned focus. The New York Times

Image: Michel Cavalca

Circa and Debussy String Quartet


With raw passion and aching delicacy Opus fuses the contemporary circus of Australia’s finest, Circa, with the dynamic music of Shostakovich played live by France’s Debussy String Quartet.

This is a melding of music and movement to sublime effect. Opus takes brave leaps into new realms and the result is awe-inspiring. This Perth Festival co-commission combines acrobatic artistry with orchestral charm. What is unleashed is a circus performance of astonishing force. recommended for all ages curriculum links  Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts when  Wed 26–Fri 28 Feb 7.30pm 75min no interval Latecomers will not be admitted Regal Theatre price  $15.50


artist talk  Thur 27 Feb, post-show workshop: Circa Skills Circa strive to create a new frontier in circus arts, the company features some of the most innovative circus performers in the world. Join them on stage at the Regal Theatre as they share with you some of their tricks and techniques. Try out your acrobatic skills and explore the true artistry of circus. for ages  8–14 years Regal Theatre Fri 28 Feb 2–3.30pm

ß Free (Booking essential, limited spaces available) This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, managed by the Australia Council its arts funding and advisory body, in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals, Perth International Arts Festival, Brisbane Festival and Melbourne Festival.


Image: Huimin Li

Australian Exclusive/Premiere Beijing Dance Theatre


Choreography by Wang Yuanyuan

The company doesn’t merely dance splendidly, it dances ferociously. LA TIMES Onto a stark and unlit stage, 18 dancers enter to the low hum of white noise and with this begins Beijing Dance Theatre’s resplendent portrayal of human movement and human nature. A choreographic work of rapturous beauty, Haze channels the tension between China’s complex struggle with centuries-old traditions and its headlong rush into the future. In an entirely original theatrical coup, the piece places dancers on soft and unsteady ground, a cushioned floor that creates both uncertainty and protection. With every step, they are thrown off balance, heightening the dramatic pace of the piece, while enabling a daring breadth of physicality that would have otherwise been impossible.

Recommended for all ages curriculum links  Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, Dance, Economics and Business when  Thur 27 Feb–Sat 1 March 7.30pm 70min no interval His Majesty’s Theatre price  $15.50 (restricted view) Artist talk  Fri 28 Feb, post-show workshop: Tradition and Innovation – Contemporary Dance of China Join Wang Yuanyuan in a practical exploration of her unique blend of contemporary dance and ancient Chinese traditions. for  WACE Dance students Studio 1, His Majesty’s Theatre Fri 28 Feb 3.30–5pm

ß Free (Booking essential, limited spaces available) 10



Australian Exclusive/Premiere Israel Galván

La Curva

With the exquisite musical accompaniment of pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, percussionist Bobote and vocalist Inés Bacán, La Curva is flamenco like you’ve never seen before. Recommended for all ages curriculum links  Dance, Music Regal Theatre Fri 21–Sat 22 Feb 7.30pm, Sun 23 Feb 5pm 1hr 35min no interval Tickets  $15.50 Artist talk  Sun 23 Feb, post-show

Image: Maarten Mooijman


Image: Sergey Pevnev

World-renowned for his hypnotic interpretation of flamenco, Israel Galván is a maverick. The traditional elements are there – virtuosic footwork, thumping percussive rhythms and a moody musical accompaniment, but Israel Galván brings something all his own in the incredible La Curva. His is a full body phenomenon, a joyous collision of auditory power and experimental movement. Australian Premiere West Australian Ballet

BALLET AT THE QUARRY: Radio and Juliet Music by Radiohead White hot in a way Shakespeare could never have imagined. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Radio and Juliet, set entirely to the music of Radiohead, is the season centrepiece of Ballet at the Quarry this summer. Choreographer Edward Clug interprets Shakespeare’s timeless love story within a modern, industrial world, mixing video effects with razor-sharp choreography. It is complemented with two pieces by Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili – The Sofa featuring music by Tom Waits, and the haunting Mono Lisa. Also, a world premiere by Australian Lucas Jervies, Epic Fail, exploring the sometimes notorious, always fascinating and often comical world of the ballroom dance. An exhilarating evening of ballet under a starry sky. Recommended for all ages curriculum linkssDance Quarry Amphitheatre, City Beach Tue 11 & Tue 18 Feb 8pm Gates open 6.30pm Tickets  $15 (very limited availability)


Batsheva Dance Company Batsheva Dance Company, lead by prolific Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin, is one of the world’s most inspirational and sought after dance companies. In these two gripping and contrasting productions, bodies are translated into kinetic works of living visual art. Recommended for all ages curriculum links  Dance Australian Exclusive/Premiere

Australian Premiere



A staggeringly impressive 20-year repertoire is remixed in this Australian exclusive, with the compilation of Naharin’s seminal moments creating a single production of disarming emotion. Deca Dance is an engaging collage from a choreographic master.

Defiantly abstract and intensely emotional, Sadeh21 is captivating. Themes sway from the political to the playful in a choreographic journey that explores and pushes boundaries. These dancers are like no other you have seen.

Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA Mon 10–Wed 12 Feb 7.30pm Tickets  $15.50

Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA Fri 14 & Mon 17 Feb 7.30pm, Sun 16 Feb 5pm Tickets  $15.50

Artist talk Tue 11 Feb, post-show

Artist talk  Sun 16 Feb, post-show

Workshop: Gaga – A Movement Language Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin. In this very special workshop dancers from Batsheva will share with students this expressive and dynamic movement language, the basis for their distinctive technique. Please note – Teachers are encouraged to take part as observers will not be admitted. for  WACE Dance students (advanced level students) Rehearsal Room 2, State Theatre Centre WA Mon 17 Feb 3–4pm

ß Free (Booking essential, limited spaces available)



A hilarious piece of controlled anarchy … a show that makes you grieve for a fallen puppet while also delighting in an acrobat’s ability to perch on another man’s head and produce a bouquet from his left trouser-leg. The Guardian (UK)

Australian Exclusive/Premiere Chekhov International Theatre Festival and Dmitry Krymov’s Laboratory

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It) Directed by Dmitry Krymov, designed by Vera Martynova


Created for the Royal Shakespeare Company, this work by Russian director Dmitry Krymov is genre-busting alchemy, and in a reimagining of Shakespeare’s great play he imbues such tenderness, grandeur and spectacle, that the theatre seems swollen with joy. At the heart of this exuberant production lies a love story, with endless magic whirling all around it … fruit, flowers and brilliant five-metre puppets … a massive ensemble, an opera singer, two acrobats and Venya, the performing dog. Dazzlingly executed and abundant in emotion, this stunning production assures us of Krymov’s position as one of the most original directorial voices of our generation. This is A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a twist. Krymov creates a wonderfully rich and expansive Shakespearean fantasy, focusing with absolute clarity on the simplicity and beauty of the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe. Crafted with humour, inventiveness and flair, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It) is a euphoric interpretation of history’s first great love story. This is spell-binding theatre on an epic scale. recommended for ages 15+ curriculum links  Drama, English, Visual Arts, Languages audience warning  Adult themes His Majesty’s Theatre Mon 17–Wed 19 Feb 7.30pm Sat 15 Feb 1pm and Sun 16 Feb 5pm 105min no interval Audio Description Sun 16 Feb (see p35) In Russian with English surtitles Tickets  $15.50 (restricted view) artist talk  Tue 18 Feb, post-show



Australian Premiere Homer’s Coat

an iliad

A tale of gods and goddesses, undying love and endless battles, told by a single narrator whose enigmatic stories reverberate with today’s headlines. Homer’s epic of war at the gates of Troy is thrillingly transformed in the natural scenic beauty of the Sunken Gardens, as Tony Award winner Denis O’Hare brings this classic tale into the modern day with a tour de force performance. O’Hare is our guide for one of history’s greatest adventures, exploring humanity’s unshakeable attraction to violence, destruction and chaos. Recommended for ages  13+ curriculum links  Drama, English, History Sunken Gardens, UWA Sun 16–Wed 19, Fri 21, Sun 23, Tue 25, Wed 26 Feb 8pm, 90min no interval. Captioned Tue 25 Feb (see p35) Albany Entertainment Centre  Fri 28 Feb 8pm Tickets  $15.50 audience warning  Adult themes 15

artist talk  Wed 19 Feb, post-show workshop: The Lone Storyteller This is an extraordinary opportunity to work with one of the United States most prolific theatre makers. Lisa Peterson, director of An Iliad, will welcome students onto the stage and share with them her experience with classic texts, theatrical storytelling and solo performance. for  WACE Drama and English students Dolphin Theatre, UWA Tue 25 Feb 4.30–6.30pm Albany Entertainment Centre Fri 28 Feb 4.30–6.30pm

ß Free (Booking essential, limited spaces available)

Image: Joan Marcus

Performed by Denis O’Hare Written by Denis O’Hare and Lisa Peterson Based on Homer’s Iliad, Translated by Robert Fagles Directed by Lisa Peterson


Malthouse Theatre

The Shadow king

Co-created by Michael Kantor and Tom E. Lewis Directed by Michael Kantor A powerful melding of Shakespearean and contemporary Aboriginal storytelling, The Shadow King recasts King Lear as a sprawling, blood-soaked tale of two Indigenous families in Australia’s north, questioning our understanding of kinship, land and belonging. In this major Perth Festival co-commission, director Michael Kantor and actor Tom E. Lewis collaborate with an extraordinary creative team and cast including Jada Alberts,  Jimi Bani, Selwyn Burns, Frances Djulibing, Rarriwuy Hick, Damion Hunter, Kamahi Djordon King, Natasha Wanganeen and Bart Willoughby to craft an epic piece of Australian drama, theatre of a scale and significance to match the land upon which it is made. recommended for ages  15+ curriculum links  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture, Drama, English, Civics and Citizenship, History, Languages Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA Tue 25–Fri 28 Feb 7.30pm & Sat 1 March 1.30pm 1hr 45min no interval Performed in English, Kriol, Ritarrnju and Pitjintjarra. Audio Description Wed 26 Feb. Captioned Thur 27 Feb (p35) Tickets  $15.50 audience warning  Adult themes and course language

professional learning: the dialogues of dreamtime In a rare and timely opportunity teachers are invited to join members of The Shadow King creative team and local Indigenous representatives in a panel discussion examining the multiplicity of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander traditions, protocols and languages that are presented in the production and explore how these complex cultures can inform and enrich your own teaching practices. Rehearsal room 2, State Theatre Centre of WA Fri 28 Feb 3.30–4.30pm

ß Free artist talk  Wed 26 Feb, post-show

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, managed by the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals – Perth International Arts Festival, Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival, Adelaide Festival and Brisbane Festival.



Australian Exclusive/Premiere Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theatre

not by bread alone Created by Adina Tal and Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theatre Ensemble Conceived and Directed by Adina Tal Nalaga’at is the world’s only professional deaf-blind ensemble. Born in the hot-bed of Jaffa, Israel, one of the most politically and culturally vibrant places on the planet, this is an uncompromisingly unique theatre company and Not By Bread Alone is a transformative experience.

One of the most remarkable, most humbling and most profoundly affecting theatrical experiences you will ever have. THE MAIL ON SUNDAY (UK)

As bread is kneaded, formed and baked on stage, these extraordinary storytellers convey their memories and dreams. Speaking to each other by way of drum beats, sign language, vibrations and touch, they create visually dexterous scenes soaked in tender defiance.

recommended for all ages  curriculum links  Drama, English, Civics and Citizenship, Languages Regal Theatre Mon 10–Wed 12 Feb 8pm Sun 9 Feb 1 & 8pm, 90min no interval Audio Description and Tactile Tour Mon 10 Feb (see p35) Captioned Tue 11 Feb (see p35) Tickets  $15.50 (restricted view)

By no means a story of darkness and silence, Not By Bread Alone is a profoundly beautiful tale of something shared and understood.


USA/Italy Image: Lucie Jansch

Australian Exclusive/Premiere Change Performing Arts

Robert Wilson in

Krapp’s Last Tape By Samuel Beckett Designed and directed by Robert Wilson Robert Wilson is a towering figure in the world of experimental theatre. The New York Times

The master of theatre himself, Robert Wilson takes to the stage with one of Samuel Beckett’s rarely performed works. The curtain rises on ‘a late evening in the future.’ An old man sitting alone in his den on his 69th birthday prepares a recording about the past year of his life, as he has done on every birthday since he was a young man. His desk is lit by a single white light, a thundering storm cracks through a constant, chilling silence … Wilson’s desire to challenge the conventions of the stage has attracted high profile collaborators including Philip Glass, Tom Waits and most recently the Berliner Ensemble, whose The Threepenny Opera opened the Festival last year. In Krapp’s Last Tape, Wilson steps out of the shadows to take centre stage in this rare and unmissable theatrical event.

recommended for ages  13+ curriculum links  Drama, English, Visual Arts His Majesty’s Theatre Sat 22 Feb 5pm, Sun 23 Feb 1pm Audio Description and Captioned Sun 23 Feb (see p35) Tickets  $15.50 (restricted view) 18



Written by Suzie Miller and directed by John Sheedy

In 2012 Barking Gecko Theatre Company interviewed over 500 young people and reflected their thoughts, feelings, hopes and anxieties in Driving Into Walls, a highly physical and ultimately moving theatrical production that has since toured Australia to critical acclaim. Shift 2014 and the same creative team travel across the nation to deepen our investigation of teenage life. This fast developing generation of Australians are about to tell us, in starkly honest and revealing confessions, what really lies in their hearts and minds.  ONEFIVEZEROSEVEN is the average number of breaths they take each hour, the average number of things they own and it is the number of emotional moments a young person has in one singular day. In this visually striking work, Australian teenagers give us a rare and thought-provoking view of everything they have, and everything they hope for.


recommended for ages  15+ curriculum linkssDrama, English, Media, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA Sat 22 Feb–Sat 1 March 7pm (closed Mon) Sun 23 Feb, Tue 25–Thur 27 Feb & Sat 1 March 1pm AUSLAN performance Thur 27 Feb 7pm 60min no interval Tickets  $19.45 audience warning  This production includes sexual and drug references and coarse language. artist talks  Wed 26 Feb, post-show Thur 27 Feb, post-show

Image: Jay Blakesberg Image: Cameron Etchells (photography) and Guerrilla Construction

World Premiere Barking Gecko Theatre Company

Germany Image: Jörg Baumann Image: Jörg Baumann

Australian Exclusive/Premiere Rimini Protokoll Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel

Situation Rooms A multi-player video theatre piece

Situation Rooms tells the story of twenty people whose realities have been shaped by the weapons industry: a member of a Berlin gun club, a Pakistani lawyer who represents the victims of American drone attacks, a doctor working in Sierra Leone. Outfitted with iPads and headphones, 20 audience members at a time embark on a personal exploration of this maze of rooms and stories. In the ultimate vicarious experience you slip into uncharted territory – the skin of these protagonists. One of the most exciting theatrical collectives in the world, Rimini Protokoll delivers a multi-dimensional, interactive documentary theatre experience that will alter your reality. A production of Rimini Apparat and Ruhrtriennale, in co-production with Perth International Arts Festival, Schauspielhaus Zürich, SPIELART festival & Münchner Kammerspiele, Grande Halle et Parc de la Villette Paris,HAU – Hebbel am Ufer, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, Onassis Cultural Center-Athens.

recommended for ages  16+ curriculum links  Drama, English, Media, Languages, Civics and Citizenship, Technology and Enterprise, Economics and Business ABC Studios, 30 Fielder Street, East Perth Mon 10–Fri 14, Mon 17–Fri 21 Feb 2, 4, 6 & 8pm 90min Latecomers will not be admitted Tickets  $25 audience warning  Contains adult themes 20


Between the Desert and The Deep Blue Sea A symphony for Perth By Tod Machover and the people of Western Australia Performed by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Carolyn Kuan Our most precious creative resource is utopianminded geniuses like Machover who believe there are better and more fun ways to make music than sitting alone in a room. TORONTO LIFE


Image: Jarrad Seng

In a fitting Festival finale we present an epic, interactive musical feast. What does Perth sound like? What are those quintessential noises that link you to this city? Is it the toll of the Bell Tower? The laughter of your kids running through the sprinkler? The crash of the sea? In the months leading up to the Festival we invite you to send us

Uniting the console and the concert hall, WASO perform the live soundtrack to some of the greatest games, which are projected larger than life above them. recommended for ages  13+ curriculum links  Music, Media, Civics and Citizenship, Technology and Enterprise Perth Concert Hall Sat 1 March 7.30pm 1hr 50min with interval Tickets  $15.50

Image: Charlie Schuck

In the first half of the concert hear some of the most dynamic music being written today, from the surprising and sophisticated world of gaming. Games, like films, are underscored by rich symphonic suites which can shift the mood in a moment, sweeping from exultation to sorrow, from fear to victory faster than you can shout Wii.

Image: Katherin Taylor

your recordings and ideas of our city in sound (see bottom right). From this starting point Tod Machover, composer and professor at MIT’s Media Lab (it was his students who were inspired to create Guitar Hero), will craft a symphony tailor-made for Perth, to be played live for the first time by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

artist talk  Sat 1 March, pre-show on stage at 6.30pm participate in A Symphony for Perth Hundreds of Western Australian students are responding to the call to help create Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea. Aided by the digital composition web apps created in the MIT Media Lab, your students can collaborate with Tod Machover and make their own creative contribution to this unique and beautiful gift for our city. To find out more about how your students can take part go to




Image: Cesare Ciccardini

Musica Viva

Kelemen Quartet Combining youthful brilliance with the finest Hungarian tradition, Kelemen Quartet evoke energetic flair, fierce artistic commitment and striking charisma. Kelemen Quartet will perform the world premiere of the new string quartet by beloved Australian composer Ross Edwards. The evocatively titled Summer Dances is a wonderfully fitting match for this ensemble and will make for a rapturous performance. The quartet also explore the fine Classical polish of Haydn and Beethoven, the rich melodies of Tchaikovsky, and the visceral beauty of Bartók. recommended for all ages  curriculum linkssMusic Perth Concert Hall Mon 17 Feb 7.30pm, 1hr 55min with interval Tickets  $20 artist talk  Mon 17 Feb, pre-show at 6.30pm and post-show in foyer

Ludovico Einaudi In a Time Lapse

Ludovico Einaudi will showcase works from his brand new album In a Time Lapse which, in his signature style, is emotional and adventurous. With the backing of a six-piece band, you will hear echoes of baroque, Italian folk and late Romantic strings textures, all with a delicate expanse of percussive and electronic detail. Having topped the iTunes classical chart with nine consecutive singles, produced 11 record-breaking albums and composed a string of film scores, including work for the Academy Award winning Black Swan and Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, Einaudi has transcended genre boundaries to become one of the most successful composers in the world. recommended for all ages curriculum links  Music Perth Concert Hall Sat 8 Feb 7.30pm, 75min no interval Tickets  $15.50 Presented by arrangement with Arts Projects Australia.


South Africa/Australia

 est Australian Opera W with guests from the Cape Town Opera Chorus

Cape Town Opera and the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra

Image: Jason Florio

South Africa/Australia

Otello Giuseppe Verdi

Verdi’s final opera, fuelled by his deep love of Shakespeare, stunned the world: here was a taut, thrilling adaptation of Othello which recast many of the composer’s musical trademarks in a work of startling power and originality. Staged in Perth for the first time, Verdi’s Otello is a masterwork of the operatic repertoire. West Australian Opera is joined by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and members of the Cape Town Opera Chorus for this very special event, unleashing in this monumental work an epic wall of sound. recommended for ages  15+ curriculum links  Music, Drama, English, Languages His Majesty’s Theatre Thur 6 & Tue 11 Feb 7.30pm, 2hrs 45min with interval Sung in Italian with English surtitles Tickets  From $30 (restricted view may apply)

Voice of The Nation Ensemble Choruses by Verdi, Gounod and Boito Traditional African Hymns and American Spirituals Selections from Duke Ellington’s The Sacred Concerts

Cape Town Opera’s Voice of the Nation Ensemble is the melding of 23 remarkable voices drawn from all corners of South Africa, and has quickly emerged as one of the most compelling vocal ensembles on the planet. This Australian exclusive will showcase repertoire from the great romantic operas and spiritual songs from Africa and America, and the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra will join the choir onstage to perform selections from The Sacred Concerts by Duke Ellington. recommended for all ages curriculum linkssMusic Perth Concert Hall Mon 10 Feb 7.30pm, 1hr 50min with interval Tickets  $15.50 artist talk  Mon 10 Feb, pre-show at 6.30pm in foyer

Perth International Arts Festival and West Australian Opera present Otello, a co-production of Cape Town Opera, West Australian Opera, NBR New Zealand Opera, Opera Queensland, State Opera of South Australia and Victorian Opera.


South Korea

A must-see for anyone curious about the very best art being made today. Seattle Times Do Ho Suh

NET-WORK A vast net enmeshed with tiny human figures washing against the shoreline is emblematic of Do Ho Suh’s distinguished art that often references architecture and humanity. Inspired by personal experience of physical and cultural displacement, his poetic sculptures invite imaginative associations. This delicate web encourages contemplation of the identity of the individual in today’s global society and while Net-Work might suggest the power of the collective over the individual, it can equally conjure thoughts of migration, refugees and the traversing and trawling of seas. Do Ho Suh’s work has been widely collected and exhibited throughout the world and comes to Perth for the first time. recommended for all ages curriculum links  Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, Sustainability, Visual Arts, Civics and Citizenships South Perth Foreshore Sir James Mitchell Park South Perth Esplanade Car Park SE11 Fri 7 Feb–Sat 1 March, All day

ß Free 25

DO HO SUH Net-Work, 2010 gold and chrome plating with polyurethane coating on ABS plastic, nylon fishing net dimensions variable © Do Ho Suh

South Africa William Kentridge

Australia Richard Bell



a collaboration with philip miller, catherine meyburgh and peter galison

For over 20 years Richard Bell has been an artist and active provocateur who has challenged the state of art and politics in Australia. Embassy is Bell’s first solo exhibition in Western Australia and will feature a recreation of the original Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the protest camp set up in 1972 under a beach umbrella on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra. This significant solo exhibition presented by PICA and the Perth Festival will also bring together a previously unseen selection of Bell’s highly acclaimed paintings and a controversial trilogy of recent videos.

By one of the most compelling artists of our time, this work epitomises William Kentridge’s intriguing, multi-disciplinary practice. An all-encompassing installation of videos which combine the magic of theatre, drawing and music with film and animation. Projections of shadow dancers are punctuated by the rhythmic command of metronomes and appearances of the artist himself. Amidst this sits a ‘breathing machine’, a wooden sculpture akin to an accordion pulsing time. The presentation of this Australian exclusive is a collaboration between the artist, AGWA, PICA and the Perth Festival. recommended for all ages  curriculum links  Visual Arts, Media PICA, Perth Cultural Centre Thur 13 Feb–Sun 27 April, Tues–Sun 10am–5pm

recommended For ages 15+ curriculum links  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture, Visual Arts, Civics and Citizenship, History PICA, Perth Cultural Centre Thur 13 Feb–Sun 27 April, Tue–Sun 10am–5pm

ß Free

ß Free Produced by Marian Goodman Gallery (NewYork and Paris), Lia Rumma Gallery (Naples and Milan), Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg and Cape Town). WILLIAM KENTRIDGE The Refusal of Time, 2012, 5-channel video with sound, megaphones and breathing machine (‘elephant’), State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Purchased through the TomorrowFund, Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation 2013. Installation view MAXXI Museum, Rome. Image courtesy of Fondazione MAXXI Photo: Matteo Monti

Richard Bell A white hero for black Australia, 2011 Acrylic on linen 180 x 250cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane


Art Gallery of Western Australia and The Museum of Modern Art, New York

STRANGER THAN FICTION: ART OF OUR TIME recommended For all ages  curriculum links  Visual Arts Art Gallery of WA when  Sat 1 Feb–Mon 5 May 10am–5pm Closed Tue, open late during Feb Schools groups $9 (minimum 10 per group)


GUIDO VAN DER WERVE (Dutch, born 1977) Nummer acht, everything is going to be alright, 2007 16mm film transferred to video (colour, sound). 10:10min. 1/7+2 AP. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Fund for the Twenty-First Century © 2013 Guide van der Werve. Courtesy Galerie Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam

Bali: Return Economy

Image: Toni Wilkinson

recommended for All ages  curriculum links  Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, Visual Arts Fremantle Arts Centre Sat 1 Feb–Thur 27 March, 10am–5pm

ß Free

Stranger than Fiction: Art of our time showcases a dynamic selection of international contemporary art from The Museum of Modern Art, New York as part of the MoMA series. The exhibition focuses on film, drawing, photography, painting and sculpture from the 1980s to now. It reveals the varied approaches to storytelling and narrative that artists such as Damien Hirst, Cindy Sherman, Christian Marclay, Nan Goldin and Olafur Eliasson have explored in the creation of their works.

BALI: return economy is an expansive exhibition exploring the ever-changing relationship between Western Australia, Bali and the artists who create work informed by the island. Featuring works as diverse as video art, age-old wayang paintings and cutting edge contemporary Balinese art, the exhibition looks beyond the clichés and kitsch souvenirs to get to the heart of a complicated yet fascinating relationship between neighbours.


SHADOW LAND recommended For all ages curriculum links  Visual Arts, Civics and Citizenship, History Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Dr Harold Schenberg Art Centre, UWA Sat 8 Feb–Sat 19 April, Tue–Sat 11am–5pm

ß Free Anne Ferran Detail: Scene II 1986 From Scenes on the Death of Nature. Gelatin silver photograph, 122 x 144cm. Image courtesy of the artist


With a career spanning 30 years, Anne Ferran is one of Australia’s most acclaimed photo-media artists. This is the largest survey of her work, and her first exhibition in Western Australia, it will feature new work made in response to the disbanded library at the Fremantle Prison. Ferran’s investigation of Australia’s colonial past is threaded through her practice. Poetics and anthropology are woven into enigmatic imagery that is haunted by the past and shadows the present.




Ryota Kuwakubo

PARAMODELic – Graffiti


With vivid imagination and meticulous design skills, Paramodel create wondrously immersive environments out of mass produced toys and brilliant blue plastic train tracks. Entire rooms become fantastical landscapes and visitors can join in the fun of the interactive play space adjoining the installation. Since 2001 artists Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yusuke Nakano have collaborated under the name of Paramodel and now, incorporating elements locally sourced in Perth they create, in this Australian exclusive, an extraordinary diorama especially for the Festival at the John Curtin Gallery.

The Tenth Sentiment draws you into a world of wonder that emerges right before your eyes. Hiding nothing from our view, Ryota Kuwakubo fills a room with everyday artefacts, and then catches them in the headlights of a single model train. Seamlessly amplified and animated into expansive vistas, you are immersed in moving shadows. Kuwakubo’s mesmeric installations have enthralled audiences around the globe. This is the first time The Tenth Sentiment has been exhibited in Australia.

recommended for all ages  curriculum links  Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, Visual Arts John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley Thur 6 Feb–Thur 17 April Mon–Fri 11am–5pm, Sat and Sun 1–5pm

ß Free PARAMODEL paramodelic – graffiti, 2012 Tokyo Station Gallery [Tokyo] © paramodel/photo: paramodel

recommended for all ages  curriculum links  Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, Visual Arts John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley Thur 6 Feb–Thur 17 April Mon–Fri 11am–5pm, Sat and Sun 1–5pm

ß Free The Tenth Sentiment The Tenth Sentiment, 2010 © Ryota Kuwakubo (installation view) Photo: Keizo Kioku, photo courtesy: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Japan


Perth Writers Festival schools day Well-thumbed books, unforgettable stories, characters that charm – a passion for reading, regardless of literacy level, should be celebrated, so we invite students of all ages to the Perth Writers Festival to be inspired by some of Australia’s most exciting authors for young people. Curriculum Links Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, Sustainability, English, Drama, Media, Visual Arts, Civics and Citizenship, History, Languages Perth Writers Festival Precinct, UWA Thur 20 Feb Morning Package  $10.50 Afternoon Package  $10.50 All-day Package  $16.50

The Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno and Alberta Ursula Dubosarsky

Award-winning author Ursula Dubosarsky introduces your students to the world’s greatest guinea pig detectives. Coco Carlomagno and Alberta solve mysteries and puzzles in the big city of Buenos Aires. Join Dubosarsky and her furry friends as they crack the guinea pig Latin code.


Old Stories New The Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project LOWER PRIMARY MIDDLE PRIMARY

Fangs, Fears, Fantasy and Fairytales Aleesah Darlison 29


The Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project brings together Indigenous Australians from the South West of Western Australia who, in this session, will share bilingual Noongar-English stories Yira Boornak Nyininy and Dwoort Baal Kaat. Learn Noongar words and join in songs with Kim Scott and other contributors.

Aleesah Darlison loves fairytales. You will meet Max, the boy who’s afraid of animals, and the amazing Unicorn Riders gang, who protect the kingdom of Avamay. In this session Darlison also shares her tips for dealing with the goodies and the baddies in fairytales.


The Adventurer and the Journey Tim Cope MIDDLE PRIMARY UPPER SECONDARY

Twisting the Truth into Epic Fiction Deb Fitzpatrick UPPER PRIMARY

City of Orphans Catherine Jinks UPPER PRIMARY LOWER SECONDARY

Word Hunters Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne UPPER PRIMARY LOWER SECONDARY

Aussie soccer genius Matt is spotted by a Premier League talent scout and whisked off to England to try out for one of the world’s most glamorous soccer clubs. His sister and manager, Bridie, tells his story - warts, goals and all. Go behind the scenes of Extra Time with legendary bestselling author Morris Gleitzman.

Tim Cope has cycled from Russia to Beijing, rowed the length of Siberia and trained as a wilderness guide in Finland. In 2007 he completed an incredible three-year, 10,000-kilometre solo trek on horseback from Mongolia to Hungary. Join Cope as he shares his life-changing trek in the footsteps of Genghis Khan.

Spencer Gray is an ordinary kid, but when his dad takes him up for a joyflight in his glider things take a turn for the worse and Spencer must use his wits to save his dad’s life. Join Deb Fitzpatrick when she reveals the real-life inspiration behind The Amazing Spencer Gray and explains how doing rigorous research can really bring a story to life.

Child-eating monsters lurk in the shadows of Victorian London. That’s why Alfred Bunce, the bogler, needs child apprentices to act as bait, to draw the boglers from their lairs so he can destroy them. Join the undisputed queen of exhilarating tales, Catherine Jinks, as she shares her secrets to creating memorable worlds.

When words disappear from use, the word hunters step in. Twins Lexi and Al travel through time to track down the history of dying words to help keep them alive in the present, but sometimes the past isn’t a friendly place to be. Join Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne for a windfall of fascinating word facts from their awesome series, Word Hunters. 30

Mucked Up Danny Katz LOWER SECONDARY

The Sky So Heavy Claire Zorn LOWER SECONDARY

The Big Ideas A.J. Betts

It’s muck-up day and the Year 12s are planning the biggest quad raid ever. Nothing and no one is sacred, and Tom Zurbo-Goldblatt just wants to get through the day without a Vietnamese fish-sauce supersoaking. Join Danny Katz as he discusses his zaniest, grossest, most action-packed book yet.

When Australia is crippled by nuclear fallout from a regional war, Fin finds himself thrown into a gripping fight for survival. The world has changed forever and new rules now apply. Join Claire Zorn as she takes us into Fin’s post-apocalyptic landscape and reveals her insights into creating evocative dystopias.

Inspired by real life, A.J. Betts’s latest book Zac & Mia throws ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances. In this session Betts shares what it takes to tackle themes big and small in stories and in life.


A Boy’s Short Life Anna Haebich and Steve Mickler UPPER SECONDARY

The First Third Will Kostakis UPPER SECONDARY 31

In 1993, 19-year-old Warren Braedon was murdered in North Beach as he walked home from a party. He was killed simply because of the colour of his skin. Anna Haebich and Steve Mickler examine the politics and events surrounding the tragedy and ask what we can learn from the unjust death of Warren Braedon.

Will Kostakis is a talented young Australian author on the rise. He reveals what drives him in the pursuit of his craft, how he manages his career and how he has capitalised on lucky breaks. Find out what is needed to forge a writing career in the creative industries.

Perth Writers Festival schools DAY SESSIONS Dolphin Theatre

Juliet Tent

Romeo Tent

Murdoch Lecture Theatre

Alexander Lecture Theatre

Lower Primary 5–8yrs

Middle Primary 8–10yrs

Upper Primary 10–12yrs

Lower Secondary 12–15yrs

Upper Secondary 15–17yrs


The Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno and Alberta with Ursula Dubosarsky

Fangs, Fears, Fantasy and Fairytales with Aleesah Darlison

City of Orphans with Catherine Jinks

Mucked Up with Danny Katz

The Big Ideas with A.J. Betts


Old Stories New with The Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project

Extra Time with Morris Gleitzman

Word Hunters with Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne

The Sky So Heavy with Claire Zorn

The Adventurer and the Journey with Tim Cope


Book Signing and Lunch


Old Stories New with The Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project

Twisting the Truth into Epic Fiction with Deb Fitzpatrick

City of Orphans with Catherine Jinks

A Boy’s Short Life with Anna Haebich and Steve Mickler


The Adventurer and the Journey with Tim Cope

Extra Time with Morris Gleitzman

Word Hunters with Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne

The First Third with Will Kostakis


Book Signing


Image: Jarrad Seng (Film: The Selfish Giants)

LotteryWest Festival Films Great films either lead us into worlds far different from our own, or highlight commonalities, pulling our personal experiences into sharper focus. These carefully curated films have been recipients of some of the highest accolades on the international festival circuit, selected with the aim of introducing students to masterful filmmaking, broadening minds and encouraging fresh new ideas. price  $12 CTC: Check the classification closer to release date

THE DARKSIDE DIRECTOR WARWICK THORNTON 94min, CTC SOMERVILLE 24 Feb–2 March, 8pm CURRICULUM LINKS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture, WACE Media, WACE English, WACE Drama Ghost stories abound in Australia’s Indigenous culture. Sit fireside for perspectives on the afterlife from director Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah), who has assembled a collection of touching and absurd ghost tales. Harnessing the storytelling talents of iconic actors including Bryan Brown and Deborah Mailman, The Darkside is a showcase of life-defining moments, of past and future, of connection with family and of how we cope with change. Q&A with Warwick thornton Mon 24 Feb, post-screening


Students and teachers are invited to an evening with one of Australia’s most important filmmakers and visual artists. In this intimate Q&A event, Warwick Thornton will share insights into the unique creative process behind The Darkside and his approach to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander stories. Students are encouraged to continue their engagement with The Darkside by sharing their own ghost stories at


In Joss Whedon’s signature style, an infinitely quirky cast delivers a wildly fresh reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s most playful comedy. Moving from slapstick to calamity and back with dizzying speed, the screen crackles with a charmingly wayward energy that recalls the classic romantic sparring of the studio era. Will love prevail?

Curriculum links WACE Media, WACE English, WACE Drama

The mood is infectious ... this is a self-contained, astutely executed project. Sydney morning herald


Adrift at home and school, troubled Arbor and his gentle horse-whispering mate Swifty, begin flexing their entrepreneurial muscles. Their search for freedom leads them to gruff scrap yard owner Kitten, and quickly reveals that naiveté ultimately paves the way for vulnerability. A bold and brooding story of friendship and redemption, compassion and innocence lost.


DIRECTOR CLIO BARNARD  91min, CTC SOMERVILLE 10–16 March, 7.30pm JOONDALUP 18–23 March, 7.30pm Curriculum links Media, English, Drama, Civics and Citizenship

A brilliant, sour-scouring fable about growing up in Britain today. THE TELEGRAPH (UK)


SHORT TERM 12 DIRECTOR DESTIN DANIEL CRETTON  96min, M SOMERVILLE 17–23 March, 7.30pm JOONDALUP 25–30 March, 7.30pm Curriculum links WACE Media, WACE English, WACE Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Health and Physical Education

One of the most acclaimed Indie dramas of the past year, Short Term 12 is a celebrated gem. Capturing life at a teen foster care facility, and rooted in personal experience, this film is a big-hearted look into the world of disadvantaged teenagers and the compassionate souls who care for them. Short Term 12 is that rare movie gutsy enough to tell the truth about love. WASHINGTON POST


LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON DIRECTOR HIROKAZU KORE-EDA  120min, CTC SOMERVILLE 31 March–6 April, 7.30pm JOONDALUP 8–13 April, 7.30pm Japanese with English subtitles


Curriculum links Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia, Languages, Media, English, Drama

Two families are delivered the life changing news that their six year old sons were accidentally switched at birth and make the distressing decision to swap the two children back. An exploration of fatherhood and expectations, this moving film joyfully portrays the liberation gained by allowing your children to become their own person. A piercing, tender poem about the bittersweet ebb and flow of paternal love. The Daily Telegraph (UK) 34

booking details GROUPS and SCHOOL BOOKINGS


Schools will receive 1 free teacher ticket per 10 tickets booked. Student priced tickets are only available for performances on the dates listed in the 2014 Rio Tinto Education Brochure.

All programs and artists are subject to change without notice.

It is recommended that you book early, before the end of the 2013 school year, as some events have limited capacity. All tickets must be paid for no less than 5 working days before the event or they may be released for sale. To receive information or to book tickets for Festival events for your school group: EMAIL:


PHONE: Festival Info Centre on 08 6488 5555

Fees and Charges: Tickets to Festival events may be sold through a variety of ticketing agents, each with differing booking fees and ticket processing charges. Where tickets are booked by telephone, mail or online a transaction fee of $6.95 will apply.

School Group Bookings are also available through: Ticketek Group Bookings: 1300 364 001 Ticketmaster Group Booking: 1300 788 227 Ballet at the Quarry only. School groups intending to visit visual arts exhibitions please contact the gallery directly. SCHOOLS FILM SCREENINGS BOOKINGS PHONE: 08 6488 5555 ONLINE: Tickets purchased through Festival Info Centre or online will incur a booking fee. Check for updates on film classifications. FREE WORKSHOP AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BOOKINGS Workshop bookings are available to school groups and teachers attending relevant ticketed events. Please contact Jemma Gurney, Education Coordinator 08 6488 8636 or Student numbers limited. RESOURCES AND EXCURSION PACKS Can be found at


The Festival reserves the right to exclude latecomers at certain events or to admit only at a suitable point in the performance, if appropriate. Film screenings at Somerville and Joondalup Pines are subject to weather conditions. Updates on any changes to the schedule are broadcast 4.30pm online. If a screening is cancelled due to rain, a voucher will be issued for another night that week.

CAPTIONED SESSIONS FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED The captioning service is now provided via handheld devices and these must be booked with your tickets. For patrons wishing to use the captioning service for shows below – please inform our staff at the Festival Information Centre 08 6488 5555. Subject to availability. An Iliad (page 15) Tue 25 Feb 8pm The Shadow King (page 16) Thur 27 Feb 7.30pm Not By Bread Alone (page 17) Tue 11 Feb 8pm Krapp’s Last Tape (page 18) Sun 23 Feb 1pm ONEFIVEZEROSEVEN (page 19) AUSLAN Thur 27 Feb 7pm AUDIO DESCRIPTION AND TACTILE TOUR FOR THE SIGHT IMPAIRED

For Ticketek Groups a service/delivery fee of $9.95 per transaction applies. If you choose to purchase tickets at Festival venues for events in that venue, transaction fees will not apply. All telephone and online bookings can be made by credit card at an additional charge of up to 2.75% of the total purchase price. If you choose to have your tickets delivered by Registered Post by the Festival or Ticketek an additional fee of $2.25 will apply. The transaction fee is non-refundable.

Please advise if an audio description and tactile tour is required when booking. Bookings must be made 7 days in advance.

For Ticketmaster a handling fee of $4.50 applies to all bookings. An additional $4.60 will be charged if you choose registered post. Please check at time of booking. No refund or exchange can be provided on tickets other than those provided for under State and Federal trading laws.

The Shadow King (page 16) Wed 26 Feb 7.30pm

Lost or stolen tickets purchased for events that have unreserved or general admission seating will not be replaced. Tickets with a seat allocation can be replaced. You will incur a fee for your lost ticket to be replaced; fees vary across ticketing agencies.

3 Crawley Avenue, Crawley WA 6009

Tickets shall not be refunded of exchanged except as provided in the Entertainment Industry Code of Practice.

Festival Info Centre: +61 8 6488 5555

The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean (page 7) Please contact Festival Info Centre on 08 6488 5555 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It) (page 13) Sun 16 Feb 7.30pm Not By Bread Alone (page 17) Mon 10 Feb 8pm Krapp’s Last Tape (page 18) Sun 23 Feb 1pm PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FEST IVAL Tel: +61 8 6488 2000 Fax: +61 8 6488 8555 Web:

2014 PERTH FESTIVAL YOUNG AMBASSADORS The Perth International Arts Festival is especially proud to again be offering young Western Australians the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a 2014 Perth Festival Young Ambassador. These aspiring arts professionals will represent the Festival in the wider community and step behind the scenes to gain valuable insights from local and international artists that will help them forge their own arts futures. You and your students can follow their adventure online at In 2013 the inaugural Young Ambassadors worked alongside international and Australian choreographers, directors, visual artists and musicians, as well as Festival staff, and their experience has cemented their commitment to making an ongoing contribution to the continued development of the arts and culture in Western Australia.

This experience gave me the confidence to get my work out there as much as possible and just go for it. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the arts in Perth. Zoe Street (Theatre)

Image: Toni Wilkinson

Being a part of Perth International Arts Festival’s inaugural Young Ambassadors program was a privilege and a phenomenal learning experience. Chrissy Savage (Music)


thur 6 feb His Majesty’s Theatre

fri 7 feb

sat 8 feb

sun 9 feb

mon 10 feb

Otello 7.30pm

tue 11 feb

Wed Thur Fri 12 feb 13 feb 14 feb

Otello 7.30pm

Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA

Sat Sun Mon 15 feb 16 feb 17 Feb A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It) Sat 1pm, Sun 5pm, Mon 7.30pm 

Deca Dance 7.30pm Artist Talk Tue 11 Feb post-show

Sadeh21* 7.30pm, Artist Talk Sun 16 Feb post-show Workshop Mon 17 Feb 3–4pm

Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA Regal Theatre

Not By Bread Alone Sun 1 & 8pm, Mon–Wed 8pm

ABC Studios

Situation Rooms 2, 4, 6 & 8pm

Studio, Subiaco Arts Centre Main Auditorium, Subiaco Arts Centre

Îlo Sun–Wed 6.30pm, Sun 1.30pm, Mon 10.30am Workshop Wed 12 Feb 3.30–4.30pm

DownStairs at the Maj, His Majesty’s Theatre

The House Where Winter Lives* 10, 11.30am & 1pm Professional Learning Fri 14 Feb 4.30–6.30pm

Sunken Gardens, UWA

An Iliad 8pm

NoFit State Big Top, Ozone Reserve

Bianco 8pm

Perth Concert Hall

Ludovico Einaudi 7.30pm

Voice of the Nation 7.30pm T

Kelemen Quartet 7.30pm T

University of Western Australia WA Museum, Perth

I Think I Can 11am–1pm

Supreme Court Gardens

Sacrilege 2–7pm

Quarry Amphitheatre

Ballet at the Quarry 8pm

South Perth Foreshore

Do Ho Suh – Net-Work

PICA, Perth Cultural Centre

William Kentridge – The Refusal of Time

PICA, Perth Cultural Centre

Richard Bell – Embassy

Lawrence Wilson Gallery

Anne Ferran – Shadow Land

Art Gallery of WA

AGWA and MoMA – Stranger than Fiction: Art of our time

Fremantle Arts Centre

Bali: Return Economy

John Curtin Gallery

Ryota Kuwakubo – The Tenth Sentiment and Paramodel – paramodelic – graffiti

free & family

theatre, circus


classical music

perth writers festival

Tue 18 feb

Wed 19 feb

Thur 20 feb

Fri 21 feb

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It) 7.30pm T

Sat 22 feb

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Mon 24 feb

Tue 25 feb

Wed 26 feb

Thur 27 feb

Fri 28 feb

Sat 1 Mar

Haze 7.30pm Workshop Fri 28 Feb 3.30–5pm Artist Talk Fri 28 Feb post-show

Krapp’s Last Tape Sat 5pm, Sun 1pm

The Shadow King Mon–Fri 7.30pmT, Sat 1.30pm Professional Learning Fri 28 Feb 3.30–4.30pm ONEFIVEZEROSEVEN 7pm, Sat 1pm Artist Talk Wed 26 and Thur 27 Feb post-show

ONEFIVEZEROSEVEN Sat 7pm, Sun 1 & 7pm La Curva Fri–Sat 7.30pm, Sun 5pm Artist Talk Sun 23 Feb post-show

Opus 7.30pm, Artist Talk Thur 27 Feb post-show Workshop Fri 28 Feb 2–3.30pm

Situation Rooms 2, 4, 6 & 8pm The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean 10.30am

The House Where Winter Lives 10, 11.30am & 1pm An Iliad 8pm, Artist Talk Wed 19 Feb post-show

An Iliad 8pm

An Iliad 8pm

An Iliad 8pm, Workshop Tue 25 Feb 4.30–6.30pm

Bianco 8pm Workshop Thur 20 Feb 9–11am

An Iliad 8pm Workshop

Bianco 8pm Between the Desert ... 7.30pm T The Darkside 24 Feb–2 March 8pm Warwick Thorton Q&A Mon 24 Feb post-screening

Perth Writers Festival Weekend Schools Day Thur 20 Feb I Think I Can 11am–1pm

I Think I Can 11am–1pm Sacrilege Weekdays 11am–7pm, Weekends 9am–7pm

Ballet at the Quarry 8pm Do Ho Suh – Net-Work William Kentridge – The Refusal of Time Richard Bell – Embassy Anne Ferran – Shadow Land AGWA and MoMA – Stranger than Fiction: Art of our time Bali: Return Economy Ryota Kuwakubo – The Tenth Sentiment and Paramodel – paramodelic – graffiti

lotterywest festival filmS

visual arts



artist talk

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